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Richmond dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1884-1903, November 24, 1895, Image 19

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.-.ree: Ecfine-Hoiise to Ba
I io-Morrow.
! ,, ,,*,. \ HOMO, OM..
,,,...,. ? fur Hu- l.f.ifl ,.f
1 ' '
,... iitui Voattort nt the
tin' '
1 hr- I-i inn Imeiil unit ll*
* '
- coat*
I ?
? i
nnd that
? ?
. .. . .. i' i.; lha u.iwfi
braaefe of tba municipal service ha* Im
1 BBdier tba new rextm,- limits of
11.1 daahl* E-irh y?-ar the Inapectar et the
? Board of Urid**"*arttari raporta
tint thi* city baa a tapartaaeal aplen*
dully ori;aiiii:i i ..? .<i equipped, nad aaabaa
I HIE? W. ?;. I'('l,l.i:i:
lbw reeon for Ita improve
i"' !???. beyond a elgoroui protent against
i gin ni ina l< i uv >? of thu
ruinen I f >r ??? of tba aatti ? ? -
pal ? - ? : . ; ,
ra, S helpers, ll b
3 unerases, ii extra ?uriloB-men, -, lad
.'??Pi,..fl IS I,r.a..-,an Thu .... ] 1 /..-?_ la
1 *%.*tf
mm a
' -ii 4 -**jj I [Hg
tini i_jii s pjpj
i A . If
-r "
Arfm n ri; I
- - .... "tv, ^ ?*:':_:_?-_
~ _-_ ...ll - ??.- ?-?o.- -a >
' n\nWanY'A% '* i ) -1 ?
? ? i } ?
'. ! j, mm
. ?; ?* ^^
-_???-- ."***""' nj*""*"
gk ll
of the
. tw.>
IO I fl
? .? r- ir
? ? \ -? Bl
I ? ? f thi
dds will ?
er tr ? ? Ti re ars three
? -
* the flooi ' twen
-.- || be
? ?
will 1 fitted with
r In I li
. ? ? ?
lt i
. i n
. ... |
? "
r tne
: r 'he
. ? m. nt,
? .- i . i
? i to a
r's net ? and
of n - .un-. *
- .
. andi r
. j ir, after ni*
, ?' 11KORN.
? ' - :- ? : Trna
ni- sn c.in
' K.l.. ll f.III
l_ ? Up to tb t Hine ha<! the
? ?: tm* -a i-.it um rat ihat un*
itgnt ? hi.r, I. iptalns ot
ntl "f a Ii
., Ina of ti uck com
mts of tni'.k c..tn*,, ink a,
: ? n ???? .: i lb
? ire-Alarm Department ro:n\-. ? ? 1
Superintendent, 1 asalstsnt superintend?
ent, l foreman of construction, ani - Bite
Mi. .1 li:, ll Prlachkorn, th.- President
o- tv.- i ? . ? r.r.- i" lum!-stoners, bai
h. ld Ha.: po is, I. Blrci tba I o 'v araa
. i Hi*, ii hole I:- an ..: I
Ut.- Ill I l
t.i, one of tbe t b* I "Breia a" in
the i'liii- l States Bald ra dow a fire
boa bi i the w. ithei
r bos : ? ? Pr.
a' I (Pg tile
? ' ; ? ra la g
bora in UR
.. ? | in the .V ..n.l bia
w ? life 1 been i peal !?? i?
11 has aerred tt la the Cl
v :t-i i isa ti. rough enthut
nil matu ru pertaining to the de-paiimeiu.
- mesabi is t.f tke board i
... ? il. ri. I t.' 1;. ? i ? : flhlp If.
,i - i ii i. I.- \ jr, a bo I 'ii m '
and L. C. J' nklaa ?l< - ted J
I ..a ? I BCtl f tl ' ll t-'ll
I I.I Of IV- ? . '
after o ;?) Rgg, wai i ie unani
i a elect o i I i '!.:>; william av Pu i-r
? uilve force of Rich
nd'i Ure flshti ra
was born In 1S1I at
I ;...:!. Nea I.''::". ci.'ir.ty, A'a.
in lin, be entered tha Armji of North. rr,
Virginia, at th.- ese >.' 17 jn in At tke
I ? f Mi Ile June y 1-ia
a ? lighting nesr kia ftttber*fl aouet.
he was severely wounded. SJ: ort '.A* after*
I , ?-, \i-.th
kai eocnmand h.- bb* takea pr scner in
' .. ii i . ;?. i.t ala*
t. ?!. i Hu lag beea t x
(i ka on in with his
commai I aa i e mtlniu ! t.. Bskl until
r ">t Ai oom itt -x forced
bim em I, to etnaataace life
SW r in iln
?.. i,i-. puller re aaa te Richmond
? eft- r tba cl.f thfl war, and
t ob up tha . if r, ball i.-r He
Oral frolaed tl ? Pure DspBrtaaeai m 1171,
flnd Barred BFVea \> .r.-a will flt :-.ii!.-r
NO I ind la! I. ' ital.ls flfl f ret>!.;n of
.mi'iiny. H.- w?-a a* r:.; : '? . and
I- i. 'v its chief, i'"i.,i fir with his men.
an i i ii ?? i for i. Lmoartl u i nd court, iui
i .lion !n tverv-'lay routltte
When* the I eoaouefsd. he is
careful, leroi v led, sad a Rflaster of
the situation Plaflh-flttrtB -.inonu mem?
bers of t':-- I ie BBd the fault of pro
fan'iy ls j.- -ia-*irally naSBOWB. OB Pg to
tl.?? good liillucitce be ?xeits over hi*
In the p.?r.-i.ii ..f Mt. WV ll. Thomp
goa, tba Sip. ti: i--..lei,t i.t th,- Eire-Alarm
System, Hu- .la | urima-nt nsegggSSS a flag.
ohaalcaJ gasliiB Mr. ThutBpaoii ins
i- .ii the Iii - ,tl uni .1. partui-iit of the ser?
vite glBW fn,m a vll.'ase syst-ni; BBBSaSt*
IliK "f but o... direct wire, when he took
charsa i/i u fuilv euuioiKd mctnu-oliian
department. w:th connection* through a
central ofllce. the equipment of whirl,
cirmpat' | fa****~ab y with any In the oana*
try. A prof'--ii.pal el-.-trlclen and a
thorough BjacbaalBj many of the uniqu*
ind mri tenable s glances ha tba depart
BMflt are who ly attr butaMe t'? hs
K'niu*. Th<* eaatral offloe, In the City
Hall, with lt* DBBaBBtleen, puzzilns; In
s.rijrnenta, at ?! waaderfBI prrarirff-mcnt
of electrical i, vic a. ih the \\-? i to
Bbl li all visitor*- turn an'! pay th" trl
bate cf a'imirii g curiosity. Par ai illy.
Mr. Thompson i* a great (bvorlti
both OfBoara ar.il ra?n. After flft'cn
yean in Um asnrtoa nf UM dtp, he is
tl |,--r,u<l {?"?<* asor of h: sr* cf !?
bbq intiiiy aa lat ala that the asipertataBd*
< I t _ filly up to tlatc.
Mr. Thompson wash irnln l.ynchl. irg.
Va . In 1%'.*:. gad was oSueatad in
Beltimore, He gftarwarda took a ooaroe
of architecture In this c.ty, aad aBl n 1
tin- earpeaterlag t>pi**inf?-**. He waa np*
: ron ir...-i of tho ag ipa it tba ?
Aim h .nv in UTI In I??? he wai made
r ng M er of the flame Instil l n
an-] hoi i thal i - ll on ontll
perlntendent of tba I'm'-Alana by ti-"
City Co incfl, In UM, Thia latt r de
- 'iibm 11 \\hi i. la loeabi on tba I p
Boot Bf tbe City Hull, never fall* to at
ti ttbetetereel ofattdtora to the b-jiii
Ing. it t*., indeed, well worth Booing- th(=
? ? meal full of electrical appfssncea,
on nil eldee, poll'hcd brass ln
?trumenta, eoe*ied hy tfi-i*s ca.*-*, and
the net-work ct mitta whleh enter thc
n OBI on fill fltdea Thc vls'tor ls l)c
v.rip rad nt thi* array of aaaahanlaal de*
vic*-*, tut each ?np| iv ry one ha* lt
? ?..lil use, nml. tocet'if-r. acrve to irh-e
Rlchmond ? Bro alana de pat lanai eaeond
? ? i na In the South, nnd few In the
in roint of eoatpleteacaa and
? At lencTf
Second \iiiinnl Mer-lln?c lo Ile Held
In \nr*<ilk Thia Week,
The VtrglBta Baakarg* AaaadattaB win
bald Ita annual molting In Norfolk next
Thur?.lay un 1 I r! 'av.
The ntteadaaos al thai raeetlag p****ateae
to ba larger tbaa ai mat **ja**lBua gath
erin* of UM body, and very Beatty -vt ry
bank In thi- city will 1" tflpraaaBtad lg
th<* association when lt convenes thi*
The r-llrortds have mn1c ynmeMl tata*
to Norfolh fn.m i\.rv .itv In Um State,
good tai lb rs during which tbe aeao
Cl itii'fl Will I ?? Ul ' - I k ri.
Many subjeetn of laterest to bashan
gad tha Bnni lal world w'll be *_*
among wal ti will ba "AbollUoa of tba
hays of Oral ": "Oeaeral Lawn RalaUng
IO UM I Ioctl 'na In thi I inti ". "Th.
Baturday Half-HoUday," gad
Bantu ' I la ga"
Tl-* Vb" i.i.-..- | , ,-',-m was
organised In IM; at the suggestion ol
Mr. H. H I'irneii. nf Roanohe, who
? ii s circular-letter to au of HM
banhen i'i thia stat-, gad tba Richmond
?M'pn, acth'..' i ii
t1 ( lui .: ?tlon, ii' ?? -l the bonhara of
the Stat'- tn ,|f-?>f lilHl'- h-'ri- In October.
iv-:, whl li tba) did. a f ?--uni. i waa
appointed t- eoafer arith Mr-. Darnell
oonsl ding of M< flea John P Branch
W, 3. I '-Villi BB H. 1'alm-r,
and Mann s Quariea, Tb y n:ct Mr
I ? ? ? thi i i ? r .?? the movement,
ni tai W* tmoreland Club, and draw up
? 'pi'.-; in ar I If -1 a-.-. . M hil h WOTO
;p) .pti i. ?'? ? ti-1 ff. H. Taylor. ? I Nor*
foik, v. ti i pn tld h. and Mr
s i;. Wallace, "f thia etty, aa era tarp.
Tl ?? i i r mi sting ifter oi i tal n
.-. ??'??. ."
?\hieh Mr. H B, Trout, of Roaaohe, was
elected pi I I Ml '?'? a fi
elected secretary.
CA**,\ iSSIEfl HO Mill TO MEET.
Tba Konaoo.HaSaaa Uaataat *-vni
I'rolin lil >- Caw OB "onie l)?*ln>.
There will Vc a meeting in the otBog of
tba Secretary of the Commonwealth to?
morrow of iii- Blala cai.v.iv-'.r.K Board
for thc [ .:.-? oat Of goir<? ov r UM vote In
the reef nt legtalattva election.
Several contests are expected to come
up r rip.pe the most tBtoreattng cai"
win ba that of Koeaee (Ri*rubiicatD v-?
rtudaoa il-'-mocrat). from Halifax On
Thurs.lay last the BupraBM ''ourt of
appeal* granted a peremptory man?
damus, tn c mpel tv.e Board of F*u*ftiuti
Commlsslonen of Halifax t.i in Iud* n
its returaa ta the Stat? board the vote
of Newt Perry Precinct, which waa re
jecti i un i tba g rtlSeata aarard i t
Hudson a copy of tba order hai beea
served on an tho Election Couunl
bal it is not lik- ly that they caa meet anil
art m time tp. send :n ooitatted returns
by M mdajr. Under Um i
ti litton bag been fwapai I ?' n i to
board fi om e iBvaaa
I r t'_irr.? from Halifax until SU< lp
time aa the county hoar! can Band In lt
returns, In accordance with tba ama
dates of the Bupr n ?? Ooart Tl *
ni-iy r,,it !,-? tal ? n. hOWtTOr, as Mr HI
-. r A IB, ? DBI ' I fer Mr. Kl I SO, ha
hoea In conference *\ri, membera of
board and asap dec de to pri sent
the matter before th-m, with a gopy ol
tba t ??: '. la the naaadaaraa proceedings
ar.il raqueSl tl.at they pii-;"-:i 1 BCtlOB, l-l
atcad i ? ? legal proei a against
thom Tbi Ait' rn- y-i; neral, who ls out
of the etty, aa poets bo ba h ra al Um
meeting of ihe board
Tba mort 'f taking depoatttoaa in the
ease of Parri b ira Pteaaatgaa, la Maa*
chest-r, bnfl bl ' IB Cl tupi. t'-l. An effort
-.va* ma le I i al ow tl al the vote of th
Third v.ai i sh mid aol bo counted.
The SI. Joli ii-a Clmrcli lliirnar.
The bazaar being lu ld nt I ?:.?-. H."
I- ni Bi t.f st. j.,i,i.'i i;. rmai
i; i.i, h conting s to draw I i
\w elaborai programme b gil a tooti
' Ight, and ls much . those
t Thc oontesi for tbe btu
, for the moat i ; inr Ger?
man in t11 i-'y ls ? i lag fl i rn min
i. tx\ . n Mi - i La tDi r. Von IS Roi
? ? ,. Bahia, aad Ptoi ~c it ?.'. r M it*
The jrold-hrrnled ca?,e, for tb? mo-t
? | -i i also cn
. ? ? gt, aa aU of I aootestai
wa il known. It la conti st< d
Illili jr. Btttei
ti cb
Ul Bal
ls u ft will be hu ' ged I to Um
: r. This Im.. ur ! bald for
- ;? rcbaafBg a goa
p-1 -ireh Brory ttchel of i
?, ? ? I ?'? . !!?? I, i ' r |p- a
. ia ly's or geaUaaun' | A
Tin prograaaaas for Monday nlghl will
? i k (-. tri"--'. ? ??? mai
:? : | li ? cantata, by IV ?
C. k Mutti r. 'Tba Qa iii Ai ag th
Plowers.w Tba young ladlee tabing part
In this wfll ' " Arnie Tr:mr. Ida
rt, Mary 'Hirnwnn. Lean Kolbe,
i. ? aMtters, ll ry M Ut, R aa Uambi
Mary Hepper!
Ti op a. bi tart Rona Oaard, h1.* aa*
in invltatfon, and will ul.o be
; | ? ' ? MOI '? ? night.
I, nil fined Ten Dnllnra.
[fl tin. Ponce Ooart yesterday Edward
Vail, who-e >a.s. has be* n po.-ti- p'.e i
was up on UM cha-i,
of asea iltli I Luthitr C dta Tba Uti
aaa oul of l* wa bot Justice Cratchfleld
de.-id?'il thal h would hear Hie case any?
way. Beveral wltneee s testified a* to
the difficulty, which aouuiiad a little over
three wt- ha aga. The aooaaad was
tia. ,i fi" gad c. ??-.
Huck Bppea i lr .ll wnsi fined 110 for
sm i..t.r -; aa i abustaa Clara Bppea
Tba Ba B Of E. H. Perk'n*on, charire<l
with ambeaallag aii'l ooa*ire**ttag to hi*
ears net - tO*mi suma of money, the
prt ik-rty of CbarlM A. A II. V. Page.
was continutfl till the Kill.
Ihe I'linl-Oflli-e on 1 luinlaMjl* ln_.
The otflce will b- opon for the transac
tlon of all busln. i*s till ll A. M., when
it will be ghmed for Hie lap, There wIV
tie one mornii s d ''Iv-ry by carriers, an-!
two collei tor*-on- at >>:? A. M.. and thc
otl-r at 3 1.' V. M.
There will be no delivery In the eve?
ning at the office.
UUtlous will observe, the came hours.
tis-J oil Kt- Sa-henck la Mad at th?*
limul?I hf* Karoarra' Imtlutr.?\
Prnrtlral Joke ? lleld-lp by
RALOOn, N.e. November "a.-(Sre
clal.)-President ST, S. Chadwick, of th.
Atlantic and North Carolina railway, wa,.
I., r to-day. and called on Governor
(Virr. He faye many improvement* are
lu* lng made on the road. Business ls
-lui. t In that part of the r-'at*. IR- says
ili> rc are -'hard times and dull times."
a, this ls by no uv ans tho case In
Um greater pail of the state.
l.v Jill..- fVhenck. late counsel for th"
S .ith rn rttRWttjr, ls at daggers' points
with that corporation, and make* BfltteBfl
in 1 bitter charges BSBbBR it. and BBSS li
s trying to crush him.
In this State proclamations are *lgn"l
l.y th-* Governor nial Attested by tb* pu
vite Beeretarjr, not by the Beerstair of
Slate. This hag always baan the cus?
Tba new cotton mill at Concord ls com
,1- ti 1. and is ready for the machinery.
Professor W. E. .Mass y of the Agn
cultural Cottesa has talara fld from Iks
farm, is' Institutes, and say*, he lu great?
ly pleased al the Interest shown tn tBSBV
feeterSay a statement was pabUebed
th tt Hi- I.eiiJ'i nitarfl of the Bate Eur*.
BIB1 Alliance wou.d 1" located at Bill
boro*; atoo the ahos-factorr; ail in the
building formerly ii." HiUahor-y Military
Acadaaty (of which Colonel Charleg C.
Trw was eoouBSodeat), bat to-daj tt is
told :!.. BBJtttlttUoBa tbttBSh pen.ling, ar
mit complete. Tin- building sad IM n n -
I ar.- offered th.- alli i? ? it B BM
ah. OaotsB Aii'-n returasd le-day from
- . isaak, Gi, abets Rev. Dr. L C.
Vam his brother-in-law. baa boob dan
v nick. He rapeetg Hr. "/aai as
now out of ihir.g-r.
There ts a good deal of In:.--*-:t ?-i
at the practical J.k.' p ipetTtttsd upon
.Vilkes-county R**^bRcttttfl a?d otkera of
tke parly in ti.at flection, by moto
flrbO float out notices that I "OBST! BBB ian
R. Z I.inney woul-l hold a corni* tltlve
i allon for the p. Rt] n of private
ty to himself. The J'kai brought
in a ons of people; floeac wko eosbt to
kari known better Tbese raScs-e hera
gather) -i st W Ikesbore*.
Tb- prospect of raising funds for the
m- in.-.:: f fl Bator Vaaoe is now
?aM to be gloomy Hi thia Btal ? ' . ene
"ink's largs gifts for such a p..n>-.se.
il v. ai sv- t-m iv.ll mil his pa?
ll, r- the Dartdaea Dispatch,
Al Sin. sville a woni in, who was on
one rallwaj track, U ppad out of the
way gf a train, snd p?t on another track,
be v...... struck !> a rapHly-mov
IIS pe agar train gad knocked under
'lie wheals Bf the freight train. Yet.
it ranga t<> tay, aha recaped with only a
ealp around.
*?? ir 'iVlik'-sboro'. as a eaBuaeretsI
r linn, i w.-pi, wm riding along
t road h bbb tba barrel* of taro rifle.,
sad i bx r.- ai s an Inatant ?:
f..r his aurrsader. Be quickly ^-.v tbal
msaden srsrs womea Their de
I WCffl firm, and th?y were "on
? t " Th y flaked him who he
ll- flsM h<- was a snuff-.Inimm-r.
They mada him show bis credsattfllfl H*
? i th ?? ;.? i ? ire tv raj i
i Th- v kH Him go.
Wade T Hampton, ona of th-* editors
of th<* North CaroHiM Farmer, died here
to-day of COnsumpttoB; aced tt.
Barta ii Bcaihorowgh, the is-jrear-old
p.n of Jobs C. Sc irborough, St tte r-u
pTlntend.nt of Public Instruction, Bttl
Btttlly shot to-day Bear h-re hv
Cl "I I S'.dge. a negro, Btth Brhttfli BS
ait* banting, B-*t*boro*ig** h .d one
haad asalael his sile, gad most of th
Dumber, oevaa flhot rtrnch thal har'
thoastl ...me ent.ro I blfl sile It ls rot
thought the Inlurv in tengerotte tht lf*h
the distance was only twsaty-flrs fat t.
a huh.i iwt racRMAS
Liven l.y Hip \\ Illili tit lind Mari
t Inli.
willtams-ruro. va. Nov. mi
(Six laL)?Tbe Colonial inn the *
new hotel recently erected b> Air.
j din Bpeacsr of this ptsos, baring rs*
1 a..| us liitorior finishing tench ? flrSB
thrown open MM nleht te the William
and Miry Oermsa Club whe acknowl*
1 the c ur 'sy by glrlng one rf :he
tr 'lant Btttertslameata ??. tl a
n The hall, hu
with Bowers waa in parfeel 'lan. lng tr?
ier A full oi-i.. -i . w s Btati ned la
al the north en) of th'- roOBL
from a profuM n cf growing
came the flabdued fltralna of tba
waltz. Thi, eatertafnatent wa- visen by
tb* german el tb in honor of Mlag I'din
Lane of Auburn, Al.., wh. i .-. beea
v ,-itim- bera
Th. dance waa led bf Mr. arl Mr?
jobi Spencer la their usual graceful
the gay company continuing
tl ? !? el until a late hour. The CttftPS
?????? Ri * Bi ? :..'< r, Mi tt Neal
young ladles and their escorts
t.me, of Auburn, Abk, r-Uh
?? ? i-'hn of atlanta Oa
ml*s i :'.-- Healey with Mr. Scorse
U ore. of I^mdoun.
M'sa c-r.i Lana with Atr. Rali'h Leish,
- ? *
M ! m Ile Chrtfltlsn wiih Mr. Jr...ph
V i ? Igood, lr. of Rlchm ? i
- S.-ctt, >.f BwsR, with Mr
O, , neat Line.
Miss Elisabeth Maaaeeek wRk Mr.
Oeear L.re
Ml ? Patti* Msraeock with Mr. 1 vton
re. of Fairfax.
K Ronnae aitk Mk sim
rcer v.lth Mr WV.am
? ?'
If*ry v.'ttv-r Mercer wltb Kr
. . ? ? . ? i .
'"? - Btth Mr. R C. L.
t f palrfas
?? Turner of T. p?-a w'th
- - - i f T? ?"* >.
?' ton. Of King Wil
arlth Mr. vYaltei W Wats, of
Toa na
Amore- 'h.* BtagSWBf* MeaSTS Graham
? ?? nv, Bpsaoer il- tiler
I Henlei Rash 8 B i I W lUame
?,' , . .? ibell lobn Willis Rtch
v. I erl '.'? ? imermai Alas ladria
\Y.r- g.,...--t- Bad vlsi lora to the
lbs ball arSIS neticed Judges
min T Obi tel i li: t. Henley.
: wi iltb'a Attorney Cjrraa A
'I .1 " , hy, and Phi riff ll R
After th" dinelng, a pir'v, by Invlta
? : ? i ? ? led te the n i lenee of Mr
-.nd Mrs B P Peachy, where a h-'rl
?= ,-ne ehampsgne sup; er aaa gtrsa, Bise
'n honor of mim Lase abe left thia
morning for Rlchm ad in spend a f.-w
-. I ? for-' return-rg Routh.
The Jefferson.
The visitor to the Jefferson should not
fall to call in ind see the magnificent
pbaiBMCy attached to the h *el I'm- fur
in-.it. :s of rarely beautiful de*,gn, In
mahogany, BhlM the walis and si bs are
of costly ma-til.-; the fittings are all of
si|v r ;..! th.- si.elves ire stoe'-.e.l with
haul-, me cut-eliss borcli-s It is a ca.m
blastloa of rsSaesaflBt and eie>ince, ami
? tlaroi-ghly equlpoed for dispensing
i .. The wood-work ls of bright
,- y. the cases of bevelled- kIjs*
doors between Ionic pilasters, supporting
a frc'lf of carveal leaf and scroll-work,
while below, whereever space a'lmlts, sr*
panels of bronae. worked in artistic de
The perfume esses are stocSeo
with the rarest eitracts and finest p**r
'umes. cosmitic*. and toilet rettutsriea
'rom the best mani factorlea of r trance.
Germany, and America
The sods- and mlruril-water apparatus
ls of the buffet-style, snd waa designed
by Mr. T. A. Miller the well-known and
efficient druggirt, who baa charge of the
es tabll* InmenL
mction Sale!
A bona-fide Reduction Sale compelled because we are carrying too large a
stock This stock must be reduced. There's only one way to do it?mark every
item'at nearly cost. We have d-jne it. This is no pretext to get you
no humbug, but an honest mark-down. Come and see any of these goods and
if what we say isn't so, dont buv. In these lots are some .Suits and Over?
coats particularly cheap, and we guarantee every garment.
$8 Black Round-Cut Sack Suit,
Cheviot, tor
S I Grav-Mixed Cheviot, All
$U Black and Blue Wonted
Cheviot Straight mid Round*
Cut, Mn^le and Double-Breasted,
were made and cut 111 regular
tailor style, for
$10 Coats and Vests in Black,
Clay Worsted, Straight - Cut
Sacks, Round-Cut Sacks, and
Three Button C"'-'i\vay Frocks
make a desira 1 Iress coat and
rest?UUC no in.ni can mau need
bc ashamed ol?tor
$12 Double-Breasted Black
Hawthorne C lie viots?last color,
$10 pood, first-class Suit for
daily wear, in Black and Dark
Gray, for
$1 Black Worsted Pants for
$1.50 Fancy-Striped Pants for
$L,' Bke. neat Stripe Pants, two*
thirds Wool, lor
$3 nice All Wool, Hair Lined
C.'ssimcre Panta lor
$5 Worsted Dress Pants, in
Worsted effete, tor
$10 Blue and Black leaver
Overcoat, All-Wool. Long-Cut,
well and neatly li.ied, for
$U Black and Blue Worsted?
an Overcoat for Sundays and
dress generally?in Long Cut.
This Overcoat is worth every
penny of S14. hut the price to
clear ont surplus stock makes
them only
$T> English Kersey Overcoat,
in Blue and Black, a higher-price
garment in point of style and
material, for
$1'J (1 raj'Storm Ulsters, woven
and comfortably made, for
$14 Dark-Blue Chinchilla Storm
Lister strongly made?will last
half a dozen seasons?for
Children's Cape Overcoats
Over oOOChildren's CajK* Over
coats, items too numerous., but
all marked at less than you can
buy them lor elsewhere.
50c. Four-in Hands and Tecka
Wide Hemstitched Pure Silk
Ilandkerciiids?sell elsewhere for
50c. Three-quarter Wool White
L'ndershirt for
$1.50 All-Wool Undershirts
and Drawers tor
Fine-class Bleached Canton
Flannel Drawers, well made,
strong and serviceable, for
Children's Knee Pants.
_."> different styles Children's
Knee Pants, worth 75c, lor
r?jTo. 323 ES. SSroa-trJ. i3t.,
The New Woman
Wc will have on sale to-morrow morning seven cases of the
newest, nicest, nobbiest Ladies' Shoes ever shown in the city. They
are the latest Parisian effect, Hand-made, Calfskin or Dotigola,
The price of theae Shoes'.vii! be$'J.L\"-?thev a rewed worth? k'tO,
Lamb's-Wool Slipper Soles,
10c, ;t pair.
Misses' Donjola Solid Leather
Sole Button Shoes * 75c.
Ladies' Dongola Button Shoes,
Solid Leather throughout,
Coniiiion Sense, Pointed,
anti Square Yoes, $1.00.
Ladies' Turkish Slippers,
Blsck. Tan, sod Ked -
Whittemore Polish for Tan Shoes,
lue. a hollie.
Wc have I line of
Ladies' $2.00 Dongola Button
that we are fl~ofog to close out,
note-in v Ltieni any more,.ind
to do it quiejc we have m-irk
cd them $1.48. All sizes and
$J.UU. $.i.UU.
This Tan Shoe for Gentlemen's
wear ? heavy sole, extension
edge, hand-welt?is n wonder.
They cost you $4\ to $."? at other
stores, and then they have not
the lt) lc nd wear that our Shot*
lias. Hvery pair warranted as
re| ?resented.
Hon's Patent Calf Shoes,
Rtizor-Toe - - $3.00.
Wear as well as the ones you
pay jt.r> lor.
Men's Sol id Leather Work?
ing Shoe*-. - - -, $1.00.
Ladies' Over-Gaiters,
loc a pair.
SHOE STORB, 31! E. Broad.
? ? i inc ? ? ?
a table non mai
In courses will tv; served
it 6 oMjc- P.fl. Twite ts i $t.5ocadi caa
beaMalace uuJvaiix.c.,1 (he 'a:.a 'Wet,
Frinkhn-strwct eatraacc, anJat thc geii
crai oiiiac In tbe rotua-^.
AINSLIE & WHS HR, Managers.
00 H-H\
v i.BMi > au
" '~^'oOOCIII.AM' COI '.VTV. VA.
B tool l-ii-i.xl Poat-Ottt< a.
Having qua.ii-xi ni IO (V.in.> I'oJrt of
O lilaod county aa administrator cf
ia ii.Otu H. WOOD, teeeanta, 1 h-rt-by
uoUfy *.-? n-riuii* B_v.ii.; calm* a_aii_t
of such clajm*. and a.I j^erson* Indt-btei,
to hl? esu'f -o muk*" p*.\m.--u to rn
of such lndt-bttxlneas. In order lo s proia.-i
-a-tu-men, of nts e*.^ BOWLR3
Adm!ni*trator of Renard 8. Wood, di
? p ia -d
Nov-tuber H. IS*._no 3-Jt
Iticiiuiiiu, Va., No.?mmi 1 10v
J. K. TENNANT my a*-ent to condu
th* grocery, un .ur and 'nov; lon b.ialne*
st lt" north B-.nth street, to buy sn
ssll for cash only.
no J-Sult J. K. KEDFORD.
f Ti
J. H. Dickerson & Co.,
liOtSRSt >IuiiiHtr.'i.'t,
BI ii UK-'Ul*' Of ll A KN rr..***, saul) g?, Mc
'?li. Sit ? IN'Kn ..O ?.,"-?lt.o* I "-'a
?Vii e.,.', .11 1 ..a -I . J' 1 ...... *.*!?
gu* ml-e: yo* '?? rt' ft*. I*.
m ? \-j. ? rn -ry An ,.t b.1 .
r. -r
? bil i
el-, f. .- '
. ?- la it- . Bm I .a cia ? .1.1 pw,r-' >a
I ? ;.l.,i n. W BV
t.nryv -?i. a, |. ? i
c. ni ... . '.v '.a (TS ff-** 4.. ' I I 4 a,
ra*, l .u rt I - ' i*- aSa ? ii*-1 ui areal -a thin tran,.' th
? , I. , '^.1 j I W.*!-* r.. .Sw .. r, I. . I.H ?4? ? Il?,
(ll . i. ,, 1. .'. .' ?Mle- '.-*: <l . . Ix- -a ??'? '44
u.c , ...... .- ,???.,.... i<-.- ? MO k ?*?
(ru ?.t??r? -'? *.?..--. I". '?. 1*V ?>-M*-*L|-*l H.Bi
la ..... " ** I ? <? flfl*. ?"*? ? ?* -'-*-* -..>??? r?t,
?m ta.i.mi aa flat I I ...I. ?*4?. l-t. ai t *'i .? w.. ? ? a al
W- ?> e i-'. < ? ai ?' B. K.i ira ai ;. ? *?uir
c!Y DEAS *ua* -x. ,or, ,-r,.u, a.. BIS?4vs
(oe a-iml
HAN HS. Hough Sa.Hn. Ha.-a.d-., and Bun
urn la
nol-eodlm 100 eaat Marabsll aireeU
Beast Steel
That Can Be
Kept Keen.
That Make Shaving
a Pleasure.
1320 Main Street
(Bo l?- Til, I D JtMl]
10? E. Bread St.
(Bc -a-t-o. i aATti)
WrlUltai/UI ABU MtalU
lowrth r raica* ta mt ci rr.
Wroug -i?i*) Ur?tMi Bud IvU^hih.

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