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?t floris HaToc at ClewliDd and lo
Oblo Oil-Fields.
?ix-Fooi Drifts and "Six Inches io Eight
Hours" of the Fleecy.
,,'v,o I HH.irn:>r.i> to heath.
? E. BBB ot t Inclnnatl. Whrrs
Mu. li li*?*?*
la linne t>r lt"*'
triad io Bssaas ?n ????* nVlsaB niBss
Bal'* _
? a\n, O. November Hu -OBS
, ulMsBSfSSa that Cleveland
; tooan bogus m las sasf aarty
. ,i. -norning-, sas lataaaaafl as ss
? abnat I sr-Bat*. urana the
.. lg of wind PB the hlstor>' or
i Watter Hui.-au Bag Uta
... ... -,. ama IBs Brat sat*.
. mn m. ii.
K Hu- glad bb*** nt the rate
I -gBaa mi bour, and pro
i i.il- . \ i?l'-l.t KUM*
... .w Uta BBsady aadsg.
. :;:.>? had a taadaacf ia teas
. , ii,., fkaaa lanlr fast*
tay vaas PomathliiK
Jt ..ld not stop until pant
.a must with ita BSSUBaBOn
. ? 'al bll.W. Willi.' nt
wind veered from n BOat>*
iiiiJ thus thc Ink wa
, ? -t, although it vas u
j .1 wal-.'.
I to haas nttntnodl its
-I Mt \rlotlty In the vicinity
rtn "t . B ban day
. nolglaVbataood pn - Bt*
trnc-naga, Basic
,'l ant --tr*-' i, praaanted
i ; Baa Bala, A gabta
feel blgb arid i.ily toot fruin
? ndlng aa lu': UM cntlra:
a || . | UM Mg I'Ulla.ili-K.
... Hi -lui! Tin- liam"
. lo tba .".iii ilium t ntiaiu. I
.!- '.i I by th" lall
..!..! brick m tin run itu ,i-t
i ., ??. d |,: treats, a faa
from iii" Vlnoent-atrsel
".? - i Hall, la Bi Jobn'i i lethe*
.-,? r of Which, a,ti" .if Un blgb.
Ity, ala \\- 'l tba . ff-ct of
tog was fully liv*- l""t
Hi . tai bu apia i tuning towan!
th* '
? n rori wi parts ai VP city
i a thal On danni ff '" property alli
? tboo snd .1..iiais. No looa
?? i ?? ? L Telegrapb* and ta le*
Bl IOU n all i'VH thc a ity.
taOSB ni' i.iki:.
? U ? Pn i from Put-lu-Bay,
" -a Tba i""f ol v. i >o!lai'a atori.
i irnj.i'is <af tba Town Hall, and
? nt of the Mus' 'in wi re blown off
: og a deckh Dd thi iteami r
ear, knoa n ai "Red ly." aa - found
ii ' it Fox's rta k ban thia moining.
\ Toll do ?
and Baa In 111 * - a hanna] a*i
i .Mil-ill Baas lalaixl. Two men are
ti-oard. lt ls fi i be I at
\ i-jira al ii 'ii" Pn i from Bowling
. . ?. A ten IM. a Ind, a Ith
tbe fun ?? '?: a hui rican*, atm k
\ count} ? an ly Tuesd ly min Ding In
> . aa**s*a*sd pta! ?
ken, chiraneya Mown down, and
. in ma ? Ith dabrto. Tht
OUt fa 1,000
? r...i" ibrougb tba
i mon lng and in a distance
?if donan derrlclaa
i nu fi damage
a hard IO (-stun..1.-.
ol dei ricks Moa n
.-. .i i r.ai .ai iv reach IM,
? I tab Btoeh ki!lr,*l. Ti la
llataace tetepbona -
lo inc Prara fr an Akron, . >.
ha lad tii>it \ toltad tbs city
: eonoMoruble damage
dty. Tba Un roof of tba
rn I] ana tera ott bf tba
?? airest A large
ia! ? through a suy-wlndow late
ihe i ? . \ Qo*rernor Egerton.
O., N..-..:??>? i g \ - ?
: ian i."! iii:'. i ?.. anya:
?'.. i .... ni tt i nt Um m a
? l Be a>-.a rah bara dm mu
rn this nioinitiK- li Waa al
? ?. ti mpornry fiom- fen
a.- ? ?? alf i,:\ lng tbe a."I -
?' ago, and forty puople
b ?" ooanpb ta 1 and the
t ? .r th.- roof. When tho
church Hip north wall
Bi i the attar walls wiro
roaf truss. 'Die mani
cl ireh ara <ilnh'*art?-na'd by
,i . Ilaiwn off one tide
wi: at DatnsOIT.
Ml. Il N-.vi inl'.r ^.-A
Ibis etty t tits morning*,
? au \ lag down telephone
I a couple of idec
.,i i d', sir. viii>- number*
- lniia- aiainav-i' was iuflicl
? mu started in shoat l*SB
I I* mil. ? an hour fr.im
aha b Ina a* Bb stilly la
k, when a velocity
1 ar wis '..'ached.
? .".a. vcr. the wln.l haa
' ed io rtawt m ?.
metti the wat.r in the
? two fi ? t, snd at ii o', ia.ck
I fi t :: i.irtics a.f water
: Qtoam Point, which is
. ?. -.son.
- um a ondlUons
: ? bunk being risible
. h.. yean, ail the
B ard nf Tran- thin
i atandotlU t??cauae of
.. a
. Btate- .-how thal Bm
? ai. and In many places
i i.\ ? geary fall of
? - m:!"S of fl
, rooted, und outbuild*
\ frame paotogrspb
reel was completely
ln-roafa sn I c-him
buUdlngs orara
n\.T and canal
bair -ues, oaring t-> the
tomago cannot be esti
- ?N.iiv-sroa.M.
-. haa winter
into your, it miowid
. ii,"- | foal hiKh
i .: - ii all roaaia
and eoantrg roads ure
d Already there lu
lin channel of Gran'l
Novembei ^.--Reporta
ith or thia city **ay
aunt ot i.v.r nw.
OH City by the atorni
' i- ii oi min,' Not a der*
? ?:i UiHer-housea and
lesa from the storm
Itttm, ''''"'"''?" Th?* t,nlV "?fr"'-'-^
it'd la the unroofllnK
?-"I. on the eaat side.
th of Toledo are
dna cur. b? heard from
? H i? ?iu, the wind
a . ,, ?>.. A telephone mea*
1 ? mont aaya thal not a der
* ? *? d ;**?.**?? ? V*i - a*** I E_M
? MKI1.,
ia year
rick ls standing- In tbe Sandusky county
MUSKEGON, MICH., November 26.
The heaviest November snow-storm that
has visited this flection In many years
raged last night. Twelve Inches fell In
eight bout*.. 8treet-car irafrlc ls sus*
pended, and railroad iralns are from six
lo twelve hours late.
riNCINNATI, O.. November 26.-A ter?
rific wtnd-atorm awept over this sccllon
last night, doing considerable damage to
property. Trees were uprooted, buildings
unroofed or wrecked, telegraph-poles and
wires blown down, and several boats in
the river were torn from their mooring);
and set adrift. The watchmen und crews
of packets and towboats were ajl aboard,
and consternation reigned among them.
None of the boats had sti-ini up, and
they were left at thc mercy of fie gale
alter the lines had parted.
Just above tho Big Handy wharfboat
were moored Ihr- steamers T. J. O'Connell,
Hob Hoy, and Lee Brooks. The shore?
lines of all shena were snapped, und
when 'the wind rubslded the*.- were all In
a bunch ut Brown's coal-fleet, a distance
of fully half a mlle away.
A BAJBJ barge wan sunk at the marine
dry-dock. Nearly a hundred pmpty bari-, s
wert- set adrift from the Queen City
landing, at the foot of Washington Btreet
The damage In thc- river here will
amount to $10,000.
Qattlteh L-iutenschlager. aged BB, mar?
ri.-I. living at i!<i2 Patts strest area
frighten, d to death by the storm. Be
was awakened by tba heavy wind, and,
festing tbs boen* shake. i?-rt ins bag, and
walked th.- floor constantly daring inc
storm, wringing his hands and ptejteg
for deliveraii' ?
After the atora Laute-nschlager became
soaaswhal cafaBod, bi.*. Brers' Borve in his
body quivered from the effect nf his awful
fright shortly siter daylight tho rsactlau
bara fnii> set in, and hs was so penetrated
that he was forced tn lie down. From
ihiit moment BS sank rapidly, and waa
a earnes In a short time.
TORSI rlHBJ asmoke.
CHICAGO, ILL. November L't'.? Three
largs vseeeia are ashore efl Qtannaa, aav*
bag i" en drlvsa upon ths beach by the
storm of last night. They ar.- the st*.itu- r
.1 olin Emory tiw.-n, and he.rS.wo eoti.-orts,
the ki hoenoe-hnnjeg MtBhasnn and Bttna*
beth A. Nleholaon, All are loaded with
con! and bound from BOflalO to ''hleago.
Thia wan Intended to ba their inst trip up
the !>akes this year.
Tb - Evanston Ufa BB I lill crew took off
In safety all on board, lifter a hard Bl lng1
CHICAGO, ILL.. November ht?A bliz?
zard desoeadod upon Chicago yesterday
afternoon. It rained, lt snowed, and
BlSOt pelted down pitilessly. Wlien night
Bama ths downpour of tho mixture of
snow and tain and elf-et came heavier,
and the wind, which wa* gusty In the
afternoon, roos tn a gale. The st-eei.*,
the pavements, and the sidewalks were
ll .- led with slush.
Th.- sturm made the pavements almost
:n passable; street-car traffic was serious?
ly interfere I arith] Imilsy Ilma were
broken wltb the weiirht of the snow;
telephone- and telegraph-wires arses
bonn- doini, broken, and crossed, until
balf tbs wires in the citv were made
useless. By midnight all communication
with Hie outside world wa* entirely cut
To-day matter*, are almost as bad.
Telegraph and telephone commtinicalion
bav< nol beta ianninsfl. the street ruii
'I'l-'y able to run. ey.ii at
long tali rvala, and the streets themselves
ari in fl ia,.'sp condition than ever.
Train* aro late on ail tin- railroad*1 au
tbt iiiorriini; loag Mlbtirbim train* shared
In tbe delay** which have befallen traine
from a ttastaaaa
Mall tialna are behind hand, and no
b rink* man BBB flJUSSfl When lie will
get hi. letters from out of town or when
lie will i c aide to osad any anray. Every*
where the Iralns an late, the malls aro
delayed, and the te'.igruph-wlrcs are
Oe! on Lake Mlrhigan no ship ventures
lO-day, Tile -.a is numil.-.: Blgh, an-l the
WlBd still blows across Hie WBtST tOO
sturdily for BBfety. A strict quarantine
, Hill t">t hasp at ea me ta ami tailing vee*
BBlfl In |iort nude effectually Drill tr.' fear
of heing swamped by the waves or btOWD
upon the cobs! bf ihe baU*gale thal still
ragas there.
on* la ki-: BRIM,
BUFFALO, N. V.. November M.?OBS
Of ths BBOBl furious wlud-storms of recent
Bears is rating to-day over the flestsrn
p- it inn of Laha Bria. As far ar. tho eye
can re;.ch the lake is la abed into an un?
broken auccesaloa af White cups, and the
tumbling Braves BIB deaning high over
the piara bsre. Ths araratne** whlcb wars
s. nt out y asl sula r. bosrsver, kept nanny
nanala In port, and tSouhtleaB prevented
n BBaabor of arrsoha
Telegraph- wires BOffsred badly, anti
communication with tlie West was for a
time cut off this morning.
More ttl.in l'?i feet of Ihe we-t-liound
track of the HufTalo Fieek railroad and
over 'ino feet of the east-bound track near
the Hamburg turnpike has liern washed
away by the waves from the lake.
Near the same point about 4<i0 feet of
tb.- Brie track has aIt?o gone, .and Ml fit
from Bach "f tlie double tracks.
A dozen or more cars of the Erle line
In tin same vicinity are wrecked.
lNlMANAl'nLl.**. November :"''.-A se?
vere Bind BUB IB prevailed In Indianapolis
last night, doing much damage. Its path
was due north and south, and a heavy
loss 1? reported from the country districts.
At Elwood, the casting-ball and one fur?
nace of the lMUsburg platS'glflBS plant
was demolished nearly killing two men.
laBBB. $1".'""'.
Many buildings were demolished, and ill
telegraph anil t*l*BBQB> communication
was cut off tor twelve hours.
At Frankton th* new win low-glass
factory was unroofed, Ihree baflanniB
houses wire demolished, and the piimp
Itip-statlon of the Indianapolis Oas Cen**
jany was destroyed. The loss Will Beaned
At Alexandria the roof of the sheet*
mill was lifted off mid the main part of
tha machine-simps d.stroye.'. Th.* peat.
cilice square was unroofed, und Anni lean
plate-glaris plan! parHa.ly destroyed.
Al Anderson thc new church af the
United Brethren, on College Hill, was
demolished, a bridge was ld un BOWa,
and part of the rubber-works destroyed
The l'anhundle paSBsagsr train at Bid*
nlKht was delayed uv, hour* b? a tree
falling on a bridge and smashing part
Of lt- . ,
At Franklin the slorm blew down shade
trees anti small buildings all over the
city, but the greatest damage was done
to the new City Hall building undet
construction. The best part of the strut*
turf was blown in. und Ihe soulh wall ih
laval with the ground. The loss will ht
Reports from all direction* Indicate
that the storm In Northern Indiana.was
very eevere, and did considerable Jam
am. especially to telephone- and tele?
Thc Lake-Shore tracks, near Dunham,
weft hloehad by falling wires, and it
was only after several hours' work that
tratllc could be resumed.
French !*>'?*?-ttl luqulry.
PA RIB, November 26.?A Cabinet coun?
cil wa* held st the Palace of Ihe Elysee
ihls morning, at which lt was decided to
summon Admiral dervals to appear be?
fore a court of Inquiry In connection
with the grounding near 8aHn'a las of
the warships Formidable. Admiral Cour?
bet, and Admiral Baudin, of ths Frsnch
Mediterranean squadron.
Fatal Wreek hoa* Kalamata.
LONDON, November M-Ths Norwe?
gian bark Anne Elisabeth, bound from
Cardiff for Chrtsttsos, has been wrecked
near Falmouih. Five of her crew w*re
drowned. _,?,.?_*.?_?>.*-- '
The Lunenburg Cases Being Argued in
the Supreme Court.
Coaasel Inrlleate What Chaagea
They Dealre Nada la tbe Record?
Jada-* Kloumoy Opeaa and Major
Scott and .lutlu?- Munn Follow.
Will Solomon Marablc, Mary Ab'r
nathy. Pokey Baanes. and .Mary Bainea,
thc murderers of Mrs. Lucy Jane Pollard,
net a new trial? That la the question
which the Supreme Court of Appeals la
called upon now to decide. Argument
for a new trial waa beg-uri in ihe court
of last resort yeaterday morning, and will
be a ami uiiii.I to-day.
The Commonwealth waa represented by
Altomiy-Oen-ral R. Taylor Scott, JadgS
William H. Mann, ami Mr. K. G. south-ill,
anal ihe defence by Judge Henry W.
Pkusrasy, Hon. Qearas 0, wise, end
Captain A. B, Guigun. The court dSCiiad
that they would hear only two lawy-'rs
on each sid-, and Mr. Southall and Cap?
tain QalBBa did not participate in the
lt was expected that 'ihe armament
would be confined only to the record In
the SUSS, but tho court, on motion Sf the
AUorn-y-Generi.l, and after consuriailon,
tleclili'd to permit the submission by
counsel for the Commonwealth of the
proposed amendment.-) to the r.cord, and
l.-t the argument include a aUoaaiestoa
bb to the admissibility of these amend?
The argument was not gone into until
neatly noon, and was opened by Judge
Klournoy. Major Scott nnd Jual^e Mann
foltowsd, and iMptam Wisc was lo con?
clude, but Judge Mann was int'ir.'pU'l
.luring the middle Of bis dlSClUSl t bf
the court, who Plated that the hour of
adjournment hiM arrived, uni BS was
! forced to wult until to-day to conclude.
The i'okey Barm-.- I Iga was taken up.
I and argued, with the undi .stan linc; that
Um decrtatua would cany wi-th it Ita
eaaaS of the other two women. Th" Mara
bbl a-aso will come up to-alay, ami Brill
Vu- o.!>;ui'i t.y the Attotatjr Uoasrsl and
Mr. W. Bf. Juatls.
When tl .? Pah y Karm-a eas* was first
called attornsy-0u aural Scott arose and
BUBBSntod that an BgreaaSSBt bS reached
between ronna Bl whereby tin- rea-ord might
be oonaaaarod a? ll it had bean
amend.'I l.y UM entry of the order iiune
in., i lue, prop* tad lo hara hann antarod
at Lum-niii.i tf Ouurthouaa
Mr. GuiBBB obj"'t.il te any suth agree?
ment, and wanted the court to have
ti." argument prooeed srttb tba record us
it Blood,
.Indue Mann than rand the oralers minc
pan tur.c aa drawn bp peuparatos*** to bo*
lng entered, and asserted that h-- aranted
iiiiihiiiK but tba truth to come out. He
t.aid that the oralers, if they hud beun
entered, would have so amended the re?
cord aa to show:
That tdgteen Juror-*, fro- from excep?
tion, nan selected in fact, ossa
That at .very adjournment Of the court
the. jury than trying the easa at bar ano
put lr. the custody Of the Sheriff, Who
was duly sworn, as lUgUlrnd by law; and
that tin- sui.I iuiy wi" i"turneil each
morning into. OOUTI In th" au-tody of tha>
Bberlff, according to tba order of ad
J" lliniellt.
Thit nrhsnoaar the said jurors went
to their room to *S**astftor of their ver?
dict they were put In til" custoMy of tho
Sheriff, who carried theni to their room,
and returned them in his custody into
That before delivering- their verdict the
said jurors wire duly polled, as required
bf law.
That these amendments io )>e,niaale |a
fha nerd are based on the personal
knowledge Of the ladga and the records
of the court ns they now stand.
That all of these orders we're made
during the trials, and the Clark then
directed to tilter said orders on the ord* r
hooks, and that by mistake he failed to
make said entries.
fudge Klournoy stated that the priBOa*
.-rs daotred eartaln addlttona to the record
If lt were opened, and that they wished
it ahowii thar. MtwtthStaadlag the fact
that th?- jury waa swa.rn, the members
th"re<if, while considering their verdict,
did mingle with th- crowd Staattd
the court-house, and engaged with ..th- is
In a game of base ball.
Tha- court took tha- question under ad*
riaaanant, and went imo the eonferencai
ruaitn to eoasldor it. The judges returned
in ubout twenty minutes, and President
Keith announced that the court wished
counsel for the Commonwealth to state
the particulars in which lt was BeatfUd
that the record should.be amended, and
thoa thc Mart woulal hear argument as
to tha advisability of thc nunc-pro-tunc
Judge Mann stated that he desired that
the recoral be made to show that slxti-en
Jurors, fne from exceptions, wer chosen;
thal the Jury were duly sworn, anal
placed In the custody of the Sheriff, and.
before rendering their verdlat, wee duly
I'. .Hill.
Judge Klournoy asked If tho court de?
sired the. question of nunc-pro-tunc or?
ders to be discussed, and was informed
by Judge Keith that tho court would
bear argument on that point alone with
Um .argumeat for a nsw trial.
Judge Flournoy Mid be was not pre?
pared st that stsgs to argue tbe rt?ht ot
the Lunenburg court to enter nunc pro
tune orders, snd went on with tbe argu?
ment. He asserted that this was tbs nrst
time that s ptiaoner ever appeared before
tho Supreme Court who bad baan con- I
demned to destb without having had ti.s
advantage of counsel In tb* trial-court.
He contended that lt would be stretching
the law snd a departure from the ce.m*
monest rules of Justice for Judge tir?
ga In to revise snd smend tho record
now, after tbe case bad been concluded
months ago.
Judge Flournoy referred to the peti?
tions for writs of error and sunersedeas,
and, after showing, as set forth therein,
that no reasonable "(Tort was made by
Judge Orgaln to procure counsel for the
prisoners, he asserted that he was aware
that there waa no statute that compelled
a judge to procure counsel for criminals,
though there was a statute which pro?
vided for .securing counsel for paupers.
He argued that the prisoners did not
have a fair trial, such as they were en?
titled to under the laws of this Com?
monwealth. The speaker mated that Mary
Haines. Mary Abernathy, and Pokey
Hanns were Jointly Indicted, and yet this
fact did not show upon the record. He
cont- -nded that the Supreme Court ought
to consider that the prisoners were tried
without counsel, und, as the record shows,
not in the manner prescribed by law.
The speaker h id that statutBB Uti,
which provides that where several |ef>
acm. aro Jolptly charged and trl<-d for
felony, a single venire facias shall issue
for all of them, and Wit. which privides
that If a person Indicted Jointly with
others for a felony elect to BS tried BSpe
rately the original v-nire shall be used
for him, and another venin st-all BS
awarded for the trial of ihe sahara, haa
been vloli'tel,
"There was undue haste, not to '.tay
eagStaflBBBM and negligence, in the court
which tried these prisoners.'' salt he,
"and this fullure to comply with the two
Kai-,i.s ls certainly in evidence ti bear
BB! tMa statement. The records do BBt
show that a Jury was B*tBBtei ftom min
frc- from exception, aa the statute re?
quires, ir. capital cases the BBBBTd r:ii'*t
show positively, distinctly, and h'.i pre?
sumptively, that everything thu fl.1.ld
b? dom* was done In the trial of tha
pram.asia. Now. la rc not essemiii ir. the
trial of a person charged with a neinous
tfience, that the Jury who trie-, Man flBBH
hi- kept sequestrated from ? .-erv J 11/.' it
does not show on the reco d In at.se
case* tha'i this waa done. Tbe I'nmiiioti
wealth will try to show "Hit lt I* ta le
presumed that th- Jury wen- in the cus?
tody of the- Sheriff, l*Sa**wSB rhe record
.-lows that they were bm,i'ht Into to'.rt
by the Sheriff. It does not say n ul Ikey
were kept by 'the Sheriff. HOW the court
of last resort does, not presume that Itt
trial-court does everything 'X thoultl. lt
presumes that it has done evciy.hiiv,'
it Buys it bas dont.- lu la r??-jrJ, but
nothing more.
"There ls another iring I wsh to call
attention lo. These- prison *vs vi re trinl
in a court-house SflUrroundcd iv armed
men, anl a platans 1' ?...Ml-*. ? v/llr mot
k'?ts on th*ir shoulders, a* tra within Ihs
court-house during the whole flat, tnoy
laing deemed necessary *i?y "\ ? Judge
for ilia safe-keeping af the- prisoners.
Tue tecord also Dhows '.hat (BS pr soucis
Wars taken out of the "BStO-ly a f t!.e
Sheriff by the Court, and turned BS! t
te thar military."
Judge Flournoy then read th- oi-ier
from Judge Orgain to Major
1 "rbi shire, Instructing 'lim to remove l*.t
ntlaeneni during the alght-ttnae frjui the
Jail to the court-house for Sllf'-klel.
inic, and he at some Isngtl Bfgnad IfcSI a
trial in which soldi.-rj ...u .1 i?i?.: .-.J as
ei.aidians could not ta fairly t****
through arith. H.- flantsasad th.* ballet
thit a law should ha enacted prohibiting
the trial of any person for a i.'lony in ii
c. nt when- fi was neeseoavry lor i-ollu-is
to protect thea* from .1 aa sb.
"Now," cut lu lcd .Iud. I- I-'loii.noy, "Ihe
POOP** who killed thal .ld 'uitiu.i ought
to dla, whoever they are, but 1 conte.id
lhat they are entitled to a fai ? and Im?
partial trial."
Atlorney-Ceneral Scott .oilowed lasfft
I'iai.iuoy. He reviewed ths case briefly,
anl. aft-r setting forth thal the pr's int r,
1 okey Barnes, was indi. ? d an-l arralgn
? -", hi* stated that B fl -it '?* fucias aft
summoned to try her, and, no objection
being made to any one of tue jurors, she
wai tried, and convict d cf murder in
the first degree.
Mi?jot Scolt then referred to the record
..*. now before the Supr*nc* Court, and
alerted that 'the varloBB military order*
and affidavits which were contained in lt
Wf.-e clearly not entitled to BgBHir there,
ile took the two points of all.ged irror
nisei by Judge Flourn >y, ihat ihe jury
tret not selected trom men Una ftoiu
exceptions, and that s-i-u.ii venire
faclasea were not Issued for the prisoner*,
and, In answering them, ta brief, as?
serted that a simple error or tat m
th-> record was not sutH-jieni lo cause
the Supreme Court of Appeals to declare
the trial a mistrial.
The Attorney-General discussed the
question of a change of venue, and as?
serted that in the case of Pokey Barnes
no change of venue could have been
granted, as u Jury free from exceptions
was obtained In Lunenburg county with?
out even having to go beyond tts bor?
ders, as permitted by law, to secure Jury?
Referring to Judge Floumoy's state?
ment aa to presumption. Major Scott said
that the Supreme Court would naturally
presume that tbe trial Judge bad done
everything essential to be dons In tbs
trial, both In tbe Interest* of tbs Com?
monwealth and pisoners, snd that ths re
*ord was unquestionably true.
Major Scott road tbe Instructions of
Judge Orgaln to tbs Jury In tbs trial of
Pokey Hame*, and commenting on them,
urged that they were clear, succinct, and
in every point in conformity with the law.
He then rend ths record, commenting as
be proceeded; after wblch bs assarted that
Judge Orgaln clearly bad tbs power to
amend tbs record aad make lt apeah the
truth. "If." ha said, "be oaly wanted ta
Interline some fsw words, be wss not en?
titled ta do te after tbt close et the tern*.
but when he found that hla record falal
flea! the doings of his court, he had a
right years hence to make lt tell the
In discussing the military orders ahown
In the record, the Attorney-General took
up Judge Orgaln'a order to Major Derby?
shire to remove the prisoners from the
jail to the court-house, and a*-a?rted that
In hla belief lt was perfectly proper. The
Attorney-Oeneral concluded with an ap?
peal to the court to sustain the judgment
of the trial court.
At 12 minutes to 2 o'clock?the hour for
the court's adjournment?Judge Mann be?
gan hla argument, though he asked to be
allowed to wait until to-day; which re?
quest was refused. He referred In the
outset to the military, and asked if this
was the first time the aid of the military
had been invoked In behalf of law and
order. He also asked if thia waa the first
time a prisoner hail been tried without
the advice of counsel. There was no evi?
dence, be said, to show that the prison?
ers ever askeai for counsel. He then dis?
cussed the statement of Judge Klournoy
that the Jury did mingle with the crowd,
and stated that unless lt could be shown
that such a separation of the Jury caused
Injury to the prisoners In the case at bar,
the appellate court had nothing to do
With lt.
At this Juncture Judge Keith called at?
tention to the fact that 2 o'clock had ar?
rived, and the court adjourned until ll
o'clock to-day. when Judge Mann will
conclude his argument and Cnptaln Wise
will close for the defence. The Ma.able
case will come up later.
Ml D AID A DEl.t'tiK.
Pimlico Ilneea Hun Inlier Mach Con
ill Ilona?inlier Turf Xntes.
BALTIMORE, MD, November 2?.-To?
day's Pimlico rac-s were run on a track
deep in mud, and some of them in a
deluge of rain. Five second choices and
one favorite captured the moneys.
First race?five furlongs?H-ntrice IV.,
("103, Johnson, .1 to 1) won. Venetia ll.
.second, Bernardine third. Time. I:"* "l-i.
Boeond race?live furlongs-Irish Reel
(90, Keefe, 8 to .'ii won. Trlnculo second,
Merry Duke third. Time. 1104 3-4.
Third race?six furlongs?Little Jim
(107, Murphy, 9 to &) won, Illusion se?
cond. Juanita third. Time, ll!) "l-l.
Kourth race?one and one-sixteenth
mlles-Maurlce QM, Slme. 8 to 5) won,
Auguste Belle second, Levlna third.
Time, 1:551-4.
Fifth race-six furlongs?Emotional (-v.,
Boote, 4 to 1) won, Wlshard seconal.
Telegram third. Time, 1 ts 3-4.
Sixth race?one mlle?Illume (10), HUI,
3 to 1) won, Little Tom second, I .ung
Bridge third. Time. 1:49 1-1.
NKW OK I.K A N'S, LA., November **>.?
Fully 2,000 peopl" braved the cold weather
that struck town to-day. and attended
the third day's racing of the Crescent
City Jockey Club. Two favorites, a ae?
cond choice, and two outsiders won.
Jockey Schorr, while at the post tn
the third race, was kicked on the leg, so
that he will not be able to rid.? for some
time, although he stayed on Katinie
Rowena, and won the BBBS,
The "Huron Club." that has been doing
business here, succumbed to the Iv.ivy
playlng, and retired to-day. Harry Kroe
llck taking Bm stand from them.
The last rac waa the most exciting
one of th? meeting so far. Jennie June
winning ly the. ?shortest Sf heads lu a
terrific drive.
Weather clear; track fast.
Klrst race?six furlongs, purse?Tit for
Tat (HS, Clay. 4 to 1) won, BJ, John .se?
cond, Trixie third. Time, 1:1''. I.
Second race?mile and one eighth. sell?
ing?King Mac* (100, Hyle, 7 to 1) won,
Lightfoot aecond. Queen Bird third. Tim.-.
IBI 1-4
Thlr.l race?live and a half furlong.!,
selling?Katini.; Bo nana (MS, Schorr, 9 to
ll won, Nlkata. asoona*. Elsie F.rgi.soii
third. Time. UO l-i
Kourth race?seven furlongs, purse-Lo?
gan 014. Noble, 3 to l, won. Hibernia
Otiaeen aecond, Miss Young third. Time,
1:30 1-4
Fifth race?six furlongs, selling?Jennie
June 1104, Boss, li to 1) won, Tommie Kut
ter second, G. B. Cox third. Time,
I'M 1-2.
LEXINGTON. KY., November 26.
Snow fell at frequent Intervals during
the afternoain. and the raa-e-g.-ers were
forced to come close ta) lha large heat?
ing stoves in the grandstand and bet?
ting sheal.
Orrilla West. H. E. Argo, and others
will leave Thursday evening (Thursday
likely being the la/st day. for New or?
leans. Leo Like will Biog off at Nash?
ville, where he will winter.
Ki rut race-four and a half furlongs?
Chatterbox BB, Gardner. IS to 1. won.
Martin second. White Oak third. Time,
BJ 1 -2.
Baeoad mea alu fiiiEnsna Tanina!! (ME,
W. Jen's. x, to *.i won, Carra QoCdO se?
cond. Tenor third. Time. 1:t:i;:-l.
Thi r.i race?six furlongs Colleen ll"7.
W. Jone*. I to :> won, Glad second,
CBnaoa third. Time. 1:20.
Kourth race?live and a half furlongs?
Kred. Barr (113. Perkins, I lo i.) won,
Hawthorne Belle second. loretta third.
Time. 1.13.
Kifth raes?seven furlongs?Galon D'or
(ME, Vankuren, 4 to o? won, Momus se?
cond, Hazema third. Time. in;.
NKW YOBK. November 2b.--The re?
port of ex-Judge Van Hoesen, who was
appointed referee by the Court of Osan*
mon Pleas In general term to take testi?
mony In the case of Henry C. Judson
against the Flushing Jockey Club, wa.s
tiled in the Clerk's office of the Court of
Common Pleas to-day.
Referee Van Hoeaen finds that the
race* were controlled by Peter DeLacy,
a bookmaker, and were not bona fide
races in any sense af the term.
A Fashionable \\ cal din ir In (he lion,
nnieutnl ('Hy.
BALTIMORE, MD., November 26.
(Spi-ctal.)?Tba mirrlage of Miss Edith
Estella Miller, daughter of Mr. Theodora
K. Miller, of Baltimore, and granddaugh?
ter of thc late Daniel Miller, to Mr.
Allen Howland Wool, of Boston, took
place thia evening. The ceremony was
performed In the Central Presbyterian
church by the Rev. J. T. Smith, assisted
by the Rev. II. K. Walker.
The ushers were Daniel Miller, of
Philadelphia; Elmer BiUs. of New York;
Richard Snowden, of Chicago; Harry
Bell, of Boston; Theodore K. Miller, Jr.,
and Daniel B. Miller.
The bridesmaids were Mian Mary Kati?
ni .-r, of Charlestown, W. Va.; Miss L
B. Yates, and Miss A. B. Vales, of
Frederickaburg, Va.; Miss Elsie Miller,
MUa Neille Hunter, and Mids Jessie
Hunter. These wore gowns of green
silk under white organdie, and carried
bouquets of pink chrysanthemums. The
maid of honor?Mian M. Stanley Miller
wore a gown of green satin un.Lt green
organdie, and carried a bouquet o.' white
The bride entered the church with her
father, by whom she was given away
at the altar, where she met the grotim
and his best man?Mr. Harry Watkins,
of New York. She wore a gown of white
astin, trimmed with ducbeirae lace, and
a tulle veli, and her Jewels were dia?
monds and opals.
After the wedding a small reception
for th* bridal party and immediate
friends erny followed at tbe residence
of tbe bride's father. Later the bride
and groom left for a wedding Journey,
after which they will live in Bolton.
A Lraehtaar Prevented.
CHARLESTON. & C., November Si
Last week a white woman was murdered
and cremated near Hodges, & C., aad
two negroes were arrested therefor and
landed in the county Jail at Abbeville.
Aa attempt was made about 3 o'clock
this morning to take one of tbs prisoners
out of Jan and lynch him. but tbe Sheriff
refused to admit tbe lynching porty, and
tha local military promptly responding
to hta call, tha lynchers left without ac
compUahlug their purpose.
His Patter Writes TM He YOI Be
Placed li a Sanitarian.
Soaae of the Details A boat Or. Mai.
weira Visit to III* Son 1m the
laraaillan tlty?Aflerllonnle Let?
ters to Hla Family.
Intelligence waa received here yest?rday
to the effect that Dr. Maxwell, of Louis?
ville, Ky., upon visiting his son, Georg"?
Ssymour Maxwell, late manager of the
Mason Telephone Company, found bis
health such that he signed tao necessary
papers for him to be placed In a sani?
tarium, should this be found essentlU
to his recovery.
This bore out the statement telegraphed
the Dispatch several days ago from Cov?
ington, Ky., where Mrs. Maxwell ls stay?
ing with relatives, that the father of the
electrician had b- en called to his bedside
because of his serious Illness. Another
telegram, received late last night, says
that Maxwell ls In Torontb, "ind that
Miss Rosalie- OoitMb, who married one
George S. Maxwell, In Washington, about
a month ago, ls also there, lt will bo
remembered that Mrs. Gottleib wrote
Bishop Keane from Nw York several
w.eks bko that her daughter and the
laster's husband hid gone on a Hip to
According to last night's special Mix
well failed to recognixe his fath r when
the latter arrived. Dr. Maxwell com?
pletely broke down at s*elng his son's
i ondit! m. Before returning home h<* ar?
ranged to have proper attention paid the
son, and left directions for him to be
sent to a sanitarium, If necessary.
Maxwell, the Bf SB tal continues, "writes
the most endearing letters to hts wife and
children, now at Covington, directing
thea* to the care of his father, at I/>ul?
ville, and expros.-s his loy- and devotion
for hU fi.mlly. He vehemently denounces
the Richmond papers for the statements
concerning him."
McCormick - Rockefeller Nuptials?
The (Jriiinii Hus Pleurisy.
NEW YORK, November 26.-Mlss Edith
Rockefeller, tho youngest daughter ot
John D. Rockefeller, th/* niultl-mllllon
alre, wai* married at noon to-day. In
tho Buckingham Hotel, lo Harold F. Mc?
Cormick, son of Cyrufl McCormick, the
well-known "re?per-klng," of Chicago.
The wedding was to have* taken place at
the Fifth-Avenue Baptist church, and
was to have been a grand coremony; but
the hand of Providence, Interfere.!, and
McCormick found himself confined to his
room on his wedding-day. III with an at?
tack of pleurisy, which threatened pneu?
monia. His physicians, after consulta?
tion yesterday, decld.-d that the groom
ei.-et was too -tick to santana ant of doors,
especially as the weather waa Inclement.
The Rocke-feller family were notltled, and
the* young couple, not wishing to post?
pone the ceremony, it waa decided, to
have thc UBI I BUB -oh-miilied In Mr. Me
Coraatch'fl apartments, in the Bucking?
ham Hotel.
t'l.vrriiniriil'H Offer tu fur Express
t tiara,!'*. Heart ute Krait.
NEW YOUR, November I'S.--Tho recnt
offer of the Treasury to pay express
charges both ways on gold deposited for
currency la beginning to bear fruit, aa
several offers were received at the Trea?
sury to-day. All were accepted. It ls
explained that, If the off--rs are made di?
rect to the nearest Sub-Treasury by the
tsndsrsra the transactions win be gnat*
ly facilitated.
?The Treasury gold raatftB at the close
af business to-day, with to-day'? *gold
engagements deduct'-d, stands at fMJH*
liold was withdrawn at New York to?
day, as report.-d to the Treasury, to
tin- amount of ftUMft of which Ji'iO.OOt)
was In gold burs and llOO.oooin gold coln.
F.ll.l HF 1*4 HU.TIMORF.
Mes.ra. \Y?*II llrotlirra Make* a Dees!
Of \ halal ll I1K-U 1.
BA I.TI MORI-*. MD., November ?_?.;.. Wil?
liam H. and Leonard ll. Well, trading as
Weil Brothers, manufacturers of furs,
made a deed of assignment to-day to
Benjamin Katzenstein as trustee. General
depression In business and decrease In tho
valuo of goods on hand are given as the
causes of the ftlllHt The assets an es?
timated at BMBfli the liabilitias are un?
The prlBCtpal creditors of tin* firm are
out-of-town peoBSS.
An Editor Hrnlen-Hls tominion
I rill.-ni In ( on.e.|iieiice.
HFNT1NGTON, W. VA., Nove-mbe-r 26.
Edltor Towel!, of tho Evening Times.
who waa sent to jail last Had .day for
contempt of Court, and released on
habeas corpus proceedings, was attacked
at 1 o'clock this morning hy a party of
prizi'-rrghters, whom ho had been writ?
ing up. They beat him In a horrible man?
ner; his left eye, is ruined, ami his con?
dition ls critical from the effect** of the
PIM7.E-FIGHT I!V lo Mil).*..
Dick Boran 1 liable- lo HM His Op*
poural, Jem Smith.
LONDON. Nover.tr 2U.-A fight be?
tween Dick Burge and Jem Smith for ttflO
a sida and a purse of ?.:'?i took place to?
night at the Bolingbroke Club. In the
ninth round Burge, who had been badly
punished, fell several times from exhaus?
tion, and Referee Angle declared Smith
the winner. Burge was not able to hit
his opponent. The articles, which were
signed in July iaat, provided for a twen?
ty-round tight.
Titi" SOI TH Kit**.' RAILWAY
For the Cottoa-Statea anil latrraa
lloiuil Exposition, Atlanta, Um*
The Only Llae Katerina the Ex*
poult lon-Gr?unds.
Round-trip tickets will be sold from
Richmond as follows:
Dally until December ft 1*36,
inclusive, with final limit Janu?
ary 7. UM .$23 a
Daily until December 15, lv*6,
Inclusive, with final limit twen?
ty (A? days from elate of kale.. 17 06
On Tuesdays and Thursdays cr
eacb we-k, unlil December 14,
UB6, inclusive, with final limit
tea UO) days from date of aals. li 40
Correspondingly low ra tea from all
other station*. For additional informa?
tion, and for sleeping-car reservations,
apply to ticket-agents, or at passenger
outee, tao east Main street.
Travelling Passenger Agent
Our cut in price* on PU nos will oaatloae
until January 1st.
No. 806 east Mala street
?lalla* Merer A Bona
will he closed ea to-morrow. Thanhegtv*
lag-Day, altar 1 o'clock P. M.
a nany reei-naii wiaaase.
Maasrs. A. B.ska A Co.. arith tbe usual
forethought aad public- spirit, chaiaotsrls*
tlc ot that Arm, have taken rngntMB-sB
of tbe great foot-ball come* whiea,
will take place tn Richmond to-iaorrow.
anal, having laid in a supply- of foot-tell
badge*, handkerchiefs, aad Bago ar-pro
pnate to the occasion, have deeoratad
their larg* comer window with them,
and the effect ia both beautiful and
striking. In tbe centre la a foot-bull, nnd
on either aide are coachlng-flaga, ona of
the orange and blue of Virginia, and tha
other of the blue and white of North
Carolina. Massed arnuad thea* an nura*
bera of canes, hung with handkera
chiefs made of white and blue aad orang*
and blue silk. The front of tbs window
ls covered with, cravats of th* same col?
ors, in each of which ta stuck a pin, on
which is Ir.scrlr-ed either the Initial* U.
V. A. or O. N. C.
The window haa attracted much ett*n*>
Bon, and the street In front of lt waa
throng*il yesterday throughout the dar.
with p?-ople. who gased rapturously at tha
beautiful display.
??Ive Thank*
That you aro living.
That you ar* bleared beyond tho BU
That you are enjoying privileges Bara
that can be enjoyed nowhere elsa.
That from Thanksgiving-Day to Christ
maa you can get a Beautiful Upright
Piano from Hume-Minor Company, BOB
Broad street, st a low*r price than waa
ever known before or ever will be known.
Bar af tha Ma na'art ure ra.
F'or thar, next thirty days we will sell
Ptsnos at less than wholesale prices fog
No. SK eejtt Malu street
??Special Rate*'*?-'Atiaata Special*-**
Via tha Seaboard Alr-Lla*.
Only tin* running solid trains betnaca
Richmond and Atlanta. Pullman buffet
sleepers and vestibuled day coach**. Na
extra (ar* on veaUbul* trains. On Tua*,
daya and Thursdays of each week fara
from Richmond to At.anta and return,
only B2.40; good for tan days from data
ot sale.
Leave Richmond 9.05 A. M. and IBrtt
A. M.; arriving Atlanta next day at EBB
A. BE, and 4:1)9 P. M.
Remember, commencing Odiber lat, th*
Atlanta sleeper will be open at Union
Depot at 9 P. M. Thia Bleeper ls placed
In aervlce especially for the benefit ot
the Richmond travelling public.
For other rate* and Information apply*
Paaaanar-r Agent.
"' "!? SM eaat Main atraaC "*)
To Atlanta Kvpoaltloa Via Ba-sthara
The Southern railway nina through
sleepers to Atlanta every Tuesday and
Thursday, leaving Richmond 7 JU P. M.
on the "Exposition Flyer," arriving In
Atlanta the following morning 10:1s.
T-n-.l ly-hmii tickets Mid *t fli.4l>, good
on this train. Returning this train
leaves Atlanta every Wednesday and Bst
ui day afternoon at 5 o'clock, arriving In
Richmond the followlna morning- ?:3S.
This train affords the Richmond purlin
elegant aaa ric* and quickest tim* to a ta
lanta. For all information aa to rate*,
lime-tables, tc, a-all at City Passenger
Office, 92i) east Matu street.
Trsvelllng Pdaaanger Agent
See our large stock of Chas* Broi. ana
Hockley Pianos.
Nai. mis eaat Main street
A Matter of Baal nea*.
Did lt ever occur to you that you hav*
money, either lying idle, producing no?
thing, or earning a very small rate of In?
Tha opportunity ls offered to aeouro a
guarantee of not lesa than 7 per <-*nt..
with a further participation In the profits
earned by "The Mutual Guarantee Build?
ing and Lo.iii Association," of Richmond,
Va., which may equal. If not exceed, 13
per cent, on your Inveatment.
Their fully pal.l atock offars a safe,
sound, and scientific Investment, which lu
Interest payable semi-annually.
Thc officers of "The Mutual G.turana
tee" would bc glad of an opportunity tn
point out, by letter or In person. ha,w
this form of Investment may be adapted
lo the individual conditions of any baud?
in ss-inan, who desire* to Improve and In?
crease hie Income through a safe, and
la-utttmate channel.
Tba ganami oauess of the. ssaoalaBoa
are locateat ut No. IOU east Main street {
President. C. BE*. Tunner; I. N. Vaughan.
vice-President; William A Price, Secre?
tary and Treasurer; E. li. Thaw, Maa.
ager of Agents.
special Sleeper to Atlanta Via Sea.
board Alf*Llat.
Commencing October 1st tit* ?Seaboard
Air-Ltn* will put ou a through si sag aa
(rom Richmond to Atlanta, via th* fal
moua "Atlanta SpeclaL" Thi* al**--**
will bc opened at the Union Depot at S
o'clock at night (train leaving at UM),
thus enabling parties ageing to th* expo?
sition to get a good night'* rest, aad ara
rive in Atlanta *tr<t.*<B P. EL th* follow
lng day.
By this arrangement passengers to tha
exposition can leave Richmond ria tho
Seaboard Air-Lin* and go through to At?
lanta without change of cara, and la tha
only line offering auch exceptional ad?
For further information apply to kt If.
Boykln. passenger agent. Na. EM aaa!
ateln atreet _ j
Maa I ?- H. Hannis A Co. tm Mare*.
Bargains in New Piano* and Orgx-as.
The cut In price wilt make tbe goods go.
We .lo not want to carry a single Plana
or Organ to our new store. Cash buyer*
?et the greatest bargains; yet, tlmo-pur
chaaers will tie entitled to a reAoatUm.
Call on stanly B. Ramon, No. MS Main
Gaaraate* Agalaat Theft.
The Indorsement Guarantee Company
issue a novel guarantee agalnat theft,
in which they guarantee owners of bi?
cycle* to rep!*<,*? their wheela If th*y
should be stolen. Who would not par
the moderate fee of 13 per annum to ba
relieved from the unaeaatneas attending
having to leave their wheel outside of
the house for a few minutes BtnBjBBBB
they atop In to make a call?
*Ma*lc*-Rc-aov-U Bate.
To enable us to remove from tte pres?
ent atore, Sheet-Music .and Muite-Books
will be sold for cash regardless of usual
prices. Large cut In Mandolins and OuU
No. BB Main strust,
? ******
If th* Baby I* Cw ttl-ag Tsath
be sure and us* that old and w*U-tri*4
remedy. Mr*. Winslow's Bootbing-aByrup,
for children teething, lt soothes tho
child. softens the gums, allaya all pain,
euros wind-colic, and ta tte test i-emedr
for diarrhoea. Tw*nty-flv* eta:* a hot*
Manoa.B*aan**al Sal*.
Everything tn our atore witt te rata
at reduoed prices, to enabl* u* to amir*
tte present building by January tot Tho
?tock includes tte ftnest makes of Ptaaoa
aad Organs; also ftne OuRara, Mandolins.
Banjos. Bheet-Mtatc. and Musto-Bsaha.
Th* dlsoount vltt be aande on cash antes.
No. SM Mala ttrttt,
eoBasadsl* Elate of iaiigaaasaiaai Bad Ita
*a*di*t* rritef aad a sar* sass lg satef Ba

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