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Richmond dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1884-1903, October 12, 1898, Image 1

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liUiU 111
Now Floats on In Delaware.
U Advance in the City's
Business Interests.
I .
\ ?n.\i: ok r. vhlv *.ii?itv
j; , I .?inch In* Oi-rnrs Hetore Brenk
f,,.t, While Hundred? of M?*n Are
?, \?.?ru-n-niit Balisa?** of stool?
...n?l I*i?rt>-? Trip.
I T. Morgan ?ras lnunch
Bi ?Vllminctun, Del.
e of all importun?e to
In the early niomln?? hours,
will | it on no bolidar at?
rerjrtl lag 11 ran. d to raors la
like manner in the
Of the Harlan & HoUlngS?
. .? r*r. t ship lor th"
i th,* waten on the hla
? ?? oh. In the history of Lich
. at th.? detrdasus of *?vii
I Ignorant of so Important
<r7 l'H')IM<?X1? l'AKTY.
..:-y fr.?m I'.!. hmoi;,i left here ?m
? .it noon, ra? a i?riv.?to car, as
Mr. !*\ T. Moigaa, Bins laargaa,
B. man, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. B
Crensl ?. M Wurfletd Ci*aa*>
, Mr. ami
Mr, B. B, Ad.iison,
Mr. ar.il MrB. John 11. Lyons, Mrs. John
II. Addiaoa, Jr.. Mr. and Mrs. W. I!.
' BJ - Lily rr.|uli;,rt, Captain
? .1. Anthony. Mi. A. R. I71 loi s<.,?., Mi-s
R aerts W, Kiu-r
?i Oordon. Mr. W. J.
-, .Mr. An :r* \? < - ?ihm. Colonel
' "i ! ?avie. Mr.
F. B. Dai rfoll ? I , Mr U A.
!'iirhiui. X. ?'.; Mr. Ch:itl?-s Watts.
BalUmora; Mr. \V. B. ?"hholm. ?'li;.i'|.'s
' ir Sin ir?.
I ? .
. r 1-: I . ?-f tin
it. i", day. United st.it. s Val rat?
boro', X. ?
ins' at WUsalngton at nhout 6
. I M.. th? Richmond part** was
tue 4 ton iioi.i, alvere ??
l ral ??.is spread. Prealdent
muster, Intro
a numU-r of <|...|u, m and happily
Mr. JO. it. Ad.ll
Dehne? Cronahaw. Mr. s. w.
(i '? Ulan. Mr. W. n.
Mi. L. a Carr, Mr. v. y. [Mac*/,
1 .-ni'lair Stuart,
morning tin?
.hi,I without liny ? 11 ? r
klin n .?f the > :ir,l,
I. fera
bsptlsm of th?? gr- .1
i ? ply the v..it. rs of
Th? re i airange?
. , b -. !.. -n ttltu
in1?- in th" launch?
t bat
US CI',?Ad.
prop fell from the
'. l.ulk tha Morgan ,n ?v? ?I majei Icil
llttls Bias Wiirti'id
i v. ! . a bottla of champ
- olured iii>
.; i without the u*.ia! B*uy i*op<a,
'. iptls? i it!?? proa with
Bear int'? h'r
i mporarily blinded, the
-- d lut!?- m ?-,| abarra
"i chrlatan the? s. T.
i -< nootl su,-,'' asful, sind
: the i ' lasrars at
point are a ..>: l. not tu ar
tht .lames at our 11 i ?
'. tteel ship glided Into her
without mishap, and as
. .- -. lay o.i-iii i en,'.'.
; party returned to the
.mi BubeoQueotl*/
a I : in.
\ QRXAT vksskl.
ful Ship, I'uilt rntlrely
, wood upon bar at
besa l'Uitt und--r the
oi the British Lioyda \
fell to the ? ??nttaeiors for fiiil
llie sllij? WtthlB the I BBS
;,. be paid i,y the
they were behindhand with
A Pfl miuin if ?."?.? ?i da]
: ? ?,'ir Richmond company fat Its
i. , rs th? Bxptrntlon of the
' th? pioportio'i-? of
.,..,, ;, can t'-*
. ,- h ,i h> ear eltlaens. The
... t. iraer, BS laei orer
i.. m. sad B faet deptii ?>r
? Uli a tonnage of I -nd B
,,t 10 kuo-.H par hour. As
j al the 'i".'k of the build?
a i? h bet proa at i? isi slaty
... th? surface of the water, she
... ?-.?th m army of v??rk
:. ; tht readei Irnagtna a steel res?
Dd hstOhways nearly
na of ????r blockt and f?arty*
ai,,l whs n hum. h?'.l only
ng four te. t of water, ?. t arltb ?oaas
?.,,. - trlth ?" ? - and hsmmsrs,
tng.ised. Then ?ome ?Ugh; Id. s
bt had of Waal thl? steamship iru-ans
hmond'? c*omm??r??e. Under the
t plan she 1? to run between Rich?
Bad Charleaton, 8. C. Hor trial
* ill be made uome two months huit
a rrelghl carrier. though In every respect
as m up-to-date menareh <>f
with all .-'..i iii<al appliance?,
bin will have elegant ?tatc-rooma,
fpultitnu ut for com*
u, Including bath?.
Whlk ti.e Vlrainla-Cttrollna. Chemical
?-' ??.t ?nterpriB? > thl? work, Richmond !
"nd Vlrrlni? ar? to be felicitated upon
?bla great Advanced step In the progt'SBs
?j* '>ur State'? capital, ThlB 1? but th?
lultlal ?tep to what this company, which
has the proud cilattnclloi. of enriching and
? i .1.-Hp?>t!lr.g th* ?oil. propOBo? for our
< - h.unity.
The trio of th* Rlchmoodera tu ?*<> *?**- '
r- a chief city Wad In every reaped
Ightful. The prealdent and officers of
?mpony left no desire or their guest*
srii'hV?!. There were charming you na
I?*?, chlefeat amona whom were Ml-.?,
'rgnn. Mis* Evelyn Cordon, ?Md Mia?
J l I'lnhart. The latter, who I? known
the charming Impersonator of Martha
' !"-r?, h-ri? last winter, Rave
?sure both by her voice and beautiful
:-'m c.
iie party rendad RI? hmond at 7.10 lnat
?tag, and all voted flu trip the moat
!">able in their experience.
IC *?. < r. i-,r, of War Gire? a Coa
1 i ? (oittal |*Tnmlar,
rhc Secretary <.f War hat? Informed
?tOUel JaSBSe C Raker, ai th? Second
rglnla. that his regiment will be re
in? d In the service If, when It ahall
ve b, en brought back here to b<? mua
red out. at-, many as 750 of the enlisted
Ibis information conita directly from
donel Raker hlms? If, being conveyed by
; '?nicer of the regiment In a messag-?
?88 the Colonel to Captain William
int. of company d, Baooiad Regiment,
ho has b ?H in the city several day?*.
'"loriel BMM r ha? b<->'!i In Washington
MM time endeavoring to have hla regi
- ?it kept In the service. It was re
?Itsd that he desired to have only two
lHuBMM retained, and that this was not
includa the three BSOOttd Regiment
?mpanles from Richmond, but this was
eedily contradicted, and the news re
:??-<l last night shows that he has. BOOB
??rking with a different object in vl.-w,
id that he has v.. rfeOd to some purpose.
The great question now la, Will 7.r?0 men
' tho regiment vote to stay In ?orvicc'/
pinion is divided. An officer of the
filment said to a Dispatch reporter last
ght that he could not express an lntclll
eut opinion as to the entire command,
ut that so far as his company was con
rned he believed that fully the necea
ity proportion was ready to volunteer
remain in the service and to go any
"Probably three or four of my men
ould bt: foolish to atay in the service,"
.? said. "They have others dependent
pon them or are men who can make, far
, ". than tho ?alary they woiili receive
i the army. Such m? n ought not to think
i' i maining In the service, and I shall
?vise them not to do so. Rut there 1?
o disguising the lad that the gr?at ma
'fity, practically all of th'in, will do
ir better to remain In the ?>en,i'-e than
D ?fay at home. They only get RS40 a
lonth, it is true, but you must rem.-m
r that in addition t?> this they receive
?>ard, clothing, and lodging, so thai at
he end of the month <:v?'ry man. if he
haves himself, has in his pocket Ra.88.
s'.-iw I know, and you know, that few
iborers have that much after #11 bills
,r- paid at the, end of the month.
"I ?aw after being home with my men
. few days," he continued, "that there
vas a great change in aentiment among
hem regarding continuing in tho er ?loe,
ial 1 have every reason to believe that a
oiisidernble majority now wish lo do so.
rii.y have also com?? to understand that
I'-ing police duty in Cuba Is highly h.m
?talilc. and that it does not mean they
UTS to he all th?? time engage! in dlg
ing ditches and acting as city scaven
it is Imposaible to correctly gauge the
intiment of the ngiment, but if it is
tapt in the service the people will feel
ISBursd that Virginia never had a flnei
?rganlzailon In the field.
Till*. ll.l.NESS OK *?IHS. I.F.K.
Her Coii.illloii la UOUTU ?? Mona riiiI
l.t'ii. Lee Will Return To-Day.
I'n/.hugh Lee Is quite ill at SL
Luke's Home.
Her comlltion the last two days, while
not sudi as to cause alarm, has !? ? t
more BOriOBJ tfeMM at any time duiinj,
her sickness, and the. knowledge of this
fad has caused Oeneral !> " to returr
from Savannah. Ga., where he went or
Sunday to prepare tor flu- reOBpttOQ 01
his araay corps, which is t" be mere?
in JackaonvUle. He win arrlsi
h?-re to-night, anromnBBlad by ids son
Ueatonant FKshugh Lee, Jr.
.Mis. Lee Spent the early part ?>f thi
Bummor nith ci.-ni.rai Lee at Jacfcaoa
ville, and while tin0*0 contracted dengue
fever, with which she was stricken doW]
soon alter her return to Richmond. Th.
?a-e appeared to be a mild one at first
but last week It was deemed advi.-ai.l
to remove her to St. Luke's. She wa
getting along guita ureU when Genera
bes "?vas h?rc on .Sunday, so he left tha
night i.?r Bavnna ife.
Mis. Leo*? fever, which has dcvelope?
rather the typhoid nalur?-. was quite hig!
throughout yeaterduy, but she was con
Mdsrsd slightly better last night, an
was resting very wall.
A telegram received by % the Dlspatc
last night from Savannah, says:
C.ciieral Fltzhugh _88 and son, Lieu
tenant li.'.hugh lsv. Jr., left Savanna
to-night, shortly after midnight, fo
Richmond. Ya., where they have beo
callci on account of th? BBClOBS illnes
of .Mis. Lee, news of Which came till
evening. During General Lsee'a abaan?
Gensral Arnold, of the Second Dlvlsloi
Will be in command of the corps, an
tlh- movement to Savannah will procee?
us before stated.
BFA11TS ROM) o\ l l n\.
Not to H?* Olvrn I |>, MOVgO ? in in, Tl
Prove Treaty 1st Sifc-ned.
MADRID. October 11.-The Spanish C.ov
eminent announces Its intention to main
tata a strong force "f troops In Cuba un
til th.* treaty <f peace with the lint
Mates la definitely signed. Immediate!
aft? r Beaea B Bgaai the cortes win b
convened, and measures dealing with ih
reorganization of all the State depart
wili b? submitted l<> parliament*.
WASHINGTON, October A?When th
attention of the officiais of the War 1).
nartmonl wna ealled to-.iay to the atat?
ment mad- in Madrid that S strong loir
of HiBidB- tsmsas would be kept " Cnl
until th" treaty of aanooNasd bed. dgno
It was *?rup>v stated that there had be*
,,Kl wouid be n<> .hang.- in the orders t
Ih. l.'uitcd States troops, and that II
inatruoUona given to the American Mil
ta-v ?rcrniu?-slon In Habana to tsks po
?-.salon of the Island on December la
irifeiifctivt? of the pntence of, or the ?al
L a a of Spanish officia la, would 1
?W?V.ely adhered to. The ?-.punish trooi.
may stay in 0BB8 for * t,m* aft"r tl"
Ustta if evacuation is not oomphf*. b
thty will be po lenger the master? of tl
Island. a_d, L^*a*VSloviu9 ' ^ 4^ '
imrAler all ?I * *** * ** " '
Twenty Thousand Sir Knights
ite of Rai
?ll-?round Success, and from 500,000
to 1,000,000 People Witness It.
They Ar? Greeted With Great Ap
planwc All Alune tbe IA?e?Tbey
Killend Virginia II ???i.l.al 11 y at at?
Old Dominion B???net.
riTTSBT'RO. PA., October ft fjBjIBIlBI)
St. Andrew's Commandt-ry, No. IS, car
i i. ?1 off the honor? In the third division
of the big Conclave pande here today.
Under the command of Eminent Sir
II. M. Beykln, tho commandery made a
aplaudid appearance, and pratSBtad thirty
The St. Andrew'? men had the honor of
being the escort to Grand-Commander J.
ii. Capers and other otu?*nrs of th? Grand
Cotnmaii Jer?' of Virginia. In th" same
division w-ere tho d?-legations from New
York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and
ConiKCtlcut. All along the Une of marr-h
the Virginian? wens (?reefed with gr at
applause, which they courteously ac
knowledgad by frequently doffing thiir
chapeaux. When the rain came many of
the marcher? dropped out. of Use, but th<?
Vlrglnlnns araeely f*a**ered the entire
route. By tin. time; th.-y reached their
down-town heud?iuartera they Wart
thoroughly drenched.
1?.'spite tli? soaking- and the fatigue of
tho day, however, this evening they
marched to the Fetleial building, where
the Orand Commandery of Virginia ?n
tertained all visiting Knlghti?. In this
they were assisted by the ladles of the
delegation, All the refreshments came
from Virginia, and many northern Sir
Knights and their ladi?-s were introduced
t?, BOSnt <>' tho famous products of the
(?i.i Dominion.
st. Andrew's Conunandery has head*
quarters at NsweU't Botel, and will re
main until Thursday night, wh"ii the
member? win leare for th. ir homes.
All the Virginians are loud in theii
praise of I'ittsburg.
si lendor, and general all-nroi
was amply ieelh?td. Thai la,
rain, which was not expeoter
I ??? ??(.? Th?,?i?i?n.I KiiIkI.Ih In Line?
Spectator?, 5<?4?.4?4K? to 1,04M?,04>4>.
PTTTBBUR43, Pa-, OotOaar 11.?The
?parade <?f the twenty ssrsnth triennial
conclave of the Knights T?*mp!iir Is now
.in ?v.iit of history. Whatever had been
anticipated in the way of targeoBsnssBi
Bplendor, and general all-around su, < ? te,
all but the
,1. Lut even
at that, it was the gr. it.st parade ever
!: Id in this city, from whatever point Ol
?Tlew Bas may talk of it. In point ol
numbers Ulero were MM* marchers ir
lit..?. SO ttiat It tasfly doubled slmilai
occasions of the BBSl In that r- pi -,
and as far BS the appearance of thf
men. their uniforms, the trappings ol
th?tr horses, and the perfection of th?ii
ntoreaaeats were oonoerned, iMttsburi
bas aerar seen anything lik?' it.
The nunilxr of OBlOOkarS has been es'
timated at from IstXtB to l.""",0??>.
At 11 o'clock tho march began, an?'
three h?.uts later the last .1? sabntenl
had pasted th.- aasas i?"int.
The rain commenced at IM, nn.l f?>i
awhile it looked as if the parada migh
be ! token up. The arrangements were al
perfect. The streets were roped in, an.
guards, compose?! of the members o
the B*tghteenth Regiment, N. G. P., an.
of Battery B, wha base reeently neei
muatered out, were stationed all aloni
the line. No serious mishap of any kin<
took place.
Immediately aft.-r the parade the for
ma! opening of the twenty-seventh trl
ennlal conclave of the Gran,! Encamp
ment of Knights Templar of the I'nite,
States of America took place in Carne
g: Music Hall, S,h?uly Park. Chalrmai
Wigley. ?if the Reception Commune, in
troducad Mayor Fold, who welcomed th
Grand Master and Sir Knights to Pitts
burg, in a few well-chosen and appro
pri?t? remarks. The Ma\or was followe
by Giand-commander H. H. Kuhn, o
Pennt Irania, and Sir Knight H. Bmltl
both ? f whom indulged in words ?>f we!
OOI** to the meeting. Governor Hasting
v ss expected to be present to welcom
th* Knights ton behalf of the Stute .
I'.nnsyl.anla, but he was absent In Ne?
Grand-Master Thomas was then foi
fltally introduced, whereupon he delivei
ed the annual address, in part as follow!
"The gathering together of the mighl
hosts In this city at the present tin
demonstrates the affection and regard ot
membership has for <?ur order. Fro
e??rv State and Territory to this grei
land has this mighty host come, bea
log aloft our beautiful Imanara on whi<
r the tnetgnis and mottoes of oi
order. tirent multitudes l??,.k on In WO!
der and ask th? inselvs aid each Oth?
the meaning of this large ass-emblsg
They cannot undl ratend the motives thi
would Induce prominent men from evei
?it.,ti'?n in lit'? to cast asid? all buslne
affairs for the time being, and h-avii
lh"lr home? and families, travel hundre,
Of miles to mingle again with friend? in
brothers. They know nothing of tl
N. red tie that BBhda the hearts of ,
Sir Knlgh.s (-o dos- ly togeth??
The?' have only ?4?n them a? they ha
red In public, clothed Id their bea
t?ful uniforms, marching to the stral
Of delightful music. They know nothli
of the ?weet moment? In our live?, wh
ta our at-ylums. to which the eye of t
world Is closed, all the purest and nobl?
emotion? of our hearts are aroused.
1? there that the better parts or oar n
ture? show th?*ms< ?ves. It I? there th
the noble precept? of our order find lod?
Steal In our hearts, and the ?eed ;-, -,,v
that brings forth the richest harvest.
1? here that we hold ?weet communl
wllh each other, and renew our pledg
of devotion to our principle?. It 1? he
that the life and character <.f the Bavin
of the world Is Bhown forth and w? ?
taught to take IHm as our exami
through life and our hope for the Ufe 1
riiii.iri'iNF.s mit in m uro.
Priirt? ?i? m m i?.?? ..?n Hua Only Coti
aiila-ra-il ?ali.-.. l'or?ai Rifo anal ??liant.
Commissioners In Paris, ao far from
roa hing a point of aaaointe varlnno? on
the question of the Philippines, have rn.t
as y.-t taken up that subject for eon*
Btderatlotta The loinmlaMon. whenever
meeting Jointly, ha? been engaged entirely
with three glieetlonn to UM complete,
exclusion of the Philippinen These ..nata
tions related entirely to Cuba. Porto Rico,
and Guam, and according to tho very
latest reports trom th?? American com
missioners to Washington, they are still
under consideration.
The Batted States will not nasttrse the
lndebtednes-s of either Island as the re
sult of the cession or release of Cuba or
Porto Rico. It was fully expocted by thu
authorities that the Spanish contingent
of the l'.-ace Commission would make a
strong effort to make the assumption of
the heavy financial obligations of ti,.
Islands a condition of the cession of
PUrtO Rico and the abandonment of sov
ereignty over Cuba, but the American
commissioners were fully Instructed on
these point?, and the general tenor of
these Instruction*, were that such obiig.t
tlona were not to be assumed by the
L'niU-d States.
No dissatisfaction is felt here at the
progress of the commission in the Bet
Hem? nt of the questions assigned to it.
IBiBBIMUTlOB to vr. midk hf.rf.
Clm rite*. Agalnat l'oatmaater Knlaht
and Other OtHdnla.
WASHINGTON. D. C, <?ct,.ber IL?A
hearing was given by the Clvil-S.rvlce
Commission to-day, on charge? of viola
tion of the civil-set \ i.-e nil.?, preferred
against the postmaster, assistant post
master, marshal, and oth?-r oAVials at
Richmond, Va., as mentioned In th?se
ih-1'itches last night. Numerous affi
davits and other papers were flb-l.
As a result of the representations made
the commission has ordered an
gat Ion to be made at Ri'hmoti *
The alate baa not been determln d, but
will probably be early next w. ck.
tnd death, resurrection and ascension ?.
our Saviour, and on?? mnat retUy be hard
hearted Wham better ??motions are no
aroused wh??n witnessing such scenes. It
is then that we feel our uttar hi
ness; It la then that we feel our absolu:,
dependence; it Is then we reel closer t?
our brethren; It la then we forge Btfll
tighter the chains of love and confldenc?
that binds ua together; it ts then w.
exclaim. 'Emmanuel -Grxj W|tn ??,
"It is my pleasure to inform you that
our order is in a prosperous and llour!?h
lng condition. The growth during th.
last three year?, notwithstanding man?,
discouraging coaditlons, hag exceeded
anything in our history, peace and har
mony have rclgnr-d supreme throughout
our Templar Jurisdictions, and nothit.-i
has occurred to call forth any ex. i
of the power and authority vested in tie
Grand Master.
"But, while wo, as Knlghta Templar,
have been moving along in the qu'.ct'
even tenor of our way. stirring ?vent?
have been transpiring around us in which
one and all have been deeply Interest? ?l
The Star Spangled Rajiner. that emblem
of liberty and Justice, has been unfurled.
and, kissed by the br?ese;* blowing from
?very section of our beloved country
has been borne aloft by loyal and brav?
men ready t?> die In Its defence. Th?1 et*
and wail of the down-trodden rtn?l ??.
pressed, y? a. of the atarvlng men an?
women, so mar our own fih'.r?
length awoko a strong an?! powerful na
tion to a aen?*e of Justice and duty. What?
ever wa.a left of B'fctlonall'am waa wiped
out. Party linea were forgotten. Patriot
Mm aannrtod full sway and each se?
Hon vied with the other in demandlns
that the dastardly crime of the destni'
tlon of one of our noble ships, freighted
with American aeamen. ht? avenged
It waa then that Sir Knlxht Wtl
Ham McKinley. President of the United
States, being aatlsfled of th? Just''
hia cause, pressed forward with fortltud.
undaunted. He aoundeaj the tOCOta of
war. Ho held aloft the Starry Banner,
and In the name of an oppressed and
down-trodden and starving people, I
his countrymen to tho rescue. And Ben r,
In tl-vc history of tho world, did men re
spond more quickly or nobly to the call ?I
a gallant chK?fta':n. Rich and poor, ohl
and young, men from every SCCtloa and
of SVSry party name, rallied to that call.
Fill opee II nations looked on with wonder
and surprise. We had bOOB r??
(arded as a peace-loving people,
and it waa supposed that we
would bo as deaf to the cries of suf
f-crlng hum uilfy as they had ihown
IhCHIBSlTCS to be. Our great leSUUlCSB
w? re known and talked of, but th? United
States w'erv not looked on as a lighting
nation,. 'For <"?u<l and suffering bUflUB
Itj ' arae th? battte cry.
"The results MtVtU been all lhat the
most patriotic eOUld wish Tor, and have
placel upon ua a? a nation grave rasp?n?
albUUles. These luaponelbllltlea w? can
not shirk. In the ?ight of ?Jod we are
charged to )ea?l thCM people, "bom He
hm sean proper t?> giv?? us, from their
foresta of ignoran??' and siee to the
bright land of civilization ami Christian?
ity. It Is our duty to take ears of tl ? m
until thi-v can show their abiliy !.. car?
for tbemaetves. with ,\n unbound?
??i .aith in the Integrity and wisdom of
our government and th?- patriotism ??f
the American people, we believe that It
will bo demonstrated to the world that
we are equal to the? task, and that j. n.
rations yet unborn will rise and call BB
MeSBOd, anal chant ?air prSlBCS f"r the
stand we have taken against tyranny and
oppression, and In behalf of ?bfl '!'. tr> B8
ed and oppressed of the earth."
After the fonnai opening the Grand
Master ordered aha roll-call, BBd the or?
ganlsltloa of ths <!ran?l Ba ampmrnl
to.?k piare.
Thereafter the reports of Orsud-Trea
surer Unes an?! Grand-R? cordJi r Mayo
were read and referred to the pro;>'-r ? MB?
nilti?-? v
Th.- report of ? .;. " I Tt orar, H.
Wal? s Line?, sb? w< d tec ?tpt
snd disbursements of ,9.121. Tiie net .ash
t? 'mi'---, are MMM.
The meeting adjourned to reconvene al
10 o'clock to-morrow.
The social fi-ature of the eondav? tooh
place to-night at the Dnquesao Garden.
Till? was the reception ssotuslvsly foi
v..1 mbem of the different Knights Tem
plar eonunandsries, and as layman, 01
any one, enospt ladles, ?rtthoul a Templar
uniform, was admit ted. The gnasi "t
honor vas TRnniV-Martiir of the Grand
Encampment Warren Larue Thome
Aftet '!"' reception there was 11 gran.l
bail, ami the gathering ?ii?i not br?'ak up
until aiier midnight.
Puanesno Oarden is an immense i.un.i
lng, and it M ?Ottmated that more than
MM Knights, with their ladles, attended
tho reception.
Has Been trader ftnrveillnnce Since
I.saat of Many I rui;i-r...lil,.ii...
KANSAS CITY, MO., QotOBjCf 11.-Jess?
James. Jr., son of the notorious bandit,
Jesse James. Missouri's pioneer train
robber, was taken from hia cigar-stand in
the county court-houae by the police this
evfnlng, and ts bating secreted by the au
JeaM Jamaa. Jr.. haa been under fur
velllunoaj since the laat of the many
traln-robberiea In the outskirts of Kansas
City. This was the robbery of a Missouri
Pacific expresa tra?a near I..-.? da on Sep
tember 2?atb.
I?ate to-night tt be-came known that the
police als . had tn cuatody Rill Ryan, one
M^nfthenm?mmleile v\t i?n>'-* (*inB*
Bard of Aldermen Refuse io
Concur in the Appropriation.
atter Law on Table and Another
Effort to Be Made.
!?*pre?r?tntlsr? of the Chcsnps-nke
and Ohio and Southern Send Grstl
fjlna A???ri?nor?--\o Datigrr of
Small-Fox?Other Matter?.
The Eoard of Aldermen, at the ',ettular|
nonthly meeting held In the City Hall
tat night, re-fused to concur in the ac/tlon :
,* the Common Council i'.ppropriatlng
noney to pay th?; school teachers for tho
ime they worked without any remunera
lon last I??.'ct-mber. The resolution was
a i btaaaas u ragalrad a tare thirds vote,
tad only nine out of th" fifteen member*,
?resent voted in the afftrutarJea, a ? i?v.r
nano.-avie on the part of Alderman King
arar] th?- rtaulailoa Irani utter defeat,
ind by changing Ills vote at the let*
Blunts he was enabled to raore a re
,,i,si,i. ration of the question, and then
he majority told. Finally the resolution
UBS laid anon the table until the next
The session was o, < upi.d almost e\
luatrely with tie.? transaction of routine
tniatness, and thart wer* bo dleeusalons
1' say nioni'iit. 'I'll' appropriation <?f
BJB to fight the |. i ii.ie ?a*egr.
mail-pox, which was rappoeed to b,- epi
il. nil?1 In Norfolk a week ago, was tabled
through the recoaaaaendatlon of the pees!?
?hut of the Hoard of Health, who sees
no necessity for it at the, present time.
Letters w?re received from the repre
entathrss ?>f the Caeeaaeake and Ohio
.1 Soiith'in railroads lu regard to the
?'.?nstnu-tion of bettor depots lier.'. Mr.
Axt.11, speaking f?r the former com
j.itiy, wilt's that plans BIS already be
ing ciiSsder. ?I, an-4 Sup'n int? indent West,
Of the latter, promises that a ?lew ?l?pot
will shortly b?; built by the road h- iip
il Coancll Is preparing to enforce the
sated by the isai Eagtaflatara, r.
qutring th? street-car companies, to run
esttlmled ?ars on th ir Unas during the
?sinter months. A r? solution was adopt
ed by th.; Hoard Ir.stni? ting the City At
torney to report to either branch of the
Cannes!, at Its text meeting, ??nue plan
lo tafOTOt the iibsi'i'v.ii? e <?t this law.
Tin: sKssmx ix DBTAU?
The i', urd ni'', promptly al ? o'ctock,
sith th.- tollowitig memiers present:
at. -i. Ail.',. Hiten. Cutchlna, Donahoe,
Drewry, I'.iii'er, Hsrdwi k>-, King, Lan
der, Moaby, Montgomery, Beay, Bnead,
cUmnwrmann, and Turpin.
PftOB Tin: l?i\\i:k i;kaxcil
ThS Hoard ?'Oncurr. I m the action of th?*
Common Council adopting ii, ordinance
llxing the salary of the Coroaet ai U-*
a j tar.
Amendments t?. the Ugbt ordinance,
transferring th? Qsji-Blll Clerk from the
offioa ??f th.- Auditor t" the office ??: Ugbl
?Department, ami denying th? privl
fr*e gas hitherto grsnted for us.- m the
Valentin* Bu* um and th? clocb of Park?
Place .Methodist church, was adopted.
The following resolutions, ?passed by the
lower branch, were concurred In: Appro
priating ...T for th* conatructlon of i
Stwef on lie- \.,e~t Bid* of St. .lam-'S
str.-et between Coots and it ill at rests;
appropriating 111?) for a .- ??? r on tht i? ?"?t,
sido of Durai Btreet beten ta Bt Peter
sad St. Paul streets; appropriating BSO
tot paring the south side of Hak, r ttr? I
betweea rourth and Fifth; appropriating
?n-y for uaving tht sM4*w*alks on the esst
sud uust sldsa of Pourth street between
Jseksea and Durai; appropriating MttM
for paving ..n the >?<jiiih side of Danny
street between Fifth and Sixth; appro
priating VH.OiZ for the construction of the
sewer on Fourth, Fifth, Raker, and Dura]
afreets- appropriating MM* to BsAtafy
daims for ?i images to property on Found
ami ntth streets, eaaaed by tas ?
of the aewer.
The ordinance requiring all contractors
for city work or supplies to give a bond
endorsed by some guarantee company was
amended so an tu eacludt those whose
contract does not amount to the sum ol
t-"?"U, and adopted in thit form.
The ordinance transferring th?- sum of
*:i..??0 from the expense ..f the Fit. |..
-artment and MAvA from th" contingent
fund i" an ac nit to be called th? police
? oiitlnge.it fund, to be us? d in the ,-r, e
Um of a new police-station for tho Thlr?;
1 ?istriet, was concurred in.
ThS appropriation o? the sum of |4,S7?.O"
te pay th-; school teachers for th. ir str
rices last December ?ame up, and Hi?
/Ote WSS Oalled '??r Without any d?ne-un
?Ion. The r.sult ??as a.-, followa:
Aye?-.Messrs. liahen, Cut.-hliis. l>.?iia
hoe, Lewder, Mosby. Montgomery, ?.-ay
Bnead, and TurpLn-8?
Noes- M-'Msr-? Al!. u, Dr wry, Ferrit r-r
Hsrdwicke, King, and Zimmermann??J.
Th* r*solu*Jon wss lost, as it reunite.
a t?v,?-thirds vote. Mr. King, ?vho haf
sr* at th.- outset, changed an
? ?t.- Just iiefor?- the count, and
us the reeutt naa announced h<- maw**
to reconsider th.- rote, so that the mat
lid be laid upon the table unti
the Bast meeting, milling with fine Iron?
that thai there w.re on* or two mem
her? present ?vho might itke to take par
in the vote. His motion ?vas ca?
il vote of 10 to 5. and the matter Wai
laid "ti the tablo by the ?-amo vote.
TI ordinance governing the bonds o
city ofheials. and re.julrlng them to b?
approved by th- City Attorney, and re
ftrred to the Plaanc* OotasBtte* on th.
in of Its sufficiency, was concurre?
in, as also were the following: An ordi
aaace provhlmg for the ?-.stabltshmen
and maintenance of a city library, t.
be controlled by th? City Accountant, an.
appropriating 125 for the purchase o
books ou municipal governments and the!
tea?hing; BB or.llnanc?? providing for th
ac,iiiitlng of tax bill? dua to the ?it?
on the l?t of August each year; an ordi
concerning an annual stat.men
to be ma.J* by the Cell, t.r of Delin
?4u.iit Taxe?; an ordinance providing fo
the tr?n?fr and reissue of city bond?
an ordinance to ??certain the presen
?mount of real estate taxe?, and to regu
lute the tax accounts in the Auditor'
office: an onhname providing for th
printing of ?It written opinion? of ih
City Attorney and hi? pred*ce?sor?.
The Board refused to concur In the at
proprlstton of |1 ? to reimburse the ma
who?e window was recently broken by
atray sheep. Major Allen thought ?I wa
a dangerous pr?*cedent, at an anlms
light at some time gore a man to death.
nd ir taken In charge by a policeman
'ils liiatance would be pointed to as a
rec?dent, which fixes the liability or the
Uy. The debate Kenne general and very
The amendments to the plumbing ordl
aner? was concurred In.
The resolution appropriating K.W) as a
lifeguard to the city In resisting the
prea.l of small-pox anld to b?' epidemic
i NorT..Ik was laid upon the table at the
equest of the Prealdent of the Hoard of
Th? ordinance requiring all r.troet-cars
r> rtop on the near side of the street In
?ead of the far side was referred to tho
ftreet Committee.
The appropriation of %! > to pay for the
Tinting of SOI) copies of the city charter
tras concurreal in.
The resolution granting S?U.OO) cubic feet
'f gas free of all charge to the Young
lien's Christian Association for its achool
vas strengly oppoe?*?d by Mesara, Allen
nd Hardwtrke on the or ?und that it was
iot advlaable to discriminate In favor of
his Institution, while others equally
*.?rthy ar?< ?lenlc.1 such gratuities. The
eaolutlon waa referred to the Committee
>n Light for further information and a
itatement as to what institution?.- are lur
ilshed with free gas.
A resolution ?ailing for specifications
is to what repairs are needed in the city
?all was concurred in.
A ommunlcation from Sup? rlntendent
f the f?outhern Railway Company
n this city, acknowledging receipt of a
*opy of that resolution adopted by both
branch?e of th?? ?C-uunetl at th?* laat
monthly meeting, calling upon th?? rail
road company tu furnish a better depot,
was received. He has forwarded the
matter to the proper authoiitl?sS, !"
writes, and assures the Council that some
better accommodations will b?? furnished
In the near future.
Vtee-PreeMent Dcontur Axtell. of th?
sake and oiilo. writes that his
company la considering plans for a new
depot at the pres.-nt time
Mr. Snea.l offered a resolution that the
City Attorney shall be r. i ' I ?> re
port to either branch of the City Council
at its next inea'tlng what raeasm.
be used to compel the etreet railway
compa??a? to comply with th? act of the
legislature renuirlnir va-stibule fronts to
be placed on all cars. This was adopted.
tl Will Keep llolh of Hie ?.tntr'ss Reg
Imi'iil? In Service.
W ASI 11 NGT< >.\. 1> c. <>.'ober 1! -The
War P ?p?rimant ?rill conform to th? r>
qtteel of Governor Bolcomb, m regard t?.
the Ni-tiraska troopa.
Qovernor Bolcomb suggested that the
strength of each company Ml botk r.-gi
m' tits be reduced t?. the minimum num
ber of soldiers, thus allowing of a num
ber of discharge? from both regfansBtn
This will keep both reglasettts In the
The First \Nebrnska Is at Mailla and
th" Third ?.Colonel Bryan's) Is ul Jack
l.ong-Hiaf mi?'?? iv? Station In
Sltookoe Hl|i.
The southern Heil Telephon? and Tele
graph ?Company opened ??n Oetobsr lot a
tail.ii? pay statloa in the ofteec of the Vir
ginia-Carolina Cheaalcal ?'??mpa.iy, In
th- Crensnaw Warahsum, Rwckoe sin?.
This station was opeaed at t In- reojseet,
and for ih? aoBvenlence, of baslnssB men
in that part of the city. Th?; station Is
equipped with long?<dtatano? lu trumenti
and a sound-proof booth. COBVTSBtlOBB
can I?" Canted on therefrom ?nil com
fort and priVS? v oxer the lines of ttie
Southern Bell Telephone an?! Telegraph
Company, .and those <<f the American
Telegraph ?md TelephoB? Company, con?
aecttng with New York, BalOmore, (Paah?
Ington, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston,
Norfolk, and all oth?>r la re.' and small
cities and towns eoaneeted **ith that ex
trusive system
The Kfi-li'j- I'ttrs?.
"DruaksBBi i Is di ?ase, not a vie,?"
and the sAcecy oi thaj ICeeley Treatment
Is t.stilied to bf thou.:.Ulis ,,f ?,,.,, i<ll(|
Woman, n*he stund as living witnesses
In !, half of fOUre? If ?u- In.'iii, .,
or call m coiilnl.-nce.
1?'12 east Marshall Street
New 'l'hii.ie, IMT.?
Mi s R. Ryrne, of the McOall Pazaar
Company, of N. w York, Is at Thalhim-r
Brothers' One-Price Rouas foi one daj
only, to gU, any Inf.irinatloa BBOUt th?
M ' 'all's H.iza.ir l'attei go.
If you want t?> thoroughly enjoy the
Open go to Mrs. L B. Morris's an.I get
0 Of BOT dainty llttl "Opera I '
;n th?? form of a bono? t. "i a Bpi I
BOW tor the hair, one o' th<- I kb it Pari
Ian noveltf.-s, In all colora. No. :*"?*, north
Fifth gtrea t.
On Tuesday, October 4. I-!'*!, the South
ern BeB Telegraph and Telephon?
juny published a lis; of sixty-flV? BOH
?ubecilbar? added to th.-ir ?xchaage
since the Issue of their Anglist directory.
The following n. w BBbSerlb ?ra have been
Boded since October !, lv?S:
Rate? In Richmond and AI up heater:
Rusln.-ss, UM.
i lenco, UM.
769?Raptist Horn, toff Aged Women.
126-The New Ford's Hotel.
1019-Klrkwood, H. U.
2261-4?Union TlsOolOgllBl S-minary.
TiO?Lltiton Coated-Papr Company.
280? Davidson, Dr. John P.
1082?Chesapeake and Ohio Rallara)
Company's Bread-BtW et Ticke
i'??Evana, l-'dward A.
2:U1?Gregory, D. J.
RM -?Hiver, C H.
"y-.v-Wartheii, XV. C.
36-Orgaln. E. T.
Pur.ell, U. I.
U?0? Anderson. Mr? L R.
8S2-Whife House.
12H Tr?gg iji?ip-Puildiug Company, W. i;
88?Roaendort's .?- . .-n<y.
120? Cook?-- A Scott.
72? Main Virginia-Carolina Chemien
Company, Shuckoe slip-public pa
stuti >n
(Special terminal?toll-line servie
2-KIC-4? McOranlgban, P., General Me:
chandtae, Granite. Ya.
Public Pay Station ?I? cents).
-sflfep? -
I? th? Bt.Br I? t ?t??l?B Teeth
be ?ur? an? use that old and w-*U-trtet
remedy, Mrs. Winslow's ?toothing Myruf*.
for children teethlag. It soothes th
child, softens the gam?, allays all pain
eures wind colic, aad la the best rented,
for diarrhoea. Twentg-flve cent? a bottli
m mm
lis deport to War Investigating
teason Wby Changes Were lade In die
Original Plu.
SniiM????'? Teleg-ram Hnrrylng Up
Movement of Troopa to Suni8B?ro?
MlleV? Adrice That First More B?
"llmle Iciitiiat lNirt? 1tl???K g _J?L
WASHINGTON. Ottoher ll.-The War
lav? stigatlng Commission devoted Its
forenoon sesslo.i to-day to the examina
tion of Beeretary Alger'?, statement and
the papers furnish?-.! by him in reply to
the cojnnilsslon's liuiuiries. The acemm
panylng papers Included roports from iho
i ui. us bureaus of rho War Department.
and also various letters and t.?le-<ran_i
Upon the conduct of dhe war.
Be? rotary Alger, In lus rer-ort, replias to
the various <ju. itloua propounded by the
commission, but he gives especial promi
nence to ih" plan of ? inipalitii, and to
the changes that were made In the origi
nal plan.
He states that Tampa was ci.oaen ?
the base of op?rations becaijse of its
proximity to Habana, at which point It
was originally Int.n.i ,l the first attack
should be niai?-. The determination to
tig?, was BUB to th? develop
menta ?m th" southern eoBet of Cuba, and
to Admire] Cerrera'? Tours? in locating
his Bad in the any M Santiago. Whan it
BM 8Uit? ..it ?In thnt he was ?<>cure
ly entrapped In the hay. Admiral a?mt>
08 hired the fact t?> the Beeretary of
I ? Navy, asking that troop? be sent im
m.-.llal. Iv. l{. aaM that he had silenced
th,?. batteries which were aeceseible from
Hi s. i. and th tt U,*M8 m.-n could capture
th?' town wiliiln fi.ity-?i,;ht hours.
The t? xt oi thla IBIISSSf? is given, ai
i th.? t. \t of vai ??ms otlur t? :. grams,
showing the canee <>f the delay in putting
th.? expedition off. this cause being, a?
frequently published, the report that
Spanish warships i n ?ing i" wait lor
t be ? n ?. ports.
re, ry Alger add? thai the BBnahhal
i Admiral i???mp?on
Mad 81 nt IiIh mes
The report shows that ?'encrai Miles
advised la the beginning thai tin? lirait
m ?re shouM be asade against Porta RM >.
ami thai after thai lelaud should '? sua?
jugated tt.e aaserleaa torces shouM as
landed oa the north coast of Cuba, M
-. nu- point fr?>m which th>-y couM move
coovenlently, ?ith.-r t.. Um gaol ?r to 'n?*?
Another reason for locating the ??amps
in the Booth waa tfeal th? troop? might
I ?VIH.? acclimated before being sent to
Major-Oeneral William M Brahauj was
the only witiii-sji before the oomnBssMn
He was fourth in commend al
Camp Alger at th? beginning of the war,
ami detailed the conditions which pre
vail?-.1 at that 'ami.. There was only
?m?- railroad running mto the aaaap, and
.. il.ieit i il' I.l.a allai li half
rj l.i No running Stream was n?-ar l?y.
bul Iberi were many line springs, and
brooks formed by the spring?. Re thought
the water supply was BUfltcUnt wh ?n
the .amp numbered ao muro than
Bve regiments of troops, but a? Hi?- troops
m? reas? d it b? i im? nee?? " > to .pg
vs.Us. There wa deMy in digging the
the well?.. The supply was BSBpM tat all
tiny arare ?unk. except
Ing. The wells w.-i?- well caned, and
was no surfac pollutl'in of them.
Before the well?, were, sunk, Oeneral Ui ?
ham ?aid, there ?a.? undoubtedly some in?
convenience "i? account of the neeesMty
of going a long distance for water. It
was also his impression that th.-re had
be?*n BOSBS eompMInf of .sickness on ac
count Of the water famine, which Iii4
continued from the 20th of May until the
Eta. "f June, with varying di'gree? of in
General Orahani ?Bd not oattawo that the
spring and well water had b?*en respon?!
b!e for the slcknest at Camp Alger, but
was Incline?! to attribute much of the
trouble to tbe fscl that the soldiers
upon taking water from the Httle
running through the camps.
There had been considerable typhoid?
fever at the camp, but it did not origi
nate there, ail the first case? were
Isolstsd. During the entire stay at tho
ramp less than 4 not cent, of the com
mand was sick. Th?re were sixty-nine
.bath?, fUe being those of officers. Much
of the sickn??** wa? in his opinion due to
delicadas s?st to the >ol.!ler? from home.
Wben the typhoid fever began to be
consMered an epidemic he ls?u?d ?trie*
orders for the detailing of guards for tho
tare ?t sinks making any neglct ..a
in- t. ..!...?> ?itrur
; r caution? wer? taken to protect the
?m contamination. Including the
..-rnoval of tbe sinks to a proper distance
from the kitchens.
At this pol. t the commission adjourned
fir th" day, Oeneral Graham not having
t- --?i WASHINGTON, October .11.
I fill ! ******** ioT Wednesday:
I J F'>r Virginia and Nort?*. Caro?
l Una - Fair weather. encepe
showers near the coast; cooler; ?visit,
northttrly wind?.
TEL I'AY was tlireat?'|ilng. with light
showers In the early afternoon,
.state of thermometer
( A. M.t.M
? A. M.71
13 m.ta
3 P. M. .T*
12 night.73
Mean temperatur??. .UXA

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