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How to Rout, Bose, Boll and Stiff
tie Biri
fledges tor Dreealagr sellh Oyatera,
Chest a nts, Saasaaci. oad la tho
OI-1-Fa.faloaed *4Va> s-Ilea.ity af
tho Wlia Turkey.
' (Written for tba Dispatch )
At the approach of Thanksgiving, that
feast-day sacred to the turkey, lt aeems
fit and proper to offer a few suggestions
Os to the correct treatment of the na?
tional bird. The old Colonial folk we
Ora eo fond of tracing our families, man?
ner!, snd tusto:i.i Rom mero content
With the goose, which belongs especially
lo Merry England. We have kept the
luuupkin- and mlnce-piea of our ances?
tors, but wa have exchanged the goose
for the turkey.
If you have the rplrit of thankfulnes!
In your own heart, and want to
awaken a corresponding alow lu tht
theil* ls very little fat, A favorite way of
prtu-aring thia turkey la to lord it well,
snd to use finely-chopped pork In the
filling. Guava or apple-jelly ia the nicest
for turkey cooked in thia way.
Many old-fashioned cooke and some of
Ihe n.w-faahionetl consider that tba pro?
per way to cook a turkey le to boll lt. To
do thia, fling*, draw, and wash the tur?
key thoroughly; wipe with a soft cloth,
and nih tbe Inelde with salt. Make a
stuffing of ono duart of bread-crumbs.
a tablespoonful of butter, salt, pepper,
and chopped parsley, and mix the Ingre?
dients together with an egg. Fill the
breast of the fowl with some of this
stuffing, and put the remainder Into the
body. Tie the legs and wines close to
the body, and place lt in salted bolling
water, with the bri-aft downward. Boll
rapidly for the first half hour, then draw
lt to the back of the stove and cook slow?
ly until tender. Servo with celery or
ch':/Inut sauce. If oysters chopped are
BBSS. In the fctufnng. Bene with an oyater
aauoe. An old-farhloned custom was to
nerve ham or smoked tongue wlih a bolled
To boll a boned turkey: When lt ls
Stuffed, roll tho fowl tight In a piece of
cheese-clolh. and tie firmly with twine to
keep secure and In shape. Place In a
stock previously prepared by putting the
bones In cold water with some herbs, an
onion peeled, and stuck with adoien
doves, a carrot, and a turnip sliced.
Boll the turkey genLy four hours at least,
then take lt out snd remove the cloth,
and place on a dish. Strain the stock,
remove the fat, and Bet over the fire.
Add two ounces of gelatine dissolved In i
lieart of >.... , raaaflr, you win
garva your lull | V and so gat rid
hf much of tin tjlffi iity in earring.
Ail eapy way fl bOOC a turkey ls to sill
tbe -Kiri down the back with a sharp
knife, and. rai.inc OOO -iib* Ot a time
with the lingen, * peXOtO the flcfd) from
the kflOOa until tko wings and loan are
reached; unjoir.t th-sc from the body,
ond. cutting through tka bone, turn
back the flesh and r-'-ni ,ve the bones.
The flesh max- tr- i <?-.!,ap'd by stuffing.
Bluff with forte rn- .it made of veal and
? Mille pork, chopped flue, and season
?aith salt, pepper, sage, or savory, and
the Juli e of the I- men. Sew In shape, and
press the wings and leg's close to the
holy, and tie all iirmiy, so that the
upper surface may be smooth and plump.
Lard ihe breast with narrow strips of
firm, fat pork, and bake until thorough?
ly done, basting often with salt and
?aster, and a little butter. Serve with a
giblet dressing, to which has been added
O cup of strained tomatoes.
To maka a giblet dressing for roast
turkey, put the giblets and neck In a
saucepan with cold water, and add an
Onion, salt, and pepper, and a slice of
gr>* bread that hss been BBode v ry lu own
In th, oven Hoi! until tkfl giblets are
gone, thoi strain the slock. Chop tho
giblets fine, and put them and ttie stock
bask into the saucepan; dredga with a
little flour, nnd add the I mm gravy
from the boitoaa of the j>an ht which the
fowl was cooked, after skimming off the
fa'. Serve bot In n fiary-bOOt
Nine households out of exery ten are
going to roast 'their turkey this Thanks?
giving of 1195 as they buve done on all
graced lng last Thursdays In November.
The proper way ls to begin by singeing
and drawing the fowl, wash thoroughly
Both Inside and out, wipe dry with a
Clean linen towel, and then rub the Inside
flvr h salt.
A good, old-fashion. .1 stuffing 19 made
by mixing with a loaf of stale bread half
o rup of butter, one egg, Bait Pepper.
ai ge, and thyme of eel-ry, to taste, all
brought fl the consleieiuy af mush by
the addition of hot water.
An oyster dressing ls considered sn Im?
provement upon the cid recipe. It ls
made by adding to half a lout of Mal-*
bread crumbled half a cup of butter, and
Salt and peppei to taste. Drntn off the
liquor from a pint of oyste**a, kool it, and
(pour over tb* bread-crumbs, u.lJ an egg,
and mix all the ingredients w ll togctner.
IA little sweet milk ls a great improve?
ment. With a spoon place a spoonful of
stuffing Into the turkey, then iv few oys?
ters, alternating until both rn xe bun
Used up.
Mo?t delicious of all ls a chestnut
Stuffing, the rich nuts giving a peculiarly
delicate taste to the fowl. To make lt boll
Ibe chestnuts, remove tim shells and
brown skins and mash them. Mix them
with a few grated bread-crumbs, and
tool!ten with sweet cream; add a Utile
butter, and season with pepp-r and Bait.
In filling tbe turkey, do nut crowd In
the stuffing. Sew up the openings, and
Ile or she.--er the legs and winga In shape.
Rub thickly with butter and aalt and
dredge with flour. Place in a dripping
pan, and put half a cup of water In the
pan. Use a moderate oven, and cover the
k turkey with another pan for the first
? forty minutes Baste frequently, and turn
? the bird occasionally to expose all pana
F lo tbe heat. It should be tender and
Otolst, and a golden brown all over when
done. Garnish the dish with small balls
of fried sausage or frlod oysters, and
parsley. Serve with a giblet dreaslng, and
eran barries.
Another Huffing which la eery popular
la of aauaags-meat, need In addition to
bread-crumbs and finely-minced hi roe.
The meat of tho wild turkey le much
Briar Ina* (Hal ot lha domestic bird find
ry cook.
cold water. Strain the liquid jelly through
a line sicvo over tho turkey. WIimi cold,
garnlak willi parsley or ci. BBSS .alni sliced
Saucs are the proper accompaniment
of boiled torkctya aad here are some
tried- :ii<l-provcd-!iot-wuiitlng recipes for
milking them:
Bauces for Rolled. Turkey?Chestnut
Sauce: Shell and blanch three dozen
French chestnuts. Boll lr, water enough
to cover them for thirty minutes. Drain
off the water and pound the nuts to a
pasta, A-ld one tablespoonful of melted
butter, half a teaspoonful of salt and a
? tie sh of cayenne-pepper. Stir gradually
Into the pasta ono pint of milk. Rub the
mixture through a coarse puree sieve,
nnd place over the fire In a double boiler
lo cook for half an hour.
For celery-sauce, cut one quart of cele?
ry into small pieces, and add one
quart of milk. Put In a double boiler
with an onion, In which four cloves have
been stuck; aald a blade of mace, and
took until the celery becomes tender.
Remove the onion and spica and thicken
with a little flour Ihat has been moisten?
ed with some somo of the stock that the.
fowl was bolb tl In. Season with salt
and pepper, and boll for five minutes. It
t.houl.1 be as thick as custard.
To make oyster sauce, put one pint ot
small oysters, with their liquor, Into a
saucepan and heat them to bolling point.
Skim out the oysters nnd add to the
liquor one and one-half cups of milk, and
whon lt ls boiling add one third of a cup
Of butter creamed with three tablespoon?
fuls of flour. S? ason with salt and
cayenne pepper, and let Hie sauce boil
up once. Then add the oystera and lt is
ready to serve.
To make a mushroom sauce proceed
Just as In the celery sauce, substituting
mushrooms for the celery.
If your turkey ls of goodly proportions
there will be sSVne left over, out of which
you make a dish dainty enough to it
before a king.
To BOB Hop turkey cut tho meat from
the boms of cold bolled or rousted tur?
key, remove the skin and cut the meat
line. Put In the bottom of a buttered
iUsh a layer of bread crumbs moistened
slightly with milk; or, if lt ls bolled
turkey, use some of the liquor lt wae
cooked in, then spread a layer of the
minced tm key, with bits of the otufilr.g,
some pieces of butter ami i*epper ard
salt; than another layer of ciumlii, and
alternate them until the ?J:-ili is filled.
Pour over the whole whatever dressing
may have boag left, and if there I* not
enough mid a little hot water to lt, and
season with a teaspoonful of Woicester
?hlre sauce. Spread crumbs over the
lop and scatter bits of butler over them.
Coter the dish with a plate and bake in
a brisk oven. Aa soon aa lt ls thoroughly
heated remove the plate and brown. Serve
at once.
An appetising way of using bite of tur?
key cold ls thus: Take Ihe pieces of tur?
key and free them of bone and Bkln; If
lhere are any good-size pieces cut them
lu b.-lf. Put the meat In a saucepan
with whatever stuffing and dressing may
have been left, and a tablespoonful ot
butter. Season liberally with aalt and
cayenne pepper. Place over the fire, and
when the mixture bolls break Into lt an
egg and stir thoroughly. Turn Inlo s but?
tered mould, snd whin cold turn lt out
on a dish and slice nicely.
To make creamed turkey, pick tbe meat
from the bones of a roasted or bolled tur?
key and cut into small pieces. Allow one
pint of meat for the following dreselrg:
Put In a double boiler one pint or mam
or rich milk, snd place over tbe fire;
rub together two tablespoonfuls of flout
with one of butter, and stir into the milk
when bolling; add salt and cayenne pep*
per and stir until lt thickens ilka custard;
mix tbe meat with tba dressing end fill
buttered individual sheila with the mix*
?nra- anrinkl* cracker duet over the top
of them with bits ot butter, aad bake ta
a bot oven fifteen minutes.
Turkey hash ll in excellent breakfast
dish. Take whatever meat dressing, nnd
gravy remain, nnd baal all together.
pour over slices of bot buttered toast
and nend to the table smoking bot
Catehla-r Tbanghts.
(A flermonette, by a Philosophical Friend
of Ours.)
There la aa art or accomplishment that
no professor can teach. Not many pro?
fessors impart life. The best parta af
our nature* ara special gifte of God.
They neem to spring up in us; to coma
from tha depths of our being. It ls not
tn the power of man to generate or maka
them. They come of themselves, as we
say. lt ls not only, as In the case of
poetry, oratory, or other sped*! talents
and gifts, but in a thousand gifts, oppor?
tunities, special providences. All tlut we
can do for ourselves ls to keep our loins
girded and our lights burning, to be in?
tensely In earnest, and wida awake?-elec
trltled-magnetised: set on good things.
We then seem to attract and work up
Into our business everything that be?
longs to our enthusiasm. Our souls be?
come furnaces to refine and utilize all
crude ore. Any one who ls all on fire
about a specialty Bees lt, tastes lt. feels
it everywhere, finds material and gets
suggestion* at th* strangest, oddest
time*, from the strangest thing*.
Even In ordinary life, where there ls
no special enthusiasm, lt ls a good thing
to catch happy thoughts and enrich our?
selves with them, to fina out and appro?
priate tho richea of our surroundings. Our
wtaaat Idaag "pop Into our heads." To be
stupid, dazed, idle, and preoccupltd. chew?
ing gum, ls a bnd thing. Ita punishment
ls ennui and painful nothlngnc -la,
The lowest part of our nature is gross
sensuality, near to the oyster. We have
all our senses In common with lower (ani?
mals. Tut the character of our minds
and heart.* raires us above them. Tiny
may be sensualized, and almost Imbratad,
A* our eenses are refined, purified, and
subordinated to our spirits, as the whole
body is msde but an honorable temple,
a tabernacle of th-* soul, we lise In tho
scale of being. We need not be visiona?
ries', sky-srrnplng philosophers, or ad?
vanced thinkers, or Intellectual phenome?
na. Gol made us to see and to feel and
think. He gave us our senses to observe,
to gather material for thinking, and food
for our minds. Meditating means playing
"pin: And the whole world ls a grand
organ that we meditate, play upon,
through our lenaaa, And ho we make
melody In our heart*-, grand harmonious
amata la Um i-ipiry et God, ali wt*oaa
works jirai.se Him.
Thoughts aro like the ether, so light
that they flit t rs we ran point the place.
Tho gentle soul ls alwsys on the wtlt<h
for them, by day snd by night, while
minilinf- the daily duties. Their visit.t
tlons nr* angelic. But if we ste off our
guard we lose them. If we are on watch
we catch them. It ls a delicate bu*in?*s
to catch them alive and realize them, not
bruise them, not disfigure them by rough,
unholy handling, but giv- tiie airy no?
things Bbape, gather them aa d?!leatt
?owofaj, ami lealize them as they nie; en?
tertain the pure, beautiful spirits, and
clotho them (ium the wardrobes of our
Thinking ani clothlm? thoughts I* an
occupation very i,ear thu service of an?
gels. It I* almost like watching for angel
visitors: In a dream. In a vision of th*
night. In deep sle?p. while the heart
wnketh. Indeed, lt I* the nicest, highest
part of nil the u.tk of tie soul. Milton
**;is a wonderful spirit. How bp*autifiilly
doe* he carry on thc-e dr-atny thoughts!
Po dear to Heaven is saintly chastity.
That when a soul I* found i=lne?re]y so,
A thousand Ltveflad angels lacquey her.
Driving far off each thought of guilt
ami sin,
And In clear rfroam nnd solemn vision
Tells her of things that no gross ear can
Till oft converse with heavenly habitant*.
Degins to cast a beam on the outward
Th* unpolluted temple, of the mind,
And turn* lt by degrees to thc soul's es?
Till ail Miall he Immortal.
?"hall Pillion Tarn tint-kn nrd f
To tho Editor of tiie Dispatch:
Kindly allow me space enough to call
the att-ntlon of tho "Manic of Fulton
to thi: action of iii* Council Committee on
ItTeetl at ita lam meeting, and the re?
sults that may be expected In granting
tho Richmond Railway and Ki-etrlc Com?
pany tlio privilege of laying ? single
track tlirnu;-h Fulton. This is a retro?
grade movement that ?Mani a set back
to every i-nt. rpi ls* (both public and pri?
vate) that is now located In this section;
lt meaai tor our working girls the harl
shlps experienced In. lormer yrara In
bein*- compelled to wait on lonely cor?
ners for oar*; lt incant, to the property
own"r empty louses; lt means a g.tin
to a few merchant* along the line, nt
the expcniJe of many, many cttii-.. ea in
flow travel; it means many hardships
and discomforts to all classes In rough,
wintry weather; lt means that "Greater
Kulton" ls to lose Its prestige, anil re?
turn to her ancient manners and customs.
All thi*, however, can be avoided by *r-*
qaeettag tho representatives in the City
Council to have the order of thing* re?
versed, and lt I* the earnest -wish of
many who are deeply Interested in tho
prosperity of Fulton that an effort may
ht, miule to this end. Shall Fulton turn
backward? A FULTOXITB.
Thr Walton Law.
(Suffolk Herald.)
Tho Walton election law ls giving the
opponents of Democracy much concern
In some sections of Virginia, while In
other* they candidly admit that lt ls the
fairest and beat law that baa been en?
acted and that lt has been honestly
administered. If this were not so, and
lt was a terrible and dishone-U law.
why did not the thirty-odd membera
elected to the Legislature on the 6th
Instant on the opposition ti. kn get
cheat,-.1 or counted out? The *.. un- carty
has control of the election machinery
all over th" Stai--. and that party la
mode up of the best white people. Could
we expect the opposition, which 1* com?
posed of ab snits of sorehead*, dis?
gruntled Populist*, Republican*, and odd*
anil ends, to give us a more honest and
better law? No! The law I* a rood one
in most respects, and with certain amend?
ment* will be as good or better than that
of nny of our staler States, North or
Or Liver
Troubles. Take
Cathartic Pills
Highest Awards
At World's Fair.
Attar -jcka-m. tax* Ayer*? ftarsapaiilia.
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?Mia-end I
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NOVIMOFK a4, Iffljgj,
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striped, suitable for furnlturc-cover
1 loxan different style* French Flannel,
--1riii-ti. etc.;~ thi* lot gaea at We.
I ll A I.ll I MI.ll IIHOTIIKH**.
DRESS-GOODS 8"-fh an arrar of
I-JPW-*. lovel.neca. Ask for
r,c"*'* anvtbtni* that's atv
lish and fatbionable. and you'll tiiid it
here. Plaidh lead, you know, of course.
Ii.-ucla Suilm**! come. nan. We have
lovely linee of each. Better come here
Bouele Cloaktnga (Black only), special
vtiluei, at Ma, UM, and l-V48 a
Black Beaver Cloakings at 1150 ani
50c. Black Diagonal Pulting**. SA In-los
wi.J-. tins -j. ,-: tl it.m goes at 37 l-V ".
Her. y Storm iScrge (Ulai kl, 63 lnch''a,
Bouele Suitings (In Black only!, W Inch, a |
wide, for 31 a y.i;l
Black Astrachan at UM, $.;, and li
r-3-lnch Ladles' Cloth ut 29a.".
Kui y Plaid Pl BBB OflOdq ' T 12 USS,
All-Wool Ptolda, newest effect.*, 48c.
Beautiful l'iai'l DeOSO-OoOlfl, fl dark
and Ugkt colorings, for Ms
A special lot He. All-Wool Novelty
Pres*-.;.'..!*, thia week. Bc.
Fancy Bouele Suitings, ir. Brown, <i eeo,
and Black, for
Bxcluslve Styles end Patterna worth
much more mont ; !??" them.
Imporiid Dreaa-Uooda, nw M, at II a
New arrival*) dilly at this d*j..irtm. nt
The greatest alu. w at ii-o loweet
JEWELRY Dslal* Uttla thimrs in
imi-\v< sterling silver, satiable for
r*ii-.vV3. *taaea gitta Trap after
trav filled with u*"lui things that auy
person, old or fOtUtg, will appreciate.
Sterline I Mart l"r 35c.
Bterllng-8llvt r Nall-Fil r
Sterling-Silver Qloi Hooks, ??"??
Bti rling-8llver Bl imp-Box s, flo
Sterling-Silver Halr-Curlere, $2.31.
Sterling-Silver I'aii- r-Cutters, very large,
R *.
Sterling-Silver Km. iilng-Salts, cut-glass,
Ster ing-Pllver Pocket-Knives, four
I I I'S, tl 19.
Bterltng-Sitver Pocket-Knlves, two
blades, IZc.
BUrltag-Silver Mount 1 Pocket-Comb
uni Case, lac.
8t??rlii-.>---si ver Manicure Scissors. $13.
St-r.liu,-Silx.-r Nail Pollfh-r, $t.M.
Bt. rllng-Sllver Pilpper-Uoni., for fl 25.
st-rling-Hllver Cigar-Cutters for tv..
Seor"! of other Trinkets, suitable for
CLOAK Twice an many (Toaks here a*)
NIPVV-1 *oU'** nn(* m any cltiak-r. oai.
IsBWfla Then, scain, tlis facilities we
hare for proper baying re>:ulat" proper
selling here. A buvet ni tho market eon.
staotlv. who is always ou thu lookout
for cood things.
Ladlee* nod If lase a* Black Bo
large bottona, half aatin-lined, rip
pl..-back, tkla w ? k, H R
Bouele Snort Coats. Block only, half
Mtln-lir.ed. lui ge buiions, a Jiu m-i
nient, for I
A lteiiutlful Short Bouele coat. r|..*,i..
back, half-lltu 1, a lovely gm tiient.
worth IliS", for $10.
PUln Kerrey Short Coats, handsome
pearl button*, piuit.-.i back etrsp*
l ? I HBHII. vslvet ixllars, .Uk Ila I.
voltri fl*), for IliS.w).
LrfinV ?*' Hhoit Coats, caterpillar
large inundollu flleevea, M-oatfl
llnt-'i. velvet oilar, 117.j.j value, JU.
Short Imitation Persian Lamb O ita,
Ktrap Heam~, tn -i n !l***>ves. rlpp e*
back, 3-4-satin-line.l. largs button*.,
y.-ry Ftyllsh, thi* week, HOM
Black Kingle Copes, Boucl
Thibet-edged. r- IB! montello bani,
satln-llneo. $13.50.
? full lino Fur Capes, from $7.*/) to
I ll VI .IK MIMI HKOt '111.MS.
-tlV ?~ '?' ^ -a Ja*
STORE Haw***/ th nu* gat! .
NEW3. thelittl.
wi-rth li?:n?\ I'.-rti** t.i - , ? .M
how cheap good thine-, r in
Unusual line Oent ,
weal '
Teck* and Four . ,
Ger ' lei , ... j
lit- J
for tSt.-^^^^^^^^^^M
Infants' . ll ?
? : ' '? ' i
(Cheap snywhei .
Initial H>.
any li j
i\\ arranted all
Children'* Wh:-.-- an . ,
4-Butti n Kid Ol .
lit. i xv n, ii n" I M
Children'* Fur-T pl
Ladi.-*' Fur-Top I , {
*'''? i
Uti a' F"r-T ip K I i.
"ii- I ,
New Hovell ' ? .
? i
A po.it a of Good Wr
ItatU ir I ' : . ? ,
haii'ile- I"
Be, ?"-? Inch M I - a
K ..tilt Un* .N- v i
Jj' I'i.
for I
r Ui
j... ; ,',?'?? ind
;,.-. ;l VU-ii. ,
Im| roved Sui in l
Beet rnik-Frl led ?;.:??
t vard. a
Beal Fi rgi 1-61 S
.1 J mr I
Knitting-Nee Ilea, for I
Knitting-Cotton, I
l's Ll ' ? ?
Licn?len-p--n'? Heavy "H '
for We.
. i
Geni:--iii-n'- F Ut Bli I
iiler* . fal
3entl*m*n'n Faat-1 1
brig ia Hot
pill J! - .
taino, at : ie t.
Men'* .Shae ; ,
vip :t. |
dentlen en'i Cai tere-Halr ind M
Hoe* at I
Limn Col ar* for Ueni
jenMem'Mi'*" Linen
M,::* Cott >n siiiru. Ike. ones to
weat al
Cryi alltned (Mager, new ete\ per hoi
Ladle*' All-W. "I Vt ? ??? r*. x . ! '
I -
!. X ?'
I H Ik-FrllU 1 t.tti .
rurklih Wash-Raga, 25". n,4ssto;et
: r ? .
lo $1 u. raid; r.ow, to clo** out, *
I , ' 'Fancy U*l< Thre* I ll
I o !.
HOLIDAY Old Rm v ,
a.r-..r_ ? ll '
[\l-.\\ ***-. fat] of ,., -. ? .., , :
ns \n.:it CHft i. bail Ul a i
*took it
wiM ba op'ned tliert.- i-i tl ? r-C f. tr
dav*. Look out Cor I ? an.
D mncf-ruent. in * ? ?. ?
? toll liiif- Fn nt 'i i..... t
c -n China.
TiiAi.imr. k im-- itu m
U is a gainful transaction, to callod because- it product** profit or advantage
B to tho purchaser, borra people are deceived by what they ara led to
\> believe are baigains until they full to had the profit?tho advantage which
I innot there, aud never was. Her rows remembered sweeten present joya,
j but that don't pay back yv.nr wastoti money.
a There ie ao deception here, unless it be that goods aro better than oar j
j claim, lt makes people good-natured to be deemed that way. j
Bo on hand early. Hera's a few of tho many good things that J
await you: J
$7.00. Seven Dollars. $7.00. j
ia the price (MONDAY and TUESDAY ONLY) of the choice of any of the j
BK), $11. snd $12 Suits. Not thu leave-over kind, but the very nowest and I
up-to-date garmeuts. VYe sell 'em under our guarantee?satisfaction or ''
motley returued. t
$11.00. ELEVEN DOLLARS. $11.00..
?, Take the choice of our 8U, $1*>, tl?, nnd> $17 Suite, in Sack or Frock. I
u, You'll find all the new weaves among them, including French Buck aud *
fr, Bonnockburu Worsteds, also English Tweeds. To approciato their worth ',
? you most ace them. ?
I$8.00. OVERCOAT. $8.00
I Not a regular $8 ('oat marked np, but a genuine $12 Overcoat. Your J
| choice of Blue or Black Kersey, Velvet Collar, Burge or Farmers' Satiu-liaed. ?
$12.00. OVERCOAT. $12.00.
They're made of genuine Engliah Kersey, raw or atitched cdae, long,
medium, or short, Matin or Italian-lined. We guaranis* their duplicate
cannot bo had in town for lesa than $20* Thi- above price holds good do
buger thoa Tuesday.
9 1
L707 East Broad Street. \
?*^ .,
& A, PAiTBRSOU, Pii*?n*ST. Ia Z. MORRIS. Vica-PaaaiDB?,
JAMES M. BALL, Casbiek.
corner Eleventh and Main streets,
BURPLUB. 40,000
Bama of 91 aad upwards losartad sail fltnioat allowed,
BiooriASLg raf-sa pncui? a roo. touts mads oh real sst ira.
Otnjn rUllv frota 1) A, M. loBP.af. Saturdays HU 0 P. M. BuTukTb
Don't You Want to Bs Cosey ?
Then buy ouo ot our C<
or Eii'-v-Chair**, in leith r, cw
linroy, btoettelle, <*.'???
Rcniciiihi'i', w<* ni.'ik-' allthii
?* cla.*isof goodi toordt r?l Ol R
OWN FACTO UV, M wal\ bi
Mattri'Hsi-i, Feather-1>- -I*. At?.,
nnd also have th-* Efl
make them cheaper than any oflf eke.
We need Feather***, anil will pay the bigbeei I
price, or give you Furniture in exchange.
Area Glass, ?*,ooo Square Feet. Greeniiouse, Brook Road.
American Beauty Roses.
Plant Decorations.
Palms and Ferns.
101 E. Bra! SM,
Book and Job Printing
Mcatljr Riscatctt mt tum
aUiiepateh -Job Olli<-o

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