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trr>-Town OfHcc. **1S east Bro&<s sveet.
lia-Mhrotcr. VXa Hull'strcot-
New York Office. J. n Van Dorcn
f iisSSfrUww' buiwmtr. l -\'
■ - — —
subscrib'SSfiiSlßlehlnbnd und M^s2|^&
OISPATCP. $1.50 per annum; « cents iui
/■»r"dcuve»y may be made the same way.
Payable in advance invariably: oQ
Paily/.'one ycai..". '"^"^ooli
D&lly,/sis; months tr.v t sO l|
DaUy, trii-ee. months 100
Sunday on!-, oae'jfcar "
Thu»da>*-iat> ONE :, DOLLAR^ J^j^Sf :
1 payable > iri advance; I six : months^ .FX*x *
fiOW TO REMIT. .'-
U Remittari'ces: can/ De inaflc by: «
oßlce- money ' order r (the sa^ e^^y
<heck; or registered! letter^, Currency
sentry mall at theVrlsk* of^e:sender^
Subscribers i wishing Change : . oft address
ttusutfvetbe old as well as tbfe new
post-office. ~ -v ... -.-.;. t
ri Sample i copies; t ree. •• ; ; : • ; ;-" ' •; *- ■ ;- ; ; - : .. •;
Advertising, rates on &PP" catl , 0 "^ tt -r^.g.
v/Address ? ali; communications , ,1 n»- *f_
i>atcb Coiripany, Richmond, • Va -^: r "
. Rejected ; ; manuscripts c-wlll > not bs re
turned.-;;/' Z/;-j ,':/' ",■." "/v;; ••»>.; : a'i»^.: ; -'fnr
reebmmending ; canfliaates^ior
office ; and resolutions of respect lnseriea
only as paid 'matter. ,
Countlng-Rbom telephones—
: : T Old r 'phone: 158.
- ' ' . yCt>-*r 'jihtvn* V2Z& '::■:--'■■■■■"■■'•_■
OTDITBSDAY:-'...,--.ipEC;2si.W 1 ;.
:; The • old, old anniversary which stands
like the star in the East,' a blessed sym-
I bol *; of Christianity, ; has . ;.come. again
to . tell its never irioriotbrious.' story, of
"hope "and .love. \ Heralded by the .holly,,
the mistletoe, the; trailing; cedar, and by
i a ■ thousand ? subtle signs of merriment
'■ Avhicii 1 permeate the air; another > Christ-:
* mas lias dawned upon us. : . The] children,
perhaps, have found its ; approach a tardy
; "ane," for with therii this is a day of long
Expected and unstinted_ hilarity,; but: with
" ilioseV'of us who feel ; the scars^of time.
"tbe~ anniversary has a tincture of sadness
Vkinto the Eharpness of old wine.
" Verily, this is the day of all others when
-we most enjoy > tne society ; of . those we
llove and most ; lament ; the absence of
"those whose; seats ™are y vacant. Whether
; the' absentees ' be . awaj^on land- or, sea, or.
Whether ;they. have made their last abode
••in that undiscovered ' country from
whose :"bourh;- no"; traveller ".returns,-* their,
.names are held-. in fond-; recollection and
"their virtues are" lovingly recalled.
Tt And so, like some great house festooned
from. room, to'room with . evergreens, the
Christian world from ocean to ocean to- .
t aay-is linked together by- a tie- of coni-'
mon- brotherhood— a ;tie; which is an-.
riually strengthened at this' happy; season. "
!lT Nor.; should we who now feel ourselves
•chilled -by the frosts of winter seek- to
brush aside the little touch of sadness
'which makes' itself almost imperceptibly
."ielt ere; the day is ended. After all, that
feeling owes its origin to ouri;habit of
* comparing ■ bur • owri emotionsj with those
■of the' children— the" - joyous, . , hilarious,
I romping,-'-; frolicking children, -who; are
drawing, dividends? of- pleasure from -a
i long-standing investment .of •■ expectation
"and overtaxed patience. The ; contrast be-;
; 'tween;: these- youngsters and ourselves is
J-siiafp, '^painfully"" sh*arp,' : may be, but if
we study the little ones with the eyes of
"fathers" arid _ mothers, or grandfathers
and .grandmothers, Vl,V 1 , we --will, soon "find
their enthusiasmr contagious: : Possibly,
too, we may. not share the views of baby
dom on the subject' of Santa; Claus,; but
v.eurely' we have cause, to appreciate the
■ veverence in which, that, mythical gentle
man is held. His "raison d'etre"— if we
tnay use 'a Gallic term in connection with
;ho typical a Teuton— is based bri doctrines
■-Tyhicb embody some of the best thoughts
of our religion. ;He is generous, ; thought
" lul, "uridiscriiniriatirig, .: and— best of "all> for
; the bad children— forgiving. ■ ; .--.". >. t _-.- : - -
And then, too, it is this same" Kris
••:■ Kf ingle, who scatters -.broadcast^through- |
* out -the world" the : Christmas' : spirit, the !
'i lndefinable, indescribable, . irresistible
'Kpirit of the Yuletideseason, which goeth
:■ forth- into; all lands like" some sweet in
r.ccrise: floating -through cathedral halls. *
;>!'-.\\'e hope there is no soul, old" or young,
;■ in: a H -' tn 'c borders- of our : Commonwealth'
-, to-day, who is ; untouched by -this Christ
' tnas spirit— who holds; himself aloof from
■the hilarity and good feeling which should
prevail. in every household,: be it mansion
:or».hovel;--: And if. there be. any.'such, let
Vina- share the. fate of Ebenezer Scrooge.
..... ■..-.■.■.. " -~: ~~~ .
The Legislature^ and j the. Constitutional
9 Convention have i'adjouJrTyedffor? the? holU
-• dayicand to breathe ehqugb? fresh; air: to
/put' them iri; a'- heal thf uliconjitibri I for; ac-;
'^■tTaal'^work. : iV would be creditable^to [them
.' nrid;':berieficinlf'tb "the Commonwealth p if :
S they, should return ' tb| their "^dutles^af ter
: the rccesp,"with an. idea ; bf "doing the s=eri-;
; wible ■■ and obvious; things , arid '.preventing.
b the people frofri* feeling.tlfed.^-The;Ports
mouth Star. -
The' Legislature is: iri- aVmirid to show
!■ . the, peojjle, that it can' ; do,iistgood; work;
.as the convention, and do it in le?s than
one half the time. The convention would
bet tor "" -bestir itself, unless, it wishes to
lie hbi>elcssly distanced in the race for
_ /public, favor. -„.," •
**#•,**>*- ... . -...., *~~* .. •„ .... .... ",' .-., ...... .. .'.,...
. The "automobile squint"' has now .ap-
I,l'ami, i\ sin-ms, to join the 'tennis el
■:' r ■ -..->-.-■ -.--' -■-.-'.■ •■ ■ ----.v »'■■-."■: - ■:":-.■ . ■■■ :V -/ ■■■--; -• -.• '-. i '
bow," the "bicycle heart," the "goif
■'■■' tongue*,** . ; and .■■'other- thirigs' : '"of ; .: that. 'kind:'
■/ ThV 'scientists"., say," in '-. describing: it: '"Tlii
■ ■.'■■■ •„ . . ■>.-■■■ -■ ■.■■,:■"',■■.. • ■■:. ■ ■ -■: •x. '' '-" '■ - ■-
>-l)yramia;illK nusi is set at hi^h tension,
lovatur hil»il puni-rioris alaeque
' ,jiabi is drawn tight. This distorts the
onneuhms orin. " Anil now we know all
.'.'. ; The' Norfolk Ledger copies a portion of
. u 'i ar . tlc ! e . °f :^ti Saturday _deaf|ng with
. ' T ! lc . subject of city and i'cquntyl'taxatlbn,'
rsndUhcnVgbts-on tbfaay:T, ; --- .';^^"?"•':
'.--'The lav Jud K e Paul, if v.c ftMMalG§Bss
"'^calktl -attention from the" bench to the;
$£la*?;eVamountsHb:u paid to.wlt
fepesses in. trivial; cases jthat"iwere;trica?;iii
his -court from the tnoumainous ueetlarii
principally Jn ihs
-. , Southwest—and so excessive 1 vrcretihe,
:-', ooats-.of Mich oases in Virslnia^Tenhes-'
*■<•«•, North Carolina,, and a fcwTother
§|p|JS^l^.gß Congress f <maj«teajs'a* lawjW
- -abati: thCi evil. If, ._ therefore, "a rjchgov-i
«•? smo' rt like thy United *Stat«s^f ojßa.dift;
in ihe Federal Courts.' »mc action slsouia
boVtaken by iiirTycglslature.of our. bnnc
i tofrirevcrit^6O)muchspfUhe"p^Uc|rc^ue
Vrbn^beingl«perided?lri : ;the?Soutlv^fet|
rccelptsiaridlexprnditures will conyft^
the reader of this fact.; " ' y.; .
- The .fce/gltemi^ughjato^ejmbjfn^
p^^^|bjh3hed"a S far a^poss^e
for'reasons in addition 'to those indicated*
ftrrhe" Male- Orphan Asylum was fortu
nate In having such a worthy,! competent,'
and •; zealous I president • as Ithe flate 1 George
W, Anderson, who served it for many
years acceptably and successfully. Mr,
Anderson has gone to his great reward,
and in hls^laco|^|prM^e^i^^)h^
L. Willianisjh^s|beertf|lecte!i. \\*e|n|ed;
write "no other rmlogium of .•Mrnl^thaft
that everybody here says he is precise
ly the right man for the place.
The Male Orphan Asylum has boon for
tunate in „the choice of iFs presidents,
but not more so than; In the choice: of
its superintendent and manager. Mrs,
Gill, who holds that position, is a won
derful woman, . and has ; don© a wonderful
work. , - i :
;; Incidentally; in ; : an" interview/wltb^Mr?
T. K. Brurier," who: is- directing ithe i; Nor th
Carolina exhibit at Charleston, S. <C.,
that exhibit' is referred -to as : a"T^iob,OOO
: illustration of the Old North State's re
sources, etc. ■ ■• '
What a commentary' is this upon|Vir
ginia's lack of enterprise and her; neglect
to advertise herself!as.a.field'for?invest
ment. It ought to ■ cause us : tby blush,
and continue .to blush, until ;we have;fol
lowed in the footsteps of ; bur j North i State
cousins by 1 establishing, here a': permanent
exhibit which would; i demonstrate ;v the
State's ; wealth to; visitors : to four city,; and
prove a store from 'which *to drawS upon
such occasions as that at, Charleston: : ■■
_;■": When : It comes to exploiting, byVwofd ■. of
mouth our ; "vast resources"; arid ;the ad-,
vantages; our State offers to Inve'stbrs/.we
Virginians can double discount -most
other people. But while we : have been
; engaging in that Vhot-air"j performance",-'
which makes little qrjnoj impression, /the
North Carolinians r have been systeriiati
caliy convincing- the world regarding their
claims , by the irresistible object lesson
process. • , - ,
" Arid now what, at the last/ is the-spe
cific duty taught / Virginia .by ..this
object lesson logic? It is very clear/; It
is that she should, .through "; her Legisla-"
ture,- make an ; anriual appropriation of
$2,009 or $3,000 f or ', the purpose -of collect
ing and maintaining at Richmond a per
manent exhibit, under the auspices of the
State Board of /Agriculture/ If theTpres/
erit General Assembly shall take ; fthe
initiative in this matter, arid succeeding
General 'Assemblies shall follow up that
'initiative,; iri: the course of a few years '.^a'
magnificent Virginia- permanent
■will .. have been r gotten 'together. And
than -L^e /annual appropriations in .; qu'es- •
tion,; not Sing --would .pay all sections of
the State rii>re ;; haridsoriiely' in the -end. 1 .
It is announced that! the) Chinese court
has decided , to engage an American ad-"
\nser, the salary to^' be £15,0T0, or -about
$75,0d0, -a .year.' "Applications.'^we pre-
sume, are in " order. ' ! : •-■ '-'"'■ "r" r
The West: India Islands that, it seems,"
we are likely to purchase \ from Denmark:
are described as very beautiful" and: with ;
a climate , as mild almost - always \ as a
May morning. They, are St. Thomas, St
John, and St. - Croix, lying; from fifty; to
seventy-five; mile east of Porto Rico.; T
ogether they' cover 127 square miles, and
their aggregate population is 30,000. ; They
have /belonged to'; Denmark since '1671,
and while they have ; never afforded : her
rriuch revenue," .they ; have never -•: given
her any great trouble.' Their /people:
have been happy and' harmonious. A'com
pulsory education law .prevails,, there: are
excellent churches, arid; as a backgrourid
for the peace. establishment there is what
the children would/callVa "cute" little
army of 250 men. There -■ is aaid to .be
"absolutely ; no ;, color" line, 'though: only
15 : per cent, of the ; people are .white,
but/ .we take it for ; gran ted there is a
mistake about this, r as'nowhere on earth
'can whites and blacks, or ; any other '■ two
races "of men of ,' marked \. difference of
hue, dwell; together long without de
velopment; of a color line.; Such ;. is
human nature.. . -„• ■ •
lii noticing the movement to celebrate
the 300 th anniversary of the settlement of
Jamestown, the Chicago Tribune .; says
that ''Virginia \ has much ; to ' off er ;; v which
is of interest as illustrating. American his
tory." "In its way," adds the Tribune/
f "the Virginia tercentenaix will be quite
as suggestive as th c : discovery, of : Am erica
celebrated at Chicago, and- the centennial :
of the Declaration of ! Independence ?• at
Philadelphia, and still more so ; than /the
first ("exportation'; of cotton/ celebrated /at
New Orleans; seventeen years ago, or the
Louisiana. Purchase, .which St.: Loulsiwill'
celebrate two years-hence.". : , . . . -
N, These /comments ;; ■; are i ■in /: consonance,
with a" treatment of; the~ subject\we: have
noticed in a number of: our northern ex
changes. The proposed Jamestown ■;. ter
centenary is certainly exciting widespread
interest from the ■ ; historical and * senti
mental pointof .view. . ; ,There is a." 1 growing
recognition 'of the great importance of the
event it will commemorate and of the
relations of; that , event ;to [ thedevelopirienti
of i Anglo-Saxon institutions on this con
tinent—to the genesis of the United
And if our people are wise they -may
turn these facts to practical account.-;
They can by proper organization and co
operation among themselves so stimulate
outside sympathy with the movement". ttiati
there should be no difficulty in securing
a large Federal appropriation in aid oi
1£ the several section? of. the State- will
subordinate rivalry ■to the single question 5
gfjha^vtag^thej commemoration on/such?
lines both as to localities ttm] features as
pvillibcsi conduce to rendering it illustra
tive opgMa^lf^gffiement'psißnf
flrdMsiPl Tir-aliy, politically, and-'indus
Ij^ce^rauaxy^beiinade, as it shouJd;|anTaf2
ffafi^flSpl. ; wh*oleacoimtry. Tn^*' thine?
tiSgethe^ harm^lze^Sl^S^ictiingf ambP 5
jtio^an"d7rl7cl^ftiiTheight of WSl&fi
ment. themselves.'.-,, That .will -.mean -the
cultivation of outslde : support which will
prove an -.-unanswerable; -"arguraenf;;%o
"(CoiigressTivhen-l the ; time^-shalh' arrive'ffor
•aekinc.-feni appropriation ; by... that- body.^
jf * <L_} ../,'.-.:• ' > rii
A- Virginia • custom ; which ; is more hon
orc<l'in xhc, observance than in tne. breach'
is that the tollers of the press ccascfrom
PSrV-arid take holiday on^cfi§^Sg.
; . Day. • And ' In pursuance thereof there will
' be \ rib^wcrk done \lni\ Ini this oflke ;to-day,-; and
]\i\ follows : ; that there will be ; no/ issue ; of
tho- Dispatch 'to-morrow. Thus our cm-.
fployecs will have afforded them an oppor
tunity.'-to "enjoy 'Christmas i in'; common!
;withHhc rest of the good men and women
"As a rule V when other folks are haying
their celebrations and jollifications news
writing up and prlnung : reports "of the
fiSaTrno wondeHtffei^fore. that Chrlst|
people; It. is tr^irwi|l^r^oflou^is
Pken atTthefe^ense of the readhigjpufe
®b«t they.-^g^oipon to ; f|g|
Peir;'dally piper but once a year.^and^ij
BSJb^ttrtfflsSfetlon is as ||g|
cial to them as it is , to, us. Anyhow we
take'arest' to-day and will omit to-moi
There is Almost unanimous concurrence
the members of the Constitutional Con
verition talk too much and vote too little.
'Without a doubt, the debates would in
terest the public more if the speeches
were brief and well prepared, and were
addressed directly to the subject. There
has been immense latitude allowed in
most of the discussions, and the com
merit is frequently heard . that" - the
speeches during the last three months
have not been as able, or pithy, as those
delivered the three months previous.
In that. view w'e_ coincide, and we Ithink
the reason for the decadence : in question
! is that -there has •been *sb)much iteration^
and reiteration ; so much threshing out " of
old straw. But we have hopes of -better
things now.
The convention took a recess on ac
count of ; the hot weather; another on aY
count of the Norfolk convention; an
other at election time, and is now hav
ing a Christmas .holiday. We may pre
sume that there will be no further occa
sion for a recess, and; that; beginning
with the New. . Tear, the convention's'
work will .go on steadily and uninter
:;': ;' There is some 'rivalry ; between the Le
gislature and -the convention, which fact
Ip^b^y^ui^w^o^^W^ l^;:^:
tivlty. The - Legislature resents ; the con
vention's conclusion ■■ that one legislative
session in four years is enough, and it
also: resents "the Heridency; of^theconven-^
tion to trespass In" some ; directions upon
what hitherto has been the -legislative.,
domam/ So ' far/as ; we; ; can^ judge, ; inxboth;
of these "public 'sympathy's ,with^
the .Legislature/ A little wholesome ; com- ■
petition between the two -will do no harm,
but; itv is/of^the: highest importance that
there should be no; breachbetween- them. .
The '-conven tion/ has the/upper •;. hand .-; no w, \
but after- it^as; adjourned/ arid ; when its
work °goes/tb the lo.;besput,
irito i". statutory /f oriri, the Legislature .will
hold the mastery. : - Meanwhile, let us hope
that^the 'converitiori^will ; now ; get;;downj
to hard work; that it. will find some way,
to check the torrent of eloquence which
streairis from \ some members every . day,
aridthat^ali; the speakers ; vwlll~be;com-;:
i>elled ; '• to ■ confine their ;• remarks more
closely than heretofore "-, tol the- questions
before the ; body. That 'done, the debates
will become highly / interesting ■•> and: '; be
generally read, and we shall soon have a.;
new Constitution. ' -
' The- Sunny South reasserted itself, for
Christmas/ To-day, the weatKer : man
promises, will -be: clear -and mild. -
Xtic&mond.'. Employers ''and Employes
Indulge In. Gift-Giving:- .
Mr. , J. ; E. Batkins, superintendent ,ot
the Upper Gas-Works, .' was ; the .recipient
of a magniflcerit gold-headed cane, pre
sented : him . yesterday, by the [ men at • the
works. •;/.' The ■; presentation : vwas • aV; com-;
plete ; surprise "to f Mr;. Batkins, and .when
about! o'clock Mr. "William Allen and
Mr. G: S. "Woodward^came; into v his* of-?
fice,; - followed } by ;r the- •.' the Jwork^';
men, he was taken abatkcompletely/per.
haps ;thinking£a : strike^was; about; to
•naugurated. ,SMr.J Allen j'and vMr.;\W"ood-V
ward each ; made brief; speeches present- ■
ing th© : cane; ..•:•: _ ; . ■■
: Mr. ;."V Batkins v- attempted „t o I reply) jbut
he ;.was . completely t overcome,'^ and *■ could ■
: only^ulterjaXword '. or [two^But ''■ hevmade^
alltthemen gb^with him:lto}his : residerice, ; ;
No; 2107^ east ; Brbadi street^ and: therehhey;
were iseryedv ari-^elegarit^collationir ; Mr.^
Batkins, ; ; later,: presented';each:*bf^the
men^of,thehworks Avitb Ja-boxJof "cigars; ;
,v';>rr-7,W. ? P.^ Kriowl es^i general V superiri
;tendent;qf the; Gas-Works;r>owasipresent-^
; edj a f ewjdays agbj wi th" a handsome : Mdr- ;
•; ris chair ■by the ; employees -at • the I Upper.-',
and , Lower :;Gas-:\Vorks*:c The ;men'isent :
the chair, to Mr^Knbwles's * residence;; sc'
he\didjnpt JhaVe^tp makeTa;' speech: i ; It 'i is";'
no ; reflection "upon other ; city Jofficials
that ! i there :; are ;■ none) more .efficient, or l
"pppular ; than! Knowles rj arid'j Batkins. •'
. The : employees of the printing house of
Mr\x John gentle^
; man.-: yesterday ' .with .:;: a i fine f umbrella -as
speech ..w^s i made .by Pulling, 1 ;
?andlMr}; West (responded iri^ ahap'pyTstyle;;
-Thislis 'not -~ the" first!itime '■- intwhichlMr^
West ■ has o been \ so : byl his :;bm-'
pleyees with whom he is very popular.^
./Mr. Howard J; Baldwin, the sup«jrinten
{^nt^f jtheiC6hen?Compariy'S; store, was
epresented^writh -fa ; ; handsome |/gold? watch
ilishment;<;Mr^Baldwin.ns la very^ popular]
|of^r*egard.^ was ifnotaonly^welliH timed* but
.well deserved a.s an expression of uniform
fedurtesy ; and i consideration.
%-Kvery man woman, and cJiP>? finnloyefl 1
,byithe-AmeHcan\.T6b^3cco Company in this
pany ir the form>tjf 'money or candy or
both. Thf« aggregate expense of this
; Christmas ' observance to- the company
|airibunts to $25,000. -~MWO
TheVdistribution was as follows: Whit-;
.lock" branch.- 1.600 girls, handsome box
|lofJlcandy leach^a^d^thp'tin^'wrifkprstone;
flialf^week-s|aalary^: ; ClgarJ^a^
iTobaccoj Gom^aff^
{ctindreri^&.2sor^P-%HSMa'yVV branch]^
] menrlv,wo"men, and children, money and
ersnrty; Allen &• Winter. branch. 'l.lOOf men.
women and children, ??.500 wagrs and
fe&n^-keeninp: ivlt^l^|customf.the'cHome 1
Browing Company gave each of its em
rplpyees f a^iarge ii finef^turkey.^ThVbKßoise^
rangements i to, glve_ every one of its t^ni
jpioyeealajpreaent'kon | New Year's % Da>v
:Mr.Tßosenesk would riot - say, what^this"
tvould be, -ns he wished to surprisp" hia
. The' oin ploy ees of the Traction -Company.
■ from •', ",lhe superintendent -, to; ,the ."colored
track hands, to the -number of 2i50 i wfro
m TT'fl!' l^f!'TT^^^ ' ■ l "'"' f'" —.— .■. -....»■ mi llhMlH HUH I.WWIIH !■■ ■IW-* y £ w fi^ r 1
■ -.■ T* ' '■■■ ■ j^_Jf' '-'■'■ '■' ■■■' " "■''"■ •"■' —f • ■■;».'■*■■■. ■..' ' '■■ ■■ ■■ m '■.■■ ■■■ ■- . B * . ..- -•-,■* jm^fc u_ #if*jfgm i &wbfiff% '•*"■' WmiTbißs -' fkwM '"* §ntmWMM f '-■ '■'''■ :""
&ffll*'^*Wfli*fr^'i/isn^oHWonf'/iini^/^niMr;nvi*f"*"'»"?/** w * v **««* i » •■^^vi
0^ ' 3utnot\6 sut*pciss6s~ — how soy you, tny Iqssbs 7 .^r
time for up- hanging the ttiistl^os^bough,- : , ffl
Reason— away with it! Men have grown gray, $$
is)e have no part in iit—nat— nnaty t and no heart in it —
P& Vlnder the droop oj the mistletoe bough !
jj? So, lads, your choices all! Atft. maids, your voices J£
%X X,bve '■ le Vels prince with the man at the plough, !^M&|
l&e'll make our boast of it, we'll moke our toast W'
#$ Ife'er may it wither, the mistletoe bough !
Tlie ■ Peanut Sellins Darlcey, Was Rob
'■■: .-...-•.'...-..■:.- -.... . ..---.-> :■----■,.:. ;-;.>^-- ■-.■-.:■.!
bed and Things Looked. Darlc, Bnt
Good Police Work Saved Most of
His--'J Casli— •Christinas Cannon .: Got
in Its Work— Mrs. Keiley's Deatii
Lamented' in Petcrsbrirgr. ■ ,
f■■ PBTBRSBURG/ : VA., December . 21.—
(Special.)— A- 'temporary injunctibri, 3 re
; turriable . before Judge B. A. Hancock, was
issued by Judge /Mullen,', of "the- Hustings •
. Court,, ihis; morning,; restraining William
fCheeley F - : :,:a i^'farinerj>'f;of ~/i Prince j, George
•county, from in; any.^wise 1 disposing, of his
farm produce, .^implements, "; stock, , s and
crops until f further orders.
' : - t The ■ injunction ■■ was granted I upon peti-;
r 6f Mr/: S.iT.';p&,Shazor,Jof- this -.city,;
;.whb|alleged? "cbpartriership . with? Cheelej:
: iri : the cultivation of- the Tinsley'farrri; "and
;claimed:.that£Cheeiey, ; Hs; about; to dis- ;
pose"fof i the";i>roperty : above-named ? with- :
out,^satisfactory, settlement.
,;,•■':■,..■.;•■: r;HIS'- : NAME; IS DENNIS.
:- William vDennis,^ a jJ colored [farmer i;;of.
Prince-George" county; came into; town' last;
i evening with ; avload^ of ; peamJts^'vwhichi he.
delivered to! his cbmmissibn- merchant, on^
: town arid .visiting i several = places ; he : dis- :
; ; covered <that"; his;. -pocket-book, h containing!
: - $47 c in; -bank ' notes/: a? negotiable i not , for-.
?18/Jari^; other; valuable^ papers, vwas miss
'■': It ; had ; evidently Sbeen^ taken ; from. ;. his
■ pocket. '>; He -reported-; the .matter^atj the
'ipolice:""station,^and:liiieuteriant J.;J.:Dona
?hue v was> assigned^ to; look f into it.
i? Th yev c case was- adrnirablyworked;up,f and
by 2 , o' clock ;■ this t morning,; Lieutenant;
hadl the; thief c. under,' arrest,; and
jhad:recoyeredjs36 of ;the; money; the -note,
farid?all:'of- the; papers.- • .--" '
KTherprisoner/provedhto be- John ; :Hud-;
i 'son ;•;' ah; negro ■of urisayory ;j character, rand
|'the'"Mayor. sent .him on; to be tried foi
| felony. , ,
/.A"ccording : : to; 'his ;he^hacl
! - ? f ourid ; the i - pocket-book^- and ■: had \ gambled
| away, ?lo. . Af ter v taking out the^money.hf .
; hid -the ; papers : and' threw ;the pocket-book
." " CHILDREN :BURNED.i;\ i;^";: *:
" A - little ; daughter '■ and son;:; of ;i Charles :
; Stevens/ living : on Piamingo ; s venue, -^were
ibbttiTpainfully;' burned -.this^afternoons by,
i the •premature!'; explosion;; of sonic: powder/
: withewhich :theyUwere;;ioadingj;ay smalh
■carinori/.tbfire off in observance of Christ-;
" announcement /.of; -the r ; death; of;
M/ Keiley,' at .GairblxEgypt; ;bringsi
•grief to \'~ iaiiy 'I friends [^ arid -; acquaintances;
? in" this/; tier ; native j city;* . She was ; Miss
\ Rebecca v Davis. v daughter ; of :the; jlate ;
i George : Davis; for/riiany] years, an honored]
{arid2respected merchant ■ ! here',|'and;,was^a
fefined; J Tandrbeautifur;,woman.;;;;
«'ln -the!= Mayor's" Court -this; morning^a;
fine of $20 and costs was im-;
posed upon" Andrew Lavlis, -a Bo
hemian, for disorderly conduct and
violent offered to the police
All of the heads; of; families ariiorig- s the_
To Assimilate Food
.^'o o^^f> •". i* h o*i ■'"■ "it^\h 1* -; oT/\tTi q f* h * ■■"' o nf% f»**is
liver are in proper condition. .
Every v/liere./^ ln boxes lQcvaiiA 23c»^^^^^
Office Collector of City faxes.!
. Room 17, vfirst^ floors City r Hall, «
Decemberi I^l l9ol1 s ®
fNOW^DUB rANDIPAYABLE ; at : this ?6f-1
m^m&^s^ r: aXe pll
:EYERY| .person 'Jjke.epingf^h.puse 6 pr.|doingl
tbusiness j inlthe s city,-4 is % assessed if or iper-j
[<»ir;arid>*se*ttlej'tspias|to;ayoidfbeingipbst :: l
:ed-as= delinquents. .-•ffsSSffiSSj
!SEWER-ICONNECn?IbN¥BILI^t are falsbi
Jdue;?ah'dt^ll?.bave| r to^beldeblar^3l'3'elinrf
,<tuentsififnotffpaid?^bnfor&before;«enaiof : J
year.r- ".3*&®a
•FIVB ; . PER\ CENTAwUI ,be ;: added:- to :
lnsr-htiK-if not paid on or before DE-1
ICEMBER ;;lst. ; -^^
at SIX PER CENT alfo at
tache?! $q. all bills <'«!.• corn" as reported!
rdellnquent 1 - , *WM
«r~ Particular, attention i:-. culled to the
jthe: City -Council .there can be no avoid
ance of .'the penalty.
■ Ofllcu opensfronj-"9.A"..-M. ; to 6 P.' M
: ; de 1-lm : .;-,:;; ' Collector of. Cl tv . Tn x**.^
■ . " " MISm
employees, both white and colored,) at the
a S Christriias '% remeribranceti this 'a morning^
'. Sixteen jbarfels^bf • firielturkeys;and?rriariy^
: barrels of dressed chickens were dlstribut-"
•ed among them. , . ,
; .Howard E. Crichton, a young white
• riiari^^was/ released'; from /jail this \ morn-tj
; ing on a pafdori grari ted, by i; the" Governor.';
\ His ; term I. would v have % expired \ bri^ the] 7th
(of .January. . ,
V . His ; case .has '■> always excited ] sympathy.
■ disabilities./fAf ter,' thej holidays ;he wilUgb
to - another community to lead a proper
Messrs/ i Walter S. Alley and/ Robert
\ McLiFriend/ of jNewrTork^Varid ' Mr. ; E. : J.
\ Bond -Vof Baltimore," are jyisitirig.: relatives.
arid- friends at'theirVold homes here. - :
jfiCaptainr-' James 2 GallaghervVagent'bf j^the
Old : Domiriion % Steamship;| Coriipany.3 here,*'
_left/[email protected]|ito/ spend : Christmas
week in Baltimore. . ...
Copy of His Commission Issued by
.-. Lord Pauquler in I7GI. "
WARRENTON, VA., December 24.'—
(Special.)— Below Is given a copy of the
con^mission of Captain William Edmonds'
by Lord Fauquier, in 1761. .
- It is particularly interesting, and -oV
great /historic^yalue, -in nthe'^fdet'
that It Is" r the original parchment^ ori*"
which the commission was executed. This
valuable, old paper is now in- possession
of a descendant of Captain Edmonds.
"Francis Fauquier, Esq'; his Majesty's
iSg^fe rn #^comriSS®
! - he i C^ lon y of
Williams Edmonds^ Gent : '. By "virtue -
m$S& M^ c^ ty ' s^°yar Cbmmissi6ri?a^d
tr «ctions, .^appointing sme-LieuteS:5 me -LieuteS:
ant-Goyernor,r. and ivcommander^ii^Ch^f
i^ vli?nf-
I -y.^ to .appoint: all /officers ;bbthJ CiviFanV
within thej same: " '"
?f? f ' Ir^l f e ?^ ins^especial Trust H iri". your
Loyal ty, | Courage;;; arid .good ; Conduct do,?
py^.these, Presents;! appbirit youyftWillia'rir
?^m^'-°^'^P t^° f^o^aliylpf3
- OUlit^ of Fauquier.,where-1
/>f / Harrisonl is gCounty-Lieuteh-'
i- 'P Yo^^ re ' therefor e v tb;act ; as i captairi r
■ \v,;, duly, exercising ; the > officers ?andv sol
f t ' c .B. la ~r Scare jthat they|be/ provided •< with
; arms % and s ammunition f .as r the KLaws 'H of ;
* hs,\Colony;-direct^h $, \Colony;- direct^? ■' And^you pareT; to "ob-' ;
serve ,and follow such orders and
| Directions^from^; Time ;:to; Time as/ ybu;
shall //receive ■» from g irie?/; or V-'-'ariy ; ; other'
your superior ¥ officers.'/" according = ito ■ the
Rules and Discipline bf =War,l in Pursuaride
of the Trust reposed in" you. . -
******* •' ' -'
*■ Seal • "Given at Williamsburg'riri
•of^the •- der my-Hand/Jand-' the 'Seal
•-Colony;*- O f the Coloriy/this 29thvday
******* of August; and in theffifst
rear of his Majesty's -Reign?
Annoque^Dornini," 1761:" '
pi Following ;. this /is /given/ the •Jrbs'ter/fSf
Captain a Edrnorids's ]' coiripany;- of Virgin 'i
itnjops Jin ; the ■ ; F«rich^ andP irictiariS-warv
/Captain|| Edirionds | lived fin fithis % county;
and ; it/ is ; beli eyed 5 that? most iof fthetinen ;
in : his>:companyv r werelfrbm|Fauquier.
The roater Is headed:
A v, Lust : : of - ,\\ illiani- Edmonds's £- Company
Martin Pickett, -lieutenant; v William
< -Morgan^ sergearit";|Edmund|Baisle^, : fser
geant; g/rhomas 3| Portervfl sergeant : Jbh"n ;
! EP-teey!} se ?seant ; S Joseph^ Smithy sergeant;
i§? L Hl us^i^rilps'on?sc"bifporall;lEdwa^d!Ball*u s^i^rilps'on?sc"bifporall;lEdwa^d!Ball*
; Smithy sergeant ;T John IMiller^ThbsyL' Smith,
■ Martin;. > William M. Periisori/ Chattln
iLambkin.jJohn Morcran. James Lampkin:
.^Pickett, -" Jur., THoriias|%Bell;
jPJckett^JbhrilHitt; Jur.; John Hitt, sori
of .Joseph;' Williarii/Gibsbri/iSiinbri. Mor
tßaisey,. -Joseph rHudnall; John Hudriall*
Patrpwler^SWilHam Morris, "John^Hitt;
Joseph/; Hitt, Thomas Jackman, Jur,,
Jeffrey Johnston, William -.Smith, Jur..
William Ball, Richard Jackman, James
Jeff ries,;; John IRussell^bsephlHoitzclaw;
|tin§ ; P^tefiT^y^Sr,^H^^Bqat^^James
•Morgan. Jamesf Oliver,^ Charles":. Garner,
Joseph Carter, -George". Harrispn^James
;Bailey, John DuncanjiiJurij^JamesgPen
•dleton. -THOMAS "HARRISON. "
/./;■/ '•//;'»'" /.County - Lieutenant.
......... .■ ■ ..... v . . . . ..-...- ..*'. *..*"", *'* .............. „ ■ -
. Astronomically; ,im:> earth 5 is ; nearest ■ the
sun these _days, but the'^ tilt "of its axfs
'gives uf. but 1 a' scant -share "of j.fiis? light
'andjheat. Still,' though^wintecllsfonly
.begun, in a weather, sense, It^ls£always
pleasant- -to ..remember / that /during /th?
coming week not orilyjdb^we swing arburij
hearth and home as a: focus^wjtli
burTeyed set- on" the' happier 'times ahead,
but that with the winter solstice i passed
we are once. more. on, -the.way; to' su'nriier
hours. arid bUtlier I skies.-:^Thei\vl.nds';inay
be blcstk "and the days- short, 1 but' th>
11^?* '."^^S^ss^Sftfli^ss^^^^
Aliened D C .e,te, No\r <s««d5 ««d to Be in
;^^i-v:;:':.w.;' : soath ! -Ainerlcn.;- ;.^.: : /./,•'.
I'itor Chief Yeoman John Craijr, of the
I !JsTribw:lri J SouthVAmerica;-arid\Will; shortly,
l« feturriVtoUhlsTcburitry'i to '}stand j trial i on
fthe?chnrgerof ?desef tiori^ffom ;the
'■ Craig's home- is near Boston, and. nis
,-wife and relatives f>ve him up tor dead
ifspnTeTweeks-ago. " :?&&&,
ffejjpfaig 'disappeared .from thevKearsarge
while the ship was 'lying- off Old Point;;
The. police of the 'nearby cities were ro- ;
€|Uestcd to search for him and he was.
soon posted as a;deserter:;from^the' L nayy.
! Several bodiesXfloated ashore here soon
'after; and Criends of ttie7irian|we|poslj
|tivS|thitgbne of them Iwaa tha^o||
ICraig. His wife cave him up »>
a spree and talked of gowning
himself. : Now ~:the police are InJonneJ
that while drunk, he shipped^on a. mer
; chant -ship and "-.went to South America,^
piS^h'ftJlef tlhis I^Pl^lS^ipnce^p
municated with -friends here tor tl.e po- .
FANNIES BOUR.N^£^,<-A-&^ si^o
»a s rf?S rr m.-.-.r n.-.-. O £ Fannie ißourrie, the young
iSe womL chargedwlth^he m^rdp
& Maf£ab;^in€v7arwickvs county,^
nas^een' postponed until the JanuaryJ
rtern^bfahelcburMr'- „ -f^^
W The 7 defence^ promises sensational^ ae-s
MJ>H !*•' p Jories;> ; president ■^^^^U
cratic herd for Mayor against
has )been tofflc^^fie^of ;
the^ brganization'sfactton, ; K but will^n^
savi-at" this^.time' whether or not he
will'make : -th'e,fight. .
jSpresident;Calvin ? BAOrcutt- president^;
ftiiel Ne^port^Newi^ ShiP^Building^: arid:
T)ry"-Dbck ? CompahyVfe i has ;i presented > the;
ship-yardSbaridiwith/a/check for $100
as a : .Christmas S rein jsmbfarice.
Miss Mary - ltorii"aTJßbwbottoni;t; sister,
of I James v RoTObbttbm. Tsuperiri tendent \ ot,
theSrhachirieryvi departaient|at;:the 7 s'nip
yardj iwas married \ tbisj evening to James
G.^W.^STray.^pastor/bf '-jthe WasWngton-,
!Averiu'eiMethbdist;Episcbpal;church.~ ;
Wk Theicbupie lef t'itOTriight f or Was'iington^
'where I they.; will reside. - j
:; "■■'■ W/ % A'/i; Shopshire, /of - West Virginia,
aridg^Miss /« Cornelia >L^e/Pattersbri;: v of
Storieyille, . N. s C.V; were /married -; at >the :
hbfiie^pf friends here by Rev." J. F. White, ,
«f i*,' Vfji'Tf f//*nilTltV ' .■■■■■• ■ ■ ■ ■•■■-. ■ ■ ■:■
Marriage of Dr. John and Mlm Xan
nie Stnnrt Wntkitii. .
• SMITHVILLB. VA.,- December 24. —
■ (SpeciaU^-On / Tjuesdajr' ; morning, X at . 0
; b'clock^the /marriage/of fHiss •: Nannie j
i Stuart" SDf.^Peter . John ;ywas j
sblemnizedSinV the^Presbyterian^churchj
'of s this "place/ the -ibeingvper^
= f brriied |byj DrJj Alexander -McKenway . K ot
Charlo tte. IST: • C. / atcbushi of a the ? bride, ;
; assisted vby her Rev. l^Villiam]
JMcjVrnier,- ". - ■
'The' bride/ihandsomely gowned Jn^a;
: . travelling 3 suit": of *J brown •-, and : carrying
white :' 'carriations.r- entered /the ; church,
Cleariirigf ■ bri the j arm " of " her ■ father,-. Mr. :
i Frank VW'atkins/^pfeceded \ by, ' : her. ; sisters
*■ aiiss : JariielKiri'glWatkirisV/who iwas = maid ;
"of gh*bribrV?;The*latter/lookedv unusually,;
fair : in • a -suit ■, of ; blue ; cloth:;;; Her . bouquet .
; consisted h of : -white^carnations.
jv- The groom; fa/highly ; esteemed - physi-f :
fciari lof - Laur enburg.^N; :. C; ; came" in vwith \
ihis : -.best'tmarf/: Mr^rcCann,^and _met\the!
ibride'atsthe r alta^rrwh"erejthey/were joined,
fin+thejhbly^bonds^f i matrimony.
I^Misses i Margaret '-Miller;: and-.: Ruth ICaiv .
Jringtbrisa^ted^asifiower girls.
"Biackburg;ißead -Lacy,- arid
*Comfbft;.Watkiris ; vwere: the {ushers.
/ {The church: was tastefully, and beau-.
tif ull v. ; dpcorated [ in palms, f ernsi and
showers s of rice," kisses.- andfeori-;
gtatulatibris, \ theShappy/couple/lef t ! for
? their / future : ; home, - at^Laureriburg, N.^ C. 5 ;
iThe^ presents were numerous ; and j costly. :
Xnn-nal / Convention— Sonthern .;Edn-'
V^'catibnal-r-'Associatibn;"; Colninhiai : S.
/i C. ■ D e'cemlier < 2G-2O, J_ 1001 ,\ '- ' ;. " '
;The *Atlaritlc-Coast ;Lirie; anriourices \ one
fare." phis ; :$2 JmembershiplfeeHfor/the'i
found . trip" from "all" points ;on its Sllnes "!
to - Columbia; X S.--1 C.;'? and ;: return '; f or.^ the
above f occasion^ ; Tickets . ori sale ; Decem-'
ber 22d to 26th, inclusive, with"" final limit
January 6, 1902. * - • ;
■jr. For full information' apply/to 'any/agent'
of/thsVcoriipany, or - -. ■ ;;/;.:
-... :■■•■■. Division. Passenger. Agent,
'///:t / ;/-:;/ ;'; ■/ / ' iS 838 : .' east i MainV stf eet/ r -
Clirlstmas;) and? Holidax
;;;Rates--SeaßOTifof 19O1: and; 1002.' > j
~t TheV;; Atlantic-Coast ?; Linel^ /will y. ;. sell;
tickets "SbetweenVall- (points on -iits^liries^
rit?- ?Dne-;arid^orie-thirdf first-class^ll rnited!
sbld| r tblitHef general JpuhHe i '6n .:3s«fem"rier;
21f 22^ 23^24;' 25,^ 30/ and- 31. 1901; and ; Jariui;
'ary4i;U9o2,;wf thfirial i limit /January^ 3 r^1902J
To fstudents'l of /schools;; and ycolleges.^De
ceriiber;: 15 to } 22; J l9ol,^ inclusive; ; with ;final
limitHJaritiaryjß^^l9o2/supon presentation7
"arid" srirreriderij of I; certificates % signed % by.;
superin teridentso principals,"-; or^ presidents :
of ithe\various] institutions: y, v•;,;;;v •;,; ; ; ; /
s.JFor; f ull information apply to any agent
;of ■■ the - company, or ■ -.. r ■- ■ .- -. . -..- ■
■ ■ . . ,n, n -; -A^. &. V^ ±\jA L JT X> Vt lil 1, •- ;
Division Passenger Agent, : "
533-; east Main street//
lit You Contemplate a Trip to Cnba
or the West Indies.
take the Seaboard Air-Line railway from
Richmond; ;fehbrtestSfbute^tb;!Miarni ; ;or;
.Tairipa^ Fla^ Call|at\B36;east- Main; street:
aridlhaye^ybijfrisleeping-icar 'arid; steamer ;
berths reserved.
j'iTi- "°" '" ' t '" •»""■■' '-" - ; " ! -" '" I*% "'' •< '-■*■'■* '- ■ j i - r -'-;- '■- T%'« ■.■■.',■■-■"■,>.■
/.Vr""/- A -^-/''iircV.:^-- ;;•/' : .--.-^ : -:,
would not na?e;;beSa'
i^tfae^ ca.se it voa-|had|oneio^H^
t^cheap, 7oc:ikind^whictepos^jlf
'g&siblv you pet one out of a
Smmdreditplkeepjtirae. ; :
; ". Price $l^anidi guaranteed to give
, -'^^
.watch dues ?K>t keep^t
|c?iQjordef and'g*aararitee it to 'keep
iiitirae7lafc^prfce^laß?l6w l ai*is"c6nsis^p
tent wirh;iTOO.D.-Hp]S T EST^siFfc^^
f Sp*^ityTan"d'iwe employ
|^|onl^ thelnghest class dfgWorkmeh^tj
Watch InsDECtors for Two Railroads
■ n !■■ - - - mi rm t i jr ;■"■!_ n- » ji r ■ '- ■ j— — — — lv ~ --■
[^Ml*iiinrl>';i«;t'.: : Xcwport x^. n
w»her Z*th, Special T>n'ii?l
llßiSmrfiTrip^ei-^z:' ■■/• ■'
The laonch'njj of the larg« ,t an > fcjSg
: wffjf b«s"S ma.de]|a t sjNewpor t : : Xe7; 3 i^t ?£
December 28. loot k '
Tho displacement "o? th« '•Mi.-r.; ) , 1r ,..
Misi .< MarioV rv? e
;rell, ■ "daughter 'of S« nat >r Cockrefi, . J".
- ; The 'Chesapeake and Ohio rai;~, v . .
run a- Special train for the occasion •!,.,,
Hrik^Mairi-Street : Station. Richmmid^
58aO?AKM^:I>ccember32Sth. ;and arrive '*>
iNewportiNews^JO^M^ileturninj' il,t
|Newport:News/C4^o.Pl!M^ ; ;,; : -;': ca ' 9
|?| Special | ticketsifbrlthe; special train " ; »m
|baTsbld?atf ONßlDOLl2Aß ; for : th« Tohnf
.?rp The sprcia! 'train -will not ma'vl
: i local stops In either direction. "
LTli«^Sl»orte»t!jßallway Route to pj n
Is /via the Seaboard Air-Line rail^av-
Station i|j, < t -u
C. & O. By-i MalniStreet Station**
All 'Street-Car.-I^nesjiriißichiriond v,*
\ to |the l^wlCbesapeake : and I Ohio 3rain"
'StreetTstation^wbCTer'all\ ; <^e^peak»iivt
|Ohlo| railway-;; trains ; nuiy;; be '■_ taken; p^ !
|ing rover ; the 'new ■ steel iyiaduct en rou*»
ttb s iyrichbufsV! Norfolk, Portsmouth r nu
vPolnt.:&c. ' " lU:cl
iGoing <o the lannch|nK of the Bnt"
; "._ tie Sliip "3llssonri."
Cabinet and many higV
Triayal '■"oflßlcf alsTwill pass" through Richmoaa
: ; via;/Ch'e3*apeak"e/and j ; Ohio j railway early
;Satujr^ay^mbiTnriff|eri^route to N?wp6-t
:News^tbliwitriels "/the; launching of tho
■^G6yerapr^Tylert.;an'd -staff will also at
ftend|the'i launching, |gbirijr: on the Chesa
fpeake; arid JOhib I special train which will
': leave|Mairi-Street3 station ; at 8:30 a. Ji
! Sa'turdajr/DeceiriberJ 2Bth, f for which train
News, 'f at ! 'One^Dollar 'f or the round-trip
(torisjgi^nffrmarijribthersthe pleasure of
fatteiidingr the launching.
'Christmas Holiday .*; Excursion Rates
Frederlcksbnrs, aritl '
l:| On 7 ; account Tof ithe'\Christmas- hoikavs
f the? Richmond,/ Fr edericksbur^ and pO.!p 0 .!
itomac | Railroad /Cotripany : wiit ? el! sp' c I
?cial|jexcufsionl tickets i, to points between
;Rlcbmbndfarid\WashJngton, Inclusive, at
freducedffates/r: //
rateffromjßichiriond ;to Fredericks
bufgr:" and Tretnfnlwfll j_be! 52.»; Alexandria
arid; return,;; $4.45; '•; and "Washington and
return, 54.75. .'
sale: December 21st to 3th,
fincluslvei^also^iDeceiriber^SOth, Slst, an ,i
fJanuary;; Ist;; good fgoinis; only ; on date of
; ; sale^ and Jfbr^coritinubus passage in each
;"difectlbn7r final -limit January 3, -lsoi
M Apply! to" Richmond Transfer Company,"
■ 903 ? east; Mafnl street; fMurphy's Hotel; or
{Ticket \Offices,;:Byrd-Street, '",'. Elba, and
Air-Une Stations.
The Seaboard Air-Line railway an
nounce ; a, : fare- J of \ $11.05: (plus S3 member-
Tship ? fee) ? Richmbrid "to Columbia, S. C.,"
: arid /return;? on ;f account ; ; of ' : the annual
tcbriventiori " Southern i Educational Asso
ciation /at^Cbiumblav^S.^C.; December 35
■tt6';29JVlSoli''?.'rickets on'sale rDecember 22d
(toi26th,Unclusive,iWith final limit Janu
:aryls^lSoi- /.The v Seaboard Air-Line rail
;way short, ;direct line, ' without
change, 'to Columbia, with double daily \
: service. >f A Jfifst class chance -to visit tha
f Charleston:' Exposition.' at, a \ very small
additional .cost.
The Seaboard Air-Line Railway
i'ls /the " directs route, -I without change of
icars.-sto.-Columbia; j Savannah, Jacteon
?ville,r Atlanta, and Raleigh.
;■-:-■■•:■.-• ■•;■... : «(«> : '
Trf-Wcekly Service, Winter Sche
• : " dale, Yorlc-;Riverilii»ie; ~ ;
:■■-■'• On - arid '■'• after ' December.. 24,' " 1301. daily .
: service -by :Uhe}Tbrfc ? River rLlne will be
; discontinued ,S and Uri^weekly '% service will;
Ibetbperatedjduriri^reriiainder'bf'the win
l teri xnonth'sir'; Xieaving Richmond : Mondays," >
f Wednesdays/ arid "Fridays ;4 :30 P. M./ ar-j
'living 1 "/ Baltimore :■! 8:30 ."; A. /M.;- following
; morning. * .. -. ">C. W. .WESTBUKT,
■"-'•" .. District-Passenger Agent. , ;
See That Xoiir. Railroad Ticket Reads
s^riVia (the ;Sea"b"oard- : Alr-l.ine Ry. .[ ■
the -line that j enters ';• the capitals of. six ;
; Southern; States :jthat^has 7 given to the;
public an i unequalled train : service; that :
: has | helped ..to ? build up ; the coiimercia! "
: interests; of v the] territory traversed 'by its
linesj .;- /
:.y.-y-\ :-,-:. ::■— «(». — ■■■ . ...
-Cafe-Car Serrice. Seaboard Alr-Llne
: " : ,".-'' ' . . . ' Railway. '■ .. ' '
/The. Seaboard ;■ Air-Line railway takes
t pleasure InTanriburicing ithe inauguration {
of ; ,theiri ;newj Caf e^Car/ Service now In ;
;operatiori- between ;N.; N. C. and
Savannah, Ga., arid Hamlet, N.
C. and Atlanta, Ga. These cars are of
■the yery;la.testrdesign f arid equal to thos«
{ m ": operation fdailyTonT; the . : New^Fork Cen
tral arid the Southern Pacific and Sunsei
routes. ' >
Are Yon Coiner to Florida for tho
Winter? ;'
/Take /the; 1 Seaboard : Air-Line railway.
; Positively; the shortest " and quick est routa
to/ all .points. Double t'aily ser
vviceifrbm Richmbrid// Through sleepers
faridfthorqughfareicoachesJ No wait over
: at" Jacksonville, if you :^are going to 'points
on;; the, Florida 1 and East; Coast railway.
'"'■• '.- / : -,- : : :/ ; '/;,.;/./;.;;;/ ■'■«■"/"; ..... .;. . : -.■■•" ■ .: .:
Seaboard Air-i.ineißailvray Annonn
•"ces,;ChristnVns -Holiday Rates—Sea
; ;soh;1901-t002. " '
/On account /:bf- the. 'Christmas holidays
the".' Seaboard ; railway will seii
'foundftfip '.;' ; . tickets between all points en
its' I line .'"; arid.", to " all 'points on connectinjc
lines " south "of "Aie~ Potomac and east Ol
the -Ohio!> arid iMisslssippi- rivers. ra*e o£;
•■ one .-■: and -one- third .fare for the ro u^.;
>■ :tripS%Ticketsgonvsale^December 21, « \
23. 24, 25. 30. 31, "1001. and January 1. IS 1 "-.
;>with? return /January: 3. 13C- ,- ;
:?; Students/ and; teachers /of school and
f colleges ii presenting i cer tlflcates sisned b3T, ;
I presidents or. principles ■! of such institu
\ tibrisTrriay purchase : tickets December l<sth
| toi22d. inclut>ive, with return' limit Jar.u
v day Ticket*. .
i i at? one '-and .-one -third -.fares :for the-ro"-.-'*
\ Itrip. If' you are goins home to spend
I ChrlstP.ias take the Seaboard Air-Line
Kate.*-Xort»ltc ami Western Hai>
„-Roun<l-trln t:v:ke:= will be sold to Nor-<
ifolk.at rate of S3 30; Lynchburgr. $3; KM
to all. other stations on Norfolk ana
Westeral^lwayiatTrat'eVof one an<! one-
Ithird? regular ; : fare foflthe round triP^<J",
December 2u: t 22d. 23a, 2-Uh. 23th. 30:h,
:31stHarid: January ;l3t^;nnai limit ■' January
3. 1903. T'.Tf ck'*ts at above rates wiU;ba.
|sotd»to tho faculty r-.n-! students ot
v.'coltekes presenting. :.certin-. : '
Jcates "signed .by the principals"; or presi- :
dents thereof, on December. s l4th "to
!lriclusiv^flriaUlimit|JanuarytS^l£<KL For;
tickets, etc.. apply to Richmond Transfer,
Company. 503 ea^tMtim street ;:W.:Sted«M
jlTic.ket A^nt, ByrdfStreet ! ! Station, or to ;
slJohrirE>-."Wagri«'r, "City,- Passiriger.jismu =
'lTlck'et' ; AsTent;^B3S«a3tsMain'st'^et^corußr^
1 Ninth. t_\ H. BOSLET.;
•• - ■■ District Passenger Ag^nt.
|r«wtcan Ueticb ttil Main-Street Sta
cf the Seaboard AJr-Line by tak'n?
[street-cars fr f »m any place in the city oi
ißlchnj^Ondfl^ndgbKiii-: passer.j.T ! P «
, Five Dally . ,Tr'»la.<* ,"" Bet w eel>> . ;^^^^
mon«l and lVtf»r«thnr!;.
; over xtbel Seaboard irAlr-iarie jrailway. Al«
CtratasS"arrlve and depart from the new
: 3&Uh?StxeetiStatiQh-^-the most cjnvem«wfe
:re^ay^|depo^|&*7Wctowngrv r
■;• 6id^ : popera^ for/ *ale -at.it he bl3pa^

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