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*riU3TTV niCHSIO.VO Gllli/W^nSMK.
\V arccLiocGU^ of 1 ■
''Xrt Elcffant Tea ; : Given liy MI««
■Forbes— 3lr«. Horc's A<-llomci Jin«l
'- • ■ . -.-'■/.■" ; . i~ ~">c^ :
Mrs. Taylor's. I,nni'Tieon--TTnec«ia
■"/ ; ..'■"' .'- -— . ■-■■ , :^: '-*
Z. Clnb-KxKcrJaixicsl— Vcriionni. -.'•.
f One of- {he' most beautiful weddings of
■ /the season, aiid one holding great\j)ro;ni
•^jicncc, due/ to; the high social^poEition.'of
"the contracting parties, iva?v solemnised
/ last, night at] 9 o'clock, when""M|ss : Vir
, gJnia Carter Haycs^ became the wife of
Z Mr. Francis ' ;. "SVhcatlejr McCullough, of
■Korfolk. ■ . , ; - , "' .. -• ■ , .'.'
■ The wedding, which, occurred at the
-, residence of the bride's parents, SCO west
"Franklin street,, was one of the most bril
;lsant of the -winter.* The entire houso
•ivas * profusely decorated ; wHh* palms,
ferns, pink roses, and Smilax
twined around the balustrade of 'the
broad stairs; tho mirrors were half-hid
den behind curtains of crisp green, and
"the chandeliers were wrtathed with it.
Between the windows of the front
parlor en altar, was. erected. .Back -of
this altar stood a bank of palms, against
its snowy wliuencss shone .3n
■ clear relief. The altar bore pure white
-bride's roses and lilies, and, was ablaze
..with.'many caadles.' The ceremony was
.'performed befcrd this altar by Rev. A. S.
-IJoyd. formerly, of .St. . lake's church,
/ Norfolk, but now of New York,
\ The bride entered from the library with
/" her maid of honor, and was :net at tho
altar by the groom and his best man.
rHer father, Mr. James Hayes, gave here
""away. The bride was gowned in a crea
tion of white chlfron over white taffeta,
■the bodice draped with rare point lace,
and with garniture of - orange blossoms.
Mier veilwas fastened with a diamond
; r-unburst. the gift of tho groom, and
she carried a shower bouquet of lilies of
.the valley. -Her sieter. Mrs. Lucy Champe
Hayes, was her maid of honor. She was
■Ircwned in rose-pink chiffon over liberty,
.and carried Madame Testout roses.
The" bride is tho daughter of Mr. and
•Mrßi~.Tames 'Hayes, and has been noted as;
'a belle and beauty since her debut. She
has. been greatly admired, and lias re
ceived much attention, not only in Rich
mond, but wherever she has .visited. Mr.'
HjJcCullough is a wealthy young business- ,
"man of Norfolk, where he is prominent .
socially, as well as in business circles.
After the ceremony an cJegant recep
-tion was held. The color scheme of the i
"dlnlnc-room was also pink and white.
/Festoons of smllsx came from the chande-
IJcr to the four corners oj the table,
i whore they were caught with large bov.-s
■of pink satin ribbon. A large boy.-l of
Madame Testoul roses formed the centre
■"plece and pink-shaded lamps and can
dles gave a rosy light to the ecene.
imong the out-of-town guests were -ur.
tfflßa' Mrs. James Walker; Mr. and Mrs.
lowing Eaches. Louisville. Ky.; Mrs. M.
'A, Downman, Fredericksburg;..Va.;..Mr|.;;
A. A. McCullough. Ncrfolk;-Mr. James H.
. itownman, New York; Mr. and Mrs. YWl
liara "VVheatley, AVashington, D. C.; -\lr-.
and "Mrs S" G. "Whoatlty, Washington, D-
C; tho Misses Whoatley, •Washington, D.
C - Messi' a V%"heatley, AVashington, D. C;
B'r.'aad lirs. Hemy C. Eno, New York;
Mr George Henry Eno, New York; Mr.
George Dominiclt, New York,; Dr. William
F Lockwood. Baltimore; Colonel and Mrs.
George Taylor. Norfolk; Mr. and Mrs^
* George Mclntosh, Norfolk; Mr. Tench
, Tilghiaan, Norfolk; Mr. Hugh Whitehead.
NoriJDlk;. Mr. and" -Mrs. V^. 11. Doyle,
Mr. J. Saunders Taylor, Mr..
Vv-altc- Taylor, Mr. Richard Taylor, Mr.
Montgomery Osborn, Mr. Key Compton,
■ Mr. Thomas Tannor, Mr. Krank Wllcps."
Mr. Theodore -Williams, Mr. D. Puller,
; Mr. Watlington Hardy, all of Norfolk;
Vir John Whitehead. Johns Hopkins uni
versity Dr. W. L. Harris, Virginia Beach;
Mr and Mrs-I R. E. Bo.vkin, Smithfleld;
Mr' and Mrs. -Prank Deford. Baltimore;
■Mrland Mrs. Henry Fairfax, Lonoon;
Mr. ar.d Mrs. David Tennant, London;
Mr. Theodore. Garnett, Norfolk; Mr. Dan
Morton, Baltimore. *■'." , ; - .
Mr McOollough and his bride will lake
a Wedding journey to 'the. Bermudas.
After their return they will be at home,
"at ISC Freemason street, _ Norfolk.
" Miss Edna Forbes gave a^Uglitful tea
/ftlllack lacker white taffeta, and Miss
' Loo gowncfin tucked rose-pink mous
: 6< In n^he O «inmg-room tho table was es-
I nuisitely decorated with: pink roses and
lilies of the valley. In Urn centre lay a
irn?at bow- of pink taffeta, and peeping
irom even- opening were lilies of • the
valley At each end of the table Etood
' Blender %-ase's of roses. Punch was served
: SL Ethel Paco and Miss Annie Lee
; Alfriend. The young, ladies In . tho dn
■' inc-rbom- were Miss Alene StoKCs; Miss.
llcVitty of Philadelphia; Miss Madelaine
idmrlish. and Miss Ansley, of Alexandria.
-•The guests were Misses Pace, Mrs.
• Ecbols. Mips Young. Mrs. Glasgow. Miss
Handy, Misses Branch, Mrs. John K.
« nn rts Miss- Hobson, Mrs. Graham Hob
■ ton Mr? Gwathmey. Miss Talbott, Miss
80-her Misses Wcllford, Tcnnnnt, Holli
;: iav Mr<=- A. C/Small, Misses Ross, Misses
Tompkins. Miss Shields. Misses Grant,
Mrs. J Junes Walker, Miss Tanner, Mrs.
""Whit Bovd Miss Emcie Pegram,
' Boylcln 6f Smithfield; Mrs.. Thomas N.
Jones, of Isle of Wight; Mrs. William
Parrish, Mrs. Lucien Tatum, Mrs. Ulett,
Miss .Berta Noltlng, Mieaes :T>ier. Miss
Leary, Misses Gray, Misses Phronie Pc-
Bram, Cal\-in Bragg, Hayes. Mrs. Grundy,
Mrs A. : JD. Donnan, Mrs. Lancaster Wil
liam's, Misses Watkins, Elizabeth Daven
por-t, MiFses Page, Misses Atkinson, Mrs.
Groner. Sirs. William Todd, Miss Kathe
rine Mcintyre; Miss Watkins; Grace
■ tstreet; Miss : Maria. Williams. Misses
Camm i Miss j Gordon, -Misses- Meredith,
Miss Addison, Misecs Thomas, Miss
Kop'er, . Mrs. Allen Potts, Miss- Mary
Ponnan. Misses Hill. Misses Boyd, Miss
-B&jrby. Miss Aug-ustine,' Miss Maud Miller,
iSeSs Hartz, Misses Sieger. Miss White,
Mrs Bettie^ Mayo, Miss Judith -Dcane,
blisses Ellerson. Mrs.. Caperton, Miss
I Jackson, Mieses ' Bin'ford, - Mrs. 131anken-
Klilp Misses Jennings, Misses Morgan ,
MU;s- Morfiecal. Misses Cameron, MrSj
Landon Cabeli, Misses - McGuire, Miss
; Montagtie, Misses Mclctosh, Miss Morton.;
MargU£rit6- Warwick, Miss' Beulah^ Pat
--teraoik^ Mrs". . Travers, Misses . Harris, X.ily
" TJrQu3iart. Lelia Meyers, Mrs! Moncuro
pQckiaa, Mrts. Ashton Starke, Mrs. J. A.
%relch,-Miss TaUcy. MiESiMcLeod, Mre.
BoyalL Mies Pau44ne»Poweru. Miss; Janse
fWingo. > Mrs. Stephen , Puliicy, Mrs; V Bcott
Parrish,MJsses Stokes; Miss Agnes Mc
r C&rtrry. Miss Mabel Walker, Miss Lucille
Nelson, tbo Misses Jlooro, Mrs. Adclphus
AVillixms, Srt6s*,"VvHllianis, Mrs. JUuek,
Miss "Helen Cameron... ' ■ ./' .. ■
--.- : - " ■■;; / - ':■"■-• •-.• •'- •"" ;■ :" -' /-',.
/■Sirs. Howard: D. Hoge and her two
Quests, Misses Sarah ; Harrison and-Lan
don Harrlßon. "wero "at home"- informally.
;yeeterday from;s:to,7/P."M/Mr6: Hoge
: was 'assieted: in* iccclvhiff by. the: Misses
Harrison, lira. Jolin Harrison poured the
, chocosat» and the: young; ladles serving
r were '-Miases. LouisevM^ayo.-Harriet Field ;
515 1 Llglitloot.V abd * Ruthi Kobins. /? A: /lurgsl
numbor: of -ladlea" called,* and: the; occasion
1 was a'Tnoßt delightful ; one;' Among: thoso .
; who' erJlc-d'%vere Meßdame3 ? Luther Daw
iaoii: L'N I ::' Jonts: J. ; H.c Anderson;. "James ;
MasonMHkr, of Sta«oton: :W.vCr:Bent T :
ley, -*- H. •:•:,- A. s CJ al borne, / Maria - Moore,:
■■ Charlea T; O'Fcrrall,; Pl€aßontoniLr v Conr.
' quest," Jcnes. "vJames : Allison ;•
''Hodges,- diaries' Gideon Uosher, Ii ; B.
? Jannev. Allen Bernurdl Fersruson,, / Elrnore ■
«Delo» i Hotchkisß;. Powers,' liamberlin.v Ab
fbott,- I^ewis^Ayiett^Fratik :Haughton;vJE.'
•iß.^-TliomaKson.^Preston.H.'v Moored Ever- :
,i ett- : Wadt3ey, Johni W; Kiclj-^Jn Hf Hunter; :
y^r^tJi 1 :AV: AV GHlagpro-K'; jHelcniandfMary 'Mor. :
rifion/iGeorffe = C? Jackeon. Warner. Moore, ?
; Lancaster. J.e R: V. A;/
KliliiHoiia<ißy.-sTV: DJ^Barksdale^
Dashicll, C: /W;;P;/ W; ; P; :Brock,r S:i T^
> L aiarUn,vVlrKlnlus;Hall; Chrlstopher/romp-^
/ Uins.Uohji c. IJlalr, J, A; 'H.v
■|S/f Srotth;-:-' J.VArs White, M; yfi Cox^Wlrt;
j; Henry..! and. Janies^Lyons^MiPsesiDuri-
ittilnirton;. Caroline n ; Co!eraan;p Nannie '(2 Bo ;
§ Ellentewis J ones,/ Boiher;?PauSinq •
■ Powcfs^Rcbckatf Bell," MarVJain^Sara.'
S^^^c^^T&^ Va!;;
Waddev,. Berilley, andothers.,
■•••'V7^ .-"■-.-■ ■'• '.^ -■ .-- *'.'*.- « ; -^ .■< .■*--'■ -■-.---.■■ 1
Wro. '-Sam Vcoiicn entertained the:mem
be^of tfcuSS>ala«b> o^odncsd^.:
artefnoon: at the: Jefferson 4HoteL .intci
during theflrn part of Ib^cvcnin^g.rhe.
prizes AveYe won as fonows:.^llssirma
Kosenbaum. the ilrst l>r^. a^cut-^abs
powder-box, mounted; in :#'«SS
was -.won= by Miss Schafneivor Uoveland ;i
n n onyx, bust. In the game or Old : Gloi >^,
Mi« 3 Mabel Sycle wortitheSflrst; prize,, a
Kold bonbon spdon. : ■ vrlth the : name.of -tho.
"cKb^ngruvcd on »t. and the second prize,
was drawn for_ by >even yo u i^Mf||
Miss Florence Greenwald being, tne suc
cessful winner. - . An elegant; supper was
served 5n one of the Jefferson s private
dining-rooms after : the : gamc'r;ji. ;:.. , - ; .:
The decoraUons for the table-were A-ery.
beautiful,, being composed^of Madame
Testout roses, maidenhair ana
shaded lamps: and candles. Jif, \Z- "■•''. J.
" Mrs. Cohen's guests were Misses Hattle
Schnffhcr. Byrdie Asher, Marionc.Schirer,
Mariam Lovenstein. Irma Rosenbaum.
Saldie WhiUock. Mabel : Sycle;";>iariam
Rosenbaum, Mariam Millhiser, Rosa
Greentree, Saidie Thalhimer, ;_ Corinne
Straus. Amelia Kahnweiler, * Florence
Greenwald, and Fannie Mlchelbacher.
Mrs. Edgar D. Taylor -gave a bea:utiful
luncheon yesterday in honor of her ; sis
ter, Mrs. Llewellyn .Nicolson, of ; George
town. The table was beautifully -deco
rated with pink carnations and migno
nette Pink candles in exquisite silver can
dlesticks stood at the four corners, and
threw a roseate glow over the handsome
Sl &^ .^loX S Sts •xverc.' Mesdames
Nicolson. Hugh Taylor, Gunst,
Cameron, 11. W. Powers; Jr.. Gerchart
J M Taylor, Virginius: Hall, F. D. \Ml
liams, and J..G. Anderson.
* *'■*■'■ " ■" '■ '
•The anVual musicaie of the Saturday
Afternoon Club was given last evening at
S o'clock at the residence of Mr. ana Mrs.
B B Munford. on oast Grace- street.
Twcntv musicians were on the pro
gramme, which was splendidly rendered.
After the concert an elegant supper was
served. . .":
-Mr Hell od ore P. Picard", of New York,
is visiting Richmond, and stopping^ at
Alurnhy's Hotel. He is making a tour or
the foufhern States, -and will. go from
Richmond as far South as \ icksburg,
Miss. ...
Mr T W. Tanner, of Norfolk, is at
the Jefferson. Sir. Tanner comes to at
tend the llayes-McCullough marriage.
Mr. and Mrs. Ewing Caches of Louis
ville, and Miss Parsons of .^Natural
Bridge, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
James Walker." c>
Dr William F. Lockwood, of Balttmore,
Is the guest of Mrs. Davidß. Tennant.
Miss Pancake, of Romney, W. Va., is
the guest of., Miss Carrie Lee Campbell,
on west Grace street.
Dentli of Mrs. Emma Holmes.
Mrs. Emma Holmes, wife of Mr Wil
liamll. Holmes, died at l^.o^^' 5
morning at her residence, No. 220 south
JefTerson street; aged 59 years. Death re
sulted from an attack of typhoid-fever.
Mrs. Holmes had been ill since Christmas.
The deceased was a daughter of the late
George Parrott. of Norfolk, but was born
in Richmond, where she had spent her
whole life. Her 59th birthday was .cele
brated only the. day before her death.
Her marriage to Mr. Holmes in
1873. One daughter, Mrs. M. L. Buuon
survive? besides her husband. A Bister is
Mrs W. B. Harwood. of south Pme
street. She was a consistent member^ol
the first Baptist church, and a most estl
mT^ hoSr"f = tho funeral has not been
decided upon. The funeral arrangements
will be made to-day.
Ttto Mnlesin the Doclc.
A cart, having two mul?s attached, was
backed into the dock at the foot ol Flt
toeivth street yesterday morning. Ihe
animals and the cart were ,; gotten out
without damage to cither. They belonged
to J. C. Boxley, No. 307 west Clay street.
The driver, a" colored man, was Robert
Robertson. E. C. Taylor, agent of the
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to
Animals,- and the bystanders aided great
ly in freeing tho animals from a rather
dangerous bath.
Br. Sicel'.i Lecture.
Dr S. A. Steel had a v.cry good-sized
audience at the Young Men's Christian
Association Hall last night' to hear his
lecture on "Home Life in Dixie During
the War." The lecture was well re
ceived, the speaker being many times
interrupted by applause. The musical
programme, which embraced some of the
sweetest airs in music, was also well
rendered. , • " : .
A Warm "Winter Day.
Yesterday was one of the warmest days
of the winter. There was light rain In
the early part of the day, but the sun
came out in the afternoon and the stars
were shining at night. „
The cold-wave flag floating from the
Chamber of Commerce foretells a change
that is expected to-day.
>Iv Sisma Rlio Hall.
The renovated and beautiful 1 hall of the 1
Mv Sigma Rho Society of Richmond Col
lege will be opened to-night with delight
ful exercises. The committee in charge
is composed of Messrs. Josiah MoseS,
Robert Pollard, and Julian Rawles: The
public is invited. Exercises begin at 8:15:
ainsnilicent Kcav Vessel for the
Yorlc-Rivcr Line..
OBaltimore American, Sth.)
The magniflcent new steamer Augusta,
for passenger and freight service between
Baltimore and Norfolk,-- on«».the York-
Kiver Line, will leave ■Philadelphia to-day
for Baltimore. Captain Bennett is in
charge of ths steamer.
•; The Augusta is 26'J feet in length, 46 feet
beam, and 15 feet draught. She is equip
ped with the finest design of -triple-expan
sion engines, driving a singlet screw,, and
her speed is eighteen knots per hour. She
is a sister ship to the Atlanta, which is
now running In. the Norfolk route, but
willhavea larger caiiacity, and wiil be
in many respects much finer. Arrange
ments for handling her cargo will be as
perfect as possible, and effort being made
to greatly.'reduce the time- of loading and
unloading. Tho furnishings, of the cabins
and saloons are sumptuous. The decora
tions of the ladies* cabin will be white
and gold, and the furniture and carpet
ings will harmonize with the general color
scheme.: Especial attention will be paid
to the comfort of the passengers, of
whom there will be accommodations for
300. The vessel will be. lighted throughout
with electricity by powerful dynamos, and
she will have a searchlight of great
power. Her exterior will be painted in
accordance: with' the style of the coni
pany, the hull belnsr^black and the super
structure white. When she. is'placedin
commission the Charlotte will be retired
from the regular run, and held as an
emergency or auxiliary- steamer.
The Augusta registers 1,000. tons net.
She was built by Neafie & Levy, of Phila
3\L ,V. O'Neal will adjust the Augusta's
compass on her run to Baltimore. /
Telesraiiliic. Briefs.
- New Orleans.— The German steamer Ve
netian Captain Schulke.-^for; Hamburg,: in
groing 1 down/the river, and when flfty miles
below the city, had her rudder disabled,
and is being towed back to pprt for re
pairs.".'- ----/:•': ; : : -/; r : ..' : : "';
: London.— The Hongkong: correspondent
of <tho Daily Mail says thnt a serious. re
bellion has broken out in Swatau, in the
Province; of :;Kwang-Tung. The Viceroy
ha? .sent troops .and a gunboat "to sup
press Mho. insurrection: ' • • ;
F To any man seeking rs
j liof from oUects or early
findUcretionv-past - ! ex-
4c,;ve will send
'without charge, a supply
of <rur:aotea retnedies.
' New ; Btreneth auj vigor
- impartftil. Modern scien
,tiflc method*.; Skilful ser
iTice.i-by-physician 8' ot
highest b tan d 1 n (,•. Wo
" treat cWcfly by absorption,
uvoiJini; Blcmach de-.
. Rmgement. -';.;. •i ■■ *•■ .< , =? >.:{.
i 'Varicocele; cored ■pain.
VTealcneEKS and diposFes of men our specialty, for
past twenty, years. Our intereM.inj: and lnstnietiva
bock, "I'nvato Guide for Hen," seat freo with trial
treatment. ■■.IVrltoto-dar."-- ; -^.v-i'' ; ;;-:--r.-..'f:-i:---.--.-.:--rs;.
rlUDilxuil ■•' UluJLliunij bU,| : . K;Y.ciTy. i
' - ■ (fe Vf-Jb';tsj .
■'C 4- c -
' Death Rate Reduced During: 1899^ £
Claim that This: Was Due to the Use of the
New Dry Air Germicide, '.„._'.,-.
■ :-. : ■' ' - , ,- '■ ..-...,.",.--.
. ■ '- .;:■■■■■ ■■ .:■ .- •■■-, -■ .: ■. ■- .- • . " :■■. -. .- '-.. ->— •-■■ ■ ■ ■
:i: i The Uni ted States Health : Reports, - pnblisli'ed January ,
sth7,say that '.the^^ great, reduction-' in tlie .• 'death^rate, from ,;
respiral.orj'- diseases during the .past year was entirely due :
to the use of the Dry /Air Germicide bythe;r
people/ and advise: all .who are afflicted: with Catarrh, ;
Eroiichilis, r and Consumption, to /use.' this newtreatnient, :
and no bUicn /. " " -
■.-"■ -;'. \Y.'T. Mann Cnrei of Consmnptlon.
The R. T, Booth Comfant: "..'.' .
'Dear Sirs.— l .'•was taken July Ist •.■with"; a severe attack, of-, the/
Grippe which" teiminnted in Consumption. .Iliad the bestpby- ;
siclans I could possibly get. They all said the same thing;, my
left lun"- was badly congegted, and my right: one con posted at
t he top --'-Tli ree doctors gave me np and = snirl I must d ie with
consumption. 1 had chilis and fever. I had the very worst kind:,
of niehtawcats every, night -for : \ twelve "•.•w-eekg.V I have had to
chanire my clothinp aa many as seven times in one nijrht. I sent
for your liihaler and then .weighed 119 pounds : I now weijrli i-iS.
I know I hnvf been snatched from the gisive.. Everybody tainks
lam a waliving miracle": : ' : -,^ Y r ?,H 131 3 l^ff o ,?"^'' „ v
. , . ■ :iW. I . MANM , A\ alton, 7S . i .
Catarrh Bronchitis, Consumption. Coughs,: Colds, and.
A'stUmw Ca:inot Kxist "Where IIYOMEIis Used.
Sold by all druggists or sent by mail. Hyomei, outfit '.-,
complete, $1.00. iTrial outfit. 25c. ; Five days' treatment
of Hvomeifree; send 2c. stamp for postage.
THE R. T. BOOTH COMPANY, 'Ithaca, N.Y.,.
of Commons yesterday, but was not made
public. It is reported that the call i 3 for
SIOO 000 000, which would make tho cost or
the' war up to that date 5150.C00.000. ,The
maintenance of 200,000 men at. the front,
it is estimated, costs between $10,C00,0W
and ?50,000,000 per month.
Second Day of ■ tlie Battle of Vatil
Ivrnntz. r
LONDON,: February o.— The Daily Tel
egraph has received the "following dis
patch, dated Tuesday, February 6th, from
Spearman's Camp: .
"This is the second day of the battle,
and the fighting has been fiercer than it
was yesterday. At dawn «ie Boers.-be
gan the action by shelling our bivouac
with their 'Long Tom' and pompon guns
from Doornv Kloof. Their - G-inch shells
fell near the -spot where General Buller
and his staff were;watching tho engage
ment. . One shell burst amiqVa squadron
of the Thirteenth Hussars, but not a soul
was touched.
"Our guns- from Z warts. Kop and on
the plain soon silenced the enemy's artil
lery,- but repeatedly the Boers brought
back their guns; popped them iia^o work
over tho hills, fired a few rounds, and
then again changed their position.
. "During the morning our gunners suc
ceeded in blowing up the enemy's ammu
nition wagon upon Dporm Kloof. Gene
ral Lyttleton's brigade was shot at from
three sides, and had a warm time upon
Vaal Krantz.
■'■ "Desperate' efforts v were made by- -the
Boers to recover the smoking hill. The
Durham Light Infantry, the King's Royal
Rifles, and the Scottish Rifles gallantly
charged, and cleared the position. Gene
ral Hildyard's brigade relieved General
Lyttleton's brigade toward sunset. _/:
"Fighting continued until 9. Several
prisoners have been taken. They declare
that ' the Boers yesterday lost heavily.
The enemy suffered severely to-day"". It Is
reported that among their dead in the
trenches armed Kaffirs were found.'.'
DURBAN, February S.— A large force
of Boers attacked Nordweni, in Zululand,
destroyed the public buildings, and ;took
numerous prisoners. . '- ;
A force of volunteera, with artillery,
has been dispatched there to support the
scouts, and to oppose a further advance
by tho BoersN.
Two Offleers Killed; Fifteen WoTina
ed—2lG 3leii Killed anil Wounded.
LONDON, February 8.— 1:13 P. M.—Gen
eral Buller has cabled to the War (Juice
that the approximate British casualties
in the fighting at Potgieter's Drift up to
noon- Tuesday were:
Ollicers— Two killed and fifteen wound
ed.. • ■ , . : ■■;
Non-commissioned officers and men-
Two hundred and , sixteen killed and
wounded. . '
The. officers killed were Major Johnson-
Smyth and Lieutenant: Shaf to, . both of
the Durham Light InfantrjC' The ■' officers'
wounded include ' Colonel Fitzgerald, of
the Durham Light Infantry; : Colonel 1 A.
J. . aidntgomery, of the Royal Artillery,
and Lieutenant Sir T. A.- A. Cunning
hame, of the Rifle Brigade. ,
A dispatch to the London Times from
Spearman's Camp, says that" when /the
DurhamsTeached the top of Vaalkrantz,
"over fifty of the enemy, who were still
defending the position, fled," and "more
than half of these were armed natives."
A cable, dispatch from Spearman's
Camp, under, to-day's date, says: -r.X
"Buller holds his position. .■• Relief is
certain." . " . : ; J -. .. ■. ■-
AVliole War Area, Presents a Scene
' , of Activity. -.' ; '
..LONDON. February S-2:15. P. M.— News
of -tho greatest importance 1 may arrive
at any moment, yet here there is . more
doubt than; exultation; for,', even, if the
recollection, ;of x General Buller's two dis
astrous"' failures : after auspicious starts
wero not keen in the mind of the public,
the/ list, of casualties published - to-day
would , -be ■ , a ■"• sufficient ' reminuetC of-/ the
tremendous difficulties •-' of ; his .task. J: His
occupation of Vaalkrantz, ■.; the! key, J to the
lower / ridges, .^vhile a ; praiseworthy and
gallant' achievement, by,. no means signi
fies / that ;he and General White will in
evitably join /hands. ■' » . : : : . ; :
. Before : General ./-Buller- there": are'.seve-
raldays/of Hard ! flghtingr/and any attempt
to forecast the /result .would ;be valueless;
If,'; based on precedent, s which can hardly,
be - done in - warfare, it / would/ bcVbound:
to. be ;in\ favor of the^ Boers,'/ for, /appa- r
rontly, . the i. conditions^ have 'not /materially
altered since /theUastsf ruitless^attempt;-
On the'other . hand, - yie BritishHtroops: are
smarting, under . defeat, and.AyiH'undoubt
ediy : bo - ,merved : .to" :/- more :>. desperate
efforts vthan^ever before, /and; if;' furious ;
gallantry Ccan; : .carry % General-; Bulier/ovor
itHe;kopJes;thatr face'- him; Ladysmithlwlll
be* .relievedj within /; a But, •.'■' so ?far,?
■British/bravery/; has ...been ;-~ in "-Xhe: maih;^
most --; effectually .• .' "
?:/; It' ; is : moretthanillkely/ that /General : I3ar
:ton;|'aH;Chieveley,vfwill-.soons: be? strong
enough . to' advance, "on ■' tho': Tugela /'and
render valuable asslstahce : ff6mUhe south-:
cast, while the baleagurcd garrison itself,
according to the latest' dispatches^ should
bo able to -create a potential, diversion
when- GeneraK Buller. has overcome the
initial difficulties which lie in the kopjes
immediately north; of the "Tugela. :
Turning, from the transcendent interest
in Ladysmith, 'the: whole war area, pre
sents a scene of important activity. The
Boer attack on General Gatacre's forces,
reported February 7th, failed, . the artil
lery, of .the Burghers, after shelling, the
camp, retiring upon' the arrival of British
reinforcements. The affair : scarcely
warrants. being called a "skirmish. The
British casualties were .one man killed
and four men wounded. The latest ad
vices. from Sterkstrom announco that Gen
eral Gatacre's cavalry is in pursuit of the
Boers. ' . ■'-.
Whilo nothing has resulted from this
affair, it indicates that' the Burghers are
fully alive to the importance of the-con
centration, which is on -the verge of tak
ing place, between the forces 'of Generals
Gatacre, Kelly-Kenny, and- French,: and
they do, not hesitate to take tho aggres
sive against established positions in an
attempt to thwart it, though it is be
lieved ' that d sufficiently' large ; body of
troops wiir soon' be /massed at Colesburg
to/ensuro the unopposed advance of tho
invading army, when it is ready to start.
That it is not prepared for this move. at
present, and. thatiall this activity is mere
ly preliminary to what is known as
"Field-Marshal Lord Roberts's main
movement," is -evidenced by a dispatch
from Cape Town, under date of February
7th, announcing that the transportation
department was advertising for oxen and
drivers.' Without these it would be hope
less to carry on the invasion, and it must
be a month before they are ready.:
;, Another "preliminary '■■ is that . General '
Roberts has only just sanctioned the for
mation . of. tho new;; Colonial Yeomanry,
consisting of a troop of 100 men. fpr each
district of the Colony, to protect the
loyal farmers. This force will be officer
ed" from among , the; local- yeomen. •'
Opinion is divided as to whether Field-
Marshai Lord Roberts and General Kitch
ener, have, gone to the Modder river or to
Sterkstrom: General- Mac Donald's": ac
tivity in the former locality, combined
with the; belief that the Colesberg mov.e
inent is to draw off a portion of the Free
State force, has given rise to the hope
that General Methuen will shortly be en
abled to make a successful attack, re
sulting in the relief of Kimberley, while
tho gradually-thinning forces surround-,
ing Mafeking will altogether melt away.
Sir John Gordon. SPrigg, the former
Premier of Capo Colony, has cabled to
Mr. Chamberlain, the Colonial Secretary,
in' behalf of the imperialists' of Cape
Colony, . congratulating him on the.gov r
ernment's overwhelming majority in the
House of Commons, and; declaring that
the government's ' "policy, if steadfastly
pursued, will secure to South Africa, un
der British supremacy, permanent pros
Mules and Food for British.
NEW ORLEANS, February B— The Bri
tish steamer Magician, Captain "Wood,
cleared to-day for. Cape Town, Africa,
with 1,000 v mules for tho British Govern
ment and a large lot of foodstuff. ;
In Xo -Great Danger, But Women
- Passcngrers Trt.lcen.- Arfsiore. ; ,
NEW YORK, February.'S.— The steam-
ship. Gate City, of the Ocean Steamship
Company, went on the outer bar, three
miles east of the Moriches Life-Saving
Station, Long Island, about 9 o'clock to
night. .' ': . : -.. .' .'. /;. " / _ -
'.. There was a dense fog at the "time, and
it is stated" that the steamer was driven
hard into the sand of the outer shoal.'; At
Present she is lying easy, in a compara
tively: smooth sea. ..-'-'.
: The Gate City, had on board forty-nine
persons, three- of whom were women.
.When 'she went aground her whistle sig
nalled to the Life-Saving Station, and ;the
ci-ew at once launched: a surf-boat;: They
found the vessel in no great danger, but
the cap tain, of the.life-savers volunteered
to take off .'the passengers. ' The women
decided to go/ ; ashore, aria they were
taken to the beach; and. given possession
of the station-house. , . /
The surf -boat immediately, put out again
.to the stranded: steamer, with the inten
tion of bringing. an y ot : the male passen
gers ashore: that desired to be taken/off
the/steamer. //The- Gate City:, is 'lying In
the. sand,- in a sea /that is steadily rising-/
There-is danger from the dense t'og./and:
the/steamer .would-be. in a dangerous'po
sition in case of a storm. The- surf-boats
will probably lie alongside r _the steamer,
during the "remainder of the night,/ unless
. she ; is floated. ,- " . // ; , -. :
.The Gate: City has 3,000 bales of cotton
on board. ' ; -;■ ■.' :; ' /.'■: "; '-' '
/Two .'. of; the womeli passengers . landed
from.: ; the* Gate ; City,- were /Miss .'Louise
Lyles and- Miss Elizabeth L. Lyles.Tfrom.
Florida. -'.■'- " , .. . . ' .'/ '
FATAIi ;_-.Wliisck .^'iTf..' MICriIGAjV.
Nine Persons. Killt-Ml— •Xine Injnred—
- ■ Three Reported aliasing. . /
: y ESCANABA,Y MICH.^ February. -S.^Chl-;
cago '.:. and \ Northwestern "-. Passenger .-Train r
Nor; 21, k"howri :' as % the -Welch-. Mountain;
-city' and Metropolitan; was; wrecked': in ; a'l
rear-endr collision at i" Ford-River.; switch;,
at : ; 6:30^t0-nisht:-^ -Nine "persons ilwere
-killed, ;ithree<:are ? ;reported - missing,,- andj
•fi"ye ; ;were':serlou3lv.and four; slightly; in- :
-jured. '
'"=>Tho i deads are/VVT. /L.^Hill.
= baggagemaii : of 'the/: accommodation;. train ;'i
AVi!liam ": Dlllbri, :Eacanaba, brakeman; ;
■Miss •;• Seymour;': Section - P.* Delta^qpjimtyyj
;Mich: ; a Charles .•Maftln"jr;':Escanaba;;S civil :
\ engln eer ; i ; : George ">R: Visßlack^s Escanaba^j
?clvilv ; . engineer; 8 SamS* Green;* tNegauhee.l
: agent ; of ■;• the .Upper *PenJnsula .Brewing,
| Company ; %tw6 *' unknown! men ; jsunknbwnj s unknbwn i
iiiclitnond -/ Beneficlafica ■ -'Under tlie
; Measure— Prospect Tliat They "Will
V; Nol7 .'Obtain : Their liOns-Delayetl
.:■ Dues— iVaslilngton /Persohnls.^
• WASHINGTON, V. -.' C., February/ :s.—_
(Special. )-^The National , Legislative, Com
miti.ee of fthe Travellers' .Protective : Ass
ociation, of which Colonel-/ John "-S7 Har
vfood,of Richmond, is the chairman, held:
a meeting this morning, at the Metropoli-.
tan , Hotel, and transacted; considerable
routine business. The bill creating a de
partment of commerce and manufactures
wW/ discussed, and all : of ;tfie members;
present stated that the measure had the
endorsement "of the merchants, comracr
cial men, ; and manufacturers throughout
■the. country. -.-., •„■■..-■■ . ' - ./ ' ''y ■
On the^ adjournment of this meeting',;
and Accompanied -by. Representative
-Lairib, Colonel Harwood and his: commit
tee" appeared before- the Committee on
Interstate ; ahel 'Foreign "Commerce of . the.
House .of Representativea.:. ■-• Captain^
.Lamb introduced Colonel ; Harwood and
his associates to/chairman ' Hepburn and
.liis colleagues, -and a hearing- of some,
ihirtyminutes was granted. Colonel Har
wood made an earnest appeal :in .be
half .. 'of- the: Department of Commerce
bill, now under consideration by Repre
sentative Hepburn's, committee, , and
framed; along "the lines indicated in the
Dispatch " of to-day. He was flattered;
and gratified : by the acknowledgment of
Chairman Hepburn and other: members
of the committee that his argument was
almost unanswerable, and ;that they were
in daily receipt, of • pounds of mail mat
ter ■•. ■' urging an immediate and favorable
•report on -the bill. Mr. Hepburn pro
mised to have a special meeting: to con
sider ./\th'e"-. measure as soon "as possible,
and all the members present expressed
themselves as favorableto the bill.
Colonel Harwood and his committee
left very much, pleased, with their recep
tion and the success of their mission to
the capital.
The- Senate Committee on Commerce
to-day made a favorable . report on the
bill ' to create the. department asked for_
The bill, among other: things, gives ..to
tho new .department general jurisdiction
over foreign and internal commerce, ex
cept internal revenue and customs; over
transportation, facilities by land and
water, except in cases under the jurisdic
tion of the Interstate Commerce Com
mission; over the geological survey, the
mining industries, and the fisheries, in
cluding fur sealing, and over manufac
turing industries, including the securing
of foreign markets. ;
■Senator.- .Teller to-day reported his
claims bill from the Committee on Claims,
without amendment, and as "the mea
sure is now expected to pass, the.publi
cation "of the Virginia claims, so long
outstanding, • may' be "of interest. The
bill authorizes the Secretary of the Trea
sury to pay to the several persons named
tho sums mentioned in connection
with their names, the same being ac
cepted in each case as a full and final dis
charge of the- claims. The items are
as follows:
To Isaac. Davenport, Jr., surviving
partner of Edmond & Davenport, for
the use and occupation of two large ware
houses on Seventeenth, street, in the
city of Richmond, and r also of a/large
wharf in the lower end of said city, from
'April' 3, ISCS,- to April 3, .ISG6, 54.797.C4/
To George D. Harwood, for the use and
occupation of building situated on the
corner of Twenty-sixth and Main streets,
in the said city, from April 3, 18ti5, to
May 22, 1866, $1,300. ' /
:To Thomas W. McCance, /surviving
partner of Dunlap, Moncure & Co., for the
use and occupation of wharf property
at Rocketts, in said city, from April 9,
1565, to October 10, 1866. 53,075. .
■To-D.T. Madigan," surviving partner of
Fabian & Madigan, for use and occupa
tion of wharf for storage purposes from
April 3, 1565, to September o, 1865, §'J25.
: To Oreed Thomas, for use and occupa
tion of house, corner of Broad and Eighth
streets, in said city, from April 3, ISBS,
to September '3, IS'3B, $1,127:50.
To W; H. Palmer, executor of "William
Palrneiv. deceased, for use and occupation
of warehouse, • comer of Nineteenth and
Car-y streets,' in said city, from Aprils,
1565,t0 July 3, ISGB, $1,620. .
To John E. Robinson, for use and oc
cupation of building from April 3, "1565, ;
to October 3, ISS7, £1.620./ ./■ . "
To John Ehders, . executor of "William
Greanor, for use and occupation of fac
tory on Twenty-second street, -in said
city, from April 10, 1565, to August 16,
IS6— ,- $1,200.
."■"-..'To -Mary "W. Bailey, executrix of Samuel
M. Bailey, for use~and occupation of fac
tory, corner of Cary and Seventh streets,
In said city, April 3, ISCS, to June 18, ISGS,
To; Garret t F. Watson, surviving partner
of Ludlam &.. "Watson, for use and occupa
tion of wharf-house and wharfs in said,
city, from. April. Z, 1565, to April 3, ISCG,
$4,972. :' •' ; " ' .'"■'- " -. .-■ :. ■ : „•':
To the estate of R. : O. Ha'skiris, for use
and. occupation of wharf property in said
elly from April 3, ISG3, to August 3, "1565,
5540,' ' -.-■ , • ■" " . -'. - ' '. :
To Ann E. Grant, administratrix of
James 11. Grant, for use and occupation
of, warehouse on Tenth street, . April 16,.
12SK, /to' .January ..l 6, ISGG, SI.SOO. v ';.
•;To Samuel P. Lathrop. agent : for Eugene
Carrington, administrator of 'George M.
Carrington. deceased; for use and occu
pation of a certain lot of land, with im
provements, In said city, from April 3.
1805. to February ; 3."" ISG3.--' 51,150. -
To."\V. Ben. Palmer, executor of George
S. -"-Palmer, for rent of two warehouses. in
said city, April 3J ISGS, to June 21. 1565.
$351.- ' V : ' ' ■ '" ".
To John Bowers, surviving partner of
Charles D. Yale &. Co.. for rent of house
on Carv street, in said city, from April
3, IStw, to September 3, ISC3, 5400. -
To John Enders, f or .-. use and ' occupa
tion of two warehouses and . a stable in
said city, from - — -, 51,1 10. • : ■/■; '
".To E. M. ;Garnett,- assignee " of Joel B.
,Watkins. for use.' and 'occupation" of --house
on the corner of Tenth and .Capitol
streets, in said city, from April 10, ISSo, to
'August 10;; ISG6. -§2.CCO. '
'"■To Richmond College, located at Rich
mond, Va., : ,tlie sum .of 525,000, to reim- ;
burse said college for: the occupation "of
its '" buildings -and grounds ■/ by TJnf ted
States troops and officers^ for ths pariod
:of- eight -months, ' : said ; : occupation: com
mencing' in April, ISGS, and: for injury to.
. and^destruction ; of .the buildings, the" ap
paratus, libraries,;; arid other property. ; of
saidJcollcge'by .said troops and; officers:
Provided, .that no money-be so paid ex
cept upon accounts of such/ /occupation,
injury, ':•: and destruction ; and C the, damage
: caused .'thereby:; duly; verified; and ; .prbven;
P-.These': claims/. have :. been' repeatedly,
urged by;; Representativ e; Lamb, who .< in
troduced bills : in /the. House for their pay
ment.'- Pie was unceasing; in. his efforts.^to
secure the . payments, and co-operated
Senator /.Teller and". the -Virginia
senators in' per f ecting thejbill which was
reported tor-day. ' '.: :. • N •; ..'..■
The will of; the late ;Lieutenaritj,Charie3
'Maurice: Smith^Uriited-States army,Xw ho V
'was .^killed - recently/ int battle ijln i- ; the';Phllr'j|
ippihes,* -.was :t filed ; yesterday.; for; probate."- ;
By'^its:- terms"? the sbequeaths: all .
of : ;lilsi estate vtq his- twO;=b'rothers^Johiv;
: Lewia-"- 1 Smith ,'andK John
withiUho'lf exception "ipt j?SO//vyhichjheYdi-
rects:shallibe:used;io' purchase a- present
for|hi3|nephewii the "sonrof : his-;sistef,-
Mrs.: Charles. M. .Towson.. The two bro
thors aro named as executors.
ed the Richmond: District: In Consresa^
soon' after the war. His uncle, .Mr.
Charles ' Maurice Smith, and h!s motner
and brothers "reside in this city, and an
other uncle, Mr. E.^H.' Smith, lives' "m
Richmond.' /. V / .;
House Committeo on 'Elections No. 2
will ' to-morrow hear arguments in the
Dockery-Bellamy contest, ;Irom-the .Wil
mington District of North Carolina.
; The Senate Committee "on :Fisheries to
day, reported favorably the Wll authoriz
ing the establishment at some point In
North Carolina of a station for, the in
.vestigation of . problems relating to the
marine interests of the Middle and South
Atlantic coast. . ■ '
Mr. Robert Warren Winborne, a native
of North Carolina, who Is an ex-member
of the Legislature of that State, but who
now resides at ;Buena Vista, Va., where
ho is in business, is in the city, stopping
at the Raleigh.. „_
Mr.T.J. Crowder, of Staunton, wlio js
the inventor - of an; electrical' apparatus
to be used in the delivery of mails, and
which will soon be Put into PracUejsl
operation, is here, quartered at the How
ard House.- : - .
J. -H. Mehan and wife, Newport News,
Va.; John S. Hawkins, Charlottesville;
Evangelist W. P. Fife and wife, Char
lotte.'N. C; A. S. Segar, Newport News;
J. A. Herron, : North Carolina; . C. A.
Mathews and wife, Cliarlotte, N. C; J.
D. Eggrleston, Jr., Asheville, N". C; ~F. C.
Moon, Lynchburg; J. M. 'Bausserman,
Woodstock, Va.; B. W- Grubbs and %vlfe,
Richmond; JuniusD. McCance, Rich
mond; W. P. Simpson, T. C. Smith, Vir
ginia; J. R. Chamberlain and wife, Vir
ginia — Metropolitan.
M. F. Dowling, John A. Frick, Norfolk;
M. L. Mott, Wilkesboro', N. C.;"A. H.
Price, H. N. Moss, North Cdrolina; It.
J.. Williams, Clinton, N. C; W. E. Reid,
John Roe Starbuck, Greensboro', N. C—
\H. B. Hogle, Richmond— St. James..
L. R. Love, Petersburg; W. E. Thomas,
Danville; Charles -E.Hammner, Harri
sonburg; .A. B. Sutherland, Richmond; J.
Gutman, J. R. Castell, Saltville, Va.—
Howard House.
Mary B. Mullins has been commission
ed fourth-class postmaster at Dwale,
Va,, and Jordan S. Lyons at Edmonds,
N. C.
A new post-office has been established
at Longr Mountain, Amherat county, Va.,
with William IL Ogden, -Jr., as postmas
ter. - .
Trenty Signed— We Obtniif Reduc
tion on Cottonseed-Oil.
WASHINGTON. February S.-Special
Plenipotentiary Kasson, for tho United
States, and Baron Fava, the Italian Am
bassador, for his government, at the
State Department, to-day, signed "a reci
procity arrangement under the third sec
tion of the Dingley act. This arrange
ment does not require the action of the
Senate, but it does need the ratification
of the Italian Chambers. Until tLat has
been attained it is deemed well to with
hold the text of the agreement from pub
lication. It is stated, however, that the
United States gains a considerable reduc
tion on cottonseed-oil, of which Italy is
a heavy consumer, and other staples,
while Italy, in return, secures the abate
ment of duties on still wines, argots, and
works of art. permitted by the third sec
tion of the tariff act.
Cotirt of AppculH Defers to the Su
preme Court.
NEW YORK. February B.— Former Cap
tain Oberlin M. Carter, United States
army, who is now in Castle William, the
military Drison on Governor's Island, in
this^harbbr, will remain there- until the
United States Supreme Court decides
what aqtion it will take on the applica
tion for a writ' of certiorari in the pri
soner's behalf. : . "-■'.- ' : .. .-.'.-
Carter asks the higher court to. review
the "decision of the United States Court
of -Appeals, affirming Judge Lacombe's
action dismissing the habeas corpus pro
ceeding which was taken after his con
viction by court-martial. - -
-The United States Court of Appeals, as
a matter of courtesy to the. United States
Supreme Court, in a decision handed
down to-day, stayed the issuance of the
mandate ointil the application for a writ
of certiorari is decided. This stay pre
vents Carter's removal- to the .military
prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kan.
Aljolition. of : Stndy of "Depravetl
Subjects of Western Schools."
. PKKIN,; February B.— The Dowager
Empress of China, it is asserted, appears
to be determined . to relapse into tho an
cient conservatism; .Yesterday * she
issued an edict "commanding; a return to
tho' old manner ./of . study, according to
thejteachings of Confucius, for examina
tions for .official rank, ordering the aboli
tion" of the study of the-"now depraved
and erroneous subjects -/of the western
schools," and ..threatening with punish
ment the teachers of such subjects. "■ ;The
closing: of the new university at Pekin is
expectedito speedily -follow. // / -
Delay of . Ayrardrr ßrlti-sli -Eirectivcß
,-■■'■" .in Soutli Africn, 1OI,«OU."
LONDON/ February. S.— ln reply "to a
series of /questions in the'^Hou'sercf Com
mons-to-day, on the subject of the Uela
gqa Bay-railroad. Mr.,Broderick.vParHa
;m"ehtary Secretary - of , tlie Foreign: OKlce,
said the -government had not been,vouch
safed..any. reasbn : -or explanation for. the
"delay, in the delivery of .the award by
the tribunal considering .the
; .George Wyhdam;vParllirnehtary Secre
tary. : 0f ... *. the War. Oitices. "■_", 'announced
that: 1 /: 2.235 .'••'-"■- officers, -and ;m'en of
the ;Briti3h. v /army ./"-■• \. were mtssinj^
but it ;is uncertain \how. many .or
ithem were at Pretoria. : As -toUheir^prqr
tectlon in- caserthe -British ibesiegediPre-,
toriai Mr. . Wy ndaih .s. sa jd : the ; government'
left that to the- discretion of Lord 110-<
■■■■ ■ -. v - > -. • . _ - ;■. •_• : .
: another i question, /Slr./Wyh-^
dam ; saidi that^ in: addition -to 1 tho IS.OOO
troops Am ; South :iAfrica, ; ~srecently,-inen-'
[tlone.d ; iii'i his 'speech, [the ; government! Aa'd;
'decided- to 'send jseventQen'; more "ibattallohs'
of ': .'milt tiaif and \ 3,OOO.Vsreomanry, ; maklngr a
.. total >f or Sthb^ mill tlai of i{over,i 2o,ooo i men"
and/?f or^vthe^Yeomanry %o,li%Ss&. . - -Tho
grandStotaOlnfiSoutiV; Afr'c:!; liv" sv:!ilc<lv
j IHI Lull sJiLLIUhLL La
i _ ' ' ' " : :
,- " - : =;'..
! | petitions will be heard in the- United :;
States Court o£ Appeals bsxl iron^ ■
afternoon. ' ■
Some Say He Will Xot— Collier Pum'
clinsiDß Ammunition.
LONDON, KY., February S.— At 10:05 A,
M. tho Senate, in executive session, ad- =
joumed until noon to-morrow. The seni* ;
;.- tors would not reveal what had trans-/
| pired. other than that no resoluticm !
J were .'xdopted. '
i At 1:30 P. M. the House executive sea*
j sion ended and the open session, rcas x**}
sumed. The following telegram fntji
Frankfort was read:
"Taylor has not signed. Some say a* \
will not. Collier .is purchasing ammuni-* f
At 1:15 P. 51. the House adjourned uatiS
10 o'clock to-morrow. The members ct
the House absolutely refused to say whsjr j
had taken place in the secret meeting.
The Senate requires six more memivrj '•
for a quorum. It is understood thai th*' \
sergeant-at-arms has been furnished witlr I
the names of absentees to be sent Tar /
A committee to draft resolutions on xti ;
death of former Representative Sse!fl, «J ;
Richmond, was appointed.
I ~n>.
:J He Calls on Iventnckisna to TnniiH .
Ills Brother's As«<si.Hsin.
FRxVNKFORT, KY., February S.-Jas»
tvs Goebel, brother pi the dead Governor, I
issued an oPen letter to-night, in w&icit \
he calls on Kentuckians to- swear bj- bii [
brother, "to see justice done to thos» \
concerned in his foul taking off. I'yoij .
fail in this, then your laws are dead let- .:
He says: "Jf he could speak, he w&l .
say now, as often before: "Let ?he la^* I
take its course.' Will designing men o: .
high station he permitted to uso !hi \t- '
norant outlaw to further their anb:':!r r ■
and when that mission Is disap?ni': f rl ||
turn the murderer loose under tlia ve'j* |
roof of the Executive Mansion?"
Recent Humors and. Conflrmatnni "\
Facts— C.'ipitnlization, $l-tU.COO,OOi).
NEW YORK, February B.— The -Mali ':
and Express says:
"Rumors of an industrial combination^
including under one management the Na
tional Steel. American Steel Hoop. an 3
American Tin-Plate companies, hava Vf
cently been current In Wail street. Tft* f;
facts that W. K. Moore ha 3 coma to .-it# ;t
in New Ycrk, that the three compmiea :'|
v/ero promoted by him and' are control!*! ■
by the same set of men, and that a!*
tliree have taken ofHces in the nf.xr Pat- 1
tery Park building, on State street, wi
given as indications of the truth of tta
storj". . - " ,
"W.E. Rels. president of the .Vafr^i.
Steel Company, is also in town, and
Jloore and Mr. Reis have been in "?r I
quent conference with Prcs!c!e".t C. >■+ J
Guthrie. of {be American .Stesl-H'Wii
Company. . >j
"From an inside source It was iti'^i
to-day that the three compani-3 will coz* |:
solidate. It waastated, however, t- 3^^ /
consolidation would not be' brought a-^ |
before next May, by which ' ;».n> ""||
three corporations v/ill .have !ltt^ d
upon their second business year To
threo organizations represor.t a capitaJr
zation of §HO.OOO,W>, and hr^ve ;prsctiC3- >
control of their specialties." _ i
HOLMES.— Died, at 1« this m 0 " !™ ; ;;
of typhoid-fever, at the residence of neaj
husband. No. 220 south Jefferson <reeu ,
Jlrs. EMMA HOLIIES, Wife of V»lU&?M
11. Holmes. . |
Faneral notice in the afternoon pap.«4j
■ ■"-"' , „- _. — 1<:
.'. JAMES R.*HcCUH y
and the Ori K ina: T«as JtevT Q«« telte^
Regular prices. Sale of seats r»»
: -fe "9-lt — — — *
TUESDAY, FEBeilifHfeSi^f
Smltn&'P.lcc will Present the Com** 3 ...
/MR. -
the" comedy hit "of the season. &L*'~£
-' sentedin NewVi'orX and C 2 > \7^. i-.rjo2.i -.rjo2.
A Great Cast >ami Elaborate
. . ; iSCAUK OF ;i*KICKS icoGfj
% Night-Orchedtra, 51 and JL3O: ca 11
50 and 73c.' ~ ;.
/-Matinee— 2s to i'3c- . „ j-it
X'Sale: begins FrUlay. . _^^—-^r^
/^•Whatvwould you do if taken
?oV cholera- znqrbus. : when >' our P^Vj W«lW «l
iisfawayl from "home, and tbc *T,«z:cf"
? aro closed?. \: ; Af ter/i ont> such ■ eta*' »
yoa T wm always : keep Chatr.btir^K^ ,
I Cholera.^ and RemedJ »£. £
.hem*, 'but why .wait un«t tha_ «^ y. t ,
"" >len before -you: lock -the sta \^i j

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