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lommencerat v|x?rcfe;pi
Medical College of Virginia,
An Afcle Discussion of- the ' Advance
in -Medical Knowledge.
Uilioinl S<atonieM< Conpcrnins Its
I-iitnr*-— College Course Increased
«.» 1-onr Years— A Large Crowd at
the AcadtMiiy—iirllliant Banauet.
A brilliant audience filled the Academy
«>f Music last night, and saw Torty-seven
graduates of the Medical College of Air
receive their sheepskins.
The great feature of the occasion was
the- address by Dr. Charles A.' v Reed,
the eminent surgeon, of Cincinnati. It
was jwonounced one" of the ablest ever
h<ard in the -Academy upon a similar
The p'.sy-houpe was in gala attire in
!i< nor of ihe occasion. The front of the
>:.iir? was banked high -with palms, the
.-»lid green being relieved by the delicate
pink of masses of hydrangea and the
vfixen whiteness of majestic lilies.
On the . stage were the graduates, of
course, but, besides, there was the fa
tuity, members of the Board of Visitors,
Governor Tyler, Rev. Dr. J. B. Haw
thorne, and the orator of the evening.
Dr. Christopher Tompkins. .'dean, of ihe
faculty, presided. When the orchestra
had ceased playing at 5:35 o'clock, the
curtain rose, there was a burst, of ap-
V'r.ure, and then Dr. Tompkins: intro
duced Rev. Dr. J. E. Hawthorne. D. D.,
"who made the opening prayer.
The band played "All Hail the Power
<-.f Jesus 1 Name," and Dr. Tompkins^
made a brief addres?. He said:
"We have assembled here to-night to
:*!ebrate ihe" commencement exercises of
Uie sixty-second annual session of the
Medical College of Virginia. It gives me
v:n^t pleasure to state that the. college
.s In a most satisfactory and prosperous
oondition. The four-year graded course
of medical education was put in operation
this present session.
"Students who beg-an the study of medi
cine this session will have to pursue their
studies for- three more years before; they
can obtain their diplomas. The adoption
of th° r.our-y.tsar system, -is. regarded as
one of the most progressive steps in med
leal education which have been taken in
recent years; and this school has the
honor of having been the first in the
biate to adopt it. Under this system our
class has increased to a most gratifying
extent. All of the various enterprises de
sipned for- the improvement of the school,
notably the dental and pharmaceutical
3<?partments, are in complete and success
ful operation, and there are other enter
prises of great importance that are now
irigagim? our earnest attention.
"Among the most important of these is
the Charlotte AVilliams Hospital. This
magnificent charily is 'the outcome of the
}>tu!anthropic impulses of Messrs. John
I-. "Williams. John Skelton William?, K.
L. Remiss. W. R. Trigg. C. W. Tanner.
Major E. T. D. Myers. Colonel William
31. Palmer. W. M. Habliston. R. S.
Kosher, Dr. Ennion G. Williams, Fred.
Xolting, and E. Randolph "Williams.
"It is to be situated on the southeast
t-orner of Governor and Broad streets—
un ideal place for such an institution.
More thon $100,000 will bo expended upon
it, and no effort Mill be spjired to make
it the equal of any hospital in this coun
try. ]t has received its name in affec
tionate remembrance of a lady who was
tnken away in her youth and loveliness—
a lady who was the daughter of one of
lie chiftf of the noble founders.
"All of its surgical and medical work
v.ill b<- under the control of the faculty
<f the Medical College of Virginia. Aside
irom the manifest bessings that it will
confer upon suffering humanity, we can
not forbear from eongrattilating our
>t-lves upon the immense aid it will, give
us in our efforts to impart and promote
irodical instruction. Thiti session has been
propitious*, and we have every reason to
1-flievf- that the coining one will be yet
more successful. We will now award the
<i«sree of Doctor of Medicine ,to the class
•if forty who will have the honor of ap
j>f.arir.g before you."
At the conclusion of his address JJr.
T.Minpkins awarded the degiees" diplomas
to forty-seven graduates.. Ol this num
'.'■r forty received ihe degree of Doctor
..f Medicine, five of Doctor of Dental Sur-
Kery. There were ..two graduates of
Ihe School of Pharmacy. The names of
graduates were published in the Dispatch
ff last Sunday, with the exception of
that of .lohn -F* Rasland. Jr.. of this city.
which was unintentionally omittc-d. He
rof-elved his diploma with the others.
The orchestra struck up a gay tune as
It. Tompkins concluded, and the. boys,
who had remained standina after having.
r«-c«?ived tlieir diplomas, tiled back to
ihelr seats. Then the ushers began bear
ir>s in tbo flowers. They came in: the
most royal profusion, until some of the
11-ioro. favored of the boys were almost
hifldpn by the masses of bloom.
Dr. Tompkins announced the following
sn.polntments from the graduating class"/
"I*3 Dominion Hospital— Dr. M. L. Ander
son. Dr. J. N. DeShazo; almshouse. Dr.
W. a. Gills: Retreat for the Sick. Dr. R.
T. McNair: St: A'incent's Hospital. Nor
folk. Va.. Dr. John R Harris; Norfolk
Protestant Hospital, Dr. K. H." Terrell,
"nd Central State HosiJJtal. Petersburg.,
Va.. third assistant physician, Dr. B. I^.
Hume. /
Dr. Tompkitis introduced Dr. J. B. Mc
7;iw. who had been directed by the Board
if Visitors at its session yesterday to
nake a public statement concerning" the
■xttnsJon of the course of. study from
hrc-e years Jo four. -. Dr. McCaw.^ highly
omniended the change, declaring- that
nore time was absolutely necessary -if.
non werei to bo thoroughly eQuipped for
heir profession. : : _
Dr. Tompkins presented Dr. Reed/ the
■rator of the evening. Ha disclaimed in
h*' outset being an" orator. " Buuhe .is
1 direct, cogent speaker, wh6':kno"ws how
"> engape the attention of bin audience,
Hid to: hold- it. -■-. V- -"'■'-' /. " '■■" ■■'■'■:
Thfj address. was decidedly; original;. atsd
andful. Dr. Reed: /toy illustrate/l the;
;rcat mass of scinntific: knowledge'", which
:: in the hands; of, th« : medlcnlfprof«?sHion.
i^sumed the character of /a/ profess oi- of
iK-diclne jn: a^: .layivheii^ m<>dicaltknow.
"■Jkv was nothing, and proceeded; to give
■ I'-ctui'V: on/ih<: c.iust:, prtjvention. - and;
urn of dißea^o. This : myihod/supplied
! >r. Reed with opportunity; to- recite many,
' ihe superpthious rcnvdics/used in
■ -."! tunes. Ho had coilc-Ctod- an irn-
H^db^nunjbVr^if. tK<;^ ; (•^nri<l|tli?:^^jlnnalo
•idicul-JUFno^^ as v:<U at h humoi »us
■ n -^^sSSl^M^lla^seg^s^^s^^^l^^^^^«^^^^^S^M^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^l^SsS^^^l!^
ta»ned: his audience.
; ContlnuinK,/ D r ; , Rf;C(] ftlll , \ vh . 10 .. the .
suporstHion-tiint-inanimatc/objecta^ had/;
tne power, to wardfqf£;an^cufe?diPeasesV
was no longer: a controlling ; infiiJencc; in ■
the world. -it- was'^still prevalent; ;-;Hbw.;
ahoutrjhat old/ driod-up potato ;s-ou;afe' :
carrj-inpr, around 'ilhi your': pocket^ to 'ward t
off "rheumatism?* How ll'b'np; has vt ;r been'
houses; :in/Richmbrid^
ha,] i blue^ Ria,SK.in;ono':of:.thel; south .•/win-';
.dows. u nder t he ii m pr cssio n tha t : theTsun
shining^ through; would? cure; certain ;idis- 1
eases? Why do you wear certain; gar
.rnwnts of a color i ha tinaki; ybur::nether
■Hmhs; look;: like- too big/stick's : of-/red: ;
■candy, just;; before you get into bed at :
night? . /:He v declarod/ y that . supers tit ibus
belief; in certain i magical 'cures Was as
; prevalent; in. the home'?' of . the "weaithy
"and .cult tired -as Jn.those.bf the poor and
■ :*- )r - R'-'ed traced - the -development .of
.medicine, from the, "days 'Vof Hippocrates,
\ n A thcns: r Galeh;- ; !in Rome;- dov.n through"
the centuries until it has reached' the
wonderful sta^e which it has attained
in this last year of -the 'nineteenth cen
lury.■■"•His •denunciation of aritivivisection-.
ists was;, bitter; . and was ; loudly ap
plauded. . He was pronounced >. against
faith cure:- he did; not conceal his con
tempt of those who believe in the mira
culous; healing of- disease.
Towards the of his address
Dr. Reed: paid: a, high tribute to the phi
lanthropists who: have founded the <Char
lotte Williams Hospital.
-'Learn to know, to know that you
know, and to know .that you do not
know." was a striking sentence employed
by Dr. Reed .in speaking finally to the
graduates./ 7 / . '
. "Be/, true to yourself." were; his final
\vords. ; paraphrasing . Shakespeare— ''be
true to yourself and it must follow, as
the night the day, you can be ! false to
Rev. -' Dr. Hawthorne pronounced the
benediction.-- " / .
The ushers were. out .in their. glory last
night. -It was a most efficient staff.: They
; were as. follows: Messrs. J. L. Hankins,
R. H. Scott. ; W: A. ■; Harris's; -Wi'-E. -Cook,
I J. W r . White. 8. . M. Tison, ! N. P. Rucker,
I . J; : W. Adams, and W. B. Foster.
Banquet at the Jefferson.
The banquet af the Jefferson followed
the commencement exercises at the Acad
emy. It : was partaken of by the graduat
ing class, the - Board of Visitors; the fa
culty, the alumni, and a number of in
vited guests.
It was an elegant, repast, served in the
style that has made the Jefferson famous.
The toast-card was somewhat lengthy,
but this- was not true of , any of the re
sponses. It was remarked ■ that "the
speeches were of an unusually high or
der. . . ."-'.
Dr. J. B. was loastmaster,; and
presided in most happy, style. ' -
Following are the toasts and speakers":
Hon. BeverleyT. Crump— "The Board of
Visitors"; Dr. Robert F. Williams— "The
Faculty": Dr. D. ; J. : Coleman— "The
Alumni": Dr. John E. Harris—VGraduat
ing Class"; Hon. A. J. Montague— "The
Doctor and the State"; Dr. Lewis Mc-
Murtie. Louisville. Ivj'.— "Medical Educa
tion;in the South":. Dr. AVarren Potter,
Buffalo,- X. V— "The Surgeon in War." "
; At: the conclusion of the responses 1 --to
toasts Captain r Frank; Cunningham was
loudly called, and the banquet was ended
with- a song sung in -Captain;- Cunning-
Jiam's-inimitable style. ■
Tito Interesting Sessions Held Yes
' tvrtlay — The Boni-d of. Visitors.
The Society of the Medical College of
Virginia held two very interesting-, ses
sions yesterday in the chemistry lecture
room at the college. '.;■.„-/.
After the old graduates had attended
an interesting "clinic., conducted; by Dr.
Lewis C. Bosher. of this city, they: gath
ered in the chemistry lecture-room. The
body was called to order by. Dr. W.. E.v
Anderson, of Farmville, .the president.
The roll was called by Dr. D. A. Kuyk,
the secretary. It developed a; large at
tendance. . - - ;
Dr. W. S. Beasley, of this city, read an
interesting paper on "Medical Advance,"
showing, the progress made in medicine
and surgery since, the last annual meet
ing of the society. ,
A paper on "Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis"
prepared by Dr. S. B. Barham, of Spot
sylvahia county, was read by. Secretary
Kuyk, Dr. Barham being' unable to be
pi-esent on account of illness. There
was a spirited and somewhat lengthy
di-scussion of the subject. The paper was
pronounced a very able-.one.
At the conclusion . of the debate the
society adjourned / to,/ the laboratory,
where an excellent colla tion . was ten
.dered it- by the faculty.
At 2 o'clock the society went in a body
to the operating-room of : .the Old JDo
minion Hospital, to see Dr. George Ben.
Johnston perform a surgical operation.
Dr. Johnston, however, invited Dr. AY.
-A. L. Reed, of Cincinnati, and Dr/Mur
trie, of Louisville, who; were '-present, to
perform the .operations, and each of
these distinguished surgeons wielded the
knife in an abdominal operation. Each
was an wninent success. ,".
The chief business', of the afternoon
session" was the election of officers "for
the . ensuing year. The following were
chosen linanimously: ■'
President. Dr. W. LI Harris. Virginia
Beach; First A'ice-President.. Dr. W. L.
Devaney. Wakefield, /Va. : - Second- Vice-
President, Dr. P. H. Kelley. Vivian;
W. Va.: Third Vice-President. Dr.
W. M. Holman. Goochland. Va. : Fourth
Vice-President. Dr. N. 'X. (?orbin.,Caro
line county, Va.; ; S'ftcretary, . Dr/ D; . A.
Kuyk, Richmond; Assistant S'l'cretary;.
Dr. B. M. Randolph; Kichmond; Treas
urer. Dr. F.H, Beadles./ Richmond;
Registrar. DrJ. Charles ft. fJobins. Rich
mond: Executive Committee— Dr. George
Bon. Johnston. Dr. Thomas P. Ma tthews,
Dr. H.CabellTabb. Dr. Ramon :D. Gar
cin. all of this city; Orator. Dr. Joseph
M". Burke, Petersburg;. leader of, Subject
of Discussion, Dr. W. E. Andeivon; Farm
'vine .■: ■■:'; ■■■■/" ■' : . ** ■. ■ -'" : : "\
Dr. Kuyk got in after he had been cho
sen secretary, and/made an earnest ef?
fort to have "somebody elected .in his
stead. Dr. Coleman. of : this" city, asked
the . Chair to rule such talk out of order.
Everybody agreed, and Dr. Kuyk was
forced to serve again. : All the speakers
united • in" commending Dr. Kuyk as a
model official. .; V : ' ■
There was considerable discussion over
a "motion- to expel from the;; society a
Petersburg physician; who was. expellecl
from the Medical of ; Virginia ; ;at
its last -session. /Finally^ .-'the motion was
laid on- the table, and the. phyKician;: in
question /is; still; a/member, of the so
ciety. ; -. n
: The Nocrological Committee veporteel
the following deaths:, since; la?.t:-;the:,sp-;
ciet y niet: : Dr. C. V. Robinson/ ot Peters
burg and. Dr. W. Bi Lafferty,;of Crozet.
A large number iofne.w -member^ -were
chosen 'aridHhe following honorary mem
bers;- were : elected :^Dr. ; Charles; T/;,Mas
sic-."^o6cniaha county^; Dr. J. G/Lumpkm.
'Richmond; ' ;) ; The society, "adopted = a resolu
tion 1 expressive of .«yrnpathy'\\Mth:p»V W.
ill LyneV'lfiteiof ,!thiSi.city: r : 'who hasYhad
'to- so- to vLos:Ang<iles,; : Cal:.:jon /account
of Ul health. ■ ," .'
A vote of thanks. ioil'resldent^Andorson
for -the / able ;! and; court cov?] manner "in
-wtiichlhe^hadjpreside<^;was adopted vwith
fehtnusiasm/ and' the society 'ad joiirnedj at
The nourtl of VlNt<<>™.
-The 'Board; of \of ythe ; ; college
r hhli a f-hort se-^ion'yesterday, and; trans
acted ■ rhoie or !<-?« iniportanrrbusinegs/
-Tlic aitendaVice w. r aS : laVger than in -years/
; Tlir-rc was~KrcVit satisfaction expressed;
nV.tln prosperity iif the oolUTsoj the "at-
'&9imjmMMmM^ l M^
_._ , _ ! • '- - *
Popular ■ Young Business-Man
• to Represent Rex,
Final Balloting a Unique Event at toe
/ 7 -Jefferson: Last ight.
Mr. H. li.-Ynlenline Signifies : His Ac-
ccji'thncc of •■ tliellouor — AVorlc 011
15 road Street— Positions of.-Vebicles
iiiFloralrl'sirade— Carnival ;>"otes.
To Henry LTee" Valentine. Esq., goes the
honor -attached to, the office of; King of:
the Carnival. '■ "; ■'-.■ "'., \ :
The fact was publicljv announced at the
Jefferson -Hotel late-last night, at the con
clusion. of> the count of -the nnal\vote. it
was received with. cheers. - ' '; ■
-Mr. Valentine was not available for, the
speech that was demanded on all: sides. It
was learned from, some of '; his 7 close
friends, however,- that : he.signifled hisi[in
tention to accept, the honor. And thus
ends one of the high notes' of the carnival
prelude. - -.'■■-'■' ■■■■/-■■>. .' : .'; '
The conclusion of the balloting for the
King formed a unique event in the his
tory "of the; city. "'The. interesting cere
mony took place in the brilliantly-lighted.
„.■"• (Electyl : King ; of-!the Carnival.) .
spacious 1 obby of «the "■ hotel. Though the
balloting -did ; not commence until after 9
o'clock, scores of prominent citizens min
gled- with the guests an hour.: earlier.;
There were continuous additions to. the ■
spectator contingent. A. splendid; delega
tion, comprising' the. Knights; of. the
Golden Horseshoe, marched into the lobby,
at 0 o'clock, doubling the crowd on the \
floor. The'scene in the lobby was Tone, of :
great animation during the, rest of the
evening until nearly midnight. : / .
The voting booth was in the southeast
corner of the lobby, and about this : the
crowd surged and cheered as the .vote-was
anriouncedjat intervals of fifteen minutes.";
Before the linal balloting began ■ the cah- ;
didate.s and their respective votes up : to '
that' hour, were shown on; a large black
board at the back of ' the -booth.; -\A.s< the'
vote was announced from / time* to time}
the figures were changed;, oh; the" board. It
was announced at the opening that after
10:30 o'clock no more, tickets would be
sold, and. the balloting.would be- by means
of sealed envelopes, which might contain
tickets, sold before 10:30 or money repre-'.
sentingi votes at the rate of one -vote for
every It) cents:" The envelopes were open- 1
ed at 11, and the result was announced
immediately afterwards. ';.":'
At the outset the candidates- and their ■
respective votes stood as follows: . -.: - :
Thomas A tkin50n ..... .'". . ". ........ . "7". ...... \-
Joseph Bryan....'/ ... .....'.; '..;"■;-. . ti
T. N. Carter......... ............. ;.....li '/2:
Alex. Cameron ...... ........'. '.". . . .-. . . 9
C. O'B.Cowardin...... ........... ...;....- 53
John S. Harw00d...... ......... .... 7
M. D.-Hoge/:...... ........;.... ...;....'..'. i\
S. T. M0rgan....... ........... .......... 2
.f. D. Patton.. . . : ...... i.]..-. .:..-....... 1
George R055......... .;.:........ ..;..„.... 1
"Ash ton Starke :... ....;-.... .6
S. W; Travel's....; 1. .......... ........... 5
Henry - Lee Valen tine. . ; : . .' .'. ;..... ... -. ; . .626
John Skelton Wi11iam5........ ..........'.521
11. D. Eiehelberger........ ....... ........ "5
A. : .T. . '.\ Ja rcu 5e . ..... . . .".- ...... ; . . . . .....;... 65
I.eon Wallerstein...... .....;...'....■ ; /g 1
W. R. ; Triers':... .... ............ i\ :...'..'.':': .ill
; Mr. Williams I'vhaving- withdrawn: his
.name, : no votes were cast ? for him :' last
night. The first instalment of votes cast
;lastvnight was : announcecl. at. 9:30. »lt:
showed gains for Mr/Carteiywhose. to
tal: was increased to -27;\Mr. /Valentine)
total. SSS. ;-f At.. 9:45. Colonel Cowardin's
vote ?tood. ,103; -Mr: Valentine's/ 976. There
were no other -changes. /Fifteen; minutes i
later." the vote for ;: Colonel -lHa>wood:
stood . at; .70 ; : Valen tine. ■ 935 ; Trigg, ■ 133.
Three votes were cast for Mr. Sain Stern 1
on this ballot. .The w)te : at 10:15- showed
a total 0f 1,061 for -Mr. :, Valen tine. Twenty "
votes .were cast for -.Mf.-'A.- Vori .'IRo-.
senegk,: and; five for. Mr.-Hoffhimer. The
final 'vote .before the secret - ballot ■in
creased: Mr]" Valentine's: vote 7to'.l;l26, : and
air. Hoff himer's to : 6. .'. .:' Ten .votes? were
cast: on this ballot for; Mr, T. B^sHiCks/:
: thelt6psn7itch^f6r;
■ the '"■ next ; half : hour, • as;: successive : ehye- :
lopes ; werd -handed ■; in, bearing* the j name ';
of the candidate; .voted; for,; but J-notdis-;
closing the, strength of. the.: votejit; repre-^
'sented.;;/ Mr/ "}T:-\ B. : Hick s;^ cried;;-; the:
name's. / arid : admirablyibo^m^dvtl^ry6ting/|
:Dr.- Judi: Wood,^ 'at:; his : side,! ; watch win;
hand, ■-"announced {the: expiring.: tinie; as. ,thej
hands crawled^ to: the figures- denoting,
rllor 110 o'clock/ :■ ; . >• ;■"•/ ''■ ■})■'[ >-.'.'■-" v '7:i^C v-/' I ;.'.
: :The /votes/ ■vvere^: counted ;%while'?Mr;;
Hicks /made an"] impromptu "1 speeclv ;./i in;
which|he> glowingly
great future/ The isecret ballotL-disclosed
twot votes: for/ Mr. /: Stern,.- increasing/his ;
tbtalS/receiveclHlastrg night'/, tbgftve^and;
1.767 for.^^;Mr. : ■ A^aleii tihe,^ncreasiiig^hisj
final- totaU to 2,S93;3jlt^wa^Jannouncediat;
sll:3o,^andithe- result-, was cheered tol the'
Carnival »tth -Notes.- '
, ; stagesjjof ;
"erection.- were going up ■■ \ Bro >l streets
hile yesterday afternoon. Sume them
"arerT'earlv completed, and the aecorators|
began v.<>rli dunnc; the tl^j Ci-ii daj
<jf,thisrweck lias: witnessed .'anUncreased?
on.ye.sterday. Ihe association is urgiisg
to ttn-' extent of it.^ influe'ree thf*impor
'tai\ce.fof7cbriVpleting';Wery': booth /bylSattir^
l^^i^^ht/" . - "7^^
To-day emissar - f/;Res will i_vlsit
prominent ritinr* ,<.i.m ,-<,-y ,-.*f;, 1 .,,5^ an }
citizens and decorate iht-ni with j^^s'ly
i'bf-vtbe ' Kin«. This U v mark of, his
jMa jes tv; s 7 espee ia .1 % f avbr^and fallaS ipyal ;
'citJEens who see the emblem of the King
on 'he fa\ontf^ during Cnwai "Week
are ■■; ejected 7tb .r 1 1 ft \ tneir| Hats Sin fdef e'r^
ence. /The King will- make known to
whom he has confided his jewels on th'
nighrbf the coronation at the Auditorium.
':;iC2«a'.rman:Hume^;ofithe Floral'X'ommit
- tee. /.urges 7th6Kol/svho/have7 not 'notified:
him of their; intention/ to::have; a vehicle
i inr. the; Floral vFestivaii;tb?db^so7at?onces
This is a matter.: which 7 should be -at
tended to. Whe;i notified. Chairman :
Hume will • forwaril; to v,' the /prospective
:participant/explicit7)iristriictions7as: : ;7tb
and'prevent -confusiorf.-- ; • - :■ .
. Taking time/ by' -the forelock, the Sun
day .:■; Observance: through: 7its
president.; Mr.; J.:d. ; Crump; ihas": address
ed a' communieatiori/tO; Mayor 'Taylor
and the -Chief , of ,Police, : .requestingCthat
al 1 n ecessary. steps ibe '■; taken :: t o '-. see^that
no. work;cbnnecte'(l; with? tlie7>7rnivali is
■ dor.c - : bet w"een7l2; ; o'clock / Sa7urday7night
and 'l2; o'clock :-Suhdas ; night: 7 7- :f ■:■/-;-">
TO E\JO[X-:XEw7cbiiIPAXY:;;
liijrinetioii.HSeeared to Prevent Side
"■■ Traou. on, lleverley Street.
Twoinju'nctions^vere sued out ■."in'iHeh-..'
rico- yesterday", afterncoh. -asking to /re-,
strain, the Richmond .; Passenger / and
Power: -Company, from, conducting. a side
track on vßeverley- street. : between" Robin- ;
son - : and ■■ Cedar., stree ts! .-.' Onej" sui t : : was ;
brought .b'y/(theVßlchmond-: Traction .Com4
;"pany,- ; rand i the /other/ by;^ Everett rWaddey/
as an/interestedland-owner ■/off the : line
of the improvement.; '7/ ; ",;.:
. It ; was learned • from- Mr. A.-^B. ; Guigoh, •
assistant: : bouns"el-? for j the/ Passenger.; and
Power Company. -';that'^"the company pro- ■
•posed .to utilise -the; siding: for \the7bank
ing;of cars ';.during;vp'erformances? : at>?th"e'
"new; pavilion,' which; is to' be; erected :by :
the company, .at accost of: ?ls,{K>3, : at7the:
southeast corner .-; of > Beverley. " and Cedar
streets, where- fi: lot-. has : been purchased;
7 The /Passenger and Power Company
will .soon ask ;to/have the' injunctions
dissolved. -"' - - '. . / .~~
.. President . Patton, of the Passenger, and
Power. Company, has; ;it" was stated last
night, written a. ; : letter, to President Be-,
miss, 'of the TTraction-: Company.;; propos
ing.the appointmen t; of arbitrntor;to"ar
range., for a/system;- of /interchangeable
transfers. •' * ■■"• ;'-.'• -.: -.-. •-/ " 7 ; .:
lie Passed Away at His '- Home,;, on
Church Mil-Mr. Clarke Dead. /
■ Mr. Charles E. Phillips, a
resident of the East End, died suddenly
at his home. No.; 90S "north- Twenty-fourth
street; yesterday.afternbon at 3:55 o'clock.;
Deceased had been in ill^health. for seve
ral months, but-was out on' the street" for
awhile .Wednesday. % He was 38 ; years of
age", "was ' a ■ cigarmaker. by:. trade, and : was
highlyiVesteemed by a; . wide ". circle of
friends. He leaves: a mother/three :sis
ters. and three brothers. .-■ , ■■..
/, The funeral arrangements" have not.j-et
,beeri made! / -/' » -^.
•; Mr. ! Junius G. • Clarke, -eldest -son of -Mr.
•T. A . and Mrs. Collie Clarke/ died yester
.day morning at 11:30 o'clock "atihis. home,
No. Sl4 Twentj'-sixth ' street.- Deceased
had- been in . ill-health about', two; years.'
He/is -survived by- a";wife.::hisi-'parents,
three; brothers:. and;a ; sister.': He- was -a
carpenteivby>tradf-. .& ■■■:■■" ••-:•■■. -
Th"tTJf unefui- .\vni"^take"_place'. from East-
End Baptist church; at<s :o' clock this af
ternoon . - .- \.- : - - : ." :.-:■''■';... : " l
Judge Mann ; Hiid Colonel: Anderson
■■- '■■. Will SpeaU. .": :" v .'■ .■■ •'■.
'■■ The indications are' now .that there will
be a very large crowd to 'hear Judge Wil
lianv Hodges: Mann and .Colonel George
Wayne Anderson at Old Market Hall'to
night. ; . / '. '-- " ;.,; .
: They are; each able' speakers, and' they
are also :each warm advocates" of.- a'con
vention to formulate: a new.Coris'titution;
The. interest in the ' campaign is- growing
in^ Richmond.; ■.
The}: interest ; in .the counties will'likely.
increase in view of the manifesto* issued
by .Mr. Park Agnew. ' chairman "bf/'the
Slate Republican' Committee, ryesterday,
in which he: called on the; -Republicans
of -Virginia -to f.turiv-: out and/defeat the
convention proposition.. ' / ;
', Senator/, Barksdale; ..■ of Halifax. - will
speak at- 4 Bel vide re ■HalU^turdgv night,,
under the auspices of the; Clay Ward; Ac
tives." Mr. Barksdale .is : a "speaker . who
always stirs ,. up his audience to a. high :
pitch ;of enthusiasm. ; / "S-
The ' r> Battiiliuii Had «: Phn> Dnj at
Glen Allen.
The .Richmond Light Infantry/ Blues
Battalion. 7 spent ithe? day :' yesterday ,'s at
Glen/Allen; celebrating; ,the/ 107 th anni-"
versary of; the : organization.-. .
The- train carrying/ the \ two ';. ! companies,
the members- of. the 'Blues -iA'ssociation, :
and large number" of - invited -guests,
left Elba Station 1 shortly /.after:!) o'clock.
When Glen Allen was reached .the boys
dispersed over- the beautiful -grounds., but
they; reassembled .atl" o'clock'.', and- en
joyed a. fine .dinner. .."After,; the. repast
the ; officers - and several of .the:; men;: made
speeches. = all: ; short... A/fraternal//:tele
gram-;"was received ;:fromr. the -Hartford
CityijGuard; which ;was /celebrating its
anniversary/ yesterday.: .with .Vz. an "outing
similar to -that being;*enjoyed> •; A:-; reply,
in : ; similar.; spirit-was sent;: the ; Connecticut
soldiers/ - ; ;- /,'■:. r/ -:/:/:; /-:'./. ./'-,
• After dinner the",boys dispersed again,
many "indulging;, in ; various ;. forms 'of .ath
letic ;sport.' /But they/ wei-H:; all' on v hand
ready '-to ;. take '{ the/ train ß- shortly / after ; : 6
o'clock.'';. -.When-' ; -they.;;; reached j the "i city
again J they were -good " and -tired,. the. most
ofith&ml but. : they; all. voted, they ;had. had
a most? enjoyable..;y able..; day. ■ - , . ..;
,f. It.' Duke :Vresident-H./D.; Lee
TrensHrer.Siifceeilinjr Areuts.
' NEW iYOKK, ; M.ay;IO.-^Theidifec;tbrs : of
the/;- American' :- Tobacco "Company .orga
nized"; to-day .by i the ;. election;, of .the fol
lowing officers:
J. li. Duke, president.
J. B. Cobb. W. R. Harris, and S. W.
.Hill.; vice-presidents.
'„: R.- ■■:!£-'■ Patterson, secretary. . • '
H. D. Lee. treasurei
- ' Mr~/Har'risisucceeds : H~ L. Terrell,":re
; signed/; S./W. : Hill; was ; formerly.Vsecre-:
t'ary. Mr.' : Lee ; ■ siiceedsr George ! Aferi ts fas
treasurer. .-'..'.
i ■ ,»*-
Anoilier Strike Fsitalitj.
ST. 'LOUIS. MO.. May 10.— Another ■ fa
jtality as -the result of the street-car"
r strlke^was'^recqrded! to-pitrht. As Florida'
tSiegriedp.a^youjng.^Tvoman: -was crossing
carrying an ii^r f u!t
? in: her arms, she was hit on the
fa^bricklthat3h^dsbjeen|hurled [} at ■ a^pass^
Hng7car on *he Suburban system. Her
:slviil! was fractured, and she died ?hort-
- NEW ' Voßk^'llAraySia^oScersfo^iie
fAmericanSSteel ?.and StVVire -'Company .5 have
i authorized announcement '«? that& John
jLambert f?has SSresigned Vi the f presidency;
j arid/r John &W4 Gatesjthe .-j chainnanshipiof
!,ithe":Bonr(l ■•'. Dlrectors:q£ t^eicompany.*-'.
ST. f ,' > V IS, M.( *. . May - T(/.— l" he st reet
cni !%.-: if the East ;■ St. : Louis lines:
U I f ul 1 UluWIUIuo lluLu. 11l ulu
. 1
<„-;■-/■•--;; ■■■:■■■'--■ •. - - •■■■■■-*■:■■ •■-■•:" v-:-^---....;:.^-.,..--..-.-.:,- ...-;;;
Resolution in Favor of .the Democrat
Lost Dy Tie Vote.
-■_;.;.-- — ■ ■ . .:»■.-■■:--/-::; -■ '■'- ''t v^ :'/:; /-■-■/^ ;/ ! --:
A'ortli; Carolina Governor Declared
/;»>• Goyerii orTLiuney -to /Be/MaVi";asi
a Maifeli Hare^ClaVk" v Case Po^t-
l»oneUj ; U«til.Tue»day. :
WASHINGTON. ;MavX 10.^-The*V House
to-day, by, the very -narrow- margin of
two; votes, unseated ';. Mr. -'Crawford, -, of
North ; Carolina! a . Democrat", "and s seated
in^his place ?Mr7- Pearson^ of ;-North Caro
lina.; who? '.was '■_. a." member,'; of 'the Fifty
fourth . and Fifty-fifth : Congresses.
Mr. Pearson" is 'the third "Republican to
be seated by the present House.. -;
; ; Both the' contestant ahdHhe contestce
had. their. innings : oh: the; tloor ; f to-day,! and
air - ;,Linney,; of % North: Carolina,', wound
up the debase "•with/f-av^characteristic
speech. / •■' - =~' T :i
■■-■(The. votes were very, icfose.r ".The .mi
nority resolution,-, declaring^ th'e^sl't tins
.member entitled^to 'the^ seat,-\yas defeated
by .one vote. ;'. ' " ' "
■■Mr. .Jack, a Pennsylvania .Republican,
voted;- with i' the; Democrats on^Doth iroll
: tails." . ■On the ijfirstYvote vfifteen'-Replibli
eans were ; absent .andVunpaired; and on
the second twelve; were; Übsent-and^un-:
paired.;; '.-. , : .y---;--. 'X :'*? : \ '-;-::; : ;: >: ;.;■ :'PX
When the debate opened Mr. Pearson
wa S given fifty minutes';. time :'in -.which
to ;address;the; : House-iri;his:own- behalf/
He had alarge chart;erected;in>th'e area
hvf ront; of the Speaker's" chairs which, he
: claimed, '"theY manner": in -. which
suPpreSd. VV ° te m hlb dl&tUCt had been
,- Mr: Pearson was followed: by^MrrCraw
tord the ;sittingynerhber, ;^vh6 defended
liis^rjghtvtotherseat.in^an hour's speech
■ : >rtr. s.raw ford thaKtwo :hun
dred^housandrpeopleVin 'the Ninth- Nortli
I District : on f trial* to-^daV
-They had;a;right to-savwho should^r'ep
,resent\them in the Housed Prior>to?this
elec^pnfiair. ;Crawford ; said;-;n6;marrhad
■ever ; char S ed fraud^in^the^NinthVcin-
r gressuonal;;- District of; NoVth-^.nx-liha
iefS^' : <iarson /V l6 i ?? va '. seldim^knew
. ~ He; charged that Mr. vtr"im
med his/ political sails so that he .had
Tl " t a - votef in a n aU6nai: t election
F l^ lßßo - when, he;; voted for Hancock.
■•;; He voted: for twice." said
Mr., Crawford, '.'and supportedm'eagainst
;? en n^ o^? rit<:hard ' w . he ? I. defeated .him
vWhile referring 'to Governor Russell's
: attack upon Mr. Pearson^ Mr. . Grosve'nor
;of Ohio, interrupted. to Vask if the Demo
crats of Ncrth;Car6lina.;had vnot? threaten^
ed to impeach. Governor Russell.
: ."That .is am assault . upon ':\ 'the'-. Governor
of my State, which I resent," replied Mr
Crawford. -•■.-: . - : - i ;.;;. -;; •:,. •■;■ _. .•. . ; '
"The logicof.what I desire. to know is
this," continued : s Mr..-Grosven6r "Was
not Governor -ißus/ell's attack on Mr
Pearson made^during the adjournment of
the Legislature, to conciliate :the - Defno
crats?"■••':; :VN .;-:;;:." • : .:£,'- \J'.^\ ; : r'_ .-;KS?
: "I : object." retorted Mr. Crawford, i.%6
the Republicans'- washing their' dirty liniri
;in my r time." ; ' 1 ;- \v ; - ;;^ H^i
V- In concluding.- -Mr. 'Crawford > saldr *ad^
dressing the : RepubliGahV.side, "I "shall
await your, verdict, conscibirs^.thatl you
can do me no harm with the "people whose
commission I hold." " •
"- ' LTNNEY LOOSE. * ' '
Mr. -Linney; , of North- -Carolina, Icon
eluded" the debate with a -.characteristic
"speech; iri favor ;"of. the -'claims fbf^tHeVcon
.testant.; In .referring ltd "'.."Governor Rus
sell's letter,; he^charaoterized : :it';as "an
ex parte statement ;of aniad Governor's."
: "For he !s mad,".fsaid;Mr.-Llnney;;"rn"ad
as _a'j March hare.:: That .he is a great] man
intellectually: I,:admit;.;"arid ;that j he^isi a :
good politician/awhile . : working;; in ; the
■ranks I; avow;- But he cannot stand prps-
Perity.>- As: soon :as .he; is/ promoted ihe
kicks out of •* the harness .''.' and i plays' Tthe
/wild in general: He" is afraid Vof .his own
shadow. He. is fn terror. o£ Cthe Demo
cratic, organization .of {the State, 'and- will
do' anything. to ~ keep suspended the'sword
of Damocles : which hangs' over vhisiVead."
• -, Lii ter; Mr: •■ Linney? produced fsdirie' figures
.to- snow : : that.;;it- t was/the : jblack -districts
which returned vDemdcrats^to^'Consress/
:not- the ones. 1 : - . , :
;{"TakehMiv;;.Kitchin's^ district.: for" in
stance, "isdid he. ■{''If^laiiri I; come nearer
representing : - the vwhiefpeoPle-. 'of North
Carolina' than he idot^i'v: claim I am s as
much a white) man/ as; he \is: : ;My J hands
are smaller,, my ;feetare" smaller, rriy^com
plexion is clearer : than . is his.V' - '
■~ -:"; . minority-VresoLutio^ :
; "At :-, the : conclusion^ -'-'of*':. ;Jlr.; /Linneyfs < re
rtiarksnhe. vote"?,was}takenvupon' : thefmi
hbrity,., resolution.-, declaring?:Mrl;:/;Craw
fprd,:: the Vsittirig] member,'- entitled ; to? his
AVhon the roll-call wa.« completed it
showed", a . majority vof Vone Jf or ;- the ",reso
;lution. . ,
:interesty was manifested. 'ifr.
; Tawney.-jythe^Republicanvv whip,
Hliat; /{Mr^Fitzgerald; ;of Massachusetts;
had : voted;: although ; he iwas*; paired ;Vwith
;Mr.>Loyerihg,^of ' Massachusetts. ;:On7ac^
;c6imtj:6f Jthe fcloserie'ssj'bf^tlieuvote vi.the
; Speaker ;; ordered-; a y recapitulation r 1 of f th"e
roll-call.- ;Af-[the-lendtof;Eth*e*irecapitula
tion. Mr. .Tbmpkins : Cßep"ub|ican),'r6f ; -NeT-iY
!his|armHand goffered. 1 to voteribiitlasjlie
iwasV;hot.frpreserit :V,when l«is name was
; called, could i-.j-s. var<-. under the
5 rule. ."
/vThe Speaker o^dtrod „.<• Tally Ck-'.k
[again 'to fo"ot^up"the;totals.vlA.K 'error^was
;*discoveredithatttled s tht> vote, making it
=12S to 12S. The resolutu n a as 4 therefore
"lostl ,
v.-'!- -AHS th^n t.iken upon ih- v\a
jorily' rt'Foii:tioi:-, declarintr Mr. Poar.-un
: Mr. Jack. o£ Pennsylvania, «a<; the
Democrats on the Or:-: roll-call, hut fif
'iteen-.RcpublicH-.i- %■.-■-.-<■ ar^ont ..n-i v,n
challenged, explainel' that, ho ha«. voted
iunderfafmisunder?tandlnc. and hss. vote
Lwas^ withdrawn". ' . 'i^g^SJl
Tne vote upon the adoption of*thcs ni>-
joruj resolutions was".ls3 to 127.-;
__ • - - - > T '*Xt
tno announcement v.as-^'.r— -t» J with
japplaus'e^jby^the^ Republicans. - x -^«a§f
?;Mr. iPeaxson Tea me: forward '.to l\\e laX
of the House, nnili took' the^orah'ofrofflce
%ÜBM^ her - - -" ' •' ' Ht^ll
Sported by tht foreign Affa rs Cotnmlfjj
tee.-^requestjntr all th» ir.f-'rrn.itioiii^irjr
possession £61 s t'he^Treasiiry Departngen'j
•laborers dv ring ; the < las t * two) yearsj^tlia^ j
as to^:-urh ;smmigraUpnglnrj
jtH^ensuing'ryear. tlTe feoii- j i
itractl labor Un - r> ->,^1
•'contracting:-?; for ' ' Ja pa neai §la borerS^^^*
At 4:20. P. M i .- HouseTa'djournio:
l'-j-'.;.- ;.i ■■/■■.■?•;-*■•■-.■. ;---c ■-■'■-•.■ ■■' ,_■■■■-■ s-^-i;: '.'"-■■■-■■■ • ■■-." ■"-; J ?5SwSi®
SenaU' l»rof<'-cUu!«.'*,
'In th- Senate to-iUy. Ow i.ise involving.
the !>tat.d£;Mr.-." Clark, of Montanajfyvusj
po'-lpoftt 1 until "next Tiies l.i: Mrl Chand-,
llej^-gave nntlce that at that ; tinie^
,-he would insist thai :> c*-^ -be>con^|
tinuousls considered to the" explusioir;
ofiiirother business: ""^^H^
the = time consumed ■: to-dayjby^
specia lil orders. ; J the 4 naval gapprppriation]
jbill i,was;;not 4 brought ■ up.^jMr.7 Hale^for .
Itliie ; cpnimittee'.M consenting rit go ; over j
until to-morrow.;-; - . " . " t "
|^|^eyeral^m"e^ures:fof^fnhior.; impovtahcei
'.were'. passed, and'., Mr. :Gallmger. ofiNew.«
•Hampshirei i\n', accordance ■; with a notice]
previously^ -given.' ,; addressed -the;: Senate^
fatllengthfou his I''declaringithat.jl ''declaring ithat.j
" : "the£present^p henomen'al jdeyelopment ,of :
J th^ r cduntryjisTdueAorprotection:iasi'erri-i
sbbdiedin^"the;Dingley.tai iff law."
■..----., :.-_.•■ - - -.t. t t -■-..■: -■..,- „ -' t. '•.:--..-• ..l ..- ■ - -1% •'•-■'* ■ -
■S Mr7<Hoar j offered 'h a^ resolution ; f or,r im-j;
I; mediate :: consideration -] of ;: the; ■': resolution •■
kdirectins'thelsJorrirnittee on '.■Foreish'.-Ki'-.;
hlations^to; inquire {whether. : "American iciti
■zerislurefi obliged, to obtain '; passports or :
pother; licenses/: or pay"' any : fees. :for^per- :
i mission : to '«! 'pass i: from:; the i-- Hawaiian:
I Islands to the e United I States. ; or ■ from any
tpVrt; of, the; : Uni ted States" to the^HawaiiiiLn;
|Islands[;^ofX.tbtijnake : any:- payment; i-ofj
[money> to secure ; the : p'rivilege^of landing;
■ in : the ; islands^ and/ if so.^whether;' ivlis]
fexpedientSth"at'?such relations .beUongerj
/continued; The": resolution V;Was ; referred'
\to;the 7iToreignJßelati6ns:;C6mmittee".'-~!'v7 iToreignJßelati6ns:;C6mmittee".'-~!'v
.-.".' Mr. v Tibdge .;! gave notice • that ; next T jMbn-"
f day;> he' wouid;-pressjcohsideration":ibf v : _th'e
Spoonef 'bill;*. 'co'nf erring 1 -upon;; the'.v'P.resU;
•;'dent authcnity itbigoyern-the'Philippities.
iV'Allohg-^discuaslon: was precipitated j over
i'a'ibfil to \ apply. ! W; portion ; of.: theX proceeds
tPf;=the^ sa'le^of" -public elands f; to rtheHeii;
dowment; \ support/- \ and -of
; schools";* or.,^departmenls-.of^niinins:;aVd
metallurgy : iri;thefseverai; States^-andTerJ
.ritories;iri. connection ;with^~the ; ;agricul
tural : -Each college is .to receive
■Slo:OTOs fbrlUhe; yeafiigpU- and :;$l;0pO : addi^
,tionalreachj: succeeding"- year.;, until- r'the
; ainoi) hi^ received j by V. 'each^^ -college; fshall
ion was taken;
;] The I session ;was .concluded ', wit h^'eulb'r
giesjon- the^!at«V?Representative^Samuel
Baird. "of Tjouisiana- • "
At ,4:15 P. M. .the Senate' adjourned.
' - - Bal»y"Sliovr . -'- \ k ;
at:;the_;Meyor,; Stbre rr;Booth:r r ; Booth: ? conVe-r/. F6u-i
shee ;'and vßroaVl "street*.' AWednesuay.:;Mtiy/:
prices 'r.tqjthe;2.rtrsti! .arur?; stcon(T:DestV,all-i
around -ba by r -1 .year .of- age. or/uncter:^
PromiiiPjjt men u< 'iihlsji-h. .
Free^Retiirn-TleUets'Duriiiy; tlie jCarij
nival. /; ■•.i I .;..v : :V.i.fv-;-i=-. r^
The Virginia/Navigation : ; Company '.will :
i the> Carnival -for.fone If are ~fo"f /the. 'round-;;
■ trip; /These ; ;» tickets'; will i:be7;f6r7sale Jon
■ steamer^ iPbcahbntas -.May/lSth^rlath; land
17th. with >nhaU-lim it May 21. I9f(>.
C. & O. St. oo .
Snndny jOntinks^to: Old/Point;!.Xeiv
;\-port- Xd'ivli; Oeeiin /Vievv, -»««1 Aor-;
.' folk:— sl- Round Trip. W -; "/;-; //
-. "Two : fast:"- trains iVeve'ryT;'': Sunday,. ./with
PARLOR^CARS^ as/fqllows: ■"': ..^Ther-flrst'
train ;wlll leave ;;Rjchmbnd; at 8:30; A.VM;;.
for 'Oid-Pointi. Ocean -.View, and Norfolk
via Willoughby) Spit; This train .wiir.not
stop at; Newport ; News. ;.,_;.. : > '"; ■'.'. -ic '.'":'
>;■•; Second train i-wilUrleave ; Richmond/ at 9
A'; -M; ; .for^Newport -NewsYand. Norfolk .lvin
Chesapeake : and ■ Ohio : steamer. ;.:/ .
; Ticketsitq Norfolk^will'be; acceptediibn
the -^return Itrip^either^ivia ; Willoughby
Spit: or via: Chesapeake iand.' Ohio? steamer
from .-I Norfolk.,, ' -
■/Returnihe.via^WiUoughby •Splti'/le'ave
Norfolk (Ocean ;Vlew,: Station) iatfep.^M. •
leave Old Point.S'Er^M.^arrive Richmond'
10 P. ;M. -^Returning via^Ne.wp briR News:
leave -Norfolk ,/ (Chesapeake.:?, and^ riSnio'
.Wharf) at .7 :15-P. S M.V leave; NewpoVtlNews
8:15'P.:M.: arrive Richmond 10:30 :P.iM.;
General^; A«se'ml»ly " / Pre-Hhyterlani
CliurchV iv ' the'.: United Stiuesi'^A't
lanta, Ga.; Jliiy'a" to - t», : 3»0b./^"-:- :
-On account :. of , . tlie^;- above^occaSion ': the
Atlantic-Coast LUie'announces :ajra te'of
bne/fai-e; for ;the' round :trip,T.: rate" from
Richmond •being:sl4.so. r , Tickets; to ;besoUl
May. loth, 16th,/ and 17th. -cbhtinubus ;pas
sage, with: flnal.-limit : May/ 29th.* "o-;:, I '-.^/- ;"■
'."■■. For schedule, sleeping-car.; accbtrirhbda-'
tibris, and further ■■infbrmatibnYcall;oniAV. >
Steel; :TicketVAgerit, f ißyrd-Stre°etlStEttiohi
C. S. CAMPBKLU • . •
:: , -:^< ':•'. '^-•:' : . : : Division \Passenger^A.gent; ; :*7 !
:/{/;■;•//;;:// No. f S3B east 'Ma in ; street.^
Drink Kenny's Teas and Coffees. -High
est-quality, -lowest * prices. ; .- Pure / Sugars
eoidlat:;cdst.^; -^ c. d: ;kexnv,.;co;;^
:'N.':^V".'' cor:,* Broad and ; Sixth streets, r?
.f'S.-E. ."cor;. Main and Seventeenthj streets!
-v.i; : ■.;■-.. nammnnd. : ..-..-.:;
-.The best "rßoses/ Sweet -Peas, ; Carnations^
and>6ther^Cut^Fl6wer>' c always ton/hand/;
Special; attention given to^weddlngs -and
decorating., . ' . ,
: 'Reduced Kates. H. f . F. & ■ 1». H; It.
.-(On^accoiint ;Vof .-• Richmond /FreeSstreet
Fair'/ahd" Carnival;^ the /-Richmond ;;;Ffed
panyjl will i:-sell^ tickets".; .to^ Richmond ■' r :ih'di
return: at : ; rate • of ; one if are ; for [round ;trlp r :
Tickets bnsale'ilayiiathtolPth^iridlusive^
to^jetiirnV until ■■Alay.^2l:- 1800/- coni
tinuous"; passage :'ift'\each/i.dJrectioh;V'.por.
further; inform a tioh \ applyi t o; agentsn ts <Rich
road.7or .W: '-P.lTaylor.'-Tfafflc' Manager; --
C. &, O." sRhK* and Truhi . ■Arraiie'c
/ meats v'AeeoaiitCßielimoiidjCariitva!: i
s -Tickets win : be:?oUVi from a!l Chesapeake 1
and; :■ Ohio- :? sta tions/ ; ih : V irgihiH - Um 1; all ;
days g between the ,12th and 19t h ; of ■ May.
inclusive. ''- at •.onelfare]; for % the-J round strlp?|
[tickets being good for. return iuntil -May.]
SiTrair. ' No. U on th" .James-Rlyilc|||||||
"vision will ?^>n' May, 15th/ : 16th;: 17thiiarul|
18tlr run T.froin '^Gladstone.'., leaving Glad- 5
imondfon; the; above dates at 6 P. M.^stop^ 4
; pih^^atVall^intermeVliateli<tutlon;;. . - ■ .
■sulal*Divi.«tdri from}; Old iPolntlfandaXew^
*b"fttKews|6n May !<sth. 17!!".. and ISth.
leaving vOld i'P6iht;at T A. M:; NVwpoft?
News^.T^OyA": M.; r- ; .ori;!i:^, k»i V « Kich-
ISondvauSSP^M^of sam^ .1nt0,,, -tbppirig]
lU^all« interrpediate; stations.^ W^yi'^M
~ ;. -r- will also W a -„„'•■ ;
ißaveX^ l^™?"^!.^?.^^.^^ B^-?^]!.-'
stoppinK at all - intermedia te stations^ be2j[
tween Richmond and Old IJ>>lnt.I J >>lnt. "
feThe|liaU£rate|xrckets / will - b^gw&^onl:
'ail-?%SUl.Si^PSSsenftf:r ;■ t rains :. as '■■: .well^^^
remedy, Mr . W'tjislow's^SaothingtSyrup;'
for: children' teething,;- ...1f soothes- the
;ehisd;sfsbltftn^^e^eums;rfaJla^?aU^pa.ln^; ehisd;sfsbltftn^^e^eums;rfaJla^?aU^pa.ln^
cm-<.? colic, crui'i?; the brst;r«iTr?e'.:y.
for Tdiafrhoea^T wenty-flvo ;cents a bottle.
Olul - v rALL.i>, S. I) V IG.— Tern-i^tS
Porary .Chairm.<n Klnij«si'c r ipp«"! ttu> -••
$*«S™l:Po Pu>'.-,>P u>'.-,> c„v t . orter ie :
o^ciook this tn : .i-: :s -r. ' %
The Committee oit r- . n>a „; :; Org m£^ '. :
Ss^Pjorado. ; fyr ; ■ s ,. r . t H .irmaiS^fna^
manem secretaries-. Mr. FfttTer&n'a^'iß
pearance .prov.-k^-cl proloMged appip^fli
■'Mr.- Hatters.-.n brl-My sketched Kt. h«s- ■ 't
'PfjlS I>r >P«"^ P--rty. =m^^i
short; history of the financial 1-sislaUoa-"
or.Congrr-s Uurir.jc the Jait ;ulmin!stft^S
P^lxoMrxATiox ok brta'n. -.kWm
>rr. .Patterson said the VeupHii party^v
did not surrender its rights when it n^lM
'nated Mr! Bryan ■In 'IS>J. »«-gfe^^g
could have n.im.,, tte.i any other iniun/, 1 ?^
V''""^.-5?.* e . v^r' : .- : . n ff 1 ff l >*.- be the srlorv- ?of^t}Mt^p
victory.";ih c . saici; «. the kopje's %WSM
may claim the greatest -hare. andtit^Jll^S
have been .the S re ;lt political pow,*r7that|§f
•brtvi.v.htX:ali"oi:t rht- K i-eat ivsm'.l'."-. '■ " ■%"
:ji^?E-PRESipK X.X .p fAr ;^ L:ES 4 : j C>x I
> to : dwHittetfeaf^
itions^dscussoU the Mc,-pr,-^.!.n^llP
/^■airman :Patter?bn ; :made:u-;bitt^?tSrS&
; f^^^WinH^repeatiri s Vth. fatal/miaS^
jtal^.of four y^ars ago."; Senator. Marioa-5*
to;tlw wetfare7oL i th"eTpiarty^os
•'■p^S^P^mjsG .-proposition- v-.-s submit- 3
ted ;:by^C,POTge ;F. : :.;AVt:shburn/ : fofiMassa^S
jcliuseftj.-. ,whc. artyocate'dStheiifnainini^oC^
s:ytrai ten.to X printed to th»*i
•Democratic; -National rConyention^anylona^
'fefrT- -^ llId : ; h^i acceptable :. UOJ&M
cnmpi-f.rri-e/vwhioh'it. waHrhopc"fl>wou'd V f
Townr -anil to those who are opposed f%
to /making. a;{nomlnation/;v,Tnis«compcp2S
imisejjs [to ;/ n ominate|MrJtTo^e3janafapS^
poi 11 t;j a .; committee h!s 'A namely
st°s|.h^P!!n^°9^.y.9^-Xationar.CCpHvenUoli^^s t °s|. h^P!! n^°9^.y.9^-Xationar.CCpHvenUoli^^
Mr. Towne ;in -case tho ''""■§
Democrats, do not accept. No conslusion \^'»
:-• v . "-; FLATFORM^ADOPTED. -
;■:. At^:iqjo'c!oek^- this afternoon ;the Plat^fe
form ■Committee'sfreportfarrtved;- It was h"
;r.; r.» -ill by; Committeemah^<sillette; : ; of ! Jowa^ft
J 9 n S^financial .w plank? -| IncindlnsrSthea^
1 5}?^p' e cja]lr-^tli*s'aemana fur ."free (sil^p
-yf.r nt 16 to ;I, : was^ received:^vita'SwlMJtS
. cheering: - - 7
n / that ; portion^ o'f.tHejplatformTexi'ti
.teotlin^- ■; sympathy to :-Hhe^South.-?Afrf«in^
republics.' : and ; denouncing.^anv^'alHaricai^
;.vents6nV:Obroke-" jinto Vv wilcl^appianse^Ss
'ancl rythft-rdemantl for ' the direct-* '
lelectioh^ of. 'United 'States^ senators "a!so^
;evokeil considerable applautp " "'■-i'S^^T'
/^He/predicted ; ;;a': Weeping /triumph^Sfp^S
in ■£NOT?mber.'ianjl?| i th:it^h!s^
m^an* ■'■ . tha t the^right?^ of^l
:thV people" arn-' advanced u>. :i higher yj.
level than; ever before. .. '.' ~ ""?-s^^^fc|
:-7: -7 Jerry); Simpson Amoved f afloptlbn^s ; of iithttjsl
iPlajtform, ;and:-his imbUon^'wasi'fssecoHdiS,^^
; by\hal f delegates. 'i;^/-;; Vri'i^g^^^^
rtl^platfbTmvcayrietJ'no pl^d^t- of .- u p\ ■
portf:t(>*;the 'candidate Jto ;ber?j»omlnated;gg ;
:He/mad(;/a /motion :^Sth^tfeeffect^JS!A^g
sta ndlng vote was taken, 'and every-JVJelemji
jgateJ inithc: tentiar"o?el : /amid scrc-at che^r^^
'ntr. - .4 s
n'ex t n , business llnvorder Lv.'us.ltlietpfese^rita-^^
tion* " o f •; ; Ci« ndi<l a t e"s tor] t he| presiden ttiil
1 no rn inatio nJ ■ : "1 T f]e n ?:: im rnediatelyp'heplnT^
troducfd o. Senator Allen.- of • Nebraska"; •'/.?
Thi-; could mean but onf mar- >.vl that- I
:iTVas»on*lts^fee/t/;cHfenn{f jftanticftllyiSaiii^^
T < nia'Hns4?^^*^? t V^^?. b^.^§F^^' e C !^^^
; "Heiembodiesiih'fhisTpTiHtiTOliCO^
||InlhislltfeV>aH)that as. good in an Arnierl*^
can. citizen, all »hat-I< pur^- •: ■! Imrl. .tit - .;
jlth'at^the;.;most/:exa5 > ting^C(nsld|^?ffe^faS
;Phef.'?al'platHoU;,wlthouc ; a; p«:r': ohjthfeTftg^
ite'r^rfts-'oC : the igreat ? ; mass ':6r ihis/cbunfersj;^
t men";?" wbTo Sjyould ;;■ make. '^ and^^Kljr§maftftS
an; itleir cantUdat^ :*or ' the (ekalteafoffioaS
ot- Pre-iitent of these T*nlt*««l t- States.
Since, tin- .rt-^uU of th * "i..j:=)a Sn^lXi^'g
\n< known to th*» American peoplr.^
p forces":.;of;:ithe|lUnitiilS
1 States. " thr-re ' hr s : > ■ •; but Om ■ num^S
fconhected wltb th,- oiHce. .mil witfciti;*
nomination .; i ! .- tmic. H- <- ihf jeb^»^
$F&3B£sSv\v s»H<5 lN»rntJ.ir «*mfc*. ', -
• v » hf^t -tuthor«.
VwTite-'fbr any book v, -rr.-.r v,^ canifui^?
nish-.it. -; - \ :: - ;hunte?r7&;Co:-C^
Fill - r2 -"- f° r r '" '' lv •. a ?J< i -^f* tu * 6a^^B
j «saa>. p rr^
s' North Carolina— K:dr Fi-iiiaVlfunii^Sti»e;
turdiEv*feTt-armerJ in ;t centra! «ris citstemS
jpqrtions^Friaay; tref a, ■ !turtheriys^teg^l
Ibecomfn,: variable. '-■"I^r^
* „., . ,.. L . ... „,-, n *!^Sl
*YESTEEU>AVjys^br!ght' ivA pje t:
.'. \i ' '.' " " * v -^ _ »y*i""*'"^4'' '
- t.-M "" —"« -"- .. 1 ,..* i
i" *! * "^ t k~ _j._p «n». _ , i ■

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