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gi C\. October;^];
7 - „ ion ir ordeal to which Admiral Schley
j *< Ivc' subjected since Monday morn
<,-,- or.6<^ this afternoon./ when* his cross
rN;i ?r.hiattan ,was«concluded,' and; he v was
viowc-d to '? avc the/:vritriess-stand.'
\Yh<n the-- judge-advocate had :•■ 'finished
„., cross-examination,, shortly after 3
o'clock, the court '/propounded '.: to the j
vlv.nrril a number of questions . prepared
Vv its members. These questions touched
nisr.y points of the campaign' of the Fly
'r.c S^tiadrpa; but ; mainly, centered about
.b^diiTicuHSos; encountered in coaling "and
■<V reasons for the retrograde movement.
>Cot of; them related to the .battle lot-
Santiago- . * ■ ■ . _ ..-
Tlie .ludge- Advocate's cross-examination
(xiny covered xhe. retrograde; move
nionC the reconnaissance of May 31st;
V::d the alleged colloquy with Lieutenant
Ijoiuson about the Texas. • •-■".
One of the most interesting; features
<.f ;2io day was a development of. the fact
that the report of the . battle writ
ten Vy Admiral? Schley. July 6. IS9S,; was
"Ot the original report. The original ' re-^
•! ( %rt never--. lias been published, ?i and In"
accordance with" a,; previous: decision, the
court to-day declined to allow: it to go |
i-to the record. _ .-'". ; r - . i
_O:niral Schley was allowed to explain^:
jicwever, that Admiral Sami-son uuci.'.ivi
to receive the first report. because- it did)
cot mention the/ presence ,/of. the/ New
York. "1 felt that the ./victory, ; at 'that
ti:ne." said Admiral Schley; " in explaining
the matter, "was:" big enough l for all, and
l"ninde- this change out of generosity, and
because I knew if .the New.. York had /"been
T>r»««eht she would have" done/ as i good .
"work- as anybody else." ;. ' _•
Captain Thomas Borden, of the" Marine
Cor^s, who wa.«- aboard the Brooklyn^
wilY be the last witness called "for Adml-*
r-' ! Schley. After he testifies, to-morrow/
'ho iudge-adv'ocate will • put on the stand
■the Witnesses in rebuttal,: of; whom there:
a-e understood- to-be: about fifteen,; and
«tvt v probable that. Admiral- Schley'scoun
kp* ' -'•will call several witnesses in sur-
' Amonc Captain '.-Lemlyjs . first... questions
was one asking Admiral Schley's opinion
o' the circular blockade.. The Admiral
replica that he thought ; a; circular block-
Lde where- -all the: vessels charged to,
iMa' centre would produce confusion, and
inevitably ' lead -to a different arrange
ment according as the enemy moved east
or 'west.' ""The outcome," said he, "could
only be more or less confusion, such as
•'w'nctaallv occur .-.l ater." • "'-'■„ '■'■ "
A number of -questions /were asked re-,
rar-'irtr the reconnaissance of May 31st.
C~Tt "in licmly inquired:: "In your report
ofjune Ist, to the 'department, concern-;
■ ' .1. -s reconnaissance, you did not men
t'Vi any purpose to sink or destroy the
"I did not- ' .- '"
"Eut in your telegraphic report , you
Old say that your purpose was to destroy
* -Incidentally, yes." V ,
The Judge-Advocate- then asked the
Admiral to tell exactly what his pur
pose- was on that occasion, ; and. what
Instructions he 'had given:- Admiral,
fichlev replied that the signal instructed
the -hips to use their heavy guns against
The Colon, The Kew; Oriels,. £«££«,
lighter battery, was directed to fire at
t^iKte 1 S^ i Hhips to follow the nag
necessity would have; justified- me .: in
risking the loss of a vessel that . might
X& £rf£:ea our squadronto a numeral
inferiority compared with- the enem>.
Hone or two of our, ships had been
crirPl«d. the enemy mi ghif have come, out
and engaged us. - with disastrous resu ts
The development of the facts the
,et away^^ey a.a.
Captain Lenily asked irhy tie "»»»
used thus would have been placed in
■^?S£ «d?o«" not steam more f lowlr.
-i« voupassei the: mouth of the harbor?
rXness replied in a deliberate man
neT-- "Well that is a teclinical error, that
Sht^Se been^remedie^ if : some.^
clep had been in command. Positneiy
WAtW A t .1,- » r \ iv-hen the suspicious move-,
•oupllng UP 1C S He supposed the
to SSoi's. turning
that turn as very imporv
'"•! Sn^it^s'the movement that de
rJdea "the events of- that^da^-^ to , nu^.
"Do you assume iu-i >«»<' ; *-- .
Jho turn?" ;, - „,1 not give the ordor
"I started In at «f P elp - roe :- 1
s it that if wo-
Spanish, ships succeeded m
K ,.lli ng :.;out i of; the
fcunlt. in accordanceV wwit* t orders,
tbi-ru?" • _-no other
-Wore was "°,: r^ch ; depended
it was made In the "gJP^g fj oor*o oo r *
Captain Lwhlsr iniroflucca JJj^^g?
3:ssr sw?5 w?t n h^rM'ofih^
tains-viz: Captain Eulate, of :. th«^j
-oaya. and th« second 5n - command, o^l
Colon; Commander Controras»l|»^|
Icamt-a lhitviliel Spanish A*«S&5
schomo: waß^tovcoaccritratcVatr nfe- for
awhile on the. Brooklyn, and for-, the
Vlscaya. to nun her,, in' -hopes that it
they could. d«-'3lroy heOtee chance for os
posid'Vhe was the svvifttst'shipfof 'your;
squadron. This explains the heavy lire
mentioned, und the yieca'ya's action iv
the earlier movements of tho engage- ,
ment" The Execution, of this' purpose
was promtly defeated 2>y' the fact that
all the ships of the squadron advancJd
into. 'close ranpe and opened an Jrresr>S?U
bly furious and ttrri:i: lire .upo_rif|fh~e
ehemy*s~ squadron ;i-* it was omlnsjoiit?
Admiral Schli-y Idcntlllotl thi.s fpat'M
graph ;?p ;; p-nt <>f hit: report.
"You Mated in your .examination m
chief that on making ;: the. turn you s'did?
not seethe starboard J s|dei6t|tlieiTexas?^|
'"1 did say so. absolutely," .stated the
;. Aylrairal Schley , in response to a.ques
tion.: said he - never heard of the "Texas
incident" until ;six, months after lttie; battle?
Hls^ attention' -was; called to"a^ietterjwit
ten f rohi;Hthe^ South Atlantic- station, ''■: in
whlchvthei: Admiral "was quoted s as! saying
the '-'turn '^wasfra^eltO; avoid'' th'e; last
the letter ; could- not ; be; produced
time.' he :■'■■ was not • "questioned .upon A it.
His : attention was^ next called \to - his n let
ter to the Senate, in which he said the
turn was ; made -to iavbid; blanketing Jthe
fire" of, his own ' ships.f ! and valso^: to- his
statement: in '\ the;: examlnatton-in-chlef
that -he • had" not turned j:t6|portibecaus6
to do so would have brought the ship "into
dangerous /proximity to .- the enemy' slyes-:
pels.'and exposed her to possible; torpedo
attack or
L "Now," said; Captain L.emly.^'hereiap^
pear to be three'- reasons Jwhy $ you I made
thKturn. -Why did you .make; that ;turn?";
'"Asl have, already stated 'lnVmy 'direct
testimony, there is; a/very much; more
important reason, which you have not
aiked, and that -was ; that -the ship mignt
continue' in ;. the Z action, v and .beat ;: th e
enemy, as we did.' That was the controll
insr one of all."
."Did you. mention that manoeuver in
-your report?"
"No/* - ; . ' ; . , ■ . •
"Did you have -each of .these various
reasons in mind at the time?'' -i .
. "Probably, 1 all , of; them^and; others/* .
, The ; - judge-advocate :; then vtook '.; upjf Ad^
mirai Schley' s '. report of ; the : batde;; made
tb ; the -department, '{dated Guantanamo;
July 6; IS9S, and he was' questioned; con
cerning the ' statements made therein, ; at
tentionbeing called to the statemenfthat
r after'theTiscayal had struck her; colors,
the signal was made' to cease firing,- ana
then the ' "followirigy sentence: "The Ore
gon having proved vastly: faster^than, the
other battleships^ she and vthejßrooklj-n,
together with the Texas and another ves
sel which proved to be your- flagship, con
tinuing westward in pursult^of -the Colon;
r-whichV had run close" in-sbore, .evidently
seeking some good spot to beach, if . sne
should fail to elude her, pursuers.'. „
\. "Yoir wrote: that?" asked Captain^L-em
ly "Yes " replied "Admiral 1 Schley, "and
I can explain, the^ole- thing, .K:y^wU
permit^ me to in troduce ; a^ preliminary re
nort I made: that -was returned?
I have no objection to
vom^SeliminarV report, -unless it comes
under the rule r that it was : not sent.
: Admiral Schley; It; was; sent and re-
P ?ain Lemly: a thirik I have alight
to know now,-: and not have them insert
other evidence at this time. V:. ;• "^
A. long discussion ensued over tne aa
m'ission of this report, Mr. Rayner.con
tending for its -admission, _ and Captain
Lemly: charging that Mr^Rayners pur
ppse rtvas to : interfere with, the cross-ex-
Sfter I recess; Captain, Lemly, submitted
the report, and the court decided it could
not be readaloud. ;, . ."- ; A .
The Admiral" then recounted : his con
versation with Admirals Sampson. - who,
he said, handed the letter back, to ; him
with* the statement that he: (SampsorO
.commander-in-chief; and _. that he
(Schley) had" omitted . a.' very important
detail in the report,; in -that it failed j to
show iiii&- presence . of . the New.: Jortc.
"I 9 Telt at the time,". Admiral ; ScWey
Vent on. "that " the .victory^ was vbig
enough for us all.' and: I made ;thisflat
ter -report of the battle ; (th.a one .that
has been published) out of generosity,
and because I knew that if -:■ the : New
York had been present she -would have
done as good work as any ' of the other
vessels.'' r - ; ■: ■ . • >i- '• ■? . _ ; - v -. ■
After a few more questions,: Captain
liemly announced the close of, the cross
examinatibn. {He turned to -IMr. > Ray
ner- and said: "We have not a single
question "more." . ~ . . „- .-'\
"The court has a few," said Admiral
- ; ' ; "'•' ~-'\ ~ * ' " : ' ■- : -
At the conclusion of the cross-examin
ation, there was placed; in evidence: the
telegram sent by. Admiral, Schley to th«
'department. .dated July 20th; saying in
substance that* he did not desire to as
sume entire credit for the ' victory ;ol
July 3d, and that the vvictory : belongedtc
the fleet under Admiral Sampson's com
mand.'-.. ' '."',. '■''--
- In reply to a question Captain
Parker, he. said -he^had vtaken^this^dis
patch to Admiral ; Sampson, ; "who y stated
that he was very glad I ; sent it, -'and
thought it very generous."? : -' 7 -
"Who, was, generous?*' \ : : ::
"I, of course." . ■ - -' ' , _•>•:-
The first of the Courts- ,-, questions Z re
lated, to the blockade of Cienfuegos, anc
was as follows: . ' ; ' ::
"While off Cienfuegos, could" you" se/
the shore to - the westward; so : distinctlj
as to form an . idea of the feasibility oi
making a landing there?" _; :,'.-.■; . ;- .-..:.•.■
i- The -.witness 7! answered in .the :. affirma
tive, and- in reply to "the next " questior
said he had seen no 'fishermen ; or 'fishinj
boats on shore, with whom; he couldlhayf
Also replying to a question of the Court
he said" he could not recollect at all th<
conversation .between j himself ] and ;i Lieu,
tenant Hodgson; to 1 which * the latter, hac
testified "Had Admiral^ Cervera's- flee:
left Santiago and gone ;; to the westwarc
at the same , time -that.you-.left^Clen
fuegos.'cbuld r it nofhave passed; betweei
your fleet and the ; shore -without s beinj
seen by you?'.' • •:; ; :;: -' : •
"At night, it might possibly ; have don<
so but, l think hot in the daytime., .fv;
■'Why, on- May : 26th, did ; you ;; make ; youi
stopping pointtwenty 'miles south of San
iilgo! instead of the mouth of. the har
my course for that point, -think;
ing that If theeriemylshouldlleaye San
''Wa^rtisst||^ib%to begin . you,
SSuSi ?ett to enibl. you s t. reach K.J
S^SV y^s, M i : * . ..ot ™*^
(he order given » .J^ff^? V f "«„
ill . discretion, in <M rod.
*£* X ~ 1 -re £
uoather?" thaJ Hfs ■ Inform^
/VWhaUwas/ your /bbJectMn
levelop the batteries at Santiago?"
"1 <l««Ired to know what was' in fro^t
>f us., in- view .of the 'possibility of our,
jelnsr obliged to force the entrance."
f^ffchought s?uch a possibility remote, 1 ?
n view of the range given. 1 '
"How did you know the- prevailing
vincls at Cape Crus were w-*3t and south*
"You stsited that the movement west
ward was L'n.soil upon sound military
principles. Why then did you go back.
"For th& reason- I have already, stated.
\t tervHhe|coalf supplygwas |equall2gd_^as|
sve were -not' far away we "would not
lose much >,tmie*f In* going rnclc ansi de
termining whether lie enemy
ifasln port."
*"]f the scouts were indepenflettt,",r r "why,
3ii] you worry al.out their cuai supply?',*,
"As senior officer when they joined
me. I was of course responsible."
"Why .'didtthel ßrooklyn ;leave;Ke^Wgst|
shbrt^of * coal?" \. -
3"BecauseT6f the ureter of lite command^
g^^as"|therel|'any shortage of coal at
""Not to my knowledge." ,
"As you wore ordered to Cienfuegos,
was It not your duty to communicate
dlrectl%' with the senior officer leaVing
J:."lfv.he' : ;had 'Important information. I
think* it was his duty to communicate
lt*to/me." ■
;/VDld|the V ' Flyingi Squadron ■ ever steam
insatVCt'enfuegos -between 8' P.f M.' jahd
4 A- M.?'.' ■
- 4 rwe ttried > to : keep farther in at ; night
thai -m --the day."
[•\?.'Whatreffort"jdld:-yo_u /make '"at or near,
Cienfuegos, i before the arrival '. of the
Adul6/| to "::. diacover or ; hot " Cer
vefa's"squadron w&siln that. 'port?'-" '
-t'l'didmotrmake any,^because I .wailed
to '-'; infer ;■■ that the ucoast ; waa[£6ccupi6d
tjeoause^McCalla;? in^ his i cable-cutting ': cx T
pedition.'hadlost quite a number;of men,
and I supposed that the coast was oc
"Did any of your light vessels scout be
tween.:■-the: Flying : Squadron; \f and j tne
south coast of / Cuba, with .' a view ,to
discovering : - : .'th"e^ Spanish:; squadron; in the
event of its . having left Santiago for
: "Did ! youTconsider: Captaim Sigsbee;sjre-;
port'thati he ? had? riot r seen -thet Spanish
squadron, ahd^ the > Pilot f Nunez's ; state
meritSthat (the SSpanish^ ships |-were Itoo
large to --enter ;; the; harbor" of fjSaritiago^
pfoof-tliat the rihformatlon given ; to: you
by • Captain' McCalla ■■ on •; May- 24th, t tnat
the ' Spanish ■'■; forced under Cervera naa
be" reported i authoritatively ; in. S Santiago
on 11ay.5 19th,5 and Jthat^they ?• were f stlli
reported there : -. on ; the -afternoon ;o£ May
21st, was erroneous?" -'s
. ."I do not /recollect that ;> he, gave me
that information."
: ;."If .you- were governed fin Jmakingithe
retrograde/movement-byithe. motives) you
have stated, ; why • ,' did . you ■■■ send , ' to iithe
department : the /dispatch j of ; May/;27/189S,
which" you gave > to Captain :. Cotton ; to
send in cypher/ from Kingston ?"i:V':
L' "That/: Is r , a/very/ difficult question to
answer."- ' - '
' • .MENTS. i
Admiral ; Ramsay:/;You gave ; . four mo
tives for; the retrograde movement. These
motives do not appear clear to ■ me."- ■
■ "I '•: telegraphed mainly .regarding the
coal supply, /.because;" I/f imagined /that
would -- I : be r the ~f most .important ;/ motive.
I do riot : know that I gave my/reasons ; for
it, but" I did in a subsequent dispatch to
the department, /stating vthati; he move
meritv to 1 the westward hadi:been^ffor\a
certain object.", • . . . ■
" "If it "was your intention, ; on May 3lst,
to/develop the Spanish -shore - batteries;
why. did you/ signal,' that 2 you I were/, go
ing in with the three ships,/; the Massa
chusetts, the: lowa,/ and the; New Orleans,
only' to fire on the Colon?v V .
;"i; intended to use the. large; guns for
that?pufpbse^ext)ectlrig- to i make • another
signal- after .'. boarding > the I Massachusetts,
T I^didvTmaie^to/ the i New jWleans
to fire/ at the batteries with vherjsmaU
vln reply; to/a, another question; rAdmir at
Schley ; said he thought .that ' his • conver
sation ;with ; Captain\Co6k:coricerning>the
uncoupUng of the Brooklyn's: engines haa
taken place July-2d. . . : .-':-;
' ' Responding to other questions; vAdmirai
Schley said he "thoughtuthat /some^of
the projectiles fired/at the American 7 fleet,
May 31st, •came ! from : . the ? Socapa battery;
He was satisfied ;;thatvsome^ of j them
from the • batteries iwere .from 8-inch mor^
tars ; that: the : Merrlmac ;; was / requested
to ; use : her own /machinery.; as^soon
as it V^-as repaired;/ /and; that; : the
! chief engineer; had /explained: to
extent^of ithe-injiury- toithe codlier. The
' "Where could; the^ Spanish .squadron
have taken refuge," if it; had come outjol
the' harbor; of Santiago, and had sailed
to the" southward?" ■-
"It could have gone /to: Jamaica. ;;;;But
I should imaginethat/after /hayingi gone
sufficiently- far to evades me,; the; Spanish
fleet wouldv have /skirted • ; around' to the
•westward, kriowing tha!^Admiral : : Samp
son had; left ;Havana;for:the\East^;^
- Thenyf at 3:08 P. M.v Admiral Schley^was
/finally -excused, /and :at^:lo,P^M., there
being no ■>■ other .witnesses present, - the
"court-'adjdurheed until! to t morrow^; ..?.
-, D./i C:,U October • 30.-rlt
m learned to-night /that/the;
unpublished > reportv of ; Admiral^Schley^of
handling; of : thelr v ships. ; _.^^ £i . : .. -^.-^ ■;■-,
Tiie WeWon Fair. i^M
!^l^oulcklyl*diaper«edsiHowever # that
ttheyfjiQUicJuyy"^' ,g, g d? 1 k ps andj
: ; ; . : ; : : ::
candidate i for the .- judseanlp of , EUsapeyt.
l^pty. B to P plnrat_Murphy s .
the Virjiinlaris at;MurpliyjftH(|,'3
t«! ar«?T J. R.. Wlngfleld;Sbl!fAlb>ma l rleE
J B. Richardson, of Provldenc© ? :Forge;j!
!?ardpMcllw l alne,' J Jr., of Norfolk;.' A^Oj
ifMaticltiandlwifeKof sTorktown, and H. M.
VThesc AMrglnians are at the New- Ford s:
•■'C '"Hm Churchi'l" Old? Town jiKVjii;fJohnSP, : :
iHallerJ arid*Georgre|MVaTurner^of bPoca^
thbnfes ; - T." M^'Hawklns ?;Tazewell ; iF^Kft
I Clements* J.- v A> i< " Robertson,^ Johny peanjj
lana-;Chafleß Carson, of Petersburg.
and Mr. V*. F/.>Har^
lley^foflcharldttevcounty.-are among she
y^lnlans at Ford^;, ,;.■■;■•••■../■.•.-.'.:•■•:-: -.
„ . _ .
Mr. Clnvirett
Mr Claggett TJ.' Jones, member: of the
'Queen,'? Is * at }MurphyJs,f bnjhis S.way^homej
f roms Norf blk.Y.whltheri hel s w"ent f\ on^legal ;
business;^ Mr.f Jones;;is • Commonwealth's •
it orlhls^county and ' ay:a v : lawyer^ofj
"extensive;: practice. ;'
' No Strike^at KaU/Rivor.
FALL" RIVER," MASS.,' October 30.-^ At a
the s Jive iUnions-^-theJ; spinners' 3 and iloom-.
fixers'— to-nightjyotedf against ga^strike
Moriday ; next^andias:a- result of this vote
Mr. Spencer „ : Prop^rt y^Will|Be|C^
- demned— Mr. Flshor)lntereiiteu^g
Judge « yesterday? renderedj a., de^
fcision!inifavor.'of|tKe=RichmondSand I;Petersburg1 ;Pe
tersburg feElectric|^lway^ In|the^ con^
demnationfproceedlngs:y.which ft have|voct,
cupledfcthef courtf for;, several ™**^£™
? case ~ was fe that of V Spencer,feitrustee >!
the ' Richmondsanda Petersburg
I and ithegmatta^ under,
I litigation ■<} off^a
! small I piece/of § landj; mv the f .pa«i!t of «the
JelectriQillne; "nearithe; Appomattoxfjlver.
■|lr.-v William x L.SRoyally represented^^the
'Petersburg ■■ road • and tMr. - Miles ;iVi. : Jiar
tin/was. attorney for Mr.: Spencer. .
DUastrons'Fire in Chicajeo.,
CHICAGO, -ILL^I Octobers 30^Rventy- ;
five * families ! lost ft their^homes; i and -, $220^;
000 . worth I of ; property -was O J^;"^ .; J-:
flreito-nighWHthaUstarted^in: Peteison _&
Co.'s at vstAnlon^
r street:and?Austin=:avenue.\^Fanned i sby.^a
'■ trol -fi arid i spread to | the > small) packing jes^
long "■ row " of -'5 residences § adjoming.^Two
; bloc^sSof-?dwellmgs-skirting:?Mllw^ukea
: avenue ;were swiped : out ; before ithe = flames
; whichftwith?itsiconcents,'.Lwas';valued_.at
:ms,m;: ms,m ; fully was i destroyed. jThe
; bulk ■: of r ; the •; r emainder> of | the g loss A was
.on .residences, Oairly well covered by in
Race Trouble in North Caaoliha.p
#RALEIGH;NAC^ October: 30j--Late\this
evening^ near :theishow-grounds s< at^uth^,
erfordton -5; N.-;C4 Deputy-Sheriff i^utler.
was j probably, f atally,: shot j in > the
Bud^ Logan; -V a; drunken negro^who .with^a
negro companion i had Ibee^abusing^white
m«i ; and.had ;been^knocked;down,by 4 four ;
of them : The negroes had drawn -pistols,
and^the'^ Deputy the
weapons 1 when -Logan /whites
opened fire, and .both negroes ; ran, racier,
a^showerof bullets They were soon
captured,/ and;. are m jail.
Georgia Franchise-Tax BUI..
!A TLANTA GA;, October 30.— The ;How t ;
House of jßepresentatives i to-da> v . ; lWro
vides I that . the , authorities of .-. ; the %St ate
shall '• deduct the /value / of the plant ; or
equ pincnt' of corporations from tne » itotal;
val ue of the . stocks > and : ; bonds of a cor
poKUions;:that vthe^difference : so^arrrved
at- shall be declared v ; to ; , represent! the
value: of the" corpo-dtion's franchise,, and
,'that' a tax in accordance with that valu
!atkm^shall"be .levied ■on> ; the^franchise.;
The] measure was transmitted to the pen
ate. ■ ' . .
Status of Canal Affairs. :
'WASHINGTON;^ C.,' October j3o.— Til e. :
report of ; the f Isthmian -Canal ..Commis
sion -is - well under way, - but : it 5 is.? stated;
Soritatively ■ that^t ; willlnot^^ready,
: to ; be' sent ; : to : the -unuT .) about
November, 30th. ?M^ Hutin, / president , of ,
the Panama' Canal . Company, is still hold-,
me '■'■ frequent conferences with the com-,
mission,* but! up 4 to 1 this;; tjme.' has vnot
made 7 a definite . proposition^toT .■ the ; sale
of the Panama . canal i to/ this goyern
-ment., / It Is • said^howeyer/ftthat IMr.
Hutinr will make known within >; a , few
days upon i'what =' terms his company/will
dispose of its interests. ., -
Post-Offlce Safe Bttrgrlarized. ;; :
N.- C? October 30.9-At?Rutb.-v
erf ordton, N^= C/;^.this :vniornlng.y about? 3
o'clock, i professional i- safe-crackers S vblew
open ; the - safe ■: in ; . the post-office > and -se
cured * over :-; $ 500 ; in :• cash X /There.- ia^ no
clue;'; though the ; burglars 1 .; tools hays been
found. '
Dotiffiass Defeats Reddy Hamilton. -
siNEW: ORLEAVS, * LA I .;^ October^- 30^-:
Bob Douglass; of • St. ' Louis, and Reddy
Hamilton, ■■ of New ■ • Orleans, : fought / to
night,>before the lYoung.Men's , Gymnastu
Club. Hamilton was ; groggy. In the ■ eighth
;round>;and:Douglass cleverly punched. fnm
into, a;knock-out. ' .// . /;-.. : ;V'.;..^:-..;.^^;:
"Australian -Billy!' : Knbrfjed Owt.r
I'LOUISVILLE; KY.; : October/30.—"Aus
tralian"J:Billy Ryan was itoTnight. knock
ed" out," in ■ the second;- round -■ of, a twenty
round :.- contest; ;at^: Music j Hall; .;by ? Jack
Root,^ of ;• Chicago. :; The; fight ;was f or^ the
middle-weight championship iof: the {West,
and 1 Root was a/ decided favorite.
-' In 'i the ■ final i : round;?. Root -landed aaett
swing on ■ the point of ithe chin; s andvßyan
■■ f ell -ike a"; log, the ■ ref er#er' Bat
son' counting him i out. ' .i Itwas/ about ; fif^
teen ; minutes before Ryan recovered con
. . Mr. Yarscr "Very 111. -
; STAUNTON, r :VA;, "' October ; SO.^CSpecial.) ;
The' condition of^Andrew.Jackspn Kayser.H
the»RockinghamSfarmeri^whose. skull vwas ;
smashed^ in ■: by Uhugs /in ~i. Stauhton ? early;
Tuesday,^ morningr, i : is 5 still; unconscious.
HisJlifeshangSsby a thread to-night.
"■- Pardon lor M.'M.CalloTray.
' "W ASITI NGTON; October 3O.~The ": Pr esl-/
dent I has ! pardoned ; M; •; Mr Callowayft con-,?
victed ■ in North Carolina ' of ; Illegally .5 en
tering I'a's distillery /.warehouse;' ; and jj sen-"
itencefi'^to'pay .a.fine.of $500 ! andtobe;im-^
prisoned ] for the* term ■ of ; eighteeh\months; )
The "grounds | of 3 the i pardon > are r^that % he.
had .} nearly : completed ?. his | term vof | im-'
priFonment^andhad beensufliciently pun
ished. ' ___^_____
"Tlie At lantio^ limited" -ria C. Jb O.
Route. .
:"The Atlantic Limited," with ; Parlor
Car," leaves!; Rlchmohd<;*"4:45 fP.y M. except
Sunday :' Norfolk /7 :2ovP.^ M;;f and
OId s Point 6:45 P. M» Stops only at Wil^;
liamsburg and Newport' News. AddJ-;
tibnal : -' trains for/ Norfolk/ and: : Oldi Point
leave 'Richmond 9 A. M. and 3:43 P.^M^
sealionrd Air-Line . RailTvay-Speclal
— NortU/ Carolina /State:
a >- a i.*.! onltnral s Pair, i' Haleisfl»» ■ " N. ;"; C,
S'Fbr # the ') above :- > named : occasion;
Seaboard Air-Line • railway will sell
its Klines in Virginia and North Caro
lina^tbs Raleigh, N. C, at ono fare for
thefrbund|trlp%Tickets to be placad^on
«alftt October 1 19 th {. to :v the $ 26th,'vinclusiyer:
fromfc Richmond,, ?5.30, and fromV-tcrs
'mission to' the. fair. grounds.
For the above occasion this linewill
cell tickets to Weldon, N. C at rate\of
orie fare for the- round trip, . plus" ,50
Grounds/ Tickets to be sold October
«»«rt, ' tn November lsc f inclusive, final
limit November 4, ISO!..
£ further information apply rogany.
Division Faswnyer Agent,
&yl*l(J> * «• . ■
r: For'tfre
of Virgin*/ at Lynchburg, -Va!; November
way; will v ««<1 c U^k«*» ' from Richmond to
Lynchijurf •' aotf ■ return >; on ' November " 4th,';
xff; and«th. good for return until No-
i^Pw^^ SiiiT'^y'^ 'J'i^i' ■XOii :-€IIBc^? *'* * , ■
Sot John Page, f^^^p^^
Nelson Page, the .author,
Page, .attorney^ of .
Frank Page, Waco, Texas;| diedvsud|enly. . ,
"atli'Oakland,", his homeJin^Hanov^
county, about" 8:11 o'clock yesterday
was SO year<of,agg/~
Ei-baklarid", is near Beaver Dam station \
on J ;thesChefapeake and Ohio^roajL .M . :
RoseiwellliPaget spends ■ his ,.
iOakland^cbmlng=here|to hlsipfficeidaily..
TXo'clbck/ Then his father was as i we 1
Illusual; though ! at^ best feeble When
Mr^ Page* reachedshere'at B:4o;! a.|telegrami
\3eath^iHel returned;;; on /the ;i »£? clqc£.
f m^th^daylthat!hlslbrothers ?: WCTelomther
road^- home-ward" bound, and that .the
itimefofitherfuneraV^rpuM be determined]
wherir.they- came., but that the burial
. •
k MajbriPige^as jthe: son of Frank Page
and/Susan^Nelsoniihet was born at Rug
Swamp; (near; Oakland.
-'He'" married ; Miss ;| Betsy Nelson^ more
:n%ember?of^the)Hanover ;I bar^having_been=
in" practice? over: ". fifty ■■'.years:,^ Ing 1855 „ne,
i : "was Selected | Commonweal thr Attorney, for.
I that county,': serving^forv four/ years/ be
fore the war.: '■■'■ Ma jor Page : was ; a-mernber,
lof i the 1 Patrick ■; Henry j Rifles, ! commanded s
broke -out / he /"entered .the
- service -:.with : ; this - company,^ serving i: the
firsts year; j as i'3" sergeant, r: He was ;j after-}
wards Itransf^rred' ; to;theiartlllery;; and |inj
thatfebrarich ';'i was";/ pronio ted / to :/major;j
serving I throughout the balance of ; the
L.;/When:;W- "B. j Newton Camp .Confederate j
vVeterans was organized ? in ;: Ashland; "J ha
became a member,"' maintaining; an: active
interestVin Mt uihtil ihislhealth;tcbnipelledj
him|to| relinquish 'his ': regular attendance: :
i"i? Several -£ years' §ago>/i Major// Page * ! .was :
prominent /in /a? movement \<o h erectginu-;
ineralr tablets ~r ing'i- Hanover i/' Courthouse^
: commemorative "of .; the ''I; soldiers /bf i Hath
over ■ ' who : served '?■ in > the .■:■ late war. - ■ .:,,.-.
S;He; collected^much^yaluable idatai;fcr
.'this:purpose,^ : but;as:yet';the ; tablete,haye;
not^ been ; erected: fHe ; was /a- consistent
: memberbf ; the':Episcbpal|Church?: andlfof,
many j years \was: a member of the/ vestry:
of ; Trinity -"church. -* '
; ; /His Cwife /survives him./Sh©: : and^Mrs:
,who :were cwitli him -at' the time/of ? his
death. : . . '
Death of Mr.'D. P. Mi'chcM.
Mr. ;D. . P. .. Mitchell 'died- bh'^Tuesdayj
evening,-/; at ■[ his 1 home* No; ■? 2G31"-"y'enable 1
:streeL;:'-'Thelfuneral^wiil;:take^placeT.thisj: streeL; : '-'Thelfuneral^wiil;:take^placeT.thisj
morning: at , East-End .Baptist J church, 1 ; at ;
10 -o'clock. \
Mr. " Mitchell '-was : . 65 i: years lof ; age; ■} and/
hadebeeni lll^f or/i the |; past?nirie ; months^
He His ;/ survived -ihtyy^' a 5 widow/"'arid-,' five'
children V.'as-X' follows'-.- Mrs;SL.avinia;>M>t
■chell.^Mrs.vL.' V. Kritzer,: Misses Blanche
■Mitchell and MattieE. ; Mitchell.v . .
Fnneralof Mr.'En-jcrlißh: ' .' : - .
' The' furieralf of /Mr:? Joseph. A. .-English"
:|! took ;J place ''>. morning at v?U :
o'clock ifromV: the/! Sacred. Hearth churh>
The £ interment ■> was /made 'anliShbckoe
;Cem(*tery, S Company /B, ;,; / o f : theKßlu.es
i battalion; /under-.: Captain /T.: A./ Spencer,:
:of /which > Mr. !"". '■■'. English was a member,
escbrted- the remains., . „,;, .«„.;■'-,
;this: same^gehtlemari:: whether^ he ;.'; .'t had
[Beht''-dMrlv:Rooseyelt i .;*any/v I m6re!i-. > possums.j
sir,''? was Ivthe J reply, " "but- if 1 1?; can;
catch ;avgobd/fat n coon^ril : send' it I with;
my '! compliments. " The audience was not
"slow, to see : the J point^ and the humor *of
In closing, / Captain. Lamb .appealed /to
ithe'ypung men- /to -stand /by /the /party,
Vtvhich'v honored nominating; two'
J of; their number -of. the -three /men^on^
5 the -ticket::: .He:pledgedsthat;the;old ; men
;wbuld : do 'their "part,, and expressed Tcon4 ;
•fldence that the: young ; men too, would
do theirs. -.- : . . -;...--
[ Great Figlrt: for: thW:-.Ticlcet::iri; Pro- :
i K rcss- Poiitlpnl Fragments. ■■ , „ •
j s lJeuteriarit-Governor ; ; Edward? Echols,; ; a
h strong^ aspirant j for - the ; nomination/ for
: Governor, \.laf maklngfa ; great; fight : for.; the ■
ticketyiri Stauntoh "-■ and - Augusta: county.;
He ?is f chairman of the : Democratict Com^;
mittee "of j that 'county, ? and js ', ; direc ting- : : a;
! most ;- Active >: and t aggressive "camjiaign^
andS cbntributingiUiberallySof /his -/own
'means" to- promote'; theotriumph/ofrDernoc-r
racy^ Atitheifeceht meetingnn'Staunton:
:the commodious 3 Columbian; Hall, //where/
the v State -was/ held;: a/ few
years :ago",\was secured, and the ■ Stonewall,
gand Orchestra* ; was :? engaged :/ to /.; fur^
hishi: the- music; Shepherd/, a
■well-known fAugusta i Democrat.y nr ; speak^
ing ' of the campaign /in :J; the / county,
stated^that; Senator Opie;ihad;made/sevef,
'falTspeeches; : -but: thatUhefca*ndidates|for
the x House had- onV:little v speaking-:/conf;
fining their efforts chiefly to working
among the T people. Mr. ' Echbls ihas
> cured '- sqineV of /tho^bestl speakers Sin, the:
;: and^ there 1; is Jevery \ assurance
tthatiibldjAugusta/will ; showu up :: with" her
usual » Democratic f majority. / It^is'.rare
;that^a6tie.utenant-Goyernor,£;Will c t
; hardV aS fight, /but;]Mr^Ech>ls jlsjr working :
f agolwonl his S spurs ftby : conspicuous -: ser-,
= viee tJ SHe £ is ■ also '^'amember ; of wthelState^
'ini-'ot 'ill < thf» : meetings of that 'body.' ///
Senator W. P. Barks'dalc, who spoko in
v tiielreceptl6iil accorded f him ■ ; in g Madlsqa
' county^ where S he'S spoke / a Pay|o^^
little giant, with one of his unctuoT.s
imiles had : been - expected \to i speak
itSefe -, biit-' Instead" ".went, on \to-Alexan-:
*dfia? and . 1^ had all mis crowd.^ /, Fromythe
Stisfaction .with which Mr. Barksdale
leferredHto^helhieetlhgl!t;isWyjtq-.see ;
that he did some 'effective missionary
: Senator' Barksdale, talking to a ,re
;nofter?b£^thelDispatchiyesterday;;, i ;.spqKe
fSt^nthusiaitically of the ovation given
. Mr Swanson • at : Houston, the county
?ifeßt*of"=Hallfax,-,a.f'W days f' ( o %^|
iß^Ksdale said that in . his opinion Mr.
?Swan^o^is|the| most spop^r|^mo^|
Virginia .to-day. ,. "He made tno.^eat-,
his llfe/at.Houiton.^J
itlnued'-th^Senator, "and the crowd. % was^
thusiastio-'I have leyerJ seen. Old»^
iSirS-men'came up after the apecchiani
k^Th'eawarmth.of the reception seemed,
to put the speaker ou hisniettle^andlh|.
'made' the greatest speech I hav ®-?!|^^
are'^ttiat'fthflifniajorlty for Montague^iyv^p
iard^and|^iiaerabn^wiUll?e £trom|«teen|
.Tuigday* 3 f electlqnrTtSome even P|ace*ge.
imaj6rlty|a"ttafßreaterimaj6rlty|a"ttafßreater fiffure, .butjthelma^
Jorlty£winAbe^»atlsfled.V even pleaaed,«ifj
there' are; some ;Ojß!^mlst»;.wno-aneov,:*P.J
llllii^ .. _ ', - *--.- .'». «'-?r^^rt^^r^"r;iL.-4*: ;. .<" :*!\vv^*-sX.'J
Captain. Char.le, Fever, Ottawa, Ont.,,
Canada*- is? captain iof • SouthfAf rican .;Cq%
i tirigent,V'Bodega";Hotel, Wellington street,"
Ottawa, Ont., writes: - ■■- -
"Notfcinjf is finer i»r a travel! lnsr
man to hare ln'hiit satchel than nj
I»ottle^o£ Pernna. vltiis food = and j
drink; /doctor and . f medicine j in . one.: |
It'*cure»/and: prevents .disease. ;F v or,; 1
catarrh of the ; system I place its iir
the front Jra nisi' -/ 1 • hay e ri ever kn rwn !
anythin^to cqnal it.^lt "senrchc* out
every weak spot, and heals yon in
no time. i I- have: tried it iover and
over attain, and have advised a nnni-;
:lier of my friends to do so, and al-:
ways ; know "-. if "tli cy : dol so : it*y«rill idoj
themgood^litunTerjr muchpleased.
[to know/of it myself,vand-l»e a»le;to,
advise others / to ;ose/«^ APT AIX
" The seeming Wonders which Peruna to
Accomplishes all^ ito^the/one.
rfacfthat Peruna produces. clean, -healthy
Relieve =that Hhe ] will%ot,have^p
large a 'Plurality,^ but >,they are.inj the ;
th^counties are normally Reeublican,
i sssiisss|ii
; Vote^than ; for many: years. •:■■; Stilt tlia t>e
; rhajbrity:bf- the seats .from that section (
of -the State.
-Mr. Preston Boisseau, a. v^™*
ftheiaspirants^b^re,^ c^venuon,^
! « free-for-all" Democratic /race,/ and^.the
county cannot faxl to be represented by
a sood man. " .
- The meetlnr at Giftord's Hall on the
Spected 'to be present and make ad
To-night at Belvldere Hall the big _ Clay
i hem,- ; at,whlch.ex- 5
Governors Cameron rand = Hon. A. /P. Them {
SSlnke orators. ; : No!two aber/ speak
=?hlr^ttie S etwoileadersUn;the;conventlqny
who ha-^ 'long served the party, , having,
District , Democratic Committee. ,±ie i-=.
'one •: bf SthV: most? brilliant lawyers lin x\ ig|
and is -a, /forceful^ and^e^ctuent^
ispiafeandaYmasterly debater,. Colony
ramerbn- needs Cno/feulogmm.\>:He^ is.
i*™yLo™n as a polished ; and force fu ,
,- one^of the:, most r : pqwerful
the convention ■as an advocate ,ot te ;
Supremacy -ihave :been r widely, .read > anc f
universally icormriended, -:spea W
"representative of the culture of the cit
. - ." , .
" The meeting announced for-the Hasker
Marcuse factory fqr;UcKday;atinqpn; ; liss ;
£ been s pcstponed:itbH:a^lat«rsdate.dowin>|
SS^Sfact^that? the Ataking-jof flnventor: ■
at^the'works^ is {being] conducted: at >tha^
hour. It will be held in a day or, two.
Sill s:'l* KelleT^na Mr. JefEeSpn!
/Wallace will addresa^the^empioyeesgori
the Richmond Locomotive -* OT % r :£
rioon^to-day, and those of „ the Trlggr
Shipyards at : the same hour ; on Friday.
#?&&;: - —^— '3pM
On Saturday ni S ht at l^ r l'\ r \-
Winchesters CaptainiJoseph E.
Henry Pollard?; and -Hon. £- L. - £elley, . ■;
Twm- address the voters of -that city. |
This will be the first appear^c»>ath|||
'citylduring the .'campaign- ;of 'Mr. -■«■« ■ 11 ,•
;iard.- -The Manchester Democrat? wi^^e?
■ spcretary-of-the-Comnionwealtn \iJoscpri|
S^Lawless was in. the ray y.-sterday^.j
' Mr -Lawless ; hasibeeni busy preparinsjt<>i|
Waffi ■ the- practice o£ law, but wiU j
;speak.at;Hunt-,rsv;:^. a suburb of Nor- j
.folk, to-night. ;: : i .;-'.^v-y ,"./-■ IS-'^^p;]
|^^C"Southall. of Amelia. b-ipertnfeW«
rent?|of { public/r lnstruction, v.a-> U\ t^>« ,
F cityfeyesterday. : l He l £rettirneA 7<homegto|
»MolliB b JuMatParhamiwere3unltedSlnitnej
fin^fat*lo:^?^claclr^neanoxfpui4 s %^ i ag
* In* Rehobolh- 1 church. Th*- Rev. ,R^H§
iMr*T«d^Us i of Rlchmbnd^va«a^yalped|
C^Wny>andlisUh?fs6n"of 3 Mr.?and|Mrs.|
IdauSftterSaKd^is a most attractivejandj
?''?«'' S©
mucolis ineiEbranes.' As- soo n z* th« ;.
mucous- membranes arelput-^nia^nornjal. -„,;/
7 conditioß^ti^?appetltiß7*becbme.rJsnatnraj.' ■
the *■ 'digestion-* vigorous." arfdlT the c assiml* . i
latiqa!;qf:food'.perfer;:- . ;
SrtA. T ithqusand and {one ills co which hn
'•mnrirtv i'ltsT:(«iibicct ~'iis Uiue 1 to^« (Jef ectivs . ■"5
mucous membc-j ne-3. Every t organ .01/ tn<r
: ; bbdy?ls-lllned.by.jniucoug_membranes, It
Js -| through ; the -/mucous^'rEngnabratnsS^tftat
all nutrition must be 'absorb«!. j rlt«|J3"
thrbi:gh;the mucous -membranes that a*l
food rhtist be digested and rendered; -fit
i f o'Ti'^Sf ptiopfSiTneref ore " iti Is"* true - thn t ;
|any|tt|diclne like Peruna tnaf produce
visbrGUb-";anxi^clei!ti muoous. membranear
is food- ami-; drinjc anfl doctor antltlaaefla- i
cine-dUMn one.- ' ,'
not d»rlve jiroiript^Tiffisatl-:
.factory results from the us« of .r^ruftu, _
?-WTite;at":'pnce to >Dr. Hartman'»--;S-n»ipr.-a - '.
futl.statement'of.iyour.case.'-'and he wtli
ibeipleased'.t&S'ivetyoulhis "valuable advice
gratis.- .-.-...•- -'.'-.■-..'
ki Address. Dr. Hartman/ PivsldentJqejiPia
/Hartman "Sanitarium, Columbus, O."
bably be heard hero Friday and Satur
■inithe interest:6fjhis;company."iHVlr43fOE^|
rissey/itSiV'asvwhot discovered Emma;An»^<
ibotts and made her famous.
Mr. "E. 1 *C. Burrows business managet
•withiheadqudrtersnn^ St." vliouis^iisf ia*th«|J.
of 'the ;,Travellersi'if Protective f Association,^
'cUy;-nbokinß?aftertthe interests sqfi:th«S;
■association. ; :H: He v will- be : ,the/ guest not^
honor : at a- smoker . at T. P. A. headquar- /^T.
lie Gw'Stofilofior To-Xlgrhr. " -
::-^Mr:/F.^H;>NeasiM/)f^Llncolfl, Neb.', ifw;,
; townsman ; of j Mr. ; iW." J.-: Bryan;-" has 'pur-:$
chased /"Bullfleld."; 3 the stock-farm ; ;of >
■Hanover,lcounty 2 and .the ifaraflyiseataolff-:
the Doswells. : -The -i deal '.1. was ; concluded §
yesterday"' It -was made 'i through) Messry.ig
George E.; Crawford V&;;Co^£TheiPrice;H^
not disclosed: v ; The owned*- will )ks<f
the ;place for a horse ' and:" cattle j farm.' ~ "
DENT.— Died, Wednesday, October :'Q.
lOOV at; 4 P. SI.; at the residence ■:. of Mm. .:
JW.'feLt Mbi3dy;':ln^Manchester, ■■■.-Mrs- ■; ME- '
LINA- DENT ; ased : »2, years
-Th"e r f uneral.will;take,place:at 2:SO o'clock
THlS] (Thursday) ' AFTERNOOJM^f rom th»
residence.at'Fifteenthland/Porter street*
Interment" in Maury" Cemetpry.
MAYO.— Died, at his home. Columbia
Fluvanna county,' at "5:20 .-P. 11. Monday,
October 28th, 'after : , albrlef j illness ■ of , onij
alf ew .-Dr. .: ED^VARD/CARRING
TON :i MATO. :> In the 72cl -year of Ms afie
-He leaves r sevenTchildren.toinourn. s their ..
lbss-Mr. W. TO.- Mayo. l Miss - .Martha
Mayo:/ and/ Mrs -A. - T of
Columbia; JMrs-G.^ S. - Shackelford. Mr.
F 'C'^Misi' 'Elia- B.; Jahd^Miss Emm^.
-Cable Mayo,- of this city. His -death
was keenly felt by ; the whole com-
: : 'VfiTCHEL[j- -Died Tuesday.
2!>,/1901,! at:htarre¥idefe^6:^2V^naW»
street/ Mr. DANIEL P. MITCHELL.' in -
his: 63th" lyear. t ' ■ .
Mr Mitchell .was an .old resident o.
this ; place : and leaves a .wife ancl/fiv*
children ;ahd.;a Urge circle of friends ,tc ,
mourn their .loss. '
- The funeral will i take -place from his
late residence THURSDAY; the -Ist in- -
tant, at 10 A. M. ;..;■:.- ' . r _ ,
?AGB.-Dled. at Oakland. -Hanovei
'.'.„ va Wednesday morning at 3:^o,
. jur JOHN I'Abb. n
funeral at fork church, FRIDAY., ai ,
Iferesidence in Chatham, at:«r a twe
r weeks^Hlness: - :• r;r C^^V ;:: • : ,-.' - ; .,. ::;/■-;■■ ,' •
in this- community ro^ com^f;
missioned and sen cv •«■ # .
thelCbniedferatel^rvice Lor o br^|
Being endowed with - - -J * tove tt?S g
[ Sn',:- yet he rnanif^ted the
i old to undergo the labor and; fatl^u* of: ::
A^^wen^aßii>Mls»?laafft f-Alwel«y;f -Alwel«y; th*
;:" te^; ;,... v -r. b boatwriobt-..-.-
•»•. -- „• V"- 1 m ■-*- '< •- • v "^ *- * vl

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