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Richmond dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1884-1903, October 11, 1898, Image 5

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w naima of syri? of nos
t .mir L* Mag ??ritnna.ity nn.l
?v <'f tho o<iml*inntion,l?utnls,?
.1 ??.kill with which it i?
-.'?ml bj ??.i>ntifio r~7rraraM
.tin- (aiif??kma Fio Svnrp
.Ir*.?' ?? asa IV? iin*?r?"KH up. n
B | c iiii]x?rti*,m*o. <?f puro ha si ni? the
.111,1 orijririal remedy. As the
^vrupof f%f* if? manufactured
? MlfOKXIA .fia SYRl-r. Ci?.
?, ;-n.?vv,?*<li/e of that fa<t. will
in rivoulinR ths worthless)
iraaa '..etumi l?v other par
i -tnti'Luj*; of tho Cam.
Bl ;t r Co. ?vith lhe medi
r?, ami tho RatiRfaction
. i drag Syrup <?f lips has
un of familie?,, makes
? ol tiit? Company g ??u-irnuty
\ ;?nr?.t ?if its remedy. It is
far in ad p. a* of aj] other laxatives,
tm tin? ki.iiuys, liver and
:?i.uit irritiitini? or weaken?
.. and it ?1,-vs rot prip? n??r
b?. Itiorslortotrctita Leneticial
p tee* rememlKT the name of
ipragja ?
BAB i-R\*,ci?r4?. t-ai.
l?tl?TlI.L?.. K-. M-W TORK. N.T.
,?? 1-Tu Tl. A'Sa ly A wcowtcnr)
Cure Sisk Hsatlache
and act like magic on a weak
stomach and disordered liver
.'. con?-,, at all I?ru
(Ja lJ-Tu?.2tnrm)
*U> l 44l>I?s PREPAH 4 l??l?\
?.ciiooi. roil BOYS.
"N THE M',"-; OF 6 AND 11,
Franklln and
: ira seo clr
st W< tt a. Johni t?
_ ftFtOclS
lIKl.Ul. S4 114)411. 4M? KIMJLH
"-"', I'i ' ?.lte,
il1 pal tinents.
ng, according lo m
m pe ten l Insti
- . '" High standards.
' Iplln?. Individual attention
i ? ; to rnothert si No, M
al bookstores,
.?-.ens BBPTEMBER rd.
_; ATh toclB
liEOl'i.. Iil44\ IM41HMIV,
-.der tho Bssaag?-in? nt of the Father? of
the Sortety of J?su-. < ?v? r ?me tiun?ir?a
i ? of <f??i?r?? and Bar sa hundred stuiums.
i5EORGETO\V.N' ?.?l.Li.UE, fUOMJui?
Oldest Catholic College In the United
,i.,i coiiegiat?
i v. | g? botare,
: : . 1 '( M -?.KALI Ail'.
-??i i-.-i-..*-..
imcroiis und eminent Medical Ka
Kx. all. m ? Uni il a.
??n University Bospital ju~t
', I ? 'I NOLI? 1?,'?.
.. .i opporttinitl? t tor tiio study
, Jurlaprud?
. ireaa
Jl ii.N D. 44 ni I'tiAil, B. :.,
'1m Rector.
II 4ii: 4.l:<?44 KK AM?
M 41 r ? I ? 4M i:
?re tb? ?illy preparations that will r raiera
la ,.r,ein..l lie-ilttiy condition.
AT ALL 11 It I '.i.l-i ?.'.
,| I y>
Tulips, Lilies,
and Other Flowering Bulbs,
must be planted in the fall,
?ither in pots or the open
ic to give the best re?
nuits. They are easy to
?, and make beautiful
Soweri during tho winter and
v spring. Our Bulbs are
?rt.'d direct, and tho very
?same as we have sup*
I?!i<i to ourlloristB and largest
rjtn l,?-r<- for years.
a i ; aboat ibsm , descrip?
, ?ni ho? to j.luct end care for.
' r Mailed free. _
- ,milled for makin? a beautiful
. awn,
T. W. WOOD & 80N8L
Soedtmen, RICHMOND. VA.
1323 Main 8L,
!7>07E. Franklin St
Btl a Marshall.
bo 27.TuA*S'.lt
C4?ntagioii3 Blood Poison is
ni'-t horribl? ?..'-< ift kn??wn.
?.iiiy r?ni?dv uhii-h can nach
it and ei?eet a f'iupl'tu euro ia
t'l "?>?(-it.?',
S.SS? Blood
1 .? ??JWS-???^??????---*?'--?11 '
li.-ulli of a Yens-ru 1,1?* Laily.
H BUBO, VA, O? 'KitttT 10.-<Hpe
?fi Harri? t j. Hutti r rltad al bay
?urtky," near thl? city,
I ? urda t?.? in
oTttabar it?oG, bar fath?r
,i usa * Btogue, who, ut th?
- or. ?,f the most noted criml'D?!
r? to this section. Mr?. Hutter win
!"?v .,r Major George? C. Hutter,
Btatsa .it-rny, and at the time of
..tli was ?Hawing- a pension for the
. in tho war "'.
/ . n , lous-ht tbretAgfe
ad la the
?>? ? * ? !? witli the KcpiLiiolt? lud?an?.
In?, r. ?Unit Sortlrra-Tht? Dritt ol
th?? Y. M. ? A.?Kffortst ?,, |4f| |t_
A Mnrdrrnn-a A??nnlt-r?r??mtal end
< ? ?..-rjti rVattaa.
pvrnun?Ro, va., octotvr io,-<-spo
clnl.1 Tlio nowly-lnrprov.-a High-Street
Msthodlst Kplccopul church wa? opened
"n Suii.lay for publlo worship, ?n.l ap
propri.ito services wer? hold In tho morn
l"g bad at night. Tho church wa? packed
"ti l"?th ot-caslone.. and at nluht ?ovoral
h'jfulrp.1 people were turne.1 nw,.j- for
?? ??it of Fitting or standing room. Kt-v.
v.". w, i??*.ir. ?>r NbuMhaatar, preached in
Hi.? morning, and Rev. <J. W. DjTST, of
LynchburK. at nl??ht-both former and
Bl Bnatsn. and both greatly bsssvsd
by IBs nantweallwi The pulpit platform
Was adorned With palms and oth?r ?vr
?. The church has not only bSSB
enlarged. Mat It? front has hern greatly
Improved, a handsome tower has boon
d, and tho congr?gatloa enters and
leav?? through a large vestibule. The
ltit'Tl',1- jire?, nts a v.ry hniulsomo ap
psaimncs, with its new furniture and car
air.-.1 walls, and beautiful
m- lallk celltnff. These Improvstnents,
bav? been In pilsgrus? many
months, oost somewhat ov?r MM?, on
wblcb a debt of about UMt remalaa The
r, Rev. K. T. DadmoB, nada a
Strong SBp?Ml f??r ?il?l In llftln*; this debt.
and nt th? two ?enrice? ?ont? 11,500 of
ft 000 wer? rrabaerlbed in rasp?nos. Th?
y "t this worktuf rongregatloa
rsnee tbat lb? satire debt win
be settled. Mr. Dadmun paid hia,h
."ini'llm. nt tn tha- members ??f the '*ull<l
Ing Committee, collectively and Individ
ually, for their faithful ami eneri
? rvlces In tbe prosecution of tii- wirk
ment, mi?! challenged the arb? i
Virginia Confereoca to equal th? women
of th? ration In tin ir nobl? tacri
Bces, their unttrlag ?nergy, ,-in.i loving
faith In '.Mis wurk ?if ?rectl t g beautiful
t? m),i t?. tl??- woisiii;. of ti,, Ifoet Ulgb.
Th? music morning and niKht was very
Tvi.-i s were very dellgbt
sociation HOME
Two bibbs meeting? wer? beH Issl
night In tii?- Interest and under th? bus?
??f t!i.? Toang Man'? Christian na
tion ,?f ibis city, at which lar?., on
semMsgea were prssent The one at the
First Bapti I church was addressed by
R, ?. Qecrg? W. ~"ray, and th.- .me b|
kfarket-Stn ? t Methodist EptsoopsJ
< hureh by i:. -,-. Dr. H \?'. BaUle, A
m? at wai made by Mr. R. ii. Davis,
-m of th? association, t" the ef
fect that the Toung Men'? Cbrlstlsn As
i bonded .i?-!?t of about
U?.OOQ. Th? bondholder? have generously
offered to BOOept In full payment aliotit
M per cent., or about ?it,' <?.. To relieve
tii.- Basodstlon of thl? Incubua it ?s pro?
i d to raise UMO by ?ubeorlptlon, ar
menu bating been ina.le to borrow
the h?lame. Wbea this le done the aass
in will be "ii a iirm basis, as the
Income will then be mor? than .sufficient
to pay Interest and meet current ox
The I2.."4>", however, must be
raised at ones, snd the peuple of Pe
tersburg an- subscribing- liberally to that
A murderous and unprovoked assault
wa? mad? <>n Bundny morning about ;
o'clock, up?,n AbM? Jones, ? colorad wo
man, Who cooks for th' family of Mrs.
S S. Bridgea OB JefferaOB street. The
Woman was In the act of kindling a fire
to (?>,,k breakfast, when she dlscovsrsd
fli?. pr? i i, ? ??f a man In the klteh-n.
-at Immediately, and before ah? could
the man dealt b> r a heavy
blow "ii tbe bead sritb ?? piece of wood.
Bhe screamed, bul the fallow struck h?.-r
in-'] .?gain, until eh? beCBBBS liis?-ii
and then ran out on Unding (hat
the family bad been arooaed. Very mob
aM?r Officer Ruffln arrested a negro
tramp coining ?>ut of the yard of a BSlgh?
bor of Mrs. Bridge?, euapectlBg him to
i, iva t ? ti tbe assailant He la ptlll held
in jail, his Identity n??t being clearly M
t. i'ii-in o. The unfortunate woman la
badly, though uot aeriously, Injured ?bow
th. bead. It W? BO 'lark that Bh? OOUld
early rsoognlm th? man who bssl
though further informa:!,m may es
tablish hla guilt or Innocsncs. The man
hi name as Cornellui Bloodworth,
he recently cam.- from North
Two bande?me memorial window? ar?
... be i? ' <"<i in Hlgh-Btreet Metbo
iii-i Eplacopal ohurch, In memory of lit?
Rev. E M Peterson, win? died whlls
.- of the church, and the late
Thomas Branch and wife, who wow
among It? earliest and most ?ubstantlal
in tha Mayor's Court this mornin?.
Stephen Browa (colored! ws? aentenced
lo four months' toprlsonm-nit In Jail on
hm. charge? of larceny, stealing <?n dlf?
I.urit ilatcs HI Ifl l". >' *nd ;i Um' S0*'1
watch, from Mr, Bpsncer Bmith.
lt hai bssn pretty deflnltely settled
thai t L?. Jonen th? rotored Republican
candidate for Congress In thto district.
?ill remain In th? fl? Id, BOtwltb?t?BdlBg
he has been ruled out by the National
Commiti- a.
X Mtrlea Of revival BBSBtlng? was com
menced yestsrday at Wesley chureh. to
? continued for ?onm tin.-. Rev. Mr.
JJandford, of DanvUla, will assist la their
take place
that day, bul it may be
wltnesses in the case have been _?otlflod
r-iiuvav. which vas suspsndsd a wee*
\V;1J,. ,r ,.,.- burning on! ut the
,ltl!, ,,.,, >.., ha.ti recommenced.
jagaym in wahsaw.
seven? 1 lUilldlnu? Ilurned-Xarrow
9sU0utSS of Clerks.
WAHSAW, VA., ??.tuber IC. ?(Special.>
nlght about 10 o'clock the large
ItOIsBOUSS of Wa B. Coleman, of this
place, vas discovered to b.? on fire. Mr.
.'?Ionian's clerk?--.- J. Wurncr and Ro
beri Prntt?had retired half an hour be
[.,.? Whaa tha ira was discovered it
had gained BUCh headway that thSS? gen
tlemen found ft InnWSSlblS to make their
o*?_t>e except from the second story
windows, wtilch thfy did by letting
tV.ms? h'es down by the bed clothlnK. it
,?,v took a fsw minutes after the giving
,, ,he alarm for our otUSSOS to turn ont
In full f.-rce. Th? front of the ?tore was
. , once broken *? und an effort *'a*
L tn save Mr. Coleman'? stock of
St?,-,V ??ad gained such head
L? that only about $J*J0 worth was got
len out WUhln ono hour the ?tor?
luddmK wus in ashes. Tl-.e Are rapidly
iladSo the po?,-om.;e bidldlng. then
- ?-?riarv These building? were also
^?"hT ashes. UV this time the names
,(l tZehU the house whU-h was OSCU
? t-v %fr W. ? WtiJUice as a holel.
,i.d in a short time this building, with
le stables and carrlags-house. had suo
"mbed to the flame?. The entire Mat
?S effect? were saved, ?ml Mr. IN a acs
.,a cee.l.d in getting most of hi? furniture
, , h, hotel, but he Bustalnad cnnald?
rble loss In th? handling. It took
?2* ?M wUmUioILuMUU Uom
Bpr?*adlng to the residency of Mrs. M c
??!!. and the ?toreho.ise and granary
W *U. S. A. Shackelford. The entire
SffSets In the?? buildings were also re
Th- I.,?? |8 i-Bttmafcd to be from 110.000
to H2.iT.jn m. (*0|,.,ni.? ran led nn Insu?
Mine?, of nl.out MM* "ti hi? ?tock an I
BUlldlag. 4)n the hot.-l property. Mr?. L.
A. Carter, to whom the prop.-rty l-'otige?!,
? '?rrl.-.i nn laararaaas of tl.wir?. The
Lvulldlng oc<-ui,led a- II ?-office wc?!
owned by Hon. Bf, H .!,,-, ? lu; ui>on
thl? building there wax ?o laaeiranea. it
I? thought that rats Ignited ?oatches,
causing the fire.
Ef.Atl?HULL I *4D.
A Trellj- 4 lMir.1. 44.-.!.llnK In \nn?r.
lit ?mil.
?TTFF? ?LE. VA., October lO.-?Rpeclal.)
A n'.table social event took placo at 3
oYl.xk this arternoon In tho Baptist
church at the t??wn of Holland, about
twelve miles from Suffolk, the occasion
l'?*,ug the marriage of Mr. 4Vi!llam ?dor
don Btoaa, a well-known young toislutss
m?in tet Suffolk, and Miss LeUUs Holland,
th? pretty and accomplished daughter
of Mr. 4V!lliam T. Holland. ??ne of
N'tinscmond's m????t prominent citizens.
There wa? a large attendance of reto?
tiras ?nal Meada from the surrounding
country and from Suffolk. K-v. .!. B?
Jones, Diistor <-?f the church, was the
oth-luting mlnlst.r, and Miss Myrtle Q,
Booker, <?f Suffolk, a alece of the groom,
presided at the organ. Mr. R. I* Wood
ward, of Suffolk-, acted as Beat man, and
Mtes Anula Iviw'nrds, of Holland, was
meid of honor. Th.- u h< rs were L. T.
DOble, of Richmond; XX. II. BargraVO,
of S?i!T ?Ik, BBd ??wen n?!,l V*7UsOB Hol
land, of BOflsad. UpOB th? conclusion of
tho cen-mony at the church Mr. and
Mrs. Blnni embarked on th?? Atlantl,* and
I'Mtiviii?- railroad, ea rout.- f,,r Plttsburg,
c ??-lier?- Mr. Btaaa will attend ths
Knights Templar conclave.
- - - ???
TitIII?* Sniiplv 4 ompnns tl?nr|err?t ?
r..nil. oi nu.i fttaaanl
HA!,i:i?;il, N. C., o,-t,,t,.i ]??.- (Special.
Tiie Hiate ?barters th?- Textile Mill Bup?
pi;.' Company, of Charlotte; capital, MAM*;
ii.?k holders?, W. I!. c. I<,,s?, .1. J. l-'atnaw,
A. J. Compton, and 9, L. i-'erris.
'Hie Supreme Courl derotes tills week
to the ?pp. a! docket from th? Third Dis
TWe report that the paymaster bad ar
rived here to pay tin BeCOnd I'.-giment I
proved to he untrue. Tin- officer w ho c UUfl
[fl Lieutenant Larra!, who Will aid < ,; -
i..!.. Todd m aauatetiug oal th.- reanuient.
?'aptfiin To?l.I will enlist a great many
men of tbe r*eghnenl for tic- regular ser
vi, e. in on?- company "f i-'* men bo less
to ? ? eight) -yM> destr? to enlist.
Two convicts from Bladen arrived at th.*
penitentiary to-day. ? ?no la ?a ?roman ? on?
rlcted of murder, who ?jeta twenty-fir?
??ars; the ether ? is BBS f**X for the
iii(-!i ofmahinglee B cents sv.rth.
Tii-r? is pleasur? her? el th? new? that
Brlgadler-Oeneral Arnold has forbidden
the further ?-ale of beei at th? canteen ,,f
th?- rirsl North Carolina Regiment, at
Camp <'ut>a Llhre. liter is no drink for
that climate.
NS'.-rk on the extension of tin- Aberdeen
and Aahboro' railway Is plOgrSSSlllg BUltS
' ?l??ne] M, L. Hugglns. of the Eighth
Regiment of Immunes, is a natli
1'itt county. N. ?'.. hut went in th?. ter*
vie?? in lKf.i from Minneeota. He was once
atatloned here in the fjecond Artillery.
T?o i.- are new no lest than twenty-five
Democratic speahers in the held in the
State, upon alignments by the state
Committee. Tlie campaign lit? rature BSBt
out fur exceiils anything prevloiisly
known in North Carolina.
It is learned that on.- in.??.* earnest at
tempt will be made by Republicans and
Populists to depose John J. Low!, r as the
Populist congressional nominee in the
Third District.
Judge Purnell orders th? rec,?l\-er oT the
< ?. Liing.lon-llem-?y Coal-Mine Company
to pav over all money? at once and settle
up the buslnc.?*. ?The i? ?elver reports thai
nearly nil the coal cars received from the
Mosbaunon Company are in servi,,, and
that hence he cannot turn them oT.r in
ten ?lavs, us ordered.
Bw*r*l ravaauc official?; from her?- went
to Oreensboro' to attend the r*ederal
Court. They returned to-day, and say
T. m. Annie, a .Usinier who refused to
answer any qosstloua to the suit against
171,1er, the Btorekeepsi end ganger at his
distillery, was ordered to Jail for OPn
tetnpt by Ju'Ik?* Kwart. but under habsai I 1
corpus proceeding;? baa gotten his esas I i
before th.- LTnlted State? Circrjit Court of | 1
Appeal < at Richmond.
lim? 'in,* C?,llr?e?Orfleer?
Klerl?*?!? I'stnoiiiiI.
4VILT.IAMSIM';:?:;. v.\ . October io.?
.Special.?-i'ounty Court was In saBtdoa
to-day, but no business of sp?cial Inter, at
was transacted.
?Both literary societies at the college
organized Saturday nicht for the eSBlOB.
Tin. offiesr? in th.? Philomath.-m for the
next threu months ??r?-: l-resldeat, R. 17.
llenderBon, Boanoke; vice-rr.?aident, C.
T. urayst.n, Calpener; leoretsry, J. H.
Bonneville, Hnmp'en; Treasur.-r. Charlea
N. 44'iiiiams. Norfolk city; ITtonrespondlng
Secretary, VV. 1*. Harris. Spots.? lvaniu.
Tho 1'heonlx Society atoCted Offi?
'.?Hows: nvsldent, John T. Thompson,
Warr.-n; VlCB?I*TCSldSnt J. !.. N? ?? ?lOSOb,
aioucsster; ancre tory, H- Hunt, E-tlnce
William? Tr?'itsufer, R? yiiolds Hanklns,
Th.? college branch of tho Young Men's
'hristian Association ;,ii-" organlaad by
?lectiag ths foUowtng officers for the first
part of the staslon: Pr*esldentl Ernest
siinwiii, i>?udonn; V?ioe-President, c. N.
i\ illiams; RM'?)i?!ing Secretary, J- T.
Thompson; Corresponding Secretary, A.
ii. Kor?man; Treasurer, Charles H. i.-im
Addresses were made y? ttSTdsy In the
Tail of the society by Rer. J. N. Latham,
?f the Methodist .lunch; ?Professor !..
I.. WbartOTa, Of the college faculty, and
il v. 4V. j. King, of th.- ?Proebytorisn
ihureb. A torgs eumber of young men
lars ? onnecte.l Ihemrelvei with tbe Hte
,!] ? ?ocleti.s and th.- Young Men's Chris
li.tl Association.
Miss Hattie Wtlklna and aflat Rebecca
Ttowee, arter a delightful ^'isit of two
seeks in Norfolk, liave return.-.1 lioin,
Bar. C. L. Morrison, editor of tl' \\ '
'..lin Plata Dealer, was h.-r?- to-day. Mr.
itorrlson has a large church 1?? low Itere,
vh.*r?. he conducs torvto. s on alternats
tandaya, an,i preaebed there yeeterdai
<? a good congregation. He went from
i?re to Norfolk to ?'LI: his son, who is
?onneoted with the ?Jouthera roa?j.
MU.N 4M)?? 411.
['.?nnly C??url? \?i I nd i.i..., .? t ? \.,
SpeaLla.gr?Veteran Head.
WOODBr*4*OCa7. ya? October i?).?(Spe
lul)?October term af She nandoah Coun
y Court convened here to-day, with Judge
r. S. Tu4-enn. r presiding. The regular
-tund Jury was in BeeatOB several hours,
ind returned an Indictment niialnst M
im. Hite, a well-known surveyor of nr.tr
his place, for an alleged forgery, The
ICeaaed aipeared, and was balled In the
ciK'lty of 11.000. Only one case Was on
he docket, and that wa.? continued until
he November term.
Hon. James Hay, Democratic can,!i<late
or Congress, was In town, but did not
?peak, mm advertised, owing to local con
W. 4". CVFlaherty. of F*ront Royal,
Tho 1? running as an ind.-p? nd.-nt gold
andldate, waa here also. A small crowd
vas In attendance.
John Henry, a citizen of thl? Baaes,
nd a gallant Confederate BOldler of the
Id Tenth Virginia. dl?d very suddenly
his morning, ?henan.loah ('amp, United
'onfederate Veteran?, of Woodstock,
vil! attend the funeral to-morrow In a
M>?l?*rlou?!y Shot.
?vVTTHEVILLK. October 10.-(Special.)_
i young man named DunfUrd, who lives
n Crlpplo Creek not far from Ivinhoe,
as found on the Lick Mountain road, a
hort distance from Wythevllle. late this
venlng shot In the hack. By whom or
<?w he was shot Is a mystery. Young
?unfold had attended ?ourt here, and
aa returning home. ilia, wound i? a d.'.u
crous 9Ptk ,-,--' -' *"* '
4 I
: ?,
I .
I .
? h
i u
i u
i n
? ti
It Atlvnncr? at Obs? Time Ower Three?
ro?ate, Bat Clone? CnchanKe<l
biin? Rnlly la Wheat, on War
NEW YORK, October 10?The room
I radar? fin the Stock Exchange turned
bears again to-day, and sold ?toeks all
through the list. Outside of a few linea,
they met with much sucre.?,?.. i,a?f, m tne
day, In some of the railroads, the de
clining market Induced some liquidation.
Th? CoTOBga market was on the side of
th.? liars, the relations between Great
I'.rltaln and l'rance dleelSSSd by the Fa
BhOda b!n?-b""k causing suitlclent appre
benaloa to produce a decline of 3-1 in
liritish consols, and to unsettle all the
Continental market?. The possibility of
the failure of the peace commission to
agree BpSfl terms was also upon the side
of the !? U -'.
Ixisses in the Orangers reached a point.
The Industrial group an?l S'ngar fell 11-8.
The offerincs on the decline ?rer? very
'B Cas, Rubber Ft0? i; , Lan?
th.r (ptsCsrrsd), Manhattan, M.-tropol,
tan BtTSet Railway, and NSW York Air
BrakS were all sufferers at one time or
Other during the day to the txt.-nt of
from 5 tn 7 points.
. a*a? a prominent fenturo, ant
ruled abov? Saturday*? level, the great? r
part of the day, on the acquisition of a
larga plug-tobacro Intsrsst The price
dvsnced at ob? time ovar I j???ints, but
k clos?1 unehaaestL
There was bo reflection in the stock
mark?-t of the active foreign demand for
wlaat for ?aport "r Ut the ?vld.nees of
the ?spandlng burrtnea? of the country
in the In-creased demand? from the West
tor money. The transfers of currency at
th? Bah-Treasury for ?hipment to the
W'st amounted to mo,????. Conditions in
the mon. y market continu?-I o.iay.
weskl Bed lat<- In th?? ?lay. In
lympathy with stocks. Wisconsin Central
lost an extrem? of 11-4, and Oregon Short
[.in?. 1 ML Total sales. *2Tfi,m.
Ciil?.?I State? ol?l 4's i??iiij?ons) ad
rnacsd I??, and th? now ?f? (rsgtsteretl)
to (rsglatersd), 3-S In the bid
The total sal'?s of stocks were _.",.K?)
ibarea Including Chicago, Kuriington
ind Qulncy, MB" Manhattan. IMS; North?
i ?i?-. :'.;>?'; St. I'aul, tLMM. I'nlon
Pacific ipwfsrred), 1,130; Amerlcaa Tobao?
l; Pe ?pi?'? Qaa ,? .' .'? Sugar, 79,?
Money on call steady at 21-2 per cent.;
?rime msrcantile paper, n l-2<d4 per cent.
Stirling exchange easier, with BOtUal
Hisiiuss in bankers* bills at MJMsf
l M 1-4 fOT ?letiiainl. and SI .*?! l-'J/?! ?' : I
or Plxtv .lavs; posted rat? s, MJBl-IQ
;i.?',; cnntn.r.ial bills. $1.811*-$4.'Ci 1-4.
Kllver certificates, *>?^r-.1 : Bar ?liver,
B M?, Mexican dollars, 47.
Qovornment bonds !irm?-r. State bonds
iteady. Railroad bond? bsavy.
HBM fOUM ?stuck (?L'OTATioita.
dosis a;,
ttetttae.r.vtt* and ??ai? * .- ISM
.tchiaoii, proftrre?!.?? ? ?1-!^
laltiiBor.aii'l un'o. ****
*aaada ?faetac. . ?" ' H
anada **,uutti?tra.-. ""-H
eairal i'a?*;?c. M,
Ibe^ar??**-?u J utie?. . ?""i?i
?ii.atgi. *a : A i"i?.IS?
!blc?f?o, ?.'?urliBirioDan'' ??unir.I ISM
/blaaga sad Kant-? Illinois.???
;.. U? I', an i .-?t. LsbM. ?mil
:..('., c. and .it. beak preferred. SS
lela nan aadHadaoa.Isn
)e?awar<*?Lac?swa>ina.i Wosfern.14?'?,
' ii . a ? I Kiu ? -r ? i i?. I ?Ha
leaver ?au rtloiiraudi?, preferrea... ISM
Ltle'U?)*'. .m..'n. 1-'
trie t*ft? ?V). 1st nr.terr.'?. '?'??t
r ?m-..178
?teat NenaofB, preierrod .... IM
Kx-kiiiH ? alloy ._. ;i^
.lint i? Central.10M.
Lk? f. a? ?. I 1 -V.Ml .. . I-?
?Baa r.ii.-aiij Western, preferred...Ulltj
age Sliorn. lli'-'Vtj
ouiBville -ml Nastiville..... M*?
iduliattan i. 8*N|
lei i. ?puni un f ract'.ou.lii'.it't
licriinan '.'entrai.1 Ut*l
llli'le-.ayia ?W! 1 St. l.OUl? .M. 88
lun..--, ti? .-?ii'iMt. Louis 1st Dreforred_ t-tsif
ll'TOlin I U'-l')-. .?1 -a
loLileatidUii'o. ...... 87
I.??'un a, ana r. I"l4
u&souri K.au'l J. preferred. 3"??
., I. and L. . 8
,,i aad i.. preferred**.*?. '-'Uli
if? Jer.evcantrsi.?.. 86
i-w un usairau.i ',
ew ,or?t.t?ji'j?i.)?ini 9%, L . IS
. V., i Lia-ng.iaB'i Hi, la ist ureterred.... b?)
. i., i ii. a.C'j an.i .?? .. _ -'i precacroa.... :; i
ortii.?es*t-ri?. i.i
..?Hi American Conaoany. ?)
. -i.i-.-i it . .... ?BU
..rttieru i'acit)'- ur?i?>?rr?J.?at?ai 74B
i.tanoau'l We.tera._ i > ,
nv'U ... tad Nar.a.. ,; :
i a-?-' a ?a ,: i Liu?. ".'Il
cn.ll-.?. 1V4
d? L! :?..? 1 . .??.1IKI.H
t Louis and baa ifTBSlSBna_a.- 7').
;. mu?s una >'ti> t-inn l-iur.-t. SS
. 1..H1I3 ana san I-ran. SB pre!. :.o'{?
t. i-aui Dr.iorr?>3M -.?. 1 . I .
L i'aul and Ura.ua..? ;>?,
.1'auiand Oru.aUa, praterrod.i;,7
. PaaL M. aad st.|g.-,
lutbernPaottta.mmwsh. SI
>at?ierc. tJij
luttiern. ur?r?rred .~^.. g-fU
cxasTaciflu.?. |gQ
mon l'acitlc . (14
!'.. I?. and ?j..-. SM
ab-uh.su Loaia ail ? aeitlc..........^ 7?^
niBrt. >:. La ii* an i J'a-*n.*. pr^ii.- ?? u. MM
titeliiij; Bill 1.1*.) Kli??. 4tti i?. f?nissal .':' ,
I .? I . .11 l.i. , tr ? i r.:-- -, ;. 1?,
firrni ooBPABisa
Ism? Expre?.?.110
nerlcau hxpretis.?1 m
jltedMatea lixpres*.,. 40
ens rurgo Kl pre.? .I'D
uerlcan Cotton Oil . 3(u
ut-ria.au Lot to a Oil ireterred. g|
jia.-ri.-aii ?? int-.? H14
uencan >pirus proa'arred.,, MX
uericaii lobaw?) Co.I -'4*1,
u.rK'sa I'oua'o'oC'a urelomtd.I in
?is? . ..u:iv.
n?oliLia'.eal i<?s.108
ma. ?alile Company.1 .,
>i..''."i.ti. _... SUM
>1, /uel * 1-. prelerred. f-,0
-lirlu.n.' - ru. IBM
IU..IH ntaul. . ', i
1 Cl? )?.? '?a?.. J8 1
?adTrtut. t : ', .
?ad nreierrea.nm.?lu? j
ttl"liai ..lu.?.-ul oil. .''*.<; .
ii-ir.. Man. Mtri '
ilnuan i- ?: . ?.I?u?a? 1
l?.-r C-rtiticsi??? - . " 0J
andarc! Hope aod T?loo. t?
nanear Basar rtanuer?. lio
?en. an Sugar rtetSaery, oret.. .lO.'.'-i
C. an 1 lroD. vol.
*?. Leal?or. U>.
M, leather prerarreu . Ovil?.
S. Kubber.?.- 88
v. hubber preterred.1 it?
entern L'aioo.-.... UO?tj
. Louis ?ud "loutbttestern. 4?,
. Loun?U'J!?voiith?f.eterB 1st prererred.' lia^
otirands sod Western. 0*1
0 ''ranle aad We???rn. pror. tj.i
itOBfO 1.real Western. 14
lira Paciti . .11 ?,
icago aad North?estera..1 !?
lca?o and Northwestern prof.17 1
manan Coiatnensal Company. .1.'
aatng 1.1 preterrsd._.. * >,
ternational Taper ?'"iii|'?nr. .1??,
?era?noua! T?p?r Company, -?ref. stji^
-in.? Coant, 1st preferred. ?0
. it,- <?:. ?.-?. v? preferred. . ?14
nn. Ir 'it.M7
icago and Kantern Illinois.103
BuW usr
ilted StstM new .1?. .10."?H
Ited Mtaie?4'?i.?w. r?cl?t.re?l.!'.Tal?!;^i
lied Stales 4?, u.a. coupon.......l'J7al'.'7?a,
iite.1 sute? 4*.I01??j?t0il?
tied States ?'? eoopon.111 a 1114
,te?i State? '? rer*ter?d.I1SI4S11SH
tteditates s't vouDon...11'.'lea ! 114
itrlcta'* ?..117^
iban..'? 1C!???A?.108
ibama |('la*? H.108
ibais? |Cla??C') ._18S
ktai'iu uarrencr.|OB
fb'fa^Xl4'H. l1;J ,?
:hl?on ?lit. 41. . 7i
nada ?loataern ? .lO?".?
'..,.-.> 1. riini.al.?. f?1!?
e2?*>?nke 4>Obloo?.?....,...s?.Ho
c.H. aattft-offo.?*!.nit?
U.UT.ra K. u. lau.?.ll??*
PeoT?ra ri. I?. 4'?. . ?7I4
Kast r.nn.?.?? 1st?. -.106
Kn? r-nnral is. . 71
P. w. a 1?. i???, t. r...11..'.. 76?e
<4?nar?l tl-.-ir <: : ? ,,..,.10?)s?
G.t.*!4 V ?T?. .?....104
O. tl. AA. A,*??? .10.*?
H.a T. C?ntralo'? .UOV?
H. AT.Central cuo, ? ? .ll<???t
Jew? u. isu.1<--.'H
tenis!??? now consoi*. 4'? .10ft
L ?T ft I'DLl-?. 00
Bissoarl ?T? ....100
U. K. T. 2d? . ???a
M.K.T. 4?..... nu?.,
NewTorkComral 1st?.I IT?-?
Now letaef Oatrai O?.11*?.
S?rtb?jarottn??v? .........1'?*-'
Nortb Carolina 4'a._? 10:t
Northern ?*aeinc ist?..-.ll'A?i
Nortu.ra fa-ino .? ? . ?Jo??,
.N<?rtb?rn Pacinc rs. . .HMU
h. T. C ?tat, U4?.1 " ?
Norfc.lt an,i vVestern 0'?.-.1-H
Nortawssjt.fn consoia ..?..If-'M
Norttwootsrn .lot?, > a.1. >?
trot?n NaTtgaiionlsu.114
Oretxn NaTigatUn V?. ?i??
4>.M.Lln?0'a t. r.?._l.7u
0. S. I.lno?'?. L r.l??du
Pacin* ry? ot"wS...'.loiyl
KiS'Jlng4s. ... ? K?2
* vT. ist....;..;;;:;:;;;;;;;;;;:;..;;::;; s?
St. I..4L ft consol ..s...,. ??fl-f,
h*,. ?.?v. P. c.n?r-,l B?a -offered.....1.0
puraai Consols .. ... .l.'.n
st.p.u ?p. ist?.....'.*.::."..:.'.:.'.'..it???
soutbern it,ii..r g*fl ... , . .. U7
? t?D.lar.l?opoa,ijTwlno(?'? ......... 7-'V?i
l?iin?S8?o a.? BStttSSsSBI 3 s . I?'l
le?as l'acide 1. u. 1st?.lu?.'-.
1 o?as Pacifie regUtoreU-t't. 44'?
1. P., Uen?erau<; Oulf Isis.7?
L abash 1st 5'?.||gu
' ?! -I: B?S. .,. *>?>
West ?-bore 4's.1UHS8
?irginia Centurie? .'.,., ;h
?ir?inla deferred. -,
V,'ls.;ot:8ln Central 1st? .. .'.. 51?
MoriieaniJ Oui.? 4's. 7??4
Norrolk and Western oon-ol4'e. Va
Norfolk an?l Western, preferred -off?ret? . 41-44
I nlnn Pacific 4's,........._. (?4
(?ntralo?* Georgia .', 's..'.I.... H"
Central o? 0.?>gta 1st. lo.... .'IrJ
Central of Georgia 2d, lu. 10
nichmond Stock ?Jnrke?.
Kichmond, Octooer 10, 1 s )<?.
S AI.E8.?Georgia and Alabama common?10
?liare?? nt ! gj i.
?;jV);???ji,?T SrcfRiTlB?? Bid. A?ked.
Pnlte.lMate- *" < m II .1101?
Unit?"! M'ite.? "Si, Ifitl. ItVwJd lt,u**i
UTAT. * ? III . k
NorthCarolma '*.?..104
North Carolina o"?.......197
4'trclnl? ?'s (ne**)..... H2\1, s.l
Virginia? ?..oniury. 77*4 7o?4
cut sic ,. r sa,
Kichmond elt? 8'?.131
Iticbmon.J atiyaf?.114
;;..:?., 1. 1 ally j'?..,,.,.? ..11
lt:, hnn 1? 1 ci?, 4's...I" :. lui
lUll.KOiD t. . ,,-.
Atlanta 4 4 harlotte l?t 7?..U8 tm
Allanta ami ? harlot te guar. Int.
Cbarltittt?, Columbia A Augusta
?M 7's .Ill
Ueorgia, Southern and Kiorldi? ?'i? 14HII4 ...
l'i-rr?!\i?, CLa?? A j's.J Xt\\
Petersburg, Cla?s B O's.Ht?>*l
Sotitueru ?4?u*?i?T. i.-ins.. ?7 ...
w eM,,Mi North Carolina 1st li'a,
... 11.14.114
??Otg 1? ?t Alabama pr?t. ">'s.104 le
?..rg.n. and Alabama, consola.... h.? Hi
Ilicluxiond Traction ."?' .104 101
Niriolt ?nd ?Aesieru 1st mort.
cou. 4 i?er cent. . A1VA gglf
Norfolk Mreet Hallway 1st 5's.101 lu;?
Paii.HOAi? ?*T0CKs. Par.
All/iuia ?lia cnarlott?.loo. 117
PataraBura.101? ... 14'?
K ii P. ?*- K. V. X l\ coiin't'n. 70 t)0
?t.. y ?a P.dit.?rat?t?.100 ma
Pi- Liiiou I, rruderi'-kHburg
ami P.itomaeti P. C .gtd...lOf 14i
Kk-bmon I. Kredorlcksburg
and l'otom?.- 7 P. C. gt?!...10tl 15?
t>oatheni Hallway, prof.IDO .iva? 3J
Oeorglaau.l Alabama, prer. 80W '?"
???-orgia ami Alana?ua.coin. ii)?), 11.114
Georgis, Moufb.rn ami
Klorlda 1st preferred..?. '.>;>>..
NorfolkMtroot Hallwar Ce. 4H->4 ;,.)
Cillions Eicbarig?. ?5 gM| 07
en*Bank. -?j ?g
riret National.lOo in-.'J4 ...
Metropolitan.?3 :;4 fgy
National Bank o? Va.JOU loc?4 tfjaj
PiautersNational Bank.100 BcVI
Petersburg Sa?iugsand la
?uran. ?, Company._?. -U 3t)?4
ve ?irilT. .10?! 110 1J1
?t?te Hank or Virginia. 100 14? ..,
I mou liauk o? HicbmonO.... ?0 111)
Virginia trust <v>inp?ny.... 100 Ill's]
STtSSB Hank of Kl?*bmond.. Hi ... : ? ?.
Hieb. Tinst and Safe Oep. Co. I')!* >? 11
Vlrinniai/lre ?al Marine.... 2 ? 36|?|
Virginia ?iiato . ?o BBs]
Aoierican'loliac'."} Cornpv
ny (proferrci).103 120
Aniern-ftn l'uoaccoCoinpauf
1 .'..?u .). . . 50 125 ...
ra,-car??liua Chemical praf.lo?) 11. lr?
Va.-Carolinacii?uii'.alcom.ioo G7V. 08}*i
t^uo'atlon?) aro tor bond? maturing In nol
lets than ten years.
Richmond, \'u.. Oetober i", Issg
Quotations: W'hi-at?Longb.-riy, ??0 to
lie.; mix.d, Bj to Tue; thortberrr, H to 70c.;
No. I red, 7"c. ?,!orn?Whit.-, Virginia, hag
to I7c.j No. I whit., M to Nl-lc;
No. I white, ?f 1-^ to swC.1 No. I tnix.,1.
MV.; No. I mixed, .''.4?; tOfaVC. Oats -
No. 2 niix.ti. L''. 1-L'c; No. .1 mixed, Hc.j
ainter seed, 2-~> t?. Be. Rye--*B to Mb,
Richmond, Va., October If, IBB
Private Bales to-.ii.y were light.
United states internal revenue esjllec
tlotis for the city of iti.hmond. Va?, t?
day were; Tobacco, *-',.7-'.?.it?',; cigar? and
ila-arette? H0.730.?0. Total, Jl?,ll?>.18.
Beabrook'a, Crenahas/'s, Sbocfcoe, Btone*
wail, Alleghany, and Old Donuhlon ware
houses r.-port to-day: Receinta, ?') hogs?
beads; deliveries, ih hogsheada
Crensbaw'a Warehouse announces a
rOOd sale ?jf dark lOBBCCO to-morrow
Richmond, V*., < ??ctober M, IMA
Receipt! Cattle, *'-'? bead: shsen, ???o
bead; lambs, B4 bead; hoxs, ??x? need.
Bales: Cattle, ?7".?? bead "> head;
I imb VA h'ad, boga, sal be id.
Cattle Best, i to I %e. sroas; m??
i.iiui.i t?> r*ood, :? t?. ;?'-?c. Broas; common to
f.iii. _ "? :: ,,-. groaa; bulla, Psj to 3V. gross;
?h.. p. 2 !-- to 4c gr,,sa, lamhs, 3 to I 1-LV.
gro.--; boga, 4 to 4 i-i,-, grasa
NK\V TOBB I'i:OI?r?'l7 MAftKKT.
NI7W YORK, October io.?Kl?>ur?Qulef,
but held u shade higher,
Rye Flour- Uulel at *?.754fB.2t?.
Buckwheat ?Tlour Week.
BuckWh. Bl Quid at 4 -n lie
Cornmesl St,?idy; yellow ?vestern, 72e.
K . Bteed) ; No. -, 10 l-lc.
Uarle] Bt?
Bsrley Mait-i?ui-t.
wh-at-spot steady; Mo. - red, l*t. Op
jon? opened strong, on higher cablet and
k. and with th.- . xceptlon of a
nlddsy .I'-ciine. under rssllsing. aere firm
ill day, .losing T-Vi'i?'. nel higher. Th??
n advance was due t?? heavy ax?
,orl p ir? !? i?e? and ? ?nia.i visible ?upply
losed ?i 71 He alai
gj :;-i ; i ?. eml I al rOc.
Spot firm; No. I, MVA , Option?
A, | . dnii tan arm, .?n th?- cable newa,
,r. tpect? of ?t bullish crop report, and the
amp in wheat. Close 1-4?-. higher; May
,,,.."..', at s91?BB.? l""'"niher cio.-.-l Bl
' -
:-; No. 2, 27c. Options
lull and nominal.
H-,-' >t,-a?!v; family, W-Wtt 10.J). pro k
cut M-a's Firm.
?teady; ?utober, fw.u., nominally;
i steady.
Polk yuiet.
Hutti-r-FIrm; we3t,?rn creamery, X ,if
y- factory, ll-2'f? 14 l-'.'c ; Klglna, 21c;
rnltatlon creamery, BsjBTc.; Sute dairy,
l''1^ "-*' . u.. a? u- ?
Cheese steady; largo white, 8 3-K't
Bmgt- Firm: State and Pennsylvania,
S'.;'?*.!--' ; western, fresh, 1?,-.
j. ,.;,!,,.-- Steady; Jersey T,c /all 2-.; ?
?ew Vork. |1.12 1-?vll.i7 1-i. Long Island,
l n-l-.-./ti ?72 i--.': Bweets, Mssay, ?i?iii..r.;
outh.-rn, MeMtL _ .
coitoiiseed-ijil-titesiily; prime crude,
; yellow. 21 1-2'!-".'.-.
jVtrol<*um? Firm
K.-sin-gteady at 32 l-l.i.? ..-Ic.
Csbb?gS-47Julet; I^.ng Island. |2lir5.5?..
Cbffee 4)ptls?ns opened steady ut un
hansed priest lo a d.cltne of 5 points,
uleil inactive and featureless, with we.iio
mdertone and disappointing ?able?, slai-sT
peculation, and indiff?rence o? spot buy
rs Close ?julet and unchanged to 5
oints lower. Bale?, 2.500 bags, including
lecember. MM; January. Ss?7 Sp??t Lio
te.idv No. 7, Invoice. l-*c. ; No. .. Job
Ina "o'S-Hc. Mild quiet; Cordova. ?*U5c. i
Hugar-Raw ?tt-ady; fair refining.
11-145C.; centrifugal. f*S-?legree te?t,
3-ltV.; mola??ea ?ugar, S7-l6c. Rerln?-d
NBW YORK. October 1?).-There wa?
?We a??viiy. lo lome toes o? ?Uv-g'-i?.'**? '
to-day than had been the case for some
week?. Cooler weather brought many
buyer? to the city from near-by points.
Most of thf? trade went to the jobMng
ncuse?. ixit seller? at flr?t hand? not.d a
?light Improvement In manv line? of cot
ton goof!-.. Soliera of woollens and noisted
have ceased to look for any radica! im
provement In the market, and an? cont??nt
to accept whatever reorder busin.'?? 1?
CHICAOO, i>ctober 10.-The reappear
ance of war news from abroad to-day,
together with h??*vy acceptances a? the
??aboard, caused a sharp rally in wh??at.
December closed 11-*.*. higher Ool*n
gaiii'"l Me, Oats advanced l-4.|*t-.v.
Pork left off unchanged t.. 2 1-2e. higher,
lard urn-hanged, and ribs un? hange?! to
21 -2c-. Op.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Opening, dlfbest .joaetu Closing.
Whiat-No. ".'.
Ocu. . i*.-"?;
l??s-.ni??;?!!?, ?ii . ;'.?4a\ on?,?. ?
May. . 4?4a'..> 88)4 ' ' ' ? Oui?
Coas?Na ".
Ort. ?OUaS ??0?H SSM 21-4
Dec.gttftaSO 30 -, 'l*\i
M?T.?iSa?^l?, J2n\i ?J-* BtMtatl
Oatm-No. ?.
Ne??.glOi ?1H 21*4 SlleaH
? ?r.3*H?8S 2;i ntyittUgBg
MissTork?T?r MM
D***. ?7.70 ?7.70 BjT.BS ?7.0714
Jan.? 8 l?0 8 9U St? ."?-.SO
LARD-Per 'O'tin?,
Dea.?4.7'4 IM.7SM ?4 ?r, ?4 75
MS.? .?MM 4.8'.'Vtj 4.7a 4.80
Shout Kib.-- Ter luo lbs.
9*.-J.V'0 ?3.i.*n la 124 14.81
J*?. .... .. 4.ti-'4 4.621?, ?.*>.> 4,0'!\i
Cash ?dotation? were as follows: Kl.nir
ateady. No. '" yellow corn, Mt-Oo. N?>. 2
spring Wheat, C2 l-2'n?;4a- : N.?. 3 spring
wheat. fi:"ii?;j3-lc. ; No. 2 red. >?:,'." >'? . No.
2 corn. SS l-SSU S-4c. No. 2 ?ats. 211-2',i?
*Jl :!- <?. : No. I white, MMf>S 1-lc.; No, 3
white. ? 1-3?24l-2c, No. ? rye, I01-0B
?1-lc. No. ' barleV, Watte. No. 1
' S 1-' '-. Trime timothy s?v?t.
t2to. Mesa iHirk. per barrel. 17.65<? 17.70.
I-?rd. par MO pounds. 84.72 1-2"#$4.7S. Shi rt
?''.'/''ti^?.*': dry--? lt.-?I
shoulders, boxed, U.UsuS4.42l-2: short
cleor sld-s. boxed, $.", ?Vii'f?.;'.".. Whiskey,
distillers' Snlsbed gooda per gallon. fUB.
?Sugars-('m-|,,af unchanged. Hutter
ateady; creameriea, liflUl-Oc.; dairie?,
?-'?IT?-. ?Kgs firm; fresh, 14o.
BALTIMORE, Oct.,!). r i". Flour-Dull:
western superfina, t2V.it2)?
Wheat?Strong: ?pot the trumth. and
November, 7'VijTO'?^. ; J>ee,.inber. 6'?\ iT-'.-.;
southern wheat by sample. ?Sta71c.
?Corn Strong; spot, ?the month, and No
vember, USM\ic.; new or old November
or December, .?;?.?/.'** 5-0c.: January.
B6-0c; southern white corn, :.".ii3.v..<-.
?i.its-yulet; No. 2 white western, 28?ij)
By?, BtrongSf and higher; No. 2, near
' . Be . No, 2 western. Be.
S tronar; granulated, t5.es.
Butter?steady; fancy creamery, vyQZic;
d". ladle, 14015c
BOMt .-"Inn. '.H'^c.
Chee Steady; fancy New Tork, 00a!
large . ?,-,' . ; do, tic.; me-dium, VHiWic;
do. Be.; ?mall. l"Vi:
I-. ttuce-?v.i- per bushel.
Whiskey?ll.l?tatl.30 per gallon, for
finished goods, In car-loads; Sl.31tigl.32 per
gallon for Jobbing.
LIVERPOOL ?Ostober 10, 4 T. M.-Cot
ton -Boot tn go?, I demand and b fair buri
nes? done: price? unchanged; American
middling. I 3-3:m. The sale? .,t tbe day
were 12,000 bales, of which 1,000 were for
export and aBSCUlaUOO, imd Included ll..>s?
American. Receipt?, 5,000 bales, including
1,000 bales Amsricsn.
Pu ture a opened ateady, with mod?rate
?Itmaud, and Q|0a?d barely ateady; Ani'ii
csn middling, low middling cl .u
her, id., sellers; October and November,
2 ?tt-.iiii , buyers; November and December,
2 "._ ??-?'t* * ?a-wd.. seller?; Dtjcember end
January. 2 ?B-8402 ?8-g4d., sellers; January
and February, 2 H2-64'u2 ?.t-?".4?i.. buyer?;
February and March, i UOteod., sellers:
March and April, rui l-04d., ?ellera; April
BBd May, 3 l-?Md., buyer?, May and June,
I 2-i4?J.. buyers; June and July, 1 3-Md.,
sellers; July and August, 3 :t-G4'?r3 4-Md..
buyers, August and September, 3 4-.;?'l.,
NEW YORK, October M?There was a
large degree o
The mark.-t "i
?pened stead?., with bul little
change in pries. The lUst ?.-all d??v>-l? ped
an Improvement of i point "ii ?on??- jio-'i
tlona Otherwise, the market oponed the
same as it closed Th? govern?
r?e nt report made its app*" 'ii'.?
at noon. Previous to that hour
the trading was on ? very conservative
scale. Tha crop report aboWed the re
ceipts to be H.MU bales, against N.080 last
w.ek, and 00,826 ln?t year. Receipt? soon
more than offset the bullish views of some
of the trader? regarding the probable pur
port of th.- bureau report. an?l the market
began to ?renken, ?'overing just before
noon, howav.r. cause?! a I'-'urn to a Pout
the closing price? of Saturday. Th? im
ii.ui report was read on the noon call,
and an Immediate decline of .".'/ ? points
followed. Tin- market ?t the weakest In
terval showed a ti't loss Of :/fjrt points.
The decline was answered by cowering,
following claim? that yellow-fever wi?*
apreading in Louisiana snd Mississippi.
The mirket was finally barely ateady.
Cotton future? opened at?*ady: October,
16.24; November IS.?; December, $.",.?,
January. I6J6; February, UM; March, 16.41;
April, 16.47; May. UM; June, 16.66; July,
16.00; August, UM.
Future? closed barely atesdy: October,
16.15; November, ??.17; December, 05.22;
January, tLXt; F? bruary, 16.33;
16.38; April, f."?.40; May, |6.46; JUBS, |L40;
July. UM; August, 16.17.
Bpol Clossd dull and 1-10<*. Iowt; mid
dllog uplsnds, ."- 0-se.; middllna C!"lf. I -'-y''
NEW ORLEANS, October 10. Cotton
future? steady; October, *i **>. bid; No
vember. U.S4St4M; December. UWiMM:
January. U.WnU.%; February. Tl :? ?./$..;
March [email protected]?S: April. fcl'"d'll; May,
JG.lo'y?.Vl?!; Jun-, 00.2W^16.21.
CHARLESTON, B. C, ?"i"l-r 1?).-Tur
pentlne -Firm at Me.; aalea non.?.
Rosin <>u!et and BBCbanged; sale? none.
SAVANNAH, ??A.. October 18. Spirit-?
of Turpsntlne?Firm at :?.?'-?-.; aslss, aw
casks; receipts. 77? CBBBS.
Roaln -Firm and unchanged; salsa none;
receipts, LOU bam la
WILMINGTON, N. C, October 1*).?
Spirits TurpenUmv h'iriii at ?il/h?Sk?.; re
ceipts. 110 ? asks.
Rosin?Nothing doing; recelpta cnt bar
Crude Turpentine firm at UM 11.no.
an.i ??i 70; ?. ii'1 - ' " b?rrela
Tai Btsady at fLM; ra?-elpts. 27S bar
PKTKRBBCRO, x\., Oetotor MX?
tspei-iai.? Quotation?: ?Cobuboi t., ne.
rmm luga, U-MSMM good ?. Sm
I?ks, $3 ' or shorl leaf, <
fair to """?1 abort leaf, $.vqp;. in.aiium to
good wrappers, 17*900; good to fine wrap?
.? i-. ll2.5otiCO.50; medium to good ship
ping, ?VB^<ltl0.fil>; g"?d to fine ?hipping,
DANVILLE, VA . O? < ')> r
(.?notation? of loose market i,r- W.'.ip
|,a-rs Fancy, ptO-?? f->?; good, "".'." ii(?; me
lluni f!.''i*'i?; ?'ommon, ll'-'titl'. Fillers -
i;?!?..!' f:?t9; common, Htjf7, Cutters
Fancy, I'.'utlv Smoker? UQU. i.\
ports fil"}:.'.
BUITOLK, va., Oetobsr :
Hand-picked, faaoy, 4!-sV.. eitra. il v..
Virginia shelled. No !. i 1-lc.; No. I
21-tc. ; HpaaUh shelled. No. 1. 4 1-2c;
farmers' stock, fancy, 11-lc. ; prime,
114 to lc.; farmer?' Spanish, 71 to ?0c
NORFOLK, va.. October M. (?nt
f. aunts -Pariners' m'uket .pila-t. r.m? y,
' ?.c.; ?trtctly prime. :ia- ; prime, :,;
ommon, l-.i/J?-; Spanish, ?y?-. none of?
ferlng. Exceedingly light deaaand for all
pndsa Sto? ka ar? light, and the *'bc
: mainl not extensive.
PKTERSBITRO, VA., October ].
SaL) ?'"tton?Firsm at 5 1-lOc. for good
I'r TKKHm'U??, VA, OetOhW 10 iSpo
lali?Virginia nominal at 3?U3 7-8c;
punish tirm at ?Fc
Bottle Foand Coulalnlaa .fot?? Tell
1MB of *ilullll> ?ad llttriler.
Ni:u YORK, October 10.-A faint clew
to a sea tragedy floated to the Jersey
ihore at Sea Girt Thursday afternoon,
lealed In a far-travelling bottle. Alfred I
a. ?Jibi?n, of Company A, Second Regl
ment. New Jersey Volunteers, wa? ?trol!- ?
ing along the beach, looking for sheila,
?hen he observed, rising and falling with
:he surf, a ?mall, glistening object, which
r?e presently perceived to be a bottle.
It was a hundred feet out, but Otbabo
aad to *o?4t to caiuurc it, A big comber f
suddenly threw the bottle to hi? feet.
44 h.-n <>lb?on had ?craped the sea ?Il?ne
fr.-m the ve??el he saw tlilpugh the
gin?? a ?mall lrngment of paper. He
brok? the botil? ?nd read ?>n a fraipnenl
of brown wrapping ?paper, tho following:
"Lark Sarah I!, I.Klludft ?10 norCU,
longitude 39 west. Mutlir on board.
Captain killed; for Ood'? ??ke, help.
That was all. Whether tbe ftiu'-A
mesisoge waa thrown overboatrd alopg
4?lth th.* body or the- ?hip'? dead m?stet,
or whether. In an Interregnum of blood
shed, th- mate t?>*med the appeal for
r.scue to the keeping of the falefnl ata,
are matter? of surmise. Nor d?w*s lUe
r tell when the crew arose against
the captain. The place In tho Atlanila
Ir.dlcnted by the first mate I? ?ilrectlv
on the Tropic of Cancer, about 1,000 tnlleS
in. Cabe.
It N out of tho course of regular linca
of trav.-l. which make? it dlflioul' lo
wh.n ? tin* b,.rk ?ame or whither
it was going. Th-re l? an ocaan curren!
passing the ?pot v?jj|ch might easi!?*,
have learnt- the bottle to the Jersey coast.
In no raariUras record can be found a
hark named Sarah H.. nor 1? there any,
ship of ?my ?lass of that name.
rr.*s**IO*4 4L 41H AIMlUICATIOrf.
4n rhaaga *Wt*A k?*?p?*?-' *?? n*?*.f*?s??a
i.ii.l Hln*?in,:iil?n?.
WASHINGTON, f>. C, ijctober 10.-?
There baa been a wide circulation giren
t?. a story originating at the r4scent an
nual encampment of the c.rand Army of
the RepubUo at Cincinnati that "the
Commissioner of Pensi?*ns had called hla
chiefs ton;, ther and instructed them to
disregard totally every application based
on deafness and rb. urn ittOB in (he adju?
di? a i mn of claim*? for p???sion*.
The Commissioner authorizes tho rol?
lowing Statement :
1. No such instructions were given.
2. As to deafness, the present medical
referee <>f the bureau, nr. J. F. Haub, a
prominent Qrand Army of the u. publia
man, says tin re bis been no ohajige in
tho adjudication ?>f claims for deafne?a
sine tie pr?sent schedule of ratings.
Which was approve?! a-? of December 4?
UTA, in c.uin.'ction with the act of Au
gust 27, 1VN.
3. As t<> rheum ??'sbi, th? preseat chis?
of the Hoard of Kevh.w, Colonel V. I).
Btephsnson, also a proirrtnent Grand
Army .?r the Republic man. ?ay? there
n n,? . baags in tbe adjudication of
claims for rheuniiitlsm ?Inca he cania to?
the burean, in livw.
4 Th te bas probably not bes-n a single
working day passed since April 1, laH,
that there has not been certificates B>
- : l for both deafness and rhenn*atlru*a?,
Th. r? lias been BO ?'hang?? In the law,
therefor? no cha?as In the practlc? dur?,
ing ths present administration.
Heroes or o. al.iru.u.i 8?td lo Be
' l>>ln* Like Fit?-?."
L'?N!?O.N, i .end.? r M.?A dispatch to
th. Dally Chroatolt front Alexandria ?aysi
"The troops who huvo r? turned from
Kh.irtoiiin are dying Ilka rile? from en
teric disorders tuppoted tb b.? duo to
Banned t?ef and Indulgence In cheap
spirits. "
M ?HIM*. IN I : I I H.K-TCB.
Sun rises .1:11 BIOH TILL.
?un - i ? - rnlng.12:37
M.??n rises .2:26 Lv? nlng.14?
PORT rjF LI'llM'iNI?. tX*T. W, 1 '?
A Rim BO?
Btearner Rkhraoad, Hiller, N?>wi
York, nierciiaa.il. and paaB?iigara; old
Dominion Steamship Company.
Btearner Wlnyab, Blmmona, Phltodel
plua, merchandise and pussenger?, i lydfl
Schooner Bessl Brown, Sum ?,.
Voik. cessent; Warner Moor? oinpany.
Schooner William II. K, niel, Soper, Na?w
York, salt, Davenport, Iforrta A: i'u,
Bchooner John K. b'sIL i.?>v, land, N-w
York, aalt; Roben F. Wlllluma
Barge VYllllam J. Mcllwalns, Pniia.i.i
phla, c?>al, Richmond l?'e Company.
st.amer Pocahonta?, Orares, Nortoth,
mcrcbandla? and paaseagers; \nginu
Navigation Company.
Btearner Richmond, Killer, New
York merchandise and passenger?; old
Dominion Steamahtp Company.
gchooner Emina, Robinson, St. John?,
\. ft, turn!
\nn Thompson, McMottagte,
Philadelphia via Jame? rhrsr, pin?: wood;
, lohn a. Curt?a ft Sons.
j'. ?I'.T bt BERMUDA 111 NLKRD. VA.,
(Bl l.l'K'-'p'l.J
Bchooner Virginia Rulen, J-eck; to load
Schoon.-r J. J. Pliaro, Taylor; to load
an?- wo?i and lumber,
Bchooner Charles Lawrence, Taylor; te
oad lumber.
(Hy telegraph.)
Btesmer Arlon, Bouton.
r Victoria, Philadelphia.
Si .-..m. r Ely, Kingston.
ner B ?'. Fr? inch, Hoston.
Bchooner .) unes Boyoe, N?-w York.
Lai -, |' J. Carl, ton, Hoston.
Barge For. tl Belle, Hoston.
. j inlata, Boston,
Moonb. am. Boston.
I. H. Mead. Hoston.
rg? Moon, Boston.
Large Al'.l.nma, N.w York.
Bchooner W. C. Tanner, H.mgor.
Bchooner George A. McFaddea, Boston.
.**, booner \V. b. Little, Halen?.
" If OF 4VKST 1'OJNT. OCT. 10, 111?,
(Hy telegraph.)
8tenm*-lil|> Baltimore, Murphy, Haiti?
nor.. pai ?< ngers and gam ral cargo.
Steamship Haltlrnore, Murphy, Bait!.
not.-, passengers and general cargo.
???-??-??-?- ?
We Offer for Sales
idvinqs Bank of Richmond,
lationdl Bankof Virginia Stock,
Virginia 3's,
irginia-Carolina Chemical Company
Preferred 8 Per Cent,
k'orfolk Street Railroad 1st 5's.
;harle*4ton and Western Cardin*
Ist -'s
and other attractlT? lnTeata-?nt ??eurttl??,
John L. Williams & Sons
Bankers and Brokers,
Richmond, Va.
HOT Main ?tree?, Blchtnuatl. Va.
fe ULTu,Th*f*u. 1
lorfiB gokiklr. TbBt tt what A em
ii*?Jeror. ?T^pt, rafe, eure, qoiel
?lief, (julck euro, inc-aaniit to tsM
?Hdrea like It and adulta like Ik
Boitait buy it for t?eir ^lklreo.
,.-*** (-?a-a^aiaj? ?

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