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Hie Governor Says a Military Guard
Most Go willi Lunenburg Prisoners.
\V \ M *
III UH Ml THK. Ult tUtil.
Mitnn'a l.rllrr?lontiaft fur
ll,.- \ieartii"v-l.fllfr li> .lu il lie Or
^Hin laklaa Timi ile KrTuhe ?la
(.r_Muii \ioiiiiit> Fears m.
e ? t wi,, thor or aol the no
t..i nf the murder ?>f Mrs.
. Pollard should be t .ken i.a. K
- witiuiut miiiiarv protec
i m tiled. Ths t..i:..wiiiR tele
....v. rnor last tii?ht puta
.1... about the matter:
, i . \ ..?:'.: 1VJL..
Btrhmond, Vu :
t.i tlntis that the prls
? , ? mi!inuit military
, ii viii.t's T, O'EERRALU
. ,. ni te hailed with s.nis
,-...- ,n i-iIson, and by
WI I As yet lt is
re v\ hal troops w in t.ut
, I w ht it sin i ifi
? irg, u Ul cull l 'r
thi ? ;'v . atm
i i o .1 iv are law
' offer ii" viiii. ?
thi y i hciil i be takf n i
i >K i: HIS ' IRDER,
negroes y< terday for
? >rgaln s copy of t r> ?
each of the i
rial f voke
iv i iK BK 'HM' INP,
JAIL, Ot I"!" r B, UH
. ii, .in iu. of County
inty, Vu.:
ed 1 -i Inform) 1
? ordt i !? -
of Lunenburg county
? lng ;i i i ;iiiu et... . i
? -1 frtttii the < itv
\ a . alni
? of Lum nburg,
c your Honor's court
or motions whit ?
. ? ? ? et
? e.f Mrs Lucy Jane Pol
I .,.; ;.. fore v- ir Hom i s
Hons 1 ' down I
?? ? nth day of November
?? pectfull) ? ubmtta that
c,.il.ly lif
li grt ii danger, of
? the i ands of a mob if
.. to I he ? ??n.iv of Lim
I vice of her i
? rms your Honor that
VV.l'V.'. and
,?..ni.i huve in (et'j. rt to
nga, because of her i ?
? 11 court, w ht n
rt seivim,- only
? ? the legality of the pro
? ? . ,,iill make If s tn wi re
? ? ?
? ? ? humbly requt -ts v.'tir
i - i. \ K- the of ler of v..ur court
? ?? to l .
ma le. sin- slea
petit Honor to permit
i ? ?? In when sht n >
. t.-. n determined
? ? Supn me t 'enirt of
i 11. in wi,:, ii court lt
'O.t. opinion
: ? ii- tn :ic,v d,mi:' r
. r tnol
: .'i1 ir. ni th'
j fear which I would moal
I ed, b j i'i
' Il ??! Hi- ,'l|.[-!.-h. Il.-I"!l lli.lt tier life
ikt ii while In the
B ? '
BOE P Wisc,
il. W. i LOURNOY,
v B. Ol'P ;. ?N.
? ?.un-' i some days ago
?a lng I. tt> r from
il Mann, which bears upon
? it tobi r 14
Un hitit.nd. Va
[ havi I" i ii < mployi -I by the
count) "t"
v .. . If ;: will ne. I with
I.i -. I' n-r.il. to
. .
Pokey Barnes, Mary
I Mary 1 ire the
t Virginia, -md l think
move tbt Count) Court of
? r nunc pro
ting an I ami i ling ?
?" 1 n t- al
n v. eil i.e mai. ..n Saturday,
: t. at ll .eel,i. k 1 trust it
ni for j ou to attend.
n pet tfully.
? ? . loni m this matter on
?a i" give notice
., inn!.nfl WI.111.I ! ?? tie,, || .
ind.* innl I.iiltiir I ihi url I.
ii4- .v attendi i meeting of
i rades mid Lat..ir Council
. bl Thi . irganlsatlon
, the rei tnt formation
? ?? akers' Union.
c tl ?? undi, Mr.
\e ? .? ??!> i treasurer "f
I Mr Herman Ni W
Its at igrant at aims.
.. ?. ret eh - i from a nura
dlfferenl i
ti - vv.re admit'. 1
vis .if the Hen.. Tl 1' phone .
: sent and m,iile short
- linell. Am..nu
wei Capt ? :? ge D.
Maxwell. Th.- publication
I ? i '< ntr.'il Trudi ? and
on ihe nlghl h. fore passe l
: e, lopte I BUClt
ind thc lt "ly t'i
. t wis tba
I '
.I..I111 \\ l-l lillee, t nm III.- r.
? mt - ' lng of the i loard of
? . Hst ns' Bank wsi held
? ? 'i al o'clock, at vv hu ?i
e waa elected ca
Mi S .; V
ntl) . I' ? l' ?! J.r. ?i.l.lit.
? ? -,- I ? 1. - '? I e .i-.hn r,
i iii; lime >? and
? the bunk At pr?ant
? t ? r 'ot in his ilu
? ^ viv much, uii'l
rot ii ii to the
. f. Of Ml. Walla. S '"
aram. Tlf Loai I of
have taken m. - ?
1 be) I uuulit io n Kialoa,.
, e I ? i-1 utan < !i
. .. \ I,-.-, rr Monda]
' ? '. O'Clock, hear He
. ? VA, i k- No "i!.1 e.'
' I - - '1,1..it.ii,ts, the
? until the struggle ??*
of tba tinin. i.- ana badly
hall-vt-t-rl ? i.urih Itt* Ititi.
.r s. tatt ag l* In
- .it Set. et < hrltitlaii
.. ? i ur- in attend
Og. 'lin- minister, i'.ev
!,.. it derhrerlw very
' spiring ?.rinoiis.
?'? 1 ?! ? \. Mar luurai-.
- Cbrlrtlaa AwHociation
.i mat i.roH|>fttue, Ba?
ni ...1 Miir eiitertaliiru.-iit
Ih. following attraction* have
* a ths season, aithounh it
? tkat ??'!.? is win br addi 'i tu
? ? oise Clan, On tatar 3i?t.
? Hi n.e. oiaior. hi tula r. and
j 'ember, Url; Mr. Livingston
? ? t reciter, December 5th;
Mme, i??cilia KfTlnghiiusen Halley, grund
.nix. rt t*. DtSBaUner 3>th; Wesleyan I'nl
verafty Otes and Mandolin arnon, .Isnu
ii ry 3d: Mr. leeland T. Power*, Imper*, in
Mi.u. January 24th: Mr. .lohn Thoma*.
humorist. Pobmsry -Ith: th.- flhlpp Uro
thir*' QSncSrl OoflBIMUSy, Mar.-h Mit
Thi* fnllowln** young men of tin- Vonni*
Men's christian AsBoetstlon easnposn
thi- I sii..|s" Committee for the *?
Mes*r*. 1.. dennet Hunns*, lt. 8. Chris* I
linn, .lr . W. .1. llnrvli., I'lyili* QlnSBbrook,
A. B, UnrrtiHs, 1>. K Monnti astle, and
Wilfred Hate*.
The I'oiMilnr Artur \ppenra nt Hie
irsainnsi Hi-fun- n l.uraje \inlli-iice.
The ruiii.-i.ilii- drama, called "The
Ali. inf Lank." ono of the most fanciful,
delicate, snd pnOsttk of plays, B*fOrdi s
toMsn opnortunltjr te Frederick Wsrde.
The value of the play doss not rsssos
In Its Issehmg, hut In Its dramatic BtS*
sentntlen <>f strong ehninetsr, hsdlvldttsl
experience, nm) significant story. The
effect pro.lnc.il hy "Thi- .Mount, hank" 1*
thal of moral afc villon. Its auditor In
? i and .1. .i.i. l t.y a BBsjctucle of
stern trtal, pltlabfc> Buffering, and stoical
endursnee. In the pttrpeme tost presides
over human destiny -If one may accept
the teettmon* squally of history and of
flctlon it appears to be nsr***s*anry tir-t
to cresta strong characters nnd thea t..
bri ii, them; ami the mnnner in which I
iii"-v ar.- i.r..k"n usually Involves the ? ?'? ?
monta ?;ik. of draaantlc ? rr.-.-i and of
pathos. That Singular fact In murial . \
?? ni a- hav.- bet ii noticed by the
author of thi-, play. Hts drama ls a f?rci- .
l-l.- . \\i isltlon of lt.
"The Mountebank'' was set upon the!
\ Cl. HIV St;,,.,. (j, j,,,,.., (l W.)V jj ,,,
strengthen Hi.- dramatic Illusion by the
of scenery.
ti. neting of Mr. Warde, wno ap
neared, of course, as William Belphegor.
the wainering mountebank, ls conspicu?
ously ii, irk. -I bj twa of the fctvi Heal
attributes of art simplicity and sincerity
He concenls neither the fnce nor the
benn, Every movement that Air. Warde
makes upon thc stage la clear, free, open,
-. ! of obvious significance. Ev? ry
tone "i Ins rich and resonant voice is dis?
tinctly Intended nnd distinctly heard
There are no "flaws and starts" He has
formed a precise Ideal. Hs knows exact?
ly how lo embody and to utter lt, snd he
makes thc manlfeatatlon of it sharp,
defined, positive, and cogent His nn-an
lng " annol be mes. ,|. He has un un?
erring sense ..f proportion nnd symmetry.
The character that he represents is
shown, Indeed, ail al once, as an unique
Identity, bul it is nol all si ono de?
veloped, the mnnlfestntions of it being
mads gradually to proceed undi r str<--s
of experience and of emotions, ll' rises
with ti-.'- occasion. His feelings are deep,
nnd he is possessed of extraordinary pow?
er for tn.? utterance of them?not simply
vocal power, but tho rare faculty of be?
coming convulsed, Inspired, transfigured
by pa-sion, of in ink,* swept along by it.
and of sweeping ninns* his hearer*
Air. Warde's rapport was excellent: a ;
apeclsl meed of praise being due to Mis*
Fanny Bowman, as Henri; A D. Byers, as
indo; A. C, I'eltwyn. as the Duke
of Montbason; Alis* funny Gillette, as -
Madeline, and Miss Lucia Moore, as
Mademoiselle Flora.
"The Lion's Aloiith" will he given at i
the matinee, nnd "Runnymede" to-night,
To-morr ?w evening snd sfterno in Mana?
ger benth presents two performsnci
grand conci rt,
The Gilmore concerts, as laid Otfl and
directed ty Victor Herbert, rank among
tbe very besl given in America. The* are
of Uk-, order as any of the burge orches?
tral concerts, of equal scope, ami lt ls
rtain peopii prominent in mu?
sical circles that the plsylng of Gilmore's
i- quite bb brilliant as thal of the I
ti.-- bin on hi i iras
Pi-raonnls nnd uh. i?.
Mr I. E. Wattson has gone to Atlanta ;
to visit the ? xposRIon.
Miss Dounlaa Terrell, of Louisa, ts the ?,
t of Mra J. E. ritz
Mr. W. C, Hitter, of {-.taunton, was In
t1 ?? Ity i"i busini ss Monda).
.Mr. Charles Dana Gibson, of Nen
York, spent Sunday in the city.
There was a meeting last ni^ht of
Washington-Lee Senate, No. USS, KT, A
E. O.
Airs. J, .1. Taylor returned home Ai"n
dsy, accompanied by her slsti r, .Miss cora
Miss Susie Daffron ha* returned to thc
city sfter a two-months' vlsll to phila?
Miss Mabelle Williams, of Keswick, ls
visiting her ann!. .Mrs. J. K. Fitz, of
Aiiss ola Skey, of Lynchburg, ls in thc
eily visiting Mies Bettie Robertson, of ,
-!. I. niel street
ai its meeting on Monday nlghl rickett
Csmp adopted resolutions in respect to
the memory ot Major-General William
Commanders No. z conferred the degrei
of Red-Croea Knight on om- candidate
al i's October meeting nt the Temple
last night
Air. William N. McVeigh, of Alexandria.
I i i. iee cslM i i" the city by the critical
Illness "f his sister, Mrs. (J. 1*. Dill, of
Grace stn N
Misses Lauris Alley and Annie Lsnlsr,
ot Pi tersburg. have returned hom". aft.*r
a phasar.t visit to Alls* .Mau.lc Newman,
on I'lum stint.
Messrs. Rlchnrd Gibson, Harry Callan.
and BHner Timberman. of Alexandria,
Va , are In the city to take th- Junior
examination in pharmacy.
There will he a meeting at e o'clock j
this evening, In the office of Mr. Jackson
Guy. of the Board of Governors of Rich*
mond League of Wheelmen.
The Committee on Finance was In BBS
?lon yesterday afternoon, for moro than
tWO huns and tmnssctsd the usual
iinmunt of routine business
i>r. Lnndrum is at Olen Allen assisting
I?r John Pollard, pastor of the Glen
I ? Bnpttst church, In conducting a
protracted serries thi* week.
Tin- alarm i-f Iii'- from H"X '"> la*t eve
Bing wus caused hy tbe partial burning '
r a fence m rear of No. TH north Se?
cond street The damage was miling.
.Mc- Lilia Osmer, or Wnrrenton, Va .
who has been visiting hei uncle, .Mr. B.
a Garner, on west Clsy Btrset left for
Allan! i ?.. atti til the exposltl.m Mon*
lay morning.
The .hailmen of ihe several booths of
Ihe approaching basssr to be given under
ih.** auspices of the la.lies of the Home
for Incurables will meet at the armory |
,t io o'clock to-morrow morning.
During this month thc Fire P. pall?
in ni of Richmond has i ??? n railed <"it
? ir, bell alarms, ir, stills, i second
.la-un. mri Z .-pedal calls. A very flats*
lenson, sven f"r this tims of ins year.
The little dnnghter ol Mr. and Mrs.
MO All"?rin.irli- street, who was
io badly bitten by s vicious dog on.- day
.-? wees, ha*, under th.* can* of Dr.
Brooker, so far recovered a.*> to he able
IO go about the house.
.Mr. H. C. .hickson, sp'-rial Bgenl of the
'ackson Fir.- and .Marin.* insurance '
'orapnny, of Nbs Orleans is in the city i j
in a visit. He formerly lived here, hut
'or six year* has been residing In the
? ' CRy. . j
Andrew Cintt*, a 15-year-ol.l hoy, living t
rn l'nval street, fell fi om a wagon St I
),. .nor Of Third and Leigh stied
reeterdsy morning anil hroke his righi . '
vrtst li'- was rssnoved to his oetenttt i
ioma by ll*B colored <lrlver of the vehicle. , ,
Ali nld vacant houae on Park street,
nar Grove avenue, h-loiiKing to Mr. j '
,'iwi-ll, Ihe huilder, was burned on Sin
lay afternoon. No Hlarm wa* turned In.
'OnSSderablS excitement was also caused j
if a hlsxe In some trash over hy the i J
i iilt.-iitlury Sunday afternoon.
one of the chaperons* of the contem- j i
?tated < x. uraloo of the Retreat for the I
lick lo the Atlanta Exposition l.*? now In j I
he Hate (Tty making final arrange
nenta for Die stay of the Richmond party
here. This will be one of the must de
Ightful tours vt ths year to those who
bj ulong.
The Pair nnd Ita Pro.preta? 1 'he
Mormon* nnd Their I nm |>ln 1 rt I? \
I'n in I Explosion?Orders of the
lliilltviiv i ommlaalon.
RALEIGH, N. 0, Ortober 22.-~(Spe
clal.)?The State Fair began to-day, with
Hue prospects. Th-re wan a procession
to the grounds, lu which were Chief-Mar
shul lt. L. Patterson, of Dnrham, and
hln assistants; Oovernor farr, ami i'resi
tletit Julian S. Catr. Music la furnishei
bf the Morgaatoa Hand, of eighteen
pieces. The entries ut the fair run up into
the theaaaada The display of -stock Is
certainly line.
The Baecutteu i onuntttee ri the pen'
tentlary met here to-dny, aiul received
reports. October 1st thei. wit.- IMS con?
victs, (cf which thirty wen nt the iUu
ii"ke Lapels, i;:i in the penitentiary, anti
the others on the (armit leased hy the
State, Moot of those at work at Roanoke
will BOOB t"1 m?nt to the farms. .No
convicts hive been st nt freitn tile pent
t'-nt Lt ry In some weeks, 0WI114 to an out
Icteak nf measles. The number of cases
_< not over a do-cii, it is saitl.
The chairman of tbe State Board ol
Agriculture is lure looking orer vouchers.
M. says: "Thc cotton crop In tbe suite
is one-third short, it la picBed cleaner
than was ever known before at tins sea?
son. When the receipts begin to fall off
they win tin bo smaalngly, to people who
.io noi know the condition ol tbe Bolds.
A grant .-top t.f cora ls being rapidly
gathered and put In tba cribs, it la wy
.uv. and is harvested earlier than ever be?
fore, 'I he tobacco crop i^ Bil cured, -omi
is being stripped, ready to go to Ibo
warehouses, lt is bringing 11^ti pricer
Cotton is bound ;?? rem >.
l?r. J. J. Mott, the w.ll-known Republl
can politician, la here. He says be ls not
ten sny poUtlcal mission, but Ison hand
only tO see the fair.
Oovernor Cnn ??? about to accept two
n.-vv im.intiy ...inp.uii.-s un.- ai Plymouth
niel one at BuUsbury.
Tbe Southern railway this afternoon
took about half the battalion "i < ult i
of the Agricultural and Mechanical Col?
lege to Atlante, baring made a round
trip r.it" ol' Jj eacli. 'J lu- CBdrtB return
next Sunday.
1 Miring the fair there will be quite s
ii .inlet i1 .et social events, the chief being
foui bulla The Carolina Cotillion flub
baa united Itaelf with tbe Capital Club,
dropping Hs Haine, mid males the latter
club very BtTOUg. Work on the new club
lit, in-.- ls s.ion to begin.
Tbe foot-ball team of tbe Agricultural
niiii M-ecbanlca] College, while ou Ita
southern tour, will play the teams of the
South Carolina and Qeorgia Agricultural
an'i Mechanical colli gea
Considerable Intereal wau capreaaed here
|S ' ? '.' Ding .i- I ' VV? .lt Judge I 'able, ot
the Superior Court, now in session, win
do with the tiiatt-r of the notice by Cltl
Bens of New Hill, this county, to four
Mormon elders to li iv'1 at once, Hov. rnor
Curr s. nt th.- letter directly to the .lodge.
as soon ss the eldt i pl u ?? I li In bia poa
session. The feeling against Mormons In
the rural districts I- Strong. I bl iilleged
that they hav.- Induced S number ol
young girls trom tbe country bi go to
it eb pe iple in th b Stets do not bi llevt
tet reports Hist Mormonism iu cruubed
nut In l tah.
Karmen who came In tc c.day returned
hom. with the cotton they bsd brought.
Be me "i th. in last .Saturday refuri i y H
? I cotton. They sav they ure able
to hold lt. snd Will do So.
A visit to the ?<t it.- liiir shown how
L-r.-iu bas been the Improvement in stock
in thia State In the pa l feu years. Horse
idmlnble lu pis ol cattle rmv?- bera de?
veloped, and these are broadening.
Al the Btett experiment-farm particu?
lar attention la now being given the ani?
mal Induatry. Tbe special work at pres
?nt is tbe '!?* ting ol tba beat breeds ol
Imported sheep UM native stock. Expert
in. nts just completed on tbe efl
? eti.eiiK.-.'bin-.ii on bones show it t.i be
highly nutritive, when it i. mixed erith
DU ? i foo I. 'tt th" rate of two io three
pounds dally, The farm adjoins the Mate
fair-grounds, being. In fact, part ol lt,
ttil within the sam.- SBClOTUrU.
The Presbyterian Synod of North Caro?
lina met at Fayetteville this evening,
with NO clericul and lay delegatea pres?
The cases >" the Custon la tu who are
trying tee vv rc si tbe control of tbe peniten?
tial, ii'-ni tba Democrata aili be tried
In the Buperkn Court hew neal friday.
Nt use river, near bete, is lower than
ii i. ii y. tr- parL
At New Lem.I.cn. Stanly eonn'y, yas
I. rd.iv, John Parker and Henry Hudson,
iioth colored men, employed In the gold?
mines, wc re in a powder-magaslne, when
ti. . f th.-m snuffed s candle with a dyna?
mite-cap, They were loading dynamtte
irnidg'-s, uni tbe result was a terrille
explosion The magaslne ?bh torn to
pieces, and b.th nun fatally hurt.
Neill QluySS, ;t White boy, aged ll, died
ti Mecklenburg county yeeterday, arter
? in. days of torture, a splinter entered
iis foot three weeks ago. lairing his at
:ai k ot" lockjaw his temperature was
Brigsdler-Oeneral Hams sad steff, of
tbs Connecticut National liuard, last Bun
lay. while In Charlotte, paid their n
jiects to Mis. "Stonewall" Jackson,
he gentli men going to ber house for \
hat purpose,
Tin- First Brigude Of the North Caro
Ina Confederate Veterans lias b.en form
?'i. and is ordered by Major-Generul wii
ietm L. DeRoeret to elect a brigsdler
;.'!ie! III.
Major Jack Hayes, l'nlte.1 Staten armv,
ti detail nt military headquarters here,
Aili lu a few days pay a visit to Qeaeral
h'ltz. Lee, his old ai my comrade uni
bar friend. Major Hayes u extremely
?opul.tr here, and has a wide acquaint
inc.- In the anny.
The largest steam mw-nUll In the stat..
s now being put up at Black Mountain,
Buncombe county.
a company with iin.nou capital will own
ttid operate a cigar-factory here. It ls
o be a stock affair, under the BUrplcea
,f the Raleigh Chamber ..f Commerce.
Tin- Improvement In tba condition of
ddjor Jobn <". Winder continues. His ex
reme Illness at his howie bera was re
loned last week
To-1 iy nfteen i? 11 ir-, sgulnst various per
cms. cliaigi'g fOrgOST. false pt.tence,
ind conspiracy, were s nt by the Solk.1
or to the grund jury of I'arteret county,
it Beaufort Tin BO are in the notorious
'graveyard insurance" cares. The stati?
md the Insurance companies BBS trying
o remove UM 'ase ? to BBOtber county.
Ihe defendants ate trying to prevent
uch removal.
To-day 1126 for the Vance monument
unei was i celved -from Fayetteville.
The Ballway Commission IsOUOd an
udi-r to-lay that on urd ufter November
Mk next all railways doing business In
soi th Carolina shall. In addition to the
?egular bHI-cord. hav- an additional
du iii-cord limning entirely through ull
rains. Another order was issued changing
he freight classifications so that emla.
.ages, Irish potatoes, and rUTSt potBtOtl
te in the sixth Insteatl of the third class,
rhia ls to allow the cheap shipment of
abbagUa Fast mid Of potatoes West. The
ommlsslon also directs that depots be
iullt on the Norfolk and Carolina rail?
way at Palmyra, aiul at Haluda, on Ihe
loiiihern railway.
Th.- members of the Executive Cooi?
ninee of the Htate Farmers' Alliance are,
m before stated, here to decide on the
ucatlon of the shoe-factory. Proposals
re in ham! from Tarboro'. Selma, Car?
riage, Cameron, PlttsUiro', Sanford, Lex
nK'ceii Thomaavllle, Ur-fensboro', Oxford,
lenderson. and BaleiKh The latter makes
lin-i- offers. Thomasvllle ollera a large
hoe-fartory building
The South Atlantic Life and Endow
tient Insurance Company was incorpo
ated her* truda v with tim mn randal
The following are the officers: Julius
L?wls, president; George Allen, secretary;
Herbert Jackson, treasurer; 8. A. Ashe,
superintendent of agencies.
Vt Indoor Kotri.
WI NOS* Ut. P. C.. October _2.? (Spa?
cial.)?The Kev. Mr. Cross, Hip new pas?
tor of Cashle Ilaptl.it church, reached
kara Frtda> evening, and preached at
that church Saturday and Sunday morn?
ing and at night.
William O.otge Parker, aged 6.1, a
prominent funner of this county, near
Burden's mill, died at his rrskfaaea Sat?
in.lay. The decease,! served In the lat"
was as a private In the Mg Math North
Carolina Regiment, Confederate Itetet
A. J. Bountree. aged 7", a well-known
merchant and termer of this county, died
at his resl'l'. ., Mar lb xl-I. Frilay.
Mr. Bountree served as a Confederate
soldier during the late war In Company
I). Fifty-ninth Regiment, North Caro?
lina State Troops.
\\ ilx.ui .lolil nita.
WILSON. N. C., October _2.-(Special.1?
A treaaendoua crowd attended tbe white?
oak Association yesterday al Saratoga.
this county. S' rv!< ?? was lir-ld In the open
air to accommodate th.- crowd that sur?
rounded thi stand. Rev. L. Johnson, of
Edge. >mhe rolinty, preach..! a sermon of
cann Btw bs and pom r.
Th.- Atlantic-Court Line is pint'ng up
s larg.- addition to ibo freight depot st
this fAata to accommodate tbe loci
burinera of tke town. Th" addition will
nearly double tbe capacity of tbe boure.
Towy iirmini/c n fnfrdosnle Camp
HCt Hlronu.
TAPPAHANNOCK VA., (nit.hep __.
(Spt e i ii i Kestel lay was our regular
County-Court dav. nnd a goodly number
nf tbe ron reigns wen- iu attendant e.
Then- was very little Of n legal nature
to enlist tbe sttentlon ..i tho-.- present,
but muck good work was don- in a politi?
cal line, Tbe fact bud been noised
abroad that H.en. .lam.-s H. Stubbs, Ul i
tenant-commandei of Ute Orand Cami
nf confederate Veterans, would be pres
Ml to organise a cami) In Beaex, and
mativ old soldlen aron present tor tbe
lur,.? of being enrolled. Mr. Stubbi
arrived early in tin; morning, an 1 at .m. ??
began to taik to the "vets" ii.-.nt upon
: . et w hit h ls SO l-itr t.. bis bl SI I
His en-erg] waa richly rewarded, feci
winn th.- tim.' f"r organising arrived
ih.- applications for m>mbenhlp came s.,
rapidly that the dbbms could not ba
enrolled as fast as submit b l. To i i?
delight of all who mata Interest! I th
esmp vvas organised with in members,
sud with the following officers: T. L. B.
Wright, commander; in. W. Lewis, Bn|
utt-communder; Albert Rennolds,
-idu i lieutenant-commander; J. M. Tir?
rill, third Iteutenunt-communder; William
?iii,i ii il, adjutant; Jobn M. Owen, quar.
lermaster; H. c. McDonald, sergeant,
major; H. A. Mundie, treasurer; Lr. h. iv
wright, surgeon; Wilton Phillips, chap
iain; I;, it. Brodaabrough, officer of the
l,v . John ll. Kidd, vi I. tte; K. L. Mic ..
eotor sergeant: Willam s. Andrews,
ilrst color-guard; it. ll. Lunn, second
tolor-guard; Bx-scutlve Committee?John
M. Terrell, Albert Rennolds, Lr. Warnei
Th.- ni>. ting waa as enthuslnstlc ss
..?lid possibly b.iv-.- been boped, snd the
Esses camp may i?- > spn ti i to take
Int rank among the - umps of Virginia,
is her hoys wera noted for their bravery,
ini pushed t" til- front rn the days ol
battle whenever then wm need of
Mile fa of tl^<> sue. ess in citing up the
irganlsatton ls due to Ju.lg- T. ii. H.
Wright, who wa.? as galbtBt ii soldier
? i a foe, and whose heart la
lilli deVOted tl. tile CHUM: fol Whit tl Ile
., Inv.-ly fought, Tin.- Bppli-Catlon ha?
ili for a charter, and Hie "boya"
ire alreadj talking "i building a monu?
ment to th.-lr ?!? e i
Mr. S- gar. Ihe ' K moCI itlC < -<:: Ildate I11'1
the House of Delegates, mil Mr. Hilliard.
h.. self-elected Independent-Third-Party
Republlcan candidate were both hen to
lay, bm tii.if aaa bo public rpi iking.
Th-- campaign la progressing quietly,
itel th. ie- is i lenylng Ike fm t ihat
[lure i- too mich apathy In Dem
Our farni rs are QUltO blue on nc
Munt of iii.- continued dry weather,
nhlch renden it Impossible to fal: .w i"i
ivbe.it i'!1 to pill In clovt I.
\llltl>li:il IN HUI KIM.lt KM.
K I ot tin
'iisiiuu?ier Chnrarod irltk
Bssbe sslement.
HARR-SONBURO, VA, Octobt r 8
Sp. e lui.)- .M. H. Trice, a post-office lu
ipoctor, am ited W, v. Moore, ni ir Hai -
rij. !>. in., on a warrant cl i
Mm with th" . int- -sall ni- nt of po I
?noney-ordcr funds to the amount "i P, ?
i'ntn aboui October 1st Moon wm
;. isttn.ist. I at lt.ian.'kv, III. He sudd. i.Iv
.?ft borne, and hu accounts win- found
ibm t to the amount nam' d He hs i
,,-eti in Foe kingham county sevenl
geeks, spending Ihe time smong rete
n-, ... He seemed ill at euee, and his
irrc-st to-'iay caused but little surprise.
lb- will I..- taken to Chicago to-mor
Iiiiilor Order lulled \mrrit'iin >le
a- lita liles.
DANVILLE, va, October _t?(Spe
ii,l i The sine council, Junior Order
[totted American Mechanics, of Virginia,
lust previous b. repairing to the hall i"
tegtn their second-day's session formed
n a seml-clrcle and wen so photo
paphi i
'ih.- memben then went to th" I
loom, when th* ,i",1>' was called io
it'ler by SIate-Coiinclllor Hopkins. The
pi. itlon of the place ot holding th.- next
innual session was reopened, and Lynch
mrg put In a strong bbl for lt. but the
nombi rs stuck to their flrst .liol, e, and
Itaunton wis again chosen.
The session was principally devoted to
?eports of collin.di.'"- Resolutions of
hanks to rultreadn hm. w- i i- press, and
he peoiil" gv-'i. rally of Danville for
ourtesles were unanimously adopted.
I ..-p ity-Nationiil-Couiu illor Rrums then
I, I ill- I the BTW ollie, ls. and th.- Stat,
'ouncll sdJOurned, to meei at Staunton
,,-\t October.
Moat i.r thc delegatee hara left the city,
lome going t.. their homes, un.i others
o the Atlanta Exposition.
li. mb ufa llojillon Mrrt'liniil.
BOTDTON, va, October U (B\ I ii ?
llr. N. J. Mis.'ti. a STeU-kBOWfl ai I suc
terrful merchanl of Boydtoa, died a'
,ls home b !?? list night. Mr.
lad brea in def lining health f..r .-"vral
ii..nth-, and Ins death vvas pol UMXpect
?d. In th" pSBSlnB away of this good
hp- 'the community loses* a very publlc
ipirlted clliz- n.
Mr. A. i> Hayea of Madlsoa, M. C.,
s lure on a prospective business trip.
Th" protracted drought still continues
hroughoiit this .-.ill.m, and but little
WOdlng ol' wheat and oats his BBtB
A wirm shampoo with Cuticura Soap,
and a single application of Cuticura
(ointment), thc great Skin Cure, clear thc
scalp and hair ot crusts, sales, and dand?
ruff, allay itching, soothe irritatuin, stim?
ulate the hair follicles, and nourish the
roots, thus producing Luxuriant Hair,
with a clean, wholesome scalp.
Brid ihroiurhoet Ik* ??H roTTSB Olio rn Cl M.
Oms e s^1' Pf. ?.>??.?. taM. t'. a a.
Address of the Upper House of tbe
Episcopal Convention.
MM1AV - OII?KRVA\rF. I. *.**..
MnsNMrro of <'hrl*tlan Mls*l?nartes
In I Mun?Ml union ar* IH*trlct* of
Northern Ten* mid Aahevllle, S.
C.?.Adjournment?4 loslnsr Ineldent*
MINN KA Poi.IS. .MINN., October 22.
The pastoral address of the bishops of the
Protestant Episcopal I'hurch wuk glVSB
out to-day. It I* largely routine In cha?
racter, the most Interesting points be?
ing those In refer* in-e tu the massacre
of Christian missionaries In China and
the Sunday-observance law. In reference
t.) the latter matter the address says:
"Recent event* In some part* of our
country compel us to call your eat io -i
attention to a widely-spread and deter*
mined atti' k. BOOB th'- BBS and purpose
"f Um weekly 'lay of rest known at tin
beginning of the Christian era as th"
l/>rd's-liay of r>-si. lt is declared In th.,
law of Qed tu bs His own day, and by the
Saviour of man to be 'made fur man.'
P ls protected by ii Dlvliu- command, ani
by the perpetual sanctity of human ilKht.
Ab n iiiiy and ..liRht i" worship God <-vi ry
day, but for the BTSStST assurance of
till* duty, one day In seven has. with the
forms! sanction of all christian civilisa?
tion, lieu BSt apart for lt* due o' c
van,... This ord.r cannot h.- disturbed
without grave evils to the Individual
ani p... family, to society, and the Ht.tte.
li seems almost Incredible that .-ur
ucl. tn hf., should i'- capable ot brtnglna
Into play any p.av. rs nf evil that could
seriously threaten th" existence of so
divine and beneficent an Institution.
"And y.t there exists such evil, and
lt confronts Chrlatlan people in wide
arena of th" country. We exhort you,
dear brethren, i" meet tins menace with
unfaltering courage and resolute deter?
mination, and in no opportunity that may
i... presented to dei line to resist the
Insntlable -.red of the. liquor-traffic, and
the growing desire for ths popular plea
siii*-s and amusements which, with ln>
crenslng boldness claim all .lays alike
fur tll.il- Use."
Ths convention on this, its laat, day
showed an apparent minority of dele*
antes present evidently ont* enough re
malnlng to constitute a quorum for the
windin**; np nf necessary business de?
A in- BSgfl WM received from the House
of Bishops ContSlning a joint resolution
constituting the missionary district nf
Northern T-x.is. it was coneum-d in
without debute.
Dr. Bluett "f Mnrylnnd, by invttntlon
of Presideni 1'ix, address,..! th., i onven
tion in relation to th.* meeting of the
convention in Washington in list, He
assured th.nvention that th** new T)i?
cess of Wnshlngtbn was well equipped,
both in communicants and material
wealth There are MM communiennta
in tin- Washington Diocese, They are
well equipped In churches and church
iii". Everything that a g*n"rou*. a
hospitable, a noble Christian people can
? I... would be done by tin' Washington
?. ? a t.ir the comfort and convenience
uf the convention in lw
A message was received from the House
of Bishops to the effect that the new- mis
Slonary Plstrlct of North Carolina shall
lu- known as the District "' Asheville.
Tin- Pennsylvania lelegates offered -i
resolution recognising the uniform dig
nity. courtesy, and kindness of th" pre
aiding officer "f thi h -. l?r. Morgan
I'.x. of New York.
The resolution ws pted by a risin.t
vote, and Dr. lix responded in a grace?
ful snd touching manner.
Pr. Hoffman, f New v.?rk. moved
that a committee bs appointed i> Inform
th- Ho -.j-. ? BlBb ipi that th.- House 'd'
i?. i itles ii is i included i's businsss and
is now i... ly to adjourn.
lt wa.* announced thst th" conference
c immltl.n Hymnal was sun in >.-.
? .in, a-, i i'-. Hoffman temporarily with?
drew his motion.
A message from the House of i
tm! unced lt i recession from i's action
coi .innis- ih>- binding of th" Hymnal
with th" Hook "f Common Craver.
Gethsemane church was crowded at the
(oinI meeting of Ihe two houses this
afternoon at ^ o'clock. The pastoral let?
ter was read and the Episcopal conven?
tion f"r iv'.", dosed --in"' die, with the
usual services,
l*i.TI'it**iii UM
roliil.nl?\ Transfer?Tin* Cnnslssg
Meet I nu, of tin- llnpll*! Assiii-lnllon. '
PETERSBURG, VA., october r.'.-lSpe
ctal.)?The Democratic nominees for the
General Assembly in th.* Bouthskle sec*
tion are not takint* anythint- Tor granted
In th" coming election, and are makini*
an active canvass, with veiy promising
At a m.-'-tini* of the tire rammlsstoners
h. 11 issi even ng, chnrgss were preferred
agslnat Marcellus Aiken, a member of
th.- depsrtment After examination of the
same the commissioners veted to suspend
Mr. Aiken for a period "f sixty days.
.Mr. H. H. Hill, for thc past two years
keeper of tie National Cemetery at Pop?
lar Grove, in i*inw l Idle county, s few
miles from this citv. baa received notice
of his transfer to the cemetery at Irede*
rtcksburg Mr. John Lawn, of New Al?
bany. Ind., will take his pl.ice. These
transfers "f keepers of national ceme?
teries are mad*- ev.-iy two or three years.
At th" clOSS of tbs war a beautiful little
church, bull' altogether of pim- poll I,
by the Federal troops, and shuwlnn
rory teat architectural proportions nat
erected on the Bits "f the present Poplin
GroVS Cemetery, and ns long as lt Stood
was th" admiration "f ail visitors. The
frail timbers, however, yielded to time,
and the edill.-e bad finally to ls* pull, d
dow ll
Air Thomas P. Iyey. who was yesterday
re .elected Btate Connell s.*. r.-tary. of
th"- Junior Order of I'nited Amerlcnn Me?
chanics tor the eighth time, ls on.- of
th.* Democratic nominee* for the House
of Delegates in this city.
Th- Baptist* "f th's city are making
the I,...-.ny preparation* for the ac?
commodation of the four or five hun?
dred delegates to th- General Association
of Virginia, which meets in this etty
n.-xt ni- .ij * h. A grant many BS0B4S ni
other denominations will throw open their
li.,u-.s for IBS ? ntertainment of the dele
Messrs Wesley (.ulick, of Camden,
N. J . and Ueorge Schuyler, of BorUen
ton, N. J., bess been Ut the city f..r
a lay or two, visiting the battl**-llc|.W
Ttl.- First BsptlBl church has h-*en great?
ly Improv.d Interj*, and I* hem* K"t
ten In first-class tondltion before the j
meeting; of ihe Genets! Association.
lonrt Da*'?Maggs "n'* Harlie* Hprak
to n lairu?? ( ruml.
i loli.-r :".' ?iSpeclal.)? To-day belns;
"ounty Court a large number of p* asia
s-ere here, and the Judge gave up the
*'urt-hou*e for a *hort time to allow
kiearra. Isaac I Kkk* and M. ll Barnet
o address the public upon political ques?
tions. Both made fine apeechea, an I
reaied a good impression.
Our county fair has been iiostpon-1
mtll th.* 29th and 30th of thi* month on
it-count of the majority of the officers
lavina; been *ummoned to Richmond on
he 23d mst.un In the case of the Com
iionwealth vs. George lt. Terry.
Beat on to the Urana* Jury.
I.YNCHBl'RG. VA.. October a.-<8pe.
lair?W. J. Md ion*, ls, who was ar
?eated here several days ago charged with
appropriating money-order funds while
servng In the capacity of assistant pnet
BsastSC at I'nlon Mills. Kluvanna couniy,
had a preliminary examination to-day be?
fore I'nlted States Commlsuloncr POtO,
and wan sent on to the grand Jury. He
save ball. _
The Itonnnke Up.nu. \re Ootna
limul Work.
KOANOKK. VA.. October 'll (Special i
The campaign In this city ls the warmest
in yean. The Democratic o-raaataattea is
In good condition, and putting up a strong
tight. Hon. J. W Marshall addressed g
ni' ? ting last nlsht '" the Thtr-I Uar.I.
anti a large meeting la thc Kifth Wiri
to-night. ,
Hon. J. Allen Walts, candidate for UM
Senate, and W. W. Iterkley, candidate
for Hie House. BUM matte speech, s at
these meetings
Major McCartney, of craig, is making
a personal cinvas* of the city. Registra?
tion ls proceeding rapl'ily.
I'riili-t'lcil lliulue or Hie I nllril
i New York Times.)
Th- tTnlted Confederate Veterans, sn
organization of which Senator J. H. Cor?
don, of Georgia, ls general commanding.
and i. r. stopp, of Chattanooga, T. ntl.,
ls .|iiartet-mi_3ter-general. has recently
I i bow diftlgn for the baelge of
the society. The old design w.is a square,
upon which. In red. whfte, an 1 blue, were
th" crossed llais anti St.us of the ('"ti?
le h ra. y itvvuig to the indiscriminate
I Mis of this button lt fell Into
dlsfsvor. lu consequence of criticism
and complaint. QuartermaBtl t-i i.-m-ial
siii|ip, who, with Oeneral Qordon, ls
the custodlsn of the society budge and
button, prepared a bob design foi
h. it.rn, ii.i this nas protected by the
Pat. nt OSes and ls to be retained for the
exclusive us.- of the Confederate vete?
rans Who ai" members of camps or asso
clatlons belonging to the geneiai argent
-i.'eeeu of the United Confederate Vote?
rs ns,
Tbe new button ls described in thc ap
plication for a patent as b> lng, in Us
main characteristics, an srrangement and
comblnatti n of colors, an.l they in well
adapted for Hie purpose fOr which the
t.citioii is inti oded, viz., thi; Insignlu of
an sssodutton "f Confedersti v.-terans,
the srnngsmenl anti combtnutlon of col
? ! I'1 mg r.i. whits, and nd, kn-'Viii . -i
('.?I,!, brat, colors; lt also contains the
national colors of rel, white, sud blue,
thus comoinlnK in th" tl. sign th.- colet
of an heroic past uni the u.monal .ol"is
of a reunited people.
in ih.- 'llustrutlon the shaded trtsngles
of th" old design wen red. the ci
ban wen blue, and the stan white.
In tl:.- newly adopted design on the right
the outer s.|iiaie is red, with gold uisuip
tlons; ti:- Inner squan is nd, with blue
i bat1- snd gold star-', anl the spai I
between the outer snd inner squan is
These buttons are not to be offend I 'i1
sale, sud cm i." oh: lined only from
Quartermaster-Oeneral Rhlpp, at Chatta?
nooga, upon requisition from the commen?
der, qusrtermaster, or adjutant ot a c.unit
oi a- ??.?i.iti.,ii of th.- .United Confederate
Vetei .'.- in good standing In the g.-n. r.u
Tn., new button was sup?
plied to som" of th.. Confederates who ai
t.ii'i'l tht recent ceremonies in onnec
tlon with rh.- dedication of th.- Cbtcha
Cbattenoogs .Nation, i Military
Park, b ii ti," supply then >n hand whs
exhausted bj veterans in attendance.
.ii.i .iii.'-, who gave ord i -? for them.
The- supply hu nos rn repton ed, -ind
the buttons it." being sent i' i'i"-." who
.pu- 1 for them an 1 v. V ? at.- SB
titled to receive atll Weil them.
tiffi lilli ot lilt' -vu.xl ol Vii billin
Iii I burl.???lnu.
CHARLESTON, w. VA-, October U
(Sp. c iai.i -Tile Synod of Virginia met this
? v.'liing st "'??'?'' o'clock, sad the opening
sermon wis preached by ti..- moderator,
Rev. lt. H. Fleming, D, D., pastor of tbe
Westminster Presbyterian church, of
Lynchburg, His text wes Joshuu.
chspter ? . verso :!. anl chspter xiii.,
1 an 1 v. Th> SUI ]? I vv IB, "The
Spirit of Progrees In th" Work of the
Church." The "rermon wai a viy ubi
and eloquent one, ind mad'.' a profound
Impn ision 'ii th" sudlence.
After th* sirmon the Kev. Lr. If. D
Hog" was fleeted moderator, but on his
declination of the ollie.- the Rev, U. W.
Finb>. I) P., of Augusta county, Va?
w .s . leel td,
Th.-- sytir.d Includes In Its bounds 'ihe
threi Sines of Virginia. West Virginia.
and Maryland, and th.- sttendai
? I.- egstes is unusually large from all sec
Among tba delegstes from Richmon.i
ar- Rsv. Lr-1. Hog1. Keir, Smith, and
Stewart, and Messrs. L. H. Stern, Rob?
ert Whittet, and M. T. Smith.
At ie o'clock the body adjourned to meet
at :< ..'clock b.-morrow morning. Rev.
J. C. Lair. 1). D., In charge of th" church
in which tko syrio'l meets has been with
this congregation twetity-sev n j>:ars.
Naval >olr? ??f luteri'st.
WASHINGTON, D, C.. October li
Th" f-ollowtng naval orders were i--. i
Commodn Belfrl'hte, detached from th" 1
Hoard of Inspection uni Bunroy, Octo?
ber dst. and ordered to command th.
i; iropean station ty steamer of Novem- i
ber u.
Hear-Admirdl William A. Kit klan.I, de?
tached from the Command of the Euro- ,
I an station, and ordered to home, to bi
placed on walting ord* rs.
Commander W, ll Broumnon, detachi i
from th" Naval Academy, November nh. ;
ordered home, and granted three months'
Paymsster l h. Log--, gtven pfapara
to:v ..ie*, is to report for duty as paymas- '
t.-r of the Brooklyn navy-yard.
Commander Edwin White, order, i t..
duty as commandant of cadets at the j
Naval Academy, November l.ih.
Mr. A. H. ri-.in-.to, of Nix
158 Kerr6>U, Meiuphu, Tecu.,
a i H.- > timi hm wife had can
Ct-r win.'b hil estes two
I... i--'ii holes in ber breast, snd
win -h tbe best physician*
of tim surrounding countrr
treat, "t, and pron..un. ed In
carabin, th-r grandmother
^^--^_ sad suat bud died ot
snd when told thu, tho nv??
eminent specialists ot hew
York, under wboae treat
ment she wss placed, de?
clared her caae wa* hopeless.
Ali treatment haring failed,
she was given up to die
8. 8. 8. waa recommended,
snd sitonuhing a* it may
rntern, a tem untiles cured
ber sonni snd welt
Oar treatise on this dU
sase will be snot free lo
sny sddreas.
1.1)1 CATION IL.
The Jacotot School,
adjacent to Ceoirsl Park,
offers ? Uhl Ii.IITri I. NUUK AND t I1APK
HiiNAiiK io youoc ladles daslroua of using
special eouwea. Tburongb collegiate prep ira
Hos. U otic, Arl, Lan ju af ea.
Dame Fashion has decreed thal
Boat l>e the rage. We have more
Boas here than we ever saw in a
dry-poods store before?almost
an endless n um lier. And tilt,
prices vary. Here there's thc
kind to suit any purse, and in
each kind there's the usual sav*
inp thnt can always bc found at
Hy actual count wc have 500
real Ostrich and Coque Feather
Boas; the latter arc priced as
leaders at 29c.
20fey4V??V-- tStttt &&>A?>txrfi
??*??****?***?? ???.
Ai'iiilemy of M. di. In.- Merl..
The Academy Bf M. Ii ine nnd Surgery
le ld Its regular m. .-ting In the board*
ronan of ths Toeing lien's christian a*
*ociatlon last nighi. Pr lt. W. William*
rsflal Bj parer on '*Dlaan*OSll and Medical
Tiantssaiil <>f Intestlnnl Obst ructions."
Th<* subject was dlSCUSSS*] by the presl*
deni, Dr. Oseden, snd Dre, sharker, lien
son. Hodges Bdwnnta, Johnson, and
\v> ilford, it'-pouts srees Basde aa* r>r*.
t.ibii. Ulllei tatter, Joh Basan, and Hen*
Old I lo ml ni. n llellllli-riltll* t lull.
The old I n.minimi Club will holt an
Important business moating te*4ssgbt at
ii; h.ad.iuart rs. i r 11. - r S. v-tit.-.tilh ..ni
\'i i itt rtS The ABC Tl tary, Mr. Mar?
shall bj, Bjunos, will read his annual re
l it.' I',very BsSSBSSr is expected to be
This will bs the list meeting beforo
the antin il . lection of BSnOSTB,
The club la entkusisstlc in support of
the nominees of the Pemocmikl primary.
Three Cnn* lola Hi-i'i-lt ni.
Th.* following convicts were received
nt the penitentiary yesterday:
Chaihs Boss (cilorc.ll, from the city
of Richmond, te serve a teen of two
yean for housebreaking
Mary Wyatt (C***V*l*0d), from IfctSUMtSS. t.?
serve a term of tour penn ior stsslksg
from the person.
William K.inis, from Scott county, tm
flsrvs a term of eti<ht yens fop murder
In the s-s ond dSgl ? ?
The Mlaalon at the tliinnnraUI.
The Monumental church wa* crowde.1
at both Bsnrnlng and avestlng ssrvtees
y.sterility. Penn Barrett | rcn heil tw.?
stirring discourses In the morning hi*
look for his subject the parables of thrt
Tefl Vdrains and the Talents, and In th
evening h. sp ike "r Ike Immortality of
the soul. Dena Barrett ls a forceful
and Bksauent Bpesker, and a great work,
i* expected to ba the result of his labor*
HlBSBBB of Hie Malls.
Deputy Cnn. I Slat.a Marshal A. J.
Pleasant.* ysBterdaj arrentod Henry W,
Gibson, of ?T'.rd.iii.-vii:.", in that city,
OB the cl,arri, of using the United ll i | s
mails fir the purpose of defrauding a
Boston firm. He WM remanded to Hil
Ul await fl I anni; b fOTS United Stat-*
Commissioner Henri riegenbetflser, Mr.
? is owner and editor .f a literary
monthly at Gordonsvtlte. He resnssd hs
thifl city years ago.
I.m.ii.I lleit.1 In ll. il.
Plvlra Co', i (,. ,|. r,.,|, iii.iut ."" yearn
ol age, wa* found dead In bed Bundey
morninir ?t Ne lil nest Cnry street. The
woman had I.s complalnmg saturday
night of s pain in her tica.-t, hut thu
trouble was not thought to he serious.
Coroner Taylor vi.w "i the basis', snd de*
elded thnt an Inquest was BBUssejesssj*, as
death lill r> suited fruin natural eau****.
Ill,ANKKN'SHIP Pied. In I.vnchburg
Vs., oetoher H, USi, BAMUEL H.. thirl
son of w. a. uni m. c Blanhenshlpi
m the Htk yesr'of bis Ag**
Funeral will take pines THIS (We-lnee
dsy) HORNING al l" o'clock Hom tht
nee ot W. L. Hmith, Ko, Hal susi
Marshall street. BSJBt'v*S and friends
Of th- families are Invited lo attend. In.
tennent at Oskwood. ?
c,KANT.-P:.-l. in danville, October 22
PortsBsoutli pupers pless.bs*. ?
i-i iii *?**??*?******??*
Q OtTOBl-B SJ, 1H.I*.
? Thalhimer's
Cloak Room
is continually crowded with
people who appreciate good
We carry the largest Cloak
and Wrap Stock in Rich?
mond, anti weean without
a doubt save you money on
whatever kind of garment'*
vou wish. Every kind and
quality. A Coat at $2.50
a Wrap at $'JS.
Children's anti Misses'
Coats, in this season's new?
est styles, at positively the
lowest prices procurable.
We alter all garments at
our expense .'ind insure a
lit?and a good lit, too.
See us about it.
Cloaks and Wraps,
Broad und Fifth.
Fifth, g
ri. it so \ KL.
I .OR utul ?lav? trader, died somewhere ..
Virginia, leaving a will bequeathing his
pmperty to Jame* Downen Higgin*, a
nepnew, thin re?ldlng In Uwiitliiw, Nov..
S.-otla. Thu lv.-g.iier never claimed tie*
? -vj i. ?i. and the object of thi* advert!*.--,
ment I* to find out In what part ot Vlr
ninia the aald Jam** Pow nen resided, to
that the heirs ot Jame* Downen HlgKln*
may come Into possession of the property
-ft him by the said James Powneo. Any
information on the subject still be thank?
fully received by
william n arvrrr.
oci-wst?_ _ arwussneooti. Mass
LINE with flrst-clsss hou?e by a young
travelling man In Virginia territory. Ad*
dress SIDE LINE, care Dtspstch.
ec a??

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