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H^t^HSCT' ; : nvw commission;-. .■■. - v .- <
Hfgs&/- ". j" ■-' - , :
t^> I'rdvokfi Oj>i»oj«Ulon.
BfeSS^mtt'tcfc" or. O-rpora lions of the
iBSBi?sUXuHo;Va I f ; Con vvn ti on^. cccvi v« <i liv '
of r linnrad Commis-
the com
■s^UonjTot^the-. co« J irnssion'iwhich It is
WflPftj'-OKed^toipVit hi"!coJiirol of the rail-
Ki^as Scf ■' Ihe State., T!io commissioner
H^SSp^a.? sonic ,weolw-:, weolw-: ap(» -to -furnish
■BS^mltiwVwith lils i'ieas on this sub
■Sctf^idiJiis xcply was.'.lipnded.jn-at-y^
W^yng^or : ;..ihe oommitue. yesterday a.-
Ilill wants a railroad com-
K^Ion"«<; three "members, chosen by the
■pSpi&BHe wants the. powers of the com-
SaOe a R rval deal stronger than
KS^gwhich are given. him H»^ r ??*•!
r Ue. wants ,the,; salary -o. ;
R^©| ! oommlssion l«.iia by the . railroads.
; ''6f tlie Coinmisslo_n"r, and hi* :
PfejsTiSre'at- present , paid l^- the .railway ,
|p^mpa i n!cs'of i the State. The latter may j
feature of tlie plan- which ■ will i
KSfSiSsi'ropposed.-. There seems _ to >-oe a. j
mfeiy^pronounced «=ontlment> against iia\- ;
BVfgtiiae;, railroads- continuing to. pay tne i
Uie ofiicial whose duty it is to i
KSr«ent ! ithe' S^* 1 * '■ and the P eople as
ffigXiieflelttT which General Hill sent me
Scemmittee is -as follows: , ■ ..
«S3^-'- Commonweallh of Virginia,
sill Office of Railroad ,
WWm^ TEichmond/Va.. 'July 20. 1901"
l^teoommendaiJons" as to Railroad Com
g^inissionurs. Powors, and Duties.)
SffpnfyAiO. Braxioni Chairman Corpora-
K^jion 1 ' Committee: .- _^ .
i|Deaf;7Sir,— In answer to the resolution
' committee agreed to on the
fcti^inFtant in reference to this matter.
feShavoiJie honor-, to enclose a memo-
defining the powers and duties
loi^commission or commissioner and re
[llkting to common carrier . corporations,
!Jfebsclv : -iri my judgment, will cover the
'{|«tsel'- In" reference to the statement de
liSsred bj* your committee, of the extent
i'iif-'the intra-state traffic, as compared
'|£o"?the .whole, I will state that the form
«of?'sta'tistics kept will not- enable me to
f Accurately furnish this information, but
lEfthink it safe to state 'that not more
[fSan 10 per- cent, of the total tonnage
liofahe- State would be subject to State
|3e"islation. the remainder of the traffic
being -interstate. I would further state
for? the information of the committee
iiiat?tbe majority of complaints sent to
this? office are in respect to station ac
commodations and facilities, train sche
dules, and . connections ; at":};- junction,
points". And such rates as are complain
ed of are generally on interstate traffic.
&* .'" - * ' Yours respectfully.
" ' XC. HILiU Commissioner.
hit- Following, are the articles transmitted
ffcy^ the. Railroad Commissioner:
B^fvAriicle.' The power' and authority of
i^gulatiris freight and 'passenger tariffs
Prequiring- reasonable and just regulations
gxif ''common carriers are hereby conferred
gSponi'the General Assembly, -whose duty
|)t-fsb."a3l' be to create and elect a board
iof^lhree: members, to be known as the
grjJallroa'd Commission of Virginia," to
§ wrve for a term of six years, except one
I member is to be elected for a term of
liwo^; years, one member for a term of
l^ofir: years,- and one member fora term
a of- six years! and their successors for
S*ik Years thereafter.
pTlie members of the commission shall
itacb. receive a salary of $4,000 per annum,
jrivhicivr together -with the salary of their
and such other clerical assist-
Saaicec and expenses authorized .by the
I &cnerai: "Assembly, shall be borne ; by pie
Is several': companies owning: and operating
Railroads in this State according to their
%ross ; : income, to be apportioned by the
ii-uaitor, of Public Accounts.
iSfAriicle..— The commission shall have
"power; and it is made its duty' to adopt
.md prescribe a tariff of maximum rates
I Toi-i- freight, and, passengers and express
I sidf sleeping-car service- for .^all *' common
l^arriers I'■doing1 '■doing 'business < in ; this 'State.,
!endjsueh rules and regulations relating
ilberetd as may be necessary. J
|g,Tije commission shall require the build
ing -a.nd, maintenance of, suitable station
'jjuildings : and appurtenances arid tracks
"wherever the same^ J rSe"reasonably. neces
■gafr; sball , inspect- all j traclcs ;and bridges,
;ysia*se"e . that they 1 are' kept iri T safe con
'iaition; shall supervise the train sche-
connections, at junction points,
Jiv^r^er to promote '"thk"- security, 1 con
.•VGnleiice and accommodation of 4 the.pub'
te";"' . ■ : ■ . 'C' V -* ."
"SSTlie' Commission, ' together *' • "with . the
. and Attorney-General, shall
SctTas .a Board of Assessors in determin-
) ingif or, purposes of taxation the value of
iill'*railroad property, and certify the
©Sine! to '.the Auditor" of Public Accounts."
"S^l&rticie.— No corporation = engaged in the
*3>uslness -'of common carrier "shall direct
iyj'«rl; indirectly own,' manage, operate,
«r^.€ngage, in- any other business than
jthat of common carrier;; or hold, own,
fleasev: -.or, acquire " -directly, or indirectly,
inines^r. factories, or/ real ■- estate, t except
as? shall^ be ; necessaryi for ithe : conduct of
it^ilbuisiness;; or hold, own, consolidate
a ?with; - 73na.nage, ; or lease "directly or Indi
rectiy.-Jany-.parallel or. competing line of
railway 1 or common carrier, or stoclcs or
■3jonflsl thereof. : .'^ -; ;• •
gf Article.— No corporation-, "engaged in the
business ■! of carrier., shall jgrant
irea^tr^jispqrtation or. transportation : at
%i?discount to any person" holding any of
jfiice ":■ of khonor, trust,- or profit in this
Stated s except members of the Railroad
jGom'mission'andto'ihe employees of said
ScoiSmisslon r when travelling on official
pbnsliifess. v ""/;v ■ l ' ' ■- "- _y_\ -/. ~ ~
IHSxfidel-^-^'o corpora tion^'engaged; in the
-business! of . common carrier r shall charge
To*rJ receive- any greater compensation in
ithoTas:er?S ate , io *' the transportation of
Ipassengei^or property, for a shorter than
ffoKiaTJdnger dLstance -»over. ; the:" same
jainc^iinless 1 r authorized- by the commis- i
if«loirilto.do" so in special cases after in-
Jvgstigation." •" ,;".; . : . '; „' :?-;
|^§P*V;'- shall- any corporation charge- or
'Tecelvefany greater compensation- for the
itiiSisportation of passengers or? property ■
tl^tweenV any two intermediate M points
Ijv^liinFih'e"; State than is "charged" forj.a
|slniilarj service over, the same route .be
it^reenVany two points wholly without; the
ffftaYeVof; /between .iny'i two points ; '■ one
fewii. lk f!*i*?aTirV one within the : . State. ;. .'.;.:_--■.
§|-The -Genera]; Assembly shall' enact'such
•ij«rj»t : TB.ith.; ■ penalties as . are . necessary to
jMnforce- these provisions.! :
? - Oisr Surviving GcueraiN, :-.; . "
HpFy ..^Petersburg Index-Appeal.) :
|^I^|S; ctri.ainly significant in this con
ii t i.ji?ctSoii > i]iat four <>i Hie five surviving 1 '
||^onfedo'nit« generais/ iii- A"-irglnra-?w<?re
ll^^ejM- unrl participating- (in 'ihe'--.-.Roa
p|sak^c6nventlon).— Tlie Petersbu: i;! lndex-
I^^g§jc6ht< j inporary is usually so accu-
IliKtt^^ejhesJtate to oliallehgc a^' state
[aS^tlJl-irakcs; hui. y:e think it «>rrs in
ll^eTfore^oifis^pas^sraph.: : - ' . '-■
i^^,H?r/;oIlpsS« r. CrpDorV an<T Boiling
iliajeif- vriili ; : t in* lU-plibl i cans, : but ' ; 1 -6l liny'
■^^sfnotJ a:. Confi-<l«3r;ste: generaK-r and^; our
» jfijsSera t c ?'- rn'nk I-Ava ;;:■' '-.thn t \~fifi;> : eol<iTn'oi; vV»f
§^^gSxiy'iiTy>i:\irr.lzihl: Inr.-.iHry. : llow
g&B&iliairf ms y ■ J>c/-. : w e - ij«\-f.r. : .have heard
l*J»SS?d&rts r; ltoj>i:i)3icaiJs ; :F : itz) L«<v^Cußtis
a^^jey.^ T.i . Johns on, T. T. v Munford,
m^ilGnhr'.i'l C. Wnartoij.
< '" 3t. J — i ff\v y«'arsj^«x^
C.,-b»t. we bolleve. retains his citizenship
Stasrou^ it is. "not" by
fn^mSfe fact^s; P ubHshe^ln,sever^
■Confederate- serieral^in;lVJrglnia^re^
vlied/ with :the-
was ' botrayed Into
;tW^auSbleler^r:paVUy;by : tl^ hurry^n
which its. article wa^writtcn^ut .chiefly.
foliated- Press: andj several r.spec al ; oor^
~o% .them;
- I h'rou irti the pbsFtive statement. of the As
cbnSoS^The ideadominant ; in ; our
; mS^whcn : P reparing; : the^rlicle^ and
which : we>:wished to impress -upon our
readers, was that the RepubUcaTvparty^at
• Roarioke : last week was not the black ana
tan-combination, of; carpet-bagger^'scala
wag* : and negroes of thirty years ago,
and that; it was realizing ■] tho- long cher-:
ished 3 and 'frequerilly expressed: wish .of
many Virpinia Democrats bto shave in _- ; thls
Stale a rospectable opposition: For • tne
purpose?" of ; this point it; was quite imma
terial whether the ex-Confederates pres
ent and" participating. wpre generals, col
onels, captains, or! privates, and hence .we
were less careful Inthe ma;iter of •investi
gation ami verlfJcation. .' The trouble in
this cape nrope from the abominable, habit
in 1 of dubbing everybody 1 with a
title, whether it Js deserved or- not. : Some
m.-n are vain" and: foolish enough; to be
pleased with- these bogus: honors.^ and to
encourage their usel But a majority ; of
"sensible, men, we believe, are embarassed
and mortified by t this unwarranted liberty,;
and have come to endure it simply, be
cause they, cannot escape it.- Long Hfe
and great success to the Suffolk society,
organized for the suppression of ' the silly
habit! ..." \ ■'. " . '
ilenlth Committee Opnosed to Snper
intendent Colin's Suffgrestion. -
A meeting 1 of the ; Council Committee on
Healfh was held last night. * at which
Superintendent Cohri, f ofv the" Stf eet-Clearit
ing Department,, made a number of^re-.
commendations -en . points -which '•: he' re
garcedas of importance to the efficiency
of his'department; The mosfimportant Ot;
these suggestions was the uniforming-" or
the employees of the department., On this
point the ; committee "was opposed to JMr.
I Cohn's recommenda-tion— Messrs. Dono
! hue. Miner, and Shea voting in.the nega
j tive,. and Messrs.. Burton and Hobsori in
' the affirmative. :. " ;'\ -.--_ '":'_'■■ ■
; There^vras "considerable discussion as to
the admissability' of -: a' -bid for . tne
removal of dead animals left at JJr.
Oppenhimer's private - office, rather .than
at his office in the dtj* Hall. It was final
ly admitted; and. the bids; opened/; J.. 'p.
Bickerstaff, the present contractor, bid
fo;- two years at the present figure, -$28.33 ■
a mon-th. The other bidder, the Dixie
Manufacturing Company, of which John
T. Anderson is president and Clarence
*Cosby, secretary and treasurer, ofTerea to
do the work for nothing "for two years,
and pay the city 510 a year., The contract
was awarded to the .',' Dixie' 'Company, I . and
a bond .of $1,000 required. . ."i
. Superintendent Cohn was then heard
from. First 'he recommended ;a-;telephone
at the crematory, in -which the committee
did not concur. Then followed an ordi
nance requiring property-owners to keep
sidewalks and lots clear of weeds ana
grass. All thought the spirit of this
measure excellent, but that its letter
would render a grass plot in a man's
front yeard a misdemanor. Mr. i\liner.
thought the street-cleaning force should
keep the sidewalks clean. Dr. Oppenm
mer was of opinion that the present or
dinances on this subject are sufficient.
The ordinance. was laid on the tai>ie.
Mr. Cohn then recommended the uni
forming of the department. .This. Air.
Donahue opposed. He thought the uni-.
forms would get dirty and wouldn't looic
well. He was opposed. to the Superinten-
dent's begging funds for the tirst uni
forms. He was of opinion that, the men
would have to pay one -third of : their
small wages for the uniforms. And,,
finally, the men, he stated, don't want
uniforms?. Mr.; Shea was also opposed to
uniforming the force. . ■ .
Mr. "Burton thought uniforms would be
cheaper and better in every, way, and
would raise the efficiency of the depart
Mr. Shea moved , that the; matter be
laid on the table, and the motion was
adopted. -
Mr. Cohn next proposed -an ordinance
prohibiting the sticking of posters to
tress and telegraph, poles. As a similar
measure is now, before the Council, this
Vas laid on the table.. ,
Xo Lunger at Woman's College.
Mr. William A. Anderson, .Mr. Walton
Moore, Dr.. Barnes, Dr. Lawson, and two
or three members of the convention, who
have been occupying rooms at the Wo
man's College, on; Tenth street, have
found quarters at : No. 10S north Ninth
street, with Mrs." Epps. The college will
soon be opening, for the fall season. .
"-Prostrated liy the Heat.
Robert Cary (colored succumbed to
heat yesterday afternoon at the Trede
gar Works. .The' city ambulance and
Dr. Foster relieved Cary and took him.
At 11:40 A. M. Llnwood Cardona, a
small jvhite boy, who was employed at
the factory /of the Southern .-. Biscuit-
TVotks, had. his right hand badly cut
and bruised by having it caught in. a
machine. ■'.' --:•--;-- -''-■'. .
Had" Two, Pistol*.
Mason Jones (colored) was arrested yes
terday evening and held at the Second
Station on the charge of carrying con
cealed; weapons. ■-- Jones was found with
twoV pistols on his persons.
i; : ValnaWe Property Sold. -
A deed ; was recorded at the. Henrico
County Clerk's office yesterday- for the
transfer of sixteen acres of land to the
Seaboard Air-Line railway. The grantor
■was Mr. F. E. - Nolting, and the purchase
price was $9,700. . The; property is ;situ
ated -near the -Boulevarde and the Rich
mond, Frederlcksburg and Potomac
tracks:^ . , ' " ' ■' . ' " ' • .' : . '
. Very .Youtliful- Prisoners,
Robert and. John Steadman, aged" 11 and
14 "years; respectively, "white .- boys, were
locked ; up i at ' the :Second "^Station last
night. They will have to face a charge of
burglary in the Police. Court this morn-
Ing. It is. alleged that theilittle. fellows
forced their -way into the house of Hen
rietta :Seay-, and- stole ?LSO. : . , .
; "Dfatli of slr«.'aiun<llng. "
Mrs. . Mollie * Munding, ; wife .of ;.Jlr.
Charles - E.\ Munding, died yesterday.; eve
ning* at 7:55. o'clock at the^residence;. of
her." husband, at Twenty- third ; and Cary
streets. ' She - was • 37> years -of ■ , age.i and
Is survived by 'her husband and one son. 1
.' The funeral" "will" take; place this;iaf
ternoon at 4:30 o'clock from Hoge-Me
morlal church. < ' : . .
>. Fniieral of 3lr. Scott. * ■'■•;.-
The : funeral of the late James -H. Scott
took ."placer.yesterday^morning.nfrom. St.
Paul's church. The {pall-bearers were
Messrs? Blair B. ;1 String-fellow; ji. Edward
J. ..Willis, "Edwin r Cox, Robert;Blanken
ship, Massie VXolting.; Melville Branch.
Archer, Anderson," and James, R," ,T.\>An
6ers6tC - I ■■. ::."-" ". ' ■:•'".. %>. -K^ $&j£~Ji: £'$ $\
■" 'TennesJice Crops : Destroyed!. ■ ;
' HASEBURG,' .TENN. . .' August , 2G.— The
Tennessee river is,- higher than it was
. ever/before known : : to 'ibeVat this season
of the' year. .j-it.least:7s per '; .cent, of this
■ county's corn crop is under water.- The corn
; not- covered is ; that .which. r stood on" high
' ridge-lahd, and; ; •-•v^rigifonXdry iland ,"it
i-was * : burned tup ' d i-ririg." the? hot.V.dry." w«i
.■"ther^'iTHcnriver haslb^cked^pjthecfeeks:
s and?Bloughsl for^ _flyjermilesyin -some -places.'
>and kUledibbth^eonrandJcottonr: A large;
r number^ ofiipeople^hereT; have had^.thelro
\ wholes cropg of i. corn " and . ' cotton ; destroy- : j
♦*d. Their, condition is critical. ' ,; ; . *■
KntnliSltootlnic/at; nrunclivill«».? S.C .
S^CJ^Augukt: 2C .--Because j
: at ;trial of : the ; latter Jfor, an ;
"«xpr^ss s robbery. ; which "'■ occurred"? lnl, I^9,^
!Warreii|!sh6t i Watson;- thisJ evening^ati
;JBranchyille;^ S^Cy^l t ataliy^woundingi lilmil
>The£sh6otfng^ r aSfdonelfnsCold|blfedtand|
kkatiox so occrriK**.
Amalffanmte.l Officials SntlftfleO Tlint
Cornorntlon Effort* to Operate
■: Plants in VlUnltrtn?; Vllnvc :Becn
Fertile— Claims oii Otlier;Side.-/
PITTSBURG, PA., -August - M.^WHlie
the; representatives? of the Natlbrial" Civic
; Federation .'are* working zealously .:'-.- for
peace between the steel workers ; arid; Uie
United 'States Steel ';Corpbratiori,-.:PresJ-'
: dent Shaffer, . of the Amaigamated'.Asso
ciatlon, declared to-day^ that -his.: organi
zation had: given no authority;" to anyJone
to"- make . a settlement, "arid '■-. that . any •; er
fort that may be. made in. that. direction
is being done by :outside parties," on -their,
"own. responsibility^ He'announced that so
far as the oflicials ; of the ; brgariization : are
concerned, they are satisfledUhat the el>:
fof ts ' of." the trust >to operate the r plants
in* Pittsburg .have been futile, ■'■: and that
while ; tliere is apparently a ilot of >men . at
vy'crk,- arid machinery.-": is in : operation;
practically. . no product :.is being . turned
"out.. • ' ■■■'. ; ' . '; ' . .-■ .;■;.' '■ . :^-/-.- ■ J':.. .-!
The officials of the various plants that
have/been started during the past week
iriPittsburg say they have. made gains. in
all- ' of ithem;-;- More men have come to
work, and the output is in every case in
creased. : --. -. . . ; ' . . '■'■■':■
'-■":'-■ '-.-.: A SURPRISE.. . '"■'■■ .
' Thesurprlse of the day was the Painter,
plant; with six --mills running— the same
■ mills that were running when, the strike
began. Not. a striker could .be found
anywhere near the mill. :
Mayor Black, -of McKeesport, to-day
fined- John; Sheridan, a, "workman in the
Dewees Wood mill,. ?25. and -costs,: and
Cherldanvwillhave to serve thirty days in
the: workhouse. in default of bail. Sheri
dan has : been .spotted for some time by
the strikers, he said the strike
would not succeed,, and that he wanted
to return to work. - Saturday he toldre
porters. hewas sure that, the strikers or
the police would trump up some charge.
to get him-out of town. -He was drink
ing liard Saturday night, and was locked
up. Tb-ilay, at the hearing, no informant
appeared against him,, but Mayor .Black
fined himi because Uie heard he had- called
him names. When asked his reason for.
such treatment of a prisoner he said: -VI
just sent him up for his health."
NEW YORK," -"August-.; '2G.— Ralph M.
Easily, secretary of - the \ National Civil
Federation of Labor, and Henry White,
secretary of the United Garment "Work
ers of America, arrived here to-day, from.
Pittsburgh They said they. had not been
authorized to make any proposition to
ward a- settlement of the United States
Steel Corporation strike. While in .Pitts
burg they had a- conference with Presi
dent ; Shaffer, of the Amalgamated As
sociation, but without tangible result.
Samuel Gompers, president of the Amer
ican Federation 4 of Labor, also arrived
in the city to-day,, coming! from Buffalo,,
en route for Washington. Mr. Gompers
was in conference with Mr. Easily and
Mr. White; but it was said the confer
ence resulted in no plan of action.
Mr. Easily said to-day: "White and I;
did not go" to Pittsburg to make any
proposition to Mr. •■■-Shaffer, nor have we
been authorized to .make any proposition
to the Steel Trust managers. We went
there to get information, and quite by
charice we met Professor Jenks, the trust
expert of the Industrial Commission, and
John Mitchell, president of the United
Mine-Workers, and the four of us went
to see President Shaffer. We merely
wanted to be informed of the exact
situation and to see whether there was
any -opening, for the good offices of our
conciliation, boards. ■
"Mr. Mitchell, for. his part, wanted in
formation because he had been asked to
call out 290,000, miners on a sympathetic
strike", and was not .willing to 'go it
•blind.' We; had- nc proposition, to make,,
and we. did not seek any authority to
act for the Amalgamated Association.
.We merely made it clear .that we Were
at;the service of both sides for an effort
to reach. a settlement
"We are ready," Mr.. Easily, -"to en
deavor to bring the contending facto"s to
an understanding, but we have made rio
offers' to either side. Such an offer might
do more harm than good." /
Mr. Easily- said in conclusion that he
did not expect to see Messrs. Schwab ani
Morgan, and that he was. not trying to'
obtain a conference" with" them." *"
"... - . ' . ;; — —— •»»- — : ■'
Operatives Suspended for a. AVeelc—
A Strike Expected.
COLUMBIA, a c, August 26.-Flve
hundred operatives at the Olympia.
urandy, Richmond, and . Capital" City
cotton-mills., -who refused to. make up
the time that. will be lost on Labor Day
by working 'six hours overtime last Sat
urday, , were denied admission to ! the mills
this morning, and were notified of their
suspension for a week. , The operatives
fell into , line, arid paraded through : the
village, : with much cheering.
:, Textile: Union : No. 211 is meeting; to
night, ,to take action, and is receivin
hundreds . of new members. . Since'the
strength of the union has been divulged
President Smith-Whaley said" to-day ':
'We do not propose to have any unionism
in our. business... The mills in South
Carolina have, agreed to employ no union
labor whatsoever. : I will close down
every mill before I -vvill employ : -a union
man. All.bf-mj' operatives will be re
quired to sign an agreement that they
will not . belong to a union." / '
The union strength is estimated at 900
old members, and it. has "been increased
by several hundred; recently. ■ : The union
is- expected to" declare -a; strike, at its
meeting." to-night, .which will affect 3 000
operatives. •-■
Engraii-eme-nt; Announced.- "
The" engagement 1 has . been announced
of Miss Laura Goodman, of; St -Paul
Mmn., sand •;. Mr. S. Vance Loveristein;
formerly of -Richmond, -more receritlv of
Philadelphia: v He is related to -Mr
Isadore Lovenstein, > and. /has numerous
other connections and friends here. '
-•'I. am indebted to One Minute Cough
Cure . for my present good health i arid; my
life. .1; was ' treated, in 'vain, by: doctors
for Uuns, trouble following la grippe. -I
took One "Minute Cough Cure and re
covered r my health."— JLr. E.- H. Wise
Madison." l Ga-V ! " ' : „'".' ! . ;'
. .V,- < _•- -DEATHS.;"; : --""; - • '-
' MUKDINGS.-Died, at V th e residence' of
. her, aunt, ;irfs.?: Daniel: Driscoll^.Twen^
thirdxandUCary>streets,>iat 7:55 ;?P; ; M. ; ,
August'^ 25, '-■• 1901',- Mrs; ; j jMOLLJE ; ; - iIUN
: DING, wife of Charles E. Munding. iir th e
37th ; j r ear of i,her age.. ".'■ -.■.*■-■'-"-
Dearest mother,' thou. hast left us, -■- -
We the' grief must deeply feel; '■
But the' God; who \has -bereft us, ; .
•He can all our. sorrows heal.
!-■ : ; . :. ;■ . " ; ■ ;-:.- : ; ,BY HER > SON.
/:■' She leaves-one -son; ■ Henry Martin;' one
brother, Charles Squarus,' and', three aiin ts
arid; twqjuncles. •*",,'■ ~ , *
S: Funeral will ;take i>iace\ at r 4:30 o'clock
P:""T:.M:- :TO-DAYSfrbmvlloge-MemGrial
church;--::^; .;' ;'--'oi ■/;.>' ';:■ : '.-::c r i '-- : -''<
. ' PEnSOXAI, .
=In the>flrm^of'H."H*.ROSENßEßG"&:;cOV
-payable ??by.;ithe^nrm^upvt° g 'Augnst~*lt:*i
4 l9ol^willsbelßettJedlbyJMr/i;Billikopr.;;We :; j
iwlsh'VJpuri^friendsgahd »;the> public. 3 gene-i
l"raHylta3kno^4that| s .wefcan|be|fouhdSat'!
tours newrstore^ Nbif €00 ? east}' Main* street 1
onSorsbeforesSeptembor ls f .
• :_ - ... i I r£msM*
m Unequalled in Presefitiog the Ideas of
Q the Day for Home People. o
ra 1 Articles on Vkginia subjects, by $ Q
M Virginia writers. Complete reports of $ n
|r] ' i local happenings by trained observers- $ Q
The doings of ail the world, by Asso= |^v^%^v^v^n
ffl f - ciated Press and special wires. Re- $ rj
O^^^^^^^^S views of books, and a peep at the y
0 S fashions and fancies of the hour. Com- % Q
#^ S ments on current political and social % fj
: ':vS . € questions^. •# fj
Post-Ofilee Money I<ost in Iliivnua —
... Courts' to In-restisrute.
.-HAVANA, August 26.— E. C. Westall,
chief -of the money-order bureau of the
Havana post-office, .left the office rts
usual to-day, with the surplus remittances
to pay into the treasury. The amount
was : £i,OOO. He took an omnibus, and,
according to his statement, placed the
package containing the money on the seat
by his side. "He read a newspaper until
he reached the point where; he wished
to alight, and when about to leave the
omnibus he found: that the package was
missing. ■ ..
Two. boys, who were in the omnibus
at the time say they saw a mulatto throw
a. package to a negro in the street. Mr.
Westall is under a" bond of- 10,000. The
matter will be left -to the coui-ts for
decision. • . . ."■
...\\z A. H. U. VS. THE SOITIIEKX.
Le-al ■■ -Fig-lit for Seven-Mile -Stretch
oC Roa:l.
ATLANTA, GA.. The.^'it of .^p ■"-'-<-'•-■
crn and Atlanta railway,; brought against
the Southern railway, in which t^.c i«- -
mer road seeks to establish its claim of
ownership -to a : seven-mile stretch of
road near Dalton. Ga., ; will be heard 2 )e "
fore. Judge- Fife n^'t '■&■*?"?.■?" . . "'"^
piece of., property, over ; which the ' __two
roads are .litigarting': is " valued' at $35,000,
and is regarded by <-<ici." «:-. v ... n - . . - -
portant connection. The Southern rail
way has been using this ; seven : miles' _of
track : for some time past, an asserts its
claim to ' possession of -it by a former
understanding ..that the title of "the road
is" owned by ; it. ". On ,the ; other hand,;
the Western and" Atlantic railway con
tends-that this seven miles is a portion
of its line, and that the Southern rail
way has, no -just .-claim 'to. the ownership
of. the same.' ■ ■'■' ■■! .
Texas rHonsc Foriiutlly: Cowmeads
: Strike of Steel Worliers. . ,
AUSTIN,' TEX., August 26.— The -House
of Representatives to-day -adopted, '-ty,ia
vote <jTSS to 38, the: following resolution^
introduced by Mr. McFall, ■ of Travis
county, after, a debate of considerable
length:" '. ■ * _ - ■■ '_.
; "Be -it resolved by the House^ofßepre-.
sentatives .of . the Legislature at r the State
of Texas, JThat- trusts and monopolies are
/contrary ;to;the;spirit7arid : ' genius of : a
free people, .destructive: of individual;/li
berty, :•" and subversive'- of the .principles
of : a republican form.".', of government.
That : we -recognize in the^United .States
Steel Corporation "an organization wmen
"embodies all: the evils of .the -trust, ;mo
' nopol j',' ■■ and .'community-of-Interests'; idea,
and- one which;. by of itheimanner
and "amount of its capitalization and plari
of operations, fmayv be : said to be ' the .very
head and ; front' of* the system.
-.That we are." in -hearty Vsympathy- v/ltn
the ; Amalgamated -'{Association":, of' -/'St.eei.
Workers -in the contest .which .they," are.
. no w; waging with /,the;;. United : - States ■: Steel
■Cofporationi-for a "just" and. equitable re
cognition .of their/ union."; .. . : ;;
;iSi> >CheckN for.^t.siiiey . llin- State.: J
.' AUSTIN^ TEX^:-k\igust^6.^-The;>tat? :
->issufedt^ an jor.ler :;in
whicli '-;h'e> gave, official '(notice ithatihencer
. forth ihe Twould notlaccept' checks i ia jpa y-.:
,ment; f orTmoney due^t he^State^V This^ac^.:
'ti6n' ; is';due;t6-the fact;tliathhel?3"B.(Wo=Xor
.which^;the; £/tate was 'held /fit thetiFlrsti
National "i Bank V failure"?: in \.- this y cii yX^ n ■
August : 4thjwasiin^theibank,by. ; reasor;H»f^
the; deposit -jif; checks Jthe're'f-jrfTOH^ctl'in-l?
It is ;-a;. strictrcompliance .with the ; law, of
■th^State;'- J .whieh":'h¥a yrioßbf^«V;^fc»Howed
ifj^ome years past.'
T&fr.Uny HcaarapM III* VaiMitlon^'
i^SlSSS^^h'lriston i thjs | eveningjf prj
to ''resume' his .'.vacation', 1 interrupted ■: by.
''the calls of 'business. In his short visit I
; to; Washington: ;and^Canton; ". th©': Secre-- J
tarj- managed to;: dispose of an accumu
lation of Important ..business that vwould
have required much . correspondence and
consumed much time had he remained
in New Hampshire; ,V; '
CoTtistnTjj: Leaves tlie Golilen Uorn.
Constans, the French Ambassador, after
making farewell calls on his" colleagues;
yesterday; left here to-day, on board the
Vau tour, ' for Stamboul, where: he will
take the train.
Root,.Aj!rniii in "Wasliingrton.
' "vv'ASHING/rON, August - : 26.— Secretar>-
Root returned to Washington to-day, and
was at .the War Department,; .devoting
himself almost exclusively to . insular bus
iness, which had accumulated during his
Xegroes Driven from Strond, O.T.
STRCUD, O. T.; August: £6.— The de
sire to run all negroes from Territory.
+ -"vtic\.. starred-" sit Sapulpa, has spread to
Stroud, and a mob " of. gamblers and
loi/isVis hiss driven all the : blacks from
ch if . -,iace., in. addition,. 'they ; tore -.down
the houses of two negroes, and burned
u«e buildings and contents. -The trouble
started; when -a negro attempted" tostab
a white man. The "officers ?o" far have
iiot interfered. ■".■'. ■ -
Xn'ti-ffegrb Demon.strnfion, Stopp_e«l.
;■ SAPULPA. I. T. , 'August . 26— The
demonstrations, against negroes came to
a sudden- end with the arrival of: Deputy
United States Marshall Trail and Captain
White. They were : met- here by United
States "Marshal Bennet and. Governor'
Porter, principal chief of the Creek Na
tion. Marshal Bennett instructed them to:
arrest all" offenders and send them to
Muskogee, in chains. The deputy mar
shals have sworn in men for. service to
night; -but. all is quiet, and no "trouble
is experienced. Nearly, all of, the r ne
groes not. owning property have left
town.' : ■.-■■■'.'■■ .-■'.■•..".•■
Fatalities in Texn.t Oil Field.;
X- BEAUMONT. . TEX., August- 2S.— Two
men are dead an oil-gusher is ■' going : ab
solutely wild, defying the mechanical skill
bfimen.to stop it. ~ The two.men who are
OGHd 3.1*6 ■ ■■■"-"■ ■ - ■=•"• ■ .-■,.- .. ,
. :<: < JAMES" SMITH -and'. -
: JOHNM'D'ANIELS. , . ...
Smith * lost his life : trying to shut ..off
the gusher, and McDnhiels; while trying
to save Smith; -The scene of the wild
gusher ito-riightV is ; what . is. .known .as.
tho r Hogg-Swayne; Syndicate tract.;. The
well belongs r to ; the Palestine-Beaumont
Oil * Company. :; It- was not expected 'to
come;in i before •_. to-morrow. > ■ ; - " -
::;•'■■-■■ •To Tnlce a -.Wextern Trii». :
''■■ -MrJ and Mrs. : James Caskie; - accom
panied- by Misses Annie' and.- LellalGray,
daughters : of . Mr. and /.Mrs. James :' T.
Gray, Tbf south Fifth street. wlll r leave
the 'middle' of September, for' an
western : trip.?^ They .will. be absent; about
six -weeks arid will go , as /far west as
California, stbpping'at' the' principal cities
on- the- ;roi!te.- -— - -: —
■-..;■ •.'V-sltieliinbiirt Iloyji .Army.; ;-. -^ '
i^RFcruits ' for/the'reErular. arrnycoiitinue
;tO;be?enlistPd -here^The -following: Hsi^of
twenty-five "•hayeTpas»etl- r the v examinatioh3
Richard^B^.ißoachjJ Charlotte
; coimty; ; ; ya: ; i-H; ; ;Bef;k. : :;iPeters^
burjr; ; Va ; Georsre; N".: Hundley /.Richrnoncl,'
;Va; : i Andrew \ C> Rice; "Cafoline^ county;
:Va;;-' i ."WiiHamv'-R:'i- King. V.N.->'Ji;'
, Charles]"; Mar tiiiiv Fredericksburg/t^a^
iEdwardv ~8-, Powell, :^pt-^Howard; 2 Md.;
'e; /. Bland." Richmond, f- ; Vai ;£ Thbnms'3 S.j
}Richmo^^a;ilCharle_s"A;wr{allsj-Char- ;
ildttesvillei'Va.; "William S. WHllanw^
- "i
De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve should ibe,.
fp^omp^^alpjßlled^tccifiUts;- - burna;^and]
tnjTirea v'part. 1 ": ': :are- i.worthle33\
counterfeits. .. V Be : sure to 5 ge t -De Wltt'V''"' i
'--\, " - . 4
\. *!%. " ft *<* ■ jfiik i«k jSN. irt* ' JSK j&k. - j£\ &\ /BL JS± d£%. jSS. j,C!\ J&k. jrf!\ i^% j**\
Twenty years ago the city' of Rich
mond suffered from -a terrible scarcity i
of water. The James river was so low i
that the pumps to the New Reservoir j
were out of 'the water and could not
be used. The Hollywood steam pump,
pumping- 600,005 gallons per day. and onei
turbine, lifting nearly as much into the
Old Reservoir, was all the supply* when
the total daily, consumption was esti
mated at G.OCO.CCO gallons. .
•More than four-fifths of the houses in
the city were without -water- The fire
hydrants, and sewers were empty. Only
the section about the Old Market was
city water obtainable. Wells were
pumped dry time and time again -by the
citizens in quest of water for drinking
and culinary purposes. There was no
water for the lire engines, in case of fire,
none for bath-rooms, nor ' for factories.
Many building operations were suspend
ed; for a time because water could not
be secured to mix mortar.
One of the troubles with the lack of
supply in the river, it was claimed, was
that the water was taken up before it
reached the city dams An attempt was
made to have the Richmond and Alle
ghany Railroad Company, the owner of
.-.the old canal, .turn the water out of the
_canalln order to relieve the situation.
rThlsr Thls the company refused to do". The
Water Committee then decided to shut
the supply in the mains off for eighteen
hours each day— betwen. midnight and
.6 P. M., - ' ■':■■ " ■ ■ -.' ; ' :
.The officials of the city were greatly:
perplexed, and numerous conferences
. were held. Finally it was -decided to
.turn the .water out: of the canal. Mayor
Carrington gave the necessary order to
.Superintendent Davis, of the Water-
Works, and the water .was turned into
the river at Rutherford's. old mill. After
the gate was opened four policemen -were i
stationed "there "tb see that •_ the _: ciinal j
was -not closed again. . When the: officials*
of the railway company learned" of the
move they took steps- to put the.'water
back into the" canal.;
.l. The City Council .met :and appropriated
$SC',OCO with Twhich to purchase at once:
, a steam pump, with a capacity 'of 6.000.0<»
: gallons per day, "- In 'order to' relieve the
.situation. " : : ; . . =: . '' .
"The • City Conservative Democratic
Committee held a mefeting and adopted a
"plan for "a. primary .meeting,: to . be held
'for the purpose of selecting candidates.
" for. the ; Legislature, to be .voted -upon
in the Xovember. elections. :■-, Colonel ; John
Bell Bigger presided over the meeting.
. The line -of the : Richmond and vAlle
sghahy.-railway"was opened : for trafHe-be
v'tween -i and \ liynchburg. :; The
eonriectio h t over .-■ the * bridge., at . the ' com
bined locks^ near Xynchburg- was made
during, the'j^week;>and 'the; firstitrain from
..Lyrtchburgi-'entered^ Richmond. ;■ carrying
jthtJ v of^ the : - road and
"guests. " ".■■■. . • ■■■ ■ ■■
.: Negroes ensasied.' in working, on a rail
road iih^TuckohQC'.'District/^in :': Henrioo
.coui'ty. engaged -in a. riot. and-a v huinber t
of then\ were sent on to thejgrand jury
of the county.- ; V : > '-- ■■, ■' ;■,?.. .\"- r >- ■ „ -
In these days the papers refrain jfrqm
if pumng''3'a?s member Sof j
|ln§Ax]gnst#lßßl;;ithe : f cirowlns-Sfappeared:
It^he.TDlspatch: ;*'Ricb
faraf Battle, JEsq.. of ; ;the>Ralelsb>News r
"aria* Observer,*:; Is in the
call upon our. merchants, and
" \
further their rapidly-Increasing- trade la
that State."
A small fire In the Capitol Hotel wni
extinguished by the firemen with, buckets
•It was impossible to use the flre appara
tus on account of the water famine.
The big bell for the Grace-Street Pres
byterian church arrived in the city. Ie
was moulded in Cincinnati and welgha
3,515 pounds.
The Virginia Historical Society was
very active In. preparation to make th«
York town celebration a success a* /»r us
the Society could contribsi&o © &
Requisition papers were issued for tho
return of Marvin, who wns charged with
bigamy and forgery, from Lynn, Mass.,
to Richmond.
A, locomotive was shipped to Newport
News via the schooner A. H. Hurlburt,
for the Chesapeake and Ohio railway.
This was the second engine shipped In
that way for use on the casters terminus
of the Chesapeake and Ohio.
School ISoitnl Meetlns-.
The regular monthly meeting- of the
School Board was held last night at the
.office of the b'oarJ.
<At the request of the Committee oa
Buildings anil Furniture, the board or
dered an appropriation of $1,500 for the
purchase of desks and slate blackboards
for several buildings where needed.
The clerk presented his annual report
showing ; The, total receipts for the year
to be $16?,0u3.53 and disbursements Slt'S.
559.21. . •
1.-'A' request was received from H. G.
Carl ton for a transfer to another bclld
ing. which request was granted by tho
Tha following transfers wero then or
dered to take effect at the beginning: of
the coming session: H. G. Carlton, traacH
f erred to Moore school. D. H. Backer
to West End schooU Julian A. Burnisf
to Leigh schooU
Huh Annomiceil Hit Candldncr.
Mr. R. T. Lacy has announced his c£in
didacy for thn House o* Delegates from
th!a city, subject to the Democratic pri
mary. It Ipok^ now that itr. Lacy would
hava strength enough to make him or.«
of : the leaders In tho primary. If not a
•.". ;' • Beaten, by. \Vonien.
John Henry Thomas, a middle aged
cotored -man. was beset -by two or mor«
women of his race at the . : Chesapeaka
station yesterday about & o'clock, P. iT. t
and when they had. vented their wrcth,
■or as nearly so as could jbe-. but for po
lice interference, he was a flit subject fo^
the ambulance surgeosi. / fj.The atal}tilanct>
was summoned, and when. Dr. "Foster
had dressed tho .^ Injuries the •victim oi
the women ihati received : he thought tha
sunfortunate was In a way to recover and
-leftihim:in the hands of hl»--'trie"hda.
Rev. Mr. .-.John Hannon. Mrs. C.
• ? Braaer|<an<l ; ,.-Mls»s.-K_lngr.'.;le<t ,thia raora
jlng:jfor--Bufl r aloi.for.pne;week. •
Statements. ■ Letter-
t Dodgers. ! c t c. Sprinted •bys Uw Di*
tHeads; 1 ;": : Note-j Heads. . \ Circulars. ■ Haad-
IpitclTtCompany J at 'i lowfprlces, ; .Will ; st^«
»youf good;swbrk|at|thel 3am© i price* j you
l piyafor?in|erJ6r wort. 3«na|ua \ : ;yoar
•orders xnJ. wo--witt ( aruarft«t**;»tl*C»cUo»
f^eyYlparttgu)aT-^"" ~i

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