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Copytlght, 1901, by Robert Howard Russell.
lS^^ro--^tUn V-to'Sbe;,..thV -to'Sbe;,..th' i .gr-rcutest;
pSennessy.Who i had ; been 'laboring through
pjjagesFof^athletib/intelligcnce which- he
r / ;_. ■ / „:^'
pSL-Ohtso wo- ar-re.V said Mr. Doolcy. ; An
pi wobdherrdoesUt do; us t anny fi ßood
L^mpoorted/ir'm, th/ j English. , Th^^e
& a^sayin' ;overj there that tK? jook j JggJJj
$?nh^ that/sbecn said; a number.lv times
ißJice^that th« /battle iv Watherloo^vas
J^bnY^n th'playln- fields v. Eton, :.that
l^s s gSb^ir^t^"SaS.:
&& s htln^; people, an' a / Fr-rinchman
1 fehovel. Th' Germans .is a hard> ,; race, ,
ihi-j-they Ihrain on Wesphalyan^ ham an ;i
llßoodweiser. an* :.th';i on'y exercise :;; they
iliaveW" Is bowlin* at a sangerfest ■ \Th
« 3l6osayans is a. tur-rble : crowd; ar^thej |
? >get their strength by standin' on th cor
g ncr askJn': if ye have.army ol' .clothes ye d
"' : likse to sell or be matchin' kopecks.fr th.
I^ddkies. Ar-re we army batther. telVme,
th* high tinnis experts, th ; in
viherprisin' rowsmen, th'^ cbampeen yacht
fe«rs iv th' wurruldthin we were whin we
ij^weie ; on-y th' champeenipuddlers, rnim-
sewin'-machine asrents?
¥iAVhy: is /England losia'.i: her : : supreemacy,
Eaainnissy? Beeu.use Englishmen get down
f"to /their: jobs at iliven o'clock, figurln a
I roluf scoor. on their cuffs, an' lave ava
to; twelve on. a Wcyde. ■ We
Ibate thim. because 'twas th' habit iv
joynts iv commerce f r to be up with
? ? th' cock an' down to th' damper befure
fW- cashier come; an' in his office all day
I Jong in his" shirt sleeves, an' settm on
S-Oi' safe till th' las' man had gone. Now,
*>iti ye call up wan Iv these captains iv
f.Jndusthrees at Van o'clock iv a Saturdah
; "nfthernoon, th' office boy answers th
-iillyphone. ■ Th' Titan iv Commerce is
ifjout in a set iv green, an' blue knee
s^breeches, batin' a hole ih\ a sand.pile an
=-cur-rsln* th f evil; fate" tliat made him a
vinillyionaire. whin natureT intinded him|
'•'.Tt a goluf cbampeen. Te can't keep ye'er
i«yeon tb.' ball an' on th* money at tli*
* same time. Te've got to be wan thing or
another in this wurruld. I niver knew a
i/good card player or a great spoortsman
r that? cud do\so much iv. annything else.
-They used to tell me that Napoleon Bonjr
: parte, th* impror iv th* Frilich, was a
: champeen chess player, but Hogan says
fc'e "was on'y good, because, annybody that
; tiate him might as well i' go down an' -', be
measured f r his ball an* chain. A rale
' hlghi' class chess player, without room' f'r
annything else in his head, cud close his
eyes an*- put tli* dhrings on Napoleon
:23onyparte in three moves. Did ye iver
iear iv Grant wearin' army medals f'r
"a-liundherd yard dash? Did army wan iver.
Well ye iv th' number iv base hits made!
Abraham Lincoln? -.Is there army re
jCordiv George Wash'nton doin* a turn
Son a'thrapeze or Tliomas Jefferson, gettin 1 .
•"th*; money f*r throwin." th* hammer? ' ■' ■
//"In me younger days 'twas not con
:shidered rayspictable f'r to be an athlete.
iAi athlete was always a man that not
enough f r wurruk." -Fractions
: dhruv him f r'm school an* th* vagrancy
'laws dhruv, liim to base-ball. We used
• to.goto th' ball game to see him. sweat
an*; throw pop bottles at -th* empire, but
jione iv his fam'ly was iver proud iv him
•except his younger brother. A good- seat
on. th'bleacheries, a bottle .handy /f'r
a neegaryous decision "at first base an' a
/bag iv. cracker-jack w^.s"as' far iver I
"got tow'rd being" a spoortin* character,
: aa*. look at me now! 1"c can't have ye'er,
strength an' use 'iiji too, Hinnissy. I
; gredge th* power I waste in walkin' up
stairs or. puttin* on me specs." .
1/ "But 'tis good f'r th' women," said
■Mr.' Hennessy
r-/i~-"Is it, faith? "said Mr. Dooley. "Well,
r St may be. 'but it's no good f r th' wo
man f r th* men. I don't know army
ji ; The 1 ■ * f Seniox' w Senator.
To the Editor of the Dispatch:
3_ Which is the senior* senator? The
one who has served the greater number
'of ; years or the one whose term . expires
first? '■ • --„
F"2."'Where can I get -or exchange old
: and^ odd numbers of magazines .
Greystone, Va.
The first of the two senators elected is
.the senior senator. Our. ■ correspondent,
of 'course, knows that both are not elect
ied^.by; the- same Legislature. For .'.ln
stance,. Senator.. Daniel is our senior sen-.
ator; because he was chosen before Sena
tor Martin, though the latter: now has
jnore years to .'serve.. If Major Daniel
to decline re-election, and Mr. Mar
tin were to be elected; again, the latter
iwouid; be senior senator and Daniel's
successor the junior senator:
i- We know of no concern or person
that makes a business of exchanging or
•!buying old and odd numbers of maga
zines."" Missing of periodicals
Slight" be; obtained by purchasing- them
irom the :■ publishers.
: : ': >'TIjV T»Vo AVeaver.s."
:5To r the « Editor' of the" Dispatch:
C^TTill- you " kindly advise me ; where / 1 can
obtain^ a., copy, of the "poem 'entitled "The
'*PwoV/Weaveis"?"The first line are as
ifoliows:; -;/■ " ;?*-.•/-•' ..^ .';'. - : -: ■ '/ / :
!*'Two*\'"■weaversVsat • beguiling time "with
-,' friendly/chat, / : ./,::
the pi iee -of:- meat so
: "' : :;iiigh a■> weaver scarce- could: eat.
,V; '. ■ " GRAVITr./
"-We^ cannot. recall, the poem.j. Perhaps,
SIS yon liavca' ta reKulxr^ healthy iuorcment of. the ;
§ bowels every day. you're sick, or ttIU be. Keep your I
I txiwols open, and hn Iwe 11 .." Force, in llie suapo of*
• violent |iti ysic < or pill | poi sou, is | dangerous. \z. The ;
emootbest, easiest, most perfect way of keeping tb» I
I bowels clear, ana clean Is to fcalio ; ; '"?;> •-. : . l:r
Sfv^ftii£l-^ T"AOf MARK i m§miHUl*6gis&Zjrtk
I^»S?S°? fJS^blfc'BotentiTw^'c^^'itoOowtv
B«SK5 lcken i w«w «a k on; orOrlj>e. lOe. 2s«v^fiOc.Wrltor
|-^*»««Mwi». ul bookletoaJbeAUh-^iiarcss Bs?
t-tearm orfT& elrmiy^^
■.- .--■ ■-!-■■ ■••■-»:',.--:i--.-- ■■:-:■■■•■'-.-.
:hihg that! cud; be mor^demoralizin';|.thih
:o;be marrii.- tora woman ! that :cudj give
n£i ay stJirbke • aljShtlcloVat t!goluf:?; 'Tis
rolnVtolT>e:th'.rooii iv'fam'ly"llfe:r /Twill
>reak up; i th' ; ; happy .*! home. f-I'm'; a ; man;!
pv-e'll ; say, .; that' s j. dowri^ t r'm v\ th',; ' "arlyi
hornin* ' bendin' . over; a ledger; an' ; thryin*.
;6:trapTa"donar.*or two 'to keep ;thV land
ord . f r'ni th. ;dure- " I r ; dlsplse athleets. ;
[ see that alii th' men" that ' have a; metal-.
IcratUe whin, they get on"ja?,movln' :
3treet-car, are: pounds .:: overweight' :j an'.;
wud -blow up If ;theyiogffed ajound- th'
:orner.- Well; I cbme\home:at night. an'
".omatther how -I've : :been;'Here-you-d'.
iH ' day, I f eerin me heart ;that:l'm^th.' ;
jig^ thing there. What makes me feel that
rvay.isays ; you?. 'Tis "thVslnse iv ' physical
superiority; ' ; Me.: wife " is • smarter: thin I
am. r She's had ; nawthing' \to% do all day
but'th' ? house* wufruk an' puttin* in th'
coal an* studyin' how she can m'aka -me
3b. something I don't want to do -that
E wud want; to: do if ; she didn'tvwant
me to do it. She's 1 thraine'd (to , th' ; minyit
in havin' her, own '.way. . Her mind's clear^".
er; mine bein' : full -iv; bills ivjladin'; -she
can talk betther ah' more frequent; : she ;
can throw me fam'ly in me face, : an'
u-hiri har-rd: put to it, : : her "starry, eyes
can gJeam with tears that I {think ar-re
grrief.but she knows difTrent.." An' I give
In. But I've •won. just, th' same.- F"r
down , in nic heart I'm' sayin': 'Susette, 1 ;
If I. were not a gintlemahithat .wud? scorn ;
to smash a lady, they'd be butwan endinV
to this fracas. .Th' /right to Jth' pint iv
th' jaw, -S'jsette." I may . riiver ; .use it,
d'ye mind. We may go on livin' together
an' me losin' a battle ivry; day f'r fifty
year. But I always know 'tis there an'
fhe, knowledge makes a .proud an'
fiaughty man. Ifeel me arm as I go out
to lock th' woodshed'-again an' I say. to
mesilf: ..'Oh; woman, if I iver cut loose
that awful right.' ; Aii' she knows it, too.
If she didn't she wudden't waste her
tears. Th,' since iv" her physical infeery- .
ority makes her weep. She must weep
or she must fight. Most army woman
n-ud , rather . do; battle thin . cry, but they
knows it's no use.
"But now how ' is it? ; I go home at
aight an' I'm met at th. 1 Vdure be afe
nale joynt. _ Me wife's th' champeen lady
?olufess iv th'.;lvy Leaf - Goluf dub; th'
iriest oarslady on th' canal ; a tinnis play
jr-'that none, can raysist without injury.-
She can ride a horse an' I cudden't stay
an a merry-go-round, without clothes
pins. She can box a good welter-weight
in' she's got medals for the* broad jump.
Th, on'y spoorts she isn't good at is
2bokin', an' , washin'. . . ,TJiis ?. large ;' lady, :, a ,
little peevish, because' she's on! her; dh rive,
meets me -at ' th' dure an' •issuin'
Drdhers befure I have me shoes oflt.; '.' 'Tis
just th.' same as if I was back on th'
hoist. She doesn't argy, she doesn't
weep. She jus' says 'Say you,', an' I'm
off on th' bound. ~. 1 1 look her over ah'
say I to . mesilf : "What's th' good? I
cudden't cross that guard,' an' me reign.
Is ended. : I'm ;back to th.' ranks iv. th'
-"It-wont do, Hinnissy. It's a> blow at
good g-overhmint : 'Twill disrupt ..th'
home. Our fathers was . r-right They
didn'trisk their lives an* limbs be marry-;
in' these female '}. Shark eys./ What, they
wanted was a lady that, they'd find set
tin*, at home whin they arrived tired ;f r'm
th.' chase that : played, th' harp to thim
an' got their wampum away fr'm thim
more like a church fair thin like a safe
blower. In th' next eighty or ninety
years, if I make .up mind to lave this
boistherous life an' settle. down, th' lady
that I'll rayquest to double me rent
an'- divide me borrowin' capacity will
wear, no medal f'r. athletic sports. F'r,
Hinnissy, I'm afraid I cud not love a
woman I might lose a fight to."
"I see be th' pa-aper," said Mr. Hen
nessy, "th* athletic girl is goin' out, what
iver that means.' '
"She had to," said Mr. Dooley, 'or we
WUd.": . ;
if it is not too long, some of our readers
will send- it to us.; ..-• . '.-. v ,
PronTmciatloxi. of- Czolffoar. • :/
To the Editor of the Dispatch: /•
Please: publish in your i.next issue the
proper pronounciation of the name of the
man who shot the President. ;
Swansonyille, Va. ; Dr. W. *T.
The name is spelled Leon Czolgosz, but
as to its proper pronunciation there are
several varying views. Many contend
that the proper pronunciation; is as if
the word were: spelled Tsolgotz— with the
"t" slightly sounded, and the "o" as in
folly.: The name is Polish. V ......
Others say the name is pronounced
Shawl-gosh and; Shollgosh. The sz of ■ the
final syllable has somewhat the sound of
Vsh," but the exact pronunciation is a
sound difficult for the English tongue to
accurately/reproduce.-. '. : .
- ■ : Remedies -Wanted.
To the Editor of the Dispatch: / . ■■/..
"Will s'oube so kind as to inform -me
what is the best cure for blackheads (if
.there is r any) and; an; oily skin;/ also,'
. wha t will kill and keep . bedbugs ;on?/of; on? /of
beds? By, answaririg these few ques
tions, you will - greatly, oblige : a Dispatch
reader. // ' "ANXIOUS TO KNOW."
The best we can do is to refer, you to
your druggist. "; ' :• : ; ; /
Omission' of'Samc from a '■■ Deed.'
Tdthe JEditor of the; Dispatch: ; ■
A makes B a deed of baxgain and sale.
C writes the deed, but in : preparing'; it,
; omits the name of the grantee/. The deed
is put on record, ; and some years- after
this omission is! discovered. All parties
appear in open court, and by motion tof
'counsel ask the* Judge : to .enter -an/order.
; directing . the necessary; change in the
deed.' : Has not .; the Judge the : authority
to do thisf; : CONSTANT KEAD ERi/
Xo, the Judge has no such' authority. A
bill in equity,, in the; Circuit; Court,' 're
citing all the facts, "would accomplish'
our ? corresponded t'sPpufpose,. the:; parties
■ being: all ;agreed:V;Tiie proper; way to.
'remedy; the^troubY^ is -to make a; new
deed [referring, to/ the old one, '.and 'stating'
: tho omission of the- name to have -been '
inadvertent.'?"-. ■/....;'■;/ '; ;:'//;/ ..;'//;. :"".-" ;
;-;Attacl>jMcnt" Issued by: a.. v Justice.;-:
-To the Editor of the Dispatch:
i:^^jus^tce;issued!aWarrant;to^try a [ civil
case}; forV about v s7o;:-' ;OnV;Qio i, day % set
I fore^itrialr: the ft defendant ;■ applied: :f or. fa
iVemoyairqf "the^case^toT the;CountyTcbiirt^
|Befo>e|reiao val^ the ; plaintiff ? for:
fpurihl groimd/;"c6nvertinsv? &c. '■>' ■-, Thefjur-^
ffied! ? all! th c j papers\tb| Gbuntyl Cbur t)#biCL
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' colors,
Tan, Yellow, Heliotrope,/
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the justice exceed . his ; authority in . is
suing this attachment? /. , A.B.V
"Hanover, Va.
No; we think not. The case. was in the
justice's hands until sent: to the court.
The' attachment is; a summary proceed
ing to preserve : the property,' and might,
wethink, be had even after the case had
been removed. The case with all its facts,
is not before us, however, . and we are
not certain. -
" - ■ Blarion.' Soutnyvorth. ; (
To the /Editor 'of theDispatcn:
jln your issue; of August 11th, you
spoke -of "Beauty and Booty," by Ma
rion- South wor th". . .What is the nature of
the book?" Please give the name of the
publisher? Who was (or is) Marion
Southworth? . ; C.W. L. /
: Let some Dispatch reader answer. .
How to Remove MllldeTr.
To the Editor of the Dispatch: _ ,
Will you kindly; publish in your columns
some preparation : that will remove mill
dew from black Henrietta cloth, and
oblige, / ;; : M.S. H.
Cismont, Va. '. ; . : ■". .' . '/ ;; ;.'/;/■;■.
-Wo "shall have to get some ; of our read
ers to supply this information.
Validity of ' An Unrecofded^ Deed. :
To - the - Editor ', of the - Dispatch: _
Can a person obtain; possession . of land
by means of a deed recorded ; thirty years
after being .made, -when: the,-parties;.to
the deed have died, and the >land deeded
has been ■. sold j or : , passed to; : the heirs of
one who : originally, held -it in possession?
Is.tliere any ; . limit; to' the validity ; of a
deed not- recorded? •.: ■;■-- . ..-"^ r" ': •.. ■ •V-
The deed mentioned' would t>"e good after
thirty years as .between the ;purchasor
and. the grantor and his heirs, but "worth
less as to -a ".'Subsequent -purchaser, for
valuable consideration who knew nothing
of the deed. ...; ; .'■- -■•/- ;;■;;":
- As between the heirs . and. the holder
we think the . deed" is = a' good one ■- now.
It' was made ; by their aricestc-r,-- and:- he
parted with his title in the : land/ and [ his
rheirs • cannot * get from - ; him ; what is ■ riot
his. , ;"■;■ > ;:
' ; You .w ould better, not act ■on this .: ex- -
parte opinion of ours, however, as : it is
made .. without ' all .the -facts before: us:
Better - consult" your'; lawyer-;; with; ■ the; '■
; papers before; him.. - ; . . '
'The rlong;time';tbat this ;deed has .been
held^would tend toraise.a •presumption'; of
■fraudj in =' its procurement 'iriVcase the ques
tion of fraud were raised." " .
The Randolph Family.
To the Editor of the Dispatch:
■} . } The query .of your , Hampton '.'cbrres
l pbndent'jV'; in "i thje ':■ Dispatch Hof ij September;
i lSthVabou t .'j, th'eVch'ildrenL \ 6t " Ed ward; Ran-;
. dolph is /accompanied; with : soirie;; inaccu
;.^Edwardvßaridoiph; .^ Edwardvßaridoiph was the seventh and
•Maryj, Isham/:; They ;: had^'two'S 'daughters,^
j one ?of VriWhqm Sinarried a' ; ; Blarid-^froriv
whom vi GeneralQßbbert^E^: Lee ;was|^le^l
i- Rbaribke^nbwjintjpqssessibn^ of ■ Rev Vs. Gvfßl|
sßfyanF:Pf*Hamptori,-. has this record { ~o£ l,
Jl^ardman^Ph: ' '- '- . 3^g|
(whp,liyed ;
Uhi of a ship, captivated at a luunchlat!
Wc. an no^ceforMond ay ,;September23a ( ;o ar^^%^
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Gravesehd Miss Groves, an >• Heiress of
. £10,000," whom he. married and naa „ .
■ ' "I.'. Joseph, died unmarried. V:
"2 ; ; Edward. Married Miss Lucy Harn
son of .Berkeley, sister of Governor H
and-Mrs.. Speaker P^ndolph.by whom he
had^Harrison (married first T Miss; Starke,
by whom had Edward and Lucy and sec
only :Miss Jones, of Brunswick). - . „
I "Lucy married Mons. Latil, of Frarice
;;l "3. Elizabeth : ■ married Rev. Williar. -
Yates, of Gloucester." .- . -_._•■"-■'
;"4. : Mary married Rev. .Robert: Yates
two daughters : married in England. : ,
Bishop ■ Meade following John Randolph
gives the maiden name 'of Mrs. Edward
Randolph as But her name was
Grosvenor. ; My ..- grandmother was .her
granddaughter, and while she died; when
I was too young to remember having
heard ; her. say ; so, - her oldest .daughter,
who lived .in daily intercourse with/her
.for fifty years, ;; of ten 'told :. me ; ; so and
gave particulars of the marriage in Eng
land and of the launching at Gravesehd 1
and urged my father to preserve the name
in the . family -by ; calling my youngest
' brother Grosvenor. ;■ ;- .- -,; :
•'Edward ; Randolph was a seafaring man,
and' is spoken of /in the Dinwiddie
papers as being "in. Virginia with one or
more : of his' ships about 1755, etc. - "When
arid where l he died, : and .whether, he .ever
came to Virginia to reside, is unknown;
.The old aunt; to whom I have I refer
red; always- told me.; that his wife was
I an . heiress, j arid V a Quakeress or .(of ; such
j Quaker , sympathies- against ; negro (slavery
that she .would/ never, 'come / to America..
; Her sons-in-law : were broth ers ; and ; Vir-;
ginia.born sons of theißev. ; Bartholomew
"Tates, /an/ English ": born who
for, more ; than thirty, years was ~ rector of
Christ ; church; :"■ Middlesex . 'county, ■;•: Va. .
■ All: three ;. of ; his . sons -were ministers .in
-the' Colonial ;iChurch, ; the >ldef— of : his
own name — succeeding his . father;; as ; rec~
", tor : of -the.; Middlesex '> church';-. and;';like'; his :
father,'- [continuing 'such for": more ■ than'
thirty.^years..- They _. were educated at
Oxford; and on. their visit to i England J^to,
obtain" orders in ; : ,the\- Church; the>. two;
: younger were ' married' and e returned ;.td;
to; officiate ;" /; in ■<:_'. Gloucester,
:. churches. /Robert;. 'Continued: until his
/of .Pelswarth" parish,; and
diediieaving children, ■' one of ; whom,.
; Lieutenant Bartholomew; Yates, when
about : 20 . years jof ■ age, .was ; captured / at
•? Princeton arid pied while a ' British ■ pfis-;
oner from ; wounds - inflicted" by. the Hes- \
siaris \ afjer his '■. surrender," and another of j
iwhbm^Catharirie^married Dr.- ; Robert j
-.Wellf ord;Vof "rFredericksDurg, '.. from ; whom
all : the : Wellf ord ; family;: of Virginia; are
; descended/ . .. '„ - - , |
/.The/; younger r ?. brother; ; William Yates/i j
vwhoV: rnafried% Enizabeth? Randolph","- ; ;i wa§,|
rrectorjfor'many years of 'Abington^parish,.|
i ; until^|hisjv- removal/: to i; WilHamsburg,;']
where", he died as rector of ißruton i
'parish :i and /president : /'of /Wniiam /;; and; ■
■children ; to ;' Squthside ;": yirginia?M|Fromi
theseßchildren'" v "many ' ■'■ of the < Gholsons;
/were :^: amoii^y^them. I;;vßev/i
John Gholson- fc Judge" ': William"
YateslGhqlsqn,"; of a Ohio, :^and -Mrs.^ Fran-/
iceslTJ}'. Glasgow^ of (Richmond, 7 ; mother/of:
■Arthur^T-l Glasgow|and^Miss>Ellen^ Glas4l
fgow^the jauthqress.
&It ] appears!^
fchildrein^af son? and'^daughter: ,;i Pfbf essbr.^
rßjrdJ^'f^^UliaS£landlM^^y^9?.^? &o '' Is .
; aTdes'deiidarit|of Ittelsepond i: Edward.
pEdwardt Randolph ,is sumeiirnes men
it^^faptEdward ,|of i Brem o^CaH|anyjbfi
was over so called? ' B. R. W., Jr.
Special Announcements
Dross-Maßlng Departmenty
Monday; Sept. 30, 1901.
We atinouiiceV witla /pleasure, that we have
secured the services pf a high-class -New
York Dress-Maker a.rid '; Modiste, and ]] are
preparedl to^ -make, at short notice, in the
most artistic^ and fashionable manner.
Street; Evening Visiting and Bridal Gowns,
.We guarantee POSITIVELY entire •satisfac
tion. -■ :;:; "^ : ./'■'/ - ' "''-,...
N Table and Bed Linens.
The new ones, are here, our. own importation,
new patterns j extra values, and positively lowest 1
prices . • Keepers of hotels and restaurants will find it
to their advantage to inspect the sterling values we
are^offering. - " ; ■
23x42-inch V Hemstitch
-ed- "AU-Pure-Linen Huck
-Towels, . extra - fine ana
j: heavy, a great bargain, / '
1 • 53 dozen.
', ■■-.-•. :. • ' ■- - : ■ ■ ' '
I Hemstitched All-Linen -
I Pillow-Cases, extra heavy
j weight ............ .".$1 pair.
Hemstitched" All-Linen
'Sheets, extra heavy
| weights, full size, .2 1-zs
I 2 3-4 yards .$5 pair.
DAMASKS. ,',.. 1
66-inch -Extra Heavy,
• Full-Bleached ■ Scotch . Da
mask ........... ........ .75C.
68-i nch ; Extra i Heavy ana j
I > Fine Scotch and Irish Da- j
[ - masks, - the usual ; •51 tind ; }
: special ;....;. S7 l-2c. / yard. /
Fine 22-inch Napkins to
match '..V.vi. .."...?3 dozen, i
70-inch Extra .Fine" ana ]
Heavy All-Linen Damask, |
;"■■ *" ' ; ;.;' ~- -S^l
'■ Napldns to match— j
B-8 size ........ ..$3 dozen..j
3-4 size .......... $4 dozen. 1 j
:■.-'. ■■■'■•■ - -I
Separate Skirts.
Perfectly-fitting garments, cf Prbad
cloth, Cheviot, Melton,: Pebble Cheviot,
and . Sharkskin, and trimmed with band 3
of stitched Taffeta and satin; specially
good values •at $4.95, $5.95, and §«.9»;
other qualities up to $17.50.
Walking Skirts.
;The new ones are here, and with all the- 1
points of newness about them, and with
all the same little figured prices; colors
Black, Navy, Brown, Oxford, . and Me-;
dium Gray.' Prices :...;v...'.54.ys to $15.
Ask to see our Special. Walking Skirt,
with -stitched circular' flounce. A great
bargain- ............. :.....-.•-••••• ?s *i
Ladies' Gloves.
All the new and correct fall shadings In ;
the celebrated makes of Xavier Jouvin,;
Trefousse, -Foster, - Perrins, and Systeme
ay * r °§i' J $1.25, $1.50, $1.75, and ?a.
A Strong Team Assured and a Fine
.-Sciiedule Arranged.
. -BLACKSBURG,; VA;, September 20.—
(Special.)— The 'Virginia" Polytechnic J.n
stitute team has been hard at work since
September. sth. -With a squad of forty
■ jeven men arid more coming, prospects are
brighter /for "a/^successful foot-ball sea
:on Under the efficient training of head
coach A ; B. Morrison, Jr.,' Cornell's, half
back i for three years, the team is making
• splendid "prepress. There will be few va
cancies to fill,: as most of last year's team
' will be back, and there- will be ample
material out of .tlie 200 new. men to fill
the missing places. . -
- , Manager Bolton- has secured a schedule
which: includes games .with . the strongest
teams in the South. Among them are the
University of, Virginia, the University of
'Maryland,:- ■ Georgetown -University,--, an-l
the Virginia Military InsUtute. The game
•with the University of Maryland, which
will be played In Richmond on November
tt6th, v promises /to .be one of the^ best; in
• the State this season. : That with; the "Vir
ginia Military .Institute in Norfolk on
Thanksgiving Day will ; be a spirited con
" test; as i the two : teams are evenly match
ed as canbe seen from the Thanksgiving
! gained in Roanoke" last: season, and are
: second to^ none Tin: the South. Thanks
giving excursions will be run £rom P.ad
ford, Roarioke,. l 'Lynchburg, Petersburg,
.and" Richmond, to; Norfolk. .The: scne-.
diile up to/date, " is •as I follows: ; Septem
ber,' 2Sth;/with; St. Albans at Biacks
bur"- Va October sth, with St. Albans,
;at Radford; Vai ; October llth.-sviih v;asii.
in^to'n and Lee University, atßlacksburg,
Va'^ October /26th, with . North ; Carolina
•Agricultural "and ■"• Mechanical v College, at
Blacksburg, -Va,- : November. '9th, , with
Clemson " College,; in Charlotte, N. C.
■ November : 16th, with .University, of Mary-.
; larid: : in^Rictimohd, } Va^: -.; November 23d,
; open, "i: November i 2Sth, /with the Virginia
/ Military c:lnstitute>in 3 Norfqlk,vVa.,.-: -."-;
- ..- ; -■ — «^W . ■— . - .. .-.. -
Mr. ; W. ~-'-F. .Jenkins -Has an Electric
* * " Hallway; Condnit. ;..... .
-Patents -gf anted ;T ;to : residents •of ;sVir
gihia, ■:■ reported ; especially ., for the Dis
' patch;' by Davis & . Davis, Washington
patent attorneys, Tuesday, September 3),
ISOI* ■ '"■ '■ ' '"'" 1 '■''■'' ""'■ * "' ■'''''"- ' ' ■ *' ;?; ?' '■' '' ' ~~ ■■ ■-■ ■■-"■ "
■-■■ €52,705-rCqntact "device ; for i conduit elec
; trie :. railways; ■ F-- Jenkins,; Eich
:m'6rii'.: ;-:■ ':■■':.:■::■ '.- <■:■■■'•:-' :.;- -„!•,'•
CS2.7o&— Contact device ;f or conduit elec
tric railways.^Wiltbn F. Jenkins, Rich
irndrid.'-.^ : . : -:- ' : --;;:-- : ,i- .v • : ; 'f; :-v.v;; : ;; . - ■-:.. ■".-':-;
: 6S 9 707— Contact device.for; conduit elec
" trie ;■' railways, ; F. ; Jenkins,- : Hich
"mbridr^^'^.--:: ■'.. . .' *' . ---
i j.;6S2,7oß^Suspensary v.'f or : trailing
• contacts : f or conduit J: electric railways,
■ftWiltoh:F.7jenkinsr:Richniond. ...
f ':[ CS2,7o?^lnsulator;f K F. ; •; Jenkins.j
1 " ,' - "
Hr.6S2,7lo^Borid-for" ; ;electrlcV: railways conr
ductdrs^r^Yilton^ F. ,; Jenkins,;' Richmo^a^S
I ;V'cS2.7ll-4C6nduit z: for f electric"^railways,
|W^ltbhlF^Jehkiris,\;Riehmbnd;:-: xVy^yV^- •
f^6S2,B7^r7RaUfbad ; (car, i: .ventillating i ap-
1 half to Alerrioh Sidney
ißuford,: same- place.
if 683,0024Surfacef'cattle 1 guard, Robert s "sf
: Rust.- Front Royal. Va. V ...
Fop Over KJtty Year* - -'"'
■ ™. % ,' r, ■i . " "...
Mrs. ywinslowrs Syrup ; has Ibeen
used for children while teothinp^lt
soothes the child, softens the Kums";faK
laysTalll paln,s cures kwind fcbllc,-f aTidiisjthe
:b'esi'?r^edj^/^'&\piarrn'p~e^p.a^'^b*-fiva :
.cents'! a?bottW^t>JSold by all drusglsta
throughout the world. •
Black J
60-inch Wool Cheviots, w
rich, lustrous Blacks,; a-&
great bargain ..........5Uc.
'" 56-inch Extra • Quality, ff
All-Wooi Cheviots, perfect
-Black, extra values; „■ . -yC
j 75, Ssc. , §1, $1 Jis ]to V*. 3«- &
•60-inch Extra Heavy All- &
/.Wool/.iCheviots,- .for uh' &
lined skirts ......sl."><>. &
Satin-Finished 7 Venetian x^
■ Cloths,, new and stylish, w
; 51.50 yard. &
Prunella Cloths, In just /V
.".the wanted" weights,; ff
, S3c., $1, $1.25, arid $1.5°../^
p Broadcloths, -perfect *C
Blacks, extra values,. . &
$1, $1.25,; $i.50 to s:s.r»o.
Basket Weave SuitiL.ss, v'
; new and stylish, £
75, Sri-2c, $1, and ?1.3«. \.
For ÜBllned Waists. %
in just the right weights.;
$1.50, $2.25, 52.50, and.?lS.
Frencli Flannels,' -X
" Solid ..Colored French.
Flannels, ./every . concetv- &
able "shading. ....^Oc yard.
: Fancy Striped Frencn
Flannels, entirely nev/ pat- J}
terns .... ... .37 l-2c. yarjf.
Embroidered Dot Frencn &
Flannels Sl'yarcL'.^
Cloaks and Jackets.
: 'An immense assortment of entirely new
ones, to select from, all colors and Black.
Prices ............... ....r.........55 to ?30.
Silk Petticoats.
Many new ones just in.* All, colors and
Black. Prices ....$3 to t-J>.
We make to order in our house Walking
and Separate Skirts, , and carry a special
assortment of High-Grade Suitings for
this Entire satisfaction, and
lowest. prices for high-grade work guar
anteed;-^ ; - . _ -ft / -.__ ;
Hand = Cr och eted Laces .
New ones just in. and in an immense"
range of very effective .patterns. Very
desirable and lasting for bedwear, under
tives .'of the Democratic members of of
wear, etc. Prices,;; v . -..
39,49, CO, 69, to_9Sc. yard.
Jwo and -Passenger CFraps.
• REPAIRING andREPAINTnrG done in the best manner.
my 26-Su,W&F . A number of good Second-Hand Vehicles for saia
W/holeaal^B Prices
The Largest and Best Assortment of
Sl^rtsiTifeo^s Clothing,
Ever Offered in. 'This Section of the Country.
\ , 6oIF and Lawn Tennis Goods.
; The Greatest Home Amusement Game Ever Invented.
C ' . ; :
: ; - a T. W. JFIGNOR'S SONS, -
1219 E. Main Street. ; ' ;: ' :- '^ : 1719 E. Franklin Street.
';■-■" ''■':''"::-- - : -^ --^.s- •'/■■'/.: v "■■■;..'= ;se leSan/Vr^rri-Sm ... ■ '. .. - ; '■■'■■-
GELEBRaTED (S |lifip "
; ; We have^the cheajpestland ibest Farm and Yard Fences on earth.
- The Crimped Picke^gardi Fence is in the reach of jevery one
fandis a Strong Han<3s6me article:: ■
•'- The " Stockade " Farm Fence is the highest achievement in the
shape of a fence. - '. v
for the /asking. Investigate this Fence
before placing your, order. .
;;.::. ..." -^ -■ ■■'"■ _„,
igliSg|ol^'ii.^i;g-iJAi^E .. : '
•'■(auar>-Su..Tu&w). _.
ffimm JJMUIBIP6- — — -
"We are thoroughly ready to
supply all of your Underwear
wants with the best Uncler wear
washing and wearing qualities
considered, and at positivelY
lowest prices.
: Infants' Fine and Sort Ribbed Casn.
mere Wool Wrappers, open. <low^ tha
front,. all sizes - >Vc%
Misses- Non-Shrinking Ribbed ilerlna
Wool Vests and Pants, all sizes 5i) C
Boys' Non-Shrinking Merino "Woos
Vests, - Pants, and Drawers, Wr.ito ana
Natural, all sizes 5^
Boys' Strictly Non-Shrinkingr Natural
Wool Vests, Pants, and Drawers,
73 and J?3c.
/Ladies'- Ribbed Merino^ .Wool. Vesta aaa
Pants, just the . proper weight for tha
present season's wear ~>o and ur>e.
Ladies' Non-Shrinking Merino Wool
Vests and Pants.. — %t, Jl.-3, and $1.3 v.
Ladies* Ribbed Combination Suits, in
cotton, merino, wool, and silk,
$1, $1.50, 52, to saw.
Gentlemen' 3 Fleece-Lined Shirts ana
Drawers : noc.
Gentlemen's Strictly Non-Shrink!ns
Scotch Wool Shirts and Drawers,
. $1, $1.-5, and $1.3<».
We carry at all times complete assort
ments of Ladies', Gentlemen's, and ChJl.
cJren's Underwear, in the proper weight!
for fall and early winter wear.
— j- ;
We are Richmond Agents for Dr. Jao
ger's, Harderfold, and Ypsilantl Under
wear, and carry at all times complete as
sortments in all weights and slze3.
Rugs and Druggets.
36x72-inch All-Wool Smyrna Ruga; spev
cial - 5-73
56x72-inch All-Wool Axminster Rug 3, er..
tirely new patterns and colorings, actual
value, ?4.25; special $::.3iik
3x4-yard All-Wool Smyrna Rugs, nen
and effective patterns and colorings; spe*
cial - • V~™
Wilton Rugs, all sizes, entirely nei\
patterns v..?;:.-3v ..?;:.-3 to s:»^
Lace Curtains,
•Nottingham Lace Curtains, entirely nevt
and very effective patterns.
<j9c. to $3 pair,.
Irish Point. Tambour^ and Point D'Arai
Lace Curtains, in new^and exclusive pat<
terns. Prlce3 $-t.23 to ?i«o pair.
Tapestry, Brocatelle, and Ropo Pos>
tieres, entirely new ideas, ;
$U. 50 to 525 pair.
Runabouts n

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