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Process of tbe Electric Cir in j
rnoJi:- ti t RSM wat.
. - nile* That Ita-.* lind tfce
|-rtrrl*n '
ut nt American r-.p--*ii4ltiir?
finirn. ?*?
, *-.,.i-rl?-?ce?Berlin'* l*ro|in?eil
a BS r '
la-H-ra" ???'? Hnntt.
jpiltttlSttrr of the Dispatch >
",<-KK. N..vi-mher "?"".-Trie far?
., 1h(. fmalia ttoBoy mud-, are much
ii la aay ol tko ettaso here.
inetance, th-- pi afleasjer i-ny.
? lefil-laaotfl fer foo*.-Mea
. ., rrai ""ii sees '--' a eaat fee
rsi tko Rafael rsoBs hm -my
. ... proftta Of ooasse 'a'-ir is
... th<?r.' than hOIO. hal UM
' . .. **n nut cornpen.*-Htt> |SC tho
.?? ,-.1 rat* aa compare-.! tilth
ptetely that the Inventors ar* working
tat. The Inhabitant* nf all the f'ontlnen
I il rittee jo lue theniselve* upon the archi?
tectural reality and attractiveness ot
tht lr teapeitive town*, and th's love of
the beautiful h*? largely restricted the
?ve of the trolley. In the ettie* of thi*
country the people are inclined to give
no ealaahll franchise* and hantVeom*
street* for the sake of allahtlv nub ker
nitni'it. hut thi* feeling doe* not predomi?
nate In European cities.
A merchant prince named Lingen ha*
recently become the financial hacker of
Siemens, th* builder of the flr*t German
trolley road, for the construction of a
road in Uti Un which will be a unique
affair, lt I* of the elevated kind, but
Ihe MTS liane down from the trsck*.
'lite running gear la on the roof of th*
car and the trolley wire come* In lin?
nie.ilat<- contact with lt.
A test road bs* been built In the vast
COUTI of the military esalno nt Iientz.
jfid lt has been operated MOM is fully.
The track ls supported at regular inter
vhIs by tWO leen uprights, connected at
the top by a ero.- bar, ito car pas-fin
totweM the ii|tilxht*.
lu Peril partlculHr attention is paid to
0 dlVllOpmsnl "f the storage battery
?yitem, and two lines are in NCMMfnl
fpperntlon. Heretofore Ihltr system baa
proven very costly because of tbe great
weight of the battery and the im
*-.?S> aKflrt-aAMRIQ.
xi.' tim* moi.i.ky.
?r.tr;e reAtt Charged in this cotilt
PuilspMl a trollej I tol bren
? .' ? timi with aa andi r
i coally than
? ovt been tuc
i nful rinct the first?< - pi that
immy nf ibe other larg* cities tn the
under way
' building umii.ir r ?
; troll' roadi In the ni ir
v im h tt :M to ? hage lie'.
? . | tn. If the
ti i problem it
. ii. in the
nt Kew Yi'tk hive
lini >' I i i" liding "1 t> iid
? ? : doll
' ' ? . In nn
hind the vail
. u Dnelllng i
j k it hi i ? 'ii nguri 'l
?.. xx tu p oat ebout | -I
I ii Bi ? in j
? ? ? i Mai k< : ? ti. \x ii . la I
? Hi director of Uer- |
; a syitt in by u hi. ii .
the i ? .- tunnelling
b .I i il the
? ;?? i tmie cf constructing the
I. IV!
; ths public Th! pl lui l| ?'.
?i Iron tube 1" 1-2 feet
. ? ? bi d I feet In depth
i anal with ito ski af
t .(??. caa to !"? -b' d
.x rating i
the i time, lt ht llkewlee ? lelmi .
. be ma'le high and \x i le
? rmit of tba paMagi of tba
m emotive an i i laaan
trolley road! of Europi om
tin te of the United itatM
r quantity, they are f.ir
matter of <iu?r.it>. ami
rerrity in mnohmlrnl do*
l ruction.
1 In the European
.: mi of - loerlmentfl
tl in country, nnd the In
bari freely taken ? lenn
?' .1 aiie-.s ateI improve
here. In ton tom et the <
met Um Irabey intro- j
r lt had been ma'le ? safe
a ix nf capltalleti In !
sad in coiassquence the
- ! ,p\e had till the b nt Bl
I ,r i \i srlmi ntal ni*
.* fs r ?? t trolley rend nni
.. m. pago, bul wm ? eery
tnt | people ot Berlin j
: lt ti it ti ii. tcb favor; The
nar * on Bk a ? nn i ii been
? ntly nt the problem of
? ? . tia i. .ui.i toa
: ? li! | ? 'ur. .*.-. 11
? , I., li I t rf- ld. lust i
possibility ..f conatrttctlaa a far wtuea
v??" :!'! Stead the strain for tiny luiRth
of time.
STATS, no titi) ok iikai.th.
\ WOrtO rriiollt-Hl lia-ii.aina for tlic
I;.(illili.Imir nt nt lt.
To th.- i-Mitcr of thf Dtepstek:
.-"??mr Of H.- |OOd n vi. I!-. .|. i;.[ .1 boord
of h'.if.h coold accomplish moy ba da.
5- Tlh"'l Uh fell'-xxs:
1. Ths v.-11 l.t..>n <if tUsottoas oattBoroos
lo public ti- ni'.H.
a Stats board Of lir-allh would, first of
all. t-ii'l ax or to enlist in this canst- Cit.
v, ii t'Ofir.is ..f health already in . xist
enca in tho several i..wnn and cities of
tha C nun.tawottlth. lt WOOM further at
tempt to argaolaa la sach coooty a eoun
iv board ol health, for without Bock nn
lotion In each eootriy or city tho
siat.. bo rd v.. ni.1 I...1 be in touch with
u.e people, ..ni would hav.- 1.0 meoafl
of t-..inn.uni. mon xxith th.- different Bec
j tions of tin- stat,. The Si it" boar-]
mould do ii- \M.rk tbroustt Una Iocs!
. ..ni would sci as an oraentser,
belper, and adviser of thees bostda
1 ? pi in the hu ?' r .1.' -. no n pori
1* mode of the prevsleoce of such dla
oaaes 1 rut, ?-.arl* -favor, aatoll
poa, aad other cootsflotta Olfleoaea; a oca
ii. people are aol yarned at their pre*
? or their location, consequently
they spreed .xr a much arider aroa
than !'?> x- shuni-!. This a-1 iss of di-< iSOfl
is not isolated- the dead bodies of pi-rswiH
il> inif from mi."li discos?a are float from
oae i".int t.. another arltbosl tho proper
precautloea hones tbs number of .icatiis
if.m. und tht- apread "', sask diseases
is greet, whereaa if dtolafeotaai were
i^o.i lateUlaently, aoeordlas to modern
no thuds, such would BOt bs tho fas.
1 pr. st nt an extract from a report fissi)
of the Aiia-tiiiiiiii Btste Hoard of HoaRh,
?which flpeaSS for itsplf:
'"Wa Imvo statistics which show that
the .ttinuiil saving Of Itffl from only three
.ii--.-as.-s-viz., scarlet-fever, typhoid-fever,
untl BSBeU-pOS has ainoiiti.e.l to 1,100
Urea loproasntltia MSB eases of fltSkBOSa
NVixx. If you estimate e.u-h of tkOOfl lives
Bl ORS Kss than half thc value of a
BlttVw in former times, you lui ve thc- an?
nual savins to the Stave- of aRStSSh This
is tho known sastttB from three diseases
Wt have 110 organization or system In
th.s Stole, h. lae tb* I' xx' local bOBtda
that xx. haxe ar" no', as SfaVaStt; BS 'hoy
BhOUld bo, Th.y have practically no rom
nr.iiiitatli.il with erich oth-r. Now, what
led ls a well-equipped central or
-?ttBfmttott "r boord, which Will heep
constantly in toueh with the local bourns.
Thia central organization or Slat.- board
Should be clothed xviii, sirthortty and
nix. n the meuns to do effective work, for
wittout these, which is the present status
. .?,._? ..... ...? \*,...,,,,., -..,_ iinu^i it cnn do
i i* a numuer oi i roi ie j
i le In this country cover
?? lillie* of ground, ani nearly
re in use. In all of Germany
I i Zio milt* of trolley ro_.la
KN .art |g u-e. In the othfr
i illirie- the proportion ia
Bot itieie are mi many
xx tinder way. particularly In
1 thm the number of mlle*
1 by ile trolley and" the number
rsm v. i i?. mot,- than quadrupled
two >. run.
Hie o\er-head nystem. the
i used ni sil the cities of thi*
* i." ii adopted on the other
' lt ls ti. do away with the un
l"-!) Hire* and the surface ro_d? com
How can a central or State board of
health aid or a*Kl*t local board*'/
1. By promptly notifying them of the
prevalence of any contagious or Infectious
dtaeeaea, or of tts probable introduction.
The Stale boards of health of nearly ali
the States of the I'nlon and Canada (In
conventions assembled, which are held
annually), by resolution have sgreed to
notify at once all oth'r Utile and munici?
pal board* of health (by telegraph, If rn -
c?-?*ary), by circular-letters, of the ap*
itv*rance of such diseases aa small-pox,
etc.. which, on account of proximity, are
likely to be exposed.
'*. Hy tbe issuing of circuit * of in
formtfilon concerning many diseases-and
the best means of avoiding them, snd sl?o
circulars of Instruction, describing the
lstest and most approved methods of se?
curing prompt and efficient Isolation (and
quarantine, If necessary), and Jtslufrc
.ion of ihe:-r- infectious dtseaees. A State
board, getting lt* Information from In?
vestigation* and experience of cthc-r
boards, and ?l*o from lt* own lnve*tl
?rations, then thi* Irformatlon ls promptly
sent to all local board*, either by print. 1
circular* or by wire, If the urgency of
the Information requires lt, and by them
disseminated to the people at larg*, ard
to the Infected district* especially. By this
mean* valuable Information can b? se?
cured from the*e local boards s* to the
prevalence of ?ny dl*ease or nuisance
that may be endangering the public
health, and direction* given In detail how
to prevent or check the Kpread of any
infectious or rorriagiou* disea** among
the people at the time any such disease
is prevailing, Often an epidemic can be
abated by following the Instructions ind
rule* given.
Our Htate hon rd Ml most keenly its
Innt.iit> lo no to the rescue of the Rood
people t.f .staunton this pa*t Rummer,
when the town was infe-fird with t-tnall
I'f'X. but, having nn mean* at tts ?!'
ponai, lt was powerless. It was a severe
reflection on our Htate that, after appeal?
ing io the Governor for aid. through Its
cw n Htate hoard, they sent to Wuahtng*
ton, to th- I'nlted State* Marine Hoapl
pal Kurrali, for tm expert to deride
Wtottof Ot not the (Unease at thnt lime
prevailing oral small-pox. I apeak with
conh.ici.ee winn I say that, if the Mutl
Hoard of Health had been clothed with
th! p'fwer and the mean* to lafOrci Its
pioiw, and had be?-n in a position
t.i hive neut h ri|H 1MBlal! V! itt once to
Staunton, at noan a.*. the dtaeOM brahe
0 ii ibero, it tx.mir! toyi aever maple men
headway at ft did. Htid, mo-t probably,
cooM berm beni stamped eui bi ita in?
ception, end thousands et dellars wouM
hate l.ffii >-a\...| i? the jtund iKople nt
Staunton, fftr who Mn (Miniate tiie Icr-s
tn nelned io thi?- ,-iiy from - *-**mmer?ni
riandpelal by tb epidemic? m..-..mon
ai"ii( could have better lifo med lo havi
given ito ima ashed "f m. Le*-glelature
af 1 s*?.: ':<i. for ti"' Mpporl of Ito toeto.
Thli line "f argumeal might to lad' Batu -
ly MtOnded, ind inpported by feet! end
Bguiei, in ether stat"* v. bera Itali
tonrdi of benfth rxist, gad oby wnoM tt
not li"ld good in our itate?
?? By edvtriag tow t" otori nu
thal OM dlOgaroM to rhe [lilllie Iniillli
A State boord of he.illh ls -rte,, ,;,!,,;
Ill-tin to nive edV*CI al..ml tb! : ? 11 ? ?. \ il
of anlMncefl Boding Ito cann an i
from which they emuuute, it i? often
?eked to Bnd aol Ito ipii^m of oom t:e
**alhng eootagloM dhriMi thdbi produced
hy pollutnd air and bati drinking wat, r,
4. Scientific 1\'nrk.?A well organize!
and equipped hoard can do a greet deal
of scientific worit if prepared ior it. each
as the analysis of Impure fo >.|, irater,
tte.; tracing the source of Impute milk;
Hoeing that dairymen only dKpeUM milk
from soun-t ami healthy cow*, iuul that
the butchers and dearin only siffl Mttttd
and healthy mint. Many a case of ills
ea.?e can be traced tc ItoM and kindred
0*n*M0> Such work ls bring dom- by other
boards, and with geed reeulte.'
Our Htate Board, ?hleh ls one only
In name, could Miry on SUCh Invr.- li?
gations If provided with the mean*.
Health and money thcnii.t HMM lie laved
to ||M people of our State, yea. often
the lives of some of her best citizens,
many cf whom each >ear miciimb le dh>
mon enntrneted fram these oaaaaa,
1 need hardly refer to the UUlycB of
water, to Which almost always typhoid
fever can to traced, by un Investigation
int-1 the lOUrCI ani (|nality of the watti
hs-'pI tot drinhlng ami writing porpoeei,
imp im wnter can Pe discovered; (pi?
lli mic* ol' thu daOMM ian be prevented
or te ll in ah->aine by thc dbMOntlnunnOI
of wnter fruin contuudantl 1 tourcei
which can poly to di tcp tel by careful
and irieatiflc InveeUgntlon hy one Mm
pf tent :-j do SUCh work. Typhoid-ft I ? i
ton bera Quite prevalent ell over tbi
Htate Uti! pari mummer ani fall, ili?
lli many fOUl IO tiie water famine; to the
low i p.h.inion nnd pollntlon of wella,
?pringi, .mi fltreomi. from which drink?
ing-water wai ohlalned. rn.ni iii. i al
kindred COndltkMU the boord WOUM fend
out rirCUlaia and literature on this ?ab?
ject, deecrtblng nlautely how this dread
dlaeaM could he at least limited, if not
entirely prevented, end such would be
lia ai lion of ito hoard a* to epidemic of
oilier dleeaeM toeing ? known prevent
abie mum. Them arc only n few of the
scientiiie Invest Ign tlooi or arorh a wtll
iqulppi I board OOUld undertake. Many
others mit;ht M enumerated, hut it la
hardly inti rmi j al this timi to do ne,
Tba prime and chief ohjact of a stat-i
hem i af health ii ito prevention of dh>
ease anil tb! Mring ol' human Ufo, ind
If this i .i i -ii'ld, woy Hie jesuit in
th-- butMg from a commercial
j.p.int ni .. other countries, and almost
every State in ito Union, consider this
work worthy of their attention, and OM
giving large appropriation! annually lo
thli mum The dlaeoverlei and nelcattfle
Inveatigatloni >-t Koch, of Germany, and
Paiteur, of terence, hare hara mane
under the authority and by th*
liberal ipproprlatloni od their reapMtlve
government!, and they kave Inrgi and
mool rapeaetvely equipped ritoratories
f pr tin ir tnveetigationa, whip-h arc main*
talned and WipportOd entirely at great
cost to the government.
That th! reader may Appreciate what
other .States think ii Htato board of
health is worth to that**, 1 append a
list of annual appropriation* made for
Hie use of gome State I,nardu of health
lu the I'nited I'-tittt-H by the secretary nf
the Missouri Hoanl of Health, which
speak In no uncertain sound:
Massachusetts .fill,OOO
Texas . 61,000
?Illinois . ttJUt
Mississippi . BJB
Mlnneaota . tSJHt
New York . B.BI
?Nf w Jersey . Cl J >*
Wisi-msln . <BJB
?Michigan. l-'lti
Alabama . 1MB
Maryland . 1MB
California. IUM
?Connecticut . 1MB
?New Hampshire . AS I
?North Carolina . ASH
?Indiana .
?Iowa . WB
Qjoulriina . MB
?i'enn.-lvania . MB
Maine .
Kansas . I I
Ohio . ?"
tooth Carolina . WB
Tamil Mil .
?Rhodi inland . AWt
?Kentucky . MB
Velmont . 2..V0
The asterisk !?) IO the amounts appro?
priated hy certain States Indicate.* lg*
dltlonal sources of r. venue, as epidemic
fund* without definite limit, fees from
different sources, for printing, etc., "tc.
?lot ll tl IJ Virginia. Board or Health.
The cream of
purest Norwegian
cod-liver oil, with
adapted to the
weakest digestion.
?Almost as
palatable as milk.
Twa aUese-M conUendtl.t*
SCOTT * BOWNE, ? New York
Master Ib an old-fashioned word, not
much relished or u*ed In th's* day* of
freedom, but lt la the only t*rm that
fully distinguishes "77" tor Cold*, from
the ma** of cough-miitures which are
chanted to the denser-point with Squills
or Tartar emetic, tn sleken fie stomach;
or Laualanum to produce alrowain-s*. and
possibly lea* to the Optum-habit.
Avoid the*e dangers hy u.lng "17." It
la entirely harmles*. aDd cures, not by
drugging, hut by acting diroetly through
the caplllartes snd nerve-centres. The
pellets are hardly dissolved upon the
tongue before the cure commences.
77" for GRIP,
folds Influenza. Catarrh, Hains In the
Head anti ("host, Couch. Se.ro Throat.
Oftneral i'rr.Mratlon, and paver, and pre?
vents Pneumonia.
"77" will "breik up" a stubborn cold
that "hangs nu."
Dr. Humphreys puts np a Spool)!" for
?\.ry dtasoaa Tney are dt>acrlbed in
i.i- Manual, ohlch ls fleal free,
Small i.'tii.s "f pleasant pellets, nt
roar seat-pocket Bold by druggists,
or sent i.n re.-' Ipi of pr:.' Sc. er Ave
for ll. Humphreys' Medicine Company,
111 and lil William street. N>xv York.
Be sara to get
A credulous publle |fl much Uko a or. dil?
lons Individual. Impositions t.?r? often
loistrd ui.on thom are sure to develop
cant lon, investigation, and some degree
of doubt. Hence, so called
and such, having been SHO|**v OF
1 ll KIR NOVELTY, aro no longer the at?
tractive force for duped crowds, but a?l
th- world, and hla cousins, ar- looking fo*r
that merchant who chooses to be honest,
even to hla own hurt.
backed up by
and accompanied by
Our advice la: Reware of tho man who
prOfOSOSO to gi va you something for no?
thing. He will strive for his gain before
tho end comes.
X Little Extra Value.
.Soui<* raro 1.aiea.lt,. in BILKS, I'hitno
leon effectH In Figured Taffetas, ut
reduced film Rc. Bbwh Betta Di* bi ia
full 24 Inch-s wl-ia. at R and $1'?.'?; ex?
tra bessy wsiokta superior Bolah, anal
guaranteed to wear. These were f.-r
111.1 ly UM and $2.
Style and Quality
In our sto.k of WRAPS. Our special?
ties ara JACKETS AND CARES at $1,
JO, |7, and HO.
Black Dress Goods.
Wa have pot forth our best exertions
to muk- ttiis stock a leader for us.
1 lur BerBS St Ba ls *.>'. inches In wi ith
and all wool. That which .!?*
pell at 50.*. IS 46 Inches Wide,
and BBS formerly ll. Itt W'ide
Sfale Bei a** ?*? have IB tech
width at f?) Bttd ""-c. that make han-1
*,nmo suit-1. We give the very h-st
values io Bloch Pinned Mohairs,
BfeSCk Moreens, and Henriettas.
Colored Mixture for
A now line of ''"J-lnoh Heavy Worsteds,
that are 80 per cent, wool, reduced
from 2oC. per yard to lSc?a recognised
Plaids at 12*'. 25, 40, and 50c.
Comfort to thc Pur?
A selection from our stock of White and
Colored Blankets; cotton-Filled and
Down Comfortables from 60c. to $10.
A Complete Success.
Our effort to create a stir in the Cur?
tain Department. Hy Introducing a
number of unique dOOlaea In Notting?
ham. Point d'K?prit. Brasaets Effect,
Tambour, and Medallion Points, ti-.th
In White and Ecru effects, and break?
ing down the old system of big profit*-,
xv.- have dooMed our sales in this de?
partment. Plenty of good values still
on hand.
Economical Hints.
A full line of Mattings, IC*, and upward.
Rest All-Wool Ingrain Carpeta, 50c. per
Cotton-Chain Ingrain Carpets, 40c. per
Tapestry and Velvet Carpeta at lowest
Rugs and Art Squares In best grades.
Oil-Cloths and Linoleums?4-4, 6-4, and
Extra Heavy Bicycle Hose, 7 to 10
Inchet?, Ma
ladies* Full Regular-Made Black Hose,
Ha.lies' Ribbed Vests. 17, 28, snd 10c. for
Ladles' Ribbed Vests, 75c., fl, and $1.50
for wool.
Our boast ls to furnish the BEST
prices elsewhere always indicate infe?
rior qualities.
fte ssjSRaaaa% Sastej SS?sal Bunt
Pennyroyal pius
' n, ttaiat arlu Mm rlaaaa. XW
> ?alBa**, *4-%w li, 11 i.i ?
. ? MUM mai aali.il. AX Dram***,
Thc story of Cloaks plainlv
told?truthfully told. Thc type
is large, thc reading is easy, and
every garment is priced down to
a surprise point that makes pos?
session easier than you had
hoped for.
New lot of Jackets and Capes
in Plath. Bouele, Astraehan, and
Heaver cloths. We have also a
nice line of Fur Capes in the
newest shape and best quality in
Wool, Seal, Astraehan, Coney,
and French Seal, and we will sell
them as low as any house in the
United States will sell the same
quality goods. Wc also have a
few of those marked-down
Cloaks and Jackets left cheaper
than ever before offered.
there are only 3 Dress Skirts left
of Wide-Wide Diagonal we've
made the price $3 instead of $10.
Here are quantities to afford
ample scope tor selection. If it's
hard making up your mind just
what you do want come here for
a suggestion?a store full of
New Dress Goods, 10,12--3, 15,
ll), and 25c. (extra value).
New Colored Dress Goods at
New Colored Bouele at 50c.
NtfiC line of Plaids fi ora 10c.
to .$1 per 3'ard.
Black and Colored Bouele
Cloaking from $1 to $3 a yard.
Black Astraehan Cloaking from
$2.50 to $10.
GautTre Cloth forw.aists (looks
like silk), 10c. a yard.
The handsomest line of Black
Dress Goods we have ever shown,
and that is saying a great deal
in small space, for they are too
numerous to mention. Come
and see for Yourself.
Child's Oil-Cloth Eating Bibs,
2c. each.
Larger size Eating Bibs, 3c.
Ladies' Oil-Cloth Aprons, 10c.
reminds one of Linen necessities.
Here there's not a Linen need
that we can't supply.
A mixed lot (all White) Hem?
stitched and Knot-Fringe Tow?
els, marked down to 19c. Some
of them were 38 and 45c.
Fringed Huck Towels from
L6r3to Ile. each.
The Quality-Style-Price Store,
:jo7 nico aid street.
Finest French ACHROMATIC
GLASSES at prices lower than
elsewhere in thc city.
Examination Free.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Richmond Optical Company,
(no i0tSo,i'Qi I'h3m)
-AND ?
14 Gowrnor St, RiCuiond, Ya.
and more
and more
Quality-Style-Price is not a
theory but a condition here,
oj 'nu ni. xi ia
each week are finding out the real merit and satisfaction in shop?
ping at the store where the first thought is for the customer. As
a matter of fact, there is no better way?no surer method of
building up and maintaining a large business. After all, the
buyer's interest is identical with the merchant's. And here's a
point, The name of Breeden, Talley & Co. on the tag of a gar?
ment stamps it as ustylish," and style is the strong point. As'
for quality, half a century's reputation for reliable goods remover
any doubt on that score.
Fringed Huck Towels from $2
to $1.50 ,'i dozen.
% Table Napkins, $1.25 to $5
a dozen.
Table Damask, 25c. to $3 a
ra rd.
Turkey-Red Damask, 19 to
85c. a vard.
Art Linens, 20c. to $1.
Doylies from 25c. to $2.50 a
Three glimpses to remind you
of a first-class Glove Depart?
Extra nice Kid Gloves from
79c. to $1.50.
Mocha Kid Gloves reduced to
Men's and Boys' Scotch Gloves,
25 to .50c.
Last Monday was a busy day
in the Dress Trimmings Depart?
ment, and it was just such sty.
lish Trimmings at these popular
prices that made it so.
We have marked down another
lot of those Trimmings that sold
so well last Monday. We will
mention a few:
1 lot Colored Fourajiers re?
duced from $2.50 each to 10c.
1 lot Colored Silk Panels from
$2.50 and $1.69 each to 10c.
1 Gold Braid Panel from $2.50
to 25c.
1 Silver Braid Panel from
$2.50 to 25c.
1 lot Colored Silk Passemen?
terie?reduced?$1, 75, and 50c.
all go at 3c. a yard.
1 lot Silk Persian Trimming
reduced from $L to 10c. a yard.
1 lot Colored Persian Trim?
ming reduced from 75 and 50c.
to Sc. a yard.
1 lot Colored Persian Trim?
ming reduced from 50c. to 2c. a
1 lot Colored Silk Braid Sets
(Collar, Cuffs, and Lapels) re?
duced from $1.89 to 5c. a set.
The braid in them is worth three
or four times as much.
1 lot Colored Beaded Sets (Col?
lar, Cuffs, and Lapels) from
$2.89 to 50c. The beads for
fancy work are worth more
1 Cut Steel and Silver Zouave
Jacket Ornament from $4.98 to
1 Iridescent Cut Steel and Tin?
sel Front from $2.50 to (>9c.
1 piece Black Bead Fringe, 9
inches deep, from $1.25 to 25c.
The Qnality-Style-Price Store,
"107 R Rf IA I> KT RE ET.
1 piece niack Bead Fringe from
$1 to 20c.
1 piece Mack Bead Fringe from
75 to 15c.
I piece Black Bead Fringe from
$1.50 to 12l_c.
Then we have a lot of Black
Beaded and Silk Ornaments from
??.? up to 10c. each. Some of
them were worth $1 each.
IO14, yards Striped Lavender
Gauze Flouncing from $1.50 to
7'i yards Black Silk Flouncing
rain ni from $4 to 69c.
4 ieces Silk Crcpon (Pink,
Blue, Cream, and Lavender)
from 29 to 15c. per yard.
Tlu* store's ready for it ami U r
those who are thinking about
gifts to be made. We say: Come
here for suggestions to-morrow?
any time. This is the way tho
story reads:
Thousands of Baskets! Wc
have them of most every descrip?
tion, adapted to every purpose.
Work Basket (double recepta?
cle), 26 inches high, but as low
as $1.29.
Scrap Basket tor 89c. is a
beauty, while that at $1.29 is
worth thc difference. Ask to see
these and the best Lunch Basket
we ever saw at anything like
Our Eiderdown Pillows, cov?
ered with tinsel embossed silk, are
new and very pretty. They are
maked $3.80. Those with rich
Jap. draper*-* covers arc marked
to sell at $1.89. This depart,
ment is complete as to siz*,
quality, and price.
tfl" Faba Baja " or Parlor Quoits
is a new game that will delight
your children. Only a few and
price cheap?S9c. Parlor Ten
Pins, Uland J-8c.
Picture Books and Books of
Choice Reading tor Childten at
exceedingly low prices.
XMAS OUTS for gentle?
men. It's hard to decide
ordinarily. These, how.
ever, ought to help you in
that respect, and thc
prices are neither too high
nor too low?our word for it, and
your sav so when you see them.
Dressing Robes, Smoking Jack?
ets, Umbrellas, Scarfs, Silver
Match Boxes, Leather Cuff and
Collar Boxes, Pocket Knivc,
and Tobacco Boxes. The To?
bacco Box made from unshucked
cocoanut is unique, if not pretty.
We have only a few of them.
The Quality-Style-Price Store,
307 HltOA 1> STKKET.
[Fashionable Wedding Gifts!
j We have a large and varied assortment of rich and fash- j
I ionable Diamond Ornaments, suitable for wedding gifts. \
? Brooches, Pendants, and Bridal Wreaths of pearl and ,
* diamond ornamentation. '
? Elegant Sterling Silver Pieces in all of the latest designs
j and patterns, at prices greatly reduced.
I 921 cast t\etln street. t
aatmrmtttimrir*^* JBfllflflflflflfl^flflflWflttfl^flflflEfll "iffmTfrtTrnrffitiRir^
(no 1 T-Su,Ta*ThJ
You should avail yourself of this opportunity to re?
plenish your home. These goods MUST BE SOLD
within the next thirty days.

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