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Time's Verdict.
Popularity cornes not by chance to the remedy
OWI la tatst for fifty years.
..irrant'*. fffet*>c*cent Seit/er Aperient
alar bacanas it is the one perfect remedy
f,,r ?/< <* keadoi he, bilic>usness,cc>nttif>irtiono*\<\.
r. It's grateful to the taute.
! |1. TAKKANT A (X).. Chemist?. New York.
ski: i"/Mit
4IIMMIHI4I, I MON ?rfl'*?:T>4.
1 traf ?.-??ion ?f lh?> Kali Mail Y*??.
terday Bats Meaanata.
? montlily meeting of the
-i yaststd
I Men's I'hrlstian
. -. .r. ?*. ?
' "?. ' ?,:.. my g
1 Lev. J.
>n of the Buai
. J- nea
Ml Csmpbell'S j.lace as a
the body.
re sleeted member? of
> v '' C, Henning, of Eui
'. M. 1 ?aniel?
; ' 1st church* I nj
lly Of the Columbia
- mlnary; ni?,.?, jive >
I 8en
" r ntrlekler, itev. Dr. W.
0 Johnson, Ele*?. Dr, ?-,
Res. Dr. i . n rataan
R< L, M Orner
iry, will, h wa
i: J V. Cook a
, .: hin?.
'. chairman of
00 \\ ork Amona: tlie S,,|
-,.,;<! ;i 11:.al r? port, which v is
a h resolut! ?a, v\:,i,-h was
I? ' ,,.?opted, explains
thl? raeetlng ,,f the Ministers'
'??n .?f Rlcbn . riclnlty baa
ait! t!?,. aniiounc?
.rotary, |, m
bis Charfla In Ibis
fi on ii s ofBcs. \\ t
p] aCS >?n record our BBtuUBI of
I t rother, and pray that the
D of the ' , ice may rent
I hi? labors through a long
, ; | life.
Of three, OOfBpCSed Of R??v.
.. W. Jones, Itev. Dr, Tu,1er. and
Mr. Chumbltry, v?..?. appointed on
ma Work ?it th?. Soldi? re' Home.
, .'.look of the work in our ctty;
: th*? beat m tans ta Barry
'a rrag I i
I itlon ??as poat*
.i.'ii th?- next Bwsfitlag. when it
. Btr? to ! S3 l'?"V J. Calvin
. -.. tan? a i'riddy, of Blackaburg,
uni Bubmltted the
I tbi v mug Men's Chriatlaa As
i riMlag ol bla college, land the
Having heard
I ii.Idy
the building oi a i
- Chrii 'i.ii Association hall at tut
Institut? a. i arttly com
? i ins work to th? sympa?
i , ontribnUons <>f any ?.-iiur-h? s
?.lit-?. IK?4?r. iai\4ll.ll A 1114*41114 17.
.In ?la ii, en I? mu? S,,l t*?Ilr?Toe? In
Cl.nii.M-r.a?1 Im- 4 rliiilnxl I?<??'!.?*t
JudKf Minor I i ?!"?? n a decree
in tt I Equity Court grnntlng a
. i ibeth ?' Hoce train
... r ?, . I ,i nt erounds
i,,n and failun: ,
: the BBBl : I ?'- ' to th?'
In tic same court a verdict was r< n
;rr in tin- cas- ?,f the
, rapany
Andi a PlsslnL Jr. '?
y f.?r
of Mr. l'izzini's family at
Inn. i , d ..a
that tbe ? hs - nol in
: -ns of the con
ge Lamb bas returned to tin? city,
th? rhnneity Court was in
B laded down in
Md '??riiii? k VI M -
j l.alhl,,p * ind Coff. f
! -, ??nd others.
I. h, Jr., quallfl?
ither, lately do*
i bJus .?r the sal its la ?
'i rual ? ' inrmy qualified
rdl ,n of the infant children of tho
.; Woodley and Pall!?* Epshur (both
\ itt In the
irt yes1 I with
: ; i ly of Mr. A ? '
', .- y wen I ?and guilt].
; to two y. an In tho
W ukins- and Herbert Johnson
?vith cutting each other,
ser? racejultti d,
lie? ose w is granted to jo
i and Ada V. ? T.lvi?*. The
aill taki piac,. to-day. Miaa
th. d ittghter Of Mr, and Mrs
an is a na
tivo of Prim Edward OOUl
It I" 4111 \4. 114 4!l>?. IIM.H.K?..
Iks iieiluht?, rdba 4i,?ll?*i,o?? nt tin*
n..iiisi.'* Clnb.
The parlors of the- Woman's Club arsre
Well ) :. rday afternoon, the ???'
tic re'iilinis' by M
- : B! r.itford-on-Avon,
-ks is tbs happy pos?
r ol j a.tlcul u v musleal ?rotes,
under pe? I i ,1 and
ilat. vrtth greai ease, Bh? pt
fi m ranuu :
\,imple? of soin" of th?
Bsary t?> tbe training of th?
l!. r selections were w< 11 I
I i.-aiility and wire warmly
v. i by tii?? eppreciatlve audience.
ns from "Tho School
: '*The Wo4jtng of Kathe
from Henry V. : "Ev??!yn Hope,"
"An l.lyll in tl?,
o Straus," by C E.
- the n ?'lu?' ? s was aenred by
\ T. Dai led by Mra, J. C.
,1 \ .,!; .,n COOke, and
BrUCe, and a pleBBBBt hour UnaS
il intercourse.
Tbs I ess I? C*??e Come? I P. I???t 1?
*??>! l)l?|????**d or.
The United M * i Couri was in
. t,,r ?i short 4vhlle yesterday, ??nd
rued until 11 o'clock this morning.
I .- of Edward 1/fwl?, charged with
Bg lettiis. from boxes in tlit- I.
l,rouKht up. and
rnembar af the ??Tetina
?burg, ap
laterest af the prisoner.
astlon was > tne Pro*
.-.- , : pro dure under the c!r
r l'irorin.t'.oii. It will piobu
ttBght up uKaii? ?l H o'clock, this
rule?, form?, and order? to be pre
: by tbe Paitad State? Supreme
Court governing bankruptcy proceedings
rs in two or three days.
LA4 V IN THE 4 111 .14, IL.
i.r*-?u? n?.,? n *t latan of m? wife'?
|-| ...Ir.ilion.
-, 11 ?et ualdi) the verdict In
ciase I? to be argued before
t*J .ddlll In the United Stute? Clr
C Bti to-n,"rrow afternoon at 3.30
>. who la In tho city jail, pending
?. ult of thla motion, bore hi? confine
very well until yesterday morning,
whea he broke down upon hearing that
i?l? wife wa? pn.Htrated and th? service?
of a physician had been called Into requl
aitlon. i
l?ecy bas received uiuvy visita from |
rt5^?__?_i? ceU ,n ,n? v** ?
tttl m t__- ,,f> '* b>' "^ 3?BBB
r to the m-nles of the ?it y Herg.ant s
b_^___sr_*__ raan>' **sutMa, which
he condition? of hi? Incareeratl.in per?
- need" lH HMH>r rolra"efl or -***- -
lendemr 1 ml I.-,,,-.? Bllgl??||l It?
(ensure In I ninlatnknhle Term?.
The London Gaiety Gtrls rive a "bur
fsque" performance at the Academy last
dght. and a large audience ?at through
he or.l? .1 and made th?- most of It, evl
h'f.tly determined to at least do their
'art to "Ret your money's worth." lim
h'-y didn't get It. and they delivered th? ir
M to the perf'.rni.uiee In no uti
"rtaln ?ound. In fact the "soumis"
omlng from the gallery coinpl'tely
Irotsned tha voice? of the pc?pl? on th?
tag.' dnrtng th- grantor pan of the en
erialnment. which was one of the poorest
a. in Rtehtoond.
Evans A Hoey'? phenomenal success,
'A Parlor Match." will be pCSOSntSd at
be Academy ??f .Must.- by James w.
IClngBley, Mark Sullivan. Edith Hoyt.
rom Browne, the whistler, and a large
emalning cast of eomedllRM and pretty
arln. Tim play Im. |,een rcilrnKsv.1 an?l
anda mot-?- atttactivs than ?vat by bring
irouKht up to the tbsstri? a] lasts? of tha
?>ne of the most delightful performances
' Issl Bsaaon was Um ?ppsaiaiu? bar?
>f the UsUngutahed artist Mr. abarle?
C_hlan, and his exc Henl company, it,
"Ths Royal Box." Mr. Ooghlan will
??resent this excellent piav at the
my of Music on Thursday night with
.iifinai cast, sosasry, ami oostumos
re employed at tiie Fifth-Avenue
Theatre, New v??rk. where the revival of
"The Boyal Box" met with ?-Teat ?UOCftBB,
l.l?t Of lia la |; ,|, . from 11 I, Il III?, 1. ll -
Work Hi fore I lie ? ?... i > .
The Richmond t*l?l?gatSB to the BtatS
Convention of ]laughters of the Con
fsdsracy will leave for Pi 1<Tsluirp to
rnotrrow morning. They ar.-: Mrs*. X. v.
ii'n, Mrs. fiara, Hash, Mr-?. Char
lotte BhOlbtirne, Mrs. D. B. Young, Mis
I? Wight Mrs. B, ?*. Xiemiyer. Mis.
Josephine Kn,,\, Mrs. Robert Christian,
-Miss Bessie Hill. Mr.-. Otorga Lyon, IflS
A i?. By on?. Mm, Virginias Hall, ami
Mrs. Dabney J. Carr.
'i ha ?pa? i ..i otttsct of ths mantlag la to
offlosra t,,r the mailing year and
discuss th? work dons by tba different
tara In Virginia. Tb? conatitntion
and by-laws will be revis, ?i with ?pedal
attention t?> the msmbonhlp clause, and
the question "f appointing a suocesaoi to
the title of Daughter of tb? Confederacy
will also b? "ne of the vital IMUBB, The
Richmond <b tagst? i go 11? dgod to vote ns
a unit against Um perp?tuation of the
Peteraourg Cbaptsr will give rsesp?
Uoa t" the visiting delegates In A, P,
Hill Hall during t!i? convention.
Mr. Volt Ink:, Formerly ?if Thl? City,
MasiIsa >ii???* Drydon ?if l'ininiu-id.
Mi. JohB Paul Xolting, of Richm??nd,
and lita? Kann!.; ltutherf.?id Dryden,
W'Tf WBdeV ?1 ?a! On | .1 cliurcti,
PlalaflsM, X. J., at high noon, th-- 41 ?,
Tha OSramony was performed by R. v
B, .M. Rodman, Ths bridesmaids war?
Mlaa Li??-.- Hotting, of Richmond, a sta
te] Of th?- gTOOBB, atnl Miss Ethel Can?
Qrosn, of North Ptainfleld; tin; baal man,
Mr. William ??. Xolting. ot Baltimore,
lid., B brother of the groom. After the
mony UM bridal party returned to tt.?
boms, where reception was held. Th?
pre?..nt.-. attesting the regard with
whleh the young psopl? wsrs held? arar?
many ami beautiful.
The brida is a lady of vary delightful
personality, Um daughter of Mr. .1 ??.
Dryden, Watchung avenue, Plslnfleid.
Mr. Xolting is an old Richmond boy, well
known and poptilur bars, UM s"?i Of Mr.
A. W. NOltlng, Jr.. of this city.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Molting BTC apendtng their
booeymoon *t Ashevllle, n. C
to ri:p\ir mi! < M.I.FI.O-tlll.l.S.
\ shaft to He Suok to Determine the
Cituar of the Cnve-ln.
Under an order from the Chancery
Court. Mr. C. U Todd, receiver of the
caii.-go mu?s, has giv.n Instructions foi
tie- repair of all damages caused by th?
at washout. Kxcavations hav- al
rendy bSSB begun, and the work is beta)
conduct.-,1 by Messrs. Burgwyn a1?: ralcott
Under UM order the mills are to be r.
torod to Iho sum.' condition M b? hue th.
catastrophe, it further authorise? Um n
celver to bring suit against euch parttai
or corporation as may ?"' .'??und to ba i.
ponslble for the damage, and In order i'
rmlne the causa of the sccltlent a
? ??a to he sunk Inside the mills an.!
B tunnel will be dug to the source of tht
Inatltntr for Suniln? -*?-l?ool Tonrh.
The Executive Committee of the Pun
day-fi ? 1 toll?n of Henrlco Parish
bave arranged t? hold an institute foi
ra and teachers at Bt. James churci
Friday, October mh. at I P. M. it wii
be conducted by the R.-v. Herman L
Duhring the secretary Of the America)
Church Bunday-Bchool institute, win
tr.iv.ls over the whob- country In th?
interest of Sunday school work.?Rev
Llewellyn Caley.
At 3:30 P. M the following Sunday
October lfirh. there will b<? held tin? an
1.uai celebration "f sll the Sunday
.??Is, meetings being held at St. Paul'I
and Holy Trinity church..-.
The Son? of Velernn?' M?*etluB.
The session Of the Sons of Veterans wa
short last night, and but few memb? 1
w.re pi?sent. Mr. Lewis B. Spence wa
m?! to the second ?srgonnoy, to sue
. . ed Mr. Hugh L. Hood", r< signed, an.
Mr I B Th<>mason was made a thlr.
corporal t.? auct?eed Mr. Spence. A com
mit tee w*s appointed to arrange for 1
musical programme In connection will
[he address a,f Mr. William 1* Royall
to be made before the ? amp on the eve
nlng of the 24th Instant.
Knalneer Jennl nit" IsSSMg ?? Ere.
Mr D. R. Jennings, engineer nt th
Soldi, ru' Home, suffered a moat painfu
accident Sunday, which cost him his lef
eve While examining the ?team gauge 01
tiie engine, the Instrument exploded an
? nlece of the glas? cut the eye so badl
It had to be removed by Dr. John Dunn
Mr Jennings Is getting along fairly well
but I? suffering considerable pain.
Appointed !Hr. H. L. Wattoa.
Mr Hnrrv L Watson, a young lawye
of Richmond, and an alumnua of the La?
DeiVartment of Richmond College, ha
been appointed by President Roatwrlgh
instructor of Expression In the Colles?
?VMh. at the eoll-ge a? a stuoent. Mi
Wallon took the Woods medul for declu
mat ion.
riteher? O? la tho Big League.
John Bishop, Frank Sparks, and Jac
?he.bro of the Richmond ball cub'
Ll hing staff, will go into the Nation?
Lb is e nfst ?eason. Bishop will pla
Afa^i-ville Spark^wHh llttabur,
und Cliesbro with Balthnara.
SASTI4I.O iii4l)ITI04?.
ThsMr Siame* l.lvrn by 4he Com
ml??nry? Condition? at 4 hlrka
""" ?' ? ?? ?rebina Examination
from Mollirai Standpoint.
WASHINGTON. October lo.-The War
Investigating Commission bad three wit
Baaaes batata it to-.iay?captain Qtatse,
"t tbe ?rlgsby Rough ITblSIS. Dr. Hysell.
BBSaf ?urgeon of the Second Division, lo
cated at Camp Thomas, and Major Gal
lagher, who wa? In charge ol various
commissary depots.
Captain CalTBB had been stationed at
Camp Thomas, Chickamnuic?, from M.y
until h? was mustered out, September
11th. Tho food, he ?aid, was g?-neral!y
abundant and good. <_>n one occasion t li
ment wa? tainted, but It was condemn"!
and rejected. He Btatad, however, that
the talnt.-d meat was not badly -poll.?.!.
and be would have been glad enough to
basa used It In the civil war.
c.-'Pt-iln Culv.-r mentioned an Instance
when the b.uon rooslvod was wormy, and
when the lUlBBBIBIIll lir.t arrived there
there was a BhOtlagB "f ttatagS, but th?'s?,
'a brad !- i n a| - -.lily rem-die.1.
?'afitain Carver stated that at one time
tw.nty-two of hi? men w?-r? trick. He
thought the proportion not BSnsSBf*/a;
no greater than during tb?* first days Of
the civil war, and until the men 'earned
to depend apOa tbe aimy ration and not
to go outside for foot. Ho thought tbs
pies soil to th? men w?-re unwh ?leSOfBO,
? ml also said thut mu? h BtSlS Li"!
chicken waa sold to them.
In conclusion. Captain Culver said bs
had no complaint t?. make of the treat
ment a.-corded him, except in the location
of his triops in 'In- woods. He bad ?>ro
f ited agaJaal this location.
Dr. Hysell testified that li- had BOOB B
BUrgSOO In the civil war, and sine- then
bad !,,-.. In leneral practice. All the
early rases of typhoid-f?-ver were treated
In th? rtglmental hospitals, and the pa
th nts w? r<- not Isolated until after tht
construction of the division hospital,
where t*?*phoM and suspicious rasas were
isolated ami the seen wars well attended
by physicians and Burses, though at Um? -
one nurse would have Charge, of thirty
The rinks were kept c??vrr?*d with enr'li,
but Dr. Hysell said that no special pre
caution was taken to disinfect \
going to and from tb? sinks. In his
opinion, the men In his division hud no1
as much ?water as tbey ah? utd ha\,- used,
tbOUgfc they mad- DO complaint. This
tras due to the fact that he was sua?
j?., ions of the wat.-r from Chlckamauga
liv.-r spring-?, and had wi.t-r hauled to
ths camp ta barrait fr,?m outstda
H? had Dr. MaMln. of the Elrst Brigade,
examine tin totakS "t the pine line, ami
this surgeon had repotted that It was Ml
feat b.-low the mouth of Chickamauga
cr.ek, which receto, a the drstnage from
tho camp. Dr. Martin liad als., report??,1
that th-- rn?-n were in the hahtt Of bath?
in g in th<- 11-, i r ibove th. Intake
l?r. Hys.U thought typhoid-tever hnd
! n Imported Into th? ?'.'?nil? from the
., itn.de, and thai the lB4*raaas bad I a
du.- to the failure p, prop, rl?, OOVef th?.
sink.-, and to tb? preval.no?, of Hi-'-.
Th.- examina-!,,.! of In. HySSll was con
ducted by Dr. Connor, <?r the commission,
and was v.-ry .?.arching, from a in- 'li
rai standpoint.
At lb?- aft'-'ti?! n ?.---'.on the commis
slon Sxamlned Major Hugh J Gail
He hi?! served a.- dCpOl l'ommi-?-?
Biboney, San JUBn, ami S.n
recently OCCUpled t!,is position at MOO*
tauk Point, having peen mads chief com
missary oi Qeaeral bafter'a corps. The
ration*, were, he ?aid, forwarded almost
rapidly as tbey wars leaded. He
heard bo oomplalnl of lack of raHoi
the front. At lirst they WOTO ai
forward a?,ont MAMA rations each day.
Erotn Slboney tin- depot was moved to
171 COOSO, sevea DSlleS Inland, and at this
point there we. never tnoagh ratlont
for even a day ale ad, and it was Im
possible to nil ail til- raojulrittons, 'i b
?? .- .. tbortags la r*otfat and sugar, which
continued r??r two or tatas ?lays. This
tras ?in?- t?i ths difficulty to landing sup
plies, becaua? .?r the high surf at s?
Major Oallagber said then aras one
Instance where lbs canned i
polled, and it was destroyed. Some po
tatoes and .?nions and tatnatoes wars
thrown away Bt Santiago, for the
.m,- ri-ason. ladead, whan it ami
eorered that any article of ?roods was
dsf? ' tlvc, ll was destroy 1.
On one occasion It had BOOB necessary
t,. Issu, green coffee to men on the
firing lines, but the issue hnd only be? n
f,,r ?lay, ami the emergency was un
?. cil.
Colonel 1?. niy pi*eaeed for tofonnatlon
as to the abortage ??f i*onTee and sugar,
am! Major ?Pillughf-r Btatad 'hat *
were probably tu,? days when the raen
were without these article . ii- ...?.i the
store was t lie Imm?diats can.-?- of this
o, iIctoacy, but thst if there had b.-t-n a
siilli'i.-ncy of lighten t h is d?-ftlclency
WOUld Dot have occurred. The Major
said th?Mrs was not, to Ills knowl. ?!g, . |
shortage In any oth'-r article of food
?luring the campaign.
"Suppose," asked fJeneral McCook,
"this shortage c?f ratlona had lasted for
its victima. It puts them in
the power of the weakest organ of
the body and makes them its slaves.
They must eat to suit it, drink to suit
it, and live a lenten life of self-denial.
have cured many bad canes of
dyspepsia?they will cure you, if you
are suffering from that disease.
Mrs. H. B. Anderson, 15 Williams
Street, Grand Rapids, Mich., writes :
" Ayers Pill*, cared me of dyspepsia
from which I had Buffered for three
years. They beat every other meiii.
.Sj.ocial selling in our
This ?.filil??? is not for a ?lay. Wo
lio*..' to Be aille t<? givg you ?.iicli gr??ftt
values nil through th?- Mftaon. We
bought tlint wa\ .
Lndtoa1 PLAN5EL WAISTS, like
y.ni are paying f.1 ??i for, nt UK?*.
Thoss t lift r v u an- pn vingts for
at #1.48.
Bigge-t lino of Lailio-V FLANHEIr
SSan days. Instead of two, what would
hav? i". n th? r> suit?"
"We would probHbly have had to fa<?<?
back," repHad Mhjor Qsllagher. "Msn
I tight nn short ration"."
The witness ?an! that it was Ornerai
Bhaftsr**? order that no formal requisi
tion for rations BhOUld !io roqulTSd, and
thai f.1 should !?? given to those need
ing It.
Major (?allngher snld that of the five
civilian BSStstaata he had, tWO were In
eff.-.-tlve and lii'lifferent to th'-ir dutl????
Captain Lsord, "f Ksw Cork, snd captain
Ryan, of Arkansaa,
Major Qallagher said the commlssary
rrapply ?t Ifontnuh Point was abundant
ood arhUe b? wa? at that place.
A Pintar Presienleil by n IMilladel
p 1.1 nn? The BOSth-BsTB Trip,
The meeting of Picket! Camp last night
was iievot.i largely to the rscepUon of a
report ma by Mr. Haalewood on the
re?ut me ling of th,- Oran.I ?'imp. He
expressed himself as bolm? In th??rnugh
accord with Hi" report submitted by the
History Conunlttoe, except that he
thought it ?u advlaad to Include In it any
reoorotnendatlon wl a? to aecos?
sinn, und the right? thereto. He regret
te.i that Mr. Royal] bad seen tit to re
sign th?? chairmanship of the committee,
but said !,. hoi heard ir tuggsstsd that
th? Grand Commander would appoint
General Bradfc t J'. Johnston to .
Mr. HAstasroOd, concluding his report,
Mr. lasse Tlbbias, of Philadelphia, a
l'uloli BOUBsr, arose, and with
some I'ni'? '1 Bl it?S Hag In bis hand, mado
an ornato address, pn to tho
samp a rots of thank? wa? tendere?!
Mr. Tibblns.
Mr. GHbba offerad a motion that a voto
of thank* bu 'end? red the VStataBS of
tphla for th? ir handsome enter
talamenl of ths camp ?aembsra in tha
< c; k> r city. ConUB md. r Maury thought,
as the Invitation did not originally come
through th?< c ininari'l'T Of tin- camp,
that organization COUld not. with pro
priety, tender ths ?rats af thanks. Quit?)
.m. nt ensued, and th? ruction wa?
Bnallj withdrawn. A masting wna callad,
bow ovar, after tha oamp adjourned, and
tha vote of thanks was tendered by the
in. ml. r.i Individually.
Mule I ? ? f ?* r-. It? In-.. ((l Slnnri a l"li
In Their Wane?.
The Richmond Hallway and Electrl.
Company is? threatened with a strlk,
among the drivers of Its mulo cars ot
tho I'road-.Street line, an.I unless term:
are agreed Opon to-,lay it Is likely tha
the men who are now h moling the reim
ov.r th? b ? ks of the mules will not con
tlnue In the employ of the company.
\ " in tho wages of the drivers wa:
ordernd ttast Uns York, to tans
yesterday, and it la understood that an
men were to suffer a curtailment of 2
cent?* per diem. In addition to tills the;
were ordered to work longer bonis. Th?-;
positively refusa-d to go as ordsrod or t.
stain! a Cut In salary, and refused y? Bl r
day morning to take th? ir cars out. Th
utiici.iis in Richmond war? in a quandary
and Um man wers tdd t?? continue yestsr
day at the old rate. This they did, bu
what will ba dOM this morning remain
to bS B? ' . S? lion.- ,,f the OflaCOtS Of th.
??nil.any located in Richmond could b
fout:d last Bight. The m> ii, however, ar
determined to strike rather than stan,
the i-ut.
The Leo Club'? Meeting-.
Tha monthly masting of St. i.reo'3 Cath
oltc Club was held last Bight, a larg
number of the members being in attend
An invitation was received from th
catholic la?m of safaachaslar to attem
their bazaar. The invitation was accept
ed, and the club decided to attend th
baxaar la .. body on Priday night.
A committee was appointed to mak
tin? necessary arrangement? for a ger
man, to ba- pvon next month.
After the meeting s graphophon? ent<y
talnment was glvSB by Rev. Path?
Qregory, O. s. b . which i -
I. and a rising vote of thanks wa
tendered Father Or?gory for the aplendl
entertainment. After the ?atertslnmsB
i-, freshmi ms wer.- s. rv.-.i.
Baifolh ?n?l "4Ve?ttern Ileierliitlv
l'a in oh la I.
The Norfolk and Western railroad par
anger dsBartsssnt ha? issue.i a hand
soin. ly-gotlen-up booklet, <) -. rlptlve c
the clti-?s reached by that line, and Bin
mond is ?-iveii considerable ?pace, t<:
gsthsr with four halMona cus, showin
tin- WashlagtoB and Lee moaumsats, s
John's church, an?! a vlSW of the clt
from the roof of the Capitol The boo
is w, il worthy "I" preservation. It is b?
lng distributed by Mr. K. W. CourtBS.
district passenger agent, In this city.
Horse Play? a Prank.
Quite an amusing Incident ociurril o
Holly street yesterday, though It cam
n.-ar being SSflQBS A number of th
. hlldren went ri.ling In a buggy, and wer
having oceans of f'in, when the hori?
conceived the prunk of trotting alun
faater than usual ?nd Jolting them a
out After that he stopped with a loo
of perfect good humor and ?elf-complu
cency resting on his countenance. Tb
rent was .lone By the ti.-fghborhood drtif,
gists and ?ticking-plaster advanced ?ei
eral cents. None of the children wei
badly hurt
St. Mary's Be-eflelal and Sorli
The annual meeting of the St. Man''
Beneficlsl and Social I'nlon will ta*
place to-night. Officers will make the
snnual report?. New officer? will t
elected. This Is alway? a vary hurne an
interesting meeting. Next Week tli
union will hold Its fall picnic.
Mar Take ?? Ocean Voyage.
Dr. J. B. MoCaw last night report?
rlov. Hartley Carmtchaal's condition ;
quit? serious, though not alarming,
may be that the minister may have i
take an ocean voyage to regain h
Pos?al!illlt?- of Arranaement ?JThsas?
by Men Ordered Ont Wko IA l-?h to
Remata In Service. Muy He .Irroni?
modnted?Other >ote?.
(Speclal.)?The Suprjme Court m? t to
day for the opening of the fall term and
BRUagnd the docket. Quite a numt r >?f
lawyers were present, among them being
Messrs. C. V. Meredith, H. R. l'ollard, and
H.ll Carter, of Ulchmcnd. Among the
motions submitted was one made by
M.-ssrs. M?redlth and Pollard, acting for
the city of Richmond, to ?dvanoe upon
the court's docket the case against th??
Southern BSD Telephone and Telegraph
CoflBpany, Tl;e cmpany, represented by
Mr. inn carter, Mated that it bad no
objection to the case's being advanced.
i ii aaksd that it be not fixeii earlier than
the 1st of January next. The court took
the motion un.br u?!v! - > tn> nt. All th?
Richmond gentlemen, accompanied by Mr
Bbspbstd, left for born..- by th. afternoon
train, leaving at
Th? court-room was well fill.?!, tin*
pao? Inside tho railing !? lug occupied
by lawyers, s??me tWOBty-Bv? " ' w I" in
were admlted to practice. After ?Ii -postag
of routine business the court adjourn-'I
until to-m ?rrow.
it Is now s.-ttle.1 beyond a doubt that
ond Virginia Infantry will be mus
tan ?1 out on the Dd of th? pr?sent month.
at which time the thirty days' furlough
Will expire. This was stated positively at
UtS War Department to-day by Um ott1> -i
in charge, of the mastering out of the
troops. Adjutant-Oeneral Corbin was
ask- d if any ?postal effort bail been made
tO k< ' p the? regiment in th?> service, and
I'' then was any BpSdal reason for mus
tering them out. He said he und
they wished to remain In the service, but
did not know that any special efT??rt hud
been made to keep them In the service
As to mustering them out, there was n?i
mor? ap?ete] reason than there was foi
mustering out any other regiment The***
will be mustered ont inerely because th it
ervtces are no longer rsgulrsd by the
gOV? rnment. Just as will all the other
regiments ordernd to be discharged from
th.- SSII It?. Th" BserStery of War i
Bow considering plan by which the met
In the Fourth Regiment not wishing t<
serve longer can b? dtacharged BBd thsli
placee supplied by mea fr..m th.? Becon?!
and Third who >i" wish to continu? ir
service. It is doubtful, hOwSVSr, If su?-?
.-m arrangement ??nn be and? without
great trouble to the department.
There Is nothing n,w nt thN end of tho
Una as to tin? factional disturbance?
among the Republicana In th?
and l-'oiirth Virginia districts, in both of
which they have two ?andtdatee for Con
gress. l?>7aUoBal-(7hBlT_in Haaaa baa not
l- an beard from la rotation to the Nor
folk District sltuntion, BBd wliilsj Actlng
Chatrman Hull, of tho oongresalonsl ram?
palgn, ?b.iiiis in favor of the W
I m nUOB, tti'-te I* no likelihood that
Candidate Holland, the choice of th? Bur
roughs-Bowdsa convention, will with
draw. Neither I? It tho opinion of any
politicians h.re that .Iones, the colored
randi-date la the Fourth District, win
withdraw, In favor of Thorp.
In th,? revi?c-<l regulations concernlns
?s on tOhnCCO, snuff, and
th? following exemptions from ?pSClal tu
ai.i not..]:
".No laaiiufactarar of tobacco, snuff, oi
cigar?? Is rSgUlrsd to pay a sp.-.lal tax a?
r in umnufheturad tobacco, snurr
or ? lirurs for selling Ids own product.?
from th.? pla.o of ?BBBUfaet
"Person? who ragteter and qualify a?
peddlers of tobacco, and who travel frun
10 place, and who sell or offer t?
ell and deliver manufactured tobacco
snuff, or cigars, will not bo required n
pay si-? i. i i ax as d.ai'ts in maaufao
tur. ,1 tobacco or cil-'urs.
"Farmers and growers of tobacco wh(
seii ienf?toba wo of t h ?- i r awa irawth am
raising in the original hogshead, cas.
or loos? !n "he hand In Its natu
ral condition as It was cur.?! on tho farm
win not ba r?gardad as mac
tobacco?, nor as dealers In
and they will not be required to r? -ai- r .
rotura o? pay ?.(.?. i.?i tag as ?aanufac
turar? or as deal? rs In tObBCCO; neltli.-i
will the executor 0? administrator 01
such farmer or grow.-r, nor the guardlat
Of any minor, bs rc'iulred to pay Bpe? ia
tax for aelttag Isaf tobacco prodnaed or
th.- lands belonging to the estate of atii-l
fanner, grower, or minor "
First-Lieutenant J. C Causey, Jr
Fourth Virginia Infantry, is In the citj
?topping at th? Kbblt?.
Mr. Robert Fraiuis, of the Vlrglni
Pilot ASSOI iatlon. and Mr. F. I). COOhl
of Hampton, are in tho city, sightseelni
and Btopplag at tie Bbbltt.
T. b. Tyson, Carthags, H, C, and Co:
ore 1 and Mis. Archer Anderson, an.l Mi
tei K. <;. Anderson, of Richmond, at
regtatered at th?* Raleigh.
Hon. J?,lm F. Rlxey and Towles Terrel
Of ? ?rariga?. Va.; F. M. Simmons, (
b ilsigh, N. ' ' ' - C. V, Meredltl
Hill Carier, H. R. Pollard, Joseph Sh? ;
bord, b P, Dudley, ami J. R. Joynsa
Bond; B. W, Hubar?i. of Balan
Va ; Thomas Spratt and wife, of RO?
The m?n whorte horn.
is menaced by midnigh
marauder? i?n't ?low |
craip a weapon to d?
feud it. The ?ame ma:
when threaten
ed by an etiem
ten thoijsan
time? mor
dangerous, wi'
ralmly go hi
way and mat
no effort at dc
fence. Th
most danget
I u? of all mat
] kind's enetnit
' There i? bu
one effectiv
weapon wit
which to conj
bat this gii
destroyer. 1
Is Dr. Pierce'? Golden Medical Discover**
It cures >*) per cent of all ca?es of coo
sumption, bronchitis, asthma, laryngitii
weak lungs, spitting of blood snd throa
and nasal troubles. Thousands have test
fied to their recovery under tbi? remed
alter they were given tip by the doctor?
and all bope wa? pone. Many of the?,
have permitted their experiences, name?
addresses and ohotograph? to be printed i
Dr. Pierce'? Common Sens? Medical Ac
viser. Any sufferer m?y write to then
The "Golden Medical Discovery "' ia th
grest blood maker and flesh builder. !
makes the appetite hearty, the digestio
and ???imitation uerfrct, the liver actif?
the blood pure and tich with the life givin
element? of the food and the nerve? ?tron
and steady. Acting directly o? the lung
it drive? out all impurities and diseas
germs. It la also a wonderful medicine f?
all norvous troubles. Sold by all dealei
?in medicine.
in?.. M. Hilg. ?rf A?dubon, Anduboa Co.. low
mv? ' I toen a severe cold which tarttled on n:
lang? ?sd chest Several of our bet? fAySt-kV
save up ?1. b<>p?t? o? my recovery. 1 *?*<^I<1 coa?
Snd tpit Wtsad for honra I look Dr. rwt?
Gold?*** Medical Dltcov-ery ?nd reootsjred.'
Dr Pierce'? Common Sen?e Medic
Adviser i? a book of i.ooB page? and ?v.
three hundred illuitration?. This book
free. You may have it in all its usefulne?
and tu strong paper covers, for it one-cei
?tamps, which pays the coat of rnsilir
oaly, or in cloth binding for jt sU-np
Address, World? Dispensary M?4k
<j??o?^Q!^fB_fe Ii? -*
nose. Va., and C. P. Rlxey. of VU
are at the Metropolitan.
A. W. A?tor, Unlvarstty of Virgin
G. Whit.-. I/-?sburg, Vs.?Metr?poli
W. } :. Harrison. Hlchmond; E. S.
?d Springs, Va.. Charles Her
Er- :- ricksburg; Thoma? F. .Mm
Lynchi.urt; Mr. and Mr?. I C.
r?MT<?. Vlrglnia-St. Jame?.
T. It. < uvington and tas?, Culpepe
ke. Theological Semluary; 4
Rettlor, Hickory, N. C.? J. H. l'ullli
Wife, CUlpeper; William J. l'lck, L|
burg; R. F. AIII?on. <'ulf-per; Jo?e|
Kihmond- Howard House.
?'?. \V. omighter, I.?-e?burg. \ ?
QWeathed, C. D. Schwnrta. Stuu
... .1 i--. Caiutasrs, Itonvllle, Ve
!>. ttradley, Luray. Va.: J. 1?. F?r*
J. L. Armis'ea.l. C. ?'. Miller, J. H.
ban. Virginia?National.
Mr. Jossab Shepherd, of Richmond
liad th.- Kpi. copal 4*osr?*sntloa to-day
tallad to see any ,?f BBS Virginia i
sad a frai wards taaod an th* s
t.iry of War ?slid Adjutant-General,
aboca he had an hour'-. Interview.
Ret i ,-. Mason- af Richmond, and
Dl Ta ker. of N?>r*?lk. are among
most popular numbers of the Epi?
A well-known Richmond mm.
travels r?r a New York wholesale 1m
Ing sBtatolahnatnt. which ?leal? cbsaf
s'lk?. TSlVeta, and w>??*llcn goods, say
McKinley tariff has i lay. .1 have?
bastaeas. He ?ays this has beea the \
year In ths past tlv- years, 1S83 bein?.
Of 'he b.st In a deced?.
Speaking of tbe cotton crop, he said
in ?.?m?- ,?f the a at rasas iaat
Slat?* planter? say that tbe crop
not ps] for the ptektag of it. Th
pii'h aecoontad for t?? the Ii
the cotton crop In E?\pt The folio
Ol thS ?state L.-pa'tnietit:
"our Imports from Egypt In laTd BBS.
.BBlatlag almost ?nt
of cotton. In the first Maesa mc
of 1VT cotton imports from ?
amount? ,1 to ll.-^.to?; sugar Imi
from Bgynt aatounted to MMAMt.
! .,.! It . arriad <>n by British vessels,
if Ann-n, ans would send 1i) rStUTB
aunufactured saods as art in der
tier.-, good cargoes c"".l?l le made
CottOB raising is bec?.mlng more gel
even year to Bgypt The import
?,f tills line of agriculture mav be
by an examination Of the exports.
litt, th.-?- expon,-,i i:."?.:? balas of e**
in UB ,!.--. of this latter, J
land r.-i\.-l 137.071 hale*?: Hus-w. :
balee; Planes, tfvHI bales; Austria, '
bai.-s; Ualted Estates, MAM bi
other .-?.,infries In smaller amounts.
shows thai they ha*/s desjbled thatt
ports of cotton In tweaty-eSM yesfl
"L was only t> n years ag?> that E
tlau ctton was intr??, lined in'o
United Stales. The Hade his In? r<*
with raarvelloua rapidity; in iv? i
bales und in Ifgf MJ/?? bale? w-rc
p.,11. ,i Th<- hurgar pari "f lbs a
s.-nt fr??ni Kg.il is ronstgUOd to Bo
commtssl n agents and ?olid lo Neu i
land mill?. The Jff, 1,'pmenf of the
ton industry In Bsgypl sAtSS from
inn? of th? civil war in America. 1
land is anxious tu have its growth
couraged, la order to bass aaother i
k?-t trata wbloh to draw suppUss
[ancaabira mills."
According to OoVOTnor Murphy, <?f .
BT/na, there Is a natural bridge i" '
Territory that rivals the famous tas
Rockbrldge county, Va. It spans 1
Creek, in the ?alrotas northwest coi
of Ton?,, I'.inln. In ?Ilia county. Il
about four miles from the town of F
Qovernot Murphy guotea from a doac
lion ??ilfteri I,y Mr. Harry Q. Logan,
or the students at Arisons tJaivsn
which is as fol!
"Lin,- Creek at ths bridge Hows ii
, inyon with Bt. ig BW? Arriving at
brink of this canyon WS s-1 helor.
1 Slow BS S n.irly level flat of land s,
live or six acres in i xtet.t, lead
across the canyon to tho OpBUSttS I
where there is aa abrupt wall of r?x
th>* face of a mountain, paths UB 1,?'???
high. standing on this levsl tract of h
on Which there are building?, m nlf.
Saldi Bad an ??..hard, it ?s hard to
ll.-ve that we are on the top of a nati
bridge across a < huMti, and that
sir. am flows below us; but, looking
tho right and to the left, as WS rao
precipitous bluff, we sen th?' open ?
yon, p. rhaps SOI) or 4ft) feet wide and
let de.-p. Tb? height of the bridge
is we approach the opposite si
and at on?.- place there is a bolt in
irently solid ro. k through whi.-h ?
CBB l""k down for IM BBS! to the bott
of th.? canyon.
J 'I ?. siring to get under this wonder
bridge, W? take a trail to the left I
that the ro.-ks u? in great bencl
,-r tirata, with cave-like openlni
ing backward into the butU*eeees "f
bridge. Entering one of tht I sip? till
and crawling BOmOtlm? ? OpOfl ,,ur hat
and knees', we find a cave or vaul
chamber, with baauttful tiajmlueent t
laotttes p<-n?lent from th.- celling I
reaching nearly to t!i<- lloor. ?These s
In 'ii.s are resonant WhOB BtTBCk, glvl
off musical notes. This cave Is th, tb?
o*f numerous bats, and they Bxade It i
comfortable for us to re?tala, as ?re i
i.-d to th? bottom of the eaayi
whets there i? a pool of water twenty
thirty feel across und said to be os
lift y feet deep.
"Tho opposite buft.i-s or wall of t
, bridge Is Beert* i? rpendl-'ular. <>tli
? along the canyon give evl.lem <
i tho flow of water cartylng lime In sol
, tlon, for twigs, grass, and other sn
st.,ncs lying In the water are n<?w at
tred with s crusl or it posit of line T
I of tho canyon appear to b? 'hi?
- limeatone.
"Theorizing upon ttie origin of t
bridge, WS may suppose ?hat the sprin
, and streams of ca? "as w ,
f gradually deposltfd Uni.- in greater BBS
, tlty above than below, and have in tl
of Urn?' built out or oem.-tited \
g.-t!,? r the rucks and debris of th- f my,
until a arm aaaaeatsd mass was r,,rme
under which the water cut its way."
Among the fourth-, las? postmaste
commissioned to-day were Thoma? F. So
; terneld, McLaurin, N. ?'., and
Carrlngton, GtdsvUIe, va.
The following order has been Issued:
Office or i>,,stm - ?-,;
Washington, D. 4'., 4)ctober 8, IV??!.
| The ?ec.nd clause of section 520 of tl
I'ostal Regulations is hereby modili.-d :
[ as to r>-id a. foil, a
i The postmaster will correct and fo
I ward to Its known destination any ma
t-r of the rlrst-claSH which comes to h
, rdnce through obrtooa mistake of tl
-? i.dcr in addressiBg It, Ac.
I Acting l'o-tmaHter-4'.-neral.
Ll'iif.nint Knapp, of the navy, hi
t gone to the Norfolk yard, to Inv-otlgal
; the Labor Hoard th. i
My direction of the Secretary of Wa
! Second-lieutenant Thomas W. Darral
1 Ninth Infantry, will proceed to Raleigl
N. d ami r?'P?)rt In person to Captai
Albert Todd, Sixth Artillery, chief mui
terlng oftlcer, for ?luty In connectlo
* with the muster out of volunteer? froi
the State of North Carolina.
My direction of the Secretary of Wai
the assignment to duty. October 4, ISA
<>r Captain Albert T.??ld. Sixth Unite
' States Artillery, ??a chief mustering* ol
fleer for the Sut?: of North Carolin?
with station in Raleigh, is announced.
| Ry direction of the Secretary of Wai
. a b, ar.i of officer?, to consist of Majo
, John I*. Story, Seventh Artillery, and Cap
tain Henry L. Harri?. First Artillery. 1
I appointed to visit each artillery poat an
. fortification In the United State? on tn
Atlantic coast, to definitely fix and lo
j cats the Instrument ?talions for the pa
r sltlon finder? (type "A" Instrument?! an?
t line? of communication for each battery
The board will tubmlt to th? Adjutant
. t; -neral. for the Information of the lies-re
f tary of War, and the Construction De
* purtment, a report of the condition o
> each battery with respect to the mean
* of directing the Are of th?* gun?, and <
, map showing the -It? and altitude of tb
-* instrument stations and locution of tb
' line? of communication. Commanding of
* fleer? and local engineer officer? will fur
1 nl?h ?uch asslBtance aa tbe i.-.u t u.,
require In the performance of this duty
i On the completion thereof the m?rnl?er
jj of the board will rejoin their proper ?la
mi. Hi
.i ro? cvur?Uisr ft
Largeat .ivsorttm-nt aver f
in Virginia under one roof. U
CUT 0LA55. "
You will not ?Jo justice to
ourselfto give a present
efore looking through
this establishment.
MEYER'S, FousbM and Broad. *
A Child
With a Nickel
can safely be sent to us for
anything1 kept by a high
class, well managed drug
store and get precisely what
was sent for and at as low a
price as could its father or
mother. We want the child
ren's trade and your trade
and believe that our present
service, quality of goodfl and
prices merit it_,. ? __
/*?/ tto //// your prescriptions.
Broad St. Pharmacy, 519 E. Broad 81.,|
Branch Under Jefferson Hotel
m ii? M ii ?mi mi n m
in ii a i ???__?. mm. ,i mi .in m i ?????
? 'M'Y O H 111 a? A XCI : H.
(Apprerad Bsptsmber l". ihws >
He It ordali l l?. the i ouncU "t the city
if Richmond
1. That permission Is her by graated to
in? Old Dominion Hospital to construct
in overhead bridge across lb? alla*/ in
ar <?f No. 1230 ea?I i r. id
2. The -nld I , I ri"t Le l?.i?i than
w-eiv?. t illey, snd
oration, ilae, i . in, manner, and material?
if construction, it ?hall be con tructcd
iibjeel i" the approval of tie city Ha?
:;. Said permission Is granted ?ubj??ct
0 th? power of amendment, and the
iower o resei
in- city ?Council l'pon auch r<*f-**ocaUofl
>r say amendment of - ild permltmlon tho
.til cl<l Dominion Hospital, or any ?ub
equenl '.w nei .'II "<mlntoii
lospital, .?i".! the property 1XW east
iroad atreet' shall Immediately ?inform
h i to,
i Bald penalaaton in Krniit?'d ?uhtect t??
he condition? thai the ?aid Old Dominion
lospltal and ownor? of the proper*. I
aat Broad atreet, or sny sub?e?,uent
?wner "f ?nid Old Dominion llonpital
ind No. 1220 east Broad street, will lud? m
I iruilaaa the
?iy of Richmond from sny ?Large, dam
tbat the said city m?y i>*
squired to pay by rt < ?n of unv" person
.? iiiK injur.,i or damug. i In any way la
?roperty or person by *ald bridge, or by
eason of any lodgment, ?le? ras, or or?' r
if uny court enteri',1 In an) COBtretSJgJF
irislng out of or rslaUBg t,i tho erection,
Maintenance, or maaageinsnl 0*2 MM
?ridge tiy Mid Old I>"inl!.l"ii Ho?pl<.il and
iwnera "f No. l-"0 east Brosd ?trott, or
my other n-'ruon.
:,'. fot failure to conform fully to tho
?rovlaiona of tnl? ordinance or ?my amend
lient or revocation thereof, or any i
piirenieiitri made thereunder, th? ill Q l
?uminl'in Hospital sad owaera ?>f N".
itraet, or any aubseement
; ..f < ?l?l Dominion Hoi I .1 and lijo
Brosd atreet, -?hail be liable to a Baa
if not lcsx than five ii'?r mots thBB BBS
iundre.1 dollar.?.; each day? f.illuru to be
.- offence.
i;. All ordinance? or part?? of ordinance?
.i.ii,' repeated so far a? the ?ame
nay contli? t herewith.
7. This ordinance ??iiall b<- In torro from
ts pa- BEN. T. AI'??I'HT.
oo 11-?t City CtAOM
Eighth street, PUO DOG. with n?w col
ar. Answers p> name ?>f "n?m." Re
gard If returned to above number.
shawl. Liberal reward will be paid by
returningU to r. D ? h \LKLEY. A CO.,
it ?,'ary atreet_o?- ll-lt
I.? .SI". ?.it LEFT M<?Mr.WHK'''l
llik.ly In a ?tore or bar-room), A SMALL.
Any iiiiorin ition please
Klve E. A, BTUMPK, Restaurant. Eighth
and Main sir. .-! ?_oc Td-lt
"De?ponendo me non mutendo me. Sult
ible reward if returned to ?1 weal
Franklin street._oo U?*H
front ??f the Academy of Muelo, a LADY'S
HAWLt which the owner can get by
provlnic property and paying for th.? ad?
vert'/emeiit. Apply to WO we?t Oraco.
as n-it
Henry R. & Jno. Garland Pollard
1110 East Main Street,
W. <U. I'll.K l>T??V,
loWIIATAN <*?>l'?TY, VA.
Attend all county courts la 8??uth?tde
Virginia. oc
..w '*^ * -?'' ' *'* ,-'-'"^^
and I'll tell you h<>w to ? .?r? ?trunken?
ne?s without the patient'? knowiedjux
Mont ?end money. Mi* MAY 11AW.
KIN?, Grand Rapid?. MU-h. l^k-Hon
U. V. T. ?M ?4SI

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