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' Leech lake Indians Are
a of the Men for Whom ?var
iants Are Ont Still at Large.
ans ?<f ?Mliinrnota VflBBB Ailju
SS?SflU I orl.li, a f-hnrp Mrs
Wltfc Rcft-rcncr to Innction ol
*i\nr Di-iifirtnitrnt.
Aul., Minn. October L?A Walk?
' ' y. :
1 from United
to-day a re
I Bwi his snttre fetes
-. to rehi
ra. A
.'.. ring around
?Mil 1"? In s 1 ' '
I r to pursufl
of tl ! ; assnt
"r think
SI i a nd In
1 ' nil aloni* t.'iken
n si.le of ' -?'i.-.v, ,'iij
y thai i... Indians are fur fron:
MD c"NTK< _
\.'. M-.?. of the B? ai
he ?ear*
i fron
* I w.iulil in
i his young nan wh?
he in
It tl the ti<>?'i>
lid prevent
' . es Into tl
i a win ki eg i.i? headquaf
b nil
ouununloatioa with th
?C1L AT Till; .MIKNCY.
I ! r tO Ma!
onor, at thai . lo-dajr, f..
aiii. n
-1 Infar
I ' - 1 mi
i la. ' m f??w. f.*
sanad win |
i mail d? \ Blopmenta,
y men c
; ?inly in town.
while the If
.1 aM.r II
d that th?
.; may tal
p. finally subdua tl
; If] .i 1 At
.'.ion 1
I In t killing
- '..... TO CORBDi.
.- .n
Adjutant . Wut
'' i ? nforcemei
I not be
m that
i Bac
Ima The i?
T In '
and that
.. d, and ;
' ?r
?iiK and WS
.a.k-'i! y?
1 do Will' >
its of M
v ithout
aent I
. \ ?'- ?ua MiNN.. October !
" ti
imp i?
I .. which tl
: their wh?
,. hov.- this matte
a than It a
but two '
till c
r Minn
l'ninth. Tl
' Lllal.e.V.
> I II.lo
h man ore end s
; is la
!l llii?- !" ti :
ik?r, Mini
Ki.na.i Htal l
I !
| in y n
and i ' ' i1"1
i- ,,t!, t.. mainland north
"Aft? : idlsns,
h ting lai
I/o.n n_n u'.U! dark, ths Indiana. L?<
?Wen buck, und presumably leavln? the
" during th.- night of th.- ?5
nrei0',,,? V \ few 8t,ay *** *
bn. h T?',!,mM ,r?.m, ?urro,mUinK ,,nUer
Druah. n.e M.-?i?hH|, Indian agent and
most of the civilians lefi by ateambeat
at tho beginning of the fight.
w'-WW? raS?,''1-!""' n'?: Kllled-Captaln
v\ .Vlnson, Sergeant Butler. Prlvatea 7.ei
i'?!, ousted, [a?c, and Hdiwalenstocker
" Indian poll, em 'i
are, Privat?,
rurner, Dslly, Wycker, Blown. Buahby,
os"'.. Belgier, and France. Deputy-Mar
sh;-! Bheehan, and one Indian policeman.
i Total killed, 7; wounded, 11.
"The Indian policem.-i . once.iled them
sc.v. s at tho oj.ening of the flpht. and
hot by mistake by my picket? In
this night, whilst trying to es?ape In a
Baaoa, ?signed) "BA?ON,
' le?.i in-.\ffairs Wll
i; to-day for th.- scene of
trouble tn Minnesota. Ho will
; talk with th.- disaffected
raen, and endeavor to induce them t?> .li*>
quictly and submit to the regular
of law.
Commissioner Joues ?s convinced that a
talk with tho leaders, and an assurance
given that they will be protected and
treated, will bring about a cessa
tion of hosttlltlsa.
easti:r\ siiohk.
He i.ot a V,-r?ll?-t?The Sweet Potnlo
ONANCOCR. V V. October 8.~<Speelal.
Cir.-oit Court was In session here this
with Jinli-i. Rlsckstono presiding.
An important case t?, railroads and to tho
counties through which they pass was
1. It WM that of Harry T. White
Bgalast th?* Hew fork, Philadelphia and
k railroad. White f-vied the com
for %i,M) for loss of his saw- and
mill by fire, which original?,!, as lie
claimed, from a spark from a r?trlng lo
comotive. The plaintiff was repret
by it T. Gunter ??ml N. B. Weecatt, and
the cinpany by J. H. PletChet nnd
O K Powell. PhOtOgTaphg pro
duce! In court by the railroad company,
i nd in?,.n which it relied to a great extent
to show that the locomotiva- was up-to
date and in good repair, proved to be
tangs, BS in the hands of Mr. Wes
COtt plaintiff showed that the ? nglno was
not In goad repair or up-to-date? In Its
spark an ester. Tho Court instructed the
jury that if the engine was thoroughly
equipped with modern dsVJOOS, w.s in
no ?i repair, and ?rafl bandied by skilful
men, then tho company should b?. held
blameleea; otherwise, tho plaintiff was
entitled to I vrdlct. At the end of the
fourth day the case was given to the Jury,
which soon handed down a verdict for
r tli- plaintiff.
Tho farmers and sw?'i t-potato buyers
on the Shiire m.-t In conference to-day.
The buyers agri-ed not to pay less, than
M cants per barrel for potatoes, ami the
farmers BIT Bill to assist them In main
taining that price, If possible.
i hi: ?'itmr.s ?.mimmii.i: ??t ?t.
A Verdict K?-b?'1i.*?I After Three
Huya?4Mher Court ?Sew?.
The geratene? proceedings of Burton &
- aiti t A. C. Maynard fc Co., which
have oo uph d the Liw and Equity Court
for the Past three days, resulted in A ver
di? t. fe* the plaintiff.
This garnlshee WS. sued out by Burton
I BaSa against Mayna?~d & Co., and a
garnithee warrant was served on the city
eh gay money due Maynar.l. who
. mnTrOyed by the city. John R.
Grimes claim? ?! tb it this money had been
?ssifcTT???! t<? him. :?nd ht? contention was
BUI lain? 'I.
Tli.- verdict rendered by the jury was
"We. the jury, upon the farm, join,-.!,
find that B.02CI.S. of the money In the pos
ai of th.- city of Richmond, claimed
by John R. c.rim..- In Ids petition in ibis
proceeding, la the property of the snld
John R. Crimes."
A lorn,' chai ry bill was Sled in the
L.W and Rkttalty Court by Mcsrs. ?Chris
tinn ?7- Christi in In tho case of Jane
and otbsra agaln.1 Ezra A. Car
rol a find otb rs in regard to the sale of
; : tatS "ii the east side of
tween Leigh and M. There
boni thirty heirs, among whom the
Sa ara t?> be distributed,
laiified In the Chan?
Court as administrator of the estate
f catberins A Bennett. ?The property is
: at J5.000.
Sill KMI.11TS l\ W iHIINf'TO*.
It i< Iin.iin?)'? lte|ireH?*i?lnllv?'? r*t*?-i,?l
Three Hour? Tb.-r?*?l???l?ll?-ul \?ite.
WASHINGTON, D, C. October t?QJp*
clal.)-A detachment of tho Richmond
Commander?' ?if St. Andrew, Knights
1", mplar. numberiag about twenty-five,
and acting as an escort to F.mlnent-Com
r James H. Capers and other grand
rs, phased through Washington this
evetalng ?n their way to attend the lia?
Triennial Conclave at Pittsburg,
p Tln-v apt nt ru ally three hours sight
- la the city, and left at 7*10 P. M .
on the same train with the IT?--i'i.-i.t and
Mrs McKinley, who were, going to Can
ton, O.
Chairman Agnow, of tht Republican
Committee, said to-lay that Mr.
Hanna bad BOl yet announced his de
clslon aa to whsthsr Dr. Richard Wise, or
the How?|,-ii candidate, Holland, would
1?. istngnlBSll BS -he regular nominee In
(he S--o:*d District. Holland is !..
by the Slate Executive Committee, and
, j- p,u Of Hanna'P machinery, the
,.pinion hire is thai Holland will be the
?\ized candidate of the Republican
party la tho Norfolk district.
*,? liinovnlloii In lliill?lli?K Which
Meet? Wtd I? I'nvor,
\ noteworthy ilep.irt'ir?' in the construc
tion of sterea on the raaln thoroughfares
is the use of gray granite and white
facod bricks.
Th, as fronts form a pleasing contrast
with tho regulation red brick, and stand
,,ut very prominently. On Broad street
lately a numh'T of stores have been al
and attractive, fronts of gray gr.ri
ll,, have token the place of the old. r
"''' * ,_ , . ?
r |f gl ,re-fronts have been completed
I the last week or SO, In which
it bricks, trimmed in appropn
. n used. These are
of If. asra <".? orgs W. Ander?
-, ,,n tbc south side of B
. betwes u Second and Third atl
of which Mr. ?'ni Rihhrmutui was the
architect! and the t*?ns new store-front?
on the north side ol Broid street betWeea
Third and Fourth streets, for M
Huuler*a Sons, ami Mr. Henry Orimmell,
?f which M?- WHlium C. Wast was :he
.rchlteat _ I
Mnrsbel Trent .nd Ills ?Inuion.l.
Marshal Mot'-an Treat
In tho recovery <?f a fine dia
,?,??1 which he lost Friday afternoon.
The gem is of "purest ray ser.i.?," ant,
dror/ped from the official's e.p
?Mrt front ?luring the Lacy trial. Mr.
Treat found It in the dimly lighted hall
,,f th.- courts of justice, but not wbhln,;
to tempt his lucky star any further, hi
abjured the advl?-e of a sne? Uta* to buj
. k ?'f blues," and has laid th?
j.wcl in hi? pocket-book until he cat
have a ?safer Bettln, made for it?
IM. I 141.14.HT ST I .AM ER lOIt Vllt
?Mi.-ei?, of Hie C o ni pu nr ?nil Thftr
i i.'-M? to ?.?. to \\ 11 m i ut Iiiii In Wit?
ne?? the Interesting; I'lcn?- Niminl
for I'l i-kl.lrnl M.n i?nn.
'?n Tuesday mcrnlni? at 7:".0 o'clock, at
in. shlp-bulldlng yarda of Harlan .'. Bol
iBgsworth, Wilmington, d.i., th.re will
.. . ,ir an ?vent of great imp??rtanee to
Richmond, to the f-mith, snd in a
.f national lnt.-i
it will bo the launching of a BUp? r!.
'rclght steamer built for the Vir^-hila
'.ii'iiin.i Cbeailca) Conipany, of thi-? city,
o jiiy between Richmond and, in a word,
my ami every i?ort v,ii>i? thi great busi
ness of its owners call it, In ?he wide,
Bids world.
It is an Important OCOUrrenCfl for Rich
mond, ?dnco it is an uzponent of the
:ity of one of her ireatesi enter?
I . 1,.cause the cinlr.il and chief <?.
See of a dozen large branch offices in
Hi.-, important cities .?f the Booth Atlan
tic const Ths South is Interested i
oause the progress and prosperity of
BUOh a mammoth sntsrprlss which in
truth belongs, not sloofl to Richmond
Virginia, but btsb to her also bmbbi
rity, ami progn t" ii. r siso, snd
food and -raiment for her p? ople.
Tli.- f?-r..it nation will turn upon
early tnernlag seen.- b* sase it will !" .
Btrangs as it rfiay seem, something new.
it is surprising, hut tras, ? i?.* t tins will
t.. perhaps th.- first trsmp ateamei -
built and BWnad in this Rreat con
Intended to ply not only smoni ?h.- oasst
portS of the Unit..! States, icu any?
Where in the world, whi-revtr the lnier
. sts of the enterprising people she cwn
it may demand. There are, tt is well
known, many iramp-baBta tli.it so . long
tli" riyers and yhmo w tus, Lut here
\,.ii i.- a ateamer, strong and iwlft,
which m.y and will doubtles? go In any
waters In perfect safety and at ths low?
sst rate ?f iBaurance.
It i? S matter of great Importanoe,
Yankee enterpries saw that it was :?>.
When the Virginia-Carolin... Cut mi Ms]
. Company made it kn ?wb thai it as;
their purpose to batid su? h a ship, ccn
itructors from every part of the land,
\?n the great: concerna of the Not:h rn
ti..- . oatra? I foi th?
'-: , thsy reasoned, this country carries
m n? commer?a boj* with foreign conn?
" la ti ' ? a b> ..n--, bal ths d ly is
, i
MI?. I T M? ?BOAir,
(For Whom the Boat Is Nam- I 1
eomit"' shortly v hen this country snU
own i's shipn Ths dawn ..r thai day is
now hi re, snd tiii-? ?hip for tin
firm ii the t..k. n of it
But th?? Innnehtng win he of mete r"
r and real In'? rest to the panv 0
la,lies and gentlemen wim will I
Richmond to morrow at boob in a p;i\
ittacbed to the aorth?nonnd U '
of the Richmond, PrederickSborg ami P?
"! b I Who win ;
s. T. Morgan, M.ss Morgan, Mr. s I
Morgan, Ir.. Mr. and Mrs. S. Dabne?
haw end two .' Mr. Whit?
mel H. Crqubart and daughter. Mr. and
Mrs. S. W. Tra\ -rs. Mr. A. It. AUiSOB,
two daughters, Mr. e. B. Addlson,
Mr. ft, .*?'. Rennolds, Mrs Joha Lyons
Captain .l.il.n A. c.,ke, Colon?! ?". . >'I :
Cowardln, Mr. Paacal Darie, C?ptala D I
J. Anthony. Mr. Joseph Bryan. Mr. W. .1
Walker. Mr. Andrew Christian: .Mr. f, P.
I'in. Is, "f N"..rr"!W; Mr. K. A. I'.rr. of
Durham, N. C.; Mr. c.eor?;o Watts, or
Dm ham. Mr. W. W. Puller, of New York;
Mr. Halite Prentice, of New York; Mr.
T c. William--. Jr.. Mr. R. S Bosket, and
Mr. F.. a. Baanders.
The BPSdnl car will go through to Wil
mington, and will reach there to-morrow
evening ami h.? sidotincksn,
The benonet will take place at Ml
o'clock in the evening, at th?? Clayton
THIS will be an informal and de
lightful aiTair. Toasts will be prop?
iti?i members of the party wU be sailed
.n for reeponsee, ' though n?> "*-\'
peeches aill be mad.-. After tin* social
tour foil?.wing the banque?* it aiil b.- mi
0 the free-will of the members of tin
?arty whether they will retire to the ear
.r the hotel.
Only tins is enjoined thnt all must be
lp IjiIl,lit and early the BBXt BSornlng.
rti.it obetlaats tide which waits aot for
<in? BOT Serf, but follows ths lti'i
no..n. saakes this aeceeeary. Bverythlag
1 BOB m n idiness for the central event.
rii.? vWtors, with ths msmbers of the
ihlp-bUlldlag firm, will gather on tin?
Isek. Msa are about her low among
the timb.-ra. and the grstJng of the mm
Ifl heard. Th" graceful craff Is s'..*.!;,
ami Immovable first, bnt ss the timbera
ne severed, abs tri mW for an
Instant, and thai-, ,u as if of
ills those upon th..- .1 . k that sh"
IS inning -??lowly at fust, ami then OBOCS
At the supreme moment, Whan the Bhlfj
.-ta?:,m? s and begins th.- gSBtls motion
upon her ways, lilt!,- M Warfleid
Crenshaw, a fair and graceful child of
ti n Kummers. the daughter "f Mr, s Dah
i..y Crenshaw, win itep close to the re
rsr* a
4L Si -v
i ^
(Who **?% ill Chrtstea the Morgan.)
ceding prow, saying. SS the red tide of
rich champagne Hows dOWfl the painted
I christen thee B. T. Morgan."
The party will remain in WilSBingtOB
until Taeeday al aoon Tbees hours w.n
i afl dictated by the fai
es of the individual members It is
programme for m-iny to be driven
the ctiy, and ehletly compare that
with Richmond. The home-coming
n? st 12 o'clock. The trip will be
? in the same hours as the going, ?he
y arriving at the I'nlon Depot ?it 7.1?)
le ?hip. named for Mr. Morgan, the
ident of the company, will be a splen
type of craft for the purpose for
:h she 1? built. She will be propelle.l
i, ste.i screw. Her length Is 2*?, and
n 13 feet. Her normal draught I? 16
. Her freight capacity will be no less
i I ?* ton?. She will be lighted all
by electricity, equipped with strong
ch-llghts. and In every ?ense of the
d. a thoroughly modern ocean-going
isport steamer. Her construction has
n under the supervision of the Eng
Lloyds and the American ship-1'ull.l
v -iatlon, s<? that she will puss In
?tlon, and thus require only th?? lowoel
? of Insurance, pt-ruilttlng her to sat!
iny of the domes??" or foreign ports.
notable feature of her construction,
?, Is her water ballast, which will SB
I her to go snywhero without cargo,
en being loaded the water Is pump id
, thus Increasing her freight-bearing
aclty. She Is to be fitted with the air
u compartments, such ai? the best
an passenger liners have,
rom the launching on work will be
h.'.l forward as rapidly as possible,
1 ths ?hip will be ready for servie??
about two or three months, when flkfl
I commence regular trips for the com
he company which owns this boat was
anisad la the fall of 1895, and followed
buying out of clgh? distinct fertilizing
filaos ihea a event Bsant
or like con. ,ii.s have been purchased,
II now this corporation Is the largest
nufacturer of chemicals and fertilisers
rid, having a capacity of a hal?
lllon of tons a feat,
nip.iny has branch oflJOQS in
tersburg, Norfolk, Durham, N. C. ; Wll?
BgtOtt, N. C.; Charleston, *-'. ?'.; Colum
i, S. C; Hlacksburg. S C.? Atlanta,
laaah, Ga.; Korne, Ca.; Mac?n,
... and Cordon, Qg.
ill these otfl? es centre In the Richmond
ice, occupying sxtenMve quarters lu the
immoth Crenshaw building.
At. Morgan, the president, ts a native
Neath Carolina, mid has been the chief
tcuttve office.' atnee the organisation of
e company. He has been in th.? fertl
er rnanufucturing business for about
t n vci.rs, and at (hfl tlni>? of In
m to lbs present p .?itio/i *.-.?. preoldent
the Dor-ham Fertilizer Coatpany, He
also a director la the Virginia Trust
MBpany. He Is a strong, conservative,
t progressive, man of affairs, 90
g great executive ability, as th? head
such a concern must do.
The other officers are: Vice-Pr?sident,
l-\ Whittle; Second Yi? Preetd Bt, U
. Addison: Secretary, M. D. Osrashaw:
reasnrtr, S. W. Travers, and AuJitor,
. T. orgaln.
Iiuril? H,-'i,ii-nl nu I'rnu. ran-in<-<
I ratead Nur?? 4M rail ?it? te.
l'ETKKSIit't?O. VA., October
lal.)-Servlces appropriate to the roop? B
ig of High Strset Methodist Bptseops
barch, afr-r the completion of \}\? \,r
a mIs.un" improvements to the edlllca
/111 be held In the church tO-fl*-orroB
'in- total est of ths Improvements i
ths gfiter portion ol which ha
BOB paid, The church has be? n
Blarged, n handsome front his beea pu
i. ami a beautiful toares ereoosd,
\- ? .,'.-!'.. k In th" morning there wl
i<> a grand rally of the Sunday
>> ?evil a*v??rf?!*e??. At both the mon
ng and Bight si rvlce there will be
pi-ndi-1 muslcsl programme, in whlc
ii.. beat vocalists in th" ? itjr win t it
i.-irt. 'I'lu- sermon IB the morning will I
?reached by Rev. W. W Lear, ..f Mai
bester, and at ni?! t by !' ?.. l?. W. Dye
?f i,-, 'n hi.urg?boi.li former paatots i
h" chun h.
Ths original Building Committee of tl
ligh-Street church in UM were Thorn
tr?nen, William Lee, snd D*Arey Paul
ill loir; -in'-' gathered t., their i
i n.. pri .nt commit is > ars J. ? .. Rowel
li.iirni in; H. P, Mimt W. A
sVinfree, Becretary, and .1. ii. Oi
!. Holllagswortn, i; k. t. Dadme
s Ins pastor,
Two kings win be held sm
lay night-one at the First
iiurch and the other si the Washlngtoi
X!. thodlSt BptScopal ? li'U'-'i und'
he susplcea snd In the Interest o? it
I'oung Men'fl Christian \
Dr. Battle sad Rev. Mr. Wray will si
h tags pulpits ami .1. liver addr?
Th?. Petsrsbnrg Post, in n? Issus to-da
hOlStS ths name of Hoti. \V. If. M? I
saine for QoverBor.
Misse? Mjrre Temple, Florence Teama
ami Alice Cunningham graduated sad i
reived ?luir diplomas sa trained nura
to-night it tii?- Home for the Sick Tl
address t" the graduai.-? was deliver?
by K.v. H. W. Kittle.
A numb.r ?>f Rnigbta Templar, mer
I Appomattos Command? ry, No.
.f this city, bavs gone t.? Pittsburg, P
to attend the great Triennial Conclavs
1er, t.? be held th'-r?- nest am
Among th? ?... may hfl in mi
naines of iBBa? B BlBBatS, John T l'a
li.iii. .!. K. Winston. J. u. .) iBMS, I
' Dili .in, V. rn.iii CsJBPbel), .1 im.-s Ha
-h.-ii. snd H? nrj n ,
mann. They anticipate s mosl dellgh
ful trip.
ht reral slight aeetdi r.. sni
oceurr. .1 hers by , ,i.
on the sidewalks, sad II Is probable 11
Council aill soon onald? r the
Of repealing the ordinance grSBtlBg Bid
walk privileges to ri.l
IIii ,-ii !.-s r ? During; a -liuni?\ p|
? ? riiion.
TA'/I.WKKL. VA., OetOfe I I
Ths store of Masara, Hsnaaa ?v Bot
more, efethiars, was broken opea
Wsdaasday night, .luring ths prevalei
of the high wind, and unite an am ,ant
ready-made clothlag was taken tin
Major xv. v Csefl, who rasidiid h.
and was a pra, ttciog Iswyer Bl t
; for m-iny yeara of !..
is well kn?>wn throughout
on a vi-i- ii BS tS
H er of
Ion convention -
this section of the State,
leat know I till a v
lag i.m?..
lag be doss, m. n res of
in*.?- in s r? uiiik.ihl?- in:
Rev. J. Bprols Lyoaa, i ?. D.,
Ky., wa?. warmly greeted here.
I home, bv his muir,
?luring synod, snd his a? rapta at
lyterlaa church was r?o.
many as the finest sermon
In ths town. Be spoke under |
?rroundings, ah* father having b
previously pastor of ?his
mother having b.-en SBSied from
building only a few days era Bl ?.
iate.l by hU man
and they have WBtChed his c.-ir?.i
ness with Interest and pSsai ire.
Major 4.Inter'? tlrqne?t.
The executors of Major I^wls (lint
will paid over to Dr. W \V. I'urker ?,
tflrday iio.uoo for ths? Male Orphan a
lum. and ll.OOO for the PooadllngB* Ho
?ere the original beqii.
Jot ? "inter, and are now pi*ld in
natural settling of th? est?t?.
The* Mnik-ltri!. Fntrrprlxe
According to ??kImIIuu' ar'ungeme
th'? I'nlon Stock-Yard? f*0SBPBBfi Will
ready for buslnesa about the Ifth
January next. A? ?con as the yards
In ??peratlon. It i? ?hid, the driving
estile, sheep, and hoes throu|h
I streets of Richmond will cesse.
Campaign in Virginia Growing
The CaoTass Being Conducted Ittl
Vigor and Every Prospect o? Success.
Eicltemeul Hasta High Is ths loath
weat and ihe Ilemoerals Ara la
Kxcellent ?fcape?C.atala I.assb
Spent?.? to the Arllaea
Tho political sltuiitlon In th? vsrious
districts of tiie State Is growing distinctly
more Interesting, though Interest 1? not
bo great aa usual at this stage of the
Thar,-? have In no ess?' been any start
ling developments, but affair? have ?h?ped
th? ms-lves ?o that now the party man
ager? know exactly where the battle
ground I?, the districts absolutely safe
for the D? mocratio candidates, ami those
where "here is more or less doubt.
Th I'oui'th, Ninth, and Tenth districts
are tlie scenes of tho most bitter conten
tion. There are tight? being made In
others, but It Is In these only that the
? have assumed pha-age of com
ic -tiding Interest, an 1 have taken on any
thing like tho warmth . h ?rufteristic of
old-tinia Virginia campaigns.
In tho Fourth District. Mr. FpeB, the
I1' ni" raU? whose seat \,as
lahen away by the last congress, Is
coti'luetii.g i skilful and aggi. .-si?, BBgej
palgn. In previous contests he ha? more
or lfSM ontiiio.I himself to person.;! work
among the yob rs, but this rear h,? I? on
imp, .nd Is making many effective
SB. di a, lie has (lie r, mirkabli? faculty
of drawing to blm very wann friend?.
wi,, v. uli tor him because they love him.
nnd lavant ara renrterlBg him excellant aid
In the cam %
Congressman Thorp Is aiso very active
In his opposing campaign, but lie la not
alii,- t,, ? he wants. Indeed,
ihe ,,, lean candi.
to bave larger sudlen. ea ihan his
bi ither, and the prophecy i ?
pal m i aha ado that the
colored man would poll a lai r ?ote tannj
th.- ahite i. .?nidi,i..!,- Baeaag
\.iv likely to i,.- i ni tu t. .1. There wa- al
some li.ellh.i of the colored
in ,i I ? | tak. n ?,IT the tick? t. but then?
i i now said to be little or m. probability
oi iiii-, a? th.- col ?red Repubti? int r.-uii...?
that tht vol.- thejf Sill BOU will 1? nuera
b in that polled bv Mr. Tli"rp.
Bo n there '.s say rjosnlng down, it must
1? Mr. Thorp w ho must do It.
Mr, Bpea and his friends feel now that
it la onlj a q testlon aa to th?, aiae of hi?
majority, Ha and they ar<- anxious to
make it fo lar?'- that tht Republicana
trill not dare attempt to galnaay it. In
oiler ?rord?, ht hopes to i- - --?.ted by
roch an overwhelming majority that both
Thorp aad Jones will r-all/.,- the hope
: n : !t in th? House ol
Representative?. There is every r?-a?Qu
to believe that lie win a?-?, bis htoe ful
<'l\\\ WM.KKR AM? .irflll-: RIIKA.
Th.? -',iitii?;i!mi In th.- Ninth I'lsfrlct la
growing about as exciting as ?"?.?i?! well
be so long a ? i l eandtdatea
ilon.it resort i.> violence. Peeling to run
ning high. ' 'ti Walker nud
- b. " -oeaklng
elgbl ?>r ten tiaaes a week for more than
i a. ,nd three tim. s th. y h ?ve met
in jot-it debata? Thom-ii Interest in the
campaign is not no Bsnerel as bus been
>,. ? in tht Ninth. ? t these joint ?le
va always drawn lai^e ?(owls.
The d I its be. a ?? ry bitter,
Personalitlea base besa ?>roBgbl in. Bad
feeling ? ' that will, il
.ion- ?o, resah a- whit?
hi at i- ?oie nie day of eleetlon, .Ju igu
i ,. :, , r .', I a ' ' U r It I.el/.'l
non, in Ruaoell county i at date ?'ity. lr
s, ott, and Pulaekl ?Miy. la Pul.??kl. Thu
s... ms t?. bass been tnonsjb for the Sa
publican candidate, for bit ."inn,'
? , .'low bun t ? -bvble tlsat win
nhea wh.ri they rsjeas at Abing
a hard Bgbt. but then
. la the a ite. or hi th?
country, better fitted to ?
t i ? than 1 ' i a
hit pos manner. Th?
m the Ninth i unqu??
tlonably doubtful ltd w.?rl
.,r Judge i'i?. i, the -?.iidltioi
,,f th? list Milling of th.. fai
lli,nil difference? In Washington
and rapid rousing ?>f tl at? fron
u? lr - ondltlon -??j? ?pathj?
equally as ?urcly mal:.- ihe chance? It
favor ?if th.- eleetlon ?if Judg?- wiutan
l-v p;
t In th?* Tenth Distil-t ha
? l ange
th.- latrodnctloB of State i??ues in th
Qghl th.i.*, '>-a.ii<- to II
i nator !. teh? r, from th
?d to th?- i).,-i'i,,?i of Judge of th-- Thli
' th? lit- Judg
William Mcl^augblin. It Is In
v it will be th
effect of tl <>uarU
and a n mil?, r of bit closest frbnd? |r
will help Ms can.!.
Increasing popular Interest, bringing ot
a fuil vote. It
i by those who Wei
'on that the Demi
!. > -a , t.,- i'U'ir. .1.
Mi. ? rkto, of rto'kbrldi
county, will almost ? ?rtalnly be the sem
torlal , and la mo far as pe
aonallty ?an ?tr.-ngihf-ri a llck>t
iBtntwhai i.ctiti.ir ...se. he win aid ju?i<
i by reason ot being the ?s-natorl
i> ? | ?smg man of to o
and highly ? r>?.|n.
'.r Rev, Rmatett w. hteCorbl
ell-known young Presl
f ciifton roiga, end b* la aleo
relativa of ? x-ilovernor w v m
' B ' V'rgtlil,;.
tor Hal. Fl.?od. of Appnmattnx. w'
was a candidate for the Dem
nation against Judge ?.uaiie-,, ;? mekl?
S haut fl?*hi f.?r the nominee, and i? ???
booked for more Bpeecbe? than
In th? district, Judge ?guarir?
! Mr. Frank T. Uli?s?,w.
In.i.e. who wa? also a candidate, la d
i/'iivrtvi.i'h ov ,?*?:v l.\U RTTKM
IUri TREflENS. ov?
?-.- ?.
{From the Kladderadatsch.)
THE ?. I. mtn]**. TO BB ?.WHItD AT Wltu.-NGTON. ML, IBBBM? ** *-**??
I t

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