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Richmond dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1884-1903, October 11, 1898, Image 1

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-Building Co, Chartered and
II! Soon be in Operation?
: rtsMiit. and Other Officers Are
Well-Known Men.
,., i,>s i ??it mi: i:mi;hi'kisi:.
??. . - ?. to ne l?iillt on the Soulh
?ul? of UM I>?.??? h nil Hi.? ?hip.
I iimit'licil Stda-n iae?F:ui|ilii>
m for .".",? Skilled Men.
T '' ' lam b. Trlgg Cotopany,"
ITS '. n. ,.:. .in. and ope
I ards, ralU
ni.irine equipment, and m.L
, ti??n, vras ch.ir
l Equity Coun
grantsd to m
V Boyd. Vir
i Wil
li may
ItSd with lli.m.'' The
to? k '?f the company is t.. b? not
* m. r?- than i
pany is
.? : la the i Ity of Hi. tonend. The
ITS |S ths ? "in,!.my'?
' lb ITB '!'. ICj '. iiv. WO?
Board ol I
i. J. Montsgas, i.li
'.?' ?ton. Th?
| weU-knosrn dUsena ar? .imong
. of this Wil
?:. Trigs;, Mnjor i:. T. D, M
.v Bord, B. t.
-. Ji.. vit.-. .ton, stan
l ill'iirn T. Myers, J. J.
- h '. Th a? ??- Ruthsr?
La. Il , ' .. " J. M'ilin, W. J.
T. C. ? ind Rohan
r? I -'B \NY.
it is th. | intention it ttio.ie
Interested la thla oomp# to ?stghUah
: Idlng pi?ni :
a United
m srlll b? touch interestsd la doing
n ran t?. those
ittack in arar, bot is the
. .n.y n. rassit*? for
,- trt m a
ry ?he
nd two l boat d?
. - m,uni?, i . -.?1 in
ItO OS . will
ma th i m ) ready.
.... | delivei
within t nslve month? of
R_8 THE T\I.B' HT W ' 'l'K?*
ay "to
Ii dividual fu ra or
; >i.|. ?tilling rall
Lpm? :it, or rna< I
. t h, m pan; b
. Virgil ? Hachlno < .'osa
i (or number of
i lia?
?-Vi th. right from the
: ?ad ' ' mpany
bet n 1? t for all the.
... I
'I !?>r tl"- .-[" ' : 11 nia
. i r boat?bullding. - ho
at !> d < '.; and ? ontra? ta
aeed? ?i la the
ths i""?ts
; oh i aid? aria? Into th?
i tost and most
as f"t
..-, and lin- foundation!
u ;
i i ' My? ra, -ir.. dvll ai -
la tie ?
truel n i wl*.li
it ion "i being tha ma ter ?>i tin
I - receal
.: tment si w aahtngtoa In aid
- t by the offlctali
. . ' lOOt f.'HU
,|. < ha. I 'li
t. who ha? had lai p
with thla W"ik. TIi.m
ulsfl? i th
- Bill i.?' don? wall sn i nulck
with tin
1 niliellt.
Imfsi m th,- yard srin b?
, i, and ths < '"r ,n'
s ?ill !?? glVSB tO-d?
, tn ra "f sin; -?""i bulldsr?. It i
thai n ?m t su
. go. th? I'lain In " '? ,:
rk srll
0 , , ii, .tnl.r i t at llv
th? i ?, - -11 ? taSOS the? plans for the t?>r
boat nhaoh
.;.,;.I, t.- In outlln? . ?rill '" '?'
btnittsd to ths gov? i*n
,Di. ?1 A i? ' t SI
? i ?ill he sign
rk asgan,
in? hing ?aaya will i?e altuatsd ?
,,t tii? dock, botsr? en th
. ... , BBd ? ?!?!<> rail
. y-tior' ?h- lance i? ton th
ment of Messrs. Davenport i
launching way? will ?>?U'f ,h'
.',.! the in? t!i"'i In vogue 1)1. th
gr. it get of tounchlag 'he ti'?.?iw side
i be follow! This new ?yist.'r
a Kreat.-r numlier of ways, tha
and th? uMiS'tataa win have ?K
? ? t "f launching way?.
1'11.1'KM.m; OF THE HARBOR.
1h- ?on,p.my ?ill make ?... effort fl
i.t to deepen ftns dhawaal ai ins rtvei
!.,rp?il"-lx?at? and the destroyer
..nly drew aix and a Mutt toot, win!
Batel "i UM ?tn!* ha? a depth u
?. ?.-. _.,? _ ..? j?r.ortant conferenc
bald on the dock one day this week, wit
<" an arrangement lookliiR to th?
Ing Of th,* ha,bor. Members o
the company, the rity Engin-r. M, I).
at? r Axtell. ?..cond vice-president of th
?I., ?apeiike and Ohio railroad, aad Majo
l> Myers, president of the Rich
mond. Fre,lerlcksburg and Potomac rail
will be present, and some Importen
?ptnentt arc axpeeted. one thin
IS ?put?? certain, ?nd that 1? that th
i nited Stat.-s Government will suppo
any effori that Is mad- to improve
river, and the barbo*. That mu?h ha
i n promised by onscaals In Washington,
snd th.- exceptional advantages that
Ki? hmond offert for the ?hip-building in
dustry have been recognized by the of
A gentleman lut.rested In th.* project
SaM last 111 a- ri t thai IN hands vvouhl be
ved in the works. Numerous en
and applications for p?.sitions have
already been arade, and they bats bad
"?st interested attention', but in tbe
of th. coniract awarded to the
;t has DO BBS t'T accountants.
*.,\e one or two technics] man. who
iv been stnplayea. The company
cannot for ?avara] saontha t<> come utilise
apprentice! its teed al pr.s-nt being Tor
1 .inlily-train. .1 and skilled men. J'er
haps before the beats are completed, the
company can draft new men into th??. or
ganization, but not now.
4 l-?i 4a?nln?l 4'riiltli?, Smltli, nntl
Treal-M,t?lr> l>y lt.'|?ul?l icii ii l.?*ni(ii<*.
\VASHl.\('T?i.\*, <?ctol.?r If, Cbl
t..-. n pr.-!?*rr?.i before the Clvil
S,.rvic.. IP,aril against Wruy T. Kn'g.it.
rnastar at Richmond, Va.; his assis
tar.t. John L. Cruhhs; N. .1. Smith, Deputy
Collector of Internal Revenu- und.r ?ol
- Brady, and Morgan Treat, United
M ishal for the Bastara District
Of Virginia, for levying mid collecting
political ?assessments, and bribery. The
rs made by the ?'entrai Kepubll
ean lasgiis. <?f Riehmond.
The acta aro alleged to have bean com
mitted while delegates were being ab led
to tin. ?onttr.c-l. nil convention, which
Bt Hanover Courthouse, BeptSmbSt
Tha Central K-nul.li, m league B. f?
political organization, cnipo?.??! eiifir? ly
.,-' ni n I pe?nala II has been knowa
ev.-r Since the Haiiov-r convention that
it was th.- p',ii|,,,-,- 0? its leaders to \\ *
war on tl,?- V-deral ollie. holders. Who
took an active part In the convention.
Hr. Smith, one of those against whom
ITS Brade, Is chairman of the
RspuMtcnn City Committee.
IlllF.I KlMtllll.l. Ol T ALSO.
win ii.-uiru i?, laaa-aeiasaRIp Csae?
ral >?.?.iiiiM'i- :'.?i?oilier Pimagss
WASHINGTON, ?October IIV Tbs order
,i tlgnatlng tbe general onVers to be
muatared oat of the volunteer service,
dated October 7th. was published osTd*
dally to-day. and Bt the bead of the list
ral J? spb 0. Lr-cklii
??. boas B :?"t la tbe Si tl
Ication. General Bt*eabtnridgs will re
turn to duty on Novenabaf Id as lns?peo
... in) of tbe am?]
,,, the day the order discharging the
,1 others was given 1,, the public,
another order waa leaned designating
campa In th? South, organising the vol.
unteer army int.? three r*arps, and
taming tht three carpi i*omnu?ndera
General Brecklnridge waa t,, command
the PlTSl Corps. It was stated at the
rtmeirt I rial ! hi? oi der had I.s ? ?
I, and thai aeral Jamea K
Wilson, who was appointed from !??ia
at the btiginnlng of the war. bad
i > n selected to command lb? First
Corpa it is alas underatood that thsre
trill be other ehsnget in the conn?
uf th?- army corps stationed in the South.
General Wheeler, who win command
the Fourth Carps stated before leaving
Washington that hi expected to return
|0 this City and resume his s.-at in the
House soon ..tier til"' b? ginning of the
?i. . k*n. ral Graham, who Is to
command the Second Corps, h.s r? tired
brigadier-general, and th? qu. ttion
aiis.-n as to Whether ht shall be
?j. d long, r In lbs volunteer ssr
? ?ce. it la altogether likely thai the ea*
ItlOTl Oi OfAcerS to command the Bv
COnd .'i'?<! Fourth COTPS, stationed in
southern camps, la temporary, and that
by the 1st of December, ? not before,
era STill !?? named for perma
nent corps commandera
it is said that Generals John c. Bates
and A. R. Chaffed will command th, s
. and Fourth Corpa, an?i GeneraJ WU?
aon will continus t?? oonunand tbs First
?--?>? ?
Mix IM.17V OFT FOR ?.?14 114.
gas-eral M?*iiii??-r? ?>r ti??? Cahdael
A4 un Him.
CANTON, o., October 10. Pr?ar4denl Mc
Kinley boarded th" Omaha .-pccial train
at I'll to-night, and will r< acb < 'in? ago al
7 a. If., leaving an hour later an the
North* ei toi a road.
Mis. McKinley remained In canton, but
Will join th?- I':, aid. Bt in Chicago in time
tor the Peace Jublh -
Th.. members of tbs party on the Penn
tylvania special are tbe Prealdent, Sccrc
tary BUsa, secretary Wilson, Aaslstant
tary-oi-Wsr Melklejohn, .
John Addlson Porter, and Assiataat-4*ec?
Corteryou. Postraastsr?General
Smith and Secretar] i expected
to Join th?- party al Omaha.
Governor Shaw, ol Iowa, and his ?-tuff
will tahe the train at Clinton, In., In or
der to be pres.nl at th. exposition on
w. dm sdaj i'i-1 Ident's-Day.
17V A4 lATION OP < I 114.
It 1? I'i ?. ? ? ?Hiiii Siiimtlhly nuil Satl?
f?l?',.>rll??4||| 117.11 ii II I,? ..ii? -ii 1 p.
WASHINGTON, OetOber 10 Advices re
, al the War D apart ratal indicate
that the evaluation of Cuba by the ?Span
ish forces is proceeding satisfactorily and
The threatened trouble at Manzanillo
baa blown over, and the- Spaniards nava
yielded control tSkih. American fomea
Qenersl Wsde caferod th?- department to
night: "Spanish forces evaCUttag Man
zanillo to-day. This vacaws control by
Spsln "f entire southern cast line Wt*t
t., tin- jurisdiction of Jueuro."
l'HIMIBM 4 4IMMIT- ?*t 14 I11K.
She F?, ?I? II > MSB I" a ll.-rllii I'o
Iil-.'KLIN, October hV-Princess Trubetz
koi, who whs umler arrest bars an an
, ?iradltlon demand from the Italian Gnv
eir.ment, charg?*d with forging document-,
committed ?adBids yestenlay at the police
Jt I? stat??! <?n g. ?>d authority that the
.,i is.>ii SrbOSB suicide is above reported
, ., oi the family of Troubetzkois
known in this country.
l*r,M,rlri..r Refu?ad 4? ?errs Ill?u
With ? Meal.
NK4V YORK. October 1?.?Robert Fitz
?immon? filed a ?ult to-day against the
Otlsey House for 1*70,000 damages. J. S.
Breslin the proprietor, refused to serve
?nd ?a lakes exception to BUt*Tlrall>
BM "it.
Cnights Templar Conclave Opens
. Most Auspiciously.
Slectloneering Already In Progress, and
Louisville Apparently Leads.
< r<??.?.<]>? So ?.ram Tlint Street-Car
-I > .1 ill?- |m Slopped, and Vehicle? of
All KlmU Ars- Ilaiilnhed front
H'??? n- I'm i. I lio. ...i ?li fare?.
PTTTSP.rRO, PA., Octolier M).-With a
brilliancy of incand'.?. cut and other ?ISO
11 lr? Ughtl, the enclavo of Knights Tem
plar has row fairly started, and tonight
BpOB " '.' I pUgtiHM are ?ev.lliir; in
sach cuiiii's hospitality. Bxospt a low
?traggters every oonunsadsry which was
expected to he rspsesented has now a
d? legation n the ground. The day was
Chlell) si'-nt by th- different ?ommunde
i in a*ranning th?-tr h<**adquarter? and
getting ready t?> ra?3ctv? their visitors and
Although ihe business eaeetlngi of the
gathering ban? boi comm-ei otlon?
.crina? for th? honor of holding th? BSSt
conclave is in aetivs progress, in this r? -
apect th?? i^iuisviiic people are apparently
In the lead.
The foremost event of to-,lay's pro
gramme undoubtedly baa Been the r?'r..p
ti>.n and Ball of Tainted ('.?mmnndery.
-No. t?.. of tills city, at th? it headquarter ?
in the oourt-houss, ?hi.-ii ooaamsaesd at
2 o'clock this evening, and i? is eaM tiie
dancing an.i entertaining, with uaahated
musical accompaniment, is to continuo
until m o*? lock to-nlght.
Ths alghta oa th?' atrssta havs Bearet
bSSB ?quailed tn this city, s.i far as
crowds ar.? con?. in? ?i. Btraet-car ti
Is at a Btaodstlll, aril v. hieles of all de
acrlptioaa an- banished from down-town
thoroughfares, while ?very Inch of
ground is monopolised by tens of thon?
asada o? apect?toi s.
B.v\ '
TiKr.? i?; chseriag and much applanan
as th? Kniltht?; (?ass in tnver-enilliig COl
umna through the ?traste, if tin? sun
ahlny weather continue- t'? ?bower it?
pleasant countonaaoo upon th?- Smoky
city the grand parad? ?-in t'<* an
that has m-ver been BUrpassed t(,r frrcn.l
eur in th.- Ustory of ?Knight Templariam
in An?
Tin: AX-TOM ri\i:it\i..
Mr?, l.eorjte I'l.-is ?I ? Not <.u 111 > ?">I rn.
Alth?.?ii?r'? i>?tlinoiiy.
CANTOlf, 0?, <?' '"!" r 1". The Eta
-i m over the remains of I ; r
Baxton, bold at the m. c. Barbsr raat?
danos at 2 o'clock this afternoon, ?'.re
%.ry Bbo-rt and simple. The) ?rets eon
ducted by B'-v. <?. B. Miiii-iau, pastor <>t
tn. ftrnt PreshyteriaB church, the bom?
church of tlie BS-tOB?, rssisf.-d by th?'
Rsv. Dr. C. B. Manchester, pastor of the
First Methodist church, with which i
deal McKinley is ?SSO? Ii!? ?]. in t!i" pr. s
onoe of th?- rslsttves and aeare i i ; i * i ??
A quartette, constating ??t Mr. Human
I.. Kuhns ami Mis. Kllzaleth Pi
Smith and Messrs. Herman Kuhns ii"l
Franklin P. Ptmnnn, touchlngiy sang a
hymm at tin- opening. Rsv. Mr, MMHgam
read a aelectlon of Scripture and r?r.
Manchester off. r. ?1 prayST. KO rSBSBtlU
W< made By either llltogJIBBII.
Many people gathSVSd al"?ut the Parhet
rasldenc? and along the way which wa?
taken by the fanerai cortege, to Wast
Lawn Cemetery, wbsra the remains wsr?
consigned to tli.ir last resting-place lr
the i-'axton family lot. HSN the USU?
cominltment .- i\i.c ?as read by th?
officiating clergymen.
mi:.-s.\?;i:s OF CONDOLENCH,
To th" many doral offerings sent to th.
Pr -i'l'-nt and member? of the famiij
have been added a r i ? ? ? < i of tt-ieurams an?
latter? troto Mood? in ail parts of th.
world. Among th?- aMBBSgsa rscetvsdsrai
a ca'.'l.K'ram from the Peace Commission
MB in Baris.
In his brief walks about the city loi
e~e***-*4SS, and as Well as about tho house
people of all clat-s' s have cverywn-?-'
gtVSB tho President expressions ot th
deepest sympathv nn.l condolence Wltl
the family in their ?ad a fraction.
Among the most frequent and mo?
sympathetic callers at the houae hav
he.n rdurnod volunteer ?oldlers of th
army sent to Cuba, several hundred o
whom ni" herp on furlough.
Mrs. Anna K. George, who Is "hart?c,
with the murder of flaxton, was arralfrne
l.i fore Justice Helgner this morning. Sh
.1 not guilty, and the preliminar
hanring was set Cot Tnssdny aftsrnooi
of next week. Mrs. QsOTg? ?is take
back to 1ail
It is claimed the defence will ne a
alibi, and that the shots were tired by
?Baa in woman's garb.
A postal en!, ?lai.-il Sprm-fl d |, O
October 8th, BddrsSSSd to th? Chief g
Bolici?, Canton. ?Igned X. Y. /.. saying, "
killed Suxton, ?nd am not sorry for II
catch me if you can," lus been receive
I , Mayor Bice. The Coroner resume
t,, examination of witnesses this mort
ing, and the list Indicate? that hi? ei
amlnatlon will not be concluded for sev?
ral day?.
CANTON. O.. 0<t??ber 10.? To-morro
the Stute will be called upon. In the Jui
tic?''? Court, to present the evidence o
which it is expected to hold Mr?. ?Jeori
to the grand Jury for" the murder .
isaorga Ls *******% Tn* ***&$* J-*?
?umnsonei hut pile wUnera. ' ***~
The Coroner tins ?pent the day examin
ing w!tnss?e?. He took the testimony of
Mrs. Althouse, In front of whose house
tbe tragedy occurred. Mr?. Althouao tes
tified a? follow?:
"I wa? not at homo Friday night when
the ?hooting occurred. I have not been
there from Monday evening, except on
an errand during Wednesday. I was
taking care of a ?lex sister-in-law. Mr.
Sax ton, for all I know, may have ridden
out to the house that night to see if I
was at home, as be did not know how
long I might be. away. He had gone
thore before in my absence, and attended
to the bird and other things about the
h'-ui?.. He had a pass-key that opened
tho door. He attended to tho bird and
the flowers at the honse this summer
while I was away."
Russell HafBB, a neighbor boy, testi
fied IB having seen what appeared to be
a woman fire several shots, and then
walk away through a vacant lot.
Oar Pfsee ?"?.mini si?. I oners, Kotr Pro
bably C'onsilderlnat; This Subject.
PARIS. October M.--T1-..- DttltSd States
p. a e Commlp-ilon held two acartona to
<lny. They were devoted to acquiring and
weighing s-ridsne? rtltattv? to all the .-?ues
tlons und- r consideration by the com
missioners. It Is b?'li?ve,l that the ques
tions no? i? tag dkagBBsed nlata to <~*uiia
and tiio adjustment of ths ASM "f that
The Paris BOWSpUpSra ?hoW SVldSBO? of
anxiety in bshnlf of th?! Spanish cui.-e.
Tha Gaulois this toarntng rsvlswa the
political BttUatton, and draws the con
clusion that "between ?fhe alleged Repub
lican purp??so of expansion and tho Dfiti
s,tralla opposition thsroto, President Mc
Kinley and the Pnltc.1 St.it? s cominl ntoB
will be Insphatd, niter all, with the r>entl
ments of geaeroslty whloh honof a vic
torious nation."
avio sip ti.I? Bi: OBNBRi IDS,
The keynote of th..-?? expression? ?seini
to have been sound?! by a Spanish diplo
mat t" aa Amerlcag here last week, the:
diplomat saying tint tha United States
should be g< nerous to Spain. That re
mark and tin? uttei ? the French
gtvs i" ?ach other added algnlnV
c ill,. ..
A dtapatch from Madrid this morning
the oosl of the Cuban ami Philippine
campaigns ?ill ? xci
(Si ',' .'
M. .lui? s CaniBOB, the former Fr.r.h
Ami.a idor Ion, arrived in
r.iris till-- morning. Be \.?!i r?ntala hers
f.?r t??. nn"
Porto Bien Hnsl I In-n II?* Our?-ll.iitl
I'l.iiui-r !{? ?.. rn I ii? I?, lla'.'l ? lin rca-n.
i". The American evacuation commis
alonen re? Ived an Importent commonl'
cation (rom Washington yesterday, uni
b ?peels! meeting ?as at ?nee called t<
I it, and to formulate a cours?
of action,
ai a j..?ut ;. -i,?n to-nlght ti?*- Assert
?in., told ths Spaniard? it would he b?
. io complete tin? ?va< uatlon of th?
Island by October tata, undertaking t.
supply transportation for the ramalndei
of ths Spanish I'""!':? at that date, i
?i should be n? ' Bsary.
it. Huldekoper, will retain to wash
tagten ai th. m ?t opportuolty to mee
any ? barg*? a He ?in ?tend on his Chick
record aii'l hi-- work ?lone here
which i?> approved by hi? auperiors. H
?ara h? win rnak? trouble for any anjua
ac Bseia, and I - pr? pared t., .i. tnand ;
board of inquiry.
in.poriiiiit Danlstons s?mii?Tost ?.
la-unlllv ?if Irnllli- AstniM-iHt inn?..
WA8HWQTON, October U Th? fa!
lerm of tl??> Cult''! Bt It? - Bupi. BM COUT
begsa at noon to-day, the Justice? comlni
together after an extended auuuner va
cation. Ther.- SUM added bltori t in th
mbllng this y.-ar. owing to th.- Im
porteara of ?onu ol th? case? about t
in- ai.cided, Including tin- test ol th
legality of th?- railroad trafile
tiens. At V2: > tie . ?rt adjourned nnti
to-morrow, srhen tie- call ? f tie- dock?
begins. The first decision? nre
io b? han?!?.! down Monday BSXt,
"So Y ell ota -I'?*? ?-r al Hunts? 111?*.
WASHINGTON, October i" Tbc ASM
elated Presa lus received te following:
"Huntsville, Ala., October ID. in eon
t radie t ion to a recent statement publtae
in tb? Cincinnati Brat, thla i- to rertli
that there ?? not and baa not bssn a caa
"f yellow-fever, or a eass of ?ven r.
mrtte suspicion, In this city of HuntSVlll?
Ala., at l In- presen! tun.-, or sit. e tliis ha
been a camp, in fact?, tier?- has not bee
?a the oount t i inc.- i?7\ when ti?
citj ?.as mad? a place of refuge for tu
citizens of Memphis, and then the onl
cases ? ere those of three ralugtee froi
"please give this proper circulation.
(Signad) ".1ERE MURPHT,
"Ma vor.
"Of Ocn. shaft'is Army in Cuba.
"Chairman .?f the Board of Health, and
County H'aith Offlcer."
One Merciful Ilo?pitnl Ship.
NEW TORK, October i?).?Tin? transpoi
Berlin, Captain Wilson, arrived to-na
tiotii Porto Rico, via Santiago, with
number of officer? and 106 com
and laborera, and several civilians, wie
ic came on board, Oeneral lient
sent with tli.m ami?!?- supplies of near
lshing foo.i for tin- sick, and each ?la
th.. meo ?.ii- served with tin..? hot meal
Tn. |.i result of this treatment is ev
dent ?ii.-n it is considered thai <>n ti
first morning out not over 4?? per cent, ai
.?v.l.i siik-.ail. and each morning ther
after tin.- Improvement was so rapid tii.
the morning rick-call of t<?-<!ay show?
but l?5 per cant, of them 111. The quarte
?> !? kepi in splendid order and ever;
tiling was in good condition. Tho heali
offli i made an Inspe? tloa ami pemUtti
the transport to prOCSSd.
Invest Ik*? t Ion ?>f Norfolk Navy-Ynr
WAEHXNOTON, October H'.-Ueutenai
Knapp, undsr an ord?-r from BeCTetSl
Bong, has gone to Norfolk to make i
Investigation "f the comlltlona in tl
navy-yard th. re. While ther? ar.- son
charges <>n tile against the atanageaasa
m departments ??f Um yara, it
said that they are not marly ..s scrim
a? thOBS which formed the basis of tl
Investigation at Lsagu? Island.
Dillon for Irtish Reunion.
OlaAMOW, Octoh'-r IB?John Dill"
Aatl-Paraelllts, member <?f Psrilamci
f"r Past Mayo, at a banquet given he
this evening in his honor made a practic
bid for the reunion of the ?octlo
Irish party. He said he artsbed that
conference of ten repreaentatlvc Irishme
half nominat. ?1 by Mr John I'.?lmond ai
.r half by himself, eould meet ai
.liait a scheme to r.*?-oncile the dtfferenc
BSSOng the Irish Nationals, the sehen
then to be guoniltted to the leading Iris
mea of th? country at a convention.
to Yellov?-Fever at < ?... ttanooB?-?
The general committee having In char
the arrangements for th- Christian Co
ventl?.n. which is to meet her.- this mot
requeati <?* A?snclutcd Presa to at?
that there i? no yellow-fever In Chatt
nooga, or anywhere near Chattanooi
IV'.pl" attending the meeting need ha
no fear of the disease._
T? Care a Cold la Oae Dar
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Table
Druggist? r-lund money If fails to cut
M "--" ? . /?eutta?? __? * * ??- on **
tahtet. *?--*
Progress of the Campaign in
Various Sections.
Lamb in Lnnenburg and Rlxey in
4 on..a Make? a? Fine- Irapreaalott at
WillianiMharK?Jone? Ill?ca??e? th?*?
I ?...i.-? at IB Wllai Green?Mnrlln In
Suffolk I ?unir,
WTTHFVILLF/, VA., October 10.-(Spe
cial.)?An unusually larga crowd Of peo
ple gathered here to-day from all Bte?
Uons Of this county to hear the bTJbBSV*
Waik.r datanaaaa??, ajrMch aid not tana
pia.e, General Walkar refusing to meet
.' !.? Rh. a, exc.pt upon the former's
own nnraasonable term- -namely, that
he ?Walk, r) should airain baVS the close.
Jod:-.- Khci e>, lib m-e.l i.eiict.'il Walk-r,
and ciaini'-.i the right te joss tas ato
ion, Walker having bad lbs aloat
twi.,? to blS (RbSa'B) once. Thlt General
AV.-.lk? r refused. JadgS RhOS th?fl BCSBPt
ad Ganara] Walker's tarant, r*oadRloaed
that Walker give him the cleat at p,..
rtsburg, ansa t*annty, to-nrarrrnr, ami
again Gsnersl Walksr refused.
The 1', mo, r.uic so.-aking tok place
In the Ol"-la-Hou ,|, and it ?as crowded,
lbs ?i-ow.i being tathaated at from ?ix
to eight hundred. Judge Rbea ?ras lntro
dll.'.d by R. LBS Tlllikle. of thlS place,
in a iiio.-t happy manaer. He aras warmly
recetv.-?l. and si?,k.- !,.r two hour?, tho
roughly Ventilating blS opporn nt's pub
lic ! cord.
?;,i:,i.il Walkar spoke In the court
house, which, wht-n crowded to siuTo.m
ti"ti, does not bold ovar tbras hundred
p.-??pie, and taiee his audience aaa
co'int.-d. R aantbered lirst in, and tbs
,1 Uras it*. On the whole thla has
been a grand day for Rbea and Demecra?
cy, demonstrating beyond ... doubt from
the i, apeetivs ciowds that Wslkeriam
is on the aane In this ??aunty, and that
General Walker is afraid to met Judge
Rbea in joint dlacnsslon on anything
like yosl and equal term-?. The Demo? i il
?.i.- organising, not only In Wythe, but
tbrougboul tbS district, and a grand,
glorious result may be ? \|.lad.
I 4*lll l\ II m:\iii ho.
RicbiiiDiid Dtsinrlei Caasjrtaasflaaa
laasttfcs r??r 1-7i??*?s.
LUNKNBURG. va., October i'.-(Spe
elal.1? This was | gl? ll day for the I?, m
ocrats of Lunenburg, The reputation of
rasBBtaa Lamb bad p?reeeded !iim
here, and s fu? turn out of the people
riot wanting They came from far
and near aad from all cornera ol this
county and thS ailj i?*?'iit ? ??unties. Til j
attention accorded aim could not but b?
Kratifying to the me I saacUag. For ??ne
hour and tarty minutes bo held th?
Ittl et;,a of all, md B -red point aft. I
point against his opponents, II- I
ins remark? i.? .-. touching reference ta
tbs old soldiers press?t arttb whom ho
front i?vi to MM. it i i ased?ese 10
add that their ress?ona aat hearty in the
evir.-inc !! then spoke aoids "f prstos
tor our cin.ii'1 ate, the Hon. S i*. Bpes,
referring to tbs steal whereby ?Bpes was
,- . ,
Captain Lamb also paid his respects to
Mr. Thorp who was apanhing at the
SB tima BOl ?*B1 f t?t dlStSBt The
C?ptala s..?! Ii would give him pteasurs
to ni' I Mr. Thorp in joint i
boa ap i.
i in their true light. Rs aezt refer?
red to Li- dlfxsrencea la tbs taro partita,
BBjrtng that the tariff ?vas not th.- chief
issu,) tluit divided them, since, in the
words of Hanoi, k. the tariff lin- "only
., local lasue,'' tint tas chief Btatter of
division a is th.* ananclal question, and
on ttiat they ?rert a-- far spart a? the
two ] '
Captain Lamb handled the financial
question as our people bars sever b? ard
it bandied before, and m id? elear to all
mil,y Btatten which 1 I befors been In?
In obscurity. He said that of the
four (real panics thai bad oecttrred in
the btotory of tbe country, two wart un
der toW tai iff and two under high tariff
laws. H?: pointed oui the errara in the
Treasury stat.-m- nts. .in?! declared that
only M '" i'1? i"'r ? -?pita in m'
tual cii'ctiiatioii. He advocated the leans
of iteasuiy notes, backed bj the taxes
Of the ????veruiii. nt. Baying that our tie? .Is.
are to bo measured by our productive
capacity and our consumptive ability.
tain i->mb'.s Bpeeeh aaa .? t
effort, ami v? U do much to rsttev? the
apathy i" this ???-tion. Its closed w.th aa
appeal to all Pamaataia to be
true to themselves and true to th- ir
nominee, and th.-ieby rebuke th.- action
of the Republicans in uiiseuiing Mr. Kp.-s.
At the .lo.-.- of C?ntala Lamb*!
he was surround.-?! ?<>' a throng of peo
ple, anxious t.? grasp his hand and thank
Bin for his visit to them and hi? effort",
in taTatf b'-hair.
10l*sG AT \MI.I1 \MSHl Rtt.
He Make? a Fine lni|?re??loa? un Mi
A ad is-nee.
WILLIAMSMI HO. 4"A., October 1?*,.
(Special.)?Hon. 4\'illlam A. Young. DentS
eratie candidate for ?'ongress Id thla di>
tri,\ made hi? ilrat appearance of thli
canvas? here to-!ay before a William?,
burg and James City audience, anc
created a decidedly favorable Irrpressioi
on all who had th? pleaaars of haarlm
him. Speaking began in the.court-hoi:??
at 1 o'clock P. M., the meeting being pre
tided over by the city Democratic chair
Major J. F. Hubbard, of Yorktown, ?e.
off In about half an hour speech, review
ing Mr. Young** record while in Congre??
and predicting hi? return by an inerea???
majority. Mr. Hubbard also dlacuaae?
the un?eatlng of Mr. Young by th, parti
nan majority of the last Hou?>, and aaa?
be knew the temper of the people of fjil
district wsO, and that they would no
submit silently to Injustice from mtv.
Marter. Their vote next November, h
said would prove an Incontestable vln
?l'lcatlon of Mr. Young's right to repr*
tsat the Second District of Virginia li
A^irM", sb?Ti liuPhard be'n* a grea
avorite among our people, was ?Iva-n I
learty welcome. Mr. Young wa? th. n 111
roduced. II? gave a clear and ? .
lecoont of the methods by which In* wa?
inseated In ?*ongrees, saying it wa? hi?
'ellef that the rejjort of the ?ub-com
nittee having charge of his case wa? n??t
?ased up?in th? fact?, as ?et forth In ihr
ecord. but merely upon th?? brief sub
mitted by contestant'? counsel, and that
?vhen th?? case wa? argued In. th* House
th? K ?-publican? left the hall, showing
that they were satisfied with the report
5f thplr partisan committee. The speaker
MM that he told the Republicans that
they might rob the South of their ran?
rsssntatlVSS in <*ongr??*?, but they coiil??
ever get control of their State and
sBunkstpal govenumate. Mr. Young ah.o
touched on the currency r*u?>stlo'i. and N
Via wad th? criminal mismanagement of
th" war by the administration, sayirg
that but for ih?it ?B?MBaBagesseal thou
sands of patriotic men. both North and
South, would not be now sleeping In their
Bravas. He asnelnded nitb s"m?> ?'xceiient
advice on party organization and work
tfa was given a careful and attentive
hearing, and after the ?panktnf B large
BUraber of persons ?rent up an?! ? nigratu
lated him upon his addr"ss. Me left this
evening for Claremont, at which place he
Will speak Tuesday morning.
He ?in-ill.? to a Pine t'rnw.l al
It?.\\ II.lie l.re.-n.
FKI"'?!".Ul?"K*?BBBi'.. VA., ??.-tuber 1?.
(Speclal.)-Notwlthstanding the Id. ml
Weathaf prevailing for farmers, a largo
number of the tillers of the soil of Caro
line assembled at Howling Of ?SB t? ?-?!..?.
to bes? Hon. W. A. Jon?'S dteOUM H,.
Issu.-s of the pntnllng canvass, and for
"Vi-r two hour? they g?iv" him an at
teiitivo hearing. After referring to th?
many Iniquitous ! !>y K?
publlcaa i'ongrc??es. Mr JonSS MM that
BOVSral months ago Mark llaim.i USt
his part/, Baabad ?rtth aevsral rietorie?
on land and Boa by our army and navy,
wet.. I.oastingly calling the war th?' Ite
publlcan war. Now, boWBVST, they ? ? r.?
as dumb as ?lysteri?. ami ?. II might they
he, for the niismaiiag.'in? nt of th? WBT,
bringing with I? ?leath and torture to
brass men through th.- appolntUMnt of
incompetent oAOSfS, simply !'?
wore relativa? "f those ta power, was
IsaklBg ??ut. Not one?' had IBCC4B
petency killed many a brave aoldier, but
many had, no doubt, died from ?ant of
toad and nourishment, which WSW ?1
most in r-aeh of them, but Which thsj
couiil BOt obtain, while around tin in
officer? rolled m luxury. The Republi
cans, for his part, could hive all the
honor from the war they ?mated, out
th.y must als?, take its conduct ?nil it.
and lie. for or,", ?as not afraid to dlSOUSO
the loan? ?lui an\ of tiem. in conclu?
sion, att.r referring to his stewardship,
Mr. Jone.? nia.l.- the following surprising
statemeat: "i have been told that on?
?'f th?- ?aoat prominent Republican? of
the district sai.i, aft..r the Tappahsa
n.'k convention, that It was not t!"' in
tentlon of Iks party to nominate am on?
against in?-, and ths rsaaon Kr. Bristen
?as given th'- honor wa? that a negro
announced ins intention or accepting,
anil rather than ban ? negro t..
th. m they BOfnloated Brtstow. They
?li.ln't ?ant any ?J u BSgrp at the bead
of their party.
l.Ot l)Ot\ lil*M?i? II Vis,
A.I.I r.????al I.? Mr. Itlva-.v anil Judge
LEBBBURCa, VA., < ?. lober !" fBpnnlal )
Congraaainaii John p, Rlasy, of this dis
trict, and .luilg.- William H. Fleming, of
Kentucky, addressed mir people hSN to
dsy, Mr. Hix.-y discussed th.- BSW qu? ?
ti' ns that bad aiis.n ii,m th? war. H?
would be ?antrat, b, Bald, with ti.?- aa
nesatloa of 'uu.-?, RawaM, and i
Rico, If willingly the act af their p
bm h- wsa opposed to th.- scquiaition ...
tn?: PhlSpptae? as oontrnry to Una-honor.
?.<j policy. B? discussed the promi
ot th.- RsgnbUcans, and hmS?i they' failed
to Keep them. The DiBgiSy tariff, non
than the M'-KIllley tartlT, foStSNd, h -
said, trusts and combines. With wie .1
si ??? la-ii's and ?"ru at i". prosperity iiaii
not com? ta lbs farmer. No income iax.
but bonds, bs asid, were provided for. to
run ten years, ami not on call. IB- ap
pealed te all to -?tail?! by th.- Chicago
platform ami W. .B Bryan, and ta UM
trust?, -combines, sad syndicates, be said,
would i>e wiped ??ut and unfold presperit)
would ?oocoad.
Judge Fleming said the ?ar WM 0VBI
and th? glortOUa victory ?a.? to In- ?-lalin
..?1 hy bo party* 't v"l!l the boy? behind
the guns who did their work. Th?? q
ti.'n now was, bow ?SUM th? republic Lx
aaved Iron Imperialtaan .?'??i great tax.
lion. He eloquently sdvosated ths Ckl
?ago platform ano the free oo i
tUver. Tin- Koid standard was th? ?sspel
o. despair, il.- said. MllCfl 1"'''? BOthlng
Um BMney power baa asksd bad bssb
refused a placa ou lb? atatute books,
and nothing tin? people .?su..i ha? bosn
ai;.iwed. in powgr by frsud, th? Repub?
Bs parti i u* ' res/tad tats pi ics, as tb?
inskes did tote ths ?agte*? si it
SpetM'h Fiill ot SlrlUIn? Fuel?? mid
( oiivina-ina Lasjto.
BDFPOLK, VA . o? tob? r 11 ? I
Ths first Damoi ratlc nesting of this ?an?
BBlgB was held at the court-hoi;
to-?!?.iy, whoa Hon. Thotn.is B. Martin
Band? a strong speech, f'iii of striking
fact? an?! convincing logic. He dl I
the revenu.? law, whi. h la Its .?ix-ration?
was, be said, burdensome BpOB the POOS
< it laid heavy t.ix?- 00 '
rl?a and Bghl rasa oa luxuries. H
dsnnsd Hi?- sal.- ?.f -'."'."?(??i la banda at
par. when th-v would have brOOgl
cent, premium, th?-. transaction aatalllag
a loss of tl'l.noa'.t?ou to tlM government la
ref. rrlng to the ?barges Ot taCOBBpStSBSy
OB UM part of IBS Wat I' ','artm-nt In
. "ii'iu? ting th.? lit.- arar, Mr Martta nil
thai the first chargea le ?;iw ??
l'> Hon. Joba Sherman .I'diir' S< .r?t.?r>
?speaking of the |asu?S growing out of
th.- wir, be ?aid he had no anxiety about
UM W'l'rit In lies, but was solicitous Te
gardlng the PMIlppfmes, and thought the
- would oppoa? lav
periallma. Mr. Msrtta mad- a Bm im
pression upon his boar?r?, md Is now a
?j ester favorita with Um Dssaaagata of
this section than ?VST.
Beth Wtag? of ths H.'publl.'in party
held meetings nere to-day. Hon. W. 8.
Holland, "f Windsor nr?! Dr. U. A. W'N. ,
of William-burg addressed th-lr r. pag*
live adherents at different halls.
Ring-In? Word? for ?tunrles at
llotelourt 1 caler.luy.
BUCHAVAM, va Pot ?Bar io.-(Spe.
clal.)?To-lav- was a rsd-lSltSf day f?r
th* Demo?-rat? of Hot. tourt. Judge J.
M. Quartes. Dsssocratlc nomine.? tor <*?n
grcs?', and Hon H. D. Hood, the gallant
DsSBOCrat from AppoaaattoB, upheld De
mocracy's cause In an aM? and aggres
sive manner. Thi? wa? Judge Quarle*'?
flrat appearance In the county, and our
p-oplo are highly pIsaSBd with him. HI?
s}.?!-? h ?as \-rv Itroag and convincing.
Hon. H. D. Flood was greeted wl'h the
greatest enthusiasm. For nearly an BBUy
he appeaie.l to the votera to ?land l>v t.w
nominee, "?"io to work, get your voter?
out, ?end Judge Quartes t?i Congress, and
paspan the way for the great tidal wave
which wtll ?weep this country In IS??."
were the opening word? of hi? speech.
Some af the oldest citizen-? In th<? county
say they never heard such an earnest ?p.
peal fall from the Up? of any ? oniig man.
A mass-meeting eleoled thirty delegate,
to the Seventh Senatorial District Con*
venilon. which I? to tatet al Citato?
Forge Friday i-rlght. the llth. Very lit
tie interest wa? manifested, and no in
lompany Formed and to Be
Chartered For This Purpose.
Honey ?il Subscribed and Sites (or
Factory Being Considered.
Iliixi.i.??-?1? H t nil?- In ?.elllnu l'a
Thla Kntsrriirl?**. 4*. Illa ?a \ levar ta
Advancing Ititlisuoa.l's Mercaulll?
latatsals? ?taar It started.
F.i limon.i will Shortly boast another
new and ltnp"rtnnt Industry. A company
1 i f.irm.'il, and will be chartered
to a few 'lays, for th.? manufacture of
h 1? ?O.??, and
?. , nt <>f the mon. y h.i? already
beea subscribed
The locution of the factory ha? not
been definite!?- d.-cldc!. but live alSSSaal
pi eat Of property are under considera
tion, and th.it one will be B *t*4 which!
ri? bv parchaaed "ii th? mesl a,ivant.it; ?
geoua terms.
The lmi?.rt:in?*o of tills . nt.-rprlse to
the ?'l'y nt Hlchmond is hardly to be
estlmnt.d. The foot that no clothing Is
mu<l?* lcre bas hitherto turri'd tin? ?-oun?
try merchant aside in hund-ec*? of case?,
and they bAVS gtlM to r.altlmore, where
they couM buy all their supplie? at ons
matket. It has? affect, d lbs groceryman?
und the ?baler in BhOeS, and It was long
rrtnet recagalaat. thai something must
le dote- tO Bll in the gap.
HF.SI'l.T OF lirsiNi:ss-MKN'.*4. FF
This ii. iv corporation Is the direct re
sult of the conferencia held lasl winter
In the tVad.piart.-is of the Hl.hinoinl
l-Nii**, Travellei tt Pr< i ?iion.
betweea members of that organization,
of the Chamber of Comino too, and of the
Young M \ ?iatlon. The??
gentlsanea seed ta ate. I every Brash ami
discuss steaas ?.? improve the position
In th?- , otiiin- i 1 il world of tills City, ami
itils project Btaa one of tht most favor
ed. The war came and btodered the pi ?si.
for the time being?for capital I? pro
v.-rblaliv th.? but with the eematlon ofi
hostilities It cams prominently to th?
font ?gain, and Wall Shortly be r. allze,'.
Th.- factory, it is thought, will i>? in
M eiati ?ii long before tbs sad ?>f the
year, and bo tffoti win !,? spared to?
It at oi.c.? In competition with laVa
northern eatablbthments Fspe.-h.liy will
it be tin- object of th.- ?botapaay to pi , o
th.. beat siti?la upon tic- raarkel at a
minimum i -?. sad tic Influence or th?,
Industry towards t!ie attraction of th?
TB na rehauts to th.? cits Is conll?
dently aapeeled at be v> ry gr.-ut.
l:f-7 HI'N BT G<>< >1) MKN
An ' ru, nta ate b"lng made to bring
leal men In thl? line of business
from 'lie North to conduct the varpi?
departments, but th?- factory win gi.??
? inplo? m.-ut to numbers of the men and
?! of this city and adjacent country.
The gi ni! m.-., who ir?> P. hind the en?
terprisa U til WSll known in this city.
Tbs faotory i-> th.- tirst <>r a mimbsf si
pr,,j,-,ts which this band "t public
spirit, d ?lii/.eii? h:?v.? In mln?! for flta
progr? -; and development of the awti I ? ?i
Ihaurksy aaeepla c,,ri,etr? thalle??-?*,
NKW YnllK, Octobts- 1" -Torr?
0*Rourke, In behalf of Tom Shark.-y,
poated t-'-7"?> with "llon.st John" Kelley
to-da) a? nn a<*ceptance of Corbett'a <
leng. ilxbt anybody.
I. haa been agreed thai article? shall b<?
drawn to-morrow, th?- light ,.o take plac*
about No?? ml? r '.' ! h.
It.-liirinli? r?
the gi- u N. a 7 ork II?>rse Show, at
IfsdlBOn tq n, Msw York, ' -
v.-inber H lo I? ;*-''?. I'he ??Id Domini >r?
steamship Company win conduct itj fiftr?
annual peraonally-coaducted escnesson t?
New York to || *-ii,,?s " I'arty
will leave Ui.hmon.l Saturday, November
J2th. al t'M !' St., m? Ch4 ip.ake and
Ohio ralla ?y, or *? A. M. via Norfolk tad
Western railway, connecting with oid
Dominion ttesrasr at Korfidh same eve?.
Blag, si? ??ii hotel ratea i ?va ?,een
cured. I ?r,- tor the round trip. Including
i and .*tat'-room berth on ste-uner,
only 111.
Ticke! I -ood fnr fn Bafs.
'h,- party I- limited, and New York,
will be crowded with visitor?? at that
timo, early application ?hould be mads
that | -r and hotel res? rvrf-i ?r,
m ly be secure I. For full Information
a, ply to John v :?i ?TOR At
No. mi east M-in ?ireet.
i ).. ?! N. ?v Virginia Buckwheat.
\. ?? Crop New Orient?? Molansea. 4s?-.
gallon; Quart-4'aii Maple Syrup, '?c.; Be?t
Cresa? Cheese, iSl-ae, p.,un<i, al s.
Filman'? Ion? Up-YewB st??r?-. if* ea?t
.?!!. N? w and Old 'Phons N; f>?.??-?i.
Town --' - " ?ireet,
old 'Phone lit, N? a That??, Wh
Eifl??i Towor ? ?mcsntrHXl Pratt JorlcM at? I?
b?shadiu ?SBOrsal tlaTor?, and tn.k? a ??li
ci?n? beT?r???\ Try tbea.. Pibcsu, Laso A
CO., Hole A?*entf.
r.ir in.?-?..-? of *>? Liver, *?l??Bac*a.
?nd KISaey?
the 4? aiir of (? lir?eoort?r Wait? Sulphur
*>prl?*e i* tu? most ?sluabl? la /-aerlca.
I'i s.-Ki.i, I.a.,D aco. Wtolasal? Asea.a
The Weather?
I WARHlNGTi.N. October IB.?
I lalN I r " ,l tnr TueHday:
j I Wet Vlritiiila, North Carolina,
I and South Carolina? t*.i*u?w?r?, in
creasing east to northeast wind?.
YKSTKRDAY waa clear and pleasant.
State of thermometer:
? A. M.?4
I A. M.
12 M.?
S P. M.T7
? P. M. 71
12 nlght .?
Mean temperature .T*>M

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