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, i: cisi*.*.tcrk rirrs ix n.vY, pis
cxsw* 0 ivAxn"»;nA«HKn's» i,.vw.
DJfforcM* Jlcainrcn roxiillngr In Ench"
j lrn ucli— A Kill to iHcorporjito, the
T)( j in 3lar»iJi«ll Jli'iMorlnl Asuucia
on—Several 13111* I'anscil.
T ; ie 3fi::d-grabbers" law— that foot-ball
0 , candidates for •.jJociion to the Legisla
,'re -"J>t fall, and which, probably uine
.-;};s of those elected jiromised to have
, c .-iea.le>i, or moiS'-fled— was almost Uie«x
-<usive subject of discussion Jn. each
iranch of the General Assembly yester-
the day was devoted to dis
•es;oa of the subject, nothing was ac
,. ir „-_;j,l-fd. In lbs Senate the discussion
* ■'.« continued until Tuesday, and 'it is.
. y j::o::f A ':i a vote will be reached, on the
!V-*"se l";i' ! K-fore ihe middle of next week.
J * 'I'lic Dny Jn the Senate.
r e v Vt. W- T. 'Dericux made the opon
. r ,raycr in the Senate yesterday, os he
'W done for several preceding- days?'
i iarpe :n:mber of bills passed by the
7-"c"' - se' -were- received, anfd several were"
under suspension of the rules, and
-; others placed on the calendar.
V-,-- the bills thus passed was one
'^allns the act of the last Legislature
luthorizlnS' *kc holding- of an election in
imijtjngham county on the question of
■ "(. removal of the court-house. The
4j cl!S c bill incorporating- the Newport
\e*s Ocnoral Hospital Association was
similarly passed. ,
A few minutes after tho Senate con
vr-rtd the Governor's private secretary
..•"cared and delivered to the Senate a
veto message, accompanying- the Senate
s)iii..icinendiag the law affecting the ap-
Tioiiitinent <>f County Surveyor and Su
rerintendent of the Poor of' Tazewell
ceojiiy. The veto message follows:
To tho Senate of "Virginia:
"l LereArith return Senate Bill No. 2-1.7,
•ntltled "£n fict to amend and re-enact
sgs g C j;on 95 of the Code of Virginia, relat
inE to the appointment of county sur
vtvor anJ superintendents of the poor as
to'iha county of Tazewell," without my
This rs a measure of seemingly little
importance, yet it Involves a principle for
; -which I vetoed "House Bill Xo. 173, re
latiag to tb e appointment of assessors of
lanfis for the county of Warwick."
This measure changes the appointment
of county surveyor and superintendents
of the poor, and 5n my opinion Is con
trary to good public policy. For this rea
soivimd also at the request of the honor
able representative from Tazewell, whose
people alone- are affected by the imme
diate provisions of the bill, I return it
without my approval.
Section 93 of the Code provides that
■■-•■ d; county court judge, upon the re-;
commendation of the board of supervi
sors* of Ms county, shaJl, at the May
term of his court, in the year IS9I and
every fourth year thereafter, appoint, for
each county in which he holds his court.
one county surveyor and one superin
tendent oftlie poor; provided, that such
judge may, if he thinks proper, reject the
recommendation; and unless the Board of
Supervisors recommend other persons
fcu'.table in his opinion for said offices
within thirty days after their first re
commendation has been rejected, he shall
fill the said onices, or cither of them, by
his own appointment in term or in vaca
tion." This bill amends this section by
providing that "the County Court ot,
Tazewell country or the judge thereof in
vacation, shall appoint a superintendent
of the poor and a county surveyor with
out the recommendation of the Board of
curc-rvlsors of said county of Tazewell."
it i 3 not necessary to enter into the
cifCUESion of the merits of the general
leav, or recount the reasons that might
be given for or against this Proposed
tPecial Iclv,-. I would only call attention
to the advisability of having general laws
on all such subjects, and of adhering
Etrictly to them. The number of special
acts which now encumber our statute
books are strong arguments In favor of
this principle. The Constitution, Article
VI., sc-ction 20, wisely provides in regard
■to cities that "no special act shall be
passed except. in cases when, in the judg
ment of the General Assembly, the object
of such act cannot be attained by gene
ral la-aY" It is to be regretted that the
provisions of th's clause of the Constitu
tion do not apply to counties, and. In
fact, to all subjects of legislation, as well
us to cities.
:;. An" examination of our statute-books
t:;ov;s that the practice of passing special
«<cts, when the general law covers all that
should '--be embraced, is increasing- to an
■banning extent, and I fear much of it
has a dc-moralldng tendency.
It may not be inaripropriate to call at
ttntion to tlio fact that I have before me
at this time a number of bills granting
special privileges and favors to several
counties, and giving local authorities the
right to create salaries where they do not
now exist; and to increase ths amounts
now being paid to county and district
officers. If it is best to create new sala
f!t-d positions, or to increase tlie pay of
those already in existence, general sta
vutes should be passed on the subject, giv
ing uniformity of cojapensation through
out, the State. When the officers of one
county or district receive compensation,
however. small, while those o£ a neighbor
tog'. county or district do not receive a
Jlte compensation, or are serving without
I- 3 *', It naturally causes dissatisfaction,
sod rts cits, in less efficient services even
'com those who would otherwise be will
i"!T to serve without pay.
- have not felt justified in vetoing these
various hills, yet I feel that it is not im-
I'ropw for me to make these general sue
c*stior:s, for in my opinion the tendency
°- such k?;<»!atlon is bad, and if follow
1 'o its logical conclusion will result not
in exeat confusion and inequality of
compensation, for the same services ren
oert-a, but enable local authorities to ex-
Nnd the: public moneys for salaries in
tiaay cuse* sgainst the wishes and In-;
ri>*iv Jt °' the People. I fully realize the
"inieulties that confront members of the
•^t"i? laiure when requested to offer bills
character, and a united'effort on
. 150I 50 Pan of all would result in lightening
ns •burdens that may fall on each one.
\i-hi h flclcplir! S' some fixed standard by
toy. pay of nu blic ofllcers; should be
»■» ■ \ern<>rt, would greatly tend to remove
" *m!ieirassment of each individual
•r«oi.L-r. Ktspectfully. "'
„. , Governor.
* Ie '-'tacure was laid- on the, table.
(„'.,; ' tJ ' c 'oek the Senate proceeded to ..ex-'
v- V,"- '■'''- f-'/H-cial order for' that hour,
D't'j * v;is llle conßideration of the com
fiesl. Wlls of SIr * Jeffries, amending- the
. •nquo-ut land act— the land-grabbers'
_ '• Aftep a considerable Darliamentary
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discussion the Senate proceeded to con
sider Judge Mann's substitute.
Judge Mann stated that the passage of
the delinquent land' act wa? an admis
sion on ths part of Use General Assembly
that the olllcers of the Commonwealth
v.'ere not equal, to the task of collecting
the taxes due her. His bill seeks to com
pel treasurers to. sell land delinquent,
first paying the taxes and costs of pro
cedure, and then turning over the resi
due, if there be any, to the person or
persons entitled to it. Judge Mann spoke
briefly, but very earnestly, for the pas
sage of the substitute.
. Mr. Jeffries spoke for his bills, and
against tho substitute. He argued that
the cost to tho land-owner under -tho
substitute would be much greater than
under the measures which he proposed.
Ho also objected to the substitute as be
ing too much like the original .law, as it
existed prior to its repeal by the last
General Assembly.
Mr. AVickham thought that while the
objectof Mr. Mann's substitute was, to
soften the rigors_ of the land-grabbers'
lav/, its working would be precisely the
revers. The necessities of the State did
not demand tho enactment of such a
severe measure.
Mr. LAipton very briefly urged the pas
sage of the bills offered by Mr. Jeffries,
and Mr. Cogbill, in a short speech, es
poused the same side. Mr. Cogbill called
attention to the fact that the Mann bill
put a premium upon delinquency, or the
sale of delinquent land. Under the bill
a treasurer- would receive $50 for collect
ing taxes by selling the land, whereas,
he would receive 50 cents for collecting
the same taxes without sale.
Judge aMmh vigorously defended his
bill. He denied that the cost to the de
linquent under his biir would be greater
than under the Jeffries bills. Judge
•Mann was inaJciiig a very able speech for
his bill when Mr. Munford moved to ad
journ until Monday. The motion pro
In relation to advertisement and sale
of delinquent lands.
In relation to procuring servants to
leave their masters.
To amend license tax laws.
By Mr. Bruce: To incorporate the Pen
nington Gap Telephone Company.
By Mr. Lyle: A bill to regulate the
sales of bound volmes of the State re
ports to judges and Commonwealth's At
By .same: To amend the charter of tha
city of "Kadford.
By Mr. Shamls: To amend the law re
laxing to payment of magistrates, wit
nesses,- and physicians in certain, cases.
By Mr. Munford: To incorporate 'the
John Marshall Memorial Association.
By Mr. Lyle: ifor the relief of Martha
Britzniari, widow; oOa-fConfederate sol
dier. ■
The Session of ib.e House,
Tho session of the House yesterday
was opened with prayer by Rev. George
H. Spooner. In the absence of Speaker
Saunders, who had gone to' his home, in
Franklin county, Mr. Ryan presided in
the chair. Tho feature or the session wa's
the discussion of the land-grabbers' act,
which will probably occupy the House for
several days.
When House Bill 31S, providing for reg
ulating the salaries of . members and
officers of tho House of Delegates, was
reached, there was a brief, but warm, de
bate between Major Barclay; its author,
and Mr. John Whitehead, of Norfolk.
Major Barclay made a strong appeal for
the passage of the measure at once, and
Mr Whitehead wanted it passed by. The
land-grabbers' substitute, the special or
der fixed lor 1 P- M.. was taken up, and
further debate on the Barclay measure
was cut off. ? .
Mr Anderson, who has taken prece
dence as the champion of a new delin
quent tax law, took' the -iloor and spoke
in advocacy of his bill. Ho spoke nearly
two hours, urging the necessity for new
legislation on tho subject of taxation,
and emphasizing the provisions of his
bill which he offered as a substitute for
that which emanated from the commit
ted He was interrupted by Mr. Pilcher,
and agreed to yield for a motion to ad
journ, with the understanding that >c
tliould have the floor again on Monday..
Dr Robinson, of Carroll, offered the
following, which was agreed to:
Whereas, this House learns with great
sorrow of the death of Mrs. George A.
Lambert, wife of our fellow-member from
Wvthe county: now. therefore be it .
Pesolved by the House of Delegates of
Vi-Sa That we extend to our distin
guished 'member our heartfelt sympathy,
in his "ad bereavement.
Vesolved. lilrpier.- Tllst as a mark ot
iiVeem these resolutions Ue spread on
ti;^ O SeSe»°« £ S^S-nla. offered a
SoSd WlerfeS »lth committee yr.ork,
The following bills. were introduced and
Bowles: -For' the relief of John
feSt^Mus^bveV To amend sectick 472
of ß^ boS S l™ relation to the assess
m^Mr RobhVson: For the relief of Stan
le£hne n £une: For th, relief o, Peter
F g C Mr. Clarke: ; For the relief of F. W.
on the calendar.
Tic following bills were presented and
-T^Se^SrS T£ S?^:
T vncSmi approved December 39, . 1870
S as Ho f uVther extend the boundaries of
f^ city. provided it assumes a. just
motl-rUon of the; bonded debt of Camp
r e°l county, and, to provide for the ascer
rt" mentvby the Circuit Court of the said
Ju'v or oMhe said county 6* the amount
oi-the bonded debt of the said county
which the said city should assume.
pv Air Toney: To amend, and .re-enact;
of the Code of Virginia
Samended by an act . approved . Febru
:,,: f ]S iSi«), relating to, the manner in
wHchAaxes shall be extended.
1 T3v Mr Bowies: To amend chapter. 128,
-Act* 1597-1898, entitled an act for the pro
itlction of: partridges -in. the county of
'Kdanoke. \-;-i, .-. ;-„;'..■ -.:.: -■.;■ ■'■-■ :- ; ' x ; -". - ■• :
1 By 6a'ne:'To amend and .; re-enact chap
ter i" 547, "Acts .. 1595-IKW; amending
If - Acts lSi*s-ISSC,- entitlctl an act tor ; the
pTotection of game in Roanoke county. X
By same: A bill to give Georse M. Muse.
Tieasurer of Jtbarioke/ county, 1 : and his
deputies, further, time" im>'hich to 'coiiect :
uncbllected lax, ticketsjh. his hands..: :
\>Ey Mr.; B. : C. Jordan :; To a^iend: and re
enact section 1 and section .11 o"f an ; act
; otiitlU. General Assembly,^entitledjjn act;
'^I^T'Tj 1 A^^fi^i l £i B ml M' T:\fn 'm& 1 ' [\l * 1 ■B ' " ; "'- llf 1 ''^^ i^'^im^i^' % 7 tT -^-j'- <? kj 1. _J fJ. *^m*'^* a : ?*^~->*T:g'^t t^..ff f^ '_llf# . JLlt* *LJ f *>■" Cfc* ..% . ■'•-'-'- .Jr^'iCr'T/T JLi^r \# .;%/ #'i
tc provida acharterffor.theYcltyiof^'in-;
edJ in'\thefllth?sectlonl thereof }by"an\'act'
approved- Kebruary 26, :ISSC.' J •-"
By 74 r. Mad i son : ' ; . To i h corpc r a te .. ■ .t. th c
Lo/aJ-KnlglUs of^the college ;of'AVilliani.
ana- Mary. . / J ' ; -
I'By Mr.'Gent:"T6:ve3t"the abaoiute';feo :
slhiple'title to certain" church property in
tbe county of: Russell, :known ; ;as Willis,
chape!,, in trustees -of . 'the "-Methodist
Episcopal " Chu rch , Sou til, .v and^ -. thei r ; sue
cesjsorsi inVofflce. . '<.'"' ;' :.:
;By ■ Mr. Galleher : To a ulhorize: the Ma
nassasV District . School ; Board^of; prince
county to receive donations ot
books and; funds for : a publia library,' and
provide : suitable ; room and . conveniencea
'£tr : same. • ' I ■ :"['. ','-,,"
I3y -Mr. I-\ -M. Jones: To v ainen'd-;and_ re
enact sections 2a.nd.15 and'tb: repeal sec
tion 11 of an act entititsd- an act" to create
Fa'trmount District, in' Fairfield.. Mogis
teiial District, in the county of -Hen
rJco, etc., approved January -13,- ISW.
■ By.Jlr. Moss: For the; relief of . R. :IC
Cillespie," .late Treasurer ;of TaZuwel)
cuujity.'and his sureties. . ".
To create a board to ascertain the true
value of real estate whicU has been pur
chased by the Commonwealth ", at tax
sale, where such .value: is less .than the.
sum prescribed by- sections COI and 6C6 of
the Code, to be paid in redemption or
purchase thereof and to authorize the re
demption or -purchase thereof upon pay
ment: of a sum equal to the value so as-,
, To provide for the payment out : of the
Treasury for losses sustainel by destruc
tion of property and expenses incurred to
prevent the spread of small-pox from an
epidemic of that disease prevalent In the
Indian reservation of the Pamunkey tribe
of Indians. . ; , '. ' '■■
To authorize the School Board of L,iPpa
:Dislrict, in Wise county; to issue bonds
to tho amount of $4,000, to erect and equip
a school building at Coeburn, in Wise
To prevent riotous or, disorderly con
duct on any car or caboose, or on any
part of a train carrying passengers, or
employees of any railroad or street pas
senger railway.
To ratify, confirm, and amend the char
ter of the Xorfolk-Harnpton Koads Com
To allow H. C. Whe'atley, Deputy Trea
surer of Culpeper county, further time in
which to collect certain tax bills.
To Incorporate the Imperial Union of
the city-of Richmond.
To regulate the sale of cider (n L»ou
doun county. . •
Deles-ntes ,io tlio Mining: Congress-
Military Mutters. .
Governor Tyler yesterday appointed
delegates to tho International Mining
Congress, which meets in Milwaukee
June 19th. The delegates appointed are
as follows: Hon. J. C. Featherston,
Lynchburg; Dr. R. N. Hewitt, Evington;
Hon. J. L. Campbell, Bedford City; Hon.
J. F. Ryan, Arcola; Mr. B. F. Carter,
Midlleburg; Hon. F. M. Jones, Richmond;
Mr. John R. Williams, Richmond; Hon.
Pembroke Pettit, Palmyra; Hon. W. W.
Baker, Hallsboro'; Dr. J. P. Gilliam, Win
terpock; Colonel J. S. Browning-, Poca
hontas; Hon. ' Edward Eehols, Staunton;
Mr. J. Mason Miller, Jr., Staunton; Hon.
A. F. Withrow, Mlllboro'; Mr. John S.
Eckraan, Pulaskl; Mr. George L. Carter,
Bristol; Mr. John Robinson, Graham; Mr.
J. C. McKinney, Charlottesville; Coloiiel
William Henry Mann, Petersburg; Mr/
Peyton R. Noel, Richmond; Mr. Horace
A. Hawkins', Richmond; Mr. "Walter E.
Harris, Richmond; Hon. D. L. Toney,
Manchester; Hon. H. F. Hutchison, Bas
kervllle; Mr. C. C. Taliaferro, Roanoke;
Sir. Hugh B. Sproul, Staunton; Mr. W.
P. Bugbee, Palmyra; Dr. James Q'Keefe,
Tazewell; Mr. C. T. Jones, Swanslioro'.
The next meeting of the congress prom
ises to bo a big affair. The- governors
from many . of the Slates have already
appointed delegates. The local Executive
Committee, who will have charge of tho
reception of the delegates, compose about
thirty of the leading citizens of Mil
waukee, and the indications are that tho
congress will be largely attended. The
Governor has also been Invited to attend
the congress, and hopes to be able to do
The Governor has appointed Colonel J.
M. French, of Pearisburg, Giles county, a
member of the Stale Commission, to co
operate with the National Commission in
ascertaining the positions occupied by the
Virginia troops in the battles of Chicka
mauga and Chattanooga. The p.ppoint
meht of Colonel French is to fill the va
cancy caused by the death of Dr. W. W.
Parker. ; -
Governor Tyler yesterday accepted the
resignation of Second-Ueutenant Joseph
A. Le Masurier, of Company F. It is un
derstood that the resignation of First-
Lieutenant John B. Metzger, of tho Rich
mond Grays, will be tendered to the Gov
ernor in a few days.
Governor Tyler has accepted the Lee
Rifles, of Norfolk, as a part of the volun
teer'force of Virginia. This company,"
under Captain H. H. ■ Sheen, was one of
the finest organizations in tha Fourth
Virginia Regiment during the Spanish.
war, and has recently been reorganized.
The Peninsula Guard, of Hampton, for
merly Company D, of the Fourth Vir
ginia, has also been reorganized, and will
be mustered in soon, its officers having
passed the required examination. -,
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toVtake A>mu\iTiox to south
The FlemingT Trial '.'to Commenoe on-
Monday— The - Steaiu.sliip -Ariosto*
Pampcd Out— llailAvay AVorlc— Bis
Plant to Begin Work.
: NORFOLK' VA., February 3.— (Special.)"
Supplies and ammunition for the British'
army in. South : Africa, will be transported
to South Africa:, aboard the . steajnship
Doniingo de 'Larrinaso, formerly a regu
lar, liner between England and Cuba. She"
is here from Cienfuegos for coal. ; Her
cargo is waiting for. her: at .Ne"w. York,'
whither, she will sail: ; to-morroW; morning.
The' vessel, whose commander is Captain'
Gibson, of the -Royal English naval re
seryes, may : also carry a' regiment of Ca
nadian, troops,- after securing- her cargo.
Captain Gibson is naturally quite.reticent.
on the subject of his mission. He has
been entertained ;a great deal while here,
and at a dinner giyen;by*liim many Ame
ricanfnaval officers and prominent Eng
lish -residents weTe present.- The event
was elaborate, and- reflected much good
feeling.; ' - - - s ■: • ' .
.•Justice Oscar I. Fleming, of Princess
Anne county, who. will bo placed on trial
for his.. life; .there next INlonday, was in
this' city£ to-day.; ; consulting\;hi3 lawyers.
He !3,charged with, the killing .of young
Clarence Snyder, of .Norfolk, who- was
gunning on'his place.
.The Merritt "Wrecking Company reports
that.t he .British-, steamship'"' Ariosto,. which
has • been :a:=hore at Ocracolce since the
December storm, in which' ; -twenty-one o£
her men wero drowned, has been pumped"
out, and is almost ready to bef floated.
She is. heavily, listed. ... . ..
Vv'ork "'- on' the Norfolk and Seawell's
Point electric railway, which-, has. been,
suspended for some time because of the
financial . trouble of the'siib-contractors,
tho Tenis' Construction Company, of
Philadelphia," will, it is thought, be" re
sumed . next " week. The owners of the
road are looking to the general contrac
tors, Messrs. Sanford <& Brooks, of Bal
timore,' for its completion;
Bids will be asked in a few days for
the erection -of the hotel at tho Seawell's
Point end of the road. The plans, which
were made; by Messrs. Cassell & Casseli,
architects, are now ready. ■ .
The big factory and plant of the Cotton-
Oil and- Fibre Company, near Berkley,
which has been in course of construction
for some time, is expected to begin opera
tion in about a month. It represents a
large investment of Philadelphia and Nor
folk capital. It will manufacture cotton
oil and peanut-oil, and also do a spinning
— «rj»-- — ■
IHxHinination Waived Yesterday and
Case Went-to Unsdnss Court.
William J. Rhodes,, the young man
charged with the murder of WV Frank
Barnett, was in the Police. Court'yesterday
for the usual preliminary examination.
The proceedings wera short. Mr. H. M.
Smith, counsel for Rhodes, waived exami
nation, and the case was certified to the
Hustings Court. The grand Jury, "which
will Bit in this case, -convenes to-morrow
morning at 11- o'clock.
Willie McKenney and Jesso Rudy, two
white youths, were charged with stealing
a quantity of coal from the Chesapeake
and Ohio Railway Company. Special-Of
ficer Duke made out the case.- Justice
John "administered the; lightest , penalty
possible— fifteen days in jail.
Mr. W. H. McKenney, father of young
McKenney, then engaged Mr. George K.
Wise as counsel. This gentlemen, later
in the day, laid the sad case of the lads
before Governor Tyler, and succeeded,
much to the relief of the both grief
stricken families, in securing -pardons .for
ths boys.
Kate Kober, the white woman,; who has
so often been a prisoner on the charge
of being drunk, came up again, tagged
as before. She was given ninety days In
Fred. Johnson, a negro man, objected
to the way. his sweetheart, Kato Tay
lor acted. He gave her a talk and then
a beating. She told: her troubles to Jus
tice John, and it cost Fred. ?10.50, time or
Relins Buddie was charged with beating
Phillis ' "Twymaji. Relins was lined ?I<>
and costs. ■ ;.
An Evening >f Spoit AVitU the
Honnds-Tliusc Wlio Were Out.
The Deep Run" hounds met yesterday
afternoon at tha club-house, and twenty
five equestrians started on a very 'Suc
cessful hunt, though on account of the
frost the ground was slippery, and a
good many croppers was the result. At
the meet in carriages of different descrip
tions were Senator and Mrs. Henry Fair
fax- Messrs. Kobert and ll. ' G. Cheeny.
of Connecticut; Mr. N. T. Plitsefer, of
New York; Miss E. Davenport, E. J. Wil
lis, Mr. and: Mrs. Alexander Cameron^
Mr. and Mrs. .Barton Cameron, Mr. and
Mrs W. K. Franklin;. Miss Fairchild-, of
Boston-Mr. J. Stewart Bryan, Mr. and
Miss Waudey, Mr. and Mrs. T. "N. Carter,
Miss Margaret Warwick, -Miss Gordon;.
Miss Laretelle Lewis, of Hot Spring 3,
y a : Those who followed the hounds
were Mr. H.. C. Beattie, the master; Mr.
and Miss Blacker, Mr. and Mrs. A. H.
Christian, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Allen Potts,
Dr. J. A. White, Dr. C. L. Siegel, Messrs.
F. D. Mea'nley, J. R. J- Anderson, J. T.
Anderson, J. D. Mathews, . Spencer L.
Car'ter'.-K."- "H. Gainesf William Rueger,
Jonathan Bryan; L. -T.. Myers, :W. H.
Washington, and Master Stephen Putney,
who followed the/-" hounds for the. first
time on. his, pony. . ... . . .
During the month the meets will be as
follows, starting at 4 o'clock, promptly:
Wednesday, 7th, - New,, reservoir; Satur
day, 10th. Rio Vista; Wednesday, 14th»
Fair-Grounds; Saturday, 17th, Westbrbok
Gate; .Wednesday, 21st, New reservoir; '
Saturday, 24th, ißio Vista; Wednesday,
2Sth,': Fair-Grounds.
_ dhrlistinn Science and Con taglon.
■ • (Philadelphia Record.)
If the'; Christian-; Scientists had only to
deal with Christan; Scientists there might
well "be a larger toleration for' their vaga
ries. The practice -of their healers /would
contain within ; itself ; the seeds of extinct
tion.' But in the application of Christian
Science, methods among unbelievers and
children;; and 'invalids who cannot.belp
themselves there is manifest-danger.; For
example; .there, is: an: epidemic of; measles
in: the. city of Buffalo, and the Courier, of
that city says that the Health: Commis
sion has found 1 it 'almost impossible i%o
chVck-Tthe spread of . the; disease in that
cbmmun i ty because the Christian ; Scien
tists,-who ; deny : tha existence of
gion, .insist- upon sending children from
infected - families into :, the {secular, and
Sunday, schools, regardless .of jthejdanger
to other : pupils. \They also- allow 'their:
own children- to play. _on;.the -streets .when
recovering -from measles, : ;- regardless
of ; the dangeribr relapsa and of the possi
bility of - cGmmunf eating a tho : disease \ to
others, r. The ■•rightly, denounces
such ". conduct': as - criminal; " . .", '"■ .
r;The -Christian';": Scientists .undoubtedly
have the right to; believe whatever.-; they
cari-briiis'' themselves to believe; but when .
:they.rgb; ; t6-|tlie ; extreme: of ■■; endangering!
the'lives'Vof^other/peoplo /byrdisregardiof
proper,, sanitary? regulations j f 6r;i the : ; pro
tection; of 'the- public; health;^ the: commu
riity ;shouldiproceed ; '.to -take s care" of ";it
seLf"byj^whateyer|fheans; of; legal; prevent
tion v may Tbe .necessary.^ Lunatics . arb net
allowed to go\ at large,- nor lepers^ nor
Every one knows when the merchant gives his stock a general over
hauling he himself, personally, takes charge of every departmenU and says
this must he closed out ere the spring stock is upon us. WE DON 1 HA /t
ANY IDLE STOCK. Prices and figures -must make it sell. '
In this ad. you will find only such goods mentioned as are sold under the
regular price— goods at prices that our competitors cannot reach.
Heavy Gray Shirts.
•were 50c.
\. : OF
Palm Soap,
iOc. doz.
Cushion Covers,
were 50c, now
Stamped Linen
. Centrepieces,
The new HarnbiirqTor
collars, forming, square
blocks, an open space
between each, 40, .45.
and 50c. yard, only i
for a collar.
Felt Baby Carriage
Robes, with rib
bon drawn
Daisy Ribbon, 10
yards to piece,
outside fold
soiled, only '
sc. piece.
12 Stamped Doylies
All of our $6 Black <fc'^>.-(f|A
Jackets reducedto.
All of our Sl4 Gray Home
spuii Suits reduced fc o K/>
t0. . ....... .... ... WO»^J\P
15 Patterns in
25c. yard.
New style White
Lace Striped
25c. yard.
55 pairs Blankets, price
was $3.25, reduced <^<^ g>n
t0................ ■^^•8.3',
6-4 Pillow-Case
69c. yard.
Ail the new shades Ac' r
in-Satin Duchess, yd/ ZsOLo
Art Embroidery
Fancy Silk Skirts, were
36-iuch Handker
chief Lineu,
50c, yard.
Toil de Nord Ging
hams, worth' 12ic. . . .
Leather Shopping
Bags, -without
side pocket,
Curtain Mnslin, fancy fig
ures, small and large dots,
also plaids,; with-, dots (they
are r' 45 -inches /wide) g^l^
only, per yard. ...... a^»2C
New Shirting and Wrapper
styles Sea Island Per- _ git*
cales, per yard ...
Ladies' Gray Wool
Hose, was 39c,
A Good, Fine Un
bleached Cottou,
4Jc. -.yard.
Si. Undressed Kid
Gloves, all
Black Silk Taffeta, 28
inches wide, was <t»g gf\
§1.69, now, per yard. M> **a -P
Ladies' Jersey Leg
gins, 15 buttons,
. :SL. ■
Children's Jersey
Leggins, 10
Silk and Wool Mohairs, in
Black and "White and Dark
Gray checks, -were $1, C? iTfe^,
per yard. . .... ...... 3yC* \
Black Mohair,/
725 c. yard.
Navy Blue and
Garnet Mohair,
39c. yard.
nersons suffering with small-pox. Why
should a longer tether ba given to weak
minded persons possessed of a passing
fanaticism which makes them • tempo
rarily dangerous? _______
His Airr, Fairr Queen.
. (Chicago Times-Herald.} ,
He loved her for her fragile form,
■Her -pale, angelic face;
He loved her for her swanlike neck,
Her slender, .willowy grace :
She was an airy fancy, and
He had an artist's taste— : -
His collar might have almost spanned
The winsome creature's waist.
In tender tones he told her of '
The passion In his' breast,
; And then she nestled In his arms—
The preacher did the rest! .
He looked with pride upon his bride— ,
His "airy, fairy queen" ;
And every day was. fair, and they .
Were blissful and serene.
But that was years and years ago—
jx. dozen,, may be: more—
Shu has v doubie chin who was- ,_■
So willowy, before: ; - ' "
She puff 3: and pants: upon; the stairs, :
Her girth is something great, .
And deep down Inhis heart ho swears
That he was tricked by Fate.
A Mere Imitator. ; : '
(Chicagb:Times-Hera-ld.);v= V -;
"Yaa«" he said, "l iweally. am begin
ning to 'believe she is twying to make, a
fool ct me." ; : . -.-. -■■„: ■-..-.■ v
• well; that's just.lik© her," she mused.
'■- "Sl-e never tried;. to do-;anything- in her
life until after somebody, else had gone
and done' it." . ;; -.-■■■.-..; ■;■■' .■■ -.•.-.-
An Apt Comparison.
r : :■, : (Chicago News.)'. \-.. v/:
:*'l . have no faith in -modern : medical
science," said the" lbrig-halred boarder.,
r^/'Neither has. a- mule^any ;faith^,in :;the
veterinary .Isurgeon/Vv^ Bald: the" niedical
student; '.'but he cures.him just the same."
S John^ Dirr, Posey yille, i Ind:; aays: v"I
never -j? used ''■'. anything Tj- as i ; goodi { as XtOna
: Minute" Cough Cure. JWe ; are never ■.with
out .. ; it." -y Quickly /.breakslup'S coughs % and
j'colds.^ Cures] all ; , throat 'arid; lung; troubles. 1
Jts ' use will: prevent consumption.; Plea
sant to take". 80-jihur Brc ;., T. A.
No. 13, K.T., Richmond. Va,. S~\
February 3, 19C0. General Orders: / \
Sir Knights,— Attend a stated conclave
of the commandery at your asylum, in
the Masonic Temple, AIONDAY, sth in
stant, at S o'clock P. M., in citizen dress.
Members of Richmond " Commandery,
No. 2, and all transient Sir Knights are
courteously invited to bo present.
By order of the Eminent Commander.
Attest: :; Captain-General.
George C. Jefferson; Recorder
Te-4-lt*. .- : ; ;:••./ ;Y:- ; ■ . •
LODGE, No. 130, are requested to Xif
attend 1 a stated communication at/^r \
Masonic Hall, on Twenty-fifth street, on
MONDAY- EVENTNQ, February 6th, :ac
7:30 o'clock. Members of sl3ter lodge* and
transient brethren are fraternally invited.
/.By order "of the "Worshipful * Master.
■ fe-i-lt* ; v : • : : : ~' : ■ . Secretary.
COMPANY ; will be held ; FEBR U- ]
ARY 21, 19<A at the office of the company !
for. the .purpose of -considering^ tbeelec- i
tion.: of officers .'and : amendment of taa !
charter " increasing ths capital" stock. !
ja 21-lm -. -■.-■■•■.. ■:• ..,-::.; President. ;
ESTATE OF;:C. -:-=l*^ MILLER, ; ileceosed. j
are ■.-hereby .notified -to.: make iimraediataj
settlement -.with . me, ., and -v those having ■
claims : aea-inat's said -: estate "iv/ill present !
them; for, settlement. ■:■":£. „ - ../.: :
-,■"■ ■"■.-: ; : .aiARGARET; MILLER,' r|
>fa 4-3t« - • •-; :-';. :,:: Executrix. ■"
Itho business of -THOMAS : A. BRAXDBR
& SON.Tliwish to; notify imyfriemds^ and
: patrons ■? that i itha ; bustooas ; vwill be con
:tinaed; under : tho sums flrm-namo, at ■ 1015
eaDtMalnvstreet.', -.':-: "... ;-;■■.: „ :-. -:
-'a-Alli-^inflebtedneaa ■ :of :;tha . firm . or.
.THOMAS lA. BR ANI>ER f& SON: will -be
' paid !j by y me, • and . its a»s« ca '- ore ) payable
to : rae>:' : •:-'. "*.?'":::,.i-^-^^- i '■■:". - ; . --T :':•"■ 'L -»-'-'i. ; :
" : Ail: : tha i bills; of tho ?lat«'
' TH OM AS r A.I BBA2TOBB may.; b« prcswn t-
ed: to ; ma -for. payment.".: "7^ ::;;;:-,=
:>:fa 3-?t :::-^'- -rI^Ersyi9:W::BRANDELRi::^
I Cocaine g Habit. Si Myself ; cured; ?JWUI^ In- i
-¥orm ? you •; of . ; > harmless. ■ perrnanaht I homo ;
cure. Mrs.- BALDWIN, Box 1212.':Ch1»
l , - .■_•.'
'. ■ V : -:
you can hear them all
Gentlemen's Colored Per
cale Shirts, stiff bo- KO^,
som, was 75c, now..>^v^'»
"White Pique, worth t^W
25c, per yard. . ...... a « v»
Cofcton Towels, extra -3^
heaTy, apiece. ......... *^ v -
White Fringed Kap- eV^^
kins, worth 75c. doz. 3>iJ\*9
Yard-Wide Garnec and
Blue Figured Percales, .fl^
per yard... ..... ...... a uC»
Black Silk-Pini3hed Gloria,
worth 37|c. yard, only
.12$. yard.
300 26-inch Umbrellas,
were $1.30, reduced ao^
to. ............. ■■■yoc.
Sta i r Linen, 27 inches
wid e, per yard, <%
0n1y . . . . . . .... .... .. »-»'J^'» i
All shades in Organdy, , |
\A2lci yard.
Too niany high-priced goods
for this market
on a basis of lqwrpriced goods,
but cheaper.iri/p'ricel All other
[departments will shov-r
j Manager/will conduct this sale;
| and shall be pleased; to aid id
I selecting. ;
1 711, between Seventh and EJgfjthi
I ;■"; : (near Lv rasden's.) . ; v ' : : • ■
j ■■■■:■■■- ;■-::■■■-:■.: iro4.lt] .:..- :\'~ > . ;
• ■** - £o!s aser.ta Cos
::•,.... l^v?and': : 'irar.clie3ie'K; i .i.','"":; :v -.? SUi^ .
jOiVtifpaone, \7;sn«v?ri?i?hoce. A. ?s 4-i:
:;iGAYTdxiraAii!{GAY f rbJv':coAi,t^:i
Ixia^Fopular- v Coal S. to Ta^i
l^alere. VAskiyourjfiealerforlt. ; .:
Xev/x'phones.^NO3. 2iJ and -tiT.
Old >i>hone,!fN'o, Z2- ■ ,
. .. .- - " . . - ---. - . . -■- ....._■-'- .
Black Silk Gloves,
| with colored 7 silk:
[-■"■ liuing,-only. . ;
t ■■ ■■•■ '..■ ■ C*4 ■.'■". ' : ' "■■■■'■;
I ; %3l» . ■ ..; ■■:■ '
7: down Dresaiag'V
1 50c.
Plash Capes
reduced to
Door 'Mats,
Snrvama Mats,
! All shades French
j 50c. yard.
20c. Black Satine,
■ Best Qnality
39c. doz.
Hemstitched Lin
en ~ PiUow-Cases.
S8 pair.
Working Shirts,
: : ;25c. .
Gentlemen's Gray
Wool Shirts, were
75c, now
Dog-Collar Belts,
Darn Net, 2 >*aid.3
wide, only
Neck Ruche,
50c. piece.
Hea% r y Canton
- . . Flannel,
Sc. yard.
Witch Haze!,
9c. bottJe.
Petroleum Jelly;
sc. bottle.
Seal Collaratte3,
were $2.56, now
Black Fux Muff,
Children's Lamb
Fur Sets,
Gentlemen ? 3
$1 Chenille Table
17c. 3lattin^.
I2ic. yard.
Bleached Table
. Damask, v-; :
25c. yard.
made; to, fit any
tlreplace;" . .j saves"
coal; thro wa nil
the heat
rooni : : no -ambkei
IP&, : or soot - - c*-'
"capes 4 :Jnto : ;tno
room. : ■'. HeatV'caa
be : resulated aij
; desired. :■■... . :; : - ■; J
i. SHYDER&.CO/,,
•IOCS' east CaryrSC.

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