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W^HOLI NU^BEK, 15i321;
Iklk -liiJ'Mliw lllk. LnillllßllL- Li I Ib
stances of Great Splendor,
der; the HappiesL Auguries.
j Former at Xooii,.aiul the Latter at "" Attended' by Im
mense Thrones— Booth Street Scenes—The- Shows-Fro
graniinc' for To-bay and Keiiiaiuder of the Weelf -^Xotes
and Incidents, of the First *T>ay.~ -
Rex is King, to rule over the realm of.'
Richmond, until the period of his- rule
shall have expired at midnight of Satur
To His Majesty was surrendered the keys
of the city last night at the climax to
the Carnival, inaugural ceremonies, in the
pre-sence of his court, his -knights, and a
v£.st concourse of loyal subjects. The
King's gracious 'favor was immediately
shown the people,, over whom he rules
by his proclamation of a period of six
days of merry-making.
Kenry I. of the House of Valentine,
enters' upon his reign as King of the
Carnival under happiest auguries. His
jtcceseion to the thi'one was hailed with
:i great popular demonstration of assent,
and he will wield the sceptre of authority
over hearts inclined to willing obedience,
liis people will prove loyal subjects..
Within the confines of the King's realm
?.re gathered, too, the people of contigu
ous places, in great numbers, and there
arc thousands who have journeyed from
remote regions to enjoy the period ot"
His Majesty's rare favor. To these is J
extended a right royal welcome. j
Fitting will be the eelebraticn of tha j
rule of Rex. The faithful band to whDmJ
was con:id<?d the preparations have
wrought wondrou*ly welL The city has
been transformed. Her avenues, flag
decked mid bright with hues weaved in
artistic fancy, reflect in visible form the
carnival spirit animating her citizens.
Broad street is a long lane of beauty. Its
•unbroken fronts of big business buildings
support ffay__bunting aua flags, which
' of • cos- !
indpolitan booths ; which : strelch up and
down ihe broad thrbughf are as far as
ihe. eye can reach. • "j
Nature favored the opening of tliv.!
city's gToat fete.- The sun rose in purple
splendor, .^heralding' the perfect day. As'
lie mounted higher above the carnival '■
city the warmth of ■ his approval became
more manifest. The heat was ihar of a
June day, in the very midst of P.Wmy
May. but ihe circumstance: of the slight
'iFComfort from this source did nor abate!
■c tide of humanity which surged In!
srood humor, anci expectancy toward
the booth street. !
With daybreak began the scene of ac- ]
Uvity on Broad /street that did. not end!
until long papt midnight. "Workmen and
showmen were the pioneer?.; Booths that J,
liai] not been completed on Saturday night I
were hurried ; to completion before noon.
- 'fe** l - t.-~ mM ,.,3.^. i - , - . , o_
Bostock's great-aggregation; which came
in Sunday night fro~m Washington; was
not ready for: the- eager ; public until
night, when the first, performances were
given..: But the force\ of men connected
with the shows displayed -great activity
throughout the day, erecting tents, dis
posing. the paraphernalia of the respective
exhibitions, and getting in readiness for
the evening. ' . :
street: filled rapidly.
IJefore 10 o'clock I3road street was
alive with people out fo^- , pleasure! As
train followed train' into thp depots, their
human freight swarmed first" to the res
taurants, , and then up and down Broad
street. The congested condition of the
avenue made itia -matter of- difficulty to
pass rapidly along the.street. The crowd
was in control, arid 'one moved as fast
as the pleasure-bent majority, and no
faster. ' ... . .-■■.
Xor. could the crowd be blamed, for
there was much! to ; tempt to leisurely
contemplation. .Never did the great shoii
windows appeal stronger: to the admira
tion of pedestrians.' Inside, ' there were
constant crowds. The.""stores served the
purpose of- safety-valves, and the; excess
of people on the sidewal>- found refuge
while" they made purchn<=o-=. Neverthe
less, the great majo- - 'ere more bent
on pleasure than"- on business. Where
one entered a store, three- remained out
side to admire." the booths arid listen to
the voice of venders of a thousand and
one articles of fancy. : and " utility. But
there will be more of ;business by and: by;
after the fun, and before the return home,
the visitor makes his .purchase. Rex : is
impressing the magnificence; of his realm
now; the advantage of "dealing with -his
people will become apparent as a. logical
sequence of the enterprise; which" made
the fair possible.
"By noon there must 'have been 30,000
people k oii ; .Broa_d,3irJ2ei.4ii^thj^ha3.tli^ dlsi
trict. : Both : sidewalks, from--; Jeff ersoir
street to Tenth, were ; black with slow
moving .humanity, and. "a. great- throng
was massed in the open street between
Third 1 and Fourth, streets: where •the;in
augural ceremonies were -^ occur. . The
function took place from a long grand
stand erected on the north side of the
street, flanked by two smaller stands for
bands. They were gayly decorated ..in:
red, white, and blue bunting. Which en
circledthem in broad bands of the alter
nate colors.
Before the arrival of the speakers: the
stand slowly filled with the invited guests,
to the number of 140. Among those askeC
to occupy, seats in tlie stand wero Gover
nor and Mrs. Tyler, Mayor and Mrs. Tay
lor, members of tho Board of Aldermen
and; Common : Council; heads of .lepart
.r*>~nts-.-pf.--the. city government; various
State- ofHcials, "Boards of Fire and: Police
Commissioners; L. Z. Morris,:
' and H.- L. Cabell, vice-president of the:
Chamber of Commerce;: Mr. I-I. ; Lee i Lor
raine, president of Post. A, and C. "Walton ■
Saunders, president of the State: Divisionr
Travellers'; Protective Association; . Air;
Virginius Newton; president of theClear
ins-ITouse Association; H. R. 'Pollard,
City Attorney; "T^oiiis A. Marie, A.'VF. ;
Huntt;Mr. W. F.-Fox, Superintendent of
City Schools;: Judge J. C. .Lamb,' Judge
B. C. Minor, Judge S. B. Witt, Judge B.
R.Welirord, Judge; T. Ashby Wickham,
Justice Crutchfield. 'judge John-- H. In
grain, Manchester; Court-Clerks C. M.
Rowelle,;P. P. Winston,; CO. Saville. and-
Walter Christian,, .besides . Mr. ' and Mrs.
W. H. Thompson, whose baby daughter
had been chosen to. perform an Interest- •
ing function in- connection with the inn;- i
guration of the fair.' ' : - ■ . j
The speakers were escorted in carriages:
from the City Hall, under the great "white
arch, which glistened' and gleamed , in :lie
sunlight, up Broad street in a triumphal j
procession between the long, black lanes [|
oi 'people.'. A band "accompanied 'the dis- |
tinguished party, preceding^ the • carriages j
and "playing the lively; air of the Rich- j
mond Carnival March. ; When ttie square
containing the speakers' stand was reach-7 I
ed bands from; four quarters^of the -city j
: appeared ; simultaneously, and their . de
■.bouch into the bloclc was magnificent as' |
a dramatic incident. ;. The great crowd |
caught the execution of the well-planned j
manoeuvre, and .cheered enthusiastically, '
.while l the: orators party ascended the
Platform steps.: . ' L-. ;> A
The exercises, were characterised £>y
business-like .brevity. Mr. Alexander H.
JMeyer; .president, of „th c- Carnival j-V p,=pc! 2,-j: ■
'tibn,'"actedr'as 'master of J ceremonies^ Rev.' ;
Dr. J. B.H awthorne; the'elqquent'pastor
of: Grove-Avenue Baptist ■ church, deliver-; .
'Ed the: invocation. Mayor. Richard M.
Taylor, in- a two-minute -talk,- introduced,
Mr. : Joseph' Bryan, who made the "princi
pal address. At the conclusion c£ the.ora
tory, baby Cora Lucille Thompson was j
lifted to the ape:: of a floral-pyramid,- 1
from which she plucked the crowning- !
rose, communicating a "spark of electricity' \
to a score .of bellsand ;whistles- in the'
city. The noisy, chorus was drowned in"
applause, and then all the bands played.
The great crowd in the street melted-Jand
merged with\ the streams on the "side
walks, while .'the privileged people in the.!
stand were leaving. Thus was Richmond's :
first Street Fair opened.
.the: crowds 'at night. ;'
At night .'there was; a second great
Negro Men from . Officers
leafioMa; and Hanged^
Popular Resident of tlie City Named Had
Been Killed By the Negro,
Aug-ustit Business-Men .Sfotify the
City Antliorities Tliat the Law Pro
viding 1 for Tliein is 'Not Being- En
: forced. '■>.-. ■ ,-■ \../: J .-r-.^ -;l:'y- ':■' .\ - : ... ■ •;-.--
, ■;... _, . <„^£-';
:% jVUG USTA,VGAr,; May. ; tt^-^liiajft^rll^
lis, a neg^ro,.who-shot'aiidvkilled?Afexau-'
deir Whitney, ; a popular young, man- of this"
city, :yesterday afternoon, was vlynched
near Grovetowii," about twelve miles " from I
hereViat 10 A. M. to r day. The.roob; v-hich;
disposed' of Willis :■ took him from ■ Rich
mond county. ofßcers| who boarded:.a train
for --Atlanta, .. soon after the murder : was %
committed,. withV the Purpose of taking?
Willis .to a place- of safety." .: .■ • ".■/■■ .-?
. The mob held"iWiills . in the woods near
Groveton during the nig-ht, awaitihg.iden-?
tiiication. ->It was'not until 10 o'clock that '■
the negro was thoroughly recognized. He:
was swung from a 'tree.-.: The; rope broke
in tho -first attempt, and' a second. was v
made, which was 'successful.- The body
wa s then -riddled '"with bullets, •_ and : a pla
' cafd'.was : placed;; upon ithe :bbd>v bearing- a
.warning ; to f other .negfbes. ■■iLv 4 ----.^;":.V-"'-Vr'""*
V i'-The coroner." was notified,' and'is how^in
vestigating.";..; Governor ; ; 'Candler
formed early, in.the'dayj of- the.prospect:"of
a lynching,-: and \ the -four coriipa-'
nies "of; State trbops r stationed~here to : hold
themselves in- readiness" to prevent any
violerice by" the-mob. " '■" '"['■. '■:•:' . : ;,": : F J-X
: .Judge Briston; ."of :> the "Superior : Court, 1 "
called • the grand jury .together "to -iprevent
any' ou tbrealo but";u t "; before -these ; precau
tions could: bo. effective :the; negro "had
been lynched. ;:?:;.; ; "
■:'. .. :;\THE NEGRO'S: CRIME.' :. ;:
Alex. .Whitney wasiori'a crowded.street
car -yesterday evening, when "Willis arid
ariotherj negro boarded . it. : No ■ seats were
available,: and one 'of, the; negroes .sat :iri
; Whitney's'lap. ,' Whitney struck the negrb/
and Willis suddenly. :; commenced Miring:
from a pistol;. , The : first shot struck Whit
ney" in the r head, I causing Talmost; instant'
death. The , second .grazed -ithe- haiid> of -
Lieutenant :. Steirierlf of : the ; Georgia^ State
, Troops. r:, Willis : v/aa "overpoweredi ■"; and
later placed : in, the .hand s: of = officers. ; .. -
:. A company ■ of ' : business-men sent . notice
■to the.city authorities to-day that: the law
requiring, street railways .to}furnish;sepa
rate ; accommbdation's ; f or : white:; persohsl
and: negroes was not" being enforced. ■■'. " :
; It was 7 stated:th.at;theimilitary ; compa-':
nies .which .would, be ordered ;to riprb'tecti
.WiKis in case : of -"mob '-violence v /wbuld;re- '
fuse ; to do so, : as Whitriej- "was ; a prbmi- A
nent. member ; of ■ the\ State, volunteer or
ganization. - " : -/:■:'■':. : : :,.; : ;
''-a Mytli.' "'
c^WO^STOCK^-^;;^May : i4^(Speeia^o ;
:An .inipqrtaritJrarrest- has-been' made^in
:the: ; Strasburg- .■/ Bank %/. robbery ',-: ?case.-
:;the ; efforts; 6f^ PihEer ton : detec-'
tives Edwin". Carney; alias Hutchesbn: alias
ElizaboilfsWhitlng, - a;{well r known crook,:
has been: apprehended* in New; York) city'
and. held! on another charge,: awaiting: the l
act! on / of:: the • ■Virginia" : authorities; '■-
r will- claim:him ; f or -being' implicated' in :the
robbery V of .the ; bank. ;.:..:/ ;.-:,.:.
, : From- the : outset:; thel detectives believed
Camey-'to-have been a.prominent mem-:
:of r _ the "gang, -and -a successful ; trap]
.v/as- laid i,f or Chim::. When -caught .he ; was
attired in 0 : a' woman's j outfit. -Immediately.;
af ter r ; the3 arrest ,:; Detective? J. \ T.'* Conners ;
came I to ; Strasburg \ and- exhibited 1 a : - num-:
ber;:.ofj:rogue's- gallery pictures; "Carney's"
likeness 'being in.-. the collection, t-to^half ! - a
dozen-; prominent rr Strasburg., people, .'who
immedia tely?,picked « Carney out : as a • man
who'had'- been' in Strasburg on the; day'
TSig.- -Grcstsst ■ Crowds Seen in Rsclt«
nearly" all-: people: bllo^gsng.-to: : this^state;
; Tlio Farmers" anrt Their Aye ii^fcl^%a jSl^^^^^^
\ SE^and Towns Have Furnished Their Share-Busy ancl 3^S
r«Z^I Scenes Witnessed, oit the Streets--aiuch Greater rCro-^tt^^rc
• preceding; the : robbery. This if hey . dia ? al
though =they haaV not been apprised of j the"
: detentions of i the : mari.'j With ; sucli^positive
identification -Detect! vei Conners * camesto'
rWoodstbcfc on -Saturday,^ and after ! a J con
sultation,by,'himaw7th:Hon^:ELTl>>; New
man,^who;isipresident:of the" looted^.bankTi
; steps xwere; ; taken-i'or. 1 ; the h roquisition -Tbf;
: the ;> prisoner,";.?; and -; yesterday^ ""evening
:Sheriff '.Spiket-.vrired fthe. New -Tork^au-:
•thoritiesi to! detain; -tlie mkj until : this lar-l
rivai,sand : left: oii; the afternoon," tniinifoi:'
Richmond I ■;; to '.* ; procurc : the '■>; necessary'
papers."-;; Frbm^thereihe .wiU^go. to^New,
: York/-} to J" return.^ here -. .* wit h> Carney.S as
sooni as r - possible. .
.. It. will-be, remernbored: that 'early on^the:
morning | of *- A.pril f-27th % a'^weil-organLzed
■ gang? of ;eigh.tin:eri i blew .open = the -_vavitt
and safe ;of- .-.the;;Massainittenv.Bank: at
Strasburg ■?: and looted** the --institution;
takingSwith -them, nearly. :^3,W)o..v>-*>r!~:;:-
The :Massa.iiutten: : Bank;Jis*alm.ember of
the, American-Bankers;- Association," j and
Vx as -insured: 'in :.: the /Fidelity, and-; Casualty
Company, ■bf-:NewVTbrk; - :-:";-: '-'1. j. : .
;-The ; story.;. published: ;in;;tiie;. Saturday;
papers ; about : ;the -:captude ;bf j'.'Slim ; ;Jim" ■
las~. a■> member^ of irthe.] gang-, - only a"
i rayth ! palmed [off : : on | several iby
Detective'; Cdnnersj to ; cover, iiis;, real *ac-f
tiona;^ -.•;-■-.- r---. -;--- '••-'."--:.-:. ■ " "'>"•"---'.-
Continental -Cbniip any , ' .Works :-;':3lay
'■'- : StopSOperatioins : tTeinporarily.; J~-.'
"In tbbacco : circles I there " is . airumbr,- cur
rent to ithe effect! that«the.: P.- H.;Mayo;&:
ißrothers'i ßrothers'^ Brarichs of the: ContinentaliTo-;
bacco ? Company , ; > and other-properties S of
the7,large*;trust. in this v city, -will .close
r down on ■ July-lst; '.'?. r-,'J.\r -,'J.\ ■' '■'■■■■
; r -Mr. P. : '. H. • Mayo/ when asked ; cqneerri.
.:ingithisCrumor,.said hei hadheardUCbut
s uncfficially. ? • OQicially. heiknew; nothing'
of lit:'-'-'--. -': ■?: - ■ '■■ ■:?. ":7; ..,':■ ■■-■- :s .y -- ■.:¥:/■■ '
- . Came _Xetir Beirij?;: DroTvned. -' . : ;
Befry; : . the "4-year-old son .of ■'•Mr.- -.Berry ;
Rock/-.;a^well-known,' "; Fultonite, - had ':.a;
iiniraculous from^being/'drownedl
a^i'evrjslays^ agOi-^Tlie^go.odr-E'atursdj little;
;f ellow^drove ' r ailot fof \ gqslings-ito \water '
'in ; Gillies. creek,"; and;;unmindfur- of danger.)
followed.^ the : '. geese, into-", the -swollen '
stream.'sHe « went ibey ond r his : depth ;^and .
was ? soon s struggling:, in --. the : .water.^j. Mr.i
Oscar.; Holmes r *:\who- was ■; on vthe; summit^
of; a'.neighboring--hili; v saw : theii situation^
of -the : lad. ,and made; haste to j the .rescue."'
He into'the. stream iand rescued
theiboy.-infthenick/of-time;; ■ " ;"; ; "~
; :.• : Funeral of 3trs. BnrgcsN. : ,: y - ;:;:
; v The" funeral "of .Mrs. ;• Ann V ßurgess ■■-. topic:
place ! from the ■ residence ;of -.her ■ datzgfiterj
Alrs. : S." A. Bbusch:'"'- An, humbled Chris-:
tian-la'dy in. all 'the; walks ;of.life,:she.?hns
called; to that ;happy :home;of jjoyous
■rest": prepared for all. - ' ;;- :• ; r ' :?r ;-; ': {
iv . :..Tlie Dispiitcli Carnival Series.
:'.:■ Leaya : -your : orders ■ at C the - Dispatch, :
coimter .for: the carnival series, May 15th",
. to^ 2oth, : inclusive.: Price .locU-Postage^paid.f-
Richmond i 3 Virginia this Tveefc.
r h 3Tfi n ? - one ■ MPoti any occasion : 1-vlnaQ^f
years, if ever before. ~ "
"■ Ev«!T- train - coming to the city fsi£§»!
.Saturday, nigh f hasl bien fcrowdedSEve^rf
train yesterday caVried extra -coaches. 5
, everything was; crowded:^ Oa :: !|olael
io^tho^ roads"; extra ': trains %ere "iinftoj
ordered .' handleUhe crowds/ r All : thslroaiS|
vnll^probably ;; have- "'excursion traln3^S2|i
.Richmond hns iio^ Wsuch a crowd
within/ her .'gates" since^Ko|confederat§|
on - ; m 1536 .; Indication^afe that-be- :
fqra, the; week ends ".the throngs will ■bo' 5
greater than those here when theoli
veterans took; the i city, four years ago. '
-■;%°.? d , street ,was ; thronged iatl \ daylyes^v
terday. The jam at times was so great
We -" ''^ -:'step7a ; ' minutej;was^prottyVrapia|
.considerei^ Thefsizel
,o, o £ the crowd on the first day of the carnU
yal .^ a . 3 ; a , s . v , r .P ris^: Jt /vvas noff expected*
throngs until later in the week. ■■■■•EutiUieyf*
{came, by the thousand— by train, by boat, "
drove m.'^rfrequent isight^wasTa^ifdrni?
wagon, nhoibig^bos^lledtwltlTJthQ'farm-^
er;sf family, j come sltown ;■ tbTsebltliel
sights; ,, Bicycles ; brought ?In • many ; pebple.' v \
j.j .f v-..\n.u™^er>o£v -..\ n . u ™^er>o£ thirty-randiforty-mile^ruhs^
™ c i made ;byt young : f eUows f esiclins ? ia^ ;
tno.'country. : rj ..-S;,~- '■■-'■. "-■;■:: -^ :'.^ : v>.^ : -->-- ,:~^4
1 *.*?• S? f : Cs *"°.%< l is a study, : aa crowds always
I f . r M<The -peopl6 jseemo slow^in^ecidlne*
jkpw'tp.enjoy -themselves; ;They Invariably?
| thoicrowd.-ThereStho Attractions hxe^i
rtha . exhibits, i-idecoratidns/^'tlia ''music =■■'*
[ the: shows;;- the : fakirs;.;; Pitilesslytthe: sun
I beats ; down .upon Ithe : mlghty'jam^strug^
gimg^: jostling^ pnshingv? sweating^ Butt
, dorspwero _on. every hand^y The ibeveraga
j was delightfully ;coolirigV: ; tTb:e>sbda-fbuii- ; l
i tains were patronized, as i they •have, rarely^
been;; All tho ; attendants
I "ehind ,tho counters. J .turnins ! the ;faucets,l^; faucets, l^
j butrthey were;not able^to*: keep-" the-crowd^
drinldng.t. Ice- watery at; a^penny-a^glasaw
went well. Beer ;was 7a.; stapls ?cooler
Stronger -^erevin'Tsreat - ; deriiand^
Kot ;a drunk was .visiblerrThere^was^
j great scarcity} of c waterl^prinkm^fbfiSsi
tarns ; were : greatly "needed^ •: Hundreds f ot^
visitors crowded : lnto;,theiCapit6lsSq^re:S
&re . : was .^ constant' crowdlaboutath^

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