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WE MAKE OUR FIRST FALL ANNOUNCEMENT at our new and handsome store with feel
?nqsofdcep qralitude to our friends for their liberal patronage during our past career. We
open the fall season with the choicest stock of Men s, Boys, andChildren Clothing, Furnish
ing Shoes, and Headgear ever brought ^ .
We shall continue to furnish our customers with the best results of the tailoring art, while our Hats,
Shoes and Furnishings are the product of the best makers. We now extend to you, reader, a hearty invita
tion and a warm welcome to our store. Look in our windows ; come in and examine our stock, and by your
verdict we stand or fall. Our goods merit the highest praise, while our prices remain within easy reach. If
you have money to spend for Clothing this fall, we want it, and if you can be influenced by style, work
manship, assortment, or price well get it.
\\le are ready-completely ready for investigation. We accord to each and every customer the same
courteous treatment and the same low price. Our invitation is: Come in and look. Our clothing and
prices will talk for themselves when you get acquainted with them.
P When von want a Fall Suit, Overcoat, a pair of Trousers, a Hat, a pair of Shoes, a Shir , or anything
to wear for yourself or boy, and want the latest thing at the lowest pnce, don t fail to remember.
Yours, very truly,
Leaders in Men's and Boys' Outfitting.
mm*, -a?-a? a> 4B--B
T\\4> llnl*-?> O? BTWM f?l'\l- i'ON
VF.vril??* 11 JOINT BWBBB.
Presentation I?? ?H?? Also o
4 f???i?Hrn?i?iiir> n????lut l??na?Cop
of M????lard l*ra> ?*r-ll??ok tor till
*aernll> ??f Viraliilu.
WASHINGTON'. October 11.- -At thr
opcnlng of th<- session of the BOSS
I'eputles, at the Episcopal Council to
day, Rev. Bergan ?M? anii>?unc.-.l th?
death yst. r.l.'iy, ut N< w L,?ii?loii, <rf Hon.
Benjamin Stark, lay Msajjate from Con
necticut. Aft?T a brief tribute by Mr.
Ss-yniour, of Conn,,. tient, tho t. loKram
announcing Mr. Stark'? death was refer
red to the Commit IBS OB Memorial?.
Rev. I>r. F 1'. Lav.-tiport, of T. nnes
BSS, from t.,<- i ,,iuinitl> ? on C nruis, re
p.,tt?.?l a iis??lu:i.m discharglne that body
from further discussion of the proposl
tlon for the. revival ??f the ?f??t of cvan
gellBts. The committee taliereS tliat a
it?p of thl? chnraetii' i-'rioiild bare Its ini
tiative In the HotiHe of Bishops, an?! al
ter a brltt statement by H?-v. Mr. BSjet?
?enhurs, ?>f Indiana, In opposition to the
report, tae r? ?jolatlofl as? adopted.
At U o'ciotk the Aeputlet treat into
?? ? ion with Ina Beaas ?>f Btebopa sit
ting a? a board of nils-Ions, bishop AVLip
p\e. of MlnncMota, BTtatdllig,
A beautiful Incident of th. j,
was the prcs? illation and adoption of
resolution? ? ompllm? ntary t?> Bishop Wil
.li.i.i Hobart Hare, of South Dakota, who
has occupied thai dU'iilii.-.l position f?.r
tweiity-flvo ?ears. 'I'h.- board aho pi.
tented th? Bishop with n hands?,mo su
rer loving-cup suitably Insr ill d. Tli?*
Bishop rcpli.'.l in a BBi sab full of ?motion
?inI gratitud.'.
Bishop ?oane, of Ali'unv, th? o t<>?>k tiic
chair, and the r. guiar business of the
ooard pro?? eded.
A resolution offered by Treasurer
0?-or?;e C. Thomas, of Phlludelph- i
adopted, providing that on ti
Bhinday after Kplphany, and on the Man?
day following, addresses b* mad.- sad
eollei'tioriH taken from Sum! .y m hools for
the bsaafll "f nilHsloi.s.
WOMAN'S Al'Xll.IAUY \\ol(K.
A r?*oiution. ?ajafaated by Um B
of BassarhiiBitla. was adopted, recelrlng
with gratitude the offering of I*?, ???o f,,,
ulsKlonary work, contribute,! b) lbs Wo
man? Auxiliary, and placing on r.
th? boar?)'? appreciation of the devotion
of the women of the Church, and huill?n,'
with thanksgiving th'L lacraaBng d
il S I rd listened for fifteen minutes
t? HiMi.p 1'et.r T. Itowe. of Alask
KardinK the xrowth of church work in
that Territory.
Bris-f addrtsff? were mad?, by Rev. Wil
ll?m???n smith, of Hartford, un,4 lllshop
John H White, of Indiana, in supr-ort of
th? former? proposition for a training
school for men Intended for the mission
ary held, and then the Hoard of Mission?
adjourned until Monday.
Th. Honet of baabofsi to-day aareed to
?7 H"r<- commending the correc
tion of Bcvsral error, of print in the
Pray 'VT f.??* ?-? of C<!mrn?n
i??? i?-rk, and of which .Mr Han .. ??,?
custod,,,,. < ??,?., ut the booksrp?n ??
from th* plat,-? from whlTth* ?tnn? ird
? T?ZX"**' -*"a -A^aBBata
U4Ki4ca to donate ? t*ta ea?,h t "''
?^varsity of Virginia ana iT*.? &
ll?Ih\il.M,'pV.'*0u'?r#,<1 to ' b?'-??'? tn
I?* -Oold.-n NoIlib.r?-' In the Prayer
Hook, by win i, tae lister dat? u aiieei
talned for the next three hundred years.
beginning with 1808
Aini".-t the entire afternoon session of
the Hon.'-' of Deputies was consumed in
the amendment of the Consti
tutlon providing for the formation of
province? out "f the diocesan and mls
iry districts, and it was' finally ia
i. inmute,I to ".?le committee for report
and r.aomm? r.dation on certain amend
ments offered during tho long discussion.
An amendment offered by Dr. Hunting
ton was. that each province shall be
so bounded a? to contain only a frac
tional portion Of a State or States.
imong those who took part In the g?te
rai dehnte were Messrs. Fleming, of
Florida, and Nelson, of Virginia.
The action of the House of BMhOOC
in changing the Golden Numbers In Ih?
Prayer Book, making certain corrections
of print therein. anfl presenting seveiai
? , plea of the standard edition of 18?.'
B, was agreed to.
In the House Of Bishops, the report of
the Church University Board of Regents
?.?a.- agreed to. and a resolution was
adopted abolishing the board. The ex
istence of the body la regarded as un
try, as its work is now done by a
volunteer ass?.?dation, having for Its ob
j. ct the promotion of the Interests of
Church schools, seaslnarlefl, and ooUei
This action Of the Bishops was ai't.-r
ward agreed toby the Deputies
After some dl-.cusslon of Articles 2 and
| of '!" proposed new Constitution, re
lating t?. the organization of the general
"tion and the con/ecration of I'.is-i
Ops for foreign service, the Bishops
formally non-concurred In the action of
the Deputies, and a conference commit
tee w hi be nppotat? d
The provision in the Constitution that
BO l'y shall form more than one dloce?-?? |
was stricken out.
Aft?-r briefly touching upon the proposa-d ,
canon of marriage and divorce the Pish- :
ops adjourned.
< ui-. a. Surprised II Is Mot Turned
Over ?.? I I.? hi.
BANTIAOO, October 10.-(Delayed in
ti.ir.smi.-si'.nj?Tho Spaniards, who have
garrisoning Manzanillo, leave here j
\ hr.-ak to-morrow, on board the
aer Porto Rico, bound for Clenfuego.-?.
Colonel Ray, the American command'-r,
paM a final visit to tho Spanish com? 1
mander, Colonel Parr?n, at 4 o'<i"?'k toil
Bft? rnoon, and wished the Spaniard "bon /
The American troops th? i. (
msrehed to the public square, hoisted the <
.Star?, and Stripes, and proceeded to llie !
custom house, where a similar cercmo ly 1
was performed. Our soldlera then re?
paired to the post-office and hoisted ihe j
American ensign there, in the majoi
of instan.?a the incumbents will hold
office, pending the arrival hereof Gene
ral Wood.
Acting upon instruction? received here
from Habana, the civil government of
MsnusttUlO was turned over to the Ameri
cans by the Spanish officials, under pro
teot Colonel Ray has paid a visit to
General Rloa, the <^uban command-r, ,
Whose camp is situated about three tin!.-s
from this city. The Cubans seemed .
tonlshe.t that the civil government was
not t n m .1 over to them. ?
It is said that the city of Holguin, In t
this province, will bo evacuated in the i
titar future. '
one regiment of American troops is {
considered enough to occupy Manxanlllo. t
On the arrival here of the Fourth Im- c
munes, Colonel Ray will return to Ouan- 1
tac.uno. t
The health of the city and the troops la \
uood. h
1 ?II.?~-l>ver ?t Ear St. Loala.
WASHINGTON. D. C.. October ll.-A I
dispatch received this afternoon by the t
Marine Hospital Service here from Bur
geon Carter say? that yellow.faver has ?
broken out at Ray St. Louis, Misa., and ?
i liai then? are four or fiv* cases th?re. '
Ili.lt I mor?- l?.r?-.i i . \ctv Viirk In First
?.n nu-? ?? ??re, ". ??. I.
BALTIMORE. October ll.-Baltlmorc
and New York broke BVSn to-day. In UM
first contest the locals got five of their
six hits In the second and fifth innings,
and tallied three runs to win. Both teams
played a sharp and errorl. ss gama
Four singles, a tWO-bagger, a hit bats
man, and an error gave the visitors five
runs In the fifth inning of the second
game. Doheny was hit in the short ribo
by a pitched ball and resigned )n favor
of Seymour, who retired tho Orioles
without a hit In the two Innings which
be pitched. Attendant-?-, t<M0? .Score:
First game. R. H. E.
Baltimore .0 1 0 0 2 ? 0 0 <"?-:' 6 0
New York .1 0 i? o 0 0 0 ?'? 0?1 11 '?
Batteries: Maul and Robinson; Meekln
and Warner. Time, 1 hour and 50 min
Second gau. . R. H. E.
Baltimore .ft 0 2 0 0 0-2 4 2
New York .?? 0 1 0 6 0--6 1" I
Batteries: Xltson and Robinson; Do
heny, Seymour, and Warner.
Umpires: Messrs. Qaffney and Brown.
Tim.-, 1 hour and M minutes.
WASHINGTON, < ?Holier 11.?The Bos
ton team to-day made their possession ,
of the pennant a certainty by defeating;
the Senators easily. Washington fielded
badly, and could not hit Lewis, while
the wearers of th" laurel pounded Be?
ker's delivery freely. Attendance, I,?80,
Boors: H- H
Washington .10000 0 202-5 7 11
Boston .2 10 9 0 0 1 1 x -14 19 2
Batteries: Baker and Farrell; LewM
and feager.
I'mplr. s: Messrs. Connolly and Heyd- |
1er. Time. I hours.
NBW PORK, October IL?Southpaw
r-urves wer? too mich for th-- Phillies to
flay, and but for 1 ?el.hanty's triple la
the sixth they would have been shut
out. The Brooklyns batted Flfleld for
plxtern hits and a total of twenty-eight
bases. The game was called in the
seventh, on account of darkness. Attend?
ince. Me. s. ore: i;. il. E.
Urooklyn .1 4 0 7 2 0 x-14 1? 2
Philadelphia .8088S88?I I '
Batteries: Gaston and Grim; Fifield and
BcParU ad.
Umpires: Messrs. Hunt and Andrews.
Time. 1 hour and 38 ininiu
POSTP? ?nemeNTS.
Plttsburg-Clevelan?!, St. Laiis-Chicago
ind Louisville-? inclnnati games post
poned on account of rain.
W. L P.C.
Boston .IM M
l.'iltimore .91 M .?i?!
Cincinnati . .97 50 JM
?hlcago . 81 fai i
:i< velsnd .79 65 .549
Philadelphia .75 7'? .517
Cew York . 71 72 Ml
lttsburg.71 71 .'s?.
.ouisville .67 79 .459
ro<,klvn . M 88 .371!
Vashlngton .ii? 99 .3.6 !
>t. Louis .39 111 .260
Boston at Washington
New York at Baltimore.
Philadelphia at Brooklyn,
"leveland at Pittsburg.
Cincinnati at Loulaville.
MORRIS I'ARK lit? is.
I??liia-a Wins Silver Hi uni. and Ii? ittr
Sweet Dtxlnna. Stake?.
NEW YORK. October ll.-At Morrla
3ark to-day the fifth race was the fea
ure. Warrenton wa* made the favorite.
-eep-o'Day went out In front at the
all of the flag, but was quickly passed
>y Sir Walter, who showed the way to
he far turn, when Can.lleblack and Peep
'Day passed him, and It looked as if he
ver? beaten. He "carne again," however,
ind in a furious drive won by a neck
rom Warrenton. who ?|.,?..,* fast in tin?
itra-teh. while Peen-o'Day was third half
i length away. The time equalled the
rack record of 1:5.11-4. Result?:
Flrat race??Is and a half furlongs?Ju
ins Caesar (ft to 1) won. Bra?? (13 to &
md even) second, and Fairy Dale 18 to 1) I
bird. Time. 1:24.
Second race?seven furlongs?Autumn 01 :
o 6) won, MacLeod of Dr?re ?5 to 1 and t \
o 1) second, and Acuahla (8 to 1) third. ?
rims, l'MJ-4.
Third race?Silver Brook Stake?; five and
a half furlongs?Toluca (11 to G) won,
Satin Slipper (6 to 5 and 2 to 5) second, and
Cormorant 0 to 1) third. Time, 1:061-4.
Fourth race?Dixiana Stakes; one mil???
Briar Sweet (even) won. Bangle (15 to 1
ind l to l? aecond, and Handsi.ii (30 to 1)
third Time, 1:411-2.
Fifih race-mile and a furlong?Sir Wal
ter (4 to 1) ?von. Warrenton (12 to 5 and
evt-ni second, and i'eep-o'Day (5 to 1)
third. Time. 1:561-L
Sixth race-one mile?Scotch Plaid (4 to
l, ??on, Estaca (15 to 1 and 5 to 1) s'cond,
u,?I Mazarine (9 to 2) third. Time. 1:11 1-2.
Blueaway was second, but was disquall
CINCINNATI, O-, October 11.?Results
at Lutotila:
First race?six furlongs?Sangamon (5 to
2i won, Conan Doyle <? to i and z- to D
..!. and Miss Verne (4 to 1> third.
Tim.-. 1*B?.
nd race?five furlongs?Rush it? to 5|
won. Theory (3 to 1 and ?ven) second, and
.-'. \ i .s to 1) third. Time, 1:1)6.
Third raoe- one BiiTa Bartalrna d to 5)
won, r>?o Lake (S to 5 and 3 to 5) second,
and Cole Simmons (4 to 1) third. Time,
1:471 '
Fourth race?Declared off.
Fifth race?five and a half furlongs?
to '. won, Baton Q
and out) second, and Vox 05 to 1) third.
i race six furlongs?Braw Lad (4 to
l) won. !>nmocies Btotand ?**en) a??cond
and Melter (8 to 5) third. Time, 1:18 1-2.
?i? < On?; or the Doctora.
At the regular meeting of the Richmond
Academy of Medicine and Surgery hejd
last evening, at Its rooms. In Leo Camp
Hall. I?r. John N\ Upsliur was the lead
er In the subject selected for discussion,
which proved to be unusually interesting.
It ??as debated by Drs. L.m?l,,n B. Ed
K. c. Levy, and Mark W. Feyser.
I>r. John I*. Davidson, Professor of Dis
eases of the Eye. Ear, N'ose, and Throat
at the M'dlca! College of Virginia, was
unanimously elected a fellow of the
I!.?I...?.?' Reception at the Jefferaon.
The reception to be held by th?? bishops
and deputies from the ?General Conven
tion of the Episcopal (Church at the Jef
ferson from 9 to 11 o'clock Friday eve
ning will, no doubt, be largely attended.
The details are not yet perfected. Th??
bishops will pas? through the city en
route from Washington to Jamestown.
und the reception was proposed by the
Episcopalians of Richmond.
?treet-Csr Driver? Are Satisfied.
Th?* street-car drivers on the Lroal
street line are still at work. Nothing has
been said to them about the proposed cut
In their wages or the strike since Super
intendent Wilbur told them on Monday
to continue at work on the same bas!?
as formerly. They are driving their
mules, as usual, an?l do not seem to feat?
a cut now.
Meeting of St. John'? Lodge.
St. John's Lodge. No. 36, A. F. and Al
If., met at the Masonic Temple last eve
ning. On? of the largest gatherings of
the craft for many months wa? present.
Among the visitors were Right Worship
ful D. C. Richardton, district deputy, in
ils official capacity, and Right Worship
ful H. B. Owen, .Grand Lecturer front
District No. 2. and many other very
bright light? in Masonry.
To Hair ?a Shoot S?tard?y.
The Old Dominion Gun club will bars
i general Bhoot at th? Exposition Oround?
?ext Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Member? of the Deep Run Hunt Club, the
.akeslde Club, and the West-End Club
lave been invited to participate.
Drwu.ittrslur of 4 lieml.lry.
Dr. Mark W. Pey?#r wa? recently
hosen Demonstrator of Cheml?try at the
;niver?ity College of Medicine, in addi
lon to the position of Lecturer on Physl
?logy. which he haa held for several
B?*ra th? ____A} M 9*__\\?* ^ W
jy t-W, Bu. 4%W. ?m-w a r a?
A Flaar to lie Presiente.! to the
Third by Governor Tyler??Captain
Wlllanl to Its-celt ? it S.toril trum
Enlisted Men.
Those officers of the Third Virginia
Regiment who did not know that the
mustering out of a regiment involves a
?rent deal of ?vork are fast acquiring
that knowledge.
Yesterday they received a good lesson.
The MBMBT tiU| rolls were delivered to
company commanders by Major Price,
and th? y also receive?; tables, which were
Placed In their rooms at the Exchange.
And then they got to work, they and
(heir company clerks and sergeants. Tley
did enough yet ti rantto f><*t a Pr< ** ?*lear
knowledge of how much there is ?o do.
When it is understood that the rolls,
when made out, will give a complete pcr
Bonal history of every man In the :
I m- nt. the magnitude of the work before
those who have It to do will be fully ap
predated. Of course, date of enlistment
must be given, but his leaves of absence
while In the service must also lip lndl
I, periods of sickness, Injuries, ard
whether received in the line of duty, and
many other fa^ts connerled with their
soldier-life must bo state?!.
In adilltlon to this, each man is to be
physically examined with great ?are.
Three rooms have been secured in old
Rallard. opposite the Exchar.ge, for the
ant of til? Burgsons.
Tho work of mustering out the regi
ment will bo somewhat Interrupted to
day by two ceremonies- the pr?sentation
of a flag to the regiment by fjosornor
Tybr. and the presentation of a sword
to Captain Willar.l, of Company I.
The regiment will he formed In th?'
Square in front of the south portico of
thu Capitol at noon. Governor Tyler will
make a short pres.?ntation speech, and
Attorn-y-General Montague will ."espon 1
In behalf of the regimen?. Congressman
I. uno ;s ? ape? t ? ?1 to !??- pr??ent, and may
a.ldress the regiment. Senator Daniel
was expected to speak, but wired yef-ter
day he could not attend. The Governor
will be attended by his staff, the m?-m
appcnrlag In fatigue uniform.
Immediately after this ceremony Ser
geant W. M. Bernard, of Company B,
will, in the name of the enlisted men
o? the regiment, present a handsome
sword to CaptalB Joseph E. Wlllard, of
Company I. The sword Is a beautiful one.
and the men give It as a token of their
esteem for C.-.ptaln Willard, who is one
of the most popular officers In the Bar
vice. The two ceremonies are not ex
pected to consume one hour.
It was stated yesterday that one reason
why the men desire to present the sworl
is, that It is thought that to Captain
Wlllard, more than to any other man,
was due the issuance of the order to
muster them out. Be bas also made him
self extremely popular with everybody
In the regiment by many kindnesses.
From the sentiment, as shown by th"
partial polling of the regiment on tie
question of remaining In the service, It
Is evident that the men consider that the
one who got them out did them a good
service. All the companies were not
polled. In Company B twenty-four wi.?h
ed to remain in the service; in Company
D there were eleven who would serve
anywhere; eleven in Company E; one
in Company I; eight In Company K; one
in Company L while Company M had
eighty mon in It who are willing to rt
main in the service, If sent to Cuba, but
Who do not want to do garrison duty in
the United States.
They Are Bein? Royully Entertain
ed?Went to Church Sunday.
Tho PHtsburg Dispatch of Monday, in
Its account of the entertainment of visit
ing Knights Templar on the Sabbath,
prints an "excellent likeness of Grand
Commander-of-Vlrginla James H. Caper?,
who attended a special service at Trinity
church With P? nnsylvantan?. Grand En
The Dispatch a I ?o gives an account of
the service which was attended py the.
Commandery of St. Andrew at the
Fourth-Avenue Baptist church. Rev. 1 e
muel C. Barnes, the pastor, preached on
the motto of the Templars, "In Hoc Signo
Vin.es," and a quartette of Sir Knights
from California rendered special music
for the occasion. The Richmond Knights
were tendered a royal reception by the
congregation after the MTVlOO.
-.? * .
Their Present Form??Their Line-Up
11.??Special.)?Last we?k was a far from
encouraging one to the Virginia foot-ball
rooters. All through the week the prac
tice WJ.S a little desultory. It has not
been good foot-ball weather, and to this
tact much of the poor work has been at
tributed. Added to these up6 and downs
was the rumor that two of the ?tar play
ers on the eleven had resigned, and the
fact that Wallace, last year's centre,
would be unable to come out for some
on yesterday afternoon, however,
something like real play was witnessed,
and the practice was exciting enough to
t-atlsfy any lover of the sport. As it was
the last line-up before the big game with
the University of Pennsylvania* on Wed
nesday, the coaches gave the men about
as much work as they could stand, ika"
Massle, the head c^ach, stood behind the
'Varsity line and continually urged the
men to put more snap Into their play,
telling them that the scrub was not a
circumstance to the Quaker eleven. < lq
the other hand, Jones and Summersgill
i.ad charge of the scrub, and the opposi.
tlon proved quite formidable. About
twenty-five minutes was devoted to hard
practice, and in that time the 'Varsity
scor-d four touchdowns against the scrub.
Wallace centre-rush, was the only one
of the regular 'Varsity players who did
not appear in the line-up. Early in the
season he broke his left collar-bone, and
has not yet fully recovered. His absence
necessitated a number of changes in the
positions of the players. Templeman was
moved up to Wallace's place. Collier go
ing in at right guard. This was Collier's
first appearance in uniform this season.
The line has also received another valua
ble addition in the person of Lloyd, who
played such a star game for Richmond
College, and who did ?uch good work
tor them against Virginia in 189?}. His
coming is at a very opportune time, for
it is absolutely essential to have a strong
Une in order to put up a good showing
against Pennsylvania. Now, if only the
old mainstay. Eugene Davis, could be
pulled out and once more be made to
don hi? battle array. Virginia would have
a line which could hold it? own with the
best of them. Cocke has gone back to hi?
old position at right end, and is putting
up a fine game. His place at right half
back has been taken by Griffin, substi
tute centre. Griffin's work In this posi
tion yesterday wa? the surprise of the
day. In au?..??on to several long runs,
one of them sixty yards for a touchdown!
he broke up the ?cruh Interference with
ease, and his tackling was sure, a weak
point on the team Is at full-back. Elsorn
Is kicking In good form, but he carries
the ball poorlv. The other candidate.
Coleman. who halla from the University ?
of Kentucky, playa a good, heady game. .
both In running with the ball and tack
ling, but his punting Is not what it should '
be. Estes, at left end, has lost In weight, | \
Get Mrraath. \ l?or. Clarar CoBBpl??
lon, ?ad 0?o? Ul?e?ll?n. *ot ?r
Patent Medicine, Bat In ".stare's
Owa Way.
Any honest physician will tell you that
there is but ono way to gel Increased
fleh; a? the patent medicines and roa
Ilver oil? to the contrary notwithstanding.
Nature has but one way to increase
flesh, strength, and vigor, mind and body,
and that Is through the stomach, by
wholesome food, well digested. Th>re 1?
no reason or common sense In other me
thod whatever.
People are thin, run down, nervous,
pale, and shaky in their nerve? slmplv
because their stomachs are weak.
They may not think they have dyspep
sia, but the fact remains that they do
not eat enough food, or what they eat is
not quickly and properly digested, a? it
should be.
Dr. Harlandson says the reason Is be
cause the stomach la?:ks certain d!g??tlvc
acids and peptones, and deficient secre
tion of gastric Juice.
Nature's remedy in such cases is to
supply what the weak stomach Lacks.
There are several good preparations
which will do this, but none ?o readily
as Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets, which ?re
designed especially for all stomach trou
bles, anC which cure all dig? stive weak
ness on the common sense ?l.in of fur
nishing the digestive principles ?*-hlch the
stomach lack?.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets .ilve perfect
digestion. First effect is to Increase the
appetite and lncrea^d vigor, added tlcsh.
pure blood, and strength of nerve i?nd
muscle Is the perfectly natural recuit.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets is then* test
tonic known, and will cure any form of
Itontaeh trouble, except cancer r f ihe
stomach. May be found at druggists' at
5.J cents for full-sized package. <;r direct
by mail from Stuart Company, Marshall,
?nd his playing is not as good as last year.
Moore and "Hemus" Pearce are putting
up ...elr usual ?*OOd game at left tackle
and left guard, respectively.
The weights and positions of the men
who will meet the Red and Blue team to
morrow are as follows: Cocke. right end,
IB; Lloyd, right tackle, 168; Collier, right
guard. 200; Templeman. centre, 200. Pearce,
lt-ft guard. 172; Moore left tackle, 170;
Estes, left end, 148; Griffin, right half
hack. 160; Wills, left half-back, 160 Walsh,
quarter-back, IB; Dsotn, full-back, 162.
N?. More KorinuRbs? A lluila? ? of
(Correspondence of the Dispatch.)
VILLE. FLA., October 10?Since the re
ceipt of the order from General Lee to
make preparations to move the Seventh
Army Corps to Savannah no applica
tions sent In for furloughs will be con
s', lered, except In the most urgent cases.
So thoso who hadn't already applied for
furloughs will probably have to *valt un
til we get to Cuba, as It Is generally
thought that the stay in Savannah will
bo Lhort.
The movement of the corps will begin
next week, and the Fourth Virginia will
bo about tho ninth regiment to move. Ne
gotiations for transportation are now BO**
Ing on. None but those fit for duty will
go to Savannah with the corps. Those
who are sick or unwell are to be left at
Jacksonville temporarily.
Corporal J. C. Hill and Private W. J.
Williams, of Company A. left yesterday
for their homes, in Norfolk, to spend fif
teen-day furloughs.
First-Sergeant F. L. Curdts, of Com
pany A, has returned to his company,
after ?pending a fifteen-day furlough at
his home, in Norfolk.
Sergeant S. S. Archibald, of Company
C, has reported bick to his company in
fine health, having spent a thlrt?
leave with his friends In Buffalo, N. T.,
and Newport News, Xu.
Privates James T. Hutherfoord, R.
Wythe Jones and Corrle (Jr . .
of Company M. left for their homes, In
Richmond, yesterday to g.'t one nvro
farewell Kiimpse of old Men?
taking their departure for Ottbe.
Private, F. S. Harrison, of Cumpanv If,
left for his home, at Vlnlta, and PrtratS
R. B. Lee, of the same company, 'eft for
his homo, at Warrenton, Va., veste-l.i ? .
PrtratS W, B. Isaacs, Company M,
left for Richmond last night.
Privates J. O. Ryan. J. W. Stringfellow,
A. V. Stokes. R. A. Smith, R. L. French,
and W. V. Ruild, of Company If, are all
back with th.-ir ? oinpany again, ai.,1
tager for service In Cuba.
Wagoner L* B. Montague, of Company
E (Norfolk), received his discharge yes
Lieutenant. Jones, Company E. has re
turned, having spent a very enjoyable
vacation in Richmond and Norfolk.
Private N. P. Cooke, of Company D
(Hampton), is acting orderly to Colonel
Taylor, vice Private Robert VstkSs, of
Company H. \?ho is confined to his tent
with a touch of malaria.
Privatu Wilson, of Company H, yes
terday left lor hi? home, In King and
QBttt), to attend the funeral of his Bister.
Private Phil. L. Sfay. of Company L.
left on a thirty-day furlough for his
home, in Richmond, yesterday.
And I'rtaoner Received the Verdict
Will? Satisfaction.
DANVILLE. VA.. October 11.?(Special )
The trial of Edward Rush for shooting
David Jones several weeks ago took
placo in the Corporation Court .to-day,
and the Jury, after being out two hours,
returned a verdict, fixing th? prison, is
punishment at one year in the peniten
tiary. Th* Commonwealth established
tint Rush shot JOBSB without pro?
tlon. Counsel for the defence Introduced
witnesses who agreed that Rush, while of
Bound mind in ordinary matters, wa? of
unsound mind on the subject of hi? re
lation!, with Jones. Tho vt-rdl't wa? in
the nature of a surprise, a? it was the
general opinion that Rush would receive
either a heavy sentence of eise be ac
quitted on the ground of insanity. The
prisoner received the verdict with an ex
BtnaBBBB of satisfaction.
Funeral of Hon. Jame? Y. Brooke.
WARRENTON, VA., October 11 .-is,..
:lal.)?Bo?. James V. Brook*? waa bun<d
from the Presbyterian church thl? aft -
noon at 3:30 o'clock, with Masonic honors,
Rev. Dr. Pitier preached the sermon and
isslsted Rev. Mr. Robert??!* in the ser
vices. The active pall-bearer? were
Messrs. Hugh Hamilton, Charle? Kemper,
Eppa Hunton. Jr. John Turner, Gren
aille Gaines. F.d. Turner, John Keith, and
R. Bartenstein. The honorary wtre:
>ir. W. W. Williamson, General Hunton,
Judge BleaeJ, Judge Spllman. Judge
White. Judge Smith, Colonel John Scott,
Mr. Janey of Leeaburg, Mr. Gray of Cul
peper. Mr. H. H. Hooe, Dr. Hicks, Dr.
Douglas, Mr. James Jeffrie?, Mr. Joseph
Itffrles, Mr. M M. ?Jre.-n. Mr John Ro??.
Mr. R. R. Campbell, and Mr. William
I'.ilHfiil!, la jure*.
PETERSBURG. VA.. October U.-?M
*lal.)?A home attached to th* dellvery
?vagon of J. O. Jame? A Co. became
frightened on Washington street to-night
?nd ran away at the Junction of Wash
ngton and Sycamore ?tr**t?. Th? wagon
itruck Mr. A. D. Lockett. who wa? croaj
ng the street, knocking hi/n down ,,,,.i
-?alnfully Injuring him about the h? i
?nd body.
The British Hous* of Parliament covers
line teres and contains 1.200 apartmant?.
Mexico h?s an area of 751.000 aquare
nil*?, or nearly one fourth that of th?
,'nited Slat?*.
The Arab? entertain a belief that Evo
va? the tallest woman that ever lived.
Kaufmann fi Co,
Good-Fitting Corsets.
// is our atas as? deteruti
make this the best and best
Store is Ruhmond. If, ,,,,'. '
assortment o/such ur- '
ttkeoi makes as P. D.. C I
MAK?S-l^ng, Short, and Y
step to 50 cents. iie*? (,r
sets, in either White .
excellent materials m f
and comfortable. w<?|| 1 <
fully finished with .
and corded bust, all
W'dozen'r'.'"?-G. Y*,,, j } '{ '
world over fo?- dursbllltj ,
and finish, our prie- 1".,
The f.ain.nis ?'. h New
?et!?, excellant in ah 11
finish, and matar?ais used
ribbon trimmed, h.t? it J .00
Th.- ?'. H.. R. A ,w"
shaped, full gon d C< '
ils. splendid finish. . .
l, ?i 1 'orsets ever off. red 1 ?1.00
Thomson's Oloi
Paris 1 haps, long waist?
hip, trimmed top and 1 . . ....
. bl.00
Autumn Jackets
and Silk Waists.
F.TS. in both half and :
the proper g.itm?
mornings and evenings si .. _-?'??
CIAL VALIi'..' .,' * ^1,98
New Effects in
Silk and flannel Waists,
The striking an?! brllll
New Fall >'
ail lovera ?i' hands, me 1
Taffeta Silk Waists
\t Only $3.95.
BJ Kxtra Quail!y 1. .
Waists, both from ?
lucked, detached silk _ , ...
special value Bt .... ?9 J.'J )
front beautifully tucked I c ? ?.
?3 ..") )
Fancy Iial'l Taffeta 8
Extra Heavy LI. g
made in the very > ,
exceptionally gran?! a - ....
M . N >.00
Talked With Mine. BroyfBB,
(Woinun's W
Mme. Dreyfus Is 111
Chatou, a suburb of i
liown the Beton I was
ment, and h. 1 ?.?. ,
conds Whan Mm.. 1'
room Into which I had
had expeoteii a. (8 8 W<
rould 1
endured. There was
but It is only after
It Is possible to .1.
strain which Mm? Di
fOI years. At ti.
Mtoalabed at hut an- 01
th. a In.
smile that plays
tures. "I must k- ? ;? a ch?
If only for the sake ?>i t.
Bmo. Dreyfus explained to :
to congratulations Dn hei
"The idea that SU : t? a
traitor is too silly. H
s/as opposed to everythini
dan?! and shifty. Ail : I
aim ar
le, a 1 rank be wan, ?
furthering his own Inti
?ven to the petty atl>sim
iften tolerated In
Captain Dreyfus's Istt?
.own to the iBl
>e explained thai Mme 1
-OOStVC the originals of th?
ire -'-ut la th? Brat ? I
?rlson BUthorttlSS, who ! 1
t is th>
he ist h of each BBontfa r*T<
h.-re is nothing to prsv? at 1
naking w).
. and It is c. r: 1
onde extensive aae tl
>ne of these the ?
"It is again to you that 1 v.
-ou are tho only I
ae tu in?'. 1 know thai
nd all your- BBWi
Nil after all. if I S
orrow, grant though It
n time. It Is solely tl.? I
ay poor darling, thai enai
le on It 18
EOOpa mo from sulcld? Ho*
nr you comee home ton
fever before baa II
nore exclusive. I BtlU
lope of r. habilitating my n?
ssured that if I am - ?
ag this Calvary to th. n
inlquely for your sak-. n.. ,
l will be to avoid you
ddltion to all thoot
His only solace is th. tl
0 loves. "All around OS?
rofound silence, broken 1
log of the sea. Tra .
?.arates 111 1
elf In thought amid you
.ho are dear to me. and v>
know olten go for?h I 1
t this hour or that 1
?v dear Lucie Is doing 1
end her the echo of m
?on. I th.-n cb.se- mv eyes, and
"em to pass before m?
dose of my dear children
lien, dear? I I wll
limite for your sake and ti. it 0 I
Tr~?????-? 1 , . "
or four I?i:?g
trlven to convince th- ai
Is innoceti? und
till, to bring lion:.
uthorltie? of her own
ideous injustice had been ;
he miracle has
I me. Dreyfus flniU
tumph is only a au
1 asked her what. In b? t
?e explanation of th?- ? .Ian
rertakea her husband 1
i still think, m
vat has happened, that th?
DUble was a mistake I -
jt believe, that an 11U '
itentloaally singled
nd terrible freak of eh
>rn?> resemblance ?
rlting and the a
au.' and it waa this 1
?e two handwritings tl
th.? Initia! Mu? i
lunder was wilfully perpetre
ave told you of my husbei - ;
inner toward per?on? w
as not Intimate Thia Btl
Mibtediy made him enssslea
cannot he questioned that I
I ?M-iired .?f >? ? -
id certain persona were J...1? a?
Ilia Poultry Blaatfhler-11????'"''
(.Kansas City Star 1
The IB8B8H building in (he 9
llllng and dressing ?poultry ??
t w?Mk. and put to use at I
?eking establishment. It If
et. and house? 80.000 to 2? >
rom 128 to 150 hand?, moati>
re employed In the Industry Bl
g-house. and li>
reaaed is considered a (airly s<
ork for them.
- - i?s ?
It will tak? a anatl 14 day? and II
. tr*?vel a mile.
Germany haa 6.7? asso-Uuons "f ?u'tt*
s. wi'i? 57i,l?tt members.

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