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Richmond dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1884-1903, November 26, 1895, Image 1

Image and text provided by Library of Virginia; Richmond, VA

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. bun Three, True Bills
? tost Him.
0) i in ?' *'?'* ?*******- I' ?-'*?? ?
,.nlii? ti *-,i.-,-pilli; I 11 -?? t- ?_ ? ul
?iiii t ni iii.i-ii? i be
Heel I nea
lnlU?'I lia
.,,.,* ..ano lew a*ed ?))'? Ballad.
Bl Of |
? ??
(or tl
, Xl 111
? ?
? ?
? - :
? :
? S. iv
a lat, .
- I
ll .11 1
? I
? \ ir
? .
. . ai ol
' fl
. . .11
? , nt, i ?.
? -i
Bftt .-wat.I
raise, fraudu*
. ,..:!:.;r?,
boobs af .? a i-i boob to the benefit ??
laB of tbe ' iii s. ii. Kelson, at. 1
i . tbe kajar) - I ntl I book, with tn- p,>
rlty, kl <.f th* raid i
s lt. Kelso .1 with tbs loton! t"
- nt at and .1. frau i ike sal I I na. and
'.ibis and sestet tbt sal i s iv Ni i
?on i ? ? beat aa I aofroud aaM bai k. aad
?. tobe, steal, i.n.i i
? .mil. ->f mooey an-l carrency,
? foi : Bcribed. of tbe i:.la, chet
i | -i STty of tba
tbat I si:
? . aaM unlawful,
tful. and fraudulent i -t - pli u y, oom*
eon fed ration, snd agn i mt Bt,
if on . | ern
?i 1 W. Cardwell, after?
wards? . . ??,, and pi i ??
? ? .
r. I" .-k snd overdraw b
. run! with aald boob, an I di?! 11 aol
<i fraud tbe BOM bank <.r in-1 snd
nf fl 'a,i,*. tree
Sold, and silver <oin, ii for*
"i Hon ..f which ls tn the
unknown, bo! "f th-- value ..r
tkon ?--. with tt.
I;, v
ai I u. Cardwell, I ai without tba
Ilia liv. knOB - li" , ??-' . ??? ? ' I Of ll ?
raid i.ank, with int.iit i" .ii...r an-l de?
fraud the Bald bank, sgainsl tbs
alli. ..;' Vlr
Bra! ??! t.':-- f< loni Indletmt nt-, to
i t bet modi.
Tl.-- -. ,.f tl,.- Cv
(Richmond, on
.! S R. Ki
-ti ihe Btl f ot July. In tht
snd nlm ty-flre,
Mid II I ' '-aM ..f th"
Ity ol
?' ! !;? . Ititi" . ,.f th
kind, ruin.!" i.
, ? .i- n. tbs
? il ..f ti.- value >.: . i. rn*
... . ! ?
j ropt 11\ of tht .?-'' itt i: t'.k
? ? ?
n and th-1.- i ?
IWfulIy an-l
1 mmon
veal th ot Vii
bed lo thia Indi, .ti" nt a
ir.tv. n upon Ila- St ii-- Lank by
. 'i??I ? 'Charil '? To I I
. ? ? ? Itecelv.
? i " dated
...' ?
. gains)
? i . ..
? ? , ii t dt po >? to Nt
? ? tl Btete Bank,
font!.I guilt) of such fra nt ei
ban I- .1 In
Witt th,-,n,
I been tl
ind faithful attention.
nd tbe i imo of h. com
thei ? : th,.tn
Ihe ti rm Tht Jud j tht
Barren! ' i ..:t sp?
ied iv bia
I Mr. Meredith.
In I
with Walter J. Todd ..n.l wv ll.
nd tl aw i* '.. I
nr.i ...i the tir-' m ii id ) I I
i !? rm ..? ih-- . ..uti. tin- .
ri tnt tl grand Jury
I ? nf I t of
V i
, ?; X [-, ? ...
HOW Titi; Jl RY s'l
-,a bi n
the report ---i which
l ? Sml< I. awns.
? arsrrant f..r Ni made
tl r0U8tl
f proper!
' bond glv.
Tl ' f ti., bani
Uer at ail.
COLT BC INO ll- SE I l lil).
I.i- l-l.I> lu lina.- ni, XI.ftol.it,- III
\ or,-a?\ ll li t li-ll.
Et IV I Not
muel P. Coll
: 1 . of I la- | ?
? . \-..;. ?-.-.-.' I: i' ? :?
;?. have an bo*
? wi," i- ; :? -? nt. 1 tl
I .
? ' I
- bet ii
and w..
. ?
refusal I i I
? -it ia ill h.- sllegt -i. I
? . I . rn nt i
.nula scandal, i:.<lui- i
? _: an t to withdraw!
ll t Mill: in.tir- ? Joni S : 1
\ ? noting the ? (fi ctloni
I .xii -. i"..n. fal..!.. I Coll wvi ri tain
it t.iimii mansion In Bristol, snd ths
wife will b a
? m...'..} p. p. paid in full a ttle*
? ? ? . : ., ? ? Both
'. .
M.. Wm .X ? | to hat ?? 1
.t .,' .1 ii'., ral -nu annually
bt in): dram ed ii.to
lilt I M. 1)1 I X til ll I.III.II.
\-i.ii. ,-rnair I'liiifi-r. nf \i-n 1 nrU,
Sa-la ? I.amil I: mi ni 1.1.-.
KEW TORR. November B tn pumi?
ce of thi coll of St ntary-of-the-Trea*
? ;:-;? f i _-..'!. ? \-i kn
? :'i p. cv.a.. r to-day de] ?? I
. xihi.li be ni' in tii
- tbinki ii; !?? la tv
: :? i ? lbs
PHILADELPHIA, P \ Nest mot I -
?f lbs nil ol ? 'ar?
ila ;,,,- --old, om of ike leading rei til
. onsea ol Pl .1 lt Iphla will
0 of I ??'? ni. tal :
1 '? pattineiit, ut V
?| ).,- tit in it. .|iia-sti..n 1- mik.: tl ?
: with *!..- patri
... tm govi rnmatot's gob) n
ii., i- ? sample will Induce
ben te d
,m> .
Baatbera IM-ilsraj Rowalasn.
KEW v. irk, N ?!? mbt r B Tbt -
... , for O toot r
. m increnn "f RB.*
II ki B.1! HI
m i n-1 earnings, *;??''.l ?; Int 1
fi im Jul] i-i (>? Octobn Bat
..:??-,.?..: 1- . "'?! -
? . ? eai ningi. ?-' ItRJ ? ?
>?inilli ( nrnlliiH ( onvi-niion.
-, .jj MRI ?. S- C . Novetabei R The ' t)
. ited lU Hm- fl 'fa;
1 io disposing ..' ih. sinai: ordinaa
1 thi Seabrook snd Rockhill county j y
u.-i. ii wen defeated after a 0
nelde rabi* debate, The ordinance to pat , ,,
untlt - ?.'. .1 > ssh boals ama bilk i. ,,
nebraska Raak BaBpeade. j,
iMAHA, KEB., Korember B The Re
.i-kii SivitK- n.l Rxcbange iv.uk. of
u* , ny. ins h p.- late voluntary Uqulda*
m. Th.- -lep. .-Its. amOUOtlOS '" BbOUt
,1.- i- pot ti 1 na ne. Bad tko
>. kholderta will get som. thlni*.
For Of er-lndnlseoi-r
roka llorafonl'a Avid FUoaiiliMte.
lt iiiesarx.-s uiui nooan thc vl
vty. sp. tiKtiiins th.- a areas, aad mini?
na.* th. tomacii to healthy action.
Another Sad Sunday at the Uni?
?nu-: ni: .th or aTXHMWt rnr.i. ti
Our Itt Os rrf-i'-rl lim In thr linnie*?
>f? ll mi?li I'la] Inn?Thr ti-rlili-nt
Will >ol liili-rfrri- wilh Tlnirailil>'*
I ttnlrat.
*HAiti."TTi:s\'!i.].i;. va. Ko-raanhoa
U. tMtootMi I *tat tha aaaoao* tlan ll -
? df p gtaOBI lia* OOOrhunC tde
at] of \ Irglnlo "ii tho taortTo*
Th*- oeca inf tho andnoaa **ea**ardoy
Bath, ai ? lar etti nm
?taneea, ct Mr. OOOTgi I. l'r"!.in. am
of tha
gaturday .o:> t ot* fl Ml Photon tooh
part in o.c foot-holl gnnao antnoaa tin
in- dil .il ind law i ; >.> lng "ti tha
p.on compooed of niemboii of tin* Int
? 'ut itu, tho aa**a~aoa af ibo
gama Mr. Photon ssh- ? ? (all, np*
parentlj n irod. In aa noi lo thi
' .? lo lulu:* ?
tho gnni., hi ropltod no. il- thoa loot
"I in this ?
ani tagon to tie side-line, and Dr. Bur*
oned. Tba young nan ssas
then .removed t" ti,- laflmmrjr, nbora
ii io minati ? t" ? o'i lot ix ?? ?
terdny morning, wtUSout booing rog
Al tho i"! est "( the univ*ii tty author!.
i ? nn Inqtn it nn.i- bald r**tferday
an, the following gentlemen act?
ing -is the Jury: Colonel T, U Pn
R ii nr., Ronl ? ii Mioirv. john l:
?i i 'i j 11. tl ms, snd i Smmi 11
\fi ; n(? wini He body 11
I to Ihe Ji ff Hull, nhl
amlnntion wna ti* ri. conducted bj Can
tain M.-;i i.ili \\ -
l'i . i: ilkina ie .id Christian, mem
bora of tho focnltjr, who madt tht poa!
morten exsmtnation both testified that
rupture of whk h
Mr. Phelan' di ith, aaa m h
I condition, nnd wni Itkelj tn have
bi hi rup! nr l bj any ? ? rtton.
-? vera! other wita I I !. and the
?Munni.i*i .ii wai re?? thorouch. Thora
in thi ? ntrai tht i rid-mt r* *|
thal tha game ss.i-s unut iall) free from
- Kb a ff itiite.
To tl ? ? ber of the law loom Mr.
hs i ? omplali li dlasy,
u I ? *?? ? sr of not I- i | .lid.
linne In tht tom ti
i o and li waa ifi - thi thal ba
i- sa taboo from the tb ld This ami
aitness tastlfl d thai In the i?i Itton In
which Mr. Phelan aan lying ll would
bave ht en Impo I for tho plo) ? i -
r bo wt re i round tho right ? ?
'-nek Ins hOOd lt ssas |
? ? .
bl i" fore- tl i .tiff nt a
riding th.it uni bi fell bi ll
.-? unable to id in tho noni day.
Tho v-rdiet of the j.ny. na Iii. h fotlown
-lenrly shows that tl.-dem li ith
be attributed to foot-1 alL
ill ti.- nfl ? Indents of tba
:' Virginia are grieved otet
I nffnlr, Un | thnt Mr.
Phelan'* death -.xi. not nscsm irlly the
ni ni the gam ,
, ? ? diet
' Phelan t ame to
-.?;"!.oit exertion
m * li port, or of soma strata ur fill
luring ??! foot-ball game, 'n No****a**st si.
? lueh fro I-i. tl ih. r ni Mn
ilood-vi m i In tho brain; wi.:, h blood
own by iii- ? to bato
.ti In a tlon, owing I
?i-nj...i- In fis mrnat on action: and, far?
ther, thi n -ay thal Un evidi ci rlls
loaei ;- ? I i-i th-:t thi ra xx , . un *|j?
eaten n bl. la id or
ind. l
- i ? i bia mi d
"r ni - ? . umina!
luring l
Mr. I'le lan nn.i-- from Memphis, Ti ? n
? bia on nt tho
r ail
ii. -
t to I ? amory,
? : . uren
he students in a body to t
lon, sn; ? .
rrived las! ni ht, ti;, train ? i
abeu : ? '.. ,
THE 1 hank. ;i\in?; GAME.
? hair-inn ol '
uni' rslty ii. ulty. sx.11 . mo] i,.
og sn hat effect thi
i""! ball :ii the unlvi
. ? ?
ll Ult]
.i.i that be calli
il nilli lally for 'the i i
ulty bi .Ung nn.i- bold, but
ie could aee no reason Nxh> any aol
? Inti i '? ra with 1
, uno. Tai tai tn, na brought ?
li nee bel i ? tin - hu v
ihowed di arly that Mi
in 'i ! i ruiti d fruin tba I ?
nK Of jl NN. .ik Iti. d'. || y
KCltt tilt ni Ol ? '. ? I . x ? ? I ? ', ,;? | ,,,,; |,v
in- blow or external Injury roceived lu
I amt Profi nor Uk added thnt
ii- accident i"uid have occurred aa whi
?i tannin traeb athletics, "i- nay otbei
rm of athlotlco,
DR r.ri'K.\i.\.-'ri:r: s m-iNuv.
Dr. Btichmaster -aid I do rmi think
bat thi ii Wi nt ihould has- .ay etti ct
poa foot-hall or Interfere In .ny a.)
.nt. tba ThaiikSf*iving-Daj asms
ill la ui larne, hut
rhon played by gentli mi n to not t
i ? i ? i ?.ian i ? ? d svith
etti feeling on both Bide, than tho tint*,
ii ftotui lay, and I cannot boo tbnl any
t the fneti aaiTonndlng Ur. Pa
entfa flhould bnve ans booting upon tha
in Barring** .ail that ho did aol think
be sad .vsoi flhould, niifrf?*r<? with
Ul ? ur that it OOUld I !?'
erly luis-- any behring nj., n fo<it-t?all at
be unlTorstt] ba Ina tuturi
Late ia*i night lae toot-tall loam and
I. Borah loam t'x'k the train tor *
mi. ,t la ?? I n bi rt Um r -sin i r
lilli 'll ' ?-rr
ri .ii Mr Photon', denth would in name
Dnj mme,
ut the managers nnd tors-r* ,.f foot-ball
bo thi
ma, md ihnl Ute gena, ssiii eaetali
i.in ed
Tho Inn >: d I omni til Cl ?
t] Of svli.c ii Mr.
>hf i.hi nn u a mimi. ne t to !.in- on l
tiona of Maped to his main
ry, Tho te. ie il elana bai appotntod a
.mm.tiff tor the nan put** -
t HIC tOO BARBEKI' \\ tit.
in- ian landny noolag Pan lion
s, ,,r.a?W rlt ul l*rf?lill?Hlon.
CHICAGO. ILL., N".*-nil'*i ? ta the
flrbero' wnr over tha antaicaaaanl 14 lha
unday'-cltoalag i?sv the nntJ-ar-tootng I x -
,ei acorwd Itautrlly t. >l?>. Nst.-n I
rind*, baruod a temporary Injuacttoa
r-,i- r prohibiting two jeetteea of ta. peace
,,in bsuini- .ms m Ti' sn nf. n'a for
ii- IRO0I Of Imi biri ssh..i ss..ik M S'm
ny. er flea* tukul*- any further MUM
i um canes non pending In their eemttn.
Tin- wm of ililli i'timi ia an ancient
nd obook I. pori of the ooananan lass-,
imii. bo toe a"1 i* bnoan. h.-t- hover
.?en imeil In Illlnuia. and st!.lorn bren
.H,,iti-'i to In other stat*---.
The Judge will hear arvimienta un the
nt goal Ki idas. ali'!. liK-Ulrntally, pa**
lion th- eonatltiilleti ility of tho law.
* VIllllHIUH t'OMViCt* i:af-M|ii-.
ItlKMINCUAM. ALA., NovemVr T>~
cven convl'-la escapfril from Ihe Frail
mlnea |.*t niaht by ox -rpo* erins th1* J
gOOtd. The convict*) t>eCure,i p.,s*.
St a sow in ?.om" way. xi ith which thpy j
?awed thr.aiKh ,i partition early ta th'" *
Bight, wh!!- nil birt -.p.- curl ama ten* ;
pororlly ab-'nt. Hurt Thtiisl.er, g no- j
tOriOOS 'Hi .pen..!... ni.ii'."' I to got the '
i--in of th.- r.miilnir.ft,' fc,": ir-1. ami, tli'-n, i
--IVtaB the (ommin.l. six of tba OSSOrlCtS
(OllOWSd hun. Th-v BBSde BOOd OM lr
sa ^^^
Hun Thrasher, th.- leader Of tbs Barty,
- 'vim.- ? I. ssj tern tm kin,nu a
, i X*. a Ik- r - .airily. He wa.- for
n looa -koa .i enananloa af tbe notorioua
outlaw, .inn Merriam, uko aaa allied i ?-?
.- by Deputy-SbertR Cols, ->f this
BBB th in v I-\ I'" I IBB tn mp WV.
Alumni Mnllnit-Xi. I linns*- Inmna
lima-cra?IDi-ereiiseil Kumina*.
I WANNAH, OA., N"\tm!i-r R fha
annual flssotkaj of the SoBtksra ?spriBB
Cocnpsoy ams nt M ta rn to-day. Tko
company nt atasmlaod andes Um laws nf
(jsotajta, sod, Ikiwaak Itt prioctpal ksod*
q., ,,i. rft ur- aol h-'' ? U " mt Una was
;?; Bsvaeoob banna ll ama tko
.-..liven lit ph" I tOt all ..I the of
? , Mt " t ta. TbO BB "Raf <>f the
?tockholder* wss beW fir-t. and a
i..,,,! ,,- a ? "h- sosnlng yasr
-,., ,, . |,. ti - The dint lon ti. n ?
Bl (OllOWl
nt ll B. Piont.
vice-President end Qennel Ms ne ger?
M. .1. O'! Iii- n.
Second Vi. .-Pr. sid- nt- -M. P. Plant
tarj ind Tm tm G Tl, Tilley.
The dlrecton an Meaan. H. B Plant,
?il I, O'Brien, C. L. Looa, M. iv Kl. nt,
uni Henry Bnnfofd,
ri.- rt wen bo ebangt i whatever In
thi Boord of t ?'?;? en end Din
Tin-- compsny reports .. - . ? in
famines, oaring to genera! ...-.- which
have affected all transports! m Iii
s,mill,.rn Hull wh .?lin ? I It.f-X.'w
lilli* lu Thia < ll>.
r. \i.T!*ii'ii:i:. md. Nest
Tn-- ann..un.vin- m thal Southern
Railway Cte ? ? -! ibUsh it Baa
beta en Baltlioon Bad Nor?
folk, in oppealtlofl to Um oM ':.\ Lias
nn.i Monkani*1 I U li it rs* Transporta?
tion Coi pony, jmnisn to i i
i ti ambo .1 \>.ir. It ls i to-da
that, -.-- ii " oiinl"r-m"\ ?? ' I I
bi lion rd ?! ? B sit! ern Ra Iway
Company, ihe Bo) Ll ? i l ? tabUsh ii
line t" Rtcbnood, I i to tt; ?
RI. bmond and Yorl L net,
i rJdent R. C. HoB
Line, in sp'aklng of tiri- nMtter, .- i I:
"I am p lu. tani to I i soy
11 tn ?? : i lol ? matiei i: -
tabll hi l lin. s sad routes I i Ispted
to meet th.- dsmanda of tbs pu!
I I nun
I -*h i ll pr..-.. ? the li ?
of those wt.om I - ? a ni. ihould
t: re bo soother Iii
i:.tltim--re and Korfolk, i new I
iv h Bond wm follow."
t mt \t.ti Bl 11 POI \ i v.
RIBS (In- Hetti: l.li.-i, ii t ott Yi-iif Inn
ll III t.i, lu I'D 1.1.lt ri;.
CHICAOt'. ill . Now mow '
j. t ? impi" ;i. ti'.-- i amber of tbe
. .1 Rt put.ii aa C immlttee, t> l
ri ut bia rb t i . to lantngtoa. He
bad ai;.- sith J. ]
arko koo taken th
: the Natlooal-t 'oast nUon pi lae
I Ch ii ua
that Mr. Conpbsll told the chatrman <.i
Chin ? - immlttee that ban ?
? t ..ii ol s dednll rm un I
by t thlcago ' ess bb a, sad a
?iee nf tbe i Bl lea -1 iv
t-.i moi.- I-- Um N-.ta ...i Commlttea
,'i 1..I-I. lt ll,'- M BO! '? I foi -la ? .
Mr. ? -. nu t.-il Dink*, tv mnventlon will
go to Pttttl ?
it is Baden! ls ?? burt
bosb saso'fl commlttn will be beM al
1 Ililli" Hunt.- I ii i ,--1 'i;.11 k.i.
? , um i of tl noel ii .me
'?-. i lon i'i i ?? ? ? ? ? redo Spi
? i ih"
tint tbst hst i ? ? ?:
- .'..ail. tbe .- nt <.f
nt in going
? ? rn
--'. ll." i "in . TWO -T I h r > RM Ht
I tfcat lt a
ihat .-. ?? bo i
at ths
? ?
I leli-l.l I ruin I iilllaloii.
CENTRAL i' IT n . W \ A., N -rember
I. Two ti. ifti.: -ii lim "ii the N
sa i w.stern islim i bsd i hesd-on col
si Ferguson last Bight Tbs engl
neei * end Bi mt.. le i. - n em
ll a t'.t.il I,*-. Bl I 'I'?
ll.ul- ? ino bos-con wen
ll lie 1 tell
bool Tl i ' tbs ? dire ?! comp my
ia ii! run t ir un - tbe tv Ko t
- v Injun -I.
Ilillllmore mill lnller.il>.
. i ibsI i '!? ir In Mai aboil, a I
Bated over Um meeting oa Sadonte) of
the Ba lt hom aluaaol and (rieoda -f Ike
Unlversit) of Vlrgioia, to-day snnou I
I , i tildi sn!.- rlptlona I n *
I for net -riiif? the I
gs, and the i ommittt e Inclu
oliowtng: Dr R du rt Atkinnn, li P C.
Ales uri lt r B U inn i. Tkomas
B. Muk..::, aad Ike Res. Eduard H.
I lill.l-Munler Bad Sn li-lill-.
BROOKLYN, N V. Kovenbsr B??
Aiier killing bl two ? lui.ir. fl by lock
i g tbt tn in . large bes sod Bulloc tUng
.. ith |,--. Rerra tn H it!
,. us ..f ...-?. i booing Instroct r. i sa
milted suicide bj Bending a bulkil creak*
lng through his ruht temple. No
BSBlgOed tor tba deed, other tran
-. lency over buslnen mattera Tbs
were found at teas o*doeb this
namini: in th-- roOOU BM I by the man
to give b ising lt - iona on Iks a i ra i
lon of Na UR Bi a tamy
A BatVte* of linaine*!.
i?!! it i-v-r oecar te yon tfcal yan han
. itbm i> u idOcSag no
iiini;. ?ir irsrnlr-g a aery .-mali rai- ..f la
Tbt e*pportualty la o I -ir.- a
ruarsnb i of not 1 - tbon I p r ? ? nt
rlth -i tutti ot portl Ipstlon in tbe proBta
Brood bi "Tbs Mutual Ooaraatn Build*
ns and Loon Association." at Richmond
..?, whick sn) ? quel I noi Baned, 11
,,,- , BB! "ti SOOT investment.
Th- ir (Olly i >!-? si... k often a aafe,
oood, aad BckmUfk lanstmant which ii
iBeqmllt ?!.
Inti r- al p iyoN aenl i i nally
Tba offlcen of "The Buttai iit'.-ir.,n
,.-? winii-i be oksd of un oppurtuolty to
-Int ..nt. by hitter or in ? -r-on. how
his fjrm ot tanatnani may i*e adapted
o the individual conditions of any
.. -* a..m. x? ho dsalna to improve ami ln
reu*- h:s Income UUOajjfe B safe ani
??Ultimate channel
ti. at nani eSsen at th.- n.-.*<>-tation
,re I.Kiite I ,.t N... BRI BBBl M.iin *-tre<*t:
'rei .lent. C. W. Tanti, r. 1. NV Vaughan,
,'tce-IT'il't'"nt: William A i'rice. Beere
ary amt Treasurer; E. Ii. Thaw, htlBi
ip-r of OfBarta _
|?iaiii)??Heuiii. ni Male.
Kverything in our store will bc sold,
t ndOCOd prices, to enable us to leave
he preaent building by January 1st. The
tock Include* th- lin. st makes of Plano*
.nd Organs; also line liuit'irs. Mandolins,
sanjo-4, Sh'tt-Musi.-. and Musi.-Book*,
-he discount will be made on caah rak-a.
No. Deo Main itreet
Ref York City Society Celebrates
Gotham's Evacuation-Day.
MK. J. Al."TON ClllKI.I. MM: \ K **.
Ill* Tlif-mr, V I ru I u ii amt the 1.muire i
Muli- lu Hip luluiiliil Mrutiol*?Hr
?neerea rhona fur iii-* om Do*
oi inion.
NKW Vi'IlK, KoVOmhOf aw.?In iii'-rl
iini- with th. ir -h don) Of WOO]
atnndbaf. tba Ki a Torfe Pana ?t tba Reno
inti.tn aohnhrntod Btracuntlon-Day with a
reunion iad touanaal el D Imo.
Thora was an inform*! reeogtaoa Iii th
i"i-ro..in from I ii-i'.i t - a'eioek. ofter
ssh:, ii ? i ,ii.|n-t aaa -???-.? i. t
M. Titlmac-', i r>-il'l-ii' of ih- sm i-ty, prr
Md't, and ICtOd as to.i-tnia-ter. Among
th'.-- aeoo.nt arno Roo n**o**aa*otnt Mor
gea, tdoaaafenor Rob**itoon, Admiral
m.??!'!.. rmi. I sui. - boo) . Dual I 3. Bnf>
leii. v. ii. Rot, i>r. ***t-ancia L Patton,
proetdenl of lbs Oolloga of Noni J
ll' O. Jl I -i \l-> ii I'.iii'dl, of 111'-hm 'lld,
si.: un.?i,n ij. Bamlll h. Chnrtoa h.
WindrufT, Il-ar-A'Jniiral Walk'r, I
Btntoa mn,. Hon. William D. Hardin..
si. --[.r'sid.nt of ti.- <;???-. i Society; A r
B rd Gard a* r. ii id u irnei Milli r, na i
Thomas B. V'ermllye Smith.
IVhea tb i iffi ? and i Igara en r* aervod.
. ni Talmagi ai no and leUvi ?? I i
?hon nddreaa, In of which be
pobo of 1 an of Ot rge W i
ton, and rorienri i bl - mill! iry 111
R Pruitt la I.. PattO ? ollt'i-.*
"f Nan Jeraej i Pi bx ton) ans Um n In*
? ? -I. mid hi* -i.bj. .i xx,, . "Pri
and the Revolution." He
?u i -i Ingtoe arrota bia ton sm ii ;.. tha
American people from Prin ton, or very
teair Prtncoton, i .m hero t.- ipsnb, not
I ii of tho Revolution, but i ?
anal a ealb - tl alli be IM
eel nail Octobt
? i'i!'.. f ton ? -ti nine numbera of
i i.ii-d gtau * mon tba iii ind llar
n nd and Oolumbtn ? ollogi i bod to
Ho apo
l ihe In ti - nitaii
i .. -ctonce.
Rf v ? Mead". I ri- !
navy, ss.is fhen ir" ? i ?? pUi d I ?
ih- i.'.i*-t. "Commodore John Pnul Jone.,
of thi ,\.is ? f Un Biara and
on ii - Oct in " il- -aid in ;.in.
"i nm ben ?? -a ibt to -t ? tk to y. u j
i man .,? irnge, sNtm Hung
Um Star ? - i to thi bri i ac on thi
coan of .i"i.n Paul Jones, the man abo
Bi ?. 'arri."I the Stars snd snip. - to Eu?
rope, an ! fouihi mdei national em?
blem of hi- ? lopted ...linux. There lo no
glamor ol romance thrown around !.?
. ? "
Admiral Meade thoa rot anrod Ibo Ufa
? John Pnul Jon* - Hi
a to la ? ixe- ns ..i the aclu il
; ? place of John Paul J< m a, bal tb il
no pia:.*- oma too high foi bim.
'i neil -; ? ifeei nn ,- john I ton
r ibt il. of Virginia, wb i to I
Ni ? V"i Ii In tho
itlon, ' Ana ng other l
?Th- bravery, valor, and patrtoi
f the Ri roi >T on ni ? tha non ?
the cit libed world. Tl ere nn. ra
ii.t taro C nie. that wi I cted to
? .f
n thi n N< . rori
-JD o'
than theos two, n ht v were mid t I
i-hur. h that taught thal tan King -enid
lo nu nn I-.' were favoi
!? - I upon BJ Ki :' Uld, and th' ll
? . ' ~ xx i ? xx ? I! i. . i ir court N'.l
i ndlng nil I loyal
I., tie . auae of tht Oolontoe and their
? ra among tb. h- n> soldi* r
foughi noblj il m," bnttl io - itoga
md Torktown, a- nn-ii is in others.
Nd not tal ?t H
ll- \x -
! bim Tha bottle of forktown la ono
l think tin to bi I froi
. .. |.
if tho i
tl rt >of th<
i: ? Di J. !' Bum li ?
? "Ni?
hill li i ? riot fl
I . g. < I.I li I 'IBM) lill tl I.
>|M-iii nu nf ll,,' *t|tiirl ss i 11, I *.? I ii t .* r
De ri, i?l'roi; rn in ni e.
CHARLOTTE, N C., Bm mb* i \
il from Newton, N. C., to tl
anothi r im?
us- for tl
. ? : .
Th. Ul
field Trials i 'tah Opt li- d lip I
s ith th. pointer derby. A dmwli
i i.-i.it. t as foll
\ .! iii . i. ...vn- r ii. k. Devert av.
.rge E ? tl ? ? iw, own*
i h. g. .-in,ih, bandit i i. ii. Johna n.
Blythoiy, owner ?' o. Adams, bandier
I ii Johnooo; against Blstei Sue, ...n er
s T. I' [.xns, h h. Uer N. B. Nesbitt,
Crackerjack, owner J. l.. Adan:-, hand?
er j. ii Johnson; agnlnat Leo, ons:.. . .i.
v ' anti, tann, beadier H. A Fly.
BapphOi owner Ottnten, bandier Qeorga
: Gray; .gains) Hs le D., '.wm-r T. T.
| : r -I I * ? ?
!; . ,? i li r Cul anai a Avant A Thay
r. bandit i J. nt. Av< nt, t I
Th'.*.- nina itartora nr. na a whola o
i.."i- lol of .'?-*. only one ur ".n.i ? i ,
l ill rn- 'I- I
Th- :n -i florie, xi : - :.: ibed al lunch*
tad tbi * ? nd - noa i
. U fl 1! ix ? ClaV I -? '.a. I I '.titl-t
'iri-lrua !: ; ? 11 lg ital! Rid* ?
rhle -? rte. i I 11 :
l!i- folio. :ris' ass aid- ss- re
i i - prion, fi"1' Virgin I I prize,
thlr i i -I/.-. *'.?" Rip.
axx; fourth pi ?? flew Cant*.;
fth la-lee, Ut I* a
1>de M ,,,. .', a*.] w;ii i?. dr.ivNn to-night
triad i'i tho nmrnii t, ?'1^,| i ' i
hu wi:! follow Ute all-agi *****nter atnko,
ni wht n that la ttatohi i ths al igi at*
i Btnh will I? tnfeon up
Th. following la ? mn of ths United
: tts - Club ne aata i ? sx im are pr*
?r H. Row, !"? -a i- -t. Calf a*-.. W, i;
tair.ir L aocrol ? ? in.; J, M.
,v.*tit. Il: ki t ?' V.lloy, Tl ..n.; J. u
. lama, lt--.us-.iil-. Ks . M, i:. Naobitt,
i , | ft. M Titan H .
lian; John 11 King Inch rea,
oj | Bi!. i'i" it**ur*< Pa.; J U
? Loillsxllle, Ba. . ind Joli:. i">. i.iti)-.
? lunn, M: ? . nr. I
?Mit*.. >iaii*i ki:\> nu mi ni:\n.
lie Wa* thc Mrpiuiillier i?t treli
MBBBaVp Kenn.
!!Al,TIMi'Ui:. Ml'.. Nos*mtier '.'.i.-Mi..
tory Kenn, itipmethir ol Archblahog
lona, rwctor of th- Calhoun t'ntvr-i'.y,
I -fViahlngton. woo found iood la h-r
num., at So. Il north lilah street, t >
lulu, sh.- nn...- about ll yeera
Mr*. Kian had moldod ' omparjlis-ls
i >ne fm Um pa*- lateen yt j I
it i-> net hannan what tnuaad hoi tenth, '
ut former Al. under Hill will lnv--n- (
Ito. Mr.*. K-an wan Ihflt ?ft-n on Sat- I
ntay by an taranto nt tba beeae, nbei
he wa* apparently in ber usual health, j ,
ii- in liv deee***aanet1 body was bead j j
artly u ml rennet! on a sofa, in th* front ,
--?tn uf her resilience at a late hour to
iaht. She had apparently been dead
b.)ut thirty-six hour*.
Murder ami ll ..libers.
RALKK1H. N. C. Nuven-tur -?*>-- Oa
atunl.-y atteroooo Mr. J. li. Uonner
waa murdered In BOOOfOft, ant wa
robbed of everytktoa ta-hta pockets Ms
was a meml.*r of one of tba ektsat and
most prominent fatnlJi. I la Unit <"om
munlf>. A coroner's jury was summoned
from Washington. M. C.
FROM (111111*1 ll. l-IH.t 1
i rani ni al Letter? support ?r the
DUBLIN, l-l ? i ina! l/'?aie.
Ankbtokan o:' Anaaejk, aad Pr/ksBMs al
nil inland, noon the ase af sbs**ttsaj for
Lom-. Baa i-ie-i g pandora! kilter, tn
Rb! h h' l.lar.s that trie pope Beter
ill gn at -r ne.-l Bf UM "MOOOlOttoO
.n I iu| pori .' 'ii- lr.-ii people than now.
'rh.- Cardinal censure* the Brttlek Am?
ii,-*., '..r to Rely, Br P. Ctorfnd, wh...
> repreeea! lUn of Ira
land, for v--ri ming the itrmsii enbaaay
et Robm duriag th.- riceatdennastntleaa
in lbs it .lilli capital, by which oms na
bs Bough! I-, outrage ead ttooU ti"- ta ? I
of the Church.
lui: puck IOAIS Hi?
nt. 1 o inti f I mi Ina t anae Inolhi-r
r<iai|,oiii-ini-nt nf I uniatiiry.
LORDOM, Itnisnbat 1 I Btapateb
from Roan io ttl" Pall Moll Gooette aaya
that the Peas BOB Ogata Ul UUa mornlnt*.
During lost night BM Hollaen bad ?>
D I ? ought -I a gi ? it 1' tl, but did
i, : h..\ ?? BO) "
lt ls i--.it. i'll-, ii th- .-ondit!.>n of thi*
i ? i ? ^ I saith xviii necesstteta ai
postpooemeat of tbe expected consistory.
Benaan i*.t?*t..u assay.
PARIS, Kovoaaber ? Tks n i .-r r ett-.-u
niv this moi nins that M. Aleaao
dn Domes tbe dial iii I author, was
deed ema pn n il tri Kt is Buffering
fi i-i ar. abo - - ii Ike bralo, aad is ta
-a. del i" : has
i of I rei . md bte reta! hn i
i ive i. en summoned t-> tn-t bedside.
St. Hilaire N<? More.
PARRI, Koveml i 23 M. Bartbelt mv
I i iv, :i. i iii bia chair
... I -? . !? -.a!,. : h-- was found by
BawW -**liirin. iii Ililli.
Rt ..xii-:. Ki nrnl ei H Ht ai t
prevail throughout the pm
ol I- Imont sad Llgurio. Ratio i) I
:r.- . in
I - ? ?
I UK HOI \HT Ml SH ll (g.
\n latereettaa Piaqianna it eil
Interpri-li-il llefore I,ii rue \uilleni-e.
Ol Hi M'iz.ii: I
i ? mpony, a blt ti lo
du li i two vocall ta, a t, and a
? Sltsnta enterteio
iii. nt at tho Academy bul night
Mr. Prlte Osul the ri ippeared
In tin- i.i i numb, iii .1 nod
admirable, end
? . , no! .lean.
? . >ure tn bia second
Lid (San tote), and rt -
in ? atbu ilaati. n call.
Mr. Vx ijl: mi Matu, y, v. bo posse - i
.-. bli h boo -
. n t waa noi pro*
I Woolford | fol BO
i ? .1 . i of coi lei i mgt . ?bleb,
ii-, evident purity and hr--a.ith,
? ? m. i ? iel n. She n
"More ':? illa L io Bal .:. " from
I ?
-? rill i." bb i
? Ol ?-.: i"r I. .lu .. .ml ? i
v dlsplayi i
skill in ind a
teni on ta
In \ minor, sod
i n Waste.
ti 11(1 1. 1X1) III K-IXM II IM I" I ll..
Wm. ii. HineUioiil. President.
ah forma of L Pei au and Inst Btreeat
. :. and am ted
Money ? I
In th-- .in ol Richmond under Ibo rul'-i
..f the corni ?
to thc ? ... ,i,? ,ir?j,.r.
fllgt! I, xvii
? u.| IO)
I Vi.H.i.xi I I.ACKPORD,
Ill east R ? iv bmon i.
I'inni, (ur t li rial inna.
Koa ls tbs time I i gel a Plan i al Um
t price. Hun
: >? ll Piai
and Mandolti
I prices,
lt h li tuoiiil I Inn Lela a RsdBl,
The C. W. Sauei Bnl
.-I th- li tin- lim of fl ?
This speak! well foi i i. ant ? ntt rprlae.
toiTO.\-vi vii.-. RIPOSITIOR.
"Miea-lal lliitf. *? -A lin,,m Special"?
tia tht Seal,nura llr-l.lue.
Dal) Una running ntM tralos beta .-.
Rd bonn I sod At I nea ta iffet
ilawpen .md vnttbuled day coschn. No
ntla fare on mtfbuls tlOlOa OB Tues
ten sod Thursdays sf neb Beek fara
i ni Rlcbm Bd to A,.ji,t.i on: return.
i... il." k.; unod for ten days from ii mi
jf aala
L'-ax- Rlcbnood l*B A tl, ..nd lirM
A. M., flrrirteg Atlante next Jay at 6 ai
a. M. aad i BJ iv M.
Resnmber, commencing Oe! her 1st, the
? ? i-r win be ?;)? n ia (Taloa
Depot at 9 iv M. This Bleeper la pla t
la BOT ? , illy f ?? ber.etlt of
tbe Richmond travelling public.
For other ratea and inform .'lon upply
Ps**en r Ageot.
irX east Main street.
Mask?Re nasal s?it-.
i tba pese?
ta! atom . si. ? -m rsM sad M hnV Booka
viii li ? e..ld tot ' ?. b lt ipili'. *- i
? cut hi Mob lollna and Qtd
MAN'l.V B, RAMOS ,<- <"?? ,
No Bl Main stt-.-t
it. torn Theda rtniut..,
ti. -ii. . lue! kontMory, "abo
i id ta .ra- ol ike '. thean bs I
?Xpre*fl t-,
banka ta their fri.-ni* w irously
thew Mi ii-- -. I ? ' x
...ll. Voui ti a Co., McCsrd
I .- I | r al B ?? - '' W. Antrim
? -. R Car) Get xa? *> i - n,
tran Snead, Keenpf a Cs . i ti t spore
.- s,,n. Keaaady .?. Oe., N-\a v.,rk Bas.
.'. Wlnfree, J.
!. Noll I ak Co., Maa.
oe Goroett, Bromioe and Amati Spring! |
ompoi ?'? tl I ? ? 'urti! j
. t'.. Benama S Adam... Prkaley,
? ? t mapOOy, p i; Bes*
ridge, Th- Noorlaa Compaay, iv a.
ga L. it ta aaa J
t. Han ?:? ?. Co., E P. Blue!), i,
x'.n ? iv TSyb r 4 Co., v*. altar
. . . \ ' . .; xv. Poster,
Vhltall Tatum m. Ce., Bnoofar 4 Clarke,
i. i-i- * iii j- na, J ii. i'. kent -\ Bona
M. KolUna, J- W. Pannell, Temple,
?en berton, Cerdn ?*> Oo? Fooixiareaa*
Tin Company, Dreary, Hughes ? Co*,
Vatktaa Hai Iwara Conpaay, Dubs and
[liter S Rbi li W T. tl inc k
. j. NV CuUtagworth, Ruffle Tor
. r...iati, American Tuba, io . .unp my,
Jggeii B Moyen, D WbRtoeh Hran.-h of
iBMrina Tobacco Company. CaiBSTOB fi \
'aiiief.'P. llran.-h W. Allen. T C. Wu
Oma .v Co., Dm c**8nllivaa, Wrkjkt To
i onp lix. I* if Moy. . I BM SI ''rani, i
ohn Jeffries. UrlgiCH Brothers. William T. i
ir..). Walton Beadon, Mr. Jooaak Far- i
er, of Suaosa; Mt nv Berega, of Sh ? ?;
leonie W. Anderson A Kotn, ani Hab
IStan * Sms. ^^^
Mr. J. Taylor Strutton la handling
?Jinns Marron Hone's Poem-," amt
vould be thankful for all orders for the
Attempt to Poisoo a Priest While He
Celebrates lass.
I'Utl-J SawaaUwH AMI AHIKMt.
ll I* riiicril In Uta I Itnllrr .ad
oilier \ni-li io ll*. I at.*j tn th.
I-tmt.in.liia Hrrs Irr?t'liareh Uuh
1'-fl Halt.
MOUNT i-Aii.MKu va.. HomomMmah?
j A vllUiii-ni.xi plot lo minder Vt'rrr .lalo.
; iti.isvii-i Iv |?utting im-.,,n in ih- (-halli*.
j ttSna arina* h* iirank win* il Maa* anal
; only ftaetiatei by ti*.* r-*hhnry of tha
' church by ths would-i . Th*
arm-nli- lad **a*rte gr .On thin hui been
pla-.'! In the m. rel Mp ami *?v<*rAl
alala anal fey the ptmmt moto luckily *i*
. -1v? i.tl by him ssh-ri apptl*e.| of th.
burglary. The lOaapttUtera hn.1 Intwrul-t
thal tho prl"at (.hon; I tn.-t | ****ajfe* fat*
t, and that tl;- sf.er*f*ili'pera ahOUM
?Altin *>a tho ?Mssifslii,itioti. Th- fad that
a lawsuit in wlileli til- pri?.*t la lni-r-*t
i tl wll! conn' up fut 'rill In a fexN
adds a"mysterious mooning to thi dark
Th.' fief that Hf ihernfe had h*?er?
robbed ssa- ?'..- COO "I If lan* atll 'idi-r in
1 n ^trv. and, n-'t -Mli-li-! ssi'll th*
tho thtovea tna*pored with tr?
ie..-- p-aclena leot**onnsnta neel la ih
.-t s lei "f communion
Th- prtonl had btatoHf cnrefniy p*.i
i a. | i'. aaorad oap on ahlmday mi-i
placed ii in Um Benaan- riche He looh
il d'.NNii and -ass that, h |a-c\illKr B****M
I i. I ano m th-* bottom of the ehallf*
'I'h. n tr*- prtt*u .\ untie 1 c-ir-.ftill.s-, snit
found tha- Um aotutton eeantutand *r**nin
and Parla grson. ii ? otoo dan annand thar
Revere! rial! need in th* larnlee h*d
t?? ? ?) patti) Bltod vsith th- noaaly ta.ia..n.
Tha i after th- druadi-ul truth,
ssa- revealed waa obtlg i lo conduce
i ? Later in th* day eta taformod -nm
polloe nuthortUoa bat tio irroaea bena
>? i i.ti Blades
Pasther Jakomowtea baa had tronhta
? nm- anea he inhumed ehursjs of M '"
i . a few yann iga kn attempt
e. M inalf lani y-ar to How un th- |*i
nni'Ii dxnami:-. hit th- pint wa.
unearthed m tim to .vert dtoaetai Be*?
conU] i "im .mi Man fa brought ?e
ii'iii against lum for an all ?tnt aa*
? ani' upon ih- Innot Tho efteoa
a lu iring, amt, -ntf-ring the lia.
li.id, at om.- began mi a* Hon
Tlc -a M will b-t
tried next ss-. k
Open I.filer.
BICHMOND, \'\ , Wo**oa*hoi U, USA
I I.na ii I Sm oi-r a 1 .N, t " . f,;. Ma
? ai Agents Equitable Ufo ii njiai
? lety, Bli iimoni. \ a
?ht n. i de.tr. i" notice lg thu
? I.I il Ixeitl.-f ne nt ill the 11i>
db td
il lr. . . |.ul . ?' ll,- pal | OS- ff th. I
letter t- .in-tata t.. yoe sshat mod- nf aaV
vertlsing to porous, Thai woadd l- pi -
i' anona i ? ba a anti ot fad nowadeyg
.ti a ifartMag for wefe "f any naa*feer
? if peroone, seen wiling th-- sam.- kind of
art;.:-, t.i say that M.*, ,.< t'e lOOt A leia
-? i?? moat don't aanfe ? troth,
gtntemontl of thia k.h an- m. r* en*
pri -I*' e- of -pint.,e.. mer* .-r 1*'*- atno*r?
T'i'1 -hall I- xif-d.tl vs Uh Miiccrltv what*
tin r -r v-ur . ..n p ir s th.-t lt l-l
'. I -t. font .ut po. ivar* credited with
Blocer!*] -'lin- ni- nth- bach sch- i
-iel another, wfellfe yan ih -i repeo.*nti ?.
?j,...I i' I...i.
Noi *hi!| i rrltlcloe the resiimess wild
win. ii rsaa mk- onl - - la sonji
nts i- I ttl ird th-iii in oth-r pointH,
and tafe. Im v-ur i amita ri bobm
".d dtoem i iti-iu in ttiht r potnta, t.( snit
your puri
I'.'lt that to Which I d., ni.]
na ..n th- ra, , raOSl imp. i toni
. ? ? ulara- viz ?
i Thai v.-ur eompeay*i ratio of aj--?t.aj
- irenteat. foo ought t-t
know that in*, eompony*! ls greater?
! :r.?r ION tlian If**, Wfclla our* la
' I' s.-nv of th;*, 1 call up-,n sun t?
I' P a' S"il -tat' men', at.d gffl ? ? u:*
? r lt, i i * > -im,' | i: error
'-?. Thal irour -eui .ev plid '" ii* i ;..'x-.
bold* r* in UM a areatci div li n I thnn
an'. oler That i- n it a fa-f. In vtOW "**
thi* hatti* I., -ss.?n ii.-, I cad niton y. . ?
." i ball "I' xl' I v th i' thi Bil eil r.*
x thal a-a-h <tf -ix ..r aaorc Bompa
If ie,- hurl'., a. lu \ irrlnlu pal! a
UM to ita poiicj :,..i bira xi Igan i i
centum of tBvldond Utan pour eompony
I'lil Li j:; p.i!e-y huiJ.-r*. ami thal ii./
eompnny i- om of Un ss ita
Toura truly, i. fl v. ahiikn',
(tanara I I ? Pron *nt Hat Inna Ufa
ai I l * i fork, nu
aool Mata rtfoet
haathee nu ralfenoa
of 'a tloSSl.-t cltl m. rel.ar.I lhal dil ri'.C
tnfeo l?r I lax il .s I'.ej'h Syrup, and falk I
to (jet ss-ll.
gananhsl laananae tn siuota vt-* sea
board Al i-l.l tie.
s aauit.iiclng sji.iijut-1* lit lim Seaboard
Ai.-lane Brill gut uti a through llflflpag
(rom Blchmood le AtTaata, su Uta u
mous "Atlanta oporto.,"1 Thie Muiper
will fel -Jp 'U : 1 ll tn- I'liluii Depot at 9
o'i lock at night ttral.-i leavtag ll tXM\
thu* enabling pan:--) gBwag ta tba ttftpoa
slilon to **i a uoo'l *dsa****a r-st. and ar?
ils- in Atlanta at IM V. Al. thi fx^llow
;..?, day.
C-y thi* iirr*n(-cm.ml pans* n*-pr* ti> thu
eM ,-nii.in can lent I BlchUsOOd via th*
.*? sboard A!r*l.m- ind g., through to At
i?Mrt. ssithuit ebnng. ni car", mi i* th.
only line offering ?u.*i exception.! ad
Pnr ftathOI Information apply to H .\f.
nnskin, pnmaeajaf a-fent. Ka tit eaal
Main fltrett* _
1'at I'rlrr* mi I'lunn*.
Um cly ?MoaaVHead ard Kew rpright
Ptaano at th- lowc-n prtem aoet booral
if from now until Cfertotetni at llum-'
Mln r i.'oiripanv'H. ?m llroad atreet.
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