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Richmond dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1884-1903, October 08, 1898, Image 1

Image and text provided by Library of Virginia; Richmond, VA

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George Saxton Shot Dead in
Canton, Ohio.
live S?ots Fired, Three of Which
Eater the Man's Body.
?:i;v \>N\ C. ?.I nil?.I IRRBSTBD.
.. *.ii?i?n-l,-?l of Hits I?k Cs.inmlt
tr?l lite Mouler?BB.laB 1'nll? 11? -
far?- Baase ad Lady, ???, \\i.<>n>, it i?
rrrsoiiK-il. II?- I nt si? (led to ?L tall.
. ' Hl . Willi mi M
I ,\ B
aben he kt pre
ll i , t
' v. iii h . i '
. , -,in
rum al?-r.
. : , Invesl it. tl
?i \vh?-n pbysl
h, foi u, r barlag
pinion thai is la
?t.u a bullets he?.
h ni
aben I
to an undertaking
autopsy it
Will be ink. n : . :-., ,,i Mr. i;. |f,
i bom.
Mr. Beaton lefl
? ,.irk :tn,i i,, iked, and
Hi? ? h.i'l
sie,i,line |lt|,|
i ',1
. all'I
to th.- motoi m m
-r a i I leal the
All h OUI e h,,m,-. ?about '.'
ip. Trouble i?.
lj to u?
that o?d hom.
Mi: \ D1VORC1 B
. ho form?
in his down-town
obtelned In
,1 in
t : bei
' r ill.
Ion of t he a
, the inter
.?u an
nd Hi lj reman ed for bear
D Its- merits i t oc?
tent! ?a
attar, 11. s of BaatoB '
. |a front of \\l
months ago
i ie r life h ??i
Mi.Ti iR.M \N'.-' STORY.
,'? .- lea F. I . ai
got on my car ai the
i .... . . : ii lalett
: oat i <io aoi knoa
k BO 1? ulHlllar
i: >wi ear, i knoa It a
off -it the
Mr. | m, ri tldtaf ,it NO.
.boni isro buntlred ?
A ltl-.ll I !
Borough groeery >? ? a i
from ?
-, : , | .:: I w- Bl ill
Off 4*4 '
t: DUtta had ' ' ?I--''l I h- ir.l I??? :
i bow? ?
i . . a troa ,
m ? t m? '
I i slowly, then i'in> ]
i. k again. At : h ?t lisas
; :??.. m ,t ? si Unas !
rted i" nui. sic ; It lb?
. ,t ran U] I n.-xt to
,i Qulnn'fl '
i a re "i .uni touno i
. lj m?- i?..
i;i.'?i:?;e calm.
lined i '
:. .ui?I r. fin ' >! t" i
.'. m.-ii?.
i ??at Mi . OrSOl
i?f takln;:
tie? .,t these ihr.ai- .?." aald ta
nt throasS Ri? Bsalla, ,
K'.iicl July U*t full lin.il?
btr for alleged improper use of the malls, i
"*?" K.?.- ban?, and the Indlct
i?*i?t. ?o far a? is known here. I? still
". the husband, Is re
orted to have been secretly married In
.'heeling OVet a y-.n ggflj tO Miss Lucy
'"'""'. of Alliance. As soon as George
Ot his damage money from BSaTtSn. he an
' "" od in- .?".ni bis 11 lags
Mm. OaSfgfl claim.?- that Saxton de
rived bar, ami deanrted hat the another.
WA8HINOTON. October 7. The Prest?
lent, Mis. McKinley, her Mater, Mrs.
irl-r, and others, will leave bON 10?
SaiTOW Bight to attend the funU 01
M Kinley's brotlier at Canton M'.n
Th9 President will proceed to Omaha
fin thai point, Joining the patty Isnving
" re Monday mornini?.
.merl.'iin nii.l ?i.ioii.h Tro??,?* ('.inn
* * it la t it \.f I ?.liftlet.
MANEANILLO, t> tobei I.? Aft?
i fight was narrowly averted to-day b?
wc. n th" Spanish garrison, under 'oi-i
i Patron, and the Unit? ?i Btati
ti'i-r Colonel Ray, who bave Brrtved here
fin ?s,:,iti igo to tak? ; . ol the
The arrival of th.? Americani bad tak? a
he Bpealsh rnmn, i urpiise, and
8 hsd represented to Colonel Ray that
? h id n red word 1 rom ? ?? notai Blan?
>, Informing Mm that the date for the
?mei can occupation had been noetponed
0 < ?ct'.b.r tOth II' r?-(|u. -t? -.r I
for additional In ;tt"
he hitter conaented to do so, and sent s
Ispatch to General Lawton, at Santiago,
At 7 ..''-lock this morning Colonel Ray,
"t having he.ud fiom General Lawton
" tin? contrary, sent word by Adjutant
'oiiiiis to ?'"ion?-! y.m m that, la a? i ord
bob with his insit':. :i?.ps, be should
' is men t?. the city ' "m th? ?i? i k,
nils away, when tin United Btat? -
raneport Reina de los Angel? s ba i
aoved, at th.. rsQuest of Cbkmel Parr?n,
n?l would tak?- possession "f the pUbUc
ulldingfl In the name of the Unit ?d
At S O'clock the battalion was m
notion, with colors flying.
Colon? i Ray marched toward the city,
rut befors 11" troops n schsd ths city
ate Adjutant Collins arrived, with C? lo?
tel Parroo'a reply. Th? bitter said he
id no objection to surrendering th.- cus
om-hous? i. \ ided the Ana : .
mi flag v..? soi raised. Colonel Raj re
?rt< ?i thai th" United st.-.t.a was nol ac
ustomed to taklag pobsesslon without
laplsylag her insignia of its sovereignty.
'tie march sraa than ooatlaned toward
i.?.- city.
When ih? troops passed ths guard al
h.- gate, a body of twenty-fivs men, the
atter lined up and saluted. Ths report
i'i..-1'i through tin- city thai the A merl
ans had arriv.'d, wit ?i colora flying, and
.ta wen soon thronged, ? n?
-eglment mar? lud toward ths principal
-'iuare. when it halted. At this potal
i Spanish bug? r Bounded 11,.- call to arm :.
ind ths Spanish garrison turned oui to
he number ?f ." <*? bob, on ih<- ..th.-r Bid?
t. slatted Colonel Perron, al
li" palace, and a somewhat stormy in
terview took place between them, ?.?.ri,
i" ai.i of sa Interpreter. The Spanish
iommander said ha had under?!.I from
lolonel Ray that n re to ntnatn
'Va r until October h'tli. and Ui.it he
onsldered hims.it tricked. Colonel Ray
i thut b" bad I..V' i Bald snj -
thing "(' thai ' ii ins Instruction?
?ere t" tak.- pos?, tslon "f the ell j on
'. i ib? r 7th; tl had cabled foi
urther Instructions, and not having re?
V? 'I any, had |.l" I 'i- '1 tO act Upon blfl
ipon, .'.?huiei Parr?n said tho
n troops must be remo*. d ai
Colonel Ray nfused. Colons! Parr?n
leclared he would use force. ?Colonel H ..?
m- ?/i red: "H j"U wish to l-i
urther hostilltlei with the United States,
i am unable t., prev? nt It, but so
i am concerned. I have ceitain ord? a,
a Boldler, I am bound lo carrj
,,u. i appreciate the position in a bl a
but am unable to help
ton, H the United Btatea trooi
Bred upon, i l?elteve th? ni"" a
. tO take ' .
;)., iii-ei>. s. even tl little outnum
iiii although i am opposed to a
m te ol : I shall fa
,, anj ara) li ?ulti you."
I parr?n said hs would rmmedi
m.iv order tl"- arrest of th? officer *. ho
i Mowed -
-,.. Colonel Hay retorted, "it hs
i .-huai.! hav? I" n under
he unpleusanl ne. es dty "i ?hooting
i,.i th. ii forcini -n entran? i ."
Aft? r a a. 1. -1.1 ral.'. Ion 111.I niai,\
on the pari of ?'..lou.-i Parr?n
hat Colon? 1 n-t\ phould tak.- bl
,,, ,,t Hi.- citj until General Blanco
aid i" communicated with, it was d?
lai i not to tak.- action until th. cable
.i st o'clock this aft? n, ?on,,
lolonel Ray asserting thai if at that
irthi r insu n : lona h id b< a
eceived i"- w,.ui.i take action befon
In the m-an tlili" the I'nit'.i
r. ops wen i" b<- n n ? li.-'i up to the
. v. hlch tin Sp iniards I? ft last
dghl on departing for Clenfuegoa, Colo
te] i;,?- consenting to encase the .'.?ors.
. i, ten. ? to 4 olonel l'aiimi's fear
bal ths sii;ht of the Am? rlcan H u-j
alght excite Ihe Bpanlsb element beyond
?straint .ni bo i-iovoke some overt
eadlnfi t.. bloodshed.
? in ?eavno; the Palace the two -
r/alked to the sqi - where they arrived
u?t in time t" prevent a collision be
aeen theli foroi a.
it ai'i'-uis that some Spanish "th r,
via. had mlsundenl.I an order from
Parr?n, had just notified the
?merlcan ti""ps thai they mus? leave
?nui? ?liai'lv. Captain Frost, in command
. olonel Ray a al used to
a b? r> upon in w.,s told that tin
( his men would b.- upon their
la At iUis? moment <'..i..ii?i Hay
ame up. snd Captain Froet nported th?
?curre nee, Colonel Ps_ron promptly
?rdered ills overaealous subordinate
Then begaa the ronreh of a mile to
he i.ana. ks. through ths crowded ?tree! i,
BOg- ,,f the onlooken being evidently
i.-h, Judging from their scowling
,,(,ks and uncomplimentary remarka
i.a- march l?d around the square. As
h?- American pea ed the Spanish gar
Ison, th.* latter presented arm-. Th?
arrack? aren found In a healthful lo
allty aud In good condition.
ll was Colonel Rays first Intention to
ake a? lion as boob sa ths cable offlc
losed, ate! it was 0*4 i?l? Bl that I i
., 11 ,,n both sides ??? i quite r. to
. luslons, ths Bpanlsb .?Hi
iking St all kindly to .?.acuution. Hut
ome time befon tin- cable office closed,
?olonel Rsy reoeiviad a dispatch from
Wad.-, explaining that the i m
lunder ol the Spanish troops at M nza
?ll?, had i? u'l'-i- I . ?I lay until I
Kb, and that for the present the for
nal ? vacuatlon a-a? p ?stpoai .1
The United Btates troop* remain In the
by permission of Colonel Par?
Liiropenii Tr??oi??a In Pekln.
PEKIN, October 7 A detachment of
Russian M?.I.ii. is. with two
i.ui.'lcis; twenty-flve Rritisti marines,
ud thirty ?.?unan marines arrived hen
ml marched through th.- city to
h? nuarten assign? i them. Thej will
,-,, . ! th?- I'-nations ot Russia, Or? '
tritaln snd ? ' i*rowd? m It?
,.,' ,,i the at'lval of the European nia?
?:, incident The Chta apgeared t?.
, COB d, _ .
To Cure a Cold in One Day
i.ixntive Bramo guinine Tableta
?i'ugrfist? retond aaoner if fnii* t.. . ara.
i cent?, tjfcuuln? ha? L. li. y. on each
Iblct- *
So Wires Bacon, Who is Now
at Waller,
They Indicate a General Surrender on
the Part o? the Redskins.
A fonfrrriirf ?.nliii-, on Hs?ts?rt?.?*n
Axent Sill licrlii n.l ?nil . I. i |.i>. ?? n
Chief?? Iliu-k? ?ill Slior?-? ..I Hull
( lu!, I.nke "Dnnrln?,**
Washington. October 7. -A dlapateh
11 um ? ; a, receised by th.- Ad?
j.ltant-G'lierai, dated Walk, r, October
ftb, via Rraiii'-r.i, October Ith, says that
th?. Indians bavi red la tl*?str sa?
rjeaa t?. rarious Islands in that a - -1 *.r?.
IR. sdds: "Hiv BitBBBpllShad all th.it
san !" done here at this late ?easoa, and
???U return with my ooarnnund to--ra?or?
Washington. October7.- Thefolnew
i . bearing on th.- ladhui ?rou
bles ha\<- t? . n T. . : \. < 1 ;it flic Will' !>- -
! .1 Im. lit :
"St. I'.iul, Minn., October 7.?Ailjutnnt
Osneral, Washington: Onactal dispatch
from Walk, r anajannces sti bodies
ami ?-lev? n w< uii'le.l will arrlv? in St.
Paul to-night No anana. Base rnade
arrangamentB for Immediate tranafer to
Fort BnelUng, and i?r'?i??-r can aad tt
tetatioa th?
0SgBed) "S'l'ERl'.IS.
\ latanl .\.? |utsat?0> ai ral, ?n aba bob
uf Departmenl C4*mmandaff.M
"Riainer.i, Minn., October 7.?Adjutant?
Geri.-rai. Washington: Walker, Minn., Oc
tobar a Whilst piateetlng United Btat*a
Harshal at thlt camp, on Leech u.k?,
opposite X'r.ir isi ni i. with a detschment
?if eighty rn.-n, Third lafantry, Mas at
tacked by :< larga force of Cbippeaa In
dians ?it ni.iiri to-day, Indians fighting
fron bevy timi"r .nd une>i*brush. in
- driven back. Our loss was: kiii.-.j?
<'ar t:i!n Wilkinson, Sergeant Butler, ?mi
l'rival's i ?In.- t, a,I ..nd SieUI. WoUBdSd -
ml A3 i- B, I'm? ' .11, Beb. r,
Brown, Wicker, Jensan, Turner, a
and i'i ooony, and Depnty-Harsbai s!.
ban, Communication is most dlfBcull by
small Bt< ami
?Sir "II.V'ilN,
"Bligadl. i-? lern rn?"
"Uiiiii-iil, .Minn.. October 7. Adjtitanf
Qegaral, VVsahlngton, i?. ?v- Walker,
Minn. October I One soldier kin.-.i t,.
day, an,i on.- Indian policeman killed; <>n
.rounded. Nuseber ?>f Indiana killed lm
Ible to - iitlmate, The) ha??- now sent?
tered In th?-lr ranoes ilnrlnir the ntghl to
the v.'nii.iis Islsnda in this aectioa. Bava
accompllahed all thai can i.- dona hers
nt th ' ind will return uitn
m..mmand to-iaorrow. Communication
with thli i'.'iiii rare and dlfS. nit.
"Rri: ?il"
It is I ia', ,1 at the War D, ]--.n tin? i,'
the las! dispatch probably m
Oeneral Bacon miii ratura aith iiis oom
m in. i" Port BnelUng, unie?? bit fora
sctuallj needed for tin- protection of the
people in ihe vicinity.
walker. MINN., October '. Qeneral
Bacon and all bl m. n an h ed .- re at
11-16, having i.,? difficulty about the land?
I ia ) report that a! at serai
along the lake there a*, r,
white flags, Indicating s general t-ur
riii'l. r.
UlNNBAPOLia, MINN.. October 7.-A
|| tO tile Jell t?a] ll"lll f?. IT RiVef,
Minn . lyi lh.l ifJO Ii di int ol i ?
Chlppews bands are camped on Bal] i
lake and dancing. While th?
much fear ol trouble, there an aom?
young, hot-beaded bucks amona, th. m.
an?! Duliith ?raa called <>t> -Of ira l*oa!
.util rlflea and MM rounda ??t ammunl
ti??!? wers -' : * 'i'ii. i-' isss ira comlni
lin?, town to-day, but they refu ,,, talk.
Minneapolis, minx. Octobei 7. A
Journal Walker (Minn.) aneclal Bays:
\ ronfer nee between Indian-Agent
Sutherland and Chlppewa chiefs -iom- .i
th,- eg? :n y ?s going on, ami ni It.
again asauming a threatenhig aspect.
Hr. Colby, who is employed il the
agency sebool as an instructor, tras this
m.'1'iiiin? ordered to leave the agency b)
Indian, and has just arrived bare. Bh.
feart aeri? us trouble within the i sat fi a
hour. and s;,\:; that the pretext of the
bucks, wbo are constantly arriving at the
. from all direction?, thai tii--? bav?
come in t,? sign rolls, \* manufactured fur
the " cardon.
ST. l'Ai'E. Minn.. October I.?A Walk
er (Hins ? tpeclal to (he (Maaateh aaya:
H,lierai Bacon thinks one Of th?- In
dians killed bj a aharpobooter was Chlel
Ru-G.i-N.i\-K . sint- H, raya Jray are
completely whipped Indian.
Th.- mum of this Indian is apptrentiy
Intended far Baa?An-Hah?43o*-8h]g, wbo
was the cause ol Ute ?vimi?- tvanble, other
Indian? bavins taken bim by force from
deputy marsImlB who were t.tkin? aim t.?
Duluth BS a witness in an llles-al H.iui.r
teltlng -
WASHINQTON, tetober l -Reports re
i,y iba i fac?ala of the War an-i In
terior depertm. >he ladtaa out
'.ir?-ak are of I ? h iracter t"
night, an-i tb'-y now fee] thai ins an
rlelng may be regarded as .,ver.
A reassuring dlapateh aaa r. calved t,?
ni?-ht by Iinliati-Cimniis.-lnrier j,
(rom ?' '.? -. I' It? ?i?!i?-u, ;i well-knowa
Chlppewa ladlan, who stated that r,,t
rnore thsa twenty-tsve or thirty in?*
aere ? sgaged In the sadataaa.
THE l-l < B ? ??MMISSIOI.
rreliniltaiirl?*? Flnlahrd?I'lilllpplnr
t| ia?-Ht la.ia rr??l?nl?l> **?>? . s-t ToQ.hcU.
PARIS i ?? label 7.-- Th? Am, ri? .m p
laifisloner.-? !.- | i raealoa -bis morn
ing, and vere occupied Hith Wu; hint-ton
Th?- Joint ?s*?>ilon of the commissions
was reconvene?- -U 1 o'clock thlt alter
noon. Tho s?*??lon adjourned at 4:16 P.
M. until Tuesday, October Il'h.
Th. peV llmin.irle?. ,in- r",ni?hed. The com
missions, at to-day'a ses?!,,?, fettled spaa
th? points which are to be taken under
consideration. Hut, it appears, there la
no settled order In which they are to be
considered. Proposlt.ons bata b?-?-n ex
changed in writing between the commis
sions, and each ooaaardsalon in ras?
|] ,, m ? rats apoa them.
If for no other r--..- m than the fact
'.bat the Hhilli'l'.ne laalai ??ere not m? n
tloned llrst In the proto. ,,i, ?t m.y 1- - ad
with Basura**? that th? comm atoas*
Joint sessions hnVO not ;,. t touched upon
: of the Philippine ItIbbtIb
Majar1 Ganarais and iirta-adier? oi?
elusra?-?' fi-.iin Viilnnlrer Her ?a I?-?-.
WASHINGTONi 0 lobst 7.?The Wat
I', t.rtment to-day Issued the loni?-e?<
pected order '"r the bonorable dtacharga
from the rolunteet ararry ??f the Umted
the thr.*e major-Relierais an?!
tw.nty-slx bricaili'i .; !.. . ,ls of ?olun
t. i -. TIi" OflSOStB who w. ra_- promot <i
from the regalar army win retara to
their formet duties. Ths list is a? ioi
1.. \s :
Major?G ener?is ? Copplagsr, Hawkins,
and Kent,
Brtgndler-OenerslB ? Gueather, ;
GlUespie, Hubbard, W?hler, Mano u,-.
.-. Berkley. Plume, Rosser, Hudson
Rogers, Hur*. Bainee, Garretaaa, Hutrlcid,
Hai.? o.k. St"'"-. Randolph, ?'arr?iii. r. ar
son, Hair?', wh? '- >, \ i' igsrti
Tarhfsb Tr.H.p? i?. Lanas esa le?
CANEA ISLAND ' >F I RETS l tetober
7 lamsri l; . Civil ? ? i rnoi of lb I?
land ?'f Crete, Informed the Mussu'snan,
i,.,!;.| y that the Sultan win
Turkish troop? from '
,n accordance with the demanda of Oreal
Britain, Ru ia, Fl ind it ,i.-. who
on Wed ly pi Porte a
collective note calling for a withdrawal
of th-- ou*?m?.n for? es, and requiring an
* r ??itMu a w?.-. ii (Tom thai
i. i.u rn|. i, ie Bswrlffae
Th- Pai mdeni of th.- Loadon
Dally Mall Bays: "I learn that, oaring
t.? family and party pressure, Prince vi,..
tor Napoleon, chief of thfl Ft >fl li Im?
peiiallats, arltl abdieats In favor ol
broth :. Prince Ltmla, wh.? is regard? i ss
S fii' t?'i of Emperor Nlchol
Th.- flsblng smack H?rl a-rt took in'o
"harl'-ston yesterday a Norwegian cap?
\? be bad been piel i d up on Wi dnes
sty-flvfl nui-s ti"iii Charleston. Ths
m :tii?. r wsa diifting on i i ce of ilm?
tad said hi \- ' i besa wreeh?
. .i Bunday night. H.- sra la sa? h i -
dltlon that neither bl
ins vessel could bs learned from bias.
i n, ? isa BnthnalnattanUy WeleanaeS
Home I.? Their lai.nlo.ii?.'?,
i Asti, vin.- Cltlaan, Id.)
Mi. sad Mrs. Georg? W. Vanderbilt sr
rived al Blltmor? House Saturday after
noon, ami their ii. was mads
."ii by ti" ' um? ?"us ? m
ployses ol Mr. Vanderbilt'? North l'an?
Una state. Then ?h? no attempt at to
ceptlon In Blltmor? village, and then
nothinj Ilk? .. crowd In attend
fr< n; Ta- .i taste ol the
people of Ah? city a'ua apparent in the
absei ce o b or atara
oni> it. in differing from lbs usual
Blty of th? rillag? appeared as th
i" ivate ca? i lag? i roprii tor was
ii tven t" 11" ?tatl in. 1 tralni of the
South? m u i bio. bed al Blltmor? for
several mtautes ?as tie- stop ?.t No. n
??.a.? made, and mai ?| the waiting pas
as thej took i ..in ige
an i w< re driven toward th? lo
Mr MaNain-?-. lu. Schenck, and Mr,
Westou preceded th? i-aity on horseback
t.? th.- ?approach road, where an loin
hoi bearing th?
k> mi ? ;.i i a _ht boa
i d the drive. At th n
n m : i i| ! i total de| Briment
ol the estate wei :. , - i, each group
ing a dei ice i> i-n al of their labor.
Th.- men ol ; he dalri woi ait<
duck, and a h one h< Id h? halter
Jersey call, Th? nui ed
ftowera to tu" brid? sa the can
d. The drive t?. th.- mansion ws i
without -
At night th? emploj > i - continu? d
testi?. itl? s of tbslr i.
man hailed In tl of a torcl
i roceaslon bj ? ?- "rv I . VV< ston. Sh
., t ter a o'olo. k the men m? I north ol
Mr. and .Mrs. \ an.I. rbtlt
\ lewed the s- as from lh<
o\ r 11..- m ?in entran.t Blltmon
Ths Blltmon Band, stationed In the
i.a garden at the toi? ol the vlsl
an Inspiring march, und ths I
torche? moved ta converging linea from
Dd north ri winding
w here iho
march ontinued In g belts ot fare.
ii nielli ind Snail) in.u
the length "t the risi
of ti A salui . the
t.. the lawn.
' ii.ituie ..i the enjoyable evsalng
th< pro? aslon olos? d. Bud
denl) there app ... .-. .
ih?- ridg - ??f the deer park, and within
a in I? i period illu
: lir. .
extending to t Le? lak? ami through the
ibbery ot the ivinding ruada and
The liiial?- of the ilium"
i- of flaming stars, from nr
worka exploded il llff? nt poluta it
i inslun
in Plsgah snd ot i | pasha
of tbi estate huge b >i fli e? w? n lighted,
Md beam? >i lb? li
II . and Mrs. Vand? rbill evil
intei, -i in t?... ,
applauded the h?
men u bo wi rs shoa Uig
th? ir k.i will t.? the bride.
At the conclusion ol the Illumination
sad until pasl midnight ths employees
a- : : - in the opei ? i .?.
A Tribu!?- t.. Winnie Un? la.
?Foi th.- Dispatch.)
Winnie Davis I ; - d "to when b -
-ly, jL-t how beautifully was
n tu,- w,\i , Mo a
nia?,i" circle, sfhoes ends, through devious
?a iy -, i? tin o Into fl "h other. Th-- ,i,._
voted alt) when her sy? -, W'-r.- Oral opea
i i- ti..- : anifl a bars they ara last i
from mortal sight, Thfl city thai wrap
pi 'I h ; -. i loth bow fold? bet
wladlag-aheet. Mho weened not the gloom
tverslty that i>..ne.i it when s refugee
s!,.- gad i'; she saw ti"t l he BSBllfl 1
that iiiuiniii'-i n when - re
turned to I. ave no nun?-. Th.- city that
aw lirst ilia- smile "f mOtberl.,i i,,..j
he ird ii a Last sot il ??t gi" I fi m thai
llf? which, lik?' ths sgs smitten tree,
leans now far toward- its own grave, The
s.,ti'.e stan that i""k..i dawn anon her
natal hour sgata lank down upon h? r
silent tomb. The river that li . \\ - ? 1 by her
lall-, goers to-.lay by her grave? The
waten thai caroled her lullaby, bow
.liant her requiem. The same light that
,; upofl the martyr-city then, bow
- in ?plendor ovet bet rastlflg-plac*
Th- hands that bore her How?rs nrst.
render 11.? tr tribute again. Ths form to
which she Cluag so pa.--ioiiai.-ly in Ufa,
ih?- li"s .-!"?.- by in ?I? .th una. 1 then,
th.y ar.- ;. ?i parted B4 W,
ir u beautiful City of th.- Dead, ronAs?
Crated by names immortal and by in. mo
ri>? loo deep t?> ?'* '"" '?uat in human
; ?h.- ?leepa. A a "l proej ?a on of
goatl - ' Invalry has flow.-.l In a
st.ady tile into this lovely BBOdS Ol
They have one bj
..m been anthend lore in nient assembly.
They bavs been gathsrad unto ?he Father,
and speak th.ir love.i Words no ni<?ra\.
11. i. tl N the shaiul.l net, wha-re no
ruder footst?p than that of Lav,- shall
mar the BBCred BOtttade ??f her tomb.
Tin- stats, far Us U?>lr BSttTS h.nie. shall
Sightly k"|. their watch symbols Of h- t.
At WS .-land aro.ind and listan, Ri.-n
niond's fair rlrer aeesss to flaw la* am juth
? r numbers, as if to "eOOtha ?h?- dull, i old
ear of death." A? weary pilgrims leave
the long-sought shrine, we turn from her
silent grave, 'here 'all t'aat 1? earthlv
of her shall rast until it shall be guthere?!
unto those shining realms, where they
that run are n??t weary, and they that
a.i Ik faint nit. I L. RU88ER.
Rustburg, VA
Various Points Where They Will
The First, Second, and Fourth to Be
They Are to Be Tteld In Readiness
f??r Tl.nt Servh-e, nn<| Mnr ?,.
ill ! <?? tlir Island ?t Any
WAt-HLNGTo.V , ; _A t?*m*l
- mt*4 ta day, era ratatag new
army ttxnt, and deelgnatlna i tri?os
points Mh.re th.? troops thall be Btotlon
Bd, Th?. Third, Fifth, t*4 Slx,,, l>un)H
"- ?lis.-oatlaaedi the Mrs!, Second, and
"ii-/.e,i, Th.y .rt t. i,
i 'inn.An,i,,i. reaaectrrely, by atajoi-Oen?
l;"' sJnrt . ?; ,?,, and Whs
The li'-oi.j lan, ?s of ea? I corpa will i :
QS . Fourth, iluntsvill--, AI.i.
The I'uii teal of the order a as follows:
IE dlraetion of lbs Secretary of War,
thi Third, Eifrh. and Sixth arm? .-.,!, -
are dlscsnUn?sd; th.- i
Fourth army carpa alii be rset*gaBlaed,
and assigned to camps as below r*pee1ned:
Fir*? Ai my Corps, llajoi -?', raeral .1. c.
: Btati
*dtemsndlns; headquartera al M i -on
.1-, :
First Division, he ..Piuurt. i | ,,t M,k??ii.
First lirlgade, Atlaata, Cii. Thirty-fir.?::
HI bigan, Fourth T? and Sixth
H.ml Brigade, Macon,
i raited Bl [Tea Volt nteei. Bngineei i, Se
cond Oblo, and With
Third Brigade, Macon Tenth Un t. d
\ ulunteer infantry and Seventh
d Btab \ ol inb i Infantry.
Second IXs/iston, headquartera at Co
lumbus, G
First Brigade, Columbus, c,a.?First
w - - Virginia, Wtb Indiana, and Third
Second Brigade, Americas, Oa Eighth
Twelfth New Y??rk, and
Third North Caroline.
Third Brisad* ?II asi U -
Souri, TI Ird ' and lrir-?t Ter
ritorial United State? Volunteer Infantry.
Second Arm* Corp . Major-General W.
M. i'iiaiiam, United siai.-s Volunl
rnandlng; h< adquartera al \
Qa .
First Division, headquarters at ABBjjnata,
First Brigada, Augusta, Qa.?Tenth
Ohio, Flrsl Maryland, and Thud Mlchl
s,.,,n,i Brigade, Bummervllle, s. ,*.-_
Fourt. nth P< nn -v?vanla Third Coi
,-,- Ninth Ohio Battalion.
Third Brigade, Augu la, G Thirteenth
i nia. Eighth Pennaylvanla, aad
nth Mli n. ol '
: ; ' ' i 1 ' , . n -
i C Two
him,',: .?- i third Nsa v 01 *. Bt ?ad
u Fourth New J
ri, Fifth Hi isacbu
Wen 1 "'I
Third Bl S. C
Rhi i "''
Third DlrtaloB, headquartert at Atltsns,
Flrsl Bi I ; :
P asylvi ni i. Third N< i and
21 Jib N*W ',
s ids, Athens, Ga.?Third
,:ia and Tw. Bty-s< - ond New York.
].*,.ui?h Am
stph 9
rommandlng; beadqu i! Hunl tille,
Al i '
,;i. hi adq irtei - at Hants*
United Staus infantry and T.-nth United
Second Brigade, Huatsvllle, Als
t<. th United Si m and -
ninth N. a Tora
Be. ond i ' IbbsS?
tOB Ala :
Piral Brigade, Annieton, Ala. ?Second
Unli Inf muy. Fourth Kentucky,
and Third Alal.nm ,.
nd Brlgsd. inn! iton, A
grkani 1 a ' ' F"urtti
. ivslry Brigade, Huntsville, Ala
In.I Btnti I ' '.?vaiiy. Sixth United
I Cavalry, and Tun h I sited I
Artillery BettaMoB (two bettertee, A aad
p s ond R?glaient), attached to head?
fourth Corps,
Th.- moventents involved ht the above?
iiir..i..i reorgsniastion and asaianniSBl
will ' -inimeii' -. under the direction of
corps comrnandera, on October -Tth A
. praeticBBle, they Bill be -, Bated
that only .me r.rnnen' shall reach a par?
una day.
,.rp- ?ill direct
the ofneer who is t.. comsaand aay 'amp
to be estahll-li.,1 under this order to
iff efl is. for
the pulpos.- of m.k,' ?ry prelimi
nary ?iTang? ni.-nts f..r the reception of
treope, wham he ?houid precede by
at least tea days. He wMl be furalehad
with the report and Ins information eoa*
IIIISSIB the particular sit., submit t.-,I bv
the hoard Sf officers who recently cnsid
of the location of winter
,,. of the South' ra .**
RecjahrltloB ?sill bs mid- upon th.- Qratr*
termsster Departmeni far tbefioorln?
?.,,..; :( ,,{ teatS. 'Hi"*'' I"!' "'led lor
m u ?v?ii bs srected
mo,!. ?.pli.d by the QjBjartsaTBBBa>
I. , . !,- [ irrment.
I?, -SI I i' \l. A?' ' ?MM'.DATIONS
sufficient and atrapar boeaital aeoom
?aodatlona ?aaiii t'<- pr? I ?d, and apt
for pit ag the ? ?mp in
good MBttaty condition will h*? tak.-n In
a.h.t: ?rrlval of the troop?.
,-. n - toBaaaaadsri mu? racasasnand ?ucb
t,,?? --iKiitr.?nt? ?.f Banaral officer? sa
the pletltaasat of ihl.s order may r?nd-r
or a? they muy ?1?. m i
f,,r th- heal mteveet? of lbs aerriee. Aa
^If-nment? of transfers for the .enertti
?faff officers should ah? ? - * be r.-commend
ed with them when considered advisable.
Order? for moving to the proper points
orij.inta-atlons n??t hilgsAsd. but attache?!
t" army corps, will I?.? is?ni. ?1 from head
quarters of the corps concerned.
It will be borne In min?! thflti the troops
who are to occupy th.' Camps herein pro
vided for are to be prepared and h'-l.l In
rhefltaesB for service m Cuba. Th.'y may
be ordered to the Island en short notice,
either by regiments or by brig
Hy command of Major-/,*..-n? -i il Miles.
H ?'. CrfMlBIN,
Ill? Corpa Will Move on Habana by
\ovemher IM.
*?? ASMiNf-.TON, Oetoher i-Genstafl
Fltzhujth Lee. BOCOrdtag to th,? :
intentions of the War Department, nul
command the troops which will first land
in Wl stern Cuba. He has i I
Its to move his command, the S tenth
CorpB, from Jacksonville t" Ba*4
and !> > prepared for departan by tit.- last
of this month. CBlOBS plais are changed,
his corps will move on Habana not later
than November 1st
Some time ago a division, known as the
First Division of th.? Army of <?o upatioit
"' COhn, was or.-i.niz? .1, with ptSSCM
rssadqaartsrs at Huntsviiie. it ws
. roily BSppossi this division would !>?
BSnt ?' Hahan.i about the middle of the
I'r.s.nt month, but It is now probable
that Geaeral Lee's ooaaamad will ?et
away flist.
rabana, oetob? r r. Th- site s.-i.-.-t. .i
for the camp of ths Am.-rican Army of
??i-ciipiitioii Is situ?t? d cast of Mono l'l?
twssu rana aas ami Cagaaar, on a
bluff BVeriOoklag the s.a. This sp.it is
sseeedlBgly sool snd Smithy,
IsBE OEOBMED T9J s *.?. \\\ til.
Ills Corn? Mu M Knibiirk for IIkIuii.ii
by I.jihI of I hU Ma.iilli.
' ral Fttshugh le. u ordSt from
ths War Departas? i ting nim
to m?'\ ouaand from Jackson?
vin?-, i--;. innab < ml, sad grd R la
readtnees to sibarh fot Bab iae bj th
ia-t of tala month ?'? rai Les left to
ni>?-ht for Bavaaneh, to maks pnttaainary
srrangaments t<? oarry his ?.nier ust?
efi?. t.
si ..... CAO. OITIXO ?.i.,..
Bsaey BanAas i<> ? ? i ?i Pntat, Oaenn
Vls-.v. n ml MuWiOSMu
These delightful outings, srhtefa ara ut
well patr?.ni/.?i and enjoyed by our i.
ph. wui be continued every Sunday da?
t m?; the autumn.
Th.- lar?;., number of o irablps la Ramp
ton Roads, th? opportunity non to visit
the fort, th.- life and attractions ?.f Old
Point ami Norfolk at this Reason, will
make ths di ly, Ths fs a
1 ', ip. ak.? and ? ?hi.Hin?- train will
leave Richmond si ? IB A. M..
aith a. parloi'-'-.?r attached, H"- seats for
B blob ? -. - ved al th.
ami Ohio passenger office, t?*-? east Mam
Returning, leave Norfolk at ?; i*. m ;
Ocean View si I LE P, M.; ? >ld Petal al
; h. M ind arrive at Ri? hmoed 9 P. v.
WI lli.lrii v*. ill ? lui??.- I i?> \ccoiiiiiio.lii
ii.iii ii?--??? < n Kayavllla nmi Cfeaee
City, * ?
Effective Sunday, October hb, trains n
nnd is will be dl
vin,, and Cham City, Va., for season 1999,
j_g i.si ii I Iraln win leave
dty gatntday atornlng, October
The Bouthera railway win continu? t?.
i between Rlehiaond
;,,,,! a Va., as follow? Lean
Richmond ' P. M., arriving K.-v-viii. i m
p ||.? leave Keysvlll? ?; A M . arrive
Richmond t'M A M dally exc? pi Bundey,
Train leaving Rlchmoad si I2?g p, \i
daily ?Ai? '
tioB al Keysvfll? foi
ng Richmond i? i" a. m. win
ni ak" i..nie. lion al Kej ivllle foi <
-, . s iturday,
?oui und Dyaaasn.
win ofr.r to .lay Chotos s- 's, Oysl ra,
Trout. I?
'Phone? 60S ami 1211. s. cond M
H.iliiee.l Ri?4e la * * n?.liliml.?n, D. C,
.m BntnrSny, Oatabet Bth, ?in il, F.
? i*. it. it.
For tin- beaefll of t|i".-e who wsrs sa?
, avail in- . th? i' -i ed
rate u?'k? ts t?. the prote 'ant E|
.. i,v. ntlon, ?*. ha h were mi
Id t?l .'?ill H"' RichmO al I'le'l
,,|,1 I',.' IB) V\!ll "II
i, und tup " ket? to *.' at h
.ni 'up -
HB. Ti'kel
.,a .lit.- ,,r i its, final tlmil
i-,,, fm 11,, i mi,,! m itlon ipil v to ticket
!;N,,i Btre? ' Bl itlon, ?>i Richmond
Ti inafer Compeoy, N i
at reel ..r W ? TATLOE
Knlghte Tesngln? Ceaelnvo, l'iiu
I,lira. I'eon.. llelober lu-ll. |s?is.
?in account "f this ?"'' - I"" '?>
<rn railway will Bell tickets from i I
aond, Va., to Plttsburg, Pa , snd i? tura
,.,- HU9 round im... .pol
itouthern railway snd afbrk-Rlver Lin?'
mon, in eoonectlon aith Peuni*vi?
venia railroad sad Baltlmon sad ?Jhto
railroad fr?-it. BaltlBB? "
Tick? IS Will b? ?Old "I R|4 'Uli". '
ter "th m.i i"'h, final limit ntuTalag ? > -
tula r i>>. i "*
POT BCh dulse and oth"r in'orn. .ti ,n
apply to Southern i ill*? oat nget <t
v , ' C. W. WB8TB?RY.
Travel h..
I'ea.i.i-a: Penahanl
WUI "ffer to da*. - 'I M
tain Peach? s. Ml Grapes
ninety baskets P
'Phoaee Mi sad IIH, Beeood Mark-..
?.rnn.l I "> riuiiii? >? anil Misil, Weal
I'olnl, \a.. Oetobrr II, IM?s.
K?ir tli?* sbovs -
will b?* op rut.?! from H chiBond to w > ?i
Polat and return Oat ober 11th. si."
?it int. un.-di.it.- stall ms . iVitiK
Rlcbi I A ft : r r irning, :
i i?- is oi lo.k midnight. Fan t?u
h?- rouii?! trip. U Ota?
The Tsraalnal Hot? i ?.n furnish
fl bO .111 11.1 St U C. ?It?, e .
For the benefit of th. - iBBOt
leave Richmond until thu after:
Sou'h. rn railway will sell li. keis lo I
Point .-nui .-eiuin it .. round trip,
going on train leaving HI? hm? a.l 4?H? p.
M. <?''-'h -r 1H!i Bad returning on ?pectal
train that night or regular train next
Angostur.t Hitt.rs sratfl preparad by Fir
I ?;. r?. Stegen tor his pri.
i, put at.?n t?. ?ucb to-day
ne g<-nera!l*. kno?*.. ?.p
petizlug tonic Bew
Ask for th.- genuine a/tick manufactured
by Dr. J- G. H. Siegen dt. Son?.
Movsment Expected fo Begin
in a Very Pew Days,
Sis Division Already Under Orders to
Prepara for Embarkation.
It Hau? ?Ir.l.-r? to ll.-a.ii, It? Mo.rmral
the |?aai of Till? 4loulh?t ?roe Dee?
I'm-.I si,Hi.I? for Wfilern ? ?>a?t
Dot l'arll> for the s?,ui|
W\f!HTN?',T(iN'. Octob.r 7-Th? VTni
I?, p i; trri-Ml hat ? "inplet.'.l Its? plan? fo?
the departure of the second ezpedltlen ot
ti',,??ps to k ?" i*s.?a Cu!?,a. Tho first di
vision Is already under orders, rid h.ni!?*.
be st arted <s*Hhla a very few ?lay* from
th.* southern ir thetr camping
The Brat dlrtsloa starts under
commando! ibi? i.h. r-G> m ui I, H car
penter, I i Btatei Volunteer*?, who
tnmtraaada las ?'avaiiv ?Brigads c.?rspo??*d
of the Seventh and Eighth United States
Cavalry. Rs adll bold bl* cmmimi of
the entire division ?imply by rsanes* of
bis setdorltv over Rr?oSS.ll?*r-Gencrii| Hny?
der and Brigadier-General Winwton, and
nd a permsneiii designation must
be m ids Ol ? dlv i.-" ?ii I 'UitiiamUr.
It l? the Intention of the War JJ
sent that .v .j.,r-G.i? i ?: Wade, now
i mm?
- r.i..ti.i th. entire f.,reo
of Unit? ? f
in Cuba, but be wHI - i i???' Mitlvs
.-.>mmand until he has completed ill? d'I
le a v. 11 h the commit non,
Th.nid division aill comprise all
the ti under the i asm tad ?>f
M.ij,,r lien. ? a! FltSbUgl X, .-. "lheso
troop are - ? itiati? \ ai Ja? i? lonvllle, .? !
tiic force Bompilasa tht following i
m. Btl ?all volunte, I- l|,?ops; Tht a
Fourth, ami Ninth Illinois inlw
Indi ond Loulal in a In?
fantry, Sixth Hit ouri lafaatry, Third
brisk.i (Brysn'a r?giment) North
Ina Infant I -lou ? ti ? '.. i
Infantry, rth
\ olunreer Cavalry.
Th. .1
t'? I hi? dlvl Ion ai* in u the i
ball i?- i.< gun ?le las. of this month, or
as sunn t,
lb? troop? trill bs
rim in ?i h,,,!',, bu! m mal] i
i ami brigade command.. ami thai
a III be leaded Irsl on th. ? I i
; i ptrl the i
!> at llatabai I ?tinounc ,1
. th. -., ?.,
til. cl . the retiring Sp inlah
; the In. Dining a. i ess*,
?ping bach the latter until t .-i an*
,t the time the raoveaienl ?,r tlie
i..mm "id i tin? another i iov< at? ,it
flOW III 111?. Mld
,ii,. s itltern ? latpa
??hi, : ad by the I iim.hi
I, lying m Georgia, South Carolina.
,.,n,l \ This will result in the
?Spa at Middle?
| !.. i.e.ai, Ky., and KnoK?
Th.- ?outhern taanaa an ta bs Eld oui
in the heel form, with all th?. improve
rien. - <>f UM ?um?
?,,., . i. Wherev? r i > nnim-nt
buildings ??til conduce In the c-osrrfoel and
h? alth of the traope they ar la bs a
ed, althou.h the ? ommandl I ?no
p in ralnd at .11 tlmi the pf'priety
rvati?.ti of tbs i"'? I /
lie, p|, too clon? ly Iml'Mir? and
,..?, tj frem camp lie?'
>.ra...I Toil r II IS in? III IIM.I ll.-ill. W .-?|
l'oliil. Vu.. O.-lolxr II. lasTSa,
, -? ill tr , la
?a ,ii i, oo ..?led between iHchmstsd and
I -i ?. i il K ! -.:,,-? A M..
returning, i- ive Weti Polnl i? >, i.?.-?
mtdnlgbt, stopping for passengers al Mm
' turning.
ror further Information, 'Ding
bill i sixth ?ti -,
Ri? lim.'iid, Fa,
It I Increoaed
Inter, ' a ' IBS il'.uor to
pre;, it' | aeij,,,, ,}e ,>lir
board ha? now
l,' in . of N?*w
v-.rk, , h?, fly through the ? tTi.rt? of G
eraot Bleak. It !.. of the m rk of tlda
rve board thai Mr. Cuyler I? R??y
A i It? i m the Oetol I tho
N? m Knglend Mug-aslne, iimb-r the tltl??,
. m th.- Btat. ' Nevf
Vork'' Mr. Reynold? also give? i graphic
aeoount - ' hi? ! -. ?'?nal eaperienes in a
rating on?- <?f tr..-?.
F. Kellogg, g
For ni?rH?e? of lb? l.ls.r, Stota,?r*h.
u-1 KniB-rs
th? Water of to? lsVee?j*a*lSf Wait?, sulp g.
**piiii?-? i-, iri>- meal v,?iu<ao?? In Amone*.
i'Lx.ci.i. I,i.?t? atv?. *Ai,u:??ai? Aton?a
The Weather.
W-AHHIN': | tobar T.?
! > r SutunUy :
For Virginia -Threatening aea
tber; n<? i.. v.?
Fo? North and South Carolina ana
,-ilng we-ath.-r; prababiy
tight to fresh north?
easta*riy to easterly wind?.
TESTBagDAl ajag ?leaf and pleasant.
>f It ,i re., m. .
I I . a?
' V. M. ... 70
. n
. .. ?
; . n
U Night . ?
Heaa temp : Tt S-d

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