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Richmond dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1884-1903, October 13, 1898, Image 1

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fiffi IN CGNFL.CT.
Expected Clash Between White
Minersrind Hegraes Comes.
Fifteen Men Killed and ?ice i!.
as Many Wounded?
, ?ire On tue White Men, and a
General Engagement Ensues.
Its Officers Are Guilty o? Murder
in Bringing Kegroes In.
I I l?l i: \L THOOI'S AOURD roil.
M m? Triioi??. HiittI?-?1 to 11??? BtsUtoU
... ?Ii?- l>ls?liirlsnn?M??Origin of the
DtfitovM? ? f nnlroveray U??I ? ?-< n
lain ? unipanv iin.l Hi?? ?,.? v<-riior.
'. H The little
. 'iv-ly quiet
nul blood?
raiting trxns tun \nmt >?*!
. th?- nnl'iii miinrH and lm
. "i
. . end Alton epeclal
. beni Ins * tho
th" Cat ' ?'"iiii..iny's
rig he
v )'
I; Fri-ik
RprlngfleM; Albert Smith, Mount
j oe KuM.-riv, Mount Olive; Brneel
. Mount ??itv? ; a. ii. r.?- :
i ' ii Kiley, a Chtena
Wound? AnUi", Mount
., Ineppe, Mount Ottve;
. Bprtngfleld; Thon Hpton,
.. ,i; x inlngi end loe
?-, !. ehol In leg; Jo? slunk,
* ' :lli am H.miiin,
i hand; .. " Baeton,
: -i im. Mount
- .. ; in
.... 10*1 :'in; J.
-.,: .. \ Tradlni
hoi nnd i ? a'
h t lb Hi' :.
.-. i.-it this hni nol .n
: .. ?1,'iVi
' :
o ild rencb the ctty, nnd
il ton depot h
... .1 night by m.i. re
: arrival.
i Alton United,
. ban i" o'clock,
? .-i hour Into,
r end Infil
erlng. tan
word n .
M I.::- nnoth? : :! '.-t.'tl
.fie, i half
north "f th'- si.Hi?m. I'. M. Kit? >', a
, guard
that it mat not tan
i : '
rrerc Bred fri m the
of the train ennounctng 11
wort Bred iron
: ai tllC
menti niter the
0 i.ilkii!?;
t III. 'A ||p lii: .11 Ml
i,, i the I I I'd.
k ? ! . the
Along ti>f route
ng the
bai Btoek?
iperate Bre
i fire?
s fire.
V l:\ . ,"l?.-ll
: ir
fin ? .'. uii'i.-i
ttxasat inn
It* A II ' I| did :.
'I 111- t,
tiled wir*i rp
they kept
< ronrd <>r union
By? -v.un?.??-..-. ,..\ id.
m tu kiiit^i nftec the trnla find
Known li-w 8MB) in. u .ire ?ta
' hin ' ' ' l\Hlla-.
t ut i m then ?t between
tarty? it in eleJnefi that
Ua altliin th? 8toekade SStU SUM
t th,.,. ;nslde refus? to hold any
o with th?. outside, and no|
Can .. leaned \Y,.,,|
w.v.r. sent fioin th.? sto?ka?le to
Inn? in town thai their m ??a, ?,
to? i
attack Off lister
rh.- -..ippiv ;,,,,| pr??r*al??i ?tore oi
' 'I ?'onii.any I? ki
thS Chg .;?. T,a,|i,,;.
' ,; ?tend? ai !. F Lister lu
' ''' Ck, aft? r th? attack on Ibe si
I liad sut.-ldrd, nn
r:,1!'! i .i -i Etatar, in
? . aad ii, ?aaa sbms] la the lagt.
IS Sitting H bis Store ?Vb. Il his
one rang, and he was insu
O'Y th..m te, the place. E|?.. f j,?
10 his <l.*Rvcry wagon, am!. BS0I
" ?i-, tor?', rnehed with tin-m to
turned to his ?tore, cltt
t of his wagon, and w
door when the cry was ?
nag, r Fr?d. LrJkene, of th? mines,
1th him. Wli'i a rush. | t!
?intad i ..i loarard th? s
later ran behind a counter, aith s
'Iv.-r In rauh BS id. The miners pi
! liar.I after him. and as Batet q
' Si iir h? and th?- min?is i..
He ran t.. th? t<
s building and jump. ,1 i alad a c!
y, wMla the rntnera ran into the ?I
?d -I ' . i Pj HI ?i.ir avaln. Chips
om the brick chimney, and Elster
oiu ...\.i across the roof of an<?
OTO, dring Into the street below a:
in. Fr.in Hi. r? hi- cross? ?1 to the
the Rank Of VIM. n, win re h?- res
i his reralrefa
BlOOd was flowl'.i; lr?,ni B BTOUnd il
? . !? .:; with desjg? i ,1, termination
rainal terrible odds, be continued
aht Jumping to th? roof of the
ad Oiiach ?tor,-, he halted behind .-?
'Ron on the roof of th?- building lie
-, left and emptied both of his aix-c)
? rod reroirera. Then, tprtnging ;
daabed ahead, amid a ral
ulleta, to the rough root of the B
iiiiding. th? apper story of whic
BOWn as "Min.rs- Hall " He either
r tamped through the Bkyllghl here,
?Hilen In the arms of a crowd of mil
ho seined him aad carried him <i<
Utln IB the str. , t OU.? r hands Si
he man. and he was dragged Into
liddlc Of the Btreet Polio.m> n
rove back th? crowd and carried E
o th,- ,-iiy aguare, seros* th? st
a.?'? r ??as motionless and apper?
ad. The polie?- lefl bun and au. m
0 ?isper?. ti,, crowd.
In a few moments Eis? er traa see
tils hand ruid wlp? th? blood 1
us fa-,-. Two men ?pri ng at him,
?i?h hi?- ferocity <?f tiger? began ji
ng on his t*ody an?) striking b!m on
i- ad with ItOIlSS. With a yell the a
?rowd charged into the guare to
Th? police charged In body,
ought their way to the ci-ni :
nob, where they took ? stand over
rostrate man. a carrier was pro.ii
i, i ?Slater was taken t<? the Ruckles
Be had been shot through the n
terribly battered about the !i
rti?- physician states that he has bt
i ch.'iii'e of recovery. The dead mi
sere renaoved from th* -v i?,nit?*? "f
itockad? to hotel* end Itvery-atablea,
tin- wounded rain? rs arere tak? n on 111
tO the station and tali, n to Spring
An Aaaodated Press representative
admittance to the stes hade
to-night. The list of d. .?i and woui
Inside the stocka?!.- follows:
: W, Mori-.m. Chicago.
Wounded* H. Grlgesell, shot In sh.mi
0. J. harder, shot in ths face
James sickles. Chicago, shoi In
Frank Wilder, Chicsgo, .hot in i
Thomas McEntee, Chicago, shot in
.1. W. Mo,o?an. si. Ural?, ?lightly Inju
P. .!. Hanau. aHghtly Injured; J. H. Sn
Chlcaso, slightly Injured.
There are about tbirty-flv* strong :
stationed inside the stockade t,?-ni
k,, ping watch through a '...??pi
The four towers haw been deeer
Mauagi r Lukeua remslned at i
Il.Ulce all nil-lit, ISSUlBg OTdeTfl to
M sag? r L'.ik. us Bald t-'-iiii',!it :
blood of every man shed here Is on
Governor*a head. He is absolutely oui
.?f the law, and has no justllicatlon In
fusing to send troop.--."
BPRINGFIELD, ILL., ?October 1*.
i train on th? Chicago and AI
. brought the Alab m ? ai gteet i
Vlrden had elgbl wounded men, all d.
ties, , *-? pi "i e, ' c"l"i' ?I miner, i
wei i ale? n to the Spririgneld City I
pttaL 4?t these men ont ?ii??i to-nig
William W. Carroll, a deputy sheriff.
,i thr? i Urnes.
?Another train, which arriv, ,i at
o'clock t' -night, brought up six woun
?,, i, who ar? ai Bt John's Hosts'
Those at the Springfield City Hoep
are William n Clarkaon, aa inmate
th? oi.) Boldlera' Home, at Laareowo
Kan., deputy, skull crushed, will die;
a. Kyger, ol Bloomlngton, engineer
train, snoi through srm; William Masi
,.f Bt. Lo*uis, deputy, shol through hi
should? i and hand, arlll probabli ra o?,
palmer, deputy, shot la lefl aid?
arm, and aide, ??in re ?over. Pali
has iust ben mustered ?ml Of tile Tl
Nebral ha Reglen? at; h? r? fueea to I
hit boina, ?Patrick MacKay, ?>f va?
employed by rh?- Operators oi tbe Chica
Vlrden shaft, bullet went through
thigh, will ?recover; Era? ?1 Ryan, a <
,,,, ,| miner from Alabama, build throi
hla head, will re?
John M. Hunter, of Pontl > the pr?
dent of th? Illinois Dlsti Ici of th? Uni
Mim Workers, has al the Collli H
In a critical eandition. Mr. Hunter
on the train Which bor? th* '"1"
miners to this city this aficrnooii, ;
engaged lu eonrerrattoa with ?pro of
colored mlaers. s,,m, ,,? the dap
sherlffa saw Hinter, and when th? o
w.,- between North Grand avenu.- i
the North Shaft, and was anlag at
rate of eighteen miles an hour it is a
the deputies aita.k.,1 Hunti r i
pushed him off ths train. A man hi
pelted along later In a buggy aad i
Hunter lying near the, track in an i
conacloufl condition, and placed him
m, buggy and took him io the Call
House whers a physician attended
WOUnd'a He is terribly cut about i
race and his ribs sre injured. He hi s
Oovenoi Tanner la-nlghi wired i
?,,,,-tm.nt asking if the Fifth I
i? infantry could not b* p****a . i
? ?r?se at Vlrden Colonel Ci
' ,,. . ., mmaader el the Fifth, n
tendered hi? -??vi.?- ?nd tfco M I
rearlme* t to th? Goverii'?r.
ti!! miners ar? gathered in little km
, ,t oi?- dty to-night, i
there hav? been no d4*tnonatr*n?oi
.ZI thev re<-"gnl/e'l tame of the negre
vbo arrived here from Vlrden this Sft?
,,,,,,. of those who ? ?me up i ht
, M,,m Alabama aad ?
work ?< Vlrtka, and who W4
mui home at the expense of the minci
'.' vvi-R HLAMK?? COAIs '-oMl'AV
apRlN IFIE1 D. 11.1... October It-Go
ernor Tanner thl? evening, regarding t
Vlrden riot, said:
"air T 0. I-?.u?k. president, and M
i uklna Buperintendenl ?>f the Vlrden C?
iny. ?t 2:30 to-day made good th?
land a train-load of import?
?bor?? from ?he South, and attempt?
to put them to work in tn?lr mm.-?
th* point of the bayonet and the muss
? iiv'iivi ei? om ?u? ?.??. i> paobv?,
First Day of Annual Convention
of Grand Division.
Reports Submitted, and tbe Address of
t_e President.
Tlir It? i .?mini 11.1 a I i oim ?Ha?, o lull?.,,s
iti.-ilnai Any BAaoaaasUv to the Title
ol Minn Minnie Da?. I.?A Ilaei-p
I Ion?Oilier \olr..
PETER8BURO, VA?, October 12, fosa
rlnl.) The fourth annual Convention of
th?' Qrnnd Division. United Daaghten of
th?- Coafefierncy, net here this ?worntag
in the bande?me hall "f a. r. mu ?'amp.
Confed?rete Veterana, which trae I
fully decorated for tin- occasion. Bvery
chapter in the jurisdiction was represent?
a very graceful and cordial address ot
wefootoe to tin? delegatea was d?M?ver?*.i
by Mrs. 1:. T. Meade, president ?>f the
1 ipter, who said it was most
appropriate that tbe convention ebonld
mbte in Petersburg, in rrrsry dlre*c
tioii ar.iiinil nnd mar the city there I--'
one battle-field, mad.* historic by the
valor at "i bravery of the Confederate * "'
filers, and perbapa in the strife on ecenei
of thene fielfia th.- loved once <>f those
1,. re present participated Mrs. Meade
spoke etrongly in hehnif of fair nnd Just
histori?e in our schools, ar.?i oxpn 1
:i;.. belief thai Instice in this r? aped
v-iii prevail. Sh?. paid a beautiful tribute
to Mise Winnie Davis ?in- Daughter of
tin- ?'onf.'.l.-ra.'y. Sh- approved of t??'ti
.1.1! Qordon'i opinion thai th?? honored
titio best oared on her ehonld file with her,
and hoped we bad heard tin' last of the
matter. She aaid, in reference to the
proposed nonunent, that th>- Petersburg
ehapti r was ren?ly 80 c-Mttrlbutc Its abara
In Hi.- nbsence, on account of sickness,
or Mis. K. i;. Meredith, win. ama t" have
j. rponfied t<> the addresa of irelooaee, Mrs.
Jamea Mercer Qnrnett, of Baltimore, read
that lady'e response, in which h bcart-fell
appreciation of the hospitality ext?
to the Danghtora was expressed, and a
n<ii?i?' tribute pnhi i?? the people of Peters
burg, nronnd whose bones eons of the
hard? -1 b ittlee of the war bad boon
Mrs. jam. Meiner Oarnett, pr?sident of
the Orand Division, then enUed the eon?
v.-uti'iii to order, an?i the proceeding! were
opened with prayer by Rev. 11 L> Derby.
in addition to Mrs. Oarnett, the following
grand ofllcei w<M present: Mr* Norman
v. Randolph, eecond vlee-preal?Sent, of
Richmond; .Mr.-'. R. T. Meade, third rice
lent, Petersburg; Mn Jobs W.
Brown, recordtns ?secretary, Hampton;
Mrs. Virginias Hull, Rlchm? nd,
..1,. ucretary. Uro. 3. B T;. Stuart.
fire! vi''.'-i?r<-si?i? nt. is kepi awny bj
The following Committee on Cr<
1. Mrs. Rail,
i; Mrs. Uatk.us. Petersburg! Urn.
Johnson, Farmvllle.
Thirty-five delegstea answered th.- roll?
The treasorar*a report showed cash ?n
band nnd receipts last year, 1281.71; dis
bursements, II ' "> ' ' leaving, a ?ash halan
on band now, 036.75.
The president appoint'<i the following
1 oinmlttee to examine the tn ssnrei
port: Mrs. Walker, of Lexington; Mi
Watson, of Petersburg, nnd Mrs. Nssh, of
Mrs. Hail, corresponding secretary, re
ported the number of chapters now in
th?- State si forty, with 1 membership ??i
2,800. This is an Increase of ten eh i]
sin?-? the la.-1 convention o1 tbe I h
Mrs. Jnmea Mercer Qarretl (president)
read her annual address sin- said:
"i-.u- the third time we mec? In annual
convention. ? ?n tin- tirsi 00 selon
our Orand Division was formed of twelve
chapters; al the second convention, \
i?"?,', th.- number "f chapters had !n
creased to thirty. The last chapter 1
corded, In Sept? mber, is No. !". nnd 1 hnve
.11 to bell? re th 11 No. ."?o will be n
c? ?ii".i before our n? xt m.-? ting
' The t''i? chapters .'i?i?i?-?i sin??' April,
197, are al Philadelphl 1, Abingdon, i'u
Middletmrg; Palmyra, Smyth?
eounty; Winch? ter, Essex county;
Charlea City county; Cumberland Court?
"Th.- past year bus been an Import?t?!
one in the h?.??t'.iry of the Orund Division.
The chaptera have done good work, ?md
are all busily engaged la the various
charltlea and memorlala mapped out for
then. Th.-h reporta Will spiak for th m.
Bspeclsl ?nteres) i; being shows In h?>
movement started by Richmond <'hup;?r.
to raise a fund t" mark the graveo of
Confederate prlsonera burled on northern
soil. Himdreda of letters have been ? nl
by Rlchnond Chaptor to the various
chapters and eaaags throughout th.- So ith,
and A.8M t?r's bson raised tor this par
posa, " -or?"?'? " work couiii appeal more,
-strongly lO Out h> arts than this, ami all
ptera that have not contributed are
iirgeit t" fiO BO.
Another oiij.-ot of grant Interest is th..
propoaed mwiiu?-m to **The Daughter of
the Confederacy,*' whose sad death is de
ad by aJI. ihe ama nu honorary asea
1,. ? of our Orand Division. Our haarte ?.1
?nit in sympathy to the bereaved mother.
v, ? ai???? extend our synpatby t.. om
first viee-prealdeni Mrs. 3. r.. u. Stuart,
at the <l?'ath of hi only daughter. Suit
able resolutions ?rill be sent by the Qrsnd
to Mrs Davis and Mrs. Stuart.
"A Rtotorj Committee was appointed,
composed 1 f Mrs. Kate C. C irrte, .,t
Tesas; Mr* Janea m Oarnett, of Bal
timore; Misa m i- Rutherford, of Oeor
j-ia; Mrs Jain- s i"??nn.rs of South Caro
lina, and Mrs. Ellison Capera w bop?
.,ur south' -rn histories need in our
southern Bchoola It la a matter of much
I tale tu us thd Virginia has ailopt.,1 foi
,..,. |u the puhii' s ho??!, the blstorlei
written by one >?f our dsUghtera Mrs
p 1... \ tanful p?rimai of th-v.
lea convinces one that It w.nil.i h.
Ible i" Und betler oni-.. ami th?
Houth is to be congratulatod that Mrs
1 ... has put Into th.- hand? of our : Btl
; m h hook*? an these. XVe hope to r-??
tn. in utiiver.?.illy d. pti-1 U the South.
?Before etoatng this report and reMgn
\ng my position a? presl.lent I .l.-slre t?
thank th? ?hnnlaar? nfllrari and duair/h
ara f"r th?> kln?lne??. support, and cour
S] th. y have shown me ?luring the two
aai "i niy presad ?say. h hat basa aith
no a labor of lov: has brought me into
lose toma with sach chapter, and bat
:iven me a p?-rsona! Int.-r.st with ?v-r?
nember. If 1 have Barned your approval,
am well repaid r?.r my efforts, and
ru?t that my succ.-s-or may Und th?
iftic<m a t; r i ?able.
rii, ?-round In Virginia i? so w??ll
ov.-r- 1 by the daughters that tl.
?Ill be lighter and much k?SB labor!,,i;->
has It has ban?. My heart and Interesl
ire In my native State. My aeme will
rret l??- - nrolled among th?? daughters,
.ni au? eyery effort will be t?i farther
h- tnteresta of the Otand Division. |fy
raari ?- fin?"! with prld* a* th.- auceesa
;f our daught? ? ?then ?; ,.!
BJSed In lh?-lr BObts work. It only r?
nalns now to bring together the t??,
; in the gtat.. They an sin idy
m.- in heart an*}, work, ?n?! but a ?lis-lit
'orm will make th?ta ? i'-rnally ?.?.
it United Dauga-tert I biiqisI. th??re
!or?\ that a ?ommlttee be appointed to
-onfer aith ? i." fp'iii the Virginia di
?Ision. thai the union rasy be affected
.-for,- th* Cnlted Dnnghters" eou*/entleu
n November; that on- ..f our otii.tr; haar
sur proposition in person to Appot. .
where the First Division will nrv
toner ."th. The Old Dominion will th? n
lead In the list of th" Daught. rs of th
Confi d>iraey, ai aha has aver ?Jbas in
nil thai I" rtalns to love Of .-.unfry aad
?'. tv ration for her glorious past. Let our
Virginia daughters unite a? one b?ly in
that svork: |.-t us make our work s?
abiding that when we are called heno
from our labors, time Itself cannot undo
??hat we have d.?n.. [?si at make It so |
complet?- that af'.-r we kam passed
away, when the children of this land
ahall father at the fir.-?id' and p'.end for
MOrle* Of li'-iolo <! erls. thete shall be
BO need to turn to ancient heroes fbf
fitting tales to tli?'111 their yung hearts.
Let th?-m turn t?. the history af our owa
oldtars, and to tli?- ataale and marchea
over iiiii und rale, Lei rhsfn ehooas from
, long that tongne and pen would
fail to tell of th.- knightly deeds of the
baroet of the s<u ?h."
Th, in,-si?).'Tit's address was heard with
th* closeal attention and Intsreet
Tic i- was a roll-call or th? chapters
f,,r reports. Every chanter responded,
and tli'- reports road showed haprove
BVaal and BOOd work. The reports of thS
Richmond and Philadelphia t**hspters, ea-l
1 mmendatioa oi
the ' "iiv.ntion.
Mrs, Charlea Boiling, ?,f Rl hmond, of
fered th?- following resolution*:
Be rdved, Tint the delegates from th?.
Rlchmtmd Chapter, DctAgnter? of the
Confedera??, to ru- annual meeting <>>
th.- United Desjghtsrs, to b? held in
Petersburg, <>-toi.er It, WA, l>.> inatructed
to vol.- as I unit against 111? 1 ; - - * ? ?a ? I Oi
th?? title of the Daughter of th? Oei I
racy ? b snj one
ft, That this chaptei shall now r?
Its reto ?gains) thi revlral sad bestowal
of this till- on say an] futur?
: ,. Tint this action is taken ba au
tuer? ??as but Bt i' born t" P
dent Devis in lite White Houes, non ta?
Confi d? rat? Mus. rn,. Thal daughl
Winnie Darts lately pastad from ,
and we f?a:i that n?> ana ah ?aid oi can
nil her Bias e.
i Thai U?it action is taken la th?. In
! of harmony nnd v. i'h S full Bp
prociatlon of th* many fair and gifted
descendante or the aohle Conf?d?ral?
The resolutions wer,- unanimously ap
proved as tue sentiment Of the ?,inven
Th?- convention ihen adjourned to ra< bi
to-morr?>w morning, when ??in,-is ?sill b
and other business I
To-nlghl s r ?epiion as? giren th?
del? gates, wftleh wat largel attended.
Th? veterans of A P. Hill (Tamp were
toi In t body. Wl I ptlon
was informai, th? Bccaalon wa? greatly
aajoyed. _
i:i,l',\ EN KM (. I its ROMs'
,i a 1 ...i run inciil nt ?In rt In?? lili
l? ..?ler.la? .
M ARTINSVH.LE. VA., . .,-t !,. r 1?.
(Sp.iiai.i The ifudred Lee Chapter,
Daaghten of ths Conf? aith ths
sen "f the **onng mea of th<
town. ga*/s a rery eajoyabl? toe
?.?-day f.?r the beneSi oi the rnonumenl
. - g ta i to the ?l.-a.i
of this county. Th? track wat
mad.- through the bell park, aad prompt
ly st - P. M. the kntgbts, eleven In num
ber, spproprletely costumed and on spirit
ad steeds, ?assembled In the centre of th*
p irk and recel*, i d lbs charge, dell
Mr. W. M E*eytOB. Il w It B chivalrous
and ap] i ' h.
The knights begun thl contest with ?pe
dal individual efforts to \?in tie? ?r??\% i?.
l?r R. R Lee was tin- wii.n.-r, and rand?
Ifattl? Anglla hi*' ?pi? ? a. C ipt tli
R. M. Morgan sron Oral honor j. R.
Smith second, and R. B. Bernpls tliir?!
','),. rod? ' - -, ' ; iv.-ly, for Mi i? 1., ni' ?
Rol Inson; M] i B< le Holland, ?? Dai
ritte, and Miss Baille P< a, of M irtlns
ville. Th? ladles ??f th?? chapter gsve th?
knlghtt b hop and banqust at Hotel Mar
? to-night. The tournament was i
p, rfeel sue? tea, nn.in.-iaiiy and
One A|.i??>li????> tea u <??"" ?> <n*n.?
III,. N\ hit.? MtVi Will, liu!lafiiiitl??n.
ROCKY MOUNT, v ?-, O? iTOber IX -
a rragra, Banted Troyraan, opoi
tt-,- indirect n i tnaan?datten of the loca
r. publlcsB rwntlagenl af this pi
JOSt beeil ('r,n;Tl|i?<,.!l.d b\ the M< KlBl?3
Administration BI -SI Bt Junta
In this oonaty, to naessd w. L. Angel?
ahlts Demociat.
it is all? pad thai ths l< U white Re
publicans Irars did not rscomatend Troy
man for appoint rn-nt as po-tmnst-r, bU
for appointm-nt Is some position in on
of the detriments at Washington; but
falling tO S"t that plue?, h? ??. ?
r ?i p, atraastST.
Oar aeosas t**\ that they bar? be?
outra?.d. The? BIB unwilling that th'i
wiv.s and daughtsrs shstl gs to th
bOBBS of a black man for their mall, an
they will refuse to patronize the I?fl
I wave of Indignation I? h
rslsed over the matter in this eouaty s
??Il r*pt*ead with Irresistible fore
throughout this district; for. wli. 'h-r r.
?p mslble for it or not, Mr. Parr, th
administraUon canjlldata for aTongret
In thl? district will be oblige,1 t ? should?
the r.-m'onsiblllty of TTOymsn'a appoint
ment. This. WS believe, is the ?ni? aegl
. v. : appointed to a postmaste.-ship 1
tl..- State.
Ten Place? ?a ?<ll??l??l|>l?l IsltSalBl
p?a}l??gsraa Sara '"???"?
WAb?HlNGTON, Oct?T**?*af 1- Ths officia
h-s tO the Marine BU**it*l s.-rvi. ,
,' gaj .how that <?n ye?t?rd?.y there w? i
tea p!..-s m th- Bfnta af Iflislsragil arltl
?ellow-tevrr. Sixty-seven BOW ca?. I w. i
reported and one death, which occun-?
,t llarrDt.:). At Franklin. Ij?.. th.-r
. at) new ?as.s bal th-V fl r. r.
rjorted to be of Bald type, and there wei
no death? there. Th.- r?hren* i
, ti,? st Loula Mlaa . p>
? iv.i.n.1 ?i litt! village r?-e:r mll.s^i.
f ibe ??ntre of th- bay. The r.-por
to-day Bb ?WS Bins case? there.
To Cure a Cold la Oae Day
Take Lixa?ve ? romo Quinine Tablel
DTuggl.t. refund money if fall, la ??J
35 cent?. Genuin? bas L B. ??. o? ?a?.
Not One Feature lacking to
Make It a Success,
A Trying Day for Him, Too, tor Crowd
acclaiming Him Is Enormous.
Pfitieni r Required for Their I*r?iper
sailiKloii ?\\ ,- MtiHt Avoid Temptn
tlon to AiiKreasilon?>Vs? <iinn.il
stall u International ltea|ioiiallilllt> .
?MATIA. N?'?D., ?October 12.-Xot one
re was tucking to?day to make the
i*. " ? JnbUee si the Ttana Mlaalaalpiil
I 'ii an unprecedented succesa Tin*
weather waa delightful, it was an Meal
< ?'.t?lier .lay.
Fr?>m early morning until lat.? at night
fi Preetficat of the United Btatea baa
been hcpt i.usy acknowledging tin- most
enthuSla Ir.ga from his western
Constituante It vas a trying day -'or the
Preatdent, for it is doubtful if be ever
i burger crowd than ti? .t which
made the air vu.al with ? h? is ami ac
Clsmstlc* - ;"r him to-.lay, on the
grounds of th..* exposition. Throughout
ta <s over the grounds tin- mass
tag, struggling, but always admir
iup, humanity, which almost fought lor
pointa oi 'o aae the President,
seemed to augment, At '? o'clock the
registered admlasiona numbered mot'?
than UMt, and t>?-!ur?? Hi?- close "f the
gatea at night the ?lay's attendance was
eaally 125,000, double the high-water mnk
of any pti-viotis day.
?Dating tin? day the Prisi.ierft mads a
speech, in tin- course of which in- asid:
"line- of the great laws oi lii" is pro
and roa-hora have tin-, prindplei
of this law bean ao atrikingly Illustrate?
as in th.? United fitab , A cantury m?
a decade of our national lite haw tutn
doubt hito convi'-?on. chnnged expert
menl Into demon tratlon, revolutlonlnei
.,!.| m? .ho Is, and WOO new triumph.
which have challenged th?- attention o
the W'iri'1. We have avoided ;h>> t?-n?.pt.i
tions of oonojoesi In the splrll
ng love for oar Insdte
ami an abiding faith In tin Ir stahill
oro bave m ido t?a- triumph
yatem of governmenl in the progress ant
-.- v of our people an Inapiration t
tin- Whole human la.
"Confronted at tins moment by new an?
grave problems, >? ?. most rneogi
their solution arfll affect, noi
alone, loi.t others "t th.- family of ne
: ??a J.
' in this age of trsQuenl exchange am
mutual dependence we i innol shirk on
'i?,ii.ii res tonsil lllttes, if w?
'i :. > i. ?al i na- v. HI
?urage and v. i . i mui
follow duty, even if desire ?>p
No letlberatton c m h- t ..
m iture or s? i:-' otitroi .
in liiis solemn hour of our history. W
?in i avoid the tehptetton of undue ag
grasslos, and sin to secure onl) sue]
results as will peon?te our own ami in
general good.
"it ha? been ^aiJ by sons one ths
the normal eondltlon of nations is am
Thla la not true of the United Btatoa. W
p. -. er eat? t upon war antil ev? i
t'?ir pence trithoul it baa b??-n exhaust-?
ours has never bean ? mllltsry govern
ment. Pence, with whose Meetings w
have been ao singularly favored, is th
nation il desire, sad th-* goal ol evei
Amerl Uon.
"On the Mtb of April, for the fit I tin
In more thm i generation, the Unite
led th?. call te arms. Th
bannen of ami were unfurled; the bei
and bravest from every sect on n iponde?
a mighty army was enrolled; the Nor!
and ti' South tried with each other i
patriotic devotion; rolunteers and r?gulai
and all the- people rilli-il to t!?>- BuppOl
of the republic Then was no break i
the line, ao halt in ii>?. march, no feai i
the hi "i : .a i. ?isl?n.-?- to the patriot
Impulse at home; no successful r?
t?. the patriotic spirit of the troops figh
distent wntsra or on a. foi Ig
what a wonderful experience It hi
bass from tin- standpoint uf patrloUsi
un?! aohleveaaentl Ths storm tu.ik i
suddenly that it was liera almost bvfoi
we realised it. Our navy was; too sssn]
though tot? etui with Its ssodsrn e,pi?|
? a fortuaate In Its n- itm
ofilcers aii'i sailors. Our army bus 9
n reduced to ;? pe. footing; hi
the a?a "unt whieh OflksrS and ui.ii ga*,
of thenselves <>n the battl?ti?ids tu
never " ?^i surpassed. True manh i ?
?ii.I everywhere. AasSflean patrie
i-m w's tiu-re, and its resources w.-i
llmitl. MB.
"I'.ut if thlS is true of the heKinninja? i
the amr, what shall wo say of it no?
with b< - aapended and peace ne.
at h? are fervently hop.-; rich
its resalta anegnaHed la Its completenea
and th? qui k su cession wi-n whi.-h vi
ti.r\ followed rictotry, attained earli
than ?i was bstleved to be p?setelo; :
comprehensive In Its sweep that sv?
thoughtful man feels the weight of r
sponsiiiiiity th.t h.? been -?j sudd ?
thr : It upon U5."
k al i"''' a high tribute
in soldi? n and s illors eomparii
then arlth leaden on both elfin dnrh
the civil WUT, an?l el - ng:
'The war WSS no nor? ?mit. J hy
than sane ths gnestlooa which ar.- la
ai oui Bow ?is th?
w, will do our duty. The prob!SSSS U
B .. i, solved in a day. Patlance will I
required; patleaea, combined with -I
peril] ol piirt?"--.' and unahakea
do tiisht; BSSfclng only th? hlgh??
. t the natt-.i. and recognising i
other obbgntleo; pursuing as other p.?
I,at that of duty."
master-Osiisml Smith also upok
an?; the mnltltuiss Bsd tiener
v. '. - and other notables on the stand
cons ' orwsrfi.
The President wan given a wide ?ilv.
jlt> of entertainment to-day. Some
the features were i eruptions and basal
concerts In hi.? honor, xhibltions by the
United states fifn aavtag eraw en tho
lagoon, baOoiB asoanatona, mtmi Indian
warfare, and elaborate displays o? ?iro
Haga pictures of the President WSta
suspended on almost very building, and
the evening Illumin?t!..na w-i
of electric skill.
The pcssMswtts] train will start east
at 9:M to-morrow morning.
Tired Ont hy the Trip and lloMr??
Rarly?Mrs?. L?*e HlKhtlv II.U?*r.
Major-, reneral Kit ?s h ugh I.? and his
son, Ifieatenant Kits Lee, Jr., arrived In
the city last evening from S.ivaannh.
'? i . 4r.1l are nt the ?fOaterson. The length
of their stay here will fispaaM, In large
Bteasure, upon the st 11.?- of Mr?. Lp <
Qeaeral I?e and son wer.? met upon
their arrival by Miss i:i?. n 1. !
drove from the st it Ion ?lire? ily to St.
Luke's Home, wher?i th?*y spent some
time with Mrs. Lee. Then the two ofil.ers
drove to the Jefferson, ami being worn
out by their long journey, retired early.
Mrs. Lee was slightly better last night,
and Dr. X.-liuire seemed to teal enoour
atred. She Is. hewevc-r, seriously 111 with
I'i o't.inltlon to >lnk.? >\ a ?li I nul <?n
I'.-rniaii.-.K ? on? la. a? IJity 1)0?IHIC?1.
PITT3BURO, PA.. 0888848 l? hi lbs
MSSlOO Of the Grjiii'l Kii'imp
' Knights Teaaplar, bsM Ibis af
ternoon, Grnnd?Maetor Whiten Larue
Tkomas appointed a committee of five to
? onsld? : the ?i*f-sti??ti of the place of hold
in?*: the next encampment in l-soi.
Al'.i 1 ffom this, (he meeting dlSfi
al length the sshrtsaMHty of changing
.- rural featuree of the esnstltution, with
out, however, coming to any d? finite con?
elusion. The proposition to make Wash?
Ington, D. ?'.. til?' permanent concia v.?
City was ?l.-o brought up, iml while th?>
matter did m?t come t?> a vote, - h
rn.'ii from the sentiment of the
n to ny thai this proposition
win not carry.
social functions 00 spied most of th??
time today end to-nl the
PORTO III? ?> i X \t I VI'IOX.
Our I-'Iiik to II.? I'a'.a-al Over ?nn
.liii.ii Neil 'I ua'ailii > .
II is officially announced thai tb? I
<au Bug will h?- ralaed ovat Ian Jaan an
October lHth. The Joint ssetUnga of the
United states and Spanish evs.
commissioners terminated to-.lay. Hero
after the American commission will meet
privately, to settle the Banl details .?f
Rear-Admlral Bchley, who [ re?
from ills sprained ankle, spi to sail
for home on or before ? Motor 1 Kb.
The Spanish transporta Rabal and Cav
an iv??i tiii-; morning fron ""Hz.
to embark the renatndat of the Spanish
To-day the star?, and strip, s were
ralaed over Bayasson snd Rio Piedra.
oui:?.on nu low \ s \n .
Are The y flalag ???riilij.li? to "?Inulta,
or plant i<> Hawaii!
NEW YiiiiK, Ooteber 11 The battis?
ships Oregon and lows sailed today nmi?'r
segled orden fron Washington, Than
a consffierabls sptFralsttan ... to
I (nation <>? the bal -1 hipa it sut
luted thai thej aould pro? 1
Btreight to Mania, bul subs? ibent reposte
throw Bone .l"ut?i on this, a id Honolulu
bjoetive point. f?-om a h< ace
iii..', ssa) proceed i" Manila, to strengthen
Admiral Dus Ion.
11 us. ?.1 ;?? 11 ?,i 1 m;i.i?,
II.-r ?"nie Mill lie I > ? .-?. 1 I ; a 1. ! |,y
\evt l.iiuid Jury.
cant'>\. ??.. October it Mrs
1 George Bast?n, ; '
Mi'Kiul? v's broihet-ln-law, was h.-i?! t0
answer t" the CooaaMM Pless ?'.?irt ?n.
day, and bar case a?l be Investigated by
the next grand jury.
TWO ST AT I-*.S ? I I Ol '! '.
Texas? ?liinriuitln,' Kinl.il. \u.ilii?i
l.i.iiialiiiin noil BloolSslppI?
AUSTIN, TBXi October 11 The posi
tion of Texas toward L ad Mis
ppl aasuned s n
this mornini I ' ?ov? rnor ? *ulbei
mdng a general and eery rigid quarantln?
proclamation, entirely forbidding commu
nication of any kin'i la tween Texas ami
th< two Btates abov? 1
-.oitroi a, OLD POUT,
and o???ini flow, \i* <'. * o. \?*n
gl.oo. Snniln*.. Sl.tM?.
Remember, the Cb<Bsapeake and Ohio
Sunday outing train artll rank? II
Kt Sunday, and will contli
ring O tober, th< 1 -' a
of the year to vi.-it Old Polnl and Nor
folk and enjoy a Ilsh .nul ? ral? ?linn. r. The
f?itt how op'ti t.. riattora. Train leaves
Richmond s i"> A If., returning, leovea
Norfolk '. 1 m 11 " M Tlekt is
Old for Ibis train to < i|.| l'oint, o,, g
VI. W, "r Norfolk, for tl rOUttd trip. I'.t
lor eur sttached, in which seats enn be
i, i\ .1 nt No. MO east Msln streut,
\ ?nrd.
This is to notify my friends 1 ?1 forme
patrons that 1 ?mo aow bs found ant]
Bydnor ?* * Hundley, at 711 ami Ti ; ,:i<
Brood strsst, where, with the 1 I
of an exceptionally Well Selected ; m
large stock of furniture, 1 am pr?parai
.0 s'-rvc tha-m to their beal advsntsge.
Very respectfully. W M. GILMORB,
.lust recelvefi Uom Virginia Buckwheal
v ; Now crop New Orleans Molga
gallon; Quart-Can Maple Syrup, B
Ci am ChcaAe. 1'.' 1 '* . pound, at .?
Ullman'1 Son'*1 Up-To***u Btore,
Marshall, New and Old 'Phone, :?. Dowa
Town BtOfSSs UM Main street
??id 'Phone run. New 'Phons
Far Dlaenses? of the I..ver, Stomach
and KlUnera
WO Water of tie lireeu'jrt.r Wnlt* Sulpbu
?apt IDS? I? the malt rabBSbaS In ASMSBBB,
I'l ti' 1 i.i, I.a.iO * C>. Wbi<le??vl?i Aconta.
The Weather.
I ' ? \sasiiin<;T"\' Oetobsi 12.
I rill I '. ' ? ' r' "1 '' "
I J fat Virginia pair weather, toi
I lowed t>y ?ii'reaslng cloudlnesi
tjoabt northwesterly winds, beoomi?i
tat Nurth Carolina and South Car?
Una-Fair weath'T; ttuBA, north-11
TERDAT wan char and pleasant, wit
telling temperature at mgl.t.
of thermon
A. M.
0 A. M.44
)> M.
3 P. *?!. "
1 P, M.B
12 night .?i
Mean temperature .tt S
'roperty of Miss Sally Parting
Ion to Be Sold at Auction.
nOTED actress of war time.
?ayed in Stock Company and Greit
FaYoritc With Soldiers.
in HE? U?IE?4 UOtlNfSU ENT.
She Tu IU? liu.r. ?ilnuly ?l???al th?
Singe in 111. I. mon .1 liefer.-. Ilurlnaj,
and 4fier the W ni? **.?nie of Her
Associates ?>f iXrien tTlnae?.
The h"me of Miss Sally Fartlngton,
Bioat famous actress of the
South, and who during the war was th*
soldbis' favorite, ia to be sol to-morrow
at public auction In or l.r to meet a note
of Mf.
The only property in th? w.arl.l ow?ned
by the ??'?man who was one the admi
ra n,,ii of ths boys in ara y, .??m who night?
ly appear. <! before the toot-iiKhts in th*
capital of the Confederacy, and nveived
their plaudit?.. Is a little farm of a few
?. tl In Hanov? r , .unity n?ir
Pol? On a. Salty Partlagton l? now
at artty la ? reaaa svgf a gr??
CSry store an the 'orner of . ourth and
is, in tliis city.
IN THE OLD ?-rods' 4 \ ?Ml* A NT.
name of the on,- famous ?otra??,
i robably aol ? .miliar to those af
th? pro.-m ?.'eivrarlon, is, liovtev-r, well
?v ii > lived during th*
. Ivll war. and il??- m BtlOB of It stirs up
??id memories and calla lo mind aaang as
? - m Tit; when th.- ui?,st faahJanaMe au- .
diene? -. of Rlchsaond asaearshlad in th*
Marshall Th' ?!: and witnessed the pio
lo, of tin- t !? et i.?puny of th<>??
Aid In t' ,: ,oiii;.jliy wu? Sully
t*anlr?gten, win? ? ompu-tely wen th*
h? H* . aol ??ni-. ?,f th,- tsktier i?>>s, bag
"i *f*tf "ii, ,,f the play-?roer? who wvr?
??.?rit t<> galber bsassath th?, ruof of th*
Marshall Theatre tn the,** durk day?, -in-l
forget, for a tim?:, the saJtt a-enas of war.
in kaaghntg at ".liminy",4Vell?, the um*
nu. wl, ?, BSJBt to Sally Ihaitlngtou,
\??s the most p-.pnlar menib?-r of the or*
iiion. in ti.ompsay with tb*,s?
iw?. oil fsroritea were ?da Vi-rner, Mr?.
i , Kate 1 "II.*. Mrs. Dalton, Mary
JacksoB, s^\X. Hait.m. Dotaa*? tTsjsea,
To|er Wolf, i:,?l.. Rro.vn... and otinrs.
Loanl sen i stau? -hand of
the bouse, ami Peter Jackson was i
Of rh,- bub? I
Whs ?? I M ?' ?. ? II TIM it re was de
I by ti.?. - ?iinpany mida
of ??lut ? . ?- eld Trinity satas??a,
and rechrlsteaed Hie building, calling It
"Ths Varieties." 'I'hls building stand*
next door t?> th?- ?^Mhainaj* ii ,- !, .?nd l*
now urn d t houss woi ?hip i?y tl??,
i poi n . ..mpl'tioii of th?
law th. alt?-, on tii?. -lt.. of Hi-- old Mur
.-?1.(1.." ii.mpany r.turn.?1. and an am?
audience gr?*t*d the perft-rtnasaag
of the opening sight. One <>i Ik* ?Ire??
Ing-roouii of tb* n? a theatre was .luis
ten, d "Bull / V tl ton's di ilng^reeat,*1
aa a com us young
'I'll 17 Ai'TRR.S?! TAI
Ii imatic < rita ?ho
. i nan} llttl? mtsrasttas
. ,.r her lit". Mis* Psrtirigtoa,
though ??'ii oa In life's Journey, i? stilt
a ?..mini ,,f conaldi ral . ami
, !, r t?t I ii BOt unniaik. ,1 by ih?,
s of time, ?.i thi re is a iiKht in
her ?yea win. h the ) ira have nof dim
med, and when sr..- ialke.1 of the old
.la??, and mentioned the names af j>l ? ? -
era who were on frisada, ?he
. on v?.-r?a?
V- ." lid l s i the f ivorlt*
of all the .-oioi' i *. and i ofi m risltad tho
ho.-pii ?I-?, and helped to minister tg iho
.nd wound. ,i. Often when I would
be riding or driving, groups of taldssra
In ti?- aould atop an?! cbaec m?
as I passed, AI night ?? lbs th?'atre I
?. d \> no .-nthusUsm. At
man;.' a | BSV* lli<- f Idler?
throws BTsonay to rne tip ?a lb? rage."
Th* actress th??w-related a pretty little
Incident, win, h shows how .? BOteasv was
affected by in?' Imperaonatloa, of ? p?rt
that appeal;? to th- sympathy of an nudl
T was playing Oliver Twist one
?iiKiif." ?aid Miss Partington,'1 and when
i d. Urei--'i the linee, i am ?o hungry; t
wish I could lay down and die,' one of
th? ?rang up, and, la a h
t lous vol. ? . ?..id: 'Here, little i-li??w; h.-re
i is j asthlng to eat witii that.' "
At another performan- .Miss I'artlugton
?. was playing "Nan, the <*ood-*?.r
Nothlng," ?Idler tjir.-w to th?
m ,ii JuMe. The ., .. s ah?
his littl?- Testament n?*??v, and would
not part wlili II for anything. The name
of the ??I?!!' r Is written on the fly-leaf.
Partington ?hen ?pok?. of the ol?|
Richmond Ib which ?he ha<|
played SO <?ft?n and ?ai?l that ?h? always
Seventh and Broad
-he could not bear to see
i.'n! |lng on ?he ?Ite for
ipled by the laved old play
-When tin- work of t.iring d?>w?i
..?: i. had almost boon completed."
%ll\,\ : nothing hut a .?enp of
r..l of i" walls. I ?topped
nd picked from ?ha debris a
pin. end I tre-asur? ihl* a? a
m.-rito of th.- old Ri?hm.,n?! The*?
The artres? was almost ov?rcome with
-i when ?-ii?- wferred t?? the iitti?
r county, which to-mor
,,,w ! "f under the toe
Hon. er*f hanimer It wa? on thl* phase stnal
years ago h.r ?!-t r. Mary Patting
lagi ??.?? a
: .? almost a? great a fav.u
tti?' war a* the actress. '-I
i m) ? tlm*." said Miss l'art ington.
ay more than enough ia
t,, m -nt need?, for I h??*? of?
t.r. sotten up ??id given perform?!!,, ?-# for
*bl.? objects, ?nd
?luring the war 1 tr?*<4U?*?.tly pta.v-d ?nd
?rv for th* relief of our
i -ng soldier?."
v??u suffer ?acne?? of ? ? ?
Ix.wel*. Aiigosiura Hitters will 8?ir?-l> ? re
I -ouaterf? Its aad aak tor
the genuine art!?!?*, preparad by Dr. J.
(1. ti. UltKOrt ft Sotas.

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