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Passenger and Power Co, About
to Change Hands,
Provides lor Merging of tlie Big Corpo
1 ration Into Another, -
Hllo Doinbt Apparently That the
Wisher 1-incw, Moth Jlcre -and- in l'e
ter»t»wrsr. Are to Become a Part of
tll c KSelimoncV. and rctersbnrsr
jnterurbnn Systcin-.V Battle He-
Negotiations arc in progress and .well
cdVincca, looking to sale of the Fassen-
Zt amd.PoWcr -Company; bag and. bag
~,~e to the financial interests which have
constructed and own the electric line
almost completed between this city ana
IVtcrsburg. .; . -.."; . ■ - ,'..„;
indications point to a strong probability
that the- deal will so through, It may. be
completed and tSie papers signed at this
Ume. However this may be, the doal=is
on: the negotiations have moved slowly
bu t with smoothness and success, and,
if not already consummated, they have
Cached a point which makes it a strong
that the public, -will be auttoru
t'-ivolv advised at-an early date thay
-I- Fisher and his New York associates
vave stepped l down and out, and that the :
Bvcreit Moore syndicate of Cleyelatid t O-,
is in the saddle. _
'some. three months ago or more Mr.
Fisfcer became desirous, it was thought,
or securing a controlling interest- in the
line in process of construction
between Richmond and Petersburg. He
controlled the Passenger and Power Com
pany in Richmond, and all ahe lines. in
Petersburg. Mr. Fisher went, over tho
Petersburg line more than once, and set
coin" a series- of shrewd moves in finan
cial diplomacy which, might; well have
checkmated a weaker adversary than the
on* 1 he was up against.
On the other hand,' Mr.. Will Christy,
- ( -presenting the Everett Moore syndicate,
-f Cleveland, 0., which owns and operates
1.500 miles of electric road, in this coun
ty-more than any other one. corpora
;ion-and which numbers among its larger
«<oekholders' such names as. that- ot
Senator Marcus A. .Hanna, became inter
ested in Richmond and Petersburg as the
terminal points of his new; inter r urban
3:ne Since February last Mr. Christy s
visits to Richmond have been more
frequent than any interest in " the con
struction of the Petersburg line would
seem- to justify. This work had been
placed in excellent hands. Mr.. Christy s
purpose has been to make a close study
of the situation in Richmond and Peters
burg. From conversations with a_ repre
sentative of the Dispatch it is evident
{hat Mr. Christy has been RTeatly Phased,
with what he has seen of Richmond. Re
l^,,g _ w .. T . a Ci-velarsd he has interested hig,.
Relates in>e city. --Thfe result" has
been that <*very move made by Mr. l'isn
? r to secure control of the Richmond and
"ctersburs line has been met by a count
er move on the part of the Cleveland
neoSe to get hold of the street. railway
properties in Richmond and
l[has been a battle of giants The,
proud boast of the Cleveland capitalists
■5 f Sat °, they have built 1.500 miles oi
road, that {hey have "ever'.sqld'a^ni^
It it. and that they are now operatn
*c whole of it. If : Mr,..P«^ -Sj Hhe
reeded in getting from thenv .«».e_lin?
hey were constructing. it. ~. -\iouia
have been the first loss of this charn^er
The "problems which confronted^, the
n^land people were Peculiarly difficult
.solution. Mr. Fisher controlled ;_the
terminal facilities at both ends. His lines,
fom Manchester crossed the .only two
briSeS in existence. His franchises cov
«r.xfihe streets and approaches" to- tnt*e ;
b-i'dff"«=- To add to the difficulty of the
Sftion; neither, of the bridges was
strong enough to bring, the large cars of
ifce inter-urban line over safety. -,-
It looked like Mr. Fisher was. master
?i. the situation. But." the- Cleveland' peo
j.le had " not come to Virginia for their
acalth They were pleased with .what
they «aw They : wanted to stay. They.
■bditvca they could build, up in and
around Richmond and Petersburg a pro-
Stable system of city and suburban lines
like those they, havjfe- constructed in: and
s'rnund Cleveland,- Cincinnati, Columbus,
Toledo, and a. dozen other Ohio towns
»nd cities.
The battle has been a battle, royal.
Every method and - artifice known to
financial warfare has been brought into
play. Every move; in the local situation
has been" watched and fought; : over- by
Messrs. William . L.: Royall and A. B.
Gulgon, the representatives of the: rival
Jntrests, as though the fate of -empires
wr-re trembling in the -balance.;. ■• ■■;-,.■
The end has cornel; There is "reason to
believe that the days of Mr. Fisher's, rule ;
are numbered. / ; The deal, if it has come
or is coming, will ;bev an. absolute nnd
thorough-going sell out. Mr. Fisher, will
step down and out. and.the. new street,
railway magnate will be Mr. TV"ill*Chr:sty,
ot Cleveland, a . yery .pleasant gentle
man, who knows more than: a few things
about electric lines and their operation:
The Introduction: of the following. ordl r
nance in. the Board of Aldermen by; Mr.
Thomason. by fequesi. and its, reference
to the Rtroot Committee probably marks
the beginning of tlie end. v " :-'■' / :
*on in. honor of Miss Bessie TJoshf-r. Lace,
"An ordir.arice, to allovr the Richmond;
Passencer and s Powr-r Company to con-.
?olldate or merge" into any other 'com-:
pany of r similar.rcharacter. •; :> : ; r " ■
"Be it ordained by' ihe: Council of .the
r -lty of Richmond that the. ... Richmond'
Passenger and Power' .Com nany. : may.
unite and'consolldate with and merge Into
*ny other* company of ' a similar" characr.
ter, duly chartered and organized- under
the laivs : of- the State ;of Virginia.;, and:
nil of th»: rights and privileges oTi the.
Richmond Passenger andy Power,;, Com-\|
pany /under i; an ; ? ordinance. >en title djf *AJi 1 1
f ;oo'nstfuct!on
nnd operation 6f;a; street-railway, within"
th^ limits of llie; city or;Richmbnd;:by:
the Richmond" Passenger/ and -Power,
Company, approved "jIV-c'em^
and " ordinances araendatoryithorebf _• nnd
hupplomentary thorelo,: may *;-.b"er exerclsod.
by the consolidate^-, company/ j successor;
! g the r Richmond? Passenger,; alVd!:PowerJ
Company,' andv. ;«uchVci»EolJdated^_com^
Mny Khali' bei subject as ::io ; ; thoi'works,;
i-j.-optrty, •:■' franchis^K;;: rlalits,\f! privileges, •'
and liEmunities'iicrived^from^tli^ .Rich£
rnond P'^sengerCatid *Ppjß'er> Company, to;
oil V.vts obligations, ;§tip"u!atl6ris; : :forfelt-:
as ' Passenger
arwj Power Company.' . ' >
"This ordinance; shall be Jrx force from;
Its KV&RM K6." '- " :>: >
PfesldsQtVßemigß, of tl:^; Tractlon|.Com^
pany-v wiengsHowhC a; copy > of i thls^ordf-|
nanc»s bya^Di^atch man :la»tiniefat/jreade
)t -with' frfcat-JniciV-st^butVstated^that;
su ; 3s*fll fctiown"; ; fcb£olutel^notbiag'|of gt»i
or tho ni.anei.l movement tiffiMSg
Mr. b. L. Kollcy.r-nprrsentinK th 0 CitJ
z<u>s-; Rapid: TmnsltJCblripariy^madettlie l
.same .statement.
;Mr. : A. B.: Gulgon, of th« Passenger;
and Power Company; asked to bo -ex
cused r f rbm an ■■ 1 ri JJ cc r vl owj0 wj- r ; Mr.' ; : iV\ 7 ; : - ';L;; L;
Royall ; also;:f.oU:;thoV he- wasinot^ih^a 5
position : to ; throw anyV light? on; the'smat
tcr.- , - • •
J ; . ;L. iJaner. of -Ith'e," Cleveland;
; c^l^ lru 9tion i jCompany^. j ;tiscHbuiWe^'of
thcrPotersbnrK line" and/thejcbristructiori
; departmenu of the Everett;Mopressyndi
catc: of ; Cleveland ;t talked;:: pleasantly^ of
his; company arid; its; interests-" 7 ' but ;did:
not wish;; to" spcatoXfof> ? piibllcatioi\^bri
the matter Immediately; In hand. ;;^
; Major., Patton,: of ; the Passenger- and
Pbwer;Company, tinci; Mr.; Fries,',; of>; the
Cleveland • Construction :x: x Company,''/ ■ were
not"'in;lhe city; last night- "
Mr. Miles; M.: Martin. ;of ; the; Passen-r
ger and Power Coriipariy,- very, courteous
ly -. received "an;: Intervlewor/ r '.He "stated
that his; company .emphatically ' did not
own a: controlling -interest in the Peters
burg: line, and -that the relation* at prcsr
ent; was only a trafllc n"greeriie;nt. r V/heri
asked -the purpose : and meaning; of* the
ordinance; introduced. Mr. iMartin replied:
"I was instructed to; prepare 'and.have
the ordinance Introduced; in caseit should
bo, necessary ,: to act : under ".it." }- : When:
asked whether his :'. road would swallow,
up; the Petersburg road or : the Peters-!
burg road "swallow his road, up, he re
plied^ "If you wiir consult -the ; ordinance
you will see that it contemplates a r merger
of the Passenger and Powers Company
into: another company. Exactly: how 1 , far
negotiations have: gone, I cannot- say."
"Has this movement any; relation to
the .Traction ; Company. -.or- the\.propbsed
Jenkins Company ?" asked the newspaper
man. " v ■. -' - . . . ■'■■' ' : ..■ • " "■ '.
"None in the world that I know of,"
replied Mr. Martin. : 1" *■ / .
When questioned as .to whether the
reciprocal rights to other, companies pro
vided for in, the franchises- would give
the other lines in the city, a right .to
run over this line to Petersburg, 'Mr.
Martin replied that these reciprocal rights
did not extend outside of- the city." ■.:.
Odd. Parliamentary Proceeding- T>y
"Which He St r cn res a Q;iioriira— ' '
Xew Directors.
!■'■ NEW YORK, December 14."— A; "G.^Sp aid
ing presided at to-day's;; meeting' of tlie
National League. The New- York. Bos
tori, Cincinnati, and SL Louis clubs did
not participate. Mr.: Spalding made a
short, address, in wliich he said that he
intended to. put base-ball on the plane
it. occupied some years ago, and if neces
; sary, new clubs would be put in the place
jof those deserting the league. ;. •-, . .
■ A;'. quorum,.. was obtained for to-day's
meeting by an odd parliamentary ruling
jby the new; president. Mr.:. Freedman
had sentj his secretary,; F. M.,Knowles,
to watch matters. When the meeting
was called, Mr. Knowles approaches the.
I door and peered .in. .-.'. Quick as a: flash'
! his name was called. There .were four
i other clubs represented, arid. Mr.- Spald
ing ruled that_New York ,be;counted as
I present, thereby . malting ;a- quorum.: ; ,
! .*; A. new Board of Directors was elected,
composed of Ebbetts, of Brooklyn ;Soden,
of Boston;. Hart, of Chicago," and Drey
fus, of Pittsburg; ; . ' .. „ .
The league placed. the matter of a play
ing, schedule in the hands. of President
Spalding,-^ith . full pbw«r to act. At' the
suggestion of "Mr. Spalding, the; league;
unanimously decided to admit press rep
resentatives to • all- future meetings of -the
organization. The meeting - then ad
journed. ; : "
Uc and JlcEaeliern Mate 2,355 Miles,
' 4 Laps, "iVnereas Record is
2,T33 3liles, 4 Laps.
NEW YORK December . 14.— "Walthbur
won the six-day -bicycle race, by . about
two, yards. " The score at the: flinish fol
lows: - .:
■Walthour, and aicipachern, 2,555 miles,
4 laps. . . .■ i ;. ... -■• -.. ■; '. ■ :
Maya and Wilson, 2,555 miles,; 4 laps.
Newkirk and Muriro, 2.555 miles, 4 laps.
j -Babcock and Turyille, "• 2,505 v miles, 4
! laps.; . : "• . ; . . •
j Butler and McLean, 2,550 miles, 4 laps.
I .King and Samuelson, 2,sss' miles, 1 lap.
If Hall and- McLaren, 2,442 miles, 9 laps. ;
| Fredericks, and Jaak, 2,403 miles, no
I laps.-"'- •■• ' " '
! Lawson and Julius, 2.231 miles, 2 laps.
I The record is 2, 733, mi1e5, 4 laps. - " ■
! -••■ Tlie prizes ; the riders contended i for
were seven- in number, •■ as follows: -First
prize, §1,500; second .prize, $1,000 ; : ;third ;
prize, : 1750;' fourth prize," S500; fifth prize,
?SoO;. sixth prize, $250; seventh prize, 5150."
lv addition, the management agreed"
to; pay" the training expenses of the men 1
remahiing-in the race during the allotted
six; days. , ' , - . •
. Sixteen thousand; people saw the finish
of the race, which came at 10:12 o'clock:
These people had done I. nothing.; but .cheer
at the top of their voices all the evening,
but there was reserve... force in. -..- their
lungs, ■ and when , Waltliour- led over, the
tape the flagsfin, tlie -garden' gave a flut
ter as the deafening shouts were wafted
to : the. rafters. \, ■: : ; •'""':• „■■
" Wlien the pistol-shot announcing the
be-'imuiig of the last mile rang, out; But
ler was in the. lead, with Wilson; second,
and Walthour third. " The. three watched
each other like hawks;-, the second
lair Walthbur shot to the front, and held
that position throughout ■■: the.y : tbirdk lap
and into;ihe fourth. Mnthe fourth, But-
S?again forged to the front, and; s^iyed
thVre int'l the eighth lap. .Walthour bemg ;
so-ond " Then Walthour,: by ;<a ■: heroic :
effort, got the lead again^ Babcock being
<?V><-nm! nnd' Wilsonthlrd. -. .: ..-; ■■;.. .
-In the beginning of the lnst lap, -Wai-.
VWir-exhibited^. marvellous;
sneed a shade better than : . that pUK iK;
-■ roW close ;to :^v-mthour'sKrear
SrtWWalthouf: crossed, the tape ,:two.
- l!^ : -ihead of Wilson.r Munro-, was
behind. ;; Baljcock^and;
! ap . a f r l it was nil ov^r. Wtilthour and
thonr. -
n^iar otr Several: .f,l»y,
CH \TTANOOGAV- rfTENN;, ■ i December
reports > fro^Knoxville j ; to ,; ; the
Effect 1 Uiat Ahe coal-famine in: Tennessee/
rolorga, andjitheiCarplinasr^ueWlack,
of : S to carry ;the;,coai;- is : about to"
cauS factories UoTshut down, isjdenied
: Tliese^fflci a ls?ch^rgdjyiatithelcoal|ope
rators themselves are; causing the short-;
Srdprllfor f doniest ie use ? attihighji prjees;
gSSef the: heavy; orders of ofactorles-re
omcial« state thntcbl^
?not \ by; the /railroad;
Srershipmentslare-lrandeby operators;
: Sith^nomJthc: railroads |have|inoirthly,
0 in i hi if 3p*£
' Rppnffi in Phi^dp
; -:-■, •-.; ;; llUUul U;-:lll;j; ; UiliUUf><J|
.......... O
Six Below the Hlg^^pS^Dmg
tlie Day.
ImpoßsiMc to /; Keep ' ; tlie ; Stores ; at a.
■-. Comf6rtal>le .Tcmperatnrer-Many/of
.; the Traction Companies i Have Great
Difficulty in : Rniiiilng Ciirs-Ice anil
Snovr-Driftsj' Also .. Cause; Delay on
the Rjiilroads;
■ CHICAGO^; ILL:f;December,l4.— Chicago,
experienced to-day ; arid-\ to-night one •of
the seve"rest cold" snaps Von r record, for
the early part ; of the winter. . The^wea
ther office '■ predicted ; 'early in the day. that
it would prove the severest weather,' that _
the~city;had"felt' for twerity-fivei years In;
the month ; of ; December,^ and ;to : night no
flaw. can^be;:fourid : in;;the"predlction. ;^
Three ' deaths were r . reported? to . the > po
lice ■"; during the day,, r as : having>;:been
caused by : the ' cpldr'^At -daylight .this
■morning) the mercury' in; the; weather of
fice; stood at;B below zero, and the high
est point reached; during the day ; was
6 ; below, at' 6 A. M. In the evening, the
'temperature began to fall, and at S P.
M.:;it was S below." ■■■■:'; : . •-■"•. '■■ ; -:-" -;
The, cold -weather /proved very, 'hard
" on -''traction.^' companies, v arid many ; of the
street-car lines 'had ; much difficulty, in
• running cars. The storm of last night was
at first rain .and later r sleet;, and then
snow. L The'rain: and-, sleet; froze- on the
trolley wires and on. the rails, making. it
almost -' impossible in" places to; move .the
cars. '■■ t The elevated: roads, ; all '; of . which
operate with the third rail,- were : in; bad
shape all morning,", because of ice, and
it was found necessary; to send out men
to" remove all the- ice. from :the -third
rails -before any;, speed, could , be made :
. with- the cars. I. The ice; and >. snow-drifts
also caused . delay .on the railroads. ;
In-\the large down-town' stores, . where
Christmas shopers were ; in = force,, it.was.
-found impossible: to keep.;the. buildings
at^ a comfortable'; temperature, because
of constantly-opening doors, and -/tne :
clerks wore cloaks : . and overcoats as they.
stood behind . thet coimters. . .; ,
)■: ':■ 2t BELOW IN -.'WYOMING. ■-
CHEYENNE, : WYO., • December 14.-
Late reports received : from theUsouthJ;
•em. western, and " eastern parts of the
State' show: :that -the ; weather.;" for : the ;
:past twenty-four^hours'has; been, of un- :
usual severity.;the. temperature falling ,4
degrees below. Z ero;at;many places At.
Cheyenne,-. the temperature.. was 23 bslow ;
: earl^ E SH^ 00 SS 1 srHfeßLI Z kAKD
■RpDorts have just .been .received, that ;
fiv^ SpSders^perished-in. the-bli^
Srd near "point bf Rocks .Thursday night .
at inldnlsht. -.. .. ■ . - - : .; - ; ;;
Is somwhafdelayed. iT DQTVN
ed on the Illinois Central
•The temperature -has- fallen ioi>-j
•t>o-v-TV->TOC MISS.^ December 14.— •«•
portion of -this 'county, last . nignt ■ x^e
dSter, ; i3year S-of;age,.mst^n«yS -of;age,.mst^n«y : kmed t
Telephone" lines ;are^vn, and the^extent
;; o f damage. :done : by, the storm is' not ob-
NASHA'-ILEE.- TENN., ; December 14.-
Durin* a 'heavy wind- ■ : and | rain-storm-:
last night '; Reynolds, a fisherman, , his
• w ! fe 'and; infant; who, with .; two -.others.;
were on a house-boat; moored near the
mouth-of Richland tcreek.v were, drownea.;
The J sudden ; rise ; of the waters tore the
boat from its'mobrings, and into the-mid
dle of -Cumberland; river, where :it^sank. ;
The two "persons "; saved were, taken ; off the
boat^byVmen in a; skiff;-just before the
boat sank. '- .-. ' ; ' ' • ■' " ■
14.—A special- to thej- News from;; Spring
City," - : Tenn'"jC ; says ;a. cloudburst Vinr the:
mountains : last- .night ; forced ..Finet f river
out afrits; banks : frbm\three, to five ;feet
: than ';; ever -.known .; and
•flooded =-j the ?i town; driving people ; from
.their', honies and " > damaging property;;
About : one feet of .the Cincinnati
Southern .railroad track.- : was ; washed
; away,v"only fifteen;minutes:' after rpassen
"ger: • trai n ■'■ N0. : ?.,' r sou thbouiid, ; had : passed
over; it 'this morning.' , ' ' - 1
>■ The "waters' are still rising, and rain
. is;, still:; fall ing. .- • ' ' . , '
sy/E e pi x« - ox ; r ici 131 osn ;
Col«l C W(iyc : TSiKiialf; Wariii* r'of>;"Ai»
;-..ii r on cli i n K.i Storinl'cfrninS to rin l'cf rnin ;,ilie - ; W«»st.".'- v
.' The >') hoisting of the^cold^, -wave "signal
yesterday; af ternoon^seemed:: to ibe/ahuge.
meteorological ■ mistake; :, for J- the I tempera-)
ture;,was oppressively ;AvarmJfor tlie iSea^i
sorii? but ,the':!Wealher^:Bureau«>insisted;*:
nevertheless, ._: that; tlie signal meant Jwhat"=
itSindlca'ted. and;.tliatVtheref wbu ldj.be^a" ;
rtureT\ijThc Awarmijyave, is ti a ■ precursor, i
;otUhe^drop-bfi;theVmerciiry,.:andj usually]
"great ; of f
side!;but war d ; and Iwhisked ; ; skir ls )
aboiit^ inTa^most;/ disagreeable '^wayVvwas
;but^anbther^iiidication~^bf;y.lieZ cbming^
cold i wave",^whirh^ isl sweeping ;l from 'i the;
;^^esf^^with;{ic|cle)?Jin ; ;^everyj;gust^The];
temperature yin;, the ■'.far : West-; is:'; many/
degrees :ibelow" v freezing ;aml i several^ bel
low > zero, ; but, ■■:.. though a remarkable I
change-- is ;.pr-edictedi.leven; for : this : vi--;
clnity^noj one y anticipates any hueh ex-
Ltremelyjcold i weather \ as| the -:-West ; ij>(nbw^
''gyeatly|bfeakliti|fbrce;andj moderate : fits!
«M>'verity.' A <iii.j rain or snow f ; i-:cpected.
llo\*ri Slavery Whs « BleitMinK tojttie;
Black Mn*t.. . -.'JS^^
Holzy, of the Colored : Methodist? Episfj
t Church;'? •discuissed.ft.the'li racef jiiiesv
|llna-":Conference.> lt^ believes that Church
v.! 5 solve tbe ? "probleni;|>but
,-wheh'it U-i solved it will be ..by applied;
[Church; f Christianity, and this form o£
fChurchVy:C_hrlstiahity,\he says,, is oiu
about'Vhlcli tho wlnto man (cares£rio|*
Among oilier llniig.s. !'<■ yak! that !C
slavery' Avas ; right, then- the -present .free
dom; as applied to negroep, is a farce,
bl essing|tb|tlie Inegro^bel^auselby; i t^the ;
"t think," he 1 said- ."slavery." was ;i
blessing ;'tol : theiriegrp^because_|byl;itf the;
negro ? a t ta i ned ; the highest ' f orria of "civil- :
The ;?lOJOOO,OOO of Steel Uonds 31iiHt
■.- Be Tiinied Inio Cash' of United ■.
States Securities.
: D. C., December • 1-L—
It is said to., be definitely .decided" that
■ President r.-RboseveltVwiiiV'nbtH accept ;?the;
offer , of Andrew^ Carnegie of j $10,000,000 /of s;
bbridsrofitheVUnited Corporatibrii
'for; the purpose: of ;foundirig.ari:institutiorii
for ihighttr-r.; education . in ; the ;fcitysr -The;
views ? of i prominent j Senators < arid i Repre-;
the .President,: aire l practicallyiunanimbusj
against Uhe ; acceptance "« of ; the\offer; in; its?
present shape. feThe provision:' attached 'tbi
the"bffer;that)pie"fgov«rrimeritfshall shold'theibbndsJfojJaSterniipf^years^isrcori^*5 hold'
sidered ;lv- especially y/\- objectionable/; :'wThe-
President,' : :however, .ls very ;hopeful;: that!
an'/ adjustment^ can ; : ; be : made A, by, si which;
Mt.V : Carrieg<ie \y' will • "corivert ;s the -V- bonds ;
which 1 : he into: cash or ' United;;
States; bonds,: and that the gift can then
be accepted. :'.- ■ ;:.;;:- V . - ~ ". x" ' ,x^
Tlie; AVaj*iii- Jlain. ■ Ai»i>roach,of
v " Christmas, • Will Bi-iiig. Fanners" ;.
Here This Week. y r
J. Tlie warm rain .of ' yesterday and" the
night before brought a. .. busy" season ; : to
tobacco-grower's. ."It is what in the par
lance of -the: trade' is known is known *as
a "season''..? and ' the very'beir'r season;
since the new tobacco .year : opened ■''.' six
or seven ■ weeks ago. Thei probability is";
that -many farmers'- -worked hard all::day;
yesterday and .in some;, cases ."the .night
before, stripping tobacco -to
bringing ; it to .'market. .Such', warm, "damp;
weather", is. necessary ..for; -the) •proper,
handling '; of .tobacco, jiist as 1 sunshine Vis.
to hay-making. With many farmers] to-;
baccbi is. the great money crop, {arid owing;
to ;: the ; : lack of ; seasons f ewj haveV-had
chance .to realize on their : tobacco crops, :■
ajid'now ' that "'Christmas :is 5 so ; riear at
hand ; there is :; a-. universal •- desire to - conj
vert some : of .the . tobacco rinto money.-
The high^prices "prevailing since ; the ; sea
son .opened serve ".to further increase"; this
desire; to ; market! part -bf the crop"; .though,"
some -of ;the) farmers ■;areV:holdin"glit\fprjaj
still ' further ■ advance 'in'yalue.; ;, With : the"
week beginning; tof day..; the '^sales'; ;. will
close until ;' about ;;the -, 10th ,. of ., January
next, 'next .Friday's".': sales being the >;last;
of V; the present year. ,; The .indications
all-: point" to record-breaking offering.' this
week, certainly so f far ; as; quantity;; is
coricerned, and as all the working and
export: grades are stilU' in uridiriiiriished
demand.' it looks like there, will be ;nb
diminution' in prices for what- is_ offered.;
II probable t ;, r more tha'ni. 500-0Q().
pounds will ,be sold "orifthis^rmarketj this
week. , " . :<'\~v.-' : ' ] :.: .:. ;-
Charcoal Fumes Will End
■ of Cai>iries "Wliicli ' Get ■ r <
■;-, Intol'onnd., -. : -
: Councilmen Glenn and Stein, ;of the
Police Committee,, have-: returned v from
Washirigton, after -a study of the plan:
'for killing dogs in-, use there. ; : They ; will
report favorably upon this . scheme, .which"
! is asphyxiation by ; riieans I. 'of '.' charcrsfl
/fumes. -. It- has .been in for; .thirty
years' in Washington, and is painless- arid
It: is the plan and
kills' the dogs within" twenty, seconds. The
-Police; Committee wiir^adoptj it • and: elect
a : poundmaster i at • the meeting to be : held
this 7 week. •;*•■•
•■■■ A- ■■-■:■"■■■■■■"■. . ■ ■ - , ------ -• ■• .;•■■,-.■:■::
The Council Committee on Accounts and
;- Printing, at : its meeting on l Monday, af ter£
'- noon; will aw ; ard: contracts for -stationery,;
printing, and. advertising.; . . -..-. .-;.; ;. :'0.\
Mayor' Taylor ■yesterday, signed .the Car
<:negie library administration; r ordinance/
■Kvhich recently ; 'passed both ;;branches?bf
.the: Council:' It .-is.; known -as: the "Pollock
.substitute,"^ and provides for; the.-" election
of .nine trustees— two from the; Aldermen,;
three .from the ; Common -three
f roiri" the ci tizeris— brie : ' f rbm. ■ each v school .
'"district,; and ;the| City - Superintendent' of
Schools..' ■; "■ " •■-..,;«
: These trustees viiil'be;.:chosen; ; at^the
next regular; meetings of ;the ; two; bodies,
unless ; . special ;meetings ; are 'called for-cthe.
; purpose, -and- then"; the : appropriation^ for,
a site for; the :libraryXwilli come up:iThe
-minority.' in-, each-branch: of, Counci l-will
:makeJaii: effort;' at^ that; time' to v kill ■: the
- Pollock: plaiv by, defeating ; the fappropriaT
tion. * 1 ; :r^'-;- ; c\- : v\;> : '<:-j^'6 :'
AViUls ;of --.: Biiildiiti? ••■■■Surttleiily vCol
":..- -•, :-laii.s— Tlie CaiiHe a
kSbANVIIJL.'R; ; "i;VAVV ,:;December^l4.-KSpei
i-'c'ialO^At 11: o'clock .tb-night : ;tlns. city .was
: visited ;byi some -strange phenomena that
ilia's :leftrdestructiohV.insits,jpath7U*A\neayy.j
; ram ; has vbeen^ falling -since ;fdark.^ arfd; at
: the^libur^rnentibned;i'some- people:; claim
theyl-Wiw/si vivid flash of lightning.^How-;
ice-factoryj; andX street -carJjpbwer^hbuse
; aicrash^and[the:roof was^blown
if rorit vto .^Jones's ;drugstore]Jand^Bfown's
; grocery^ collapsed;' ;*tlieiibricfe? and-* timber
'falling; into^CraigheadVstreetST^^teeeiK
'-■ cars >; were i forced |to t suspend JoperationsT
atyniid night;: the Vel ectric flights .went
Telephone, telegraph, 'and electric wires
'are"?do-wh, muJ it is dangerous > to ' walk;
i along £.tijef streetstJin^certaln/& r sec'yons^of.
sttieTcity:'; ;f:Nb^earthq"uak'_eJsh'6clcSha_ssb"een;
felt^aiid?just what? caused^thejtroublej is]
;a^n^teryT!ifAt|irthe'-;:street-e;ir power
ing "walls might give away.' The^cars
rnreTscjittered'ln all' parts of tho. city. 'At
"this hour, the tota» damage to property
cannot", be _ estimated.
s --TAljllAJElASSEE,^^li^^D,^einter*jl4.%-^;
s was'given* outu t a tiereS to-day .3 that? 3?V; It;
■ Trunlc'RallrqadlCom.pany.?. This2companjr|
Kvas i'gra.ntedf'ar char ter-f as \the KFlorida 5 arid ■:
s Great SBasternfinv -18?3rSwtthta3 capital,! of j
IJUOf ;rßoßf3liflnioßtil6S ...^rWOi:
Important Questions,
Reporter jS^j^SCoinMttert oniQ^i
Their Failure to' Atticlc VnbWiSSfe
incir i aniirc ,T,s^
SnZspUition, Which. i^Adop^&l
Surprise of the Day-All Old Ofll
ce M of the Federation nc-Elccted—
Xew Orleans Nest Meeting Place of^
SCP ANTON PA., December 14.-The
: the^ convention^ convened, v ten rda> sj; ago, ;
iThelgreater/of:sthe^^o-iu a thecminds ; p^
?most ; of the "delegates;- is ithat ', of = autonp
-my 'liibrief, the special -cbmrnitte on.au
tonomy ' recommended • that "where ; there
-are only "a f ew" cr'af tsmen^inw a ;:iarge ;
i industrial^ concern, •'ithe'JhestV interests ?pf
J all^ concerned^ would --v.be .;■/ subserved vby
;the few;: joiningjthejparamouritrorganiza
jtion in :such v «stablishment,- and theiamal^
"gama tion .- of - the} subdivided 'I crafts V. into
district and national 'trade 1 councils, where
all disputes should, be settled.', j; - ' . .
' , Tlie - ; recommendations Vof the ) commit-^
jtee, I'to .the- ; -'surprise *; .of many, > : were
\unanimously adbpted,|without a single re
•; commendations i"'are: Viewed? differently^ by,
the delegates/ sThe^ miners, who have . f ay r ;
rored industrial .fand'hayel pur
'that principle "into^effect / in the mines;^
-• looked upon . It; as .c a .^victory,; ;, while ;..the
brewry workmen, pressmen;':; and .irllpng£
f shoremen; . saw ."- some ;; ; concessions ;. in jj the
> report.' ••-.-■ . ■ . . ■-. .' '- : ;■■',-:'
":;iThe; failure of the ' Socialis t, delegates to
: the;- substitute I; resolution iwas? the
;of ; the Y day; h The t Socialists;? in;
declining to take ;up- the discussion;" ex
plained that <;ttie convention; had [~ : so .-much
business to; ; dispose. :bf -in" "the" limited: time;
; at his disposal, ?they..would' not "seize -the 1
opportunity at ; this;time;to:show'ihbw;*So-i
icialism could -cure the ;uis 'of^humanity.;
The was adopted by 'a.large
majority. ;lt:is l'a's" follows: . ■ V; i ; ;
7-' -, "" ; " AIMS r OF. ; TRADE^DNTTOJISM.
. .-.-The aims, ■ desires,", and of
.; trade-unionists'; coriiprise)all^£lia{:;i is -Tn&-)
pessary • : or; possible ito v:• the : ; weli-beirigi
of the. human) family,; and; in \ the pursuit :
■ and. accomplishment 1 : 'Of Jthem .. we cheer
■ fully accept, 'and,:in.. fact,Jdesire; all r the :
: assistance -.■which ; can -be'giyen our. niove-1
;ment by .those reform'- forces; which": stand
-for the of mankind. 'In this
- po §i u P n . ' we ; ar « ; : in. close ■ relationship ' to !
? the greater body i of; Socialists ;,; and with ;
them > agree/ not " only ': that ; the
of .itoil should be made vligHter.H but -that^
each: worker "has : an undeniable^righ't
to ; enjoy r tlie full; benefit of that : which;
he or she; produces^; ;; We, ;; like > them/
stand v for • greater; liberty, ' '. and \ar eideter
jmh^d_jb\^acj3hiutithe4future?shall' i^
. more congenial ■ to \ the wholeihuman\fani
ily;;and};especiallyjmbre -bright. and ;en
■ipyable Ito;; the ,men; and ; women bread-^
earners "_ of ; North" America, iwhom we di
rectly and 'indirectly, represent. ;. ,'"
: J"We; unhesitatingly^
trade-union 1 movement , theory here ; repre- ;
.sented V is :;the^ most": practical, - safe, - and 5
legitimate .f channel, .thl-ough '.whichC;- the
wonkirigmen ; and; women ;, of North : Amer-;
;IcaV;should'. riot; 'only r continue: itpVi seek!
; redress; for -their; wrongs,: but by which
"they can : strengthen- their po
isition: until. it?. will ; control the^ political;
field; arid : thereby place : labor iin full pos- :
- session; of . its ■ inherent : fights. ; ; '-.:-. -~ '<
;!We : declare -that since; the Inceptjbrii
of; our : movement,;; inquiry into the'-best;
f o rm of r goyerririient L has; b een i i ts ; guiding ■
;star,;:and;will-so:coritiriu"e^..while therejis
;a ■ high ; moral desire to -gratify ■ or an in
justice to correct. '■ Our ; meetlngs;Mbcal ;
and national^ now ; are ; arid always ', have ;
been, free -to^the discussiori;of;any.;po
-liticsfl ■or economic question,, but on the
other -hand, are equally ; pronounced
against party, religious,, orsrace^pfeju-:
dice. ;arid i as 'success '- has; followed xthosel
meritorious conclusions, "we"; would; be'Cun-;
; faithful : to thefduti^; we ow« S to ; mankind"
; to) do : other ; than '• strongly, recommend Tsi)
continuance of thermethods,v the inculca
tion -of which .means the 'greatest ambuhti
of ■;".': safety ;tb our .'■'irnbyement.-i^.with'^'the':
least^ degree Jbf; danger. V" "';?-::-.'': r '■', ■:: ; ' : ';;?
: "In .conclusion/ : we assert that Vlt • is : ;
. th e : ; du ty -of ,; all :. trade!-. unions to publish'
iri: their -official journals arid: discuss- in ■
their/ meetirigsv;i arid jof rthe^ineriibers^to
study .in ; their I. hbmes, : ; all fquestions-if questions -i of .^a
public ,: nature = having.. reference to : ; lndus- 7
trial 1 or "liberty^ arid Ho 5 giyeTspe^j
cial 5 consideration to : subjects directly af
fecting'them:as a class.^but^we- as Lvigo
rously.submit'that;ltiis;riot: within^the;
pcVer/bf this brgan^^
mecibprs;;pf^ our; unions ;to"j which ;pblltl-j
caKirarty : tliey;i shall : ; belohg/.;brXwhiclv
party's! ticket they ..shall rvote'.^:"-' •
;> ;;:ELECTiqN.\OF4OFFICERS. . '
;.Tlie coriYerition-took'up'thejgreater.part'
of; the'af torr.oon'in; the} election 'bf [of&c&g&a
•AUitlie; b fli cerswere-re-elected "as follows^
Pi-t'sklen t, ; ; P ; ijnuer:Goriipers ; * First : ;yiee-
President.v J;i«i^o .M.'Uncan, »- ? bf y : Bosronf:
SiC'indi.Vice-President^John^ Mitchell,:, bf
Tndian;i: Tl'-rd; ; Vice-President.; Q James;
O'C6rinrl!.?c f/Wii&hingtonV p:jC.:;Fburr'i'
.Vice-president^ ;ilax; Mbrris,;;bf:Colbradb:*
Fifthly ire-?:Jresiderit.i;Thornas:>l.ftKll(l. :
of Chicago; :Sixth : .=yice-P. resident, /Dennlsl
:A: ; :Ha yes ::;•", o f --'„ Phil ad el phia ; ri : T reasur er, : ;
Secretary..: Frank v Morrison,;; of r Washing
ton, DC. I
V; New Orlea hs ;,was ;selected as 'the - riex t
place of "meeting. "
Ci t y's Cliamlier of Co mmerre "fAska
■ "'. That Cu«<>;«e!R<>'Miei»'il. ■-" ." ■■■•■-:
fi CHATTANOOGA; -TBNN.. ; December
14.— The- Chattanooga. • Chamber of; Cbm^;
:hier"ce':'>hassfpTmally|requested.S'the^olici-|!: hier"ce': '>hassfpTmally|requested.S'the^olici-|!
other; rival." ciUesi^ s The3
case- will be carried <nto the Federal^
i Supreme •■'. Court SfbrKadjudicatibriQbriS its;
merlti. . ' ?3H
:M6Te n .enti-<o^Dor;A'ivay?}^VltJrijltg
I tef: H's AHosiml Bn.l Kffoo*. -.^
< tfßEKUN'il'Pecembe^lt^^e^Empißrori'
■ ilatiohsi'Of .the Herman .worlcman'slSprc-;
I fductiveness, and' tho use ?bf ibeerj; during
i f'aniong^ 'ernplpVers ifandj students ?| of isocfal 1
I squestloni^indic^tefthatlheJre^arailtHe 1
{ iheePnowfdnmk?regularlyjon.^factoryipref
; fmisesias'fafdetelmentstoithelaccuracylof
: 1 There is a - movement , to j jbeerj;
• Sfronvrffactbries^ Several! factorles||h"aye
: ! f alreaaVledu^ated^elri*operaUve^t6fai^
i jfpehse £wl t h";l the S morning J arid ?faf ter noon
] i'beei^'^-it'Jlsrauite|cjQmmdn ;^J^aVt«[br)6OTan!
' : «6S*dtin!c¥teri';ipintsfa ; f ; dayi£ln!thej-~shops^
I : -;-An 'American nrnv.tnaktnff, electrical ; ap
paratus here has kept records ot tne;
work doae before arid since the prohi
!^bition of .beer., The result is lo|per|cent.;
inr^tfasf Sn product p«r.man. Fart of the
in i^rbrkfngl hours j makes sajman;
IpnVsleally and .^mentally/ Jnactiye.'isaadj
' thkt^cbnsequently;s tie! is | less jcapabiejof j
r d6ingj'his::bestr work-, especially toward;
i^thelend^of : the day. .
December; U.—
'ThefltalianlSbarkgPfbvinzia, Queriorla]
about di'.e case from the Amelia light.:
The vessel in now in a very rtans-erous.
;position,-.:and^unless r the';weather;changssi
at once, she will go to pieces. She Us
Ipbu^ingSnpwjTibnslderably. The |cre^
ireaViied ?
I f6i^swa3?"inad|' \ tofiendja ■iwrecklngricre'nr.
to*' theXvesseL; iThe j stprihl signals tare^up, ]
r andtfalf£!eye>e|squtheast , - gale from ,d thej
: South v'A'tlantici is 'V predicted .
:TW0 4 MOi^'iW"AJaBA^ITS. 4
ffe Pretence and Keepin^/ralse
: Acconntii; Allesecl. , ' . -
?ContlrientalS Security! Redemptipnj.;Com : .
r pariy/.'bnel'ajlegingrl false jpretence and the
rotherikeepirigifalse accounts. .
0 Morgan's i^totallbbndSis^S.WO.'^Hei; has
(failed v; tbTsecurelbailfrarid Is in\the!county.
Ha^JS^^P^tuJgajS^m^^^j l^ o^ l ? ♦ s ? t
; f orv; nextVTuesdayr: It : is" "understood ; that'
!.Morgan'sl;fathef l iwiU^be;h'erelMoJaday J fitoj
1 furnish -bond; andj assist his son in: mak-;
ing defence. . "- :': ' " ' -
Captain and C^eyrrSavert^TUy^Steanier,
r ; ' "i That tlie ipiimaße.;:;; ;:•--]..:
- -NORFOLK,' \VA.V. Decemberj 14.-^3 ithe
: Bay-; Line" steamer -Alabama" was
fbff ; frorii 4 the" Seaboard . "Air-Line |terminar
; station : this Jeyenirig.l;pn ;the
iside;bf_>the}ha"rbbr^rsh\ r ran~fdoTraUhe;tug
yAUlanceM strikingsthat iiyessel|justli abaft
; hble.;2 The ;.tug.vbegam ;to (settle J at cbncejj
.;Captain'-Bohanrian;bf ■the?Alabama;llow-5
er ed his 5 lif e-bbats; : ; arid ) by : vworider f ully
all v eight : of j the 5 Alliance's j crew;f just^as^
that ; craft iplungedsbeneath;;ithe^ river's
•surface. " : The fAlabariia [.waViu'nlnjurd;i'and:
proceeded ; bri ■ her ..way ; to' Ba ltimore,'. about
an hour! behind time. ,
Tlie; One ; Asairist;-Kirby,.LMnd -Com-J
-.:;■" ;;':' v :; ; ? ,;;.--;:i>airy;Dl8ntlsi!ietl.-;-:: * "" "■ .
; ;AU STIN, ; TEX.v? r>ecembe¥:;.l4^Th'e|sult
against r~ the ; Klrby s - Land ? Cornpany^rer*
centlyi filed > hi -this Vcity^bhargingiVthat
thel ; cpmp'any;:was'?;operaUris.-3Ui^yiolationV
of /the ! Texas Vanti-trust"la"w, ;v was;ofHcially.
dismissed l-tp-day^v it {-haying;;- been; fully,
established nthat v; there were ;no>gTburids
for; the
:■: The': Houston :s Brewery •: Company, 7 the_
last :'of the . ; State ; breweries • _sued lunder
the anti-trust ; law, .compromised 2 its ;'case
to-day, by ■ the " : payment of ;$7,500-penal-:; 57,500 -penal-:
ties.-; y.;l';;^;'>;-:'-^;::;;^-;:::;';;;-;:;::y .;l';;^;'>;-:'-^;::;;^-;:::;';;;-; : ;:: ; ;'':
'; Ea»tvricTc]Peiition;Deiiied. ■;;./ .-■.• .;;
:; December^ 14.— The* ;^--Home;
Office ; . to-day j notified i counsel t for. Miss |
Josephine >Bastwick;'Vv of B^Philadelphia;)
under: ; sentence -of ? six; ; months'- -vimpri-;
sonment for forging; a ' railroad t certift- ;
cate, vj. that ' the 1 petition • f or & her S pardon, ;
on? the <gr bund t of > insanity; ' could : not be
granted. ■>. No ; reason ; is v given.- r \;;;;; : ; : v v ;; I
f The% action -of? the- Horned OfficeUwas]
taken 'in spite r of •greatipressure.- brought I
to: bear in."; Miss. Eastwick'Si" behalf V by :
!theYo"fficials.;ofs^toe'.'i ; Amerft'a^^einl3a^y;
here.:'- -;■ : ' -■';.'.'"- ■■ '^-o'^ '■■'■\--^. :'"-:: '"- :: :-~-"- : .~^ '''A ■ l-''.\~^
;: -Taylor^Praiseii 'Hay. >_ : :
''^jr.t Y.;-: .-December j; 14.— ffpn-
Hannis i' Taylor,^' bf- r Alabama;;; ex-Minister
tbi Spainriwas Tthe .?guestVandypriricip2l
speaker .» at ••- a "dinner, given-by. the.vlnde
p\ndent Club >;thls :.' evening. 5j His * subject
was . "Our: Federal Republic as atWorld-^
■Power."^:-. -; ; ;^-: ;; ';'- J- ■.'.'•; '";;'-, l-^v,
'filr. Taylor.' said: "In the conduct; of ; our,
foreign^ ■as : well >as 'of four j domestic con- r
rcerns, . l-, 'for," oneV: stfll ' cling- to7 the . faith
~oic Jeff erson: kTheref of eV; v wJien ,I i find h a
wise;;tpatient; > ;tactful/;;patriotic:;'Republi
'can Secretary , of - State," : like ; John ; 'Hay;
iwhich ywili i surely ■ redound -.to '{, the .. benefit
of A the sin general and \to the. South."
•in 1 particular, ,I. am*! ready; to" JouT^in the
plaudits to .which Ihe is entitled.'' - >
iSclibbnerJ J-artsre-llns Xiirrow E.scnpe;
;• "V MAYPORT, FLA:, y. December^ 14.47L03- i
ing i her,:ibearings v in ~ the'i thick ■
the grip of a; heavy sea/?
the^schooner 'James 'Judge.* Captain -Da^i
vidson; ibound "from Mayaeuez (?)3Portoj
Ricg), '■ for .v Jacksonville;/- without ;a"; cargo,*;
ran " against \ the'p jetties} at % the';-; entrance .
■to :the .harbor;-before!daylight^this' : morn^
ing. VTheTschboner^^waSj. rescued .; by £ two*
v tugs,v ; -"i and • '■ carried \ u>p H the Vriver.';c : i;' Her.'
planking -was ;badly?damaged,';ibut -her,
: hull |was ?. not*sto ye J lri.^ Shells "owned v In;
• PhiladeJphlara She >; 3 will % immediatelyga go ;
on ?the Iways )in -Jacksonvile ;if or.3 repairs;; 1
the 'i full- extent of - : which?' cannot ') yet f ;bei
estimated^?^; ''•-"•. Tf^'; ; -" > -- "-■;" -;'^;-; : ; - ; ,- --j "^z?
; Nesrrb Kills :Slieriff;andf l* Killed^
arrest Sam ftv Ar ni s t ron S; c °'or e d)-
board :. a ?.; train •* f rom « this i place : f or Cli-^
max, - Ga:', J S.^ F." Edwards; ; the ■ Sheriff ? of :
; Gadsden;county,iwas -shot -and^kiHed-jby;
.Armstrong .?^The ; negro -; was : shot " to , : death";
byJEdwards; before he ,died. k '.' " , - -
■'•■""- .■•'■'• Jlnnlv'.Mes.seriser- Arrested.', r - --;
UCAXROt December "M^Robert
Ch-amblin, *-a4bank^messengef
alleged;^ went^to : j Mobile : on
,wlth- $6,000.1 wasi arrested 3ln Cairo '-.to-day.'')
Allvbut ; $100 recovered. , - ;'
r. ' -Prom men t ; Gal ye s ton lan De ad ?-}-u £i
GALVESTON, X TEX.; \ rf D ecember >li.^:
George Sealy.j one ]of j a icommittee of if our^
; appbi nted %pYm the | Galyes ton | Commission j
; to \ represent>»thatfcityiUn> the g conferences
VwithS afcommittee 3 of i holders]
; of ; Galvestoh"? city bonds.' 8 ? diedf onfaj train;
;near, : St;?Loulsl ; tOrd^y,tTvbHele*n|rbute;for.
■New. York. Death "was : from -heart fallf)
■nre^^X'r'^'i'.iJ !.^>i? o": : -i: : ?k -S P-r- ?* -" ' -■?"' - : '^
'tfNpYmanv hias^been Smore J closely yidentlj
past quarter.ibf >a^ centurysi than; Mr.i Sealyis
iHe^wasybornrin^Pennsylvanla^inilSSo. ;'^ ;i
Chlle'ii .AVnr Preparations.
ffi SANTIAGOIDEf CHILE.? DecemberJ 14:-=?
' Four A hund red T£ men'CSi wi th"t? offlcers«. v^,w ill j
leave Mvia2Panama'J for
!to -receive ? tbegyessels j? bought $hyM p*itQ&
[.The manoeuvres ; ; in t the *in terlor/ of .^CSiile ;
[will Sbegin 'U. tb^horTOw.WFif teeir^thousand I
itroo>pa« will form. ' -' : '^"^|]
■'■■ WA SHINGTON. ;^D^ cHiDecemb^rll^^
iWynn;Mof|thelNew;|York:?Press:|*i l yicer.|
t,"> ~j. Orlando '£-\ Stealy.'J^JLouisy iUe }
Courier-Journal ;$ Secretary. *Richard| X*ee j
'Fearn^New^iYork "iTribune; C^.Treasurer/"
GedrgoiH/iWalker:. "■'XiSg^i
feExecutive : ?SiCommittep~S.;rE; : -;'Jolinson;.-
Cincinnati ; gFranclsiiE.^:Lepp.l
*ofi'New| York *EveninsrlPpst;i J. -M. • Car-;
isonMof ; tile-Philadelphia yLevlg^r. "'7^^^
jOstebpatlir It Practice of -Medicine.''.
fRBIRMINGHAM^^LA;; v pecemberJti4^
rJudge|.SaTOuelsß."^Gre<:ne,-fof|thft l iCrim!'3
nai 3 Court^towlayi deeMed s thatf osteopathyj |
I is J the Ipi acticeTbf I niedlcirie.i and |any| per-1
. soayf engaging^ in ithel samel) In fAlabamal
is W/a^ science I relatlhgitoi the ■
icure.'riipreyeritlon,^ or^alleylatlonSi of ,H dss£;
l ease."« Thesdefen<fant^clalmedt%tba it*\ 'pa^
|tebp^th"y^waslnotatheSprHcUce|off J medt'3
; :S^^^^
vLastlnlghtf Edward aHojlis.«aCf drtuninf x%
atvLlmali eleyexijinifesif rotulthfsi
rDlbceJishotfandiknieiclshlsiwlfe. ana»s6t*>r>l
SnqawjSs fired Si atshis imother-!n.-law#aTia;
ialmself, ' mSmi
; ¥nwinionw&^^^^
.<Di^nia^LAyulilllull!oi. <Di^nia^LAyulilllull!oi v ,
)Wfreless ftMessajcs § frpin f^ Corraau t(^^
iHel Cabiew ;to" .' His :P*inclpi»l»rtoi^»lC^^i
. ; lnn«l Vnnoanclnc .-.Tl»at^He liaißu***Bo
„ ce««rnX ] and | Informs the >vera*SS§lg
oflVewfonndlanit to the «fHne*Et^
* " ' h\” r
•nals'.Flaslt I.TOO Silet. -v--' ; .v -;r;
|Marco^j_to-'day/^nno^nce^th^":.mcst ,wp^^^
derfuls:. scientific discovery of > modero^^r
Ulmei^nllstattog-Jthat^he^h.-id re : oived^^f
j. ixpfi |hls '% station S
' he iimade^! plans ~l f br-Jaccbmplish tng:| jthjfr!o^
" tairiing | thelwonderf til ?scleritific|achieve&-^fe
Atlantic. ■ Z^'Zji
":;;;Slsnor=g Marconi's /station ; in ; - Cornwall^^
fis-mbstTpowerful. "_ He .possesses on Hoc- ,
;tric:fforcel'gelaer"ated "; thereof a ;*hundre^:^g
?,times s;greaterJltha"a fat -his t Tor dinary js^;|^
:tionsVS ; Before??heyleft';;Eriskmdj : he* ; r.a
frariged i| thatf 'the^ electrician : .- i in- r *charge>||||j
f bf i the"? s tatlbri^whlch;; is " loca ted. ?at *PoT3^^^
IhuHshould Jibegin" sending -signals ;daily,
vfected .his^arrarigemerits here. Signof^g
Marconi arrived here a- week aw Frl-
Jday. ; Vselectedl Signal; ;Hill, 'Vat -th^enVj,^
trance ;to ■', the harbor, as an f experiment:
station", and moved hiseauipment^. -
• iLast ; ; Monday;; he7cabled -to .. the; Poldhu : . ;
-jr."- daily! and 5 to j continue itheni > tmtU,^« 5?-^?
M '■'Vthes^"-- vh"ours'Sbeing;srespectlvely*v h"ours'Sbeing ; srespectlvely* HX'S^t "]
to 3:30 St. Johns' time. Durhig thes*
hours ; Signbri Marconi |elevatedJthe|fWtj.|^
"ed ?atithe ;-^e;corderi attached St^^theare^^
: celvirigi apparatus;^ and i^to/his profound^i
: satisfaction : sigrialsTwere receiy-ed^byinlm^
f a'f i intervals, ■according, to ,tho Iprograinni*^
- arranged ■ i previouslysyrith ? ithe3Cbrnwan^
station^ -The signals ;;c;>nsisted ;of^re-;^
rpeatinc: at: intervals: the^letter^VS. ;i ,whlck |
in - Mafcbni's ■ code' is made by;three 1 dotn
; or quick strokes. ; This^slgnal^was^^eS^
: peated i so ; ;f reciuently, '[and 3so rin 5 accpr*r
; ance"with^theaetansdsplan^toil^^««
- Sigribi- "Maxcoril >as : satis fi ed |^^l^^B
v ■ To-day - : the",¥ kite ■ was .; agatoueleyateff.fe^
: messages^ere^eceive«^|
: This¥ made -the;; assura^so^inp^te^
'ihat 7 - Sigrior Marconi ': cabled Ato this cprin>^
I efidish ißoyle;tSvrh~b ; 1 :;Britl^&g|
JC>ffiti=P^?»e successful^result.of^the m
J satisfica^of i»*^
genuineriess"^ of Uheisignals^ and .that .-he
7 communication,iacross < thej^.tlac- ; 0^
: Wi the^reiult f6f =the |€xperiment3 ;«
• "srgnor ■ Marconi I is Sworking-mnder j gr^!^
Vailing here. The Cornwall c^oat^Jg
S miles from St. Johns.
"JIM CROW" ST.-CAR ' -t£
Companies Xo^y'-. Gatterta».^.^^^
The Committee of the •■ s .^-°-^£' :^^^h
support. . .'.
-rheiSbfSalfstte^ca^^paa^)^" |
"fi°-ht' before ithfr- Legislature. ..
fcidea StbTrepbrtf favorably Itlia I b!H^ ©»tt^^
Swhichftoll is : to ■beXcharge<U l i£ > ; g
CityM ttqrriey ■ -H.4Ri ■Pollard^and?Mr^^C^^
i" : Gulgbn?alsofappeare'd^bif breltlsißlcom'^^
3 MEXiCOiClTT^Beceiiher \ U:— Tho'rpdi^l
j president^of gthe?tPanr Amerfca»2Cbiaf«r«>^ffi
ence?3.win 3 remain
Ity^becausof thefAmerican* represoitaittlvea^^
;cannottagreeToaja"icahdidate.l?; cannottagreeToaja"icahdidate.l? ; Thlsls<>ltti^^
itiom/of -1 the a dlfaculty,;iwa3 3 sosSestea.il»y^S
! theSUni ted -:^ StatesS delesatipn:?i > AfcS'3fttt^l
day's @ session ~i Chiairman f Davls» ;g 6&§ titiimm
States SdefegaUpo^^Wsargeititai^
torj-pori ;t^^fe_ , •;"."-; 5:
; - - Th"Twt«ne\l33witl^Hyd^i'h«iM»;^-Vf^
pGNBWPORTI NBWS/?iVAf3Decetaber} £t§f3£
I (Special.)^Another|| easel 'ot-S hydrophobia^gsi
?lStjthreatehed^herfc'iL\v"esley| i Pai!daaQßf-s'a^^
I mad^pgri and 3 doctors |"who s examined -3tfi»]E
ibite^tp-dayldeclaredlithatS.thef dogiwaif^'
: \"«:r-3 . -yirsinla-^Snow^orirain^fn^thJ^
<}.^-^r-\ early i. morning 3 followed tby^ fait^
anil ,rauch colder 'Vweather Sunday v '.With,.'.;-"
IbfisKfnprthwesterly.winds.^ 'i
;^fJforthlCaroUhai-Fair . and jmuchf <wldefep
.weather, with a coM wave; SumlayMteia^^
day t fair i and/colder; jbrisk; northwesterijei^i
'« - - -
I : . . c\
&EB3;ERDAY^'%yact warro,§'3OlteyiHairft^
itheltlxermbmeter was as follow?: \s£-K >
0 "'A"" -" M " -• ...'.f '.".'»♦-,'. «.V. ...^; ;..'">■»'•?.»' Si' ' r*^
*> -a* *^i ** ****"'!; ;T.*^i?^^^^is«i^^fe-*f<r:
.', xr' * ...- * "'flu" '* : ~~”
"i2 : ;Night'A.vi.;.v;^;..:;i^'^^^iv^f«'.r;^^
4- r " S "* ■** r MM tM-i"t M-i"M -i" "\ •— \ j - 1 I*' i' -»■*

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