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ss^fr'v--".' ••• " — ~ — ~~ — ~: " ' -'■■■■
ISe-to^vn offick, broad-street
pSARSIACV.;' -SlS' _'■'■' -'iEAST. BROAD
gpREET.'-;-; '"-.'.;■: ■.;.■;■ - : --;; ;
STRKIST. ~ , •:• . '•■■■'■■ : . ' / ■'.
$.;•;- '"- - -•-- . "' - . '.
.What is described as '.'a little buttle,"
• occurred Moiiday on a Chesapeake and
-Ohio train having on board a number of
I negrooF • who ; had : been to Louisa Court.
; ..One of them brought on the /difficulty.; by
Staiiins possession- of a .gentleman's cane,.
i and" it was only after a lively scrimmage
fthat' .he and his - companion were
: put oil the train. One. of the chroni
s'clers of the event closed his account by
? -saying that "all who were on board the
Ittrain- arc now. in fovor of the Jim: Crow
' car. bill." .
Of course 1 , it may be said that that was
.^a mere "isolated incident,'; but the fact
%is t that" these Jslolated incidents are too
ilmjiient. • It is also a fact that the jiuro
|ber;.of'colored 'persons travelling is. much
'■ pmallcr thJin\th'e number of white .Per-.
;'^s6ns," yet the former ; give vastly, more
'-'trouble on railroad trains than the'whites
do;- We had heard that there had been
••-some improvement in the conduct of the
..bljicks since the "Jim Crow car law;
| began to be discyssed, hut. the incident
f -we; have referred- to -would seem, to '•be-
Siie[; that supposition. -
■ ; ?h However, we are not relying' •upon jeo
|lated* instances. The plain, blunt fact
|Ss|t|iat : white travellers do not wish the
l^pxnpany of the ether "sort; And the more
■i: the ' other sort insist : upon forcing their
X company -upon them, the more :. resolute
the whites become in their determina-
Ition': to defeat that purpose. As was well
Tsai^^by.-the-'-w-riter'of a. letter. vuW's^'d
SjrjMhe Dispatch yesterday,- "if it is a
Ihai'dehip: forj a n<«ro to ride in a- car
f-wltli members of his own race, what must
litlbefor a white man, to say nothing. of
Cthe^number of refined white women, who
' npwadays often have . jq... travel without
;;«;sfloh»?" '-' ■„.•' : ; ■
.Thut writer stftUs, that !< hv other South
tTl] States §op»r a .'9 W £ > ?« d wailjnsr
ll P«<pHi« i : are required , -■ and j t wprjes
.'^U^nngroes ; being I re'auired i ' to iteep to
tke- iilawe. provided for them, and white
Ijfeople.tokeep to theirs."
', Ldt us'add that the State of Virginia.
coijld never be accused of acting precipi
■'ituixJy. \Ve have delayed action a, Jong
gtirne;.- "W^ have waHod to compare' con
i'ditibns" in those States where ; separate
prevail" wjtlv conditions; in Vir
feeiniaT; «h^revv§ have- no eucli.law,
i'-Xnd wlmt is the. result of that calm
f^eijbVrution and painstaking investiga
ttpi?-:r ,\. /:; . ' ';:■ '.'/-• " :> ; :V- ; ;- : ■: '■■■;
doubt, public opinion- in this.
;v Biate Jurists, that the General- Assembly
|«\iftU give us a Ijny a^^gpod- as:those of
f-elster- Stutcti arc!
;i-iAVe , fear that LiuiUtnant Ouniore m
ffilowiiier himself ;jp be Ptiicu^d fiujn the
|*PiHpj«qßr'haHV sadly embarrasstid tho iin
fjsi-iß)jsia: iii; general and the administra-;
:UPii ; in particular. While we wore on
Bood' terms with Aguiiialdp, and before
it, was found necessary to provoke his
li^iility :'in the interest of imperialism,'
''liici^jfilioinQ leader was 'held up by tl?e
organs Ais;; a; mast: ; worthy,
: f iutniable,' and' deserving sort of patriot.
?g^tfafter : the issuance; pf the President's
|Jtibenevolent' ' assimilation''^ prpclamatjon,:
r the ; Filipinos : out* of an. al!i
ffinc^Jv^th'yijsv a^d^ which; accqrdijig'
to^tlie testim'any of no less competent
|If^aess*tiian r GeneraJ '■Qtig._praiyLically i in^
uprising, it becama the vogiie
Sxof 'describe ■; Aguinaldo as -: acruel, blobd
vthirsty, eavag« •rebel. . „
feSg^vefnox ■]':^oscvel^i;;whQ/j/by : -l;coxnmQ'n :
consent, has bton accepted as one of the
»^e^t^t»t of ; t lie : apostles of expansion . u nd
'iinJtteiaUon, was especially prominent in
'limning Aguinaldo's vsavage"-. traits,
picture of ; the "rebel" 4eader has
i>ecnfone^of ; tlio^ olilcf ; ieiianc<is of- the
imperialists in arousing the people of th}s
Vvntry to u« appreciation" of the
Lieiitenantsv gilmore,:
wh. b^ . cer^nly f |b^"||^^i
hov'M tciitnuu:jy so ?■:- rtirri-enn^'s '»: tlu
iith\ v'.cxcn-, ami uucrlj discrcd;ted^Se|
ipjTcy;-t;i.--!rh <i K> w V-Jsk 1 ;- OovefnOr,'
fei'l^ w,n-uerreUit,d interview.
ijwye^inßtrucUonsUhat; hej a nd^ hjsjjfpllow
prisouerp- should, lie well and: humanely
al^o,' tl.:a-i^ei^rtyjonly/*a^redj
til when, under GiT.i-ral Tino' and *vm-:
i^Butftiils?was?nor ihci onlyVdpnvir^nce;
'hite<l'.To prove dSs-appjJjiUns and- unwcl
:#M»cld certain circles;-. For months; the ,i
sb'ounlry on,- nra'bc!pterliu- up Imr^rifvHuai
with ■ assurances ; : that the end: of -the ■ Fill-,;
|that?AeulriaWo in the last ditch, and
.that the V'rcbellion" had virtually cnl
liapsedi Yet Lieutennnt Gilmore. who hns
acquainting himself wJth the spirit qf.^thel
rebels/ has. expressed the opinion, that the
war will last as long as- there ,nre any
ff'agalogs left. In other words, Lieuten
fan^Gllmore's observations justiiy ,..;vV ne ...
|convicUon that after. organic! naSstance
fshaiiniave been put-down we will have
;to : cope -for i years J wit h • gvierillaj.warf are. -\
A conservative estimate of our losses in
the ' Philippines in killed,- wounded, and by
death from disease is S.otK) men, and this
takes no a ccoun t ■■ of those whone consti
tutions ;" have; 1 been wrecked :r by ; sickness.
:\\*]jat? (lie loss; will; foot: up' before: subju- ■
BaUorilof ;tlie natives shall have been fully
!accbmp!lshcdrif ; we:are:to havetiie-same |
Experienced; in • Philippine ' jungle ; . and
■bushwhacking" fighting Spain has had, no j
; man can calcula te. And if; : as ; seems cvi- j
•ilent; wo are. merely, on jthej throehold of I
our "benevolent^assimilation" ; and ."duty
I and^dusUny", ; career ;\ln; the islands,
! ; it fol 1 ows that; no , man can yet calcula te
the terrible "weight r of ; responsibility * that
rests ■ upon the administration ! for ' plung
ing /us into the war.:; No man can yet.
estimate the offering in blood, -. suffering, ■
'and treasure .that Mr. ; McKinley ; has
made "necessary that this country should
lay on the altar of his ambition.: ; ; ;
; ;On- the whole, therefore, •Lieutenant-,
Gilmore's revelations are not likely to
prove., with the thinking masses, a good
c.impaign document for the /administra
tion. From \ the standpoint of humanity
liis rescue is 'a '■■ fit subject;, for. .rejoicing,
but 'from the standpoint of imperialism
lie made a bad break in not staying
where he was.
In the Query and Answer column of
last Sunday's Dispatch there was repub
3i.siied a valuable letter 'written: by the
late Judah P. Benjamin on the subject
of -'American Claimants of Knglish Es-,
"tatcs." '"' ; ;' '.- ; ■ '"'.;- ;- - .'-.-■ '; "
Mr. Benjamin was Secretary of State
of the Confederate Government when the.
war. closed. Of all the brilliant men who
served; in Mr. Davis's' Cabinet, none ex
colled him. On Sunday, April 2, ISGS, : he
left Richmond .with the presidential
party, whose first stop was at Danville.
Fi-'ora- there to Georgia they" went^ by rail:
Having arrived at the' end of the railroad
line, the party took to horses; all except
Mr.' Benjamin, who, though a genius: in ;
most .other respects, was a very Poor
rider. And so, while the others made
their way through the country on horse
back, he bought himself a^ horse and
wagon, disguised himself as a trading
man, and drove to Florida. From the
Florida coast he escaped in an open boat,
to the Bahamas, whence he took ship^.to
Englanil. - • •
In England Mr. Benjamin found- good
friends, and in a. comparatively, short
space of time he was admitted to the:
bar. After the lapse of a few years, he
gained a good practice and became wide
ly known.. ;
' .To him hundreds of Americans; wrote
on the subject of estates in the United
kingdom, which they fancied were theirs..
He investigated the general question
thoroughly, but instead of filling his"
pockets with, fees, which he could
aasiiy." have secured from American en
quirers, he wrote a letter, to a New Or
legns newspaper, in which he quoted the
| :' English laws upon the subject and point
ed out the utter absurdity of nearly all
the claims advanced.- A certain ."Woods
estate" was referred to. by him. as fur
nishing a celebrated case: attended by r a^
vast number, of blighted hopes. : '.
■ We urge all who imagine that they are
entitled to assert claims to English es-.
tates to get a copy of - Mr, : Benjamin's
letter und read -what that grefLt lawyer
had to say upon the subject.
■As a rule, the opinions,: of Paris news
papers do not appeal to serious consider- ■
ation. The French press :is prone to
grasp nearly uli questions from a super
ficial point of view. But ther'eis an ex
ception in the case of the Temps in dis
cussing the -open door in China." ; The
Temps : notes that each Power has al
ways accompanied the "little partitions'' •
of: China which have taken place with
tli e formal understanding to maintain the
conventional status, quo. Therefore it
argues that Secretary Hay gave himself
a superfluous task and gained an easy
victory, . since nobody disputed him. Then
the TempH adds: .
"Xiivcrtljtiless, the negotiations are a
gniva novelty. '.The United States: is now
acting as a' grniat r world power. It: Has
bmerged from its* time-honored isolation.
.This means' that the Monroe doctrine" has
fallen h'ke a part of the great aJ I P 1
ciiinji. president .' McKinley and , his Sec
retary pf" ?ta't e"ljave hastened 'ihis inter
nqtjonai'.■■.■'revolution by their wars . and
. .; . ; - '. "
j Fallen,: truly. No longer is^ it an Ameri
can bulwark. The Mclyinley adininistra
lion, through Jts imperialistic policy, has
overthrown it. And .fliould apy foreign
Power attempt to walk over the ruin, we
would -have no right, under the doctrine,
to say nay. : - ' - '
TJIJ2 P. ■;'* ;O,'S FCTSJRE,, -
The New York Times says that, "on
authority, of (the; highest class, it can be
; stated that the 'Big Four' is wholly con
ltrolled by stockholding by Vanderbilt in
terests, and that at the meeting of its .
directors . Monday, definite plans . were
- adopted for the Joint taking «{ver by the
Vanderbi]ts and., the Pennsylvania rail
' road •of the Chesapeake and Ohio,". . . .• . ■
:"■.-." Another official, having relations wi(li
the 'Big Four' "is qupted by the Times as
laying: "'As to . the attitude of the Penn
sylvania' to : ; Vanderbjit . interests,; take the
recent purchases of. Chesapeake and piiiq
"stock in '-'the ; interest of ; Pennsylvania :and
- the ,;yan(lej-bnts;-;'aiid;^ the purchase ;cjf. a.
block of, .' Baltimore^ and Ohio stack by
;Penhsylvania^ and ; the?; general |; Plan jqf
IdivJs'io'nVof ; Vanderbilt • and Pennsylvania
i interesta.? with .a ;^perlect. understanding
andr comity isV. better; understood. yDs^
Evelopments in the nearfutijrerwSirestab-
Ilislvrtlieaerritprial jurisdicUon^of • each
system: It may be acctT4ted> as part, or
the general ■ plan that Chesapeake and :
Ohio's- headquarters will ba at Philadel
phia, while 'Big Four 1 will for a time, at
least, bo run independently." '<
'■ JutU-.- Alb* rl Ritchie, of Baltimore, read
the; other? night licfore the Maryland H{s
ttn!<-';; j Bociejy •'» paper on the Early
County Seats vi. iJaltJmore County, The
attractive w«y In winch .ludgo Ritchie:
ha»u]k-d hid sul-j ci ;-Ui?.^e»ts that sqme
paper. ln the history of the Henrlco Coun
feSnl^^om'mittee Is con{poodgot
fet#ln^memblrai^i| r i^lnL^^^
. - &SQ Of
Ni^ory|oflChief-Ju Uto Mars.hallr^ha£
everywhere met the most cordjal support,
and has- received: the indorsement : of.
every bar association and /-.legal;
periodical in the. land. The National
Committee, of "which Mr. Guy is a mem
ber, ■ is charged with the duty of publish
ing "an address to the lawyers of the
United States, setting forth the purpose
of the observance of the day, together
with proper -suggestions , as.'to the cele
bration of the occasion on the- part ; of
;State, ; city,; and ;county; bar jassociations*
arid other bodies,: throughout the ; land. : An
effort ■■ will/ like wise, be ; made- to' have; tlie
day observed by Congress, and the other
departments of -our government, :■•■•■■ ;,.:■ , :
The date selected; for Clhe ;celebration
• marks . the : "centennial ;/j anniversary.:..; of
Marshairs" commencement ; of his ;- great
career as Chief-Justice; ;wWch; covered a.
period of th irt y-f ou r years, :; Feel ing al
lusion was made; to the great /jurist .in
the address delivered before ;the Virginia
Bar Association last: summer, by its . re
tiring president, Hon. John Goode.;; In
this connection he said: "As Virginia;
lawyers we cannot afford to be indiffer
ent to a movement inaugurated by others
for the purpose of honoring the memory,
of the illustrious Virginian who presided:
over the Supreme Court from 1801 to 1835,
blazing the way for ; his ■ successors in the
interpretation of the ■: Constitution; .and
adorning the exalted 'station by his.splen
did; genius, : his profound learning/and
his manly ; virtues." ;; •■: .'-.. - : ,
At the same meeting of our Bar Asso
ciation a, resolution, providing for. the ap-_
pointment of. a committee of five toco-PP
erate with the "National. Association, inits
purpose :to honor Chief-Justice Marshall,
was adopted. . . . ;■
An effort //will be . made by. the Virginia
lawyers to secure and preserve as a per
petual home of American, lawyers the
residence of 'the. great 'jurist, which
stands on the northwest . corner of - Ninth
and Marshall* streets, jn this city.; . Sen
ator Hoar,: of Massachusetts, to - whom
thisplan has been mentioned, is. enthusi
astic over it. Indeed, ' it was he who,sug
gested that it be made a home for - all
American lawyers, Instead of a^.mere.hab
itat for the Virginia organization. V If
this plan can be successfully: carriedout,
the venerable' building ..will, also, be. used
as a depository for objects commemora
tive, of Marshall's life and work, -
Elsewhere we print an article from the
pen of Hon. A. M. Waddell, of Wijrping
ton, N. ,C, on the treatment of the negro
in the South, and the effect of the famous
Wilmington "revolution", of ISOB. It: is in
reply to Sir. Edward Atkinson, of Boston,
who, it seems, Jias taken, occasion to
animadvert, in; the old, familiar, New
England way, -'on. the manners and customs'
of this pa.t of the country. y Colonel Wad
dell (lie was T a colonel in the Confederate
army) was '■ a leader ; in the ."revolution"
above referred to, arid has since been . the
Mayor, of Wilmington. . : He, therefore,
knows thoroughly whereof he speaks. We
believe the white people and the negroes
in the South would get along very well;
together were the black : men .free from
the. influence of designing, whites* who
stir them to action against their best
friends for the sake of Republican party
advantage, but we are not surprised to
hear Colonel .Waddell say that , since .the
I'revolulion" of '98, as a result of which
many negroes left Wilmington, "order
and law, have taken the place of disorder
and lawlessness— confidence, has been sub
stituted, for anxiety amongst capitalists
and business-men— traffic by railroads and
steamships has increased— bank deposits
are: larger, in spite of disastrous hank
failures a few years ago^new mills and
other enterprises, one of .which cost a
quarter of a. million, have been establish
ed—more'and better buildings, residential
and business, have been erected than .ever
before in any one year— the city debt to
the amount of $150,000 has been refunded
at lQVr§r Jnterest-ra, more cheerful spirit,
than for many years prevail^— and, in a
word, strangers who- have returned to
the city, after having known: it a .year 1
end a h.^lf •: ago, express astonishment at
the general improvement, . and say,; they
can hardly realize that it is the same
place." The truth is that before the.♦'revo
lution" Wilmington had too large a.pro
portion of negroes in "H§ population for
its zrood. ; "
The medical . profession of Washington
are, much '.interested, in the case of Max
Krebs, the young { German v.'ho was re
cently arrested i. for slashing the dresges
of .several ladies in the cagita} city. "Jack
the .Cutter," as he is popularly caljedi
has made a full: confession of his strange
mania, and admits that he has; operated,;
not only 'in Washington, but in is^ew
York arid, Pliiladelphia. It has .b een tlie .
prisoiier'g custom to. seek well-dressed,
fine-looking women at matinees, in ■de
partment stoves, and elsewhere, and to
plash their clothing with a kntfe.
-He says that a violent headache or dizzi
ness would, follow the gratification of his
strange desire,; and that in order to find
relief he was forced to do the same thing
again,:-.': Thus"he.was" he. was sometimes compeljea
to ruin four or fivd dresses i.n" one day.
; There seems :to be- no. question; that
■Kreba is a' mononianiac, and: the "doctors
cite cages' parallel to his, which are men-.
, tioned in 'piany ; standard . medical -works.
.These cases,-, however; .have heretofore
gppeaVed hi other countries..: This : is the
. first— or one of the ; flrst-^of • the kind dis
covered in America. ' ■
,i;As may. well ;be imagined, ilCrebs- is a
dangerous fellow to have at large,; He will
; : probably -be"; sent to an asylum,-;. though an
efiiort is . bei i)g ; made 1 6 : geciire ; his ; return
to Germany. =; : :
CoiiKratiil»Uo,is. .
,;; ?- (yirginia^'Gaaene.)
/ . Sunday's r. Richmond -; DispatchEwas ; one.
■p.f ;the;best >ot Sthejmaiiy ; New-Year Tedi-;
tio^s: sent out;byi that office^rpneMCan;gee
"the; DispatcliSthatl-Riehij
.The}p!spatcli;deseryes thelheartyj'sygport^
■ it>* receives \i from-; the i|Richtg^ijd^^Hiiness-
I men and its citizens. 'generally, . beoause*
J ii ;s i;:iL-ea^iiiH in tls efforts in. i't-hjilf .o:
; g^dishovvins,:arifl^ic^(md:fqK
{•havingsiich a iiews^pe^a^;thb}Disp^tch^
I tQlset ; fQrthHV? ; P l 0' i P e ''P l 's condition ami
Sdvertiso its advantages.
The New-Year's edition of twenty-four
.pages of the' A Richmbnfl . Dispatch }s v,
t.l<S"j.(iUrnuml}ur of thai excellent i>apf,i,
and sots forth in PtaUstical and
[otherwise; the £; remarkable anrl.Jinnmense
Usu year' 1889. The yt'iir- was a re
cord-breaker for Richmond in tSsSs re-
f spect, and Indicates clearly that tr.o capi
tal city is on the threshold ot an
era.- -"of £ unusual prosperity.' - During.vthe
past year ovei' one hundred new plants
havu been eetablislied there." '.' Richmond
liaa many diversified and important in
duetrJes; and is looming' up..as."a •Bhip
i~ unusually bright and proms?!"".
Tina passing of?guigg;.
York Ires — Uepublic.in.)^^|
Lemuel Ely .Quigg'a days as president)
of -the -Republican County 1 are
numbered. The passing of Quigg as a
political .: factor... which - ;; began several ;■
years ago,' will""be completed,, prouaoiy ;
at the January meeting 'Of .the County
of ;this' month. . '
tj It fmay : Abe,~ however/V that
"tloni will ;n6t;beracted;on; : until;; the vFebT.
ruary ' ineetlng ; of : , the ; committee.'-; ~. ■ „ -
•;'iiCorneliu"s VVah;.C6tt? ls; slated^ to;:act. as^
porarily,^ . unless^ a^deflnite^selectioh;^or;
permanent chairmanilsfmade'by- ' Senator
Plattssb6ner.^than- now-:is ; anticipated:;;.:;.;
"As ■ Mr. Van ;; Cott Is vpos tma'sterf-a I;Fed-
eral "office-holder— lt 'is: not -intended j to,
cessor, -^especially rasithei national cam
paign': will ; begin "In; a - few smonths.
- 'But unless all signs fail, and good a'll7
thority :as : well; Senator?: Platt has ■■-, de-
; cided^finally;;thatMr.-NQuigg: as .county;
chairman: is :tob heavy ;a; burden; for him
to' bearslonger;;:-:;;; " ; ;
Mr. Qiiigg was "out -of town - yesterday.
It is understood , that ; he ■ has fseveraljbusl
ness enterprises on foot,: which soon -will
"claim": all i his > attention. : . One of them ; may.
compel him; to take; a Hrip; to? Havana;
soon. .He I ' has nbt r . been rhuch. in, evidence,
politically, since- the. last v election.;- He
has: attended; none of 'the ; conferencee
breakfasts, at which; Governor Roosevelt,;
Senator Platt, and Chairman Odell,- of ;the
State Committee,' :;haye;:met,-, to consider
legislation :and:party;patronage. ;._;_;:.
-The 'last conference which; Mr. Quigg
attended .was>; thatjyheldiv in
Platt's room, on -the night before Richard
Croker appearedv as ; a "voluntary 'witness
before : - the -Mazet. Investigating .Commit-;
tee. Mr. Quigg agreed with Frank Moss,
that Mr. Croker ; should: be- questioned
thoroughly when he.. took the
Ptah'd-:-.' .- :- "..;. ■ „•
'■ :..;' 'EASIEST WAY THE: BEST. . . .; -
''The party leaders, however, including
Chairman -OdelJ and Senator Platt, de
cidedlthat the less notice -taken of/Mr
'Croker,. so before election, the
better; and the committee was instructed
to v allow Mr. ] Croker ;;.• merely to ? make
whatever statement he -wished to make,"
and then ; retire, - as if - he : were of; no ; un
usual importance as -: a witness..
'.Quigg, Moss; andMazet did not relish
this advice, but the- party .leaders still
believe the best policy was adopted.
■ Quicg was not present at .the. last
meeting of the County Committee,. -and,
it is said, he; may not attend any more
of the committee's- meetings. : ;
There seems to be' no doubt : on the part
of district; leaders -.thatC Mr. Quid's re
signation .will be • accepted whenever . of
fered: •" ~ " : -- .. .' "
THE • Wllil/i OF : MRS. RIORDAS;
Tlio-nsnncls '•'. Left to Cliavity—■Bicli
■■;•■■- ;■ mond , Beuncsts.
. (Baltimore American.);
.The will: of; Mrs. "Mary Riordan; who
died on December: 29th,~was filed for pro
bate ;in the " Orphans' Court ; yesterday.
Her bequests are as :follows:
I" To-her- nephews by marriage,; John H.
McCann, the store and: dwelling, 6(2 Light
street, with stock -of liquors, furniture,
and other contents. - - "
"To i her - nephew, John Welsh, : of -. Cork,
- Ireland, ..§I,OOO. \- , ' ■'"- / .
;To her nephews;; ; Thomas .. and James
Welsh, of Richmond; Va;-,; $2,000 -each/ ;.
. To her niece, Mary Cleary, of Richmond,
52,000. - - -: -. •"■■■ . " ::: . ■
To her niece, Nellie Bowen, of Rich
mond, 52.000. ■; ': : : : . ,
To her niece, Mary McCann; ; wife of
I John H. McCann.,^,ooo. ' . :
•■;•■ To Mary, : Nellie, ■ Lizzie, and Agnes,
daughters of John H. and Margaret Mc-
Cann, $4,000. -- : \ ' :
'To her : nephews, William and James
Scannell,' 55,000 each. -
To her niece, Mary Bochelman, $3,000. .
To her nephew, Thomas; Scannell;. sl,ooo.
To 'Mary Scannell, $1,000. J
Her bequests to charlty r are as follows:
To : :the" Little; : Sisters of the; Poor, :of
Baltimore,' 52.C00. " ; / ' : .' ■ . ." :
To St. Mary's Female -Orphan Asylum;?
$'2,000.; v v-:-v.-: • ■ :: -■ -'■ '■■ '
-To the Little Sisters; of the Poor, of
Richmond, -Va.; $2,020.; .-■■'
■To the Little Sisters of the Poor, of
Cork^lreu'ndr s2,ooo.': :-.:; . "'
To . Rev. "John . M. Bar ry,- pas tor of - St.
Joseph's church, $2,000,; f0r ,the
purpose of /-putting; a window '., in the;
church ; also $2,oC£> towards building a. new
church. ': -'■:.:■ ; ;: ; ■-.":■'."" '■'■'. .-
To the Bishop 'of Richmond, Va., and
to the pastor of St. Joseph's' church, 5300
each, to have : masses said; for her 'soul;,
also to the Bishop; of Richmond 5500,' for
the keeping in repair of the" graves of her-
I self : and her husband. ;-: • : ;" ;;' :: ;:
[The executor Ms directed to expend;, any
sum, "not 'to -exceed $700, tor 'her funeral
expenses. The residue of the estate is
left' to John H. McCann... Christopher
Shrive.r was appointed executor.; : The will
was made 1 on : December ;2C, XSS9. ; . : .
Cy BTye, Prpvaripatpr.
(Holman F. Day, in Lewiston Journal.)
■■ " Nye " ; -' ' : -: ■:: : :,--"'-■' •' ■ . v .
'," Thunder,; how; he'HWe!
Never) has s to stop and think— never has
o. ■■■ .-.-to'ctry, -■'.-.-.■■ - ; :; -. -: •■! ■■-'•'.:■.':■-;-■•:■ : ' : '
Says he had a settin' hen that acted clean
■ V, r . possessed, . ■'" ; : .
Says a U^go' powder couldn't shake her:
1 off her nest, . : : - ; - . :;:
Didn't mind a flannel rag tied around her
.: ; -tail, "-.-■ ■ : .:----'- . "■..■ ': " " -.' ■
— Ev'ry now and then he'd take -'er, souse
in a pail; :
Never had the least effect— feathers. even
; :- -'frijs;-'-:-'-;;- ■ v::-:;:-^-v'- -■- : ;'--- -'-^C:':;
Then she set- and pecked the ice, but
• :•: 'tended right ;to;biz:> :.--.:- .. •-'*'>.;
'Peared: to = care. for,: nothin'. else 'cept to
: ' set- and set;
Didn't : seem • to ' care ; a^ tunket what she
--'- :;:drunkioriet. \.i'. ;!; V-
Cy he-said he got somadjhe thoughthe'd;
; ■ use'er'vha'a^h, ' ; : '■■ ■■■■ ;: ;' .■■': ": .'■' ■--;. -- ; :';.-; '■
So he : went , to 'i eedin' on 'er hemlock saw-;
.-.-.: :: dust- mash; r:^;> r;:: '■ ■;■; ■ ■-■ : - ■ ■■ '" -. -•""":■"'•.'
Hen - sheU ; gobbled down ; the stuff, : reg'lar
'."-.:■•:■.- as'oquld ber" ■. . ;; " 'i . >v'
"Reely . seemed ; to jf at 'er : up,'' , Cy says he
- -to ,me; .'■ ■ .\ - ' . - • -■
"Shows the power of the mind when; it
; .k;w gets ; a,' clutch ;::-;vr ••. : : v ; "---V ; - ""-v:, '-'■■■
Hen imagined : it iwas bran— helped .'er just
■ ,-.:■ :;.:;. as:: much.".,?. ;-:;v;:><:'-:'::;^ ■_■ = •■.-;■- :\: \- .< ■ • :•-- -.-■ .- -; :
Then she * hid -her nest away^-laid a dozen
,'Leven ■."chickens that she.* hatched air.had
..-';•!■-.■■"■ \vpoden-; legs, ;^u.;-v;-;::-..; ; ;.v::;;^- ;.■!:- >:^,J :: : :
q!" other; egg. it ; wouldn't j hatch— solid ..; junk;
■ '■:■■ J^JOViWOOd,::":;^ 5 :;;-'^";::!' 1^-?":^;-^":;;.'",^-
Hen's a-wrastlin'; with , it yet^-thinks; the
■■■■-. -tWn'g-is good.
Thunder.'ihow'he'll lie! ■'■■■ ' „ :
..;..: ;: Tells another lie:
:Glaims : :-to ; :be-;thesi strongest; man; around
I 'SS'A : :;; here ; ?this 'i is \why : ~v ''.%'/.''-. >iZ- ?■'?'■ $'vi ••
\ Says : he .bought- a , sldejo'-ibeef ;up;,to . John
:;r ■;:■.; :■. - aoi)' s • stqr e,
-Tucked -:it -underneath his ■ arm— didn't;
v,- . mind:it;more^, - ■
Than" a?pound ;oV piekled' tripe ;• sauntered !
• down the road,
Got* to tponderin'i ßible texts— clean .forgot
- .his 'load.
'AUHo'oncelhe 'Chanced ; to : think he; meant;
' . to^getfsome meat,
iHustled'i hack i : ,t.cj ; : :jQlTOSorj' Si Store: t'other.;
p^gen.dsthe> street, -,;-;,- '■■:^,^ y-^ : l^£fisi^i
Bpugh ta another tf side -[ o'- ;< beef . v The t\ boys \
.':■■- .^cpmmenceditonaugh^twvfeX-r::";;;-^:^;^
i Jhe''-ha;dn*tisenscid"vtill|thenv<: : he]
Irritations is' invaluable : infthe"hqnier'23cts:
"' '" "' "' ""'L "*~ <■ " ,11*." '" «■ •* * "
•;' -. : .; ; offer f now^*?f i * l^~ l r y^i^
' -In ' the course- of j the ■ trial •of the 'Ryan- j
Waddlll. .Lawyer - Page.;
itergtrom^Mr.^Ryan. jemi odying tnsoffierj
pMcri.rar. Page «.ayßgtenjfig^^^ggE|
" 1 nioalftlfl^Slfi^
' New I'ork, January «,; imM
W. H- Page, Jr., Esq., New York, N. V. :
?'?Dear Sir,— ln answer to the oiterof John
t Skeltofewiiliams,;: Esq:; ;, pfesideht|of
;Selab^aVd?a\nU^pan6lre|KaHroaa; : ponipany|
'andP : the5 J Raleigh^a:ndfGastonvfßailroadj
; to *me;^dated^ a. January, \^,%
:1000: 1000 of two hundred dollars 053)0)
|Vper share for. the Seaboard and
-Roanoke .stock owned by me, I .beg.
Uo; say^ that- you/areauthorizedion! my- be^
;half ;to" ; Purchase at iany, time; and U>»ace,;
at three hundred \ (dollars:;; CiOOi^per.
■share, any amount ot the Sea-: ;
■ board -and^Roanoke stock,- either ; common ;
or '-■ preferred ; wJnich/v tdgether.^wjth | my:;
mresent i holdlh?,^wiU:-aecure^t:o::rae?. v the»
.'control; of ttneJSeabqar'd Air-Line : System J;
fpfovldedSonly/fUiat^tHere.; shall; ;be ; ; re-;
stored ;' to Uh'e -treasury: of -.than company:
in the sworn statement;to the^ porpora-?
itionk! commissioners v; of^ North Carolina.^
: -;• / ■".■"-:■ - : ' : .- : >i'J^''r :^-:^' ? ■„■'
■: ■• $742.200 ? Raleigh:; and .<Jaston- ■ ranroaa
* stock."' \ - ' j't
; 55,100.00 Columbia, Newberry and Lau
•rens-Railroaai Company stock. •
,Uv $536,7002 Georgia; -Carolina.; and >: Northern.,
railway/commohf stock. ■-\. ;;, :.;,. '..-::■ -.
": $250 000 : Georgia; '"Carolina : and ;N orthernv
;Railway^Compahy;i preferred,. stock. -,_,
: ; i 5300.C0 ?•' Seaboard ;: and; Roanoke ■:_ Railroad
Company> stock.;:;- . .
7 : : ; s3,ooo:? Carolina'. Southern Railroad Cpm-,
pany.' stock,": : . . - ;.. - . ;;
:t $24,975 : Seaboard Air-Line . Belt railroad ;
I ;: 56,200 ; Southeastern^ and; Atlantic .Rail
road Company, stock. . . .; ■■: ;
l< 950,000; Roanoke ; and Tar-River ■ Railroad
Company stock. : : i - ■ " „-
'■",■■ §1400 Richmond, Frederlcksburg and Fo- :
; tomac \ Railroad ■ Company, . dividend obll- ;
$1^.600 Old Dominion Steamship -Com-.
;^pahy stock. >.; .:;■:;' :v-
;.?152,500; Baltimore; Steam-Packet Com
pany stock/-:, vr; "•■ -.---• ■
' §320 000 ' Carolina Central railroad bonos.
fj Sl,^-00., Richmond/ ;Frederlcksburg and
■Potomac-railroad bonds., ■
-;; s4s,ooo ; Carolina Central railroad (Shelby
Division) bonds. '■-'-'■'':.:- ■ - % •" :l: l ; - ' ■■■ ■■ ■_,
! ;' ; -; $COO,000 ; Seaboard Air-Line Belt : railroad;
■ And' that there shall : be restored ,to =' the -
treasury of the Raleigh ■ and- Gaston Com
pany the: securities: stated to have been
in the treasury of that-,: company ■. in;. the;
swornVstatement to, the corporation .cqin r .
j missiohers '-'of i North : ; Carolina : July i. 1, ■
' igßJ— viz l''- ■■■-•-'. •-. : ' - ' ■: ■ -
;.$182,S0O; Raleigh and Gaston Railroad
Company, stock. A , i. "
;>' §772,200;- Raleigh Vand. Augusta Air-Line
Railroad Company; stock. ■• •, -.;-_ ..'■ '■'-■ -v :
■ §192,700 Seaboard and Roanoke Rauroaa
Company- stock, y , ■■ ''. - " ' '
''" §100.00 railroad stocK. ;
"§5,100.00" §5,100.00 Cincinnati, rNashville and Louis
ville; railroad .stock.; - - ;„„_
-5537,900 Georgia, Carolina and Northern
railway' common stock. ; .
•; 5250.000, Georgia, Carolina and Northern
railway "preferred stock.;: .. .
: sS,ODo*oo .'Richmond,. Fredericksburg: ana
■ Potomac railway, stock..
„ $150,000^Durham and: Northern railway
stock. ■.•' - .- . , -„
::$3,000.00. Carolina Southern - railway
stock.' ' v ■•..- . •: .;.- - - . - ■: *
:.$24,950 Seaboard; Air-Line Belt railway
stock.-r- -'.- /: „ "''.,".'
: $474;541.0S " Carolina ■;. Central , Railroad
Company second- mortgage, bonds. ;
-". $100,000 - first mortgage (Shelby ) pivision) ■
Carolina Central' bonds. . ' . ;
. This ' offer assumes, of - course, that the
financial; condition, of these companies as ,
to assets : and ■ obligations;; have not .been
materially changed -since these official ;re-.
■ports^were made : to the corporation com
missioners 'on July 1, IS9B. ■/. v . ;
The securities of the Raleigh and^ Gas
ton Railroad Company.i Mr. Williams, •on
the 26th day of October, 1599, personally^
informed me at my office were- still; In
the -treasury, of that company,: except
that from considerations of ; expediency -
Mr. Williams had placed them in : the
vaults of the : Richmond .Safe Deposit
Company, in the city of Richmond, Va.,
of which I believe he is , president,, and
that the treasurer of the Raleigh and
Gaston Railroad . Company had received
the certificate of deposit of -; the Trust
Company for: these;, securities. I .assume
this to be the fact,, although J- observe
from the' sworn reports, a certified copy
af; which I have since received, made by;
the vice-president and 'treasurer 'of,; the ;,
■ Raleigh, and Gas ton; railroad to ■■ the cor-.;
I p'oration: commissioners of North Carolina:
■ on the 12th; of- September. 1599, all of these
securities: had,: therefore, been- sold.
Very respectfully,- •' . . „ ;-■
■;<.,; • ■:-. THOMAS F. RYAN.
His Party Ctime Hear Being:^ Sliot—
A'iews on the Wnr. ;
'■-.'..' .; (Washington Star.) ; :
A' dispatch ; from Manila says:; Lieuten
ant \ J. C. Gilmore, of the; United States
gunboat Torktown, who was "captured by.
the insurgents; last April, near Baler, on
the' east coast of Luzon, and rescued , a
few days ago by Colonel Luther Hare, ;
of the : Thirty-third Volunteer . Infantry;":
sat' : to-day.- in : the; apartment of jhis sister;'
'Mrs: ' Price,: at the Hotel Orierite, .in Ma- i
nila; ': and told a remarkable ) story of . his :
eight' "months in; captivity, -'ending r ; with ;|
his dramatic .;- deliverance ; from ;. a death |
that seemed" inevitable. ■ : V -:.v ,; j
■; The ateamer ••; Venus ;. came into,- .the I har- ■■ \
bor ■ from Vigan, province; of .South
Jlocos, K'J-.; with ; '■■'■-. Lieutenant ;- " .GUmore ;
and. ninteen pother; .American- . pris-.
'oners, . including . seven ' of liis ' sailor s,> from
the Yorktown. V Lieutenant. Gilmore, .after
reporting, 1 :- ■; came ?. ashore- and, .hobbled-,
along,'/ with .the .aid of "a cane, ?.io the ;
Hotel UOriehte," where "'American L- officers :
and -ladles - were; waltzing the
halls to : the " strains of ; "Aguinaldo's
March." ;: ; :: :: ; " : ;....-; .
JV^AI though -.tanned" and; ruddy from ex
posure, ; he ■ is' weak •] and nervous, ~y showing ;
the'resultsofilongihardships.-. He -speaks:
;' warmly,; of ;; Aguinaldo, , ;and ■?., very bitterly ~l
against General Tino," declaring; that .while
in: „the%forrner'3;:; jurisdiction "-[\ he: : ; was :
treated isplehdidly^butithat after \he; fell;
into iTino's : hands . he: suffered S everything.-;
/ Colonel ; Hare and; 'Lieu tenant T Colonel -\
Howze,>: the latter of the:<.Thirty-fqurth:
.Volunteer- ;• Infantry, ;- l. rescued; V. GHrnore's ■
party '"on December '13th, Tiiear-. the ..head-,;
waters bf.-'tli e :•; A balut ' r r lver, a .l ter they; had '
been :i abandoned^by/^the^Fillpihosy■^andj
AvereT expecting; death^;fromi: thei* savage}
.tribes^arqund ithem^^Whehyhe 'rescuingj
force -preached them.; they '^werevv nearly \;
starved, ;? but ;,were;;bulldingirafrs; ? ln"/the;
;h^peSof|getting v downl|.the jb rlver : c;to^the}
coastlfc Lieutenant iGilmore^madelitheVfol^;
l6wing^statement^toVa^.cor'respon^ent ; ;:6
the" Associated Press:
vusi^on'r the^
night ', of i December; leth/^Weihadf reached j
, the yAbalu tf river t h neaivjilts sour ce;?;that ;
a3 rough! trail fie guarded "byTa % company^ of \
f rp^f thJaW&uurd j'Jand ,; another^companyTi;
armed^with «Mausers;^ast;putl inSeharge?
of |us7ig If suspected; sornethingffiand tques-f]
said: -'I haveidrders Crom General Tino
to hho'otyou all, .but' my conscience ifur
[bide^l^shalUleave", you here'
"I hfej?god : h!m for twoirilk';.- to protect
ltd from Ok- savage.;, adding thatajll
would \ give 5 Sra lettoia in the Amert
cant-, who would pay him well, orid keop" 5
him from all harm. Ho . refused'-Uhlsft
fibweyer,^ saying that ho would noJSdare;
pfcompahy.-' .
"Wo hud'-'.sucn s')me J savjt^s in war
j>ulnt aroun«l us, and we prepar-jrt tc fight
them with cubble'-stones, Uio wnly.
Filipino, ioldiers.-: feeling .that' it would -be,
betterltostlckUo; them- than -to be:mur^j
Idered by: sa f vageß. r but',we;could- not catch.
'up- with 'thorn. Then I ordered t?ie-roe||
?<loWn the riv«r. It wa* a forlorn
but I knew the i-lvor must-fempty Into the
sea7someivhere. I was so weak: ni>»y»
Jthat^rTdld^nitYexp^ct^ojget.out but l
thought some of the men could.
VVOn-ifh.. rnornins- of December mh
v.o v.»v, truing uri the rafts ,^tho|
AineriPuns. came towards us, yelling. One
fof|my^men|shouted; i?They^|are jon ; ; ; vs 3
ble- was lashing a' raft of -bamboo, j;
ihoweve^knewJitrwas Jnotrthe ; yell^qf-t
I«ivages. but thelS-€ll SE^nericans ;^he|
;"res"culng i troops J tliough t we JJ^inpiHOj
: dsV*a^|^ll^Sotu^fm?Engllshj : torHeJ
?downi\ ?o; that; they ooulJ shoot tlmsl«,Hl-i
pirios. That wa«? the fineist body of offi
cers ami racirt I ever way,'." ;
ithusiastically-" enough about ;th"e^34O; pWied';
i men^ who = _had v rescuedihimf and ihis, party. .
The command spen t i the ; day;.: i nj making,
•"raftsl"-;. -.' Colonel -Harel thought': Lieutenantj
Gilmore Uoo;> weak" tb;live ittirotighv ;the
;trip, ; btit there was :no 'alternative. They.
:shoti many v rapids, :jthe; men ■ losing, all ■
itheir- ■ effects;' "'■ and* Gil more
;sbme^valuab^3RP^" s^^ l^ fo "*' t^ c ?^ t ?
of ? - thirty-seven crafts ' the: tirst
; expeT ieh'ces, ; and eigh ty ; men were
practically-unable to V.waik ; : wti cri ■ y igan
JBen'gtiet; .when .the ArnsriraTis approach-:
Jed, : -Lieutenant Gilmore said: ,;*...,
'f'lThe ' ■Filipinos.^ /completely;^, terrified. 'Vleft,.
Be'nguet bn;December •;Tth::'.They'.hurrie,d^
; the •; prisoners from;. town '; to . tovrn. ; often :
retracing- 'the.; trail, : not knowing .where ;
the .:-ABiericaris would : attack.; ■; After.-; be-..;
(trig \alm6st' ; withoutlfoodb for.; three .days,:
;they>killedVseyerai:;horses.:,and we livetl ;
on Ahorse -flesh "for;; several- days. -I/, did
-not have a- fuirmeal-from December 7th.
until I reachel -Vigan. -Indeetl. the rescu
ing)party lived largely upon ricefwithout;
salt. :;,There~/was oneday when I. was _re
ducedrto chewing grass and: bark.
rr ' "While we werein the hands of General.
iTino's men he. issued an; order 5 that any f
■person" aiding, an American -by/ food-.or ;
-mbhey should be : treated as. a' criminal.
One citizen .of Vigan, - Senor Vera,; was
probably : killed . f pr. befriending us.: [ \\ c
would have starved but for: the kindness,
76£7 6£ someTof the residents: of ; the towns and
some of -the Filipino ! colonels, btrt' others
treated us brutally: Wherever there was
r a prison; we v>-ere kept . there! . . When there
was no prison they wffuld-lodge us.in a
convent/ . We suffered greatly from- want
of exercise as well as lack o£ ; food.
■ For weeks Lieutenant Gilmore .was^cov
ered with boils . and in great : pain. W hen
the Filipinos found , Americans. ; were
Approaching. the treatment;became better.
There was -a sign painter in the part y,
and ! - he painted advertisements von^the
■rocks ' throughout the - retreat, with other
emblems, Jike a skull and the word Ven
geance," b/; : means ' of which the; Ameri
cans were able _tb follow. ; ;.
.brutal :- in v. the extreme. /vThe insurgents
had old trrudKes to wipe out against tnem.
' Many taTk fbout the. reconcentrados. in
t^a^^^Se^elll^ l^
th^ face with whips and revolvers."
re-arding political conditions except to
say that :he thought; g^g*^^
would., last as long as ; there -were any
-Tfe 1? members of the party reported to
:bume3! and ragged. ,, t
others- -pet "monkeys.- . They attracted _^a
sreat de?L cf attention as :thev, : parsed.
the streets -Those 1 - whose;: enlist-.:
the Unl ted - Sto tes. . The s others .will, oe , rts
lurneir t^their: respective organizations
; Among 'the prisoners arrivmg^v. ith LWU
|Mm^- U^ a H^G^^ G^' ;&org|
SackeT° ? of "the -Third Infantry; Leland
imlthPdfF^nk .Stone, of :-,&e'.Sta»a
Cnmt- -Hnrrv -Huber, . of 'the ■ nospii<ii
man; of the Nevada^ Cavalry ■■■Martin
Brennan. and: James^Curran.,c-r the S'x^
teenth Infantry; Albert Bishop., or .me
Third^Artillery, and John O'Brien and
-?B A r i o\vS r< » wS'fSerly a preacher in
■HonoluYu; twice revealed^othe^nsurgents
plots of :. the Americans to ; escape, in t he
hope of gaining the good will , of the . FiU
pinos. The rest of itheparty open yac
;?usehimV treachery, iand- entertain t.jhe
•hittprpst feelings toward him. cnaries
Baker, of theTThird Artillery was for
merly one of the prisoners. -, : bu :■ he_be
cama;too-weak to travel, and .the^FUt
pino guards • bayoneted him during the
last flight through -the mountains.
'The prisoners , of Lieutenant. Gllmore's
party who escap2dafter> leaving yigan
were -McDonald, of the^Twenty-rirst ■ In
;fantry; Yon Galen, ; of | theßaltimore, and
Farley of the Oregon. ; They. wdVe cap
turedby savages, recaptured by the in
surgents,, who had stripped and- prepared
to beat them, and ultimately rescued by
"fhSS^ men: who were^rescued
with. L ieutenant Gilmore were.W .Wal
ton chief quartermaster; Vandott, sail-,
maker's^ mate- J.: Ellsworth, coxswain;
S^P/Ed^l landsman; A. J.Peterson.
; apprentice ;;F.y Anderson, landsman, and
■S. Brisoloso,; seaman. _ v . - „ .
■At -Baler J.: Dillon; landsman, and l C LA.
Morrisey.v landsman, were :instantly_kill
ed- 0. -B. McDonaldr-seaman, and E. J.
Nvgard; gunner'3 '-mate, "were ; mortally
woSnded, and D. W. A. Venille, appren
tice, and' O.W. Woodbury, seaman, were
rseriously- wounded.
■-. ■■■:- ■"-':;: ~~~^— '■ — :"f** ~ — ~~~. '■ ■
The Safest XeiyHpapcr leader.
. (Warrehton True Index.) .
The Richmond - Dispatch,^conservatively;
"edited, is the": safest newspaper leader in
Virginia,' andl- the Democratic .Party o£
the State which patronizes, it^but partly
dischiirges : its obligation "by giving it -
\ liberal patronage. It keeps abreast witn
the times,-: and : delights in circulating' ; the
growth of 'its city,; in which every true
vVivginian rejoices. ; , /v. .; .
A Potent Factor.
(Page News.) ; ~ .; ..
The Richmond Dispatchof last; Sunday
contains a valuable and comprehensive
account'of- the industrial progress of all
partsof the State during.the: past year.
The Dispatch; as an enterprising news
paper devoted; to the best^interests^ or
this section, has been aVpoUmt, factor in
bringing about -the; state ,of; progress it
'describes.":..- .;; -' ; .- .■ -: .. \ '--'- --'.... ; ;;■-; '?■'■:. ■
Cliargfes Asralnst Prof. McGiffert.
: : NEW-" YORK,: January -; 9— Before, the
New York Pr«sbytery: yesterday Stated-
Cl6rk Birch : serVed;notlce^that I he_; would
prefer charges oE-mere-5y.:a S ainst.t he Jiey.
■Arthur.:a;McGiffert. -professor. iu/bnion
Oncological;: Seminary, --y •_: V
MilUnrr GoveriVmeht for AlanTia.
-:■ WASHINGTON,^January. 9-^-The Presi
dent has'created a military- department of
\la«ka The ; action iis j tantamount • to ; es
tablishing a complete: military ■ government
-there." - : , ■ '''■ '-. :--'::: --': : :^-^-^~ i-:- ■ .'- :.-;'; ': ■"■
■ Lewis Dennis, Salem;Jnd.. says:, "Kodol
Dvspepsla ; Cure^did.^me imore ;good lthan
anythit»S f lJever^took.''^lt;dlsestSv.what
you 'ea^; and ; cahnotx help ?but- cure :dys^
neosia 1 and' stomach : troubles. '. Bodeker
Brothers. T. A. Miller. -
Bears the lhß Kinil Yoti Ha<B AlyJ3 " s W&.
Sig^i^ : ;:><^^ji^^p^^:^:'-^
Oa 3-W. F&Su"n"2y)
IfSoTft' ftndiswolientjoint3,'. sharp, shooting
>pains,'|torturtnß,inuscle3r s nofest;ino'Bleep*.
v born? disease | tolfight;! butl Chamberlain's ]
itlmes: pit ) do ;so \whenßverithe= oppo^3
Itunljyi !»■ offered; ? Try it, s^ One application
irellevea-the pain. For saJe^hy^allldrug^
fglstsrv U 7-dun,W«^«
s&ask ,„.:-.'- .. ... ygsm
■ijil&f D,
l||SoiiedtandlSiussed %
? Undermuslins. J
2i£ r . " t
i s^^f^&^ay, Fri- J
S day, and Saturday a gene- r
!<^ral:clearing-Hout?prior to our ♦»
vlin Underwear Sale of every +
5 :odd T ;rnusseU;'or soiled flus- P
$ liri Undergarmeni. in the %
> house. No matter vyhat the *
cost or former selhn£ price
was, they go to-day and the £
v balance of this week at 50
S> and 60c; on^the ■- dollar. '-. ?
■ * '-■ LADIES' DRAWERS. ,: trimmed
ifwith: fine Tembroidery and \ tucks, S
5 ' open: or: closed ; styles, were ?)^r t.
5 ;Xsc. reduced ■-. tor-.-. :?. :....:. - £rJK * m %
$ DRAWERS. -made Cof Fine Cam- J
> ;brie or Cotton, umbrella style, trim- 5
i mcd .with' tucks :and^«»rn- . *■
% mcd with tucks and embroil OO,; <
dt>ry. --werev4sci'.Vreduccd^to .«-'-*^'» r
>-■ DRAWERS.SmadeIof Best-Gra'l^ <
:> ~Cambric.;hand3omely.- trimmed with :. J-
S-Valencierines'lace, r tucks, and hand-
5 :some;embrolderv- " were: ?l. re-
5 -fluc^d : :t<» close ; out A'?/- \
■.svqulck.-.''..:--.-.-l-';.--.; ; .-:-'.:. ..„.:... V-r^' \
% ;IiADIKS'- SKIRTS.,: full- lengths.
i some slightly-: soiled,- others one and *J
5 -two'; of ;a -style, all.;- daintily 'trim- .•:
,5 --med : .with: -"Hamburg- : embroidery, *i
S were 62,50. and 4Sc., choice "^.Qr- *,
Sl-to-dav-for :........;...„.:.... ~*°V »J
■ V SKIRTS- made of Finest Cambric.
4 Hm-breHa;flounce and dtep ruf'Je of --t|
i 'embroidery. ;were . >;$1.50.; $1.50. re- QO. «"
> -duced :tn-day; t0...;.......1. - J^ J^>' V
5 SKIRTS.' made vrUh Xainsonk <r
5 umbrella ;flounce, finished off -with
5 -d^ep flounc* of lace. n.!« «.*
and $2.25 Skirts, .reduced :..; £j^^s
£ : SKTRTS] * odds *an «1 end 3. «>
> three:and four: of a kind, trlmroert V
L with- lace;-' embroidery, v tucks/ «nd <•
5 ruffles. SI.3S . o«es: reduced to 7.">e. ; *
i 4Sc.ones reduced to .."KJc; 9S r : -V
5 3Sr. : onps» rpduced t0........ --^r-T.r r
5 GOWKS— Ladies* Fin^ Muslin.
S Cambric. anS I.one Cl/>th Gowns. «>
5 elaborately. trimmed with lace pnd f
5- emb>o?d°rV. sbiTtn-c. and rue'c=. #
W were 52.9S and S2-S>. reduc- . CJ fi7 <
S : ed to Si.OS and... ......... «»-"•«'.>
5 GOWKP. made; of: T^>nfr; Cloth- <*■
s'EmDlre style, ibcantifullvtrimmfnl #
5 with' embroider:--; .larce and sr-^ill *r
5 tncks. reduced price,
$ choice .■.:...„-... ;....,.....- k;
S GOWNS." made Krrpire style, w:th ?
low neck, trimmed with fl-x^t
y: embroideries. reduced Q^C.
lv^^A7>*TKß'7^Owi<S' : n'a< : Te Krnpirc >'
S anil TTubbard style?. -srHh hi.sh-or ,*
% low necks; trfmmpd Lwith ■ etr»>.rol- >
% ; dery, -.lacf- and : ;tucks. : ; sl.so f^Jr «♦
5 Gowns. rfau^/! : M .....:.... y-*»^" &
S COKSET COVERS, ri^intil-f.nd tf
4 prettily trimmed, were Xc; **
to :.. f>?~-* #
$ KauFmann & Co.- J
X Fourth end Broad. g
■ Om'.-tr of City-Wacer-Vv'orks,
Room's. City Halt.
Richmond. Va., January 10. IMJ)- ;'
:.rti(RO DTSTRICTrj":
Where bills ■ remain unpaid January
ja 10-2t Suparlntendent.
The Columbian Building, and Loatf
' ~ Association of Richmond, Va.,
- '■■■■•-. : : : . January 9. WjO.
TION OF RICHMOND,' VA.. will bs hel ii
at the office of the . association, in tlvj
Planters' National Bank Buiidin?. Rich*
mond, Va.. on WEDNESDAY. January Si,
1900. at 1 P. M.-V :; L. ;l>. AYLETT;
'• ja 10-tdv . . ■ Secretary and Treasurer. _j
Richmond, Va., January 6. 1300.
PANY iwili be held at the office of th-J
company,'- 821= east'Slain' street,- 1 Richmond..
Va.; MONDAY, 'January 22, 1200, at U
o'clock M> :;. SAi-lUEL S. ELAM.
ja7-td „ Secretary J and Treasurer.
TRUST COMPANY" will bo held on.
TUBSDAY,^ January 16, : 1800, at 5 : o'c]oclc
P. *M.;- at the : ofßce . of ;;the company, lOOi
east Main street. Richmond, Va. :
Ja 6-tdin- . -.-:"■- -.'CasMtf-^
.' ,-,-" : Metropolitan Bank.
Richmond, Va., January 2. 19*^-
be held at>its- banking-house noon ory
TUESDAY, January 16. 1300.
: la4-td":: H. A. WILLIAMS, Cashier.^
Richmond, Va.; December 30. ISO 3.
TRUST COMPANY will be held at 1W
office in theicityo'f Richmond. Va., a
12: o'clock. M. s on -TUESDAY; January lv,
-.de 31-td- ,- : :..--■:..'- V "-. -' -V Secretary.^
- ,-. ; The State 'Bankiof- Virginia*
Richmond, Va., December 23. liS3.
be held-tn their banking-house on WED
OTSSDAT,-Janui^^gg^.g I jg«fc
'■■-'• '■ '■-■'-- ■-- ""■ Cashier^
" . The Savings Bank . of Richmoml.
Richmond, >"a.; .December -'7. 1599.
be held atr: the banking-house THUKb-
DAY,Januaryn.l^a^o ;c l^k iP.,I.i P.,1.
de 23-td; ' -■ C".- ;. : V ' Cashter._
POSITS COMPANY*; will be held ar r th ?
company's y; offices. . No. i
street Richmond, Va., on WADNfi-bUAi,
jttuuar>- 10,-laW. atl^. L q eCu .
, de 27-t Ja 10 in- .: - Secretary.^
IXG COMPANTIwiII b^ held -at- the, com-
JpaSr'k^fic^rbn iWEDNKSDAV. January
de27-tJa 10 in V-: Secretary-- 'and Treasure^
: : Union Bank of Richmond.
* Richmond. Va., December 21. liW
- • Ttr-c-RVrvnLAR ANNUAL JIKbl «-N«.»
BANK^wlufbeTbeld in t.ne .Fir« . Ng tlonnl
Bank building" at 12 o;clock M.on rHUKs>
?££■?££??£ : U ' ™£ B. BEASLEY.:
de 22-td - __.. i.?^Hll r^.
' Students .admlttt'd : ;io ; Acadj;micaiuU^u
Classes ftdurinffVJ^uupv; , und t«b.uao
Catalogue-and Sprins.Aiinouucement =ei-8
ja lJoodL't _____K!£IHH2^ = l^
Mouth- Wash No. 4.
t^^Your dentlat wtLt tell you so.y.;

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