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PITT.Sl.i I.'?'.. <>.B?h?r " 'SV 'I""
tuviitx ??\ctuh triennialcondavi <?t th?
Knight* Templan ?.pe*.* Btss Ja*sAy.
Fullv ? -. Knights ?.warm Uie city.
niakoii '...'- gathering the Is-f-gwt.in the
hist'.iv ??! the ord? There mil Ml '
: parad? and other festnitn*?.
Til?!.' \Mts;ilii.?r pa nul?! of stea<.y
buyer?-. In r?* y?'st?*ril!i.v- -t?>-??uy no
prrtliVt ?vi'ii more- .'or it is the
LA>T DAN <?f the (ireat Sale of
Saks & Co.\< Fall and Winter
Merchandise at about ooc. on the
Don't niisf- it ! If s tl.'O rliance
of j*. lifetime t?? buy your fall anil
nintrr attire jw-t as TOE want it
at siii'li hijc reduction**.
0. H. BERRY & CO.,
Leading Outfitters
44 Queen Quality "
? $3.00
Hand-Made Shoes for Ladies.
Thi? new und elegant line of Shoe? K!c
:ari?-e oombli ea ?11 that la posstbl? to make
j-\n* 81: '. and we hav? accept
e?l the ngeocy for the ?ale "t th? 'Queen
Quality" Shoe? for our Virginia Mor?-s,
and m?>at reapectfully ask the ?.arer? of
14 and IS ?h at t" Investigate Th<- mnr.u
faotorar claim? and guarantees the style.
lit an?i quality to be the "Q 1 ' r
f?h-?emaklng Higher prices only mean
lusher profit?.
Lnaed or Button, Kid or Patent Tip,
? ut I'?? MMg .ii-|'lnv.
siioi; siujii:, 31 1 l.i.o ?i>.
it? it-it-_
Hoa4a.ii 11 1.-ni? t lia* SeiiMlor??Score,
B to ?.
W'AHHiNi.T. ?' . . ? ? t? b< I 1" Tic
tons mail.' thetf I'M for lb? pennant
?tr?ne,' r to-.lt> (.?. defeating th? Senators.
Ntct. well. A ro ord for tlrst
1 waa mad? by smith, for Wash
ington, without only on.- r"?'-?"it. He
i no othei chance Attendance, 1408.
B. II 1.
Washington .1 0? 000 I 7 >
1; n . < 1 .I 01 x? * 11 t
Bu el M' (lune; N'ichol?
and B? te? 11.
Umi nnolly and Heydler.
Tim. ,?i game, : boons.
BIRDS, 4. NKW V(?BK, 4.
BALTIMORE, October lo.-The ?x>
thampiona presented about tie j.real
exhibition "f Heldin? eeen here this year.
All of Neu Tork's runs ??!< made on
B? "r.-: It. il. K.
Baltimore . ? 0 1001101??] 7 8
New V?.|k ""11 1? t? ?I 2? 4 9 3
Bat* Jain.-s and Clarke; Rust?
iin?i 11
Uaaplren: Messrs. Osffney and Brown.
Time of game, '.' houi
TK>>BBKY-l">l'<.'I-.i:s. 7; QUAKERS, I.
BROOKLYN, October 10.?Th? Brook
lyns ni.,1 two of their Colt pitcher?
agaln-M the Phillies to-day, and both turn
. 1 oui t?? i"- romera in tic Brsi game,
li"?. II, 1 '. . i ;ii. m, 1 i.i.n i< '..nu.? Btate
J. rue team kept the neavy-hltUng
<junk.rn gucMsini,-. Hopper, a Kldaewood,
.v J . roungater, ?ith a Bouthpsw de?
?viiy, mould have prevented the Phlllle?
fn?m awe-ring, t.ut f,,r WagnePa stupid
lidding in th?' third Inning Of the second
game. Attendance, 6O0. Score:
First gams: P?. Il B.
1 ..IMi .?' 0 "-' 1 2 0 2 (IX- 7 13 2
i'nil.iuelplila .I 0 1 0 .?until?.?
1 tterles: 11..?. 11 and Qrim; Donahue
and McFarland. Time of game, 1 hour
llilliilt? B.
Second game: \\. \\. y.
i.roiKiyn .SSBSSS ' 4 |
sniindeipnia .uozvvil - 4 ?
Batteri, Hopper ?md Qrim; Platt and
Biiil'i' Mei r*l Hunt ami Atnlr. ?s.
Time ?'t game, 1 hour an?! 7 mlnut? .
PITTBBrno, PA., October 10 Th?
g*.m?' to-ds) ?as full ni fine pitching and
splendid ti<MiiiK on both ?idea Hoi ?
Cm relsnd plsyer i? ich? .1 third. Attend
!-'. . Bill
Put ?burn .0 00 0 0 2 <\ 0 \
Clevelai .1 .0 00.1 ? 0? ?. 1 u
Butteries: Tannehlll end Bchrivsr; Fra
e. k.
Vnipit..? Messrs Bwartwood and lie
Donald, Time of game, l hour Bad 10
ir.liiiu. ?.
v?-r> effective until tin seventh inning,
when the Coloneli laced out four singles
und a triple, netting lour run.-. Score:
B. II 1!
i vin- .?? ?h 1 h n " n 1 s 1
Cincinnati .001000100 :< I 2
Batter!?-?: Cunningham and k 111 r
illil an?I PeltB.
Umpires: .*>! -r- Kmvll and Warner,
Tim? of 1 11' and ".? minutes.
Attendance. 1 uOO
W I. p.c
1 .!'?> 45
B more . !?.'!
' onutl . H .',:. .1*17
' igo.. ?'
.79 66 .r.4!*
Philadelphia .
New York . 7: 71
Pit! burs . 71 7? ,4.??i)
I.'.'UISVllle . 1,7 1 .
Brooklyn . U M ..'71
w ,n ..:, M
ht Boui?..3> in
lloaton ..i \\ 1 ah lug ton
\. v? Viiil? al I ?altim.'i
Philadelphia at Brooklyn.
' .eland ut Put ?burg?
I'inclnliati at Louisville,
Queen < ll> Hacei.
?'iN.'iNNAi'i, October i?'.--Result? at
Kirs' rrt' a ..i., mil?-- B? io |)
won, ?-.' h?..,? .?m ?j ,,, 1 Md '; to ,) mm
(8 f. 1. third. Time, l iv4.
Bve and one-half furlongs
? '" ' tsdy (C to l) w??n. Oue??-Me (2 to
?p17m,r>?? "**f?rut * t0 ?
tond Loria? ?.'up <( to l) third. Time 1 jk
Kour.l, race mile-It.-.y H. ,ln to li'won
LU!? (6 to 1 and ? to 1) ?ecomi Klttv n'
U " .- ?bird. Time, 1;_ ' 'n> B'
Klfth race aU furloiiK? - Pwrak?M-t (S to
1) won. IJndu?? (J to 1 and 6 to ?) ?.?cond
iMIance (? to 1) third Tin
Blath rs-e.--one mile- D?male t% to D
won Da|ii?way ?G to l and 2 to 1) second,
MordecafCU to 1) third. Timo, 1 CVi>
Thla ? er. m..n> to Occur ?t ?be Capi
tol To-Morrow at ?4o??n--.?len?Ior?
nd ? onur?*??,n.-ii In? Itesl?Pre-para
<l..11? for ?l?i*?eri,iu Oat.
If Hur.- wa? ever any doubt as to the
tllliBBIill of the Third Regiment regard
ing remaining In the aervlce. it exist? no
Th? private? spoke yesterday, and the
manner In whl-h they expressed thaii
mind? leaves no doubt as to their views.
N"t an average of '> per cent, of the men
of the companies polled want to longer
wear the livery of UBCBI Ham.
At a meeting ol officers of the regiment
Sunday it was decided to poll the va
rious companies with a view to learning
the wishes of the men. Th!? was par
tially ?lone yesterday. The results In ?p?
cule casai were not made public, but It
was stated that the sentim?.nt was ov.-r
wl.eimingly in favor of going home. F??r
instance, in one company not a single
man voted to remain in th? ?ervlce; in
another only one desired to remain; In
another eleven wished to stay In the ?er
vice. thouKh the latter was stated to be
an unusually large proportion. The com
pany which had sixteen men in it who
desired to remain wa? the star organisa
it was stated by several officers yester
day that prior to the unjust treatment of
tli.? ISgtmsnt by General Butler the sen
timent in favor of remaining in the ser
vice was a? strong as that now existing
in favor of going home. The injustice Of
Co lierai Butler is said to be responsible
f,?r th?- change of sentiment. The men
becsmt disKust.'d.
All of the companies* were, not polled,
and It is probable that more of them will
be asked to express their sentiments to- I .
day, but enough has been learciid to
show very clearly that the men do not
wish to remain In the service. The ob
jSCl of the poll wa? not to bring any In
fluence to bear to have the regiment re
tained in service, but simply to learn the
sentiments of the enlisted men.
The ceremony of presenting to the
Third Regiment the flag which Governor
Tytof has had made for It will take place
to-morrow at no-?n from the south por
tico of the Capitol. The regiment wii: be
massed on tbe square in front of the poi
tico, and Governor Tyler will make the
speech of presentation, probably from
the step?. The speech of acceptance will
be made by Attorney-General Montague.
It 1? considered very appropriate that Mi.
Mcntague perform this pleasant duty for
the regiment, as he ha? shown great in
terest in its velfare, acting as voluntary
counsel for it In the Investigation of the
charges made against it by Geneial But
1? f,
The senators and the congrersmen from
Virginia were Invited by Governor Tyler
to be pres'-nt, and muke addresses. It Is
I,le that BeVera] trill accept, though
Dongressmea Walker. Otey, Swanson, and
X i ' aired theli t their Inability
- ao. it is considered eery probable
that Senator I ?aniel and Senator Martin,
n.i probably several of the ooagreMnaen
all] t?? here.
There was little real work done yeat? r
lay toward mustering out the Third R?gi
ne i.t. The company officers were en
|-ag?d Chiefly In collecting their company
?cjulpags, which has been in store here
since the reglm.-nt Was furloughed the
xth of s.ipti nit.,-.-, when this hst all been
? ?Hen together und Identifie] It ??HI be
turned over to the regimental quarter
ter, who win receipt for it to the
company commandera When it hat all
been turned to it win be receipted for
l?v Major Shanks, the quartermas:?-? de
tailed i,y th- war Department. The
amount Of work Involved in this singl?
feature of the pt?4M8ei of mustering out
Die regiment la VSTy greet
But it is much less la amouni than that
Involvaf] in the physical examination of
the men. This will probably BOl BS !?
TUB until to-morrow. Asslstant-Suig.?on
raambertoln has bean detailed for this
Inly, and will probably arrive to-day.
He will be assisted by the regimental
Things are moving very amoothly at tht
B*??changS Hotel, where the m?r ai,- ojUAT?
erad. Discipline was not very strict
Sunday, lait yesterday it ?vas quite dif
'( r?-nt. BavanlaBB men ?rare detailed for
<uard duty, and wer?- poatsd at rarfottS
?oints about thS building, to prevent the
I,---,ruction of the property, and main
r.in order. Captain Orimslr-y was of
)cr of the day, and Lleutenantt Griggs
md Kn??\ senior and junior Ofncert of
he guard, respectively. Men are not al
ow- ,I to r?-main OUI after lavs, DOT art
hey altowed to leave the building before
It is. of course. Impossible to get to
oth? r over twelve hundred rnrn and not
navs in that number a good m iny in
corrlgiblea so there was i good deal
,f drinking and some mlsbebsvtor SmOUg
tie men on the afreets Buudsy ard yes?
lerday, but the great mass of the men
.i" us quiet and gentlemanly In deport?
lient as the BtOBt exacting COUld wish.
The quiet reigning about the old ho*-)
liter taps l.?s remarkable It is much
rreater tbaa in the average hotel full of
i-isitors, at any hour of the night. At
east one of the eosapaay officers stay?
Bita ev.-ry company at night, and each
d th?- del,I others has a room in the
'till.ling. Major Price will bava put in
,, h captain's room to-day a table for
ise in making out the company rolls,
ivhich work ??ill b. begun at once.
The men are ?. ry ?sell fed. There was
;ome complain; Sunday about improperly
i oked food, bUl there was nothing of
yesterday. The men w?-r?- not taken
nto their meals in an orderly manner
'unday. and a? a result there was much
irowdlag and confusion, bul they are
ion marched to by companies, and ?11
at !n quiet and in an orderly manner,
?ix companies are fed at 4} o'clock In the
nornlng, and six at 7. six are fed at 12.
u,?I six at 1. and six at 5:30 and six
t 1-faV
? ;, n? ral LSS called on ("?overnor Tyl, r
unday afternoon just before toariai for
ivannah, 'in?! spent some time ?liSCTU?
ig matters pertaining to lb? 4'irglnla
Lea urged the do?, r
,,r to visit the ?amp at Savannah, and
aid he would be glad to aid in any way
i,, soldiers IB the Fourth Regiment wbo
Isb t" be must'red out. He said thai
h?n the Governor vls?ted the enmp lie
?>?i!d go with him through the regm?, nt
nd learn the meritorious cases, and that
I w.uld heartily unite in a recommenda
On to haw '!i"in ?lisch ^ ed, and have
IB places filled by oth? i soldi, rs mus
r, d out from the Second and Third regi
Governor Tyler and Congressman Lamb
re busy writing and telegraphing, trying
he War Department to agree to
us arrangement. General Lee ha? prom
et? to unite in ?hi? requist
<.,.\ernor Tyler sent the following tele
rum to Secretary Alger yesterday:
"Can't you arrange for the discharge
i urgent and meritorious cases from the
"tilth Regiment, Virginia Volunteer?,
id allow recruits to be taken in ?aid
?fflWtnt from the Third R??glinent. now
-ing mustered out. and could not trans
nation Le allowe.l?"
A report In circulation to the effect that
rivale Lee Llgon. of Company H, Third
eglment. had t?een victimised by having
counterfeit 129 bill passed on him by a
an who aaked him for change In a
! ?.?.i ?ti?-.-! ?tore Saturday night 1b er
.neouu. The bill was reported by Mr.
Igon's friends to be counterfeit, but the
lanter?' Hank gave him change for It
The offlcera of th? Third are arranging I
>r a grand farewell banquet at tha Jef-1 tTn
fcrson. AI > sTassUng "' oBcer? i
it was dscldsd t?. bave the banquet b?rfora
ii.iit in muKtered out. and a com
B?tte? constating of C?ptala Anderson.
assistant surgeon; Lieutenant D?r.anoe, ot
Company I, and Lieutenant Adam?1, of
Company L were appointed to make the
- try ..un ft tut nts.
A committee was als?, appointed to
ritabta rsaolntloaa regarding the
death of First-Lieutenant Klagg, of Com
pany 1.
The report that Colorel Raker, of the
lOOOBd Regiment. 1? end-avorlng t" have
two battalions of hi? rsglment kspi la
sirvlce Is declared to be erroneous. It
was ?aid the Richmond companies were
not included In the command he '.vas . n
?l.avoring to have retained, and Uta "fl
iers of these w?re naturally somewhat
hurt. The report is pronounced un
It Is now said to !>e not altogether Im
probable that the War Department will
have another battalion of colored troops
recruited In Virginia, which will be used
to complete the Sixth Regiment, which
IOW contains only two battalions of four
companies each. In the event this Is
?one. It la probable Lieutenant-Colonel
Opoxtoa woui'i be commissioned colonel,
ind that some white ottlcer would be
nia de lieutenant-colonel. There would
l"uhtless he many candidats? for the
attir position.
The health of the Virginians, at least
n the Seventh Army Corps, at Jackson
?ille, Is far from good. The captain of
me company in the Fourth Regiment
ivrites to his father In this city that
:hlrty-flve men of his company are either
sick In company quartern, or In the Di
vision Hospital, or h-imc on sick leave.
It Is not thought this Is worse than
as. s presented by other companies in
he regiment, probably not bo bad, as
his particular compan? has not lost but
>n?' man. Indicating that the men are
xceptlonally healthy and .strong. The
?nspitals are now said to be in very good
condition, and exceedingly well man
Corporal Jordan and Private G. A.
-athrop, of the Fourth R?gissent, now
lome on a 20-days' furlough, speak very
ughly of the work of the surgeons In tl.o
ios) itals. T!i?s. soldiers are also very
?ronounced in their praise of Mr. Oeoige
*. Walters, a New York travelling man.
vho was in Jacksonville during the heavy
torm a few days, and ?as \. ry kind to
he. men. spending much mon. y t.? make
hem more comfortable, b? sides working
lard to this end.
Private Robsrt Adam?, of Company I.
lud Regiment died of typbold?fsvsr at
lis hume, at Fairfax Ctrarthouss, Sunday.
le ?as a young man of great popularity
n hi? company.
Sergeant J. Arthur Johnson, of the
h? Fourth Virginia Regiment, has been
lainorably dlschargeil by telegraphic or
l?is from Washington. Sergeant John
on's home Is In B
In Immens.?? Amllenee VVltnesnaea II?
Presentation i? i Hi?- An.lllorlnin.
The pictorial presentallou of the Pas
ion Play at the Auditorium last night
ma witnessed by probably the largest
rowd that has been iir.i?n to tie- build?
Bg lliis season.
it seems Improper to say th? andiene?
rsa pleased when speaking of the sen
au..',s .li?t must have been every one'?
s h? witnessed ths lifelike presentation
f the story of Um Christ Th.- passant?
? Ober-Ammergau and Borita la pra?
enting this drama of the earthly exist
nce of the Saviour of mankind have con
rdvsd th<- Chrtatiy cbsracter to he that
/huh philosophers and sages would not
oribe to Hub. out nhtob romes to an
h?? witness the presentation as given
ist Bight It is BUCs. S wonderful Mi Bd?
ig of man and Beul a? does not come to
a.. Blind "f sv< rage humanity.
From bsglnnlng to end the repr?senta
on Of the play was s.ileiiin. impr.-ssivi .
nd moving. The tactnrs preceding the
resentnUon, ?dsscrlblni th? motiva? of
i? Blmpls-mlnded p ?santa in th
seating the sufferings <?f tas Christ th?
ictuies of scene? In their fluOy lives,
ieir labors, their amusements, and their
cverty, prepared the sudlsncs for th?
ones which followed, and throughout the
reduction one's mind continually rsVSTt?
1 to the hard, joyless existence of these
' opto, and one could but wonder whether
nir livt s ha-1 m?t given ih.-m a clearer
nd more nearly cric t Idsa "f Uta Si
lour. It Is remarkable that men and
omen who hav?? no professional training
lould he able to reprisent ?esnes In a
laanat 'hat thrllla < old-blooded men,
lough they witness their production
?rough the medium of the cineoiuato
Tin- pictures were explained in an elo
i. tu rnansr by Profossor Janus- Shelly,
i III - Blanch*- Tewell, of Washington,
ad Prot ' DuSban. Cloward sang ap
ropslate solos Bt various points in the
Pat dag Play will be present*.'! o\ r?
ight this week. It ?srm? prribable. from
IB si7^? of the crowd last night that the
reliction of Rev. Dr. W'hartoi? thit
,-erybody In Richmond ?ill see at will
i fulfilled. The proceeds of the enter?
ilnmoatsDr. Wbartofl dasotssto hisor
nanages. chief amoiiL* which la !iis Who?
i? ver Home, at Buiav. He made a
ion ad.li.ss to the BUdlSBC? last night.
id will do eo at each performance.
nkest Place from Immanuel Chnrcli,
or Which .?he Wim u Member.
The funeral of Mrs. Ida L. Clay m
ok place from Immanuel Baptist ?-hurch
mday at 4 P. M. The church was
OWded with sorrowing friends, who es
ut.? d Mrs. Clinton for her good worit?
id Christian character. The services
ere conducted by the pastor. Rev. J. R
arrison, and ?weet and pathetic soios
to ?ung by Captain Cunningham and
I -I bins.
lytaa died on Saturday after a
Bg illness. Sh?; ?as th?- wife of Mr.
?11 am B. Clayton, and is survived by
i husband an?! the children. She ?,.?
devout Christian and had been a mem
r of Immanuel church since It,-, organl
tion as the Fourth-Street Mission, some
ars ago. It was a sa?l coincidence that
r fun.ral should hav? occurred on the
iy on which Rev. Mr. Harrison had
ked espectally that all those who were
ember? of the church at its organ isa
?h should be present. At the close of
e service Sunday morning, these orlgl
1 member? were Invited to the front,
id the pastor In addressing the group
thirteen referred feelingly to the death
. '' i\ ton.
["he sermon of the morning waa a
rong missionary one, on the commis- '
>n to the disciple?. -'?,o ye into alt I
t? world and preach the Gospel." and 1
is followed by a collection for home
??Ions. i
?lore than twenty million ?tee ?ample?
DeWitt'? Witch Hasel Salve have been
itributed by the manufacturer?. What
tter proof of their confidence in Ita I
?rita do you want? It curse piles, burns. !
nids, sores. In the abortest space of 1
ue. i
Proposition to CI???* Door? Cnu?c?
? Mharp ll.li.iir-llir ?s?,-, ?lied Pro
vincial *-*?i?*n>?Amendment? '< '''**
4 on.III.i I. a.
WASHINGTON, October 10-There was
no abatement to-day In the public interest
attending the triennial council of the
anpasasaal Church, and large crowd? Join
ed in the religious services at Epiphany
church, which preceded the business of
the day. The expanding influence of the
Cbnrcb was indicated by a memorl.l from
the Japanese diocese urging the erection
of a southern jurisdiction in that country,
and from the Anglican Church in Hono
lulu, heretofore fostered by the Engilah
Church, asking that in view of th?* an
nexation to the United State? of Hawaii,
the church of Hawaii be amalgamated
with that in this country, been.
missionary Jurisdiction. The propositions
were referred td) committee?.
The Southern Florida Jurisdiction sub
mitted a proposition that each missionary
Jurisdiction be represented In the council
by one clerical and one lay delegate. The
proposition wa* referred.
The divorce question carao up, and was
placed on the calendar for discussion af
ter the resolution on the Czir's peace
conferen-e. The resolUtlOB to close the
doors when the divorce question came up
led to a spirited debate. Several deputies
criticised the rnov-j towards secrecy. The
motion for clo?ing the doors went ovr
until the divorce subject shall be con
This cleared the way for the main dis
cussion of the day?that on amendments
to the Coi.stltutlon This related mainly
to the hat. nut] organization of the Church
and to the amendment of Article 4, for
th.- ?Stabllabment Of S standing commit
tee In each diocese. This article was
agreed to after the adoption of an unim
portant amendment.
Article 5, governing the formation of
new dioceses, led to considerable debit".
It was explained by Dr. Dix, the chair
man of the committee, that the article
contravened no existing regulation, but
laid down broad principle? governing the
wholo Church.
Delegate Lightner, of Minnesota, moved
to strike out that feature of the article
which provides that no city shall form
more than one diocese, except when the
civil authority consolidates Into one city
portions of territory belonging to differ
ant ?lioc.se, la which case each portion
?if said territory ?hall remain attach? d
to tho diocese to which It previously be
longed until a change Is mad? by con
sent of the general convention. This
amendment was finally udopted ?t the
afternoon session.
Article 5 was then recommitted for fur
ther consideration by the committee
Article 6 was adopted on a vote by dio
Artlclo 7 led to a sharp division over the
?o-calleil provincial s>stem. The com
mittee report provid d for uniting dlo
ceses into provinces. Dr. John H. Eg.m,
of th?? committee, presented a minority
report, holding that the civil division of
the country Into ,,,uld be follow
ed by the Church, without the creation
of strictly ecclesiastical "provlnc-s."
Th.- ??Jabato '.?a- cirii-d OB by Rev. It.
Taylor, of Sprlngfl-ld. and Fulton, of
Pennsylvania, and Rev. G. H. Ward, of
Fi.-ndt, in mi;,port of th?- provincial sys
tem, and Rev. Dr. Huntington, of N--w
fork, and Rev. |. I,n .1, Fan,!.-, of Minne
ibjject went over
until to-niorr..w.
The IP,u:-. ?,f Bishop? devoted the en
tire aft.-rnoon to discussing th? dlvorc?
question. S-.rctary Hut SnnOUnced that
c>nsi.|. rabie progress had been mad,-, lut
no decision had be.-n reach? d.
Li.fi,re. adjourning for luncb the 1'
of DepUtiet agre?-?l to a rssatatlon ,,t tht
Bishops, repealing the canon establish?
tag the Prayer-Book Distribution Bo?
This organization was formed for the
purpose of accomplishing the free distn
Pinion ,,1 prayer-books, but Its trorh li "I
1? , n completed, and this briiK'h Ol
church tabor is now attended to by dlo
C. mu a --?.elation?.
It WBt decided to create a new mi
sionar? district in Japan, to h,- known SI
the Kyoto District, which is cotermlnou
with the Japanese diocese. The Bts
sionary will be selected by bishops.
A re*-',,liituin was ,-,-? ' e<l to providing f-,r
, ral committee, to Which --hall be
referred tin- ri-solutions present?,I by tht
Lambeth c*onferonce,
The chairman, on behalf of the presid
ing bishop, announced th.* BpfJOtttdB '
of the following Botamissioners of tbs
American ChttTch building fund; RSV,
Messrs Morgan Dix, D. D., of New York.
William R. Huntington. D. D., of Neu
York; YValton I: l: RI : lb ill I
Albany; ?'harles T. Oirnst. -id, I? i?., ol
Cntral New York; H-nry An-r, l> I?
of Philadelphia ; Kdmiind I? .'..-.r, I?
D, of Long Island, John H. Klli, ? 1' M
of 4Vashlngt??n: David H. Cr.r.-r. I? I?
,,f New York; Re-sc F. AlSOp, I'. D.. of
New York; Douglas O. K? Hey. D. 1'
California; aaununl Hart i?. D ol i
n.-< tient: ?'harles H. Btrong, Ol '
and Gilbert H. St. rlmg. D. D. of .' -
Pennsylvaala; Hon. L. Elradford Prince,
,,t n,w M.-xico. ,ind Masara John a. King
,,f Long (aland; Rob? n Treai Pala.
Masaacbusetts; Willtam U rhtner, of Mln-/
neaota; Alfred Milts, of Newark; .loon
Wilkea, Of North Carolina, and Jame?
Houghteling, of Chicago.
r.........I? and Hrlef?.
Mi- Ell'-n Fcil.ls. of Chase QUj, i
| her fri.-nd, Mi - Ann.- Lambeth.
Mr. Charles P. Nair. po.-tm.i.-t.-r at CIH
toii Folg?-, was in the ?.it y | -?.! ;.?.
Judge Jam, s .'. I^mb, of the .'h.m--.-r\
? - has returned to the city, after a
brief absence.
Mr. Vlrginlus Pendleton, who has been
111 at Ins realdeac? for the past lv\o
Waaka, is now much better.
Mr. J. T. Terrell and his daughter, I
are lying sariottsty ill at tbetr resid
No. 51?) north El.-wnfl. str..-t.
MISS Sara. Tayl??r, of West App ?mattox
left last week for home, after a th
rsaka* Itay with her friend, Miss Marian
The Sunday afternoon services at M n
umental church will hereafter until Iy.it
bo held at 4 o'clock. Instead of L, as h?ie
Mr. L. W. Harris, of the Huris Hard
ware Ceaspday, who has basa al
s-v, ral days in St. Louis with his sick
brother. Rev. W. K. Harris, will return
In a day or two.
Mr. J. C. Nolan, of Chicago, HI., who
was visiting his sister. Mrs. 4V'illiam
Bowen, on Graham street, and also her?
to see the launching of the Illlnol?, re
turned home last Thursday.
Miss Gertrude B. Bu? kner, the efficient
past lady sup??rlntendent of the Virginia
Hospital. left yesterday for F??rt Monroe,
to accept a position as nurse In the Gov
ernment Hospital, recently established
Mr. William L. Walker, manager of the
?temmery of the American Tobacco Com
pany, will go to New York as the com
pany'? general tobacco buyer His bro
ther, Mr. T. J. Walker, of Durham, will
?ucceed him here.
Itlehnionder? 1? Vra. York.
NEW YORK. October 10.-(Special.)-A
Sycle. C. W. Colllna, H. H. Power?. St.
Denl?; J. Ro?en?tock. Marlborough; P. A.
Haughton, Astor; W. 0. Pay. Cuso-oooll
Run Down
and Killed!
Hundred? of people >ote their lives
-s.ry year through bring run down by
horse-cars, cable-car?, or electric trolley?.
Thousand? ?jf people are daily risking
their lives In another way. They are
run down and killed by reason of HI
health. Thcv allow their systems to get
Weak, and some slight Illness develops
Into s fatal disease.
It I? wiser 10 take no rl?k?. but to built
up health, strength, and vitality by th?
bm Of I healthful stimulant. There la
nothing better thin
Duffv's Pure
Malt Whiskey,
which is unequalled for its strengthen
ing, invigorating, tonic effects. It i? not
an ordinary whiskey, but a preparation
having wonderful medicinal powers, it
is uni?., i s.?y prescribed and recom
m< nded. ..
Bs -ure that you g-t Duffy's pure malt
whiskey. It Is the only medicinal whiskey
tn the market.
Structions were placed on the delegates.
J. Hampton Hoge addressed a gOOd
?n the court-yard while
Quarte? and Flood were speaking In the
Marsh,.11 at Gale City.
OATH i'ITV. VA., <j,-tober IA?(BpSOtaL)
Hx-.'.'iigr? ssm in J, W. Marshall, of
'i Ig, and Hon. J. Ludan Gleaves, of
W'ythevllle, had a joint political dis??'is
staa befors a grant crowd here to-dsy,
Marsliall seemed to have tlie crowd.
Among Other t h i n -; s. h?- said: "Free sil
ver means volume of currency, volume
means work, work means profit, and
profit means prosperity." Judge Mar
shall made a line impression.
Federal und S'inte Authorities Work
In?; Tnuelher Move ?o ?tuell It.
MJXXKAP? ?BIS. MIXX., October 10. ~
The Federal and State authorities are
now working In harmony toward the
quelling of the Indian revolt. General
Bacon offered to come down from Walk
er this evening to confer with Governor
Clough, but the latter advised a confer
ence by wir-?. H.- rseetvsd the following
message from General Bacon:
"Situation bad. Conference vesterdnv
resulted In BOthlng. Xcne of the Indian
chief? wer?- there Lumbermen are all
coming to Walker. Tn.ops needed at
CSS? Bake."
Wav?lth?l?aa, the Governor believes that
the situation Is well in hand, and that
the recalcitrant? are practically surround
??I by soldiers,
From Park river the OOVOTBOr has N>
; -i personal Btatomsnt, trignsd I y
r'iiia.' Sed Gay Raug Nsnoway Rush, a?
'. s :
"Pin? Point. October O.-We. the
Chlppewa Imlians at Pine Point. 0-"g
to state to the public that ?e are p. -
fectly friendly to the whites, and hav.
no ill-foellng nor are In any way hostile
W? hav? deckled In council not to take
any Bart whatever in the Lasch Lak?
troub' "
I tmpany of fifty volunteers has been
Offere.i to the Governor from Lltchflsld
A special to the lourn.t! from Con Lake
Baya thai armed bucks are undoubtedlv
proceeding south rail? a
from Rermldjl for tro?-?-?*, but none ?-ere
*or\t .-.s tbl? was consiilered the more
crucial point.
There t<?, considerable apprehension, ind
nn undoubted necessity 'or troops to allay
fears !n the small,??- towns.
dian council was held at h.? agency I'-i
afternoon, and wa? wall attended by
Flatmoutb and other representative dele
eat Ions. General Bacon and Inspector
TlnkSr told the Bear Islanders that if
they would give up th.? men f,r whom
WSrrantS have been i?su>?d and com? in
themselves, they coni.i ko home. \* rhev
resisted the trovernment would not
lie recalcitrants had been capturad.
and that th? Bear Islander? would not
tben be oermltted to occupy the Island
aealn. Thif BMSSBgS w-|II reach the hos
tiles hy runners to-night.
General Bacon's terms were received
by the chiefs with ?lgna of evident
sure, and thev aM ??lenifled their approval
of ?hem it is believed th? Plllsgera win
nc<-a.?t them.
ST. PAUL, MINN.. October l? Turo
companies of militia Started from Duluth
hi? evenlnc for Bermldti, that town
hr>\ipp- called for protection
WASHINGTON, October io.-o?t
of both the W'ar Dspartmsnt Bad Inte
rior Department are Inclined to the he
H?7sf 'hat the aerlOU?neSS Of the Tndlan
uprising in Minnesota has b^en exaege
rated. They .-?re not disposed, however.
to take anything for granted adjutant
ral Corbln tetegrapti " i
con to-nieht that he could have all the
troops BSCSSSSry to r>,jell the ?lemon
stratlon of the hostiles
The following tslegnai has tu?t been ro
.'. from Buperlntendenl I
of 'he Xorthern Pacific railway, at Bark
"Woman fuat In at McGregor from
Lake, four n.!!< -
that two ?leiten Indian? In war
nalnt -trove h.-r from h??r home M\
Mnks her buaband and father ar? i?:". I
the tir-t an?! only trouble i
"d along OUT lin?'. Will v"ii notify proper
Ittas? i ? in ' ik? ?
mi ? <l "Z- n man, With BUBS, from ?'.irl
WRITE BARTH MINN., October 11 a
grand council, Compossd of thirty chiefs
and head ?sea Including leading mixed
bloods of the White Earth reservation.
BtlBg aOBM '?"" i "pie, was held
lore t.,- lav. A rSSOluttOfl was ?dOptSd
deploring the state of affairs ?"stating ;.t
Leech Bake, and denouncing the BUthora
of the mischtet. A petition of loyalty to
the government wa? signed by all pres
All I*:., i- of .l.i? I. ?on \ow Infected?
Hi.?a?..- Spreading- Klsewlii-ri'.
JACKSON, MISS., Oct.iber M.?Th? f?sv?r
R here Is more sen. ,;
With the appearance of the dis
Xorth Jackson there Is now no section
of the city free from Infection, and bow
eaaaa are multiplying rapidly. Th? "tfl.;r
report for to-day Is nine new ?ases. N',,
deaths. Dr. J. H. Purn-ll, BtBt? health
officer. Is In charge here, and to?daj
1 the following proclamation:
"V. How-fever 1? appearing in all part?
of the city. The spread is becoming gen
eral, and as it will be three or four weeks
before cold weather can reasonably be
taastSd, it 1? again urged that all partie?
who can possibly do so will leave at on. "
for northern or other points that will re
ceive refugee?. Th? remalnins in J
several any? longer win maki it dan
gerous to leave."
Dr. Hunter, secretary of the l?tate
Board of Health, officially report? ?s
"BosptatOUS ?Ickne?? having been rt
parted at ?"anton and Investigation ask? d.
Dr. Purnell waa aent, und report? four
'a?e? of genuine yellow-fever, the dtaans?
being traceable to Madison. 11? ||
set lifted the town is badly Infected, and
Ijjeddir.a Mft?>
?cioiel. Slide:.I
The opening of the fill season fin s us ?
with a wonderfully complete sloe!; of elegant
Appropriate gifts for October brides, for
birthdays, or any til her occasion which frit ml
ship demands to be rentembered, trill I? foun/l
in great profusion, and at prices mort reason
able than ever before.
021 east Mainslred.
t?e li?-Su,'l ?iJfc In;
Baldwin & Brown,
?a?fii>a?oafiMie9ll<ll..00.00 0NJ
taken place i , a consid?ra?,le extent. Ha
riston has foUTt? I D BSW CBSes to-da;
Fifty-fiv.; under treatment Hi
and two critically 111. Madien
1ms (Ut . i .. o ?Tord one BS
Edward? two cases ami on?* dcati
Ora 1 ata now < oat
: Md
Board of ib alth .< J i kaoa, Miss., fo
aid In Um waj of ?ul latei ind modi
oal i-.eip to m "t th'- ? ondltlons
from the y?llow?f? vet i pidemic I.
i to the Marine Hospital
Dr. Wymin, the nirgeon-general, and !..
its, took t be mat t ar up ? romptl?
to-day, but. have BOt as \ ci gt |
what racommendation to maks.
Condition of Corn, Onto, Rye, Tot?
toe?, Apples?, Toi?:??-?'??. ' ?V?-,
WASHINGTON, Octobar M The D<
partmsot of Agricultura to-day Issusd th
following crop report:
Th.- rspori of tt,.- statistician of the Dt
partmsnt of Agricultor? shows the art
oi-n 11. tob? r i ?i to Lav
been 81, .,s ?compared with M.1 on Beptem
ber 1st, 77.1 on October I, i?'-'7. and IS,
. II Of til" ? Icio'.
last tan years All I loo an
upward, reported last month, hav? dtasi
! in i?. ? tuoky, ab
has be at 1 point
standard. In O I Missouri i
i - i he same aa la -1 moni a. whll
; an Impr
oi i point :
Han.i, 2 in Iowa, and ' Il
Throughout th? South th? &
:.l al.
The usual wh. is withheld
: i of further i;..
The preliminary a i,m.te of tin* >i.|.
: .[ .el I ..' I bUI I
.-la of a bual
Imlnary i stlmat? of th? i top
DUt 2.1 BU -! ' . - I" r a T'- ftbOV? I
if the preliminary averages of I
iuallty is v..-.
.?; 8 one
The prelimlnarj estiraste "f the ylei,
, or -'
leas than m Us?
t?. low the mean of th? < ?? tob?
it ten years. The
i : ', ! :
The preliminary a?tlmst? Of the .,.;,
i.-r acra of
asi \ ' ir, nui 2.1 bush
ges for ten
igalnst ' - .' ??ne year
The condition of buckwheat has de
geptei ., beini
tow 7?; : This : M 6 : low th?
: point:
ot the Oetfl
OT the last ten
ndltton of Irtol ?eellnec
2 point? during September, wii
101 ;
ib of the Octob - ot iti.
BSt ten years.
Th.- apple reports show a continu. ?I :
Un? in ?vary Stats In v.inch t?ns oroi
s of any commercial Importance,
i Ore
ion where a ?light Improvement is in?u
The yield per acre of hop? is gen?ra!'v
of last | when
he yield will pr.babi-. - -l i.,?
?OUBda to the acre, being the only ex
The tobacco report? as a whole are
rabie than Ust month,
'ennsylvanls, Mar? land. Virginia, and
?orth Carolins showing a ?i?.h?.e of ta,
i. 1. and I pointa , K ?ntucky,
reports a condition Indicating
I p,r cant <>f a full, normal crop, an
nprovem? nt of i point? durli s tin? month,
a-hiie Tenne? B ?nd New
'ork report Sf7, 98. and ! ?? pat ? ?nt., re
_?V ?UE."?D NOT1CB?.
Office oi
,'lrglnla-Carollna Chemical Company.
Richmond, Va.. Beptemtxsr .T, ism.
his day declared the REGITJVR ?JCAK
:erly dividend <?k rw.? pku
"E.NT. on the preferred atoch of the
ompany for quarter ending September
i). UM. same being quarterly dividen,i
? '. 12, payable on and after October 14
m. to all stockholders ?.f record Octa>
er S. 1891. The book? of the company for
he transfer of preferred ?lock will be
io-ed from October 5th to October 15th
nelii?dv?. g. XV. TR U'KHS
ae ?.Oc t,5,8*U-it Trsaausor.
vus the sol?;' tli.-il si;?' ! I
vith her Ioy.t with th.
Berti <?f .T.soul-toii.'hii fr, sweel
.uii-j'sbury I'i.mo. Th in,m with i
imily of daughters tii.it be i
.? see settled ct>mfortbb]
hould try the ? ft* ? t oi
li?'in a Kiiii-rsliury ! * i ; 111 ?,. \ fini
ician 4vith ?i 1 >? :i 11 ?
?1 iiiLrsl?urv lTai)i)il<if**ii't n. ? ,1 .
ter. (all at our tin.- w.u. ?.
xamine thes?' ??<>ii<h'rfiil Pi
lable Piano Company,
Successors to Kithnumil Mus??. ( o ,
G. CORLIY, Mgr., - - 2? L. Broad St.
?Jl-Ai but,
'? I a M., HENRY
-. ii win take p1
Utb, it 1 P. Ifaalntl t',?
i'i i.. Bund
a year of !,'- ? -
1L.ici I
i-'uii.ril fron
i invited to att. mi.
brother-in-law, 1 B H
il . a, MARI HA BUI
i- of ii.'- late W P M
Simons Kell.uii. ,.
?Tuner il aervl
aith requiem m
1NO, ? ?cid,, r llth, at 10 o'? I
raent a' Ml
?tepe? a, M
bon y. No. til DOi th i
tain An,If vv Mahom-y, m th .
ber Ban
Pu?era! fr.?m st. I
n ..-i ?AY at I If.
Roan ke papei py, '
i ? NEii.i. i-, d. at tl
aunt, Ml I ,
ral will t-'ke pi,..
Irai Tl ESDA1 M? i v
BMITH - *Dled, Mond
!). r i. Bid? c . I - I
Of .-..iii.iel B. Braith. i. ' "'
her air?..
Th- funeral will take ?-' .
DAI 0? tOl - r Lth. at 1! A '
A Saving of 33 Uo 50 Per Cent.
f?o Jobbers' or Retailers' Profits to Fay
vs.- m..no' me
BRANDS mal?: i.n rut.
-i th? m the . el. ? .
LKE" Cook, and many oil
branus of both Cookirm and M
4Ve us* the verv b? I a
be houaht.
All -?.,?
S t?UV il?K ?*
or call and s?-?* our stock II a
SiunpW's ? an !> s.?-ii .?! I 11 I
< O.Ml'ANYS, Hroa.I sti.
Terms : Cash.
Southern Stove Works,
0?rICE ANDfOlNDrtt
115 to B North Seventeenth Street.
HI. II 4| I ? Ml. 4 4.
, -c .. 1.1 U>* .. -
r-r *?r_:_??~ -it * * aaaaa?sBSsa??a???
Old papers for ?ale at the i)i?psic*

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