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Readies Here To-Mon^^Sdpffll|Be)
T(ta to Frederlcksbnjg.
A Veteran of Tito Warn, Who 'Won
nistinction In Both— He "\Vai; Jthc
Jlis:ljCst SuTTiTlas; Conledernlc Offl- i
rcr from - Virginia, , f
...... ..-■ ..■--........,■...-.•--.....■ ...■■■-.■ .
Ma jor-General Dabney . Herndon Maurj',
xlih oldest Confederate officer 'in -Virginia",
cicd at . 5 Vclock ' yesterday A morning-;, at
iJie homo of his son, Mr.; "Dabney H.-
Maury, Jr., in Pooria,tir..V in the 7Sth
year of his age. '''--/'" -
The remains yvnji: reach; this: city; at-S-2()
i"ciocl: to-inorro\v morning. They ~\\-ill r be
:u;cn clrectly to -St.^; James Episcopal 1
hu rch. The funeral services will • he. held
at tho church at 10 o'clock; y and"> immedi
ately after" their conclusion the body will
t.d laiea to : the By'rd-Street; Station and :
10 Fredei-icksburg.on';lhe;nobn train.; The
iutermect will .- bo •; made . at Fredericks
burs. .
General Maury; had ;been ' In -feeble
he aJth ever since : -: g-oiii'g ;>" to Peoria /from
Richmond, a year, agoj Last summer he
vzs quite ill. theie, but his strong;consti
tution enabled 1 him ? to -rally* ■,"■; Death cams
txpectedly, as gently.: and" as :.- peacefully.;
is a tender benediction. after- a long. lii'e
of active and honored /usefulness. ;"
General" Maury's dead a
number- of years. ■ He ' leaves" the son in
PeDrls, and two •daughters— one resifiirig :
is Texas aad one in ; Philadelphia:. i Among
the relatives here'^bf ? General' ■Maury;-"are'.
Mr?. Mathew F.-ilaury, wife of the-dis
nuE^ished naval;: officer -and ; scientist;
Sirs. James : R. - "Werth, and Colonel VRich
urd"L. Maurj' and' family. ''-'. ;.:'-' :
Ii :s expected -that the" veterans of : Lee
End Pickett? camp&| '.":■ ajnd probabij-.v tha -
military org-anizations ; of ■ the city, will
parade at;..'-, the : l-uneraL': < In" Xf c ;lGe"ne
:3l Ma«r3" expresged^ a ".desire that; he be
1-rrifcd wltiiout pomp," but "wished some. of
his old comrades •to lollpw. him to ■ the
grave. I£e was a: member; of 'Lee.Camp:.
■The" xc'.ioNviiis"- 'gentlemen will act ' as
pail-benrers: '/. '--. :..,''_.'.■'■■ ■-'
Honorary— Colonel l / Archer Anderson,-
Judge George "ii: Christian," Colonel W.
E. Cutshaw, and. Sir." Randolph Taturn." :
Active— Colonel C.;. 08. -Cowardin,, Dr.'
George Ben.' Johnston;, Mr. John Pickrell;
IJajor Otway ; Sv AHeni Mr. • E. T. Crump,
lir. Charles Davenport.. Mr. Blair:Bblling,
zui yiT. J. Iv-- Jones. -■ : . .. \
■;'..- ■ ■■■-•■ ■'■ - .-■■■■■■• ■- .- =-.;- -.— .. . : - : -- ;.
X Dii-tin^riiisiied. 3lajor-Geiieriil : of
lUe Confederacy.. :.
The death: of /G-eaeral, Maury /removes
another of the "Virginians 5 of -.a- type': of
o:h-r days.: The story : of his- life "■■ reads
■ni:ch like romance, yet it is a story, such
us that of many ;Virginians-rthe-;sentle
laan soldier, a. character frequent. in ante-:
bolium days,, .'when the . old -Common-:
wealth was \ the lirst of ;" ail : the _" States ;'.
when the army claimed :so : niany; of her .
noblest sens, and when.:; lndian fighting
Cave army officers: constant opportunity
for adventures, which : to-day -sound 'like!
tfie iaveniions of the story-tellers. : ! : .
General Maury; -was' a-ptrfect type of
the old-iirne Virginia, army officer— brave,
"'sk-Epirked,: adventurous;-- rollicking,, al
ways ready : fbrynsht'rig,.ready;i for." sport
3n any form,; ready. ; for ;ariyuhderta.lcing;
,thai offc-red adventure,;; oi : ,:- if honor?; and:
cuty required," ready; to • sacrifice; life.;fbr.
either. Virginia rgentleraan.;{andC;Vlfginia ;
soldier, 'he was' a splendid type^ of each.^
Genera 1 Maury- was; born , in': Fredericks-:
burg, May -'2L'' 1522. .; .'-'He! -.."n*as .descended
Uom the old-time. -Virginia- ..'families?* 'of,
Maury, Fontaine/^ Brooks,-' and ;Minbif,_
scions of which- have; illumined, pages ; of
ihe history, of the': State '-and- nationj > >by.-
their 'achievements', in "war- : iind ; in; peace.'
He v.as a ;>:oii;. of 'Captain John;:.- Mih^r
Maarj*. United States'na%T, and 'a nephew,
.of rae; great Commodore; Matthewv: Foil"-,
'.-'•lalne Maury .^ttie'seographer 2 . of(the^seas,
£nd probably ■; more esteemed '■'■ ao:d - ; ; hon-*
cred in other countries; than rany-.Ameri-'r any-.Ameri-'
can scientist who : -ever : ; lived. ' : General ;
-•Uury's '.father -"died" of^ ycllowrfever^in
the. \Vest- "lndies in ;;;a825..:; ;;aB2S..:: Commodore
•ilaury became; the guardian VbfShis;:;<3ea'd :
brother's ; v,yd '.(' sons— %Vllliamv "Lewis" and;
«>abney— andVtbthe dai : "of:his[dealh;Gen^
t-n-.l ilaury.-'spPke'- of--: his ■■' uncle Tas '.haying
it" n to him all that a father: o'ouldihave
Wc-n. Wiliiain. Lewis' :Mauriv.dled:;'at^th'e
"be of 10. i •
General Maury; grevr :.ip'; at Fredericks-:
I'^rg, where 1 he ; received * his \ preparatory,
education,, and". whVri= quite] young; enterefl
University^ of Virginia.'; He"; graduated
in ihe A. : B.: course.", and also i'tobk^ the:
junior course hi! law.'J : He progecuted ji his:
Jaw studies aV-Fredericksburg-^underS the"
cC'-ebraTed;'-3utlge^ I L^ma"x^but..-'lje^flnal!>^
oeterrniiiM '-ihat'' the.;li w > was; not; toT his
''•Irins, aT!'d;;applipd;,foK:-arid" rcceived^an;
a I l polntrr.«-nt to West Point.
His comra des at avest point.
In :he corps^bf' cadets ; at: the : Military
Academy ■;. during .'^Genersd.vMaury's^four.
years there^ were/ inany,Cnien; destined;; to
become among: i thefg-reatest' lnF-American 1
: s «na:^Goorse B.r:McCiellanf| ; Thbmas?J;*
Jackson, Ulysses S. Grant, A. . P. Kill.'
" fcilie'.d;; ScoiV«;Haacblck;|^c?/^Frankilnr
£.ad dozens of rothers.-' The; storles'.Generi!
•■'.uury ]uvi^;;' r tb i'tell^M>f-C!ncidents^;con
-tcted with';/ •■■'t.h'efi's'chbbl-life of-, these
i' :'fta t o t n ins wore "of |.the! most ? interest?
! - ! " :iaiure. a:<d* : his "; description,, of
l! -tii- early char«cter .>; attractive- in • view"
w thf ■; ai't<if^grea{ne.= s Vof i th c i . boys ;|wKo
;;:ivcro tSiesi; Ktudi-iJts of "thtilaVt offwliichi
they: became gaS nia^tera; '?B^fe
: ■■"■ Ucnerii Maufy; A.' P. Hill; and Oirket
fry. weretsta»dlnff lojif tl.tr iv. the south
Wrrack.y 01 c afternoon v;h< n s'lfy^KiT^
i- ne.\; cadet orin-r in cnarge of a -cadet
r wiit: »<if > nfr.iJ,.Maury j odcscrlbed; \ii\i
: 't f: <.;: <2<it ;* as7d.rcHPC(i sln I gray/; h bme'r-pu ri ;■
..-■.«' hat.,of^coarse>'<ei^
I'air -'of *adolebag^oy®ri
1 --Is shoulder— altogcthfr ■ all! uncommonly^
**• k\\ ard aiidf green, appearinß . specimen;'
J ''tro;^wasysucHS;i^%sturUy^{a!rSrftb^^^^
:; :" :u'W-c^jn.-r thai Gensral^'. Maury,
locks ts if he had code "u> stay."
As; the sergeant : returned;, s from installing
the hew arrival in- quarters !he -was" asked
tiie;. name. .of. the: stranger. '"■'■ He ■: replied,"
"Cadet Jackson, of Virginia; v.^ -..>
":. General . : Maur jv : always : : spoke .. of ■ ' Mc-
Clellan '. a s r man, ;;. student' ;; and .; soldier xin
the;- highest:. terms: 'Grants-was : good yin^
•• mathemati cs, ' .bSi t i did "■ no tV t ry? t pYexcel 5 hi :
..v saye": ; in c horsemanship;^'' lii "ithel
ridirigsctiool ihe* was.very '"daring: ■ • '
General graduated; in June, 'lß4«, ; and was
attached' as second.. : lieutenant- /to' ;Z the
• Mounted: Rines, - now, ' theX'Third CayalrjV'
' The -regiment Awaslcoinniahded'biv Colonel , !
, Persif ev'j Smith:; r Geheral .Taylor. : was ".then '
; winning: his f victories' in ! Mexicb."; Excite
ment; in the coun try s at - a high* point.":
This 'was : ■especiallj-*' : true .among..: tlie"
cadets, "and Lieutenant Maury. was '■ de-.
lighted" -vrith the = prospect of fighting. ',: He
sailed £ from. Baltimore Aon\thev brig; Sol
:dana",':-with a squadron .of itlie , Mounted
Rifles 'i on board, : under . Captain ''■'. Stevens"
•Masdri.": 'Rough .weather ■}^yas';' encountered,
■ the vessel - v.-as ; unseawor thy, ; and ;' it";. was
the, thirty-second day after leaving jßaltif,
; more before ' PointY; Isabel ' was reached/
long after : the transports had : : been
ported ; lost y."itli all ' on' board:;- The ■ squad T ";
• ron ; was m arched overland; to % Monterey;
"where" it entered the commahd^f jGeheral'
Zachary Taylor,""- who had just -' captured
the, city 1 ""Lieutenant Thomas VJ.: Jackson'
had -charge of -the siege: pieees.^wliietiUhe
Rifles escorted : ; from ": Point - Isabel :>- to:
MonterSyT" ; >.; ..;> . : :--':: --' : . _:-■■> ■■•"■'..:' : J '*'.-" ' :'"\^^- : '
'"Theilounted Rifles ,were : soon
from General : Taylor's "^cbinmand,.; and
:sent ; : to > join- the |._army : . of '"General .. S.cott;
Iwhb'was preparing. to", attack iVera-" Cruz.;
:L.ieu"tenant Maury,. took part in', the: siege
bf.the city, aiid-bore; himself \so>galla"ntly £
that 'General : Scott .- mentioned .':iils;name
in general : orders. "'On ; the. ; 17th of April,
IS47 ' Lieutenant Maury. had ' his : arm i shat-"
'tered by '.a.'iball^at. the' -battle;: of CCerro^
Gbrdo, "and he ; w'iis' : sent : homi.'- : The (citi
zens" of - Fre'dericksburg "j presented :;r him
• 'with "a'splendid sHvord as [ai token, of I their ;
appreciation-; of Uie; galla_ntfy_-of the Toung
Virginiaai, and -isobn ; afterwards he, Ire-;
:ceived : his prombtion -to ;the. rank .of first
: lieutenant. ;-/ '::";.; ;^; ;-"-''r" s . s > ; ''.■. ■ ' •"■■ : ".v.v" "' ;: '■
. Af ter' : spending ,, a few. weeks at;,home
Lieutenant Maury Avas, ordered to -West
' Point to • assiime : the duties ;; of Assistant
•Prof essor: of Ethics ;: and i Tactics; ; -Hejref,
■ maliied "• in this" position . ; f or ; f our,- y ears: vv;
• -Just prior to ; the ? Mexican : war- Lieuten
ant Maury, wentr with: ;his smother 'and
lister to Warrehton;: Springs, to spend a
fexv-weeks;: at'wliat was^then^a. favorite
i; .Virginla v "resort.^ The ; day: after,- their;ar
riva' :r: r be' was 'descending,; the : steps of > the
I'boter when: he: met . a party> of ; young
people : coming; up^"'As -they •> reached ;; tne
top 'bnV= of =-theTybuhgl ladles ; missed , the
!'""tep"-and '-"fell. iWitlivhis; accustomed; gal
i rSHdTpicked : tieriup.i--.When; she :was ; on^her
'"feetHhe young; soldier was ; introduced: to
i tKe'!you'nsl:lady.;>? lt' ; was iliss. Nannie
Mason.: ' ' daughtcf sof :Mr.i:^Viley^Roy:
Mason, of King George county. -^T he^exi
i 1 bfnhe"- service jdemandea^thegde-^
parture of ? Captain ; Maury. .for;; the^front
i ' in' a week or twoTtbuehelwas^a; great deal
i Iwithl tHe] littleWirginiav beauty - and .^when
l left:;f t :; they /-"found "they t had -lost ;mucn
i happiness: ; Whiles Lieutenant^ Maurj^was
to^ebmo 1 la' Virginia :-•", with- comparative
r equ e ncy): : aiidihel ; pftenfsa^ihis;,swee^
Hheal^ ; v ; Af ten several trips; they^were mar;
:"ild" at the S fine:';; country
ihbme: of :Mn;;Maspn^'in-;Kmg-,George^n
lSr ¥) The occasion was one of agene
•: bridesmaids ?|aiidS groomsmen, v^Ucuten^.
■a"t^Maury:€skediihis : oldi classmates-Mcj
Cleliah^andißurriside^toSbenOf : the ; num :
&?"bm they vn stationod^farTawa^
•She Plains and could not come^Buru!
brot 'r. Dick.', wore, also., guests;, at
• i*S^f estivitios. *■ which lasted £&?&$&&
•'shown J him"" by • the , Virginia people at that
time and'afs.r the war. learning thatjone
?o£' s -xhV/bride?'iiii"ds 'a t the - wedding; >had
ltl^eo^nin^at|^eparjments;iiwh,ch ;.re
fetf! lot t -• th«:V^lntb;;Sulphur;|>vhereth^
t i,. h vu\ '<■--■ relrs«t:it«d.
Vt Hie expiralioniof his fourth year of
leered^6 Crojoin :tiie- Mounted? Rlflesf at
there was ■'full.of adventure; L cJiacn'.e in
"dians, chu-injr buffalo ar.d',deer, ana «i
offered ;■ themselves ;■■ to i ilie Tyb'ung ' -. officer/:
;The.stories;Generaliilaury:£loved rtb^tell"
of .-' ; the : . adventures j7bf;V those*? days -V^' ere H
humorous and thrilling.
:, „lii 1556- General -Maury- was. ordered to
Carlisle"^ Barra^:ks,?Pennsylvania;u toias^:
,sume'r.tlie of ipost^ commander Jand'
meh^y published 'a'^
; for ! mounted> riflemen; i^which 'was i'used^byj
:_States ,*: and-; is still ; eiiibod ied ; in ; the, tactics ■
;of .' the '^Unite'd"; Stales'^ regular^ army; ■■.;>■■■■:.••£
~':t -V.Tien^; ordered •Vaway? from - Carlisle,; in ■'
; 1560,';;-L.ieutehaht r, Maury, ,']was j pfdmbled ;;' to
the :. rank Jof "captain: and; ; appointed : adjufj
; taht-general ; of itlie s ''• of J New!
Mexico. ;/CaPtain^ Maury" left'tliis'i'.w'ife.
;herf father's vhbme^: in '. Kingi George,'! and \
. pfoeeeded^tb "Fort;l.eayenworth;f Kansas:'^
: The '.-' march 5. across "A the j plains '^ to if Port?
-Union. Vwas" 1 - a VsuccessioriVof ; stirring^ lnci-1
;• deiitsj" fights .with; lndians ; being .the chief .'
The^ : headquarters ;of J.the'r regiment ; were.-.
"at' 1 . Fort -Mclntbsh ,-~ near.! ; Laredo? ,- TheJ. li*fe ;
: pu rsued s by ':■-; Maury S was : irnuchy
. similar- to ; that: he: had) lived; and; enjoyed'
jWhileTstatiohe'd i oh T; the ? Xieona ; river: years!
: befo"re^fighting^ hunting,: and fishing. '
/ After serving- at :: Fort Union; for some 'i
time f Captain*; Maury^wasj transferred :to;: to ;
' Santa^ Fe. t" Lif e : : in 1 that '■•' ci ty vvvas i happy r
• and J>; gay, '_} and ;: many,;*; friendships ";
fbrmedj*. soon ■; to .be 'brbken'.by^the tmafledj
lhandiof fwaK'/'lnla delightfulkyolume:pub^|
.lished byj General ;Mauryfa^fewl years ago^t
entitled .;: "Recollections -j of ; a'i.Vifginiaii,":
-heTgives> -'a> graphic \l picture): of whis/i last'
days • initlie':'old ■.-. army': 1 ;lThe v majbrity '. of 1
;therofficers;had : been;p'ronouncedly southj:
ferivin Hheir.*syriipathies,"'. but- asjtlie.; time |
drew; iiear' : : when ■'.;' it--' was :'•. apparent X tha t>
' they.; would have- 1 o j espouse :; the ■ ca use * of ;
tlie / South \ or ' give '. tip ;; their": commissions, ;"
r tlieyjbecame v : very^averse/^o' : discussliigri!
;the"; subject. VvMauryj had ; to ,-beVextreinely.T.
/careful ■ iri^his : expressions; s:d He t hadAthei
r feelin'g.of;being ? watchsd:'?iOne;eyening. ; in'
: Ma^l^;'" ! an r iin':dousfgVoupiTyaß;gath w §ggM
in - the > office :'bfJ;'Adjutant £Maury. ;"X There j\
Avas~Loririg, -thef grizzled' regimen talfcbrn-^
rnander ■'-^whbj'ji'had'; ifbughtothrbughj-vtwol'
wars, 'and lysds '; to j win \ honor and i
vglor*y : 'ini^other. i \jT"iere {wasOalsoVXiieu^i
:*cers of £ the I Confederacy FaridS fair; fighting |
f6xvhis;hom'e:and'his pebPle. N rMaurj r -wasv
J there/". troubled V 'and'fanxious/;.; fearing 1 3
bag? would': force" him. to"; give?ubji forever^
the 'cherished > friends fbf j a 5"a 5 " lif etime.'^He*
;felt;JhislJswprd^could;^nevef*sbe';C turned?
"agaJiisti?yirginia^and South;
»mai!rb*agl 'camel in.^TheJadjuta*ntllia"d'rto|
Ifirst^assort the i mail ' f brjthelen tire fgar'ri':|
son. Then, they all eagerly seized the
•'of i the • f^all ]bf ; For t-Sumterm^bnths'sbeforel;
fdnd? rushed f out : ; of i theldbofTandtup'V tojth^?
quarters, crying, "Sumter has •
fallen and "war has begun! I .' --
A' few days afterwards the news came
' thif 'Virginia*; had; seceded: V'As soon as ,it;
fcouldßbe Awr i ttens Captain S Maury i wfote|
ibu^shislre^ign^tip^^d i^dispja.tchedj^itjto|
j Washington: : He; prepared to : f ollow.at^toj
■'the\ States 'at once.'"
r : General- MaiiryJ never dwelt upon hh,
his .old comrades^
H^rmsTfarewen:;slt^was ff a;painfin^bs|
; f requentlyvsaidj tlaey(itold « liimtlheyi neyer|
?But§^ there* were Jalmumber^bi'Jsouthernl
iit'^agaiir t the lold.^'General i Gepffef-Hri
Thomas, a r^uiye,o£''Sbuthamptori^cotin^
Itv/J.V'a.., a.id .1 wairn trle^d of^General
|Maury's,^wasr;'bne''.of ,", thess." ' ' Generals
:ure fbf to "1 gbj.wi thjhisj State::;*He|
fhasfsaidHthatTnbTman was ever' more ;defj
= hdnbred him," having voted- him'.a sword^
%% br f gallantry; :-initi^M^<^f^&?sTteimiig|
ajiftfiod early." for. command. ;n the .Vir-'-.
forces,- and Governor 'Lctoher-heid'
Maury, has tsiawrt hiu Thomas carried
ftdi^ew York" wltli him after .
"seceded hisSosigrnatiori from the aimy,
and- that"-lie-,went to that city "to, bring;
'away his wife.- Kir; u-lfo tos,':i' Kew
y.jf'c laulv.- a v \vom.m of ;"*ne «haracicr
"and consfderabto wealth. General -JETItz-:
hugh Ijee,*whei' en route 10 Kichxnond
Rafter- resigning, fromjthe^oldiiirniy^calied^
jQ,cce'-liiajor'Thomis, • and-atoartL'ig'.rc-:
\ ■„ ,;.-., -. ■;',■;'-,;:
1 Ail r*^R/f n rrio ? I noo in '$ rt oci no ni^ or
M ■ fc^fc III! ~^£- Wt II »!■JI n I I ttl "II r* S* II Sr -^.*
iPRESnJSivr tra vuij^'s heportJ
«s The/Kichmond^Chamber Aofi: Commerce;
held Sits" annual meeting last evening ru
t> o'clock. There was a good attendance
an i t>.~ ?-vc< 1 1 <luigs were of great inte
rest-:;Reports f or : the past : yearvsf ere? sub?;
mitted, and officers were elected. First
.vice-President I* ; Z. Morris Vbccupied' the
chair/; 1 in vthe ab.sence of President S.- W.
cl ce ls-'l s-'s -' ' ''■;■" -HI
The annual report- of • President ;Traver_s ;
was read by the secretary, and was liiititfi
ed •to -with, marked interest. .; On-: Col- :
oncl Purcell's motion it was received, and
filed, the usual number ~ of copies were
ordered .to, be printed, and a resolution
was 'adopted.- convey in. 1 ? to Mr. Travers
the thanks of the Chamber for hi-? able
report, and for his valuable services ;: as :
president.- .
■;;• The •report :■ is ■; as'- follows : '
In the beginning- of ;this. r the. last -year
■third' yeari iriTthe =lif e■of '; the (Chamber, t it
is with -.a-c feeling, of intense pride: and
bers of ii organization, and, indeed,';
• eyery^good 1 citizenVof upon l^the :
; record" 'of great V. and %. decided I ?: progress;
which >" fenders ; ! ithe - past. ; twelve -i months "
a* most^memorableiarid -important period!
In the history of this city. •
Before referring to: anj'. of -the events]
C-which-characterize the; year. lSSa'as a' most:
remarkable ;o^e/};permit';meonot^bnljrvtO;
{ emphasize i?ttie\f act : '" that i'thetpresent ;year)
i isfthel lSßt';pneT'o£ Jti'efni^teentt^lcentury;)
but alro.lhal'it is the year in which this
twelfth cenpus-is .to b^ \dv-x\ For thrss
! reasons its record will be^evt-n'inoro con
fits "results'^ill;b'^
scr ii tiny.* -It, therefore; - behooves r. us to
every energy to sustain the progress x
'and ■'■■. development ;; so auspiciously i corn-;:
smencedft"wlth : . enterprise,"', "while % at jvthe
; same'f time : twiti wisdom .-. and - probity. ..■■■ - * .-,
;: ly" In i 1599, ;V * are of v a ; ; natuf eVas'; to* abf ;
sblu tely.' assure a '-■■: year :(of i; prosperity 3in
fISOO.'- JAWithoiit ':'} intending. v. ; therefore; '•[ to
idiscburagVinthe least .any' legitimate Tim-'
•a^'prominent^journal^-tb: the 'effects that";
lire'-: should l^now 'be. "especialljv;carefulv"tb*
; . avoid ""the (proclivity?; of -tar;- large:^bbdy jof
/ouri'people; to : in. speculative: yen-;
'■■ tures,',' ; ; and that _''the, only way; wa ; knbw~
toigetVout of -Ithe ; year/ the :best it^has'tb'
■ give," is t to be ■ satisfied with -making-money:
■ slowlyrr-a-' rule which • few; transgress . with- :
out; loss.V. ' , '„••"-.'
i'quotefethis:'recentyutteraTscel.because;i 'quotefethis:'recentyutteraTscel.because;
\ here -in' Richmond: weyhave^ so fbfbadenedi
>ouiv;fieldSof-v operations d that-:"enterprises :
■germane ato 'j, those -5 we t-'already^Shave/Vor'
;Whlch?-; ourS: situation"; and : \i opportunities'
; my- opinion.^ mostfsafely^ and^mdst'profit-^
| ablyj emploj-i our ;energie"s ; and % our? capital!
', in-- theif uture^as- indeed Jin Uhe' past they]
I could ; thus shave been; employed'; to :the' best"^
"advantage. -^, „\ _ r s>■
cityTpapers v bf;thes3istiultlmonndi-^
cate.Hhe; establishments of/ 103 i newMndus- 7 /
•triesjat|and near •Richmond: duringJ.lßo9ll
-Itiim"!impossible, : CYnthinStheJcdmpas3'<of :
;this^ep6rt,- : to;refer,to;mdny/6f'these'rie-w;
. enterprises '• so ; richly; deservihg.notice^bu v
■Kcahnoti; refrain v frbmr= mentioning I sbme^
of ithet- recent = developments i.which'^must'
iproyelvmost; potent ifactorsiln^our.Jfuture, 1 *
andvwhichihaverbeen: for the -past "decader*
;at 1 1 eas t; s and;-some^ of s them c; even k f or^ a t
ilongeri time; ■ subjects fof eonstahfarid; per£:
:severirig'.s attention^onithe^part-fof ithis' 5
'.Chamber. ' -.
Richmond; Petersburg:aTid^CarbUna
railroad :gthejtChesapeake;; and* Ohio kvia-"
; duct!and\the,union sdepotHb ;be: erectedibyl
thetwolcompanies named;;theinew South-;
-ernldepotjJtheTdevelopment^of .thelwater-^
:po.-wer-of?James : riyer;;the improvement of;
; James ; : river;itself;Ln6w,{ enlisting; a?degree' ;
'of rinterest.; never^bef ore.E evinced,^ are sain
! projects iwhich \ the! Chamberi has surged", in?
iseason";? and f; out 'of ■:■ season ".by." ways "and
j their 2 present ; . status ;;we j may,- 1 dravr " : the \
tberihasl to iconsiderjandJact^upon'; mattersf
,which "cannot Sfruit,*A but ;
"that S suchT| labors ? are vnotii thrown
andSif^persevered in' yrill 'ultimatelylmeet;
some'rewardr ' .
KThesevdevelopments are' all!iriv the>na-?
; ture jof ; :increased;lfacilities Jfor|biisiness3
I and : are ; ea ch f ar, more; important 'than* anyj
: ordinarygbusiness f enterprise 7^ that rjcbuldt
ihaye)betengestablished;:as •they- tend*fj,tb!
JpromotelandJ-facilitate the |o£i
iallSexistingSand .r:future■■>business-.:-enter-*. r : future ■■> business -. : -enter- *
ipjja^f- ' - - r-.™
";;-But. happily, in* addition' to these^lm^
Jprovements,^ the :present? is ? f eplete^wi thf at
mumberjof fof Isuchimomehtl
i tha t i anyt city ; might jbe ; proud; of itheir,;'pos-=
; sessiori, : s v an_d^ any^ chamberj of f commerce^
\ m igh t ; ): re joi cc g i n£haying\% cb-operatedS in \
\ any^iyay^f 0r.3 their^f ehcburagementjfs To"|
!singlerout:for7illustra'U6nTa?fe^Hnstanc"es. s
\C li aniljer^hi as |oft eh |urged ; i the 1 importances
; interests fi upon"? James;; river. !.ji:Under I it^*
!pa.red*4asJ,number of able 'papers '< upon \
'ith'e^subject;V"and:drabout tiight ,years?
{forniafStbfaddressithe^^Rlchmpndf public]
v dp,^butlwas ; at . that ! timeitinayifdablyißre^"
S\- entedS f rdrh'&'f ulfllUngr*Cth|s 'geh'gagemehtß
Tcitizens'of^ Richmond^hasiboldTy jandrmoßi'l
rsuccessf^ully-i established? such
If uture|'poßsibilities ; of JalmostSinealculat)!?}
lvalue;* ! aridibpth^rr r *B Scqtt|a£d"'^Rear-A'd4
festi terms t of 4pHr.saci-eantaß"s. ■■<sisg^
' In . the ; y ear § 1891 %ttae : |Chamber istremt-f
fihittße>S on'ipMea.lth.ys and a SanltatioD.WS of
[-which! Mr.~vThomas rJ^lCar ter&was^ttieri ■:
{ari^abattoirW? and ?^? r^^ ent iy;^afterwiirdsJ
Irepßatea.lthe's same f recommendatidriSiThsl
:slirst^Bti^i^i^^ppp^s>^: slirst^Bti^i^i^^ppp^s>^
fby'sbhie;lhterestsfimme6Uately r ;coricerncQA?
Since •' then, in addition • to- l«e" yalenUr»-J :
'ful s ob3ec£'?le^on;%theeeii.ttle|irt(^%tlieni? ;
Jpace ,; abattoirs iatid ; j cold-stcr-i^re , plants}
approaching • completion
Tt '-ri'iit**- niisUt Tit* multiplU-d to show
[qha"OT^^;|bearinirf''lntnjefllata y •?&***&&!&
■■■■ '■•■•'■<■ ■■."..:■■■■";■■■ v ■-■■'- ••;■■■ ■■•■■. ■■ ■:.-■■'. ..■. ■■■■■. . _--- - 4 ... i
: .o£ten-;sees,-vafter : ; ;the-:lapseKof; years, the
accomplishment % b't jl objects ;i to * -whicti feiti
addresses ;its.:i*attentionrfandStnat?; of Sthei
cuu.raunity.. .
p^ln'l this 3 connection/^ iffnay ; now. vventure ;
;to f ref er^to 'i matter^ of f: great |im-":
;portknce,*yrhichl have" heretofore
tthef attention % of 2 the! Cttamber^but
|are;n6t?as> yet tin <a.tsatisfactory.?prpce3Sl!
',oi i accornplishineritnS s sl^fir-st'tjinvStef your; j
\ attention t to : the ?greatibenenti,whichjwdii ;<I? i
; accrue - to ;!tbis?;tntireKsectlorilabyj|a.3fill?J
;rtevelopment^df Swhat r asSknownMas4!iTbr!;
-Richmond Si CoalrField.^liorj; : ; "Richmond X
?Basin:"^JWe = enjoyi herel a"irare|c;oiijunc-l
\ tibn;; of >theßjvater-po wer^in] i th&f. fails |of
i with:tidewaterTorithe'head;bf- ; nayigatio*'i, i 'j
!bn k the {? Jamesifofßur^ wei possess even I a.^
! more*; unusual£(re3ource 1} In;* the]; ineixaust-j
i prpximity;>to Jnavigation^feA'? recent r ireport;
issuedby-the-Department ofJthe^lnterior^
iUnited;, States 3 GeologicalSi Suryey-^treats ;
rextensiyelyiof/tliis^formatidnFiandlshould 1
r . estJlevel'jas a-coal market. ~ -■' J -
&■ Ourvlarge ; f oundries?imachine-shops;i and ■
f6therjimportant;plants,*susing;steel; ; m*ithe*
= calli ; ior;:thetestabHshmenti'of;steelTWorks
•»at'f or.Jnearjßichmond,*'so; as ?to jplace.'our,
I manufacturers ft and -h industries of '^p this '
i character^ uoori? the ■ most? favorable if oot-r.
; ing;as ! to \ the.? cos t « of * their.' rawj material."]
ilowest;possible"cost,^,would?ibe(;factors r ofi
hhe Vgreatestsimportancev; to? our,: growing
? industries^ of Vthis'kind. ' , .
fes Our^close"? and
sthe>Sbuth;points'out?Richmpnd asja natu-~
; 'dusics^^sia^^itable>jloea^iian*fopsble£fcn-
r eries - to "?. bleach * tlie s prdducttof $ soutiaern
■'rauls,¥much':ofi>fhich';npw.ihaslto>be 3 sent.
If urther 'North-forjsuchi, treatments Ifehas
5 also sbeen* suggested -that ;;we !, should j have
"here^ayplanti-fdr^ manufacturings cotton-.
kthei South." Others suggestions .^f^this
Seoing ': seem Hto -ibe '< especially . worthy ; . or
at |thisUime.|if^;J^«:i;i,^^'
m The'; statem ents"> contained: in .the
-- the s 31sttultimo;S"withi: respectato? the
.year's 'business Unl every.: line/? Is vtoo ciresn
- in" thelmemoryj of syouiall? toj requires any.
! repetition p or s detailed?} reference yat gmy,
iha^ds;; i ibut.^:the^showing*gthen^;made;
1 number i"of" ; .failures,^indicatesi ; trie.
?safe"and-satisfactoryi i .which,- s basis:iupon.;
as a • rule '"■ou r • -business •: ventures - nave
;yC a dicing . : : ;; your t; indulgence Bf or $ haying
"of subjects if or, congratulation^ and sso^ich
'in its promise" bf>futureiprosperity>,tostlje
■ tention" ; to ; the affairs ;of r the iCnamber., it
iy*M-ouT last annual meeting I ventured
itoW notlce^v at-; considerable^length^
= needs oO the • Chambers andiofats^impor
;iiiiw.'iini?^- -;T := ; re«Tet .' to state -H-that
the^SSS: SeSSriS%didsnotJ^aept
mm asif ull -a'-response las Iwas ■ hoped ; f or •£,
.'bui^s-durln B ithe past year tiwe^haye gust •
emer-ed^from~a;long 7 continued":penod ; ;Of 1
io-ep^^n^ : thei.pastSfailure^to^properly^
'suOTort this •ager.cy;while;perhaps unaer
; cu'se"f or^f urther it ailure to^promptly.; meet : :
the necessities; of- the'situation. ■_
d war tments,i is ; expected ito
ii f acturing* aridJcommerc ali centre.^Oido,
; th^Ssatfefact^ily^ample|raeansjareare^
"auired" andithe | heartiest* co-operation : of:
:accorded=initheifullest measure." •
; JV^ice^lß32^owlng ! ;to^thefvvlcissituees i, of j
:tion : lias.feltlprofbundly|sensible ; of ; itslret ;
I S^bflity^and jhas; sought^> i every^^
\ and ) impoftantaf unctions.fitouching j| the
nSblic's Interest.: iwithout^obtrudlngltoo
:SSpuW clnoticentNow^oweyer^asJthe,
< time' has"arrived3f orimeitoslayjdownithe.
the large addi tioa ,to our , membership-.lrom
s of-thisi!community.'-e:have,jafter
Srcesi with« ours -i.-whose grepreser tatiyes
are ? jhe?e§to&tehty membersgof^the
gSfer the coiPfSg
rbf-ttieTplansfof!amalgamaUonr,the nece^
ssary : Samendment:Sto?£Our4constitution^re ;
jilu«(mMin^thelplanig o £S am algama.tioiv
Iratifiedf atf thelQuarterly^meeting ? InsFeb-
ibusiness-man^as *a: subscriber jto > the i.Tra.c :
?SeDtidn^shbiuapiberallylcpntrioute ; ; to J Its
A ser:
only of Abe. -true situation
' mar lead - some to: imagine that \theyi can
'^--inst in it"? bs'^ln;^^^ Tith certain scc-r
'?tto^svbt; ; tKes'Sdu.ti>w?s)c-i» i an^tt.Rft-ssnie.:.<M.n
tbesria^l^fit l^^^^^^^?!^-^^^:^
-^CJts;bftihe;'Tfnfnc v .Bur«;;Mu;v'aßd::it^'B
■.- •- ■■■■-„■ , ■ ■ ■■■• ■■■■■■ ■■■■■ ' ■''
.; efforts ; may be finally crowned i.witb^ sue-
In i cocclusion;-as }Ii havejnvoke'd , a' more
I active | supports for i my g suoeeasor,? I*: have?
I 1I 1 by^inferencei at Jleast,vfchargedia^lack?bf
i public*: spiritxagalnstispmersbutSli.wouldi
'- to acknowledgeSlwith. saS profound's sense
! of ftny| obligation;! the lunf alllhsr.^ IntellK
fSent;*sand?activesco T operation;of:;theiotfi^
i cers a and gj directors; g and B; many" %of the
f members? of.; the 'Chamber' ~- ' -C^J*
r?«Althou£hsin'!thestroubled; 'periods 7of tte;
. incident ;tof the ;revival?ofibuslness7durinsi
;avpart^of : 'lS9B«and?lnUSS9^itVwas!possibly|
I ! to sbe t expectedg thatfmosts of lourSpeoplc-1
i were | too ? much | involved f and •'preoccupied l
UwlthptheirJiown-aiinmediatefci'concernsrito 1
j |take laiyery j active ibart.f in Chamber's !
j ; meetings swill gbe| more :>attended.l
I swilli" indicate" the S lacktfof ;3 of : a
j (Single Sniember.-ajjl 4 sincerely -^hopeilthad
lithe^acquisitlon^of ;ao ! "muchgyoungsahd; !
;.-vigorous:ibloddVmay3piit'jdurjolderimem i l
llbersjuponjthelrj mettle, 5 ! andSthati-wfthlai
I lunityXof ipurposeiaiidia'i spiritjof ; co-opera";
I 1 Chamber.:: may.l serve? to I focalize] allSf orces 1
I : and s influences i in'ithe; community.^for.ith'ij
j iCityfs ogood0 good. 1 -I and&umderJ'; these
r stances j andlwithV' the! zealous v iandf(ablel
fident J that ß there>:i»snothing#%rtthinSthe<
i purview.: or? province |[email protected] organization;
'which\will;belimpossible/of* f achleveiTients
; ;.■; With &, the '^prosperous ff year.*? just Spast^
iwith? the f f uturelso ;'f ull l of i'promise^.'itiP
; alljofi ouri naturalOresburces 5 a"nds advant^
; ages|of I Mhealthyfcity,' a 'salubrious V cli-1
: matefea^homogeneousAilaw-abidlng^ranJ
andustrious'fpopulation ; ; ; srwlth;ffii increased'
f faculties 6£alnxQst;ettarj'i3«jertptiou7-mtli:
;a^growlngr ; renown - as ; a % verj- ? progressive
:r: r city.g, added §fos"ou~3 greats and £ erulurlns
■I'istoiic^renownfiJ.weiinayj expects yeaiiSbyj
[we lmay/justly ; lf eel| proud *fand UKaffords
S me,"*upon i severirigimyj; official g cbrinectibn
l tlon!,at j beingv ablel to • extend ' to ■ this ': meet
i ingi-: myJ> heartiest % cohgratu latibns | at - the
: many s stl3ingsafor.-i which ?i we " have " to ; be
jHhankful?at£the}presentatime.;i^v- •'•;: •:.' : \
j Ylj^VithTi best iwishes ffqrithef fu tiire"|6f fthe
[organization/pfbrii the !: communityli"iwhose
i 1 interest? it: seeds'; to; subserve;! and'f or.; each
I Individual -X otßcerM and p member^' 1 of A; the
; Chamber,- I .~ remain.- :> Verv-sfaithf ully, '-'
S. W*. TRAVIittS, President.
■ Vg* M&i MORRIS I IS| p^ffiT^.
joThejrep'ortlof .Treasurer John 11. Monta^
■gue } ha vlntj been : read -a hd referred to ; the
ji-uditingV^ Committee, v the election .of
; officers -.was ;.■ taken % up." •"; Colonel ■ ': Purcel 1
fwasfcalled " tbj the ; chair.^jTtSbelngs'fulljr
:• pbr tTsubmitted gby i Mr. 'k Travef s; '-bu t 7by
;hisWepeated |fand:i posit Ive ;• as3uranceri':t-)
; beUmpoEiible^ for J hini ; to ) serve ■ t he ; Cha ih-^
ber " as -■: its . ; president ; ..f or -"another .;year. :
; Colonel"^ John_J: W. Gordon ■- nominated;
:itheTpres!dency^-f: itheTpres!dency^-f In?
JtloingTsaj lie- paid -a/rveryihish-tribute-ito
in > describings^ hisSfltriess^'f 6r : ;
j the v-positibn.-^dwelilngr; particularly 'suponi
his: : intesrity.i business acumen, ';energy,-:
and^publicJspirit; : which,ihe i said, ;lay3 like'
:n&hity;;f Added |tpl these "qualificatioris/Jhisi
"{ ln : thelwork'
it^m^allVwith>h^|en^aatTabllity for? the;
position; : and, 5 ;. Colonel -Gordon aiddeu";V: the
mantle : j_ of ithe f office : ; ot Ipreslden V .would \
ness:? from '^thbse^of |the^ ablel aiid|rwbrthyl
was seconded; ,: Mr. S. M:\
-Woodward,- un>l Mr. Klprrfs was uriaiit-1
> f?lTpoir 5 acceptihg^the^ nonorvirwhich i had (
; beeri'fconf erred vup"on^hiinTsoTcordiaHy|ana ;
,unanimpuJl^i^^Mprr|s^obe^with T ;mu
she ;,would Indeed ,J If ihejfaccept-j
led-; the] positionfwithou €i the {deepestjf eei^
: irig !' oti appf eciatlon,^ f orl: he| consideredl it|
fa.; marlcJ of f grea t^distinction ] to = be f called j
; The" question^ ; wasjpf
,was, : ■iWhat^wo'nldJo.itflbpsitfess^m^n^Jourl
[who3ejpro_vlnce/it was to stand on the'
wateh-tow^r and !uoic cut for all tju^.'-:
lions pertaining to the i»rote'ction'||3nq|
[promotlonTof such'interests?,lnfthlsTworki
;f essjonal Jimen ? aniaialljfgocdiicltizenslwliq
■;; putu t 'I their J shoulderJtioH theS.wheet!
anil march with the "chamber i° th'ry
. wanted^ the fcityjtb jprbspetyaTheirJa'dvice
membership, andfyf ,'4 they Awouldfattend'
■the". 1 meetings
j.afe actively In Its work Richmond:
! might; 1 ' indeed^rbejmadeltdJenter^aponfsL! 1
i"newJera^iThV ? Y6ung.3len's;Businoys As
sociation;!; represe'nlJyag^h^^y6pth^a"nd|
visor^of >'th~eJcol&n^^inj^n^C£RicjSmqnaj
arid % aljie termined^eff ort 3* shouldjibej pujcl
fortE^tblsbjjw3that|.tlie chamber was "a
'clusionfjarr^MorrlsTthanked the "meeting
very sincerely for th» h»-ior ronf'-rred
upon him, and 5,iW when h-« looked
ctrouns'i at she walls of the assembly hall
= anSf ia^thelportra,lti:of ; hLs'predecc^oiSj
In office"; he could -but have a fefHng: otj
■lnca^cltylfof|thfrSpoiltiojni|but ; iwlth;^
active co-operyiien of the members anU
tht»-aid "v" v of Providence ln>" would v>U:lr.;>
hits best 1 efforts -«o thuE at thec-r.<i efrfcxsfi
tt-rnx it niishr be truly. said that'th" prt"?-!
tige of the ch*'3iiV>*-rihad.^notfsuffered?ati
: v ilrlDH^ji^^- Cabeli ; ,was "i': uhanlciously.
elected first." vice-president, although he
stnt;a letter askinK th^t be bb not elect
ed.^jas«Tila'Abuslneas;Senga^'enients would '
prev^Jkhn . from giving- ,-sttfGcfentgtiae
ThelEnAt ©t^the ;>Vi§M:leetitii: Century;
wltne&se» ife«» >npn'cwKawil . uiipM- of.
G. K. Muinra-s E.<tmi Dry, Ir:pun?;{r> JSfIJ
bein'sp»^i:- I ca>€3.torjv7iC's;;c3c?3;7nqrf-j
than" bC "any
Bp*ak,-:- - not ' mlalaadlne / iiEurei 3 : ; at !
V" :. ..." 'J.
* i <L* fl ti » fit'* l* "* ■ ' - "" 'i
j • rr r
npi r REiHc^nEPCiutflii
'InrpiSatioß Bein^ WitMeM by tk It-*
Phißppinefnu^tfonTlover reaolnUcMii ,«t
inttuJry. ilr. Pett%r«w, ot -Soattt !>**■■■
kota. attacked the adßitoUstratlon.'* frttoy^:
clared 1 that ia 11 systematic ;^o>t.'wa<i|^ll>tn»? :
mad»X'tp'''p"rey^V-g'^^^^^^y! l^. > S? > ' •
from -reachinl^i^^^^^^l^^^W^lli
StateM, and. that it was a. pollticia'schefM^
tol fStferlthe^^oMa^lijElMSKiii-;^:
prolonged:' :'debate; passed tb » .•' f! 11 .' ?°^" ?
. f eS^l^diSo^ Jp^^Sc9^n^mlih|r|!^||^
Vtctor of the < Census*. l \" ,' 1 *
|?3CtlCthe-'>penirig' the •PettJgra^rea«j»« '
r-'tran 1 .ngt^ne^Pb^ippi^T^Sirnw^ji* : -.
sus^^sted that both bo wltharA^&and '
the Eloar resolution atloptea iv a .fjostx-,'.,-
The r> i J-'>*uti'-,n offeVediby>l!lfc.'~'Hoar^wa* '
swfi'n? In Its call ?->r lnfarmatioa:-ie
.latin's to the Philippine jlnsuri^cOon^ilraC'.;'
Mr. Lodije. said 'hla --lesS^^»2^£fti- ~
I£arma.t"on!c!o'ncernfng'1 £arma.t"on ! c!o'ncernfng' the insarrectinn'wa*
s-o ?&reat * that^he^ proposed It(>ioffcr^aa..vi
amendrabnt extending Jts^pTov^ibMr-"^*; \ ■
llr. L.odgi* said he wanted* infonaailoa ;
especially _as...to- -.fch^ offcrrt ■«*- thtS, eh-*"'
cpuragemerit*?tho;?Filipinos /received^ frqjip^
"the^tlDltecl/ States:
;-Mr.T ! Hbar: agreed fWlth Mr. LoJ^**.
f^Mr7iJr'Pettlgrew.||[ob3ec_teii, il* -c,want«dt«;
specific] inf brmatibtiS regai^ess^ iwhetluvr :
:the President wanted it known of not.
political ?raln. - . -' r /^-"
'.'The troub!-- with thf- imperialists/:- .
said Mr. Pettijjrew. "13 that they ;ha.ve»
confounded ftthe^lnterests'a of Mthef pcopl*!!
"bf.iith^TJnite^ States ilT^^ith^pplltljia^
desires fahdfambUlon^ojMthelri puny Pre^!
"deii tJjand ifegaril I hfmTand this-] succj33|safg|;
more : important than a rightful ".treat
ment of the Filipinos. The fa.ct-13." thid ;.
\whole I busiiips jfe I bou nd ", up" in ;\thj;;Presfci||.
:'dent*sTdeslro*: 'dent*sTdeslro*J agalii Jto/be^ the c'andidatoj " ■
of •hlsspartyJfbr/Presfdent.'-r; - .'
'• "Mr. ':'^^Petti^ew"|^d^cussedlth&|^enswiitglg ;
declared S that important arid;;; significant
facts. had bof-n stricken froirs ts^-kts dts-j
"patches ""from Mariila.'^ania^from »>3Sc^^
reports.- , . "
- -:■• : 'i™*- ■ v.;-.-v^"S
"As an instance of thlu v.-ork," said h«i.-
Sulii ; treaty . : ; : w;i3 .- maasled | and i pattEWg
suppressed until after th* eterctloh In'- -
;omoW/ /'----p«m^
"^ He] declared % the " proclamation r- lssuett|6y^p
the '^President was «'.i th** reommenda
!tlon 'oflGeneral Otiti. altered mataricliy-i:
byitKerPceirdeht ,b3forf» it ?/a* pubHsbec||-S
As ofiglita"tj^|f|
■.'-•■-■ V ■■.-■■■- ■■■■I-.-. r.T g^|| . ' * "^s*f?^S«l^
p^^makes be^t ' ; b"reVd^and j^bia:caUa":|-^p|'|
B§fcifir»'& 1 Koto"? Roy'j ! BoltliDrsci^o'W<i<fir»!^^^g
C!uarante*d absolutely, pure, f yV.v r-,-';
Northwest 9 B road '» and Lv-?Slxth:i;«stre«t«s2|f
"Maltf and; Seventeentlt atr««Ui£^||
, —^^— .■■* ~
' P«j|i€W4^^ I
absolutely pure.
Roses. . Carnations. »ndi\
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