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Richmond dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1884-1903, February 04, 1900, Image 12

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RiibbcrGoods Specials-
2-quart l^ountaia -; Syringe, j-si' attach-;
Scnts^ "haixl robber tal^vX^CjA'r'/
■mcrpricc <ii:...>;- - . .. : .;."-'-"r f^i^ttc*
Monardi" 1 Bulb' Syringe, u-ith two
h a rd r « bb c Tyr: altaclK .'> "c^"
Opening sale of Ihe new 1900 Spring Dresses: Closing sale
of the lots left over.; Occasions of rare importance. ..,
lew Spring^Siyle / ' 1
imor-UkM Sails. " : ' j
All-Wool B'.ack : Cheviot Suits," made, i
Jaunty 'Hy-front coats, entire suit; silk j
lined; skirt made with the new box-plait j
back. These suits nrc remarkably cheap-
Zor $15. . ; ;j
51O— Inour Jl<i. Hne you can get Oxford!
«tr.<i L'.ght-Gray Homespuns, Black and j
Blue' Cheviots, all shades of Tan Covert)
Cloth. Also the best Blues, made every j
new style imaginable. -You will liave to j
see. theso' Suits to appreciate their value.,!
Indies' Nobby Eton Suits, made of {
covert cloth. These' suits come in two j
eliades. of Tan and Blue, skirt box-plait j
l>ack. I«.5O. I
Handsoino Black Camel's Jlair Skirts— ,■
made inverted plait back, ' sl'tchcd side j
panel and bottom, heavy quality Black j
taffeta Wnlng:. for $.7.Jts. j
Black Broadcloth Skirts, in. the latest
cut with Taffeta Applique,, scroll side;
panel. Watteau- plait back, lined with ;i
percalinc, Ss.J>^. !
Rich pattern? in.Crcpon Skirts, made,
box-plait baclc and -.have the proper bang
ijipr effect; are now ; ?S.s<».
Plaid Back Skirts, &■
Plaid Back Rainy-Day Skirts, box-plait
"back. J5.
Covert Cloth Skirts, $2.:)5>.
Serge Skirts, in Black. $1.25.
Black Satin "Underskirts; made double
flounce, lined, for $1. -
Colored Moire "Underskirts, made double
flounce, corded, Sli ' .
Blacl: Sateen Underskirts, single
flouuee, lined. Ssc „ , '-
Best quality Imported Sateen Lrnuer
akiriS made yoke top, deep -flounce, with
five corded frills, regular .$3 kind, for
Wisifer Underwear.,- -
O.viu^: to tlie imvaiice ii\ tvciol, j
prc-oeut priccw urn iuuc.li lower tlsnu |
those wliicli -vvill rule Hexi winter- j
inc. will buy Men's 30c. Natural Wool, j
Camel's Hair, and White /Merino Shirts ,
;:Ul- will buy Men's r.oc. Camel's Hair, 1
JCatural Wool;' and White Merino Shirts ,
una Drawers, all sizes. , r , s
<;<>c will buy Men's ?1 AU-Wocl Medi
cated Red Flannel Shirts and Drawers j
7»c. will buy Men's $1.25 Wright's
3loalt.h Underwear. ' -
hi will buy Men's $1.50 Glastenbury
Shirts and Drawers, all sizes: _
15c will buy Children's S5 and 50c.; Na- |
iunil'wool and Medicated Red Flannel j
Vests and Pants. j
■i'.ic will buy Ladies' $1 Natural Wool j
and White Lamb. --Wool Vests. •
:;:ic will buy Ladies' 59c. Heavy Ileece-
Lined Jersey-Ribbed Union Suits.
S'tc will buy Ladies' SI.SO "Oneita
Wool-Mixed Jersey-Ribbed Union Suits.
Frtestley's Oelebratesi- ■
Black 6rep©iis.
ntvO r«)V<;1 iwCrtiioiis-alLtlic choice
fl,it«-a and furrowed Crcjmns. rii.*"
»m 1 aitrt Tiickctl Crepons, Dimpled
«nd Kimpletl Crepon. CriwlieA Cre
jjtdis. Superb -Sillcnntl Wool Cre- ■
l»on«, >ntl Crepons.
The $1.75 kind ai $ r-35Xardr -35X ard -
The $2 kind ai $1.45 yard.
The $1.65 hind ai $r.2s yard.
The '$1.0.5 kind at gSc. yard. .
. The $4 kind ai $2.50 yard,
Here in a clsiincc lor liiieii-«»nyers ;;
to imrcliase Linens «t f?rcn.ily-re- ,
iluccd prices, owinj: to o«r curly:
■juircliowc* • aiul complete nioclc. :
fiG-inch Double Satin Bleached Table
2Dama&k, r.cw patterns, imported to sell ,
for TfiC, here' for 50c. yard. \
; G2-inch Satin 331eached Table Damask,
Csc. quality, for sOc. yard. .
f>4-inch "Full Bleached Damask, 30c.
quality, for 22 1 -2 c yard.
, '.■■;sS-lnch Turkey-Red Table Damask, all
iiew ' patterns, 25c. yard.
Si-inch Red Table Damask, 20c. quality,
lor 3 sc. yard.
Double-Thread Turkish Towels, 100.
each; for 12 l-2c.' ones.
Kxira-Size Unbleached Turkish Towels,
17c. quality, for 32 l-2c each; SXl3l>
. Larg-e-Size Fringed Table Cloths, iac.
Quality, for HS>c each.
-- Cotton Crash Towelling, 2 1 -2 c. yard.
■Linen Huck Towels, regular size, 121-2 c.
Value, for Sc. each.
'Linen Hemmed Huck Towels, P. l-2c.
each, Cl-4c. quality. *
.Tailor Liiiings.. : '.
SC-inch Mercerized Italian Cloth, all
colors, ihe 50c. quality, the yard, ::sc.
Yard-Wide Mercerized Italian Cloth, all
■ oolors and Black, S9c. kind, the yard. 25c.
SG-inch : Mercerized .-Taffeta, bright Eilk
jinishj all colors and Black, liie. grade,
yard, lt>c.
Bright Silk-Finished Porcaline. looks
Jika near-silk, worth -Joe, all colors, yard,
Black-Back Fancy Silesias. extra fine
55c. quality, the yard, 12 l-2c.
r Best: ISc. Silesias and Percaline, new
Ehades and Black, the yard, lOc.
19c. Silk-Finished Striped Skirling,
• iiripht or. dark coloring, the yard, 3 2 l-2c.
Tapestry Portieres, five
different styles, 2=tone ef
fects, 3 yards !ong, fringed
top and -bottom, $1.98 a
4 different styles line 2-Thread Notting
ham l>ace Curtains, Renaissance and
' 35russ'els effect, 31-- yards long, 51 inches
.-v.-id.:. ?l-i>H pair. . . . ' „
: - Silkolinb and : Golden Draperies, all
■colois, sc..yard. .-. . ■■ "- ..;.;.„,,.,.,
lierrmsm «ad tli« Mnisliuteerw; at tlie
Aciidems ', Oood IJIH at ihe Uijou.
The Academy will be open . only, two
nights this" week. Lsori- HeiTmann will
appear to-morrow evening, as well as at
iJje matinee, and James O'Neill will be
ncen Tuesday ■ night in the Musketeers.
The week's bill at the Bijou promises . to
l>ii one of tho best of the season. .
" Leon Herrmann, who has been. known
ns -Herrmann the Great" of Europe and
Aho ; Orient for, years, the same t itle
imclo. Alexander, hold in this country.
>vj3J- appear at the Academy to-morrow,
jriatSrieo and night. The present Herr
mann- is said to; be Ihe most rohiarl:
a!>)c- c>;pf rt in :necroriiaricy. : and lesorde-
inair. of that famous family; of magicians,
••the H«nmarmss." He .was born in Paris
iri> IM7/ and received his instructions In
raasic from his .father, Carl Herrmann,^
ihit first of thO'Hcrrmans who attained
f a.mc« as a .magleiaiv; /In the art of: palm-
JnK.- or sileiglit 1 of^: hand, -he/Klands forth
imriv.'i3J«?l;" his '.: rcrharkablo digital 'dex
terity being everywhere ;cojn'hienied; ; upon
ivsv ri-irv^Sous; Tho rpci'forina nee; will;
•;cb:jt:ih'i^OTnny,."noveHios-4lnV ; lese^mala:' j
■'A' 1 .-'; jtumbsr ■: of illusions/, are.
;ttlßoVpr6micf:d. v :ii!KidesVPi-oressor/Herr
2-quart Goodyear Water Bot-CQ r
tic.: .y.V. .-. - . ...... • • ■■._- :-. • • ■
i-quart Water ßqtUcs, " G ood- As\ c

Worn en ' s Vi rgi n ; Facc
Ma5k....;..-..... --.♦•.••— :-.«Pr,
Ladies' Doubie-Breastod Coais, of ali
wool Kersey, cloth, lined with satin,
taffeta, and some with silk romaine. fin
ished in rows of stitching, coats that sold
up : to $15— now all are oneprice, $5.
Ladies' All-Wool KerKcy Coals, -mado
doubls-broasted or fly-front, some lined
with satin; others in silk romaine and
satin;'- sold up as high as ?10, your choice,
"All-Wool Kersey Coats, lined- through
out, double-breasted, the S3 up" to 1 ?5.50
kind, you can have your choice of these
for $2.50. ,
Your choice of the $2.50 and ?3 kind for
' Ladies* Man-Tailored "Suits, made of
cheviot: homespun, whipcord, covert cloth,
and stylish mixtures, coat's made lly
front, double-breasted, lined with best
ouality taffeta, skirts are nearly, all made
habit back, lined with best quality . per
caline,' value up to $22.50, nearly all sizes,
the special price to close out will be ?10.
Tho ?12.M Suits are marked $7.50.
Tho ?l0 Suits are' marked. 55.
Only; a few sizes are left of these.
Made ol" plain heavy faco cloth, plaid
iiounce and hood, fringe of same, these
marked to sell for $5.
Plain Covert Clotn Golf Capes,. plaid
trimmings and fringe, also' some Plaid-
Back Golf Capes, styles -that have sold
for 5G..j0, now to bo sold for §:5.J»n.
Black Beaver Cloth Capes, special price
All of our Freeh Flannel Wnisfs
that sold as liisb as $-1.50 liave been
mnrlced !f1.50.
Flannel Waists that sold for $1 and $1.50.
arc now 75c - . .
Black Flannel Waists, shirt-waist style,
Cotton Cheviot Waists, partly lined,
Plaid Waists, lined throughout, for "!>c.
You can buy Ready-Made Sheets and
Pillow-Cases here cheaper tha« the ma
terial elsewhere-
Heavy, Round-Thread Bleached Sheets,
laundered,- ready for ■ use. 00x90 inches,
for 4Uc. each, the 59c. quality. .
Hemstitched Sheets., doublfe-bedi size,
55c. each for 05c. quality.
Single-Bed Unbleached Sheets, 20c. j
each for -10c. quality. ........
Large-Size Pill 6 w-Cases, ready for use, i
Sc. each. ' . . - - ■-. ■>i
45xSG Heavy Round-Thre^id .. Bleached j
Pillow Cases, 121-2 quality lor lOc. each. 1
Hemstitched Pillow-Cases, large size, !
12 x-2c. each.
.10-4 Round Thread Bleached ' Sheeting, ;
12 l-2c. yard. -
Yaid-Wide Heavy Bleached Cotton, sc.
yard. - -
Yard-Wide Bleached Cotton, free from
dressing, 7c. quality, for <J i-lc. yard.
Gprreet Waist" Effecis.
Imported French Batiste— Slate, Blue,
Red., and Violet, Dotted— all wool, the
yard. 50c. '
Imported French Fiannels— Slate. White,
Red, A'iolet, and Blue, Dotted— the ; yard,
French Flannels, all colors, plain, yard,
French Henrietta, 11-4 yards, wide,
Black and Colors, silk dots, the yard,
3S-inch Venetian Cloth, elegant duchesse
finish, all colors, pure wool, yard, 50c.
All- Wool SG-inch Habit Cloth, all colors,
37 l-2c.
M-inch Washed Wool Homespun,' for
tailored skirts or suits, three shades Gray
and Oxford, ready shrunk, yard, Sse,
51-inch Imported " Golf Suiting— Brown,
Steel, Tan, ar.d Gray— swell plaid backs,
tho $3 quality, yard, i 52.25.
1-p-ieco Extra Sw&H Golf .Plaid, navy
face, exquisite, bright plaid, an excellent
$5 quality, special price. ?.'!.50.
50-inch Cloth a-nfi Homespun Plaids,
variety of effects, worth $1.25. yard, ?1.
SB-inch New Plaids, medium and light
colorings, the yard, T»Oc.
36-inch 'Fancy Suiting, wool and silk
mixed, an interesting display in effects
and values, worth 50c. to ?1, yard, 37 l-2c.
A miscellaneous lot Fancy Suiting, in
cluding some of best S7l-2 and 50c. effects,
to clear stock, the yard, 25c. v
Hen's' White LJniaun
dered Shirts, warranted
pure 'linen bosom, rein
forced back and front, of
New York Mills muslin,
patent gussets and stays,
all the ImprovemeEits
of a Si.oo shirt, for £A/f
each. . ... ......... 3>y.vo.
Men's and Boys' Laundered Percale
Shirts, some with attached - collars and
cuffs' and others with 2 separate collars,
for .10c.
M-en's and Boys' Percale and Cheviot
Working ■ Shirts, yoke back ar.d collar
band, full size, light or: dark colors, for
Men's Working Shirts, made of heavy,
cheviot, yoke back and collar-band, full
si:-.(% all dark. colors, a 50c; shirt, for 25c.
Men's Night-Robes, made of heavy
muslin, embroidered or plain white fronts,
ti" inches long, finished with pearl, but
tons, for JWc.
Men's; and Boys' Scotch Gloves, fancy,
and =' solid colors, f oi\ 25c. pair.
Men's Pure Linen Hemstitched Hand
kerchiefs, full size and extra quality, for
12 l-2c.
You .nvoudcr at. onr
: marin and his two acts of magic, a lium
| ber of. high: class' vaudeville acts will
j have a place on the programme. "Sola
] ret," called the "Queen 1 of Light," will
I present her .spectacular dances with en
tirely new color Combinations .and fasci
nating electrical', effects. . The four
Luciers. called r the' Monarch's /of the 'Mv-
I Hical world, vdll play : on a number of
! musical instruments. The ' performance
! in its entirety is ah. attractive one for
i Isidies aaid children.
. •- . / " : *;,-..•■ - . , , '
Although ■ -." Alexandra ; Dumas's . famous
story of "The Three Musketeers" -has
bocn before the public for many years/in
I different versions; the success of the per
'forrriance rested solely upon the shoul
! dors of the actor v.-ho: played D'Artagnan,
'? This was due to the fact" that not ;one
; -'of : 'the many versions contained, a"- good
low story, and licnce could "riot, be called --
a good play, as it : lacked : ;the;.one touch j
; of -nann-c.thatr makes: the/. whole world;)
.'akin.. When Sydney Gruridy undertook;
to write his new version- f or •Beerbohm:
5 Tree", i v.-hich he aptly called- "The Muske
? V-xth" to tjie exclusion" of other /versions '=
; :. ; 'that"'i»iKht appear, he- thoroughly; under- j
.' ptcb'.s this defect; arid set about at onco j
■ 1 to' remedy !t. .. v '-'-„„ I
fe> That; the author of "Sowing; the {Wind ;j
■ wuS'CapauleVoi; 'doinif. this./rioorie'.under-.
t tookV to And ; when? hia^pluyj
- , ■ Sacques,
Thill, Blue; Red,: and
Gra3', ; have be"ensii
for ; "V
! A $22,000 -slocki -bought -last September,
i before the rise Sri Prices. . .:..- ;■■-•/ i
j English' Long; Cloth,. 12 yards, in piece;
' S«sc "'" ' - ■":■■-"■:.'■■ ■■ ■ ■-■*<" ■ " *" ■■* " -- -' ■
\ Dxtra-Fino - '/English Long-Cloth 12
[ yard :piece, : ;'si. *•■»..'' . .'. •„
Extra- Fine Figured ami" Corded "•;*
|'the"-25c. 'quality, at: l2 1-2 c. ,_
Dotted Swisses, the 25c. grade, 1- 1-Zc.
j Fine White Cambric, 01-2 c. yard.
' The 321-2 C. grade India' Linen," 40 inch
j es. T :5-ic." yard. -
1 Sheer 'White ..India Linen; Cc. grade,
! 3 ':i--ic'. yard. ; , : '. - :~'
j '-..10-inch . Lawn, usually -10c, at 1- X-2c.
vard> ,
-"■Satin [Borciered Apron Lawn, the 14c.
kind, at S'l-2c yard. : .
Extra-Fine. Linen.rCambric, SO inches
"■U-ide,* sold: upwards: Sl, at 75c. yard.
1.000 yards Fine' French Nainsook, 17c,
duplicates will cost. 23c. - - . • ■ "
Extra-Fine French Nainsook, 48 inches
•wide,. Jioc. : ; ,
! ,"SG-inch Pure Linen Lawn, the kind
"you'll pay 45c. for., this sale, 2Sc.
Soft English Nainsook; full yard wide,,
12 i-3c. yard. " , .
Extra-Fine Soft English Nainsook,
piece of 12 yards, for $1.75.
White Organdie, the IGc. kind, at
12 3 -2 c. yard.
Two-Yards AV'ide White : Organdie, the
kind you've paid. 33c: for, 22c. yard. ,
Extra-Fine Tl r hite Organdie, the 50c.
grade, :j:Jc. yard.
Hair- Linev Plaids, and Striped Dimities,
the 35c. grade; at 100. yard.
Myslin -Underwear^"
for, countins your labor as notliins.
jit is aiJlieult-'to make tJieni ap as
1 iritje.v.. or .so eiie:ti»«y.
At Hie— Good Muslin Drawers, 5-inch
cambric umbrella ruffle.
At — •"»c. —^luslin, wide. umbrella cambric
ruffle, edged with 2-inch Torchon lace.
Finer ""ones, daintily trimmed in-line
laces and embroideries, :>!), 402., up to
At 23c— Good Muslin Petticoats, with
9-inch Valenciennes lace ruffle.;
'. At J)i>c.— Best Muslin. and Fine Cambric;
Petticoats, elaborately trimmed. in laces,
embroidery, and inserting.
Finer ones, in tlio latest Parisian
styles, handsomely trimmed, up to $17.05.
At 17c. — Good Muslin Chemise, round
At 2f*c. — Good Muslin Chemise, tucks
and embroidery inserting, yokes, ruf
fle, trimmed neck and armholes.
At *>Oc. — Fine Muslin Chemise, daintily
trimmed in tucks and neat embroidery.
Handsomely-Trimmed Skirt Chemise,
-.■>; !>Oc., up to S-1.95. "
At 411c— Fine Cambric or Muslin Gowns,
lace and embroidery inserting, ruffle
•At J>J)c— Heavy Muslin Gowns, 2 styles
low and high neck, "1 rows tueks,M-rows
Hamburg inserting, cambric ruffle.-
At UUc— Fine Cambric, Muslin, or.Nain
sook Gowns, in 10 different styles, hand
somely trimmed in laces and embroidery.
Finer ones, handsomely trimmed in Em
pire, French blouse fronts, and short
sleeve effects, up to $<>.4».
At Sc— Low-Neck Perfect-Fitting Cor
set Covers.
At 1- l~c— Low-Keck, Perfect-Fitting,
lace trimmed neck and armholes.
At -3c- Full-Front LWaist Corset
Covers, lace and embroidery trimmed.
At 40c. — Fine Cambric Corset Covers, in
several different styles, full lace and em
broidery trimmed.
Finer ones, up to $2.49;
$10.50 Shaving Stands, in mahogany,
swell drawer and door, French bevel mir
ror, special price $(>.;>!>.
51S.Solid Walnut Chiffonniere, S.feetO
inches high, 3 feet 2 inches .broad, has 5
drawers, cast brass trimmings, shaped
top and swell drawers, special price
$J-.o<>. ;-;-. • . ' - ' - :..
?1U.50 Finely-Carved Side Table, special
price ?5.
?2o Highly-Polished Golden Oak Desk,
special price $tn.
$5 Mahogany-Finished. Desks, highly
polished, special i)rice ?i'.s)O.
$3.50 Shaving Glasses, special price §2.50.
■35 Revolving Book Racks, antique fin
ish, special price ?I>.r>O.
$22.50 Golden. Oak Library Table, special
price §l«">.
$55 Davenport, of solid mahogany, uyy
bolstered,, with two- pillows to match,
special price -$22.50. •
$35 Solid Mahogany Bookcase and Writ
ing 33esk, 3 drawers and cabinet over
desk, glass doors, special price $25.
$22 Sami>le . Hall Rack, solid oak, , with
mirror, 23x2-1 inches, special price $!.">.
$35 Bedroom outfit, consisting of Bed,
Dresser, Washstand, Mattress, Woven
Wire Spring, 2 Chairs, 1 Rocker,' 1 Towel-
Rack, special price Sl !>.!>!>.
$10.60 Golden Oak Wardrobe, well finish
ed, .74 inches high, 40 inches wide, .16 inch
es deep, with 2 drawers, shelf and hooks,
special Price SS. ;
?20 Office Roll-Top Desk, solid oak
carved handles,/ polish-finished drawers
oil both sides, 42 inches long, 20 inches
deep,; 46 inches high, special price $15.45).
;Besf ; 4oc. Mi .6oo> '•;
:Ghpeolaf eSj;;-2p.G. -ib- '.-.
Chocolate Walnuts, Cliocolate Vi?;s,
CHoeolute '■'. Pineaiutles. Chocolate
Xectar. Chocolate -; Kongnt, .Chocoliitc
GTol»e- Wafers, Cliocolute CocbanutM,
Clioe«date Vc'iLiints...". Chocolate Itnl
inn Creams, Chocoliite I*:il«iettocM,
Oliocolale Aiißel Food,: Clioeolate
Csiramels, Ciioco 1a (c MoJusses
Ci'inubs— 2oe. pound.
was produced, \ no less than four love
stories were introduced— viz., 'one be—
fwecu, Anrie.de Breuil and .the Comte' do
la- Fere, another -between Miladi. and
D'Artagnan, a third between : Anne of
Af'stria and the Duke of Buckingham,
arid the fourth and final ono between Con
stoncc, the Queen's : maid, and D'Ariag
nan. \ Thus the. famous old story. : was
at : once transformed from its former
state of a stirring but -merely swash
buckling yarn 'into a,' genuine play, with
"life, and' action, and mellowed by. the
soft rose light of a number' of loves, ..'as
fascinating as the; aroma from, the lotus
fiowci and as fair as the sparkle- of a
morning sun on "a sea- of white-crested
■waves.-- .'.■■■ '_■:'■■'. ./ '. '• " ■. ■■ ■■ "- '■::■• .
\ When Mr.. O'Neill appears here at the.
Academy, on Tuesday, it- will .be in this 1
saivie "New York production. V ■ "■•">•■ ■
■■■'". •■■:'. r* * "L V" - ' : - :
Manager Wells -. offers at the .Bijou .this ;
week a. bill of Jliigh-class vaudeville, at-"-;
.tractions thatrproniises; to 'eclipse any o£ ;
; the.; excellent' entertainments ;.that ; haye :■;
,recently...boen seen. there. : : . .. r-- '■ ■■■'■ - ".; '-;" ■
'■';■ Lizzie Evans, assisted by Harry ; Jlilis, ■
will! be : the. ;J head-liner. -!and*- they ;: are j
strong: .ones. Lizzie; Evans . ;ha's ;■ always;
b"eVn;a' favorite with ',the' theatrefgo'ers "Of i
Richmond. 'yMiss Evans,"", with' the' assist- : :
ance - of .'- hor,; comical;; helper, - will '■■.. present -i
aCmcrry -littio:. sketch; ■/ "Two:'. Girls '; arid:
% ■ •■■ ... - J»
; Heavy Wool :
10-4, sillc bound, C,
:Pink,-:: Pink,- : Blue, Red; | ,
borders, . -.■■•
_; :—: — "' $
'-.-• "{:■ .. ;'WS/{i'«
$ :■■■'■■ ■-■. ■■'■--./■■ <0
Infants' 50c.
Cambric £
% Underskirts,
cluster "Jt.'u c k s. S
,^ above" hem, : .'.-'!?
I 39c; -'-I
S '■'■'■ -' -■■ ■■■ ■-'■■■'• v
..- - - ; „"/. ' ■'' ' c
'■..':'• ..Figured :. <*
-Jecqiiards, $
jet -"'■Black",'.. '44. J
inches wide, h
I : should .".-.: sell, at i>
; 75c, this lot; i' §
1 ■ I
■ ' ■•.:•.-.■:: * ■.".;..<
<P •: Fine-- , \<*
$ Chrna Mntting, |
V weighs 65 —to 70 %
% pounds to ■ the %
&~ roll; : . ' ;; ' $
.■-•••:--.•- .-. ■"
1 - Applique ; |
\- . .Mats,- : £
1 ■ 12 inches ■
I square, . elabor-. 5
ate designs, . .
; ' r '-t^~C- I
% Applique -. -.<?
: 20 inches- ■
,9 square, sold ■ up \
g to 50c., at
I 2"SiS"J
$ j
j> Applique ■ &
& Shams and |
$ Scarfs,;
£ elaborate ' ' and <*
t> new designs, to 5
qbe sold s.'
$ i&'a'Uv i
% *%nc '■%
% ■ .-.'"" ■ ■'' ■ &*
fr - -"-"
Ladies'^-'— ' ; _ -
Muslin:; -;w.; w .
; Drawers, r I
three tucks and X
hem,-.; .-'. • %
■-■-:■■-. c
Ladies Fine <?
5 iVHis;in
\ ■--Petticoats," «f
4> five different
st} r les, lace and <j*
s embroidery '%
6 trimmed,"* %
'..- ■Children's;, .; I
' Drawers,—
made of good ■•<?
muslin, worked: %
button-holes, S
25C.'cioLh ' V:£
Bound v
Books,' -'-.
500 titles to sse rf
lectfrom, "
% — — V
% Children's India **
Linen <
Aprons, %
£ ruffies and lace
<j" trimmed, . .
i. ""I9.c'i I
§1.50 Black ' <J
Fur \
CoiJarettes, I
and Light Tan
opossum Scarfs. <8
6 tails, ■- ; I
<& $2:50 Black As- c
s trachaii
I Collarettes, <?
% .10 inches deep, ' %
$ lined' Black
j satin, ,?>
t $3< 99 Revolving #
1 Office ChGJr, %
? wo od seat,
|> screw and X
spring, very %
X i.- substantial. &
Persian, Draw, y
Plaid Striped, U
and Eatteuberg «*
Fancy .Ribbons, |
sold upwards
Li \1? \s © %
!- ■ Laces, :£
\ about 1,000 X
! pieces, dozen %
1 yards, ■ I
Cambric Edge, <?
% wheel design . 6.^
inches wide,.
worth upwards *
$ X 7.y z c. yard, %
I 3L *' : $
ff — —
G uerre. Fils t-.t o*
rf>- Cic.'s -.■.*:s
%' Cream of Rose
% end ASttionds,
just like Honej-.
<? Almond Cream, r
p. l€|'f*-: ■-■";:.J
# ■ :. „•'.■:::?.
! Facial Soap, \
'';;.] ■'■;. ,!4C. . , %
■Meade & Ba- |
ker's J.lout h-
Wash, .
f, /TV \
Society Note <*
Stationery, $
25c. box, "
I at \
$ I^2^® ' ■■'*'
'Engraving- 100 ' v
Cardsand Plate,-
Tetzner's Ger-
Knitting " |
half ; pound, :- -.
■ ]■-'.■■■ - : :--
■ Black -Silk
i Spool Cotton, 2c. %
1 ; ;■.-■-■■-; -— j>
. Children's Black \
I V and; White::-.^
!::- Mittens, ■;:.:^
1 - ; - -- : ■---■- i
\ u : Heavy Mittens %
ladies,- .10c. ;';■ #
5> Corset^_ "
<k Supporters, \
a siile and cotton;;.^
ii p w a r d s,-;all
% . colors. £>
'' ■; ;NavvJ3lue" ■§
/;;;:CsViCQQS, z ;.:,^
ligures", "..a ud- 5
. stripes, . -' always £
;^seir6^c. -yard, %
* : .>;r- -"-■:- 0
J ••' ' . Bestir *
V Shining :;
CaSicces, |
.^ about fLft} r . dif- ; ?
% ferent styles,
yard , 'f a
& '•'-"■' *-?*7 '- r "
%" -^BY-: $
One. Man,'! of which-the press :has been
most ■fluttering; in jts praise. , .
. Sager Midgeley ' and Gertie. Carlisle are
going to put on :a : : sketch . that^.will: fur
nish as much ;laughteiv as the "audience
can stand.;. There is not a funnier "kid"
impersonator, on the stage than.Midgeley,
and -aiiss; Carlisle :is : as pretty as^a pier
tiire and very ; clever. ." .
Miss Gertrude Haynes, in;her beautiful
act; "The 'Choir' ; Celestial,"^assisted:f by,
the sweet little i singer, 1 - Master Jamie
Byrnes,' holds" over; for another ':. week.
This contribution to last week's bill 1 was
one of the" hits, ; causing the large a.udi
■en'ces to remain in their seats to the end
of the 'show, which she closed. ; : • ; V ;
■T'RieV '-'-"and Eimer, a pair of. clover bar
performers/; will fpresent "A Rube's 'Visit
: to -Chinatown'. V : ' They,; ™ ill perform ■ sqme
daring rind dlfiiciil t ; tricks. ; Hall and : Sta
ley, .the "Twentieth Century Burglars,"
; will : ' present v twenty ■; minutes;' ' of •':• solid
laughter in d: burlesqued comedy, 1 , intro-"
ducirig funny mechanical; hovelties.'Har
ry C.: Stanley and Doris -Wilson .comefor
a visit, df ter '"an" abseiicefsihce ■.la'st^siiin-:
'mer. r; .>Tliey ; "wiir;pfesent;;;their,^ pleasing
mus'car comedy; together with' : somc:new.
:business.'iThe] : Althea^ Twins ; promise-: to
moke m eri-y ; i ni a.: iiew ''and , original; ac t.;. : ;
v^Regularvperforinances ,wili;bO:Kiveu:iill
the w-oi-lv. ' .
make the waist 2
to 3 inches longe r f ;.;;
39c. ' •
The same ;w kind
sold in : York'
Hot $l.;X ':■:;;/: ':_';■[:■■■
Mercerized •"' Foulards— Scvfr did ; '. '
cotton ; fiibrie ho closely reseiiiln-',;
silk. The. lending novelty »nd tlie
■newest designs, 30i'. value,' -fqr 33c.
yard. . /•.,'. \',V '." ; ■' ' .'"■ ' .' '. '
:' Mercerized Sateens— the silky-looking
fabric— 2s different .designs, on. Black,,
Navy," -Lavender,. New ; Blue, and White
grounds," . 2scM .value ' for lli.i-— c. yard. : •-„
' Tissiu. dv ;LiUX— entirely, new fabric—re
sembles, a. fine "batiste, with embroidered
lace effects, all colors, all the very latest
patterns; 35c. value for —-"»c. yard. -
Japanese'; Crinkle: Crepe, in check,
stripes, = and small' plaids,, the very , thing
for wrappers and dressing sacques, -16 2-3 c.
value, for 12 l-2c. yard.
Fine Irish -Dimities, Fine French
Batiste, Fine Dotted Swiss, all the newest
patterns, from a stripe* to afleur de .lis,
10 2-3c- fabric for- IS 1--C. yard.
Galatea. Cloth, for. ladies' skirts and
boy's pants. . They" look, wear,, and
laundry well, 16 2-:jc. fabric for 12 1-iie.
yard; ,- : ': '■ ■.' " ■/• . ..." . , ... - •
Novelty Madras, a wonderfully strong
and pretty, cloth, patterns are > particularly
new. 7 for women's shirt-waists, and men's
shifts,: 17c.' quality for 7 7-Sc. yard.
40 inches' wide Fine French Organdie,:
solid colors -only, the 25c. quality, for 10c.
yard..' " " ■ -'- •"' ■'.-■' . . ' .
Pineapple Batiste, all patterns, on light
and dark grounds, 16 2-3 c. quality for
i) 7-Sc. yard. . •
Dotted Swiss and Fine Dimities, in
short lengths (whole pieces would cost
15c), to be sold; for « 7-Sc. yard.
Anderson'-: Best Ginghams, small
checks, stripes, and solid colors, the 25c.
gi-ade, for 1- l-2c. yard.
■ Over 100; different patterns of Fine Per
cales, 5 7-Sc. yard. :-
Fine Dress Ginghams, large and small
plaids: and stripes, 10c. quality, for sc.
yard.- 1 : - _. '
All-size Check Blue . Apron Gingham,
8 1 -2 c. "yard, for :sc. quality.
'Embroidery and
:taGr:!iea9quar.ters a ..;
A fact undisputed, that there is no'such
stock of. L.aces and Embroideries by ' half,
as is to be seen here. Beauty of selec
tion, and extensiveness of purchases to
gether form a great collection in the
bargain sale. /
t>-incli wide Xainnoolc Embroidery,
the i."c. kind, for S l-3e. ynrd.
lc. yard for Cambric Ed«,ej -worth
'ti-inch wide Cambric Edge, 'wheel
design, and wortli ?.- 1-^c. yard, for
sc. ;.'•;;. " ;
- :>J)c: yard for Open-Work Cambric
All-Over Embroidery, worth UOc.
Ribbon Beadings and Edgings, of all
descriptions, plain and fancy, over 200
styles to select from, starting at sc. yard.
15,000 yards of Cambric; Swiss, and
Nainsook .Edges and Insertin'gs, wide,
narrow, and medium widths, made on the
very best. muslin, for 1.2 1-Uc. yard.
6-Row Black Nainsook Inserting, used
as all-over "embroidery, lOc. for a singla
strip. .
8-inch wido -Swiss Embroidery, firm
edge, made' to sell at 25c, for 12 l--c.
yard. --' • - ,
Colored Inserting^, 2 inches .wide, Red, \
Navy, Light-Blue, and Pink, for « 1-4
and S l-'.ic- '.yardl
Finest: Nainsook Swiss and Cambric
Embroideries/ - ; match patterns, over 500
styles, to select- from; starting at <» 1-lc.
Near about 3.6C0 yards Special Design
Val. Laces and Insertions, sc. yard,
worth regular way 10c. yard.
Match sets of Valenciennes Laces and
Insertions, bow-knots, sprays, Honiton, j
and coffee-bean patterns. *
Near about 10<) • different patterns of]
Laces and Insertions, patterns of Real j
Vai., -sc. dozen. •
Some special patterns, 1-2 to 1 inch wide,
at. 17c. dozen.
Combination of Black and White Honi
ton.Lace and Insertings, match patterns;
starting at 4c yard. .
IS-incii Heavy Cream Ail-Over "Venise
Lace/ v»-orth 59c, special for -3c. yard.
I.SCO yards of Torchon Lace and Insert- i
ings, from 1-2 to 6 inches wide, ii to 150 c.
New Renaissance Batiste Cut-out and !
Venise Bands; starting at 17c. yard.
2-inch Black Cut-out Chantilly Band,
r,()c. yard. All-Over to match. $-1 yard.
Effective Zigzag Patterns of Chantilly
Bands, in Black and White, variety of
widtlis; starting at 10c. yard.
Children's Walking Coats, of the finest
quality of broadcloth, plaid . and fancy
boucles, handsomely tailored, in large
variety of styles, actual value $9.50 and
510, choice for ?5.
Children's. 'sl.2s" and $1.50. Silk Caps and
Bonnets, all colors, for 75c. ■ .
Infants' and- Children's Dresses. Mother
Hubbard. styles, daintily trimmed .in lace
and timbroidery, at $1. ■ .
• Children's Underskirts, umbrella style,
a deep flounce, with tucks and inserting,
embroidery,, and lace rutfles, at $1.00.
Infants' Long Underskirts, line Nain
sook inserting and tucks, Swiss embroid
ered ruffles, for $J.i 2.">.
Infants' 49c. Silk Bootees, Pink, Blue, i
and White, for :50c.
'Infants' Stockinet Diapers, with patent;
clasp, at -"Oc. ■
■'•". Children's ' Stockinet Eating bibs, with
patent clasp.l-.i and ."Oe.
: Nurses Caps, trimmed in fine Val. lace,
for li se. *
- At S^O— An Elegant Whitnoy Carriage,
of strongest rattan, with largo roll up
holstered in the best, wearing and most
luxurious silk damask.' v.-ith Whitney
rubber tired wheels. •"- . :
; At $!<)— A .Whitney Go-Cart. -with re
clining-back,;:fancy braided rattan, \Vhit
ney's rubber-tired wheels and brake.
■-•.." CLiiXE. yon ■sfiiJ.!)."* ;.':■;'.
- These Machines are guaranteed to do
any kind ot". "work ii $00 machine will do,
and give" as much wear/ With every-ma
chine comes a set of; nickel attachments
and a. five-year guarantee, signed by this
firm.;, : Price:': ' iv -^ :i -'-^ - .__•'* : ''Ji'.i
-• ' •' : (Chicago Timc-s-Hera" ld.).-- ".':..
'"Pa-w-r -what's all . this in the -Papers
about Poverty/, being a Blessing?" maw
a.sr.'--i~~Y'.%-}l'; 1 -;-'-'-/i"y: . '■•■ . ■ ■ ■. - : ; - ' '
. "That's the 'latest discuvery." -paw. says.
This is" theJ Graitest al^t' of discuverlss
the ;.:.\vorldy Ever seen. ,- P^ven :-. few.-. Days
they are so:rie. hew kind ; ; of discuvery;
One week: they Discuver ai Wireless; tele
sraft: pole .and- the -next. Day sumtmddy
Gets up' from: the'- Table , in- a Hhur'ry and;
says:" -.'Excuse me, 'a"; --few /Minutes. . ; L sot
to "go-, out.; and - Discuver.- a >L.imf .to- keep
people • from ; Ever Growing" old,' . or . tl3e
he-Dls'cuvers how to' freeze air and then
thaw.-it So:it'irbe icewater.' V : :^" : :
: : : ; ."So • AndruOCarniggy. ; got ■ --to Thinking
aboutUt! the? Other . day,, and he- thot he
wouldrJDoVaVlittle Discuvering-.' becoz he
had*plem>Vjof^,Time before, he Would :hatt
to Tare-off . the next Bunch^of .;Coop:pon3.
He ; thott : and\thbt ahd;thot.tr>'ins: :to«dls-.
cuver. \ sum thing.., that : ■would;.: make shlm
faimu3.-- : but'- the .more Hhe ,Thoc the . more
it .SeemedXneGrly v Every thlnßJhad;. been
discuvered :before.ho;got;at : lt.:;and .they,
didn't-: :sefim- to ■ be. "I?nnyi; way - left to
Bring. a little -Glad^sunshine. lnto hisliil'e:
iT.hat--n.lte r :he" : hacT; to ; : Make ni~SpeechVbe
forelSome,.p2eple>thaUhaven't Enny thing
to i live ?f or.» except ' how Vto - ilnd ? Sum' : >';iy,
to^Get rid of the ;{\VoVry :n purson has
af ter.thej-* get more jThanXeven;:bit.Foiir
tcen ? million '.dollers.^ana.Whon he; Got
- mgfe' Leather -60031s Specials,
combination Pocket-Books and Chatelaine ■Ea^/air^tjiat of 02?
Qic Severar styles? S everaloleathers.,seal ■■and .calf faced, some
la^'sterling^silveriand: oxidized several, styles _and »^
■ScSb^yoifmn : TOtcly:-fiidr6ii2 or, two. to your : Liking from
fiiis immense assortment,vall reduced .t0; . . :. .;. . . ... :;.;.-
Combination P6cif e t-Books.Chatelaine Chatelaine Bags, Shopping Bags and
Bags^and-iPiirSe^tHeW, •clean: 9 k^:-: Purses,'-^. /large, a^ortment, ,•
gbods?f6^nierly;nidrke^4sC- : - ]£?&■ sc X eral styles, reduced t0...... JOC.
■ All-Wool .Ves tee" Suits, Lin
aid collar and vest,' $i.OS. ;
-All-Wool Vestee Suit«
.-■' th vests, ;f or Sl.-tS:
■Soys' Plaid .-"Caps, the 33c;
kind, at'JOc:
. Black- Tuxedo Suits, silk
.vest, f0r.33.f 0r. 33. "■' ■ ■ :' -■-•
Boys' ; :59c. Unlaundered
Shirt-Waists, "M oth er ' s
Friend" patent bands, for
39c/ \' ':-'■• •_:'■■- -'--•- -- ■
All-Wool Cassimere . and
Cheviot Knee Pants, :tf>c. .-■■.
Boys'. Knee Pants, of alir;
wool cassimere, invisible
plaids, «Oc. .
All-Woo l Cheviot Kneo
Pants, 39c. .
$:>.oO for - Double-Breas ted
Finest-Grade Cheviot Suits.
from tlie ; manufacturer iv Lynn, .lloss.; has proven one of our «reatej|
•Shoe "'efforts. "With all of last week's increased shoe trade the n^ort
ments areiToniierful!}- sooil. S yea Us m-ll for the purchase, doesn't ;t.; t .
But don't delay coming too lonpr, lor these sales may close out the lot.
At $I— Choice of 5 styles, plain or fancy 1
tips. ; _ I
At $2— Shoes-made up to sell for ?3.50,',
Box Calf, French Morocco, and Double- j
Sole Walking Shoes.
At 79c— Genuine goat uppers., solid lea
ther soles, patent-leather tips, button
and laced, sizes 3 to 6.
Speoial Sale of
Ladies' 25c Cashmere and Fleeced-
Lined Gloves, warranted Fast Black, for
17c." pair.
Ladies' Cashmere and Fleeced-Lined
Gloves, all sizes, double finger tips, for
22c pair. ,:-....
1 lot of Ladies' 19c Cashmere Black
Gloves, guaranteed Fast Black, for.; lOc
pair. ■■-::■•.
Misses' and Children's; Double Black
Mittens, the 25c kind, for 15c pair.
Indies' Woolleii Fleeced-Lined und
Cotton Hose, full seamless. Solid
Blnclv, for 12e. pnir, wortli 19c. •
Ladies' and Children's Full Seamless
Ribbed and Plain Hose, for 7c pair, in
stead, of 12 l-2c. „.
" aample sale of Children's Ribbed Hose,
all sizes', different ribbed, light- or heavy
weight, worth up'to 13c pair, choice, oZ
them, 9c. pair. .
Ladies' ' Black Gray and Blue 'Gray
Woollen Hose, for 22c. pair, worth SOc
AY li ite Sil lc CliiJlOTi
Stocls.. tyUH lons jabot,
Handsome Pleated Satin
Stock, with satin jabot, rib
bon and fringe edge,. sl.2s.
Fancy Stocks, in various
colors and patterns, 25c.
Assorted Stocks, n>c.
Crepe de Chine Ties, with deep fringe,
' liousseHne de Soie Ties, with embroi
dered and fringed ends, 75c
. Fancy- L-ace and Net Ties, in narrow
and wide, :i»c up to $1.25. -
Gprpet'-.Papartment. :..
COc Brussels Carpets, for rooms and
halls, Reds and Greens, :55c.
50c Full" Yard- Wide, Half-Wool Filled
Ingrain' Carpets, "»<>c
'"40c" ".Full Yard- Wide Cottage Carpets,
$1.25 Wilton Velvet Carpets, all the
standard makes. 75c.
45c Best China Mattings, 1W pounds
to the roll, 25c.
.'".'.35 c. Japanese Mattinsrs, Reds, ■Greeny
and Blues, carpet patterns, 20c
Extra quality China Matting, 75 to SO
pounds to the roll, JSc. .
Some few' rolls oi^ Japanese Matting,
slightly damaged, !> 7-Sc.
■■' Cox6o-inch Smyrna Rugs, fringed. .DSc
-Smyrna Rugs, fringed ends, door size,
■Linen Window Shades, '3sC 'feet, mount
ed on good spring rollers, with all fix.
turcs; colors— Terra-Cotta, Olives. Greens;
and Tans— 22c: ' f
Extra quality Floor Oilcloth, .4-1, 5-4,
G-4. and S-l, 2«) c ' ,
Linoleum Mats, one yard lons, ••»><?.
JFiir" .fleck -'Places-.
TUis advertisement tells mi inter
esterin^ story of P«ir ; .Xeuktvear
\ stoelc comprising the Intent Htylen.
li»HK-:it from n bmilcruzit- eoneern a
receiver, iind "tluit aci:oni><» for such
l»riccs. .
53)c— Black Fur Collarettes , and Light
Tan Opossum Scarfs, with 6 tails. The
usual price was $I.SD. , ■"; £ -
Si 150— Chinchitla Collarettes, with yoke
of- electric seal and satin lined. The price
was £1.50. . .- .
" -!)J»c.— Ulack; Astrachan. Light Gray
Moiifflin and Krlmmer Collarettes, all 10
inches deep and lined with. fancy satin.
The usual price was §4: -.;; ','■'.
§!.;«)— Light Martin' Collarettes, with
Electric Seal yoke and silk lin*vd. The
usual price was 34.G0.
j-j.50— Electric Seal Stole-Frdut Collar
ettes, with. o large tails and colored satin
fining. The usual price 'was $5."
up on the Stage he happened -to Look at
the "Faces in front of hlia'-an^ There he
seen Rockyfello. That, made him think
of-; what -."he, 1 , was trying to Diacuver ail
the l "time. It Was just like if he would
of Been inspired, and he. sed:,.
•'■ 'Poverty is a Blessing- , .
"The unhappy, miilyunaires that - "were
Listening to Him "broke out in Wild tap-,
ploz and gave him three Cheers. It was
One, of. the. most, Tutching:- things Evat;
hrippene'd. Strong men wep "«ntl wimmen;
whahaft to Use marble Bath tubs neerly:
'fainted when they Thot pi' tho Blessing
of thepoor and The,n Remembered their
own. trubbles. The poor- D3n't .ha£t to
worry ior rear the -coachman mishtjKet.
drunk.and Lit the. horses,;- Rim;away
when they arc; Going horn? from^th*
Grand Topera." The, po^r .-don'trXeed .to Be
afrade : the ship y mite -Sink; v.'hile . th^y
Take three Trips, to -Yoorup^ every j>:ar.~
The -poor needn't Toss about -at ,-nite
thinking ,mebby : one of th 2 Servants mite
run "Away " 'with j a -".Dimund necklace val
ued at; thres hundred . Thousan dollers
and -"dirniinds : 'goirig\ up ■■every -day qh;-ac
count-of the- War sin.:Afr:ky.: : The;.i>oor.
don't-- have to" think their .sons mite Get
their necks Broke playing r polo ;pr 'ehas-'
■ing.;ba'fjts= with annus! seed in. ■them;,.;.- l fha
poor ' Don't : " haft .tol Worry --IJecoz irthe
•Bu tier, was so 'i blame ;: green :ho * went"? anu
i t he ;Co bb v webs offnj theTshampaiie
.B6ttleC?berore he 'Brot it'7in* where the
Cumpnyiis. -ivhen'they-.paiaKThurtyrsents
"a; Bottle iextryy-to^haye, ; the! Cobbiivrebs
«i>ut"--VOu: '■-■■■. ; Don't :;ha£t --; to ■•.■"; be.
; Si.MvS for Astrachnn Chr-
Reefers. ?ailor collars, %,'■
2 to S years. If bought <
regular way would co3t -.'
32.-»i> for Chinchilla SSyr, r
Collar Reefers. 3 to lr, v « r .
made of the celobrrired f«,i'
umbian chinchilla. If ' O n-~,C
in the regular way W quM
cost for £>.
-<?::.r.o .for Covert T
Coats, velvet -.'collar, i t '••
years.- If bought in'ther^
u!ar way wouhl cost you j-
Boys* Knee Pants 0 »
Scotch cheviots, ."^c.
Union Cussimers k^.
Panty, ~.~c. i
At s(Jc.— Hisses' -and Chii<!ren'a all =o'
leather, good, stylish shapes, buttouaa:
lace, spring heels.
At 25c— Infants' Solid-Leather Sites,
worked -buttonholes, leather .' soles aa
counters, patent-leather tips.
At'Sli'c. — Infants" Shoes, sizes 6 to S
spring. heels, made of genuine goatskia
nicely finished.
Preparing for a Oreat
'-Event in fhiß'Saseinen}.
A ■ uen- stairway \» I.einic erects,
and whilst the alterations are beln^
made, and room must be had. many :ot3
are offered at quick-closing prices.
Gray or Broun Decorated 10ft.,
piece EnKli.sh Dinner -Set*, nevtf
hoIj! for less than $«;.05, nlterntinn
vale. 5?5.2!>.
Spray Decorated Gold-Lined Engiiih
China Dinner Sets, 100 i>ieces, new ahaja
dishes, sold for $10.50, alteration sale
Augtrian China Pink Decorated Dinn*.-
Sets, I<X3 pieces, with large soup tureea
this set never sold for les^ than U3-3.C
teration sale, £15.-U>.
d2-picee Dfi'oratpd Toilet Sets, ti
trn laryc jar, sold for i}t.7r>. uUcra.
tion sale, $::.»;!>.
10-piece Underglazed Decorated GoiJ.
Lined Pansy Decoration Toilet Sets, sold
for 34.55. alteration sale, {2.-i:>.
Blue or ISruwu UeeornttMl Tea ?ef,
the newe«t Nlutpes — tliesc .«eti er»
-»to r tU ■ S-i, 50 — « 1 1 era 'Ho 11 s n ! •-. .f 1 .ns.
White China Fish Dishes, sold for S.
alteration sale. sOc.
White China Dinner Plates, sold for
75c. a dozen, alteration sale. "<>o. a dozea
Maddock's 3-piece China Butter Dishes,
sold for -trie, alteration sale, 25c. each.
Decorated .-Ton Onp* anil Smicerr,
alteration anl*-. 5-lc. v iloxrn.
Rose-Decorated Tea-Pot Hosts, sold fur
15c. alteration sale, J»c.
Decorntetl and Gold-Lined I.nrce
Oystor lionl*. sold for 15c, nltera
tion snle, De.
[Bread and llilk Sets, Carlsbad chin,
decorated and pold lined, sold for i.ic, al
teration sale, 2^c.
Fireproof Baking Dishes— th*s<» ara
puai-anteed sold for 10 and 12c—alteratioa
sale, Sc;
I'renHed-Glass I'idil* Di>hiv<, told
for J)c. ni teratiWn salc.'Gc. each.
1-2-gallon Imitation Cut-Glass Water
Pitchers, sold for 15c, alteration sa!e. !
Fancy Cut Pattern Cake Salvers, sc!i
for 15 and 19c, alteration sale, l»c.
rrcsMoil - <;in».H Highly - Fini«hfii
Footed Jelly Bowls, sold for l<^i "•
alteration snle. ,7c.
■ Thin-Blown Tumblers. engr:i%-e<!, mW
for 75c. a dozen, alteration sail?, -'■•■ each.
2-«iuart 'Dresilen ■Satiee-I*«ta, -*o''l
for U!)c, nlteration salt. JOc.
4-quart Convex Cookins Pots, sold for .
2T.c., alteration sale, 15c.
G-quart Deep Pudding Pans, sold .to
2uc. alteration sale. K>c
2-quart Coffee Boilers, sold for 15c, al
teration sale. !>c. ; .■". "
4-quart Block-Tin Stewing Kettles, so.v
; for 20c, alteration sale. l«>c.
S- and 4-quart Granite Tea or CofTes
Pots, sold for 30c, alteration sal?. 2«c^
; Medium-Size Granite Cake Turners, soil
for sc, alteration sale, tic.
Covered Granite Buckets, soKi for it&.
alteration sale, LOc.
' Medium-Size Dish Pans. 10c.
Galvanized Iron Coal Hods, alteratloß
i sale, 2:>c. ' „
;;,■ Large-Size Favorite Coffee Mills, so.a
for :"0c alteration sale. :»>c.
Nickel-Plated -3-prong Towel -Kacw. .
sold for 2jC. alteration sale, l>c.
.luterCiothes-TJnes, sold for 5c., a'.tera
tlon sale. ."c.
Wood-Rim Flour Sifters. sc.
TSrownio Soap, S bars for sc. (
Large-Size Cedar Tubs, alteration &■*>
Hsw Spmg Silks,
•JiZ piece* Corded Striped «'»'
SilikM, iucludiiia: u«-»v pu.itiMf ■»''•'""
iiiK« of Bine, IHnlc. Violet. Tan. «•»£
AVhitc, mill Hose, striklnsly <- ac
tiv«> price ,4Sc. n,v\i
New Silks, in handsome conl.ni t-u-«-_"
hemstitched, and crepe stris^ 1 f" ne ~^ n^
o!d Blue, Castor, HeeL J'urpSe. >".•.
White, prico §l yard. _ ISc _
; Satin in all the newest shades, w
yo.r<l. ■ indies.
AU-SUk Black Satin Duchess, -
for Si yard. „ C; ; t j 3 |
All-Silk Extra-Heavy B^ k
Duchess. 20 inches, for 51 >'> mi - , ; ,.,.v;,«.
All-Silk Black Satin Duchess, -i '■•
; for 75c. yard. „.^'i.
Plxtra-Qtiatity Futt "i.-inch-v.--
| Taffeta Silk, for S«--*5 yard. . . vs
; Pure Dye Clack Silk Tutfota. - -> ••>
wide, for "!'c. ... . ,\ o
Black Corded Silk Taffeta, r'-l---' -
ofiade their yrivut Car mttel^ eft &
Ing. 1 out on the track wh^^. V. : i«.c3
Rained on or mebby the Sallow «v ...
how to Unlock the side xmm *
ate hundred Thousjtnd doUe.r - - £J -
, favaher gave them for a tsuru.--j
i e-'Ali'-.e -'Ali'-. these Things and .a Lot, a .
I can't think of just Pg^-S^tji^tii B«*
I ar Flash when ho looked at tne ' a !t ,
-of the Rltcb--i» rrunt ot Him .
-no Wonder Sum of Them a-i-i <--
-.down when they thot H°,^ v^ we?
-reck-d their llvw by. getUn!,
--coultl Own counties here
Cassels on Them and have th«-' t5 ,y
Cut. SoHvhen the meeting wa» o^ -,
"ail: went, up and shook Ar.ay s '■ ', -everf
■- iffhin they Went away rrom tii^r. „
'one-Had a. new resolve »n f^- •• •
'/ "What wa* that? maw a^ ; -^ ;wJ
' " "To" go on" Nobty ■ saeriucln tn- -- >- k(f!?
' and tholr Time and *»aPP l !|fi* jfirtßTi
- welth rrom whare it mite >..»-'• - Ki .,,; t ,
and dispepsy. to.nuli.vurts oe l " g 3 «^
- countryniun whc> ;-tloii;t • """f;- 1 -^^-^ &
a nrst Class: blessin \*\ hen t^ -■ ..
:it and can't; get oul from unu^;^
,:-.say».' . ■ ...-..-. .- :
- .- • ' . . ■«<>■
i ••! had -dyspopsla. .for y#ars. ll JJu
JCure. It gave;imm^lmt» relic .*, vi
■ ties -proauced L 'rearv;eUe!» • ; ai ■"&'•*
-I. 11. Warren. Albany. Ws. «
"■what- you, eat a and ; cannot - tau -
. iiodtk^r ■lJ.rof.;.T.' i A; Miller.

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