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•& ■ .'■■ ■"'■'—-- ~~- "■ - "■■■'■- '.:.
f tiiiA, ny tirsxicii coVicntxc; tiik:,i
1.J1C121.Y TO J'.VSS. 7
J*sun«\">t litfort <o Hn'vc". One ,Con
'.lii<Tci|. Ilcsii«<«' Ktirton'M fJChjec
; tiott— More ycir.ro Troojn '-; Ssulcllert
n T«rxns— Tl«c CrnmimcUcr IWII.
_.. ,
\VA,'-';nNG-TdN\ IX C, January* I.—
.-; rci.i!.)--fv::iauir Teller lias fritrotJuctd
h iv.!i which iiVeHHles the claims oi nil
the K-iobrnoml property-owners who ihave
ciiarecs'-ragafu'st the government. ] L is
-i.iu-o that the bill will pass at this! ses
sion <•£ Congress, as it is the desire of
that 'body to iinally dispose of all these
jrc'ltors. The present bill has beeii re
;<r:'- d to the Committee on Claims,: and
it is the purpose of Senator Teller to
jmsh ihe measure as rapidly as possible.
The i.araes of .-..!; the Richmond clbitri
nsts under tho bill. -Including isaaciDa
,.:., rrt. and ol3:< :>'. h:ive :■' recently -"been
•■•.üblisbcd in! thy Dispatch, as mentioned
in a Ir.il introduced in the House by 3Kep
n^enJntivc Lamb. ' •..: • ! '
nt'pivsOKJitUvts whose constituents are
proatly interested in a. river and harbor
hill are determined to make an effort to
i, i such' a, bill considered and reported
;.; the present session. It is nowH-aid
that .i corriblaatiohbas been effected; b«
;v,..-;m cert:: in ■ Democratic', and Jiepvbli
ca;i members on the Committee on ltijrers
:;.f. Harbor's, whose districts ate ci ; pe
-■■■ interested in the matter, by which it
j.i.'.y ho. possible- to override the resolu-:!
lion of ■Chairman Burton, of the comMiit
it •>. Tlie leaders In this movement iare
;.,i:I to l-e -Pierce, of Missouri, and Ho
" tfe-ijbers. of Illinois; (Republican:-), jiiid
Kail "mid JvJeberg, of Texas, and Spsrk
::..: v. of Florida (Democrats;.
TJesjHte tnc recent troubles between the
white; .'residents':". of Southwestern Texas
;v ■. i tl)o colored troops now garrisoned
::; ihsit State, tho "War Department "is:ss
•■isued -Jan order which may jjrove -a friiit
:al source of more friction.
.■Orders were sent out by the department
fi r tiie removal of a battalion of colored
..vz'.ry from Cuba, where it is now
stationed, to Texas. Four companies 5 of
:: .-•. Tenth Cavalry were selected by the
j partment.- The troops are to be brought
:.. Galveston; and from that pyint
sire'!; xo bo distributed over the- Stiite,
where needed. " - :
53 view of the recent clash between
flic residents of Southwestern Texas and
the icolored troops quartered in that £--ee
tfsn, it is. felt, here that the department
i?::,-~ht have exercised a little; more t-ict
i.; d good: judgment in. making the 'is-
Eignmeat. ' . ■'" ■ ' • ..
Congressman Wilson, oi South Ca.ro-
I:::a, who V2S chairman of the Judiei/a.y
Caminitiee of the constitutional ■conven
;; iii ( of ISPS, -which enacted the pres6ht
suffrage laws vf Souia Ctuoliua., de
clares that the Crumpacker bill, ;• if it t>e
f. iirnes law, -will . be unconstitutional. .
f ' Tts South CarOiinian cites a immber T of
v authorities in support of his opinion "that
: Conpress las no powers to restrict the
...number of representatives from a Stale
',an account of tho suppression of suffrage:
ri '.'present ative. Wilson believes thmt
there is not even, a remote possibility .of
tho bi'l's being adopted by the ■ 1-^e
pufclicsai caucus or of its beiiiij passed la
the House.
Captain J. C. Feathcrston, memlier of
the Virginia House of Deleiraies from
Campbell county, was in the city to-day,
on private business. ..
Judge P. "\V. Strbther, of Giles county,
If^s. !Tn«t. at ■■ thfi.: jU"etroT»olitnn.
R. 1\ Green,' B. Miller". Oalpeper; W. 1.7.
Collins, Lynchburs; Joseph: Shepherd,
HichJßOnd; K. N. Goolrick, !M. U. Bait,
I-'r.;"J!:.:"k i ksl>urs— Metropolitan. .". ■■'„
ile luincks Out !\Jnlicr iurlJio I'tfili
: ?CEW YORK.. January l.—'-ICid" McCoy
ssrain placed himself in the championship
class by defeating' Peter Maher, in a brisk,
•sveil-fousht battle of five rounds, before
the; Coney Island Athletic Club, this after
noon. The figlit was scheduled to last
twenty-five round?, and the purse was to
have been. ?2'},t"Do, but the attendance was
not' as large as had been expected, and
before the fight was begun the- princi
pals agreed that the -winner should re
ceive the gross .gate receipts.
-. The battle was 3iard-f ought from start
V> finLsh, but McCoy was. far the cleverer
■■xaan in ring tactleSrr-dbduSng, £:de-step
yAf.g; and hitting' powers. He showed him
f'V to be a good riny: general, ever,Avatch
i:ik tor an opening, .aiid never failing to
tat-? advantage of one. Maher, aJthough
crcciied with being a •heaT.-y hitter, did
: notWct in many effective, blows. -His
fooiWork was poor, and at times he did
jint Vppear to have perfect control oi
lilmfaf. . - ■
Whit the men entered the ring- and
■;•-•. rip'pA .fur lhe battle both looked to be
in jx-riVt condition, and they were greet
ed vrtthYurimitKous applause. Under Mar
quis of\Queenberry rules, new gloves,
provide A)}- the club, were handed to the
referee, Vid be in turn g'avethernto the
boxers' 1 sionds. : Ma her donned his quick- :
•;.ly,.but A Coy claimed that the gloves]
• ::■! not i.\ him,; and ■stubbornly- refused j
.to use I'lict. He insisted on wearing an |
o!u pair, \isch he claimed.- suited him,
but the rtf\oe was obdurate and McCoy
jjnvc in. \ !
The knockXut blu\v came in the fifth I
round; McCtVfcnt. a right which fell a I
bit :"thori. : :am\tlu-n dropping his U-H to :
the body, tri\ a tiyht fcwini;. and r .as j
Peter Bide-sLe"p\'d tlie Kid met him with
a full f.v.-irigniglGfCv/hicli landed: « the
point. of the j;t\ and the Jrishma invent ;
down, ■: resting oiVvis right, elbow, and was .
counted <.'Ut in tl-. position. It was a ter
rilic"blbw% and .■•l'a\'in"g right on tlie mark,
uu <:>:; could sea\ily have withstood its!
force.. It was: \- cleanest knock-out]
ever seen in a rinjs"lctH-, and v.hie st)ine p
V'->r!e wore- unkin\'enbugh to -say that
■■'.'■Jlriher could have , it; en up again, those
who were nearest. \i;Tjie: lighters-, and
raw tlie force of til blow, v.-ere- of the
oj inion ilsai Suliivaii.Li his palmiest ways
could not; have witht&ocl it.
Probably in the hisHs- of riiiy fights in
this vicinity, -there haftnevex been such
..a quiclc chanse in thlbettihg us that
wliiuh occuJTed ye.steiay in the two
hours preceding the sl^h% For some days
past ilaliiii' Iris been te favorite, as
KOOd as .100 to CO being 1 U'ii on hi:n, TO to
I(o,: being the ruling prit, and at thY
different sppriiug; centies^his price was
maintained until an hour <.*^vhe beginning 1
of the contest. Then a li&uliar change
occurred, and for no a;>^r«::it reason
Slaiier- stock was beared,, wiile the Kid's
■■''wns bulled, and whfcn fhe aen got into
tlie ring: their positions in% he betting 1
market v.'tro reversed, withcie Kid the
favorite, I
TUl'2 FiGllT J:: "DKTVJL...
Hound i. TlieKld iiiimediat-B' took. the
oitensive, Peter breaking" gt ; «and/ !Ivid
fainted with left. The Kid t hc?j tent left
hook to; jaw, Jioorji'.y Mailer. Wuher up.
ia two seconds. . The KJd : tried Voss, but
' JulsHed; Maher 'irfod left; s'winiifor the
htad, but the .Kid sidi»-stepi»e«| neatly.
?>lah«r .'ig:;!u tried Ifciti but Ihe Im|' again
. "."ide-.-teppeci. ilcCoy Ki'rit left »V body,
E «d iV't^i,' in. an rjiteitiin to reiyn \ho
blow, jtjippe'l "uiid lell, bu'. rcyaiis'd hiii
•f«;<.'t quickly,; ;Thcty came/ to; a ■ fe!iiu:h.
ji!ih<-v forced the Kid to the rop«.'^; \vhtire
h t put right on Mho Kid's bc-ly.l Kid
'.broke away- nicely, ■'"•"and utter,-; a-.BUiiu"
.sparrlnjj.-.-ijiit" a- ■■lcft'-to- Mahcr's stomach-;
TMlv MEX-^MUSEI). ; ;
Hound 2. lioth: men enme up laughing 1 ,
oach FpnrrSnij for. an opuiilng. • ■J.lcCoy-
feiriteu . with left. : I'eter mnde ' vicious
right and loft swings,, neither ,lmidiriK,
:m<l at; close q\iartcrn-the. Kid put (right!
r.iid loft to body. As they- broke, away the,
Kid put left to the jaw; {lien th<>y mixed it
up, Maher . 'ianding right and loft to tho
body. In breakaway "Mnhei" p"Ut-'-;left to
body. Coming together again, the Kid
mensural his. man and sent right to y.\\\\
putting? Maher to his hands and knees: 1
Maher up in four seconds, and; rushed
mndly nt McCoy, -'getting to body, while
M'cCoy jabbed left -three times to the
J'aoe. Mahcr forced the Kid to; the rope's,
.".nd'sho Kid slippod tothe Jioor. As soon
.as he: got upv he. sent left to Mailer's
face, sending >hla -head back. Tlie Kid ,
sent two left to jaw, and McCoy followed
with right over jaw, which turned l!a
her's: head sideways as song 1 sounded.
Kound; 3. McCoy came up more confi
dfiit than over, while Peter wore an
anxious look, but was very determined.
The Kid feinted, without a blow being
struck. Muhe'r forced the Kid to the
ropes, but the KiO hooked left to jaw
and escaped a return. Twice Ihe Kid
jahiKnl lift to Maher'R stom'ich, and
Peter became, more wary. They came to
a clinch, each landing riyht to ribs. The
3 via sent two left hooks to jaw, which
sent Maher back, and followed with an
other, which knocked the bic fellow three
yards back. McCoy blocked light return.
They-, came tp : a! clinch, but in the break
the Kid sent a straight right to face
and bread-basket;: Maher tried to mix
it up, and forced the: kid to the ropes,
but the Kid fought K !back and got bank
to the centre of the ring 1 , where he got
in a straight left to trie face just as the
bell sounded.
Round 4. McCoy was quicker on his
ic-'i. lioih sparred carefully.; with Maher
forcing. The Kid tried left, landing light
ly on the wind. Maher forced Mc-
Coy to a neutral corner, and landed left
en the face, jarring McCoy. McCoy Etep
ped. to left, and Peter struck out with
left, but fell short. In a mix-up Peter
got riglit to head, and McCoy was cau
tioned-;, for ..: holding. McCoy booked left
to face, and Peter followed with left on
body. Maher jabbed left straight in the
face, at. close quarters, without .a return.
This"; Kid sent left to. face, but Peter
hooked two lefts to head, and then used
his ; left twice more to the ICid's' head,
while McCoy jabbed left to wind. They
came to a clinch, in which Peter w;is
cautioned for holding-, but at the same
time he sent left hook to McCoy's" face^
This was Txlal^er's round.
Hound: 5. Peter forced the pace. The
Kid tapped with: left lightly to the face,
shifting to the left side, which is unusual
in McCoy's ring tactics. Both landed lefts
to head. " Then Peter sent another
left to face, the •Kid countering.-, ., Peter
shot left to throat, and tried to ! cross
right, but missed. Maher led. McCny
laiided"'.- two 'hard lefts on: the jaw;,- Mc-
Coy crossed right over to the point of the
jaw. Peter forced jto! clinch. McCoy drop-,
ptd the fellow with a left swing
on the jaw. lie-was counted out. Time
of ..round— 2 minutes. 22 seconds,.
An iimi ncemcj»< ?Jhtle Ity Genevhl
Ilultngi. Coin in aii tier- iii Clstpf.
L.AXCASTER. PA.. January I.— General
Willis J. Hillings, eominarider-in-chief-b.il
the National Association of Spanish-
American War Veterans, to-day an
nounced the following .appointments of
department commanders: Alabama. Colo
nel James W. Cox; Arkansas. Colonel
Vigil T. Cook; California, Colonel Victor
Duboee; Florida, Colonel Irving E; Web
ster; Illinois, Colonel I). Jack Foster; In
diana. Captain WiliiamMJ. English; KanV
sas, Major A. JI. Harvey; Michigan, Colo
nel Chnrlc j s I*. j-Joynton; Minnesota. Major I
J'rancis H. Bidwell; Missouri: General j
Milton Moore: Montana. , Colonel C. : F. !
3-\ord; Xew IlnniDsiiire, Captain' Frank |
E. Kollins: .. Kew Jersey. Colonel Quincy. i
CM. Gillmore: North Carolina. Colonel !
\\". 11. S. HursHTn: North Dakota, Colo- j
nel William C. Truman: Pennsylvania,;.
Colonel Christopher T. O'Xeill: Rhode is
land. Major Lepter S. Hill: South Caro- !
lina. Colonel YVylie J'Hies: Texas; Coltmt- 1
!G; W. Hardy; Vermont. Major Henry .!">.
irillmore; Major Edward H.
Fox: West Virginia. Captain .lohn Baker
Wliite; Wisconsin. Colonel Martin T.
These officer?, together with the com
manuer-in-cliief and" adjutant-general (ex
osiicio), siiali constitute the Executive
Board or Council of Administration, and
they will immediately, select a istaff. to
consist of an assistant adjutant-general,
an assistant .Quartermaster-general; an
assistant inspector-general and assistant
surgebn-gerie.ral, a juuge-tidvocale. a sig
nal officer, and a chaplain, who will hold
OJiice until further orders.
Vi.yorf>us A<<a<*Tc on Prencli Sfiutiovs.
Sjjeo.f :itj>r 51r«;is lJonti.
PATiIS, January L— Ths Senate, sitting
as the High Court for the trial of the
conspii'acy charges, was. in session yes
terday, in ord^r to hasten the conclusion
of the! proceedings. A sensational inci
<3ent occuri-ed at tho opening^ when a
spectator suddenly fell dead in the public
gallery. .
The session, was chir-ily devoted to a
speech by M. Jules Giierin in his own
defence. H«' yigurously attacked senators
and the public prosecutor, and was be
coming abusive when he received a sharp
caution from M. FaiHeres. president of
the court, who warned him to moderate
his language, under peril of being re
fused a further hearing. He then pro
ceeded until adjournment:, with an elabo
rate rc-pudintion ot' the accusations against
■ . —^.'s?*
II<i!:. .5. .T. misseM. of I.:i-«itler«lfilc. to
Be : 'Sj>eali«r of House.
JACKSON, MISS.;.' January 1.— Nearly
all the members of the General Assembly
have arrived in the city, preparatory- to
thevsesi-ion which convenes at noon to
morrow. The election of. lion. J. J. Rits
p-.'li, of T-audeidale. as Speaker of the
l-loure, "is assured, the other ,: candidates''
haying withdrawn from the race.
The new Speaker is tho general attor
ney of the Mobile and Ohio railroad, and
a lawyer of considerable prominence.
! Governor Ivlcliaurin's message, which
will be submitted immediately after the
session of the .two houses convenes, is a
very lengthy document, containing nearly
thirty thousand word:;.
Xoii-I':u«Vi Employee of Saw-3lill
STiut fro:n Auiliusli. .
BAGDAD; FEA., January -1.-r-Simpson Vfc
Co.'s mill refused to accept the rulings .'of
a recent arbitration of existing labor
troubles, and gave notice that they would
no -longer employ. Knights of Labor. v
Last Thursday they posted notices that
they would pay 10 per cent, advance to
all old hands who would .sever their con
nection with the Knights, or to non
union men who " applied - ; aj once for work.
ThJs morning the mills opened with a full
force of non-union men.
Late this evening ;; one of the employees
was .shot from ambush, and wounded in
tlie thigh. A lot of logs were also, cut
loose and set adrift. Serious" trouble is.
V>*hon your joints are stiff and your
muscles sore frdKi' cold <'r rheumatism,
"when you slip and sprain a joint, strain
your side, or bruise., yourself, Pain-Kliler
will take oui the. soreness, .and fix you
r ; -'ht in ' a. jiffy-. Always have it with
you ai)d use it freely. Avoid .substitutes,
thero is but on<f Pain-Klller. Perry
Davis* si -.Price 25 cents and s'.O cents. -
Quick- adjustment or losses made", easy
bv-insuriiig with the. Virginia "• State. No;
u'uHinir. SvilUamaon; Tu'lcy, Agent. ■;_. _^_.
niMflnKnisli^tl ■'SlmiciU.i— Dcnll» o€ «
". l*oiJiil»r 3T»'n. .
IIAM^PDEN-SI DNK Y. VA., ; January .!•—
(Special.)— The weather continues from
last week clear and cold, and icc-gettlng
Is the order of the day.- Should the sea
son continue favorable a day or two,
every one will be fully supplied.
Tlio .summing ujr of ante-Christniaa ex
afninations Is generally. most encouraging.
Most of the students are even up on all
their classes and the number of distlnc-.
tions.ls unusually large. The names of
those distinguished in all subjects arc as
follows: . ••-'■ • ,
Senior CIaHS-W. C. 8011, Augusta
county, Vo.; Vv r . B. Buford. Uoanoke, .a a.
Junior Class— F. A. Brown,' Norfolk,
'Va.; W. TO. Jones, Dinwiddie county, ,-\ a.;
• Alexander Martin, Hampdeh-Sidncy, \n.',
G. O. Kobeson, Farm ville,, Va,; It. H-
Webb. Suffolk. Va. _,
SophoTnoro Class-S. C. Bowen.^Taze
well. Va.; Hardy Cross, Norfolk, v a.; -T.
A,. Daniel, Prince. Edward county, \ a.; H.
-11. Moore, Augusta county, Va.; H.M. Mc-
Allister. Covington. Va.; J.- 1 C. Pancake,
Komney, W. Va.: D. 11. Willcox, Prince
George county. Va. . . ■ ■
Freshmnj-i Class— S. C. Akers, Campbell
county. Va.; P. W. llamlett. Hampden-
Sidney, Va.; K. S. Preston."* lMarion, Va.;
J. C. Wolvorton, Hampden-Sidney, Va.;
A. W. Moorcfield. W. Va.— nineteen
in all, of whom thirteen are old students
and six an; iirst-year men.
Mrs. Sal lie Irving Dickinson, relict of
Judg..- A. I>. Dickinson, died at 'Springfield,
her residence, near Worsham, on Satur
day, unexpectedly, at an advanced age.
She was a native of Bedford county, and
was married early in life and had resided
at "the place where she died more than
fifty years. She was a. woman of deep
piety -and a large assemblage of social
and Christian virtues, beloved by all and
an example of gentleness and devotion to
duty. She was the mother of Thomas H.
Dickinson, Sheritf of Prince : Edward
county, and other sons, one of whom is
practicing law in" Missouri, and another
in Texas, and also of Mrs. Lacy, wife of
Te'nri:': of Mrs. Alexander, wife off Rev.
W. C. Alexander, lately removed from
Concord. N. c. to Baltimore. Md.,"and of
Misses Sallie. Anno, nnd Bettie Dickinson.
Her funeral will take place from College
church to-morrow (Tuesday) at"
o'clock P. M.
The death of Mr. Richard S. Thorn
ton tiiis morning, though not unexpected
by his friends, is a surprise to some, who
had not expected; so speedy a termination
of his suffering. Ho was n son of the
lats Colonel John T. Thornton, of Farm
vine, and brother of Professors J. T.
Thornton, of Uavnpdeh-Sidriey, and Yv'il
liam M. Thornton, of tlie University of
Virginia, and was tho youngest son ot
his parents. Flis health had been delicatuj
from his childhood, nnd ho was debarred
from taking v a .liberal education on this
account. He was aman of many ster
ling 1 virtues and an' ■•humble-minded and
earnest Christian, and was greatly valued
by all who knew him. lie was SS years
of /age. I; is burial will take place from
College church on Wednesday morning,
the hour not yet fixed.
A Kcward bf-;Tlire« llisr2tJ:-p<l Di>ll:trs
;OJVerc«l for Jsis Arrest.
(Correspondence of the Dispatch;)
PMITII FIELD, VA., December 30.—
Colonel I\. E. Eoykin, Commonwealth's
Attorney of Isle of Wight county, an
nounces that a reward of.SIOO has been
offered by tlie Governor and S2OO by
others, for the arrest and conviction of
A.C. Gilligan, who is 'charged with tho
murder of Mr. .C. B. Turner, a prominent
citizen and lumber manufacturer, who
lived;. near Fergusson's Wharf.
The following is a description of GL'li-
gan; He is about 2.'» or 2G years of age:
5 feet 10 or 11 inches tall, and carries
himself very erectly. His weight is about
150 pounds, lie has dark-brown hair, in
clined to curl; gray <jr light-blue eyes,
and a small mustache, which is lighter
than his hair. He had on a dark suit of
cloths, and wore one shoe which had a
pointed "toe, while the other shoe was
squarer. One foot was sore from some
Mr. Turner was shot down in his yard
by Gilligan near the stable about 0:30
o'clock the night, of the 27th instant.
His body was not found for some hours
thereafter. Gilligan is said to have rela
tives in Richmond and Manchester, and
is believed to have been tracked in the
direction of . Petersburg. .Gilligan was
seen in the- yard of Mr. Turner shortly
before the shooting, and accosted the
daughter -of Mr. Turner, -who. was just
returning for the Christinas holidays
from Hollins Institute, where she was a
■ *—_ **zzs» • -■
The Col«'i Siiap- A Roniid of C,i\yviy~
Oilier Mention.
PULASKI, VA., January -I.— (Special.)—
The new year starts out cold and wintry.
The thermometer this morning at 8
o'clock was 15; above zero, but yesterday
at the same time it was 12 degrees below
zero. Skating, coasting, and ice-getting
are the. order of tlie day. Ice is G inches
thick. , ,
Christines was an old-time one nere, tne
festivities being enjoyed by old and
young. There were Christmas-trees in the
t-hurches and in the family homes,, lire
works. &C, tor the children, and parties,
&c. for the grown people. ; .
Mrs Lucy D. Steger gave a beautiful
prophecy; party Tuesday night in honor
of he- lovely and accomplished debutante
daughter, Ellen Douglas. The handsome
residence and bountiful table Were beau
tifully decorated in red. white: and. green.
Mr Randolph G. Fitzhugh won the prizo
i-i the nrophecy game. Thei\/were present
MeVdames H. Peyton Gray, William IT.
iloward Kate llubbard, and John B. Bas
]<M\Hle- Misses JCmma . Wysor, Maud
Darst" Lizzie S. Bennett; Miss White, of
Abingdon; Lizzie Watson Nettie Leache,
\lva Watson, Maggie Watson, Myrtle
Wvirall Susie Price, and others; M.essrs.
Kiufdolph G. Fitzhugh Harry iilocksidge,
Knbert Campbell. Edward Howard,
T on as Iloward. William Iloward, An
drew B Hunt. Guy Darrt. Louis Painter,
'Harry Van Doreh. and otners. . ■
M-4 'John W Kc-kman gives to-night a
X-nv -Tear's party, in honor of her son,
Joseph KeUmnn. who is in _ business in
x.^v York and is spending liis Christmas
IVrV Air. 'Joseph Eckman, who is just
-rown is a graduate of the University
of Pennsylvania in the Scientific Depart
ment, and occupies the important posi
tkn of chemist in one of Mark Hanna's
New York State furnaces. .. .
M--S Peyton H. Gray gave Friday night
o "u,%.^c and handsome party. The young
[l^diesiwere beautifully dressed, to person
ify The different months and seasons.
Mr -md M-s Charles H.Leache gave
a delightful party to their daughter, Miss
S-illv who is attending tho romale Nor
mal''School at Farmvillo, and! spent
Christmas here. -.-■■ ' , ■ ' '
Air Joseph Davis and wife, -of Maple
Sim.de "ay« a beautiful entertainment to
their 'many' young friends ;.at the Maplo
Shade a few night? ago.
PleiniMK'N Trini to, Commence To
, ; i)n>-Ln»li for Wife-Keuicr.s.
' NORI«OLK, VA., January ;i:— (Special.).
Before the Princess' Anne County Court
to-morrow Magistrate Oscar I. Fleming
will be tried for the . murder of young.
Clarence Snyder, of Norfolk. '
The second trial of. Captain; Partridge,
of- the; Government Life-Savings ;.. Service,
charged AVith attempted criminal assaulf
hear:' Virginia- Beach, alse, comes up, this
■Week.- :: . " . '■<■'.:■:'!" -'■■'J.V ■•'■ ■-".;' *
:; The, International Colored 'Young ' Men's
Christian Association has odjourried its
convetilion here, 'to meet 'next , year at
'College, Salisbury f.:N.C/ Ad
dress eS- wore made at the : last session. by
International-Secretary';.. Mooreluiu.l, '.. of
Wasiiingtori. - Resolutions' ; . expressive ot
regret at the death' of Dwight IV'-Mootiy
were adopted, and"' a movement, having
for it 3 object the improvement of , tho
moral conditions of hotel and railway
help : was Inaugurated. .
.Delegate John Whitehead declared, -In
an interview to-night, that, the bill now,
pending in the Legislature providing
lashej for wife-beaters would become a
law. The point has been made, -he said,
that the. .whippirts-rpost would degrade a
man. Such an argument in favor of a
man guilty of maltreating his wife, the
legislator holds, is not valid. .
SeciiiiC tlie Old Year Ont— MW» '3}}*
31 ass— Personal.
(Special.)— In one way or another tlie
dvinir of the old yoar and the" ushering in
of tiio new was either witnessed or ob
served by nearly the entire community.
The 'usual , noise, though that annually
inafks the dying hours of the old year,
was decidedly less than heretofore, duo
no doubt to its boing Sunday. night. Tho
niost interesting even in connection, wuii
the occasion was the midnight mass iield
at the Catholic church. It being the iirs..
midnight mass ever celebrated here, a
large 'congregation was present. Among
the musical selections was a beaut.un
«oio sweetly rendered by Miss Annie is.
Kirk of Richmond. Midnight service was
also held at Trinity church, the holy com
munion service being observed. _
At 'the annual meeting of the stockhold
ers of the Free Lance newspaper, Mr. \\.
M.cDoruild Lee was chosen managing di
rector, and Mr. A. P. liowe, Jr., assistant.
M^r T^ce %vho recently purchased a con
troliing interest in the Free .Lance plant,
is editor of the Virginia Citizen at Irving
ton., and president of tlie Virginia Press
Association. The. independent . policy ot
the Free Lance will lie maintained.
Mrs. Edith Abel, I . wife of Mr. Wallace
Abel of Quanticb, died at her home at
that place last night of typhoid-fever.
She was a daughter of th<j iate Dr. Leary.
of Prince William, and a highly esteem
ed lady. The funeral services, which were
held to-day, were -attended by -Colonel and
Mrs. K. D. Cole, of this city,, to whom
she was related. Besides her husband,
she is survived by four young children.
Birt David, a former colored resident
of Orange county, was instantly killed
Saturday at Klizabethtown, Perm.. by tho
bursting of a boiler. His remains were
brought here to-day and taken to Orange
for interment."
Miss Ruth Tanner, oC Richmond, is the
guest of Miss Kate Newell Doggett.
Miss Anniu B. .Kirk, of Richmond, is
visiting tiie family ot' Captain T. I\lc-
The banks, post-office, and city. offices
observed the usual holiday to-day.
Owing to ice in. the river tiie steamer
Richmond, ci" the Weems Line, was ■un
able to reach here Saturday. She suo
ceeded in getting within ten miles of the
city, when she Ivas forced to put back.
Shot liiul ICnieJ Hi« S-iveetlirart—
'flieu Tried to Kill Himself.
NORFOLK, VA..-' January I.— There was
a dreadful.- tragedy in Rbekinghara. coun
ty. N. C, near Adelaide post-olHee, on
Tuesday last, when T. V.*. Small killed
his sweetheart; Miss Jane Koblnson; aged
17. pointing a revolver at her, playfully;
in tlie old way/declaring afterwards thai
he. did not know it was loaded, when
he realised that he had killed the. girl
ho: was. prostrated with grief, and crazed
with excitement, so.-- he.- turned the weapon
upon himself, narrowly missing se!f-de-
in Ins shqts at himself. Both
are well known, and belong to tho best
families in that section.
- -«■s?» ■ .
To a Hoauolcii Five Comj>niiT-r-14nti
• ROANOKEJ, VA.. January -I.— (Special.)
The Friendship Fir^ Company was to
night presented T/if/i the beautirm sityer
cup won at the StAe Firemen's As cia
tion in October Ar being the fasiest
team. The cup was presented by Mayor
Woods. The event ended with a banquet
and smoker; \
Roanoke's anti-spitting ordinance went
into efieet to-day. A. large number ot
persons will pay fmesffbr its violation 1.0
morrow. /
The remains of Mrs. Vaughan, who
died at tho residence oC her son, Gooch
Vaughan. of pneumonia, yesterday, were
sent to Louisa Courthouse for interment.
She was a resident of Chicago.
Competition. *ov tlie Am: tin s Musical
and JAU'vavy Vrir.c*.
CINCINNATI, 0., January I.— The Na
tional Eisteddefod attracted large crowds,
to this city to-day. The religious and
social feature's were the order yesterday.
To-day the musical and literary l!ea
tures in" competition for the annual prizes
constituted the morning, afternoon, and
evening programmes, and kept luusie i-iaii
packed 'with enthusiastic audiences. Some
of the most noted musical directors ot the
country, participated with their societies
in the "contests. y.
Committees to Sleet.
The Committees on Light, and Second
Market met last night and transacted
routine. business.^ ' - -
I'crsonalH and Briefs;
■Dr W. C. Nunn, of King William, was
in. the city yesterday.
Richmond Lodge No. 10. A. F. and A.
m', will confer the third degree to-night.
Mrs. Bishop, of north Eighth street,
who.'is confined to her homo with grip,
is improving.
The work of laying the conduits has
been temporarily suspended, owing to tbe
cold weather.
Mr Custis Fnssel, of Roanoke, Is visit-,
ing h^s mother at 114 north Twenty
seventh street. „.,„
AO=;^: Susie : Baughan, of Middlesex
counTy. is visiting Mrs. James 33. Turner,
on Third street.
D- Sills Daniels has returned to the.
city 'after an extensive and- -^successful,
hunt of two weeks.
Miss Ivy West, daughter of T. E. West
of 6id Church, who was badly burned
about ten days ago, is improving.
The public schools of the city, which
have been closed for ten days on ac
count of the Christmas holidays, will
reopen thi.; morning-
Mr. Harry-Kemp, Deputy Grand Regent
of the Royal Arcanum, is on an extended
trip: through Southwest Virginia m the
interest of the order.
Mr Cornelius Vanderbilt and party,
who have been at Old Point, passed
through Richmond Saturday night en
route to New York.
Mr W. E. Christian, who i?» connected
with, tho passenger department or" the
Seaboard Air-Line, at Portsmouth, was
visiting Richmond yesterday.
Fireman A. C. Ellington, helper of
Steamer Company No. 2, and Walter
Wood, engine-driver of No. 1, are all off
duty on account of sickness.
Mrs E. L. Slaughter, of. Roanoke, ac
companied by her daughter, Ruth, is on
:i visit to her sister, Mrs. Horace A.
Hawkins, 2705 east Grace street.
Mrs W. Braden Appleby Cnee O'Dwyer)
and' M!r. Philip Garnet, of Washington, D.
C and Miss Cora Leigh Covington. of
Bowling Green, Va., are visiting Mrs.
J. Hope, south Pine street.
There will be a meeting of the Rich
mond Chess, Checker and! Whist Club
at Murphy's at 8 o'clock to-morrow. night.:
Tho object of the meeting is to perfect
tlie organiKation of 'the club. .
There will be. a meeting of the Board
of the Young M!en's Christian Association,
held at the association this, evening, at
which: time preparations will; bo made to
hu*id"a M!oody-ir.emorial service.
Rev. Tt: 11. Pitt.vD. U., left. the city on.
Saturday xor, Mecklenburg, -where „lie, .lie
preached on Sunday morning the dedi
cntorv sermon at the South Hill Baptist
church,;' of which Rev. J. M. Coleman is
the pastor.; -' '- '
■■■^Messrs. Sam. PL Heller and Felix Hesa
bxirir two of out- -well-known young men
representing- a Boston shoe house, spent
thti' past- week ,'n this city ; and .wt-re
pleased 'to 'note tha -/great improvement
Ju, ji.ti r city -ko, tha cast year. ;. y ■
I'Titvrn ';-': of .*•'..- Cnfou yo"-:- Occupied-— Ttyo
AnicricjJiia IviUcd— Four AV'ouiulcrt.
iI'MAKIL-A.- January £-10:30 P. :-.= ji.~ Tho
first movement of a general southern ad
vance, occurred; this morning, Whtui two
battalions oC. : the Thirty-ninth In
fantry landed ' and ' occupied Ca
buyao, on the south side of : I-a
giina. do Bay. Two Americana were lon-,
ud and -four were Wounded.; Twenty-four
of tho enemy's dead, were found in one
house. Ono hundred and llfty prisoners
and four C-pounder rapid-fire ;guns wero
captured. .
"The gunboat 'Laguna de Bay bombard
od the town before Uw disembarkation
of the troops from the cascoes, which
was made under shrapnel fire from tho
enemy. The enemy evacuated thg placo
before the! charging Americans, rotreat
lng to Santa" Rosa, to which town they
were pursued..
Heavy, firing continued along the road
to Santa ; Rosa, which was occupied, the
insurgents retreating south toward Si
landg. The Americans burned the coun
try between Santa Rosa and Cabuyao.
The gunboat returned; to Calamba ioi
reinforcements, and thence came to Ma
nila to fetch ammunition. She recently
captured two of the enemy's steam
launches, one under the lire of artillery
at Calamba, and. also four cascoes.
Two regiments are mobilizing to-night
at San Pedro- -Macatl and Pasig, prepara
tory to continuing the southern advance
Yesterday's capture of bombs involved
the seizure of documents inculpating a
thousand Filipinos, -who intended to riso
against the Americans. Papers wero also
found dividing the city into districts 1 ,
arid making a careful assignment ol
leaders and followers. The precautions
taken by the Americans alone prevented
an uprisirT- The provost-marshal has- re
quested that two more regiments be de
tailed for the protection of Manila. Threa
thousand troops arc now" actually in tho*
Tils 3lOTemt:J3f Shortly on neJ'el Nest
SoTniU o£ Slauila.
MANILA, January I.— An American ad
vance in Cavito province, south of Ma
nila, is expected shortly. Reliable reports
from natives spies show that there are
upward of 2,000 organized insurgents un
der arms within a mile of Irnus. They
are strengthening their entrenchments
and possess artillery.
At Novaleta ths Filipino intrenchments
have been much strengthened since Gen
eral Sehwan's advance. A thousand of
the enemy are in that vicinity, and there
are. 000 at San Francisco de Malabon.
It is estimated that 1,000" insurgents ara
intrenched it Oalaniba.
■Reports- have been received that 2,000
insurgents are massed at Mount Arayat.
having strong positions which command
steep and narrow trails, and that they
are prepared to roll boulders down upon
advancing troops.
Life along tho. coasts o£ the provinces
of Cagayan and North and. South. Ilocos
i.s resuming normal conditions. The
American troops occupy the Important
towns and patrol the country roads. The
natives implore the Americans to con
tinue the occupation, to establish a set
tled government, and to; terminate ths un
certainty, abuses, aiid confiscations that
have characterized tho rule of the Taga
lo revolutionists during the last eighteen
Vast amounts of tobacco, estimated to
bo worth $2,000,000, ara ready for shipment
to Manila. The opening of the ports of
JJagripan, San Fernando. "Vigan, Laoag 1 ,
and Aparri to-morrow will permit the re
sumption of trade, bringing relief to com
munities greatly in ncod of foodstuffs..
Many vessels have already cleared from
Manila for these ports.
Incoming Spanish prisoners declare
that -. Aguinaldo has ordered the release
of all Spaniards now in possession of tho
rebels. The mountain- passes of Cagayan
and the two Ilocos provinces are-S still
guarded, in the hope of catching tho in
surgent General Tinio, who Is still a fu
gitive. It. is asserted that Lieutenant
Gilrnore is in Tinio's custody.
Also Hits SSater.s. and Three FillpLno
MANIIi-V,' January I.— Aguinajdo's wife,
sisters, and eighteen Filipinos have sur
rendered to Major /March's battalion of
the Thirty-third Infantry, at Bontoc, pro
vince of that name.
Three Filipinos officers. also surrendered
to Major March; and the Filipinos gave
up two Spanish and two American prison
SiicU atovement Vmgnn on Lotvci-
IJHsJtl'Sideiiii New York.
NEW YORK, January I.— This, the first
day of the new -year, has been selected
for the inauguration of the crusade
against the vice on the lower East Side.
Tlie movement has attracted wide atten
tion by reason of the forces behind it.
These Include the Society of Ethical Cult
ure, whose leader. Professor Felix Ad
ler,' has announced Ins.: intention to rid
the congested district of Its many "plague
Professor Adler will have the assist
ance of over a f ore of ;ninisters of all
denominations, among then, it is report
ed, the Rev. Charles A. Eriggs, formerly or
the Presbyterian -Church, but now a Pro
testant Episcopal clergymen,, and In
charge of the I'ro-CaLhedral in Stanton
street, the very centre of what is .called
"the infected district." ;
\ o set? plan of campaign has been out
lined but the work will bo pursued with
aggressiveness. Much of its force will
be derived from the fact that the- better
element, of the district will lend a hand,
and in their quiet way bring the leaders
of the crusade face to face with the situa
""The politicians will be appealed to,; and
if these appeals fail then other means
■will be resorted to.
Just what is meant by this the leaders
of tho movement refuse to say, but they
intimate- that; the- politician who falls -in
his duty will be treated to a d-.sagreenblo
surprise. The police are also expected to
lend their earnest co-operation, and it is
expected" that the bluecoats of the va
rious police stations in the district will
he-"iven definite orders v;hen they start
but their early evening and midnight pa
trols. . . . ■ . ;:
Tliey Issue au Address to V/lilte
People of the State.
RALETGH, N. C, January 1.-Tho
negroes celebrated th* thirty-seventh an
niversary of the signing of the emanci
pation proclamation to-day. One or the
features of the day was the reading and.
adoption of an address to the white peo
ple of the State, calling on them to aid
■reJtio i of nullifying the • proclamation -of
emancipation, and abrogating, as far as,
possible tho results" of the war for free
dom; It Is already urged bfeHnmentlal
portion: of the newspapers 0f . .«»» • So^'=
and by Borne of its leading men, that
these amendments to the^Stato Constitu
tion aro temporary, expedients ;_ that the
13th 14th and 15th amendments: to •; the
Constitution of tho : United; States must
ba repealed.-/ These^ are ( the .guarantees
of our freedom and citizenship in tnis
land.: Repeal: them, ;; and sla%-ery again
bpcom^S lawful." *-.- . ; *- -
After" discussing the negro problem ana
the causes -that led tha nejro^ in to the
Republ ican party, ; the address ; soea on to
Sa< 'Should you reject .this appeal; and turn
a dea f ear -to our :en t jeaty ; •, should" you
determine to do that which we, so.mucn
dread; ■■. we 'have' no . pov/er ito '..prevent.^ lt.
For us. there will bo but one remedy— wo
shall -be ? compel led ■■•'• to i' sVek a home in
some other land— a better country." -
cnmißOXEns 15 ■"ciiAnr.ESTOJf;
Tliey Are Given Keys to Uie Ci<j"
.■-.Tlir. ■-.Tlire c'FKPt 1.0nj?. '.,' • _ .
CITARLE3TON, : S. C. , January I.— The
famous Gridiron Club, oC Washington, I).
C, arrived in Charleston this morning on
a Southern railway special, and was met
at the depot by Mayor Smyth, Mr. J. C.
Hemphill, editor -of th<i News and Cou
rier, and a large- committee of citizens
;ahd newspaper men. A" salute was pro-,
perly "fired." and the keys of the city
were turned .over to the visitors^ . The
keys were represented in v/ood, and were
each about Z feet long:; ;.
After an informal/, but none tUo loss
jolly, breakfast at .trie (Charleston Hotel,
a short trolley-ride was taken around the
city.. At H o'clock guests and hosts em
barked for the Isle of Palms on a steam
er which bore!. the significant name of
■"TJrooklyn,"'. arid boro a largo rapid-fire
gun forward. Admiral Schley was ob
served on the bridge as the boat moved
away from the pier, and marines armed
.with cutlasses swarmed around the fore
castle. A ;short distance out the watch
sighted the- Maria Teresa, and after a
chase tho Spaniard hove to and the crew
and a "blind tiger" "were captured.
On tho Isle of Palms the, party enjoyed
a lunch and; some ! miiHfc— chin, brass,
and string. To vary tho monotony, a
lynching bee, realistic but not fatal, was
pulled off, and an up-to-date cake-walk,
with genuine darkies on the floor, and a
presentation, by which the club obtained
a mascot, in the -shape of a. fawn, all
happened as fast aa the way could be
To-night, in tiie banquet hall of the
Charleston Hotel, made as beautiful as a
fairy palace with palms, tiowers, and
drapery, and little bits of incandescents,
which formed an immense flaming Grid
iron, the club was entertained by about
one hundred o" the leading citizens 1 .
Among the. novelties introduced was
the music (?) of the Jenkins/ Pickannlny
Band, and; lts arrest by a sciuad of im
promptu cops. .
There wero" speeches -without number,
but few without, point. Mr. J. C. Hemp
hill, of the Ne-.rs and Courier; Mayor. J.
Adger Smyth, Mr. N. S. Hill, Jr., of the
Consolidated; Mr. J. W. Ke'dding. and
Captain F. W. Wagener, o£ tho Pine
Forest Inn, were invested -with tho Order
of the Gridiron. Several selections -were
given by the Gridiron quartette and other
members. The music for the evening and
during- the day -was by, the First United
•States. Artillery -Band.
v Hon. Chauncey 2.1. Depew made a most i
happy speech, a regular shaking-hand- <
across-the-line-talk, and was given three
times three.
To-morrow " the Gridironers wil.be the
ruests of Captain V/agener and Manager
Jameson, at the Pine Forest Inn, Sum
morviile, leaving for Washington to-mor
row afurrrioon.
lie AslJ3 for Sltaplieitj', 3to«lestr. «r.d
Devotioa to Vxity.
BERLIN, January I.— Emperor William,
at . tho New Year's parade to-day, ad
dressed the officers of the garrison as fol
"The first day of the new century sees
our army— ln other words, our people— in
arms, gathered around their standards,
kneeling before tho Lord of Hosts, and
verily if any one has. especial reason this
day for, bowing 1 down before God, it is our
a'rniv. A jlance at our standards sr.tiices
p. 3an explanation, for they are the em
bodiment of our history.
'•Jri what condition did the past cen
tury, at its dawn, Jnd our army? Tho
glorious army -of Frederick tho Great
had slept upon its laurels, fossilized amid
all the petty detail of pipe-clay, led by
superannuated and insutric!ent generals,
wlileh otllcers?, unaccustomed to useful
work and lost in debauch, luxury, and
foolish arrogarice^-our army, in a word,
-.•as not equal to its mission, which, in
deed, it had forgotten. Form and lira
were given it by my great-grandfather;
new laurels crowned .tho newly-created
army and, its youthful banners, but" uni
versal military service: only attained its
true significance;. through, out great de
parted Emperor. In his quiet work he
'evolved tho reorganization of our army,
in spito of opposition and ignorance. He
brought the German racos together, and
gave us back long-desired German unity,
it is ro him. that our thanks are due,
and by the help oi that army, the Ger
man empire, commanding respect, has
again assumed the position assigned to it
in the councils of nations. It is for you.
gentlemen, to preserve and employ in tho
new century the old qualities by which
our forefathers made the army great—
namely, simplicity,; and modesty In dally
llfe; unconditional devotion to the Iloyal
service, the employment of one's whole
strength of body and mind in the cease
less work of training and developing our
troops, and even as my grandfather la
bored for his army, so will I, in like man
ner, unerringly carry on and carry
through the work of reoiganizins: my
navy in "order that it may be justified in
standing by the side of my land forces,
and that by it the German empire may
"also be in 'a position .to win the place
which It has not yet attained. With the
two united, I hope to be enabled, with a
firm trust in the guidance of God, to
proves the truth of the saying of Frede
rick William I.: 'When one in this world
wants to decide something with the pen,
he does not do it unless supported by the
strength of the sword.' "
Tiie Renrge FiuwcH is Oyerflne in
Ne-vv Yorlc.
NF.W YORK, January I.— Some anxiety
is being felt for the coasting steamer
.George Farwell, from New Orleans via
Port Tampa, for New York. Mr. Fickett.
of the firm, of Ray & Fickett, ship-bro
kers, on South street, father of the cap
tain, said to-day that he "had received a
letter from his son at Port Royal, S. C,
dated December lilst, which stated tkat
tha Fai-well had put in there that day on
account of a storm, and intended to sail
next day. A storm was raging at that
time, which may have prevented the little
steamer, from sailing on the day intended,
but she must have left shortly thereafter.
She carried about seven men of a crew.
Eiyires on"; tiie Street in Xfiv York
NEW YORK, January I.— Mrs. Marga
ret Harris, 67 years old, whose home is
in Harrisville, Va., died suddenly of heart
failure to-day, at the corner of West and
Barclay streets. She fell to the sidewalk
without warning, and expired in a few
The woman was tho -wife Of James Har
ris, of Harrisville, and a sister-in-law of
General T. Harris, who served in the civil
%var under General McClellan.
Jticl:anl Croker Breaks Ills l.vg*
LONDON, January 2.— A special dis
patch from Wantage. County o£ Berks,
says that Richard Croker, who has been
staying ac a country house near there,
slipped while mounting a horse, o '.ring to
the animal's turning, and broke his leg.
Mr. Croker is -being- attended -.by Dr. Em
erson v/ho. had reduced tho fracture. He
is now resting easily. The accident oc
curred yesterday (Monday) morning.
Relieved from Cliarge. of Matriciile.
SVVANNAM. UA.,; January I.— Mike
liourks; white, who was arrested last
ni"ht by "order of the Coroner, onjte
charge oE having choked his aged mother
to death, was released from custody this
morning, upon the verdict: of tho Coro
•ner"s jury,. exonerating him. . ■
It v.-as found that the old ,-woman had
died suddenly from .natural causes, ana
that her body, fallintr. had lacerated the
faco and throat, which aroused suspicion
.'jof/foui'pifay. ..' • ,
Many thousand dollars ara brought
to lUchmond each year by local Insur
ance companies, and mar.y , ou^"^
aro -sent ..away by, o«.tlz«n» Jo foroisn
conifanlea. Moral:; :n»ur«
DcatU of a Confcilerate Vcleriin— A
Good SliOTvins: for Jlnllnrny;! naii
JlnitUs— nailrtlu- ;t>nrias ftli'c Fast
RALEIGH; N. C, January L-(3peciai.>
The snow expected here la3t nlgbc failed ■
to materialuse. East oi here It fell. Most';
of it i^ between GoldsboroVand Kin.jton,"
wharo thero is about ■» inches. The mer-'
cury yesterday indicated a. temperature...
of 6 degrees above here. There. Is good
skatingr .Ts-ds-y—xvas fair and line, witli-:
the temperature a little below freezing.
There was not much New-Year calling. .
Outdoor, work, which had been stopped
for a few days, was resumed. The pub
lic buildings were closed, though moist o*
the officials were in their offices.
To-morrow Special- Master Eugene "£>..■'
Martin' will resume the hearing o* the
fertilizer freight rate on tho Carolina
Centra! railway] The adjourned term .oS ■
the United States District Court here-:
begins to-morrow. Tho most notable.;
cases en the docket are those o2 Mar- ,
shall, the Wilmington lawyer, charged"
with, counterfeiting, and of a. ne^rro ex-,
Ijostmaster, charged with embe2;:iem.ent. ; •!
Georgo '-Goodwin, an inmate of :the;Sol~
diers 5 Home here, diod yesterday, after
several months' .lllness,; He wasa ccem-'
ber itv the Forty-seventh North Carolina
The railways made a fine showing in
this State last year. Their gross .earn-*
Ings on their valuation amounted to 12
per cent. -
Tho banks also make an excellent
showing. The deposits subject to check
increased 57 j^r cent, during the year. -•
'•.Deacon'- S. V. White, of Plymouth^
church, Brooklyn, and widely known in
New York financial circles, is here for a
day or two. He has been visiting a kin3
man. WVK. AVhite, at Mebano.
Raleigh's development during 1&S indi
cates a high degree of prosperity. Ths
amount put Into buildings was almost
51.C00.C00. . -, '•"...•.. -"
During December the police here made ;
only lu> arrests. This* is considered to be.
a good sho'.ving in the matter of good
The cold snap mr.kea a harvest-timo
for the plumbers. The damage to 'p-oes
is unusually great. Tho plumbing work
hero is, as a rule, of the typo known as
"summer plumbing." Thero is no inspec
tion of plumbing by tlie city, and hence
the chief cause of tlie trouble.
The Supreme Court library now .; con
tains 12.G20 volumes, an increase of -12!)
during the year. It- now has all tho re
ports of State courts oil last resort say(
eight, and oC these four will be secured
this month.
The fact that only two passengers -jrer*
killed on trains In this State last year t_
remarkable. Sixty-three wero injuved."
Of employees, only 2i were killed, out of
W2O iv service. Sixty trespassers w*r«
killed, and two persons -who "were; not
AVorlc Damage in Greeail>oro!-»
Deaths— Slcutlnpr. »
GREENSBORO', 3?, C, January. I.—(Spe
cial.)— Greensboro' was visited by. a de
structive flpo about 2 o'clock Sunday
morning. Tho fir© started on tha se
cond floor of Ilagua UcCorllye's wholesale
dry-goods store, extending into the Origi-.
na! Rocket storo or" W. J. Clary. Owlnff;
to the Intenso cold, the- firemen had sv
terrible fight to control the names*. As'
soon as the. .water struck any s<oild sub->
stance, it at once became a sheet of ice. 1
and it T ,vas with great difllcu ; lt.K..ttiat-tJi»?*'.
firemen got übout from ono ii>lace to an
other. Tho department wad: gr-_>ntly .sUil- ' '.
Ed by the new and modern buildings
n'.-xt to the P.ocket Store, the walls being
very thick: '
.Messra. Hogen and McCorklo were in-:;
sured for something over.'SSO.CCO.'and their
stock -wad valued at about 5.5,000. !Mr. ":
HcCorkla stated to your correspondent;.
that ho could make no eat'mate o* t'c« ■;
damage, for while tho fire did not rcacrt .;
tho lower floor, ths wati*r haa probably;"
worked almost aa ' much. deatructJon -a?;;
the flames would have worked. „:Kvery-J
thins T; a3 destroyed on the 3«cond floor.'
! Mr. Clary estimated his stock at '?LWSjra
and Is ..insured "for Sti.fttO. The- buildinrt ■
occupied by Tlaguo llcCorkla was ownd :
by Mr. J. W. Whorton, who hact $C.fCa*
tnsuranco on it. The othar bujldlnsiis..
owned by 'Mr.' P. T>. Price, who ts away,;
and th« amount of his insurance could.;
not be learned. lam glad to be ablato;
state that both merchants v.'ill continuo ;
Miss Ina Davis, who has not been ex
pected to live -for several waeks, .;di«dj
Saturday. She had gotten rid of fever,; ;
but complication set in roquiriaf the ani-,j
nutation: of a foot, and the shook was too -
great for her to recover from it. .' pry.
.McGnirn was called to see ..her twice, buc
nothinjf'. 'could bo done. Xiao ■ remains
wora taken to Granvllie. her father aad
mother accompanying. . ,-;"\. _.^.-:
?.li~s Lula Brown, a lovable Chri-Stlaa
woman died at the home of her parent*, ,
on west Washington, Saturday evening. ,
She had been ill for some time. _.
"Only six students are left at^the Nor
mal now. All or them are about well;
and will go homo this week. . y
The weEther has been m^^S^B
here for the past week, and thf> ice- la,
ilrm and the skating -la ff OOf '4f|i^|l
party o't skaters were out i nd.iy ana;
Saturday. ___________ : .'••
orx. c. s: osuonxn so morh;
lie "'Wn-t JnilßC-Ailvocate o£ Conr *
That Conilemneii V.'irvt.
WASHINGTON, January 1— r Genera.
Edwin S. Osborne. "a TeprweataUye-ftog
Pennsylvania in the Forty-ninth, Fiftieth^
and Fifty-first Congresses, died iero to-.
night, of heart disease. At the couclu
siouotthe war, General Osborne was -ai£
pointed judga-advocate to ; invea.isa.a
charge of crulty to Federal prisoner.;
£5 against Captain Wl«. tho Con
federate Superintendent of ? Anderson-,
ville prison, . the result ot which was thu
hanging of Wirz. ; ; ;
cihxr.ciß'ciFT to coopku ixio.v*
Three UunilrtU Tlionnanil Dollars:,
for a. Day School.
SEW YORK, January I.— Andrew .Car;
negle has given. J300.0C0 to -Cooper Unioi?,
for the .establlahment oJ a day school,;
similar in scope to the . preseat , nisMj
school, and tho object of which wUL^bf
to S ivo such practical in3tniction_at ?
shall enable young men to becorao urst*.
class and skiU&d. workmen. ;>
Wednesday, { night. ]■ Jan, d 4
The Great Ne-w York Laughtn? SuccfiSSdji
Sydney Rosenfeld'a UProartous Force, : i.
TirpiV- Au thor ; of "The ■.'SeQator^.ii
g-3 »— < ** White Horse Tavern. ■' ' * ' H;3
ILLs Father's Boy,"
"The Two Becutcheons, 1 '; T, ;;XM\7|
riayeabyAugiistiaDaly^; J^Jll/^
Company. : .'■'■ -■ " /■ ■ ■,-.■ ■ ■-.- •'--.-'-
Direct : iTrom its lons run at ..th*:B^Q«|
Theatre New York. ':, Oritjlaat prodacUoa.*
and : a i splendid company. Including: ;= Mc-'j
Frank Hatch. Mr. Robert KoK^ra.^Msv^
K. Robertson, Mr. Charles BtJwarda. :,i*^|
Jsuues -.Carew. ilr.;ilcrry jStocktxUte^
Mr Joseph Coleman. Mis* Teresa, imx-a
well, MUs ! Louise MacM|M|^^|y
Laura Nelson tlall. XUj^H
Miss Edith -Iviid; M^fl
Seats on su,MX ■;■;-.. .^fl

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