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113 East Broad Street.
Autumn Housefurmshing
v ui t ?11 c,,kiwi ?a fhe one which is just now occupying the minds of the greatest
fa probably o ell sublets^ ^onc ^ ^uslJ (ol(1< rpcentfy refitted and refurnished this
number of persons- Me hav^ rf ^ __t c_
?? S-is the best evidencfi of just how thoroughly we
_re in pOnffioBI to please you. __^ ^ ^ ^ _^ ^ ? ^ __} ^. ^ b
LaCe CurtainS.=-=,lr,"lscf pdrtinpe^nii^ore. The *&""*^U*$*
! ?^OTTINiillAM
niesraii-o?r ?m? ?^eptionnlly fine ebowillff; rich ami taste ul Hice s in van-colored
Portieres, tiste; tiendrais dwigns in newest color?n:- In BrodtttBee, IftnVpB, Bef
iel-* and Tapestry. Pr?c.s rsngB from $8 to $10 pair. .
??.uis, ami i.i| m j. i __^ ]Ht^. (1(>H??,n5? in Dmpory Sillcs, Silkolinef?, ami Denims.
New Dr?Oer?eS.=-=Nf.Nv patterns in Drapery Mushns.
l^cw l^i ?K rxqllisi]te aeelgiiB, in IIUSII POINT ind TAMBOUR, at prit*.
TranSOin LaCeS, from.Me.to$U5peryBrd.
iVe had the pick of the market on those, ami we believe we picked?*
DrU??etS.M=l..'st We b?Ye them in SMYRNA, IMIKAIX, ami JUTE, in sizes tram
3-t3i to tel? with a renge of prices from |7 to S60 each. Bags In most cases to match the better
?_ ?iLB il _n as in MOQUETTES, SMVRXAS, and W?LTONS, full
RUJfS and Mall ?btripS, showing of sizes and I line of patterns unapproacha
ble fofori^uality, newness, Bid beauty of col??.ing<. Tries from 85c. to |1S BBC
We have another lot just from the tailors. They are stylish and jaunty beyond compare.
The new cutaway effect, with the flam! flounce skirt, seems to be the favorite cut. lor cosy
M_fori style lit and eleraiice there is nothing like these Tailored Suits of ours. Then the
prices' ' iVh??d worrv with a niantunmaker nhen an elegant gown can be gotten ready-made at
115} Better ones et $16.60, sis, $90,186, to $35 each. .,_ __,
-\Ve have thorn also in every material of worth. Some for stylo, some for "ora
5kirtS.=--?fort and some for service. There are CREPONS, DIAGONALS, BR?L
L1ANTIXES, BEBGES, OH EV?OTS, ?and CLOTHS at prices ranging from $3.75 to $U each.
113 East Broad Street.
itr.v. mu. n vi.iiv t\ki:s ruis view
He Dssaenoea the (Iuuik?? Thnt Hnv?*
Taken Place on Her E?e,il<-licon?
lira. 4<>>?i>?-e und Slurp Pr.-nol? 4o
Student?? Mr. TuikiT Io Red Men.
"Is tho World Crowing Hitter or
Wor . i-tion which Rev. 11.
A. Bagtty?, pastor of Culvary Baptist
church, endeavored to answer Sund.y
night The sermon was tho ftTBt of a
(>f tares on this ?ubject Tin? taxi
was I'hll?j.pians i!., li-"Chlldren of God
without blemish in tho midst of a crooked
and ? Mon, among whom ft
ghtl la tho world, holding
forth the word of life."
II,? ?aid, in BBItl "Our theme 13 one ot
grast practical moment. If tho Christian
WtVld is ot. up grado It owes a great ih ht
to tin? raUglon of Jesus. If the world is
lapsing races and more from tho Ideal
standards of ethics, it would look as If
Jesu? had failed of his hope. As prelimi
nary to tho discussion, I shall undertake
a partial tnuin? ration of the forces now
In operation tr?.m which we would natu
rally expect :i sure and Steady moral ad
vancement in Christ, a,loin.
**-*a*aere is a. limit to depth? of lrrell(il??n
and Immorality, such as wa? reached in
Moah'S day, und in that historic period
which we call the 'Lark Agi -.' A re
union from extrem.* wickinliif-ss i-i as in
tvltablc as the drying up of the stagnant
summer pool. Tho nausea produced by
Iba dregs at the bottom of tin- cup ot
wrong-doing makes the way ?Upward the
only way out, and this* is the way of Self
inter., s.t.
Then the ?xpan: ?,n of the world's com
merce ought to be a benetlc-nt 1 actor In
its ethical life. If there are now no her
mit nations, the hin,I? ?most In all things
good are brought In touch with the fort
most In all good things. Activity giv.
relief to the congested haunts <,f vie-, and
by ?irKlng away IditUtest delivers us ot
tauch temptation.
"Ti?.- adraaca of leerntng laasTa us- t??
expect much. Education is not able alons
to prevent uickcdnee*. 'I :? I i n mind is
not a guarantee of a good heart. Th.
of the glory of the line arts in Italy
.,n aaa ?>f unapeakabls moral d
viand liad tin-, genlUS of m ?.U sciai t.
hut 'J'alh-yrand was by no m. in* a .? m. t.
Byroa could arrtts with tho pan of an
angel and sin like a demon. Few could
write better than Hums when Hums was
t-obcr. ?Culture al? no Is helpless I
the sin of the world, but a broad tdUOB?
tlon can do much. It ought to be ah
lift th? common mind out of the degrada
tion of possible sympathy with Hie mean
or the base. A man of Intellectual In
tegrity is bound to condemn tho crime of
his own hand. Tho educated conscience ot
?Europe or America w?>ul?l have made any
sort of sympathy In suvh a tiling as the
murder of Jesus of Nazareth impos-ibi.-.
God be praised for the Chri.nlaa QBtsBgSB
of our land!
"The nature of the Christian religion
would compel u? to look for solid moral
advancement. The Christian religion. If
It does anything, 'makes bad mm good
and good men better.' Tho principle ot
rij-hteousnt.-!, In Christianity leads us to
t the betterment of tho world along
with the spread of our holy religion."
Mr. Rag by closed with some, particulars
In which our age has the adrantag? over
the age of tho last days of the apostles ot
Next Sunday night he will ask
whether tne ?utpoctatluns are being r.av
Rait?-???? ot Bswejg ?Massa,
Th?, service? at Grace-Street Presbyte
rian church Sunday were .?iiusually !n
? Ing at 9:?J ?. cl... k A. M.
with a grand tally of th?) afQcerS, L'ach
eta, and scholar? of the Sutulay school.
mSBtaars of the chun-h, as we!!
a? member? of the **und:iy school, were
pnsmt The ?ervl?*?e? were ?rnndu? t?-?| by
Dr. With, rspoon. a**silisteU. bv Mr. Jam- s
Oordon, tho ???istant *upcriiit.-i..|. nt
Ih9 ?mglng by th? infant Department
Curing ?n? ,,utt of the K,.rv[rt.f ?I1(J bf
the Covenant Hand at Bnothsr, the w!v?l,
school Joining in tnp ,Uor?Hi wa? B)l|(,h
njoytd by ail present. Mr. Richie, with'
bl. cornet, added arestly to ihl? part ,
1 " '" <*. Mr. McBee. of the Vouna
wen ? chrtHiisn A*?ocum0r,, aellvered
fnJ. a.*?<3r"",*<1 * ?-?>!> t?? the teacher?
A. -L""; w.!r0 vwry *-pi'^i"'?t<
.r L h?ll howt*d st)?'lr appreciation
?f the a*rrleea rendered by Mr. RicOle
Bad Mr. MeKee by . rising vote T?e
mil** ot th* roll o? eaear* teacher.
and ?chalara was an Interesting (tats
of tlii? occasion.
After the school was dismissed servi
commenced up In tiu- main room of t!
church, win re l?r. With-Tspoon preach?
sa appropri?t? sermon to the
The sacrament Of the Lord's Supper w
also Observed, and the session rOCStVi
tight new members.
At 4 o'clock an Interesting meeting ?
the CovsOMnt Band was bald In the In
tare-room, under the leadership of Mh
Emmlo Wh.riy. At night Dr. Withe
; i prn ,u li? d an Instructive
taking for his subject, "Christians Deai
. ra of Ught."
Th" ?-hoir hfis reorganized f?>r the fa
an?! wlr.t.r, nr.d at the morning an?l ov.
Bins ?ervlcs furnished appropriate an
delightful music.
i liHiiB?-? <?u ?.pain's "E?c?iilcli *??n.
A congregation testing the seating ca
pactty <?f the S1. venth-Street Christi?
ehurcta gathered In that edifice Bund I
morning t?. hear Rev. Z. T. Swveney"
farm.'ii on "The Changes that Hav
Taken PlBCS OB the Spanish Ks.utclico
During the ivi?t i-'?vl? Hundred Tsars."
After tilling that the Spanish mott
Bf HI vins r.go wa? "Ne plus ultra." an?
that in ?addition to this DipreBBlon on he
insignia tin-re was a representation o
the "Pillars of Hercules," known BS UK
two promontories, Olbraltsr and Mt
Hacho, on either ?l?le of the ?iiti.ni?-.
to th? M. dit'-iranean ika. h>-repeated th?
legend which gave birth to the names
"Pillara of Herc?lea.*' After ?tatlng th?
definition Of her motto as 'No dbovs bs?
yiii'l," h.- told how, upon discovery <>|
Worlda BSW t" Spain by her own sub
jects, her motto had to be chungad tu
"Plus ultra," and thus she acknowledged
her lack of conception as to what the
world was, Drawing a conclusion from
Bjatorjr now making, he said tho infer
ence wa?, sho would again have to writ?
as her motto, "Ne plus ultra," and said
this must be tho ult?malo result of the
BjtSUSe and nl'ii-e of, opportunity and
talents given by Ood Mr. Sweeney, in
contrasting "No more bSJOttd" and
"Mot.- i.\on?i," ?aid that in the Christian
lif. there was no such ihing as "Ne plus
ultra." and drew strong and striking
lessons for Christians.
Th.? gifted minister StSCUSSSd progress
In both material and spiritual things, and
In conclusion spoke very freely of the
narrowness of the theologians in making
their little creeds and declaring then
was "No more beyond" them, lie cited
such cases as Dr. Newman Smythe, of
Scotland; Dr. WOOdTOW, of Booth ?ani
line; Urs. Hrlggs, Thomas, Swing, and
?Cheney. He Stated that he made no de
fence of the views of these g'litl.in? n,
but did defend the liberty of any man
who believed the divino creed "That
is the Christ," t?> belaSVC anything
else consistent with that. All attempts
to fetter human Investigation by obsolete
standards were similar to the attempt
BBBda by tho Church, to force QaUUeo to
confess that the "Sun do move." At the
evening servi, o Mr. Sweeney preached to
a large congregation on the "New Crea
tion." Quit? a number of persons were
tunad from the doors of the church,
bring unable to find seats.
Sorrow ?ind Joy of Knowledge.
At the First Daptlst church Sunday
morning Dr. Coop, r, tho pastor, preach
ed to a large attendance of students from
tho various BOllagaa on the "Sorrow and
Joy of Knowledge " as the fruit of study,
the Increase of Intellectual discipline, the
transformation of character. "He that
Increase!!? knowledge Ittcreassth sorrow."
BW the sorrow. Dr. Cooper said, has at
its hear?, a beating possibility of Joy. Our
truest and most permanent Joys are
transformed fOJU, The nobler sorrow
comes with tho widening world of the
studeit. As he leav.-s th.- beaten track
of commonplaco thought, and enters the
Inviting upward paths of researoh. the
world broadens; boasting Is taken away;
the arrogence of self-laudation is toned
down; unreasonable self-assumption Is
weakened; the shadow of great humility
falls upon and sanctifies the soul. Who
um I. with my little brain, to grasp all
the revelation of truth?
Tho education of tho critical faculty
tiring? a noble sorrow. The student '
learns to Judge himself severely. A? he
rrelfhs himself and his work In academic
?alancea, and find? himself wanting, he
?Id? far?-will to the Innocent ?elf-deceits _
if Ignorance. His critical pomotU, made i
singly sensitive, make him more ?
?lssatisfled with himself.
Bo also has the stewardship of truth
i sacred sorrow In It. True culture is not I
lelflsh. self-centered. It I? altruistic, not I
'golstic. It come? Into the w.irl.l But to j ;
io ministered unto, bu? to minister to i
?then?. Hut he ?oon finds that hi? use- ?
ulnes.?, Is far beneath hi? Ideals of ser- i
'I.e. A matt-rial public sentiment con- 1
Jgiis the be*t M-ho!a?r?a to pov.-rtv. t
The Joys of the student life are equally ]
tabla. Passing by college friendship?, i
to? rnagio power of the word "chum," i
huse first affections that never loso their i
owes; pa??lng by the Utopian optlml?- .
le spirit of college ?lay?, in which we j (
nought the w??rid aas eagerly impatlent
y wjitiiu for us; there !? the Joy of n
?e? pin? the world open to new thoughts I r
??w enthusiasm?. That la th? place and ?
motion of educated minds in a commu
The final joy is that of seeing how all
ruth leads Up tO <!'?.! in Christ. When
he passion for knowledge that lias in it
. ho mysterious vibration of tho note of
lit? becomes, .-us with 1'aul, the passion
10 "know Christ," the joy Is beyond BBSS?
-ure. The highest intellects of the an. s
B bowed at the feet of Christ, the
SBVlOUr. Whaa a man does that lie fin
lils education. No man grows good
by mere intellectual discipline. Let
'hrist be made of C<"1 UtttO us wisdom,
: ?---lit. ousness, and redemption.
Imring the service Dr. CoopOf alluded
to the day as the Brat anniversary of tha
funeral of Mrs. James Thomas, Jr., th?
strength of the church, tho patron of cul
ture, the friend of the poor. Captain
Cunningham sang the melody he sang, by
lUSBt, at the funeral one yeST ago, BS
ala ' at Mr. Jamen Thomas's funeral six
teen years ago.
in. Starr to M.-.li.-ni Sludenta.
Sunday night Rev. Dr. Starr dsBvared
a Broad-Street church a discourse ad?
a specially to medical ?tod?
The topic was, Th? Model l'h>.
In the Homes of th? POOPlS."
During the ??nnOB h? said: "The 1 t
pl.ysi.ian Is the man who trial t" r?-a h
the topmost round of duty with the help
of acquired skill mid accumulated in
formation. Ho Ifl tin.- one who gives the
Btrsngth Of his body, mind, and char;.:
t?r, no matter what his native Ohi
muy bo to a faithful performance of
thoaa engagements Which invest, wi h
more than earthly BBCredaess, the con
scientious practice of Una healing ;.it.
The model physician should bo SdOOatSd
for his work, ready to answer each call,
to contribute advice, or save life, clear m
diagnosis, and exhaustive in his study
Of every difficult case; conscientious in
the distribution of time among patients,
?- ? iiiTous in the offer of practice where
no remuneration can be hop''! for whefl
it is shown that the poor are In peril,
courteous to every one, and publl.-ly 00m
mltt.'l by all honorable motives tO i ha
best interests of the community wl, ?.
ha resides.
"Only one perfect man ever lived OB
earth, and lie was a physlcbn. There
never was a master of the curative art
whose methods have been so vigorously
assailed or so Viciously denounced, but
He Is still practicing, and He has more
patients to-?lay than 8V?r !" fOM in tti>
history of the world. That man whose
Hie has been dedicated to the science of
medicine can afford to await the vindica
tion of a righteous claim to excellen -,
and live for a higher object than t?m
porary fame."
.? ? i-iiH.ii to lied Men.
Rev. J. T. Tucker preached a special
rmoa to Pawnee Tribe of Red Men
.Sunday morning, an?l I-.ast-En.l Paptlst
church was tilled to Us greatest capacity.
Pawnee. Tribe turned out with about
eighty member? in line, making a fine ap
.o In their parade regalia. The
discourse was sound and helpful, and
the einging of the choir ami congrega
tion appropri?t? and inspiring.
Rev. Mr. Tucker took as his text the
36th verse of the 8th chapter of John?
"If th? Son of Man shall make you free,
than ara ye free indeed."
In speaking of the order of Red Men,
Um minister said: "1 know o? no order
whose cardinal principles and teachings
aro more worthy, or which appeal more
strongly to mankind for recognition and
support. I want to congratulate you on
the glorious work you have done In the
past and what you will do in the future.
[ am proud to know that you do not admit
lo your order any but those who believe
in th? existence of a Great Spirit, in
whose hands all power is, and those who
nie of good moral character. The band
ing of men together for the relief of tho
needy, the care of the widow, and the
tdueation and protection of the orphan;
?o care for the sick and ?filleted, to watch
nt the bedside of the dying, and to bury
the dead, Is a work that commends ltselr
lo all right-thinking men.
"You are helpful to the Church and to
society in that you seek to propagate
leed? of love, charity, and mercy. Th?
ieynote? of your order?freedom, friend
ship, und charity?are good and noble
?ilnclple?, and are worthy of the heartiest
o-operatlon of every American citizen.
?.i.l Intended that men should have free
ttrn that they might rise to the highest
iphere of civilization; friendship and
harlty make men akin to (Jod, whose
?weetest work while on earth Sas gola:'
ibout doing good. There was no free?lom
n the world until Christ came, and in
eaching and propagating this principle
'ou are, to that extent, following the ex
imple of your Heavenly Father. Tour
levotlon to one another Is most ?beautiful,
ind it Is on record where, in response to
he cry of ?listres?, men have rushed
hrough flames to rescue their brothers. ]
bid you God-spsjed in your noble work |
.? Red Men, and urge you, one and all, to <
nake your work on earth as complete as i
io?slble by uniting your?elve? with the <
realist of ail order??the Church of 1
lod." i
At the conclusion of the discourse Mr. <
'..? W. r made an earnest appeal to all
resent who knew not God In the pardon i
? their sins to accept the Saviour IfcarsJ \
and then. HI? great earnestness made a
lasting Impression on all In the sanctuary.
Hnptlat ?-?inrtrs,-?scliool Association.
The monthly and quarterly meeting of
the Baptist Sunday-School Association
of Richmond and Manch?*ster was held
Sunday afternoon at the S??ond Baptist
church. President Arthur H. Clarke pre
sided. -There was ,-,n ?usually large audi
ence present, and the exercise? were In
ter?-stlng nnd inspiring.
After th.- singing of a hymn by the
congr?gation, nnd rea?llng of the Scrip
tuns hy Rev. lieorg? F. Williams, prayer
was offered by R.v. W. R. I?. Smith. I?.
I?., pastor of th.- stocond ?hurch. The
report? wer? then called for, and every
school in the ??soclalion rsepoaded,
. Klier by Its sup? rlnt. ii'l-nt or his r-i i? -
BttfB. Luring the reading of th?? re
ports Mrs. \'.-lr ?Rtrea'S Infant ?
BCholars sung un appropri?t?; duet i
The address was made by Rev. W. !..
n tcher, i>. D., who refsrred ??? the gun?
day-school work ,-?s being primarily un
selfish, and by apt illustrations and
?I words, impressed th?> lesson of
BBBSlflshnaBS upon Ills l|,-nrers.
The scboatl are now beginning to fill
up, after Hi" Hummer va<atlon, nnd ?t is
hoped that t?y the next meetlni th.- re
ports Will show the usual lar;;,' gttSUd?
*fhe m x: m-eting trill BS held at
C'lopton-Str.-.-t church. Manch.-sl-r.
The a*/arages for leptanthar ara hers
B? hools.
8tree| . ? ;,
'.-S?!. . t .
Orac. Btr? ei . 46
Venable-Stieet . I
Pulton .
Grove-Avenus .
? 'a I vary . ;i
Second .
Balnbrldge-Btreet . 7.".
Randolph-Btreet . '..2
East-End . 27
First . 32
u est-Vtjtw . B
Clopton?8treet . 21
Howard's t-rove . 19
Br<,;..lu*:-Mcmorlal .... 1*
Immanuel .7'"
College-View Mission.. 18
Bar. nf.-nth . street
Mission . 1*
Stockton-Street . II
Hartoii H. Ights .11
Oak-Qrerre .ii
OT7 3.S?) IM Sjm 40
?I. Hi?..IK! Snndn?-School .Society.
This society met with the St. James
Sunday school on ?Sunday afternoon at 4
ck?Mr. AddjBOU Maupin, chairman;
C. P. Rudy, Bccn-tary. The meting was
opened with prayer by Rev. S. 4*. Hatcher
Dr. J. W. Stiff, superintendent of St.
James school, made a good report, show
ing the school to be in excellent condi
tion. The enrolment is steadily growing,
and the attendance shows an average of
BJ |,er cent, for tin- p.^t month.
Tho infant class, under tho direction
of Mrs. Vlrgtt E-leasaata, the teacher of
iiiat department, give some re??itai
and singing that was wry Interesting,
nhowing car* fui training.
Be*/. M. Aahby Joaes, 1?. l>., pastor of
Lelgh-Sti'.'et Baptist church, sddn
the meeting on the kin.! of Bunday BUhoUl
teacher? needed to perform this respon
w??rk suce, ssfully.
The following reports for September
?Tero received:
Per 1? -
Roll. Ont. tlons.
Cant, n.iry ..'!?>l 0 ?:? I!?
Broad-Street . m B B
Trinity .7".'? 4>i 17 41
Btr. et .Bl oi -22 73
Union-Station .713 f,:! 31 29
?Park-Place ."?2 M .
Kaurel-St-e, | .4.?7 H 17 B
Denny-Street .4'iT, BJ n?,
fe't. Janus .27.7 07 8 39
I'airmount .a?*) C2 17 til
Highland-Park.118 72 6 56
Hart?n Heights .IB 67 7 2*
Fiiion-st moa MlasloB ...SU M 6 #i
Tho mit meeting ? .Ill be bold al High
land Park on the Bftb Sunday in this
month, October 3oth.
The Nov -mb'T rasa ting win i?e held al
Asbury . hurch lia- Second Sun?!ay in the
The B. Y. P. I . Qnnrterly Me?aim;.
Tho laai quarterly meeting thit y?-ar af
th? Baptist roung People's Union of
Richmond and Msnchester tras held Ban?
day afternoon at Randolph-Street rhurch.
The music was bright and Inspiring, the
reap mats to the roU?call interesting, and
the addrtaa of Bar. i?r. Birlen i?>th prac
tical and entertaining. The unions that
suspended during the summer are now
reorganizing, and all af t!?"in will BOOB
bo In go"d working order. < >f those that
continu..! their meetings through the
summer, Itnm inu.-l Union mole the best
report, and therefore won the bann, r
Report of StiitlstLlin? ?if Department
o? \i;r?. till 111 ?-.
WASHINGTON, October 10.-The re
port of the statistician of the Department
of Agriculture shows the average condi
tion of cotton October 1st to have been
75.4, as compared with 79.8 on September
1st, a decline of 4.6 points. The average
condition on ?October 1, 1S97, was 7?). ami
the mean of the Octob- r av. rages of the
last ten years 73.9. The deolUM during
September, though by no means uniform,
affected the entire crop-producing region,
being 2 points in South Carolina, Texas,
and Tennessee; 4 points in Alabama, 5 in
Ceorgla and Arkansas*, 6 in Mississippi, 7
In Virginia and Florida, 8 in North Caro
lina, 9 In Louisiana, 15 In Oklahoma, and
22 In Indian Territory.
The averages of the States follow: Vir
ginia, W; North Carolina. 76; South Caro
lina. 79; Georgia. 70; Florida, 6G; Alabama,
7',; Mississippi, 72: Louisiana, 67; Texas,
73; Arkansas, 84; Tennessee, t.s; Missouri,
93; Oklahoma, 75; Indian Territory, 76.
Porto Rico to He Transferred Next
Week; 4 n loi by November :t??tli.
MADRID, October 10.?It U aald here
that the evacuation of Porto Rico will be
completed next week, and that the evacu
ation of Cuba will be accomplished by the
end of November. The government is em
ploying twenty-one vessels In the repatri
ation of tho troops. The soldiers have
received their pay for June, and on land
ing In Spain will receive two months' pay.
be given civilian clothing, and be mus
tered out of tiie service.
i'i>ii<>n-lt?.?.?-lpt Taxation.
WASHINGTON, October 10.-The Com
missioner of Internal Revenue has held
that where cotton Is rec?-lved for storage
and a storage charge is made, whether
for a month or for any other time, and
whether for one bale or more, the receipt
evidencing this is subject to taxation.
If, however, the receipt Is given for
weighing, sampling, and drayage, It is
not subject to taxation.
Yellow-Fever In the Delaware.
PHILADELPHIA. PA., October 10.-A
suspicious death, which occurred to-day
on board the Norwegian Btearner Banan,
at Reedy Inland, Delaware bay, has been
diagnosed by the quarantine station ?,s
yellow-fever. The Banun Is a fruit
steamer, and piles between Philadelphia
and Port Antonio.
Dr. Nancy No Loager Denlea.
LONDON, October 10?According to the
Dally Mai!. Dr. Nancy Oullford, who r.o
longer denlea that aha Is Ike Hridgeport
?Conn.) reiugee, but declare? her absolute
nnocence of any connection with the
ieath of Emma GI>1, ?ays that ?he ?ailed
or England under sn assumed nsme
?wing to "another matter, which she will
xplaln at the proper place."
Khe is now In the Infirmary of the Hol
oway jail, London, Buffering from ner
uua collupea.
Hospital Physicians Know and
Say It is True.
MAitVEM.oi?i BATUM of iir.w.rii
IIV nit. BMmauUB*? \KH\llt\.
Dr. (irrrnr'a Nt*rv?iri* I? ln?le?-tl th??
M???t *?Voii?l??ri*nl < ur?? In All
till? Wa.ll.l.
Mr. BamUSl E. Morgan, of MS Roscoe
., III., broke .?.wti ?'"iii
pletely, both pbyslcaBy and mentally,
from overwork ao that lie was almost a
wie, k. Th? family phyrdctaa could do
nothing, and be w is sent to th.? hospital,
where he remained ?OK? montl.s, without
bei. eat.
H. aras rs*commendsd by a friend, who
iimi I ?en cured by Dr? QrssnO'a Nenrura
btOOd and BSTV? remedy, t'? take this
wondi rful i* medy. He at o.ic?? ?.r.
this gn at m. de. in.-, and waa perl
and Completel) cummJ by it. aa lioili tie
mi physlctsn and his Ismlly doctor
a. know ledge,
Mr. Morgnfl says:
"From ovsra nit; and dis* i a my system
had become thoroughly i m Sewn, both
physically ami mentally, and I .vas almost
a wreck My family pryatctea could ii"t
benefit ">e any and re'.omiM' lid' 'I rne to
go to the hospital. I remained in the
hospital months, and r i iv I. apparently,
little or no benefit, and, as a last resort,
as a drowning man might cling to a
atrnw, i was lad to purcbaa? Dr. Oroene*?
Kenrura bloo.l and n-rve remedy, having
had it rscommended to m? by a part**' who
ti id been much benefited by its BBS. l'i"m
the time I took iho first bottle I com
menced to gain, and, although It may
sca-m strange. I have gained thirty-five
I >un?!s white taking this medicine, and all
Of my family and Mends, the hospital
I iiysl? laus, and my family doctor ac
kaowledge that it was Dr. Orsens*? Ner
virn that brought m? '"it Ol my trouble
and maila. me a well man again.
"I cannot do otherwise than write thos??
facts, as I feel It my sacred duty so to
<lo, and shall ever deem It a plsaSUf? ? I
mend Narrara, the medicine that
I me from misery an?i dsspnlr, and.
p. rhapa, from death, and restorsd me to
full health."
If yon ara sick. In pain, weak, nervous,
run down, have Btomacb, kidney, or liv? r
dlaeaae, or arc in any way out of health,
ik?. Dr. Qreene*a Nsrvura blood and
narra raaaady al anea, and be corad,
Von eaa consult Dr. Greene, H warn
Fourteenth street, New York ?Ity, about
.??ur caae at any time, absolutely trae at
charge, p? r<on iiiy or by I?utter.
The (1 Ma-en?' History ? .mil i? <
University of Virginia, October 7, 11*98,
To the BdltOT of UM Dispatch:
Sir, a- ! : ; nee ama mad? at the
m.. Hug of the Orand Camp of Confede
tate Veterana, at Culpeper, ? > the report
of the Clttssns* History Committee last
aprlaaj, i beg Isara. as chairman of that
committee, tO .t?te Hie exact words of
ta-port, in n booh by ? loop
?r, Bstlll ?i I.? inino'i. The rerx.rt was
printed in the Dispatch of March bih,
. i i - Otttnln? this paragraph:
"If the committee oonstdtred it worth
while to r.-<-omm.-n.l as many as thr.a?
books, tiny would flv? the tliird plgCS t"
the book by Cooper, Batttl ** i.-mmon.
?rh? ?how a commendable desire lo il?al
Impartially s/lth all question? of ?ectfonnl
controversy. In the hands of Intelligent
and arsU-lnformsd tsacb?rs, it would ba
a good taxt-book; but, taken by itself,
It does not se. m to "as 10 give a just i'i? a
of the laf" war, ami the causes lea.lng
up to it, f?.r the author?. Who are soulh
? i ors, .in- so anxious to be fair to the
North that tiny bava rendered cold ami
m Boma of tue most striking event?
In our history; nave BOBBStlaMS obs.ured
th.- trill h. end have even produced til-.
Impressions A few examples may be
mentioned: 'J'!??- surrender of Mason and
Slldell to Englnnd is callad "an impor
tant diplomatic victory" for Seward!
Nothing is saiil of northern sympathy for
lohn Brown; nothing of Bsward'? fa
?in regard to Port BumtST), or of
Shermans ravages in Qsorgla, while it
aa "unsettled question" whe
ther Kh-rulan was justili? ?I in .- ?iuetng th?
indoaa ?/alley to a desert, Inhabited
try starving WOBBBB and cliildren. The af
fair b' tWSSB th? Virginia (Merrlmac) and
Monitor is very erronlously deacrlbsd,
mil but fifteen lines are giv? n to Jack
ion's immortal Valley campaign."
The? oth'-r members of th? commit'-?
aere Profesaos H. A. Whit.-, of Washing?
toa sad Lee tJalveratty; C?ptala C. B
/Barter, of the lOBer Manual Labor
Ichool; William EL Abbirt, Esq., of Fell.
."uo Sch.xil, ? n.l John P. llcQulre, Esq.,
if McQulre's S'hool. Th. y ail did hui
md faithful work on the committee and,
is they are all educators, their unani
nous verdict--that, of the fifteen hook
?xamined by th?- committee th.? two by
Dr. Jones and Mrs. I.e.? wire the b -m
though not without dsfestS)?ehottld
me weight. Their report w is en?
lois-il by tho History I'ommittee of the
Irand Camp. Hut the State Bvard 0|
education put several b.r>ks on the list,
lesides the two re.-omm.-ii.l. ?1 by the com
BlttSS. Their SOtlon has just been vis
ually c?-nd?mned by the Grand ?'.?int.
vhi? h, by a very great majority,
lorssd the books by Lee and Tones, and
io others. The Slate Foard of hUtUCB
lon have a right t?. their cpiiilois, but
i ; ?.. I..- hoped thai Oi.-v will carefully
lOnnidl r th-? w'..?he?? of tin- veterans, back
?1 up by the ununimous opinion .r UM
*itlz?ns' Committee. H. H. DAUNKV,
Professor of History.
AVants to llrlnn in Cuttle.
Mr. C. Owen called upon Governor
*yt?r yesterday for the purpose of having
im order the cattle quarantine raised
r> that he could bring from Tenu, v.
nto Loudoun county several hundred
(?ov-rnor Tyler WTOt? to Dr. Niles, at
llacksburg, the Federal quarantine of
.- r, askfng him to do what was ?possible
or the aid of Mr. Owen.
Ten Million (li?nrr?ln Shipped.
The American Tobacco Company or
esterday shipped M case? of 50,0"?
igarettes each to the various agencies
broughout the country. The total ?hip
nent aggregated lO.-WW.OOO clgurettes, and
?as the largest ever made from this city
l'ddtr Harris Threvr ??lone..
Eddie Harri? (< olored) Is quarter?;d at
he Second Police Station for throwing
tones at Daisy Law-sun. also colored.
al?y complained about Harris's conduct
nd Policeman Hradley invited him to
nke up lodgings at the station-house.
Old Iiomlnlou Democratic Club.
There will lie a meeting of the Old Do
ilnlou Dun.?, ratio Club to-morrow night.
?II the memibers ara exp.'cte.i to be
r??aent. as the aeaalon will be an Impor
Hit aj?..'.
In Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic you
now what you aie taking. It Is simply
on and quinine In a tasteless form. It
i told on a guarantee. ?N't* cure no pay
rie, to cauta.
Itrmaln? to Arrive Thl? ?oral?? snd
ne Interred In Bisll, Bkhaf lin*!!
ot Mr?. MnrK-ret ?Hrntlier f-nillh
Other Denlha ?n,I Funeral?.
Private advices were received here ye-s
t.r.lny or the death, at the Placide II?
t?l. In Jacksonville. Fla.. Sunday eve
ning, of VaUdB Ruth.-rf??rd Hatcher, a
m?mber of Company H. Fourth R>gl
ment, formerly the Hlues.
Voang Hat? h.r enlisted In Company H
Just befOCt the Fourth R.-glment left
Richmond. It was on July 8th that he
was taknn sick with typh. i'l-f'-ver. Be
was very 111 for six 9**? . anal bore his
suffering with the courage ?.f B martyr
an?l with the resolution af a strong con
stitution. Be had nearly re- ov< r-d, wh?-n
about six asaba ag<> he had a relapse,
and this proved too much for his wasted
. th. He received the t? Bdareel and
most faithrul nursing bad medical atten
tion. Most of the time Mr. W. 0. Hatch
ar, B brother, ?vas with him. and was al
his be.jsi.io wii.n be braataed his
i Mr. Hatcher was B great favorite with
his brother men In the ranks and th?
offlcers of his regiment, and his death
has east a gloom over all.
The body of the young soldier will
reach Richmond this morning at I O'clock
over the Southern railway, and will be
taken to the residence of a brotker, Mr.
p. H. ?Hatcher, No. 523 north Fourth
street, this city. The brother who BUTsed
bint so f'lthfully and Private Bowles
will BCCOntpany the remains to Rich
mond. The funeral will take place from
day-Street Methodist church this after
noon at 3 o'clock, aad the Interment will
be made in Hollywood Cemetery.
Decea-ed was a. son of Mr. Thomas
Hatcher, of Granit", Chesterfield county.
Hi was one of ten children, and Of
these three are sisters-Mrs. W. 1* Bar
ter, of this city, and Misses May and
Edna. Tho brothers are Messrs. Wil
liam, H. C, W. G., P. H-, F- S., and Au
brey Hatcher.
Upon his father ami devoted mother,
and upon brothers and sisters, his death
falls ai a .-ever.- blow. They grieve like
those who will not l??> < omforf?-.!.
Funeral of Priante House.
The remains of Private Albert J. Rouse
wer? laid to r?st. Sunday la ML Calvary
Cemetery. The fun,ral took place at 3
o'clock from st. p?-t.-r's Cathedral, and
was attended by the frlemls and relatives
Of the dead soldier and several hundred
other cttleena The flora] otTVriugs were
many, and very beautiful.
Tht pall-bearers were Privates Jen
nings, Plttm.in, Talcolt, Annas, Beau
champ, and Thomps'jn. And the ilring
detail was composed Of BUM tiers of tbe
United Stat.-s Volunteer Guard, of which
Private Rouse was a member, as follows;
Privates Kelly, McConnlck, Bald, Willis.
.Mitchell, Finley, Curtln. and Corporal
A detail from the Howitzers attended
the funeral, and fire?! a salute.
llenth of Mr?. Mnrasrrt Smith.
Mrs. Margaret Stroth.r Smith, a wo
man of beautiful character, whose life
was full of good deeds, died y.-sttrd.v
afternoon at h?*r reetdettee, i.??x> Park
avenue. She had BBSS? Slefc for some
trseks, and it was appar.-nt that her
end was drawing near.
Mrs. Smith was the widow of Mr.
Samuel H. Smith, Jong the cashier of the
l'*irst National Bank, and g man held
In the highest BStSSBl by all, and was
in her ?nth year, our older eltisens ra
memlx-r her \?,ll SB Miss Maggie Stroth
<-i-, B great f ?vorit?. In HL-hrnoud society.
She had foul brothers, all tine young
Bien, tho last of whom, William A.
Strother, died in Lynchbnrg a few years
I >,cased was a most attractive wo
man, and of high literary attainments.
Bad was an earnest mein!>er of the
.'hurch of the Covenant, and had long
taken an active part In charitable and
CUafederate work. She was at the time
of her ?l.-.ith treasurer of both the Re
treat for tin* Si<k and tho Confederate
Bussum. Two sons survive Mrs. Smith.
One is Mr. Richard If. Smith, the popu
lar cashier of the Plantera* National
Hank, and the other Lieutenant W.
Strother Smith, of the United Stat?-.*?
Th,. funeral will take place from the
house to-morrow morning at 11 o'clock.
Other I).-uil,, and Pulierais.
Miss Martha Kellum, a most estimable
and highly accomplish?'?! young la?ly,
after an Illness of several years, died
Sunday morning at I o'clock at the real?
?I, ii. -.. of lut sister, Mrs. Thomas S. H?r
bert, in Hart?n Heights. DeoaBBSd was In
her 20th year. She wa*. born in Accoin.,,
county, and was the ?laughter of the bUO
W. J'. Kellam, a formi-r Register of the
Lttnd OfBc? of th.- State. She was a
young lady of deep reliKious feeling
ing a m.-mber of St. Patrick's Catholic
church. Bus haves three, brothers? Pri
vat..- P. M. Kelle ?B, Of Company M,
Fourth Virginia Regiment, now at Jack
tonrttle; Mesara Edward s. and Lou!?
Kellam, of this fillj OBSBuSB three sis
ters, who reside here, und another who
I? in Colorad?.. The funeral will take
place at lu o'l lock this morning from St.
Peter*? Cathedral.
Mr. Henry Alberts di> ,1 yesterday morn
ing at 9:30 o'clock at his rSSalaittS. No,
Sot? east Car*/ stre.-t. H?; was 34 year? old.
His funeral will take pia. e from the resl
drr.ee ?his BlteraOOB ?it 4 o'clock, and
ths Internteni ail] be al Oakwood.
Mr. Fr.,!. ??'Nein, a well-known printer,
died >.-sr.-r.l.,v morning shortly before a
o'clock at the residence of his aunt, AL -.
Jam. s Quinn, No. 18 east Marshall attest,
aft-r a ling.ring illness, in his 23d year.
He was an estimable young man, and
was held In high esteem by all who knew
him. The funeral will take place at 9
>>!?>ck this morning Croat St. Peter'?
Mrs. M. M. Mahon.y, widow of Mr.
Andrew Mali ney, ?lied yesterday at her
rasidsaet, No. ?,18 north Fourth stre?-t.
She aas SJ y, .irs old. She was a sufferer
from consumption. She Is survived by
three children?Messrs. K. P. Mahoney,
if Richmond; Charles Mahoney, of Ports
mouth, and Clement Mahoney. of North
Carolina. She was a woman of fine cha
racter, and enjoyed the friendship and
-t.em Of a larga circle of friends. The
funeral will take place this afternoon at
i o'clock from St. Pster*t Cathedral, with
the interment at Mt. Calvary.
Small-Pox Not Epidemia* in Norfolk.
I ?r. w. T. Oppenlumer has received a
ettei fioaa the Btws?dsat af the Norfolk
Hoard of ILul'h, in which it Is ?tat?i
that the number of small-pox cases in
that city Is very small, and that there is
hardly a possibility of the dlseasu i
omlng epldemi?-.
All precautionary mensure? are being
taken to prevent It? anraad
Clean? and Pollahoa
i-Mt nou?t rao? ?itcncn to ?arlos,
?ot? to ?TAT?*??. rAisir to aiaaoaa.
_(sa 3f-Tu.ThAt4a3m)
Order? for printing seat tu the Din
?atch Company will be given prompt at?
?sitlou, snd the atyie of work and prlcea
rill be ?uro to please you.
ColTe?. ha? Wfll been termed
of the bre-ikfast table, j?,
always accompanl?-.! by ,
or discontent. Like aa egg, . -
.'ic.i.ptable wlun fi
coff^ will not only ?poll ..
but a good ?llspositi
crown of a ban?iuet or th? .
.. . . 'i
lunch 1? a cun of good ? ft
pnrtmnsl m oar atore la i
guarded. Dry
dally, uromn. Savi I ,
Old Government J.vi BT
Cream Java BlSBd, :'.??
M h i. Fin.-?* Bra
Mar.-" ait", ?UV* i "ir.'l.
Hundley's "K. F. V."
Huciraininga. .''??Y. t **
Cnrm u Lags lyra, 88?
Oood I.aguayri. 17 ;
Maracall? I I .i.?I.
:.. B8 : mind.
IIKIIXII Ullllfv |-on
i \\? Y OsMCnUBS im) ,IM,
I.IQ! nits.
r,'iH v.nnt iii-aiiiai QOreet,
'Phone &SO. Itl.i.ni.11,,1, Va
uF.K\ARi> a. sennes, "--mea
(oc ii-sn.?; r i
<a generally means voaeenl *
7? what you want. ri'lu- i-. ',
ticularly true of a .1. I
store, aiitl liere th? i , I
a m ?sli in I
'a that wo ?'Miinot supply I
(d anew dosi'jrn hut th.it s f. f
B its way here. Folks who look 1
? around for B '
I come here. There i? ?espi? i
? ration in every oni i
f) dozens of different thinga i \
f? firat-cla.ss stori'like th ?i I
I '- )
J 731 East Main St.
uw** ^P** ^^** uW*9 ?W** ^W**^F** ?W**_^** w**W*"* * " # ? *?
17 _?T *""r *" * ' ' en's a I
, * ******+ Misseg' Kid i". j
ft Pioots, si/?M fr??m 8 to 3 3
ft tension soles, only T.'c f
i **\? fifi Old Ledies' Eid \
ft vioUU rl)U,rll ni |
ft soft and BBey. w
1?l (\(\ for th.- best S ' I
^ vu end Girls' & i
1 Shoes m th.* city all solid 9
?nul Berrieeeble,
iti-^ (\fm for (h.'l 8 lid I
Vms.uJV |lM,.|,|,..s D . J
?lice Shoos far gentiem, n.
-I t-in foe eight 11
- 3>I.3U Lediee' B I
I Pennsylvania Ifeds SI I
It which wear as t***ood I * '-' ' I
-Or f"or i'li;'1'1'' '; - I
L *-,v^? Button 8pi 1 ?
I Model Shoe Store, j
j 607 Broad Street, s
? (0c2-Su,Tu?tK' j
Shoes, sizes ."> to 8 ?
> e e e e e e ?
' 109 East Broad. J
> I?icHMoNi), October, 1 -
I Our Fall Stock .-i? ?
** Glassware, and Houeefur- ?J
k nisliing (loodsis n??\v com? #
> pleto and ready for y *
^ inspection. e
* Wo have for thii
j 6on many new desig 0
> I.ric-a-Hrac, ft bande?me l
display of rich Cut-?*. .***
I and liianv other beautifu
! goods sitital'l?' for Wed-1
ding or Holiday preeonts. -
9 Soliciting your fftlnedl
1 trade, respectfully.
.,???. J-.?"i. I uJ? h'?
old papkrs run saum
SBC. FKK lUM'Kl-'l
t th?

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