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Richmond dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1884-1903, November 24, 1895, Image 6

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Cruise of the Clarence.
- am
How He Carried Terror to
tbe Northern Ports.
Desperate Federal Pursuit
of the Little Rover.
tracuation of Richmond by
the Confederates.
MKOBItttil of tim: Mum
Intrri-atlna aaOSIOSO Heniliitf I pon
1b*- f.nbircl?lliiiinliia tht- Bloibiitle.
Chat with a 'outhrrn 5at.al Ofll
rcr-'orur i;*ililn?- liiflii-?i?
i wi MRU for Bm IBepoteh i
*' On the Ith flap of Ila*/, RSI **?
'lAmerlcnn brig, Gl.r-f.i. I.-, in I fl ita RR
.JP* Jaiwlro to I- ?'?"'' :l 6010*
-of coffee, wi.s caflgnred aS tan Banal of
Brazil by th.- OoofoflSrate States sHomei
jTorid;., Onstnln looa H. BafBtt, .
federate State*, i.ax-y, .01 mtondlng
terian*, Ghuiles v.. Read. Coafederot*
?estates navy, nn a.'.ti.t-r rt tv- Slortdo,
a young MteetOaxtpptan. ..f nearie "J x-ur-,
lined wMS a iiatriotio flevotloo te las
WaVSe Of til- OflOf* d' ?'?' r o ? iia'alx"
i>ropoueu io latta las .??? - ?< ?
crwar or twenty nun. uni piaoeefl ls
lia-niptun Ros fla Va, and taws cot out
o gunboat or steamer, xxith which lt
Brae SM latSalflRI to r> un a rail BSBSttMt
the Fed-rul I SOI t'^d-tiii Matlitt
itrsnted l-la sanaaest" gua- han s Mwltner,
-sith ammunition, and aflUl|NBSnta and
the necer-ary small linn* for a eran 1
twenty men, natl 11?'??? hara
i'.nuci v.u? ;. ?companied by Beoood-AaalBt
ant-Engl'i*' *" E. li. BfOWtl, e-> Ihat, al?
together, ha bad tweoty-oo* men, bsMflfla
Ha immediately ll IBOd bl ??.'?? for
the cape* of lae Chaaapeoka hoy, flriii
liig hi* crew, and prepaxirg them fOf
ths arduous service which wal ? tpectod
ut till-in. Ho also kept ths men bony *?
Snaking wooden guns, os he saOed north*
?ward, to s***aply in. apasoranos what h*
tacked In reality, t
Of the WinvMii 1 Islands he chased *
"*-?veral weeks, l.ut fottsd M ovei
them, on account of the Inferior .-ailing 3
aaalRtes nf Bm Clareaca On the Ith of j
Waua, In latitude M degree*;, *fl rnlntitew. ]
r.orth; longitude 71 degresa tt minute.-., 1
v-.-at, ha captured ai 1 horned the bork 1
Whistling Wtna, of Philadelphia, bound 1
to New Orteona with cool for 1.
Admiral l'anagut'H squadron. This tn 1
?i*l had been Insured ly tl.- United Btatt a 1
Government for U\\Mk\ On UM 7ih ..f 1
June he captured tin- Schooner Alfred H. (
j'artridK*. >'f Ni xv Tork, booad lo M - i
tamera*. Has. A* thia x load- 1
.-.i with urni* and clothing tor citlsenfl
i.f Taxaa tee eastala's bond for UMt
VU taktll as ;t ?guaratit'?? for the OS
lix.-iy a.f the cmg.) 1.) loyal Citl
the OoafOdevste Btotaa ainl She was ni
lowed to pto. .eil a,ti her krarn 1 ?
tho Sth of .lune the brig .Mary Alston.
Irom Bonton to New Oli?Jiq loaded with
.ommissary storca waa captured nod
From'thu prisoners .ind papers of the
"Whistling Wind aad Mary ami.a Read
gained information which COOSlOOSd him
that it would iv taBoweetbte for him
to carry out hi* original Intention, aa no
vessels were allowed to go Into Bampton
?Road* unless they had rappH* *> for Hie
..'tilted Staten Gov. i uni. nt; nial .-.-u
theil they ware clos-ly WStched, The
vessels lying at the- wharf above Fortrers
IMonroe were guard. .1 t . a i 1.ol.oat ani
e.-inn a oa the wharf, whtbR foal aol
Hide of the fort ther-*- wrr t'.xo tinned
boarding BteOmata xv ha li li ipa U d every?
thing entering th.- bay, from -t dug-out
Bo a 1 rtgiite. He then fletl rmincl to a 1 uis*
Winns the coast end try to int
Viun-iport for POftreafl Mono.-, uni With
tier to carry out his orig asl design.
On the morning ot th* 12th Sf line, in
latitude 37 devices, north; longitude! 75
lb Kia-?<*,. IS in 1:11.1 s, xx.-t, i;!nioM ill sight
?-f *.h* .capi-. or the 1 heaopeoke, the
V>ark Tacony. In ballast from Port
?loyal. 8. C, lo Pl .: and tho
flchooner M. A. BMndler, of l'hiludel
l.hia. were eaattuoa. The tatter was |
bumed: but Ri ad, xvho was us full of
SxpeSlenta and roaoUKOa as 1'aul Jones
lilmself, with the QOtoh *y* of a sea
titan, eaw ?t ? gtant ? Lhgl Ibu
Was a t.-'tt. r sailer t' m UM '
}o ha determined to burn the lotter and
aka th* bark, for his porpoBSa He 1m
tnedlately * t to work to tran-I. i- hi?
st un Bntl his small arms to th* Tacony.
Os tittil was enort ,lIU| *?. m/mji almost
lu tl.i presence i-f the eneim*. Any one
familiar with the sea ran appreciate ti..
dlflicultle.*, of such an operation c, tht*
Soiling deeo in a *?oway. While tho
liowltzer was being transferred, a schoon?
er was discovered coming down
b-*for* the wind. As alie wus passing
Blear th* Clarence, a wooden gun was
?polrited at her, and she was commanded
lo heave to, wUch, through fright, she
fdld Immediately. She proved io he the
Oihooner Kate Stewart, of Philadelphia.
IA* Read was then, short of proxlslons.
Olid had over fifty prl-oncrs on board,
?ie determined la bond the Kuti- M -,v
Ort and make a cartel of her. He
?xitided her for the "-tum of B-SSfl liv?
able to the l'renldent of thc Gonf'-aierate
States, thirty days after the ratification
?af a treaty of peace between the Con?
federate States ?nd the United States."
tte then burned the Glarenee, nnd hf, A.
aWilndler, nnd gav* chea* to a brig. win. rt,
proved to be live Arabella, of New York.
?MB vestiel having a neutral cargo on
board, h* bonded her for tfO.OuO.
WP to this tim* the Federal Govern
anent had so knowledg* that Read was
orr the eoa?t d-mircylng the commerce
?1 W* f-ttlcena: but. on th* 13th of June,
fc.5i!iV dn.d*y' of ,he l*r-t Tacony,
???.--"? ,'"u'*d f,'?*'' -he cartel Kat*
tart ?-.,, ?" .""' *** or Nt,w' ****y
SSL ikJr*ln. ,w v'h,,"1^I'''!*. ind. sr
thtr?**?! ?* " P M * *-*n>?rted that
th.r* was a pimu, ofr u ?
ft 522 WThh ?? ?*?? wune^the
out veflMia m pursuit of the "pi?te*^S
?nay t-e wii to explain hare thsMM. wm
th. ,en*rlc name used by Um rllet"
Government and Ka eltl*e,? tor a,~"~
r<der?te cnil*>wa n waa a nu8B0ln;"
for a pirate I* hestia huroani wnerta!
whUe the Gonfederates only road* wi7 w
th* Unit**! M*tes Oovernment aud lt*
rttlien*. Jlowsver. lt mattera little what
ooo sall your tami ie* in vmr-Uma so'
that you do not treat them when they
f*ll Into your hand* according to ihe
bard names you call them.
Nothing Illustrate* better the power ind
gSiigdlj re*ourcea of the United Btstes
fiovetinrii nt ll tilla time nnd the msg
nillcent discipline ot th* Navy Depart?
ment than the fact that. notwithstanding
Ikey v. er* blorh?dlng with an. iron cor?
don a roust of MOS mil's, snd occupying
the inland river* to the extent of 5,000
miles, and had twei.ty-r.ve cruiser* In
?-'arch cf the Confederate uti amer* Ala?
bama sni Florida, in Msg Mian thies
days from Ihe reception cf ihe news
at the appearance of the Ciarcnce-Taiony
on tho -Met there afore thirty-two armed
rasseli oul on the high seal la search
af her. Four left Hampton Road* cn
tho Unlit ol Jun* litth; liv* left New York
on the niornin- of the nth. nnd th* re
inalniita ttventy-tliree got eat from Ros
toa, Na? Vt rh. Philadelphia, and Hamp?
ton Hmm on the l&'h SSA l.th; and In
thr next ten tlaya (till June 20th) there
were fifteen moie feeggg, srnt out after
bot iii oPeflliPci t" tho urgent appeals,
petitions, ami (tumor* of the UgaSfB,
underwriter*1, sud chamber* of Commerce
of th* varteue ssaeeard dtles alegg the
northern coast, WbO I - tattara n S VtM I"
lng destroyed.
To underatsnd fully tin- almost panic
(?fleet In these cities, lt inl.nht lie wet*
lo say that they had been comparatively
free from -u<*h a visitation to close at
dome fur about two your'-; BOt StSM thc
***lvaleer Jeffarsoa Davis was oft tim
?oast, i:it lately itueers had beea
tkrsattniag aa attack ea Ute Ken flag?
land seaat by tke Uaaaasa and Florida.
Muiro-.tr, this I'fri'd was tke climax
jf the Confederacy, ii v..ia straining
veery Bsrvs i:i em Brand iffort Btone*
*-nii 'ackson bad mu Es lui lei t, bul tait a*
lid iiiur' i, around Hooker's tight flank
u Chancellorsville, doobHng klan up, and
leavlag him kars do oemhat, and Oma
-..1 I ". with his VkrtorlOUS lOglOBS, xx , ?
marching triumphantly imo Pennsylvania.'
rho ironclad Atlsnta bad baan sm eal
fran tfatann.fi. Qa., with I vn-tv t't
raising i bs I ?? ind matting I raid
? ii thf- aortkara cities, and demon ira
lions wire being nedi In ratlooa dirac
lions to tighten tba IsaaloB and prevent
reinforcements front being drawn nfl tc
ippose i.tt'? adv.
No wonder, then, that affairs looked
, ; I . a x. and tbal Um pul*.* of
tbi Bortbern cltlei beat a nee illy.
Meantime, ike Tacony ptayad havoc
ilona ,r:*' seaat. Oa Iks litk nt lassa, k*
latltnds ..t degrei.. fl minutes north,
iittigituiie 79 degrees, H minutes weet, ski
captured and boned Um brig empire.
rom Cardenas lo Booton, louded wltb
ugar uii'i molasses, on tba sotb, in tatt
lode ti xi- free . 66 minutes weeli and
oagttnds fl eagre*. . fl mUrat-ea wt t,
Im captured the Bas packst-ahlp Ison
rVekh, -'rom Liverpool lo Kew York, arith
IM pesei pagan; an l ike Baking ockoonn
Mieawaer. Tba latter gas barged, bul
Head being gnabls to dlspoet of tin
ar_e number ot pi I the Webb,
ike wai bandi i fer HSJMA and seat in
it .i i.niel to New Yotk. On the 21st,
n latltnds ii degrets aim li. longitude Cy
legree! io minutes west, the Tacony
natured aad boned ike clipper bhtp
lyzantiun, londcd with OOal, ami the
i.i rk Coudspeed, In ballast. On tke Mt
bt pSeklng-acfcoonM r* Marengo, Florence,
'Elizabeth Ann, RttfOS Choat", and Ripple
vere captured, and nil burn'-l, i kci pl the
-"terence, which, being an old I
um bended and sent tn as a cartel with
b\t-nty-iive prisoners.
Oa "?-? sams day ijum- ltd) iifws el Um
rapture of tho Isaac Webb reached New
Fork, anj another wall want up along the
in? for protection. Banator Morgan, of
Sew York, on the Ad Of June, at the
I Of the KOW Yolk Harbor and
t-'rontier-Defence Commission, wrote te
Ike Bscretary of tke Navy, reqa
that "Ironclads night bs pi..irf-i for de
rending tbs harbor t'r New York." "Om
be sal l, ? . re am ? y al Um
toldnesi pf tba r i they win
iot rest much longer witt..mt efforts foi
nore s I quats protection fur this harbor.
>n tiie 22d Inatan! l wrote you in rs*
atlon to ike frig-ita Raaaohe, and .hops
? i ? r thal ski eau new be spared i?.r
tke lb fem t* of tho port of New York."
nt of tin? Chamber of Com
i.p i i af New Teak, in writing te the
leora tory t.f the Navy eg lbs mum r-ub
(?vt, nu'd: "It may not bf a m. ins to state
that tkl war premium alone on Ameri?
can vessel*, carrying valuable cargoes ag*
eet-ilK the whole freight In neutral bot
toma.** Governor Andrew, of Mssaatha
"(tts, wrote: "i nm receiving reprsaaa
tottens tally, both onl and written, from
towt,* and cities along the MasailhllSalll
const, pt-tiln~ forth their defenceless con?
dition." The wealthy and patriotic cltl
?ssm of Beaten ettarsd to sand out private
reseals at their own rapanea In search of
fhe "i-lrate," if they COOM obtain gani
fr..m tke aavy-yai? i. Mayer cranston, of
Newport, it. I. telegrapked on June Stk:
"A rebel ptiate, supposed to be the Ts
cony, eOetroyed several Bsfclng veaeeli
outatde our i..-:i ?. yeeterday. IVIU you
not give ns un armed st samari1 our
harbor ls OM of the most Important of
tho coast." To all HMOS ind Other press
lag calls for kelp the Navy lJepartment
pTOeponded with a willing hand; offerltir
to the merchants arms an 1' ntliccr* for
any vaasel which they might wish te
ht*nd oul, nnd otdertBg tho commandants
of tiie yard* to "Charter moro Steamers
ami send tin m a,ter the Tacony,"
until hy Ike Mik of June there were
forty-seven armed vessels scouring Die
nt is in every illrection for this bold lillie
rover, liven the practice-ships from thf
Naval Academy, with tho midshipmen
aboard, w'-re sent out. Many of these
vaaaels orosai i and rseresael her track,
and pome are said to have passed close
to her in the night, while other* were
leveral limes only separated from her
by a fop. tut none were fortunate enough
to find i*.? r.
Htill the Tacony pursued her career
unharmed With iilnip>st every new sag*
tme l: ld learned throuuh the news?
paper* on board of the great number of
?/easels that were after him. but this did
no: stem to annoy him, for he appears
t'p have fall iv revelled Iii his career of
destruction. On th" Z'A of June he de?
stroyed two Ashing schooners. On the
Mth the ship Bhatemuc, from Liverpool
to Boston with a large number of emi?
grants, was captured and bonded for
pJUO.OOO. The same night tho schooner
Arther was captured. As by this time
li ? lxiii m that the enemy hail I lull de?
scription Of Ihe Tacony, Rc,ip1 now
thought that lt was about time to change
the rig and appearance of hi* vessel, In
order to uvold suspicion ami detection,
so he tleeiroyed the bark Taoogy on the
25th of June, and with the schooner
Archer proceeded along up the coast,
with the view of burning the -hipping
in nome exposed harbor, or of cutting out
a steamer. The morning of the 2<ith of
Juno found him off Portland, Me, where
he picked up two fishermen, who, taking
them for a pleasure party, willingly con?
tented to pilot them Into Portland.
From the fishermen he learned that th*
revenue cutter t'aleb Cushlng was in
the harbor, and the passenger steamer
to New York, a .-staunch, swift propeller,
would remain In Portland during the
night. He at once determined to setr.e
the cutter uni steamer that night, and
at sunset entered the harbor and an?
chored In full view of the shipping, in
the innocent guido of a flshsrmsa. Little
did the fair city of Portland dream of
the excitement and commotion bi store
for lt tbe next day. He explained to his
mon what be expected to do after derk,
but bis engineer expressed hts doubts
as to hie sbUlty to start tbe engine** of
the steamer proposed to be captured,
without the assistance of another en?
gineer, and as tbe nights were very ebort,
lt wss evident that If they failed to get
the steamer under way, after walting to
get up steam, tbsy could not get clear of
the fort* at tke entrance of tbs harbor
without being discovered. Under these
clroun?dances ha decided to cant ure tbe
revenue cutter, and after getting from
under tbe forts to return and burn thi
At IM A. M. June 27th. having die
patched the acaeeatr ArUitr U peg
?lt*i three mea ea board. *? <*V*'))
boarded the cutter Caleb Coalling, com?
manded by Lieutenant Dudley ^"W*
0f the I'nlted Htet-a Revenue Mer ne
Service, with two boats cot-talnlng nine?
teen men. who. ins-ant ly presenting re?
volvers io the heeda of the watch on
deck, captured her Without noise or _J*
sistnnee. The cable could not be sllpprd,
so lt wis 2 r/dock before he could get
under wey. Dy this time the wind wa*
very light snd the tide was running In.
In this emergency, having put the cut?
ter's officers and crew In Irons, he put
two boats out ahead with his own men
to tow her, snd surceed*d In getting
lust hevond the rang* of ??"? ""una of the
forts aa day dawned. Of course, lt was
now too late to return and burn the
shipping, so he .1". id'tl to put to sea and
abide h's time.
Ity 9 o'rlock A M. 'he new* waa spread
abroad in the etty cf Portland that the
cutter had been capture.!. TMn collector
of the port. Jedediah Jowett, immediately
made preparations for pursuit. lie sent
B* ? i i_-rr.a to Major Andrews. Beven
tet-nth Knited Mata* Regular*, com?
manding Fort Preble, for guns and men.
mil io Colonel Mason, commanding
the Seventh Milne Volunteers. at
Camp Lincoln, for men to be ready to
embark In steamer, st once. With areal
prompfnew: be chartered the fine, large
H'eamers Forest City and Chesapeake,
and a small st. am tue. The Chesapeake
took on board fifty bale* of colten aa
barrtcedto, tara bra*, e-poun.ier guns.
the greater portion of Beveotb Regiment.
Mabie Volunteers. and fifty citi?
zens volunteers, who had armed them?
selves and repaired on board. The Forc-.t
City took on board, be.Vie her reaub.r
crew. Lieutenant. Merrymnn and rich?
ardson, of the Cnlti I Staten RSfSatt* BOT*
vice nnd fourteen ara man betonglnfl to
tho Caleb c.'shlniT. Who happened to
be Sflhftta that nigiit. three officem. gad
thirty-eight men. with ene. s-poo nd er
and one l2-poui:der howitzer, and forty
armed volunteer citizens. Thia formida?
ble army was ready and under wi f ii.
the Incredibly short time -rf mi" hour.
Tl .;,- stood out tn S'-a In pursuit, the
For-st C'tv ot'.d tug ?on;e dlstatce in
advance. About fifteen mlMS ' 8 tb"
coast ttiev dlseovered tbs cotter and
Immediately stood for her.
The Caleb Cashing had one tt-pooaSer
r.n' .."io la-poondor howttnsc on board
nnd when Read BBW IV" three steamers
n "ti him h* hm a xx bal waa
np. and . ea.inn- iv? little \Basel I
lion. j.'?? | ..-I to cjxo Gani a varna re?
ception. When th* leading fltesmer, the
Foret c.iv, arrived xx. vin ah ui lan
Bf him, b- drop) -.i a i
Be pounder shot within s f->x- f ?' I '
her. Approaching -still near r, another
snot dropped j-ti 11 rinser to her. \ I I
somewhat dampened the ardoi
captala --ind the slttten volonteers, wh"
hnd come out ss If for ? frill.', and
conBlderlng discretion th" better pail of
valor, Gie captain put bis ve-vl Bbfl ll
and battled off out of ranee, to walt for
the co-operation of the Ch peeks, ll
ls but Just to state that oft! < rs and
Soldi i- Wert anxious to continue on
ani inn til** cutter flown, but ths ye. u
mnlated a lviee and dlfltolnted oommeata
of the bewildered ettlxeoa ead the f-*ar
for the safety of Ms VeSOSl ?ere '. o
much for her captain, and be pot ja.,
al ..' Wbsn v.- mei tbs Chesaneahc
they bold Bdl Of WOr, aad again
hi ,< ?? i tor *i a Coahlna wltl. tv.- Inten?
tion of running her Ootrn. Coonil | Arith
lu rottge, ROS I nguiu opened lire
on thcj.i Sttd fired three shott. bal Ul*
fortunately for Vim ul thlfl Hine. V
munition (all he could find) gave ont,
and his prisoners would n .t it ; bim
where the nmininitlon was Stowed
'nure were RB poonda ol i ??'? : ., i
Bloats solid shot f.-r the B-pouodei > n
BS boar.!, lind he found till*., there WOllld
have hean rome warm work bf: re the
day wai ..vt r. Thal he .lil not make
this hi.s first search When coming cn
boord wss very singular, uni cannot be
accounted for >.'i inv ground, except
thal bs bad bm b und. r aoeh a ??-vere
nervous strain for the laat few week*
t>*a' h? v.-as a'mo.i BtttlrelS eshfl
Heein< that there waa no further ehan.-e
for )i;ni. in so unequal a conies*., noxv.
ha ttetorUMl **, u. ternMned nov to 1-1
IV - .utter be ri apiured, and delibt
s-t to work to destroy her, f.rs-i pntUfl
in a I '.it, c I'.I 11,:
iii- ni tba ki > i to t!i> lr lions, so that Un y
could rel"ase themselves. Tho tow well
directed shot.- bad mad* the stsasaers
ca uv 1 j us ul....it Bp preaching him v.-ry
rajil liv, BO '?<* 1 .1 I at.iplt* time to set RM
cutter ..ii lire fue and aft, and then to- li
to his boats. The coolness and delibera
tlon ..;' this net are worthy or the highest
pralsn In a nival officer. As goan ns they
had I-ft the cutter, the Sames burst from
BOT in ninny pin.'-, ami the Bl BB mai I
WOffS afraid to approach her, fearing UM
explosion of her BMgeaUM, Th. v, h..-.-,
ev.-r, bore down on Head in his boat*.
Bad, as fin tiler leaUtanee BO Bil i lil
xv as now usfi'cs, he surrendered himself
and ;arty us prisoners of war. After
picking up Lieutenant Davenpoi t and lils
crew they thea stood out lo tea a lit" I
farther, and captured the schooner
Archer, which only had three men on har.
The cottar blew ap about tt o'clock. Thu?
ended thu cruise of th? Clarence-Tacuy
Ar> her. Read und his gallant little band
were lattas back lo Fortland, where the
excitement wn9 terrific, and put Iii
prison. Major Andrews, In miking hu
report Of their affair, said: "You tan
! .un but a faint Idea of the excitement
noxv SShRlttfl among the citizens of Fort?
land and vicinity. Humor folloxx-i rumor
in rapid succession, and Just before day
lo i.t Oils morning f.Iune 25th) some one
from the vicinity of th* po^t went to
the city with a fresh rumor, willett SSI
the whola city In a ferment. Th. baUa
wetei rung, and men, women, and chil?
dren soon lilied the stre-t*, and were
I hither and thither In aimless
fright 1 xx. ucl respectfully suggest tint
the prisoners be sent from here as quietly
and exp dltloiiMly as possible, as I do not
think lt safe for them to be placid In tin
La tody of the cltlzenn."
Lieu.enant Read, in a letter written
from Fort Warren to the Confederat
Secretary of the Navy, say.s: "An- all out
clothing xv... distributed as relics to UM
Of Fortland, I beg that you will.
ii i *-ible, rOHSfl to .Vsalstant-Payiua: ter
Rama I sufficient sum of money to pur?
ni! mea a change of clothing "
Such ls war. and men who enter Into lt
must taite the coiise.iuences. Reud and his
craw xveie k.pt tn prison for a little over
S roar, when they wire exchanged as
prl aneri ... war.
The lessons ta be drawn from -.hi-, lit?
tle episode of the war on the rea. are
many and valuable, not only to thc nasal
officer, but to the country st lan.
especluliy to those members of OottflraSS
who oppose- an increase in 'the navy and
never : top to think that the commerce of
the nation ls tha life of the nation, ann
that the detfiructlon of that commerce ts
the clipping of the arteries of its wealth.
That one smalt vessel, with twenty-two
?Ott and one gun. and a sailing-vessel
at that, should have cieatad such havoc
and ti?nsiernatlon In ths dny? of steam,
whilst forty-seven vessels onostly nt, am?
er.-) were *courlng the seas In search of
her, is enough to mske old Virgil rise
up from his ashes and exclaim, ""Mirabile
dictii""" but what could a modern fas*i
cruiser, of twenty-five knots, commantjea
by a resolute officer, and accompanied by
a fast s. pp].-, -v. mel, do on our defence?
less coajt? And how are we prepared
for such an emergency tn case of war
with a maritime nation? Theta subjects I
leave to the consideration of those who
hav* tha lighting to do. and those who
hav* to provide the flrhting-machlnes.
Sufficient la lt to say that th* country
which has such officers a* th* commander
of thr Clarence-Tacony-Arener to depend
on will not lean upon broken reeds.
Chief Clerk, Office Naval War-Record*.
Washington. D. C.
Inlerestln*; C.iiimaalritloai Bear
Ian era tka SabJ***t.
RICHMOND, VA., November ll, IMS.
To tb* Editor ot tb* Dispatch:
Som* months ago, st your requeat, I
made you s statement, which wa* pub?
lish--*!, a* to the origin sf the Richmond
Are of the Ird of April, USS, baaed upon
Judicial records In the great Insurance
litigation walsh ensued, i observed In
your last Friday's Mau* an affidavit of
th* Ute Mr. Jam** A. Scott, filed in
Vial'* afeeciitot -aa. Tbe Mutual Ajsu*
litigation. IA which interesting facts wrre
given n-specilnif tho ixAiUllSfMOi of the
memorable ot-tt,*.or. To-day. In looking
over wm* nld p*n*sra in my office for
another purpose. I eenie scross several
letters that wore written to me et the
Um* I wes msklng investigations, s*
t-ounael of the hsssned, f"r reliable In?
formation upon Iks . object and which
were intended to be ueed. If necessary,
in the litigation am',*** deposition*
*hould be required), but which I had no
need to uee. nineo every fact touchlm*
the matter ought to tm preserved, aa
part of the history of tho great disaster
and of the fall Of the Confederate capi?
tal, and these letters *"em to me* ta
be of particular Interest and value, 1
send them to you. Th<* first ls fleas
Colonel John "Wilder Atkinson, of BM
Confederate artillery, who wa* statlone.l
near Chaffin'* Hluff. ani on the retreat
agproaeked Richmond early on th*
morning of the Xi.l of Anrll, and flaw
th* fire from a distance that lent sub-*
limlty to the view, without th* terror?
of the scene. A* is well-known, he wa
before the war a prominent SttlUSU of
Richmond, nnd ?inte tho war, has Melded
ir Wilmington. N. C. Puring the war
a more gallant, and, for a civilian, a more
featly tiiHtins'ii-hed confederate officer,
was scarcely known. If a pleasing r.mj
Inlscence of hi* life In Richmond miy
be recalled the marriage last e-vening
at St. Paul's church of hi- high!)?- -
teemed non, John Wilder Atkinson, Jr,
to one of Richmond's Jewels reminds nie
Of the brilliant occasion of his own
marriage, forty yem* ago, to UM lovely
and charming Mis* fl, A. Wayo, sister
of Mr. ivter H. Mayo, snd daughter af
Mr. floger! a. Mayat ieeeaaea. at arfclcb
I remember that my lamented frier
Marmattulte Johnson, anil myself, thou
young barristers, were |f004Bsm< n, anti
the fashion and beauty, from f.tr ani
near, were assembled, amid pflowers and
sparkling jet* d'enu 'ii Cologna, in tko
famous old family mintl'in, Powhatan
(balow the rityi, radiantly l!lumlnate?l
fir tha event. Hy contrast, lt wis hi?
destiny some tin yrnr* after, at no
Krej.t dlatancs from that historic place,
and bttaatedlately nero** the Jame* river.
te wltne** a etd and awful, hut more
(pltndld Uluminutton. The doaertptlon is
e<|i-ally graphic and tourhlng of h!?
loni mi'inight retreat from the con?
federate line*, without pike knowledi ? ot
t!i? Federal eommamler. In direct front,
sad iii* torten eoeoeeck, smM deafen
lng xplnsiotifl of wrecked war vi iola, to
tho suhMaM - rn* l.?? ls of b .iali ,? Rich
mend, that, Ilka Mflton'i m ending iun,
"Kiamed In the forehand of de morning
Here ls th* letter]
WIl.MINl.Ti-N. fl. Ci Oct. 25, Mt
Te John Howard, pBsu.1
My Dear mr.?I received your letter of
Ihe Sd in. lint this "norning,
Poe Mvoral moothi prior to the re
tltement ?-f Oeneral Imo't army from
tb- defences aronad Petersbura thnt por
tlon of tiie command to which I eras
Inmediately attacked under Oeneral C.
w. C, I.--, a 11 ?? itioacd at Ckafkn'i,
I/luff. In front of anil only a fl m hundred
yards from i"*..rt Harri*' n I commai I*
Sd nt the ttms two Pf the V'rcll I
Ulil ir.n of artillery, belr-a* then Heutetl
ant e.-ilone! of artillery, un Sun?
day night. April ?_'. UH, under
ta-deii ti ii t;> oeral 0< v. i?
Lee, l .;:???.,? in mv r . ? ptckel gu ird
and senUneli as quietly as poeslbls, sad
(efl mir lines ai. i.ii midnight, ai I wltb
tke real lu... of Costal Lett Division
p -in the nie?lorable retreat.
Our inevenMnl lm-i beea so entally sf*
I that I run s*ure the enemv fl ? I
BO ilf-a of what waa going on, and cer?
tainly made no d monotntton of pursu?
ing; and i was afterwards Informed hy
'i ?? pf i'i" V.ii.Ix.e (.(Drer* ital
at Tort Barrlaoa that tho wttkdnwal
of mj i'.'1' i i was not dlecovered by Q
era! Wetael unUI toeorted at or al
daylight Monday morning, April ld. Our
??nts wen all, by Custls pLoo'i order,
lefi Handing, ad dur puna were not
I removed from the embrasure*.
Per tiia convenience of tiananortattos
a pontoon bte'i;-- 1 a.l previously been
tkraara scross thi rivet it n rn mt ke*
twaea Chafnn'd Muff and Richmonil
iiut not far from our carno. Custls Lee>
Dlvietea pip..--ei npog tiii- bri-ige, and
I 1..' him I rt th" south s! Io of UM
.r..me.--, several mfl< In the direction of
Just bef'ire daylight on
Mond iv m ming ire pol in Bight of hum?
ing Richmond, and aimo-t itmultanei us
ly with our aUeoovery that Richmond
eras burning aro began to hear ti i
ri of explodions on the river, which
I been caused by the blowing up of
the Confedemte stsamera Tammin en
..i.i Athena Tksas were not Ironclads.
I have m.) doubt that these espl
Prat announeed to General Wetasl tho
withdrawal of tko Confedents forces
fiein his front, mid the pnrpoOOd BUT*
rend?e of Richmond.
A *t ene more awful, and at the pSBBM
i nie aublln.e, I never witnessed certain?
ly, or even conceive,I, than that pre
? i.ft a bv the burning of the Confede?
rate <.upltal in tho distance, rendered,
of coui*e, the more impressive by the
SKptoelOlM on the river not far distant,
which almost deafened us. It ls a scene
I r-hull nf?ver forget.
Of course thfv* explosion* were
causeri ny oUr own offers, who In aban
!f i.li lg th-ae vessels hal th-m blown
IB to ivold the poiwlhlllty of th'-ir beti |
Of service te the enemy.
I thin* I have answered above your
si ver_i t-Mjutriea. .wklck it pyatlfles me
to do, ani pow remain, inly vour
frlsnd, john WILDER ATKINPON,
I'lirmer lieutenant-colonel Confederate
Hwte* artillery.
ft should nut I-- fimlttel te stat*, what
ls too little km.wu, that upon ni pi-mctilng
Ike etty, Ikea ta c*>at1agratten, 0
vVsttel revoSBOd Ihe negro brigade, then
in advance, and placed lt In the rear, in
? le the footings of the citizens,
and tn avoid confoct; and thnt he prompt?
ly ;ipMre.*-s-cd bia whole com-ftand to the
*rrc*t and extinguishment of the fire,
v idell was thereby effected, an I the whole
city saved from lmmedlat- petti of ie*
?truetton. Too much credit uml grati?
tude canuot be accorded in hon-ir of such
wis--, considerate, and BOMl c.m.'uet.
Tko following letter wns from Colonel
IT. T. Robins, a gallant and meritorious
ifflcer of the fonr-i. rat.- cavalry, then
-pf Oleneeetar, but now a dttsn of Rh b
oi?L'CESTi-::t COI aTHOOflfl,
Ke!,.-ii,iry u, ir;s.
My r>?ar Fir: Your favor <-.' Um 11th of
i'i bm.ny uached ma in due co,ii -e ,,?
mall. In reply to your Inquiry as lo the
buming of lUckmond in i-x..j, on the day
of the evacuation. I can only give you the
pfoUewtng statement:
My regiment crossed the river from
Richmond to Manchester about I A. M.,
?I well as I can remember, after the
apan of Ifaye'l bridge over tim canal WM
lircd. 1 ' malned In Manchester so-.ne
time Bl? M ra -nix.-, but Jugt how long i
cannot .*., r rsSBSmber. However, I do re?
number neting the bee on the Richmond
?Ide, and that quite a high wind was pre?
vailing nt the time, blowing from the
river In the direction of the city. I re?
member having feared, In observing the
lire with the effect of th* high wind upon
a, that the whole city would be con?
sumed. The flames *ere spreading noi In?
ward, faiiiie-l by th* wind, up Into the
heart of the city. My position on the
Mam hester side wa* on elevated ground,
which enabled me to observe perfectly
that part of Richmond burning at that
1 have the honor to remain
Very truly your obedient servant.
John Howard. Esq.
Here th* strong clement of the
Intervening wind in the extension
Of Uie Are, so much insisted
upsn by ms in ail tbs litigation as
the proximate and legal cause of the In?
sured l*3aea, a^aln appears, and I am re?
minded of a quotation I made tn my ar?
gument tn the Gras?ie Insurance case In
the l-Xiprara* Court of tb* United States,
from Virgil's vivid description of the en?
trance of tbe Ore. lc* Into "burning Troy."
as tbe Federal troops into Richmond, and
the extension of tbe Are by the same
-I rn-ant Danit, st tectum omne tene
lillee** ignis edax manu ad faetigia vento
Volvltur; exsuperant namma*, furltieitus
sd auras.
In rushed ths Ofoeks and held the
place: on high
Born* ey the wind. In sheeted flekee of
Hulled on the conflagration to the stars.
X he last letter, to whick I have above
referred, waa from the War Department
of the Knited States. In response to in?
quiries made by me In s persons! Inter?
view with the Adjutant-General.
War Deportment,
Adjutant General'* Office.
Washington, May tl. 1*7?.
John Howard. Vito.., Attorney et Law.
Richmond, Ss.:
Slr.-Referring to your Inquiry or the
2lst instant. I have respectfully to In?
form you that Bo record can be found
in this office of any order* Issued by the
Government of the t'tiitel States direct
lng oommunder* tn the tteld to eelae to?
be. ;co belonging to edheronta of thc
lt appears, however, of record that on
the Ith of March, 1S6.'., General Grunt
directed Colonel S. H. Roberts, com?
manding a brigade of the Twenty-fourth
Army Corps, to proceed with his brlftsdl
to the vicinity of Frederlokeburg. Vu,
for the purpose of seising or flaatroyins
wherever found all propeHy being us. d
In barter for unauthorised articles af
trade between th<? rebels sud northern
cities, and to break up th* contraband
trado carried on between lil
burg snd Richmond.
fnder th.-ce instruction*. Colonel
Roberts captured mid destroyed a large
quantity of Ml 'co. Including some ?*i
cases of that article, which wc re brought
in and turned over to the quartermaster's
department, st Fort Monro", Va. Very
respectfully, your obedient servant.
This communication ls important, a.
?hoWIng that th-re never was, ts point
of fact, any necessity for the destruc?
tion of the Richmond tobacco, and lt
fully ho olds with tho statement of Mr.
james a. Scott, an excellent mea and
xx'll-known tobacconist, shove BMtttloni V
which in ? ff ec t waa thnt 00 Interference
was made by tao federal fjosernmont
at or after the capture of Richmond
with the tobacco ondeetroyed, hi t that, .ri
the contrary, lt wns permitted to remain
in the banda nf IM ow nora and lo be
disposed Of by nala and shlpmeht abroad,
a. before tho war, and na If no war had
I mal, and eaOSOUVS cause, causa
BOttsaaS Of thS destruction of the I
In tba il;. V ... nd warehouse* by Ure,
fOff Which combuattbla materials had ho?
ad i' ? 'i ' av fuliv prepared, was
nn unwise net of the Confederate Con
greea requiring commandera in the ii. ii
to .ie.trev BOCTh property upon th* Im
mtneat daonsr of it* falling int. Um
i a Ul of nv. As shown in my
previous t mmunlcstloa, above r* fem 1
to, lt was in obedience to that act that
Generil Lee Issued or.hrs under which
tho f. lacer, was burned, and the Confede*
. rite Oonflresa wa* nlonn responsible for
the fatal mtstake. Yours truly.
nr\sri\t. the blockade.
Oooil tVar-Tlnif Morie, by an Old
C. a. A. I'Dittmiuttlrr,
(G livston Dally New*. )
A reporter spent an evening recently
with Commander John c. Hraln. who
flfttdtttttOfl frOBt the naval academy, and
i-i lated distinguished service In the
'". BfSflsmtS States navy.
" ?Hloekade running," said he, "is a
. If ia attended with great risks
Sttd tiangCM, but when properly Bodied
Il may he operated with absolute bs Ol
and ooaaparaUva Bofety, I iieur it said
in the-"e times that biOChttflflS cannot be
run nov.- on account of the search light,
bit I con run S blockade now, I would
get a Marah ii*.m. loo. wmio it ii tra*
that tho number of reese!* la a fleet is
known 'o inch in the cordon, the lo atlon
and position of nacl al ll tia ? is not
known, and for that reason, the uncer?
tainty ihat WOOld SUriOtiafl Gie Identity
of a bli bads i miner carrying u
light would give i,tr an advaotaga aad
an opportunity to roach a point of '
? she v :'? discovered.
i: .rnious profits were milo durlrg
i'..-. late war by Meokads running by
both prlvaM partlea and corporations.
Th? only ports af the Confederacy f r
running c ? were Cohn it m.
Tex., Mobile, Ala., t'harl.iston, S. tv,
and Wilmington, N. C. The latter was
the principal port, for the reason that lt
r. is nu re icceflMble, it having txvo chan?
nels leading into thc* port?the new nial
o'.d lr.!, la Tb* Old inlet, being the south?
ern entrance, was guarded by Fort ?'BO
Wad an 1 Fcrt Fisher. The new inlet
fi.m tn" north was guarded only by
Fort Fisher and a small batt.-rv aa
land. Roth of thee* Inlets Mad into Cape
WOOM river, on which is situated tl.-j
..iv of Wilmington, "worro miles from its
mouth. On tho coast on each side of tbs
Inlet flying Latteries of artillery, com
B laded by Colonel T.amb, Confederate
States army, were kept patrolling the
Bt Bight time to protect any block
S le runner that mlsht have to ba run
ashore to ke--p her from falling Into the
hands of the enemy. The3e batteries dd
rois il.lo Si rvlces.
"Notwlthst in-ilng the Federal Govern?
ment did all In Its power to effectually
s...u gp or l.o.k.ob this port, lt having at
ono tlmo neatly MS reseals In the block?
ading squadron, lu one night twelve ves?
sels forced the blockade successfully and
entered the port. Fourteen attempted to
tffect entrance, but two were capture 1.
Theos x. bbM nara Boded wi;ti provis?
ions, randa al store., arms, and monitions
r for tho Confederate Government.
"The Inducement for running the block?
ade was the enormous vaVi ? of cotton, lt
.being bought In the Confederacy for 25
and BJ OflatS a pound In gol I. or Its flOttf***
alent, and sold outside for fl.60 to ll.SO
per pound; consequently thr- profits were
enormous, even if tho risks Were great.
Most of the hloekade running was tiona
by corporations. .Vntong the largest of
[Od In the huslnes*. w - Um
? ? c.mi any, of Charleston, BL C., who
awned tts famous blockade runner Cy.
rene. Bb* mn the blockade thirty-two
times In aid OOt of Charleston, H. c.
Wh c. CbOrtOSton was evacuated sho wa*
V lng al b.r wharf there, and her owners
burned lu r r.-.ther thoa allow her to fall
int.. tbs httadS Of UM emmy. The t'on
f. .leran* Govetnm nt BWttOd several block*
lo repl nish tho aaa-*
ply atora-, aad oleo SSVOraJ states own. i
blockade runnels, among them Virginia
aad Barth Carolina, TO gtvooa idea how
quickly these .-lops w.re conatmeteS un
order could lo given to a Bhlpbollder cn
tho Mersey or clyde for a nhip coating
from I0MM t,. 00,101 sterling-, BBJiBS ta
fl s anchored in
the. river ready for n c atsty days after
the contract:; were signed. These vessels
were light drought, r-quiring not orsr '*
feet of xx.G.r, au 1 hal a speed . f fifteen
:'.een knots an hour. Ar r comple?
tion the vessel was CMttrod from Liver?
pool or tba Clyd* for tl..- port of Nassau
or ."t. George, Rermuda. When
rived tn port her tot. hamper was tatton
down and the blockade-running crew at
once shipped. The captain was paid the
enormous h.k.s of R iaa) in froid and I'.,Ott)
In CoafederatO money. The pilot wad
paid *i,'W in gold, and the chief engineer
waa paid the same; the first assistant.
$:..|i; aa geed, Ihlld, and fourth engineer*..
f.iAJO each per voyage. Ono voyage per
month was made, each being made in the
dark of th" moon. Seamen and BroOMO
were paid f.'V a month, flOO on signing
shipping articles, th** balance on return
of ship to port. Officers were pnlfl on
return of ship to port. The leadsman was
paid IMO a month. Ills service* were re?
quired only when the ship waa coming
In or going out of port. The signal officer
waa paid the same.
"Tho amp being fully prepared, having
been paint**! a leaden color, so aa not
| <? (0 i
to he dlltlngulshed In the dark, and has -
Ing taken In ber sargo. i*pr In wain
cargo, conflating of bacon, provision*.
pb?-If ad. botler-lron. medl< al *tor?*. sud
munitions of war, she at once cleared for
Hslifax. N*. a All the** bio, k
aiie-runner* hal English r*gl?*-M- and
Kngllsh eoloi-*. <>-a lng ts her Majesty *
proclamation of April. VM, IbrWddlag
lier subject* to engage In a talstlnx elth- t
Bid* dining the rite unpleasant!!* mh.
-lill*. \ nen they ihhp1<* the ml*.
take of intering me port ot Wilmlngi.
Instead af Halifax, and running UM
blockade. Violated Hull l'-g1*tere, snd.
ip.i- piently, on th* return voyage, had
to get out * new igaMnWt
"All the veoaebk HW property of the
Confederate lloiarniBiat. tere register.- I
?* the prop-rty f>f pTiaOfll, Trenholm &?
t'p>, livt -pool, Ens . th p.o.
anent* of tl..- i nfl lento Government In
tkaj a 'intry.
The blot__4*>n se* ?. srere bunt with
a fioubie i-tl of I-il I-r?. lad fllor te
making tb" ceaat sunni mi ko' sp ea
ad iii* l> Hers, so nt to pftt U
ail the steam ska contd carry, Urary
vesswl hud steam bluw-eff COON !>? low
Um na lei Mas, No lights were shewn ea
the veHnel whl|,. ut SSn, Hill al! \
burneti entkruetta eaal, nklck is oom
? '.Hti vp'!) saaekelsaa, had seat float tis
to t&i a ion. He dogs cr roost**! i nt
allowed ea beard ahlp Ods
while running th wen alwayi
ni ti-., ir ste* ku-c-r-ot.
"in running a kieekede lae tendsssan
i- itattened la tho main chalan, tl
fleer generally amldBhlps \x
i pfnal b on and pilot a" ?
two men ai tko wheel en tke bridge ai I
tw.p tam aft ai thi v. be i. m la ?? i
bridge lt ftiot gerny they caa unehach ?
Ike chair* and eteer th- Ihlp from the
Stem, All lights are extinguished. The
lund ?. t generally made by the skip
ria to ten mik a 11 Um seutkv uni pf
th* ol-l inlet Ht Wllmlngtoi .
ike same dletnnce to the a rthward
or n-w inlet. Th-* M? Its I" was gflailsllj
rm from a gsnuter to half n arila oft
ike ooeat, uni fometiinee Bearer. Mili?
tary teletraph offlcee were il tteaed at
elooe liit-rvul- ulong the roast, tin !?>
lifuen mi!-* to Ike aoutken . old Met,
and ike mme dtetancs to tl orthern
or new Inlet; ari'! ix u l-offlcer
aboar-l the blockade-runner ca thing one
of theve t-levmph smttens wita bis rig*
ti'l-t f.fiinnuinleatloii wai . t .,m*e mad ?
Pott itsher and i*'or' Caswell to u..
stfeei that Mi.h a rt Bul, wttti ***w ptain h
and jto. giving hi. nama was la I
of running the blockade, ind te
out for her mid ? rotect h. r, wb
often flom. when t
chased by tho enemy.
"The blockade was MM ol.ly twice du?
ring Lh.t war la Wlimmgtor, ln ,n? g_-.
tim*, unce by tho Llbraitar. the ex-Coii
? ? ? ?? uner sumter, which *.is
commanded by i sptaln
whian, by tb* way, xx ,,, Um Bret a
"el eves ? runout i.y
a trick tim - . ... running lt fri-m
tho aorth'ard hy hoisting ti.*- i
lag, pike ran Jpjvtn io ths .:
ra.a Ihlnkln |
Um North, .-j:, i bad i
pound n/hltworth puns and other nu.ni
Ueas et met l r Pert Bumti
bnrbor, aa I 9\ rt Plthor B i .
Um protection of Kort floher b. m
lr srror. 1
o' the ? 'am Copi r, pwp
nommai led od
In tunning thu blockade itt ti
thni. Tke i si tate a t
.? day .-oma of the biocknde run?
ners on HM H ...ii ol Tr.nix; wen |
bim ui'out tbi ..
of his veeeel, whl i. .xi* ... .ii:, but ons
of the best for t-peed In tht* pori
could make eighteen knots an hour. Tha.
. lo bet lum 003,000 SJ
that be . t run the bteckads In
cteytlma He took tkem ap. it ni
tomui v for i lookadt -runni i i
run down und an.-nor off SfBlthvl
tho mouth of Caps Fear river,
ii of our f?.: fl make
ti:.- Moe Wads at H.' bl Tbi Federal tleet
i-a-.v the Will o' the Vt _? flown
tin- river, ead suppoat ! of I I
would anchor, bul I net sad sb -
conns prigbt tknugh the I
thing tina (enid i stab bi r. .
:. I ? ? at her. one ;
;i ii;.bia al tte Um v,at->r line.
and Us ?>? ber fUg
*uff. Ceptab* Lajier won hi* t'l'-'OOO, and
. I tho day,
"Showing thS ? manner tn
which tli- bteckads wai run, i i i
Ike Virginia ImporUi t aad Kxp'irtiro
Company, of Petersburg, Vs , wb
a lim- 'pi tera Bat
of Petersburg and Um 0 I [tominion,
which tor over tem yours ran ths
ado out of the port of Wilmington ami
r..rt of St. Gi tags
Ur schedule idvertlsed time. Bach ol
an i al ;oi
they xa'Ip- t.ikfn ttl Liverpool, Ba gie ad
and ni.i'le I daily Hms tMtweefl '
of Liverpool, i-.'iifcia.i i, ead tbs city oi
Dub'ti.i, lrt-lami.
"Many StnngO names were ni*, ii fa
ihtpe running Um MfllThadt, Am np thea
wns a line of three fmUMt-boatS belonglnj
to a London blockade-running ::nn. Tbs -
hon) wen i toned Letti r B, j.* tl
Go, and l>tter Hip. Tb ? lim ^t
in tko bnatnem only mads ono voyage
8ho was ehrlatani i Colonel i^unb, awi
was built tO carry IMM buies of BOttQB
Tt.e war en le.I pp, ,n .t'lp-r ikl SUM built
and put an md to her career us I
"i -ne of th*- sad Incident* in running th*
blockale wai - .iiinected with a *hip bo
longing t<> j.-m.--i it Croaakaw, of Rick
mood, Va. ii:* skip cleared in lf-a r--i
Ht. Qoorge'u Bermude. and lier pilot
n.irup i I'.f.i*. hud yellow-fever, and w u
just rocovertng from it. Th* captali
.?fkp*'l kim If ho wou'.d take thu ship In
a, replied thal !.* wooJi if it was t. ?
ia--t onto 1- "? i" piloted. The Bight tilt
*-li:i> mad-* the COBBI li" took a relapse
and was cai imi on t.'ie lit ix! u-i in B chair
alni successfully pl.-ited UM ship linc
pp,rt, and wiir-i tli" viilp dropped au
chor hl? t'pitit went .tloit.
"Anothi r dtitrsa nt wis wht i
tiie Oreyhound, Caputo Boord, v.a* run>
ning tn th'.- new Inlet, -^he accldeatill)
ran labori M'- Greenhow, \t
*ij long kept a prisoner In 1 ri
at Washington, by the federal Qovern
nu nt, ari-i guarded by a negro, Wai
ard thi* *hlp with b-1
ter. In itepnmg into a beat to gt
.i mlaetep amt wa* ser?
ried dowe by tbe weight of poid that ?
bad in two belts arenad bes body, Rot
? -? he Qreykouad, in running the bl-ick
it of WUn
th" united Plates sioop-ef-war Connecti?
cut Kn-lgn Hsrdlng wa?
in rid Of her, wl'li olde:, to take her M
New York. Hhe bad I -r* Mr.
Pollard, editor and preprietee et v..<
ntchinond Examiner, and the famoui
Hello Boyd.
"The Confederate Government built th*
Brat steel ahip* at Laird's yard, in Ltver
ppiol. Kngland. th_t ?-re ever built.
These vt-'ie for the purpo** of runnlns
thu blockafle, ani were christened Um
tiwi, th?* Heit, and the Wren. Th* tal
andW'reti w-ire c-tptii-d eu their fir.-t ai
second voyage tn running the blockad-.
Theae ship* were no fine, that the Hat,
after ber capture by the Federal*, w ll
Pried up aad put in condition ai a yacht
for Mr. Lincoln, and wa* ut-:d for thal
purpoa* all through the war. Tiie Owl,
which was ?-.;ni:i.pi !??'! by Captain J. N
MofTett. was one of the mo-1 luccessful
blockade-runners of the war. After
landing me with dUpatche* for the Con?
federate Government lu January, 1866, at
Lockwood's Folly (or Windy HUH, anj
nut being able to lind out whether Fort
Fisher wa* captured, or whether or not
Wilmington had fallen. Captain Uoffett
undertook to ascertain tbi* Information
himself. He ran in under Fort Fluht r,
which had fallen, and amh r*d with u
hawser off Smithville, li* sent tbe pilot
ashers with orders, in cuss the Tanged
were In po?****i*n. to bring Mrs. Moffett
?nd their children and re.urn to tht
shin. The pilot wa* gone about ten min?
utes, when he returned with his wife
and children, and reported that the ene?
my waa In full pissesslon. Tbe men
were stsndlng by with tackle, and im?
mediately hitched onto the boat and
swung lt aboard with its precious burden.
Captain Moffett bad a man stationed ai
the bits, aad as soon as ult were safely
oa board passed the word to cut thc
hawser, whick waa done and the shlp'i
head swung around *nd she .
sea. Three or f-ir ethel
mus eal
of tit** *-oenty*s pBOsaaaaat
wera rspl ired as Ihej
Of drlnkln* ihr.r ain.. lr hil*
over lha ?
run tba has ka.j.
**Capto!a mm. i ? ,
Wh. ??? la I ?
for th? | .ri ol Habana
lo.k Iii
i ment, gat
a r- n ol ?
? ?
return car;
I., t COfflO ot
- -
Uvt r; - I I-.'., '
his \
?'i.i X'
block . .
attemp ,
of na
hov* ..:
for tba
I -? pun hi- ..-d a iS'K" foi
from th* i
t. ti. ( ? .
lamase-l 1
? ?
rle ? I to tbe 1
twa I
be want a
? ?
was what I
refni. ;', ? . I .- ?. ?
short I
tu .-. bola te , | ?
n. -need .1.;
rom ......
safe he .1
Hg up xx lt ii flatten Ita .
tuted. Tba Admiral said: 'l bava .
ay?d me ?
tii k. bul 1 will treat -on
sir. floral (W'S I.et-tnre..
To the 1
I tii'nk I ;
i lootni
an.i BSOOM of a serlflS on t: ?
i m enif*
.us, r.nd
th-y ref UM
. saasa I nm pretty sun
trad such la
a. ii amstel piece* ? I
"Last .;
- rb*m th*
'I out to u.
* to being i. ? * I
x M grimly ut th BA i. -???', ar I ?
Now xxl /
' .
much as the stud.
t Btll rory gre*
has aa
i . y Mr. flora
? Bssjoi Ity sf , *
of music that b
rime music fl
gs, and li ? <?U*~
Bad to know :
ii in un Maa. i mn
lectures; I - ?-*M':
Bf the "art divine DMVBI
heart ai BO gal ntl ns
- I
hie to iou. j ?
.i ia I ii re I
moro ti- u'. r .
twa S'llool girl* wei- '
1." Moreover
irs '
moat ot u*. :?
"A man muyin
the same cpu..on BtlU
ii imbera of tb* idat*
?s of our .
?nd 1- *
know ot ai i
hove atbere I
. 4
a t-nvi-' '
Above all thin
t at til* sam* ti:
r ir iliac v years Mr. G ''
BO, \ a.. vx as affll
lons aoti'S an 1 a
nt ? '? ii." f ??
? : ? - ?
nent phy?!ci.ins without ban
at last In'iueed
-rll.*. After t*kla-x I
thc sores and *niarg*m*nt ?: ? ? .
and hrt was entirely (aired, i'
have benn _
A tXkWWX Mts
bit for the tart. |bal bte I - t '\
??! tr- ti
was In a most dlstrei
(a.-e ur. I neck
. ov*r .1 wita aol
'Ung that what had cur.*! ?
benefit .
other supply of tn- i-ar-apa;
Ukang l* according I
. March lilli we r.c-ixtri t.
l'*Dear .'tr. Mi" Milla SW Mgl
fast. I *at another Nitti- at t,
,. nr*? ?i ipi) ??ad
a,?i , bt bott..-* aa ?"-" ** "
TTotkVV&r. OBOROB v =
Prtc*. $1 per b itll*' *t" -?r *'
loo j-S'J.Ij-.-'"
THU oNl*. *<>< (.,A
loo "47-aatAp l*?J

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