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■■■■. - ' "■ .■ •* ■■■' !--■'■ -S "■ .'■:"; • ■ ■:':-., j«r» '">...;.'
\V1IOLB " : NllißßiSllS
Sceue of an Awful Affair.
ul»n;ljlt .; .■.;■■ .'-.-.■•:.■
Tfeey tee William Taylor and Wil-
Ham L, Heflin/
.1 \Mi:s Qv STIFF MAY DU-:. TOO
firnrce ThnmitKon, Another Partici
pnnt. Also MlHsinjc— Tlicjir- Slayer Is
llfrliort Marks Wlio Shot With
•J>on<ll>' Aim — The Unfortunate Men
•><incJtt to! Tnr. nnd- I'enthcr, Marks
■\Vlio Was Allesrecl to Hnvc Inftnlted.
n CoiikSii of.Oite of Them— They Ai»
prnaohed His House at Xijrlitfall
nn»l Fotind Him. Prepared — Coro
n<-r"» Jury Says Marks AVnx Blanie
lo>s — All* Parties Are Prominent. - ■
WARSAW, VA., December 4.— (Special.)
The usually quiet town of Oak Grove,
Westmoreland- county, -was .thrown into
grer-.i excitement at a late, hour ; last
nigfat by the killing of one prominent
young man and the dangerous wound
::•;? of two others, ■wliose condition is so
precarious at this time that- their <3eath
is niomentarily. expected.
Last Thursday. night— Thanksgiving
jiicht— when most people were giving.
thanks, or oTherwise enjoS - ing themselves,:
the good people of Oak Grove wer*
drawn together in the Town HaTl to wit
:ies? an entertainment. It was at this
entertainment that Mr. Herbert Marks,' a
young wealthy lawyer, who -owns a large
iarra near Oak Grove, and who lives
•.here alone during the, winter months,
is ailcged to have made an improper pro
posal to a .prominent young: girl: about
14 years of age,
The romax-k. it' is alleged, was over
heard by some one and was repeated
in tlie town stores. It. ; was at this
juncture that WV P. Taylor, Jr., an influ
ential citizen of the communit;.' and a
cousin of tlie young girl, organized a
party of young men to call on Mr. Mai-ks
for the. purpose of tarring and feather
ing him, and on the following. Monday
night Mr. Taylor, accompanied by J. Q.
Stiff, George AT. ' Thomp son, Willie
Heflin, and- &.. H... Dousl asss.___a_lV ' pro_mi-_,
nent young men of the community, visit
ed Mr. Marks's lone cottage and found
Mr. Marks absent from, home; but they
were not to be deterred by failure ,to
find him. at home, and again on l ast
night, all armed and carrying with them
■a can of tar, they went again. This time
Mars "was at home, and the visiting party
found him at bis desk-writing. _
The first intimation Marks had of ap
jtroaching danger- was the smashing in
of a window, of the room in which he
was sitting, followed immediately by the
muzzle of a gun in the hands' <jf a masked
man, accompanied with the injunction
to ""throw up your hands." He sprang
up from his desk and secured a revolver
irom -under. the head of his bed- and step
ped into an adjoining room, which .was j
dark. No sooner had he gotten into this ]
room than the window there was smash- j
ed, and before he : could escape by.
the back door a man. was seen-srawling
ia the window. Marks turned and fired,
and the bullet lodged in the neck of J.
Q. Stiff, who fell back.
Marks then escaped' by the back door
and Tushed around to the front of his
house- and fired at young Heflin, who
was standing there,, inflicting a mortal
tvoimd. •
Marks then ran up the fence about two
hundred yards, and as he saw some one
talking around his pear orchard he laid
down in the grass.- The man" in the <
orchard was young Taylor, and he car
ritd" a Winchester rifle. Taylor turned
his right side; Marx raised and firea the
b-Jlk-t, and ' it penetrated, his = heart, Tay-
Jor f;tlling with a groan. The other two
y>ung men became frightened and ran
away. " ~ ~ ' .'" ' . '- ' ' ■ ; ''-■/'
-Uf-r waiting for a few minutes; and
filng no one else around, and hearing
nothing more, Marks got up frorix the
ground and went to the residence- of. B.
H. Griffith, a half-mile distant, and in-;
formed him wfiat had occurred. '
In company with Mr. Griflith Marks re
turned to his house and', assisted in
withering in the dead and wounded, who
w'trc carried into his own Tiouse. ■
Marks fired only three shots, each bullet
taking effect; : ':: ' '.-. :■ V. '
W. T. Gutridge, a Justice of the 'Peace';
audl acting Coroner, with : L!^ : Washingf.:
ton. J. H. Hackett, ; J. /H. : Quesenberry,
V.'. L. JReed, T. C. Hungerfor^d.^arid W.;
P Thompson investigated the affair, this
alter, Mr. Marks: bejng .present. : They
brought in; a verdict ; of ; '"not ■•:guiltyl!';' : ';,.-<
Mr. Marks denies : absolutely; haying
Jade the advance' to: trie young; lady;- of i
f-'iiJch he was accused. ' - .
"J'ho family of. the. young lady, who was=
'•>'- prime cause of the tragedy, knew
fiotbJng of the affair, and was'^completely.;
Mosti ai ed at the Ir-igic- ending. Mr.
ilark.s is msiking arrai)ff< ir.onts; and. will
! ;*v, immcdiultiy for J^^jjgi^
, York. Mc«r 8 .-6tirtiag|H^o»wg
taken- to .Wins Wharf and placed' aboard^
■:^T£T?«,<.^::-z::.-..-. j:;;.;;; 3.^ ■.^•.;ri=r'.. : i--;5:-i.^Y; A " R ' s - ! ¥?*i4J i .
the steamer there and carried t5 Wash-;
uißlon for livattm-nt. Their wounds,
which woro dros«cd by Dr. Walter Wash
ington; and ; ; R H; Stuart.; are ' considered
fatal-; and : their-- deaths are expected any
moment. ' v "'■ " '-
_j :—: —
litvcili There" Only an i H our—Si I ff'M
: (Special.)— The dead arc : * William '- l 2
Heflin, /K); years bid; shot in "the ilxlo-;
' ; - : ;.;/ r ": : >': • .;.. ■VJt"J: : ", v.:-;-;-V":v .:-;-;-V": : ":' ;: /V;"'? : v ;
William Taylor, shot- ttfrouglvthe>hearU
and killet* instantly. . " > •
The wounded: James Q. Stiff, shot in
the neck; paralyzed and not "expected- to
:liv^'- . " ■ . ..'''"
-■-•■.:- •-■,'■:;-■ ■.-.:■■...■•
George .Thompsons ; ;: ; '.
This is the •record.: made by Herbert
Marks at Oak; Grove, • AVestmoreland
county,, Va., last night. :;: . '.'.-'''
odds were five: to one; against him,
, but with a 32-ealibre revolver; arid; an "uh-'i
'. erring: aim he laid one col;l\in;deitth,,an
: other "ho .wounded so seriously;-; that;he; ;
;<3ied; her©; to-night^ andrthe" third: is Jyiii&i
• ati death's door,^whiles the isurseonsr: are i
probing for, thepbullet that lodged -in his
neck, near.; the spinal cordl"'.. " ,"". -i
■ : . Herbert" Mark's, 'so, th"c story -;isj told by;
parties • who. arrived in' Washington v to;
night t f rom : the ; scene o£ the tragedy, Js i
a;; young man;: who; lives ; with. his imother,
in Oak Grove; .Va; ' They, have a farnY(of '}■
7»0 - acres, are considered prosperous .peo-^
pie; and are highly: esteemed. ' \"
Last Sunday night young Herbert ac
companied Miss liosa. Taylor, daughter
of. the late Dr. T. : L,. Taylor," to; the
lage church. -- ."-'. . ■ -V ;:.; ■ .:
-"-V ; SHE'TOLD :HEE^COUSIN.; •■".' . ;
It is alleged that, he made an; improper,
remark to her which., she. resented. ■She
related- what* As ■ sakl to- "-have- -occurred
to her cousin, George Thompson, who be-,
came very, much angered: • • "-'''' _ : .
V Last night a party of live,,; friends of ;
Thompson,." proceeded ; „ to ,'" the .. home ; of -,
Marks. It was about Sor'9 o'clock,, and-
Marks was in the house alone, his mother
being ; a way. . / ; . ; . .
The I party : of five ,were James Q. : Stiff,;
William. L. •• Heflin. William- Taylor,"
George Thompson, -."and ■ a- man by : the
name of Douglas." " : - /
All were young, men; of the; neighbor-;
hood: Williiim r Heflin raised a' window
of the house, and, as- he did so Marks
sent him to the ground .; with 'a- mortal;
wound in the abdomen. James Stiff .at
tempted to get in the door, and Marks,
fired. a bullst. in Jiis neck. : „" ' -
This" sudden pistol play; terrified George.
Thompson, "William Taylor, and Douglass;
who "took to their heeis" in- flight.
A few minutes later Marks left his,
house for 'the home of a neighbor.- -W.;
L. Guttridge. ' to' tell him what \had : oc
curred.; As he ran swiftly, through some
weeds. he : almost stumbled ;over William
Taylor^ who raised up. and levelled a
Winchester at him! Before he could, pull
•U>i ■trigger ■ M-arks- had. whipped - out .his,
revolver and sent a bullet, through; his
heart. Taylor fell" in the weeds stone
dead., ' 1 . ;
Marks sped to the house of.-W.li. Gut
tridge. and together they returned -to the
bloodshed: On the way to Marks' s home,
they found 1 Taylor- lying on: the ; ground
dead, but they hastened to the men. They
were carried into Marks's house, Marks,
himself assisting the men he had a few
moments before felled. . .; .•
A physician was summoned, but it was
decided to send the men" to Washington.
Marks hitched ; up his teamT and the
wounded men: Stiff ..arid-;" Heflin.;. were
placed in . it. being accompanied by Mr.
Guttridge and : -William: N. H^nT.jfathei
of young Heflin. "Mr. ■Heilni is Slienff of
Then came an exciting rid£-a ; real race
with death. The party^s^aking.for
'the steamer Harry Randall, but -thought,
it was too late to catch her. - _ -■.
Mr • Guttridge decided, to ride ahead
and. attempt to stop^eyesse^whicli^he
-succeeded in "doing at Colonial Beach,
and the men were placed aboard: ? . •
Marks was on his way to the hmne of
Sr^ Guttridge, he says,: he saW fi G^orge^
Thompson in; an orchard:. He^^
Thompson, who. according to; the .story
; related has . nbt» been : seen since. - -,r ; -
' The Party arrived here at 7:30. : and the
wounded;men w^re carried to the Emer
"eencv Hospital. -. . i^ ; - _
•Heflin was unconscious; and died with
in an hour after arriving there. ■
It is not - thought that Stiff can live.
He Ms paralyzed, ;and. the 'surgeons are
probing for the bullet. „ .
WASHINGTON, D.C., December 4.
(Special.)-Later:-At /midnight Stiff was
Scm g easy at the Hospital, and.it was
thought he would not. get through the
'Xt' The'chance : s..for:liis ultimate re
covery are slim. '" ■ " -.; ; , \ . ...
\notlier Account. 1
ridge and together they returned to • the
4 — (SpecialO-A: shocking and distressing ;
tragedy, whereby one ; man was killed
out-ight : and two others probably mor
taily wounded, took phice near. Oak
Grove, in Westmoreland county, yesterday
Mr. William P.Taylor,
so/of ;W.; W. ; of King
G T^ e otS'narrowly-: escaped! U ?
of their associates.^. They were : ,
SorgeV Thompson and a Mr. Douglas.
Sn of them were prominent young men
and throughout" this section
The tragedy is said to have been caused
S?^Marks. and ■r«ccivinE"no,re ? pon SSol.toS ol.tooo I .to
|^aSCt e =ng^
H f SSfcitSS^SnlS
taken to,da> to, a_n?bi c . there
!? f SS ISoVery /ofceithej-.;
W^ k^hiSormnggave- himself up to.
r,.» Westmoreland-authorities ,
"KS'iSai^ is' one- of the i most; lamentable
t iS'h^^rCoccurre^m,the county,;
-r.^ V universally: regretted; -_■:;- v
•^Th^Stis -saldlfq haye^ occurred; some
-but the- Young: ; ladye=only^ad^
a \^f e °'^ tAvc^fJ iV Saturday. =-^Vhen
■S^nnou^cemeSt f edy^s
the f£sV£,.£ii Dle r excitement *is g said Kto
Sv^l^ea and from latent reports it
has not abated. -. ! v
? n^^^Spre^htativ^citi Z ens^s i: soon;
' W they^arHve^f off I ChVrlestonhßaritKis
:^ o vK. ? This ; eveninsr^ the,, officers ,ot
Stwo^ warships :are^:nttending :S a-ban-:
it is Ltkely to Be Much Dis—
niQQpfi in llshnr^Pnniipntififf^
Protest Against fsStffig&f Delegate
beai, ironi. icis uiy.
It is Being Jlntlebj'ithe Tobacco
; ; Worlcers', •Interiiatibnal:u;'Union in'
i-Belialf ; ofV the : '^.Tobacc6-Worlcers',
. lUnibns Here, "VVliicliyAreiCoiniiosed
■Exclusively' of Xe*tioea— Convention
to Begrin-Itf* Se«sion : .To-Day. ,
I , '' /•PA:^;-'" December.: ;;4.— To-;
night the hotel corridbrs,:>specially thosej
of the . Jermyn, where .the headquarters
are ; located, ; 'are crowded with delegates;
from all over. the United States and Can-;
ada; campaigning ; for/ and against the
various -- measure's • that are* scheduled ;to
come up in the big .convention i of '...the'
American Federation of;Xabbr, ; which wili ;
open here ito-morrow.vrj^yDelegates;; from
the' ship-buiiding'/Vtra'des ''are/ making a.
vigorous campaign t f or a demand from.thejj
Federation that -the government .buiid'its;
own ships, , and not let out '] thij contracts
to private /parties, who 'pay, less wages ]
and exact more labor "than does .the gov
ernment.^ Almost ; every delegate is-tak-, 1
ing an active interest in the trades-au- 1
tonomy matter, and ;of -all subjects
billed for discussion; -it; promises to-pro
voke, the most ialldng. :--.'-',:..-. : v. -
The color-line will also, be -the "subject
of what gives promise . of ;b~ing ran ani
mated, discussion. 'It will.bebrbught be
fore i. the; in the; shape of ' a
protest. against the seating of William E.
Seal, from; the; Central .Trades:
j aud ; Lab6r Council -'of Richriibnd,-.VaV .The
American: Federation ;of > Labor /specially
provides in -'its v constitution .that .the • color-;
line is" not to be drawn;by ; an; orgariiza
tion holding a Federation charter. The
Richmond Trades arid Labor -Council has
a clause in 'its constitution specifying, that
the delegate of the. council; must be a
"male or "female white, over; 21 years of
age." ' . _ ' " --.:'■ ''•'".-•.''-'
In Richmond there are two . local unions
of the tobacco-workers, ' composed - exclu
sively, -of 'negroes. - 'Being barred from;
representation in the Richmond council,
they federate entirely with the Virginia
State Union, and'thus attain membership,
in", the American Federation >of Labor.
They are also members of the Tobacco
■Workers' ''international', Union. ..Through
the latter organization , they, projected
fight toY have r the; Federations take away
th^' Charter of the Richmond>council,;and
as- a result of their/jeffbrts^the ; Tobacco
dent^HenryFisher; ; ;bf/Lbuisvilleato-pro-.
test agairist:th e :seatingiof-theßichmo n d
Trades and : Labor : Council, delegate.
Vll ici-hi-V««v-OM ,H«>y Singed to
' J)c:Vil> l:y « Scliooli«iate> Asetl .
.-.-- ■ -.;. . Eleven. ';" -. - '■' - '..-'.
CINCINNATI, O., ' ;' December 4.— The
shocking scene of a small: boy," S years old
stabbed to death ; by. a 'schoolmate, aged
11' was .witnessed 'on the'streets of New
port Ky., at noon to-day. Joseph Creel
man' '■ the 'victim,- hadVa/^fluarrel. in the
school-room with Eddie'- Armines, , and
"when on * their " way :.- home ? the • quarrel ;
was renewed. A third', boy, .taking-; the
partof Creelman/tIH-eSv apieceof brick,
which struck Armines: on? the -head. At
that- moment. Creelmari; ran up to him,
and was stabbed. v He i^soon -fell, and^in;
fifteen minutes /wasY dead.' The Armines
boy: walked rapidly /away, cai-rying the
pocket-knife in ■ his / hand: L . - ;., ; '
He went tb: afire engine-house, where
his uncle is captain, and- threw, the knife.
into : an- outhouse, but . said ; nothing^about
the : murder ■: until -the news ' of : the lad;s
death."? His uncle then ""^promptly surren
dered him to the 'police^; to whom trie
boy told his story oft the ; ; crime,* "as 1 f bl-.
lows: "Creelnian ; missed his reading les- 1
son, ■■-: ajid was sent rto x-the" L foot of . tlie
class. The .sit at'.tlie
blackboard, and I-laughedjathim: .V.Whe'n
school was out . he cursed fine, I ■ started
for the engine-house, arid' Plummer i threw
a', brick ; at • me,'; and : Creelnian? ran .up ; arid
grabbed ; me '. by the arms'. .1 did not think
the brick was thrown!; at .me -until it hit
■meon the hand.: Then;!; stuck the knife
out easy, and heard his coat rip." ;
Both boj-s belong to .excellent families.
THe Board Will - Ask : for an Apprb
priation f or :a" 3of ßoom Bnildihg,
•Witli Large Assembly. Hall. ; y
: The ; City School' Board- will ; ask vvthe^
! Council ■ for' between - $75,000 - and ■ $100,000;
!for ;a : new.; High" School ; building. ■;. The ;
I architect, who has examined-, the ; present
I - building, reports , ; that ; the -changes '•_ d&-, :
I ' sired .-• for light .; and 'ventilation \! are:, im-;
practicable, or -would cost: more than.
■ •should-;: be ■>xpendedj. on : 'tJie present^. old;
building. The High School now requires
twenty-two school rooms/ It is proposed
to build ;a : :building;;containing : .; twenty-;
•eight , or thirty; school' rooms;, and ; an ;as-";
sembly ;hall large enough^ for •commence^
ment ' occasions"; "■• or ' J withal a'~ seating-;; ca- ;
SOO bf/i;OOO.V,The :bu ildirigfshouldj
• be ornamental' 'and up-tordate ihUts archi^
; tectural^f^turSr, No;«xactTestimate\pf j
"cos t"- has T \ been ; "secured .'ip Sohi e "g idea. % can ?
•size^schobl-hbusts vwith-|fourt6enSrobms|
and v an Jassembly^hail^^eHhe^ Centrals
* Schobl'i-*and^ r others,*^h'ave^i : ; cost?; between ;
. $33 000 ' aW $40 t ooo:f The)lligtf?Sch6ol}bullclr.j
I irigsshoulda have^oubl^th§f«ipaci^^^
t. these^ buildings, and' 1 should ; be" morejor^
■hamehtal; " .
C: Three of •!••- new hygienic drinkingj
w Wchlh'^e;eqmei!to:be!knbwTi^
*l6cally>- a"s&' 'bird ;l f ou'ntalns.'^ for 4 sb^they^
bSefen. dubbedSby ■ Dr^;W^H^ Taylor^ ar^j
large fountains, 1 , with '"six; drinking places
*each at- different heights. One is a slu
trle fountain,- with .one-, drinking pluce.
*ThemwlH J Deinstalled ;> at once at 'Mar^l
. The ■ Council|Commlttee.bh|thef Improve^
mr-nt of James river. w:-nt down the riv*»r
o"n&th6^city.Jtiig:"y"este"rday/ afternoon. A«
t therp;was Snbi;^prumgpreieHt^^o^bjuslJi
ness was' transacted.
Superintendent^Tliomp<-on. of t.ia Flre^'
AlarmTDepartment, is preparing a.state^ !
'wires ; cityjs UPlre 5 and fPolice • de
"partnients in ih fJ B^ll Companyfs|;co^
duitsVs which yby : the"| f ranchiseT ordinance j
■0 1 ■' that company , will be . reserved s for,;'
Ithernifffeatpf* .cliarge:^lt rcosti about •
The advantages-to.theicityiin;
hotter an* 1 more? reliables service; will ;b€;
John B. Minor is prominentlyj
f spbkeiiXbf fto-succeecl^Mr.;: A. i C^;Harmanfl
ife3igriedri'as J a.?niember-of Uhe Eoard of
kAldermen'afrom?ClayaJV-ard; .. . ~l">Si
'■' Members ; of vthel Common riWhoj
i'f6rtthe^admlnistra«pnii:ofiitliel> Carnegie;
; Library v - in r ,the form \ in i.which* lt s passed
put the library in politics, say that, if
iwillSbe'fableltb;il<niSthe; i :who^Ubraryv
scheme ; when^it^comes&upaforSan^ap^
propHatlon. which -will require a two :
"thirds vote. •' . .
He Has Return to the City-Hi*
■'" "■■ •■ReHlft-na t ion Aceei><ed— Colony :
of Ijasears. '
.-NEWPORT NEWS,,;VA:;;December ±—\
(Speciai.)— Professor E. •, ,T. Cheetham.l
f orriierTprincipal of -the^East^End ; Public;
School;^wlio 1 designed .-just ' as : ; the rinvesti^
gation into charges , preferred against; him;
by ; the -friends ; of • Reyl;; A.rnold f Hall; :
at 7 its ■ height^ returned ;to Jthe % city ; this;
: been; sinc^ last Thursdayvit; is 'said. ".'. \^ly.
■:-;ProfessorCheethariijleft the' city mys-;
iteriouslyS and ; _his i* whereabouts iwere ; not
kriown.:l It ■ is ■ understood;- that the 1 friends .
"of 'rßev.'Mr. , Hall/- whom SChe'ethairi;was;
charged )■ with ; slande"ring; ; : telegraphed "to I
their - attorney; Colonel ; ; J.,1 C. jßaker,'s who :
went :to;ohio to lbokfup;the;prbfessor's
record "there, not to^ take^theT depositions'^
as ."the School ; Board"';hai 2 accepted ,^tne:
tion.' There will," under the circumstarices,
be . no '.way -to biri ng the affidavi ts .before'
; the- public. „ -,- .'""'■''•
"•The" German; 'steamship; 'Scharzfels;
• which S left H its . ■ crew •; of 'Lascars ;' here;
while it proceeded to New^Ybrk for cargo,
■ will .'arrive -to-morrow' to/take; the East;
Indians; back on again and tbi load coal
for/Calcutta. . . ;. ■ 'C- .-•-" "- : .-'■ . : .. : '
'Another; ship with -sailors .will
arrive i"!- Saturday [''and '..the". j natives .will; be
' placed' in • camp \ here '■:■ to await -the return
;of their ■} ship; from*- New ;. York, ftheif.r cori
.tract;; prohibiting passage farther >: north
than this latitude,' owing- to the- extreme
cold; '."•'•■-■■"' -"■■ '.;■-•«-:' '.'•■■■-■'■■ •■:/-;'• ■' ' •■:-'■■;/.;'< :;,'
Criticisms in Rev. 3lr. ; Roliert»';oi»eii
°' ;■■">' I,et ter.- Pronounce ArV 11 ten aide .. ■■:
■;>-.. ■■ • and Unjustifiable." -.---■.■.;
: •WILLIAMSBURG, , ; VA:, , : December ? 4.^
<Specialo—The' Council- of the' city "of jyvil
unanimousiy ■: adopted -the f ollowing . pre- .
amblei and .^fesoiutionsi "'-The :: members Lot
: the : Council present were Mayor.; John; li.;
Mercer, J. ;V. Morris, W.T/. Binns,; H.; p.
Cole, 'and -Van. F. Garrett. The clerk of
the Council was authorized to give to
the press the resolutions which are fol-";
lows:.'.-- .■■■■'...' "•: 1 - ■ " .
"Whereas,, the :Council for; the city, of
Williamsburg deem it -their duty as the
representatives ; of ; the . people ;to keepifa^
watchful "care ".■' over all matters that j
affect:- the interest of this ; city; ; and,.: :v I
.'.'Whereas, we believe that a recent open !
letter,^ addressed" to .the; |
Convention : of Virginia, .through :its presi-;
dent, - the Hon. 'John ; Goode, and ; signed
by- ..■Rey.".;-W. :,T. : ; Roberts, '.as ; rector^<Vi ;
'■'■ B'ruton . Pai'ish church, if allowed to .go
uncohtroverted; is calculated to do .great
in jurj* to ; one of * our; " cherished ." ins titu^j
tions,.;.the ' College of William: and'- MarjV'
■ 'and''; to impair, or lessen. Its. usefulness in
r . the ?; future ; •; and, '_■"' ~\' : ~"; . , .' ■."-.'-... ;
-.''.'Whereas, we believe. that the criticisms
/directed .against^the college; in-.-, the .said
-letter are 'untenable and; ''unjustifiable:;
.therefore, be it '
:;>i"Resblved, That this Council : hereby |
places •on', record, : and < desires; to express
;. to the public generally, their entire - cori
:fidence in the valuable and- useful .w ork
.that is .being accomplished ■ for . the : State
by^:the : College . .of ; .William .and .-■ Mary,'
, under ; its~. present • management ; : and
: ; agreement ; with '.i the State;: and ;; to place
ithe seal ;of itheir^ disapproval ';ori^thejlet£
: ; ter emanating from Rev. "W. T. Roberts";
{which; letter has already been disclaimed
:->: -> bylthe vestry of Bruton Parish church, ;bf
„ which ; he signed - himself rector, as ; being
outfof sympathy with' theirlyiewsV:;:
• •'Resolved,; second, ; ' That whereas 'ii IMr.
Roberts, :in -his open letter, 1 specifically
"charges -that .the president '■ of .William" and
: Mary [College sanctions : mixed schools/
social equality, ; and Jmiscegeriatibn ;V ; arid
whereas such a charge; is : a direct : . affront
arid reflection on this citj' arid coiririi unity, ;
for the reason -that; if they., had. for" thir-"
teen, years silently allowed "aymarilhold^
ing :"; sueh f views to remain ; at v t lie' ; head
of the college, without^JWotest on -their
part; .; they "must; necessarily., appear
■ the public ■as , tolerating ;>; such /(views;
;; therefore, we . feel called ; on, iri; justice ; to
; our.= community;; as ;{well : as } in . justice
one ■ of ; our - citizens who is at the ; headfof
.a great ; and useful;- college, toVpublish'Tto
the rpatfons* of : the -college, " and VtoJ the
i people of ■ tire^State] generally,- i that; Presi-"
: dent Tyler"; holds; no :;such -.views^ as
"attfibute'djto;him\by^Re>. : W/T. : ißobeirts^ r
-open*;' letter^ The;; newspapers V; or
;, Virginia:-. are requested to ; publish ;; : these
PirWt Organixed
in Xcw York-Ireland's Hight;
■■: ;. to Self-Government. '•. • ,'"
'NEW YORK, December "4.— About -150
delegates/-; from ; all { over Itfie'sUnlted] States *
held jl meetirig;;at :^the:vHoffrrian*House'
tbtday^togform jan^ auxiliarj^brancliabf
the :'lrisHVLeague^ptheSsuccessor|;of§tlie:
iLand . -league ,.. of ;.;. Parnell's ' time. The
branch'tleagues fare's to :be ■ f ormedtthroughPl
butnheKUnited States. £ i | g §|g |p|
others jV :'the 'delegates nomihatedftlie|fbl?
lowing officers and Executive [vCommtt^
tee: _ President^ John sFinerty,
J cagio;^^'stltKratT^ejf3«fft,^Mic^iael^^
Redding, of Baltimore: VSecond'.v-NVice^'
President -/James R. O'Beirne, of^New^
city ; : Secreta ry", John . ' O'Callaghaii;
df a ßostbn;'lTreasurer, T. B. Fltzpatrick,i
of 1 " Boston. mfflk
Captain M. «T. Doyle, of , Savannah, Ga.,
of : the* y E&ecutive'
Committee. , •■iKW^M
After the election the delegates -.pass
ed resolutions; asserting the right bf,?rflf§
land- toY self-go vernment, and thoroughly
approving of '.-. the V'■ principal - : . ■ that ' ■'•' .';r:ie.
Irish iseoplc' on thtih* own soil arc t~»i
fitted, to fight Ireland's battle for iros-
( |^^^^^^^^.^^^^
iW h 3 1^ I M if lin p r fl iri ri ii^ W ifi l l d
UU if ISu ilUiu UlylilUiJi
0 1) iilinli^oSiin tSbft 111 Dlitnoil
nut Chiefly tlie City Accountant
Would Labor to Avoid Crisis in Fl
nace. of City-Freanont Me.
...the Mayor's Office a De.sideratnm—
' : Tlie 'r announcement ? of Mr. Carlton ; Me-;
Carthy;^thiatv lie. would beVa: candidate for
the : office of I Mayor at the spring elecr
tion'has been a matter of the greatest
interest ■inTmunicipai^ and;: political; circles
since ' the . publication ;of Mr.^ McCarthy's
card in the Dispatch Tuesday. ; , ..- ;
r That this'gives ' promise of [a. -\ liyfly : ; and
interesting canvass for the ; position "goes
withouT saying.'. : Mr. :. , McCarthy, in . his
card and in interviews with newspaper^
men, has given every -assurance that: he
would inaugurate -a"; canvass along.lines
that ; will vinsure[av tli ofough-going : shake
up in the world of local politics. ■ r .
/There have been many, inquiries from
"alr s quarters; concerning ■■; the; special -and
particular features of^the splatform^upon5 platform^upon
which Mr. McCarthy proposes to stand.
With a view to' answering these ques
tions, a representative of the
yesterday ■■■/secured " .■from. Me.
the ffollowingjinterviewv V setting^; forth
some-'of^he?things\which rmake him feel
the necessity for. a' change, and a desire
to be at w° rk *-'
>:/ '"lri^^contemplatingjthe : possibility vof.oc
cupyiiisTthe'; Mayor's; seat^; said Mr. Mcr
Carthy/ / "the first -duty -which V presents
itself : to > view/i dressed Mrf attractive, guisej
is the duty from v Broad
street^^ say '.from^Ninth/^to:' Fourth; ; the
chronicfloafers-and;: gamblers .who^infest
that district, and by "their' insolent de
meanoxv andVsnulgar >gaze;;andVsometime3
by? uttered^sentiments^terrify - ttienadies
of .this" cityj^vho^ must: v frequent; ; tha.t
neighborhood 'to Cdo: their shopping. ;As
Mayor and- asVpresident of the / Board^f
Police ■ Commissioners, - by. combining .- the
influence and -of .those
offices; Iwould' take- immediate steps. to
arrest' and -imprisohiair known v or^con^
fessed:» professional-gamblers whOiimight
be : f ound^, frequenting -.' habitually ; this
neighborho-od-f 1 5 :would ; - ;exert au
thbritvi:andrinnuence..to-;their, j greate&t.
limit ■fin: i the<effortSto : stamp: ; these; men
as Auspicious at jleastrj. ana
probably>thieves f and3 blackguards; >; .
7-COURAGE ■■: ON^THEi.I OE^E, : .
•>i^ o uld?be^deligtited-to-giye;the y pplice
of,tha^district^y.s;posmve^oi^ers_ ) as
Chief '•Magistrate^ of rtKe-city ; - of rEichTnond
Smissioners Vandrif byiap-
S-SSssase^o-the:Co^cll, i to^ve
ever v. :: policeman > who < could ? ■■■ .be.c pwye^
woman,, the •t:.?" l^-^.™,,^"^ n - e^P crt ■ with..
shorthand^and p ,the.nmchm^ Vo
iT rork -P^he^olice a nslderation ; follo wed
-°>S;^^gStions^6r;the ; consider-:
;Probably_bv,s^oe . Uons _
Sid WateAdepartments
:^StE*^drdelayed by ;^ mysterious
'Sd fuS^relof ithatidebt-would : engage ;
best^abilitles-in-vceaselessyand. en-
Asperate fight ; for; the preservation' or
iit^^aitkiwhich i will inevitably, rc^
-tMi - unless? sbmebodyawitlu cour-
i^hahd^tb Hhsiit iupoii^the} ; honest,^simple;;
iwhlchi whlch
Jand-unmistakeable; requirements of. the
° ri: ani extremely, anxious in the lnter
%*■ of economy^d^ommo'n sense to make;
hornet chalSgeSin?. the^imeßfor ; '.the ;; pay
txnent fofTcity^taxes/jorS else tojsecure jan
'accumulation ,pf cash in the treasury.
?money : fcef ore? itj spends!^ andlto ; assure
I ture ?to UlTeVold jplan f in? f ullSMoom^hen
1 thY: bankilinlteadf of| into sthe »hands for
the - pe pp S dndat:obsebvancb.^'^|
smrecUons^i andadisposed fttpj^be
lii^id ~S in^someirotherldirections^Persojnr:
the! SabbatHTaccordlng;ito ?mj^
v ands consciencefandjjcio
Mo k alldwlanyTme'adimffjforl lnterference;
ffr^ s aW''sdurceSli;believe^tbe^Heavenly.
I Father wants his pf-oplo to., enjoy .the
nriceless': day.' I would -not j object to ; the
I uselof ;tliis| day|by ; p"eo pie whose ; necessl-i
|fiaing^and?visitihg ; either,; Iniorj out. of! the
feityjp andft^peekinglbyielectrlcj cars % ori
totherwise^the^sliade and beauties -tana!
•pleasant "r atmosphere %of : ;the % parks - and
•, woods. On the :other • handvl.;.wouTd re- :?
fmorselysaria?seyerely":' suppress tthe ; rowdy,'
the drunken loafer,; or the impertinent
merchant in any line of trade who dared
••tb-'nush his i business I ' into, 'the absolutely
Tnecessary, "day? of ffest - in iylblatlbn;oC< : tte;
fplainiprobibici )nfof tn? dry. ordinances/
!ment!of all creeds and 'classes ofrour.peo-;
rple^eyeri^those ( who have no creed £and
I make Jno tpretence \ tor-, rellgibri^ Sbu t ! arely et
i|^[^^buldWexpect|V^iU^ri?a'iyer>-:l short
peas tl as -tlong Jand^ully3as|]nj^"r*^;ni§a&;
1 messages ifbf StheTpresentSMay of i
Icbmbined. I thihkiit possible'thaf'scarce^
ly. a month would pass T.-iUioutj|tft<£
j necessity -or desire :o present som'o
fe*The*preceding ; ' sentence, !a connection!
| ai^^r«J^lyJkn"bwledse;:fromUhe^a i^^r«J^lyJkn"bwledse;:fromUhe^
*iH ge^B^^fPartmen {§ ffof Scity^f govern-;]
s f or | the2seryices|Of|
'(Ej stenographer ?and stypewriter/SJl^^^^!
f^T^will 'fclbse;^ this frambling r {^and y Kastyi
■^nteryle'wTwittfltlielpositive I^arid \ unquali-S
i fled fs^atementf that JnoTdeSd-'beatsil loafers/
pr°f fisslbnal |wbrkingmenf |yra3F d |bummier~sVj
horUwbuld |t-^ desire itheTpresencel
fto:;do^inT order Jjto'eb"^re-ele^ted;^njjtlie;
i'bthjerJhand,'fl^W9H^ss^ e *y?^"*?^^? e 5- d^
fal^ys i(tb v irecelye^ourteously and^hear;
[patiently^'iuid irespectf ullyj any, respectable;
grievance;: or S;on; the : '/ipartj
: of ; the /city ;governirierit;;{ or-Kwho wanted
: }'toftalk^to:m'esabwit}'theibVst^
; )th"e^city"Jstronge^
•the jpeople": more ?l. prosperous^' Scon tented;
; v .l'.woulditry;;tojhave ;it" un-^
; (defstbod i'-- that ithe Woffice;ywas;: f or. : |;thej
'. Itransactiori;bf;!busin"essTpeftainingitb\the
; krelatibris ;of^ : the H iyaribusl'departrnerits i jibf ,
I !,the;city/ ; to'each<btherland;of.;thelcity;,ta;
\ >the| people. Ki^ haye^beenj? for;,sbmejyears
; -distressed "arid .Vgrieved j and discouraged]
\ ibyithe :fact ;thai|iliere"?was'>'noi single,man;
\ »in:;the;city|gb !^m^nt?,wholwas:re^ly^
': "br;?wasseyen v^c^nsidereci s ;;to^be;;the^^
I fterested^lrespotisffifeTihfilPf u l« l an .^ ;;faitli-y
-.' ful;;friend?andVaayiser/of'ithe;legi^
■; andi executive^departriVent^rof icityi
: government ; i and } absolutelj-^ no; one > who :
: considered ithe : interests :' and j bf ;
: .the;cityiasVatwhole,ratherlthariltheVdet;;
i sirabiHtyTofTpushlrig'andlexploitingisome,
i .llmited\department ' or.; some pet- scheme;;
- ipossibly^at ; the "cost andStb Sthe *disad^
vantage of other .equally important, : ior
more ; important.^ interests. ; In " brief, the
'"■ city^needs^asrMayor/'^^ ;;:;-- :;';v". ;>-^^
; Vi.Wheri; a representative; of - the
'-; i called -last^nights|atv;theJ ; residerice;;of
; 3rayor';.RicnardSJK^Taylbr;;;who " has.? an|
\ •nounced^h2mse}fTa'sfalcandidate.::fori re-.
; courteously.;;re
ceived. The? Mayor, ;however," ; had ibrily
i ;this i, to" say : : '■] "I *' respec f fully, deel i rie ';■, to
have > "ari'y-y discussion , with > Sir. : . McCarthy
,'; ■thfough^theiriewspapers.'V :; : ..;:;. ..-
Henry .Heller, ■!a^Gerinan;: l\osltl \ oslt I ? i ?
:. Lifeln'a Fire, AVhich Dcx- :■
■ ■:-■'-. i ;-' ;troyed:Hift Dweilins- " '_ ,■;
:) SOUTH BOSTON. December.
cials—This .morning at 4; " o'clock a : small |
d weliirigrhouse; two riiiies :■ from town was
discovered -to tie on fire. - ; Before any as
sistance- couldrbe ; rendered 'the building.
was? consumed; p^'r -'-- v r' l : ;i^ '^X\
;of;?Hen^y ua;
German; who Ccafrie • to -. thisiTcounty ''three
years ago -from;, the': Northwest. He - had
no ■ family^ and §as [about \ 6o; years \ olci:t .^
'-T On 3 exariiinatioff t'iw'as ~ f bund 1 -' tha t- Mr."
Heller , had-; been '-hurried : in " his ■-[. hovp e. ■
Only; • the -I charred ':■_ a f the ■:•; urif or vi^
nate' foreigner^ were \ found. .; . •" ",;.-.. -'I
■-HeXwas :a?nian}.whq ■; seldom; wen tvany r ;
where; and.?nb;: one iived^with him. ■■.-.•.He,
had : no = _r elative's y in this t section.: - : r ; '•_ .- ■
' There are . ; many-; .gentlemen; here -from
tlie : Nbrthwestjlooking:at;:the:farm;landsj
in Halifax.? .The 'belief , is vthat: rib. county.
in:- the -: .. State. ilias :had more'iriimigrahts;
in'vthe'last three I 'years' .than this. Nearly;
all 'of 'the " new .comers': are engaged . iri; ag- t
ricultural'Wr su lts. > >.lri : the]main;Tall ; seem
well 7 plea'sedf.with" their,* Homes.?; ;.': '„Z : £g.
I 'At : , a- irieeting» of ; the « Town 'Council
| terday an ordinance; was -passed forbid
dirigtthe use : of^ all' kinds^of firecrackers
"on the priricipal'streets "duririg^the.Christ
mas holidays; dynamite jborribs are not; to
be used anywhere.withinithetown limits.
The "older 'persons -heartily /approve the
order/lbut f'Toung America" ; is: already
growling. " . " -
Beuues* » "Made \Xyy-. a S" 1 "^ 1 e fT °
' to White Men Under Unuxual -„--.
■ ■-.-" CircuniVitanees.
'■■■'. SUFFOLK; =yA;,;Becember"f
An interestin^ t vwin?case^came up to-dayj
initheiCircuit^CouftVof Nansembnd ■coun
ty Dernpsey ->Hare; who "died -about a.
j-ear 'ago, Kwas 1 one of ithe "largest negro i
land-owners -ih^this^section:.; -He ;left a.;
will- in /-which' 'lie3-bequea.tb.ed j nearly -all '
of^his-estate' tb^Hori.;;E^E.2Holland,: of :
isuaolk;--:and^tp?Dr.''-;J.ViG.: Holland, j of;
Naiisembrid -county. :His -daughter, Ira
■UHn^White;>.waS;CUt,>qff-.with^lO. .^.^ :r
"'Hare's was 'about V seven-eights wnjte, ,
andwas bpposed ! to his daugh ter;s marrj--,
ing: aiblackv man; "and , she incurred - hi^,
displeasure; by.;! : doing: so. "-. =:■<■■. : .- - i .;- - J
* v The contestant L seeks , to tbreak » the w ill ,
on^ the; ground 'oC; mental incapacity or
•"undueMnfluehce. '.'U-..'hQ.':^'. .rv - :-''-:: -''- :: '---V,^j
• v ' Dr~" Thomas -H." ; Barnes. ;>*ansempna ? j
'day r - The : tHal'.will -continue: for ; several;
■"days" as v there ='are a very large number
of ' witnesses.. .■ r ' ' ,
''■ '"'- '■■ ; " : ' "-' "■"' I - IJ -- 1 ' 1 '■ '• ■ ' ;i • - --- ■■■■.■■-■■■.-■■■■■'
Novel Weddlns at Eventide In Ron
/- t ■
note County-Trial of Corporal
■ ■■■ ■ •■■«_.*..- '; .. v i ■■■.■■■- ..-:"... :■ I . .- . . ,■ ■ ■■„-. ,..., ■■„-. ■ ■■.■■'■— -
Campbeil «nd Private Steele.
ISfotS^diri' ?c e cur?e b f/n~pianS^
lc%ui^4yestenldyleyeninff.v J.v Hold a
iM^pMary-Hoen = were returnmgj.from.
iHaym-a^kertown, an«l th,y Sg -Parson
Sclooiih^seßan^|hej|pronounced ia tb^
Sp^tners while they sat. in- their bug
•:-gy - beneath fd\ spreading : . t ree.;^s^
|^tea^dark^he^|they4metithe S minis^
?tlPlnd^heT,waF, r compelled p r,ad,ilhe
mtense^byFslxikinglmatchVs:%The » couple,
\n the neighborhood of -Tinkerj
ancl : Priyate Steele,. charged ;with
['•forcing" the -sentinels,* \vast in session
?tb-day^Canai>beH';;testifl : e<3 Ha; his j own'ibe|.
lhaif 'S'Steele " clairasl ttiatg he % not|g
fmember ? of I i he I cbmpanyi|but I belonged^tpl
'^he ■Penn^iyariialNational iCluard^ haying^
f alleged' violation of military Iswvgaha
IthKtsh^h^d^rlght^to|leave.^J- .•■-■«-
The evidence is -all Ir*. Tiw court win
Convents to-morrow to sign up the re
cord to be sent no the military hoard.
@sld^r|dalfStlPiiS K^Siti^
ttVri^ ;■ .. ■, - - &s§&&
* r,-.' -I " ''" f *"- *
f Advocnte /^
.- • - . - . _j" " - C-;
Are Eacpecte.i tn Ue-F^rtlfof |Stourt£||||§
tervie^Wlth Major iCmrrier^mm sM
."Was" Prosecutor* »t *B«mes,
PARIS. December 4.-Th© recent re- • ,±
fcrudescerice^of H Interest j irTJ the lJ^Vp^o^
fcasF ! has(creatediseyeral'incldent3^whlCD;i^^
twhile\they;|do|nbtlaffect:,thei | question off
ittie * innbcehce'of us^ throw ;in ter^s t-
Jng^ lightlonittiel subsequent;JrelaUon3|o:^^S
l'other^Dreyfusards"'.S?:Re^ a '^ r^^^^m^
drawal ?bf 'bisibrlefifrbm -Siaitre; I^l>on*
; byt Madame" : Heriix^was j the ! first j develop^
■ment<%vhich!"drev.- attention t(>[ttejruj>r
ture betwein.}them.
k^iiabort?abbuUthelsame tim* publtehed y$
an< article 1 in" the : Grande: Revue,^jrWclvv^
£c edited.^onnhe poliUcal .situation^ ixv
"affaif^wasiclcs^^l^ 6^ slo^^* l^?^^^
kus;hadfacceptedJa?p^dbnstoL>cquiesclß» >
' in 3 this^settlement^ andj Inl accepting
f , - .
ffrierids^haxl iremoyedSthe iiW^ on^S2^Sl
Jsb^ality > ia^dUha«tlie"Dreyft Isiques^o»1 s i ques^o»
had i ceased -:to be vhunumj^.un^ersal.
-ThiseS declarations -Indicated -a ruptura
-serited=hi S .v^s3ha3|b^njrem(we4^mJ
:theiposmbn^fipoU«calilead^^tter^OT« v-gv -g
v promtee-:to3fstainlWnv|giyen /^bJm^^^
lfi nancg«y "ggjg^ *™^
-The ; •informant • of .Jthc itnterviewer j^:'y.'

-Drevf us ■ did Inot^emalm" i? ;i priaqn^^anA -^
rSmSre-cbntinue to prosecute ge
: of'his;'rehabiUtaUon. • ' „.
■ c le^blisha^bylthe;Journal,ithetfir3t of - .
•^'^erlesT' which^^.'be^announcea.iientitled^
dav^s^notvof;the?nrstsimport a nce. but
fcWmtiitlkd. iPreludeitolinterestta^re- c^
Bfevf us ' and : Reihach.-iHe i sajs ;be .ceasfrt
in view of divergent opinion .as.. to ,th» •
iSiipitheipreyfulitrlal and thejjab.
■Vequent^ indemnity l(aue&Hon. , ; He
:^in^ 1896^to:?allow ; 5hlm^to p»^^
his^brie£^iri"!thei^Henry>!ands,other •
>c^ses :^Relnactf^oteltoShim7approvinsfe
r 6t his:(Labbrrs)farticle:in:theßeAiie. anrt
ion 1 : account rtf a '
- brea chlb f : personal j friendship. •
-■"- Another ■ ? interestiE^incident . has .arise r,
• in ; the placins bnlth^ TeUred ! list (Of
- Car Here t (who J-was /.prosecutor ;at .th«^|
'■ :c"b'urt-martlal>.'s^^; : In Jan?: interview
'with the -Major.: just published.' ;he •: wa?
tasked ;; whether/she;: desired < post ot
'maglstrateV'and^he /replied: ;"What could
;I; I ■get" r from Y ither;Annister 'of Justice? -
Thoseipeople 'hate me. I' have; been on
:th'o /list" for appointment as officer o? th^
Legion of .p^titwo lyearaf^g
but othprs have been^ passed over my ,
: !! a "V ;.;CARIEaER^S>mSTA3CEJ: ;± r
asked' Major.:: Carriere :
: if -he^ thought\he \ had ; made ; 7a3 inlstekeg te^g
urging Hher condemnation "of Dreyfusr*
&;i"Tes," -replied the Major,': Vthat^is;tha sj;
reason." .: ,/ „.•' '/,..'• ;• . : ;'..; ■:'::' ■'?. •\~ :
;:iThe ; interviewer; remarked: It Is said
you had borders^tq ";■ sum Mp ..JnJ fayor ot .^
in^ffin^er.ceJibjutTa!mhilster r ;denle»^fsiK^
; : -The : Major"fepliedrti^res-,:lit'.,wa»S > Gal^fe
:iifet-who%liad?the;effrbntery to. deny i^
•but perhaps^ l can talk."; • _
Gallifet; ;whb"- was ? Minister of warjaf
riow-twrites to r the- papers. 1 denyins|M«3o«xt^
Carriere's : accusations. " The Major'ajM-V.-t
ply is awaited.. '.'-•_.
To Cure a Cold In [6naWi»rl^
take Laxative Bromo Quinine -Tablet* •;;,
"A.U : "dru'ggi3tsire£und_ithe ;mbney:Jf . It Ifaflt-.
it6:cure^:Bi^W^Grbv6>|slsoatnre-ls;<^ •
;each':boy/VTwcnty^^cen^;; v g ; c
. i"lne I»eatl»er*Goo<li»l
Best assortment ; of -Pocket-Boolcs, Cart » ;
! CasesY^Ldp^Tableta; PortMlog, -JZv&i V
Letter-Cases. ' & C?O. :
Glxruntle Deer Drive,
December 1/ith; llth7l2th3Md 13th> :'CMnag
transportation . ito Jand i rbm : depot4J^|^f||
head r- "■ We^ want^lOOl standers. : 4 : For :par-»
master, y irorod . Hall, Va, ,
See -the
ttti the^ Drugitores ?for Dr^DayWra^C^urt^
Syrup. Largejbottl^g-cen^
?wlth Dixie Nerve and Bona lilnimenl
tb^'-'cufe^BneuinaUsm, " Spraln3, • : StxaAnMt&i
'and DrawnXMugclek^^f * r_-
Choice stock oi
Books s intgre^t gyariety^ l apprbpria,tegf ot'M
Christmas gjtt3. ■ ;• "mransßr&'TcO;]l^?:
. '• Dr. David's layer Pill»
cure Sick HeadiShe?CohsUpatlon;iß^Tiß^^
; nessi^Dyiapep'sla^indlif estioit^ and® a ;'; ' ; r; : ':
: Stomach^and Liver Troubles.- .
r Earth ~ f or SCdugbs/= Or bup,^ Consoiriptloittl^
;^Bron^ltfe^> - ,
Cooa i Cofteerfor^Break t a **
,« iaxteovatinsl^t^f^ns. and ' essejiitiil*"^
Try our '^c.'fFrealsJißoastedlCoffe^
JBroad - and" ' S!xth ;> -"and vMain-^ ahds-iSe.v«i*s
, ; m fa 'l Jt jJf < pfc' Vm t M-A^C ■ *
I ifl^^Friday ;S^rarmer>. Friday dimin-
u .hinffVfnortliwe3terly>inds, . ,
Sbrthr<Cafbllna^Pajrtly l i§clqudir".,.Thue3^ '
Suy'VP Friday;':? inereaslng |cloudinea33 an<l ?|
[warmer; f probably frain^ late in the after-*
noon or at .r-Ight; Ught to fresh nortfe- -
clear, rrTta^
rahifc'of the thermometer .was aa follows} .
o i*. J>t.- ••»• ►.»..«»..«..•...»...«. ..«jt
r T" XI •' 3S
t<\ xjicht ' ' ' 32.
T :" : : : Mean i^temperature .' . . 1 ■>; . . . \ .^^irtv

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