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City-Sergeant Epps Before tbe Lnnen
borg Coori
Jodie Ordain Fices Him $25 for
Lawyer Eell Urges Tfcat It Be
The Nanr-I'ro-Tunt' Uoc-atlon??Decli?
nation lo Enter the Order tn the
Abaence of the Prisoner*?The
lien.ona l.larn.
"MKHKRKIX, VA.. November 23-(Spe
tlsl) fStjdalB Charles H. Kpps, City
Sergeant of Richmond, was before Judge
Georg* C. Orgaln, of Lunenburg County
Court, to-day. to answer to tte rule for
contenpt issued against him on the 13th
of November, and was fined RS
JiKH;e Ulgulu, when he rendered the
decision, BIPIIOSHI Braal regret that he
Was forc.l to aaSSBS a fine against un
olllcer a.f th" HatB, but said that it was
aaaaaaary thal be should do so in order
to maintain the dignity of Ms co..rt.
The BUBC-pl tin." OfdSr in the l'dl'rl
BiuidT OBSSfl Mas noi ent. red us had
been BBtf-dpotsd, ...- the Court declined
to enter 1*. in tht SbtteBCO of the prison, rs.
OwlBg b the Ma* "f Commonwealth s
Att-.r.:- y X.btett in rea. bing the court
hous* it WM .fir I o'clock wl.-n Jad|S
Orsttla aacoadad Um beach, and Dspaty
theriff Bash) opei Ca piala Kl ps
wa-i pre i tit. anl Occupied B BSttt OttttddS
of tha bar. There wen- only a few spec*
tatois preseat Mr. Roblen areoe, as
boob aa ? ' rsjsia announoed thal bs
was i. .Hy I. pt,.--. 1 with business, BBB,
sd in - ? .1:. ? ?'? "Thora is ?
i iinel Captain Cb irlas it
i, of ri, bmond, ai d I shall *eh pour
Honor t.. continue ll unUI Uondsy, as l
?in ii.-t :,..\v pr*] ired to so Into Uh ossa,
and would LUM l . bBVS a Jury to try it.
Jt ts true ihat. under ibo statute, your
Honor can imprison bini for not exceed*
ii,..- ten daya lum not exceodlng
VA>, but I H" Tel prefer a jury should pass
upon his i . '
Judye OfRSlB, in 11 ply said: "AS I un
daratand ii:.- atatute* of virginia. Mr.
Niblett, thi se proceed Itt**! an summary,
anti no provision is made for a jury
trial In contempt CAABA, except under the
tirst sub-.Ha isl ii Of the statute, which
provtdee that the osTobco sh^il be com?
mitted In the proseace of the Court. I dis
eft-re-- with you, also. In Ihat I do not
think lhere la any limitation to. the line
that may be Imposed l, therefore, over?
rule your motion, ns I see no BSMSBttJ
for a continuance. Let Captain Kpps come
At this. Captain Epps stepped within
the railed enclosure, and stood in front
of the Clark's desk in a dignified and
respectful manner.
"Mr. K|>p.*," said .lille;.. Orgaln, "this ls
a rule Issued by this court against you,
on the lath of November, requiring you to
appettr here and stine CBBSS whv you
should not be lined and Imprisoned for
contemn*, of this court, la nat poa failed
to deliver certain pi ;.*? -I. is tu Um BhertS
of this county, who presented you with
an order from this court."
Captain Epps waa then sworn, and
JUalge OrSttll i Illili
"Why did you n fuse to surrender tho
prisoners."' CsptSta Rppfl Mas asked.
"ilecau.-e, ur, . t ? writ of habeas cor?
pus Borvsd >.ii ni- by Um CRobR Court
of Richmond, commanding me not to do
?o." was t-lie answer.
Captain Ki ps th. n handed the Court a
copy of the writ.
Mr. Neblett here took charge of the ex?
amination, and asked Captain Kpps when
the writ was SOTVI i
"Early Sunday morning," was the re?
"Was this before Sheriff Cttrdosa de?
manded the prisoners?" asked Mr. N.-b
"Yes; thirty-five minutes before."
"Did not you have a previous order from
the Governor not to deliver the pris?
"I had such an order, but did not see
flt to show lt to Mr. Cardona."
"Did you refuse to deliver the prisoners
on the Governor's order?"
"1 did not."
Mr. Kpps, after making this reply, went
Into an explanation of whan and how
the Governor's order was Issued to him.
and said that his refusal to deliver the
prisoners to Sheriff Cardoma wus based on
the order of the Circuit Court.
Mr. Neblett then asked: "Then, you
did not decline to deliver tho prisoners
Under the Governor'* order?"
"No, sir," Mr. Kpps replied, "and If you
will permit 1 will state Just how the
prisoners were held. I had no Intention
of acting discourteously toward this
Sheriff Cardora was then put on ths
?Und. and Mr Neblett examined him.
"When did you go lo Richmond after
the prisoners?" Mr. Cardoma was asked.
"1 ha\e teen so often there"?.
"I am alluding to the time ut Issue,"
Interrupted Mr. Neblett. "When did you
to under the orb r ot this Court, Issued
an October 18th.'''
"I went on November Ith." replied Mr.
"Did mts demand the prisoners In?
"Yes, I went first, howe er, to see the
Governor, and told him I puri-osed taking
the prisoners away on Saturday, and
he rcplit I that he could not get a military
escort ready by that time, and I con?
sented to walt until Sunday morning.
He thereupon sent for Mr. ("laiiMirne Epps
and Issued to him an order to hold the
prisoners until Sunday morning. On Sun?
day morning I called at the jail for them
and was met by Captain Epps. who de?
clined to give them to me. saying that
he could not serve two masters."
Captain Epps rose at this Juncture and
addressing the Court, asked to be allowed
to Interrogate the witnesa Consent wa*
granted him, und turning to Mr. Cardosa
the City Sergeant asked: "Did not I tell
you that a wilt had been served on me
from th* Circuit Court, and that I wus
Informix! that u similar writ had been
Served on you?"
*?*, *?????.> ??-? r.MVilt>-..>!.>? ??r vu? .taine
ito," replied the Sheriff, "but I won't lay
you didn't."
"Wasn't a similar writ flerved on you?"
"Ye*, by Mr. Meredith, at my hotel."
Mr. Nebiett then took hold of the wit?
ness, and Interrogating him. asked: "You
didn't get the prisoner*1, did your*
"No, air."
"Where are they?"
"I( don't know."
The witness then left the simd ind
Captain Kpp* arose and again disclaim--1
any mt-.-niton of discourtesy to the Court.
Jadgo Orgaln asked him If he did not
sim out the writ of babool eotame,
"Nfl. sir," neut I i '*>i I ito I I
"Vou wre ,t i trty to the mandamus
proi .-codings, weren't you?" asked the
' V- fe, sir," was the reply.
Didn't you in your answer." further la*
(?ri ..I.-. Um Court, ":-et forth thi cc
t!ilr.K?-that you held the pris mers Ix
rnooi of th-- Q vernor's order, because of
the order of the Circuit Court, uii'l be?
cause of thc fait that writs of felipUH
deus had been granted by the Supreme
"I don't know, slr." *ald Captain Kpps.
"W-re not you the respondent in the
mn lida mus proa flings?"
"I couldn't say. ill*. I was not In court
ut all. I feigned BOO** papers In the Al
torney-CJeii'-i li's ofllce."
"Well, the fact 18," cohcluled the
JadgO, "you were the respondent."
This end'-.l the examination, and Mr.
Noblett arose and in a dramatic manlier
argued the case.
"Would Hie Court please," he be-ran,
"Captain Kppa'a position ls a remarkable
one. No olflcer was ever placed in such
a position lu fore. \\ hen students go to the
university hereafter they will have to
learn another kind of Injunction?a Gov?
ernor's Injunction. I again repeat. Mr.
?pp**! position ls a remarkable one. anil
I shall nrk your Honor not to Imprloon
him but to line him. The Court of Ap*
poem has derided that the Governor had
no right to issue the orders he d'd, and
tbal tiie Circuit Court had no Jartod dion.
Now. If neither ha.l authority, what au?
thority had Captain Kpps? Me was act?
ing under Illegal orders, and he ls guilty
if contempt. True, he wa* aetlni; undi r
the advice of the Attornex--General, bill
tb* Attorney-General was WTOBg, The
Governor had encroached BBOB the jU'll
?iary, and I am free to say that no such
warpattoa of Um courts' powor hat ever
'pcuirt'l in VllrglnlO rn has been (x.-r
?isep| by 0* vernor OTeirall. lt _
?Bough to make our blood boil to s- ?? UM
I .vern .f Of ' Ul Slit,- flt ? In tblfl minn. i.
IS hat arr wi- to -In': Can we sit Idly by
ind ste our courts raped of th* lr Virginia
airily and not lift fe hand to prevint it?
i am frank to say that I woo: |
a? etty as did Captain Bppo ut.'ler the
mme etiruniatanc**. but this ih ? qa**
ipm of right and e.iuality which is to be
?aOOOd Up '1 ht-li .
"If the Governor can ri .-train this OOOTt
ie can restrain Jadgfl COMniaB, and can
rv -i rootraln Um Supreme Court of A:
.eilis. We have not Mr. Kpj-s here tp) perse
Bt* hitn. 1 am sorry that a pfOntlOtaan
>f bi- mintary r*alt, i apt rlmoa of manly
: - o, is ti .'? 'i In mell i
n llcatneat, bm in Um fn*? ? - -t of th*
r,r this Oumiuonwealtta we will
lave to OOO him In nr ll r lo '? I them
? i p n * t , *.- tit the Judiciary ? ni
-? tatorfe-rod with. Bul foi Uk declilon
.f the B I *? ? >11 of Appeal! ;n UM
pr ? ...'oi:'-*. I wo-.'! rr vc f'k
I j in .e. r to Imprloon Mr. Bp]
now oak yon te Impooi ? tine on him,
MHn*wb*t* betwoon tho minlm-im and
When Ifr. N'M-tt took kio emt, Jadgi
? dettrerod bli declilon. Bald be:
'It ls always a painful daly f"T th!*
?f-iurt to tine any one. There are pe?
culiar cl rou ins tan -es In this ca.-e xx | h
naki it nil the harder for bm to do so
io\v. No principle of tho law baa BOOB
IBO** conclusively I Iti 1 than the fact
>-nt courts cannpft folfil their fund
ind have their mandate* oboyod without
tho powor of punl bing porooai la
intempt for them. Tbll court holdl thal
tl fl roar! of the city of KiMimond was,
-o far ns Um priooaH* MaiaktO, Aber?
nathy, nr.'i Doiimo wet* eoacornod, the
taller of tho eooaty of Lonenburg, nnd
was feahJOOl in sn fnr ns they \vre con
'c:ii' 1. only to the orders Of thli Ctfiirt
md tin BtipreaM Court of Appeal*. As
I raid it ls n t alnful fluty for me to per
rorm to fine Mr. F.pps, but that ls tb-"'
Daly ooaroo whtch proocato it--, it*, bp
?a huh this 00 :rt ran tu-f-ftect its dignity.
In view nf tin- ehetuaotancn, however
nnd in view of. the further fad that Mr.
Bppi has ftatc'i 1h.1t he monal tm dior*
sport to tills court, I shall pta** only a
small fine un him. I do that with re
laetaaoo, arpi univ te protect the jndl
r'urv fegatafd unlawful intei fcreii'-e. The
decision of the Court ls. therefore, that
Mr Hem pay to the Mata of vir
rrinla a line of lia, nnil I will not ad 1 ana
Mr. Kpps arose promptly and handed
t! ( il rh two HO b.lls and a I', bill, ami
was preparing to leave th" court-n?mi.
When Lawyer Isaac H. Belle, q* LtUIMn
h.:.-, hmm, uri, addroootng tiie Court,
stated that he would like to say ix ft \v
wordo la th. cris.* just feigned. Hi oma
Kl von pil Bl tUlOH to do so, and Mid: 'All
feloag thc I.ne fif brgBBMBt and the de?
cision I have seen nothing other than
tint you each (Court iad Common?
wealth'! Attorney) ooncotro (hal Captain
Uptet acted only as he thOBght was his
tiuty. Il lias boon wproBiBlod thal Cap?
tain Kpps was placed iii fe p. collar situ?
ation, aad was reit to Marni for whai ba
dil. Your Honor's derision was only to
vindicate- tho law aad have lt iprpfed ? I
thc record that you have fTOWBOd down
on lnterffei.it- with your orders. The
?mall, pitiful sum of *_*> ls nothing to
Virginia, l know nothing of Captain
Kl'ps's pecuniary con.li'lon, and it may
bo nothing to him, but lt ls *n*0P0O0d to
take this money from tjie pocket of an
lnriocent man. I con-en 1 that the dignity
of this Court will be fully sustained if
the lino ls refilled New. tir, without the
solicitation of anybody, and without the
knowledge of Captain Kpps, but us a cili?
um of l.unenburg and fe m-niber of this
tar, I ask thnt >ou remit lt It will go
forth to tho world that you have dis?
charged your duty with good will to ail
Judge Orgaln stated that tho statute
would not permit him to remit a con?
tempt line, and that therefore he must
Captain Kpps then left the court-room
and hastened to his buggy to drive to
Hiirkevillo, with a view to cutching the
Klchmond train. Judge Orgain labu
quently stated that ho was mistaken when
he *atd that the statute would not per?
mit him to remit the tine, but thut he
would not do so anyhow.
As loon aa the case of Mr. Kpps waa
concluded the question of the nunc pro
tune order waa taken up. and Mr. Neb?
iett addressed the Court. He first men?
tioned the presence of Judge Flournoy In
the court-room, and then referred to the
action of the Supreme Court in holding
the prisoners, saying that lt was a re?
markable thing that the Supreme Court,
after havlru* rendered the decision it did
in the mandamus proceedings, had en?
larged Hs writs holding the prisoners ile
asserted that ho had OOBtOBdod all feloag
thut tho orders, if entered, would be in
valid.ited by the absence of tiie prisoners,
ami had not changed his opinion. "It is
said." said he, "by the public tress that
the Supremo Court has Intimated that the
presence of the prisoners is not necessary
to the nunc pro tune order. I have an
ortler In my pocket, Issued by the Su?
preme Court yesterday, which makes no
Buch intimation. Hut as to the prisoners.
Whether lt ls necessary for them to be
pnooal or not la not the question now.
Tho Supreme Court has not yet ? ? . |
on lt. The Governor alone has done mo. I
shall therefore ask your Honor lot to
enter the order now, but wait until th<?
Supreine Court passes upon the qu--stl-.ni
and give* us our prisoners.
The Court asked Judge Flournoy If he
loslred to answer the argument, and the
Judge replied that ho did not.
Judge Orgaln then cited authority
bearing on tho itatement that the pri
oner* had no right to w_lve their right t
tie preaent. and no order could tie tsam .
In their ca?<*! In their absence. '1 think."
aat_ >.a f| __?l* _a <*,?f->l*Hn- .a I
Illegality were I to Issue an order In their
absence, and would be doing the prisoner*
themselves an Injustice. I. therefore,
shall decline to enter the order now."
Mr. Neblett arose and explained tn the
Court that he did not endorse Judge
Mann's telegrams to the Governor, In
which he Staled that "H Gie presence of
the prisoners was not r.et-e.sary he did
not want them." but he said he felt sure
that Judge Mann meant no disrespect
to the Court Judge Orgaln sgTce.1 with
Mr. Neblett, and Hius the day's pro?
ceedings ended.
Merlina* In Norfolk?Proposed
Clinnii,-. tn Hie Un.
NORFOLK, VA , November B.-(Spe?
cial) TIM Stats Lassos of Oyata->Toa
BSSa held an adjourned BSSStSB In this
city this afternoon, with a large attend
ttttOS from the subordinate oystermens
-trotsettve aamntt Uoaa La Wdewatsr vir?
ginia. Mr. J. K. Bil ptaBBBj Of Norfolk.
waa elected permaaaal oecrotaiy of the
? II..n. Charles T. Uland, member
of the House of DoleStttOS from I'orts
niotlth, wa- pi..-int, BBd made an ad?
dress, he being In full sympathy Bill
the league and Its puipooao, The proj ?-? I
changes in the laws were SttttttMafOd a';
Mngth, nnd copies of the same tin the
shape of a petition to the Legislature)
will bs taken hy the Oslegatee to Um cob*
ventlon. to their homes, for signatures,
of oyitarmen and other citizens, it is
clalni"d that the present law ls a great
hardship to th?i owners of boats, for the
reason thu**, after they get licenses In
tl.- names of the oystermen, who are em?
ployed to work In the boats, the men
leave their employ, and the mon?-y paid
f.r the licenses ls lost to the owner. 'Ihe
propoe d changes Iii the exlsving laws
Will) tlie tungera believe, result In a
gr. at.r rSVBBBS ht the State, In e<nial
or..:.. lion to the oyster.., and In greater
Justice to the men engaged in tonging
oysters for a living.
Setiti.i iii,- Item*.
SCOTTS VI LL ll, VA., November "Tl.?
fSptrtfll) Wa have h.td BOBM OOH morn?
ings In ti'.e last UUOfl daya which i;ave
our people * rood opportunity '(o kill their
path, and' quite a large number of hogs
bass been butchered. The ruling pries
in our market foi pork ls 0 cents. Corn,
dalivsrsd on cob Ll sold al J? pat barrel.
Mr Edward M". n, who bas boaa visit?
ing his family at Lynchburg for u WOOS
or more, return'! her-, to Vis Snowden
lum, tWO or three days '"*'<>.
Mrs. J, V. r.-r.-i-a, who bis bOSB nb
m nt vtsltlBi friends at CharioUesvlUs
about two weeks, retnnMd this wash
*. ...nilli-.; a Priif.-.aor.
kristo l. 'niNN.. Novaashar -v-(Si.e
cial.)--Kirg .bin--a and Sam BtBfBttB, two
Of Bristors s.. let.v young linn, BSBttBlti I
to- I ?>? Profem i II- ni ?' wv N Iff, tl
of Latin ind Ragitafe la Southwest I ii
glnla 1 tut) it ti 1 '<"? Jam.-*
?truck tv-- i*i--i- - rt ? blow ra the fat*
with bl ' h lum
aver tv. bi sd a Itb i c ?:??. whoa bj ?
?' - laterfei i. and pren nt I sarioBs m
foi v. ]. a?' d ??? to pi
NaT* bavlng topt rad the young non f ?
smoking lr' thi presoncs ol las yoong
ladles of the BOBO I
Itealilena-e In Rig lil.-md Itnrneil.
MONTERET, va, Kov? bar I
cl.ti.)?Th.- |. Mr. Ryder, mm
mlle west of Monti rey, ama i ntlrt iv
eosflutnod by fir-- ab fl.'clock tn.s
... Orly fl fOW art:.'Its in lt WAN
?aved, Mr. Ryder la an Indu tri os cm*
and bad bl furnished
Th? BMB IS about U,7tX). There .vi- nc
lind of It Ili-lli*. ail ti, lin tr- ROBB
Iti-ni-lie al,
WASHINGTON. 1>. C., N v. n b.-r 13.
The famous Myla Cl.uk IV BBB case, lt
ls believed, was finally en-I-d In the
Bupiflsas Court of thc ii lt. i Bl ites yes
terday. when CblOf-Jnottoe I-Vilier an?
nounced that the ai'.'. Si of the city of
HOW Orloans from the RtdSBU nt of the
Circuit Court of th" Halted States for
tue Eastern Dtstrl t -t I^uletsna in
favor of w. Vi'. Whltaey had bosa BM
WlllBOrt. for failure to print the ,-, ol i
Myra Clark Olin.-., then Mitt W. W
Whitney (not the W. W. Whitney Jool
n io- !.. instit ited the Bi I - ult i -r tha?
ra ? ..->- f property beojueatbed let i>>
tbe viii ot b>r lather. Danial 'itrk, in
m.- Circuit Court "f th' '..ni- l st'te*
for the District of LoutBlnna in lv'tl
and Ivs J. irs latST lt bad reached the
Supreme Court >.f "1:- I'nii.-d St it-s
Prom thal date HR until yesterday, in
one form or nn^ther. th ? . iBtJOVBTBy
hr-.s bad a pMCO <"t UM CSMBdSf <-t the
court. lu kv., the plstntlfi thoa a
widow, bsriog Burvtved both Mr wr
r "v and Geiiernl IV 1' Q lines, whom abe
aubeequentiy married, filed an ? i
i iv ,n the Bupn me Court of tht ?
B il' i fl gains! tie city '.f N'a\i- t
. i Dover property bold by it, ami a
decision in her favor was rendered at
th.- Do tambar term. ISST. The value of
?? claimed B it astllBSt* 1 ir.
!??;! to i... worth >
suits tmhaoquently pi mat itt I nrere filed
for the purpo** of get I i .ju of
th" prop- rty includ i under I
Oomi ludgmenl of i*.;;. it m
he recovered I-'.O'O.OfW or 17.000,000
In all. but nlie derived Uti
Bl IherefroBt, as it ?
.;i by the < v. i ' ? tainlng
llfta .Lon. Sha db .1 January I
Tba api' al di mi* d >?-*-. i. ? <-\ u-i
iii'.. I in a Judgment entered by ths Ba
promo Court of the l alted stat.--, in
KV, Ul favor of vThttai
tor, asalaal tho cRj of New Orietti j i
wi;h lnt'-r. st at .'. per cent, irom
UR. Under thia di see Um Qreull <'"urt
for Um Raatera Dlstriel of Louisiana
Issued an SSOCtRloa m-iinst tho city,
which waa returned, "nv. good."
Thereupon Whitney BppUed for a w-rlt
of mandamus to OOtnpel Um City Council
to levy a tax Wherewith to poy Ik* judg?
ment. Tiie city bflawate*1 thal the ot-n
nary expenses of the BMttlctpsRty, to?
gether with the Int. re.*-: og Rg d-bt of
RS.SS0.SSIl exhausted all UM IWffBBBBI
from taxation, the rute of which was tii-n
as greit as the city could Impose under
!?-. .-I.Vive restrictions. A peremptory writ
of mandamus was hWBSd bf the Court,
after hearing the eas.-, to affassa to pay
the Judgment, and from this decree thc
i ity BMMetsd. In th.- bbbBB time, however,
a settlement was effected with the heirs,
and there then being nothing further LS
the appeal, the city allowed lt to lapse,
and the dismissal yesterday was ordered
under the ruh-s.
In thc history of the case all the promi?
nent attorneys In Louisiana were engaged
either on one side or the other. Fur Mrs.
Gaines the attorneys of national promi?
nence who appeared In tho Suoreme
Court of the CaRed States -within the
last thirty years were Jenmith S. Black,
of Pennsylvania; John A. Campbell, an ex
Juslce of the Supreme Court, and Thomaa
J. Semmes, of Louisiana.
Illali ta?Jurisprudence ? Lynchings?
IEtail-a*, :a> Itu tra- \uul lier l)i-.-,ll,.
COLCMBIA. B, C.. November S.-The
Const.tuttonal Convention to-day gave a
third reading to the articles on declara?
tion of rights and Jurisprudence. A good
many ordinances were also disposed of.
The SOetlOB relating to lynchings was
BhaaSSd so as to allow the family of the
I ? I.- n lynched to recover t-VOuo from the
county, the latter having recourse upon
the lynchers.
Tbs provision as to "rstassad" freight
rates was stricken oat, but piss, nger
rates ol -pt-cial character cannot be
changed. A third member of the conven?
tion, Mr. J. M. Sproit, has Bled, and no
?jRsrnoOtt flOflflioa was held, out of respect
t.. hi-- memory.
I-. a dl.ease which
Lanie-, the tlill of
I ill- I.i *t pliy- .
lena, ami in nearly
al; .-*?,?* ultimate?
ly oro ve* fatal.
B, a, s. bs* mads
tonio niarveloas
curra of thi* dl*eas... and ran be ,
relied upon after all else full*.
lt esra* alt blood due****.
Ol flt-Jll t.'ij.ii'iaa,
Tbe Significance aod Obligation of Heit
Thursday's Celebration.
now it ivii.l ni: ohskuvkd.
The Holiday Continue! to 'Grow I*
Popular la* or aad *A 111 ne More
f.enrrnlly Kept Than Hereto
lt has boon well said that a nation
may fairly b*- Judged by the number ami
nat uro of Its holiday!'.
Tbe Ot**B***~aUMa of Thank?gtvlng-Day,
whii-h grows more and more each yp nt
in pupular laver, NTIM not only to re
nund us of our obligations to Ure "Olver
of all Goo1! (lifts," and of all that under?
lies those obligations, but tends to spiritu?
alize the nation.
Further than this, lt emphasize! the
spirit of freedom, which ls at once our
pri.le and our most precious privilege;
it teaches mon to be broad and liberal in ,
view, and ll affords the opportunity for
tho*e who are otherwise separated to
come together on the platform of their
common patriotism.
Under the proclamations of Pre-slde-nt
Cleveland and Governor U'Ferrall, which
Indicate the special blessings for which
the people of America, and especially of
Virginia, ahould be grateful. Thursday.
November ..-th, will be a national and a
State holiday, a day on whleh we must
unite In tendering ********** of praises to
the Mighty Rater for pa.-d 1> tietits and
Invoke His future benediction.
lt ls nn occas on, too. as Governor
O'Kerrall says In his proclamation, "when
oar spiuIs should go out In fBlllOl s-ym- I
[Kitliy to the distressed, not pormlttinR the
?uti on that -lay to set upon tts with?
out doing MOM |00d flood, brightening
some face, and gladdening Borne
The |*UtlltnotlOlll of the pi*, i-idf-nt nnd
of thc c.- -,p tin.r appeal lwth to piety and
tu patriotism.
The day will be observed in this city
by a v-ry g.-neral IIMPOBOtOB of bu lie a
Tie government. Federal, and r-vinli-ip.il
? : i. togothor with the bunks, ox
baagoa oad puMl* icbooia win ali tn
??!. and ih-- majority of business tirni.s
la-Ill su-f.etid open'ions Biter the r ?
Bg ho'n-t
Special TI:arik-?Lr-x.lng-P.iy MIlluBI vil
S-- ll-M In p hur- !:? I Of ali deriomlnalion
anpl the eollocUooi t*k< n up that da]
.-.ill be doTOtOd to charitable objf*ct*. thf
'ti. poor, or the comfort of tin
I the IgOd.
1 aun.;?.? r unloni will in many in
itaaeoi mark tiie%oe.-:i.-ion. aad \ ?
?tl ? ??:'. -iti,.t-. i bari booa airaagod I
fpiibllc dlr.
ie th, and neetlagi i f tho i
-f x? i 'i . hatitahle Inal ? fi t tl
pf raising funds t-n the object*
th. y have In charge.
Many bBBttag arid other eBCBIWloi
have l>?-i?n planned, and a host of
will mavra the city, as UMial, for the i : i
' i ? miry
Theil, tpf-i, th. ie is a great army .?
th'i-f who will tak" advantage of th
tpliif fpf Um arhoobi nf . r-mm-1
to ?pt ?Il mntlr-n the wh'fl" of
When protK-rly celebrated. Thank-gu
Ing-Dey li a holy day, a holiday, and
happy day.
BeaeAt (lanie In Honor ot the Po pa?
lo r Fulton Catcher.
Tho testimonial benetlt tend-red to
Reidy Foster at Hie West-End Mall Park
yesterday afternoon by his admirer* was
a pleasantly Innocuous affair. It was not
so muuh til- gani.-, which was, tn fact,
?possit!-*; dull, but the fi-t thal lt was
the la-.t opportunity of seelntr Fouler on
the local diamond before ho leave* tu
?Ott Kreat-r r.oxni" aad RfOal r fam- on
the N-w York National League team.
Thf game |!.,\ rj betWOI ri th Kichmonfl
College team ami a p ckc-J niuo of locul
UDDY rOflTaOt.
players was ***** r exciting, and rarely
ev-n mildly Inter-sting. lt result-1 In
a win for the roi:- IO, bv I score of 12
to 7. Atith'Uiy anil pDobtHBI constltute<l
the coll'^c battery, ettf. Ziegler and Pee
ter the ptekedaaini battery Ko oAcial
reiKird was kept of errors, bal COT all that
the (vent hail Its COW*a*B*atlOBI, and
Raddy Footer ii ni eton reaooa to be
proud of his rOOOptl :u ead "I the many
expressions of regard which were show- !
ered upon Wak
Reddy PoatOt Brit came Into prominence I
ai a ball-player In tli'- yohr UM, ,
when he pkaJTOd I ft BOM for the Ki. ti?
mon l (dal, : ?' kr the i mont of
Charles Donatl. In HM be figured con- |
?plcuous'.y on the Fore.-u ll di team, and '
tho toUoerlBg yoes was toileted to play I
tor Colutnl la, s. C. The oext y-ar be
was -.iK.'.fl by Atlanta, <li. as catcher,
and bli record throuahoul Ute naaoa of
'Sji-''.T, on th*- Richmond teeni is attn
fresh Ul the m-mory of every ball crank. ,
To Fartlirr < onalder (he < ii?e.
The graad jury of the Btutlagi Court
.viii reooaveai al ii o'* '? ? b te morrow
... and HUI thea i*obbm it* con
pin of the ca---e of BOIBOOl H. NM
?OB, the liv rvrnan, vito overdrew his
nt oo large! it tht Btate I aak by
ie ans of r ?-. flll'l false
?ntrles. The CotBBloawt iltb'l Attorney
md tiie graml j it ri h.i\p bOOO iver the
had 100*1*1
-oBfereocei with Iti officer*, the i t
if which has not as yt ie. n faade pubiio.
t Ubi
.viii ho taken hy Um iraad jury to-mor
The I.etitber um! Shoe Mnrket.
The tincv. t lin:; ti t'ppuip.iny's weekly
?.!. xv of h.11 i> i; Tl i ' urroBt ci inion
i .nd to Um curtailment of 11 lue*
. .n ot ob " i to about nt. of
Banally turnei . -..,.
tin of tho year ls ospiataed ead tau l I
by the advance of prices. The question,
which was dodged last spring at a Mg
los* In profit*, now forties Itself squarely
before the trade. It ls a different matter
now, however, and the hug,* sucks of
goods bought at old prices nie no I
In store lo diaw from. Nobody antici?
pates rSataaor sole leather, a* ir,:u.v
houses have proved Its ability to maintain
firm prises In the sola-leather market
Therefore, lt ls thought that If there
ls to be a slump, lt will come lu
leather. It ls bot thought that grain
1. 'th.-r la weakening, for tanners ?
sell MtttiMf made from high-cost
at prices b lo.v ptaaoat qaotBttOBtt B
ate away out of proportion ta 1
The announcement several BB)
of the shit down of the MS lani
coatroBod t-y th- Untied .Rates u-ati ? i
Company will, it ls thought, be -t atn ??
point tow tri- re,,;.'arr I both
In Wall street and ia the market.
.Tu.lu.* I'm mr In Ta-in a.
The Oi-i.ni;.- Cl. | i < rr. ga S I-"' '
Houston Poet, spa iking of .lad*,'' W. lt.
Karrie who MctUfOd tn that city SB
the l.'.ih ultimo, hinds tl.
SOO) ial:
'"ihe morl i-it-.t- ihl? OCCaslOB af the
week was th.- 1. ure Frilay night by
jul.;'' Banar, auder the auspice, of th>>
Walter p. LOBS c.mp of Coal,
Yel-rans. The first part of the <h inning
1 " ire, '"Lights ant Shad"'..
ch.Hy intended to Incite young i
higher, nobler live:, ami the latter part,
entitled "Johnny Keb," stirred
baatts of old i'otif. Crates, an-l mm
audience '.lt i-lit-T and tears |,y ti,tn.
lt was surely one of the grandest 1><
tures ever enjoye] by an o: inge au?
Tin- Minno,,!...ii. Taking On Coal.
The Knited States cruiser Minn
ls now at Newport News, where BBS ii
OOttUag. preparatory to her trip to Tur?
key. She will probably sail on Wed*
ne. | iv. H"r coal has bevn lupptled frorn
the mines along the line of the I
peake and Ohio railway.
Ile Ll.ed lo till thi* BaBOf' ilBllaa
I'oultrr MnrU.-i.
(Bpi I-;al.)- The young ladies of ll:..* neigh?
borhood have orgaalsed a card club, to
be known as "The His?h-Fiv.-s Club,"
which will hold moating* weakly ?
UM ? nter on Wednesday af;
ladies ar-? permitted to Join, tin?
men Icing strictly "nut of lt," UaOBSh ooo
young man, by donning a dlBBB-sklrt Sttd
other feminine attire, did attend one
llieOlIlM and liv cl u, *.- ll th- tal-.
The meetings will be heil ttl
Um re.<.;<-nee* of the in- tuber*.,
and promise to furnish one of th" BKMt
attractive features of the I
tics. Two prizes will be gtvea ttl
meeting?a first prize to th-- . winning
UM greatest number of gain- *. and I
" to the aaa who nina tho Mast
on mtier Mrs. a. R. Broom enter!
the club at its Brat meeting, an 1 B
cornI ine-'ting a i. I:- ld ut Um r. I
of Mr. Rarflhall HcConnick. At th* in?
ter meeting Ulse .-.'.'Hie Lee woa fo
games out of lift on, gad wis eward I
... Six POBBg Mt ?
Um "booby" prize, which wis draoa by
Mk s Mai?? Uppitt There wera i
meetlag M
Uppitt, Moss;.- \\ hu.-, Neille an 1 Kanni*
McDonald, Nannie Timmi*. ,i , D
Mary M rosa. Bally Smith, Qua ?. Boaa
I ?-, N iiuii..- POWl :!. a:sI Air, ?? |
k, Connie McCoraatr-k, May fl
IC, Oarastt MoGuirs, Neilla Lea ani
Missea Posehy Wullam-t, of Staunton, and
Violet RH if I ilfolk.
Our farmers have be. n kept boo] I
flOVOra] days doUt ring dttdtS and turk"\s
to the buyers h>re, who are Shipping |
thom to the ettie*.. I ri """""^
r t.iem for 'I **?"? -X
' ?ell. tm -
? !
Hr. Robert L |
Mr I
John i.
Mr !.
''?"'?"? lo rei
Il l. |.
i 'imiT ?r n,.
F I ll
, i
T,"i" ' 'i-f.
'"?""1 ."' , *Vlfa
DR W' '
, ,.?t -
a * r-af/V!*
leal Um to cha '
tary sn.I Tr< isur. i .
' **
from pl I'nMiieni l,, i;,,. tmtnt tr**..
Dr. B. T l . , .
bat lt ?
Thant..ult hm Maa**
That as mild as it has been?our Overcoat selling up
to date would exceed that of the busiest seasons gone
bv? But it has?nearly two to one?and you won't
have to look very far for the reason. You'll find it
in the enormous variety?in the soundness of the
qualities?in the lowness of the prices.
A floor?big as our second?full of Overcoats?
is bound to have its influence. With such an advan?
tage available who's going to be content to choose
from the straggling styles that are shown around
us? An unabridged dictionary is the most valuable
because it contains all the words. Ours is an un?
abridged assortment?has all the styles. All that
others show Others that are hadable only at custom
shops?and still others that are favorites of the pres?
ent London season. Made specially for us.
There are others of our own make?Coverts and
Surtouts?bingle- and Double-Breasted Walking Fr*T__s?biC^^
??Coats of all lengthus?Ulsters in Kersey, Beaver, """?"
Melton, Montagnac, Fancy Cheviot, Elysian, Chin?
chilla, Vicuna?lined with Silk, Cassimere, Cassimere
and Silk, Italian Cloth, Serge, -ind all the other
durable and desirable stuffs.
Every price will be a revelation. At $7.50?where
we begin?the quality equals the best $10 can buy any?
where else. At $45?-where we end?excellence and
elegance have been exhausted. No matter what the
tailors promise, they can't make you any finer gar?
ments?even at their double-as-big prices.
With our best assortment?and our best qualities?
there is supreme satisfaction at every grade from
37.50 to -$45.
Pass 'Cm Along?
Your $1.35 will be worth $2.50 and $2.70 to-mor?
row as long as these sample $2.50 and $2.70
last. There aren't over a hundred. But take your
choice of shape and shadea
Main and
Eleventh Sts*
Corner. %*

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