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I [News ot Manchester ]
t ■■:'■ ■■■■■■■-..■-■ ■:;■ Sfl O^IS» iTß'^^lFf^i^lllP'llii^^M
-*- • : . • - i-. i . -f- ;■
T!io Finance; Committee; of Manchester:
<v.is in conforenco last night -for several ' ;
V,(v,n>\ opr.sSdorinjT certain delinquent- tax
rlatms" 'iue the ;cil>\" -^Messrs.; Bradley; :
\-\r., avA Wjvyerly." Nunrially were pres- T
cr.t. >sr. .T. W. Bronaußlu.City, Treasurer, (
r.ctct' as clerk. J udge- Cloplon arid Messrs.- ] :
H. M. T>-3crand^K;S.; Rives- wcre 'before 1;
lho committee After considerable "dis-' '
rr.ssion. tlm : cominiUee decidodito hold.
fl .-.p0c2.il meeting on ; next Tuesday night;
Ooinmissioncr-of-Ivovenuo Owcr.s ■ illcd ; a
list of life estates in; the ; city, I ; and any
rsolinqno-nt taxos on . them was ordered to v
l>o inquired" into. " !, . ' '"."'}:
judge -'Clapton- was requested to pfc- }
I«:-.:t nr. ordinance, '.under which the city!!
rnr. issue licenses for wagons to be ope- ;
tatod during tho winter, so: that^ licenses"
Ta n Iks issued: for lcssthan~ a* full : : year. ':;
Several bills, which should have Ivceni
approved by Uic Police Commissioners; t
<v-rre certified to the bOQrd;" withvthat
nil clfort bcninde. to have the board meet; .
snd approve them. . . ■■:'-.-!.
The bills', oC the Street Committee were \
approved after being scrutinized, and
were ordered to .be paid. : BiUs; to the
r.mo«r.t. of J4S.CI for repairs to the street
carts and mules were paid, the bill for
iced being almost $12 per mule per
lEorilh. . ■ - ' i .; ' ; . " . .;,-'..
A bill amounting to SlLiv for removing'
iiead^ dogs from;,iho.-city, due to the city
fCiivcr.gcr, was paid. - . • ..{
The cost of the Fire Department for ■
exclusive of salaries, was
FIO-^ -.-■-;.-•'■'-,
The report- of the bill of the Passenger
end Power Company for lights was pre
eor.tcd and was 1 approved, subject to any
; t v.acilon for lights being out. Mayor,
jlaurice wjis requosled to make tliatre-^
port to the City ■: Couiicil.'af its"-"meeting-'
n<-xt week. . .- ■v. ' . •- -• •
The Chautauqua Literary and Scientific
Circle held a largely-attended/ and en
thusiisdc meeting last night at .the" home
of Mr. and Mrs. D.; L. Pulliam. "Dr.
WTW T P. Mathews was the leader. The sub
jf-ot wns, "A Gondola; Ride Through-
Vi nice!"
Tho. Epworth League .,' of the Fifth-:
Street Methodist church, of Manchester,:
J"s elected the folio wing, officers for the ;
ensuing term: President. Mr. J. P. .Tones;
.Vice-President— Mr. ■- George"* W. Payne,
Mis? Grace Napier, Mrs. Eva G-. Driscoll;
Secretary; Miss Cora L. T.alley; Assistant
Secretary.' Mr. R. H. Hubbard; Organist,
*v : ?'« Bessie Bradshaw; Assistant Organ
ut Miss Alma Andrews; Chorister, Mr.
'~\' Green; Chairmar. Lookout Commit
tee Mr S H. Andre«-s; ; Supsrintendent
of Junior Work, Mr. C. V. Green; Chari- j
-v axid Help Committee, Miss - Grace
Napier; Literary Department,. Mrs. Eva
G, Driscoll; Devotional Work, Mr. G. W.
X *Tli« e league, which is about four years
of age I" in an excellent condition.
The iiew South Council; Jr. O. A. M.,
he'd "an oyster supper and smoker last
l,_vl - lt Ray's restaurant. State \ice-
Comidllor Minor "and Junior-Past-Coun
ciilor R. E. Criddle- were present- and ad-:
flressed the council. .
],;e* Watkins (colored^ was sent on
•n ihe -rand jury yesterday by 'Squire
SieSal on Uhe charge of betraying
MatUe Watldns, under, the promise of
©oo © © ©. e. P o .© © ©. .® ©®s ®® °
Mrs Decatur Axtell will. give a lunch
eon .to a few young -friends'... next
Thursday in honor of == Governor Tyler s
tliree daughters. It is a matter of sincere
regret that the Misses Tyler will so soon
leave the city. x '
D- and Mrs. Edwin B. a aybrook will
mend the Christmas holidays with. Mrs.
Ciavbrook's mother, Mrs. Lightfoot, on
Eouth Fifth street.
Miss Janet Morris, who haY been visit
ing Miss Anne Winston, of Hanover, has
. returned home.
* « " • . -
Mrs James Leigh Jones and her daugh
ter Mis« Blanche Jones, returned home
Thursday night from a. visit of several
weeks to St. Joseph and other points in
■* ♦ *
Mrs. Herbert lAI Claiborne has arrived
home from a visit to the Charleston Ex
Miss Edythe White lias returned to the
cityX:from" an extended trip to Boston,
New Yorlc, and ' Baltimore, visiting
Miss Page Booker has just returned
from a visit to Washington.
■ •■ » * v
Miss Sue Seddon Wellford; of Baltimore,
is ihe guest of Miss Sue Wellford.
There was a well-attended board meet-
JJi" of the Colonial. Dames Friday after
noon at 4:30 o'clock at the -Virginia His
torical Society, for the purpose of
electing officers for the fiscal, year. --Mrs.
R V Gibson presided, in the absence, of
the president, Mrs. Herbert A. Claiborne.
The same officers were elected unani
mously Mrs. L. R. Dashiell, recoiling
secretan." Miss Helen. Montague, corres-
Food Cannot Be Boiled a» Quickly
as in I>o^'. ,~. ' "
The curious experiences pepple have
T.-ith coffee-drinldng are worth pondering
over, if any one Is; ailing and: does not
know the exact reason thereof. ; - . ,
Coffee is a secretive worker, ;.ana
through the nervous system affects dii-
U rent parts of Uie body indifferent peo-.
pIC. ' ■ ■ .-: -' ■ •■■• -"' ' ■'
A young married woman; Mrs. T.: L.
Blackmon, Oswego. Montana, had a con
clusive experience In the effects of cof
fee on her eyes;: She says^- 1 haye^used
coffee since a child, but a. short time ago.
my oyes began to grow weak,: and^the,
If-ast exertion, such as reading. or sewinff.
ivould cause shooting pains; and wavy,
linos of light, so that T. could- see but .
little else for minutes at a time: ; : .-_ !
This alarmed me. and I earnestly souiht
the cause of the trouble. Some one told
ci* that coffee sometimes affecled^the
eyes. I at once decided to/quits It-- and
see if I would; be : benefited,; but: l^must-;
iiave something to take the place of .cor-.-;
lee, for I wanted to; modify, ras^ much xasj
possible; the sacrifice. of giving; it.up.;^ }
So I decided to try Postum for-mys^f^
TVhen it came I made { it strictly '.accord- f
Jug to direcOons,- and was ; wonder full J |
turpr'sed and pleased with, it^Husba^d
says that my Postura Is very; different. -
indctfi. from that. he. once drank ; at^a
blend's table. - %'% ' - - - - ;', . ,^ !
I frankly own that ,1 like - Postum |
better than I ever; liked coffee.V; It; has.a ; j.
rich body toMtUhat- cbffee ]acksg;l;boU
H longer than i twenty minutes, andJt^-.
proves iL Perhaps Cliz requires^longer>
I'Oilinu in the-higlx^ altitudes.:::l -think. It
dots: ■■' ''""---»:-'!
For three months unow^ihave -.been
Postum andhavelbeen wonderfully
bencnted.' My eyesi.nbflpnger ipaln-me, ,
and are strongV as*- th"ey? ever. were.^M^ ;
'•oj.npltxlon, instead of;;belnffiEaUow>as: .
formerly, is clear" andjrpsyvil know^o, a: :
tertainty that my Jmprpvement ; has , been j
caused, by, leaving; pav^ff«e-./and.;- w ns^
Dostum, for. that JJsTabVplutclyJitlieYonJ^
•■liaagelhave made. and I have taken {
!io jn^dicJnf. ■•-.-."■•.:.■■:.■.-.■.■■'. -^, ■■..' p ■>■■'-.
A. Mr; Raridßll^^friend^pf^ours-f^asi;;
obtained^relief ; "fromiWHTßtomajAiftroubjefS
finfl h« ; a4SachesiJbyileavlrig^bff{cpffeefangf i s
*BWdr Poßtum;^TC-e:
of the facts: about; c^ffeevana^.j
- - ■ r
marriage. : : ■..W'atkinsUs desiirousof vmarfy^
■lnguhe/ BlH;^l>ut;[calihbt^because|heSisj
only 1J» years old'aiuV has: no parent or
;R»ardinn. :- The "County; Court ymay3;be:
, as^ked to sanct ion ;; the ; marringe: If "so;
The; conductora of f L the^Hullrstreet sllnei
of ;; tho 5 Passenger/; and 7 Power :
'complain; that thej': are^not'allowed-more'
; than. ; six q ; minutes f in> VhicbZ to feat i their;
mca3s.f: Tliey^are relJeyedf at? thelCoast^}
Lino railroad; and; thcVcare arey<run :,to']
- Swunsboro" arid back.? TlieTmehyareJcom^.
polled tomcat their; mealsMn' the car- with;
the: pasfiengersTor I get {off !: an dO sit ■down
by the railroad arid eat : in ! the' cold." IThe
xnen employed on thi Perry: street' cars
arc given from twenty"; tbTfortyr minutes
fnr'nioals,; and .the Hull f street f men J are
.claiming'thesameiarrangement.-, i- A"-', V
'.The residents of Woodland Heights -and
arbund f Forest Hill will : not .flnd'.:, mu^i
encourn jjement -_• from .■ the; : - Clty : . Council
of Mancliestel* in their : effort ' to : secure '■ a
: restoration of : the ; summer scbeduleftb
Forest Hill. , The City J, Council- will-al
.most certainls* vote"" against italcingl any.
liand, in^lt.\\Jprominent. member of the
body has said that he. would:,nbtfcare
if;allof the cars were turned at Seinmes
avenue. : He argued that the care: running
to-Forest J Hill; : at this' season^ did .lit
tle good to Manchester, ': and ;gtha't: the
residents, there were mostly^ people ; who
■ worked in '.'■ Richmond and:-"had-.vhov.ln
terest whatever/in Manchester. If the
people of Forest - Hill ;.■■ want ; to ; secure
better-schedules Manchester cannot :be
counted" on for: help; - V •* .
The matter/of ;sewer: connectionfis one
that is vexingnot a, fe_w offlcials^ inJ_M^an'
:■ Chester. The' time when all" connections
I should have been made; expired Ton "No
vember SOth. but nothing has beenj done
; to r enforce . the law since that time. ' In
deed, the o fficials are riot desirous -j of
compelling the ' people; to '! put In % sewer
connections at this time of the year.rand
it is believed that the City ; Council at'
its meeting next week- will , further ex
*terid the time. It is probable that the
resolution : granting ; i:; further .l extension
will be so written* asj to; pledge the 'body,
not to grant aiij- further .relief fronvthe
operation of the ordinance. .
.; The delinquent tax. list • for taxes due
for. 19G0 has been posted at .'the front
door of the court-house. ; The list Is a
short • one*, and contains : several .lots
belonging to the Mayo Bridge? Company,
which were formerly used for ferry, land
.irigS.:. '"■: ■" -'■ is ■■ : "'■: ■ '■''-- . V
Mrs. ' Ai. FJ* ; Strader is '< confined to her
home, No. 1123 McDonough street, on ac
count of illness. " ' - ; -..
Deputy-Sergeant T. H.- Fisher is able
to be at his office now. He is improving
slowly, from his recent illness. .: : .
Large crowds are attending the mission
at Sacred Heart for non-Catholics. -Father
Walters is greatly liked by those who
have heard him.: - ■ '•■
The ladies" of the West-End Mothcdist
church will' give Van entertainment; on
• Monday and Tuesday, nights of next w eek
for the benefit of the church.. .
Miss Fannie Foster, who has be?n ill
at her home. No. 107 west Thirteenth
street, for some time with. [rheumatism,
was somewhat better yesterday. ( /
: ponding secretary; Mrs. R.. A. Lancaster,
treasurer; Mrs. Reginald : Gilham, ' regis
trar,-: and Mrs. "VV. T. . Robins, historian.
Three new Dames were admitted into the
society— Mrs. J. C Stettinins, Chicago ;
Mrs. V. S. Kantman, San Antonio, Tex.,
and Miss Nettie Thompson, Mobile, Ala.,
The meeting then adjourned.
. • ■ •. * • • ' ;
-Miss Elizabeth Pendleton, of Gwathmey,
will spend -the approaching holidays with
friends in Newport News.
■-.-" ■**.- .'.
.Mrs. George Cooper and Miss ; Cooper,
; of 414 east Grace street, will give " an in
formal "at home"- to "their 'friends De
cember iOth from 4 to 7 o'clock, in honor
of their guests. Mrs. Drake- and Miss
Drake, of Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
-The Central Committee of the Associa
tion for the Preservation of Virginia
A.ntiquities, will meet- Tuesday at 12
o'clock, in the Virginia Historical Society
rooms. ~ . ;: •
■r «-, •' ■.".-■:-. • ■-, ■'.
The regular meeting of the Daughters
of the Confederacy will be held Wednes
day afternoon at 4 o'clock, in Lee Camp
Hail. • - . - ; :;
* t *' '
The Confederate Memorial Literary So
ciety held "its annual meeting yesterday
in the Confederate Museum. Mrs. Joseph
Bryan presided, -and the. meeting was.
opened with prayer by Dr.- James \P.
Smith. - .
"'; All the reports of the officers, vice
regents and" committees; were read. So
much time was taken up in these, reports
that ; the : election of officers was post
poned until Wednesday, December Jlth,
at 12 o'clock.. ,i .
Dr - Smith presented a portrait of
young Randolph Fairfax, son of;Dr.,Or
lando I Fairfax, who .was. killed at .Freder
icksburg, December 13, 1562. ' He also pre
sented from - the Presbyterian Publishing
Society an interesting" sketch of the 'late
Dr. Moses D.-Hoge. ; .' ; >/'■ . - ;.
■-■ D". Smithy also gave a copy =of Napo
leon's '.'Maxims of War," -carried by Gen
' eral Stonewall Jackson in his:knapsack,
and taken. from his knapsack. after Gene
ral Jackson's de,ath by Dr. Smith him
:. self.- ■ v -'- ■ ;■ ' '_ ;_'- : \' ■ /- ' \-
Mrs. J "H. Parker, regent of the New-
York Chapter, Daughters of the .Confed
eracy^ sent to ; the :i Solid ) :■ South ftßoom
of the Confederate Museum, .through: Miss
Minnie Baughman, a beautiful illuminated,
and bound copy of resolutions sent to
the New .. York Daughters, from / the
Veteran Camp of that,;; city,- thanking
them for "crosses of honor. with which
the camp had been presented. / . -.-
Mr J Henry Gooding, and Miss Susie
. Campbell. ' both of Richmond, were jmar- ,
ried Thursday night at .; the . Fairmount-
Asve'riue Methodist parsonage by .the .Rev.
J■ A ; Babcock. Mr. and Mrs.- Goodmg
•vriirlive at SO2 south Fifth street. ; :. v
Mr and Mrs. . Abram ; Wayland ;.; have
« issued "Invitations .for; the marriage,^ of
their- daughter, Miss -Helen rMa^iWa^
land, to Mr. Russell Barganun, of Rich-,
-"rhf Carriage- will be celebrated -Wed
rViSlpSeSiber, lSth^ at ;10:30 o'clock
Waylan<3 'is' a very ■ chafming-and ;
atSactive young" lady. ; Mr/:^Bargamin
sonnet Mrs. Laura A: and;the,late
Paul", Bargamin;:: He-isr a/.^well-kno'nn
-member bf.the'Rlchmond'Bar. --' - .
! Ali^r Bessie :Martin.;of Farmville^wiU;
•be the guest:of Miss Nellie Gray, or south
Third ; street;" during; Christmas. y_~ - - .
r:. r:?^;;:::;' "'■•■ *{*^^'p^L^' : --^^l
I Mrs: Alice Palmer; ah^her^twojdaugh-:
-ters;. Misses Maude; and' Vera.Palmer^wm:
for : the future; make-^Riehmond^.-their.
' Third' street,"; ■:- ' <-/:,:.:,r .•..".
■ ■■.:■■:: •';.: »;.^ •;.* ;; .'vf;" ■;■>■:• ." .■.V.;V,..>:
. rantaiii- George^ WV.Pigman r ';and-:Mrs4
•pSn^n^^ir:dauglit e r, ;i MissVAdd^
Plgman; are! in the city ,tor : a.few^days^
;and^rerthe^ueslslof^Mr4and ;^lrs. ; :W. J
S. Copeland. No. 201? Grove avenue.
3ir;%Turner j Johns tp_ni^ of ovNorfolk,^VWlil|
take' place December 11th. . '
' ■:•■■: ,• - • • — - — ■ ■■■ " ■.ii--.-- _:■-■ '-,••'' .-■■■■
ttraY^ VAwnbecembcr. C— (Special.)— :
■ trie^d^ar^cter.landSaged? about :
•?For a number of yearn past ' ,c had
e d?;afte^^r^wAni^|he|
< v/asf a k sister^offithei late^Samuelfi;A.tßu^
npnt?businef's-man*9f.iLT"''? v - : , -*if^^
w RnoliPQ^r Npw Ynrlc is ih& home of the most artistic clothing makers in
f amounting to more than Sixty Thousand Dollars worth. The Hub has received a greater^; «
I It comprises Men's 'Overcoats,' Men's Suits and Men's Pants, all made in a manner
I impression upon our public that is ready to participate in the Hub^S Second Special bale 1 his beason. |
yl Fancy Stripes, $13.50 and Hk •■■| S \^ i^c^v . . -^6 00 and- S7 OO values ' ' '''?mM.
ty. We will'also sell on the occasion 978 Children's Suits and Overcoats, at prices that are peculiar to the Hub's good work— .--"* «|
§ Every size and forevery idea of the handsomest suits of this season. -Only a few out of these stocks can be^ given here, .but they are Q
(if interesting— Read. ■- / .■,.,- . : : • ; . ■ '' - 1. - " ' : "" bV * '- ' '['Me
f o 210 Children's AU-Wool Suits, ages 3to 16 years, *1A AI; !~~^~7 of the best "qua! ity^ies in the ' lot suit that J £QQ g|
1 : Rvalue; specialon sale:..,-.:......:..... ................. 4> i• v «| [you will see priced at $6.00 and $7.00, for *P
W 164 Children's Suits, of All-Wool Cassimere and Cheviots,! .^S 8^ ! " 284 Overcoats for Little Boys, made Russian tTIC-lP
W vestee and I double-breasted, %; style, ■■ a $2.50 | 50 1 ■' :t ' : -mBB^ Blouse and Reiefer styles, $5, $6, and $7 values, for *P>J»4>J ■■ jp
I va1ue.,....:.. .....1.;.......^%-:^ ' 2000 pairs of Boys Knee Pants, in all ageMhaS^A "^B
'fa 212 Boy's Suits, ages 3to 16 years, made mthet 9 RAf c#^^K^ worth from 50c to $1.00 a pair, special 25c and \ r Wg
@ very best 'manner, a perfe_ct $5.60 value.. v*"yv *gr - •'"'• ' * - ' " '^M
II Sat«rday and Monday, " Men^wYi t^P^e' ,. Men's • Colored -VBor-? ; pi W^^^^^M&^M^i^U^^^^: '^^^:^^¥^mS.
-m : -l^^^'*ti : en r^ W I .Hand Ties, -special for Lined Underwear, 4 -city, the .Wg
M gats, : Saturday, ' special, Saturday, I .B f Saturday, special, -Regal, . '"'Si
I ' Motiey Refunded for All Ptircliases Not ' Satisf actor^^^Jl
• . _ . . . . . . . . ' . . _ ' . . . ._ . . .•*'-■.". . .
Tills Adds to tli eEmTjarrJissment of
Shippers— Consignnients - : ;of ■' :Goods ;
for the Holidays i^Delnyed; and,
if> the Delay Continues Jlacli Lno- ,
S er Tliere AVill Be Serious toss— .
Prices of Commodities Tend ,Ui»-j
irard. '
YORK, . ; Decemberic.^-Messr^.%;R- ; ,;
nmble : dimenslons^but^consestion ;J: in
' f or f tlielholidays^are ! delaTred- and^if -de- ,
: fayed niGbli : l6ns%iWill|l)ela;; serious; loss. :fe
:^ces -ofi^mmoditics^re;- tending ,^;
•ward <- ■ '
-Although' iron Hiid steel are unchanged,-,;
■'fiKures : ref erJtblf uture^deliyeries i only;|andg
! inmost YcdsSTgbbdsif qr^cuTrentlshipinentJ|
iaWdprisiderable ipremiumfeThip
marl^t^sfccjntrolledsby4tocal^ondUions ti
fatlSillsl and .S: furnaces,, .besides ; |
i tfcls^ almost^
fsShtaUveßpricepleyel^lnS general; gho^^
leverVHthe^tone is distinctly firmer, vim
'especlall^arcitpin^blllets,. und further^
'importations. Steel-rail : mills are stilhac^
?cep'tiris?ofders^ iwitliltheirMcipa^tyiienJl
eaVcd about . up. to itheV endi of \ next = year.V* !
\ The gcpfneiSlnv tin^collapsedr&prices|f aU^
'ing ? ?abbutißrcents ,in a few nays/qandg;
r silverT-has?rdedined to the lowest }; pointy,
since sfet!ember/;i^.>
SGottcp^^oodsTarcnn^betteriTe'iLTAfiSttbSUj i^
mills ~ delay ' new •: undertakings^because ;Of
the t sudden V rise ';■ in j raw --material, ,,: and ■if
its is sustained, ;, there .will £ probably.fibe
a new price-list -of > prints.:' • Coarsef'color
ed cottons are . : selling; well,; largely r;f or
export. - ■ .'■.'■ ■■.■■■ i ''"-'~: /.'" '":-:' : '■'■ '^K''\
:: : Staple '_. -products ••>;. continue advancing, 1
corn'; making a. most "sensationalgainlvEx
traordiriary.. '; high: - prices : f or. :- this f; cereal i
tempted many j. tradersltq {'sell; future? con-. >.
tracts in expectation ;6f?a; sharp J reaction;^
butfa further 1 violent rise to : the; highest^
price for many., yearsTcompelledv covering^
at 'severe ; loss es. .; This ; graiii-.; is \ riot ; ; go_y£-{.
2rned ; -by '[% precedent/ 'the '^smailest .^ex-: i
ports; for; mariy/yearsi failings to; produce ■:
any ■■ effect." ;;>Wlieat '"was ; also \ sharply^jad- \l
vanced; to '; thei-best Vp'rice Vof Atlie';'seaionyj
largely -through isympathyjjwith^corhir for V
which: it was ;>fre"ely_ substituted." ' I
7 Cot ton ;{; was aroused ffrom^ its} lethargy J:
by an vu'nexpected glo vt: : : official
jf ■■' the currenttcrop^at! only; 9,674ooo tbalei^ (
Rigorous ': speculation • and an ;adyanicejfof -^
3ver- $2' a balej^ occurred s when ; ' the ;« low
Ai»l«onl in Carnivsil-Cltj- Suit.
An appeal will be .- taken by ; the - city ;
ihdSthe-Carnival^AssbciationH : iri>thelsuit; \
iff Robert s-liee $ Smith; S f dr£ damages abe-iv
;ause =" injuries k{ sustain ed"jSby^ falling^
900.?rA -Verdict rfor.?soo was secured^in^theM'i
jaw^and^Bquity^Court •■'. The'isuit jfor ■' j;
2,500. : * •
jamuelSiWeinbruni to • determine?; titlestol \
JlrcuitsCourt'iinafaygrJfpflthelpjalntin'/sS] !
fj£?> suit s hasibeen? iristi tutedlbyv: Julia?Js".l ;
J'ord 6*6 * againstli Georgef HuhdertmarkSfojgi
2,000 idamages:.^mim^^mm^-fM^m r
iWHliam'iH; ; !] pearivl of *: 1802 i east vFranklinv
ttre'et^iJ filed gaf deedvofj assigrimeßt^toS G.^ [;
C'SPpHock|UiSthetChanceryJCourt;% L WaT';r
(lllties^arelplaced- at . 51,000,f and; the Jassets &
lonsistSoflstockJofShafnesiandt'Saddlery;! '
lardware.^Airiongf gthes pref erredS credit^ [
iraSfare^MetrdpolltahfsjßaiUc^^-Hsrrieti )
Joode^J*tl^aSatterfieM;l-JaS|ja!BiUups;? *
iidiVlrglhiaSTrust?Company.-' V§e®i \
X Mr.¥McX>ain SB! easaritsi <tuaUflp<J |ag|ads ;
riinistratbrJf of », MrsTgS -Hester^ PjleitsantsiJ?
ittd^t-MrSii'li^ :M,*? Qar ayata^ aa f suardlanl of i {.
J. ;.,; Lewis, Charles J "; M., . and Henry L.
Caravata. ' "---'.*'*"""
• Frank ; ; CH Moon: 7 and: ? C.~5. Cotes worth
Pinckney;' qualified f.to ; practice^law.^'iv:--.':;/:
.:'■■■■' •-'■ Toys for 'Christmas, >■:■..
. ■ (New York Mail and Express.) '.-.;* .
;■'. : Now ; that ) has [ passed f and
itKeifestiyi tiesi pertaining, to l the Vday^are
fonHtie",warie,^itJs, in order, tortakea" jour£
;"ney r ; into 'Toyland^ that Se'nch'antedrreffion.
of mo; geographical ? limitations,': abounding*
in strange * delights Tarid ? joyous ' j surprises/
liil Toy land;? the| greatlworldj of i, busyjf oik
finds i itself in I miniature ?reproduction^iti
'pliasures^ahd : famuse^elats|f^eated/|ahd !
almos it 1 ; ever jP| line ]of 4ts 1 endeavor! repre^
: sented ! .in:the-ingeniously|constr^
vices 1 f orj. the- amusementtof sthe £ypung.f
.The!' shops
for : Christmas"; gifts -to the : children. ; .■:
-:-; ; TheTtny^railroad is •: found jinTstrlking^ya*
riety/f;Th : ere?is?'ttfe|^busyS(centralsStaU6n^
'tH¥re|iffeljth'et.weU^c6nstructed' t teack^iancl;
flying^ switch"e^,^withK the|i signal t^towcTj
high [-In the
;its?st^amingjandfrje^yjten^ine^nejal >^l^. 3|3 |
;'eller2to|th~elf ullf enjoymentfof Sthe j other
g*There 'i is^a^welKcoriducted in
"mlniature^Sithjits :busy}ldbirisi and
ing^wheeis, which would delight the
youngster ■with a mechanical turn of
." Fort'^tahejpf utur^^teamrrt it captain]
tlierefiarepnakesTanfl; ponds in realistic
m"etallf|rsurrpundings f uith thr- -busy..
steamers"S'appafently>; plying frcm shore
to'-i'shore '4 and .': their c precious]
c^rgplonlthelwen-b'uiir dpeks^sg^g^^^j
TiWhat htiie gentlemanlfarmer'^Tvould;!
not like to --have; Santa JClaui^presentSto^
him one of those' .^vell-laidfout%!model?j
farms, with its: broad m^adbw3,*andi\vide;|
avenue leading up to tha'dwelling house,]
ana. the, stables, barns, and 7vwell-niled<
the>last tharveat >• eao3on?
This -boya-'of 'sporting, proclivltlesjfarej
nxjtirevel 'in " tho ' little pstalbitegespecfo?!^
constructed' for.: the future winner ;o£ -the
bluaf ribbon, who looka-out 'froroyitliQo
» proud ; eminence of *^ai; realistic -box 'istalli
and.' sees i\that\the i oatbiri' is ; near , at! haiid^
Then there are' tiny. stable lanterns hang- :
ing ?cin v. the ■? -wall/S an d f smiall 5 curry combs,/
and ; jd 1 ; sorts 'of : brushes ;to keep^tb.e prize.;
winner's Tcoat properly^ groomed^v; : -Bv ; v : |
f*The "child .whovlikesltolsee'.the;/wheeTsj
gofrbundfshould vwrite toi Santa' Clausl'f o'r i
onefof A tiie \ Ferris in "miniature, ; I
about sthree^feetflh^diameter,;; -which:: i3i
wound with ia^keyl^andireyolves like its;
well-known ' original. ; ."
- -The uniforms . young = Americans
A; f ornied; are?more I thanl usually..
elaborate.^The ■ Ihtfepid ! youthi may rchoose ■
'a : (firemaltt'sl;outnt^lnlbrlgh^tjred,l{wlth:
; trumpet,*! axe f and Iwhistleji re ady jto i j jband.i
.The i younglsqldierS has] a -iwidel cHblce.' andj
may!; emulate^the^RoughlEideryJtheJ;Na3
; dashing' hussar briflery/dragoon. . ._;.
perf ormerstahd la|variety j of .-j rabbits I andi
pigs i mounted :{ on Ty elocipedes | and ] making ••
- So' (much for the little "v; man ';:; of^tKej
r toJber^ibuddirig;|fen^nirie2insUnct3fiandj
'placeTaSlarge?share|of sheri affections | oh,
.theTdolffof i her(choice?f And i suchlajiWorldi
■climesrrandfofs raUTraces!ahdfsoclal|cpncli-jr aUTraces!ahdfsoclal|cpncli-j
'therFi j I vlslands^with Iher,' string- of {beads '
*andf dress! of If eath e^to}ttßllady^aoll'4ot i
tKe| highestisocfalf emine jtccu^rhsselsO;^
are ilttiri?lyaSad6rhe<tgf«^
their station' in ; life. 7 Their : little
areTpflsilkjdrJsatinSahd r ; quite Jas^yarjea}
■asltheTgbwnsrofltKeilargeriwprld.f Pretty
too;--; Is ;' supplied iiby?'; the; i, fa sh-j
loriable I doll 'i mlUiner.^ in ii style;; aridgcolori
Itto^become th»» most fashtidlbuargTdolll
Lbeauty:? The iup-tojdatef dqUs},wbofclaim'
< such"a^larire^>areJQf|their>tir ttle|mqthers^
; attention^ have ? ln^ turnjg a | toy^worldfofi
tlielr own. In- tfco "sopiS -the proud little
! 'bwner3r,may \ select for. their .doUs^ldutft'
a dw>UinSjhoas"esj^d^etsetsybf|f^rnttOTeil
steam- raaiators.^ltdephonea.'^Telec^K^
advanced -doll ;clvill^tlon.^^^v'^r^
called puff Jbillterds, iiand jmay : abe3Blaye4M
by three; ;or more persons. The gam^p ;
: consis ts of a' clrcul^ri board^with|pocketJ* • %
■i placed - ; thel outer. ' edge^ ahdM a^botte *§
;air:"blowervsf6rJeach; air:"blowervsf6rJeach fpersonl- ISmall rub- ..
I'ber ballsTa'rejplacedjlnithelcentrelotJthflt^
:board,?and>tliefplayer3 blow on the^balls
H and J, endeavor ;to ' drive; ;i them into ith«^
j opponent's ft pbcketi|EThe ' red 3 and ? white '0
' The champlonshipfiblf |tonrnanient,^Coc^
'both ladies and?genUeineriitvrilircomeioft ; ,
i/Dhe-coujaesjara'niatclieditoJplay^s fol-
H.' Palmery^ Jr*lwitHv J^l GJiWlnstoit^
•H. H. Meade iwith i Graayffla Walentino.
J. -T.'Rutherfoordiwith JSBltQtsapi: -
-:'W.7A. : -Townesiwith^lfL-lT.3Orgalii^|&: j| i
I^vini Joynes iwlth^ a^T^BUamse * J.
J^P^McGuire;vJr., wttb J. Wr^tkia^fe
■«on;jJr^^KSSBsSS3; r : :^f|^^-' ,
H.; Stewart? Jones i «with?E.TiW; slTower«!f:,s I Tower«!f:, ;
Clemens C. Joneses bye.
SIi3S | GayiCtourtaeyawitlifAriss jßateH*®
JConrtney. " ,zf??-.
P I Jllss^Edita(jone»i'wlt£ JMrs^QeorgßSWi^
;. Miss ?f Pauline air Powers with ■ ' Mrs.^H^
? Stewart' Jcmos,-
Ig^i&scHicHSSTeß's'CMauaHiV \ !
. Vy, i^^^HTZ. ar»37» r«IUM«.v La4t»s »^ Om#rtn i%;- ;
?;^" S^W? Mm rfb*»^r«4» a« «Afc«r. JUA*«- ff -||
v vp) .5^ «§ D«»zeMaa M«tMtUttU»B* Mitate. T ; >
iSvS? ' Jp t "/Teller for XAdt«fc>'te taMr.kr**. x^!^
I 7 ZX^££g& turn *r»U^l«.<MK>TMU«oeJ»S«..*[email protected]
■•■I! vl AAi. : t:a^NG T A > '.B(»C.toy:f?trAitft«giS^^
JJETS, : and . find • tbcm : th« ; beat ihLMiloK^
ay;;Btoio^lrliey« i ua«d.';^ay,T^W?:»o£|l
disorders ? of - ih« ;? stomach^ but i'^wiroSu^
the ; Uver and bow«Ls, Th«y.;*r«i««aryS-fP
box. - For safe by ilT^druiihrt^Bs^M

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