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Richmond dispatch. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1884-1903, December 31, 1899, Image 16

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A Concern Well Kao--.ii Among
Boatta??? Farmer?.
'i'ho Implement Company, a Bra aride*
ly known througnout tiiu Soniti, on a.
count ot ita low price?, reliability, ami
prompt nera, do?? an mum use bualu ess,
both retail and wbolseoJO, In agricultu?
ral implement.*, ?reaieiei, rann ma? hit ?i y,
the, Th<? ooni'oin also floes some manu*
fuit uri ? ???, and Is famous fur ite charm.
Jumper?, corn-ertt.ll?: ?re, and tor its well
known rom- and cuh ciuehera. Tu? lat
ter hnvi gained widespread popularity,
aa they are gi?*at money-saving iBVen
llons, and absolutely n?K-<'BKury to ever)
wtll-i**guiat?d turm. Wood'a new patent
churn, of which ihe company aaafc. s a
ap-cta-lty, baa proved a great "ecu r. '
ami Is every-rhero attracting, attention.
The implement Company, whM h, l?y th?
way, baa at It. head Mr. T. \v. Wood,
aeaior member of the fumous firm of T.
IV. Wood A Bons, se?*darae:i. bas mur?.
Iban doubled Ita bu-dness within ihe last
three year., and now travels many talea*
men la Virginia.. North and Bouth C
Utai, and part? of Georgia. It is not sur
prl ing that It hue aohtcved such remark*
aide suo??-**, when it la r?,m?.niix*t?d mut
the botate bandit?, almost everything a
mmtPmtr uoulii poaalbly need. Not? tb? fol*
wohk? OUDPART,
Botaetlilng- of li? Romanllr l'a*t nnd
Very Practical Prraenl?The ?.real
Plani al Hell?? Isle ll?.?rll,??l lu M*?
lall??00 Mea Kniplo-e.l.
There have been inniiK_ir.it'??! la OaT
city during the rast twelve menthe M
many new enterprise, which have n,joy?
ed the appiana?* of the peep4a thai pep?
chanco some of our g.?od OttBMM have
overliifikod the old and tried InatHutlooa
which have for m.uiy j gives tin?
p)?iym-*nt to hundreds and th
men, and have ?too?! thr t< t of hard
tlm?? .?!* meli as of prosperity.
PotBBBM ainong these tlnie-h?.H>i? 1 ln
entutiona, wblctt decade after decade
have gone quietly alr-tig in o,ir coaamu*
ally, ym forni???! tho very bone SBd m.< ?
of our commercial life, la the Old ??? ?
loa Ir?::- and ? all* Works Company. We
doubt ?f thi re are now resi,I.i .: In Rich*
t_not*d fifty ? idzer* who erara living Is the
year when this great gBlQJPllea wea first
?Be.abll.?!:?.??!. In eooll the birth ol ' I
errand old Institution is io reisots from
Ilia present day of pro?*!<?_>_? .ml n. -
chanlcal art that we can siur.? ly realise
Its ag*e.
The work, of the company wir?- eetsb
Ushed ea Bella Ule, W*rilrh has for thirty
year. ?"-.en a part of Richmond, in ????.?
year UR. Prorn a email beginning the
enterprise crew continuously, until to?
day It is onu of Richmond'? grandot-t m
Btliuti?>ns. In it. past, a? now. it la.
been the muhiMtay of hundreds of fami?
lias who year after year bave derived
their suatt'r.aiics from the vast si::n.* ?
haa expended In wa4.es aad tmproum?
mente. What cltlsen is there, bti he Old
or young, v.-h o dornt, not as?cela to with
Richmond the operations of th*- Old Do?
minion Iron- and Nail-Work. Company.
Day after day It has darkened our aklea
with tbe ?moke from Its furnaces, and
right after night It hue reddened our
haa vena with the glare of Ra fins.
???3 PUDDLE-??.?..
Tlie sreat Puddlo-mill ut the Relie lala
fiant can be readily seen from Holly?
wood, (iambi? 's Hill, end other a4Jseent
parts of the city. In G l_? department are
ten double puddle furnuo.s, In which pia
Iron and casting? are melted. i??.|ie?i. and
converted Into wrought-iron, then rolled
out Into long bars, preparatory to work?
ing* into finished product!..
In the plate-mill Iron and gleet sint?
ere rolled info long, thin sh?_*>ir.. which
are out up Into narrow strips, and thence
taken on to th? .jaoent nail-factory.
where, amidst the roll ami clatter, they
are cut into na_U-, which -.0 nil ever the
oountry for building bouses, 1 arns,
fence?, and a multitude of other things.
In th? rolling-mills will Le asen Bissi
plies of Iron tiid up with Wire. They are
put Into furnace., whlcb aUBfreat the Dery
crdoal to which tho H? brew children were
subjec.u-d. Wbea theea ptlea bava the
ptoper heat they ara taken oil and rolled
loto ail chupes aud s-'/..s of lar Iron, for
wagon tires, stu.ftlng for mills and fee
lories. Window bara, parla of ships, loco?
motives?, cars, and iboasaadB of other
Th? visitor aeas la the horseshoe fac?
tory long bars of red-hot (roo, bent and
pressed Into horseshoes of all sizes and
gllpea that the trade rcqulws. Th ?
ahoen go all over thin country and Into
foreign landa
At tho Old Dominion Iron- and Nail*
Works arc also made tin roofing plates,
tho materials for v.Mch come from vari?
ous purls of tho glob??st.??* from Ihli
country and Wales, lead from tho W< at,
tin from Malura, ani palm oil troni Syria.
Many of tho bust buildings In tho Smith
uro covered with platea manufactured at
tho splendid plant of this great enter*
The most recent addition to these work.
Is tho bolt <*'partment. Hera rol
Iron uro put Into heavy mach?n?**., which
tippet heads on them. whli??. oilier 1.1.
chines cut thread, on the other olid. Nu.'
aro cut out of other ehapea and thread.
put In them by still othor msehlnes
These bolts are sold in car-load lota
car- nnd bridge-building principally, tu
are used for many other Purpoooe Bi
The eomnajiy's works cover a lai.;
epaia, having gbout twelve acres under
??oof. It has ample storehouse??!, office,
buildings, and yarda AT the datiert
menta ?t?o oonnaoted by a private ral
road, as the great enterprise hau lis own
locomotives und cars for thla aei"???? a ;
BOloaasl ar?? its operstlona thai thla
line le ?m eheolnte eeosaalty.
All of (he keja and bOgea used In thes?
works ure ni_.de by the company, as it
ha. a taw-mlll and koe-faotery ??? ;? :
la tbe tiu.icr districi ?.f saother count)
It, Is. a pleasure to go through thea?
works and to breathe the air of th. ? r 1
which pervades the gnat plant. Every?
body is b?is.y. The order-books of th?
eompsny ure full of orders, and it kci ?
the ulllcers moving all the timo to got
goods ready for shipment. At IT'
about 700 men are employed. This num?
ber Ib quite sa Ineresse over the number
employed last year. The volume on ton?
nage In Ix'! Is about ?V per cent, greater
than that of 183?, and wa understand tb<
nxpcrtutlon. for the coming year gr? iti)
exceed these figures.
Prom tho foregoing aketck of the Old
Dominion Iron? und Null-Work?, ??. will
be seen that the famous Institution
though rlpo In years, 1. still abroes! ?>?
the time?. Indeed, it has, figuratively
apouklir*. drunk th?) fabled witters of
perpetual youth so vainly sought by
Ponce de Ixton, for the present plant of
the company has been equipped with lie
beat and most modern o? machinery. ??
day It is thoroughly up-to-ilan*, and muai
expand .till more, if the business cor,tin
nee s. It has done In the past twelve?
The presidi nt of the company, ilr. Ar
thu. IJ. Clarke. Is a young man of reel
las. energy and unlimited enterprise, HI.
whole time in devoted to the ?reifere ?
the great enterprise, and both his execu?
tive and creativo ability hive left their
Impr?-?** on the works. Mr. Clarke hes
?Town un in the Iren and steel burnii? ss,
Slid. If the truth be known, loves It. He
takes pride in every tradition <>f the old
Dominion Company, but never allow, this
enthusiasm to cavee a forgetfulnei
the f.*?_*t>hut he Is tho i-lmsman guiding
a giant ?MUerprise, wliKh re ju.i u
most business acumen.
lowing articles, which aio included la Its
Ji'liriil Ui?le?! l'iows.
?ell aad <'liver ?. l.iJ.-?l I'? ?
Dal?? ?t..?1 Other l'ionvs and ?"lutings.
"? -
Engines, i*w?llrt?e, Thresher?, &c.
M,i ? Corn-Planters
??!.:? fbed and fOji'cl.n;?! Coiti
?. ... . ? . ? "h- :? ?/Ire ?'
?- u ' >.: ta ? in ?? and (*a**r1
?lagt? aad D
Ail Kin?Is ?.f Karrring Implume?
Tha Hi l ft
bhw-id:: n?i roofing
? m?r< Con ay ? ? I
? ?
atti ?'?.
??--*? ?
A. 11. * ?. IHK U A ??<?> BABJDV M1K?O.
A lt?:crnllj? liic?)|n>rnlc?l G???????t??
unii u Urinai Tataro,
The a. i: ' rdwer?
: ?. ?
old :. ? I * Son, ?
aall} be*run In ISSI bj
Aacoatoa ia. ?auk . *aii ? m ?.. ?
waa re? ently m ? r? d with ln< ? ?
u???, which bas Un garowlng righi
t. ? ._!. ; ?ta..? past, (ta ofdci r?
and dlM ' - " I'1 thlt
... ?.???????.?.
?;. li.n ?y < .mi be, j ?? Id? n'.
? . ... J.'ii? ?, vu ? -pi' rident.
Bte . ?? Ubby, ; ? ? ?and ti? ?
?. ?. Thornton, of al??? RI
C mpasy.
w. i; ?laaadara. of th.? Ira.
.?. ' il..n,I.??;.->, v.., ' .
.1. B. ?Vilarn, n al Mtnt?,
M. ?. c ux, .?a Rkhraond Looom?
Work ?.
G. W. Ubby, aad John Oatiaad Pollard
Tha company now hav? one al
larg?tnt and l'Aj.t?n-ji? ? lldlnga
in th? rit* )?- ' Mala >;??? ? ' wbar? can b?
found ih? niOHi ?.< ii-i Mock of dei
ilari!?.il . Cut)? ry, 'i ?? ?, Ammutol?
anni Hi ivy U" r ?I v. ;n ?-.
in Um Department of ? arrtage aad j
Wag n .'-. ? ; tha ?
t ?u tbe ? li v. com ittiog ot a ?
assortment ?? Barvon ,??? Warner Patenti
Wheels Iron and ite?! Aales sprm, ? I
tin; difforeat |.iite:::s and makee, Buggy
Tan?, im.? ?? ?. n..b.-, Bpefcea. c-tc.
'liils i-oiii-crn ??vea ?-special attention
to furnishing lb? hardware for buildings
of ail hindi ??"?.?;?. public building?, and
reaidencee. Among the bande?me build
Inga bara tot vbtefa ah? y furnished tha
hardware, aa* the ?'ity Hall, .?tu:? Li?
brary bullding, Jeftaisoa Hot?!, and
< liaiii'o??!? of (.''?tr.iiiciu.?. Thoy handle
Bafldera* H?ardw?**? of ah?? best mann*
faoturaa, aad In to? m?t*at artistic dcalgaa
.?-? wii aa Plain, Pollahed Bronca or
?Brau??, Antique Coppar, oxidized BUvar,
ai ?; Qo)d ?Plata
In addition to a lnr*e city trade, this
company deea a Jobbing tS^ulneraa through
out thu Virginian? and Carolinas
?i'wejr'a Seeretarjr.
(Chicago News.)
J. u. Crawiford, Admiral Detrey*? now
iccretary, ?.? the only ? otnmissioan-ii ??it.
?er in it.? l'nlt??! t-tates navy who has
?0 commission. The law declares that
"th??!??? ?hall be ? ttcretnry to the Admi?
ral,'? but n provide ? him with no cre
(mtial except bla uniform. It say.? h<;
-hah bava tha pay and rank of a lieu?
tenant not relativa, but actual, rank?
?nd toe n-juiat!?ina require that this
arb ahall bo tin.? uniform of that ratik,
modified only by aa "?" on the ?.-ollar in?
stead of ?he natta! anchor. The oflice
reascs ?with the ii: ? of a!"? Admiral.
.... Dewey'? .-??iii.iiy |g an ofllci.il
?d, not a clerk, ?tul ?s the personal rep
rfstatetlve of tho head of the navy.
rVlaiiy foi mal calls will be made by hiin
for his Ohief, a?iU at public c?.-remonics
which tho Admiral Fhonld not attend Mr.
Trawferd wuuM repraacnt him, tays tho
fumy an.l Navy Journal. He will have
?barge of the Admiral's corrospohdciKO ?
T(?t a sonai t a s 1: at rn.;? ra. Admiral
**a**ragut had ao ?**?*ae**etary. Congreu
arateti the otlleo fot th?? tteneflt o* Vice
?.dmirul Porter. Porter'? secretary waa
lama? Aldisa, ana ol ***a**taln Janxea Al?
ton, who commanded tha ?Bnohlyn la
Lb? b.attlo of Mobio bay.
i'o to date there have been only three
.aval secretar! ?;? Ajden, Btevena, and
Jrawfoid. The law governing them do??
.ot seem will understood. On ono occa
iloa, after the retiremtat of Viec-Admi
? al nowiui, h?? sent his Mcretary? -?1 r.
?ilevena, from WAVhlt*gto** ?o W**at Poinl
tor th? pia'poaii of gettiaig certain mate?
rial for an ?.ailei.U re:?(?rt winch ho had
..? called upon by the Navy lu part?
ii, tit ta submit, Mr. Btevena put in a
[?laim for nillnan. but it was rejected on
the ground that in?? line ailinlnl. being
i. had no right to ib?ue orders.
'?'ha appointment r?.?. alia tiio e.-vpetience
? ?' Jaiiwiiu Btevena, aacraiary of the li.at
vi? ? -auiniral-Admiral Kowan. A nio.itIi
tlfter tho iattef'.s death tho h'.cnta.y
wrote to the payaaaater of the Waahlng
? yard for his pay. The paymas?
ter reyli'd that the DK'crelarytJIiip iia?i
?xplred ?'?h the Admiral, and thin ??/lew
wa.? sustained by tho Attorney?Gea?aral.
- - ???-? ?
When Are Women '-01d"t
(London (U ; .. .?
Acorditig to the auvtrtjaementi, for
hcud-mlatiTeeaa? of girla" school? in tha
oducatlonul jou:i,i.:s, it would anpaat that
Y. is Mtiii coiuiiicred in some quarters
a? the a?,e a'fl? r which worn? n aie le
gafd ?? M unbi to labe uy terlous le
aponslblUty. Thla *togurd pa.judice ?.a
an oid-fashi?iitd r? p??a?a of the IdoM ol
the eighteenth Century, WbCB, as a. writer
in tha ?Contemporary points out, men and
women of 40 and M ?wet*? always spoken
of aa ".???*??," and aaaaarrled ladtea j( :'j
were looked upon M hop?!??? old mald
A bandied year:, ago children of i> were
?upp-oaed ? . ?...e a developed inoa-ai sense,
an all the grown-up books for ?itile boya
und girls published In those days prove
,. ?.- Storica of horrible little yrigs ot
?cbool?g.rle ?? Lo '?.-.ot ?zamplea'' at toe
age Of 10. were con.nii'ii, and at 8 a g;rl
I ippo.?u'.l to relief? her exhaust .1
mother of houaework, and to ?htlghten
her father's declini;.?; ytius until tha
fhould be thought worthy to bo the Vif?
?>i some VO**fhy young niuii, with whom
?she was to sink Into prematura old ago.
KoaraUaya all ?thai U changed, and th-;
i?iti"?l ?>f jouthtulncss has been laigtly
?..'.uiuiod. At 10 a girl is still a child,
and at -'" she is still a girl, liven at i.O
?In? ia not upon th? slu if, while toe
niodara mother, so tar from being de?
preplt, Whan her daughter? uro grown ui?,
lly looks upon that ae ?? rcaoon foi
ren 'wins her own voulh. ?'?eater mental
activity has }'i\eii frcshnea? aaid later??!
and ?.dnoe e.:??, in?.ve been taught
to use th'dr biaii.s, th? old-fashioned COB?
ttpilon of th*? necci.sai;, failure of power
ulte?? ?? baa tue?m? ahwrd.
Southern Corn liri-inl.
(Washliigt ?n i'- L)
i remeretter once r?aadlng som.? ? ?
;>i wmck to? MMrtlon \?.?s niude that tlu?
North whipped Ihe South t>.?? ause the
Union soldiers had wheat bread t.? eat
taw e th? Confederate? bad to t? content
with corn pono." said .Mr. T. V. Hlndman,
i?r Sortii Carolina, ?? the National.
"A sillier statement wus never mude,
and I will venture that our efficient .-?.
reUry of Agriculture, Mr. Wllaon. would
?mil?.? at the uiuocetioe of the man who
would ahk him If wheat wa* mot?? nutri?
tious than niuite. Down in the Palmet?>o
?int.? arc ?'.-? not begin by Mvcral millions
.?f bu h?;? to raibe enough com ? ? mippiy
mr homo w ;. ;,a.^ Whtoh it not creditable
io us-but atti! we eat a great deal of
[?orti brond. and I am aure you will Und
i? :^ood men physically among th?? ?Caro?
llniaiis as ta. .my oilier State of toe
Iii >n.
? .a s??nie respecte the ch?mists say th a
cacai la ?bettor and more wh?*desoir< than
loiir. That n ?an be mau?? up Into many
more palutuble form? goes without Bay?
ing. I do in?, wonder thai ?", ? ? ru peo?
ple use corn bread ?purlngly--aii y don't
kiiD-,? bOW to cook it; but If tn? > could
Mi i?:u<> toe method? of the old ?Mack
iv BMUI that f"?a It up so deileioUHiv In
?very section of the south, it woohj ai
nay? thereafter tMxapy a pia?-e of honor
?i. tb.? family mean.
Ifaay IhOUaaad dollars are brought
;.i iciliuio.'iil ?ach >far by lo.al in?ir
nip.i'ili?.?, aaul many thoueand.s
ira arai tv\;.> ?>>? oWataa to foreign
.orrpuiiie.?;. Moral: laser? with Virginia
W. A. CltBMJIIAW, Agcut.
??ar in t????; s?aii?;
fUfiCORM oi' in.?"!..? ? . ? ?? * i RR
???? TW.-.I VIT -UIMll**.
.'?>.?_>?...??, \ oriol!., BstVpOOl fiOWSi
G? le raliurii, l'rcilci Ici. ? ?? B ? ? . "?muii
?????, nini Other l'In????.? ?Icmly l*r?>
UJUUUU ami a Uri???!?! Outltink.
It? ?? N? 1KB, I? . ' ? f?p ? lai.)?
The yiar jii ' past Is DOrhSpS, all things
? "?t In the hl-firy ??f
Roanoka The city has forged to ti?"
fron I aa a businei ?? commer? ?? ??? n
thal our ? opla en p illy
, l| th) n.arv? G>?. g cl Bge. I'
. bo nn li\ aiij
? a any respect. Roa*
?i?? k d mora pei nap ? Is th?
r, lb m .iny i/li*gtnJe < Ity ?
?: ?
PresMenl j. m. Rsrr, of Ihe .\?.n,?
: I ' ted b]
iii-viiii,. ? and Buoceesor, Buj ? :
! L K. Johl
i??ii:., the peat year Ihe city has ?
talned ?. , . to her credit, .vi
public buUdilll I. iv I - ? ?? ?
snd Impi r? ? ?
?.? ? n ? onverted Into so Imn
. :
??ani ?????,;?G.? h..?.
work fai contempli led; thi
and ? sin ? , hooi
? ? ? : dur ni: the
the . I
ami the fl wl io? omiu ?; -
dal snd h . Ini ? ???
s? h??"!.; bsv mrollfc'd ?boni
pupils thi. .?, asi .?. ?? ever be?i ?
is an Ind ? atl ? Ibi ? Ibera ?
hi ??;, reai In popul . on,
Xhlka arltb real estate and rental a,
?how thai there ar?? practically no vu
c nt hmi.-i !,i the city. Many workli
n. ? lii ? purea?1 ed h ?u ? :. In ord? r I ?
?ecure aultsble locatione. it ig claimed
that real estate is on the move.
! i'r!,-ig the >? er two n? w who!
? were eatabllahi d, one uh?
BOUI < . and ou ? wh? I?
dry-good, and notion house, awelllng the
!i;' to about one dOSen, all of which re?
pon a gresil) Increaaed buslnesa for tha
year, and claim that the outlook for tlie
coming year is exceedingly bright. The
City ha?-? four flour-mill.?, with a ? ?i
of from 7r- to 3M barrels each pe?- ?? ? ,?.
The Carier PUt-ftaoSB, formerly the
Crozer, have been overhauled, and the ca?
pacity of each largely lacres sod. Fur?
nace, No. I weal into Usst a few daya
ago. The Weat End furnace, afti r lying
I?i!e for thr. e years, was r?'<*cntly j?ur
nhaaifl by C. R. Balrd & ?t*., snd now the
western skies ar?; Illumined by Its lires.
On?? hundred and sixty men Sre <ni
ptoyod) and early In the year the old
rol!ing-mlll win be put Into operation.
A atavo ?md barrel factory, whlcb effi*
ploy??!, from forty to _>i::iy men constant?
ly, if one of the ???\? enterprises of the
?l'y. Three planlng-mllla are kept bui-y,
and orders cannot b? promptly filled by
uni-, owing t?? the gnat rush for building
material. The Central Manufuct iriag
Company hav?? made many bnprovementi
to their plant, ai:?i ha?e oontomplstsd
?pending aeveral thousand dollars mora.
The Ro t:i"k? Mnrhine-V?Oiks employ ?,?
? 0 men, and sre ?.-.impelled to run many oe
partmenta four lights Ir, the week, in
or,,? r to keep their work up. They a a
now constructing 1,000 of the larir. t ocal
can ever put out, each wlih ? Mpa ' >'
-if 100,000 pounds. The pay-roll is tibout
1 ' monthly. The monthly pay-i ? I of
the genera] offices to ????*>. while the
yard di^burs??.- about $.io,i?o monthly,
!n;:kinir a total pay-roll by tho Norf ilk
an?! Western of tU0_Q0O each month.
The Virginia Rtrewtng Company haa
made oonalderable Improvementa In their
plant They have erected a R0,(BB bo -
tling department, beside, a brar.?*h cold
storage at Pocohontss, ?md have srrsi
for work t,, begin at ?in???? ?>:i an Immensa
CCld-atorSge and ice factory, to bo lo
csti 1 Bear tho city market. Plans are
now reaily for work to begin Sa Boon as
the. weather will permit.
it la estimated that .'ino new dweURiga
were erected during the past year, and
several apleadld buslneao Mocks were
built. Among tho latttr muy b" ntentlaa*
ad ? lie splendid Iron Belt build:?:;; ?;;id
Campbell ? venue, the Cannoday building,
and the Caldwell-Sites bui.dir.g, on Jef?
ferson stn at.
Three new churches have been built,
and others ar?? contemplate The color?
ad Hamlets kavti ereoted a magnhlcent
brick church, at a -?.*? of *-?.' ?
The cl;y bai ont-red upon a new era of
pi verity, her people are contented ani
happy, end ?he new year opun? with ex
?!>' bright prosi
Th n?'?v Board if Trial?, has BeCUIWd a
fUu.iXK) cot ton-mill, wh.ch will .shortly I ?
in operation, and a number <?f other in?
dustries aro under consideration.
A Splendid Year?(.r.-a! Develop?
ment?The Put**re.
M'AVi'OT NKWR, va., Doosmber la?
Newport 'News -doses to-moiTOS UM
mo.) ? ? ntfUl yesr in Ita history. The ro*
oord of M'ogreaa in the peat twelve
months baa been nothing abort <?f phe
nomlnaL The outlook for _s**B giv?. *-ro*
mlse >,f even more enhstantti 1 groirtb and
it is confidently sspoeted t'.at the opening
y.ar of the SOW cntuiy will 0CS Impor?
tant developments alona new Hm-s.
Th?. next ?''us"?, w ni? h will be taken
shortly, will show the ? .pulhtlon of the
el'.y to bo l'ully _I5.0iX>. Pour years BgS. ID
day, the poi'.ilalion WSJ MM Th ln
ir? .?so in the past year has beoa ?" the
n.-lKhborhood of 6.0w>.
lu th.* past year upwards of M n'W
residences, stores and building- of an
kii:?!.^ hav? bseo erected, it i.i Impossible
for the real estate m?n to BBpply home.*
for all of the applicants, notwithstanding
the fact the the building growth of New?
pori News is unparalleled In the **"<>utr..
They are Wi ???.-iliig If the time trill ever
come when there will be enough house.s
in the city to supply the demand. In
clu?l?d In the number of new structures,
which was an increase Of about 100 over
the number erected in IMS. are seve; al
costly stone chureh-s, a number of large.
brick, bualsess buildings and bl?-..-k?, ami
many attractive residences, both brick
and frame. Une Important addition to
the attractive buildings is a new Aca
,1,'iiiy of Musie, built at a cost of Jio.UOO.
whlcb will be completed In a few months.
Bueln ie eondltlona here have never
been be 1er. Mer-dmata in an branebaa
are prospering, snd m w Brma are continu?
ai y entering the ti id. 11? ita ari regar*
ded by outsiders as high, but in all traies
good WSgSS are paid and thi people a:
well able to 0*sy Um ratei ssked. There
la work tn Howport News for everyone
who wants it and ther? is no excuse? for
m? 11 I?, mg idle h'-re. l>iiriii_r the past
year, thi shipyard has kept ??,.<?)0 m?'n coa*
atantly busy on a lari?? u.-t of valuable
.-?hip ? or.tr.n-tti. Th.? Chesap ''k?? ,1?.- Ohio
ralRoad and transposition compan
i> ? mploy In the yards sod pi is atyout
l.?iio men. Csstoy'a ! ,;it? foundry is
employlae S*"} meh. nnd the small? r in?
dustriel h svi larga forces busy,
This has been th?? shipyard's busiest
?Nia cost In? upwaids of II
? ? ?ith an aggregate tonnage ??f over
!.?_????? basa kept th? huau force of gki
shlp-buildcrs busy. Two battle ahlps Ibi
Kearearge and Kcatm.hr beve beai
turned oui Sod tioth smashed th?? batti, -
ship apaed recarlo and ar? dsoMsd.* tha
best warships of this class In the United
Btati navy, They will go In commlaidon
In a f. a weeks. The Illinois, also a tirai
? ? ? battleship, has been considerably
adviiK-i??! and will be con pteted ii'^vt
suuiiner. The k?-el for 1?, monitor. Ar?
kanaaa, ha. recent!-, h en laid, and th?
ke I for the monstfr 11306 t 01 |attU
SUa ? ??rl. will soon go down.
? ?f the me- chant \-?_s:,el:i. four Ian,??? fast
freight fcb'uniihl.s ftt the Moru.'ii LRU
are now In ser?
vie?* b. ? '
! ? , a. . G ihll
:?? ive b-ien launched a i will ?" ?"
| l'io two
, , , ;-. "f t%
: ihlpfl are the largest ever
? ror '?"ir m<
? - ? ?? Rio and Li Cid,
.1 ?a? tola y??'1?"? t"?
v tur for the M
? ??a? also bunt Imre '?us >? ar.
The ? ? nt? at Ihe Bblpj ir ? m
hav? be r. eoaUy. Work on ?,;??
?? m fi.t /???' ?i'-y d ".'k Is more tlian half
Thi? will '?. ;1:
? ? world. Two w ??' ?'"?; "?"1'?
? ?il .??
: ?, . : !? r, Ii ?
m Igb
b ? ? ? .- ludi .'? : ? -"
?. working cai ?
,?...? , g? .,?. ;???| merebandlBi
piar, to eat? aaioa o?
? .?? ii rt ani the addition ol
- ' ? ive arile? of ?-"?:-; ??
Ihe ? ri New? ? ?"'?d new
mile? ?>f ?track, noi la Ih?
nirai yard for a ringle ?tfom
provem nt ?
. li ? the faciliti??? of tbe
? ?- ? mio for banditi ir tabe ?
Idly ' 'nule of tb.? port, ? ??'?'
? r f.,r the ? ?? betw? mi
. d \"t folk will !?? '-ii
run with ti: ? Loul? ? ?
Ittle, gi'-'ing a more 001
with - indina* th?? * oui affi et?
of two of tl?.?? ??-.? r.-st at .?! thai i\-r
? t too Atl <nt ?? ind of he s
lb ?Va dona* - t Ho e,
th" '??? f Newport | ? j? ar,
: ? for the pi
The principal feature o
: ? loi] -r* ?.? tini s. TI. p
? !?: ?? al -' '?.' MS atl ?
ite trai
Tiie total
vi ? of.?aa ttlA&.i'n. ? I
" . .? ?>f th?? a? ti il? ? whl ? ?
were axported In lined quantities tiri?
In value Sin??.- th Iota] fer
?? ttnt mtde m ti??? valuation fot ''?4
year, ll is ?believed, would bave ??t*t"??**ed
? ? ? ??t waa tta ? prtndpal at : t? ft
I th ? ?-t.'in'ip .it t of ? ml??,
? Bga ? ? i" ti?? fear ?being v."'*? ". ra?
iting LSI."..TU barrels. *"*?|*??? Valtte?
of gain dropped ? ?inslili-rably. Th? nuan
titjr ahlpped abroad waa larger ?han laal
year, Th? total quantity of cen .is ex
p< rt?il w. :;.?.".",G?1 bushels.
Newport Mew? ranks seventh In th?? lisi
of Atlant li ?'d Ktiif commerciti ?ities
? "i'if. .t Btatea
The total tallecittooa nt the custom
houa . ? ?!? ? ? 'ms Import ?????<?? prin
rlnally, were *".::iei?i.i.'?. Th* Increaee ?ever
?ai 'ir:;.::?'''..sr.
The co.-ii uhi] mente tor the "rear
amount? d to I.TBJHU tons. Put forth?? un
' bl? areather comUtJona mentioned,
11 ? ihlpmente of btaok dlamon.ls would
have bi en much gr. at.-r.
The total receipt? at the ejty po?t-oftice
'??a- the Bacal year, 1M-M were UMaVAPL
'?"his ? ? - ? oreaae of ??,??? over th??
preceding twelve month*. The Itoetpte
?. n. 'i'ths of thla y?? ir, ??andina
S ? nb r 11, were ?tt-??'/??. which rtiow
thai tii bualnea? is ?till increasing at th(.
fa->i?-> pie nominal rata
1 ? trai aipal lmi***o**emanl? atart^d
Ua.aro about oompleteA The
almo?! ready for rer
v:??? . the two blidgea over th* ?'h?>-ap.'..k..
/;? ?Ohio In the heart of the cite ara near?
!.. Bniahad, i new Jail ?*. a? erected and in
a few week? the oily will mnk.* arrang?
mrnts ?-> pave the >j*iinc*-pal thorough
?Bonds to th? amount of ab.vtt
??? will .?"ion be Banoi tor public im?
Hiipld ??Iride??The Militila and
I)I!i:t Interrata.
ITI.ASKI. VA., \)?- cai.,et .,<).--(Special.)
Puhwhl ?City and county bav? both had
a proaperoua y-ar. ami look forward to a
?sail moi ?t????*-???? one in 1!*0.
The tit? has improved In its streets,
walks, and bulldlaga* tin? Iron and
zinc furnac*? have been enlm?? 1 and im
provad, ....? their output la?t*reaaed* the
prtoa of Iron and zinc has advam ? d great?
ly; th? furnace? are making great
profits,* and are paying their hands bat?
ter wage Tbey are all ?skilfully man?
aged -the Dors lien Furnace, under
rlntl Ddent Du:?.nc-, of the Carter syn
dioate; the Pulsskl Iron l'urnao:, under
nt. aident Eekman, and the zinc
fun?:'??;, teder Vic? -1'iL.i.?1? tit George
?tern, of thu Bertha Minera] com
zee furr.ace has added a number
lot nee and built a num?
ber of OiUCAta4 houses, ami has on Its
yard a year'? supply of ore.
Ia the? cjunty, all mining operations are
very asti**?, a aumbcr of Ir-Tn-aUnaa bc
? 1 ui? and successfully work???!?
oli of them tributary to Pulaskl City, the
oentral point of the Iron and t*ltie opera?
tion* All the?? industries have this y? ar
? hbhadant employment to laborer;;
at living rates.
Thu county, as well aa the city of
Puluskl, Is prosperous. ?Cattle men
have done timisually well in the
laut year. Th?? cattle industty is
aitsumin? its former place as tho best
and must profitable agricultural Internet
In this famous grazili..; an.l .-Uock-rui?tng
??c'iin, and the razor-back sorts of th?
so-callci milk and butter breeds are Riv?
ing place to the shorthorn, which Is
tho great fuvorite of the stock-rais???.
living abradano? of milk and butter and
maMag ?prima beef as well, which is now
commanding a very high price.
Tho county is about to build two new
? . ; bridgea nato?? Nav river, it hus
improved its roads steadily for the last
??? years, and will continue to do so In
Uto There is a snug balance to the
county's credit In th? treasury.
Merchants in the city and county re?
port an unsually active Christmas, and
expet a fine trade n?xt year.
Tb? b!?; work on the Norfolk and West?
ern cut-off, near Hadford ?ity, through
PulaaKI county, will be compie.ed in 1900.
It will Mat a ::r? nt sum and employ? a
great many hands. Its tunnel is ?at
th'c-iiuarters of a mile long, ami its
1?? 1dgl -w? lk and muaonry are heavy and
of the bm quality.
?'reps are promising.
A Yenr of Remarkable Advance
men'.-New Enterprise?.
HANYIl.I.':. VA.. D-.-or.iber r,..-(Spe
cia!.)?The ?soar Just closed has b.ii one
of advancement along almoat all lines
for Danvilie, and or.e marked by tha la>
nuguratlon or < omplcti'.'ii of Riverai Im
povtant ent'-rprisesj, public ani private.
For many years the tobacco Ml ?, I. 1*0?
ling, and manufacture were the chkf in?
dustries of the city, ba.t within the ) a
t\v.) d? ca?is the manufacture of cotton
fabrics has grown from pmail a''"<""
tions to a volume that rivals ihe to!'
Inter??*?. The Riverside Cotton-.MiMs
c...apaay, ?*ith a capital lavested of more
than u Million dollars, opcr^tLS tix laTg?
Brills, all located aloti?: aie? Dan rivi?.?,
aad with water a-' t!.?? motive p....ir.
The??: milla, employing two thousand or
more operaaive?, hive hi?! a pro?p,trOBfl
year. ne\M- havinar had to shut down n<?r
to rcduc-? vagi t, atm ai'Aays finding ready
?i profitable Hale fur their product?.
????* Ktoi-khiYi; ?rs will draw their u- ?? ?!
comfortable dividend. During the yeur
thi? conipany. us a corgoratioa mad?? up
of Its s'ocklioiders, has acquired Va! . 1
wat? r-front piop? ray tilon-j the hv?r. it -
? ludtaag vast and valuabio water OOWar,
the consicier.itlon i;.v(;ived being *1??? > '
ll is the intention of this company to
?I? ve'.op this rower for tbe operution of
?????. plant?.
White the tobacco manufacturing Inter
?K!s of thr eHy have not been enler-iM
during the y?.ar. th?? salea of leaf tobacco
have ?Steadily Increased, reaching more
than *?.COo.ti?A> pouiiils Vor ihn vear aad?d
t ?October 1st. For the year from Janu?
ary 1, 1SW. to January !. G?*?. the salea
amount to more thin .':'.'. >.?? pounds
The lohacoo export trade of Ihe ? Ity bra
grown during th?? yeST Stoo. ?"?ring tho
ths Continents! Tabsoeo Company
bag er.? ted and is now Operating a lari;?)
? bri? k toi
BO and haiid:ing-i " ?- Tho Amerl
.-., compel I aita
a vl? w to the estshll.bmenl bere of a
;. moro tha
Art" Bg tha ? ? If .? ' Heb? ?
diiria the yeai ?anvllle
p. Ilodnett, pri ild nt; ? apltal, I
? rating ? yam ?," '??'? ?'?'? ruanufaO
tory, ?? prop ? to ? teb ish other..
??.? .a.! . righta end fran?
chis, s of the ' Com?
pany hsvi |uln ?l i ?' u .
?,t.? of ? ?"-t" - rive young mi ?, with
William J. l'i?..??, of Kl I. Va
, ? -jdent. ? ?| my baa ???..? ?
nded fi ? ' '-'
the Dan ? Ivi ?
Nor h Daiivilli
Il I ;
rough**?: . .??.in bi ? ntlra ayi ? ? t.
? ? : -
' ly mod f a) :' m. The. com
..,.. ,.,?.? ? ? - al il.lb'n ami
rate an ei
1 .?V - 1 . Il
Dui ; ? ear 'i:?? city haa ?
1100,000 bond, and old tin m re idlly npd
,.:'. 1U.1.1 I
it i?, to peve M ili ati at ?' ? ?
: , .??'. ,.? with k.
from ??' ??, ??'' '?
With vitrified b 'or mo
other air?ete ate ih col
OT HUM a?!.i:nl,..-o.
Th?? building of tb ?I
and white brick Un'on
ti'iii of the Southern railway, now practi?
cally completi :. la anol ?? r notable step
in the clty'a adi ine? mei t.
The effort on the ? ?; ol the Ruelneae
Men'a ? ?eia ind ?? na io secure
mor?? ad l? for the
dty is ti'iu ? Com
Commla i".i for adjud cation.
<_r?-at I'ma.-icrlt---- I? **|iK'inll?l ?w
1 Car O'itli.ok.
NORFOLK, VA., December St?.-?'Spe?
cial.)-This seaport metropolis of the
South Atlantis has enjoyed a year of un
azampled prosperity. The city haa ipresd
it-elf ever BOW territory. Never before
have the building tra?J? s Boca as active
hero r?:? at present, und ni rer hai the
commercial Importance of the port been
so great. Wholaaale business and mann*?
factures of all kinis are BourishlnB, and
nothing could better .show th?? healthy
condition of the retail trade than the
aride expenslog of ih?* dry**gooda .??sui it,
now in progresa Oranby afreet, an old
and aristsoratlo thoroughfare. Is being In?
vaded by trade, many blocks north of
tho f'?r;.i*r hounds of the retail district.
More than a dozen flin: business blocks
and office building* are being erected
throughout the dty, the major portion of
them bcinj on Qrsnby street. The mag*
nlfii-eiit neW CUStom*boUBe and post-oflloe
Is rapi,l'y approaching completion, and
_*eoadencea are going up ail over the dty.
Norfolk la BOW siii-rottnil.'i* by populotta
and !>? autiful suburbs, readily accessible
by rapid-transit trolley lines. A new road,
now nearlng completion, designed to open
up the waterfront reetdence property at
BsweH'a P? h ?, where a hotel is to be
erected, Mill also connect by ferry to Old
The lumb-r Industry of Norfolk, Ports?
mouth, and Berkley Is one of the most
lmportaut, and the past year has v.it
naaaed a marvellous Increase in it. Mary
large forti'ties hi.??? been made during the
past twelve mon hs, duo to the extra
ordlnsry increase of activity in this
branch of industry.
Portsmouth and Rcrkley have In all re
apsots kept abreast of their big sister
city, in nil three towns estensive real
est?t?? deal, have been cons?immated du
ring the year; new factories for the man
Ufactnre of cotton, ?ilk, and novelties are
h?iiij_; built; now banks have been organ?
ised, and othtrs have extended their ? .;?!
tal and business.
The port dOTtVOg it_? world-wide repu?
tation from Its export trade. By far the
most Importan! feature ?>f this is th-? coal
trad ?. There WOTS shipped from the lam?
bert POlot ?"il pier? this year, to foreign
and coastwise points, several million tons
of Foeahoutss coal, ths world-famoua
Virginia fUsl Tho port Iris weD*Illgb re
galne?! Its lost prestige a.? one of ihe
worid's great cotton marts. The r<?*??r?Ii
of the Cotton Exchange ihow thai this
year's inore.?-e In reoalpts, compressing,
and ahlpmenta was very grat living.
The coastwis?.? shipping has Increased
marvellously, and Norfolk easily landa all
other South Atlantic ports, both In ton?
nato nnd !n the number of arrivals
and departures of ves:;?>!s. ThS I Hd
Dominion Bteamahlp Company, during
the year, found it neoosssry to add to
Its large fi? ? t thR two finest v?asela for
tho coast wi-?? service afloat They ?ire the
Hamilton and Jefferson, aad are in ser?
Increase In their terminal faciliti?-, have
b?-en m-n.le by the Southern railway, the
Atlantic-Co ?st Line, the Norfolk and
Western, Chesspssks and ??hio-, ?????
v?.rk, Philadelphia and Norfolk; ?Seaboard
Alr-IJne, and by other railway systems
centering here.
Norfolk Is In the mld?t of an era of
aubstant.al, healthy growth. It has for
some years past been gtesdlly increasing
In area and commi nial importance, and
the great prosperity it has enjoyed du?
ring the past year presages Its continued
Tin: iiii.L city.
Xew I'-iiteriirlscH?The Year a Re
LYNCHBURQ, D?,ember ??-(Special)
The growth and development of I.yi.? h
burg as a BlSnfSCtoring ?? litre in the j>a.-t
three yeara and especially in the year
IS'M luis b? en v?ry rapid. Within tl*,.?r t nie
Blxteen BOW maniaci Urin?.? plant? h ? ? -
b.'en established as follows: A. I.. Peters.
Manfacturing Artifii'ial Limbs; linches
liuggy Co., Manfacturing Boggles; Stam?
ford Manfa< during Co., Msnfaicturing
?lyes; Lewie Johna lisnfaeturing Co .
Manfacturing Fertilizers; Lynchburg
Hardware Msniseturing Co., Manfa-itur
ing Hai ??war,?; Lajmchburg Diamond Ice
CO., Manfacturing Ice; Midland Hosiery
Co., Manfacturing Hosiery' Guggenheim
? r Msnfsctuhing ??., Manfacturing1
pants; Lynchburg Plow Co., Manfactur*
Ing Plows Re. H Bvsngft Co., Mani i?".ur
i'iii ping Tobi??.; Lynchburg Chemical
Co., MsnfS-rturlng Kxtracts ?te. Taylor
Wsgi ?*. Co., Manfacturing RTggeae;
Thornhlll Manfaciiuiii,- Co., Manfactur?
ing Waeons; ___ynchburs Brasi Manfac?
turing (.?.. Msnfs<Hui*mg Braei suods;
Virginia ?? ? til C? ., ? mi ? : irioB I Inder
wear; and L?ynchbuig Paper Bea 00?,
Ma .lfacturini; Paper Boxee,
Besldea these BOW plants nearly every
one of th?? |.r_c.-r ?if the . :,) planta have
Increased it. capacity. This i* true Of tho
Cotton MIR, which has doubled Ita capac?
ity and will employ about WO people. The
Lynchburg Plow Co. has also doubled .Is
capacity. John H. Heald ft ?. . Msnsso?
torcs of Barytea fte, bave also Increkasd
th? Ir capa? Ity. as ha; th.* Qlomoygan
Pipu L? Poupdery Co. The year 1W I.as
been a record breaker for Lyrichburtj In
Jobbing as well a? manfacturing, it b Ing
estimated that ???.???.??) worth of goods
will lie distributed .'r> in li.-n? this y.? ir.
It i- Iiellev.-d that th?? r.:.inf.u turing out?
put will ba ??'lub'.ed by the In p ? and
tl.? new plr.nts and a conaewstlva ?'.t??
mate of the output when th?? new plant
get under full headway |a J9,?A?ji? p?r
year against ?,???,??? In MM.
>?i llooui. Hat Health) Pr<i_rre??
A loa? All Liai??.
STA G N TON. VA.. December TO.--iSj,e
Cial.)?Aa the New-Year dawns the trade
sentiment in BtsuiRaa is dsstdsdiy hope?
ful. While ther?? has been no bipiOSSa
boom, trade conditions in the cliy have
b-, ? good. Mark deposits have b?-?*u In?
creased, and a l.irger \olume of discounts
shows a gene? tally t?.er. ??>?_??| ?/?".:.,.,..
In monetary ctl*Ol<<*?. Kcw?'r r.-il?iires ih in
usual have characterized th?? bu*lne?s
rear. Pfwyubera a ?grati?, though
ual, giow ha? warmed tin triiainaa? world.
i" ? but n few- have flarhtened thi?
? ? n.injrilty, .md goad fortune an<l nn ? ,|
?????.? fire ?!? r rfmcrit having stood the
city l . it??!
Whi ' ax improved (^partualty
.? ,???. n\ ,.f !,,i or ...?,,? nn in
crea- the faaming interest?
complain that t] i ? 1ml aa added bot*
. . prod?? I . vy
? ' | ? ? h??\vn
? md a g^n??!?!.;
', b.t ? -?t aboul Staunten'? baarth?
M ? -? hav ? bad th ? rice? de
ma ??"?? tola yoat in a conatani an
mm?: tlV? w.v. and tin? amount of
l r? ?h- a ual amot
Vltogether, the outlook tor IMO la Oat?
??-? 'Kl* MU itti.
%Ct It I tp In til I In???? (iront I?*
|ir?i ??nient ?.
' nCRSBURO, VA., 1?? ? na ?r 30.?
Ui.) Tha trad? of P?*?t?rahurg during
the ? >r ahowa ? ? irge in?
?iv. r that Ot ???, \? In h ? .is ari ???:????inti
amooni ? a burin??? done.
el ?? ?api --?
faction l'an ali tri
ti ? ??? cheerful .s ;., the futa?*?. In all
Wholl na!?? tl "1
A?' the Increase of business haa been
I. ge, and In the retati ?? ? rtmenta '?ra le
has been active and proti'able. A gratl
|.-.?.l.:i ??' ? ? i? in '
t?? i?i all ?.?? ? han I - la that of small
b* par?
?.' Milt
Another gratifying
i?, tance ?' Improvement in the commer
< ?I world ;- ? t I ibor of all kind? has
been ;,*.?.-p emp I that no one
wh?. ?I??.--!r? 1 w ira lia :' lied to ?rei lt.
?Skill? d lab ir has b - ? alv.v \?. ?? -
mand. The cotton- and t tori -
h:iv?? been run on full tin"? with full
fore? and their output? have ?. gr< at,
with fa iv tdlet for ali ali ? could manu?
Thi (rubli? ?traete ' mproved.
? irles a ml warehnuae? ha re b ? ?
erected, new Industrial pianta bave been
ei ibllshed, and Others are in contempla
Uon. Many An? resldencea h ve b en
built, contractor? ?have had mora work
offered than they could tahe, Ihe banhs
have don ? an Immcnee buitneas all be?
tokening a ????.-ii'T.ius y?.ir. Initiai!' the
year ? great railroad ha? been built out
from ??ur city, which will open ? rich Me?
llon to our market, and a fiist-ciass
?treet-railway Bervi e i. ? ; been ??ven to
toe rabile, everything has been ?tn?
couraging In a bualneea upect during to?
???ar. land everything is more encouraging
for ? :????|<1 and ;iu? slant ai ?progresa In
the future. A ?*reat busings has been
done in the manufacture of trunks, which
ar?? sent out t" every Mate in the Union.
The large peanut-factorie? have pia?????!
th'lr products throughout th?? land, art
the market? "f the world have been In
large ?part suppl?? ?? vitb leaf and atanu?
facturad tobacco f ? ??in INtersburg.
What has be? n don.? thi< y? ar. If fd^ns
do not fail, will be don?? m-xt year, and
energy and capital will b?? exerted to add
t?) the proeperlty and commercial im
portance of the city.
A Moat
'ros|><*riiua leur?'???? l*e?>iile
FnKDKKicKsmitti, v.v. Pccetabwr
?,?. -,;?(?. ?-i.-ii.)?An Interview tiiis week by
the Dispatch correspondent with
leading wholeaalera, Jobbers, and lb? t?
tallera In all bramhes of mercanti*? busi- j
n?aa, ami with the manufacturera and
contracte??*?, permita him to tn.ik?? tha ?.
gratifying announcement the! the year !
now closing has not un'y 1.? an ex
c.Itngly proaperoua one, bui a record? j
breaktnc year in all branch? ? ?>f trad?? f
Especially prosperous, ?however, ?have !
been the manufacturar?, ?eversi of which
have on atora than one occasion bt ?
ton'?'-1 to turn down orders. </f jl!,
tli?>i!i;h. the contractors have hid the
most prosperous year. As an evidence
of this, tht-r?! have been more buildings
erected and more repair work dona i! an
In any on? ".ear tor tbe p.iit twenty, und
thtj Indications a-"?.? thst the coming ?year
will s? .. ? greater boom ?till In the build?
ing line, with th?? ? factory,
two large bu ai ? office ?. .lldlngs.
and other contracts already slxned, it I?
eatlm ted that the jrear IW will -??? more
building? erected and greater Improve?
ment? generally than m any oik )
etnee the city was founded, in thi? |
march of progresa on alie part "f the
cltlaena, the city, too, will enter and k.-i?
abreast with toe tita ? Tbe firs) of
theae Improvements will t? the ?
i?f an electric Ughi and ?power plan' Thla
will ?be foUowao by generi! w?
iii ? paving of the utr ?. tj. AlOl
th-.'Se vaili ?orne valuable aid fr
redera] Qorarmnent, In the ? -t iblleh
ment of th? Battle-field? ?Park, which
mean? no little io ihu clt) and s??ti"n.
Northern capltallata ha\?- an ?'?iiion on
ihe water-powor, which, la* purchaaed (and
there s?^n;s ao doubl thai it win be),
mean? th.? en itlon of aeveral Important
Industrie?, the plana for which hs*
ready bran drawn. Altogetb?ar, there?
fore, th?* outlook for the Old Burg is
decidedly encouraging, and our ctlliena
^re more JubUani than the Writer haa
tret known tii? in to be, Yin-re has also
been a steady Inovat-e in the prlco of
lealty. _
'J lie fortune of V? ?ir.
t,Loll?i":. ' '.'? J
I.:? utenant Melhlejohn, of to? ?aYr.lon
Blghtoiidarai memi a?? ba*ra had a \ery
hot time at Blandalai v>? Ha received
three bullets through hi? upp-r right arm,
s-ne through th? right firearm, one
through the left thigh, two thlUU**h hi.?
helmet, a "snick" In the n?'c'c, one of his
llnf-ers was blown away, and his ?.word
mil : ? ihhard Wtrre ???? to piecis; b'lt ho
;s quite happy, and the Iqm ?.f his right
MW ? i ? ??.?' him little iineasln? ss. iletw.-.-n
liis chOCkle? b? is heard to Hay: "?! ?
[luf?Yrs didn't know I am left-handed!"
Pa?? it.
fYonk? is Statesman )
Bill! Hear that fellow? He sinjfa to
tteep the wolf from the ?door.
Jill: I should think he would be emi?
nently successful.
Many thousand dollars are brought
to Uiehinond each y?>ar by ?oral in: in -
.?.?.??.? raiwnpailtea, and many thousand:?
ara s.-nt away by cattisene to foreign
rampaalea, Moral: Inaura w-uii vtrginu
Sold arXyby
607 E Broad SL '
Prom A to EE.
IM ??...SonAVVl
About Printing.
Theffi are in un y ,? ? ,,
doitij it, i'rom movablr tvr??.,
from solid machme-r.m s! ? ?-^
from enr-raving a. from
troty?e jviatr*s. from si??. |
etrpaatalaiet ami from
dii's. We io 't in every
and in anv ara y dMtred,
we Barar pemil a imatoiaer
to take aw-y RMythlnf v. ?
is not perfectly Riitisfat ;
And Stationery.
In times of prosperity and
ar! (ve hrafiiiieRR __Ro*rem< ?
Wi II as at all other Um .
you should be careful ??
your stationery is su?*li ??
carry to your correspon,
the unpreaaion that you ......
only know what is pn
but that you have the
taste and good aettM t?? ? ??,,.
chase it, if it is more ex pen,
sive than s??in?' other kiiu.s*.
for each of? these lines
the establishment of the I
rett Waddey Compaia.
east Main street, when ,o.
need something in eitlii-r ?.(
these lines call, and you ?vili
({et just what you ou t ,
have. no __hTh.Su .
\W!f1mmWafamWtV!amM 9Wa\W?JX\TT7- Bl
r.ar-?i*-_Mr'---rfWiir-r--? ?-*?*??'* ?
The Ultra sho* for vroinen rcprtatnl ?
very small luiirj-ln of profit iu a
pair. Your continuous **atXDB*;*e oil]
amply cotr*"*n?.'itc us lor s-Hiiif. ?
I a goo?! shoe as lc**?,? aa *f
? You will find tbe same sty',??,
comfort, and gox-ncbS in every
Ditta sho?** ?re l?rst, hecauie
they're be. t way tht?>u;,h. B?*it
materiali; best s?kille?t work?
manship; ??-t bty.f'l ; best fin?
ish ami dr-tnil possihV lo pro?
cure. Bett price to all, ?3.50.
Christmas Goods !
The Beai Jewelry Co..
1423 E? Main Street.
Havintj less expense Hum
in our Broad-slreot --Ion?.
we will r-ivoa LARGE RE?
all of our goods turili?? hol?
iday trade. Weliavo a full
line of
Watches, Diamonds,
Silverware, Sterling
Silver Not/titles. Gc.
The Bear Jewelry Co
1423 E. Main Street.
LB lea Bo>Taa*~l
?K?AMZKI) 1832.
The Virginia Fire ansi Marina
Insurance Company
W. H. PALflEK, President.
W. H. MC'ATHY. Secretary
mm TMsv Pius
1 ur i?i jr?ar? ah? w.'r ???. ai.'l r?-;u! *
F?*a>_le U?-_-Uii??or fiai _..1U?mi1.:< ?
I??i..--Bviil*aii ? ??*??. ?? 4rt_jj,i.i.
?r l-?? mai!. IM?/?, ?*. *???_-)?V. to
?NVulu n ?'*??'?*?'?'.'" WII.-VSMr?*?
li ?? ???** rut s.. *??> st., ??_.?_*., ?*-.?
-p? IS-BuISU

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