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X |&&/ ; Makes Sick WpenW and Weak Women Stag.
■.«*SWBr_2. r*»Ca»rix fnl phrsirJanintTio ■world «n curinßßll lorms otictnaioTrcak-.
; ■: j^Si^*^"*'/*/*^^^. ncßß,rJiro:Uc coini>!aiiun and ncrroas discasos of women. His
■ «33&li^w5i+,^yi3S? :: wondcrral rtifcovtiy. Dr. Grfrcne's Nervun* blood and ncrvo
«Hr^ V/ Vm\ "ni'.'flv.t!ie result of yeurft of lnvestlit-iUon and rractiee. is tho
"yffipFvV^ \_3-<*MialKrcatcst licalth river and boon for •woinnahir.d the world fctu
• *^^V V ssVHSi^cvr.r. known.' It is not a l:aj>tii«ard rroparation put tip by an
: -.^-^«^^^s£ irreMiotislble party, but HasUm-d physician's Drtw-r iption inado
' 'Mr// i Vv'S^i^Sc^^^ -r to effect a.sure au<! posiUve cure, nnd jt will certalnlr cure yon. l
| lߣ//t I W»-^Z>^*s~4Sw^ l>r. firecne invjtts all women who have Deed of a .physician's
- ■ 'JS-V i -^^r/yWriT©?^: nymi^*hv;adTltt« and connsoUio write to him freely. fully aJid
Sf 'I v \y^—n/7^®!fiPconUdonitallyal>ou«, their cases, 'i'l»ero *will be no chars* what- :
" W* BBtfr-iiflKi "' WtrPW^ -■'■-or.'rlnanyoascforsncU consultation and advlco by letter or per
i •onanv.aiiflDr.GrfiCßo will tell Ton J«tt what to do to be cured.
HT«Sa' ; f*sSe\|//4«^ A Mr*. Ada .Mrltitosh, Lisbon >all«,AJe..*a7»: , ■ .. .
: *-K*la "'= Isl?^#b£Slvi ."I takf»rr«.-.t pleasure in smdSnp inytlianks for thntwon
1 &K§i& TEft^^&M^ly dorTul medicine. Dr. Greene's Serrura blood and nerve remedy.
aSvyWTA K»A WJffi^K * ! » d !)Cn " stiiTcHnc with fr ronle •tvp.iVncs* Rn<i uorvoun proßtxs
©a%M/\ T6s»* ll$£I&' HoncauscdbyanoperatH>«lwaß«bl!|fe<atoh«Teabouttwpyea«:
BSX^J \vT 2»^S*\ nco (laceration of tho ■cervix) vriich left me In a terrible con-
Kj> \\\ „■ ,ty!P-Jp*A. diiiou. --I-was-iu t*(S ten week* with Jiervotts prostration nnd -
; xEffifccCV I V SS7\i''HA CK\ploye«l.thrt*e different physician*, trot they conZd Rive wp no
I fc'CT't^ A relief JUidlKradwally srreTr woi-sctintil I Trason tlieTcrjteof ln-
Jsl&v&i i "■-: 3O3'i^A BanltT. I lir-ard of Dr. fJrecneVNcrmra blood and nerve remedy
jE*fJ»*afi «C?~irn «!»! cieol<lo<i I would pive It a trinLand Iwroro 1 had taken tho
/v*V&B?niih\ rC~? <j 0 first bottle I felt a rhni-ce tor tho better, and after taking two
/r.KfSlj^S'Sr'J \ / »^> I lfe.it Uko a new porfoit. I was .it flrst unable to do 1117 work my
wfiSsae'BrfV l\i I nerves wrro so slriittcrud. I>ut liave imiirovcd bo that I nowdo
¥>M&s¥ I \ I X / work for four in the family. ItlilnkDr.Greeue's Nemiraif tho:
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er** f \ V 1V 1 - (" xriVi'dswhofeolßicktotryitbyall means, as la my belief it la
Tlie Discussion of the Mensnre He-
Kirn in tlie House— A Vote to Me
Tnkcn Fridny-Many Bill I*n*s
c«l YoH<or«lny.
Tlie debate in the House over the em
ployers' liability bill %vas the only feature
of the General Assembly session yester
day. The bill will come to a final vote
The remainder of the House session, ana
.all of. the session of the- Senate, were
consumed with the transaction of routine
bUßiness. A great many bills passed the
Senate, and a larger number reached their
engrossment. Many also passed the
Tlie IJiiy in tl>e Senate.
Hon. H T. Wickham, President, pro
tern, of the Senate, called the body to
order again yesterday, Lieutenant-Gov
ernor Echolssnot having returned from
When tho joint resolution providing for
the appointment of a joint committee to
meet a similar committee from the Mary
land Legislature to adjust the boundary
line between the two States came up, Mr.
..Walker, the patron, made a short speech
: in support of it, and it was adopted unan
imously. .
There was a short discussion of the
House bill allowing the Negro Reform
■ atory to receive the same support from
the State as that now extended 'to the
Laurel Reformatory for white boys. This
aid consists only of the jail fees in each
' case. Mr. ."Morris, chairman of the Com
\" mittee on Public Institutions; Mr. Lyle,
. and Mr.- Mann spoke very strongly for the
■ bill. It was passed without opposition.
'At 3 o'clock the Senate took up the two
" bills offered by Mr. Jeffries amending the
land-gTUbbeiH' law. which had been made
the special order for that hour.
. Mr. Mann offered as a substitute a bill,
the chief feature of which was a provis
ion that .when taxes have been two years
delinquent the County Treasurer shall
give notice to the land-owner, and if in
four months the taxes are not paid, the
land is to be advertised- and sold, the
.' proceeds to be used in paying the taxes
.;' due. and costs of. procedure, the residue
:;.;■•, to' go to the original owner.. Provision: is
."0 made for ascertaining the person to whom
: : such residue is to be paid, in case; .'of
doubt. .
Mr. ■ Jeffries' moved that the substitute be
printed, and the three Mils be made the
special order for Saturday at 1 o'clock.
/The motion -was agreed to.
- Mr. Lyle opposed ihe b.UI offered by Mr.
Glass, requiiing the inspection and brand
ing of foodstuffs. He said there were al
';.ready a large number of sections of the
.Code devoted to this subject. He wanted
tho whole matter referred to a commit
' tee. He thought a.lso that the bill gave
:'■■ too. much power to the Commissioner of
: :>'Mr. Glass said he knew of the provis
■i. ions of the Code against adulteration of
1 foodstuffs, but they were dead letters. So
.-far as he knew, there had never been
:-.made. any attempt to enforce them. He
.- v road a letter from the. Commissioner of
'- Agriculture. Bhowing the great need of a
to prevent food adulteration in Vir
r ginia. The letter stated thaf there was
an article of food in Virginia
,'v which was not adulterated.^ Mr. Glass said
•• ho was willing I . to wager that there was
u-not.a tcaspoonrul of apple vinegar in the
'■'k. of Richmond. -
In reply Mr. Lyle said he wanted the
; bill to be considered by a committee, at
: least one of which should be a lawyer.
.' "I wish to say that bill has been con
sidered by lawyers." said Mr. Barksdnle.
VI am a membor of the committee, which
■ ,: conßidered it.- 1 am a ; lawycr myself;" -
•" "1. am glad, you have said so." replied
-.Mr. Lyle. "I should not have known it
"*" otherwise."
■■•'■; -'Come' down to. Halifax and- you will
. find, out." said Mr. Barksdale.
The bill was finally recommitted.
'X ,Ihe followingjlouse bills were passed
* l-'oi-. the relief of Thomas G. Wynne.
3«'or the relic'/ of J. T. Houchins. '
I To amend section 753 of "the Code as to
Stn:«? depositories. ; . ■jf:
To compensate school trustees in Pitt-
In relation to Kegro Reformatory.
I To. provide thaf convicts whose terms
e> phe on Sunday shall be discharged
■ "the preceding day. — .
i; ; I'o cornpontsat'e School Trustees in Car
:-. roll county. - *
V:--^ To- authorize school boards of Prince
L-G-eorgf and Surry' to expend surplus. &c.
■ 'In relation to tho Polytechnic Institute,
binding said institute never to use for
If KChcol purposes the Young:, Men's Chrls-
Association-building . which it has
to be erected on tho grounds. •
-':■' To authorize the Board of- Supervisors
of : Chesterfield county to pay the Trea
: suror for- disbursing tho school fund.
: To amend section 41CC of the. Code in
: relation to jurisdiction of police justices.
" To^ prevent the adulteration of food, Vtc.
For the relief, of. George ■ V B. Keezell,
Pembroke Peltiti and John-A". Curtis."
.'To amend .section 2940 6T , the' Code as
.' ,lo 'warrants: for small ; claims. : • --•
, To prohibit telegraph companies from;
jjiicntracting against their own negligence,
3§jsiT6? smend- section. 2494- of; the Code in
■-;- reltt.Uoiuto lien on crops.
■ For the; relief of C.L. Kennedy.
For the relief of E. W:. Maxwell.
- To; provide for a special appropriation
■ for Southwestern State? Hospital.
-„;: To amend section €13 of? the; Code as to
J,: I ! compensation of treasurers; '
rSS. Amending charter of Gladeville Railroad
fi?Conipany.\ ' . '.::.■-■■:'■.::
3«'or the relief of H. C. Wheatley.
; Authorizing supervisors b'f Rockinghanv
i-icouiuy to levy " a tax . for. district school
'. -- A VETO MESSAGE. 7 "/ .■. ■ ■■ .
, Tho following message was received
the' Governor," vetoing;the bill origin
Anally:, introduced in the Senate by" Mr.
Kittenr:es: : c-:/.v: ;v'- '^'-V'.-/ -:-:--■•" .... -;
*To. the^Senate^of Virginia: ; v
jl^li lit-rewith; retunv to % your -honorable
SibodySenaieJ Bill; No, 10S without- my, itp
jyrprc val:' : . Without passing * on'; the : amend
fSmonts thereto at this; time.v the bill, :Jn ;
MtnV.i'-cpiiilon, ; 1h repugnant Hto V;,'
. ,s<?cilon in, of the Constitution- or Virpinia.V
Klntthai the title of this tbill^Kets; forth 5
*jgt};at-.3t; Jb an -"act' to amend and ' ref^nact'
j|;sPcUoi;f4s7;of thel Code^of £Virglnla:tin{ra- :
feijutlpn l to ;;what '■■ real f estate? featcniptS f rpni"
t ;f taxiition;!'-; while the body -of the ; bill ire-
IJclt^sfthati^this: 3ectionrofiahe(Cpae?.wa?t
Mfi'i'il''** the-.: Norfolk cpuntyi Jerries 1 sptlongi
||a")jtt the'KJurio;; jiro ; used as • •■'high ways, ; whe
•;;'Jh<rv-loaStd'out for; jstx><ii' or;noU"-}-^jc}?K?J
'-' • TH.v.vJause; in.iny>oylnion}'istrepugiia'nt'
acctibn>3;' of -s UielConatiU^}
'tion, which provides that "the" Legisla
ture may- exempt all property used -ex
clusively for State, county, municipal,
benevolent, charitable, educational, and
religious purposes."
The amendment referred, to seems to
me to be also at variance with, the latter
clause of the bill, which says. that. "no-,
thins herein contained shall be construed
to exempt from taxation the buildings or.
improvements on any real estate belong
ing to any city, county, or town which
arc leased* out for profit." . . ;•
Very respectfully.
J. HOGE TYLER, Governor.
Mr. Jeffries had the title to the bill
amended in accordance with the sugges
tlon of the Governor. The bill was com-,
municated to the House. It win doubtless
receive the approval of the Governor in
its amended form.
Mr. Bruce offered two companion bills
to prevent the sale of pistols, or pistol
cartridges, and the carrying, of pistols.
One of the bills provides that upon .the
conviction of a person of carrying a pis
tol concealed or otherwise, he shall be
required by the justice or court trying
the case to enter- into recognizance with
surety to keep the peace for 12 months,,
and a second conviction for the same of
fence within that time shall cause a for
feiture of the recognizance. This bill ex
empts sheriffs, treasurers, deputies of
each police officer, and conservators of
the peace in the discharge of their duties.
Any one may carry the., army or navy
pistol, such as is usually used in warfare.
Persons in the army or navy service may
carry such pistols as may be prescribed
by the army and navy -regulations.
"Mr. Bruce stated that to prohibit the
sale, of pistols and cartridges would, not
seriously affect any commercial interest
of the ' State. The merchants will sell
other products to their customers for the
money they now get for pistols and cart
ridges. - y
Mr. Lupton offered the following amend
ments to the Flood joint resolution in re
lation to the calling of constitutional conr
vention, which is to be considered on a
special order next Friday:
Strike out sections 2 and 3 and substi
tute the following:
The 1 ballots Ho be used in snid election
shall be furnished by the respective elec
toral boards, as in other elections, and
shall be the same ballots as are cast
for the national, State, county, or district
officers, and upon each ballot shall be
printed the words. "For Constitutional
Convention," -and all voters upon
the question who desire to vote against
a constitutional convention shall strike
out the words, "For Constitutional Con
vention." and all voters voting upon
the question who desire to vote for
constitutional convention shall leave the
words "For Constitutional Convention"
unscratched. nnd said ballots shall be pre
pared in the same way as now prescribed
b^ law. ■
By Mr. Clay tor: For the relief of Robert
H. Gainos, a Confederate soldier.
By the same: For the relief of Samuel
at 'Hawkins, a Confederate soldier.
By Mr. St. Clair: To authorize the
County Court and Board of Supervisors
of Tazewell county to allow a monument
to Confederate dead to be eroceied on
the public square" in the town of Tazewell.
By the same: To authorize School Dis
trict No. 1. in TazeweliTcounty, to allow
a monument to the Confederate dead to
be erected on the grounds of the Tazewell
High-School property.
;By Mr. James: Authorizing the Dan-
River Power and Manufacturing Com
pany to sell its property, assets, and
rights. . and thereupon to surrender its
charter. .
tiy Mr. Lyle: For the relief of James T.
Noell; of Radford.
By the same: For the relief of W. R.
Colbourne. of the city of Roanoke.
By Mr. Fairfax: For relief of George T.
Campbell, a disabled Confederate soldier.
; The Session of the 'House.
The 'session of the House was opened
without prayer, and by special arrange
ment all bills on the calendar which met
with no opposition were passed before
those which were not so popular were
considered. •
The Parks employers' liability bill came
up at 1 o'clock, with the understanding
■that it should be discussed, Captain
Parks opening and closing, but not voted
on until Friday. When, however, the bill
was called, Mr. Parks did not arise, and
the House ordered it to its engrossment.
Mr. Pilcher then called attention to* this
agreement, the vote was reconsidered,
and Captain Parks was requested to
speak. He made a vigorous speech in
favor of the passage of his measure. He
showed first that there was a demand for
such legislation, nnd then that it was ne
cessary, from his standpoint. Captain
Parks took tip the legal phases of his
bill, and discussed them with great abili
ty, citing many cases to bear out his
contentions. He closed with an eloquent
appeal for the passage of his bill. .
..-Mr. W. D. Cirdwell followed in oppo
sition to the bill. He" knew, of no demand
for such a law. and thought railway em
ployees themselves were opposed to it.
Ho made a strong speech, and when he
concluded the House adjourned.
The following bills were introduced and
By Mr. Toney: To require railroad,.tele-
graph, express, or electric street railway
companies to give to their discharged em
. ployees or agents the cause of * their re
moval on discharge.
By-Mr. Gent: To authorize E. P. Whited
to practice medicine in. Buchanan. .
By. Mr. Leech: To amend section 4052 of
the' Code, with reference to writs of
error. . ,
By same: ITo provide when or where
writs of error in criminal cases shall be
hoard, and to facilitate the hearing
By Mr. Todd: Ti ansf erring a portion of
Warm Springs turnpike to Augusta coun
ty. ; ■
' By Mr. Jennings: To amend sections
2400". 2371, 297 G. 11-59. and 245S of- the Code,
with reference to bankrupt debtors Four
;Bj- Mr. Galleher: To amend the assess
ment laws as far as they relate to-photo
",graphors” licenses. .
By Mr. John Whitehead:^To amend an
act deiining the boundary of the city of
.Norfolk. ■ . .
P.y Mr. Cardwell: In relation to unlaw
ful "hunting. This is the bill which ema
nates from the Virginia Field. Sports' As
sociation. : . ■ ' - ~■- ;
The following bills,^ under suspension of
the rules, were ; placed on "the -calendar:
By Mr. Fitzpatrick: To impose tine for
-tieepass ofi'swine and;, other ; stock in
Rockfish District,. Nelson .county, v
, "By : Mr. Parks:- For-ther-protection of
pariridges:and;quail in Lee;county, ' Va. '
V By Mr. Matthewsr To permit' Isaac J.
Sa.vage and Isaac 11.. Savage to erect a
wharf or pier on their land on a creek on
the wostern side* of Chincoteague Island,
Acc6maccounty,.Va. : ; -
By same: To permit Isaac.J. Savage
and* Isaac H.' Savage to erecta;wharf on
pier onthe'ir laxid on a creek on the west
.-em< side of Chincoteague Island, > Accomac
■county,. Va.- - . ' ■"- ■'-'", ■-'-' . - : "-.--.'.
-By same: To permit DaniehF.Wheaton
lib--. erect ;a wharf or pier on- hi«, : lnnd,- on
Chincoteague Island, Accomae county, Va
U : v SENATE : BILLS PASSBD.^ .; . *
i To validate rsales of infants'
elands.'.; ■■:.-;.'ir~-- : ..-.;.■. . ■ I ".;:• >-."■■ '■; -• ./■
:To incorporate : the Golden Chain So
"citlsv'of; Westmoreland; cqunty,;;Va. :;
c'£'r amend? and re-enact^ectlonrl' of, : nn
tact entitled an act ? .to authoriKa '■ the! Gover-'
nor 'to grunt a conditional pardon' to :pf:r-:
;isons;-eonf)ned{ in ■ tlu'f penitentiary-'-upoir:
? rcCfirimendationVr of J ; the: Board ; |o'£. ; DireCTr
■ton: of said institution, approved Alarch
' To amend and -re-enact soctions T-andaT.
ob an, act^ approved 20;, 180^ in :
relation^tOAthe- settlement^ ot; the.*:- public,
debtrof Virginia, :as -amended 1^
enacted -by ■ aiti aet^appro yed^ranuary ... za.
IS^." extending thcltime^orUhe^fundirib
of Uht outstandlngjevldences;. of, dcbW^ue
by;Uhe^CommonwealthSnot% heretofore^
funded under the acts i approved g^^ftVi
14,'ISS^ and rFebruary; 20, 1892, : as amended.
■iTo; amend fand;re r enact' section -7» of
act entitled an ract to: incorporate .the Po
tomac-River Power ;: Company ,,appro%eJ
Jaiuarv- -21 1896, as amended -. by an act
cSSSan act to amendand ;re.enact sec-;
tion 7, of. an act" entitled an act to. incor
porate the Potomac-River Po^er Com
pany,: approved 'January. 2t, 1896. ■approvea
S2 C : \& -Stite Councir of Vir
giria Junior Order United -.American
chanics of the State .of Vi^nia. v ...
:To amend . and re-enact . section^ 143 - or
the Code of Virginia, as amend^edan^re
enacted by- an act approved Februarj.b
ISSS. in reference to : pay , of J""f * s a ™
clerks of election,; so Jax . -as relates to
the county of :.P rince Wl ] H^' Hnn v," of
To-nmcMid and re-enact section y%»Pi
il?aptSr « of,:! icS.le of Virginia,, in re
■ within the Jurisdiction^of-the^ Common
orderly conduct on :said boats.^ :^ T ,^, in _
To incorporate the Hairston Alining
°T mP ?ncorporate- tke^ Virginia Northern
Development and Railway Company.. „
•To provide for the payment;of $20 to^H.
H Dickinson assignee of J. F. Smith,. out
of tlie State school , . fund of Irvpnton
School District, in the; county of Dickin-
S °To incorporate 'the Alutual Homestead
F^o SSe^ ChV^Churcir Loan
■•M S o° C provid"6 for \ the :■ working- and, keep
ing- in repair the public roads and bridges
in Nelson county, and to Pr ov^e- ff ° r - ««
co«ts thereof ,v, v and the .opening and alter
in- of roads and building bridges in said
county, and to repeal Hhe road law for.
said county,. approved MnrchV7,ilS94. .
To amend and re-enact section S-IS of the
Code of Virginia, relating to the com
pensation of supervisors:,
Properly Transfers.
Richmond: P. R- Carrington and wife
and P. R Carrington as attorney. In fact
of Airs E. G. Nowland to H. L.-CaDeii,
22 feet" on west side, of Sixteenth
betwlen Broad and Grace streets, S& feet
on west side of Sixteenth street, CG feet
on west side of Sixteenth street, one hair
interest in 22 feet on west side of t>ix
teenth street between . Grace and Broad
streets one third interest in -22 feet on
wilt side Sixteenth street between Grace
and Frankl'n streets, one half interest in
"L>feet on w^st side of Sixteenth street
between Grace and Franklin streets, ono
third interest in . lot on west side of Six
teenth street between Grace and Frank
""s S P G cfa^s'Trustee to O. F? Breesee,
165 ' feet on Twenty-ninth street, south
west corner AI street, $3,-100. _ _
Wirt A. Chesterman to Bridget E. Ale-
Sorley's Trustee, 45 7-12 1 feet on^south _side
of Park avenue. 133 feet east of Park
street, subject to deed of trust: for $3,500,
S 'h°'s Cabell and wife to W. A. Cheat
wood. 2S feet on south side Alain street,
between Fifteenth -street and Shockoe
'Charles E. Drinard's Trustee to Hugh
Cooke. 10 feet on north side Marshall
street, SS feet east of Thirteenth street,
"George Guvernator and wife to [eh :
mond, Petersburg and Carolina •-Railroad
Company, 7S feet on east side Seventh
street 47 feet from Hospital street ?2 ; 40D.
" Gilliam & Alassie, special commission
er« to R. B. Bowe, trustee. 50 feet -on
Louisiana street, southeast corner Ihird
street ?1,250. Johami to , Henry
Brown," 15 feet on east side Third street,
167 feet south of Duval street, $<UO.
AI F Whalen and wife to Richmond,
Petersburg and Carolina Railroad Com
pany, triangular lot fronting 3S feet on
Hospital street, southwest corner Seventh
St El?a WiHiams's Sub-Trustee: to : R. B.
Bowe 50 feet on south side Ix)uisiana
■Sreet. GO feet east. of Thirc l street, $11250.
Henrico: Lucy B. and John R. Chiles
to trustees of the Pilgrim Journey Bap
tist church, of Henrico county, strip
land containing .115 of an ac^bi*»brth|
we=t «ide of a 10-foot road 2.61 chains
from the west side of the Old Deep Run
turnpike. ?1.
Big IJallocn Broke All ' Bccords.
Owing to" 'the misfortune of the big
balloon bursting last Thursday ( and the
high winds on Friday and cold weather
Saturday, Mr. Wertley, manager of_Cor
niced Balloon Company, was unab.e to
make an ascension, and thinking the peo
ple of Richmond would be disappointed,
he made another attempt on .Sunday in
the snow-storm, in which be was success
ful in making a fine, ascension. At 2:10
the big balloon left the ground and went
up to the height of SOO feet Air Atwell
was unable to cut loose, and had to stay
with the balloon until it came down. He
was unfortunate, as he landed on a barb
wire fence The balloon continued its
journey, and landed three squares from
the erbunds. Many people ran out from
their" homes and were dumfounded to see
the big balloon up in the air in a snow
stornv It is a rare occurrence to see a hot
air balloon up in a snow-storm.^ The bal
loon is .said to contain I.TCO yaras of can
vas, and is pronounced to be the largest
ever in Richmond. ,
The makers of Cornlcide have decided
to remain in Richmond all this week, ami
will make an ascension each day at 3:30
if the weather is favorable. ,
Goiujx to Xew York.
Mr. Thomas Stanley. Edgar, who has
been in Richmond eight years, in charge
of tho HaskerrAlarcuse Alantlfacturing
Con pany's. factory, has accepted an offer
to take charge" of ■-. the plant of the Seam
les'J Metalwai'o Company, of New York.
Air' Edgar has become very popular, while
in Riclimond. He is at present principal
of the AlcGill-. Catholic Union, and occu
pied a prominent position in the Rich
ir.onci Lodge of the Knights of Columbus.
Mr. Edgar came to Richmond from
Bicoklyn. . .
Caring for. tlie l'oor.
At the regular meeting of the Citizens'
Relief Association.- held yesterday after
noon, the following appropriations were
made- . ■■■ »
City Mission ........; ........? "GO 00
Special agents ...:. 40 .00
Emergency cases 5 00
Previously announced — ;... 11)7-11 1)7-1 40
Total ........:-..:.... .....- 51.0G&40
r.csiuos the above the association has
distributed, one car-load of coal during
tho past week. -■ |
Supreme Court of Ai»l»cnl«.
Richmond Traction Company vs. Mur
phy Argued by 32.- Randolph- vWilliam3
and W. W. Henry for plaintiff in. error
and by Judge 1,. I;. Lewis . for defendant
in error, and submitted. . . .. -;' ; -.". -■;
The -next cases to be heard are Nalle,
etc.. vs. Farish and others, and Coving
ton vs Griflin's Administrator and others,
Nos. 17 and 37 on the argument docket. .
For <lie Has PKCtory.
. Several. car-loads' of. machinery, have ar
rived for the .bag plant of the 'Virginia-
Carolina Chemical Company. A number
of car-louds of burlap cloth, of which the
sacks are made, have already 'been un
loaded. The plant will start operations in
a. short time. ; * ;
Howitzers to lla.ve n Supper,
The Howitzers 1 will have a supper this
evening, immediately after they ; ; return
from Major iirander'sfuneral: The regu
lar .weekly, drill; will be suspended this
evening, and the annual business meeting
will be held Instead. .
JluHt l'siy at Once. ■. . ; .
Persons who have not: paid their; city
tuxes on-real and personal' property must
do- so to-day or to-morrow,~sor." Captain
Cuhriirigham ■ wiilvjhave Ito : report them
dclirquenf. The bills; become delinquent
and bear interest from February. Ist.
-; IllncHK -of Mr. -PIlNon; "
Mr "•■'; 8.-F. Pilson. a well-known. "railway
Bupiily tnan : of,-this city, has been ex
tremely! ill. in - Chicago for,; several -days
but : i8 ;now, improving. Mr.VPllson "went
to " Chlcatro'to -attend a- mooting ; of - the
Chicago Railway .Equipment 1 Company.
•Stops* tin; Couch
nr.il work* oIY the Col«l.
Laxnilve IJronio-lJuhilno -.•-.Tsibletß ■ cure 11
cold; In one t!!iy.;Not:ure,ino nay. Price \2Zq*
[email protected]!|il
'J \ -J&z^
The following is from , - the Danville
;Register: : : .'■; ■'■ ' ..'' - - '- ; .- -.; ''-' , : :
- Air. R. B.Walthall, State secretary, and
Air. 11. Lee Loraihe, .one of the Board of
Directors of the Virginia Division, Travel
lers'-jProtective "Assocation ofi America,
came -in from Richmond yesterday to
visit Post E members of Danville for. the
purpose of reorganizing the local branch.
Air. W r aithall said .-". that no city in the
State could Doast of a more substantial,
membership for this association than Dan
ville, but there had been for several years
a. lack of organization.' He was very much
encouraged in the work accomplished yes
terday. After visiting several of the busi
ness-houses and meeting with a number
of the members a meeting was called at
Wemple, Ellerson & Co'.'s office. :'.,-.,-
The meeting was called to order by .Mr.
Orlando Wemple, and. Mr. J. S. Oliver
was chosen as temporary chairman. The
first : business was the reading of a letter
■from the Stale president, Air. C. W. Saun
ders, of Richmond. After the reading of
this letter otlicers ' of the post 'were;
elected as "follows: A. D. Keen, president;
Chalmers Patterson, vice-president; . Sec
retary,, and Treasurer, C. E. Cabaniss;
Board of Directors— C.B. Keen, Andrew
Jameson, J. S. Oliver.E. W. Dixon, Jr.', R.
H. Thomas, J.D. -'Wemplfc, and'J.B. An
derson. . ■- .: -■■ '
Thechairmen of the Railroad, Legisla
tive, Press, and Employment committees;
also, physician and chaplain, will be
chosen at a later -meeting.
Secretary Walthall is very much grati
fied at the success of the recent visit to
Post E, Danville. He met with a hearty
and cordial . reception there, and is loud
in his praise of the hospitality : of the
people on the Dan. He reports jew mem
bers coming into ; the' association from
over the State, and that all committees
are hard at work in their respective lines.
Colonel John S. Harwood has received
information that the measure now before
the Congressional Committee on Com
merce for erecting a new government de
partment of commerce had been reported
favorably from the sub-committee having
it in charger, and that there was little,
doubt that the proposed measure would
become a law. . .
The National Travellers',. Protective As
sociation has been working on. this pro
position for several years. Colonel Har
wood is the national chairnian of the
Legislative Committee of the Travellers'
Protective Association, and it is largely
through his efforts that the matter haa
assumed such, encouraging proportions.
Air. Simmerick is on the sub-committee
of the Legislative; Committee. He, too,
has been qUite active' in the matter. J-
The T. P. A.'s are being supplemented
in their efforts by chambers of com
merce, and business-men's associations
throughout the country. The Virginia
Senators and Representatives, the Presi
dent, and many..- othei\-.. influential mem
bers of both branches of Congress are in
terested in the matter.
It is apparent from the press that the
T. P. A.'s in;, the far Sunny South are
hustling to make the delegates and visi
tors to the national convention enjoy all
the conveniences and comforts of the'beau
tiful city of New' Orleans, La. -Virginia
Division must get on a" hustle. also, and
where her delegation . goes . there in -'Alay
they must represent a membership that
will entitle her to first place in the hall
of Southern States. Let. every officer and
member get to work to do- his besL be
tween now and the date of the "State con
vention; to be held here In April.
Alost of the. passengers in the sleeper
had retired, but two or three drummers
were sitting in a far corner telling 0/ their
many experiences. There was one other
man who was not asleep. The drummers
noticed that this man -was acting rather
peculiarly, and they remained quiet, so as
not to attract attention. Tho tan young
man, whom tho drummers recognized aa
the individual who had Doarded the train
with his new bride at the Tenth-Street
Station, walked up and : down tliesscar 1
looking intently at every berth as he
Finally, he stopped in front of a lower
berth and seemed to be trying to make
up his- mind whether or not he was right.
With a sudden look of satisfaction he
shoved back the- curtains, caught hold
of an object inside and called softly :
"Katie, Katie, is- that you?"
.'■• The next moment a string of oaths were
heard, a deep voice within wound up
his -remarks by saying-, "And the next
time you grab me like that I'll break your
— ntfck;" and Katie's voice. was heard
issuing from the next berth: '"John, is. that
you? "
Tlie IJe«l Prescription for Chills
and Fever is a bottle of Grove's Tasteless
Chill Tonic. The formula i 3 plainly printed
on each package. It is. simply- Iron and
Quinine In a tasteless, form, and is com
pounded in correct proportions. The
reason imitators do Vnot advertise; their
formula is because they,-know you .would
not' buy. their medicine if you knew." its
ingredients. . .Grove's is the original, and
is the only :chilU and fever remedy; sold
throughout the 'entire malarial section ot
the United. States. No cure, no. pay. Price
DO cents. ; . . .'._>'.- ;
Positively cured ifa these
■ , sliittl©s liittl© Pills.
They also reb'eve Distress frota- Dyspepsia^
Indigestion and Too JHearty Eating. : A per
cct remedy; for Dizziness, Kausea,, rDfowsi-'-'
less, Bad Taste in the MoutK; Coated Tongue .
Pain in Ihe Side, TORPID' LIVER: : They;
Regulate the Bow^s.%;^ely Vegetable. . ;
SmaEl P\\\ 9 " Smali Dos?
Small Price.
! Substitution . '
( the fraud of the" day.
I See you get Garter's,
Ask for Garter's,
Insist and demand
■;•;. : ': (ThSnTu& w)
Our Story is a Very Short One
■ ■ ' ■■■ '..■:■.•■■. fl ' M '•■■-■■ -■■■■-.■■. - . ■ "...
Any Suit in Our
Any Pair of trousers at Cost.
This is no fake. We do this as
we \va nt room for spring stock.
US! Iveresals M Qosi
Clothiers and
Gentlemen's. Furnishers,
830 East Main St., "
[Ja 2.1-F,Snn&Tu] .
Have^You Tried Tliem?
on your horses and cattle that are
suffering from Indigestion, Hide-
Bound, Colds 3 Coughs, Pink Eye,
Epizooty, Kidney Trouble, etc.
If not, do so at once, and have
them relieved. Price 25c. per
Sold by all dealers.
Mounicastle Manufacturing Co.,
(ja 2tJ-F,f tt&w) .
cured .in ten days.
No knife, no danger,
no detention from
business. The best
references given of
cures made in Rich
Consultations, Ex
aminations, and
booklets free.
905 Bank street, Richmond, Va.
(ja T-ui.Tu&w]
: - r Novemlier 10; 1800.
ED. Arrives Norfolk 11:23
A. M. Stops only at Peters
burg, Waverly, and Suffolk.
r . . Second-class tickets not ac
- cepted on this train. '
for Lynchburgv Roanoke, Co
lumbus, and Chicago.^ Pull
man Sleeper Roanoke to Co
lumbus; also, for Bristol,
Knoxvllle, and Chattanooga.
Pullman Sleeper Roanoke to
v Knoxvllle.
C:4.S P.M., For Suffolk, Norfolk, and in
termediate stations; arrives
at Norfolk at 10:40 P. AI.
O:OO P. M., For Lynchburgr and Roa
noke. Connects at Lynchfaurg
with Washington and Chat
tanooga Limited. Pullman
Sleepers Lynchburg to Alem
phis and New Orleans. Cafe,
■ parlor, and observation cars
Rfidford to Attala, Ala. Pull
"man Sleeper; between Rlch
moiid and Lynchburg 1 , and
berths ready for occupancy
at S:SO P. M. Also, Pullmah
Sleeper Pettraburg: and Roa
. - . noke. ■
Trains arrive Richmond 'from Lynch
fcurg and the HVest daity.; a t «:1 5 A. AI.
and »:>■»« P. At.; from Norfolk and tho
East at. 11:05 A. M., and' VESTIBULED
Office: S3S Alain street.
City Passenger und Ticket Agent.
C. 11. BOSLEY, .
■ ' Distiint Passenger Agent.
- General Passenarer -Agent.
General Office: Roanoke, Va. no. 19
_. I oo LDL D Do M in i °^
) msS£--. -DAILY- UNK -:
1 ■'■•7^>&SJ« i " ' FOR '' ■ -. '
Passengers can leave ' Richmond daily
via, Chesapeake and Ohio railway,- at
{) A: .M., or Richmond and Peters
burg railroad (Norfolk and Western route) •
at v: A. M., connecting; at Norfolk with
Old Dominion yLine steamer; sailing- same
eveningiat; 6 o'clock;,;for -New. York -
All-water route> steamer leaves Rich
mond via James-river route every iion
day3 '-p.- M. ■:■.:.■;- /■■'■--: -,"-..- ..
Tickets on sale at Richmond Transter
Company's, : DO3 east Main street; Chesa
peake "-and : Ohio railway, and Rich
mondand Petersburg railroad depots and
at Company's ottice, 1222 east Main street
Richmond. Baggage-.eheeked through. '
;■•: , ' .-.- c xvlilGjcii ■■ ... \
for New York -and all points beyond can
be shlpped>daily, except\Sunday by di
rect steamer MONDAY, and by auxiliary,
steamers the other days xf the week "at
5 ;P.vM.;i carrying freight and steerage
passengers to 2s orf oik, - where connection
is made; with -mam line.; ..
Manifest closed one. hour before sailing
time. J': '.•'■'•.'•■ .- ; ' •'•.•.":'■■ '- - : ,-. -'i- :: ■'■■■' - ■'• .-■'. "■ ■" : J . ■.-•
'.:Freight*received and; forwarded, aha
through -bills of lading-, issued 1 for all
northern.^a^ern^ana^iroregn ports.
iiikJ^withSNorfolk^and railroad
or° Chesapeake: and Ohio railway. „;.
~ Direct s steamef- (passengers; ana freights
?vla;james river leavesievery.SATUßDAY
•4' P '--'M.'-'--' '■' "'•'■ ' ■ ■"*•-•■■•' v'_-'v '_-' : - '■"■' -''-' ■■■■■■• - ;<: ■ -
for,Richmond;received and 'for-
i wardedvdaUy,vexcep^Sunday, ;at a p. T\L,
SATURDAY -t P. M.^;V ; „ ;.
;ssailings^from .= Company's;; Pier, No^26
North:river,-£ootvofrßeachs3treet; v .-. -;,
5$ For/ f urthery inf orniat Jon i apply .: co > -y-
1.21^ eaßt; Main>street,
---■'H.-.--B; WALKER, J. J. BROWN;??:
Tra rile Manager. />; Gen:. Pass. 'Agt. ■
"i General Pier ;i26^:N.-;R:;^ New
York. - de 27,
tZtteailve Octoiicjr iiy, 18O1>.
iTRAiKS r.EAVElnit!HMO»D—flnOAlf
;;';'";- •- : j: : --;STItEET-STATION. ;V; V- ::--- ..
:OO: OO A AI; Daily, with- Parlor Car/for.
principal /stations,: Newport NeW3,'
Old Point, Norfolk, and Ports
• e : mouth. Connects at; Norfolk daily
with Old Dominion .steamship for
• '.-■- ■■ - \gw : "Yorlc. •*"■-.■ „...- ■ ,'- '.-.;' ' . .'
v 3:45 P. M^Dnliy,; with : Pullman for
% c local stations," Newport: News, Old
Point, Norfolk, and: Portsmouth.:
■;' Connectslat Oici Pomt 1 with VVasti-.
ington isteamersijdaily, and with
Baltimore steamers excepttjunday.
1O:2O A. - AI:, Day Express, except^yun
. " day ifoc dif ton Porge. Connects
at Gordonsville for Orange, Calver
■ 'ton, v-Alanassas:, ' "Alexandria, and
" ; ■•": "•' AVashlngton; at'; Union. Station,
Charlottesville,: for. Lynchburg; at
Basic ' City, for Hager.stown.
ii:ls P.AI., Daily, with Pullman to Cm
' r cinnati, Louisville, and "St." Louis,
'connecting-- at 5 Gordonsville lor
Orange.;and at Orange with South
ern railway, north-bound; at Coy
; Va., for Hot Springs.; Stops
I only 'at. important" stations. ' Aleals
' served on "Dining Cars. ; No. 7,
local train, except Sunday, follows
above train from Gordonsville to
Staunton. .
5:: tO P. AI.. Accommodation, except Sun
day, for Dosweli: .
10:30 P. AI., -Daily, for Cincinnati, with
Pullman ; to Hinton, W. Va., and
Gordonsville to : Cincinnati ana
Louisville. Aleals served'on Dining
Car. Connects at Staunton (ex
cept Sunday) for Winchester, Va:,
."and- at Covington, Va.,: dally, for
. Virginia Hot Springs..
\ STATION. "■ '
10:"O A. AL. Daily, for Lynchburg, Lex
."■ . ington, Va., and -..', Clifton' Forge.
Connects, except Sunday, with
Buckingham and Alberene branch,
and: at Clifton- Forge with No. I
for Cincinnati.
5 P AI.. Except Sunday, for Colum
BA. AL, Except Sunday, from Dos
" ; : well. .
8:«o A. AL, Daily, from Cincinnati.
11:150 A.-M., Daily, ' from Norfolk and
Old Point.
3:KO'P. AI., Daily, .from Cincinnati and
C:SOP. AL. Daily, from Norfolk and Old
.' Point. :-■'. .
7:45 P. AL. Except Sunday, from Clif
ton Forge. :
S:4O A. AI., Except Sunday, from Colum
6:^o P. AL, Dally, from Clifton Forge,
• Lexington, Va., and Lynchburg,
and, except Sunday, from New
Castle and Rosney.
Assistant General Passenger-Agent.
3a 25 ■ - ' . ■
Soheaule Effective November 14. 'S)!>.
ll:OO P. M., No."'H, Southern Express,
dally, for Atlanta, Augusta. Jack
- sonville, and points South. Sleeper
. for Danville, Greensboro. Salis
bury, and Charlotte, open at Ricti
mond »:30P.'M. .Stops'for-passen
gers.'at local stations.
Connects at Danville and Char
lotte with New York and Florida
Express (No. 33), carrying through
sleepers between New York and
Tampa, -with connections for all
Florida points. Also, connects at
Danville ;wid Charlotte with Wash
■', ington and Southwestern limited
(No. 37), carrying through sleepers
betwe2n New York and Nashville?
New York and Memphis, New York
and New Orleans; also, Pullman
tourist sleeper Mondays, Wednes
- days, and Fridays Washington to
San Francisco without change,
with for ait points in
Texas, Mexico, and California.
12:01 P. M., No. 7, solid train daily for
Charlotte, N. C. Connects at Mose
' ley .with.- Farmville and Powhatan
railroad. At Keysville for Clarks
ville, Oxford, Henderson, and Dur
ham, and at Greensboro* for Dur
ham, Raleigh, and Winston-Salem;
at Danville with No. 35. United
States fast mail, solid train, daily
for New Orleans and points South,
which carries sleepers Now York
to New Orleans, and New York to
Jacksonville and Miami, for Nassau
and Havana. Through sleeper Sa
lisbury to Memphis.
G:OO P. AI., No. 17, local daily except
Sunday, for Keysville and inter
mediate points.
0:0O A.M.)
0:25 P. M;) From Atlanta. Augusta,
Asheville. and all points South. :
S:4O A. M., from Keysville nnd local
Nos. til and 52, between Manchester and
4:30 P. AI., No. IC, Baltimore XimiteU,
daily/except Sundays, for West
Point and intermediate stations,
making close connection at West
1 Point with steamer for Baltimore
Mondays, Wednesdays, and ' Fri
2:30 P. AI., No. 10, local express. Mon
. days, Wednesdays, and Fridays
for West Pdint and intermediato
stations. Connects with /stage at
Lester Manor for Walkerton and!
Tappahannock; also, at West Point"
with steamer for Baltimore. Stops
at all stations.
5:00 A. M., No. 74, local mixed. Leaves
dally, except* Sunday, from Vir
ginia-Street-Station for West Point
and intermediate stations, connect
.. ing with stage at ■ Lester Manor
for. Walkerton and Tappahannock.
9:20 A. M., daily from West Point, with
connection from Baltimore Tues
days, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
1O:4S A. M., Wednesdays and Fridays.
«:'IU P. M.. daily, except Sunday, Xrom
West Point, and intermediato sta
tions. .: • - -•- .-•'-• *
Steamers leave. West: Point Mon
days. Wednesdays, and Fridays <>
P. M., arriving Baltimore 8::;o "fol
lowing: morning; returning-, leave
-Baltimore at ."» P. M. Tuesdays.
■:.'■■ Thursdays, and Saturdays, arrivinir
West Point 7:.'! i) and Richmond
l>:ao following- morning.
ateflmera call at allJandings on
• York'.rlvei", except' -Yorktown.
Travelling Passanger Agent,
920 east Main street.
Richmond. Va.
J. M. CULP. • ; -W. A. TURK.
Traffic Manager. Oen. Pass. Ajrent.
Third Vice-President and General Afan
ager, Washington, D.\C ja 2J
r^'LYDETsT'FrarS Hip^^^
\J COMPANY. ■ -t®^^-
Appointed Vailing days: Every TUES
DAY, FRIDAY, and SUNDAY at day-
Freight roceiyod daily until 5 P. AI.
• For- further information apply to
General Southern Agent: Office, Rocketta.
./ - .: W. P. CLYDE & CO..
-ja 25 -General Agents. Philadelphia:
fej^, JflßGWli MViGATION
■'•": -.- .-'.-- •l* - ' i vV.*:'- " : I-iI*NJLI» \
Steamer POCAHONTAS 'leaves ; MON
A-; AI. for Norfolk; Portsmouth; Old Point.
Newport . News, Claremonti land James
river inandlngs.-andx connecting "at :-Old
Point) and Norfolk .for-.WaHhington,.=:Eal
'tlmore/andvthejNorth. .-. •'....; ; : - .- . . -.
V" State-rooms i reserved for .the night at
moderate^prlce^-V^ JJ, , , .-.; ;/\ . ; :■■
.^Electric-cars ldirect -to ithe vwharf. Fare
'only, J§l.&); and ;?l to Music by
Grand ■ Orchestrion.. , •
m Frelght^received '■■ for, abovefriamed I places
iandyaliapointsSln'i Eastern ;iVlrgtnla 'and
North^Carqlina; ; .>IRyiN ; ,WEiaiGfc:R. . ■:
•>:\.c& : -V"'-'^'-;' ..- : -:;^ r -"-':T-.'v-General'.iiManaarer.'';J";
; ,E. A.' -Barber, -.' J r. , -•■ Secret ary. .' ; ja i> ;
Scl»e«lnle;Eff«ctlre .lannnrj- Vi, !<,(.,,'
9.66 JL M?; Daily. Arrives Petersburs.
9::jl A., A1.; Norfolk 11:^7 A
' , AI.; Stops only lit Psterabir?"
- Waverly. and -Suffolk, Va.
0-05 A. AI., Daily. : Arrives Petersburg
„ 5:50 A. AI.. Weldon n-it
A. AI., Fayetf.eviile 4:15 i>
: ; AI.. :;Charte3ton 11:20 l> n*
Kavannah 12:30 A. Ar., jfa c ic*
; : r " • sonvllle - 7:30 'A. M.. Por*
Tampa 6:20 P. AI. Conn-eta
" at Wilson with ■ No. 47, "ar
riving Gold3boro' 3:10 p v
Wilmington 5:45. '■.Puilmail
Sleeper New York to Jacit
sonvllle. •■•
X1:3O A- AI.. Daily, except Sunday. Ar.
. - rives Petersburg 12:05 pjl
: Stop3-Alrinchester. Drewrv'*
. . fluffs, qentrilla. and Chlv
■ . .ter'on sign.il.
. 3:.T3 P. M., Daily, . Local. Arrives p e .
• tersburg 4:15 P. M. ilake*
all stops.
C:3O P. AI.. Daily, except Sunday. Ar
rives Petersburg 6:13 P. n.
Weldon S:2O P. At., and P.ocky
Afount 9:20 -P. AI.; make 3an
. Intermediate stops.
6:4S P. AI./ Daily. Arrives Peter^bur -
7:21. P. AI. Connects with
•Norfolk and Western tor
Norrolk and interrne<i:a:^
Doiuts; Emporia. 0:10 (cin
nects with A. and n. for
stations between Empori.f
and LAwrenceriile), Weldon
B:SS P. •:*!.. Fayett'iviii-i 12-t'a
A. M., Charleston S:W A M
• — Savannah 7:01 A. At. Jack
sonville 11:50 A. AI. p r- o
* •.--.' T«mp3. 9:^> P. M.
| ing- Augusta Sao A. M., Ma
i con 11 A. AI., Atlanta 12:15
j P.M. Pullman Sleepers New
I : York to Wilmington. Char;es-
I ton, Jacksonville. Port i'arn
| pa, Miami, Ausasta. ana
:■:..;■' v; -.. Alacon.
O:OO P. AI., Daily. Arrives Petersburg
9:31) I', Af.. Weldon lt::o p.
AI. Makes local stops ae
tween Petersburg and Wei
don. Arrives Lynehbunr 2:L>
A. M.; Roanoke, Va., 4:55 A.
AL; Bristol, Va., 10:-i0 A^ M
Connects at Emporia for
Danville, Va.. arriving s::i>
A. AI. Pullman Sleeper Rich
mond to Lyncfctmrs.
10:0O P. AI., Daily, except Sunday. NEW
I CIAL. Arrives Charleston;
: 7:-i*3 A. Af.. Savannah S:<)l A.
AI.. Jacksonville 1 P. AT.. 3r.
Alisustine 2^o P. AI.. Tampa
9:30 P. AI.
10:45 P. AI., Daily. Arrives Petor3fcur;
11:30 P. Af.
Zm">'-iZ m ">'-i A. AI.. Daily, from JacKsunvi:i>>.
Savannah, Charleston. At
lanta, Macon, Augusta, and
all points South.
7-15 A. AI., Daily, except Alomlay, froia
St. Augustina. Jacksonville.
Savannah, and Charleston.
S*ls A. AI., Daiiy. except Sunday, from
Atlanta. Athens. Raleisb,
Henderson, Lynchburg, and
the Weat.
S-37 A. AI.. Daily, except Sunday. Pe
tersburg local.
g.QO A. AI., Sunday only; from Atlanta.
. Athens, Raleigh, Henderson v
Lyncliburg, and tha We?t.
11-10 A. AI., Daily, except Sunday, t'roo:
Goldsboro' and .Interme
diate stations, Norfolk, ami
il*Os A AI., Sunuay only. From Norfolk,
Suffolk. Rnd Petersburg.
1*33 P- AI., Daily, except Sunday, rrjni
C-55 P- AI., Dally. From Norfolk, Suf
folk, and Petersburg-.
7*25 P. AI., Daily. From Aliami, Port
Tampa, Jacksonville, Savan
nah, Charleston, Wllmin?.
ton, Goiddboro', and all
points South.
S-3G P. AI., Daily. From Petsrsbur^,
Lynchburg. and West.
J. R. KENLT, Traffic Aiaiiag-ier.
General Atanacer.
General Pa33enger Agent.
Ja 14 -Division Passenjrer A-jpnt
11 v Ql fi i borg and Potomac.
Sclicdule'ln Effect January IC. lD<>o.
LKAVE ByilD-STItKiiJT {tTA'l'tO.N.
3:33 A.'AL, Dally, for V/ashin«iou and
pdinte North. Stopd ouiy a:
Alilford and Fredsticksbiiri;.
Pullman aieepers to New
7:30 A. AI., Daily, except Monday, iur
■Washington ar.d yoints
North, the "New York and
Florida Special," composed
entirely of Pullman v»sti
buled, sleeping. Compart
ment, dining, library, ana
observation cars. No extr*
charge other than rogmar
Pullman fare. Does not zt»V
at Elba or local stations.
B*^o A. AI., Sunday only, for Washing
ton and points North. tfcopJ
at Elba. Ulan Allen. A3h
land. Taylorsville, Dosweli.
Ruther Glen. Penolii. Mil
ford, Woodslane, Gulne3,
Summit, Frfederlcksbur?.
Brcoke, ■ and Vide water.
Pullman car.
8:45 A. M., Dally, except Sunday, for
"Washlnjrton and points
North. Stops at Elba, Oi«n
Allen. A3hland. TaylorsvlUs.
Dosweli, Ruther Glen. Peno
la, Mllford. Woodslane, Gui
nea, Summit. Frßderick3
burg, Brooke, and WWe
v.*ater. Pullman car.
l-:0O 11., .Daily, except Sunday, for
Washington and point.-*
North. Stops at Elba. G!e^
Allen. Ashland, Doswel!.
Miirora, and Frederick*
. burs. Parlor car. Con
nects with Congressional
Limited at Washington.
t :4S P. AI., Daily, for Washington and
points North. Stops at Faoj*
Ashland. Doswelt. Wuora.
Fredericksburs. Brooke, ar..l
Wldewater. Stops at other
stations Sundar--"- S'.e<»p»r
Richmond to New York.
Sleeper Washington to Pnn-
8:40 A. AI., Dally. Stops at Wldatvater,
BrooSce, Fredericksbur*;. w
ford, Dosweli, Ashland. »a^ '
Elba. Stops at ether station-*
Sundays. Sleeper New TorK
". •- >to Richmond.
S:0O P. M.. Dally, except Sunday. ■=/>?*
at Frederickaburg. MlUorff.
DosweH. Ashland. GUn A";
len.and Elba. Parlor ca.
Irom WashtnKton. -
C-S8 P. M., Daily. Stops only Sr.-.Frede
ricloburjr. Doi-wali. ,Asn
land, ana Elba- Pullmari.
cars from New /ion-:.
8:40 P. JI.. Daily. Stops at Wtde^ater.
Brook «». FredPnek-=hnr,.
Summit. Guinea. Woo^s!an->.
Alllford. Penola. R ):f ,v, (>r
Glen. Dcfiwel!, Tayloraviilf.
Ashland. G!en Allen, ami
-Klba. Sleepins car.
9:."0 P. AI., Daily, except Sunday, from
Washington and pp 0-"'-'.0 -"'-'.
North, the "N>w Tork and
Florida Speci.il" A]ak«3 r.o
local stops, v.nd doss no
stop at Elba. r
(DaIIy except Sunday.)
7:00 A.M., Leaves Elba for Qu.intlco. _
4:0O P. AI.» Leaves ttyrd - Stree^ t«
Frederlck3burg. ;.,',,
G:3O P. Al.,Leaves Elba /or Ashiani
tS:4O A. AI., Arrives Elba from AstiiM'i-
SMO A. AI., Arrives Byrd - Street iron
Frederlcksburg. .
6:05 P. AI.. Arrives Elba tTom r A?n.^
W. P. TAYLOR. Trarfic Alanaif?.-
K. T. D. Alyer3. President. r- a ±
IJEIWRTim K OF S^^ VM s^£u—
CalUnir Wctbound at Cherbourjr.
Sailing Wednesdays at 10 A. M- >
N^v- York....Feb. It Ist. Paot^.^l eh. *»
Every Wednesday at U;Nooa- :
•Southwark ..Jan. M | '
■ .•These' steamera-. carry; cabin and ta.ro
INTL<R] piers j I and 15. North river.
Office. TS Broadway. N- *•
W.i:. PALMER « CO..
■mv 15-Tu. Thf&Sagy ; -
m caxua, •- iii Ji-Jtieaas,' i at ateuiesu. i-« lU1 *
Note-Head*v Circulars. Handti::*.
[Dodgers. -&c. : . printed by - the
Company" ac; low prices. UUt b»v* >^
work at the same prices yoa , pl 7a7 aD a
l^tveiwlUTKVafanteoaatisfactioa In .tver/.
bpartlcular.r, :.-.:-■.'..■.■.■■";•;■,■.■■■ ■• . ■' .

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