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f TIACT J;XinHiTJO.VS. ' :
>VJhcre? the Vnrlons JilioiTj* WUI-Jlc
. J^ocntfd— -Street hi-.01m. M1, \;tti<(nn—
» .Trained and. V/ild/ Animnli*—Uciixi
*![.in.<:~ Gyp*y~ Camp.i i >j:j r . •:' : :-.. .". V-, ; ..":;>. -V
fj .Xoi industrial r'cxposillonLorr commercial
r fair would be complete without' an amuse
ment sccUon.-; In: addition : to the displays
.-; of ■;'■ manufactures ' and., commerce,-. • in
teresting _as they may.:be, ; the£ publ'c
wants to lie amused, end! In view,' of. ihjs
lor.g-f elt want. It remained f or Mr.. Frank
- C/-: Bostock, ■■ extensively kriown ; as^ "the
King," to evolve" the' idea or a
monster midway carnival' that_ could be
r. transported from one city to another." The
(.magnitude of this enorxaous undertaking
7 amazed, the less progressive .showmen,
•and it was thoughtHfiat irtr.'-Bostock- /-ad
undertaken more than h2h 2 "ould fultii.'But
tlie.resuit was jiist the opposite, and to
day- Mr. Bostock, who : has yet to reach
• the twoscore mark ? in-: years, 'owns more
wild and, trained, animals, show property^
and general .'exhibition* paraphernalia: than
any other single; individual' in the world.
The result of. this energetic, showman's
arduous labors, and, incidentally, the'otft
•Jayof nearly. 51,000,000,: is : known as ."Tho
-Frank C. Bostock Mighty: Midway; Canii-;
„val," which will furnish*; the ..amusement
feature' of Richmond's Street Fair. 'Xliis
monster enterprise , will' be' presented in
its entirety, coming from, the great Elks'
Carnival in Greater New. York. Those
who were at the "World's Fair in; Chicago"
and remember the ; renowned, Midway.
Plnisanee can form an idea of "Director-
General Bostock's, big collection of shows.
Each of the eighteen distinct shows . is
presented just as it. was in Chicago, *and.
in fact, some of the .same; performers
particularly the Oriental dancers, and
; other men and women from the far East,
; have been with Mr. Bostock ever since
the close of the great fair.*'
The following outline will: indicate the
• jiature and location of the attractions.
On the north side of Broad street, be
tween. First and Second, "Waco" the
smallest horse in the world will be-ex
" hlbited in a ■ covered theatre. "Waco" is
.owned by Bostock. The horsed is pure' Ara-'
biah bred,, and. has been pronounced ab
solutely sound;, and a perfect specimen pi-
Ills kind in miniature.
~On the trianble lot — Broad- street : at
the head of Brook avenue— y.*ill be sit
uated a number of gondolas which will
;be propelled by gondoliers from Venice.
: "Jjunette."' known throughout the
amusement world as the "Flying Lady".'
will give exhibitions of her marvellous ac
complishment at brief intervals, through
out the dayr The-booth- Avhere this 1 exhi
bition will take place will be lighted by.
;fio Incandescent light? at night, and it will
be located on the south side of Broad and
• Adams streets. ." •- : ■.
At- the- corner, of Fousiiee and • Broad
streets a band stand has been erected,
;and here concerts will be given every
hour from 11 o'clock in the morning. •
The fifteen bands will each be heard in ■
turn and the lovers of the brass' band
will here find a continual feast. W
;.". In the neighborhood, "Granada,'' . tlio -
lilghirwJre .waJkfer, v,-ill give three exhibi
tions' of his skill daily," at 12 M., 3 ;and
6 P. -M. v>;:H§i..Vtill perform^ on- a - wire :
stretched 40 feet above the ground from |
the Meyer's building to" the roof of the j
building occupied by Messrs Caxneal & !
Davis. : ; : ; j
At Jefferson and Broad streets will be
located a genuine gipsy ,camp, giving
a perfect insight into the life and. habits *
ol< this peculiar people. There will-be;for
tune" telling and all the strange . interest 1 ;
usually connected with a settlement of
this kind.
Scenes from the Boer war will, be re
produced by . cinemetograph on the
south : slde of Broad and Jefferson streets.
f^The Grent "Menagerie of the Bostock
"snows will-be located on the lot adjoin
ing^ the Masonic Temple. An- interesting
feature of the exhibit will be the ele
phants and. camels which will be. available
for. riding; purposes. Children and others
■who care for novel sensations* -will be
civen rides: on the animals for a very
inodtst. fee. -. - ' . ■ .
•St. John, the high diver, will give a
free, show three times a day during the
Fair. week: at Jefferson and Broad streets.
He! will dive from.; a tower ;erected for
the purpose nearly C 0; feet high:
The' Streets of Cairo, will be. located on
the north side of Broad, and First streets.
They will faithfully reproduce theY Egyp
tkin' streets,, with, their ■ quaint inhabi
tants. : It' will ., be one of the raost'^ Inter
esting and iiicturesque sights of the Car
nival. .; ■: - ' .:_ '
■ i.The costumes and the occupation of the
Inhabitants: of tlie streets; will" present
& : ?: very - realistic and. vastly entertaining
picture. -L: Durlng : the week the Barton;
Heights' cars- will stop at" First ."■ and
Marshall streets instead of First and
.S The American Theatre, with a staga
12x50,". is located on the north side of
Broad and Second streets. Performances
of : varied: interest will' be given here dur-"
ing the day, and the bill' will bo" changed
freciuently. " *- "
;:: ; ,\ .' EATS. LIVE SNAKES. ' .•'"'
■:-Ori- the north side of Broad and' Second
streets; "Bosco," the famous snake.eater,
will give hourly, exhibitions of his insatir
able -appetite for reptiles. ;-; - -:
■ijOne. of the most interesting of. all the
freo street shows will be the wonderful
feat, performedi by Mile. Onoeo,
cends?a- spiral platform in a •: steel- ball;
and atthe lop makes her appearance from
the:centre of the orb, and descends walk- j
Ingupon the ball— a most dlfflcult feat.
She willi give tliree free" exhibitions each
day at Fourth arid Broad' streets,; oh the
south i side; The hours '. will Le 12, ?., bnd 6
o'clock. . , •• -'■■. . V
S.The: great 'Wild '."West snow, will occupy
Fourth? street north, from Broad to ; Ma
r will- be includedand
thr.ee exhibitions will be given each day.
VAi Moorish palace has becnbuilt s on thf
north Bide of -Broad street at the: interscc
[tiod !| o£ I Fi f t hffi : AH ftUie latrlkingr,? m aenifl
;cence.h.iabc-en i'epro<luccd,by^tiieTnativeJsl
tVeritablo^worksT.bl' /"a rt'^' The '7 entertain?!
[merit faffo'M6diby i iUic. f natlves*is ; ' something!
| thatfshguldj not;'? under; any; drcumstonces,ij
w be nils ?cd. ' '■- - ' T ~ ' .--,'. ■■-
c'S On r ; thOi'opposltotfsWe"ibf : ; ,tlii3:" s street)'to'j
!jlheiM^rlsh:pa^CoT.wJll' J bc'a'iunlque;cbn^
Urivarice -made .to-: represent "■•■■■;'.VSeay":bn; l
jtsiridlV..^ ■A-^yOyßgCiln\ ono [of "theso: boats
| Avill l. roproiluce ; all \ the : sensation s ? that can j
fborcaHzed^byia trip onToldJOCean. /. |
■ L ->-Thc : : Crystal jiklaze.'Tpnc: of -[ the most my3-/ j
ri Ify tng, of ; will be located ?on 5 the^ '
: sido/oC ; 'Broad ;: streetJat ; Sixth^ltU3!> t
Vnhde^ > ■ I '^^i>.^f^^.oo"rns.-'of:■ :^hlh!risJmifro^s?j :
arr.-irigod "s"o' -■.'deceptively] . that: "the"- most •
perplexing r«nd»;lauphable" mistakes; occur; ;
as- you 1 - endeavor, to/; walk";/ In 'thej'niazy, ■
mystery. . .-' . - -
??Ons'the north" side of Eighth; arid"; Brolia : :
streets.'^ Minting : ? vwin performs wonderful' ;
feats on "a : high spiral tower: He ■will: give ; :
J. L. HILIi.
T.yv. C. KOI.AXD.
his wonderful "exhibition of trick bicycle
and unicycle riding, and will, ascend the
spiral-way on a single wheel, and return
to the ground riding, backwards.
The, Streets of All Nations^ will be
spread .over Ninth, ; Tenth,:, and Capitol \
streets. " Representatives of all the na- j
tioris will be gathered there, and no bet
ter .place canY be imagined at which- to
investigate -the:, different characteristics
.which mark the great people of the
earth. ' ;.' r - -
There will be. palaces of amusement' in
these streets, where any^ one may.. learn
something of .. the different modes of en
tertainment;', -.which are In vogue in the
various ~ foreign .countries . there repro
duced., ', ■■':'_. „;■• • :
.Tlie last, but /not the least, of this list
of extraordinary attractions : is ."Bonner,"
the, talking ihorse, who will : give exhibi-.
tions of /his wonderful conversational
ability at -frequent intervals during each
day. His .theatre" will be. on Capitol street
facing Ninth. / -
MontU o£ Mrs. Bettle Smitli.
A telegram has been received here an
nouncing the death, of Mrs. Bettie Jen
nings Smith, at' Vinton, Roanoke county,
Friday night. - :
Mrs. ~ Smith was the widow .of Benja
minß.j Smith, who was a native of'Hen
rico county, and who, resided until a few
years ago iiearMalvern Hill. She-leaves
several children, v among j them 'Mr. . Ro
bert O-. Smith.; with the' Richmond Loco
motive-AVork's. and .' Mr.- E. Hennirig
-Makes the food more delicious and wfrol^omi^
Smith/ a; well-known ■.travelling, inanv of
this city.' . , ' -'- .
' ,~ v . Th e ; , Prc sl>y teriaii '. Conf ossion.
; At:' the >First : ,iPresbyterian: church" this
morning ; Dr. 5 Keirr' will!- preach/ <m~: the
■■■■■• -..» ■ -. ■ ■ ■
H. 1,. LORRAINE.-;''
. . manri ifljujuft A bUCCESS.
■Sr ln/ J D^ es the p resbyterian - Conf es-
Damnn tf al^ Teach : Patalism a "d 'lnf ant
ScS, n? lr a Tepl y- t0 some recent at
tacks upon the Presbyterian -Church • : :
Small-Pox Scare-Joke on Mormon
Elaers. - _ . *
j MONTEREY,- -.VA.. May: i2.--(Spe C ial.)-.:
Dr. s. P. Suddarth, of AVilliamsville/ on
yesterday reported to the Board of Health
of Highland county that he two
patients near the line between this
and Bath, county who :had all the symp-:
toms of small-pox, and asked the board
to take action invregard to them. Al
though the .-case's are not developed to an
extent that would justify, him in d'eclar-; :
ing them to be small-pox beyond; doubt,
a rigid quarantine has been established
until the disease -progresses further. This
is one of several small-pox scares that
have been given the Highland people 'du
ring the present -year, and it is -hoped
it will prove no more serious : than the
others. - ' - ." '
Mr. Frank "Wilson, son of Osborne Wil
son,' Esq.; of Monterey, who -: has:
been: a regular in the .United States army
for four years, returned on Saturday, . his
. term v- of enlistment : having expired..-: Mr:
Wilson : was in Cuba during the war with
Spain, and: was "wounded in 'the hand in
the, fight of Santiago. While thus "dis
abled he spent a month at home oh fur-" J
lough, ; returning^VaiainStQ^the^island^
iwhen he t remained until) May Ist.
a x tour jof ; co unty:
.maMo^l!"Ouse-to-houseVcanVa'3giof^^^. ma M o^l ! "Ouse-to-houseVcanVa' 3 giof^^^
terey," meeting i with 5 ?; a; cool C: reception
everywhere they "called.-;: A- ; laughable fea
Ij. O. MIUkER.
ture of their tour, occurred at the post-
office.: After reading some mail handed :
them, they became interested in' a slot
'machine, and, finding; a : record in posi-
tion, they, dropped in the -necessary nickle.
By a /strange . fatality, : the .machine play-;
cd.v in rather unusually? loud tones, me : !
■well-known, song, "Just" One Girl." The" j
joke, -was* on them, arid they the
few spectators: in a hearty laugh. ■■ ■ ■ ■ ,
: There are . still \ many cases \ of ; grip Ha. j
our ; : community,';' and physicians are kept
busy. The more serious cases. this; week;
are -: Messrs; John- Ei Sipe, Joseph- r B.:
Hiner, and : Sheriff, J. Ed: Arbogast. " ' '■'-■ '--' •■
; Mr. . R. F.- Gillett. has moved; into his ;
new; residence; on Sieg' avenue, and X A.
Orndorn!' now, occupies the house vacated'
by, Mr. : Gillett,:- opposite the Methodist
church. . . : .;-.. -, -: ■;■;: ■:.■;..:
•Mr.'-; S. .-B.'r;Siegr- ■ attended the 'Circuit
Court . at , Staunton r this week. . He was
accompanied- by Mr; Charles :.T. Shumater
of our : ;town., . .; _ ;" ■..■■■; /."■ •,— ■■..";. .' .■ - ■.-::'
Miss DUie -Jordan, who has been.spend
ing -some, time : with her r " aunt, Mrs.\Wil
liam, Homer.' j .; of ; ; Crabbottom/i has ; beenj
summoned:, to "her; home,: in .Kansas' City^
by ; a; telegram from her ''attorney , in' an
estate in-.litigatiori.;- ; : - ■' vV V ■ 'i '
.Rev.y John. Run! and daughter; ; Miss:
Libb'y, are : ; attending presbytery at'J Heb- '\
ron" church,^: in -Augusta county. Mr. : - C."'
T. , Flusher, t of Monterey, and a lay mem
ber of /that j body, '.; was \ also ■ •.; present' 1 ;
at the opening session, but Twas' taken-:
sick, : and is -now ■ 'confined"- to his rooih?!
at ; Mr. George' W.Ti Homer's, near Heb-!
ron. :> ;. .-..v-; ..:;. ; . : :i ; yv L ; :-■ j
•Mr. James ■= Moomaw, of - Greeii r Bank^: '
",' Joseph' E.* Glenn and wU& to
■^|y,^JV. vvaliccr, ai'pe¥t^^iwestSSde|
Seventh SO-- feet" v soutU- o£ ■. i-'restbn/?
, : Brajnch \ from \ %3» \ lbX* : . -^ulii&xn^
trustee, itet on ca^,. side Kandolph
street,^ 50 |f eet; east j]ofjWiUls,"'se4r : /v '
I J^;^etTo^T"soutttT^d^'Grace'
streeol6s feetVy^t;^ffMadison,^sS,s(y>. .
Robins] sSdJwtt eYtSI SquthernrAid
; SobierTjrSlfeetfoh-east^ideJ^cQ^
;,bfet^eenlClaly7and : Leigh'' streets,- X,250. '
, Ricjunon^Perp^tual|Buihl^si^6an"ran^l
|Tirast|Cdniipahy4lO ; -feetVatlthe) 'southeast
' corner^ Mitchell? and T^Pbe streets -^Barton
[Heights, $10. , ■--•, ' . •
--. -.. ■ ■ •;--- .;- ■' .: '.>(■
Still at Large— Personal Notes— A
- * 'Blarrlage. , .-. . ■ -
:v: v (Correspondence' .of the. Dispatch:)
„SCOTTSVILLE,: ; VA.- May . 11.-TIW ne
gro, -Massie, partner. ; of . . William Slaugh
ter,: who- was in the row here Saturday
night, . and : who escaped, has not as yet
been : apprehended; but as he " is -well
i known through this, section, it is. thought
i he'wiir be ..captured: soon. . ■"-"'.•-: ' ; -
i;_ ... Mr. :'B.- H.rjones,: of ,W. -yal
.who has-. been : _here visiting his r : ; mother
I and- sister,; left this\week on his return.?
Mrs. DeVries, •of Stockton,': Cal., wife
of: Congressman De Vries.Vof 'that State,
is here; on j a .visit :.to the family of 'Mr;
Jonathan" Pitts, her. relatives. , • - ;
:•'•:■ Verger, . Jr.', by; lmp.; Yerger, rafsed here
by. Mr/ Jackson : Seal; ; has been sold to
a. : ;; New York ' \ party ■■: for. " $1,000. : That is
considefed a good score for ■■ South - Albe
: marie. " ■ v
: ■Jherecame" near being- frost: here again
>thjsi;inormng. - '"-__•
:. Mr.-, Roy '; C. Moon and ; : Miss: Lalah '! F.
Zimmerman "were married .yesterday -at
the '.-: Methodist parsonage by Rev.-U -' T;
.Hitt.;;- r /' -. :'::i'l '.>.; "". •. /; ;r ■■•: - : .
-V Our. people"' will, cast a big"; vote if or the
constitutional .convention. ! '>•
■': Rev. K r T.;Hitt,vthe Methoaistpastor;at
\thisj place,- is in a successful .protracted
; meeting [at; Wesley's 1 chapel this '.week. ' ;
: '. At ,\ the'i annual * meeting =of -the" stock-
; holders ;of the Fallsburg; Power and Man-:
ufacturirig Company, this;. week;". the : foli ; i
; lowing / officers ,wex eTelectedff tori tbelen^j
|siiirig;ye^r: D. J, "Carroli, f |piSld«Ht;|Hif
fag&,ja^ I ]tG3C^^B6stfck; : i : sejcretaryJaSdj.
itreasuruir. . "VVhou thof company/fgetsliitij
ipowerJtp_|the|A^berene I SoapstoneJ.Qua tjyj
1 beia'arlepiwhere^thes demand ft,willf jdstifyl
Wf: : mm
■ -.; ;Mr;, Anthony^Tr^iGoodwLn, of
V county,:" who i. "was -, :-Iting" ; 'his - son' • at>
"VSnowden" th'i.» v, ■ - k. has just left for I
>horae. ' „ ~ .
-~;Mr. J. W. Jennhigs, of Cartcrsvilie. was
hhengia'few^days; agc^ivisitingjhis :old
y friends, - r >\ ' .
;:a,'j Mr.7i,Thomas ? JohnsonJ and : daughter,, of .
were in our: to wn : ; this" sweek."5 week."
J pj MisslSue' ■ Beal ; riwhd has , beendteaching^
I ; in jFluyarina ;\; jco untiy.^.i re turned :to her j
i home; i ri^ar~- tbwn.saVfewVdaysl' siheo. :•:'; ; -
i wr-VMrvj^ Charles >Andersbb, " son'--, of Major I>. >
fW. Anderson, is at home from Richmond
|,on : vacation. * ' - , : ! ' ,
| Our postmaster, S. R. Gault, Esq., .is
i about .establishing a weather bureau. ~ at
i his office here, and a slip will be sent out
daily to every mail-box on tiie rural free
delivery route. ; : "■"'"■= ■-...*■.■; . :•-.--'-;
t : . Warren 3ieiuorial-Day.
.FRONT ROifAli, ; VA.' ' May / 12^-(Spe- ;
cial.)— At a meeting, of " the Ladies* War
ren Memorial Association, it was/decided
that* memorial-day, should be held as
usual— on the 2od of May, the anniversary
of the battle of Front Royal. The exer- ;
cises promise to be more interesting than
usual. The: main feature of .the; occa
sion will be : the decoration of the. Mosby '
■monument., by the ladles of the associa- = !
tion. : All -of the school children -in the. j
county have been; invited -to -take part j
:in -the exercises; and a great portion of
them; will, be in the- parade. , :
.--. ..:>■'"-.- ">' —~i*m-^ .. - . . -„- -
- ■ - " :■■■;■■:■' ■-,-. ■■ :
Soutliem Earnings; . :
Estimated .earnings" . of *;the Southern
railway system for the week . ended May
7th,.;were: : .
Thisyear.. ....„ ...........: ....... ....sb^SO?
Last year.... ...... .;... 45J,717
Increase....... ......... $477 r v>
-.-•:-- v ----- - — ■ — -^;
t_ mi mmm m^
A'Jcarionn- : Theory i n „
5 -, lu ae JUsOwnclotii^
Mcntlo tt .
??S (Correspondence of the Dj SDa -,-
VA.,_May 12.-The death of S^
Johnson/ofShiloh. in this county's^
days ago, removes one of the t
markaMe and decidedly unique char, /^
of :the State of.Vir^
the core, /his; scrupulous Integrity in •
ve r.- spusht or accented
favorsTof .any human b.w ' " rat '" !^*
bave;to do, ; or decline toa? S h *
others. :arr. Johnson was a ventV^ f ° r
cluse < in .every sense of the S*' V*"
many,: many yeargrhe h J^na- For
alone Jin an. unpretentious liS--*
outside oY the" £,? ° U
o^Shilph-and^here. always soEur^^
a one-never;- making visits nor JSfaX*
vls Aors-he earned a,: plain s^il ns
Port, cut andmade his own *'?"
ing £ apparel, V did his own cool-t ar *
washing, ,and : ma de neariv every ,-t* 1 ?*
though a' thoroughly »„ of v
brill,ant. intellect and excellent %
tion,; a n;able writer and cSSt 2^:
he .was notoriously eccentric; and°hS™ '
utation V for - certain >ccentric?H« P '
tended'far beyond his StatelSSr^ ir
writings -had gone; Like Paul v r t 3
son had > thorn in the flesh.'^anci that
w-as a most singular theory in p.Spd7
electricity,: For many years b?4*S? bo ?
sounder a belief 'that certain JJrt£ £
New Tork,; or somewhere else ha?w
gol^electricity to the exSS S gg
could produce any kind of influence aeon
any man in any part of the wo£ an.i
honestlrbelieved that he had been a
target for that party for long years"i~t
He ; -.;claim«i that evil and damaging* *£
tluences ,of electncity, from that e 7u
source in New York, harassed and tor
rented him by day and by night, aid thTt
avery ache y. and pain he ' had „*£
and -reverse, ev ery drOUg S.
and storm damaging to his crops and
2ven the: insects .that ravaged his vese
tables. :.weredue to electricity directed
ay that evil, malicious party who h a l
>ome special grudge against him. It win
3e remembered- that some years a™ ht
reduced -this most remarkable theTrr to
"writing, and: the brilliant article Wa£
iressed to. the President of the UniSi
at ?f.. supplemented by an able appeal to
ie.Chief. Magistrate to have a s tsp put
•o, the heartless work of the electric people
n: -New; .-York. Subsequently he a*
iressed. a similar communication, to the
aovernor of Virginia, and this, too was
i rare literary production.
,Ithas long been believed that Mr. John
son had "lots, of money." ;;. -Several years
igo .; his house tvas entered and he was
:ruelly beaten- and. robbed by some ne
; ,2 nd }Z° ■ Of the
aellfleld and Sam Moore— are now servin--'
i: term in the penitentiary for the das-
crime. During the trial of the rob-
Jers, Mr. Johnson; was. of course, a wit
less. and when It became known tsaf
ie. -would be at the court-houoa great
:rowds; flocked there just to set one look
it the man whose name had been oa
jvery tongue and who had not been aeea
Think of a
wouian beinj
sick and suf
ferin<j sis
years when
ahe mijht
have been well
all that tint!
Think of her
takiny the
treatment of
four doctors
and gsttis'jj: no
Think of the
pain shi en
dured — of the
usciessness of
TovrDoeUmTaQid. ;: ■ her life ia
those - six long:, dreary, miserable years.
] -Think of the distress of a refined, modest
woman fduriag-Cthe: useless examinations
and treatment of four different doctors who
eachand all failed to give her any comfort.
■;;-■ Think of all this and then thinlc that she
was finally s cured—completely, wholly, per
manently cured right ia the privacy of her
Home rvwithoutf the 'abhorrent " examina
tions.*'rand; local -treatment so uniformly
insisted upon/, by; home physicians — cured
just as ; she mig^ht have been sixyears before,
-i These are simply the facts in the case of
Mrs. 1 Mi B.; Wallace, of iluenster, Cook
Co., Texas, 1 who writes :
*: ; "I had been agrcat sufferer from fetaale-weak
ness. I tried four doctors and none did me any
good;, I ' suffered .six years, but at last I ftrciaa
relief! v I. folio wed "your advice, and took four
bottles of 'Golden Medical Discovery.' and eigfct
of the ' Favorite Prescription." I now feelliHca
near zuoman. -_1 have gained eighteen pound*."
Dr. Pierces Favorite Prescription U a
medicine .made for 'just one pufpose^ — to
care^ disorders or diseases of the feminine
brg-anism. It is the only preparation of its
kind introduced by a regularly graduated
physicau l -.! -skilled- specialist in the dis
eases of .women, whose thirty years of suc
cessful practice are aguarantee of health to
all ; sufierer3 who consult him.
■■rEverywomaanav write fnliv and coa
fidentially to Dr. R; V. Pierce, Bufelo,
N..Y.i"iand, may be sure that her case
will receive j careful; conscientious, confi
dential ■consideration,'. and -that the b»st
medical advice in the world will be giv«a
to her, absolutely free.
;*la addition to this free advice Dr. Pierce
will send a Tpaper- bound copy of his srre»t
1.000-page bbok ','The Common Sense Med
lcal;Adviser," i to r any one who will send 21
bne-rcent stamps to pay the cost of cai!icg«
French cloth-bindingr, 31 stamps.

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