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Thr DAILY DISPATCH I* d'Hv. i l to
aahsaMherr st FIFTEEN CENT* i".
week, parable to the carrier w ekly.
Mallt it at ta per annum. 1- for six
month*: ll.;* for three months: Me. tai
ene mouth. l*rlc? per copy .1 cents.
'.he VYCEKL1 DISPATCH a? li v?
snnum. cr 7."..'. foi six month*
Siii.itt Options In all cases payable In ad?
vil... and ro paper continued after the
ex pirn tlon ^f the time pu hi tor. PtSS
plWl Billi I mon. yor.b i, ChSC-h. or rese?
ttled loller. Currency sent hy mall will
hs at ihe ri-ik of the sender. Subderlben
Wishing their post-office changed must
give their old as well as Uielr BTW post
?ir.ee. bainple cop's fr. c.
1 time . ta
2 tinten .Il M
5 times . 1 JJ
6 limes . tM
13 times . ttS
1 month . 10"'
S months .tl JJ
^bittiness wants .?. IO
"Wanted Situation. pByaMs in ad?
vance (2.'. words or lesa) . 2"'
Above rales are tor "every day" or ad?
vertisements running consecutively.
Ri adlng notices in reudlng-matter type,
five lines or Uss. ll; In nonpareil leaded,
I lines or more, 76c.
Card of rates for more Space furnished
on application.
All letters nnd telegrams must be Sd
ireeaed to THE dispatch COMPANT.
Ilejectod comniunlcations will not bi fd
PT I_ R I-*T*
PHARMACY, Belvidere snd Man -streets.
Wednesday. . ..octobeb 2:1, ism
Uti' I tiiniiiti lil Vlluiniii
i'i.em some counties oi ihi^ Plate comes
the news thal then is no --ign of a can?
vass going fu. 'lite Democrats, connuenl
of victorv. amt despising the weakness ol
ihe opposition, me neither orgsnlslng noi
beldina public sseeUngs, nnd .lection
day they will not, we Icu. poll theil I I
Rf boas vcr the Democratic part) of Vlr
ninia has nut with iiefe.ii. it baa been
from suth apathy snd over-confldencs ?'
thia. .Never hav.- the Republics ni wrest?
ed victory Hom na when vi.- wen sien
nnd active. Nevei bsve ?? i".;i out
fought wh-ti w. knew that lb- enemy
WUS In oin Hoiit iii I.
We must throw ml this dangerous over
BOUlMen-CC and orgUUlSS and .ilia I. the op.
position, whether we uni i' ls smbui .1 I*
or open ti-ll. We venture th" prediction
thal if Ihe Inactivity thai now prevails
in some counties continues there will he
boom vet] disagreeable surprlfies 1 * ?i us
bb the morning siter election
There ought to i.e no greal lrouble in
Broustag out people, lt is over-coMMence,
1.tihei ile.ni diucontent, tout pe.
(bea True, th" ao-called "honest-dec- ?
t.oiis' people hive made many gto--i mis- |
? representstloni ss t" th., chancier ?'f th"
bill Illa! th.-v prOpOSI <- I lletiliite Iel
Hie Waite!, |SW, bul we believe tllrft liol ;
sassy pemocrati have been >i"-> ivett
thereby. Oui people knou Ihui Oeneral
Main it., v. .1 partisan; Know that Hie
tb io ni worhed Incessantly for Int sd
\ .no .lie n; nt his party, .uni know that
Ihe bill which be caused lo be sdoptetl
ut lbs Petersburg aonference vvas Intend?
ed to "down'' the Democrata And, so,
the public ..iiitiol I.e veiy mindi surprised
i.t ladlUg that ...>? So-i ulled "honest
rle. tion> i.iii proposes to-rut Ihe Demo?
crats in a mm.ti it. upon every elections
hoard ui Virginia, fee; thut is the kimi
id "non-purtlsan" MU 11 1-. Uenersl
Mubone dkl uni nun mi hu equal division
?ul eiei lion 1.it'u 11 -. if he it iin-d tu give
Ihe coalitionists, ot which he ?.i* the
Isudsr. Hu." t.. ..ni one! 'in.- Democrat*
wen lo.nomlaati one electkins-olhcer, the
Republicans on,-, in,- Populists one, the
Prohibitionists one, As shown lev tb.
procredlngs ul ih* I'etenburg confennce,
nnd th. development! "i un- campaign,
the tine. I l-l -lunn, d parties have lol nieI
a "combine." offensive sud defensive,
?igaiii.-t the Democrata **_lonest*elec
t.. 11-" ls theil slogan, an.1 Ihe) sun
? .nt by demanding that the control nf the
th ctioiis-ui.u hiiiei 1 of Virginia shall I"
put into their bands: Thal i- "honest";
isn't ic.' on. very.
dui eueselea venoasous aa they sro,
Bro unable io make any beads iy ba
cfltietstng tin administration of our state
Government. They have io admit thai
our texas me hone*tl> collected and er
pended The) cannot den) ititi our publii
st linois are beit.i 1 ired itu 1 han eever
ie f.ie in ihe bli lor) pf lin 1 ommon
vv lillis They pee thal OUt public in.-litii
tlolis ale Mil. USfull) mali.iv. 11. ,nid st
ms smull a tout a- possible, Theil Bole cry
ia "honest-eic, Hons, The) do not wish'
tin lieiiioi nils te h've s m.iioiitv of
members UpOB OW electioii-bn nus; ilit-y
wish lu have Ihe mai,.iit\ them- -.ms
Mode ll suggestion The) cannot tm*t ns.
but they wi.-h us iu trust them, snd they
nive us na ev mt.le ol 1 heir trustworthi?
ness by altemptlag to palm off upon
the people .'I- non-psrttssn sm of 'the
bmM pei i,n lotisiv partisan bltls thst evei
were drawn
Fneii'is, heath yourselves, sud make
VtgtOty ?ceii.ii! Take nothing foe Braill?
ed except tt.ut ob Ihe Ith et eNuvembei
the lull \ote ot the Kepuhll< gi - sad 'heir
alick- will be poibd agslnsl us Tom Bte)
be sot* ul this. The] expect io .-.ted ua
napping.. ;""'- ladeed, so (ar ss BSeae -i
our beasties ai.- concerned, we feat that
they Will. There ls DOI enough work ol
t.ig.mlzlng toing on amongst DAhUCIBta
Tiurc is not eaough puMIc speaking, ah
of our -lutors, Old and young, ought lo
be ou the Slump, Otu pu tv ha- BOtbiUg
? ci ila tecoiil to t.e sh.un. t .f, .md ttu
Virginia people 1 in i." influenced by good.
?obie pul Iii sp.al,'lt., Ba In 110 ,,?'..
I iy, What is mme, SOCOfdlng to mil plan
' oaaBjBiga the county and city com?
mittees sre ul tibe|l> lu BStSet Ihe H>euk
tbal tiny wish und the chairman
.i ku te Committee, as far as poast
? t will http them to i;n them, our duty
? m plain; the line for ejejth. ia short, l.-t
-? be up and doing.
SpouiUt'on m stocks of gold mining
t viiipanleu. which has been for aome lime
11 MME lu the city of London, ts said to
lave extended to country houses, where
tbe talk ls sll of "South African*" end
"West Australians." and the lir-t ques?
tion at Ihe breakfast tilde ls as to the
price of ahsres and the best "tips" to be
- -changed. One lady, who Ipd always
dsdaied that "city talk" made her hej.l
bns3. mal* a trifle of (4,noi? In four week*.
I which flhS promptly Invested in h ile*
, mon.l crown sntl hs* chtlstened her
"S<.Uh Afrlcsn." I'pon thi* sti.tcmenl of
ISCtS thc Kaw Yolk Sun suv*: "ll I* ft
VatBf?M( to know lh.lt n fonsid'-inble BBSS*
| lier pf those artii.-i^i s/ltk a intnlniiim of
; brains tie vim living on the other M?l?*.*'
"bull Mirri- lit* InrllT I.eulalNllon f
The New York Time* I* opposed to
j any tarin* legislation al rln* n-xt ? BO
Bf Centisns it *ay?.
"Tbs] situation I* simple enough. There
j will be, lt ls now pretty rsrtsln, a defldl
I r. lin* revenue* for tttV rut rent fiscal
: vrar, hui lt will he BO "mall a BSWCSntSfS
. of the available .ash in the Treasury that.
, BO fur n* the ordinaly . xpense* of Ihe
I government are <uiiii-in*'l, lt will be of
j nu importance."
If the revenues Bf lbs government -i,...:
: prove to lu* enough lo corry ii on without
?? using any of Ihe reserve fund or Helling
iiny in.ut- bends, then C*0S*VIBB might
wry well refute to legislate on Un* tariff
? at the eliott session. Bul If there are to
BS deficits ami more salis of bonds or
uny encroachm-nt upon the reserve Hind,
CongTesa ought to look Into lbs niail-r
I nnd ito whatever ought lo be done, Tbe
Washington Post say* on this subject:
"Thi* is nm a problem thin can bs
solved i'> adding lo our i.-gai-t-nler ruvs*
; line, lt I* a pioblem that must be so've-l
I by reasovlsg the cause of the di*, ase.
A* l""t* ns v.i- Import mule than we ex
i port buy more |bnn we sell?the gold
will continue io no abroad, and tba Tren*
vin\ reserve v.iii tune to be mutntulned
on the Htcswber pass of borrowing, Why?
not linker with Hie tariff, then linkes
Just a little'.'"
Thal s-enis to be sound doctrine.
Wide M reels'.
Streets ought not to be too wide, penn*
| sylvania avenue, in U ashtn-i-ui til.v. ls
i so WiBS that ii ls ililticult 10 noss ||
\ withoui running risks which do nm hove
] to bs run in Streets poi tOO wide Tl).
; "reckless driving" cbsrged io ins buck*
I men in Washington i? due entirely to lb*
fa.t that lbs streets are so wide, and
ih.. streets and avenues so numerous
that pedestrian! ats pressed by vehicles
whil h were sol Beer them when they be*
mm an attempt i.> ernes Ihoes wide end
lune rous * ii eel* end avenues,
The iiit.-e or four consignments of
Aiii-ru.in apple* recently Beni t-> tbe
London morkel h?v< sold more resdll)
and brought better price* than Ihe Pall*
rornla peaches, pears, and other fruits
wlii'h were shipped lo England In July,
Auguat, and Hep tem ber. lt is gooU news
foi American apple-raisers, The New
Yolk market bbl foi some weeks been
(Upplled with apples that no American
citlsen ought to be asked lo ent. either
mw or ceekefj, lt is dlscredltsble t.i
Am-ii'an fruit-growers thal we have had
so lin:'ti iiif. liol Hull hers this year.
We have noticed thai Oregon ls boasting
loudly of its tiiiiis. moi.- parttruUrly
Its apples. Have these Oregonians ever
he.ua of New Torie, or of the million peo?
ple1 bore wh,. w.ini flrst-grade American
SJ pies? -The New Y"lk Sim
If the people of New York really want
"a liist-grad- Alu. iii an apple'' ll them
enquire for and buy thf AU.entail." <\"it
glniai pippin, wbii h has been foi sal*,
on ihe Nen Fork and Uvsrpool mnrkets
fo" lo tie so mans years. They must in
risi upon having the genuine Albemarle
pippin, el*-,, some other pippin will be
al yen ih'-in instead.
'ihe ron* tit ut ional convention of Smith
Carolina is conslderihfl a proposition te
require the payment of s poll?ts* a* s
prerequisite lo voting, bul it is doubtful
ii Ihe Stat- would derive as tillich I.eliel'U
from eui ii a lan a- ii* advocate* think.
Virginia rnncted ? similar ia.\ aboul
twentj year* ago, bm li tailed to ai om*
plish all thal was expected Of li, and was
repeule I Norfolk ledger.
\ rapttstlofl las ls In effeel s tempts
lion t"> corrupt voters lo sell theil rote*
to Hie highes) bidders. In Virginia n
played uno Mahone'* bend* as if ii had
been provided for In the interest 0f Hie
Kepubtlcsn party, He could colled much
mon mone) In tin? North wherewith to
pay the capitation laxes Hun the Demo
i. a's , ould collei t. Th.- resell w:.s. of
ionise, the abolition of that :.iX The
Democrats, or white voter*, put li Into
Ihe Slate Constitution, and 1 ie p m.i
i "..is. or whits voters, look ii oil of that
We sse ii siaii i thai nie question li
mooted wbetbei chinamen born In ihe
luiied States are ri t liens, ol this country,
We do ROI know n|?on what th" doubt i*
have.I. as the Federal <'.institution ii-.lt
provides that "all pefsoils born in the
railed si.it.-s and aubjecl la lbs lurlsdle
inm thereof are cltlaen* of the I-tilted
Slate- and ol ll..- Stale wherein Hov
Possibly I be question is based upon
th.- tact that \.-n few of lbs Chinese
ni this country become citisens The)
are nol willing foi their bodies to remain
bera -wu after they bis deed.
NEW ROCHKLLR, October tl Kph
i.dm Scott, ? publisher's agent ol Nen
York city, 'Url at his home here Hus
unming ol erysipelas resulting from
Ivy poisoning, contracted while gathering
autumn leaves on Bundey, Octobei Mb.
In Virginia this poisonous vine is called
"potson-oek." it la s Bnectes of Ivy.
Hen tbere an* hundreds ot peonle
poisoned by it .-very year, bul we never
knew death lo ensue in any case.
?Poison.-ak" i* a i bree leaf ed Ivy,
whereas ins Virginia creeper is h ihc
lesfed vine; their leaves bavin*' respec?
tive!) iinee and live I-,irids.
Diphtheria la widespread in ('bleats
and in seany other cities of Un* coun?
try, Therefore, 'bete win hr ample op
portunli* this yeer lo leel the value ol
the antltoxlne treatment As yet thia
ireetrnenl is Infrequent!) heard nf en*
i .pi in tbe largs cities?ls hospitals espe.
dally, ii ii is Hie valuable rstnedtal
agent that it is said lo be a supply of it
. fiSajhl lo hr kept in each county and
ell) of lbs lam'.
As BB indication of the extreme rarity
1.1 possibly unjust convictions. Dr, Ans*
! Un Flint say* that "in the examination
I ot aenrly one hundred and fifty convict
I wiinessc* in Hie late Investigation of the
, Kindra Itrfoimalory. not move than ons
- or two hesitated to a'lmlt their guilt."
Thara ls a course In journalism pm*
| vi.lt.I by the Fnlversiiy of Pennsylvania,
I and the number of students who tak- il
this leon is lal ger than in any previous
i Iii. ag.. I.* preparing to receive ene or
both ot Hie ii it olia! conv-utione. and its
enterprise i* commendable, There is
Bethina, like a town's SHsumlng a position
Ilks this when ll desire* to be chosen a*
a BSSSSJBBJ place. Chicago really mulei
si.nds the art of creating; surcees.
Virginia-Pay was quite appropriately
the biggest day the Atlanta Kxpo*itlon
has yet had.
Mr. Nan Alen> appearances In public
nr?m to be oisaatroua to himself.
We fi ar those pugilists will now pro?
ceed to tight lt out in the newspaper*.
The teaesaelsN Trouhlr.
The Fenaauelnn trouble has broken tut
Bgahl, and Hilt Mme In rather rnor- acute
! form ihan BOBBI. The exciting cause of '?
j this BOUtS development ls an ultimatum
of Great Brttela'e, rsBalUas from the ,
; I manu Imlileni. which Involved tko ar- i
j net of ii Hrlilsh sergeant and h small
for-? OB the territory. In impute between
?T5re.it Lritiiln und VenezuHu. Thc st- j
geatit mid his .-i-esoclutce Were len used, |
an i the general eoflMBaading the mllltsry
distii. t in whit h ihe arrest BCCarnd was
j rebuked by being relieved and int tu
another post; but upon reprerrntettona
made to the home government by th" BS
gi ieved BubordlUStS British functionary,
the ultlmiitum above nferrod to was
tinnily baned. What the domes ti ol
that dread ol' the diplomats ate I,-ive not
tte. ii auth.'tuativi iv aanouaced, nor ls it
i i.n.pf li ni at ibis juncture to .trull t the I
remits. Tbess dsmaads may prove a se- j
rlous matter, or they may tum ont io be I
a junker gun. us has frequently bern the
eBSC <>f i.n. vvilh llrltish sttfanatunss, end
the chances an* In favor of the lattes
( sventuutlon, certainly so far as necessity ?
foi g-tting the Cnlted Btutes int.. any !
gtave trouble connected With th'- .|uew.
Hon I*, concerned.
The Yeieruelsa boundary complication, .
taken BS a whole, j. a diplomatic .Lun?
di1,, vs. .lam.ive ni"e. "never ending, I
still beginning." I' hus been Inherited In
succession by a inimlwr of Lritlsh Tie- j
mien snd sev.ial Secretaries of Stjte
'. ot thi-- government Oreul Britain de
! rived llrltish tliilana fiom tho. I'ut'h,
and Venezuela derived her possess|( ni
from spam. \ eiie/u( ia lui- steadfastly
contended thai th.- extreme western fron*
iii-- t>f the domain ceded bv llollind io
Creal l'.iHain was the Bsqulbo river, bm
..ii the other bund Omni Britsln, almost
as Carl) as the late of the lint, h Cession,
Bet np a Clinic claim to territory r ol
th. Ksqulbo, Tbi" (hutu nus based upon
tr.-nie-: Bald tn hine been nu'le between
th" DutCll and the Indialla, and inst in
pi..pe iti.-ii a- iii. tithes of the coun?
try in dispute have been disclosed British
ilea- a- 10 the extent of th.se territorial
rlgh's io the westward seem to have ,\
pan I.-1, and linn Insistence upon ile se
rights have intensified,
.\s W" havi Indicated, several Beere
Isries ol stat, of the United States hav
lu-ii.'i an Interest in the dispute, bm.
'upon laking an average of "ie mai.mr
in wiii. h they treated 'hf . ontrovi ri
wi ni..- bri iii doubt sa io whether 'he
I'nlted Btutes have anything io do wi h
il, even Hillel ihe BlOSt IStltUdln-OUS COU
-ii ;. t on ..f ih. Mont t. doctrine, We
mlghl offer ..ur god services in the mat
lei .-I bringing aboui an amicable settle
ment Of itu- trouble, btu even in timi
event we could aol proceed t ". canfully.
Aside from Hu- tact ttiat then is a greet
diversity of opinion among what we ms)
tenn disinterested purtles regarding the
j nu,, bounder) between British Guiana
and th.- Venesuelsn possessions, th.-re is
i gbundsnl evidence thut Ihe sttltude
Venesuela sssumed on more thsn one ot
i salon tvwaijs den Britain mu in
1 fpire.1 by tb.- hop. ..f getting the I'nlted '
i stilt.- int.. .1 quarrel with Great Britain
: Aa hst l.n well mid, when Venezuela
: realizes that this government ba*-1 no Kl-a
of becoming involved in a Monroe-.hu?
tt ine war on her behalf, unless ll be
i clear thal the Munroe doctrine luis been
violated, -be will probably be glad io
renew tin- arbitration negotlatloni stn
bloke off in IV:. If she she.Wre a disposi?
tion ie. .h. this, even at this bit.- date, it
is noi impossible thai the ultimatum muy
be withdrawn uni tin- dispute be settled, .
if imi strictly upon a histories!, .it least
ni"'!i an equltsble compromise bas .
As to the "AlsnOS ft. :: whi. li lins
been dragged Into the oontroversy L
hi ? win. desire the I'nlted Butt < lo
pursue a "vlgoroiii policy" ir. regard io
iii.- Venesuelan iiuestlon, it may i.. said
thal tiial lilli:! .ind Ho- ii!i/..-ii-- of the
I'nlted St.itfs Interested in i' u.. not ap?
pear to have any standing iu the quail.'
So lat. thi" i? a csse oi crying out be?
fore one has been hurt, in short, we i in?
not .1 --<it the Monroe doctrine until we
knou anl ii i.in be Mi-.wu thu h." Mon?
roe doc ti iiie has been vloluied or is en?
dangered. _
j vii- i iev,-inmi innl ii Third Terni? |
I'l-fillct lon.
' To ihe i: in..,- of Ihe Dlspati h:
Win von allow "in who bus been and
is a v.iv decided Cleveland man io
mshe the following prediction?
Tiit-ie is ii.salon tor any one to
feel the least unesslness aboui Mr. Cleve
lund's art.on in regard lo his nomination
! for a third tenn of th. presidency, Ile
wm neither seek uoi accept it On ihe
contrary, j- boob u- In bis Judgment
liiitd he is raibei a Judicious person),
ih" proper time shall have arrived, ne
will positively decline a nnominutlon;
and be ought, of course, he is constitu?
tionally re-ellglble foi a Hurl lenu. and
nm number of terms, .Nor does he come
sim th within the precedent set by Wssh
lng ton, aiiei followed by four of his Illus?
trious successors, because be has ru.t
had two consecutive terms. Bul he comes
-'iltit n-iitlv within Its Spun for Ihe at?
tempt a' ii illili term io reuse a gnat
division oi public sentiment snd even
to SlOUSe -oin" ih'li-tiatlou iu pall oil.'
Mr. Cleveland bas enjoyed ihret nomi.
Battons, Whl. h Will be fal beltet lor
bim in the futun than lluee terms would
b- ilia laat nomination was -...,- mool
gratifying triumph thal am public ser?
vant and trustee could schleve: mid a
' -ll lissie lol a I hird illili, even if il
j could possibly be successful, wouh) mar
his ifioiii. winch i" now so tiigbiv honor*
abie at home ainl -blond. In view al lb'
sentlmrai sgslnst * third term which
prevslla throughout our republic; of tbs
pen of the Impartial historian, ind even
of his ow li comfort, health, .tim kappin-rss,
h* win gladly resume the ilsce si a
gool A niel l'1.Ul ? iliZeli.
Som. have intimated that ii" may tv.ui
himself of his rddrsm iii the Attests
Exposition to deciar- himself in rt grid
Scrofula, Salt Rheum
And All Othor Blood Diseases Hov*
They May Ba Cured.
Speaking simply from what Hoed sar?
saparilla bss dose, not only onceortwlcs,
, but lu thousands of esses, weean honestly
say that it is the best remedy for all dis?
eases of the blood, whatever the cause.
By its paeaUai Combination, Propor?
tion and Process, H possesses positive
medicinal merit Peculiar to itself.
It has cured tbe moat virulent esses
of Scrofula snd Belt Rheum, sven when
ell other prescriptions and medicines
hare failed to do a-jty good.
Blood poisoning, from whatever arl
Oin, yields to its powerful cleansing, puri?
fying, vitalizing sheet upon the blood. If
you den ire further particulars, write to na
as below. Remember that
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Is the One True Blood Purifier prominently
in tke public eye today. Prepared only by
C. I. Hood A Co., Lowell, Mam., U.S. A.
Sold by all druggists, fl; six for SS.
HfM-d*e_ Pill* KS U# *??* efter-Ulsset
IIUUU 9 rillS pius. Tbs; bhUI Sigsstiea ;
- ? ?
lo a third term./ He mlsht. with aomr
apparent aptirourlateni-ss. '.ur such a sub?
ject Into ihM /ddress; but hs mlsht still
more apprt.piiutt-Hy omit it. For iher>
l? nothing pgrty-ptditlcul In ihe position
and purpOSM of that grand ex|?oslilon:
and Mr. yieveland has taste and ver?
satility ? tioii?h to steer clear ..f topics
not germane to the cause and occnslon
willi h he ls honoring anl seeking to pro?
Whilst there l? nn constitutional Inhibi?
t-on of a third, or any other term, of
tbe pf'sldencv . Borne of our greater stat'' t
men and publicists have thought
that ll would hs I better provision for
the President to huve onlv one term of
longer duration, say six years. Mul.
even then, some advocate his eomitu
In again after 'he lapse of one term. If
bs caa affb-ru ?o wait aad the i.pie
desire him.
As rx-Prestdeat Hr. CHreland win ea
|0) ai;.lin. as he hUS alu adv. an enviable
snd highly honorable isisition; a l.iwy- t sf
distinction, with abie and congenial purt
ners. snd with linn aiul fslthful frienda
snell SS Carlisle. Wilson. Lamont, Whit?
ney, Jefferson, Benedict, QuiMen, and ?
host of others; with an Incomparable
wife, "pollsbed after the similitude ..r a
palae, " and "olive plants Bpringing up
ground his tabb-1; and with opportuni?
ties for Indulgence ta bis favorite sports,
without any twines (,f thal enlightened
official conscience which hus led kim
to giv. bis personal attention . t laiilii olly
ttl the duties of his exalbd position.
ii- will .letlin.- a renomination! ami
fm that be a greater und fm happier
man. L. |>. MIS', ii:,
nichmond. October -I. ly-'".
I iiti?eil Villein
(Hampton NeWS.)
The "Lop.-Hep." cundtdute depends on
the nogra vote to secun bb election,
and he want-, to control ibis vote si
the whit" Republican has controlled
thc negro rote since tin- war?either
by barter or by influence too strong for
the negro to r**t*t. The Walton lan
wa-- parred to da away with this .vii.
and it has accomplished Its purpose all
i-i well for tbe Republicen* Tho In
telllgenl n-egro can non rael his ballot
without fear of being boycotted by his
Bssoclstes or bulbul by bis former
leaden The Wallon law makes it
Impossible to purchase Ignorant voten
b) the scon and march th.-m to the
polia bk.- so many rattle. Tbe i. il
aa weil a--1 ih" richest; the most illiterate
a-, well ii1 tho most Intelligent votei can
lindi i the Wallon law psst bbl vote for
Ihe men of his choice, srithoul being
molt -'.d. and the iesull his isused
..I ui:' in ihe .inti-l?? mot relic cump.
Ire Hie <.iiaii'.
i( llfton Forge Revh vi .
Tim l. pul.ii. ii.,- charge the !?? mo
CTStS with iiphol.bin', iiand atnl main
:.i cm. a law ih.ii will perpetuate their
h .; i upon ih- St.it". w hlch ol < ourse i
nt i tin.-; but <io 'cir opponents forget
their effort-1 not loni e to st
grip upon the Peden I Qovernmenl whi h,
bad they succeeded In. would have ne
itroyed twenty yean of our sdvance
ment? We nfer tn the fon ?? bid. The
principles and methods of itu- Republi?
can party, in Bte!* SI well as national
politics, are th" '.lin.
1 ? ???? 1
There is a
Big Difference
in your favor in buying from n
strictly Cash,One-Price Store.
Evidence tbat the people are
finding it out increases daily,
it [may judge by tbe increased
:iiiioiint ol' -.'iles ;tml also liv
recent customers returning and
bringing their friends io share
in tin- advantages of buying
strictly First-Class (roods at
unusually low juices.
Besides having as good, it
nut better, nn assortment of
new style Jackets nnd Capea
than can lie found elsewhere,
aiul al prices tai' below what
yon would expect to pay, I
have just received my Kur
Cajies, and suggest that early
calleis won't regret having
(lolle so.
Coney Fur Capes, full .sweep, au.l 90
indi length, ST?wortU .Si".
ThiLet-idge Culley Fur Capet, full
sweep, ISO-inch length, gib? worth $\~>.
Black Flectric N'al Capes, H2?would
bc cheap ut SJ...
Black Flectric H- al Canes at 31")?well
worth 8-'.*>.
Black Ab!radian Capes at $17?al on lil
bring BS,
Flectric Heal Cnpoi, with Thibet Collar
at,.I Thibet Front. 00 faina $10.
Infants' Clonks and Caji- Stock ls in at
last, anil you inuat call and s.e thc pretty
?electionsal prices yon can afford to pay.
313 E. Broad St.
1. E. HEI
The newest styles. \i?
last season's left-overs shown
you here. We guarantee the
most dressy effect! in Capes,
Boas, etc., ever shown in
A most cordial greeting is
extended you to call and soc
these garment*
119 K \ ?T B KO m 1 > ST II R KT.
toe V3-\V,Tb*?aj
1\ OHIO WI>M %V!? IOMMO\ *.R**??K
iATBass KKK milli
A \\ ii * of Home I). I nu Thnt la Vlni
pie, Kita*, nnd ??N-oiioinlcul ? llln
iii.I ll. i-? Mn Le I'nod (niora nnd
Do Rani I'nilr, ( rori*., ur **? itali liol ?
Hm. to (Dior lamtit, Mutta, nnd
Writ pa Willi Lillie l-'.\p?*naa*.
in a letter written Ins! month bs
Georgia Hook, Pslntersvine, Orson
County, <V, she says: "I colored an old
tan dress last fa ll that I had win all
summer, and had B Bb ??'. black dre-s.
My girl friends went marly wild over lt.
and iln y were so astonished when l told
them it was my old lan dress colored
with Piamond DjrSS Several of th.iii
tried the dyes on their white cashmeres,
and all of theta had Bice**inking biscb
?'I hav it --il a gt-at many Diamond
Dy. s for COiton, wool, and s,|k. and BS VC
met with unvnrylng success. iMte weeh
I used a dooen packages rn coloring cit?
ion foi ur,.. an-l made two beautiful
rugs, i have tried other package dyes,
but nevi- willi the sm cess (hat I have
had with th- Piamond. I have BSVer fnlled
one with Pinmiuni Pyes, ami I do Bot
Hiink am OBS "Ulld. if they pay al
tentlon io Un- directions that come with
each package.*'
Piamond Py.-s ar. especially prepared
for h.un.- ns--, and ir.* guaranteed to be
tbe sn.rng.-si. fastest, snd easiest t.> u*e
Of Bil dyes To get th- best colors it is
necessary lo u> different 'ives c,r. wool
and for cotton, mid Piamond Pyes an
especially prepared for each, insist on
having Pia'tnond Pye; and you will al*
?ra) i have colors that will not fade
A book of directions and forty samples
of colored .loth will be rnnlled free. Wells
Richardson * Co., Burlington, Vi
Julius Sycle & Sons,
< Mi 1 In- Cor. Sn mill ;iiii| r.ronil.
During thi pest oreen mir Moro wa*
thr. nihill to tbe door, We ? \ti.-ct t-till
ivTcutcr crowds to attv.i.l. \\ i li tliis ob*
ji'd in ties* we Rive you euou* Bjiei'ial
'.'?' yardi Royal Cashmere Henrietta
Satin.-. IJ 1-2. .
\ ihi Dsmask Towt ls. tex'*-, r- gulai
value, UV. (foui i>> a customer), as long
as thi) last, 12 l-Sc.
1,000 yards Double end Twist Wool
In Dark Dray, Light Ora*..
Brown, Tau, Beal Brown, Oarnet, real
value tic., for ll )-z-.
Wa are showing, a larg- variety In
Novelty Huttings, Checks, Pis I
Strip.-s. and Plain Herges, Ac.
Do S"'i wan: an All-Wool Uray Flannel
ihat hts been .-cuing for ssc. regular!)
for 22c
\\e gre selling All-Wool Caromi
t..'l-.'c; considered a nargah* .-? inst.
Wot this | rea I event, ssc.
Novels b) ths best am hors, paper
li.nk-. :;.
While Peelings, many styles and
Widths, ..
vi.-ii oin- Pu sS flood* Department, i'or
17 l*2c. we will sell you a novelty In a
l 'i> sa Patti i n
.i" cuds oi Novelty Dress noi..P. prl ?
75c , for this sale, Wc.
lotion c..v.*ii Oood* for tailor-made
Suits, a sty lisp dress thal will cst you a
small sum 12 i -?
w.- ar* *howlng man) nea things In
I'nalig" tl.!.- Ribbon! all I "I"!'.-, til .
Sitm I*.iM.--. in all colora, foi fancy
lui,.ni-' Crochel BocQues, White with
Pink border, whit. v. it li niue. White witli
Red bonier, ....
i.: lenloa n In lt- d, Pink, and Blue ror
children's i 'loaks, prk - Sc.
For an odd skin bu) a 50c. Bis k
I-'igi.ieil Sn Ulan,
We an - Illus. T??? . Figure l Jai quards,
in Black,
Male style*, many prices, lowest mi.-cs
In Novelt) Winter Silks Don't mis* thc
Inspection of a ii Silk I lepsi tmt nt. All
Rich Tall.-:.ts and Lyon* Lusl
I." sar I- ol ll I" I'au DeseSfl Silk at SI.
Figured tiros-Oraln Silk- for whole
and odd sk ll c. vi .;. quality, 90c.
Misses' Scotch <'aps. ail sises ml colors,
Ihe Si -cl-. ?
Hercule* Braid a dosen ".ard- 12 l*2c,
Misses* Ki.i llloves, In Tan and Brown, '
M-n's 8uspe*klers, extra strong, Wc.
\n-Wool Blankets, In Dray, Red, and
White, ii'..'.
Indies' Flannel Waists, In Red and ]
lil... k, *l vi.
Our lim-nf .larkets is stylish, nobby,
well Diode lind faithed, Prieet lower
tliun the krwesi.
Ripple Jackets, rer) nobb) ?'?. noa R.90
? nu- iii Ripple ia. k> is in Chinchilla,
om-li.' Beaver Bos Coat, very stylish,
cap. s, in Jet an-i Blue Beever, li.
Od tbe Corner or Second and Broad.
ii ? >?u know them '.'
If you'eo trie.) thmii rou ilo* thees :
if you I..i?-'. t triad t'i- rn please SS not
indee theui By what other* sall.
V.W We hive a lea always sold tor SI a
nonna* We've handled it many jeir*,
nnd have never tull lt for le* ,: w* e*n't
..tl..r.i lt. Hut were foin* to .lo ii Inr a
week, ihe in'.uer w>> will loss will te
.veil lout; it will Bdrsftiss the tea. anil
?.naru willis* to pay fer a good adver?
tisement rverv tim*.
I bi* tea OS sell morn of Mian any oilier
tea we nHUiiie. Woui t ttn? sweats bur it
ut th* ia"ice ii lt were not worth it.' Nu
mure.!. But it ir worth lt. and in order
to get more people a -.|iiain?*>l witu iti
merit"! wo -hall r-li it
8oc. a pound.
Drep in and talk to us about it Try lt
BBd ll it doe* not please y tu yo i ll Im tbe
llrvt i ne ive know of.
George A. Hundley,
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Fine
'Phone 380 - - 528 E. Broad street.
Special attention pa'J lo mail orders.
ut minks* oi'poitti mti::*.
money on the BOOBS. Prices are Dolow
COSt of production. Take no ilskv. hut
rr lld tor our sale sysiSBB. I 111 u-atld' Of te*.
inn .nial- National hank reference*.
Lially market letter. Avoid bucket-shops.
K s DBAN * co..
ooi-tVlt 115 Broadway, New York.
last .March umounteil to several thousand
dollar* last month; very little ri*k Thi*
can bu done now. This fall will be helter
than ever for large profit*. Send for our
Hook and proof* of thi*. showing how to
do lt, fre.-. H*nk references.
W. .1 \K'AKKM A CO
? c . ..". ???*?? *"ree*. New York.
New arrival of Paney Dress
Goods. Newest arrivals from
the best Scotch, French, and
German makers. Hoth smooth
and rough effects.
New Silks.
Never before luis thc Richmond
public seen n larger assortment
ot new effects and thc very latest
eflects, ranging in price from
7.">e. to $"> per yard.
Warn Printed Taffetas and
Dresden effects, in light and
We have some exclusive pat?
terns and colorings in French
Novelty Silks at $1, $1.25,
$1.50, $1.75 to $_?.."?() jier yard.
Evening1 Silks.
Wedding i*ilks. plain and bro?
Black Goods.
Everything that may be called
for at popular prices.
Diagonals, rough and smooth.
from the narrow twill to the
wide diagonal one and a halt"
inches wide.
Mohair and Camels-Hair Fancies.
Bonclc, iraprice, Zibeline Bou
rette, Cankhe, Camel's-Hair
Boncle. All the different effects
in plain Mohair and Wool
Fancies ranging in price from
."ide. to $2.50 per yard.
Arrival ot new shipments ol
stylish Jackets and Capes.
Bon llarche,
400 Cast Broad,
[jon prk ? - and f tlr di liing hai
for iin> Iwum .t p pul irallel. >i
lit :. f( W ?-11 < i r I lll.iltll
Bverj a rt li l? guaranti M a* i - i '? :
.m.I mom y tret ly REP1 MDEP IP NOT
Dn m Mntngs retail I ii aI
prk et
fii '?? cit.tm .1-. 17 . '?' :-? I" irk Paten!
i.i .ii gs, I" . ,. \ ii'!: i' cu.i i i
i ii isa i !loth, "'-.. ll '"I. Mi-i.;. H >ki
^ ll. I -1! \ I . . .?: v tl '
\ ? r. I lilli.lilli!*. ?? . \\ llilll-l.eel,
Ha ff t) Ph i il< /? i : Cotton Tap*"
I, i, ami .. ; . latmt ul > ap, I ? ik'-s In
box, lui ?'.<.: Tmki-h-Haili Boan
. ak- ; Palm Soap, l. i:..iiie i-milk -
al i iti s.t.i|e. .,, .; i Hy, ? lin.- Soap,
5c: c.i>u..- Soap, ...
Kne. Punt
i Shin Walinu, . Hoya Kim
White Lu.--n-i:. ?.ni SI ii- i ?
Mi n'* I-Hi- Nlght-Rotwii, r.n .
Men> i if !? i wear, I;: i ii tjr, -?"."
to fl " .t piece
i..i.ii. ?' Wool Cn lerw ar, 19, .... Il ai I
Cotton [tatting f ir 14
MAYER, STROUSE ft CO.. 412 B'war, H. Y., Mfrs.
M M-SttAWSm-n d ? al
of Richmond.
Wa 1..ll your attention to ..ur l.iru"
Bvtry paltara the nr?. -t creatloa, nnd
the pri.es Hm v?ry ko?Mt. miloo Vel?
vet*, Hotly lirus-fls, Velvrta, tod TnpM
try IJru.-s.l!..
Two- and TSrta-Ply Ingrain e'.iri>.ts
protiif't" gad cheaper ih.ui tver.
LAC! CURTAINS, l'oi:Tii:tti:s, ano
in tut, you can furnish your burnt*
fr.jm Hit- kitchen to thc' parlor.
Fourth and Broad Sts.
?au ll-WAK)
We Don't
you either iq
thc fit ol
garment r
laving it
doi on time,
518 Suitinas,
icy sml
Vi1! I I-,,, ,
dined \\
"itt1 silk cr uti
at $15 are Milers, and
fast. Come and place
der with us, and wc v. i'i
i * . e .
you satisfaction.
830 east Kain street.
: Great
\ Closing
I Out
i Sale!
?: $5,000 Stock of
;! At COST
This is a bona-fide a
come early and iee for your?
|: Geo. E. Shuman, :j
403 East Broad. j
I N.-xt t.i Keataaan'i SilHaerTi I
? 3
E-ta&l-t-i -_?_.?_?_?-? ?_.?._,?_.? .?_:_?_?_?
0 4
J Special Saic of J
$ Underwear al '
b-asl lt road st.
Having parrbaaed in tin k?l
few dan 12,30(1 worm ni I V
DKhWEAK frcmi h di u
mat25pei oast discount, we
ure iililo to give "ur patn di
bargain. Tbete -goodi i*ao'l
boogbl ,it any other fa
.Just think ' English Oerl
.Bibbed (Jnderwi ir, in
? lill'troiit dolors, ut Iv., w.crtli
H? nw Woollen Shirt-.
wortfa ll,
German (arm I's Hair Sti "
nml Drawer* 98c saab, ton
price, 81.50.
K\ tra-Kino Merino Knd-r
wear, 11.25 each, worth ??.'.
Genuine Midicated Red '
.1. rw. ar, Doubts- and lina
liriastttil Shirts an>l Dta
|1,48, nchlv worth 82.50, I
11 unrulier of otlii'f urn!" I ?
unintTotis to mention.
Call aod look at our .
evan if von don t bur
' o1 .?ti-M,,\VAl"|
4%%%%%%% %%%%%% %%%w
No. 105 east Broad street.
Closing-Out Sale.
Wo Lave decided lot
I'llMUi RH Itt of.r MW itO-H le' ??
street, benet tbe itoek it 105 eaat t :
mii.xt lo doted out.
Piala*, '-h. ii Mala 1 1
DidIi. ir.-ii t in- .ttitii. I1- Ioctl *
Tdd-Ti. 44 (ti ??? I 't
Cap tad sa 1
?LAHH\i x ic I:.
I'lti'tli'l-. .TTi-1!!! I I
'luint.l.T>. ??-.? (Ul
1 uli-rv Mil t-. ll
Oil.- .ND Ci \s-Sl(>\ I >.
Two-ltiirtiiT in:->: ?.- I
>'in-ti'ti.- Um Wow, 4 UM
tinw 1KB.
IMab-1'm.. IO quean
(.'uaim.n'r.-- ai I '? ? ''?
(?rat?ra. Itrir-n ute. Sc
Pau*. 4 marta, ac
- I 1 in.'ti*-' I. ti il 3 '.
CLatiib"r-l,.itl. wi'
?'?u.-'fimii .. I .je.-u'-. ??iii ? '
I'nu*. '1 ?|iiair-. I
I Offfe-POt. I e.ll tr'
Te*-he tie. :>ni\i'
nuiealif a Wini 1 bm ?
1 uShai fma, ptr A mee, I ??
Waati-K ntdt l?ec. I
l*oiat'-V t.-n.'rc. I .
lll-.lt Mo:. ??.
lt wilt t>ay ticuw???!. ' ? ??' ? ?>' *?? ' ? *
105 east Broad street
ka rt?MOTl

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