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"''•-:. - f " s ' : '-'" ; r: -"■ '■'■■ "":'•■ ; \ .':•..-;■. -—'i „- . 1 ■.;•--• ... : -'-. ...;??* *■'■ *"'■
Richmond's Free Street Fair Will Be
Ushered in at Noon To-Morrow.
On the Threshold of the Fair, the Pros
pect is Bright ■'■ ; - •
ich Element of a Great Success is Assured— Programme of the
Inaugural. Ceremonies, at Xoon 3 and the Coronation oi the
Kin-, at Jvi^ht— Kvents of the Remaining Days— Hotels and
oon to-morrow Richmond's Great
Free Street Fair Trill open. On the eve
iif the six-day entertainment the horizon:
Is bright -as ons surveys the prospect.
The xnon. at th« head of the enterprise are
satisSfcfi. Oalj* the intervention of a
rainy period, it 1* held;' can prevent the
achievement of a magnillcent success.
Meaxitime, the skies are clear and faith
is strong that the lucky star under, which
the city has prospered In trie past will
thine in undimmed brightness until she
has turned another leal in the records
of her commercial and social triumphs.
The visitor will find the Strsot Fair
unlike anytliing he has .seen in Rich
mond turfore. The charm of coveio- Is
une of tlie ' attractive features of iha en
lertalnmerit the. city has provided. It is
cossider'ad to pos-sess important udvan
tag«s" over the convenuaaal iigricultural
fair, which the evolution of the times
baa relegated to the rear. Instead of tak
ing place on. a suburban, enclosure,
it will l>e Xound ou the iu-^icip-al tlioroueh
l&re. ol" the city. In liyu of a race und
tne bunching of all important events
in the compass o£ . a day, . the Street.Fair
tas a score of shows and a. half score ofj
■Jjl«ndld features distributed over six
/tys. To— the -visKof's natural- iixjuiry
/10/ 10 acswec- may well be ma<se:here: There
/ 111 be Tto one bag dixy; so i'ar as possi
je, all ol tii« sisc days will be . equally
treat. :
The stor>- ot Rtchmond'-a big week has
oeen heralded afar. Xo ov^nt has been
be shows in the crowds. There is every
iiidication that the altendance upon the •
lair win exceed the largest figures upon
previous oocasions. Tive hotel man,- the
railroad p-K>sde. and travelling men pre
dict the lares attendance! Their coin
pettney to judge is riot, open to question.
The Question of hotel and boarding- "
house accommodations is a pertinent one.
A. canvaas of the hotels last night dis
closed that they will not be able to
handle many more in addition "to those
a-ho have engaged rooms in advance.'
Splendid boarding houses and private
families, however, are available. The in
coming visitor and stranger will do well
to remember that all Information as to
accommodations may be obtained, free
of coßt, bj" application to Carnival Head
quarters' Booth, at the corner of Broad
and Fourth streets.
Th« final details incident to the formal
inauguration of the fair engaged the con
stant a-ttention of the" carniv:il officials
and employees y*Hterday in an unwonted
degree. Broad street, in the hands off
carpenters and decorators, underwent a
decided change between sunrise and mid
night. The gV-at white arch at Tenth
street was completed. When Sunday
earns not all of the preparatory work'
had bfren finished, it is true, but the
Kooth street will be in sjilendid shape
before the opening exercises.
The ina*igural ceremonies will take
place at 12 o'clock to-morrow. For the
purposes of this interestine function a
commodious stand has been erected, and
decked in broad bands of red; white, and
blue, on the booth , street, midway be
tween Third and fourth streets, on the
north side. It faces a perfectly level
surface, which exten<ls in . ample I'nes
across the street, and away to the right
and left to the bounds of the intereecting
streets. Iji this space will be assembled
the throng of auditors, who will come
to hear the opening oration. ; and the
music of the score of combined bands.
A unique musical climax, which v. ill
serve tlie purpose also of drawing all
visitors to the central, point of interest,
has been arranged. Prior to the open
in? hour all the Carnival bands will be
distributed throughout the city equulis
tant from^ the speakers' stand. Timed
10 reach the square ''simultaneously, all
the bands will niarch by : converging
routes, followed by the inevitable crowds.
The debouch of these bands '.irto the
square, all playing gayiy,. will, if tl'.e^ ar
rang-ements are carried out, be alniost
dramatic in its effect. *
One of the marching bands: will roach
tbe City Hall, to- escort the speakers to
the stand. These honored personages
will occupy carriages. One will fconvej"
Mr. Joseph Bryan. .- who will- make the
inaugural address; Rev. J. B. Hawthorne,
D. D., who has been invited to _ deliver
the Invocation, and "ColbneU John S. Jiar-
Mood, chairman of the Ceremonies Com
mittee. In the other will ride his Honor]
Mayor Richard .21. Taylor, to whom/ has
be-f-n entrusted the introduction: of the"
speaker; Mr. Alexander Meyer, president
of tlie Carnival Association, and Mr. B.
Stewart Hume, a member of the Cere
monies Committee. " " / ; :
This distinguished partj-3 will: find await
ing them the following State, municipal,
end civic dignitaries, who have been in-f
vit ed to occupy, seats on* the /stand : Gov
ernor and Mrs. Tyler,. Mayor; and fMfaT
Taylor. ; members; of. the Board: of Al
dermen and Common/ Council; " heads' of
of the/ city government, f va
rious State offlclals. boardsVbf. Fire; and
Police Commissioners; I*. ; Z.Morris; pres
i(^nt, and H. Lu-; Cabell; .vice-president;
o! the Chamber o^Commercb; Mr. H.iL«e
l>orraine.. president of ; Post A, : and?C^ :
Walton Saunters, president of ftherstate
lS on;.l'x.:TlrglniusrNewtori;- preside fit- of
the Clearing:, House Association; Hr R>-
Po]!ar<2,- City; Attorney; *Eouls v A.: Marie;
A- P. "Huntt; -.; Mr,; W. F.V Fox\-> Superih-1
tenaent:;; of. City;., Schools \> "Judge f J^^Cr
Lamb, Judge E?.?.C.- Minor;! "Judge /S.t BJ:
Witt. Judges Bfi It: Wellford;:VJu<3ge/T.-
Afliby : Wlckham,' /Justice fi-Crutchfieldf
Judge '■■- John : - H.v Inxrarri* . Marichest«r; :
C^rt; ;; Clorks ; fla^ ::-M/|:::^Rowol!6,^t:P^
I. Winston, C. O. PaviHe. and
Wal{ Sr /CChri!f«aiC b^idesSMr: /hiuiSMrs^
V>'. i£. Tliompsoajv whoEeiiSterestirigfibabyf
daughter will . flash a spark -of electricity
throughout: the city setting the bells and
whistles; in motion. Altogether, there will
be 140 persons in-the stand.' which "-be '-In
charge of Mr. Robert Lacky, Jr. the
tJiird member of the -Ceremonies'"Com
The ceremonies will be as brief and
crisp as the business-men at the head of
the association couid arrange. The prest
dent of the association, Mr. A. H-JMeyer,
will preside. Rev. Dr. Hawthorne will or
fer. prayer. Mayor Taylor's Introduction :
of the speaker will' be followed, by Mr,
Brj-an's ten-minute address, and then-litt
le Cora l^ucille Thompson, aged 21-2
years, will be lifted to . the apex of a
floral pyramid, from., which she /will pluck
with baby lingers the crowning rose. An
electric spark will flash to .'the scores of
whistles and bell-lowers throughout 'the
city, and the swelling chorus of silver
tongued bells arid.- 'van- toned' throats of
mr. -willjam-e. dibredl,, -
(Chairman Tobacco Exhibits.) : i
. .. ■ ■-■. •■ - - -.: ■-■"■■ .■ . '-: ■'. - ' ■"'■.■■■■ ■■■-
whistles will; usher in the weeK or.merry
making. ' The bands, will- prolong .. the
chorus, : : . as tho 'crowd disperses. -until
nightfall,: to; reassemble at the 'audito
rium. In .the interval; of the atternoori
hours Broad street" will be seen .in its
real fair aspect' tor the ilrst time.
In the annals. of the" city. there has been
no function ''quite; so- unique as; the .coro^
nation ceremonies at the auditorium,. at^S
o'clock Monday night. The great building
itself ; will be - radiant r in" decoration^ and
brilliant, with: hundreds of: r electricT and
"^lcium'-^llghts.;v'-LTJaQ-"':spTOS'clel.-'y ; ill:."be
; brilliant . and •- the ceremonies Impressive; .. .
?5 When: the fcurtaiil; rises? it^willjfdlscipie
a tableau •in^whichKthe^knlghts- of -the
G olden [. Horseshoe, 1 2(K«i stroiig; ■_ arrayed - in
their) beautiful uniforms,: -W'illSbe'f seen : as
sembled in - the palace, of "Kex,:gr6uped;in
pyramids upon:' theTmammqth stage. : At a
: blast;,of:"thei. trumpets : : thefLord rHigiv t:ar
dirialV; the ;L.ofd' Mayor/ theiri pages, '-'{x he
jestej*, keeper^ of the: keys;; ; *and^the7royal
jewels iwill; appear.' - ; Another. : blast ' of trie
down?: through* the f centre T ; wi 1 1 /come This
Majesty.: Kex;t ■■arrayed .' in-1: all v fhls r royal
fiity ;; Vthe = applause and^maplfestationsj'or'
joy of :h!s people. iTlie.head; -1118:11 ACjird!-^
upot; '■; his- head,: and' declare 'hlm^lionry. i,
H •■-'■' ; ; Ve.'bl :yaleiUlive > yKJriß.;Of:the':CarniyaK
■;'Vil«Q_J^rd;Mayols l^|^^^n;iwiito^mpres;
Majesty, with jUie keys of the city ' Tho
Klii£ .will Wu-v. oxpress his thanks r-inl
gratitude if oy'thp in n%* f«iv< . r ,mi ii'm
tor lila ''-loyal ovoola ond win t: ju« in
edlct>for'.";a -..-..1: of nicrry-making^tuiai
jblimcation. ' -^^0
The Knight coraman v rs of the^lCnl^-ntJ
of fj/the:^ Golden v/will^ then
:cpurt,tthieir/ ; jewelsrwi!l;b6 (leclarcdtoflthe
order ;'of/: Rex, /and : they " will/becqme \ sub-/
jects'Jfor.ihis: Majesty's 'special- ravor/ and
eligible 'as to- 'the; throne. \
" The/. 'principal events -of thet/remalriing;
days are" these: ' - - ,' ■
>' Oriental: parade^ Tuesday, afternoon!/: -
■ King's .FalrylaridCp'arade'Tuesday/ night.
Floral /Festival /Wedriesday^/afterrioon.
Launching :of ./the : fThornton";^Wednes
day afternoon. ; ;;_; "" / ' ''.:"; '-/-/;:> - : '■"• '"■'
Second Oriental •. parade .Wednesday,
•night. : ' /:■:", ■/.-^.^'-v'^/.?.
f ; : ililitary./parade/.Thursday at r ll A'.,fM. .
Deep/ Run. Hunt /Club, races Thursday
afternoon.: :>f;;'/.-;.;: >f ;;'/.-;.; ~;./ : ; ' //: ' ; '' -/. ■
■ Parade.; of f the fraternal - organizations
Thursday night."" - • ' --/
:; Review of : all parades of tha week Fri
day night. - : "--. . " ' . •- ;" --.
; . Mimic . Mardi Gras on Saturday; night..
. . -Rex : HXalies /Proclamation. ;.
The King- of the carnival- issued -his
advance proclamation iri the city yester
<ias'.; In'terms, the royal document is: as
rfollows: . _ -- - • ~ '-....'■ "■;/"■ . "
f//:./- PROCLAMATION!, . . -
To All:; Good' Citizens and Sojourners
Within the Portals of Richmond— Greet- •
:;. v ing:' ; : ;/f;f Vf--; '::/;,' ■;::- -"-/>Y;: ::; -..-"- V £
- I will arrive within the portals: of your,
grand old city' at.S P.' M., Monday, May:
■•14th:-. // ;/ ■■;'// ■..::. . ■/■ :' : ."^\ : :":■ ■/. .-' v ; ; :
■ 'I now command you to be present at
".the; coronation ceremonies not -later than
■B:is;p. m.-;. .. . ' ;-■■- , '-',: - -.
I will proclaim on that occasion the fol
lowing: . . . * ' . '■_. •.' ; 2
In \iew. 'of , the many, beauties ■of our.
coining . carnival,, and' that -Thursday .will ;
be "Richmond-Day," and ;f filled. ; with
many ..-'Richmond, features,' and a holiday
at alljbanks. manufactories,- and' whole-;
sale establishments; and, again,/, in/view
of the many beauties of Floral Festival
to ;-;be; given atfs;of ' the : clock Wednes
_day-p-f: - f' --. ■ .
I- command you, my people,; to closeff
so far as possible, your places, of business,
and^f actories on Wednesday, ' of May ..the'
16th_day, at 3of the clock' P. M., and re
main", closed and- In holiday .attire, until
the /morning of Friday, of May. the 18th
/day.; .. :. ; ' - "" '--.'■ . ' "V. -' ■'
The Kins hath spoken.. '.
houses of Valentine. •
; .. Jewels of "the Order, of wlll;be|cpSf
ifided to ; the -keeping, of - ithe ". following
honored/and/ loyal; subjects: His Excel
lency," -Governor" ; T>-ler ; -'- his ) Honor, Mayor
/2Mej-er, ; Chief-of-the-Military - :G. Percy
Hawe's',l Chief-of-the-Parades Heiiry/ C.
Jones; -Chief-of-Fire, W./G. Puller, Chief
rbf-Launching.Xilburn T. Sleyers, ' Second
: Chief-of-the-Association John S..' Har
.Wobd, Chief-Director; Benson, H. :D.
Eichelberger; .Julian Bryant; Robert
,L.ecky, Jr., S. L. Kelley.'and Chief-of-the-
Police Howard.
IJniiii of Gallant Ivniskts.
One -of the features of the carnival will
be the participation or a body, of 200 prom
inent young men who have organized into
a band known as the Knights of the Gold
en' Horseshoe. They will take part in the
coronation, the King's Fairyland parade
and the | King's review of all paraders.' :
Great mystery surrounds this organiza
tion. Only the, names of two of its "ofli
cers have leaked ./out,. It is known that
they vvlll appear in costumes; of 'knightly
magnificence, arid that they will not sas-r.
be :.: forgotten by, those .who .: see them
moujued and escorting his Majesty ■ the
King. ; -- --. - - . ; > '- ■>
Tho following order is promulgated:
: - % Richmond; ;Ya.," Ala y VL; l'HM '
Headquarters of the Knights of. the Gold
en Horseshoe: . V •.". „ • ■■..■-".-■:
General ..Orders, Ko. 1.:
Tlie': attention fof all. knishts in "gbod
standing is called.; to the following orders:
l. .Cominanders.-.'/vice-commanders, ana
knights will -assemble in ? full ; regalia dis
mounted, -at auditorium, oiv Monday night
Slay: 14th,- at 8:15 o'clock, to - take part in
coronation: ceremonies: f ■
j:.-Commariclers, vice-comirianuers, and
knights .will :. assemble :. in .-full: regalia
mounted,-, on: corner of G-ruce and Adams
.streets, atS:ls -o'clock on Tuesday night,
May, lath; ;to take part 111 parade. -;. ::,-..'
fS.j Commanders," vice-coinmandei^ and
knights .will . : assemble v inZ: full , re"alii ■
mounted, on ; corner, of '-Adams . and- Grace
streets, : at- SrlS.o'clock^ on Friday VniKht'
May. mil. -to take: part <in paraae '"" -'
: 4..Conimanders ■-;. and; /vice-commanders'
will. Pay, especial - attention to f roregoing
orders and form theirdivisions^promDuy
KH I P»H W iiPH I ii hP
of Frank. Bamett,
Case .-Submitted Without: Argument and
Quickly Disposed Of.
A . Serious Cliarse. Preferred /by We-
tective Wooilull fAgiiiust / ilaror
Hamibu Leads ;i o ; -an /liivestign-
tion-Jatlse Witt >Vas: Indignant.
VS.- J. Rhodes ; "' was .acquitted in the
Hustings. Court -yesterday of fthe" charge
of murdering T\^ Frank. Barnett in" Janu-^
; ary.last. ' '",■ "^ „: : -
Thus ended, one of the -most interesting J
trials which have been" heliivin. the Hust- !
inga. Court in.fthis^city inffsome yfiari. ■
■ Rhodes and Bar nett ', "were fellow- workers \
at f the Hasker- Jlarcuse v- factory, ; "an!i -on i
January 29th '-last'-. Rhodes received infor-:|
mation fi ; om , his ■'■ wife that f Bar iect had: I
been : to their home, and in his absence |
takeii'advan^ige of her; Incensed beyond J
reason, ho grasped : his pistol and went"' l
iorth in searcaf; of -Barnett^ Meeting • him I
at the corner : of ;. Twenty-second "and Clay \
streets, lie flredtwo shots at him; and -"one 1
of them,: taking effect fin" Barnett's head,;
produced death three days ; later. - ""
■; The testimony . of witnesses went . largely
to show that the man was in.a state bor--'
dering on frenzy . when' lie .the
deed,, and the jury, after -being ; out '"'of ithe.
cburt-i-oom" only minutes;, r-kiirned"
a verdict of not guilty."^There was ah"a±- :
f ectihg scene _ after the rahhbxinceniehr '* of ■
the verdict,^ the -prisoner; \ his ; mother,' - and
his wife , being -the principals : therein. : ;::
..After the court-room had been, practical
ly' cleared of the throng,- which followed
the accused ' from : the • r00m . . ..
charge was ■ preferred against '^of J.tfiel
juror.s, Mr. James-Hannon,. and the Court,
investigated it. -In the absence of con-
viiicing evidence, however,- .no acto n. was ■
taken against *Ha nnon.f. and •he was : per- ■
mitted to go. f- V - . ' : ' ; .. . :
■When .court' "convened yesterday morn
ing f the ."defence;, cojitinuing/'put; Christo-f
'Pher T Diac6nt :f6n ; the- stand; I'Dia'cout^ a
j-outh, was employed- in the : f actory '.wlth"v
fßarnett*: and -'Rhodes": 7. He iwaaiuresent : oxt
her " finger, .- and; was ' sent ' by f ßarnett ' w t"o"i
inform Rhodes and: his .wife of. the ' acoiv
dent.' The defence; seemed ; surprise J. when
he testified -to ?. haying -been' sent on Ta ; ines-i
"sage;^to ; Mr i;-.^Rnbdesj '-. and -' : Mr.^f Sfuith'
roundly; cen&ured>th'e \yitness fo'r': h'aving
concealed this ; fact from him. ' ThoOourt
'interceded,"^ and -said-; .-the": 'witness was "riot,
being fairly "treated, and Mr."'- -""/ Smith!
brought "out; : the""f act .that /witness -had"
been summoned :by ./the Commoiiwealtii^
Mr.. RicHardson said /it had been his:pur
p"ose: ,to put"the : witness -on the 'stand.'; but:
the defencehad forestalled- him; A ; ques-
tion of law was I raised during the " exatni-"
nation' of ' the witness, and the jury ; was
I sent from the room. while counsel argued
it./ :-v"?; : //l' -■ •- .- ■/■"-.■■/. ;■> :■•;■";■>;•: : • -■ ;
- - / THE ' ACCUSED • AGAIN. ' ' ~.
. The accused wac recalled /to'.theLstariet
when Diacont- concluded,.; and tesrifi :< I. »o
his action on Januarj' 12th,'. af tar,;" Miss
Meoni had t'u^her finger off. ./'He said .lie
left the /•■• factory/; after //Ba/rnett got oll',
fearingthat::*.he.decedent/ hadfgone'tqf his"
house." Mr: Rizhardsbn "'; "put ; ''the'f "prisoner/
through frecross-examination, and endea—
vored to prove that-h'e had : threatened ih/e
life of the. deceased before -lie' learned of
th Wrong he had done his wife. .The/ac
cused made an /excellent, witness., arid'as
serted ':: that ; : he :: never • f el t any. : animosity
toward Barnett/ until after he had brought
MissMeoni to his- house. • • .f . f
-'. The defence rested at this point, and Mr.
Richardson introduced .in /rebuttal ; Miss
Grace Meoni, Mr./ Smith requesting "that
Mrs. Rhodes -be /brought into : court to
hear ; ' this testimony. VV ltness - said . ■ slie :
had been employed at. Htusker" &. Mar
cuses factory ; for six' years, and had
known Barnett and/ Mrs. Rhodes- during
that entire time.. She was asked concern
ing her; visit v to Mrs. Rhodes; on s January
11th, and- said she had / received frequent
invitations to visit Mrs.;. Rhodes;/: but/did
not do so until asked to "go by Mr. Rhodes.
She denied having had: any \ engagement
to meet . Barnett 'there, and asserted vln -
most vehement - manner that Barnett : did
'riot enter. : He' came : to tho door with his
;umbrella raised,, and /did /not "lower it.
/Witness said -that ; Barnett /made, no inde
cent .proposals : on that: occasion, arid had
always Jacted the gentleman: in her. : pfe's
"ence. The next morning' Rhodes " had a
conversation with" her, arid told : her fhe
was going to. kill/Frank' Barnett because
he had . come ; to his " house , with - her. /Wit
ness said , she": "retorted : that /Barnett had
sone_to;his (Rhodes's) house with fa lady,'
and' had acted as .a/ gentleman. V '"•'•"-
'' . _ SHE ■■GRB3W., EXCITKD.' - '' -
.. .Under, crossrexamination by Mr. Smith
r grew ; excited.' Mr/ -Smith-.ex
pressed ; surprise that I ; Mr.' Barnett should '
have: merely passed. ;, by .Rhodes' s"
:" n ' 1 ?. en :'^ v-'as;nearly : a/riiilefout of;,hls
way, -and -.witness, '. in ; endeavoring to- ex-
plaiiv;this^flost,herf head. /She quickly-rV
coyeredi:herself, 1 and ; made some -ratVir
sharp .retorts :=to>Mr.'- Smith;: "-The -lawyer"
endeayored^byi-skilfurprbbirig." to' break
down, her. testirrioriy,'.;but f-'sh/efwerit . back :
at-:him,and fefused;to. answer f ; his ques
tions. -Mr. i-RlchardsoH:'took " her"- iri hand ;
and Uhen: Mr. ; Smith s again " began ' ■ quis
tionlns.;her.;He "asked her -if she "ard not
him .tbikeep^herf name "but off the
■case, . and • all : he could r get i her ■ tV say" was
•;Mr. r Smitli; "l ihave/told/ybu all -X "
- i Miss W m k^ v ? v f oilQ ™ e **° ■
ay her mother, who, being told:that Mri.
Rhodes had denied ha.-\jrjs a«.-nt lor ails:
i MeolU|bh7Jariu£r^m
Rhodes S hadj told presence t '
Jlrd. llbc las wn ; at this juncture caUecll
>tojthe stand i<y Mr; Smith; but was too
;niuch|oveMome]bSveSi6tiori/ to J move. ! f|jaerl
h'isband ;.;. lean'edJloyef / ' her sf and fv besought i
riierito go to the stand; but still she'did!
: riot : move; i and 'Mrf; smith-: secured ": perml&y
sion ; for.: her Jto ? : testlf y|f fbm . her.; seatfat^
her:fh^bluid'sside;"vl\lr./Sinith 7 askedflf|
sheX?hadVeyer -> sent^a^meissagefltbT; Miss?
i Meorii ;by; a. : boy, - and \ toTt his ;thefprbsecu~
:tlon|f ; bbjected, /^beingHsustalnedf^by ;" the :
Court. :Miv :Smith"/therijasked"ifj/witriesso|
-hadf;serit:a;message^toJMlss-MebS ; by.Jher.j|
j -husband, and this ? she denied: _ -' ■- :
\ *4The ;.; accused ",was |- theri;/recajied f'-tb /the i ]
!6taridff;;arid?deriied:;that^heihaci : ltbldiMissl
iHe was^^he:7saidi;"(sur"prl§ed^
1 : heard; she ■ had .;- been Hhereß?.The" fcaso/was h
f^iori '/ to:- Introduce /another/ffwitriess;" ;: The:
:"jlefCTce^b'jMte^b"utjthß/' r Cb'urtT6yenTiie<i> 1
the "objection;/ and William;.Funk,/a^-bar
iaskediif rßhodes /had ./not /taken a; driniclin";
r his : barf on- tbfe/riibrriirigjbf." the J homicide!^
/Mr;;Smith/objected^to}thls,/ r arid:the/pomt!
: was ; argued. '■■ The Court /ruie<t the evidence i"i
' out, and the case was closed.- ■ -• '■■^■-1
: .Counsel; spent ; some time ; in -the prepara
tion': of f inst rue tiorisf, V and : the \ Court r , gave =
tha . following:.; > "".",, ' "~_ ,".'''•"■-. :
; ' : If "f the /jury- .believe - f roriif'. theTevidenc«/
: that : the accused killed, the/ deceased, .uri
■ der a fbona -fide belief '> that \ the " deceased/
; had/carried 'a.woman-,tO:his : /houVe./or/had :
/induced" her -to/go \to his j house /f or/.th©:
: purpose; of having, sexual "iritercburse /with
her. .. there,/- arid - : that "sufficient -'f cooling".
■ time /had ■ elapsed : /between f the / tiriie - he .
received : such-, information/a rid th© time
rbf^trie/ killing// forg the vf exclte"moat:: and ;
passions : erigradered "thereby/ .to JTsubsidS; 1
.aridvfbr reason\tb/-resunief its-sway^ Vab/d'
j v that:the prisoner killed the"; deceasea" i upori ! .
i ,the/ principle :' off revenge; " : theaf/suchf I •': kill-|
: ing /.was '-"mufder." '-""/""",
■ 2.- If the : jury b/eUevelf/om.theTevidenceJ
: beyorid. :alli;reasprijableKdoubt;'/ithat - the'
.prisoner, killed f; the f deceased" because ;o£: a;
j : belief /.on /his; part, that the f accusad had
I carried or induced f a woman": to fgo to ; his ;
j [house/; for / the " purpose /of 1 having- ."■ carnal I
i connection -with'. her\ : there,- but : that I such [
,was /not "- trie; fact,:; then- sueh r ikaiing: was
niurder, but: such evidence may .be con- 1
sidered- by the jury" in ascertaining the i
quantum of: punishment. : : 7 -
-might be;. manslaughter; I
3. If the; jury believe from, the" evidence !
that "the /deceased . had „ had carnal - con- i
nection with the, wife of the acoused; "that '
the accused " hadvbeen- informed of -it
for. the first time ?on the ; morning.; of the :
"day on which -the homicide 'occurred; "'or
a short time previous to the: shooting-;
that the accused killed the deceased while'!
laboring under the '■ excitemen t , and phs- ; ;
sions caused by "such "information, - then [
such ■ killing - was manslaughter, only ; ; but ■
if "the jury believe from ;the evidence, :be
yond- all l'easonable. doubt; .that afteT^the
prisoner^; had .been:,: informed Cof such /: in-"
tercbuse,- whether^it ' was Vbh "the 'day -the
shooting occurred for at ; any-time.pre
viously, -and that. ; sufficient . ;time'
elapsed to .fallow the' passions to subside
and;reason:to resume ; its sway, land f that
the : prisoner; killed Sthe:: deceased ■: in 'a
spirit f" of : ; revenge, then, such^killirig. was
murder. " ; " " " ,
vflf; ;from ; the -.■.whole', evidence," the-'-i'jury";
believe" ;that.W. : : ;j.; Rhodes r , committed 1 :
the act.'-but'at the 'time of "doing so , was
under'V the - influence- of : a diseased {miiid.:
aridjwas '-rfeally funcon3cious;\that' ; he ; i'was
committihgv'a crime. -he", is ■•'• not law
guilty, .and the juri'- must 1 acquit" him. ; ■ '
; ;: ; ir\, ?"■';.: K'OT RESPONSIBJLE;^. '■":'' 1 f0;- i j
If- the" jury, believe, that from-any -pre- -I
disposing cause the., prisoner's : mind'wag' '
impaired, ; andV"at ;ttie time i of. killing '.T7al r ; •
terf Francis : BarnettfjhV^ became- or "lwas i
mentally ; incapable l of - ; governing ' himself . j
inlrefererioe " tq ; "Walter -Francis^Harriett; '■'•
.wbo,V the -""prisoner :!=believeds: '.the' : ira.visher >
off his ;wif er. and -; at 'ithejtlme 'ot ihis i com"4
mttting.- said .-act ff.was iby i reason of ? such •
cause .. unconscious j t hat i he s wasTcbmmit-^
, ting a crime /as tb?saif3 ;^arnett,^he" is nbt 1
guilty : of ; any offence -whatever. Lf: -
:; The law.fidoes^not^require'that trie.;*in-f
sam ty,\which ? absolves if rom; crime;-: should ;
_exist ?fbr;"any ; f definite fperibd.ffbut^only;
: that - it- exists ; . at ■ the ; moment ;; when itheT
"act f ' occurred . iWith £vwhieh ' ; the '\ : accuied;
stands i charged;^bat Ithejburde^ t of. : prpbf,
of :'3uch i: .msanity^is^
aidv he , musty proye;it :to'-the ■: satisfaction :
of the jury. . .
•"f-The * Court rVead '{ the+ instructions ■:. to > tiie'
:resLO**3fcfEßS"Elt'?^& U^TS'4*ii3t*^^^^s^s
i Ha-w otrtjcl LSfißCs vVUIH O©QUtif 111- oOOIOS v? :
Every Style ot* Architecture Seems to Htivo 15eeu Followed— .
-: -Remarkably BrilliantaudGeueral •I>ecoration'^-A Por^iicm|§|§
•■of the iWork "Will: llavoto JBe Completed. To'rMorrow— Jßuiy*^?^
Sceh.es on-the e Sfcreet Y"estei*day. ■ .' i^-ltjro
iury; -•; and-; Mr. ■Richardson:, handed .them ;
the. lndictment* adrtfialnprftfaem"; that tb.er<J.
was|So?hecessttylfor.':'aLrgiiinent. -^A/tll:^.
nb'clock;_tb/ejjxiry.? retired i;to i;rtb/elri_robm.:^tp!
; consider^ of ittieir Seven I xnihutes*
i thereafter.' there /.•was ; a/ message '. 1 rom] tha'
jury "room/ arid the ' jury /was -.brought'; In?
I Rhodes ey ed ; each - man'; olosely ; as he filed
'by i him,-''? and '-. then 5 sat /.with /bowed chead, ■(
his wife; arid;. mother softly .weeplng..while;
Clerk • Christian/, asked 'the usual ques-
tion.' „ Foreman . Knowles i handed ■ in. "ittie
verdict, and : Mr. Christian freadff : ,'%e;
■the ' jury, : find - the '■'. prisoner, not - guilty -as
charged in J'the indictment.^- fff , ""::- : --.-. '■■-. ":;
As the^words -."hot guilty" ..sbufld'e'dfttie
mother -of '■ the : accused-raised Her hands
aloft," "and>- then"' clasping r them ' to'^hef
f^rh, wont -aloud." with ;.ioy. The wife threw,
her head -on "the ".table in :l ront ■' of : her,
and/alsofwept.. Rhodes .'arose .anil fshobk!
hands fwith- his" counsel; ;and, then-: walkf
ing over, '.clasped each - juryman, by .the"
: (From a Photograph^ Taken ■ Whilo ' He'
i^^f [W Was 1 ln<the : Army.) : - .-.£; S;
hand., . He. then turned to his ■'•'wife, :- ; and3
[placirigfj his Varm| about "'] her,i;geritly.tiifted ;
: her f tocher ~ f eet,\ "and •; assisted""; her • from
;th'e^^ court-room; * being : ;" followed >by.v thai
-immense 7 crowd .'.which ; = ; "had<^throcgedl.the'
; court-room. '*- '
;^*^^y^ ; ;HAUL^^p;f?^:-
was some Slittlefdelay^after^ the;
.■crowdshadileft';the' ; cbu^t7r66m.:andiwheh]
;Mr^Hji"n*nori;?^one :ot ithe /jurors/: started :
to leave; she fvwas srecalledSby^orderSof »
tthe: Judge?; cln ; ;a':shbrt|while^ilrjj K-I^V^
;P^arancesin4ihei-court-rboni.^ and % Com-:
,jatte"nti6n\of(tfi!s?^court J^flfdbltluslia'itbei
;ltruth' in tha %'"ch_arge,^ your;. Honor^canJ
|takeja^tion as yru<deeni;fit.^;V^^g^
j^'A\|lf*o^cloc&gtbfday. :^while£seatedp"ai]
by desk in .this'cburtTroomTfl|receivied|in^i
• h^hai|rece!yed Jag Jag n^t&P^^uestlng:ihlml
JtdJcaJl at Mr. .Wood^i'slofißejaHilHelire^
Ispqnded. and Mr. Wo<MiaU;toldJhiinltfiatJ
felled f at|life|o^i«e4a*out§two iweeka \ Hko]
sad asked Hiia-ho'w. much;. he V; would
caargs to^get .up e\idf nee in behalf of
' RKodes^^d jas^rtejS 1 tha^
fanMacquittal was gotten"" Ir- i.iranriola>l
ZwduldbP'pahl.- ..." . l/a^ifel
; "'. "I ' make , this f'statenaeet; in.^ the? interest
lot ifpuglic-giustlc^aiff ; MrHiHanng^&l
guilty of th's offence he has"-swon»l
Ifalßely. in ,thi£?icbort^?hen- he- ealdlbe'
; could v sit ; op tha. jury.; •without;prejud!ce. :
The chief tiioroughraxe oC a prreat' ci^y ■
:tratisfonn«d into the priucipal-liveiiUi, iii i
aa exposition ot tlie city*b corahu i~>~. ;_na -"* fi
Tha -products, of Kiciinioisa ractorles 'antit^J
tha 'stocks -or \ Richmond mcrenoitts ui;:%^
Rich'mouU's greatest business istreetl^ .' -~~. r ■■::'
Broad street lined lot- maixy -'*'f.
wltb vari-coiorcil booths, filled withY..-.' : ■ "
from Richmond stores, and the nanUlworis
of Richmond artisans.
Thousands ol' waving flags — nou^a-irouta .-'■•'•
; draped -in bunting ot 'every- .hue— "Wei~^ '
I comu": inscribed -.on -every ■ nami— on «itluj
I fluttering nags— emblazoned on the '• great l^
arch that spans "Broad-street- at ■ tha '".'CltylP*
I Hall.
This was the bpectacio Preseniud cr, : '
Broad street, between Twelfth and Jeiioi>.
son" yesterday.' Tho novelty ana tlie ; aca-u^KI
i tj- of it alt impressed Uxemselvt: -■ ufcuu
j over>%. beholder. ' The ,wors ot preparing ~?f
:th«. street for the carnival : was ; not com-''-;'*
plete. It, -will uot be complete vmen,i,truj :>;■■£
sun rises to-morrow,- but ■ before lie sees -
I tha work will bo accompllsned. / :: rr y T : ; :
"." tUJJHiiAKD OF ACTiyiTJt. --,
-; The /activity fon/Bfoad-streQt^yescpri'.iy;.
jvasj something.- never^seen ;irtVthat^ibcsy^i^
thorough! arts . before. The - carpenter ; was V -.?
: on ."every ' hand," and ; the savr]and j the » iu332||jf ■
•mer. drowned :eyeri r the rumble /ol':tn.ertxol£||l f
.was in tho air. .The street had a'-sahvap- 1 ;^
Pearance^ rieyer. <.'. '. I c < was
more like tho Christmas-Umo" aspect r than —
anything -decorations - «\>r u *~ |
mn [ciij- mof c _- ; gen erai -/; and Zm bto ~z bril liant^^
iTha. passers-by, "men: and CwomeJv; aaajtcffii^f
cheery r "airj generally- begotten "of VChrlst.-^i.'v
mas in the^bbnt'S'"— now the' result 3&C .4 ttio ■
"g'en'wjr t valenca .at "the . carilyalTspiri^^p
completed,; al though; on: nearly;/ all rdC;ttieiStp®|
afternoon. v,Tha ■ most /of ' themfareXoiv \ hft^^l
leftside of Broa<3;;lookln"s:;wegtw^^?i^}tn|f ft
;welc6mo:arch;r>£lowever,--ther«:are ma^iy - '
'on Uhe."rishtrsijae,"andj^y_irea&oii|or .-jtt&arjsi i
■ being; fewer ; -TTn ; tnifi"h£i«l*7theyTara';iEib"f al|| j
-;-: : -~ VARIETY : i OPjASCHl'lEcfUfiH.'f?' .
v The 1 booths"; are 'unUorxn^Vatttactlv^iJaS I
both architecture ; - and ... decoration. : , -'All --. ; ; ! ; ;
architectural -styles ■■Known'; to zjjaa.-iajp-^-? i
pear * to^ have i'oeen ' c6pied;|f roni^ j
Pino' hut ; of bark and. ; bushes to tno "",'
Grecian v"' temple i? : . of ; Tsnawy .".~Yr£*seae6«Lj||j ]
Moorish . minarets and. ■ towers, >. ta^esS||£ j
pagodas-,::: ar ches7ff rouT' Got hlc_\(k»wA«^g? j
gables "'" ' iXoxriJ XUzaJbatftan^ M§3£?||
/dences'Tthe backwooasinan"sTcab6i (te'itt**^,
"barked; logsr ftiatched "^oofsF^of SQte^iMt^ j
wo rid i- peasantry— all "aie" 'sGailaiaiastica %fi
thai same'; square. "^ -"% T i
|vTh"e' : -"work.4"of .^.erecting J|b«iti«'ixta»^ j
•bVen : r(l6na'3fcasUly^but'in";d€^^!j«i^eca^ j
cution 'it .has been , -well' don^^a*tier6[tt«^i*4^
conventlbhalityl '~ Box Jstrootjn»s|lMwt|»iN^jl
place /anywhere.';
vai l ; oh (every ; hajid.'T The 5 remarkaWeJstor My
stantiulity of .much. 1 ; of *;tn^\^rKi*mtDC«SßPi»g I
en the ■ beholder.:: Many iof I^ufeTi boottis /araM !
built as if they • were l^tb j stand j
nenY places"^of : Vbuslness.r"; Instead [of jtelnat,^; {
flesigned ■; to " serve? i the • purposes 7 * 6tf.» omflS a
gala week. - / -:„ . '-?„-.';■>s!
: rv i_ . :^'jifl
A verj' interestJngfportlon3oC,tl]u^VSptaßs|
;wiJl'.not-berin't)ooths.*UTheJgi^iv*^rt^^p : |
of .iithojimectianicair^Mbiy^^airead3r3*lx^{|
positioaron J platrol^^Faifobt|Wgh|a£ittV)2H
sides ..o i y the r . street.- j Thisf ractaattlJsJ«£gi||
"of? { i^nssJc6uld;fnottiwellJbesraaOT^^
■fo r J much'c h ' of (the machiiieryi"iviii ? be ; irt^nSiW j
; ti6n,Tand;tho motive, P9Wer lor someTot'it^j
|will=b6 : suppUed;liyjsteaiii. .. _ ■■■: ■.^• :^"^^fe^|
Liyhf3%^e^kj'^urtsee^tore^ersjlajl»Mitlo3^^L iyhf3 %^e^kj'^urtsee^tore^ersjlajl»Mitlo3^^
; do , it 'given a 'chance"; ;sa^mltJSjrlggi<l|iaj|||
and leverj-j species sot '■ farm* , utensil readmit
for tho field.
: Thero . are none of ■■ tho \ displays ■la i t>ia'«<"¥
: yet. i savo those .? menttoned^Thef ecutittsj^
&Tha ; of -. the.booths r areilaTati%
iinbst > everyS case ■■.{ artistic - and | beautsrat|P
:Broad "■ "si ree t : is^ "a i gleahii of j kiielCtoscoptSM'
color." The^ rainbow i.3 really outdoag^
sincaljtha: decorator "has"" not been coxa-*
Pelted >s'to v'contlne thimseW^o^PTlsmatla^
fashion .withJbuntinsland-floTv-crs • •
The^llajcs: The bulideVof each r^oiilcll
: see^ ; ::to ; ihaveT^thousht; : ,theHstrnctiK^
would bci incorapletG unJep r'.zmsoaate^p
stars sandgstripes ; iare ; ; nutterinsT tri;fu»^
■ J l: ' '
j Sag } : floats jovei-;^ the^moit|of ItliiniSlSsjp;
rronnevery point possibly titorejteitojn*! 1
;^?s r^^^«e;sanolbiDoJoCi'tb^nat!o"S^
emblem. Broad ■^trleetJrroTiiith^larclu'^l
Jefferson|lsja:v blaze or color, be«iaruE#
cbeering;>nd-lnspirias-- ~~g3B.
.show.*, what tb. unite* errorToC tft« jf TOeat^
:^ r ?Hn«npthe ; sb* r ai n^JaSliim«y^l
llndustn* ana trade. "it Indkr^ev-initera^"
made mas> a dtr'grciC^WeSi
Jtanca ir, the y.ofki c-r cotnme?oe%'**^S#
years eoroo ana s;o; -=-.^- .-/. » ?f

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