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\rHGLENUMBEB; 15.319.
Rhodes Says He Killed Barnett
[pi Wrongs to His Wife,
She Relates the Girciiinstances -Mcfc
LeSlUp to -the" Shooting.
Tho? Arc Tnkcn There That They
,M«r Holtttr Understand the Evl
denci"—Tc!»<iniony in neliuttnl To
l)»j_Grcnt| Interest in tiie Trial.
- ' ■ • . .■:■■ :■-,.■ ■•-.■';-. 1
'' - •' : .*' ' ■ ■■' ■'■-
William J. Rhodes was placed on trial
Jr. the Hustings Court yesterday, to
answer the charge of having shotVißd:
kiik-d W. Frank Barjiett; The case pra- I
gressed rapidly, and when;; at '6:so ' o'clock", -j
t ourt adjourned, "ihe direct testimony i
for tha prosecution and for the defence'!
was all in, and to-day the witnesses in ';
rebuttal will be examined, and the case i
The trial is of a rather sensational
characieP. and attracted an : immense
crowd, which thronged the court-room.
It will bt- remembered that Rhodes and
Karnett were boih employed : at the
Hasker-Marcu'se factory, on Church Hill,
and that on January 2Hth last Rhodes
s-hot Barnett. charging him with having
wrecked his home. Baniett died at the
Virginia Hospital 'on February Ist.
Rhodes testified in his own •uelwH
yepterdaj', making a line impression tin
the jury and everybody in the court
room, and his wife gave a detailed state
ment of the wrongs which it is alleged
J:.irneU perpetrated against her. Tne
licence has made out a very strong
case of justifiable homicide, and it is
thought likely that the verdict will be
When court convened. at 10 o'clock the
room was crov.ded with spectators, arid
it was with some little difficulty, that^the
officers of the court could move about.
The defence struck the names of \R. S.
Crump, J. H. Beveridgu, George ; i C.
Powers, and E. P. Hudgins from the
panel, leaving the jury composed or J. . C.
Puckett, R. E. Knowles, J. C: Harinon,
J. D. 1-ottier, E. R. Palmore, George Bar
gamin, Julius ICraker.T. J. Puryear, Ro
bert Wendenburg. i YC. B. Jennings, SoT.
l^ange, and R. A. Cavedo.
The jurj- was. sworn.- and without any
preliminary statement on the part of
counsel the examination of witnesses was
Th« first witness was Coroner W. ,H. ■
Taylor, who testified that on February Ist
he had been called to the Virginia Hospi
tal to view the;" remains" of M.". Frank
Barnett. He found that Barnett had been,
shot just below the right eye; that the
ball had passed through the right cheek-^
bone, and -lodged in the skull, back of th«:
right ear. bruising an artery in passing.
Dr. Taylor was followed by Dr. W. H-
J'a-rker. the attending physician, who told
of the injuries, and of how he had dress
ed tha wound. He described the death
pcene, and told of a hemorrhage which
had immediately preceded Barnett' s. end.
Mr. Milton E. Marcuse followed on the
stand, and proved a most important wit
ness for the Commonwealth; He asserted
that he met the accused just prior to the
homicide, and had been told by him that
ho wanted revenge against Barnett, and
that had he had his pistol with him at tile
factory that morning he would then have
lulled him. Witness endeavored to-dis
suade the accused from any such purpose,
telling him it could do him no good, : but
lie was positive and spoke of avenging his
wrongs. "Witness told Rhodes to do no
thing, but to see him later, and he could
bhow him reasons- why he should with
hold action. The accused, witness testi
fied, told him his -wife had made a full
confession to him, and in it had impli
cated Barnett.
Mr- Smith' and Mr. Wise put witness
ihroush a rigid cross-examination, en
deavoring to prove ! that thu accused, at
'hft time of the tragedy, was in an almost
irresponsible condition. The Common
wealth laid considerable stress on the
words of the accused "I would get my
rtvense," quoted by the witness, and the
defence endeavored to show that the
words were used without any meaning.
Mr. Marion Barnett. brother of the de
" r.^ed. w«s next called, and merely tes
'ififd that at tho time of the killing the
■Vciased lived at Ko. 2212 Pleasant street.
Mrs. Ella Stubbs was the next witness.
She resided at No. 72S Twenty-third street
"1 the time- of the tragedy. She knew.
Barnett personally, and Rhodes by. sigfit;
At about 11:20 o'clock on the morning of
"In: tmsr-dy she :-aw Rhodes standing in
front of her house, arid in the position- he
was standing he could readily have seen'
BaVnett's home, a half r square .distanr. He
was looking in that direction. Under
cross-examination! by Mr. Smith, witness
i*.'Mifled that Rhodes, -*hile standing, as
i-he thought. Watching Barnett's . house,'
was as near to: hi.s mother's home as
ha was to Barnett's.
Miss Grace Stubbs. daughter of the pre
ff.oing witness^ corroborated, in detail' all
'hat llrs. Stubbs had .testified to. :nl<3inK
'hat alter seeing Rhodes standing in
front of her house she had seen him walk,
riff rapidly with his hand in his hip •';
Pocket; ;
Mr. A. S. Charnberlayno. a liouse" far- ;
pent«r. said h« saw the shooting, audit*-?- !
'ifif-d that it occurred oh- Church-Hill av<=
"■j«». near Clay street. ; ' An -*-nd»*avor wn? '•
Jrsfldo to describe the location of.'the tras
frty. but it seemed an endless task.fand to
'■■•or,omizf time thp jury was taken out. to
v«tw tho scfinf. •:•■* ■ '
Mr. Chamberiayn* 1 went along and point- .
'"1 out a spot at. th-/ southwest corner
'■*■ Twonty-Ffcond. Church 'Hill avenue. ■
"■nd Clay s?tr*-«'t as the stftrie of the
'ntt-.-dy. It was; fiiateil by .tho Court
'hat oihr-r witnesses would testify that
ihe shooting occurred across Clay street ,
from where Charnberlayno hnd designated; ■
but he himself as being posi
'■w of th« location, even. pointing out; the
*l">t in the guttrr. where h<.\; bad. swn
j-arnett fall. : ; '■ :i
At 1:15 o'clock ih<|v jury was; returned i
th<- City liiill. ;anii, corirtireciinvenVd;'
;-Ir. Cfcamberlayne; resuiniiig-- '-the'- stand;
• p vrr. sholx^w^r*! Jir^di he snidi; though^he ;
'•nJy saw one. : IT<^ hoard ; ho -.words -thCi- !
t^^en the men. but: after tfeTshoiking j
"<• askt-d Rhodes why lie riuid-^shot; Bar- j
''tti. s intl he vr>pH<-'i'- : " -''B^caiisft- ?he |
ti:rpat<-ncd myi : life." ; wuhpsfi ; ; followed j
iihodc-sa.< hi- walked, off; sa^'iilm:' meet j
;i physician, and h't-ard hlni; teli , tht 1 <3oc-lj
Jf that there wiis- a>inari\ at: Serge : ant- ;
Hk it's housf; shou' and f, lo>go Va n"d 'attend . -j
and tln-ii Jaw a.-cused; sufrendcr j
« '"Pelf up to Polic-man Ziintiser. - '
-lr. SmUh;.puti witness;; througbfaf rigid I
-■*■ — '" ' • • - ■■■ - - '•■■•---- '- ■ , .-■ T"" '^jf. I '*.'Jl ' T.'l !__l'r_' ■.■'—"" ' ..»»^ w^ w .^^^^ twwwwl „.. „,.., „„.". „,.T, ' . „..., -" __ _ * T - „■!,■..,■,. s^- -."-....- ' .--...." ".. ." 1 ".... * * " ' '•
cr^s : ox:,min«tlon: :,.,.i , irK o«i him to gh
•;Kiio_des.;-,-;;i snv'hlm Ti?Hobt f V-'wi tiiessisaid^
asked. ;; him: whiU- ho t hate for.;
anu i- no s:ud: ; "Catise :-he. threat*,' my life.' ",
: ; _,As ;.;a matter. fact.riHdn't^Rhodes say.
. BecjMise he ■ wrecked t my :- life' .?va queried :
Mr,- Smith. -. ' -
; hc^ ii o'n't;'/j retorted witness/ Vybu
■ iried-me ; on 'that; oncu ;; before." ; : -
- ilr - C?"*''" ".
length. i n - an 1 , endeavor >:tbi trip ithe" \vit
ness. but Chambprlayrie:; adhered" rigidly
tor. his - orl2lnal?;staument.;;uritil^ lie: be
gan to <3c«scribe.ethe respective ■ attitudes
: fu j the two principals in; the tragedy: when "•]
•{^^contradicted himself. -: ; " ; , '
PoHc'friia hr. Zirrimer wns Ahi> next wit
ness called:; He; 'arrested Rhode's 'after
the. tragedy; , about 12:i0 o'clock:- He got '
- his -informal ion j>f " th* tragedy; from ; Mr.
Milton Marcuse. ;He : ran in the "direction
of the s-hooting, and met Rhodes, who
said: M "There ■ nin't any .use in going
rurther.. lath the manlthat did: the shoot
ing." Being asked why he had done it,
the. accused said -it was because ;Barnett
was endeavoring to make an: improper
place of . his ; home, r ; : . - -
• : -Sergeant' John T. Hall said he was at
the station-house .when the shooting 'oc
curred, ahd' hurried to the, scene. 'He
found' Barnett in his (witness's) home,
and traced the trail , of blood backto: the ;
northwest; corner, of. Twenty-second- and
Clay streets, where he presumed :the
shooting occurred; '. "-
The next witness. was .Clarence Ma
hone, a. 13-year-old youth: He; testified
that he witnessed the- shooting, and said
it - occurred v on ther northwest corner ..-of
Twenty-second -and Clay "streets," across
the. street from where Chamberlayne : had
j located it. Rhodes had the pistol: in
! Barnett's face when V the i shooting, pc
1 curred, arid the. two shots; were fired
as .'-rapidly. 'as he could pull the trigger.
|~ Ed. Mosby, a small youth, who was
: wlth;Mahone at the" time of the shooting,
followed .him on ' the stand. : He cor
roborated ■■--"■ Mahone's testiriiony. adding
that h© saw Barnett fall, and picked him
up and assisted; hlmJri reaching Sergeant
Hall's house. Barnett appeared to witness
Just prior to. the shooting as, being de
sirous of running off. but the, shots were
fired too soon for him to '"move. :
-„ Miss- Pearl Barnett, .;- a sister of the
decedent, was next placed: on the stand.
She testified to having ;lived at 2212 Plea
sant street/ and that on the' morning . of
the tragedy; her-, brother- was at home
about 10:30, having just returned from a
trip. He went out, and returned between
11:30 and : l2 o'clock,' remaining a -few min
utes-only. When she concluded a dinner
recess was taken. '- : ' '. . '
-The Afternoon Session.
.When court reconvened after dinner
J Mr. Zimmer was reciilled. He testified '■
that when he arrested Rhodes he found
a half pint of v/hiskey in his pocket. It
had not been opened, and witness did
not detect any smell of whiskey on the
prisoner's breath. . ■
The prosecution, at this juncture,
rested its case, and Mrs.- Rhodes, the !
wife of the accused, his mother, and his !
sister entered the court-room. The mother !
and daughter took seats beside the pris
oner, , and ;th'e wife, about "whom; the
.shooting, is alleged to have occurred, , took :
the stand. She was in a highly-nervous
condition, but gave her testimony in a
clear voice. Her maiden name, she tes
tified, was Loving, and prior to her wed
ding, on; April 11, 1599, she resided . on
Twenty-third street. She was married*
in Ashland avenue; had known the ac
cused two years before marrying hiiri.
She worked at Hasker & Slarcuse's fac
tory prior to her ■ marriage, .and: had
known Barnett: for four years. She saw;
him on the day .immediately; succeeding j
her marriage.; when he passed her home,
and beckoned to "her to l come out on the
porch. >■: He .'did the same thing on - the'
1 next day, 1 and on both; occasions they
only talked about five -minutes.
■- -Witness's 'face"- grew- -"crimson*"'Us-- she'
related the story of her relations with
Barnett. She left the home of her hus
band's mother three days after her. mar
riage, .and went to live: in 'a house on'
M< street, with a Mrs. Taylor. About one,
month thereafter Barnett called on her,
and inquired where her husband was.
Being told that he was at work. Barnett:!
asked if he could not go up. and look at |
her room. She declined to. admit him,
but he forced his way up stairs, and I
took advantage of her. She threatened I
to tell .her husband of this, but aboutU
a month thereafter Barnett returned., j
This time she forced him to Jeave the j
house by threats that she would call Mrs.
Trarlor. |
On January llth last witness and her j
husband had '_■ moved to Twen ty-ninth j
street, and Miss Grace Meorii called, on !
• her and asked permission ■]■ for Mr. A
Barnett to come in. saying that if he
was denied entrance he would not give
her (Miss . Meoni). any more good posi
tions at the factory. Barnett entered,
notwithstanding, and noticing her : (witf
ness's) condition, began to laugh at her!
She 'threatened to call her brother-in
law, Mr. Carrington' -to her assistance,
but Barnett paid no attention to .the
threats, and endeavored to take liberties
with her. He finally desisted, and left.
When the accused came home that eve
ning witnesH 1 told him that Barnett^ and.
Miss Meoni had been there.. She did not
tell her hupband any more than that,
and he went, out to seek. Barnett; He.
oameback, and said he saw Barnett, and
he was' going to leave town. . .
• On the morning of January 29th. wit
ness said her' husband came ;home : very
much excited, and told her Barnett was
back. in town. He questioned her closely,
and she -made a , clean breast of. the"
whole affair from beginning to end. •
This, confession was. made .about 11"
o'clock.' and Rhodes grew, terribly ex
cited. * Witness, cried, and. pleaded with
him -not to go out, but- hei insisted on ;
"doing so. arid- the next she heard. of him
the shooting: had taken place, i ■■:'_■
Under cross-examination by ;Mr. \Rieh%
ardson. witness was asked if she -did
not; send for Grace Meorii on the llth" of;
January, when Barnett came. Mrs.
Rhodes denied positively' that' .she.
had done so. She maintained her com
posure under and. did
not contradict herself in any particular.
- ■■ RHODES'S TESTIMONY. •;■-■■:
The accused followed .his wife on the
stand, and testified in a calm, deliberate
manner.. He will be: 2s years of age'. next;
October, he testified. served- in Com
pany 11. Fourth Virginia Regiment,.du
ring the Spanish-American -war, . and
•three or -f6ur;= days • afteri 'having: been'
[.mustered: out- of. the service he' married.
j He had known Barnett Jfqr' two or three
1 years. .He related in -detail; just, what
j hi.s wife" had testified \td having. told f him::
! He then: ;related; his"; conversation^, with'
Barnett.: when he saw; him; on the eveniiig,
of ; Jariuary; llth; ; arid; testified .t'o-i having
asked .him what ho mearit ; by.; coining to
his house for ..--'such evil .purposes. : Bar
,nett expressed;-; regret.; and : accused : told
him : : ;,ri6t to :come;to' his 'house again.
;2kliss : .'Mifoni > tKen-.. came:: to 'him'" at ; ihe
factory >. and begged v him ! riot ;• to tell rof
hur' conduct. -arid .'.besought him ,I 'oVf orgiye.
her.'. . "- : : ■- ' _
' Witness" did : not : see .Barnett from the
lltli of January until' -the" 29th: "I ; saw,
Khirii! ■ cornel through '(. the if a'ctory ,'.'_-! he ■ said;'
I '.'arid I left., "a rid', hurried', homeland tasked;
inyi - wife ■i f J he.: Had -been ' to \, my ■".'; house. ■
'She. answered -in; the Jriegative.fnndtlthen:
! when -I questioned -.her ■- she. told me every
,'thing.C I-took my pistol,;. from under^The,
Kheadjf : bf4.'.the ; -bed:: and
I <;:iushi. vriie about; the r neck;arid;crled;^nnd
l;beyought me not to -/leave., her. - ::J\ tore
I away -and went-tbfniy^ ; mother's "houser;; I?
i stopped V 5 ri";. front of :her d00r. .; debating
[whethrrilishciuld: iKOJiln'jnn'V*^) '.-h^'r.^nndi
I 'theriil.r'werit oujdown' tho street' nndfßtop^-;;
;i pea i again:fcV)ripidenrigf 4 whetherilj badCrio^
, '*. better. ' go i hack^ arid : tel 1 % myi||inother. \• I
I did not Uavi any shells in my pistol
mi . ._ _-__-_- - - r
■.■■■■-■ ■■ ■■ .. .'.,.■■' . .' : , ::;"': :;"' ■ . r ■■. , .-■ s. ■■-;.-■ ■■-.
pion of the World,
HislFatei Sudden, Howevisr, and--a :Start
ling Surprise,
Crow«l/AVlih tlie L.oaer, and His De
-fent , Falln Upon it Silent Asseni
':. ljlaj;e-|-The llattle: Clean— Tbe.Siiee-'"
. -tat or* Orderly. "/. ;
May 11.— Jim Jeffries is still the :heavy-i
weight champion*^ pugilist of 'the 'world ; ;
He defeated Jim Corbett in the twenty
third round of their fight, with a. decisive
knockout.? The : finishing blow.- came: as ■ a i
sudden- and startling surprise. Corbett
had been making a. "wonderful battle.:. His
defence •. was ;: absolutely perfect, ;; and
while he was' lacking in strength, he; had :
more than held his ; own. and. stood an
excellent chance of winning the -light had
it gone the limit. He.had not : bp«n ; badly,',
punished, and had ; manage J to mark his
man severely. . ; _' . .
The, winning punch was a' short.ieft
jolt; to the jaw. • Corbett dropped- like a
weight, and was clear out. Jeff ries ■ show
ed -ability to take a " puncning, go any
distance, and punch hard/ He \vu.s clear
ly outboxed, and at times: made to-look
like a novice. : The crowd, which num
bered fully 8,000.. was with . CcrlVett. and
his defeat fell upon, a silent • company. -
There .were cheers ; for him .whin "he re- ':■
vived and left the ring, _ and ,he was s.ene-_
rally shown more consideration than 7. as :
the victor. Oorbett is; still a. -factor, in
the. pugilistic game. ' iHe : .]ias'- regained"
much of his old . form.: . " '. »
:. The battle was clean, and it is doubtful
if there was a single infraction, of the
rules. '-. The crowd was most orderly.'
iFirst Round— Jeff forced Jim, with Cor-"
bett. breaking ground > and sprinting. He;
forced Corbett to the ropes, landing right;
to the body. Corbett sent hard- left '<toj
f acei and Jeffries landed light left. ; Cor- .
bett. still shifty and breaking ground, ; ;
hooked left to nose.; He kept up "his
sprinting and sent another left to Jef-*.
f ries's head. Jeffries; tried: left, arid 'right, ■
but 'Corbett blocked elev«rly. land; hooked
another left to:' face. Corbett backed 1 ,
away; and: tantalized his opponent; by.' his;
clever : movements. . , ; Corbett hooked: left
to face. Jeffries, then. sent right to body
.and i Corb'.ettVcounterediWjthUeft;on. "head.i:
This was Corbett's :roundon ; : "points.,;;; : - ■"■ .
' Second ; Round— Corbett was' the. quicker
on his: feet arid"larided left on "jaw,'- while.
Jeffries .sent Corbett's : head :: back with
left on head, 1 but 1 Corbett .straightened"
up quickly/ and; backed away. Jeffries
got . back: with •ha rd right- :bn : the": body.
Corbett's footwork was- a puzzle to the
champioii. but Jeffries-: kept crowding : in:
arid landed left to, the body, which made'
Corbett more cautious. . Corbett's foot-;
work was wonderful; V Jeffries led left to"
: head.-;, but", Corbett. crossed with a right,
which, sent the champion's; head back.
Corbett made -good work of his legs, and'
danced away •; from: his ; opponent until"
the end of the. round.
Round. Third— Corbett again the quicker
on his feet.: He hooked' light left to Jef
fries's head. Jeffries was cool, and: de
liberate in . his movements. He guarded
his face cautiously^ , and forced Corbett
to make four circles of. the ring. Corbett
feinted with ; his left ■- but • did.n ot land,'
and Jeffries sent right and left to- body!
Corbett tried twice with left > for body,
but missed arid thenl they exchange'dfiigh'S
lefts on the head. :; Corbett feinted again;
but Jeffries blocked, and sent hard left"
to body, driving Corbett to tropes. " 'Cor- ;
bett ■ endeavored tp" feint Jeffries out' of
position, but got a right. in the body for
his pains. " With a quick movement Cor
bett sprang into his. own corner, in which
Jeffries caught; him; .sending : a stiff left
to the ribs, just v as the gong rang. : : :
Fourth ; Round— The y'rushed to a clinch
after which Jeffries hooked left to -head' •
Cqrbett tried a right -to the. body but fell"
short, but Jeffries sent" his. right over to
the head. They sparred. for a spell; with
•Corbett breaking ground, and :then
Jeffries forced : Corbett to the ropes send-"
ing^his left; to=the' body. A'mbment: later
he repeated -.this; blow and Corbett looked
Worried. At dose "quarters Jeffries put
his right: to the: head, and as -they: broke
he cameback quickly with : right ■to ibody
Then; a right .and left 'from ; Jeffries to
the head jarred Corbett.: Jeffries fol
lowed; up with an other.-, terrific left on the
neck, and Corbett was very; tired when ■
ithe bell .rang. ' - ."! . : ,:; ■ . ■
.Fifth Round— Corbett; resumed the con
test with ■; evident relish; but; he, was very.
anxious, nevertheless; Jeffries got to hini
at quarters with light left to
body, and Corbett failed to reply.: Cor
bett feinted* with his right, but Jeffries
: called the bluff and, hooked his lef t to the
.body. - ;Corbett sparred /cleverly ."^sending'
Jhisfleft to" body;: aricUafter; a ; little 'shifty
work hooked left twice tp the head.' Jef
fries attempted a a "letf t hook for;. the jaw,
-but Corbett ducked:, it. arid sent ' ;7 ahbther;
left to the jaw.-' Jeffries; then- crowded:
in and rushed Jim to; the ropes; puttiri" 1
■lef t; hard t» : the ] body.- f Jeff ries ■ forced the'
;fighting;;aWd sent left;; to,face,arid-body
with; telling effect jiist before : the
. mounded.. y -.- . : - , - , ; -s.-" : '. : :- ;-;■-'■ ■"-:-■■.■
Sixth Round— Corbett sprarigtb the cen
tre; , : ofA ; the;;;rinfr;?:but:; Jeffries" ; was'
:ready,;forhitri. ;;';Don't let;him^getrset.''
:he- can't get/you' in -'ai.week.*' .: : :A v {secorid
later Jeffries led a, straight/left r to- the
; face. Corbett madel^ an/ "Ineffectual £try^
for/ .the "head: / Three:; clinches '/followed^
with^the ilionors; iri/Jeffries's^favof, and?
/Corbett. was/compelled ; tbJshift"cbnUnually^
to/ avoid his/leads:: /Corbett /used, his legs^
; for to; the, end of the:rourid./^v-ith^
: out- having, scored;a>=emblarice r of a blo"w
Round .Seven— They rushed; to a' clinch
•again";// Jeffries jgotv a- : !it tie /left? o'n /the
wind; : Again ; ; they went / to s a/v clinch, farid
■inStlie/break/JaffrieV; threw.; his slet t^byerl
; tbVthe;ribs.^/Corbett /played|forHhelbody7
but. / Jeffries ::crbwdeduhiinl and /blocked!*:
rjeffries vtfle^^leftsle^ttbYtheihead^which
; Corbett : ducked/:; beautifully^ but^-Jeffries'
fwas I hard Fa ttev"-. h imTj; arid H sen tS right S arid '■
(Corbett oft his feet. JeffrJesSjthen pot
[wild, 1 both 'i.snds to body^jarid
-Corbett sprinted /"to ; avoid : the'- punishment;;
<Joib<?tt. affr jinnplngrback.. rari^intcv" a
straight'left on .the fai-t- , ilt . round was
altogether i*i JefErlcs's favor. snC C«r
:; -;>^^f
lEight^Cor bet ter uahe(l|"in^w^^
lel'L to the; bbdy^whlch was-bldcked.- and
Jeffries forced him to the rop,-s T»ith a
riiach: y Corbett^ hooked yleftitiij headland
; got s away^JclE an.ys'Jeff rleslroad eli^bulij
retuTfj; ; :?JerErtesl^
very iwlldtiri^hisjdellvei^£assh.el; missed;
thr ee -; le ft T- hooks 1 f or'y th c :; headi T. :\: \ Cor be tti
"dodged fcallSthfeei; in
ner:>f Jeffries kept lon ;j forcing;: the 5 pace £
and I- land ed "on ' .the^rieckT^ Corbett? ebun-"
. tefing fwi th ;" right*.-'hbok jto - head; :'. Corbett
i stepped :> inland is'got^.in:; a-? corklngT|gbbd
:fight:bn);thei ribK;.tiThe4bell? found
'sparring. 1' - -,
V : : coßßE'ri-s RorrxD. . '
.^■RoundNine— Both, lcd -lefts to head, and
clinched. T: Then Ci Corbett ;;vhoiSkedi ; left :^ to'
•, the ■ head I, arid S s wurig^r ightS toft the sja W;;
staggering, Jeffries.' \ Corbett :■■ followed % tip ;
:with ■, another jfighjJ^ing; to sjaw;^but¥ it
was > no ■ tit so ;; hard; as J the i.othiir 7 one."; Coir^
■bettcame in" with Ja; left .to ibody/farid J lri
■ ; the ,if breakaway^ swung. Va;?;' terrific r; right'
"groggj r : ? ;cbtb'e tt).pii t ; in f his > lef t bright .
quickly; to;: the. 4left/: : arid; :another. hard
left to the : jaw. :|-, Jeffries ■ sent; back :hard
left to" the r head:S Corbett was the ; clever
er in ; ; the; exchange Swhich'l followed: '/and. ;
la'ndedVhls :; lef t. with. prbvokirig?reg'ularity
on; Jeffries' s'V f ace :'. (muph": tn % t lie.V lit tter! s '
detriment. ;This);^Pas;;certainly;: : Corbett's
round, and"' thel;bestV;rou^dfof -the fight j
thus far. ;-■ - - ,-
Round ..teri— Corbett buened with a left
to head;;;and :duck"ed : ,the return. Again"
he hooked ; lef t ; to'uhe^ ear," blocking Jeff
: ries's, attempt . for -.the: body; Jeffries Hhen ■
was orii^e' aggressive; butlCorbett,, quick;
as;lightriirig:;rsent ;left;arid: right; to face,; :
and had ;,the -big fellow; guessing .before;
heTknewwherehe was'at. t Corbett kept ■
iforcing,- arid. with;another : left^to; the nose,
made /the boilerriiaker's fnasal ; organ .bleed ?
"profusely.' .,-; Jeffries i'was=,yery : ;.wild;' swing- J
irig at' random,^ while Corbett kept -land-:
■ing.v ; leftrhandHJabs^on;.rieckl and.- face.
Jeffries /made severalVrushes, .'but .to no
purpose, ; and Corbett- stock ;went.bo6ni-;
ing. ,; Corbett ■ Was ''■. loudly : cheered r at . the :
erid?ofth.e, round. •: :
; •: ..'. : ; : ; JEFFRIES;-RATTLEp.
'.-Round: eleyenth-^Corbett: opened: with:
left: to ;.:the body, ■; and .Jeffries ; rushed i
him to ;'the; corner;, but failed ; tbiland ef-::
fectively.* :.He tried ?a : lef t^swing. for Cor
bett's ; head; ...but 1 : Corbett dodged- it, and -
isent : ; right arid ; lef t to 'body. : Corbett ; sent
I two lef t:jabs\ to* Jeff ries's :.'-"mbuth,": .'-"mbuth," '•':■ bring-,;
ing iblood;. from, 'the ;lips." Jeffries seemed}
to be rattled" at£ this stage, rand Corbett:
found' no difficulty- "in^ getting-. his left to
the face. Jeffries .' tried "several "lef t
swings^.but Corbett 'got Ounder them, and
hooked his right over ..to -the f :bodytwice;v
Jeffries jabbed ■ Corbett : ln the: face under"
the; jaw. . Corbett did: riot "- seem -fazed .' byr
this "blow," arid 'Walked; to his : corner
smiling. - ' ■■ .- . ; "',' ■:. :•; .: ; ; -'.;';". '•■'■:■ -'^
{ ■; EVEN ' MONEY' NOW; / V
:;- Round "twelfth— Even: money-was 'now
heing '■ bet. Jeffries;, started : out : ; with : . a
■left-hook: to the head, but.Corbet^ducked.
it; and a^ clinch They , clinched
three times, without:^ blbwlv Jeffries got
right to ?. body; : and i left = to ; ches t,' Corbett^
hooking, straightsleft .-twice to; the lace.":
In a breakaway .Jeffries tried ,a : .right-*
/awing. but"failed/to":-land. and , 'Corbett:
"jabbed i left twice ; to^ face, \withou t :"■: 'a.% re
.turn..turn.- _ Jeffries . assumed • a .' more ; crouching
positon ; than Z that which ; . he - usually 2 as- ;
sumee,; but Corbett ■ itraightened ' him up
with a-! right, on, 'theVnose,' arid -'asleft to
the' nose, which! brought thel blood "more .
freely,- but in i a . break from . a clinch^
Jeffries crossed'; right: to the; head,;. and
at the close, of 4 the round : Corbett put a
light ; left to; the; chest. ;T " "..:.'. :
. ;; T v :^ ; ;
Jeffries tried left: half 'a dozen times, but
.Corbett got out; of -range. V/.Teffriest tried
right; again / to . head.:but 'CorbetJt: sfcifted":
inside, of the iead : arid clinched. Jeffries:
• hooked e lef t to neck,; and '-. rushed / Corbett •
to : the ; ropes. Corbett came" back quick
ly, >and [; they clinched twice, without^do
;lng.;. any. : injurj- to^each •• other.' : Jeffries '
made:,.a ; : bulldog; ; rush. ; ' sending -left : to
body : arid] right, to; head,"4 putting jCorbett"
to^the ropes,; and^stkggering-ihlm.t Jeff ries'.
v crovrded; in. and; forced; the paceT,: which
was "evidently too hot for Corbett, arid i the
bell.; sounded none too sobnl'. ' ■ -' . : '- ■ ;
?■? ■'■ CORBETT ' H£S . THE^CALIi }('': .
-:Round Fourteeri-rßothwe'refas't'in an
swering the gong, I each r leadi rig; asleft,"
hutthey failed to ;land.'Vand; ; a. ; clinch' .fol
lowed. .In -a breakaway p Cbrb*ett ; - tried :tb;
seridvright over. : but; JefCt ; ies. dodged it;
Then ' Corbett sent;, two", straight lefts -to
thef mouth, arid- Jeffries responded; with
hard left to bodyj-- Jeffries; sent a back-f
handecLsmash on Corbett's*face, : arid Cor-.
I hett returned' with a" straight- left ; to"; the
nose.f Jeffries- bled .copiously .-Ifrom^the
inos'e,. arid:" Corbett serii : two more -lefts
Lto; that organ.- Corbett had the call at
: the .'end of the round. "-" ' •-
; -Round- Fifteen— Corbett. was the '-.ag
.gressor, sending : left" ; ; twice -j to; the'^face.
Jeffries rushed ', driving "a . pil ©driver - right
for' the. .body. vw'hich-VCorbett.: blocked
cleverly. Then ;CorbettVhooked;left ; tOithe :
neck; while;. Jeffries, .t'rie'ds.three: '^wuld
swing's the;;head.V.: : Jeffries-?bored "in..
butTcbrbett ducked beautifully] jvAt - close
! quarters;, Corbett tried:- to
; lead ;, f br,'/.hi_s "."head ' and '■; slipped.' ; ;-but, ? . al- .
though . the blow landed,' 'he : ; recovered
quickly, "arid; stood upright-when; it";lbok- ;
edfas'^if he rsliould- have gone to^theiiibbr/
Corbett's ' work -was :- wonderful, and .the
Jeffries people looked worried. -. ' - -. " ; -
CRICKET. : " •
". Round -Sixteen— Corbett was"up "orv '-his,
toes .at the, call . of ■time^ .aehtr" left>io
Jeff ries's . body. . : He i hooked -t light \ left -to
Jeffries's. face.; but; ; Jeffries' sent -a." right
heavily to' Corbett's ;body.W. Corbett* jump-"
ed V around? as::- lively as a cricket, "and
when.; Jeffries> missed ay right swing? he
landed' left and ■ right-Tori; Jeffries's" face.-
In a breakawa y. ' Jeffries \. put his right
ito the ear, but Corbett countered sbn" the
body. -V. At; close quarters^ again "Jeffries
hooked ; right to'. the iside;bfHthe 'head; ; and
the ;referee.was_- active ;in; -seeing, them
•opart,' when; the" hell .rang. :;,;-. : ; ; ;
: . . Round ; ; Seventeen— Corbett s ran ' Into - a. \
left : : smash ;on ;the, face,;- but countered
.with. hard -left ;on the ear. Jeffries' looked
desperate, . and}; rushed.? at -Corbett ; like? a;
wild: nian.' : Corbett^me'trhis- rushes... with;
left jabsTto face,, arid? the 'best 'thatr Jeff-/
ries ; sent. :back; was .'a:7right>tb the';ribs..'
: Coming ?to Z closei ': quarters; i Corbet t\ drove
: right .; to -/the Bbody.v-aridci hooked 7: left^to*
: the^f ace." /Jeffries landed" left to' the body,-;
and r then,:drov"e -his i; rlght^hard i;for;- v the?
ichest; ; ; but; ; lCorbett^i blocked \C the: iblowV:
rA jhard left on body from Jeffries •almost"!
Uwk :: ;cbrb^tt;;ofT;'lns:;feet;^;b'ut;VCorbett;
; held lon'r pluckily,". arid ; skipped " around y but ;
of : danger; when :1t; looked ; as •if f she'?.were >
bound to loseJ Th: s I was" Jeff ries's "round.:.
:.■■■ RouridEighteen— They went to ; a clinch :
without; landiirg' 'a. blow; ;'Cbrbettshboked; 'Cbrbettshboked I
left ; toT jaw; {and -blbekedjjeffries^sjfeturrii
;for : the body^; Corbett, hooked fathardrleft:
fto;jaw,'.but:;was^6tv'sb'fqrturiatefirV^e3-;lf to;jaw,'.but:;was^6tv'sb'fqrturiatefirV^e3- ; 1
fcaplngV.'asf ? Jeffries'- put a.hard'lef t^ons'thej
fchest. 1:. Jeffries ttriedu right : L for Jhe^face^
ibut'bnly}. landed with" |hlis?forea?mKon?-th"el
! chin, /and 'ithere TlwereS cjies fof ;f; f qij t|
X or ;othatl; elbow."^; ThenTJeffries";:ho"oked ;
arid ;;-blbcked|fJen!fies's%cbun^er^
body, :V keeping the big fellow r>t arm's
length until the round was bv«||||||||||
"JEFF HAS .THE?ißETraßfOT!_tr^g
;,Rounc NlnetPeii- Jeffries tried two !.-;t
for/ tho body, but they w<-r- blocked;;?
|Thenf Jeffrleslhooked left to hta.J,-ifaifii
: Corbetti sent = b'ack"Uef tTSwing j iol 3£w£ Jeff-i
fsendlrig|leftjio^bpdjrr|andf right p tbfrie.cTc.4
Joffrics knocked- Cnrbett-to - floor'with "a
iliti m mMwmwi oullaf
llST" PRrPftßifflvoßfiDDlflll/i
City and State Officials, Memftof ttte
Council, and Others.
Tlioßsands yiewe«l?tlie .Woric- So"; Far;
- .a» It HaH-OBeen:;Coiui»l«ted~]jas;s'ai-'d.'
/Booth-Takers I'rßed to Kail in
- : / Ij .* ne T- A ; i ;Snsrjsrestion.' ■ '
■- ./Colonel John S. Harwood; .'chairman of
the Committee on Opening : Ceremonies^
last night/announced the- llstfo'f'i Carnival
guests ; who will 'be^honored i" with / invi-"
.tations to,, occupy -seats :in / "grand^
stand -on-, the' : occasion (of -the Inaugural
ceremonies: at noon -Monday. . . "
: The ■ list _ includes Governor land "■ Mrs?
Tyler//Mayor : Taylor ari& wife. "mx. L. /Z. :
Morris, -/president- ; of ;lthe;..Cnariiber^<bf
Commerce ; ; Mr. .W.^RH Trigg; ; of 7 the 'ship
building firm; 'the heads of departments
in, the State ; Government ;f .the. members
of the /Board-.; of Aldermen and Common
Council, the .Fire Commissioners; /the/Po-^
:^.9. 6_6 _ Commissioners, ; heads of: departments
of. .-the city =; government,
ent Thompson, of / the r Fire-Alarrn/ officer
and wife,/ parents of "little Miss" Lucille
Thompson, who: will pluck : a rose ? and
electrify the bells" and - whistles of the
city; members/of the: Board^bf Directors"
of ;the: Carnival- Association^ arid half a
dozen pother specially invited' guests. " :
/ The ceremonies/'.' will take place/ prompt
ly at noon, from' the large/ stand, /midway,
'thel north side. of". Broad, street; : between
;Third •: and. ' Fourth : streets'.^. ■"■Four. 1 -bands
will; be > stationed : on the four corners: of
.the square. The" Stonewall Band will.haW
a place "in. the /main, stand; 1 irninediately
in the rear, of the speakers* stand;" "Pres-"
Jment Meyer, of 'the; association/ will 'pre
/side. Rev. Dr. Hawthorne' will make: the
.opening prayer. Mayor .Taylor will iritfb^;
duce Mr. Joseph Bryan./who.Tv-iU; make
the inaugural \ address, /and -/then" the bells"
• andiwhistles will: be'loosed. Conciseness
will ; be the rule governing all speakers
The exercise /will- be simple, : direct," 'and
\ '-'y* " -'■ : ;; ;-:"/ .--■-..- '•.-" '
-:- r : An immense crowd thronged ;: Broad ]
street ;lastr night, /the; beautiful/evening I
tempting to 'a stroll along /the :/bobth
'street, .where hundreds ?;bf wbrkmeri^ex-^
ercised. saw/and hammer until a/late hour;
./All ; -up and. down^ the/. long, avenue /the
I electric-light^ sh'one. on : busy -carpenters
arid . "decoratedy buildingß,/ and V.threw .its
rays :upon : the / double : tow lof booths^ ex
itendirig fifteen blocks I along : the line Hot
•either /sidewalkl ; : sA^ centre x ot:-. attraction
Was the rbigrarch'rat /the "corner "of STe'nth 7
/street,: which / is ; undergoing; the = nnishiTig
'touches./; The word/ Welcome; in/ big
/gilt/lettering,/ attracts the/eye .from, both
the/arch; which is taking/on/ a
final coat of white": plaster> of Paris. /
Of the 125 / individuals .and firms which
: engaged vbooth' space, about .seven ty-flve
have - commenced work on their.:struc
. tuxes. / It/is a/matter! of vital- impoftarioe
to c the 'complete, success/of /the .fair uhat
the other/ fifty, merchants.' taloe/ a "big
brace": this morning. V. Enough 1 .time :re
mains - yet ■■ in :. which to Jcbmplete ; all the
booths '.before-: noon. "-.- ..;* ;/ "/'-*_;/ f
An ; investigation -bj' a* /representative
of the Dispatch^yesterdayrdisclosed^that
a; fa vorite;Teason- given /for failure, tb.\be
giri ■ I 'wbrk"-;is:.;that'/.n6Hsufficient*ti.nie"r)re^
mains In Which to/ finish ! without wcwklriff
' 'oii;-' Sunday. /- ? It v.was'-'j learned vat ; ,-.Ca'rriiyar
at- ;819;.feast;: Main /street,.
; that"; the/association "=ha's 1 the. names; of ;re£
sponsible /contractors who are : inlpb&itibrT
;to put-up booths fat: a? fewj hours' notice;
.They/; have: the 'material, - the - teams,/;* and
- the ' men. .-They stiirid;, ready.: to . guarantee."
/the completion: of : ;tUe woodwork /in. time
to enable- "the" decorators /to: put on" the
■finishing '~\ touches' 1 ' by " ' - -? :> da'y— -
|; and /that without' .working; on- Sunday. ;It
cannot" be - urged -too / strongly ; upon; air
booth-takers to keep their iPromises- to
[-build; and the/ readiness rof-.; the /as3o'ciar
L tion to put them iriitouch'wlthr- contrac
tors prepared to/run .'up' a/ booth -/before
nightfall: apparently/leaves' them without
excuse for; failures ■':. ' , • •'
•, Special policemen were, appointed- by ..the
/Board of Police ' Commissioners-yesterdays -yesterday
afternoon ' to ;serve during/ Cafniy'aKweek;
are" the/" special" 'ofneers,/ who
■will be -.sworn, in; by City -Clerk 1 8./ T.
-August this; mbrnirig: '.Thom'as'il Grave/? C>
;A. Pusey. 'W. T. Levy;/ A.: T. ; Parker,-;
: Nicholas Ferriter, R.'/W.'JNorman;/ James
f Haririon, Jr. , : ;: C./ .W." ;>Williarris; .'/ A. : / W.;
'Bethel, Gobdriian Dayisj; Herbert /Curtis,;
■ Thomas Fowlkes," ■ Samuel:' HirshbergV-'fMi:
■Mills, /George P. /Tyler, 'Floyd -/Clarksbri.i
"John^ J. Walsh,: Jones ;C. /Allen,* Louis =A*.i
Schutte, I* "B. ■-"'Sa'm'uei; ; W. ; C. Gibbons;'
/W./A.;: Tbler;. T. /Wiley^ Davis;/ JrJ; : ; Jamos
Rr/ Chamberlayne,-. John J. • Powell ; H ugh
-M. . Moffett./Sariiuel'.B. /"'Angle; /Edward'
Palmer; A'; ; L. ;.; 'Jenkins" . Julius t- GerriDg,"
; Thomas Walker. /J. ■ * E. ; Whi taker, .' Cary.
Tribue; L;/ Kelleher, George ;W. / Iving;
farid ;E.C. Taylor. .. ...- ; : ; : , / '"/."-' •■■ - :
.^Substitutes— J:' H. : .-Taylor;/.1. R. Chad,
wickf IR. P;/ Lqmbeth.'/ W;/ O.:/Buriey;_ Rf
: Kranger. . W. H: ; Taylor j"TJa*mes R. Aaron;-
R; F-jWelsh", arid/; George Z Clarke. " ; -t
The;.headuarters;;of//the//;Carriiyal .As^
;spciatiori/. will;- be* tfans£efrred-t from . c .t& east'
;MainV street ' to -.the "northeast /corner'/bf
Fourth/.- and/ Broad J; streets this /in prriirig/
, Tliis /will;; be headquarters '■■ until -the fair
iclot»ed; : "/: /;: XX r > P, '■■■.':\'\''~:C'-'f' : V
■ :•-■•; ■'. :/; NOTICEI/TO/ENGINEEUS.*."
/■Mr./^~W.; H.Z; Thbmpsori,- /electrician /for
.the/association,., issues /trie /following Znbi ;
tice: ; .j' *'"".. ,
•:.f. VStearnboat. r ;locorriotiye.-;aiid; stationary
are /requested ;?:to/;blow/*/their/
fsteaihl' .whistles j arid Tfingitheir/- bells ;as' : a
; signal-; to ■■: announce-; the ;grarid; bpening^bf
I the/ Street ;Fair;i/Monday;;/May./lith^32
:o'clockV/;riobn;/ ; /;The/ signal:.' to/- »:bmriiericc
"will /be: sent out '■■ over /-the:! firm-alarm; arid
vpblice/telegraph/systern' to all/ bells farid
; steam/lwhistles -i coririec ; ted :/wi th'^ilils "i viy s
i ter n: X O thers : ; no t (cprineh ivd 'i ar ejTCjquesttci
; to' take up: the'; signalllng3multa^iic>usly:^
"Two -.Orjilmim Tnkfo , Into Cuxtoiiyj
I>y thf Pollen \*>!»t«'niii.v; : S^'
• Two Mi.all b .-- Y-niui l>ll wd/17,1
and h's brother Koy t.-:,. „-.. ; ; - clai^^ ;
fingJSadamvHlo"' ;a: suburb ii'6f : ;Cincin"natl.S '
as tr\.-.i home, weiv .!■»-- ,-,, -.; ■•'.-,- HynL
|Streetfpepoi y^tefaS I g :iceniant
Farley, and are hf-i.i to M;- £ oond-Pollcel ;
Station on xhk t.har^i* i>i \ --r.iiit,.
s£^.The" boys tell a pitiful mo
ffrank'-Js their btateraenf th.it tho ;'>%-.
ebelieverthemyfand^ill •'endeavor-: to?h'e}pi
them o'iitj'of «tho troubles *that now _i>n
•lround:them. The 1 *(?■-• '•. ! . h; ppj lionst
'near; Cincinnati; i; Tueir^father £d[edjsome;
Urn.- ajrv n:u\ rer e»tily their mothci pa s- ;
ed io.ihe^reatlbsybnd.-'l^as^uVarH-mal-
mo-=i frioridlHps and abs^iuu-ly pfimßcs^.
They struggled-, for themselves, and l>v
"dint" of .haid :-nork "and close economy|
J .mariasfd to scraVe "to^pther :< few^dul
l.irs. VRetnernbef Ing ihat they: had an'
•^.-^ :'-UHr_ in" Florida, thV> .Ivti-V;
* mined reach~hjm. and v .tlj th» ir sav
yn^sfc!nsilySstawe<l/; away:;:they "J started^
on their. lon jrUrip. "on root
t^ yesterday,!
.and .were preparpisr.'to'.'deparC
vhor» -taken" in' bv Mr. Furley. At.'t'no
l^ o^^%]^l^t^-^^h^t^y t°W?thiir/|
csl9.^Aof-ispreowytHe/SpoliCjßmei^| ; Sn"g^per^.
lathertd .ibout wcrp «.oftcnud. . iul an cn
;lads---tr,iT?-i.iort.»:ion to their.\ies^tir^tion?l
in '' hoj's 'ii^ i»ri<hi. antl exceedingly good:
PoHceman -M:itt«»m on ><• teniayJafter
noon at 4 o'clock, had "his attention called
I to- a-, negro ; who ". was ■ • sea ted v/in " r a - dila pi- -
. da i? d»d »o u sgy ? dra^lbyl^sailfmore dilapi-
S^^afeorse./ and ; '- leading* anqther^wrary/
S^^Hr^^?n^ro^ya3^dri^ngvup^Broad :
a ; c ane.^Withrnearly/evelrxtblbw?bfl
- ? e ;i stlck J thej darky Swas Kdrawirigiblbbd:
fsof 5 on ?/^ ne SPborJ Ihorserslb.ack. „; :"
policemani arrested/; the ~-i negro- f or
sether/with .'thel two] horses arid /the" buggy ."
; to //-the //Second ;:-/Sta"tibn; ; ;;S:/rhere^ the'
■ negro jjgave'/his^riameias.GebrgeiEllis^
;and esa^dfhe Jwas /walkiri"s:albrigltheTrbacl
sou th of Manchester. :l when >; he me tv a
m SP /driving/; as double ; team", -and : leadi ng
an .ted \to/ride;^Upbn= receiving •an^atfl rm-
a } l l<r - answer :, he S turned /} the horse^and
;buggy ... loose /and Mcdi the? horse over^to
.thejdarfcy : and:Uld?him'J^keep- r upiwith?
him and ? f ollbw> hirii '"itoa the^Exposi tion-t ; -
Grounds. -This,:: the ■negrbVSaid^h&S'wis
S^ii?" - t0 ''-■ do /when "^ arrestedr? ; ,The?pblice
;do notbeHeve^the'stc^^and^after^quari
tenng- the; horses .at /Jacksod's^ stables J
;started - out /to;;nnd ■ an r pwierifo'r?them?
-m?"-' far - t^ ey:havenot oeen/ successful;
The I negroKwill : be- in, V the I Police
•this /morning. "/ : ; ? ■::■ :t ' : ' :;;;.- ; -y.----.- ■■^y. -•? ■ ■:—-,.,;-.
TJ«o Ope^lnK of the Syntem to Be
- Fitly Celebrated.
;^ h6 "^?i^^ t o?RicSbfndTofnhe' flratt
sSen?'^ °- Jthe Seaboard Ai^Line<
Sjstem^will;be ; /appropriately::celebrated::
The matter ,is : in: the ; hands": of "fa** ««ninit-" :
thl^nfa t^ l^ 11 ' 1111^ of iiCommerce^ and ';
9 :^ 1 -^
=!^n^t ; -bccur^b"n v ;the ; . afternoon^of l
■«S"fl?«t; ' J Pne 2d. ,It is probable -that;
■n^^w >>?e? c i^^ :ometl wltn - i^ salute.:
re i^ 111 ■ be * speech-making ; at ?
f t!ir® w! c * P lac e^-Possibly : at . the" Cap- ;
ito). Tftje special • train for this - trio ; will :
t^^^^ n - th^ lst; ' and - 2^?of^tme^nd!
dnt^fSy? chedule;^ th ? two drains -a,
aa yv ■i.Tf*M>be inauguratedVjune 3d • ;* ?.v':i
-:Preßident;JJohnv;Skelton--Williams>;-n ; Hr
■ c - a;,number/: of '/distinguished' men -as':
h^ffuests^onlthis/trip.; Those, imitedliß^
-whw, t!l f. Gc >Y,ernors:of the . States ;throu?h?
Seaboard v Line :; passes. :' thel
bnl t;edv States I senators 'from (those : States;^
raembersof Congress through whose; dis- :
. i-rlcts -^the:f ; various?v branches ;jrun77:- the
presidents: of :the;;severai;;roads in^ the =
system; \ and. a",number,'of ; other prominent'
railroad ; men ; and : financiers :-■-'. - -■ : ■?: ~]}4
:of /securities : in i the Georgia -■ and "Alabama
to Seaboard Tconsolida tion 5
.will; be: issued: to-day " :-- ; -. : — .:
i'-p Mestsrs;! John ; 1^ i Wiiliam's <& i Sons have \
bought ; a . large? pieced of -■. property ? at; Carv ]
: and *Fif teenth: streets, 7 which;; It 'is urider^:
■stood; ,1s .intended;- for. ?sthe^uses ? ! ""of "-the'
Seaboard /Air-Line.TThe« property; Is <about'
370 ;.by-;3TO : f eet; s ; andiextends ; f coiaiCaryit&:
;X»ock.;andiFifteenth.'to Tthelviaduetsexclu"T thelviaduetsexclu"
; slve I of/ the : city r gas '■ planti* Ttie \ Seaboard ]
Air-Line t has J petitioned :• the Street | Com- \
;up!Fifteenth r stre««.Sfor'the;benefit:bf : ,the
; shippers i: in Cthat i =' "?::..: .
f r-A -passenger,., train, on '.the -Seaboard yes'-
terdayvmade. theifaat / record • of -'■ eightv-i
five/miles' an-hour. ' : ::;; ; .:-•:;. "?";";;
"After /piles for -fifteen
j'earsVl-wW/citfed/lby , usirigi' two /boxes'
of;;DeWitrs/WitchnHazeirSalve. > ';;writes
W« ,TJ; //Baxter. ' ; North :;; Brook, -N. -; C. : ':■ It'
heals eyarythlng-; of; counterfeits :
Ebdeker Bros./ T.-.A. Miller. - :
1 .; ■ • ■ ■ .'- 'Perxonal. _ ;i *
With pleasure/I announce .that r ~f£have-'
: thi3;;day formed ia/ibusiriesa .coriri^ction
.with.;. tiie • well-knovni : house of J-JVlessrsT-
Cordes :&fMosby,- where, with -increased!;
''*a c J. u M®?.;§w d .t^
stock,. r^willat/anf times- take; pleasnte; in
fsupplylng ypux/dry-gqbds . wants with tne
i best^gbodfi arid "atj absolutely/ the 'very/ low?
■ est^pricesT- ■ /— ; • ■ ~^"~-: i , ' / /■; " '■- . - : /-; : ■:-'^> .-/;.•*
j?VProfoundly/ grateful -,f of'past fayors, and
asking a Jkirid-eontlriuarice in/ -my new
: quarters,- / rreraain; ; U - :i ;/ ;" ■•:'. ;/ :.---"-;.; .-.;> -:
/■;\ -.- Very "respectfully,.--.- ■''.. ■: . ,-i-:. .!.. j."-.;-v.
"..:"■-:-- '/■-.■• HARVEY/ii rSTRAXO.^
:•:-•, ":.-■.-'■■; .v'-.- ■- : '->" : :r--^T: r --^T ■■::".-> ■ .:--• ''" -':-; ".': '" :f
.. " lli te/HeaVer><r://V;://;- ; :; - /-'f
.uiWe'ye^a. .White/ Beaver Hat; at": so /cents.
"W:""T~/%7"-r ;i
" ' /;" "- ; /' " O.'^H., RBRRY-r&^cb."'/
-The^Sun*s;.C6mln^;-Eeiti»jce f May :2S'th;i
-The" Atlantic-Coast; Line; "on. accountTot
the aboye '/oceaiiorir '/will iapplyVrate^ - bf '
one and'one-thirdjfirst-class fares for the
roundf trip^-: ; in/Tthe/V/*ale /'of/';lndiyiauall
■round-trip f ticketst/f roriiV^Riclimorid? to ;
:Point.s;in?yirginiahNorthi' Carolina;!: South"
Carolina. and"'Georgia: /;,TicketsTori"saie
/This ;■ is ; a ( good % opportunity : for/; those ; de^"
; siring to//witriessjrtirf/rareiand;lmpressLve;
: phenomenon. ./..;Fbr;/ifuliylnformatlpn^ih
regard; to// tickets;^:sleeplng-cari -accom
modations, /timeitables.rtetci' y apply. J""J to
;•";/!;/; : \, : v/:U..;:/v/ C^ S. ! iC AMPBELL>/--V; ,:v
ye / : :/ "- ; --piyisibri-Pa^senger'Age'rit,'/ : t-
■■ ' . ."838 east Main ' Street. '■
Yolk Miller at Horn*., v /
*.- : Since - making ; aileadirig/- sPecialtj%;bf/.T!BeI
Mineral/Water ;'andvCigaripepartment.T of;
-his; drug.?tbr^,; there ? has ;beeri|suchian;in-?
cren.so ; in ■ the .bus) riess : as to /malte.; ! L ; ue
; cessary; for .Polk Miller/ to *glve; his ; person-/
al/atteritiori" to .the; details;; arid : heireqiiests:
Jis >tb tell hid city: a rid febuntryjf rJends." to
fc"aHjrn:;him'jat':No/;900-MaIn";"street"; during
the/srecognizedffauthbrity ; lori ! i:,t'Dbgscand :
.Thelii-piseases". 1.';;1 .';; arid '-i the/- only;;manu/faf;-?
:tureK;of laifullcline/fbf^anine.'vreme^dies^rt
- the South." we"! expect : .to"."s«»e him: biisy/:."ifot
only/- "witi t h :. his "I atten t ion ~ tot the'£wa n *..•; ;" cC
fnan^ but of the dog.saswell. ■.;*;. ; '.
.\lTlttte Benver«.^ r
1 We'v* - a'; White ■ Baaver ; Hat; a t ;; 50;5 0; cents.
Just/the thing if or^paradingr^ ,;;::. :/i: v -.
O. H. BERRY -i .CO- :
$1.00 C. &O. ' SI.Vm» — ,
Sunday Outliis* to-Olil Point.^w
p«n \fH». Ocean Vl«-v». and^'o^
:Two IfastV trains >every); Sunday '.with
pAR^OR-GARS.^ai^ |iollo\vs :^ v'f he/ iirsi;
IramswiH 'lt-."" «i- t;• > - '• ' A M.T
forJOld Point. Oft-aii 1 View, and jXorfolk;
Via r - Wiiloiishby^ijit- '-'This trainT\vUl"notj
ifofrat Newport N'v.^. "'
Socop.ti ijvin v. i*. ie.iv :•, h i •»
Ar^l." for Nfwpoft_XfWs» «m«i X.u'folk^v^
Ch^^apeakp and Ohio -'.• mv r
'(-;.-kt” to X ft IK will b. aivept.-d on
th--> return trip .-Ith.r v;,, V. l'lmsghbyi
Spit. or /via i'hr-.-jp^ i!; • nu) 0!'.!«« >t«>:ini,-r"
Norfolk iQecaii View Stai; •: . -,t ■. V U, •
leave 1 Old- Point rSP.vM.-iirT-^-Riehm^.i
lOSp.^'M.^Roiunrnu via .\ A >•• X.-rT.-.
leru-ej 3 Norfolk f |<Ch «a* •' 4p -qU r^Olil«H
WhaVn at7:lS'P.'.M.; i.,iw sp rr X^.\v<
|onfefc!t{n|ftnn(ialiSßss!oiKf I
/ -■ „
; :" :--j llull >:uy!if GllilUji iPCPliloi " ; /
llf][£S_?lrs N Q B/TW EN R E-=£eße^^ iCQ^^S
It li.Prcaeutrd by Dr. Harrow* "'la, '■%
- '; HOT . SPH.IXGS,', ■ARl^v^^^3 r 3l^^(Sp^^^K4i i
; cial.)-^Tiie^f orty-hf it** -; session ot , * thȤ?s^
; Southern -Baptist Convention waj catted
i to ; order,"; this^niorpins. i In | the large; dlrrinff |||;|3
hall bf the Eastman HoteT^yl^wiaiilaSit^^
W. Jj Xortben. of. Georgia. ;The "halV ';-"~j
which will scat' abbift 2.000, was w«U 'jiuieof^S;
i.wlthri'delesates 'arid ./yisttbrSo|^Si^&?^|^^
rirepfesented i^^eighteen V dei*ga* cd.
■;- : .
W.J.VNorthta was WDar.r- ' ■
mou^ly^re-elected; f.T^ie Xtj
'Joshua Leverfns, of Ma. j.*_t:i .; Jamesyr§|§
'P. '. Eagle. '*bf •Arkansas; ■'; S. ! : H. ■■TordMatMS^
r- ~-^7_-.. ---.-■■ i'~'-r- - ---*■-;-*-■■* vt *:-^i ;:■■_<*■ >-«■-■■— gg
-Missouri, and B: C Bucka^n-, <-C T- xas. , •"
/ Dr;;J. -8./ Moody welcotru. ■'. the conv<-n« ' >
tionliin.a unique,- humorous speech. ll>* " '■
created /somewhat of ia/senaatloa by in- -
jecting into his apeech a .Jtscussion -ot ;-./■ : ~:
the .question, of :a universal •■iCbarchi'Va^^
question^upon wbich 'Baptists are greatly, " :: W-i
A touching incident took place at this /
.jnorning: session. Dr. Lansing -'BurSw^f^
of Nashville. Term., , rose, and after a :1;
tonder, eulogistic speech, presented- .a, ;'^
'riiosUesquis'Ke sulid-.-Mlver vaae-tn v Dr. I.
:T.- Ticheoqir;V'of pAtlahtai'; inltiehalfldC Ihia
/frientis/ all iOyp>J. that Soifth.'-A pf^^tictianor^ \ :
of -theibrethferi iwepfduringFthe t>^eSenia^WM
-The trustees of 'the 'Southern B.ipt!?-t
/Theological: Seminary have Mlsoted- Dr."-* :: '
:Geo"rge ; ;B;/;Eas'er;fbf -Mbntgbmiry,, Al;"i,.
, 4 to Jbe rProfessorj of -^Pastoral ;,Th'eoio«y \ Inv- ;
;.thatc Institution.' " " ■ -•
■The 'afternoon session wa.3 given, up ""
itb-the/read-irig bf. reports pC'the -Foreign
•? n( ?2. u j, asi ?Sv showing r rnafked'piogaresa : lir -.:'•■
every "department. - t
! ; : •*■£ h u ;P. : M.; : the t : ajinual g sermon i.wasl%|
Taylor; sD.:D. J r>bf -Nbr-
': £
:54: ■■'■ '-Whwiceihath^this^^nan '■•"this^'grSt =
wisdom and tnes^jworks?"
Thirty-Five Cent*, (y.ie.)
:Will buy .---a. <pound of 'good Linen Paper H
sqiiaFe : 'shapes,/:; three v ai*es//whi te^ and/
blue. :j Cannot; be\^ matched ieiaewlwntSin^
quality / arid; price./; /'Large -Warletjr i of *
other/ style's:; :; ; / >;;;/./ HUKTEJRV& : "CO^
AVhlte Beavers./
.We've a White Beaver Hat ;u 50 cents. lg'-
Just /the /thiny ;f6r:/paradiriy. "* :'•
rijOj-jH. BcIRRY & CO. '■•'■:- /
KutertaitiMieiit hy Polk >iillejr.^
Commencing Monday momin's," ih» i th
of May, arid:r«nrilrig ; thrbughitheisummep -
months. Polk Miller^ will EentertainX tho
public' at/No. " 900 f Main f street. f *sPerftirSP^^
ancft.commencinKratlS o'clock A. 21. at"l . .
continuingtthrough the day_~ There vflt ."
be no charge at the door, and in- niost
refreshing drinks -ever served .it :i -..>'<
fountain^ IriT Richmond will bn h n'deil
around: for 5 cents.- " ■
fieneral- /- A»»e»b!y / prcjhytertan^i!"
Churoh In the United States, At- --
luiitu. «a.. .Hay 17 to 'M, 1000. V. '--: ■-.;
h oti: the apoyeT(occasiojrf thoj§||
"Atlantlc^CoasyLine. announce.-s', a rate o£,
s orie^£a£o 1. jpr.^'the j'rouhd ? trip; . ra te ■? from £§jfi
\ Ricinorid|D"eing: SltSO.^Tieketa « to|b"e 'sojrf "^^
Mayl 15th~16th^ arid /17th; fcoritlhubtiVfpai-^^
.sage, with QnaUlimit May 20th. ; '" \-j
;tion3, - arid/f urtherj^!nfbrmation;"callT6ri'&W'^^^
Steel,^ Ticket fAgentfj By rdiStfeeti Sta"tlonl|i|i
- . C. • S.r.CAJ>l_PßEl^LT^^^^^
j^l^y^V" I Division^ Passenger Ai;ent, f f
I^^^^:. . No. 83S east Main street'gj^^
7n°- ■ -
'* r' '. AVkltr ; DeOTeri. *■'%&ss§£
;;? We^ vV/a .White sßeayer Hat at 50 cerit%^j
Just^the : thing :for;para'hng. j^'Vw
. • O. : Hr- BERRY "&'.CO3yj3g
ny^sj-Teas; and J CofCees^iHl^i^
est ■: quality,/ lowest / prices;; "Pure £j Sugarirte^
fiold.s a txcostrs^'r^ C.-7IX ftKENNrIf COi£s.#i
: SW.X9.?^?.r?^lHP^?S.|itlisetreets. . * ~ .-
S. E/cbr. Main ii"nd ; 3eyenteenth.';B'tree"t9.'^-r
v7oiy!i?account;,".of v vllicl!moiid . Free Strectf-^
iFaiFl and! CamivaJ; 'thelKchinond^F^ii;!^
pahy: /will / sell ■ to ; g" an<sl||>
retiirnfat" rate:of or.c fare for; round i trip "' ?
Ticke ti; on "sale; May, s l2th i to" 19th *In elusive;^!
gl>o<r~fo%eturtfs until liar- con-.#?|
tlnuous. pii?sagf -;^in L each- direction.
if urtlier: Informal ion Japply i tpfagentsfßict)i^i
mond.'. Frederieksburg; and irPotdmac frail- K5;
read/ or VT. ,. P. "■ Taylor." Traffic! Sranagefii^p
**."'-' IlsrmmSml* .
"-■■ Tha best^Ro^es;!!;^^^ £Peas;|<Sacnatlon!^S
[amiyotlver^ Cut-Flaj^ef>^alwdysipn^hana.^
Special attention tjivt-n to w«tldSng3*a£tl2r«|
|Uecot%tln^. . , '^-^^^fe
;tiz«r j |'andtinyigoratorlpTOparta!a«deHtaoua|s?
3 flavor ; tp all f drinks/Land; cures/dyspepsla;^^;
tHiisc. — — — - . v .^,|
> Filft 1 •••"■> *- " r Saturday and: Sunday i&isi|
I ;aa«s to;,VirginJa-rFalr;Saturdai; : warcs3?P
g^^ j er^ ia snorthera portion ;? Su^dayjli
." — -"","'.; , ■ — .-» v »• •
-fatr;-,vas ,i.-- i lads, ro stty. iTresh soutfc- a
a ml * warmer4%|Sg§i|
-'• tlik ,a\V KA/cHE^WiKiliHTcmrox^^
.v. i- <--.»r ,s:;t pk-t^unu ,"/
"ja^jt^Vl"" * * *.* "'"" ' " "*" ! Xtr-' '
: .~ ; '**..**." . '."vi"/.*""^!*':" "' "5 ~^ " „',
t-» x. .Vi f " - •* "V.'i "~
I .":" -y----; fg&

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