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^^ RiolimomflZel FumC Store .ekes on the Z& of Holiday A.tire, .nd a. . result, is^,oono?l I,, .11 . m.mm?h .nd e.,.e.. sl?k.
All the Necessary Needs of the Thrifty Housewife
X^XJ. ^^^ ?/ au^*:*!- simole enoiiffh, thouuh?we haye travelled no devious route to popu anty^strairtt
are rn
wJLA ^-"-^ -?? t/ fiinf_if'c Rimnle enough, thouuh?we haye travelled no devious route to popularity?>tr,iHlt
^^^Jn^'Ss^ffiWS^- tl. nee U*. M?a. Lave .Liven lo, .ho conlidoocc ., tb. ?,,??,;,
ams, Biraigai pntts, an_? _ . confidence. .-,
?WfliB^BaJS hr;f,h.;f;,:"?to? ?rji ??*?. s.ookS, ?*..?.?. ?? i?<eres<.. ...ena.
The Holiday Sale at
For Many Reasons,
i 4.1 s?*i-b ^pinUnrwl'c nnnnlotion hnv their wares?we think that sufficient grounds for such a ro
Not simply because we think so-but because where two thuds of IbdusMdt[m^j^m^^^J^^ stanuDoint 'll take adraaUire ..I
queV -- aP, d when a person can buy Household Necessities c
ot. nh now but for months and months to come. Look aron
s ol Richmonds population iniy meir wares?nc ,Uiu. ...... eu,,v,a.. ..?,...,.., ..,- ..... ? ., n,.
i\ot simply ueoBUB*- ?-.- - ~w??-0v,nlrt Npnessities on such terms as we ''ive any one from a common-sense standpoint ll take advantage of ii
quest--and when JJ^tt^ haven't an idea of the immensity and completeness of this stock._
On Credit
thc largest line of CARPETS
ever shown in this city.
Ingrain, Brussels,
Body-Brussels, Velvets,
Wilton Velvets.
Every kind of Floor Cove?
ring and Ruo: suitable, from
a low-price basis,
For Xmas Time.
Our Business
is to please our patrons, and if
enerby anti push are appreciated
we'll plcnse you, and toefl give
All Tnt Ott Dil .01) WANT.
Holiday Goods
for the housekeeper:
China-Presses, square, swell
fronts, oval glass ends, some
without mirrors. Also, Book
Cases and Secretaries, in Oak
and other beautiful woods,
special designs, made exclu?
sively for Rothe. t & Co., and
these go to you gon our easy
lllliUll AM) Ir't'lKTH.
On Credit
every style and size in any
kind of STOVE,
Self-Heating Stoves,
All set up Free of expense
to you.
How are these
As Xmas Gifts?
Multiply by Two
tiie size of any stock in Rich?
mond?this 'll give you an idea
ol" how much stock wc carry.
Xmas Gifts
for every one?old or young:
Ladies1 Desks and Daven?
ports, in Oak, Curl*- Birch,
and Mahogany, thc daintiest
styles, brass trimmings, some
plain, every style of carving,
some quaint, some modern,
up-to-date style.
Of course they're yours on
Kiri iii'ii r .v 00.
On Credit
Lace Curtains and Chenille
Portieres, Table-Covers, heav?
ily fringed.
All bright patterns.
A very large stock, and
it's such a gift as these
that'll make for the recipient
A Merry Xmas.
You're Thinking of
furnishing a room or two or per-j
haps you're contemplating
housekeeping. Conic heft and
Holiday Wares.
Fancy Rockers, leather,
plush, and tapestry seats.
For Old Folks.
For Young Folks.
For Father.
For Mother.
Buy them now as gifts for
the Holiday Season soon to
lilt') AI) AMI KOt'HTH.
On Credit
an item in our Crockery Store.
French and German China,
American China, Diuner-Sets,
Tea-Sets, every quality of
QUEENSWARE, at the very
lowest prices. Such a collec?
tion 'll make many sugges?
tions about presents
For the Holidays.
She Knows.
Thc housewife knows where
she is getting go >d value. We
iii ve her this in all Uer purchases,
besides we'll give LtCT
For Xmas Gifcs.
A large line of
Pictures, Easels, and Mirrors,
some square, so ne round,
some oblong, every kind,
every quality?the Crayon, the
Steel Engraving'.
Brough here to touch any
one's fancy.
Do the brat to look 'em over.
On Credit
every CHAMBER SLIT in the
Oak, Walnut,
Curly Birch, Maple,
and Cherry,
antique -designs, handsomely
carved, fancy bevelled mirrors,
in plain wood and marble top.
These are suitable
As a Present.
Ready on Time.
When the season opens, when
yon need Holiday Goods you'll
lind theta here, everything from
this country and abroad, besides
Xmas Items,
solid brass throughout.
in Brass and Dresden China,
fancy shades, "wjriaS of .irt, *
so to speak.
These suitable and hand?
some gifts for Xu is are yours
on our easy terms.
.ii -. \ I, i <M it i ii.
On Credit
PARLOR SUITS, in Walnut,
Cherry, Oak, and Mahogany
Frames, upholstered in Hair
Cloth, Silk, Plush, Brocatelle,
Tapestry, &c.
Don't fail to see those Cot?
tage Suits to furnish the room
For the Boys.
Old Santa Claus
must have selected some of the
Holiday Goods himself, they're
so suitable, so pretty, and theu
to think you'll get
Suitable Gifts.
in iron, wood, and brass.
Buy the little tots a gift.
It may be the first or the last,
who knows ?
It's so easy to please the
little ones when purchasing
from such a stock as ours.
On Credit
a few special C\RP11 111 Ms,
A good Brnsseli C
made, laid, and lined, t
2-Ply All- Wool C
made and laid, for
Carpets of every knowi
quality from the d pest I
the best. These I
For Every Person.
Some Pine Figuring
mast be done when it CO
comparing ours w
prices. Wc can luca
pete with Mi
roa'llgel AU lill CW WI ?
Xmas Jew
besides a Urge line of
at low prices and oa I
est of easy tei LBS.
Hew Yorkers Spend Itt Stun ton-ally
on Decorations.
|I?;*pltala nnd Other lnarltutlona Re?
ceive the Flower* After They Have
Done Servite ut the Varlou* Func?
tion* of Society.
(Correspondence of the Dispatch.)
NEW YORK, WMHtabH IVl.-What be
pmMit ot all tho flowers used by the
raoclety entertainers?
lt ls a question which speakera with
?oclallatlc tendencies like to put to ar
_udtenc< an*\ UM*, ansv.tr lt In the nexl
breath by luridly picturing thc diabolic
Belttshni-su cf the wealthy class which
?pends JUG or fl.Ou) on floral decoration!
while tht re ure families starving In oik
near-by BUtSt or freezing in the next.
"Why net give lt to charity?" lin
?pe?ker f-lioi.t...
If ho ku< w the ultimate end of the J1C
or the fl,0uxj. he would know that it prac
Scully went for charity. It only needs ;
tour of any of the great ho-pituli of th
city to ascertain the accuracy ol' thi:
-*aternent. Near Un- lui o' nm ltttli
waif of thi t' rx raenti will bi fount
a cluster of American Beauty roses whlc!
Um mt-'lit Ipp :. .r.* .i'll,rind Um hanipir
table of some loelety queen. Td
limy huvi- . ? ~t n d .'mr Ol two apiece
und the clutter more pernaps than th
tcnem-nt child ever bad at ont timi lu li
That ls where tin* XtOOl iju-uitltle-*. o
flowers ko. 11;t re are more than a hun
dred hospital*. l>lg and little, In the clt>
and their ever-changing population 1
dose to iO.<sfx>. Slime of then:, notabl
Itt llivn.*. har* non than Coo patients
whllo other*, han less than a score. T
each one of the 10,000 a bunch of flower
1* un emblem of cheery brightness an
hope. It la true thc money which the
eo?t mifaht by more literally apent In th
eau-.* of charity, but lt 1* not mom
burned up on tbe altar of vanity an
display, aa many suppose.
When lt was announced that the Hon
dt-corailoiia* In St. Thornas'a church fi
th* Vanderbilt-Marlborough wedding cos
In the neighborhood of J100.000, thei
aroei a turaultou* chorus of disaoorovi
from many quarters; ind when th
wagoni of the florist drove up to tl;
church Immediately after the bride an
groom had .eft, and while the large nun
her of guest* were passirg out, tb
crowds on the sidewalks said:
"lie's going to take them all back t
h_ *hop and aell them over again. Th
mean thing might have let u* had them.
Hat the crowd did not know that man
day* before the flortat hud received
long list from Mr?. Vanderbilt, wit
C"!i>i !?to directions as to the way th
flower* ahould be disposed of. This lu
Included tbe name of every hospital an
charitable Institution Ui the cit.-. and of
p?.?ite eaeh name waa a description <
th* quantity and kind of the flower* i
ur dl?tribut?d. The ouantltle* were retri
lated with mathematical nicety to tr
proportion* of patients. Kven If tl
flower* di* co?t $100,000. they gave thi
much pleasure wbere p'.eaiuri I* mo
Few people, not In the confidence i
th* trade. r< allie the va*t length ai
breadth of the florul Indtiatry of Ne
"fork. Tbe fact that tbe finest ihoi
In tho most expensive part of broadway,
are those of the florists SSSSBS to attract
no attention. Uattl quite rt-centiy, the
florists were hidden awav In tbe by?
street and the out-of-the-way place.*, but
now they e.nblazon the fact of their ex?
istence with hundreds of electric llt-hts,
onyx and marble wall* and ceiling**,
plate-glass, and other expensive evidenced
of extreme prosperity.
Some Idea of the comnierclai im?
portance of the Industry can be gained
from these facts:
Thirty million roses and 15,000.000 car?
nations are Bold annually In the city.
The trade In cut-flowtrs covers many
more varieties, and some of them in
enormous t,u.-tntltles, but roses and car?
nations are always the DOBSt popular.
A conservative estimate of the green?
house space enipl.iyei in growing cut
iBSSTS for this market, stating tt In
gardener's fashion, ls '..oOO.niO square feet
of Klaus. I'robaMy there is considerably
more, for that estlmat- .lots int take
Into aci:ount the many llttts semi-pri?
vate ru Bhenasa tb* product* of wttleB
-?? ;.? n. mle. supplied directly to the
year, the prom In floriculture Blip BB IS to
be about t?.iw an acre.
nMsaySR a yf.au.
As thc whol'-r-alt, protlt ls $1.5*10,000. lt
BMBBS Ui.ti N.-w Yorkers s,x-n<i annu?
ally with the retailers something like Rt>
MMR) a year for flowers. Kach y- ;ir
sli.ius a great increase in the business
over the preceding one. Cine ?hop on
liroadway alone sells RJIMIS worth a
year of flowers, and the profit of the
pi.-irletor ls close to |RS\JSB, twice the
salary of tho i'resldcnt of the United
Fashion now demands very large and
full rose-*, such as are at their best
when well opened, and those capat-le nf
ii,., ting this rei,u,rem. nt, and. at the BBBM
time possessing si fllclt-nt vitality to last
will In that coiidiUon, may nlitiost t?e re
par'1-.-.l SS .1 BBB dttttl Of BOWSSI forced
from BtttBIB to itieft special wnnts. There
hi.9 been a great charge within the last
tw.-nty years In popular taste respect lint
Ba?s. Formerly the most contnion tx
retail florist*, and aro not of aufflclent
Importance to interest the commission
merchant* or largo grower*.
But. figuring only on the amount
specified, tbe original construction of
those green-house* covered by 3,'>00,0u0
square feet of glass, colt In the n-- ghbor
hood of r.,000,000; they contain 400 mlle*
of Iron pipe for heating them, and S0.CO0
tons of coal are consume.! annually In
keeping them at the required tempera?
ture. Allowing them an average width
Of fifteen feet, they w-ould stretch In a
continuous line 37.87 miles, and, If massed
together, would cover a ipaci of CS.s.7
Agric-ulturlita accustomed to figure upon
tho returna ty tbe acre from crop* of
wheat, hay, and corn may rind Interest
tn reckoning that, a* the wholesale profit
of the cnt-flower trade of New York 1*
approximately estimated at n.CW.OUO a
hiblt* of Ute florist'* art wara bouquet*
marl* on the model of cabbages, with
many flowers packed so close together
that to tllstlngulsh their quality sepa?
rately was almost .inpossible. And th*re
vcr* also floral pieces, constructions ot
wire packed with moss, fat-ed with fern*
or everlasting blossoms wired to tooth?
picks and covered with short-sfmrned
flowers, according to rigid rules that
gave them mathematical precision of ar?
rangement. Tho*e horror* on* ?ee* yet
occasionally ?t funerals or weddings, oi
aboard dei artlng steamships.
Trie next ?tep in progressive tmprov**.
mt nt. the popularization of floral ba*.
k--ts. wa* e little advance, but not much.
The old way of packing short-stemmed
flowers '...-eihi r on & bed of mos* still
obi lined, general effect heine held th* ob?
ject, and the quality of Individual flowers
a matter of quits secondary Importance.
People were more easily satisfied then
than they are now.
A resourcetul florist, one of the most
prominent In the city, re.ielving an order
for "a 110 basket" In the evening, after
his stock of flowers had been entirely
exhausted, actually filled the order out
of the waste barr-1. DI.scarp led buds were
carefully Mown open, tailored petals torn
off, shattered full-blown flowers wired to?
gether, stemle-ia ones deftly pierced by
toothpicks to hold them In place, and
I when tbe collection of remnants were
closely mused their general effect was
so satisfactory that the customer, after
receiving the basket, was pleased and com?
lt ls a little detail of the business not
generally known, that the fre.-hest ros-*
ever obtainable In New York have b- -ii
cut from eighteen to twenty-six hour*
before they reach this market. Watt
they sent in bv the grow- r tBUBOdtatOl*
aflat euttii.g Um?>? weald bi wilted and
their beauty gone In-fore they could reach
the city. To muk.- them List it ls re?
quisite that t!i y pan a night In a ten;
ro of 1' aonjnea Fahrenheit. That
btm ? I tbi Bf up tO die slowly.
xi!-ty of root has Its own time
ar. I ir. irir.-r of Opining, BOOM, like the
Madama Pusln. roach* a certain point of
I and I D lt ail day long,
while ot?en make md haste to flaunt
tt.,.;- Dttali thal if i. ft on the boab for
hUf un hour aft r tiny are Just ri^ht for
cutting they will become wortblou. The
? ar- rat twi | ii Uv, thtir do*
' ten uniform amt ttrWa
tnl, wi
from tho bu-:i 1- tatt 7 o'clock In sum?
mer ni'ri:!;*;-:, and two or three hours
m DttT. The finest KWH, such as
. ar* carefully wrapped dingly In
? raper bofoto packin;;, hut the
. lal 1 s-trai.'l'.t In |
! ir lewes, so a* to tnimimise tiie
re upon tli'-m, and all are aent in
to the city by the earliest practlcabbs
Caf cum t yance In the cool of tho
Carnations rank next In Importance tn
rose* In the cut-flower trade of Nt w
York, as ls shown by the enormous num?
ber of lS.OOO.OOO sold here last year. It ls
quite possible that some proportion of
these went to other cities, for there ls
a demai il f.>r New York carnations all
f'Vf'r the country. Generally that demand
ls met by direct ihipments from the
J growers, but some no doubt went out
i from the commission men also. There aro
: probably 210 florists growing carnations
for ths New York market, but only about
twenty or twenty-five of these are spe?
cialists, cultivating practically nothing
Few Mowen bear shipment so well as
carnations, or last io long In good condi?
tion after cutting, even when exposed
under condition! that would make short
work of roses. In the winter they are
constantly sent by local growers to Pitts?
burg. Albany, Buffalo. Cleveland, Detroit,
Washington, Chicago, and have been re?
ceived In perfect condition as far away as
Atlanta and Florida. Their successful cul?
tivation Involves no fewer difficulties than
ro*e-growlng, require* quite aa much ex?
act knowledge, skill, and care, and lt
perhaps even more risky, owing to th
ever-threatenlng possibility of a fungoid
disease breaking out among the planta.
Tbe best prices the carnation grower get:
he honestly earns.
Violet! rank third la Importance In th?
cut-flower supply of New York. This li
conceded by all the floriculturist*, but i
ae?mi to ba practically Impossible, ai
the buatneas ls now conducted, to obtaii
even an approximate estimate of ho*
many are aold. The beat authorities gue*:
at U.fW.OOO aa New York'i annual con
gumption of violets.
The Kreateat ffrowerf ara lr* tho neigh
borhood of Nyack. Rhlntfeeck, an<
j Poughkeepilo; but vast quantltlei ar
produced by imall hot-hout-es In all di
rectlom about New York, some of tber
In the hand* of Individuals sot know
to th* trade. Violets fluctuate In prle
from *fi centito JI or $1 a hundred, ac
oordlnc to their marett** Mid thu deman
for them. There U hardly any choice
among them, except In the matter of
freshness. The only variety worth grow
tag far the market ls the Marie Louis.
a i-ood dark, blue, with a r*a*OH*My lot.
Btem. Light blue, violet*. tho-Jgh th
may bo as fragrant, *?** not BS BBIbI
as datft ones. One mut li heralded ai
puffetl at the opening of the pfflBSttt **
bob, aa ;t Braal lai|wa?staattl trass Cb
fornla, turns out to be a broad, ttaa)
flow r. witn no other advantage lhui.ii B
remarkably long stem.
Orchids, narcissus, Jonquils, tulips, cy?
clamens, itloxlntas, Hiles, and numbers
of oth-r beautiful flow-rs, suitable to
jjreen-ho.is.- culture are on the list of
winter COt-Sowar supt ly; but lt ls not
possible to reach anything more definite
thin mere guess work as to their num?
Clear Knouifli.
CriiilsilslaSiiiB Har.)
We have been .. fl wc favor
' .r the pisatdi ney. Wo have no i
that b* BUBS le a good, f?arless
Democrat, and tbe most svallsbl* man
in the party. We want one who will
give us a clean and abie administration
Inti i - ihe m'.-^st.*
e iv ani immovably on ni* p'.at- |
form i prli l| r election as be?
fore. In short, a maa Of the people and
tor ths line or
the section f: rn uv .< -h be balla ls tv i
one in who .- the DasStt
vd pl..... 1.
Il Wat mt y.nule.
(Warraatoa virginian.)
A* the children af Mr. James Ney
were playing In *he yard near Wt r
they ran -screaming into the house that
som-'th.ng was after them. Mr. Kay
went out and lound a iar^e xray eagle,
which, after the escape" of the ahBdren,
. the ac; of carrying off a |
Mr. X.y flbOt lt. The only a;,ta?
rim injury to tbe eaifle waa a sliKht
wound In one of Its BtBBB lt ls now tn
the Virginias otllce, looking as BB va ire aa
a meat axe, and measur-s 6 feet i lnchen
from tip to tip.
A Sa-ti Lon King.
(Written for the Dispatch.)
Away from the land and its sifting ?-nd;
Away on the holden wave.
Away from the shore, I love lt no more
Hurra, the billows are brave!
From the dawn of the morn 'till the sun
slips down,
Though I miss the tasselled corn,
The spray breaks high, and the breakers
My sigh in the stretching main.
When the sky flecks pink and bold ship*
In the trough of th* widening sea.
While waters seethe tn the churning
The land-thoughts wane and flee.
The sea ls a child, untamed and wild,
And lt* mood Ls a painted boat.
It lift* tts flood where landsmen stood,
And where they loved they float.
The sea ls a prayer, and *ailors ther*
Are ptloted by Him,
Who stands to the wheel when lightning*
The maelstrom'* hatchway grim.
The sea ls a grave, and Its every wave
Is a. breast for the weary head;
It sobs and slay* and strews Its ways
With the bones of the whitening dead.
O. the sea's to land what tbe cloud-breath
To pilgrims parched and fanned
By the ?rid blight of a deat-rt n-ght,
Ity the curse o. the drifting und.
O, blue ls th*, sky. and tb* blu* aaaa
A* the prow clean glide* between?
O, ever to breathe wh*re freshening ama
In tumbling glee ar* seen I
Nosmnber li, lSiu.
Another Big Failure
of a down-town merchant that did no)
take Dr. David's Cough Syrup, and fallea.
to get welt
riie Seasons Enter Into Onr
I li ll Ri: OF A SI DDR* Cit-.-.UK.
Thoaghts on Thank*artTlBsr?A Sew
F.i-n?W lint i ..n.ilttite* a Dinner?
The nil Ylralnla Method nnd
Conk*?Afton Personal*.
(Correspondence of the Dispatch.)
Al'i'uN, VA.. November 'il.-The ln
gratitu le of man shlr.es out In nothing
more eonaptcttoasty than when he grum?
bles at the weather. For some one or
the other tt ls too hot or too cold, too
wet, or too dry; but In one phase of lt
we are all pr. tty wed agreed: "Never
mind the weather, so the wind doesn't
rduy lt was Indian summer?
warm, balmy, and aromatic with Broad*
land scents. The mountains wara hun,*
with a hazy mist BS tKSB ghostly council
fires, and little puffs of latent I.- tl
i to have garnered up all the sun
si:,.:.,- o| Um Hummer days In J
of c -I 'er 11 ; i,- iss for tho future. Hut
that Baa ysstarday. Thera> wa* a night
of storm; the moaning of thc wind In
tho BOOBS ruse to a s"ir:ek: the furious
a latRBB tala baal I ?? s n
from skies of inky
l*i-4-t il All Ls chang? I On I
meadow b.eik th* Brat wintry wladi
wliioUe sharply over the il..a I Of > *
s gloi y Hurdy oaks and I
and maple* that have long strutt*
. n. | .id, and I
b'.rew the ground With fast whirling
showers of leafy honors to feed and
warm the earth. Min ls an BMRal
grombl* that w;r.'. - ? Bl SBBBB
phenomena of nature?.t.-- never
procedsion of the SBBS )BS -w.ili their
constant changes, enter Bl .re deeply ln"o
our live. thaB BIBB? fll ?- are wi.Ung to
admit An Interrupted joy ls more highly
prized than a constant pleasure, lt I*
better, as the Thanksgiving season ap?
proaches, to stop one moment and think
how delightful this dying year has been
than to regret that lt munt end. There
has been no prolonged season of heat,
none of cold. In our ettie* ther* have
been few, If any. deaths from sun
strokes; nor the prevalence of any In?
fectious disease, and we have had bounti?
ful harvests. Surely, among the praises
that go up from hearthstone* ail over
the land, thanksgiving for these should
not be withheld.
We ar* going to have, physically, a
new era. Not for women nor for men.
but on one Impartial platform upon
which each can stand with gastronomic
equality. For, paradoxical a* tt may
seem, tn tbe face of
Cranberry *auce, turkey, and che***,
Thanksgiving-Day ts almost here
A revolution In the art of eating?or
of not eating?is about to dawn. Gas?
tronomy ui one ot the fine arts Oreat
dishes of corned beet snd cabbage, after
the style of ancient serfs In feudal eas?
tlea, and heavy masses of grease, BBS*
given way to the more aesthetic, even
among the laboring c Issues, whi-r* time
tn the preparation of food <a a desidera?
tum. There I* more attention oald to
the quality than th* quantity of food
Mental excellence and purity of the
soul ar* more closely ailed to a dainty
palat* than many suppc**, and the cul?
tivation of one net-esaartlv affect* the
other. Tho Greek*. reclining with
sybarite luxury at their meal*, faaated
only upon tha most dell rat* viands In
entertaining, som* on* ha* asid, "TU*
tinner ls tho climax ?
t ls not the !.? |
hat make.i it so, bacall .,y wut*
i fortune lu giving i r, a* th*
lagans have I
it ? vulgar affair, if tl
?ut the food.
iard for an un!*
?ich. to give a r-- tlly elegant ? ?
nent. His cooli
"nay be callel a I I ? '. i - tht
te has In att. I
fold, and f_.lt' i fall ont
i. lontptcing waatlaf.
In the MKordie of a gener
:he va*t t r respectable
".ho have bad
.n an atm
usually ri.
ire mot
is a fooling ??'
ices uv. ?
tod would
.vere rd*, t
time piimr ri h - ?
Dli-tlm- tdati i
simplicity ol -
. ,
F..r Um Thank
a family affair, li. IP
Hat rod, ir ?
was si.; .
ind i and
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: ?
Bl Oavi r p.r
ie tr. rn i ?..
io ,1 :i ?
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w'-h ?
darky coolta kn-.w i
ti'.e tabb
and pb bli . i ron r* '
toa *i lo Um ? th i ?
lonlil days of ??
If lan we shall *
as gastronomical aids.
Rev. Warren A < > J
Mrs. ttberrard, who ?****
from Afrtc.i, is h- ?
There has '
lag heard In the chapel at bl
the lecture of Di Cw
a Presbyter).in D
Congo for tl
tlon of the
>f labor waa m i*t Instru
as lt ni, wit- ;
people. :?! ?
Africa Di
About ?
*t tbe depot here a xx il ttl
Thin OOl I snap will rn I
Thc Ml ??? ?potto, of R ?
are making lar^,- mu .
property. ,
Mrs J.tme* Tlmberlake an! I
Turner are \lsliltig Mrs Kii-> ? '?
ton. ,, ?,
Mr T W. Goodloe ha* b?en \ I ? ?"*
but ls better.
Mr. W M. Hall paid us a ver
visit Tue* "iv
Me*nrx W. C Smith *n?1 IM, ll ' ****?*"
Fisher, of New Y rk. *r. >? ?
Miss Joey Kilburn returnt 1 I
more thi* week.
A Startle Bottle
Dr. Pavida Cough Syrup *
toward* permanently curing i
ed cough than a gallon of ?
eumptlon cure*.
lt the nabr l? t***tll**.? Tooth
bo lure snd use thai oM ai.
remedy. Mr*. Winslow ? So
for children teething. I
child. ?oft-n? th* gum*. ?>?..
cure! wmd-collc. and i* tl.* b**t i ?? ,'
for dlarrboe-*. Twenty-five OMU a ?
He, _ m
Old P-Der? tot **.m Un i-*?p*lc?

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