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THE DAILT DMPATCH Is delivered to
BUbscriber? ?t HP-? ***** '
month, payable to the carrier weekly or
monthly. Mailed at ?5 per annum. P ?yn
hi? a? advance; ft for tig month?. -'
$?t three month.; M cent, for one month.
I'rl? ? per copy. 8 cent?.
annum, or 74 cent? ior six month?
Bubscrlptlona In all csaes payable to
advaj.ee. and no paper conttoued ?tw.r
tl>? expiration of the Urn? paid for. bend
raoet-efflce money order, check, or regla
??rod letter. Curr? ncy sent by mall a 111
?.1 the risk of th. ??.1er. Subscribe
wuiU tbatr post-,'.!!?-? change muat
Mr** their tdd ?? well a? their new post
stTJe*. bampio copies fres?
HALF INCH OR y'y:66\l m
I tlm?."''', m
9 time?..-." ,
a time?. ? 2.(
S tin???*.'.','.'... IM
I? times.!!!...! I" >"
1 month. *"' m_ ,
g month? .
Bastases wsnts . "?
Mk'anted situation, payable in BO
Above rat.?* ?ire for "every day or aa
gcwiUcmcnt? running cons.cuiiv.lv.
Reading notices tn reading MAttm *^r,r'
five Ut.'* or l.sa. II; In nor.parlel. Vao?d,
Uve line? or leas, H cent?.
Card of rate? for more ?pace furnished
on application.^_
AH letters and telegrams must be BtV
sjjsjsaai to THB Disi'A'D -i COafPANT.
BsJaolsd uumniunbralliiBa will not bo
All letter? recommending candidates
for office niu.t be paid for to insure their
?BMIlBlllIB This IB a long standing rule
bt our?. _
Resolutions of respect to deceased
?ambara peased by tataetlsa, corpora
tions. ?MsoclatPms. or oth.-r
tiens will be charge! for as advertising
matter. _.
Friends of tlio Dlapatcb would do us
?a favor by Informing ns *pr??mptly Of any
(?Lure on lbs part of aawsssalsra, Bf
rew?boys on railroad trains, to an
public demand for copies of this paper.
Information is BlBO d? slnl by us of the
delinquency of any carrier of ours in
i- :id, Manchester, or eh iwhara
Mail subs? ril,? rs are lik? wise invited
to r<?port to us whonoTor their papers
come lato or Irregularly.
BTAtM 9 Al us.
Expr?ssions .?i regret are frequently
haard In this eity, and throughout Vir
ginia, that ths Slat.- fairs so long held
her?- h . hi i alMadon, d.
Tim.- WUSJ v?.'. . i lir? drew psO
ala frasa all parts >.f the ComonwesJth;
whan they were lea*?ked upon as ??raal
tamil] reantloi - ( Virgin?
lana-.m i when th>> . profltabto
and creditable t,, Ri< hmond. Bui :
rhangril. end the tali cl ad ??lib
them. Cheap exciirsloa ttokett set our
p.-opi.- to travelling fer and aida; there
om. when
litan. ... tiinond lost t,. j
liavin ittrsctions. Finally tbe
inc.>m.- of lbs Agricultural ?Society did
pal suffice to meel its expenditures, and
help !' '..i this City was constantly r?
fjulr. 'L
And. as wo look back at It now, in th"
ill" ' , and in th.
fulnesB ,,f our dearly-bought wisdom, wo
may well doubl ii our Grand Exposition
la i*?7 ?dt intag. d n as ??? bad tuj.
it would >i". Tii.?t \? is the beginning of
U Hi.aie -i.. ...c society tint only
ni.l.-.l with ?tu sil, of tinif property.
i-'??r th? '"i tslghti daees com
with the society's history dining the Ba
th. Dispatch is ???liiiii; t,.
bear Ils du,- .-hai, ,,; btaSBS and r. span
aibiiit.. 4\c gt*. do) seeking to revive an?
ABsaaanl reooll ctions, but ws mus?
that, after tbe Exposition waa held, our
declined faster than aver, it v?.,s
a BOW insiaiiie of looking upon that pic
ture and an this. Tin- lairs ?ul?.rtd in
the ? on.paru OB. Th? y l.u k, d attrictive
J.ess; th.-y lurked popular support. 'J'h.
aewananat aaan certainly Aid than? duty
by them, but it was dreadfully drudging
work u> write tbara tip y.ar after year.
'J'luir Baanotcnousnass foi a ,1 the
and that ee**t.
Thl? 7s an ago of novelties, and the
Slat.? fair, or < \poslt Ion, that is without
a (on-taut Buccesslon ol novsltles csjanot
, d. It was Impossible, for us to on
tlnue such fairs as we had !> SB '
for BB*s*eral years Just prior to their dis
contin?ame. Bxhlbltora WON lacking,
und tho atuinl.uice, QUtte naturally, 1,11
At last ?.lir people lud t?> ask th, m
if such fall lit.,1.1c tO En hmon?l,
and few Brers ftmnd t?. nay tbey wer*
And then th? groiin.ls w.re said und.-r
mortgage, and the fairs c< laed. But the
grounds an?! the most v,,li;abl.? buildings
on them, lliough m prival. hands, re
main, and. we supp- .-,- ? ? .
??h?ii,\r our p. i'plc v?i-h to have ?my
(rcat exhibition. Annual Suit?, la,:
. k, ly to I.,- r. tired; Lut. on occasions,
BJN Btlgl ' ' Hy ?'igatii/.r ? \hil.itions of
SSBBS sort to coyer three or four day?; ex
hibitions that would bring thousands of
Slsitors to Richmond, und give entertain?
Be nt to the country and city folk, alike.
p. tt'r a good ? iitiTtaltim. nt ? ? ? i y two
er thr?u years than a i ,<?r -.in: annually.
Better, too, that we : 9*9%. upou a
plan tti.it would bo sutely wtthln our
means that that wo ?boni?! r. nture upon
an undertaking too great for our strength.
If w? mistake not, it will not be l?>ug
before ths R ?tirnond and Virginia pub
be give Mgns of a craving for some r*or|
or f.ur US exposition, or nllnr ?-nt'-rtain
Bieat ibal will brlght?ti the c!ty, bring
our frl-rida h? re to m , nu. and co:i.
the W04rld that Richmond is llv.ls, hopa*
fut, and "in f.,r buatoi
Bu??h an eaterprlse might well be ?jad. r?
tak.-n by .??,,. ,,?? ,,, ,.
li?K orgaBtttloaa. aad, II begun a year
rmntir,1,1'1?1'''!/'' 'I'I almost
crnainiy m?? t w?th ?u,
/" "' > sfo?i ? mads a
flue Impression ir. Graywn county ]a?t
week, ?bare he ?poke in tbs toterssl if
" * Osuda A. Branson? re-eiecttoB to
Cuaasr. ?
hm-speiH'hat In that it "wa? a
asadaatl.?? or vary lin?, langua^.-, (Vetv
? crd of ?jrhlch was ?-productive Of
equally fine thought?-" The Oesette ?ays
further that It demanded the closMt at
tention of both pnrtlea, was decidedly
logical, and tvaa a masterly effort.
Yellow-fever continue? to sprend In
Louisiana and Mi?sl*?lppt. and panic and
flight aro th?? condit|,?n of thousand? ot
_H B* i'?' ??. women, and children.
Jackson. Ml?*?.. I? well-nli-h abandoned;
MUtStf cnpltiil of the State !? at
Lrandon, and there Governor Mcl-nurin
Is engaged in drafting an appeal to the
country to fend ?uppllea to the afflicted
p< op!e of hi? ?**-t
Inasmuch as all business In Louisiana
nn.I *?.lssl?s1ppl Is more or les?? affected
by the epidemic, and since thousands of
the BBll f BS class have fled for their
Uve?., there must necessarily be great
numbers of person,? thrown out of work.
Indeed, ?orno of the ?mailer railroad?
havs ceased running trains; court? nre
no longer being held, for fear of spread
ing the contagion; the school? generally
Bar? suspended, and every prei-autlon
is now being taken to prevent
tlia' rnsngBS of the disease. And a? al
ways happens In such epidemics, those
who do not or cannot retiort to flight
have not only to nurse the ?lck and bury
1, bat help feed tho starving.
Our country would have been prepared
to hear of the fever's coming here from
Cuba with the returning tTOOBB, btit It
did not aspSCt such an epidemlo a? thl?.
which Is traceable to New Orleans, and
not to any recent communication with
Tho disease continue? to preaent itself
In a mild form; and, as yet, the por
ceatage of tlrathl ha? been small. The
people of Mississippi and Louisiana and
Um IMdghbSftM States are praying for,
DUl cannot soon expect frost; the sort
of "sanitary science" they rely upon
Th.- present epidemic gives rise to re
ti? we.| discussion as to the necessity for
n national quarantine law. The congress
men from Mississippi, we believe, op
? lili thai was bsforS the House
at th?? last session. It may or may not
be that they were right In so doing?wo
flO ict know- but It Is to be hoped that
thl? winter tho States most interested
will como to an understanding with the
I-'. ?1? ral <;.;>v< riinu-nt by which all of
them may be unit? d to fight this re
. Louisiana and Mississippi
i-mil?! afford to spend annually a million
i a? h for a number of years to come to
?tamp out this disiase, which is not only
and CTUel while It lasts, but la a
black cloud forever lowering over the
happiness anil prosperity of their people.
PI Itl'l.l*. AMI GOLD.
The BQBtOa Harald, in a recent edito
rial obituary, r? ferre.l to the dBOBBSBd as
baving been boni "in tho purple of the
Republican party."
This ltng*rtfigt was only "a fig-tire of
ipeocb" on th? part of our contempo
leatgBSd to round off a sentence.
But it Is BUggeattV? of much more than
that Unwittingly the Herald indulged in
i algolflcsnt commentary. "The purple
jf the Republican party" is good. Cow*
tdderlBg tin- Imperlallstk policy of that
party, It is appropriate and opportune.
And ?ne su?;;, stlon leads to another.
Remeabsrlng the methods upon which
the beeper of the Republican eampalga
purse is said to rely so largely In order
to the carrying out of the imperialistic
and remembering also the finan
? 1 il fetish of the Republican party, natu
ra iiy and rOglcaUy there .??mes to the
mind UM word-'. "Purple and gold."
And still another suggestion intrudes
npoa us. Ordinarily we do not associate
l?"liti?s and poetry. Tat certain scenes
that we are told were witnessed around
One of the Virginia country polling
la November, 1MB ?,n(. which
there Is reason to believe are likely to
be repeated iitxt month, bring to mind
iplet as describing Republican
m? tin? la and the RspabUeaa p"ii?gj| in
nil? gory:
'il. pnrpl? oak leaf falls; the blrtheii
i : bright spoil, like arrowheads
of gold."
Thi. e regiment?, Including Um two
MlnnssOta regiments, which have bssn
'i' duty la aOUthera camps, and are n?,w
r?n furlough, are to take part in a cam
rmlgn ?gain?t un- puiagar Indians. And
this eampalga, says ? Walhar .Minn.)
1. is to b,- of greater magnitud?
i han any movement upon the noble red
man IB Which we have aogagSd since the
MM which culminated In the battle of
Wounded Km a,
Th.? ?...in.? apeelal quotes a mlsstoaary !
? ho has spent thirty year-? at the White
Barth, QasS, and Leech Like reserva
tions as being of the opinion that quite
i numb, r of tho Bear Island Indians will
< OB UM war-path, He also thinks that
they will bo joined by many dissatisfied
Indiana from other tribes.
It may then fore be said that, a? those
:,n or about the scene of hostilities see It,
?v.- are la foi a pretty piofl ?load Indian
??f course, on genera! principles, any
to !,? r?-?retted. ?Still, in one view,
t miy te that the outbreak of the Pilla
gers was fort?nate and opportune. Con
ridarlng Um work w.- nil] b? caBad ttpon
t<> perfOm in the Philippine? in the
i va nt that that great humanitarian, Han
na, shall have his way. It may bOWSH for
mi* soldi, is to keep in practice. In the
matter of civilizing tsnvtige and semi
-av.igo wards.
Teaterday was another good day for
th?- Yir?inia Democrats. MSietlng? were
held at B numb, r of place? In the State,
s'oiii?? of the best Speakers In our party I
StecUSBOd the issues of the campaign,
and, as a rule, Diese speaker? had fine
midii t,
Still th?- Democratic voter? have not
warmed up as w?. could wish, and are
not manifesting the Interest In the re
sult next month it Is their duly to manl
XXe fear that they are over-confident,
and are banking too much on the lack
"f harmony and the apathy In the Re
publican ranks.
Th?- local I'?-mocratlc leaders and work
prs cannot do bette? service to their par
ty and their Stat.i than by seeing to It
that tin-re htball be no ground for this
from now on. I?e*. it be their mission
t?> Indno? th? Vulers to turn out at the
log?, ?nid to warn them ?gainst the
rapidity With which the enemy ?-an or
IB Bta?. Then will come both enthusiasm
ii.nl wholesome distrust of Republican
w.aknc??, and the rest will trtke care of
D- Witt Warner, who vra? at first for
the nomination of Ro???evelt by the New
York Imp pen.lents, now advise? that
>t ?ub-party, tu vote fer Van
Wien, ?- -
DI*?'H 111 G El? PRItOKfCRg.
Th? Dispatch understands that another
effoit I? to he mads to secure the co
operation of wir pollos and the peniten
tiary authoiitl?is In seeing that all per
son? discharged from that Institution are
hurried forthwith to the places from
which tltey were ???nt.
There was such ?in nt-rsntrement one*?.
It ought to be renewed, if possible.
Th?re 1? no obstacle to the arrangement
at the penitentiary; but our police have
doubted their authority to act In the
It would bo a great blessing to our city
to be rid of these ex-convlots. The law
provides that when a man has served
his term out he ?hall be provided with
transportation to the county or city where
ho was convicted.
It appears from the Pittsylvanla Tri
bune that Mr. Parr, who is Mr. Swan
son's opponent In the congressional race.
Is not eligible to a seat In Congress from
Virginia, because he Is now a resident of
the State of New York.
In many respects Parr's case is strik
ingly like Roosevelt's, the chief difference
being that I'arr never swore, as Roose
velt did, that be had changed bis resi
The Cosmopolitan Magazine offers a re
ward Of t&*9 to any civil engineer, or other
person, who will devise or invent B sys
tem by which cities and town? may be
BBVSd the expenso of tearing up pav? -
m, ms to put down gas- ami water-plpos.
Danville can w 11 afford to add ISA) more
to this fund.?The Danville Register.
It Is merely a problem of cost. Give
the engineers the. money to put down con
duits, and make connection? with each
lot fronting the street, before the p.ivin?
Is done, and the necessity for ripping up
?treeta will ha.ve been removed.
The Cape Charles Pioneer has put at the
head of Its editorial columns as "our
ticket for 1900" Hon. W. J. Bryan, of Ne
braska, for President, and General Fltz
hugh Lee, of Virginia, for Vice-President.
The Republican? are now engaged in
figuring out on paper that they will hold
the coming House of Representatives.
They are not likely to have It in any
other way.
Maxim, the Inventor of rapid-fire guns,
Is charged wrth bigamy, and Is now pre
sumably engaged in inventing a way out
of the difficulty.
Cleveland and Carlisle tnave both re
cently been heard from again at a IX m -
ooratic gathering. There arc hopes that
Bynum may yet return.
The war-shadow shift? to the ear-tern
hemisphere. It is dark enough to have
affected tho stork markets yesterday.
We trust It will grow no darker.
Think of the solace those ten million
OtgassttS? shipped from Richmond yes
terday will afford. Puff-ectly splendid!
A Marriage tn Uharlotteavlll??Cla??
Officer? Elected.
rjHARTiOTTKSVnjaE, VA., October
10.?(Special.)-Mr. XV. D. Fowler and
Miss Alice J. Fry were married this
morning at 9 o'clock at the residence of
the bride's father, the ceremony being
performed by the Rev. IL v.'. Trtbble,
of the Baptist" church, In tho presence
Of a few Invited friends. Mr. and Mr?.
Fowler left at 10:10 D*dOCh on B northern
tour. Mr. Fowler is the Commissioner of
the Revenue for the city of Charlottes
ville, and a son of the Into Captain C.
L? Fowler, on.-e Mayor and later Com?
; loner of ?he Revenue of this city.
The brldS is a ?laughter of Mr. Je.-si I*
Fry, Commissioner of the Revenue for
th? OOOnty of Albemarle.
The members of th? engineering class
of the Uhlveralty of Virginia have elect
ed tho following class officers. President.
J. Walter Mayo, University of Virginia;
Vice-Pie ?dent. C. C. Campbell, of New
Torh i Secretary ami Treasurer, T. 8.
Ten, of Shanghai, China; Historian, P.
T. Worml.y, of Richmond, Va.
Emporta Mention.
EMPOIITA. VA., October in.-(Special.)
The Clerk of the County Court this eve
ning issued a lic.nse for th?- marriage of
Mr. \v. a. Pexktna, <>f Dlnwtddls ounty,
and Miss Bessie 'Partildge. of this coun
ty. The. marriage takes place OB the Uth
Hon. B. A. Hancock passed through
here this morniii? to "pen tho Circuit
Court of Brunswick COUnty. He BW
cornpanied by Mr. Richard B. Davis, a
prominent lawyer of Petersburg.
Mrs. and Miss Maddux, of Chase City,
are visiting Mrs. B. A. Butler.
?Mr. W. JI. Taylor, of tho Atlantic nn.l
Danville Railway Company, has, bt i a
on a Visit to Mr. W. T. Tillar.
The Circuit Court of Greenesvlllo coun
tv will convene on the 20th, with a full
Rumor has it that In a few days a
prominent young physician of the town
will lea?l to the hymeneal altar a charm
ing young lady of th?- town.
?'otton is coming freely into market,
but prices arc ruling low.
Death In Bedford City.
BEDFORD CITY, VA.. October 10.?
"Special.)?At her home, On Bedford ave
nue, at r* o'clock Monday morning, Miss
lyniis.? Vincent Claytor, youngest child
of Mr. Graham Claytor, the Common
wealth's Attorney of Bedford, died, after
a long anal distressing illness from
typhoid-fever. She was remarkably
bright, studious, and conscientious, and
was the darling of her home, and wry
?popular among her young companions
and friends.
It YVu? nt K?'II>'n l*??rd.
K.lly's Ford, Va., October 8, 1808.
To the Editor of the Dispatch:
In the report of the meeting at Culpeper
Of the State Grand Camp, weekly Dis
patch, October 7th, first column, occurs
this language; "It was In Culpeper (at
Beverly's Ford), that Fltz Lee," &c. This
should have been Kelly's Ford, and not
Beverly's. Fltz I.ee's great victory at
Dus place was OB the 17th of March, 1803,
While the great battle at Brandy Station,
of which the Beverly*? Ford engagement
was only a part, was fought on the Uth
of June, IBB,
History ought to be correct.
Respectfully, ! '. H. JAMES.
Uuurle?'? Canvas?.
(Staunton News.)
From all we can learn of Judge
Quartos*? personal canvass In the US?
tn? t, he has made an excellent Impres
sion everywhere. No Democratic can
di late for Congress In the district has
made a better Impression by his discus
sion of public questions. Old Augusta
ha:, evidently picked out the right man.
in caused by torpid liver, which prevents dlgev
tlon and permits food to ferment and putrlfy In
the stomach. Then follow di//lue?t?., headache.
be, dizziness, eon
tupatlon, etc. ? cea*?. S-jl?! by all druggists,
he oBli rim to Uk? wlUi H??*,'? BarMpwUia.
Iiivniiuia, nervousness, and,
U not ?elleved, bilious fever
or blood poisoning. Hood's
Fills UiniuUite the stomach,
rouse the liver, cure headache, dizziness, eon
Utpation, ate. ? eeuu. Stjld by all drui
Baking Powder
Made from pure
cre?un of tartar.
Safeguards the food
?agca?nst ?alume
Alum fxxkin? powden arc the greatest
rnenaccrs to neallh of the present day.
?OKI BSK.HO SQ-Q-? CO., ?|W YQ3K._
HAMPTOX K.illis ?M 14 IHK.
The nod)- BanataiB? A nc??*rii?iio-?.
Ar4l?-le? I.inn,I.
MBWPORT news, va., octob.r 10.
(Specinl.-?The body of the young man
who rmnmitted twlelde ln-t Wedneaday
evening by shooting himself on the steam
er Louis,; und then Jumping 0V4 r
board, w..s ra ?-. red pastarday morning
n.ar the mouth of the Elizabeth river.
m Hamid,m Roads, by Captain Qrant,
of tiie tug Luekrabsch, ?if this port. Ta?
body was brought to Newport News on
tne tug and bars it remains awaiting
identification. It is th- general belief of
those who have ?v.niin.,1 th- body and
th?? articles found m th- dOtheS thai I
young nrin WBS either a g.-ntl, man Of B
sport, who curae to this city from I:
raond <?r a more distant city with the
Intention of attending the .?tu, F.,ir, at
Norfolk. The. outer CtothOS ar.- well
made, and the underclothing la of tb?
beat Other things .show that this unfor
tunate was hot a workingman.
thetead of H. M., the initials of the man
wire J. M. H., us shown by th? laundry
mark on th?: underclothing. AbOT? this
mark was the letter M., in.,,!., wuii th,
sum?- Indelible ink. Most of tb? srl
found on th- body ar.: In PeeeeestOfl Oi
Clty-ftorgeant Mllstead. Some of the toss
valuable ones and the lauruliy mark WBfB
to-.lay sent to the Chief "f p ,:,.
Kichmond. with a view to establishing
th? man's identity.
The man'*- description Is about as fol
lows: Weigh, IM pounds; height, >> ft '.
7 inhes; d.uk hair, not black; slight in
bsiild; Wearing a No. 7 shoe. In the
upper Jaw is a gold tooth. It Is the first
bicuspid to the left, next the eys-tooth.
In tho rest pocket, on the left side, was
found an open-face gold w.iteh, with
Waltham works. l*h? .ase is aaM?*fUled
ami is tho make of Elenedtot Brothers,
New York, a gold chain was .-'retched
from the watch, through the lust botton
hoi', to the other vest pocket On the
third linger of th.- |? band wan * solid
gold ring of eighteen karat, perfectly
plain, with no inscription wb iteren, The
cuffs were fastened by a pair of gol.l
link buttons, studded with pearls. A
small, fold pin lasted in the t|,.. which
was of a dark color, streak,-,! with r, :.
In the pockets Were found a broker's
railroad rebate ticket a return ticket
orar the crbeaapeaks and ohio from Nor
folk, two $l-bil!??, fJLM In change, a pair
of nail scissors, a nail lile, and a hand
? he suit of cloth's was only recently
purchase?!. It was o? a dark color, with
dim check, and the trous-rs ?vere yet
OreBSad, The shoes nre black and little
worn. They w. re made by Har?an A
Bora, The name of the deal? r Is not giren,
although It Is possible that Hanau sold
th,- ^h,,? Instead of manufacturing them,
as a great many dealers have their own
Barnes attached t-, their footwear. The
??utslde shirt Is a blue-striped goods and
th. underwear is LigbUblus and well
made, ?m both the shirt and drawers ap
pear the toUndry mark.
The broker's ticket was issu? ?1 very
probably in Eichmond, and called for a
rebate "f MMk On the face was .-tamped
th.- mark of Hambertter's ticket office,
No. 79 Main street, Norfolk, whets i!> I
paper was to be redeetaed, Tb? Cbeea*
peako and Ohio ticket granted the I,
a tirst-class passage from the station
"stamped on tin? other Bide" to Norfolk
and return, also allowing admission to
the fair, as an extra coupon show?-.!. Th,*
stamp on the other side of th- tick? |
invisible, having bOOU soaked off r? long
contact with the water. Ths broker*?
ticket however, slews that the purchass
was made In Kichmond, ami It is behaved
that a careful search Will establish the
identity of this man as a resident of lie?
Slate Capital. The number Of tbe Wal
tham works in tb? watch is t\fttju\ *n*
th, east i- No. M?MX
The man was evid.-ntly on his way : .
th?- Norfolk fair whan hs Imarded Um
Louise here, and than Is no doubt that
h.- Intended t,, return to his home, harta |
pu re baaed a round-trip ticket it is pa .,
sil,1,: that h< remained in this city TUBS*
,nd Wednesday, as aotne little time
must ha*/S .lapsed from the time lie pur
chased the ticket to the time he board,-!
tic Louise. 11- started from li-r- Wed
nesday , v.nlng and his rebate ticket ? ?
plred the next day.
A ?sotorlo,,? ?teatro Shot and KII1*-?1?
The Tosvi? 4tul?*t.
ALEXANDRIA, VA., October 10.?(Spe
ciaI.)-Tom Williams, a Fairfax BagTB,
joined the Ninth Rattalion, Oblo ?'olor- ? i
Volunteers, at Camp Alger, and after be
ing with the command nt Camp Mead?,
was in a l'hlladelphia hospital, and re
turned ten days ago on furlough. II
sought all last WOOk, charg, d with
orderly ronduct, and yesterday h<
1,? at.d. with oth-i- negroes, shooting
craps, in Croasmnn's Ore**. Town-fter
geant Jacobs, with several town counc!!
raen, v? i? > nre Ucennad poltcenten, ?vent
after Williams, and the negroes scattered.
Will Parker was chasing Wllltoma acr.,-s
a field when Wllltonia stopped and Bred
tht.,- shuts at Parker. Th'1 latter was
handed a pistol by young JaCObfl and
at Williams, who f?il and soon expired.
Examination show-?! tint two bullets had
hit Williams, one entering his side, the
other his breast hut whn-h killed him. or
who iir.-d the fatal shot, the Coronei's
Jury has be?n unable to say. The town
Is quiet, yet last night the friends of
l'nrker spirited him away. He has a
tplendld i-putatlon and is terribly dls
tr? -sed over the affair, though William.,
is a notorious character out there, and
is said to be one of those who BaUBad
the trouble between General Butler and
the Third Virginia.
lly Kxploslon of (.??ollne Store?
Sinull-1'ox in Norfolk.
NORFOLK, VA.. October 10.??Special.)
Mrs. Samuel Stein will probably die as
tho result of burns sustained this morn
ing by the explosion of a gasoline Btove,
This Is the second accident of the kind
here In two days. She was horribly burn
ed all over the bo?ly and her recovery
is well-nigh Impossible.
It was stated this morning that a
rumor Is current In Raltlmore to the
effect that thtgre are 300 coses of small
pox is Norfolk. The facts, which have
been prliutsrt without res-rve, are that
bM or eleven patients are In the pest
The Coroner's Jury In the case of Mack
Rarlleld. who was struck by a train and
horribly mungl.-d while asleep on the
track of th? Norfolk and Ocean View
railway, ha? decided that the accident
was unavoidable.
The funerals of two-member? of the
Fourth Virginia Regiment, who died of
camp-fever, to??k place here to-day, and
the oittsen? united in doing honor to their
memory. They were Private La??Uer,
aged ?, and Private Wonycott4 aged 1*.
is ?hie sUslVBf
A Question the Insnrsinee C<u?p??l?ii
IVnnl Settled.
NORFOLK, VA.. OOtOSOf lO.-iSp-ecial.)
Did a certain lady meet death In the
llames that oSOnSMUSt her home lout May,
or does she still live? These are the ques
tion? tho answers to which the Mutual
Ltfe-Inoaranos company has been aeeh
Ing through Its ?perlai agents for month?
pgBt In the hope of solving the mysteri
ous disappearance of th?> lady in ques
tion. Th,- InVCStlgsUoa has pro?.l"d far
enough to show that th'-re is a possibility,
?he Insurance people ?ay, that she
was nit cremated, but thnt sh?
is alive and well to-day. und the
agents believe h?r to be IB this
city or SOT?OS th" rival* in Ports
mouth. The houses where she Is OSO*
poeed to i?' ?topping ?rs olooely watched,
for the reason that if she Is alive the in
auraae? people have bo eepeClal deelra to
pay out the $8.000 for which the missing
woman's life WB? insured; ?.i.'s'K) in th?
Mutual, and UM? ir> thS I/>yal LatgaOtt,
TIM burned horn-- was Insured for UMU,
and the furniture for UM Them ;
have, i.n paid by h" BTs-lBsursno? eom
. ami th? nf" poUcle? would proba
bly bay asea paid promptly also, bul for
c.-rtain alleged snspsCtooa clrcunnstnnoni
fhlch canaed the ageifta of the oompa?
n!.-s tO conclude that instead of being the
victim Of B terrible accident the lady was
really alive. The fir-? In which she was
supposed to have lost her life caused
great ? Kcltemsnt am >ng her nelghbora,
who thought the wontnn had been robbed
a? 1 murdered and th?- house fired to con
ceal all evidence? "f th? crime The m
auranoa people did net share that view of
the matter, how, v.r. for ?tTBng? Ule?
were t,,l?l th.-m of how the missing w?i
rn.ia had been ?sea dlgglag in an old
graveyard a tas davs before?a circum
stance which might throw light upon th"
groeeOBM human bones found among the
ruin.s of the house.
T?enth Sunday BlgfM of Till? Promi
nent Law per.
WARRENTON, VA, October 10.?(Spe
cial. )?Mr. Jam'-s V. Brooke died last
nl?ht at his home of pleurisy, In the 7&th
?' ar of his age. For many years Mr.
Brooke was the leading lawyer at this
bar, and one of the present Judge? of
tho Court of Appeal? has - ii?! that In
his opinion he did ii"t, ,-,s a lawyer, have
B superior In the State. During the w.tr
he was in the House of Delegates After
tii" war It? formed a partnership with
Major Taylor Bcott, our late Attorney?
General, which lasted twenty year?, and
WM "lily dissolved during Major Scott's
second term as Attorney (;. BOrgL The
warmest friendship ever existed betweoB
thess tWO al'le men. After the war Mr.
Brooke was also a member of the State
In :,II his dealings he was a Christian,
and from ?arty years was a member Of
th?; Presbyterian Church, in which he
took the most active Internal to the ?lay
of his death. Only last Bight he asked
hi.- physician h"w long be thought his
earthly tabernacle might list, and' wa-s
resigned In perfect fBlth to the will of
B Saviour In whom h?) bad always trust
If" have? four son?, who are Clty-Kri
glneer wiuiam Brooke, of Norfolk; the
artist, Mr. Richard ***.'. Brooke, of Wash
ington; Mr. Jam?? Brooke, a lawyer In
Dakota, and Mr. Frank BfOOko, of this
place, an?i on.? daughter, Km. Jennie
Payne?. It was with his daughter and
her children that he had long made his
home. His death is a great loss, not only
to his family, but to the Who!? commu
nity, for though he was advanced in
years he had lost nothing of his vigor
Of mind nor his Interest in all questions
for the advancement or benefit of his
Church and country.
MGHTxim; <u*k\s .Mcki'ot.
Kalure Took n II it ml In n Quiet *We?t
\ li'uiiiiit ??lime.
PARKBR8BI kg, w. VA., October l??
Teaterday afternooo four men were play
ing a game of p"k?r under a cliff near
Crest?n, using a hue? flat-topped ?tons
for a table, A Jackpot of ..'"iiMderabie
value had accumulated, when .?. h'-avy
?loud loomed over the MIL
Th.? Bien tali, il to notice th?? approach?
ing storm, when suddenly 'I ish of light
ning was ?eon, ami the bolt struck the
rock on which Um jackpot laid, spllnter
Ing th.- roch and Mattering money and
pi .vers. Strangely enough, none of the
men was SSriOOSly hurt, and after they
recovered fron? the shock th?- nooney was
found Intact. The bolt broke up the game.
Btalmp It.'ind.itpli In Baltimore.
? Ral ii mor? Am- n lean ?"th.)
_rfll BUT, Alfred M. Randolph, Bishop
of Southern Virginia, preached yesterday
at Emmanuel Protestant Episcopal
church, of which Rev. .1. Houston i'.'c
cli atoo is reel ,-. Ella sermon was upon
the mystery of the Incarnation, whi.-h.
h?. said, is a favorite point <?t doubt, and
stumbling-block. H?- i>?>i!it<?i out bow
foolish it would be f refuse to believe la
whatever are do i?"t know all about, and
pointed t" electricity a? an example,
_ that the arorid won'..', relapse lato
barbarism should mea refuse to profit by
natural phenomena which they could sot
thoroughly uadi rctand.
Ir th? ?veiling Bishop Randolph
pre iched al I Ion church.
'Peace ? rums" tit Wasliiitaton.
(New fork Tla
When the Protestant Bplseopal conven
tion conclude? It? labors in Washington,
It is to erect ?i "peac.- erosa*** on the Ten
aallytown road, Bear the alts of th? pro
n'W aaaPlacopal Cathedral of
Peter and Paul. It is to be B monolith
Ionic cross of Indiana Stone, M fSSt hls'i,
and with a sentence from the litany en
graved on its face.
Crusts Came Off with Clothes.
Suffered Terribly. Tried
Everything without Avail.
Mv little sister (Annie Matthew?,,I,a Plata,
Churle? Cmnty, Md.; had the QQWpos frm?
VOt ? inati'iu, wIhm: mily SSfSB >?-axi Old, She
Buffered terribly,.111.1 even thi??: t bat "re tried
?lid not seem to do any good. B? ?fj time her
mother would take her clothes oil, every bit
Of ?'Mb WOUld ("ine with tlie.u, aid alie VM
r?w all over. A fri.-od told mother about ? i -
Tl'? u.a. BBatSMB?, and ?In- p?t 0M box nt
CuricuBA (ointment) and ?i calce of Cm
CUBA Soap, and thev ?-'/?W hrr in Hirer week*.
Feb. ?.'M. ui'j Fourth St.._N. W.WaMi. D.C.
When m j boy w.i? three, week* old, I noticed
B rougbnei?, on hi? face, and It was very red.
We had ?everul doctor? lor It, but they did no
Pad, I am told to try l'i ii? i-R?. BaaiBoms,
and after usiii?' one box ami a half of C\ ti
COUA (?"?iiitnier.t) and ?'? ti? nu KOAr. fc< it
entirety cared. Uta, S. ti. \As\B,
Feb.'*?,'?8. 1013 Wilder Ht., l'b.la , Pa.
When our baby boy was three 111011111? aid,
he had the mill? cniat Tery badly on hi* head,
ao that all the hair ?ame out anil itched so
bad, he made it bleed by ?<?rat.*hiu<; it. I trot
a cuke of Cnii 1 UA Soar, and a Ikit of Cl Ti
cen ? ointment). 1 applied the ii rrot'BAand
put a thin cap on hi.-, need, and mt/art I liad
tiSfd hal/.t b.ix U teat inttr,ly eared, und hl?
hair commenced to grow out ||cetj
foh.SA,SL Un H P.HOLMES,Aahland,Or.
Ci-iirvn. BmtDiia kar* affect??", th? moa? wondtr
ful curaa ti torturing, dltflguring. kumiliaunc akin ao?l
arala humors of .nlanlt am) children, *?.-r rarnrrlnl. No
si.l'ini-Dt is ma da regarding lh?m thai ?a aot )'a.li6'.|
b? Ih? stroogm avldraca. Th?. a/? (ha moal ?paa?]*.
?'.moinnil, tad inialuhU akla curta, olool puii?.ra, au?l
launa, r raui'diaa of nsodrra lima.
?liar roa ?tia-Tosn ?at? ?aa.aa ?>? Rasr roa
Tit-rii M.,iuii s m a war? Ulh witli r.Ticrat ion.
ami a singt? applicin..n of CiTictaa [o?ala?**?), grraksl
cf '? "??liints aac ski? curaa.
Ttila I. aimtn- ?111 gvft instant rr lief, pamlt ??? for
paran? ?id site?; for rhlld, and point tn a sr?> ?alar. i*-??i.
? nl. and ti-cDi.in'cal cun af lha aaoat tortorang. 1 -",,
?ring, and huii iluting of it<-hln?. burning, bkrdnig,
srilr. ?Iraplr. and *>uat?>4 skit, and acalp hurnura witk
loas uf lait, w???,i all al?, tel la.
Soldlhraaghnatlka w?>fld. J*.Tti ai D?-M a?s Caa?.
tuar, ? sasaToaa., BaatM
9g* " B?e m C u? ttnj ' Tartan?? k?* ?. ' (Ma.
A Noted Physician Will Prove This
to i? derer? in Richmond Tbnradsy.
The progress of modern medical science
has led to the discovery of ?ucrensful
methods, of treatm-nt for most of thoee
maladies once regarded a? Incurable.
Asthma has always been regarded as bo
longin?* to Oils obstinat" class, bafTltii*
the skill of the greatest physician?.
Thousands of sufferer? known by th-Mi
own experience that little, If any, rell.f
has li.en afforded them by the methods
heretofore employed. Dr. Rudolph Schlff
mann, the noted physician, has, aft- : B
lifelong study of Asthma ami kindred
diseases, discovered B remedy which not
only giVSS Instant relief In the severest
cas-s of Asthma, Hay-Fever, and Bron
chitis, but has actually ?u-.d thoasaadS
whoso cases had been pronounced lnci
rable. So complete is his confidence in
his remedy, that to overcome the scepti
cism of the public, growing out of me
failure of other remedies. Dr. Scluffmann
re.pi.-sts this paper to announce that all
da) Thursday, OCtubef 17th. he offers a
liberal sample box of "Sclirffmann's
Asthma rure" free Bf ChargBytO all pei
tens applying at T. W. ChatTs drugstore,
corner of Third and Main str.-ets. H"
believes that an actual test Will be the
most convincing, and. in fact, the tub
way to overcome the natural prejudice
Of thousands of asthmatics who nav*
heretofors sought relief in vain. Persont
living out of town win recelv? a pa
fie.-, post paid, by writing direct to Dr.
it. SciiiiTminn. Bs Rrarabsl strsat si.
I'.nil, Minn., before October l??th. M no
free sample? can be obtained after that
date. .-. nd simply your name and ad
dress patnly written on a post-card.
tppubitnirni. for Public SpenUIn?
In Thl? State.
State Democratic Committee.
Room 82, Chamber of Commerce Bld'g,
Richmond, Vn.
The following appointments for pulallc
peaking ar? announced:
Brunswick (court), October 24th.
Surry (court), October B*th,
Culpeper (court), October 17th.
Stafford (court). October 19th.
Fauquler (court), October 24th.
Prince Os-orge (court?, October 13th.
Prince Edward (court). October 17th.
Nottoway (court), November 3d.
Grconesvllle (court), November "th.
Stnnardsvllle. October mh (court).
Harrisonburg, October 17th (court).
Lurny, October 21th (court).
Charlottesvllle, November 7th (court).
Grayson, October 18th (court).
Bath (court), October 11th.
Buchanan (Botetourt county), October
12th ?night).
Jennlngs's Creek (Botetourt county),
October ISth (afternoon).
Amherst (court), October 17th.
Augusta (court), October 24th.
NottOWay (court), November 3d.
Grecnesville (court). November 7th.
Mor?trato, DadfOltl county, October ISth
IM P. M.
otter Hill. Bedford county, October
19th. IM P. M.
ftodalla, Bedford county, October -?th
T:30 P. M.
Halifax (court), October 21th.
Republican C.rove, Halifax county, Oc
tober 2.">th a P. M.).
Mount Carmel, Halifax county, October
2Gth (2 P. If.)
South Boston, Halifax county, October
2?7tli (I P. Mi.
Ylrgillna, Halifax county, October '7th
(2 V M ?
Onk Level. Halifax county, October 2Sth
?3 P. M.).
Clover, Halifax county, October "9th
(2 P. M?.
Scot^burg, Halifax county, October
29th 9 P? H.).
N?w Kent Courthouae, October Eth
Hillaboro', October ISth (night),
Diinvi.idl" (court) October 17th.
charles City (court ?. < ?ctober Mth,
Roanoke (court) (Salem). October lTth.
Bedford (court), October 24th.
Montgomery (court), October 2.7th.
(?fcarlotte (court). November 7th.
HON. J M. qua r les.
Warm Springs (court), October llth.
Amherst (court), Octaber 17th.
Staunton (court), October 24th.
Anaherst (conn I Octaber nth.
Nelson (court), October 2?th.
N* W K?nt (court). October l.lth.
Qeochland (court), ?totober i7th.
Hanover (COUrt), October l'.ith.
N.-w Kent (court), October hKh.
King William (court), Octaber 26th.
HOM THOMAJ N. Williams.
Prince George (?ourti, .?ct,,t?.r j.tn
Mndlsoti (court). October 27th.
Wayneeboro/, November Ith (ni<-ht)
Albemarle (court). November 7th,
CLBM H. c.leen. aTMQ.
Salem (court), October 17th.
PRANK T. QlaaaVJOW, i;sq
Nelson (court). October 21th.
jri?.;i-; w. HOTXlBsj mann
Amelia Court, October 27th.
(?Iles County Court, Ostoh,r llth
?Smyth? County Court <>? tober 17th
Cralg county court, October 17th
Wis | County Court, October L'lth '
Joseph Button. Secretary.
M IK II. ?..?.
of ST. JollN'S LODGE, No. S3, A VV
?-. an.! A. M.! v,m an requested to*?"?
attend a siat.,1 communication of your
THIS (Tueada; , B\ BNINO, B| 7
o'clock t.. be bald la the Maaoalo Tem
ple, corner Broad and Adams atrs. la
llembera of alater lodges and transient
brethren are invited.
By order of ths Worshipful Master.
ne H_Secretary,
^^^^^^^ M1TI4K. ^^^^^^^
South.-rn it,ill way ComptUBT.
Richmond, Va.. October 1,
RAILWAY COMPANT, for the purpose
of electing directora, and for th? trans
action Of such oth?r bu niay
Come before th.- m<-.-tlriK. ??ill at held
at the oftlce of the company, in th? city
of Richmond. Va., on TUE8DAY Octo
ber is. ls'J*?. at w r/etoch a. m
oo 2-tOc 18 In_Secretary.
. . old Dominion
Building nnd Linn Association
Richmond, Va.. October 1, 1>;??8
CIATION ??ill be h.-id In the Hell or the
Chamber of Commerce, Richmond, 4.?
at 10 o'?'l?"k A. M , for th? purpose of
considering the queatien of the convsr*
?Ion of other share? into perpetual ato. k
un.i to take such action in connection
th-p with as may be deemed necessary
bv the stockholders. E. A. BARBER,
oc 2-td Secretary.
September 1.1. 1898.
h'-id at tii* ottlc" of ?he rampany, in
Richmond. 4'a., on MONDAT, <?<*tob. r
17th, at 12 M.
H. C THAI'HER. President.
T. W. THA4HEK. Treasurer,
se 20.27*0? 4A11
ATTK??TI4>V II 4 III 4 41KN !
our up-town house, .117? Second Market
space, on
several Fresh 4'ows and Calve?. Thl? Is a
line lot <>r Cow?, and It will be tu your
, Interest to ???; In? i'i
oc ixn ?vuBiir. bwaissv a co.
Special for To-Day:
Boys' Brown Woollen Knee
Pants, strong and Serviceable,
made up with patent ??a*
waistbands. I/C?
Strictly All-Wool Boys Knee
Pants, made as well as "any vu:.
Pants, guaranteed for ? *?< )
wear. ?* - J( .
Regular 75c. Mother's Friend
Laundered Shirt-Waists, new
designs, no old stock or a q
odds and ends. ?OC.
Long-Pants Military Suits
sizes from ages 4 to 12, Mili
tary Caps to match, nicely
braided, complete out- tj_? f-._,
fit only. -4)1._C5
1003 East Main Street.
AMI M "dl > i
Thursday Evening Oct. 13th,
BEB DISflMUIBUD tit 11-1,
Mr. Charles
In the Georgian Play,
The Royal Box,
o- 0
O- ?
Salo of Stats Begins M
October 10th.
PRICES, $1,50, $1, ?S and Sb
ACAI)i:iIY OK Ml ?I, .
Km ?green Farco?
"A I'A III.OH V \ 1? M.
rresontod by a T'hcnom. ,.g\ , :i
?ilv Arndts,
oc 11-lt
ilii:i: RKI ITAL.
111-?MI'S? >X,
'! [ON H \U..
AT *
Admlwlon will i
bs hni .-it th.- mo
Saturday, oitober 15th.
Un, h,1, mm
Broad-Street Park.
Every evening?8:15?Every evening.
A.I in ??.?i. m.10 ?*? ii I h
For tli?? I>? ?!if?flt of Oraban?
Old Pianos.
Aro v?>iir children learning *
BB o!?l plBBO? K?rly Inpi -
most la.stlnif". 1
t??u.*h an
of BSnstSM
botter to irlvi* a chll.1 a good i
on, an-I lti?it:lr.? from MCb I ' '
rtrtn as >>ur? what
pl.tno for - tA
Do not buy ?imply B b"X of Ml *
ha? no BMM Icnl f ?tan But ' '**
K.ur valu- f-?r oil | ' ?
oa??y tSaTBMI "n n?:w lnstrun.
A f?-w bargain? In i s *
r>?l; CMMSmiUm at |100; bias, Knabe.
Between Mrst ?and ?-kcond Street?
THB I.BOMARD MOll?! - lllll"
h?r*??? ellpi?4 PltSS, II * hora?. '' ?J
Ord??T? at ilio ii'Tth Ninth ?tr?-?*?t or sm
C^?"1"' N? IMOSAUU.

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