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hst Pei n ln?THl acd Delicate
hom wu WHAT TO AMVlsi-' US,
If IP- I ail. in Any i.f Oil* I.lilli- Itu!
i.ni...i ut ii t Tasha u i lie TYaSBlBg
> Ray tia- Iltillleal ?Ila- llr
:i t ii-.il Deni nf Silt ti lr Inlrp
i for < Dis] slea.)
. in .-? 1 by som*
. I
Hi v..u -r, but
, k|| . I ? V. it-- ,
me w'tin.m *
! -lt., Kl,,-w ul.
Ber to I
Kia dutk . I ??.. fl fl I ... ? ?
gtvaag thi
: '
I coinpanj
i . . -a who will ki >k raaart
, to * mb
? : .
? ?? ? . ? :i lt
'.-. ? : .-. r.
, an muna i
. in otht rwlas b
I. i-.nd (.;i I
bli '[?;?? :na...e . .
| j . | ? . , .
: tfe* I;- 1 I I '.
nttvs to hoi l
? : 1 " I : ? ;
i in I
a, sad "rt- b uta* ?
Smart ai.- "
mv.lr fa're, ani ne na* io wura, .ci;
Said to inuit'- tn.- bWk!las bo orr weil.
Hr .'te* io i.. Um r. ? ,n,d 'oi hag also
v. iNaiad Um Srf-assrroon af th-- wed
i lo take .aie ol' Ut- bride?
's hu'. S by th* bri Isgi
liways v* tnt la le.i\e tho t-liuich without
' is .ii.- af IhOOS th,nu- walsh no
jiie tan u.\-leraland, but Ulai Sa I
ravnt to do ..o ls certain, and the best
man io ist not forgot to be mindful on
. int.
The best m*n usually calls for the
? 'it the morning of the wad*
ling, and tl gt i: t .Hy take a b
to tho church. Arrived al the sacred edi*
sd a''' r Uti baal innn bas c in fully
arnot sit' i the o i groom i hat, with hi*
i.v n, ia ths v stry, Ultu *sl**aattta him?
self fr.-ni t.*.,,t i the two
n.i . V i I i ii!.!,.;, the v.. iff j ? riod of
w ? ! rr the bride, und it ll I ,i
as tr.\.:..: . time ns . tn wt ll b, :,i
Sa th l.n ., j. always late, and ths bride
groom is s..i.- tu tan. y BOflttothlng hos
I -. wrong. They are tl,rn sap;. Md to
, ,.-. Uta al ano i tm ib.e bun- ap*
11 lading at the right-hand side of
. tar.
Th* modern bridegroom sometimes
' Of walling by talking
aa of the friends who hsDpen to bs
? in the front row af SOWS arel n >
tall make* the tune pana more
'i be besl stands sf tv- bride*
?a right bani dttftas the ceremony,
. tl* to tv. rear, tad I - follow* me
\ into the vestry at its con
?v ? il. the i an sta of
i .!-^
? -1 t io . blef brides*
.. ti.- ihe I.- flter, after lt
.- ?-.- i bv tl a 1 i id- an-l bride*
? l relaUi eo, and tbe
mal ? ? aayfl the Ieee te
...i while he is In the vestry
?ne ceremony,
rossi l I . 'he piwetaloti down
tba chr." ih, iv. ra ssa taro v.. . of I ii s
ii, sni ? And oat be*
? ?; ,n |?> ai rang. d.
Ai a genera] rule, tho bridegm
i - . ama oi ler la ,
a bli ii tv- ?. ? ap .ni in tbi*, a sse
? , foy the best
ia he ll* i ?
i 1. and
?h,- bi ? baa folios I, escorted
by i ? r ? near n laUon.
there ara however,
; . , | .*!' nally :?? ni- I,
and tbs b. t man follows ia the grass
of tbe newly-married pair, in company
with the chief brideamald. foi>we.i by
viidesma'.ds. orita
tl 'ir attendant swains.
I be tV last to
leave ths church, . ba caa soaks bim
, ' gstn in. iv Ul ptl 'mi? the
The crowd
outside the church ls often very great,
FOR RTItl'.i*.
'" ie endeavora to pur
' ? .: tain Pl aa*
* sayi ben bl* most Intimate
I tl at it wa* quite a delu?lon
i for Mr. Hookworm.
* leal mum at college, but
' ? ?? ? al mminded to be et
' al i'int of view.
bl* own
mutter, but ll will be a
P*** thing ir tl i choice ls ll pl-asln*
^'?e chief twMoamatd m it i? to Mae*
- beet rom require* a gr*?t d?*l of
md If ladle, have come to tho ^f^
_-. ended by a cavalier they are very
hsnkful for tho lervlcei of the nest
"Irrivid at UM booie. ***** ?
eavea bl. hat and glove* In Hgl??
ind makio hil way up lUlr" M offer h
?oraratuiatlon* to the bride* f_-?9? I
.nd alio to tho happy P? _? Ho then
n?k*e a tour of the rooms in **h'**h tn*
??_to ar" displayed. eon**"? ,$ !
,,,.f bridesmaid*, or ?<>ra? ?th" J*2 j
rho la anxtoi-. to get a Sfot rttmot
khem. Md tt to ??-! nat pUMant talk
i t?ke the neal Dniie.'mtia in io Dre-ia
l*t, The or.ltr cf fenoodonc* l? as f>l
ws: The bri ie and the groom, the
rde'* father with the moth-r of the
rldegrocm. the bridegroom* father wtth
he mother of the bri**: next the 1 ? -d
nn with the chief br dc.-mald. followed
y th? i. mi of the bridesmaids with their
tttr.'l.int groomsmen.
i Qnfntelle of Lovelln*** In Satin
Chiffon* and old I.n cc. .t
A lovely gown ls of cr me satin cloth,
nth a coat bo.lice covere'l In tan-color
ulpure, and Ima whlte-s dm revers, cov
red in the same cuipure. The brown nat
orn wivh this smart gown has tuft* of
td rose* for relief.
? * ?
A soft Indlun miis-iln frock In cr me
Dior h- br* 'i |*ld tlowo uripea upon
:, and cerise chiffon ls wound 'round the
ratal arni feOCb, l?d fenns the trimming
f the extremely pretty bat worn with
iii* frock
? ? ?
A Kinari frock ls of ping crepe de chine
rli Ful.n ?tri;ns, the oodla! having revers
f (renie liol, I-"ind with creme satin
'he hat to accompany this frock ls ot
ransparent "bla^k Blt, with wide brim
plif;e.] fri in the face, and a largo tuft
f white OOproyi ni standing- at thr side.
A lovely white reception-gown ls of
,'hl'e p.itin ?n traine, with coqullles of
lUir opongltd laoo, festooned In vandyke
on the edge of the beautifully
ung '(rain The seams are hidden under
thick embroidery of silver.
Another exqulaltl gown has a court
rain of bice Kill; r<v. with a brocaded
pattern of rel fend pink eonvoivull, 'rich
lower having a diamond dewdrop gllsten
Bg ii ll* heart. The train ia e .ged with
. trimming of er>.' il Urging, and the
or.- pko has a knut of c rbM ttttt t for a
??!,' lt touch of coloring to a perfect
Jiit.f nf Hurl ip'piiiiii; li a Mother One
t,f the Three Socially lt<-<-OK Diced,
Altboagk divorce ls Just as much a
?ecoKniZid Ilga] institution as MHlfegl
n ail rountrlei of Europe, save Italy, *****
livorced women, even when the decree
ans been gran*cl In their favor, are piti?
lessly exi lu i'-d fr. m every royal and lm
p rial court of tl.c OM World. I know ot
miy tlitip- f xx-*- j.tiona to this rule?namely,
thal .,; th! Mri tn >n-Mi of Jilandford. in
I'liKland; the COUntOO! Ta?silo testetirs,
in Au.atria. and the lovely Duchess Rig
liano, at Rome.
Ar 1 of Ute* UtfOl only the Marchioness
rd Bland ord la itrtotly ipoobing, a di
'."!.?. , ber im fi logo tn Um tnti l o;ke ot
Marlboro) ph b .Ting boon dlwoloi; in ooa*
m gut ..ce raf bli pflagrant iwonllUn and
xv. ll : 0-h Incl pltil'-- cruelties. Of the other
tWO th- Cow tOO* fOOlOlltl. HMO! of the
Duke of Hamilton, had her first union,
rt r. ii ihe now reigning Prince of Monaco,
? tiled by the Vatican on the ground
ir ii me had be n wedded under com
pulolon; while the Duchess Rlgnano, Bls
l?r Of Prince luiii, i.i favorite lady
in walting of (j I,-. ,, Mmm lito, |H merely
- Mt* ii. : ii i.i her IgTMbli hus
? ho hus been casi off oy lila own
1 ..'.?!.
A ( 1*1.1;*. Pt At, MaWaffaPTIOM.
Apart melita no.l ( iiatumea n a Much
li* rtiaatlilr I.Ike ThtiNi* ot I Mun.
A very pleasing and eomewhut ****m|
Ray of ent rtalning one's frlen.ls ls to
gU- what UM ti.vitutiona call "An after
n m in China." The rooma should be
Jecorattd with Chinese carvings, h.ma?
le. The pfOgr***aUB<
might Include ihi ihowlng of phot gi
.nd cuiioaities, and a talk by a man
lu- wi.ii ii. w.,,, bod visited the Weet, et,
If thil ll IO Imp fi-ibllity to obtain, one
who had wit en ttKh to read up ihe count
I' - .Up i .i ne iijp.ui llint ,?p .ipj.-p t to h.
found i,owadays. and to so retail this
liilormation as io give the impi t sMori ot
Pn-i li.n.d IdoOO, The girls who mtv.
refroohnMOtfl ibonM bi lu Cbtno*i dr-;--,
aiel ilioiiid Lave a uu'.c apartment 0*1*
fiily ttVtt up to stimulate o;i'* of the
plcturooiiui r*a***ur*nt*. The food may
be tea In shallow cups, without milk
and rory Itrong, aral aipp. d with th?
bid of tiny pore-lain teoonm, Pmtfied
fr ul *... odd nuts, and nm.ill cake* should
bc tho sole other refre-dimenta.
Hoi, White.
(Monro' H. Rosci.fel I, In New York Clip?
Old friend, I ht ar your wbisll*
Upon Um Htenn rail;
Yo'ir eb< on voice of welcome
i n Um autumn *;?' i
\\ in ii Mortat lea-..?- aad goldoa
D.i:.ce ir, the atnb.-r light;
X*OU tell me of|yo.ir pr .?rnce
Nv itt) a vim, Bob .Vinte:
A whole-soule.l ttttl ft "tow
in apeckled c *l ol ro*
Yin bOOd MN summer's pis
ur feklM that lui fi tr. wu,
W.lill Otb r blrdi u- Bul t.
Y.ii.i x il ?;?? .ii -
And ibu i? rn by i llki foti
t of a.I, Itfb WAUrn,
pr. 1? "phi-r ni f' ktiMrol
I'd Joni yan li.: , 0 bOOA
Tlu- heart toter* r I pi"*
Be'oi ' ? >ll
11j; pi i lu ly fel m,
ll,; bill) ? .:*iht,
'1 . -Mne
I.i jour hea:t, I
The world hs* - row,
Wt i.eeJ your lively i
A mi H 1 ti
Ab! thal'* the boot of itt!
Hm m o * win
Nor Ml
I'm I have 1*01 I I n '? -son
In ray r.eart, B
V?*H,?t BOOMi
Velvet 1* tn.ind in roaii) new fashion*
? nd kn ii- ! " ? IMttonM ate |
out ui-ii i ' i ot- in strives, after it bo
gone thi-ou-h the HOUal Hms' lng pro
C*-!~. " fend, ll'-pe-d, th- tttOCt kno\.n :.
"mirror" 1* also a tiii*l proem whi-1
^.p., |... ,;. , . . ti ul:..oat uny kl.'.d I
v, i, i .: ii i;.'Wti In th* ,
\. ,.\ ot roy! t'iue tone, openi-d Kl th
?tde of the ?klrt to *how a rever of whltp
? Un. The bodice and skirt appear ti
be cut lu one, but were, m fud. unltet
beneath a white **tln !t a:; 1 ?
at the neck with while "attn n .<.r.<, otri
a ve*t of line cn.oioluery, *Aitb a Jabo
of lac* In fr nt. _
Ia Par*oaal Vein.
Georg Eben ha*, as usual, written i
new novel for the Chrlatmas market. I
la entitled "Im Itlauen llecht." and th
ecene U laid In the sixteenth c, ntury.
Senor Enrique Trujillo, editor of th
Cuban revolutionary organ, ls a (vpn
Cuban, .hort and dark, with glltt.-nn
black eye* and a nervous manner II
M ono of Um leader* In the roovmeti
and lo fruited by all of Um rovolutlouMti
Tne f-nnce ut *""""*??' ?? ?? ??*?-?
?dmlrer of OI*dsion*. and recently **nt
tb* following greeting thr nigh a friend,
who was told to ?ay "that where th*
glance of Glads I' ne ha* fallen freedom
hat sprung up from th* ground. And
add that I hold hts nain* in my heart of
heart'" * M
Another poor fellow, who finds himself
rich by Kaffir speculaton In London. I*
Florenoe O'Urlscoll. a one* penniless engi?
ne- r who came over to this country as a
delegate to our w rio's exhibition. Hg
has -Ince figured conspicuously In th*
mining boom, and Harold Frederic says
he cold retire to-di-y with a fortune
of R,uu0'-30._
Wlint She Mnsl Do to Reduce Her
Adipose Tlaaa*.
In large cities, says Womankind,
BjfddaS-tafaal women who throng gymnasi?
um and physical-culture schoola to
learn how to reduce trw- too abundant
flesh and goop off the rheumatism, which
p. too.rfu;. sa aaattttaaaiass at The wo?
man valli does ner own haisework has
most of her muscle., called into exer
, .. ovary day, aBd Uta dan.: r with
her ls that they are *
much relief can be recelvsd by spins'-nrg
ev-ry nignl Bites 1...1.1 mumtt .. ?.
following I?spoaolis .011..... Two ounces
of aplr.ti of am.norla, 2 QUOOOS of spirit-:
of cain, bor, 11-*1 cxif9 ot sea-salt, 1
cup of alcohol, a.id 1 quart of rainwater.
The flroaflttB whose face ttttd throat are
thin can remedy 'he UdBBflBI by frequent
bathing In OOO] satOf", and before retir?
ing rubbing In some good cream. In
rubbing the wrinkles should be ru bb. I
against, so as to rub th m oul, and ll
la as much In tbe rubbing as In the
cream. A nice bt of aoft, white flan
nel r-'rahed several times dally over th
fae* will be beneiieial, and she wh tt I
double chin detrain f'om ber goad hoi*
can, by Judiciously rubbing downward, ge
rid of the superfluity.
A ur...ai. RRWRi
Hf Mandarin Tinted Satin Noire.
with Soft UOBBaB Whlltt < lilffon.
The new tints designed by th? fasht>i*
autocrats to prevail In the coming mod.
were amply en evidence?for In flt fl nc
that of the r.ch and eiiiin.r.tly becomin,
hue known as the "...undana," which kl
the color chosen b> Worth In his repte
sentation of an exceedingly striking gown
Of satin moire, glistening with silver or
naments. Hort ruffles of creamy la'-e fes?
toon the hem of th? full skirt and train.
a masterpiece of embroidery. Marte
Lout** gave thi* dr*** to a court Lady
In Parma who. after sh* waa r**toTed
to health, after a serious Illness gav*
lt to a church, where lt wa* used on
solemn occasion* on th* altar. Several
times larg* sums were offered for this
valuable piece of work, and In 18M lt was
?old to *n lt*lt*n Countess, who now
wishes to sell lt sgaln. Tb* Austrian
ar* to b* believed. In Parla wbol v*lv*t
g wns arv oe,ny worn uy th* women in
the most exclusive set. and here regal
looking princess gowns of velvet ar* be- '
lng designed for re.eptlon wear. They
are trimmed lavtsMy with Jewelled lac*
an;*, fur Jewelled uintles er* als) mad*
to he worn with them With cloth skirts.
tight-fitting velvet Ja< kt ts sre to be worn,
with toques to match. The Jackets ant
skin of *ny small ai. ' il. Tba paws and
tall ar* is d to form a girdle The smalt
bead fasten* th* boa. and tb* skin of til*
rest of th* body act* as a short bolero
Delft Fe ra Dish-*--,
New fern dishes foi Ibe centre of tho
dtnrier-t.ihle tre of Jelft and x.-eedlngly
pretty. Ther* sr* b*w Jardinieres. -c
thickly powl-red with Jet, and many ot
them have fur collars.
A Lovely Ball Gown.
A beautiful bfttl-gown ts made of a r*
seat'-r,. sd silk, upon which twin rose*
drrt'-p their nrettv h'-ads BOWBWttl 1 The
l,.li. ti ls one soft miss of .ecori".>n
kilted chillon, th* sleeves showing UM
<i i! i ?? i. d" ki"-* M.
.ir. vf ir rv-avr-TTTRT
! this fashionable pottery, which In a*
Mal! way add to the attractiveness of
ie "hous* beautiful."
Il.-iteil lllifovet-r of Key hy Which
llieroiflr'illira May Ile Head.
tS.-a.-i Fr.iuclaco Examiner.)
Tho brilliant success of Mr. Jos-ph T.
<*o.lman In deciphering th* Maya htero
b/BBlsa is not eurprls.ng to the frtendfl
v > have knojvn the Inexhaustible p.-v
euce, the Urals** Industry, and th*
?a..nreeful Ingenuity that he has de?
nt. ?.I to the work; but lt wdl atartla tho
en.! al public to learn that one of the
r.-it-st achievements of modern setSBttS
t. bi--n thu. unobtrusively wrought out.
Mr Goodman, from all account*, ag*
I to have found the ksy by whian
ll the Inscriptions left by the aneleat
K-ilized Inhabitants nmy ba Interpi-etsd.
if course, that does nut mein that he
a* himself r.-ad all, e\ctt of those hte
oglyphlcs that are available tn fae
im le That will be a task for ta .my
atlent st,ai.nt., nnd when lt ls don*
here will rem.tli the still more ext-mstv*
rork of making r productions of th* tn
crlptlons that remain burled In th* for.
st* of Guatemala and Yucatan, and
vhich no cai i- ra ha* ever approached.
Jut Mr. Qaadsaaa has cte-*,r*d th* way,
ind any r-ufBcientty trained invest.g?t*r
an walk In lt after him. Th* hint* h*
las already let fall of the abysmal srv
lqulty of the Msyn otv'llsatlon will
nake the complete exploration Of all tl >
lurvtvlng historical material trie mont
'asclnatlng undertaking that can engage
he attention of anthropologist*.
Tho condlt'on of thts Mavnn gSBBRtttt
luggest* *om* inUrestlng reflection* about
>ur own clvllls ti n The Mayan* hsd
.olumlnous records on pertshahl* ma?
terial. , and doubtless thought that these
would survive, or be copied, to the Mid
Of time. Th-y did not reckon* with th*
Spanish conquest, which brought de?
struction to almost ell the writing* on
cloth and skin, that existed at that time,
and left us to reconstruct the history
of the vanished native civilization from
the monumental Inscriptions out in rock,
loo solid for the Indolent conquerors to d*
Mr Goodman state* that th* chief
need at J resent for tty, study of Mayan
history ls the accumulation of more ma?
terial from the fore-its of Central America.
The estimated cost of this work 'a about
"lO.ono. a year, and Mr. Arthur MrEwcn
m.k- the excellent suggestion that tt
should be undertaken by the CaVfornl*
Academy of BcMBCes The opnortuntty
to prove lt* fitness for the custody of
Lick's noble gift ls one that thu academy
should welcome. Th -re ts no ottwr way
In wV<*h lt ci.nil carve a place for Itself
-"? ' '" ' ' noa lt. tho regard of tha
scientific world at *o little expeim*.
A naashter'* Part at Homo.
(Harper's Round Tttblt.)
One of the sweet >.t things a girt can
do I. to re., elvo friends graciously, par?
ticularly at hom* In one* own hou?e
. n anser ls peculiarly fitting. Do
not stand off In th* middle of the room
and bow coldly and formally to the friend
who has called. W?Ik over to meat her;
give lier your hand, and say pleasantly
that you *re vi ry glad to *ee her again.
St.ff, cold formal ways of greeting ac?
quaintances are noi prop-r tn a girl wel?
coming p'ins's to her father's hous*. A
da ugh tar* a port ls to assist her mother
on every social occasion. TIT* girl pour*
ths lea tn her mother's drawing-room
i-iien friends diop In at I o'clock, (jute
often, when no maid la present, abe help*
the guests to th- saiilw.-er.e*. and tr*
cakes, which *re a' io flOfVSd at a I o'clock
t?a. and h rself hands th* cup* and
takes tb. nt from her guest, who would
like io be relieved
Apart fn ra sal more Important eve*.
Utan her manner to ? guest who happen*
In for an hour or * day. I* th- manner
of a daughter to her father and mothar.
Th* father return* to his hom* after a
weary'ng day at bus'ness. He I* tired
In body and mind. Coming SBCR, as bia
latch-key turns In the home door, h*
throws off care, he la Joyoue at tha
tttosrght of 'h* dear ones he will meei
after hour* of absence. His young
daughter tn a pr-t y gown, with tbs bloom
and freahne*:a only girlhood waar*, should
b ? ready to give him th* attention* a*
loria the kiss 'he cheery word?to hels
her mother snd the rest la Utting hot
(Drawn I
and are caught at intervals wltn chit
ton r.ir-ettts. The np eves are of white
Bt*tMOOM if l. an'l have shoulder-strap*
of black i.?'.?', with diamond bucklea
A regal gown la of the rlxhest Lyons
velvet, iii au exquisite slia'Ie of lim*
Knell, the bo-lice being cut vtry low, and
UM huge sl-eves are hell by narrow
phoulder-atrap* of velvet. A magnificent
gown, worn by a handsome chaperon
with powdered hair. Ls of ci.I blu< a.:n
?le Lyon, with loose sprays of pink roses
on the bodice, and falling down the skirt.
Another exquisite gown ls of velvet bro?
cade, the ground being t reine color, and
the bold patt-rn of glganti- red roses,
ii..- I .-ing sultlci- nt to extend across the
whole front of the corsage.
Vi.l-lie- t_<*.i PlnI.la.
Fi hlonable elderly women are this flea
?on wearing plaids of larne sizes, but
in black, with btOOd bars of black fat fl
satin cruised with velvet, ani lustrou*
corded Miks, marked with lncn-w.de bar
of mauve, dimson, cr .1 rk stay satin
A NKW-J5TVI.'-. ?; \<:m..;\T.
? bl**** Ma*- e I ? nette Achoo ol
loee, J ., f?r
Ron i fttnb i ? ,,.,.
' 'Hate gov. ., ;,;., it. Uf
tl ? pli.d J ful.tpts.
Vu CI.-illoo-M.tlil I'Mloat 'i!ic-r.
(Wi U ngk a Star.)
He ii i ir .. ad Hie toona pillow
Ai thfl prudent hour of int,;
At il bil b WOO OB Ibo I i.pjw
Where, ti. drooi* mfa always nam',
KAI 1 e .iob * hoot at.l | I
Tomb, b tit.o?. must ba** Ka tiing.
He ?.. proof a. in.*' du irbanot
Tor the a-jor-c-.l wouldn't r.ng.
Uni Um miiiod wire dOaOgtod;
Cold and stat a UM knob came out
Win ii th--y | bo* n\ t::gled
l.t'Vst hopes '.-.-re ItTOWl about.
Bl vi * bpppy v\it.i his m| ,
i'..!? i* if BM n we. p or ? il ,-;
far b yond tri- ,,orld'b *nno>ai.e.
For the door-bill wouldn't nag,
A Short-Stabled Ma*.
(Detroit Frte fr***.)
Jinka: Our friend, }>'ob*ou, ui extreme?
ly sh'rtalghted.
Ocu'.i i: He ought to com* to me to be
Jinks: I'm afraid you can't help him.
Oculist: Why not*
Jinka: lt Isn't that kind. I asked him
to lend me $10, and he told me he couldn't
e*e lt.
A Heal Marla Lealae U*?ra.
The Empres* Marie dulce's bridal
* In which alie waa married In 1**M
to Napoleon I., ll at present for sal* In
Home There la no "waist" to thia tali
toricai robe, wblch li dec., rated with em*
brotdered silk .towera aad la conaldered
iy R. Franck, from the painting by tr. anai
And lt ls ali because in my Utile menage
I cannot afford a buller. My house?
maid has to sae to the crystal." Sahl the
wise matron: "Let ber wash the alas*.
the decanters .specially, In hot water,
and rub them up when well rinsed with A
pieces of newspaper. This answers muchT
better than wiping them wi.h cluth. If
much stained you will lind that t in-up
pieces of newspaper sro put Into the
decanters with plenty of h.t water, und
then well shaken up, the glass will be
as pure as the proverb! il crystal. I do
not know If lt ls anything to do with
printer*1 Ink. but any gins*, windows:
especially, always look b?*tter when clean- I
ei ni nus way than when dune by the j
more usual method.
How t)ae*na of Holland and Den?
mark Celei.rutt'il 'tin-lr ilt.ll.iln> a.
Toro quens celebrated their WlthdayS
cently, ind they had pi-asur*s no* un?
ka those of mortals more lowly, only
Vie presents were An-r The Queen of
.'enmark has cou.pl ted her 78tn year,
'.t- Qjeen received early the congratu
a" tors from the royal fimlly and their
tests. lb. Klin; gave Um Queen a
. iraslng ttnUau bureiu. the Dowager
.tn.,[. M QI Kassia gave her mother a
ira eiet ..rt ar itb d.autunda and peart*'
UM PrlaOSOfl o. WaVlOS, lite ki. a.- ani
QaaSB of tireece, th CSBTOWIU, and
I . ,<e lad Vila, (i L) JC.'esS
.Via, ti . i .\: ia,-a low.', a. a fl] env^ lur
?l j->t/ Jewel y Hie Cr. wi. Pi nee amt
i - ? .,- Ixnuui k ..: i "
....' with rj.e. Bttd b*ik ? ? , .
ur-j .1 .... Pita e an-i Princefl* >.'.. . .. r
me v,i-en raoalvsd ? paittUns Ibo
OBI t* I Pl" OOH al I pi 'I'* a t
How. is. At RSM o'cluoh me Crown crme*
and Priaooeo of Denm-irk arrived, and
ahoruy afterward the wu en bold a r?
IB the gu. ... i i lu t,
, -. inuon I t- u MOB o( Dei l'? I
RIBS and QlMOB Ot tiree, e. u: 1 .a
Prill , ... ol a;..,- -. ?. Bl I r .i lot
BBllfl the Iv.. g Of Di I IM
Ij .wagei Km. les* ol Ru . tut
U . n i *a- i rvad ai 7 ocock, x
.f ' it. BB pr 'I ? I B ?' UM ? ? I' I
i ,i- ... ? . Il ..... 1
f: yt t (Mt UM sam Ittg A UM)
pSttBintS were lu t..-r best sMi , I
Ki--ri bbs merrimakl t ot all . i
'. on a n ina r -t
nfl o.ier* and hot ms of variuue
lUads _
That Cumulative s>sieui.
tchicag i Raaard >
"IK) you bel.tie lili-t Ania al.ari ballttt
ls Straightf"
"Wei.. ' ?!?."
"I dot.'i; nearly everyLxly I know
voted cnn pound fiacUon. on Tl*
ani herns every return snowing wno,a
I.ntlr.-l. Too Kuey.
(Cl .."ago Record )
"1 congritu.a'. -on Mr. Lakeside;
th* Judge has (rattled you a divorce."
"Dear me, a d we get lt tn one court?"
"Well, tako sn np"-nl can't you? This
ls too absurdly auidyn."
Did She Uuy Them HeraeUf
(Town Topics.)
Nauwed: Whit's the "matter with the**
Mrs Neuwd: Wly, d?ar. they sm. 11
ed an horrid that 1 put some eulo*ne?
on them.
A Talval Sen.on.
Tlda ta a velvet season, if th* modistes
pleating roundward, wtiii* the bodlc*
boasts braces of -hilton, embroidered in
Jet and mother-of-pearl sequins, and a
whiie-flatin ribbon round the. wa.ot sliuws
a dlaUnct touch of originality.
Io Steel (nura.
Skirt* are to stand out well at th!
feet, and slender steels are latroducod Ot
the hem to mott thi* want Th* Pvthoii
at el a* been modelled on tho plan ot :
the Antarctic whalebone; two strip*
united by .in outer net-work, lt la also
employed for evening boaicea.
Sire. Tom Thunih'a \VI*b.
The Count*-** Magrl i.vlr* T.jin thumb),
who I* now Hiing an lagagimeai in ctii
cago. wishes to "1 it a i ;?;?? girl. Her
on.y al pula) ono ur- .b*l the UtUo luise
shall be of ita II in poroalfegl. anj that
her age shall be pei^eeii I and 7.
White anil Cold Screen*.
Pour-f- ld white and nold scrrei.i are
duli' "enipirt. and, Of satin and very '
b autf'-l embroidery, are Indeed, "some*
Utlng winn bovlag," if oit*'? domicile
ls suitable for so much irapr*-stve, port?
able elegance.
Ilctr'ouma for lt ure Rita.
The copper or pewter chafing-dish H
*ao t bight) iti.niH'i. ajtcauBt lt convey*
I .pf .?,. ?.t .rip nm -aoaieih.ng in tn*
., mil) "x?h ? iroadaMHboi wa* * Irttlo
gil.." une ..a. io talah of *ui ibooot-iagi
< orlon. I-is r Or**i*rn(a.
Necklets of f jr l lucho* deon, ir* much
In fis toa Thex are t ihlpaod m front
with i ll ttl a ? fe '.-ii ard iwo or
.hr t tait*, lad lg al the back with
a . .r?;c velvet b- \.
Hose- ( :T IM 'Iowa
The fewest sofa p How* aro finished
... n rOOIttll al *aci\ ...oner, ln?t?apj of
-. m.. i-a trnttata ... how much ha ta loved st
m inn *i> h.
are made of Innumerate loop* of biby
nbbon spread out like the petals of a
flower, snd of a .shade to either match
or harmonise wrih th - cover.
A Nee* ChlOoa.
"Chiffon brilliant" is a sew substitute
for c.. ...ti lt cornea in all colors, aral
ls very glossy.
Wrapped to a Hanny'* Skin.
A decided novelty tn th* way of fur
trimming tal* year ls ths uss of aa entlrs
Me-n give up a great doa! for their famt*
lioe?thclr time, their strength, tb*
knowledge they have gained In lUVi li*
pi-rlence*? th-y *pend everything freely
for their home'* sake, and the home
ahould pap lu debt ta much eutapobaa
Maa*, ftewaifel*!** Idoau
Mm* Rocaniir. who baa tb* faeot
beautiful neck and ibottMaro la tao l*aa>
rro Clanery, balboa la baunaomm.

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