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Richmond dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1884-1903, April 25, 1897, Image 3

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^C^ras* le -^
n, ,pi ll I I "i i m C1TT*S BsTAOOS
Il I HIT*.
1 \it.Bn SCSI OE <n m i i' i it (??
. nt vnilor'i ( reek?\ IIm-j
raes Waa Bosstttala nt Brans*.
?? lilt?'".rneral B. D. Korrf.ii
A:bemarlo c iunty, Va.
? | - - .
? ?
I j> s be*
? -
B on a
' tho 1
th ws
. -
I ; ? |
. ?
I i -
? *p the
? a te tn] >or, knock I
?ed in
so i mg for me
t walk al
? I
for i three
BBS TO lil!
e river cc
i . follow the
I threw i
I threw my bl
sword ead 1
. ooo or two
.. was
' ?
?i flames . I
. '
the i
[felt tho
l t Ml '
- ' - ? city,
? pg ?
bad 1 r
? ?
; rted, he to
nd 1 el
.. them. Bl
manda, things be
THE r<, i nt.
Api '? ? I al
1 n tho
.... troubto In our *>
I to 1
tWO. Just !
into cam;-.
and 1
:..ll sound)
on. . bsd
that my
,.... . ,
: f on
train. V- I I not
to tr itton
te our i
Fvcurinpr, Dyspepsia; itieflgt]
- -mach; Stimulating
rer; mvigOTBting thc Kidneys;
Jukes; I
nptbe System; makins; new Blood;
ijuiciinfjtbe Nerves; ittdtkang sleep
and thus raising thc spirits; dispell
i:aT despondency and allowing thc
to enjoy the r'casurcs of
It is one of Dr. Humphreys' favo?
rite prescriptions, and is jtttt as re?
liable as his famous
"77" poi COLDS.
itHe Manual of
;h (1 Free,
or sent on receii '
- . Med. i o,
-.v York.
our wa-on train a f?vr hundred, ysrls
Iii sd yanco of us.
ICaEOOT tue atUtVON.
Wa (it one* foll Into ranks BsOVBd on,
s.iu.1 In the ? xrltaincnt of Hie monurit
forgot our mutton. excrjrt rhst yang
writer pnfed off a aMnaj ana aol it in
lils hat - i ? ?? o.cy lin brnii^l
BB i few roiJs Satins a tempo:;uy halt.
about .' < > lo k J'- m. ere appro
Sall Whee about a B-Re
th? ci sk thc atela mad srore to tho rtKht.
\\ |.,-;c'l iliri-cily forward, thr.niitri t .vii
Sate-poSts il presume, along a arl
read). Aa v.. -mind down fh_ hui tra
?iv on u ir i.rt ii boase Sylas t;.
law fl -?'?'i th* ci i ? ?<? .-I ?
I 1I11 v u In. Th?
i\ , i BB LllOW, bOt I As w>
up liii* lilli, tba "'ru to t :?
tra i ? ? ' arttlli n
and . v. ;,ii h bad .
I found | f thia
ccui.i- i; I'. Hurrus l>y rime i i
di -l, wli" belo 'le Porty
Regiment, Vu mi ? ri,
i LI had conan
rle Inf on
t1' U h. irly ?:i the 1 ?> kill?
ed, " ' -I' I. "i ? i| '.'?:? ii' 1
burg or -.n tlc- i ii ? at.
QROCP "I' i '
After geing her, I
? g of < i
I'.ll '." . 1 Ot] .' i :. , ' .. !
ry of th-- < cn aa
I ?- : ' I :: gal ' 'limo.
I I i ? ;
ni H'm. i in bil ?; 1'- ?
i -
I ? to ! ugh.
i- i fi w minutes w*
tbe i
? '
We r more and
? belo V t:
-> in
-h. IT no:
' '
my little c ? :
comma i.
far from where I Blood), My
i |t
I think
. : '
? -? i
r ; litton tbs
? t to 1
.-i lino
i. rmlsbera ?? =t of
a bi. : tied by ot r
they retlri
:n 2?d for :i time I
fire cn ( '
I ? :.; thc
? ? men that
g too hleh.
ri tba
y In our I I, but a large
Itali t for a t i rr. ?-?: than
. .a to
? . ; '
: r ...
prevent the furthei
rs to
l ? ?.v to
? that
? * i
I, which 1
I Of tn] i -Jt.
r, < ? . :. . to a
name, bi I
' 0. J M
' must
n on
t wei trfnl cooi
R. T. W. DOT
;. : ? ' 1 Bau
P, . ? , Ork In
? ser
-niajor, Bl '-"ont
I wo il I Ilka John P. <.
: . -. a retreat I
mond, and th.- fight | I Ik, In
?:s of tho battle Of
r ls writ tn from rfr.ory,
may be mlal ikea, i a
glad to hear from ir
' ' minand, cr of my com
future day J M :-ose to I
aceou me of me, from our;
1-KuiiAson J. if. SRflnPSB.
? c re cur** nil form-, ol
nervous prostration, and all
*? netsous sxbauatlen,
ns .... : pirlta, peevtahat
nersl aensitlvensss of the whela
i, fSOttra of memory. In?
ability to coneeatrate the thoughts.
bid 1 lesa nnd Blseplt ;s nights,
i In th" h'-ai. BOtSSB ttl the OBI
disstness. lt etlmulatSfl nnd strengthen*
* snd acts as a etrong tonic,
Profi -r Munyoa ruts up a bbb*
.-. At all drugi
nts s rial
i . ? ? profit BBBf M -myon,
li lphla, Ps., fin
. I llh freo medici advice for any
St Pallor's Creek, to my return
en Johnson's Ii I n, on
li of July, BJ. T. W. D,
ll here f-ltnnted, How ((inducted, and a
Storj- A'uMJt Tbi tn.
T ? following appears In the Farmvli*
Jour: I.
Q la, Va., lc*<7.
To th- '? i ii r tbs Cont
j. -In compliance with your r*
I t , ko pleasure In r
Information us may SB of interest to
Ital i
. ?
Bl Bj ahern
In the i ' i of
? ? ?
iv. ned frons <
K, 1 Of Vii B Vol
tl in Farm*
and acted as r tho
i Di B ? i . '. lal ; .
i In charge. It a
?ao the h
. from which they came, C ? i
i that caused
lo wi ri they i
S out fur:
? ? i
it i a or t
make out i
ral nf the
1 la J i .1
wm t that 11
. waa
<> In
? la. th* hospita] ur ; ' . BS tO
its utrno-f bout IM
. ra
* miry phy
' Ward 1 "any
" i ? ' V
? A
tment, v l
Its < ??
aad post chaplain,
rt the ateS
nnd to ? mains of
removed from tho dead-house by
- - t to their last
ta '? ?) t-oMier's ce-:
. r
fl In (harr*. the !ate
Taliafen . \ the
B sad thair
? - ? Hrs su*
? l.i ,-il tts
Be j
* ?
I .-arM
? Sered
i maa for the very re
: i he
ler the Burgeon in chi'f w*ra
ona of 0 ' ring in ohar?a
three or
? wera a . rg*on?, or.e to
lt 1 o.s to pr*
tha " ? undi vi. r,r,d to
s^? that I rs sad m.r'-?d un*
- ? ? . f
- ? pit ni bm.
I the ea ss of tba i
> sf t d t ??? as
i were fn ri a by Hie
. .- ' | the Bl rows
anare S I <^n tho north
? : ''?old convenient to the town
g these (acteriea sonBnued fj i-e
i till the ti 1 of th*
: pits], < ? '??? Iel
- the late Dr. J-hn P.. Ohrdea,
i i tween th*
tbs riiiro.-. I, not far fi
poma.t: . I ??? ?' I * a
a small grove of large, black sean,
north of Governor McKinney's lot. Thc
d?ad-house. a solitary, dHai-ldated lltM
linc *nf situat-d 'oetwsin ths Pres
aytsrlsn chere* snd ths jatiroad.
Many a noM?-l,-artoil sokl!i r-At>erb-.p.
a devoted husband, or a Bweet-faesd,
i-.triotio boy. tbs idol of a tender
mother's heart end the hope of h-r Se
eilnlng years, end a elster s pri.Je?hat
i.ii s'ret the* cut t-.sis In thu rough gai'..
of UM aolejef, and angnai lat* onMaawn,
sad unwept, who waa rslsed in nainencc
1 luxury, end whose de.it h, If lt had
tikfm place in bia o\jn home, woold
| iva thrilled, the. hearts of tho Whola
Brttnjty, snj tandi t, lovtng honda,
i have narced him and committed
his boa'y to a marked nnd honor. I grave.
row the.-'u sam? heroic soldier*
v. I o lo t tl,dr lUea In u*t?n-e nf >
principle Bean r to thean thea Hfe Itself,
i i sttemptlns to drive xha brea li ra from
pur homes, have placed ur>on a* who :"ir
Vtve, end BOOB our children, lasting
obligations to guard sacredly th* ashes
of the dead, and it becomes na In ac?
cordance with a i "naif ;i tlme-bonered
ca tom to decorate thew ajTSves in
' y of departed worth.
May the noble efforts cf the Dui '
of tho Confadei ? ai I with i
, and may their devotion to
',?.- I pira tl ? turing ppn?rntlon no to
. to be, worthy I !i oi a
? ancestrv.
General ST, lt. Forrest's Sword.
The Memphis InhBdtar r= ra: "nmong
onfederets n U at fl ia thiarity
ti tba Trnne^ree Caa EX]
are the r?wori. si shes, nnd pi '
aral M. B, Von* <t, end oth--r ri. ni-::' - i
n. Tbe
ea i; may be oonaklcisd the 1 t f
n sa b'.a i" af model I a, as wi'h lt
" '
atartlns his n Hem y i private,
? annis a s i
rank of ;ry. the
? it in the cavalry aenrl se, Th i -
?> m ra bp military
era ol b raak, wai ly In*
a-i i part of th* Insignia of :
? ' irface the marks of
I lori ?'' ? lol, the ons worn
by him throughout the war, .
? . the Ivory
* which ls discolored
o->mp;?n!on, tl'* BWOI
I .ce and ls r- aponsfbl > :
i cut short In batt!-. B (Ides tbe
I rn by tbe
;* in this collection
that v.".a ? :fc.>:i fr rm
r he wi i rely
'" .-'hiloh. All ?'
... | | | , ?
? name Ls unka >wn t
property of his wi, < m For
\i '\o was with bl
father from tba ase of IS
mtier 1 .> ? In addi)
: tarp relics of (;
. from th<> i .
? ? . This : ? ?
I by
William H. I
Fternal Vigilance.
"I?'*rnal vigilance is the price of libert?."
It is tue price ol everything wi rta having.
of life itself. A
man needn't be
I joking
fur danger,
afraid that
something wH]
happen to him;
but a wiso man
l '.
? : -are al i at th?
in: pc-.ant things of
It brat half bo
much trouble to take
esr* of yourself as it
is not to. A asea
who follows regular,
healthy habits, fee!*
food all thu Haas
Lisa is with living
Hut a ni m
who "don't want to
bother " with I
care of himself has
more pain and mis
erv crowded into oae
dsy tuan a good
healths, bear!
who lives right
would ever know of
fal a whola year.
When g min's stomach is out of order,
and bia digestion don't wot*; when his liver
gent * be gish and won't clear tba
oat of r * blood, it is time for him to
out for himself. He fjr-'.s dj nourishment
out of his food. His blood gets thicker and
t iii ker with impurities. His oerves get irri?
tated. He lases ev fis-j ;'..'! fighting force.
He may say, "I can etaud it, I will feel
better to morrow;" but the chances ai
will feel asens te-aMtrow and w-or?e still
next dar. He ought to put himself right r.t
once. He needs Ur IMesce's Ooldea Medics]
Discovery. It is made for just this condition,
lt rouges up tin digestive and nutritive
organs, and gives tUem pcr-et to extract
front Ina Gb** all the nutrition
and transform them into rich, nouri.-b.ing
I loo 1. It enables the liver to cle_r.?e out all
les and a ar lam tue i ii
tton an abundance of htrh!\
full of the life-giving red corpuscles ?
build up healthy fi ??_, muscular etrencth.
and nerve--nergv. It does nt rn*1-- fl .
Beeb. It is t'ae onlv suitable tonic and
strength-builder for corpulent people.
pring Remedy in the World
It Makes People Well.
There ls ono true t-p.eific for diseases or' ' ? debilitated nc:
apound, ao gen
i k of
I1, LP.
Drat pi ribed what ls sj ; ' ;
arras aessV*
ri i, all '
1'. ir ' - corni-ound I . i again Bud again S
This Impnrtnut Helluloits Rody to?
Beet nt Wilmington. May 7tb.
? ? ? Btlon win
1 ol 1 Its ni itt ?ess1 n, in Wlln
C . t -Inning op! :':; U t, M ty 1 b, at io
A. M. Tho conY"" B viii be
A. Venable, or
r ia tho assent ol his failure to
ir, Dr. W. II. Ea Smith, of
... Jonathan
1 Taral-on. of Alal . and
irs and O. E. Gregory
I auxiliary '
whi''h will mest ttl connection with the
. ntlon. Tho Woman' ry
. . ?
the Southern Baptist
? '?
i t on Um
Tbsrs a- ?
by tho Ct
: Rich?
mond, witta Dr. WlUtngbam .<ry
Dr. Tl
Ith Pr. .1.
M. Pros! It ls ]
Brat two of th*?e boards will
have ti report rotrn cc
though not ao largre ns was report*-! to
ih>* bu "
at rviulsvllle '. t
of trustees, whose charter
ti ?" 'ball rne^t every year lr. i
thal at tba apart - eating
board t
some action taken a
tobe known in Baot -
3 ear
* of tho ooavea*
. . i ever rc
controversy aro.*.? over the pub!
1 of Dr. Whltsltt torc a doe
ices of th-;
. revises to 3 ML Tl '-re is
? , ? those i t
think, of Dr. WW il a or
.. ? ttl i cor
? ? ? will rot 1"> c na cr :
' ' ' , bot
the trustee*' sc-ion anl . .
lt ls probable that ? the Pap
.'tend tho meetin?. 1 ? ii clio
s appointed by the S
ni l of Vira,
./.'.. BL (<jby,
IA c. I
art i. G. P. Bsgby. P. E. Burrii *, it. li.
Powd.n, J. H. Barnes, P. W. I
(Jeorge Cot - , I L
Cox. J. I* ir. Curry. R. W. Crldlln, J.
L >.' :::?/. A. J. Cot* .. Gll
F. E. Du Iii
- r. ft Dm
? P. lt C. Davis, V.'. . F.
] ivis, J. S. Dii, O. P. Ku- i
a, T. IL Pi. U, WU*
?, lt. Ji. ? -. A T.
lad '
.T. B. Hut
I her, J. R. ' " P I
.1. C . \ William 'i
\'. ' .. . Jone The ? * A.
Johnson, li. A. Jo: il).
c. |'. ? W". BlUgOl
i ' 0 '?- rk, J. M. Lui ':,
ford, W. s. Leeka J P. >*>? ?. L B.
lin. I. IC
Eil bf I, P. C. "
Newton, A. E. <
R. If. 1 Itt, W. Loo!
.t. B H- I* '
'. il.
i,. - i Swann, W, J pr*
r. . man. Go ? ; '. C.
P. Th: '.:?.': bil
Braal r, iv. I* '? ' U
' \V -ki' .
ft ?.. I8n :> T.
ms, J. n.
B.P.1 .'
lt the Bub*- I- Cmtrtauj Teeth,
bo Biiro BB t I 1
?' . < *t I rup,
for children teething. Il the
child, noftene the gums, alinya all pain.
curia wlad SOHO, and is ti. * . ne.ly
for diarrhoea, Tw-.-nty-flvs CeatB a bot?
tle. _
Or lt rs I r , rlatla \ sst itch
' Com- i Ki.cn prompt atti -.ion,
and tho st t and i be
? euro ' \ou.
Ti1**-- i.tTeT'
Billiard, pool, and 1
I i
? I (all i
i nasa r-'as's rd!Mar<*
ar: l 1' i ali ??>,..-?' i . ? x.
i i jua wobld. All kiana Bil
I able aar.pl' 'adea
uri | land
? *. 1 ;*J ; r dozen
Ipa, I ? box of
? ?*} ?.oIHalls.ls.SC
I kan TOOL Ba i* c-.a
TH8 BF.3l\ TUB ri.HtrKa WILL NBVBBWjua
on--?Iii* p*- ? :.?:i Chalk,
:; ereert
?Table 1 . i< ta, wi i fr. ??.-, r?*0 and ll
pet u
per set. Pean's Fan**/ leather p.x.-k*ta will
outh- I of s:iy cher kind?'X25 per
: I rr.nrKcj
'? I'ueon-Ho!* : l Barvelle Ta?-i*?
I .'TTUKit,Be*r-l?rawintriii-..it-.. Hilliard
e Into Tool
ik Bails and Ton I'ini / i
fool !'<?'I'* urr n
for accuracy andpeti C. 1'. DEAN,
? ? ' .. Vs.
Write for ca'.alc- ???'toftowa
ardera will have n ?-.*?.. ., .i
mun Minim ai? miTT7 DUnnD
ta 3
E 4a. ____? _____________ ___________________________________________? Vt# ________________________________________? _______________? ______________________________? _______________________H
The public having decided that it could not be improved, the demand for their HOME BEER forced them to increase :)
$ their storage capacity and add new machinery. * V
They are now prepared to fill any order promptly. V
??>?,_ u-v. wOOWVOuaiO&wCwwuuuw^iM mmmim*mm*mWHmm9m*999mW*m+
pecial Attention Given to Their
ling Trade

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