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ll Afternoon willi Uki Artist and
?a Chef* Ahonl ills Work?"Trilby
Ia rn Lie** Hs ??>*?Prier ll?bet?on?
Inpreaaluna of Holmes?Thackeraj
? Bat Dicken*.
(Special Correspondence of the Pit-patch.)
LONDON, November 12.?There are two
?nays of reaching H.-mpstead Heath If
you reject the luxury of a cab. Tho first
ls by rall, hot, stuffy, uncomfortable.
The other from the top ot a 3-pcnny 'bus,
affording abundance of air, sunshine, ani
ths Intere?tiiig scenes of London street
life. It is needless to say that I chose
ths latter on the bright Saturday after?
noon I went te call upon George du Mau
rler. The rond lei through one of the
busiest part* of the great metropolis;
passed the old Wellington House Acade?
my, where Dickens, as a boy, attended
achoo), and which, in "David Copperfield,"
he bas Immortalized os "Salem House";
climbed Havers-tock Hill, with it* memo?
ries of Addison and Steele, ond winch
maa bordered on elth.-r rina with quaint
villas, In whose gul-iis V.- laburnum
tree* were banting Ini - yellow Nt Mom,
and tho scent of lilac perfumed the air.
Then the Jolting eonvejranoi corni to a
atop in Ihe villuge of Haniips-tr.il. I walk
ed through its quiet, secluded streets,
and entered I narrow lana environed by
Mgh brick walls. At Ike right hand, and
nearly at the cud of this thoroughfare,
atood a picturesque brick houFe, over?
grown with Ivy. tho windows of wboOl
angles and pn>j ctions commanded a vi- w
of some of *tne loveliest scenery in the
world. Upon the door-pust was inscribed
"New Grove House." The front door,
which opened Hush on lo the street,
was of dark oak, and from fis centre
depended two team knockers of polished
brilliance. I applied one of the latter,
and a trim maid ushered me into t-t
presence of Hie author of "Trilby."
It was a man of medium size, with
quiet, unassuming manner, who rose to
bid mi kindly greeting. A man with
refined. sensitive face, and the nervous
temperament which proclaimed the at'tist
to th* finger-tip*. Clad in bu ming
lounge-Jacket, he wa* at work in his
studio?a large room on the first Iloor,
whose windows look In the direction of
the heath It ls a luxurious apartment.
with rich carpet, quaintly-shaped nrm
i-hulri. the walls eototot with MimpOd
leather, and hun-* with many of the
famous "Punch" drawing*, framed in
plain oak. together with other """catenae
and etchings, the gifts of Manda, Near
the window stood an easel, npoa which
was placed a block of drawing-paper.
Then came a square writing-table, tidily
arranged, whose most conspicuous orna?
ments wert- a vase of li jw ts and a sil?
ver-framed photograph of '(he artist,
which ls considered an excellent likeness
hy hi* wift.*. in one 00******* was a water?
color portait tty i?u Maurter, of Genoa
Alnger, and. from the san., tarana. Hie
picture of a led*/ With a violin. To the
right was a grand piano, an'i a profoatoa
of screens atul artistic ornaments, lt
wa* one of 'those rooms whick dear!*
fit-notes the individuality of lUoeeopant,
alni whose very itmt-a-pber* is tempered
with the chaim of the lllghSff life and
the refined comfort! of home.
"But I um nf ral 1 that OOthlBg 1 may My
-elli be of any Interest," Mid the artist
nathor nradestly, In reply tola) ri
"You know lt ls rath r hurd for a man
to talk ali >it linn ? If."
"But won't yoe plMM tr tl nie Bhont
?Trilby'"'.' I pleaded. 'Was ghi aa origW
Hal character, and WOfl any of the in?
cidents (pf tin- story coanected with your
own exnerienc
" 'Trilby' was a Ile," replied the author,
with a smile, "Jti'i sn w.i^ 'Peter Ihbet
son.' 'Trilby' bereelf bad no original \r >?
totype. You see, I like t-j take people tx ie.
ere 7 cr S te. t high .is it wen, "laepte
?with something suptimotarel about them?
and Mun we ne thom i h.iiactenstics into
a story. Of course, all fictitious character.-,
are mor? or tam H-iggesti-ii by people
wi om yoe have aw t. ?Tie.- Laird,' how?
ever, was an Original, an Intimate friend
of mine?a Scotchman. You are liable to
see him dru;, in at tiny moment, while
you are sitting here, 'l.'.tl Hiilt-e,' also,
while not referring to any one person.
1* a compoun I of Meemi whom I have
known. Whee 1 was a very young man.
1 entered Uley: e's Btudio, in Paris, to
etudy drawing lad painting, and it ls
Ol ty re's studio that I have described in
?Trilby ' "
"Yes. I was born in Paris." said the ar?
tist, "lt was la a little h.msc in the
<'hemp.- Elyse*, snd bore the number, H,
My father sold the house, and lt bas
long since been pulled d..wn. Had in
kept Hie prop rty lt would have made
him a wealthy mau."
"Won't you please tell m- about your
earliest connection with Bunch, Mr. du
IWaurier?" 1 asked. "Was Thackeray still
?n tts staff when you Joined the p ipi i r
"No," wa* the reply. "My firm contribu?
tion to Punch was in June. 1M?, _n<j
Thackeray was not connected with it
after lSil It i.i* been stated that he
left the periodical In consequence of lt*
stuck* upun Napoleon 111., whose anger
hi thought lt Impolitic to arouse. Hut, I
Imaglut-, rather, that lt was because he
had become such a lifrary giant?tn met,
hi* work thea commanded such h high
pries that tin re would be, no object In
ht* rnoalnlnK with the paper."
?'Did you know Thackeray?" i Inquired
-,Mi..n*Mvr T* Ui,n p r*''J*1'.-ly." said the
artist, but have often wished that 1 had.
?Iii" iT X * Bh(""'* *??"?? -.newn him
lita ?_!?.-*? lhe t-"*'-*-?t admiration for
&?3m pl<1.,Ut'"lk ! ",usl have read
SS Tad" rn wmin"'th'rlr,5- " ***
what imitative oVf a\rl U U *omc
think lt not unlikely !_at,^li, ma8.U-1.
et som. pha.? J, ute1 with ,? lCOk*vl
?yes. for wc both i , "h ,h<! *,um(*
-luring our ^S yei'rV .nT?n "', _a,ta
I saw him once. howe\,r a. . . ?'O1**'
given by .Mri. Hartog ' Url ?Ti"
Who was Adelaide Kenible kn" - t0r'8'
miration for ihe great novellmy "a*
kindly agentito present iT ,%?_ K
I wa* very ahy, and he tower** ..
10 .tature .nd Intellect, "l^vf C"?th
nany. th*, 1 neglected the op^unZ
But all thet evening I remainedTt^toa.
Sa i?riU P?Mlb1** ******* *-teiiing te
"Neither did I ever m?et Chariw
Dicken*, continue*! my Informant, "al
though I mw him twice." The first tim*
"sea at a theatre, the lecond. at John
Leech's funeral. When ray fsther first
***?? ?<*? I-ondon h* took the Mme house
*e Devoaabir* Terrace, where Dickens
afterwards lived, and wheie he wrote
'David Copperfield.' I am happy \o Bay.
however, that I number som- of the num?
ber* of hts family among my good
"Leech, whom- I Just mentioned. w?s.
of course, one of my Intlmtt.s. my mas?
ter. I may say, for to some extent my
work was modelled upon his. He wa*
a kind, amiabl-, and gen-al man. Il>* flied
In November. ISM, arid wa. burled nt
Kensal Oreen, the func-tl service being
r.-a.l by Dean Hole, who bad b'fn I.I B
, .,.j .ml.,!, on that "l.Mle TOOT In Ir -
laod,' willah tiny have Jointly rOOOtdod
with pen and pencil. I ahull never tormmi
UM scene at his funeral. W sn the tlrst
sod fell with a Bounding thud on lila
collin, Mlllnls, who WSS stan .Ung on the
rdg- of the grave, burst out sot.hing
It was as a signal, for the moment after
each man In that greit concourse of
mourners was sobbing like a cnild. lt
was a inemomble sight."
"I remember. Mr. Du Maurler, that
when Ollv r Wendell BoIflBflfl wis last
in England he was very desirous el meet?
ing you. What was your iriipitssion of
?ihe genial autocrat'.'"
"I had the pleasure of meeting Dr.
Holmes at dinner three times In on*
week," said the artist. "The Brat occasion
was at a club where Dr. Holmes rpoke.
I had not then been presented t.. him.
but he was kind enough to look down tr.e
table while speaking, mention my name,
and make some pleasant allusion. The
next time 1 met him was at Slr Henry
Thompson's, In Wimble strt-et, arbes Mr.
Gladstone wa.-* pus nt; the third was
at James Rossel] Lowell's novel, M
Clarges street. Like every OOO else. I
waa af fawns*, caarsned a*tth his geni?
ality and delightful humor."
"ls composition raafl for you, Mr. Du
Maurler?" 1 questioned.
"Very," wis tho reply. "The words
seem to come to SSS faster than I can
Jot them down. 'Trilby,- for ins'tancc.
waa written in six weena.**
"Had you any Idea orbett writing thnt
famous book thal lt would bl Bu suc?
"Not In the least," was the answer. "In
fact, I flo nOI I * ii-tr 1 it BO highly a?. 'Peter
ibbetson.' i auppoflfl 'ii ? lennon for this
is thut Veter1 v. ss not so pvpaiar as tfefl
other, anti then it xx a- ny first-born, my
first nov'-l. That s'.ory-'i'eter Ibbt I ".'
I mean?is largely antoblogTspbal, bo far
as the early life in Perla.la cpncsrned.*'
"I have beea boan bo ly ph Beed and
flatten i, h. xx .?:." hs coatiaoed, "with
the ottOOBOS of "'I'r.Hy' io Amerlce. Why,
tiley even tell BBS thur BOIBO t.<xx-ni In
tho West bnvs been noan 1 nftai the
1.k. Watti Btttasefl tu" ?-?.11 more 1*
thu tbe story BhooM have po- BSOOd
tv.- elemeota aeceeaary for a sn.
play. I have n<>t s> i n tho American
di.un;iti:.itiin of the novel, Which ls be?
in- produced In New Tort and aloeabeta
but Doeibohni Tree, who saw it last
winter, asaoros sss thal it is v. ry good.
"I have been fairly Lanndated with hind
li tier j (ron Aneri! .." said t'ne author,
pointing to an ascrltolra '"Int from some
t have received from Chicago, l f. ir that
I mu l have given mortal Offeece to some
of the gool people there, OWtttfl to the
f.-tet that 'Mum Lavinia Hunks' caa;?
from that etty BO Itt the next edition I
have Inserted a note, which I hope will
help matters a tit. You SOS I mea ttl BS
harm. There nre Uflty WOBMA to he met
evei j when, snS one does meet just
some such woman, no matter whether
they come from London or Chicago.
"I have also had lots of letters dis?
agreeing with me on tho religious views
entertained In 'Trilby.' But 1 cannot
take time to answer them or explain
them away. I think that life ls too
short to enter Inlo such controversy."
"What, Mr. Du Maurler, could possi?
bly huve beni Whistler's objection to
your reference to him in 'Trilby'?"
"I had no Idea when I brought that
Into the story." was lils rei.ly, "that
it would give any Offence When I found
out bow seriously he took what was
really meant as a Joke, nnd what a xvi!.
publicity he gave those unfortunate para*
gisphfl of mine, I was very deeply dis?
tressed. I even composed a lettei which
1 meant to send him. and In which I
expressed my sincer- regret, lint he
made lt very difficult for me to deliver
myself of uny apology. He newr gave
me a chance."
"Haven't you been pleased with the
criticisms Which 'Trilby' has ia.-n.ivi i
from tho revleworoy i asked.
"The reviews of all'my wrltittfla e?;.e
ciaiiy from America, have bean excep
ti..nully hind." ama tba reply. "There
bass been some erit'es, however, who
ware not at all Blessed with that book,
and did not hesitate to say so In mont
pointed Iflnroflgo But that was ont)
naturul. You cannot please tx,ry one
with a story. Then, as I have just Beld,
many people dlsscreed with the rellgiooa
views e\[.i- -. i in ii-,.- t -ok, and anne <-f
these also pobllabod their protest! in tJie
nature of criticisms."
"Ai, 1 are yon at work upon a new
hook?" I Inq Ira !
"Yes," was the reply. "I hRve been
hard al arorh f. r boom time upon my
new st, ry, Th* Martains.' which la n?.w
nearly finished in fact the first in
Btnlmsm SOea tO-dey io the typewriters,
,.ii.i yon know thrit thnt is aa ?
prellmlnnry. I eannol say jual when
lt will be publish-.1. but lt i-- a thr. ??
VOtuna novel, and ls" rather lOttflOS tV.m
. Ith< r whick have prac - ls i it."
"How abOOl the Offers tO lecture In
America?" I ask. d. "When are you eo
lnir to vial! year many friends on the
otbi r si !?? .,f tba Atlantic?*'
?I i .iv., hod ? ci'.t mmv Bflrantaflooofl
off.-rs both to lecture and read In the
Dotted Stateo," was tbs anewer. "Hut
1 am growing to dislike u',1 rush and
worry. I prefer being more quiet I en
loy too much my nook here," aafd tbs ,-.r
Uat glaia-l:ig lovhaaty from hln window In
tbs direction of Hamatead Heath.
Tt was easy to sympathize with Mr.
Du Manner In this love ot his beau?
tiful home ns he kindly showed tne
through Its pleasant, cheery rooms, nnd
pointed out the various, objects of Interest
which the WUldOWS overlook.
T" the right lay the heath, clad In
fresh spring verdure, and surrounded
with a halo of historic memories. There
were the green hollows and shady lanrfl.thl
gorae nnd heather, the sand-pits and weird
pine-trees. Directly In front I caught a
glimpse of the road leading to Highgate,
from the highest p Int of which may be
se.-n the Surrey hills, and whose view
Oliver OoldSmttk, who loved to walk here,
da-s.-rlb'-d its finer than anything he had
seen in hfs wanderings abroad. To the
loft nestling nmatng tbe trees, arr..ss a
long, undulating valley, peeped forth the
white spire of Harrow church. In whose
churchyard, when a boy. Byron used to
sit and ponder. Scarcely a stone's throw
from the house ls the famous old Inn
.-ailed "Jack Straw's Castle." which was
the delight af Hogarth, Dickens, and
Washington Irving. But little further
away, though In an opposite direction,
was the house In whlrh Keats lived, and
at the end of a tlOO Shaded avenue, also
overlooking the heath, ls the bench
where the poet often sat "sobbing his
dvlng brra'h Into a handkerchief." and
plaiielnu parting look* towt.rds the quiet
landscape he had so delighted In. It
was, Indeed a location well titted to In?
spire the work of both artist and author;
and In none of the famous men who have
ttSOd amid these favorable surroundings
have these two qualities been so happily
bended as In the genius of George Du
To Cure
we.\x Btfjmach, loss of appetite, flarulenre,
waterbia?li. ribing of food, heartburn, night?
mare, coated tongue, offensive breath, jaun?
dice, bad complexion, iiver-suois, yellow eyes,
constipation, tialpitation of the heart, and
short breath niter meals, dj spepiia, aad all its
Symptom*,, take
Dr. Deane's
Dyspepsia Pills.
Kat plenty of good nou'rishtng food. A pill *****
'?*?'" "Mat *i.. cutt at druggists'.
**?*-*. law *>. I... tua pla.
Kmr-aon. New Yolk.
Me ii.Ts.Tb,(w)aasly.ftj
Merry Weddlng-Eells ii Polask
m tn itt rn.
Circuit Conn?Mall Inn Lawyer*?
TU* Sew Jail and Conrt-lloose?
The Farmer* and HM Crops? Re?
ligion*, Political, aiid Personal.
(Correspondence of the Dispatch.)
PI'LASKI, VA., November 22.-A I, au- ]
tlful and fashionable marri me took j
place hi re Tuesday at Mflh noon, In j
tho Prt-sl.yteTl.-in church, th? contract- j
lrrg pai tl-i bOtaafl Mr. T. de WilU Har- |
n.ird and Mi:ts Edna D. Cony. Kev.
G. Gordon Smeade, of the Episcopal
church, and Rev. Alfred Jones, of thc
Presbyterian church, officiated.
The church waa tastefully decorated
with evergreens. Mr. Robert Hudson
was best mun, and Messr* Geor?e Ingles,
CaipOBfer Carter, and W. DaflRStt were
groomstii ti.
Th' lui Ls sister, Miss Jessie Corey, was
mail of honor, tl...- StMSSSttOhls being
. Mitt, of New York, iou-in to tho
bride; Wist, of I.yin-liburg; Sarah Price,
god Jar..- LSQChQ, of Pulaski.
East attendant earrtofl i* bunch of yel?
low aad whits chryssntbenuna Tbe
I,til.- w.i.i lovely ii; ii Ixautiful whit'
?attn flown, with long train, a boonU*
fui breakfaat xv.-.s then alvon to tbs
bridal party and friends, ls ail about
on..- bowan d, at the boepRabla r
,,r tbs bride'a father, O, W. Corey, altar
xxiv ii r.a brldi and groom took tko
train for Atlanta.
Va'i-ali..-'day. nt ? o'clock A. M., anoth. r
Of ".ir beet-loved 1"U I bttdS farewell to
BtOgle blessedness nnd BSOHtOOd U
trim..m.ii yoko in thia teeta noa tho
happy eoople wera Miss Bbuiehc Stows
BB i Mr. Hus*.ll lu.mon. Tic y were mar?
ried In ti.t- Method! ll Cborch by t
tor, Rev. J. A, But iowa Un bana?
na being bandeoanely <i coveted, und a
Bomber "f invited fri.-nd* being
I r.-*- nt.
Miss BoOBltfl iras Hie mall of honor;
tbs beal nain bi na Mr. Rkomer Sn.ne,
I rt tbt r of tba bi I h - TM a b< is xx. n
? Boa inc, -> I *i;-- John i
Dael , Hauy Vi.li.is, H. Morn, and J-r
ry BtOOO,
Immediately after the cereonay the
i ri la an ) uro an wi n on Un br woy io
ti... Atlanta Exi'.-.t.on, tbs non I
young bridal couples.
i I Hi "I i i C fl B>T.
The Circuit Court is in BSBOlOtt, lodflS
Samuel WV Williams pp sid n^-. Among
tbs rtaRlofl lawyers Attending tbe court
:? j i .a Pulton, .-li-fii J. a. Mother,
Wailer B. Poaas: nod J. J. A. Powell,
of Wxth.-vnii-; Judge Oglesby, of Carrol!;
nnd Ja ? ii and Vaughn, aad
William Wharton, Hst)., of Radford.
Mai.v BaSM are Ling i. ;.--? 1 ol 'Ih'*
court will continue all week and a part
of next.
Pein*lB say their wbOlt 's. coming up
weil, but flraee-oeed is ssakbaj a ioor
The new Jail lu batttfl rapid.y bulli, and
will be under roatf next flrOOk, und com
I let' d l)y t. i- middle of n?xi nvnth.
The contract for erecting the new
court-house, with Clerk's office, was
awarded to Miller & Warran, of this
t.i-i?... for about RMM, Thors xxa.s sharp
c-mpt ii'lon, hen." the low bid. It hal
boon tbooght thal the towool bbl n '.'.l
not be under RUSS. Tit" new building j
xviii be very roomy, couveiiletit, and hand
aoaoa aad v.-ni i.rovo a graat ornament '
'o Hie town. Tile foundation will bs laid
at once, and UM work pushed to com
pteUott as ra;'!.liv as the weather xviii
permit AJthoOflh Pulaski I3 In tko
midst of tho AReaboolea sack is h-r cii
BMtO that p'li-r-U'x" tl:-- handsomest
brick and stone buUdlnga ure balli in the
kearl Ol winter, wit hf.ut serious Interrup?
tion from coll xx. .cv r.
Rev. C. W. K-lly MU hOStt trans?
ferred fi. m tko Stewart-Memorial .har. h
bars to Elk Garden Circuit, in i. I
county. Mr. Kally ?rsa very popular
here, having proved hims-If a useful an 1
efl1..-i.-nt j is tor. He is sue-,.;. ,i by
Ros. J. a Burrowa ;i yoanfl nian of
atm ?-. il ability and strength.
Our iM-.i.le are noch i I th;it In
the p. io ral Deoioeiatlo ront Virginia
loved PalOnkI and Odes li.ive a
po,.i Deawciattc repreeentaUis in the
Boa. J. Rf. Wllllsma Benden "f tho
h will not fall to recall tko fad
thal y ur eonsspondenl hers always in?
formed th-ni la hs lett.-rs during the
U I that, altboOflh the "Iv ttl i
raged and Imagined vain things.*' the
?i of WUttama the I>. mocratle
nominee, was bbb tired. Howei r. Um
next tinir I-,.-. pfOphOfllCB politically for
Ptilnskl and OUefl bs will prefer n infer
murrin Bl l Minjar majority, and bOpflS
that Hie i;:.s psaaocrats win "take Bo?
tte* and so vera themselves according?
ly." and ei\- nr> nv.re IndepOttdOttl plo
rottUea for Polashl 11 osoroonn by "regu?
lar r.'.mir...-" plnrslltlea
Witt the exception Of "Ind colds" (who
ev r bu ni of i good oas".. tka health of
our town waa ney. r i. (ter
nor iron- ind BtttO-t trttttCOO are now
lill running day and ni'-lit, and Max Mod
-t'.xx i farnoca is oleo la bloat nm by the
Pulaski [ron Oompaay. So we look for?
ward to better tlme?.
LEXIN'"TO*4 AMII Hill Iv lilt IflOE.
Personal Rolen ?iralally Barned?
Koot-lliill?Horse* Poisoned.
LEXINGTON, VA.. November
(Special.)?Mr. Hugh McCruni has gone to
Colorado Sprirrgs, where he will spend
the winter.
Mrs. Agnes Goldsby has returned to
ber home, In Mobile, Ala., ft. in a visit
to her mother. Mm. J. J. White
Mr. W. W. H. Harris, of Lynchburg.
has boon visiting his sister, Mra. Agnes
Prat h. r.
Mr. E. Ia, Gilmore, of Richmond, ls
visiting his father, Major S. D. Gilmore.
Miss Gertrude Jaccluri ha-s returned
home fran, aa flsteaded visit to har . -
ter, Mra. li. Canterl, of Lynchburg.
Miss Ell.n Lao, of Lynchburg, la the
gut st of the Misses Shlpp.
Hon. William A. Anderson ls In Phlla
delrh.a on a business-trip.
Dr. WV E. Kimble, of Norfolk, la
visiting his niece, Mrs. J. Wlthrew.
Mr. Henry O. Dold ia lu Baflimore on
a buslna ss-trip.
M Florence Chapman, of Staunton.
who hui b. i ti the guest of her Mister,
Mrs. F. S. Williams, has returned home
Mr. W. P. Coe, of Berkeley county,
W. Va., ts the guest of his son, Mr. Frank
d. Ona
Dr. VS illintn Wats, of Lexington, Ky.,
la visiting bia parents litre, Mr. and Mrs.
William Wall.
Mr. J. Ran T. Carmichael, of the
Charleston iW. Va.) bar. ls the guest of
his moth, r, Mra. John Carm'chaid.
Misses Mary and Sue Daviu.-.on are
apendlng a fortnight In New York.
Mian Bttllle Patton ls visiting her fa?
ther, Colonel William M. Patton, at
BMcknbOTR, Va.
Lieutanant H. L. Strother and Lieuten?
ant Suvm-on Falson, of the I'nited
8tates army, have been in town during
the past week. Lieutenant Strother is a
native of Lynchburg, and graduated at
the Virginia Military Institute In 1877,
and was the first dept to receive the
Jackson-H.i-e medal. He la now sta?
tioned at Chicago, and holds a position |
on the staff of General Merritt.
Mr. James R. Wright, of Portland,
Oro., ls the guest of hie aunt, Mi.*a
Jane Wright, of Fairfield.
Miss Mary Wrt-nn. of Centervllle, Fair?
fax county, has been thc guest of the
family ot Mr. N. F. Cross, of Fairfield.
Mr. snd Mrs, William F. Lackey, of
Fancy Hill; Mra. Hawes snd Mtaa Nan?
nie Gilmore, of Lexington; Mrs. Joseph
S. Paxton, of Buena-Vista, and Messrs.
J. W. Wallace and Rd. Wallace, of
Fairfield, ar* attending tbe AUanta Ex?
Mra Dalngarfleld Lewis, ol Clarke I
county, and Miss Bettie Clarke, aro the
guests of Miss Freeland.
Mr. Jacob B. Lincoln, a. former well
known farmer and cattle-dealer of tm*
vicinity, and who now live* at Tye Klver.
Nelson county. I* visiting his friends
tn Hockbrtdge county.
The place* of busint a* in Lcilir-ton will
be clo*ed, as usual, on Tlienksriv.ng
U-ay. A union service will tie held that
doy In the Presbyterian church.
Ilev. Dr. H. M. La4lmer bas entered
ti'M.n hie duties as pt-tor of UM * J*
llerstown Prejibytertan church- He-prea'-n
*?-! at that church last Sunday, "?ne
will be regularly Installed on December
T!:nnk*jrivlng-Day Li likely to see a
considerable ixpralua of the people of
L? x.nt,t-pii. Many are arranging to fO
- the- game* of foot-hall on that day
betweea the virginia MUlt-.ry Inatltut-i
anl Virginia Agricultural sn.l Mechanical
Coll-*--**, of Hlackaburg elevens, In Lyn- h
burg. and the Warmington nnd lsc Vat
Veratty and the University of West Mr
pin i. ff M-*****aatO*e*a, elevens, in Charles?
town, W. Va.
A double wedding ls announced to take j
pla"- In the Oxford Pr- sl-yt'-rian church
ThanksglvinK-morninK. Thursday. Novem?
ber 28th. at * o'clock, in which four vcr'/
popular and well known young people ?'
Buffalo District are to ty- the contracting
pportton They nn* Mr Charles H. L*-*ch
(son of Hon. W. II. F. l>?ech) and Miss
lla?e]ttne Judson tdaughter of Mr. wll
liam A. I>*echi: Mr. .John H. Hottln**or
fO D of Mr. Abram Hottlnger) aivl Ml-*
Hattie Hell, dtum-hter of Mr. Joseph A.
A llttl- 6-months'-old daughter of John
Davis was fatally bumed near Lexlns
t .ri. and tiled in about two hours. Th.?
child had ly-en left In a crib ne;ir an opea
WBOOi-nen, In a roum up-stalr*. iMM
tin.': afterwards smoke was dlacovered
pouring out of the na m. and it WM found
tl, n the crib was on fire. Befop the j
> fiull ti-- extinscul.-liP'l a pelt St
?? h -iv of th" CUM WM hOTf* it" n
The flame*? evidently start'.*! from
r. -.irk from the opea Bm.
Tbe t'eorge cameron IhrM, near '/>x'
im toa, hm been bom to the estate of
TbomM P. Paxton for the sum of *'?'""
Air. J. atOtttgom ry Johnston, of this
county, ls a candidate for the po**'tlon
nt mgMiil al anas of the Virginia Houm
of DriegatM Mr. Johnstoa amrad em
term us ? member of the House of Dele
gatM from this county.
A -Meting af the "okhoide-". of tho
PltUborgnnd Virginia Railroad Ooaapnny
ll in pLaZlagton this week. The
00 ri Of the I ?attn** was to keep th*?
charter from ntptrii t,
Tbi Virginia Military institute eleven
1 i been hard nr wort nil week, prr.etio
Inir fur the coming foot-ball gain- In
L* ?' ii-nirg, on Thrmhngrrinn; The ea rea
Ibo*! s nrirk-'l llUIMOMBMBt under the
conching of Mr. Bryant, of Princeton,
and "Shorty" I'olnd-xt. r, who has again
put on his suit, ls with the boys dally,
nri'i uiuis great riranglh to the Maren.
TO say tin- lenst. this gam? will be one
of the pr^atest ever played In the State
of Virginia. Captain Mddanon, the
fight half-back, uni Michel, the left
t:..klc l-oth of whom havi; txr-n out of
UM practice for the week, on account of
Injuries, are daily on the ihJe-ttni**,
conching. The "scrub" put* up a fina
game, but I* not In lt.
Dr. C. W. Hanlin, who lives near
Ixmqwood. lost throe horses by accidental
poisoning. The horses had been flooad
with copperas to Improve their condition,
and, as a laxative, the Doctor directed
his son to feed Ih^m some beans, whl'-h
were grown In his garden, and which
were thought to be castor-bean.-t. They
nt<- ?ome of the benns, and In a few
minutes won* I al. The Inference na?
turally was that the beans kilb-d them.
Inspection riwwed that Ur-y had l>een
t-iv-n. not castor-be-ins, but "mcle"
Mr. Henry WUe HMnfr and Miss
Heirn Miller.
flt. - c-'p' i*lal.)--On Wednesday at noon, tn
Westville Disciples' church, the fashion
of the county of Mathews was np --em to
wrtness the marriage of Miss H len Au?
gusta Miller to Mr. Henry Wise 1 ty,
both of tills county. Prior to the appoint?
ed hour, notwithstanding a steady ttown
P mr of rain, the spacious sacred ?4I0M
w as comfortably filled with 'chose repp -
8'iitlng tho worth, beauty, chivalry, re?
finement, and Intelligence of our v.-iy
community. The vt ry graceful, attractive,
Ind artistic grouping of floral decora'ive
di?-'gn:--. whick wiri: as abundant M they
w.i rare and varian, preMntod a icaM
that for enchanting loveliness beKviars
di ription, ami bespoke the tnetefnl
lin iiwork of Miss Lilian Aubrey ?***?
hi' nan, Mr.*. J. Wilkins, Mrs. ll.
As! ley White, tm* other ladles
of the church. Mrs. Griffith S. Marchant
tn- Putt-) prealded et the organ, and
skilfully rendered some choice selections
!?? i ?? the arrival of the bridal party.
Then, as the soft, weird note* gently
sxt ii-.l into tlip. iseg strains of Men?
delssohn's wedding-march, tile soon-to-be
husband nnd wife, prece.Ie,) by the four
tubers, Messrs. V. J:>mes Sib!'v. William
A. Davis, William BL C. Murray, and
tl. 1). T. Lin". mUred th- church. The
couple stood beneath a canopy of ever?
green, while the pastor, Ilev. James
Wilkins, p-rform'd the ceremony.
Tiix-- bride ls the very attractive and
ncr mpllshcd daughter of f ir blgbly-ee
teemed countryman, Mr. A. J. Miller, and
the groom, who ls ext rem ly popular, ts
at the head of one of our Urgest mer?
cantile establishments, snd ls also the
p s* ii liter at Mathews Courthouse.
Mr. and Mrs Sibley 1-ft on a bridal
tour, which will embrace Old Point ur.d
A Ch a rn 4e.
(Written for the Dispatch.)
Supplanted by a synonym
Prought from a foreign State.
M\ on<-e familiar WHOLE may leeir
A little out of date;
Hut 1 prefer the good old word,
ppm sainted lips so often heard
In childhood's happy day.
Ard when I bring the choice p-rfume,
And SECOND hue* of garden bloom.
All bunched In rich array ,
To thrill your Kl HST and feast your
With tender of my floral prize,
I n.ust r-serve the rlj-nt to claim
For lt? the dear old Sa-xon nam..
Y. H. V.
Cure all Kidney
Dinoa nee.
At nil dratjgrists, or try
mail prepaid, for 50c. a box.
Stmd for pamphUL
Hobo's Medicine Civ,
BBVthanWfl U0B1 UMBUM a\d doc
TClI*t i o>\ IMliU.
StrniiK Teallniony In Favor of His
improved Homoeopath!?
Home lit ?.neille*.
UH MIHI! ll ilia YOtitsELF.
If Yon Are SicU A*U Your Primula!
ftir Mun yon'* ('utile to Health?
Bur t? US-Cent Jiunyon llemcdy
und lure Youraelf.
DB. IAMBI M. ML'NYOK-D-ar blr.
F.,r Mveral vars peat 1 ante been ot
rtit-xed wini rneumatipsm la the mu-, .cs ot
the arm., and lag! te such an tttettt that
at tim s 1 was aasbls 'pi enjoy the free
use of my limbo, ll ppliy, UM pams "vcre
only eornntonal, but the dread of their
Bnespec*ted coming pr mpted me to at
t, -mn tb radi moo ol tho disease from
my -yalata, ilclng a pharmacist, I had
rec.uise to many Of th! BOOt P"pui<r
temedli i prascribt 1 by rjbyaloiane, an i re?
oognlaed as standard imong m dleal
m.-n, but thu resuit way ntlr lyunMtle*
factory. About two v." ks a-;o my atten?
tion was calif.1 to MaayOtt'e, and I de
rided t.i teri Um ir tht lt ra 1 had
conaumed oat iMfttle, I resihmd that tue
lingering palM had left my arms and
tcettered therm Ivm ihrongjt-eni my nye*
t,m. m that they Meemi barely per?
ceptible, I continued tbe Iran ra nt, and
am s.f..sii-* i thai rbi Ham la future
WlB not i>- OM of my Hie. *vhe sale of
your remedy l alM u ridanan of whit
it is eccompliahlDg. Prom a few bottlM
my m?m beta Increased aa hundred r? j;? t,,
and I heap In stool; a full line of llnn
yon's cnn i, to ne l tb ? daman is of my
co***oaaera, ThOM who bari teated th-ir
iti-Tits *-iv the) de ali thnt li clalnMd
for them. kiiank. PATTERSON,
Propriel ir of Li Pott '? Old Pt
corner of Kenny and Pim riraate. ban
i'i lodeoo.
I'romiuriit Doctor* Testify.
Dr. 8. T. V.iir.'k. ?-ir, ? i-iii-'.i'.arge.
\ . y ii. titute, lUnni ipolii, says:
''Munyon's lilliniinllwil Cute cured my
a of articular rhaumatlam In three
days alter he had b-t-n helpless In bed
lipf !,1\ \x
Dr. Adam, 131 pB**ondwny, N" w York city:
"(nie I,..ttie of .xi ayon'i linoumatlam
Cnre wm lufllclent to euro my wife ot
I ballilla I Illa. thoroughly a;il perma
If you are sick there ls a Munyon
Remedy ihnl will cnn yon, no amtter
how ninny . 1 ,?:-,. h Iipxc Called, At all
druggists, mo tlj ? Mn i bottle. Mon
yon'i i'r"-. Ouldi to Health will teach
you ho-.v to cur-- >?? h
If > i are la doubt, a private letter to
Professor M.tivoli, ir,"j Arch street,
nUadelphia, Pa., will bo a nsw-red with
free medical advice for any di ia ??.
THU Mill I Ut ll\ Milk.
florri ii-if?A Sail I'nst?The Fruit
VA.. Ko-rearther B - i.-'i-xi.il.)?Tha mar?
riages taking place hereabouts Just now,
and others annelin.-.-.1 for the near future,
lea-ie an "old bach." to remark that "ma?
trimony seems to be contagious, in King
George this lail." On Wedneaday evening
of th.s weah Montague chapel, ne.ir King
< ;? et \ -? i . \\ia ihp- iceae of a
pretty und attractive wedding. Mr. John
I* Porks ucl Mi.*s BHa 3. Koa. n. both
ol' this BOUOty, vote then and there made
min ate! Wife, The andee! littie Baptist
abai 1 was tastily ami f-labpjrately deco?
rate.I wi-h cbryaantbemumi and ever?
ett :*, arni by 7 o'clock P. M. a con?
course of f;if:ul-i uni reletlVM of the
Contracting portie! lia< 1 H.-seniOI-d to wit?
ness Um long-talhed-of ceremony. The
?tx coaprii et baadaomaly attired attend?
ants entered th-; church in the foll
order: i?r. If. W. Minor an'l MIm Stalin
Purks; Mr. Carlton Walker and MIm Bet?
tie pRpOllina; Mr, Georg- R ach and Mis*
Minnie Gibba, Mr. AugUStUI P.olllns and
Miss Mollie Roach, Mr. llorac- A. Minor
ani >Mlm Nanala Roach, Mr. Da>tuti
The earemoay wm Impn Irely per
I by R '. ti lg ? M. Connoly, of
Richmond county. At the eonclorieu of
tiie Mrwnony tt.p- bride and groom, ac*
companied by Um attendants and many
Invited got -' -. repair i to "Hop Var i,"
the t: ibm of th-- bride*! paranta, where
an ? putt coil it;.m wm ?? rn 1. Tba re
eepUofl uiv.-n by Um bride*! perei ?
gently enjoyed bj the ranny im-sis, and
continuci till a Inti hour of night, when
the happy pair tren driven to Comoro,
the groom's home and place of burinees.
Congratulations, "i -t Irishes*" and hand
some and BMful preeenti wert Ip
apon the youthful couple when they badi
adieu to ti..- "crowd of \ti:.'. Mea** and
?tarted for their new home.
This nei.'-,hborhOixl wis s..me days ago
thrown into a state of H itiminl by the
Mdden In.-anity of a lui.ht a : pi mis
Lug young nina anent M yean of age
During a rev.val at OM of our churches
loot August ba amdi u epM profanion
of rellgton, and i.mm a member of the
church. Promt the MUT Of his conversion
ti* was rory active and enthusiastic In
all matters pertaining to religion and
church work, and r.e.er lost an opportu?
nity to speak with tinner! about tlulr
souls' welfare, but no OM detected luna?
cy, or suspected that Ins mind was un?
balanced until about two weeks 11*50,
when his manner t?-gan to attract public
attention. It waa learned that some ten
flay* and nights h.id Mapeed Witton! the
young man's going to sleep ut all. He
made the Bible his constant study, and
religion bis theme. The family ph>slcian
waa called in to treat him for ul
nts. and lt was then found that Hie pa?
tient was Insan-, anti that he had l-.at his
mind on the subject of religion. Growing
very rapidly from bad t-> mono, and be?
coming aamanngaaMa, though harmless,
IM was last M' ip lay t ik 11 to Washington
for hospital treatment. The promloenM
of tiie family, and the popularity and
brightness of the young man, r- ti lera tho
unfortunate affair dM| ly d0| !<>rat>Ie, and
unbounded sympathy is, manifested by all
sJggBM for the youth's aged parents,
brothers, and sister*.
Some of the wharves hero were laden
this week with nursery stock front north?
ern nurseries Parham a larger quantity
of young tree* nnd shrubbery wa* re?
ceived by King Georgians this week than
ever at one time before, or in one season,
In any fonn.-r > ar. Some of the farmers
here are Just now turning their attention
to the cultivation of strawberries and
other small fruits for market purposes,
and the slips, _c, were purchased from
northern growers last summer and deliv?
ered this week.
The first snow seen bert* this season fell
on Wedneaday but. It was only a "flur?
ry," however, and did not "come to stay."
With a few exception* the farmers In
this section finished shucking and housing
their corn crop this week and f-rn-rally
the ylt ld waa the smallest on record.
Mr*. Kate K. Maaoo, Wita of Hon. John
E. Mason, ia visiting her mother, In Wash?
ington, D. C.
Several barges were loaded with railroad
ties on the Potomac, this county, this
week, for the northern markets.
A Voice of Uyftine Days,
(Chambers's Journal.)
Could I but hear the voice once more
That thrtllf-d my heart In days of yore.
Its sweet, pathetic, tender flower
Would soothe tay spirit's darkest hour.
Before those notes of Joy or pain.
The warbling bird would cease its strain;
And, hov'rlr.-g lightly on the wing,
Enraptured, hear its rival ling.
Oh! wondrous power; sweet gift di?
For which my wear kal iou] doth pine;
Oh! may I hear iti sounds on High.
'Mid angrier voIcm tn the sky.
Sacrifice Sale
JL m. (<2,7 BAST BROAD BhTRBBT), **^**^
DRESS GOODS of pv.iy description; WRAPS tad
-Ve. Ac., to be closed out at ami below COST, to Duke room
for our lar^e stock ot
Holiday Goods and Bridal Presents,
which we are receiving daily, and will be pot on sale during
the week.
Now is your opportunity to buy Dry Goods of all kinda
at very low prices.
the place to buy goodi with confidence. Cold weather bar?
gains in all departments.
has been replenished with averytnin*{
n. xv. stylish, an.i low-down |
Ladle-,', Misses', and Childi* n's \\ i i
of all styles, best materials un-i lOSMOl
MISSES' WRAPS, from U 0 to
LADIES* WRAPS, fr-.m ?.54 to $+'.
MATT IN tis! HAS ><K KS!
A v.ry Isors nsw stoeh st ROCK-BOT?
COTTAGE CARPETS at 10, 12 1-2, 15.
... and Mc.; very low prtosa
[KORAIN CARPETS ttl Mc -Sold last
y. ar nt lue.
INGRAIN CARPETS at SS, tt. BB, and Wc.
THREE-PLY ALL-WOOL at tic. worth
TAP HST KY CARPETS nt tte., worth 65a
. , IPE8TRY CARPETS at 55c.
Rh*. TAPESTRY CARPETS at i'd 1-2c
tl TAPES! RY CARPETS et 70c.
the beet makes at SACRIFICE
RUGS at U. I-"., e.'. 4;, M. Ma, and up to
MM for a v. ry tarn
SMYRNA llVCX at all price*
DRt.'OGKTS in all sizes at 4i, M, SS, and
Mc. |ier MUerO yard.
floor oiL-cuyrHS at M SS. 90. M,
and 40c., reduced from Co, 40, 60, CO,
ai i th ?.
Hassocks at 4*v,, worth Tic.: mad* of
tbe best quality velvet carpel
la<"k Curtains, nottingham.
PLIQUE, TUXEDO -di new gooda.
LACE CURTAINS at Bte, a pair, worth
i>ki:ss hoods.
tirely new). &.") lOChefl xvi !?. at 12 1-2
and Wc, worth $) and il
CADES from Rc. to 11.50.
BLAi'K BOUCLE, very nobby, 50 Inches
wide, at Mo, worth ll.
all -Jaie.-,, nt I'..-., worth I
ALL-WOOL SEROUS. ? Inches Wile,
price 50c.
K^.U inip.a .-!. .ii Mt.'., -.urth 11.7$
All ih. .- it etta la In PANCT S/EAVEI
In all ? to Ra
$1 per x u :
- IN PLAIDS from 170. ta
J. .., ||] I.e-.X tl
-TLANNE1 ' ? wrapfsrs at 10a,
L'nili'rwfiir ! I'liilrrtvcar !
? ? RWEAR for HadtflB ratasaa chu.
dres, K ? -. a.'. i ..??'.tli-nien the large*!
si wu in thi* cl
from ll -. to ?'! -
VESTS .v\D PANTS fruin 2oe. to th*
WRAPPERS for Ir.f.m'a, at 25. SS, *nd
los 1
AWKRS, In natural wool, whit*
and i . it, from Ka to 12.31 for th*
. ? .
i.i i'i-: for -ulta al 12 l-3c, ?o-th #<*.
STRH'KH BKIRTINO at 10 i.nd 12c..
CAN ION FLANNELS ?t I, *. 1-4. 1, %, S.
'?' and 1J1-2--V., p-'r c*nt. loos than
i, ? | i r* a ; i
FLANNELS, in White, Red. Gray, and
1 Ilse price*. %
Th-* beat ll KID OLOVE8 In na?w r-hades,
lt I ? .ri but'..ns.
LA IKS BLACK HOSE, regular mada,
,.i ? - a i air xi iih
LADIES IIERMBDORF, r-\*ri!ar mad*.
...i. b, at 22a-. Every
HOSE it '.'. IS, and 12 l-2c. for i reju
MATTINGS at I, 10. 12 1-2, ll, l| and
A larne, new Btipply <ust received,
di- l x**t in the city.
! ii ... :i Brood Btreet
is our position, and for that reason the public have their
feet in ours. Those who have use for feet are as pleased
as they are with a turkey on Thanksgiving-Day.
For this week we offer Ladies' OvergaitetS, 15c.; Ladies*
Rubbers, 26c.: Gentlemen's Calf Welt Shoes, $1.50; Boys'
Shoes $1; Misses' Shoes. *>l)c; Infants' Spring Heel Shoes,
3<Sc.; Gentlemen's Cordovan Shoes, $i?sold elsewhere, $5.
The greatest line of
at $2 in this city. Shoes for SI for Ladies' and Children.
Ladies' White and Hlaek Kid Slippers, 7 ."e.
Ladies' Satin Slippers at $1.35. Spteial lot samples, 98c.
Everything in the Shoe line.
Prices for Qualities Unequalled Anywhere.
607 East Broad St.
3 tag* or each plug;. Try lt.

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