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The Jury in the Case of ttie
Rev. J, E, R, Riddick, /
AQjoamsi Om Until To-Horrow (Mon
day) Horning.
Six for Actiwlttal on tJie Gronnds of
Insanity and Six for a I-onjr Term
in itc rcaileutlary— Xotc from the
(Stall Correspondent's Report.)
3^A\YREXCEVILL,E, VA., June o.— The
end of the Riddick trial is not yet. The
jurj- were unablo to agree on a verdict to
day, and have been adjourned over until
!\2on!iu.y. The case, aftsr having dragged
its v.eary length through the greater part
oi" two wc-^ks, vras submitted to the jury at
11:24 o'clock this lnprning, and at 4:30
o'clock, no verdict being forthcoming,
and there being no immediate, prospect
of one, court adjourned until Monday
Judsre TumbuH, in adjourning court, told
the jury that they had shown such for
bearance and patience during the past
fortnight that he felt constrained to do
the same by them, and hence he would
hold them together for a few days, and
g;ve them an opportunity to agree.
Mr. Davis, of counsel for tht defence,
addressed the jury for a. moment on the
importance of reaching a verdict, if possi
ble, and Mr. Buford followed him. and
said that though he was exceedingly
anxious that there should not be a mis
trial, he eld not thi:ik it was wise to force
the jury into a verdict.
Foreman W. A. Short then told the
Court that so far as he could see there
was no possibility of an agreemeiu. and
later it developed that it was six to one
and half a dozen of the other; that the
jury stood six for acquittal on the Ground
of insanity and a like number for im
prisonment in the penitentiary. The jury
have never considered the infliction oi" the
extreme penalty.
During the time that the jury vrere
locked In their room the prisoner, sat
with bowed head, now and again niopxnng
his fevered brow. He realized fully, the
critical position he occupied, and, while
he was outwardly calm whenever the
jury-room was opened, he would look
with searching eye. ..within .jJj«« poi"i«*lsv-
X7tice"6i' nrice . ihe jury emerged from
their room. Then he sbovred the utmost
concern, and narrowly scanned each face
ac the twelve men "who "have his fate in
their hands filed past him to their seats.
Ke could not, of course, appreciate ,what
was happening, because of his deafness,
a.nd the Dispatch reporter, who was sit
ting near him. Wrote the situation for
him, thus giving him trie news which he
most sought-
After the jury had been out for some
little time I wrote him as follows. "The
jury are now considering their verdict.
How do you feel? I hope yo*u are in
good spirits?" Reaching out for the pen
cil and paper, the prisoner wrote: "I
thought the jury was considering
the verdict. I am obliged to you
for your kind wishes. The ver
dict means so much to my wif e, my
aged parents, and my litrle children, that
1 cannot but be greatly concerned. I ful
jy believe that all things work together
for good to them that love God. Know
ing that I love' Him, that my martyr
wife loves Him, I feel he will help me to
bear whatever is ahead of me, and in
his own time bring, my wife and myself
to eternal life,"
Court convened this morning at S"ID
o'clock. Mr. Buford resumed his argu
ment, axd for more than three hours hoi
addressed the jury. He reviewed with
groat care and in minute detail the evi
dence in the case, emphasizing that ad
duced "by the Commonwealth, and mini
mizing the importance of that introduced
by the defence. He argued for a verdict
of murder in the first degree, and de
cried the contention that accused was
insane at the time he committed the
set. Mr. Buford's argument was replete
with invective directed against the prison
er, and through it ran an under
current of bitterness which undoubtedly
made its impression on the jury. He as
serted that his (prisoner's) calling should
Jiot excuse the accused, but, on the: con
trary, should render him rnore_aecounta
cie for the act. The attorney spoke at
considerable length concerning the ex
pert testimony, and besought the jury to
'::^re«;,rd it. In this connection 1-e read
'..'• instructions of the Court with re
lerence to the insanity plea, and eiabo
m:ed upon them, and urged the jury,
f they were unwilling to bring in a
first-degree verdict, to give the accused
a long term in the penitentiary, where,
f he developed insanity, he would be
K-moved to an asylum. This Would ac-
MjinpliEh everything sought by the de
• ( :r-ce. Mr. liuford thought. In dwelling
upon the idea, he said that if the jury be
ieved accused to be insane arid ncquit
tod him. they had no guarantee that he
'■vould remain in an asylum Jonger than
a wx-ek. The power of a writ of habeas
corpus was here alluded to by the speak
er, to show how easy by its use the
-■ec-used could secure freedom from an
In conclusion. Mr" Buford said: "I :
.t»:nk this man should be /ringed, but I
Know you are going to commit an error
in your verdict. I know you are going
to err on the side of mercy, but I bc
w-och you not to give him less than
«ghteen years in the penitentiary. Take
iliiK case, gentlemen, and I trust, that
in. the interest of the sanctity of human
|'fe, you will not, by your verdict, estab- ':
iish v precedent by which ail other ;m;r- ]
derers j.iay go unwhipped .of ./the ■ law." '
The case was given to the jury at 11:24
<^oek, as stated above, and the gentle
men In whose hands rested the fate of
tiie well-known preacher went out for a
v.alk. Returning to the oourt-liouse they
retired to their room, and at 32:30 o'clock
iverc sent to dinner. At. 2 o'clock they
r( -;>orted that they wenV unable to agree,
and were returned to their room. Litter,
they asked if they could be ,-jivc-n the
"vidcT.ce of Mrs. liiddick. This, had not
t>iu ; ri written out by the stenographer, aiid
they were asked on what: point !n ; the
u-sUiEony they wanted information. They
wanted to know if 11 is. Riddlck liad
»«sUSed that her husband had. manifest-:
'•£ jealousy of her, and; receiving an'/xf
iirrnative reply from StenographerAVJille
'''•rn, went back to.Uheir. room, ; leaving
»fhind them the hope that thoy would
Probably get together. When, however,,
at 4:3o. o'clock, thoy were still ■divided, aJI
hopes? ot a. verdict we'ro: practically l aban
doned. ,
. Judge Turnbiill is determined to get a
verdJct If possible/ and will : hold the^jury
together throughout Monday. . at" any rate.-
There is? great dinappointmont -In/ court'
circles that no verdict waa reached. After
the conduct of the jury Friday, it was
accoplcd-as a. forefrone conclusion that
they, wore agreed. 7 Now, however, all is
chang-cd.; and one of the Jurors told me
this afternoon that he was confident they
would never agreo.
This case has been a costly one to the
Commonwealth. Together with tho Coun
ty Clerk, I 10-day footed /up the entire
cost, of the trial, and ascertained that
the State will have to pay out $1,000 and
over for tho, service, of witnesses and
jv.rors. and I am informed tliat the. trial
has cost/.the defence twice that sum.-.
A Coniproxniße Verdict of Two Years
L.AWREXCEVILLE, June 9.— (Special.)
It developed to-night : that after all,
there Is a likelihood of a. verdict being
reached. Monday. It will b* a compro
mise verdict, however, and will necessi
tate Riddick's spending two years In the
pen! ter.tiary. Kia family realize their in
ability to stand the expense of another
trial. Without money they, could not get
their witnesses here, and hence • fear that
the extreme penalty might be given
in another trial. .Taking all this into
consideration, they would accept a verdict
of not more than two. years.
Enjoyed T^onisvlllo Reunion — Acci
dent I'rovcd Fatal.
(Correspondence of the DisPatchl)
HOT SPRINGS, VA... June S:— The Con
federate veterans from this county, who
attended the Louisville Reunion, have ie
turned, and report having had a most en
joyable time in Louisville.
Mr. and Mrs. Decatur Axtell have come
up from Richmond, and are now prepar
ing to occupy their cottage at this place
for the summer.
Miss Nannette Hopkins, the principal of
the Agnes Scott Institute, of Decatur,
Ga., is spending the summer here with
her family.
The burial of Mrs. William C. Whito
took place at :he Warm Springs on Wed
nesday of this week. Mrs. White has been
a great sufferer for a number of years,
and had been taken from hospital to hos
pital, in the hope of finding a cure. Her
death has cast a gloom over the entire
community, in which she was greatly
loved. She was a daughter of Rev.
George W. Finley, D. D.. of Fishersville,
Va. She leaves a husband. Rev. William
C. White-, pastor of the Warm Springs
Presbyterian church, and five little chil-
2<lr. John P. McDannald, whose serious
accident was noted in the Dispatch some
•Jays ago, died, this morning in German
town. Hie had, scarcely been conscious
since the accident, which was caused by
a. horse's running away with. him, throw
ing him upon his head, and fracturing his
.skull. His sons— Dr. Clyde McDannald, of
Xew York, and Mr. Alexander MeDan
nald, a young attorney of Cincinnati
were with him when he died, as' was his
son. Boyd ■ McDannald, a student of Roa
noke College.
Ol<l People — Personal and General
STUART, VA.; June 9.'— (Special.)— There
are in Patrick county several persons. who
Ziaxd'.; n tardy- j-«*«Jied-" ; tJife^drfJE4:*?r?SSS^'
One of these, Mrs. Poliy Cassell, lives in
three nilies of Stuart;. She is SS years old.
Her oldest living- child was SO years old.
on the Bth day of last month, and her
youngest is upwards of Go. The old lady
is in e^eelient health, is active, and at
tends to household duties. Her mental
powers are clear and strong, and she i.r
lield in high esteem by all of her neigh,
The People of Stuart will soon vote
upon the question of water-works. Pre
liminary surveys and estimates have
been made. The supply of water will be
obtained from three large springs about
three-fourths of a mile from town. Stu
art is 2,000 feet above sea-level, and these
springs are ICO feet higher than the town.
Our Circuit Court will begin on the 15th
of .this month. There- are several-com
mon-lav,-, cases and many chancery" "ases
on the docket.
Hon.. 33. -.\V. "Saunders, of Rocky Mount
will deliver an address before the stu
dents of Stuart Normal College at the
commencement on June the 26tb at U
o'clock A. M. A large audience will greet
this distinguished gentleman, who is
very popular with our people.
The wheat crop will be short The oats
have been ruined by the dry weather and
the corn is very unpromising. The yield
oi hay is very small, and gardens" are
irom three to four weeks late.
To Erect an A. P. mil Monument—
Otber Meiiiion.
PETERSBURG, VA., June 9.-(Special.).
Some years ago a movement was started
to raise funds . for the erection in this
city ot a monument to commemorate tho
name and deeds of General A. P. Hill,
one of the ablest corps commanders in
the Army of Northern Virginia. Some
hundreds, of dollars were raised and de
posited in bank, where it still remains,
but hard times coming on further effort
in that direction was temporarily aban
At the meeting of A. P. Hill Camp of
Confederate Veterans on Thursday night
tho matter of .this monument was re
vived, amidst great enthusiasm, and on
motion of Comrade Robert Gilliam, a
committee .was appointed to formulate
plans to- raijse the necessary mones*. and
to take steps for the completion of the
monument. The •committee appointed
consists of the following gentlemen: Ro
bert Gilliam (chairman), General Stith
Eolling, Colonel H. C. Roper, Colonel 'H.
R. Smith/ Rev. T. J. O'Farrell. Simon
Seward, and Colonel William 33. Har
wood. "
This committee will go to I work at
once, and they will"; find a willing- people
to help them in the good cause. "With
the exception of the beautiful shaft
erected .in. Blandford Cemetery to the
Confederate dead. Petersburg has no
monument to commemorate, the heroic
defenders' of .the South. General A. P.
Hill was killed just outside of Peters
burg, ivhile endeavoring to, save the city
from capture. The location of his monu
ment will be a matter for future decision.
Central Park has been suggested as" one
site and Washington street, at the junc
tion of Market, as another.
The condition of Mr. W. H. McGeorge,
tho mail agent who was so badly injured
ill the. recent railroad accident at Grays
burg, and who is at the Home for the
Sick here, gives some hopes of his re-
covery. He had a- bad: spell yesterday,
during which it was feared he. would
die. Lite lungs; are badly ; punctured by,
his broken- ribs.
Hoiinl of Dcntul^Examiners. „ -
A -lhoetlnsr-. of ..'the Virginia State Baarj
of Dontal Examiners will be- held v in the
hall of the House of Delegates, : in-thV
Capjtol building, on Tuesday, June 12th,
for the examination of such.;person.si as
desire -to-? practice dentietry ; in thie State
of" VirgiiiUi. From present Indication:
there is likely' to be- a large number, of api
ijllcaiil Si Tiie members" of the - board " aro
Dr. J. V. ; Haller, VVVythevnie; Dr. J.'v A.
Coivhi, - Oliarlottesvllle ; J Div C. AX Mercer.' ;
Richmond ; Dr. : G. IC } lelstrjWJnchcster ;
])r. J. V Thompson. Fr.*derlcfcsburs;^l)r.
IJ. AV.Canipboll;- Suffolk.
Aetlng; President, of ColnsuTjian Cnl
vorsity—Prosxamme iov the Ile
mainfler o* tiie Week— Higrii-Sc'liool
Finals — Dr. Kent Orator.
This is. commencement week at Rich
wilT be :' preached at' S:ls o'cioek P. 'jil. "to
day in tho college assembly hall by Rev.
S. H. Green, D. D., L.L. D., acting presi
dent of the Columbiaii University, Wash
ington. : Dr. Green i* a speaker of great
power, and a man of the highest iand
broadest" culture.
The literary societies will have their
joint celebration to-morrow night; the
KIEV. S. H. GREEXE, ». D., IA, D.,
(AVlio . I'reaolies Ccllesre Gomuience
xaeat This Kveniris".)
exercises of the graduating class occur
Tuesday; Wednesday will be given up to
the unveiling of memorial tablets in Me
morial Hall at 4 P. M., and the Alumni
Society's reunion and dinner at th© Jef
ferson at t>:3o P. M., and Thursday eve
ning occurs the commencement, proper.
Professor Nicholas Murray Butler, of Co
lumbian University, .New York, will be
the orator.
Plans for the alumni reunion were per
fected at a meeting- of the Executive Com
mittee held yesterday. The attendance
will be large. All former students who
expect to -be present are urged to send
their names and the annual fee. of $l to
Dr. R." TL Pitt or Mr. C. M. Graves, if
they have not already done so. At the
meeting yesterday morning President
Traylor stated, much to the regret of all,
that pressure of other duties', was such
that he would not be able .to /attend on
Wednesday. Dr. Pitt was, therefore,
unanimously" chosen to be toastmaster
at the dinner, and also to preside at the
business meeting.
The Executive Committee will ; associate
with itself a number of prominent Rich-
(\y]io-DeH\ p cJ'« .■■AcidreNs at the Hijjlx
/- ,1;' • '" Soli'obl : Coißueu'cti'mest.) >::' < '}' '■'
mond alumni, who will act as a Reception
Committee. " . -' -
Among tho speakers who . will be asked
to respond to toasts are Dr. W. W.
Moore, of Union Theological Seminary;
Howard. Bayne, Esq., of New York; Presi
dent Eoatvy-right, Dr. Hatcher, Dr. Curry,
Mr. -P. W.-" Moore, president of the class
of 3900, and Mr. L. R. H;/niberlin. Mayor
Richard M. Taylor is /ilso expected to
be present and say af word for ' Ric
hmond, 'i
. Hij^li School Finals.
The finals of tho Richmond High School
will occur at the Academy- of Mtisic on
Thursday evening ne^t at 8:15 o'clock. The
exercises will- be : of great interest, and
will 'certainly attract -a very 'large at
tendance.- The graduating class 'will be
■ : oi' : "Kng'Msh literature in
the University of Virginia, -has consent
ed to take that part of the programme.
Sidney Ki^li Selionl Finals!
The Sidney High School, corner ;Cary
and . Sycamore streiits. held : its. closing
exercises Friday morning at 10 o'clock.
A large number of friends o!i the school
were present, who enjoyed . the interest
ing occasion. Three medals were awarded
as follows by Mesdames Vaiaand "Winston
the principals of the school: The'scholar
ship medal to Miss ' Mabel Nethexland.
The other close contestants for this
medal were ' Misses Jcilia Reddin ano
Estelle Campbell. In Miss Gray's class
Miss Grace Barlow won. the "medal fo:
scholarship, and Miss Elsie Disae won: the
medal for deportment. In Miss Ella
Eroadclus's class Miss Mary Smith won
first honor, and Mr. Robert Kirkland se
Miss Julia Roddin recited the "Butter
fly" with' expression and feeling. Misses
Estelle Campbell 'and Grace Crouch 'also
recited charmingly. After.; the exercises
the school was given a picnic at Reservoir
Park. „.-..
Uliss TloljiKs:oii.\s Ssltool Closes.
A successful session of Miss Robinson's
school, 903 Floyd avenue, has closed, with
a total enrolment of sis teachers .and
seventy-eight pupils. Examinations end
ed on Jiune Ist, and- the- closing cere
monies on the morning of June sth.
The yearly averages announced were as
follows: First rank, averages of So per
cent, and over; second rank, averages of
90 per cent, and over; third rank, "ave
rages of So per cent, and over.
T wentj>3even pupils received the purple
ribbon of the first division; nine pupils
received the blue ribbon of the "second
division, and seven- pupils received the
red ribbon of the "third division; -threa
pupils received the white ribbon certifi
cate of absolutely regular attendance.
In accordance with : the recommenda
tions of the department of education, the
names of undergraduates is not given
to the press. .
The school, in large tqurists' wagons,
was'carried into the country on "Wednes
day, and spent a delightful and profitable
day. in the woods, camping: near the pic
turesque miins of an old. mill.
School will .: reopen September 20th,
Thursday morning-, at- »; o'clock. Se'ptem
berlTth, l&tb, and 15th will. be devoted to
reinrolment and matriculation of pupils.
'jTUo ■ Ar tilleryaaea "VVill Ansezxtlile ■ at
tlie P«.JSii»-House .To-31orrovr.
The survivors of the famous Otey Bat
tery will hold their annual reunion; at the
pump-house'; to-morrow. ■' There are be
tween thirty and forty members of the
gallant command left, /and it has to be
a very extraordinary occurrence; that
keeps one of them, away irom these de
lightful occasions. .. .':.:' ..' ■ ,- ,. ..'
The celebration will begin about; 10
o'clock in the : morning, -and „v.-Ul last
throughout the;. day. It is .designed to ;*oe
a brief, season of • : qtiiet.' i enjoyirient, : ; happy
reminiscences, -and above /all,/ .exactly
what- the name implies, a r'eunioh"6f tlio'se
who fought shoulder to . shoulder behind
the. guns. . „ . „ ' ;..,-*''".'/■./■.
There-will be a few: speeches after din
ner,' but they will be entirely...imprornpru/
and -the whole'; affair.. 'will ".'be^ delightfully
informal. • /.: ' .... , ■ /
: "Ice for t lie Side and. Poor. .
7 Many thanks; are yiven lor .the follow
ing "gifts to the Ice-Mission sirice : iastfno
tice: _. _ .„.'/" , -
Frpm^Easter. hunt, given:, by '-Pauline : ;
-Powers : and- Martha; 'and -Juliet
•■ ; " Mar tin ;.":'."..'■'•-..■';••-:.:• .•••'••'•'••'• { •■•■■'■'■'■ -'4 SCS
"A friend" ._..."; .".-.'- ."......:... '5 CO.
Box ..at . Statioix A,: through Mr. \ •
:; Thornton ;-' — ••■•- :....... :". : .V;-.: : ..'. V 3 S3
''Thef Miriams" of Second -Presbyte-/ '•'. '.]'■ /
;:.■.■;••;". ;.■■/. ■.■.■;; 10 00
■Pjihsy ;.Ci r cle? Ki ng' s Daughters : ''"'.: . V. ■■} 3 00
Collected(frqni ! ;boiesW.;:..:.. ;•; j.i^h 12X0
out- many;; times. a/day/; and -tli^/needUs
very) great' during tliisj ho t, '. '"dry'aFeatlieri';- ,*
Belesntes.to Grand Grove. of Djruiils
Leave — Fuiiei-als ol Ttto CliUdrea^—
EnJojaMe ilvenins Spent— Clieater-
Scld Priaoaer Still itt liiirare.
f" It . •■Ai's'.'leJirried yesterday' th'&t the iiin
•chester Business-Men's Association was
making a strenuous-, effort to get the
Virginia-Nor :'h Carolina Wheel Compar.y
io erect their -nevr'"p,lant- in. tnis .city.
! This concern's entire" plant, 'located below
Pulton, was destroyed by Cre last' week*
It is understood "that a free site is of
| i'ered the wheel- works by -the . Manches
: -er people, low taxation, and other condi
: iions that are strong inducements
The meeting of the Grand Grove of
Oruids uall be held; this w«iek iri Wil
. iingtoii, N. C. The. following delegates
rom, Manchester left yesterday, after
-ooh for the Old North /State: Captain
. A. Upscomb, and ' Messrs.. W.V/.
fatum, E. S. Nunnally, ■T. H." Robinson,
'. W. Alley, W. A. Grovei William Gratz
lowsky, F. W. Bass, and J. W. Toney. .
The funeral, of little Edith Josephine
Clary -took place yesterday ".: afternoon/ at
i o'clock from the . residence : of . Aier
parents, 111 east Eighth street - conducted
by Rev. J. C.Reed/ During the service
Mr. William J. Morrissett sang "Scatter
Seeds of. Kindness." ■ The casket: was
completely hidden with' beautiful designs.
Interment 'was made in Maury Cemetery.
The funeral of William Edward, little
son of Mr. and Mrs. John ." E. Gill, took
plaeo yesterday afternoon . at. 4 o'clock.
Rev. ID. "V. Baldy conducted it. The child
died Friday:: .
A very delightful party was given at the
residence' of Sirs. w. V. . Bradshaw, No.
71S,McDonough street, Friday evening, in
honor of Misses Alma and Mabel Brad
shaw. After the games were over re
freshments were served.- Those present
were Misses Ruth Dyer, Alma and Mabel
Bradshaw,: Nellie Dyer, Rocksy Sykes,
Beulah Bowman, Edna Bowman Lillie
, Dyer, Gertrude Allen, Irene Sykes, and
| Messrs. Douglas Haraing-, Silvern Moody,
; Stuart Johnson, Guy Gregory, Claiborne
Fulks, Leslie - Gibbs, Vernon Bradshaw,
Elijah Atkins, and Harry Tucker.
.Mr. W. W. Pool has been re-elected a
| member of the City Council.
Miss Roberta Hogan, of King Williaai
county, who has: been visiting . Mrs. Ida
B. Lloyd, has returned home. :"-;
Rev. James T. Green v,-ill preach morn
ing "and night to-day, at Asbury Methodist
church. ; -.:-/.:
.Mrs. J. B. Wyait, formerly Miss Helen
Holt, of this ■ city, but now of New Bri
tain, Conn., who has been the guest' of
Mrs. Ida B. Lloyd; has left for Baltimore.
/The double-tenement, three-story brick
.building /at _the corner bf .Seventh sand
Hull streets' was/sold at public auction
yesterday, afternoon to the highest bid
der. It was knocked out to Mr./Gebrgp
Reams -for .51.500. Mr. '; A. / L.- Adamsoh"
was : the' crier. / / .. . .-
Rev. J... C. Reed .will preach atCentral
Methodist church to-day at 11 A. M.;and
BP. ML "Public, is cordially invited to "at
tend. -. ~ ' / ■■••/;■
Rev. /W. W. ,'Sisk, pastor of Cloptbri-
Street Baptist church, will conduct ser
vices both : morning. and night to-day."
,- Rev. , J. A:; Sullivan will preach- at Oak
Grove. Baptist church this morning- • and
nighty ' . " ' / ~ r . . . ;
Rev.' E. V. Baldy will conduct services
at Bainbridge-Street . Baptist church' to
day,, both morning- and night. 1 ■■■-■'■■ .
' : Sheriff:GUl. of Chesterfield, was;: in the
cltj'. yesterday. ■ He -states that: norio of
the. men who; broke/jail last -week have'
been caught. . .- ' . .; ■ ■■ .. " : • ■
'Squire C.T. Jones had one case ■ ye c«
;terdayVmorning. -Frank : Smithiand: John"
Smith, (colored) were "charged with'break
ing^ a sealon a ear 6f; the Atlantic-Coast
Line V railroad. % /Squire /Jones 'fsznx •' John :
Smith to the/grand- jury, and discharged'
Frank, ; but held him for, a .witness! ■ . ■ /" "-
Personal aiid.Otlier Items/of Isiteiei»t
■.= ■■•:; ■■■■■; from ilie Henrleo Village.- : :--.- -^ ;
/Mr. : A. Woodman : left Monday /via; No
rfolk and the .Merchant sand Miners' Line
for-his home, in: Massachusetts, ■...,,'=.:
; i Mr. and -Mrs.-?Parker": arid : family are the
■Mr.' Albion} Stages; lit^^babyl that VdleS?
last Saturday,! late; at; night. , was i buried;
cln? Oakwqod; Cemetery^ -Monday^ _afternoon.;;f ternoon. ; ;
//MrJ ; o. r Mi>DriscbH;/ of /Richmond|lwas|
I the ; guests t '■. bf ; MissjHudsens jlasti Tuesday/-!
was j nothingr^yacant^ In * thei'vlllagc./' : f Sf y,K
who ] hasjbcen^ojuite'iil
at / Korf oik, / ; is is expected . . home ■/ hi 3
wife; tdiday.tj/: ■:'-': '; : ~.~.<-"~ ~-?"--'~j*-~~' '"'"^'-'^'■•'-' : .' ■'--'- .
--. Mr.^ Os trande, 'who has been confined ; to ',
the ■ house : for : the, "past ■ few • day s/; Is": about
again. : .-' • * -'-.'" --■•-■'& f-l
;/ Tho in ■Ralston.- celebrated'
Tiiesday/by a picnic to Forest-Hi!l?Parkl
JjMrs. : HHI, of^Ricfcmond.'Vas" ttie ; sues t
of iMrsJ v Harier;last' Wednesday://: - :/ 1 ,-: :
in -,our,Tlllase last ; Tvl~k;-: calling on'rrierids
in the -neighborhood.; /- . /.,. / " .-. .-"- --.". /
I '"- /recently .;^ undergon »
I a 7 very; successful/ operatron at . Stl. Luke's
| Home, drove out lictr : last ■ wegk ; ; to spend
I the : day ; with her dau-htsr ' ?.Ir^ ' G
! Collins.. - , :/// ;:.- :, ,'" - .; ' •, —- \
| ■■■■_ Mr. -: Wyck Piersort returned home from
| Sou th~ Carolina • Tuesday, :■ and ■ sper t :sevo- ;
j ral ; days with - his Jfamily> on'ipirSro ' aye^ A
: nue.- . - : ; . . _- ,- : . • ' ■ - / -.-- -- . ■■■:.
l^e-law^rtv^^n ..Friday :W K ht by
tho r Ladies' ? Guild was -a-great^succes^
though the cloud that rose abo«t sunset
kept away a number, who would otherwise
have been present- The ice-cream'
"out , early.; In the/eveum?. ;but- the Colored
minstrels,.: four in number, kent th ! n-s
hummlngr till. the 1 last car left far tovn '"
A FIXE sraxiAV-SCnooTi WORKEa;
Professor. SprenJkle to* Enter- Upon
: ././His "WorJe ,«* Field Secretary. /..
/ Professor; J./ A.' SprenWsl. of New Cum
berland,; Penn.y: who has - been engaged- ::s
"fielda secretary" "for this State by the
Virginia State Sunday-School Association.'
is expected to arrive in this city next
Thursday/ and "will at once enter upon
the discharge of his- duties. : '-
Professor ~ Spreidcel. while / a": stranger
to most. of our people, is well-known and
greatly _// beloved the Sunday-school
workers?. of his- State, having served as
field secretary in Pennsylvania for seve-
raJ [years.-. He is not .only Tepresented to
be" an .up-to-date /instructor of-Sunday
school-methods; but also a man of great
musical" ability, and the author of musical
books [of decided merit.
'Prom, the many/ press and personal no^
ticca ' the following- is /taken: /'•There
seems *to be/ no limit : to his ability for
work. >To deliver two lectures daily;: to
lead the singing as/but few can do it; to
conduct^ primary ..teaciiers'--.'conlsr6nce»,'
which are mvaluabie to'tlie teachers, and
to sing a^solo or ; two -every/ evening-, is
an ordinary week's work for this vigor
ous, earnest, practical,- and progressive
educator." ./
■' The Executive Committee will soon tuv
range anatinerary for Professor.: Sprehkel?
which will doubtless embrace all/the cities
in Vifginia, ; and as "far as possible.t he"
annual county conventions. It is tha
hope of the .'/ Executive Comraittee to or-,
ganize interdenominational Sunday-school'
associations in every county in the State,
and to encourage and stimulate those al
ready organized; when needed;
The State association is to be congrat
ulated upon its success in securing the
i services/ of such' an earnest and efficient
man for.field secretary, and it is ;confi
dently expected that ths- Sunday-school
cause throughout. ths Commonwealth will
be greatly, benefited by this selection.
The President,"" Mr. -J. X.; Jopling, of
Danville; Mr. "W. R. Jones, chairman.and
the local members of the Executive.Com
mittee have labored earnestly : since -the
annual convention in Roanoke :t6: t6 find a
man suitable and available for this work,
and they believe they have been divinely
directed to "• Professor Sprenkel." : . " "/'--/r" /'- -/ r
Mr/Alf red J. .Gary, corresponding secre
tary, Room .3, City ;Hall, will be pleased
to- corresjiond 'with secretaries-^of. county
organization's, and others, as?to~'*dates for.
visits by . Professor Sprenkel.
Closinsr ot the Springs- Term, of -tUe
Dispatch's Home Study Circle. '
The Dispatch's ' Home Study Circle_ha3
begun examinations in the ..various -les^;
sons — that on the .twenty ; French lessons
will be found in to-day's Dispatch; on the
Golden Age's of Literature,^ June 13th, -and
on Biographi.cai Studies for Girls on June"
14th. and the last study of the term will
appear on Tuesday, June ISth.
These examinations are open to all
atudents of one or more of, the ; course 3
. will: be given three; weeks in
which to prepare their answers. Certifi
cates will be granted in .each course to
students . whose examination papers/meet
the approval; of a committee, of exami
ners. Mail all papers to the Home Study
Circle, ithe - Dispatch, Richmond, Va.-
Mark all papers "examination." • ..." ... • • : :
Directions: Vv r rite with /ink on white
paper and on only one side of each sheet.
The. name and address of the candidate
should be - dis tinctly written, at the top "i of
each sheet of -.examination paper. •■ Can
didates writing /upon- more than "one
course ; should mail their examinations
in eeparate packages. Mail the- sheets
without roUink, and with aa little folding
as possible; See that postage is -fully',
preuaid. , .-\ -■ . - : ' ~
'The names. of successful candidates will
be arranged ;iri three groups, accofdins '•
to order of merit, as follows: (1) /Excel- i
lent, (2) good, (S) fair." • :•■ •;■;■•= / wj
.-- Mr. .Clarence : AVf rner Promoted, i
.. .Mrv , Clarence /Werner, . formerly a mem-!
ber of the , .-Richmohd _ press. . but 7 now
serving -witly? the)- United . States^ troops in
the Philippines, has .lately /written an : in
teresting: - account of ; His J experiences ;to - a
friend in. \tbis'7_citj,v.-._.": Sir.^^ 'Werner. fhast^re-i
cently. been ; made {a. "sergeant, sand ■ quar
termaster-serseant.i; and Us also/ company
el erk. -\ -He ."is ■:] _ehjoyi ng ye f y ..;.; robust:.;s t :.; and
satisfactory;. health. :",'! .-, ;. ; r: .' : >7" ':/■"":/
- Austrlai'i'Pttrltoiaent'iii jUpronr. "
*;yiENNA?- June' '».~The;Czechs continued ;
ptheir:«'obstructivoJ*tactlC3 in 'the r-Reich-"
i day)^;';eTheyjt brought sa gongs § and c hain^
meredstbeidesks^arnashingithe furniture
I and g workl h& gin. « relays Is t o sheep is upf •tJi c ;
itumtilt^lTinally^f the SFremier^ -Dr. u-on
fKoeherj^ appeared t; and th <> ises-
jsiom. closed 'iby* order? of EmPeror^Fraucis i
'JoseDiu jv?"f*-v>- . -^3*&*^'
iyliss Isabella Tofir l^p
in ths Gipn Case, Wf
Bj tfa Spectators lien Slie ¥as'^s!
An«! intterly— Th» Co tamo an. '
ytcaltu'a Pointed .Qacationi-^TXiil
- J<ct^ or »..; AskJu— airs.' Tnrncr AlMi?
■■■ ■" -. ■ . ... - •'■.■ :~ ~ l \.~ '■■<'7\~?'' : (-''r-~?^,
-.- ; '■'■ : •■ '■'■'-' '.; ■•.■'.."'Vyi'-^JiS
-Tells Her Story in Part* , ' - ~'-~r*
■•■ -"-. * -■■■ - . -r •- •"•»"» - '- :' '"■ ■—.'.— -. -- '■'■ \~£*r%'®yis£Bi
" . .;• " .'- . ill
. ■:■' ■-.:,■" ' :/-:---/-:':----:^^«|;
June :;>.— (Special.)— It becomir^ ; -knowli*||
that Mrs. C. B. Turner and Mi.'^/Isabcll^l!
Turner . would : be introduced. aji/witnS^^
-tn'-the -^ Gnu s a"n^.f trials tsis^inorrlJK^paiJi
tracted a croTv-d of spectator?, and v?h^S
tho defence announcsd -that -Miss ViaaheUSs!
Turner was the lirat /witness \ that :3thc^*|
would call,; there- wjw /luiVVla^tlM
court-roura. - and the spectators
their necks;; and everybody/ li-ukedlirift^^
direction of the witnGis-stand:/"^ShorUXr!
Edwards went at once ;ta 'ths?hotel?ansi
brought ; .Miss Turner.; ; She^ on^takiS^h#
soat. at, the :reciuest of the --Commpn^f
weuith. removed- her veil, and for-th* r
first ;..Hnie_ tlm_puy:c ga^.-d upon her iytx^
tines, she was dressed '■ in dee*p ■ muurnS^
and gave- her, testimony Vin/- agai£2f
tinct, deliberate, andrsta-toiy^in^^
; ami although she *ras ." rigldly/crp-SSm^
met!, the /.defence- failed : to ; shak^jglS
statements.. Miss / TMrneV- .toW^flsS
caely of all hor between D^ceSb^
•-is,, when sb- left /JsoUin 3 Instittite7?anS
the few days ;. which' she spent ;Vat?ho3SJ
was very calm, and tho /bnly'/'em^
■tion that sheshowca.wis when questicnt!
V ere -^ked ,ter -llSy the ,: Common^aitisl
.. : - HEARD "A 3HOT. * ' ' |
J^SJS^y^ In ;mind. and ■ proc»ede^>S^
£th|^s,rs-^ pill
. At a/quarter to 9 o'cloc!;. wttnes|?collß!
tinued. they became le*s : satisfied &S#
the -security /of the ".-.pwroiieV." r'anfi-TsefitPi
a note to Mrs. Crocker/ asklsg 'j.i£<*ssP>m>
air. Crocker, to^corae to them at •ofic^
Davy .Cotton carried the 'note" andko"cs£§
SS^^^ Crocker, combaSblii
behind. .: They then/sent-Cotton.tc^thSili
i stable to. see. if Mr.. Turner haa-riddeaf '
away. The boy soon '■ returned;. with" tho-^
i glove. : hat, ; and lan tern ■ belongj ng Koh&irM
i^"F5 e F- -«-nd ithey,.;for^ the/ first /tlrae^re^!
i auzed - that- Eomething- : . ha^occurrcd : ' They%
■Cotton, and ./Mr.^- Crocker v/th-m iwent^i
to the stable lot, and- Cotton discovere"<ift
the dead body lying.: by/ the -■' fence! ;'-S r "!-!H
/.Several -. timtjjs testlmonylS
; : -*softly.v witlssSw itls s S
/her face = htdden-in; hbr handk»irchie*f3butS
/her most 'violent /.weeping- : ;cain6;y wheSS
;. Colonel ; Bdykin / asked hir regarding i her 'S
| conduct with Giiligan.
! Colonel/; Boykfn prefaced' hl^'questlonig
i by the : declaration- - that'^he fsreatiy^re-^
! sretted^having • to /ask /such Ta-iqnesdon^
i ;but ,theT confessioh ;of"; of " Gil'.israii j r;to>sth'ei^r ;to>s th'ei^
! Sheriff .of / Sxtrry / county. " had :.; con tamed, I?
the /direct charge ;of: intLtriacy,;> and -ha^
I wa?.. therefore, "=jimpe)le"d.-/ io >: ask ;:if > sho"^
! hadrever; committed fan? act ?oif fcrimi^lity^
I with' him." "Never/ she -answered/ /wttb'll
i positive- emphasis; "at. any .;tlrne'; or - ; 'anv-Si
I-Place." " ' -. /.; ' y0
I Then bitterly she wept* while hor sunriy??
head was hid onee t more? behind •tnet i veitfe
[ ■ of , ; ; sombre .^inourninp. , ; j§ho^was>a.'* ! spie'n^p
| did witness" telllns her story strai^htranj^l
! .without '.health tion. -; She i statedrgia^repl^S
| to a question, i that she hadslovedf<smj^^
| gan. : but f or : eighteen ! m6hths~iha<l fcareilil
■ nothing for /himl f:She .: completelyy-woSS
; the c crowd ■ by, jh'e'r^ rrio'Sest -• bejariagrl^aS^l
evidently ; Impressed -therjury.-iby|thefbißS-S
.dor : ; of : her > narrative.; : / Shelwaa iperinittei^
; to.- leave :/th"e _= court-room ■ >!»itliVlJn*T«iTaw^
her : co*usiii/andrchamp!on;^but : jherltastt-i§
XCO~SCJAipEX> , : OJf PACK -ij.)
Hhe : -^Zeatiient
] \ WASHINGTON, Jane 9.— Fot^H
| 'V£l\\ cast. for Sunday and MoadayrpSf
' ■*-^/7 Virginia— Fair, in norther^irain^
: " :"-. ~:-'in : : 'southeni,'.;- portion, :: isfSanday^|
probably 7 sho-wefs > Houday ; fresh ; to] brlaSt ;
northeasterly wiinls. . : /7 7/ p[j||§|jj||i
Ruin. Sunday. ..with brisk and" paijsi£ijr*
high r.Qrtheu.*tcriy.vrj:.>ia; si-ower* 'akaa^f
;TESTERDA.Yfwas Tclearj and > hotf I&TImJI
>ariselof Uhe itherraometervwas as ftottairso
?6 y AK3I ■■■■'?. it iV."."-"' "V.".»i.;*l"ii.;it.3S2Slt4'^s3
JfJ^ » - ." '... ....■^'■-*- "^SStiiP
r,ot?fp""\V : " * ** * **V«rt-rE^
:■>** iff* j^**l» ».»•*.»««•.*.....»•»•.•••»♦» »«*«k«rfvK^
'G 1» ' M
r "l2^'^iKht~ : v;..Vi : - ; «.....'.^.'» '» ' "' "'-' ~- ■■""^fli'liliil
SU^ * ; V . : Z^o3§
Mean temperature..... ,„...-... .;;-»«:

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