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" THI2 TRADE; • - • :':: ':-
4 T rmr:c tor 'AH; Grodc* 'Xiirjefclytf "n
Kiccffj of Previous Years— Summary
of Ucrelpis nnd lJellveripii^Tbibao.
co Qrjrnnlsation ou a tsxßO ScaJc-
Cotnpari>on ot the . Ilecclpts ot
| /O n»e T^cnX for the Year With Tliose
o j J'omcr Yosra, icKli^iilSii i
The year just ended hrvs >ncn oneVor
prosperity and progress for 'itive". tobacco
of JUchmondy All its branches Miave'
jlourith«'. and the city is steadily regain
ing ber.'olfl prestige as a tobacco manu
factaring. centre. . . ■ ■ .
" The year 5n the trade has been, a re
niarkribie one in more ..than, onu respect,
List in none more than in the fact that
there has not been- s. single failure of
a* tobacco &rm, cither' manufacturing .or
\jejalcr- There have been but two deaths
tizacn'g lac inembt-ii-s of th*:- trade during:
;3;o year, those, of M: T. Smith; of >L T.
Sialih & Co., and E. JL Moon, firm name
'S.(: fitnie- Mr. Sniltii ■ was ono :of the
oldest and most widely-known members
„* the Trade. '.»" . : ■_.
perhaps U'.e.;most notable development,
ol tho year was the formation of the To^
taoco Association of Cno United States,
:i rraticnal movemerjt projected and car
r:is ] to consummation "by j gentlemen of
li-Js city. ... „.. . :■-•: ■-• . - -.' ■' . '
Vho PvichmoncJ Tobacco Trade elected
Mr. C. D. Larut, president, and Mr. "W: M.
Bruges, 'BecretArj'.; ' "
The year has been a busy ar*d a pros
perous one in :aa:iufacturJngi line^: and
likewise in the export . ar.d order-buying
iranrJi^s of the tra.de. Eichxnondrinatle
plug and twist r»jtains its high standard,
:,j;<l its sales are steadily increasing
end cxlpndingr tq'nevr. territory. l-: ■ ".'
JJOOSB J^RAF MARKET, i " ,:< ■ '
Ths loose leaf tobacco market, has been
unusually "< ! " v e during tho year, and
u'-thnugh* the crop marketed was Inferior
to the average crop in body and Qua.lity,
iJic prectly increased demand and "the
reduced combined to • raise the
'iricc vif the raw leaf to a- figure" almost,.
if not Quite, unprecedented in tho history,
of f«e market. The loose leaf, sal os for
The year, even with a. short crop; aggre
frated 1545,746 pounds, a record -very
nr.ich in excess of the -'quantltj- sold m;
5537. and "3S&B.
But far" more rcmarkaWe tljan the quan
tity sold; is the Increase in averagft" price
r.aifil f"r the loose lea? sold on : this -.mar-
kot The average for the eniire. year,"
jncludingr a3l grades "and varieties;,. is
rrtlniated at from ?7 to 57.50 pcr.lj^ drea
pounds, c-ompaied with, an aven»ffa of
abfiit 55 for 1900; a remarkable increase
Kbo-alng the active demand for tho leaf.
\s these averages are not ofllcially made
v,p, they. caaonly be approximated.
q^s-W'otlz^ Vvotmiyly ll<^n-mo Opera
tinys To-D.iy-FiUl 15 Indies. - -
F-ora th" latest- ir.dicailons of ter 2:.-.?
vcloclt this mornlnj? thero; is reason Jo
n^lievc that with a continued fall of the
river tlie Upper* and "liower Gas-Works
a-ill iDoLh be able- to- resume, operatioiis
this afternoon. As there is about a haW
, flay'f supply of sas onhsnd, this, ; -\rith
K-hJit can be mad© till 3 evening-, vriii,
xith economy, of use. it ia thought, be
though to run the city through to-night
and thus obviate another : night of
1 The river at 2:30 o'clock this mornins
}>-a' fallen about fifteen Inches. On, tho
Ma3i-StT€>t Depot steps the- water had
Ho'ae" "dwvm nearly two steps. . At that
Ivur M«»yo*s Bridg? was intact, and witli
the falling water there was.no reason to
h'licve that it would,' be . damaged.
Til" .Uiver Above I.yJichbarp.
Vr Lcßoy E- Brown, president of £the
'Amlierat Pulp Manufacturing Company,
srtibse property,: including- a to ccross
. James river at Sr.owden. cighieen inues
i7«t'of "Lynchbun?, received the foliow
in? telegram Irom his manager ye?ter
dav: • ~
"Flood did "ui;- no damag;*' whatevc-r;
KlvcrßOWwiminM^ Ri
The napcr-miU at Big Island, flve miles
east o£ Snowden, also escaped damaee.
Xcw York's Welcome t» il»e Sew-
KBW TORS, January l--"™ 1 . scr "
vi'ccs of praror ad .«on ? ; v:Mi .to. \ws ot
h'Ms ZMd ringins of cnimes; .with the
Ware of thousands" of horns, ">d-.-.the
,1^ crack or revolver and T/.storsho.s;
rim%i screeching of wbistle f anf.xnes
from the throats of thousand s. + t c ota
roar was bade farewell , and tho new
voar w^lcomeG last . midnight. vrs.t&
jiiFht services were held in many o^ ,
the churches throughout Greater - Incv; :
Tork. aud many cWmcs rar-E. tneir -are- .
' wr-li to the old year end creeling to the
uew. The Tioms.n Catholic churches a.d ,
asot marli the passing of the year by j
midnight masses, as was done last. year,
the service;-. tfceii having been directed
by the Pope, bosause of the advent 01 a
century. "" '
Old Trinity and. its chimes, were tne
Principal'; magnet for the horn-blowins.
crowd ir. the down-town portion o^tfce
■pity. Thousands gathered; about the his
toric old church. "The scenes about
Grace church £md in "Herald Square
irere similar ones. The di.% too, in the
"'Tenderloin"" oarly in-" the. evening .was
i'.rrilic. Eut the noise" and confusion
thai broke loose from steam,; whistles
fend horns on tlio etroke/Of mid:ught
was ths climax of the .celebration.
Ue S« iWo io.SU "OP, Kut *» C«i
of Bunker*-, .
'Adrfct-s from Bentonville to-day, indi
rato that United States Senator James
11. BenT Is suffering- greatly from -.the
injuries he received two weeks a^o at
Kf.Ti-burg, by a fall. He"'.' ls "able' to
elt up for brief periods, but is not out
r-f danger. The amputated leg that was
iiijured is :' bl&clc from the contusion its
irAJro Icnirth, and the danger is from
erysipelas or other disorders arising frcin
the inflammatioji. It niay.be ..;& lons
lime before ho will bo able to talio ".«P . fcls.
senatorial duties. .
. SEXT OS. ...''-' ' .. ,
Cliarcod Wiilx Settlnsr Vire toltutM
ingK- --, - <■ .-- ■
NEWPORT NEWS, "VA\, December 31.—
IBpecial.w John .-" Thompson, . the y-riesro
*ho was arrested late last night on the
ckarfeo of setting flre to the bulldltiss
«hich vero destroyed in Kloadyke. wa?
<-<"'-flay sent on to tbo «rand- jury in a
3ilooafi<»ld mafe'ifitrate's court, iv "tf ar-
Avick county. ; .
Itichard Ray Held, a 13-yftar-o3d boy, was
10-day eont on to tho grand Jury, charged
v.ltK Btabblng ISdward Sauuders, : a.-play
«iatc. fiaundcrs'a condition- now ..'seems;
to be favorable to recovery. .- -/': ' -
— w — ■-- '--' ' . v ;-. •-. ; ": '
.-...: .cuiTiCAULiY it-i"' : •
);i..?ud S c Alex«x»<J«r J. ilritnd, rof
BALTIMORE, SID. , ' December.- Sl.—
(Special.)— l2a:-Judfj« Alexander " J.^ iPrana,
of .Roonoke, Va.. is -criUcally:-,iU£«'it'.t^e
■J"sms Hopkins lloEpital,- Euffftrinfirrirpai
♦toniajph "'trouble.' He is'under. the care
<Jf Dr. "AViUlars Oekr. .. ■:.•%.. '}
St'tul a Copr to YonrFrieiids. ' .^)
This, the New-Year editlo»Vof;tbe:DlST,
I ; a-rch, jrfvius in coridehficds?.;fornv^tne;
of Riciimondf : 'or^a":
Jl ''jnth, will be put up? forijinalHnffiialj
«»«;•. D!Ki;atch : counter;^ .without -v, extra.;
fhare". You onU-r tl:<? p-iwr arjd:.3e|W
? |L J • ?
|% . If you want to follow the proceedings, word for word, you mi
|M can do } $M
LJ a year,, or ••"so cents a month "for a shorter penod, payable strictly L |J
|J' *• in advance. n . .. ■ J „pi.:
■ =-..• ■ , .-■ .-• " i^ a """","-""" '■"'■"■"i 1 " 1 """"" 111111111 L ---'=M«-^-*-i" i^"~---v" 'Lir*-«nii.«^M 1-.1..11 i _ .-..;..''.". :•!.".' ..' '.■■;; : -
B 5 ' " ' -_'■/; '."' : '- • -' • ■ .■■■"■ *- . ■'''..-,-. ---■"'■ -'-': ■ •■.' ■- : .-'-' ...''..■•.•.■.■■■.' '' ■• •■■■■■.■■ .-■ ■.■•.■■.■.-..■: ■ ■ - ■ JT ' ' '•■•' y f■• g " ; -
THE 525.000 IS SAFE.
At Tiiat Time §75,000 and. More Had
Been Subscribed, and But F.cvr of
the Bondij "Were • Outstn'ndixig;— ■
Frleiuls ot Hicliniond. College Ual-
IJcd Finely in (he Closing Days-
Ur. IJn trlier Hnj»i»y.
The filends of Richmond College In
Virginia have more than raised the $75,000
necessaiT to" secure the Rockefeller gift
0f '525,000. The bonds were not all in hand
last, night, but Dr. Hatcher eald there was
nor the' slightest doubt but" that 1 the'
money will all bo" In hand— that It had all
been contributed In accordance with the
requirement' of Mr. Jolm D. Rockefeller*
Dr.- Katcher wa3 seen last night by'a
Dispatch reporter at Ws ofllce at'tha
college. He was in a happy frama of
mind, and was proud; of the achieve
ment. • _ -
Dr. Hatcher said th© frightful storm and
disarrangement of the mail service had
delayed many of the returns v from the
churches. He declared, however, tliatal
though.-tlie campaign would close" -with
the opening of tlie new year, all that had
been born of the agitation would belong
to the fund— even if not in: hand of the
committse for several days yet; '
It Is expected > that the students ; who
will soon begin to rotum from their
Christmas' vacation, will bring a neat
sum. which, has not been j included in the
a momit mentioned above. Dr. Hatcher
said ho would not take" sl,ooo for what tho
student body would : bring with ; them.
Dr. Hatdier said that the newspapers
bo tli religious -and secular— had been , a
potent factor, in. assisting him and .the
committee in reaching thegoaL; The gifts
have come from many sources and show
the love the Baptists of th? State ? have
f'-r the college. Tho V largest V.onation
was 55,000, and . the smallest was 25 cents.
Tha last 'named amount; came In' yester
day^froiu' a UtUe girl. in Orange county.
One of the students delivered the gift to
the committee for the child. „:
Late during tho nigln tho Endowment
romnittee held' : a meeUns at wliich; the
;Sd^rkof securingnhe:?loo,ODO en
dowment for the old : college, ; wss^oJs
cu"Ned and tho ; members congratulated
each other upon the outlook: for the fu
ture. ■ ■ ■ - ■ . . K;>;
T^liey f?J«S ««* I>«nce the Old Year
Out at.Sangcr Hall.
'A ! concert, a dance, ;and a, supper^
r^tS- friends enjoyed.: the occasion
Sn« b#Se l-ork of tiV turbulent iT »ters
oftfao toes, ana early In the.day; they
S fl ? incandes«snt r lights placed over the
SftulaSa on all sWes won _tho-<=!icalleat
: SrtM F --£Si tte applause :;.^tl, W UoU:lt
with' storiris- of'- applause.-; ■-;--.-■;.■ ; . .'.i
Vir^nia - Gleoi Club. ' a. quartette
of Messrs. : W.- A^vWatklns, R.
S >ni SSe^fe^ Moßaln^andJJoseph
v" wZ sanr several 1 , aelectlons-and
canvKor^^uU share of^the^honorer
-S orchestra- enlivened ;the ? intermis-
S lon? with selections from Floradora and
th^ne^year; .had^beonjfalr^
I'creil- in v.'hen - the entertainment cams
WBHk- ■ '" r ' ; sl ■""•■ w , : ; J. * \ -■' ■■•'■:■■■•■...■' ;s*f9i
the Jefferson; Club on elaborate 1 and
highly-enjoyablo affair. VTn its making a
menuV that left nothing to be desired,
and an entertainment . programme, in
which local talent 1 : worthily entered the
lists with artists from the: Bijou, rather
served to help along' than retard the
current of sociability and 'good fellow
ship. Three hundred or , more sat down
to the banquet of, the evening.: Palms
and potted ["" plants and -a ; full orchestra
were pleasing aocessories. The speeeches
of the evening were impromptu, : felici
tous, and; spirited.- "
The first part of the programme con
tained five numbers:. Mr. Tom. iiitchell,
a.' popular tenor ■ singer; Mr. Naj::Nich
ola, m'onologist; Mr. Charles ■-C- 'Crump,
'.'The- Deep Basso"; Mr. Lon' Wilson,
"The Inimitable Lion," i arid -Professor.
Felix lardella, Richmond's popular .; clari
■. "At 11:15 the second ;part" of the ' pro
gramme: wajs .&nncjunced, a series ;ol
specialties ■ by. members of .'The Tele
phone Girl" company, in costume, now
playing at the - Bijou.
One >'et?ro Shoots* and Kills AnotUer.
• Potter Claims . Accidental.
ROCKY; MOUNT, ; :VA M December 81.—
(Special.)— George Potter, a.; colored youth
11 years old, has been lodged In jail here,
charged with killing. Spottsville Holland,;
also colored, and and;; about ,lth* same
age as Potter. .The shooting, took place
at Dickinson, : in this" county, fifteen miles
southeast " from the/ Courthouse. . . Your
correspondent interviewed Potter, in his
cell, and, . according; to ;hls version, y the
killing/ was purely: accidental. He says
xbat he and a colored boy named ;"Winsr
fleld were scuffling over tho possession
of the gun ho carried, -when, '■■ in ■"; some
unaccountable way, it went ; oft", -the con
tents of oho barrel talcing effect in Hol
land's left-side, 1 ;. ..inflicting: a: gha."stly
wound.f rom the ehtccts of which he di^rd
within twenty-five minutes. Potter ■ claims
that lie -and -Holland -were -friends;, and
that-.there was no .bad blood between
them. Ho appeared ,to .feel "little ..con
cern "over. -the matter, though; he does not
present the appearance; of ! a ;vicious, lad
by any. means. .An Inquest was held upon
the dead body of Holland, ; i the [verdict of
the Coroner's jury J.being-. ."That .the said
Holland was shot to death.through.'crimi
nal' carelessness with a breech-loading
shotgun in' tho hands of George -Potter,
whom "the jury adjudged guilty of invol-;
untary -manslaughter.'.'.; :•.;. This is ".tho
fourth person killed maliciously,, or other
wise;: in- this county, during';the ;present
Tlu; 'DlßapiKJirance ; oi diaries H.
r ' _,- . '■ Xevrlxouse.' • r ; ■ ;
CULPEPER, VA.; December; 31.— (Spe-!
cial.)— Our' town and county -are greatly
agitated arid; gravely apprehensive touch- |
ing the whereabouts and safety of Charles
H. Nevfhouse, a wide-awake; and exten- |
slve'. 'cattle';" broker ,of- this county, ;wHo |
shipped several car-loads : of cattle to ' the j
Baltimore market Monday. December 22d. ;
Thesa ; he accompanied to, the market, as -]
is his ucual' custom;, but since ;that- time j
all trace of him lias been .lpst.-v- With
Mr.Newhouse was a friend who ; stopped'!
with him at the Howard r House :Jn Bai- !
"tlmore, 'and' from; this 'friend it is ; known i
stock, remarked that he: would spend the i
evening 1 out. He lett: a check for the i
cattle^rof :" about -?■ •" liis ' : friend,
telling liiraheiyvould::be;back : in time for.
them to ;go home 'together ;■ put as New
libusedid not; return,; the gentleman came
home -alone and ;i delivered the 'check 'to
Newhouse's father. ■ Further,; investigation
has .'developed -the fact dmt,, air. ; Kew
hbuso's; satchel ; and -"overcoat . are - stil • at
the-Howard Houae, but that;h'9 had not
returned.. . The business; /hoiiseaj Jwlth
.which .lie i dealt arid f his dssfceiate*. were
importuned by telegrams, but could; give
no ,clew:V .Tho' Odd-FelloWs^ J^ijfft ; of ;
'tills ; town,' of - whicnr Newhousa" is a mem
ber. r 'helda called meetirifr .yesterday, and
sent -a 'committee " to Baltimore &akjng
the : co-operation 'of I; that ). city's ' Odd-FeK
lows,; and pladnffithel case; in tholhands
of " the?j police/ % and « also , L de
teotivesV'to locate':- the^ybung '■■man..: :>vAf
'wire- this: evening- from, this i source (glyes
hb'olow^ and" bur^peoplo ibeliOTe i that"- ba
he has -been foully, dealt withj ;• ; Mr.l New^
house 7 is : a-" eon) 5 of /i Representative ?;Newr
house,' '■' of -.tlie'- Btata ?• and
junior nieraber; of "thVtflrm'Jof ; S.v3yL jNe^
hou se *&" Son; ? ~: There' Is; •; perhaps, , no more
popular v orj. ; corr€ct;iyoungr^man % in
Veri'ce loads -all^ tol feep; that'; some iphyMca^:
calamity JioasSbef alien him. . Mr.-'Ne^
houso^ layabout* 1 »e:
f aca?^arid^phys|due;rtHß^t^coiaplexlomßa. l
lar^b' eyes* 5 andiblack ; hair rtweiehg {about
I7s>ounds, and is nearly cix feet tall.
PNEVW. 'TOBK.' tjanuairp
Eishth r Avenuo f- Theatro tv-js dlestroyciV
a long performance, ana the audience
had been out of tho.ibuilding only about
fifteen minutes when the flre started. It
was: caused by a lighted cigarette.
■'-• After the ■ fire started ■ the ; chorus girls
and employees of : the theatre fled to the
street kv a panic, :It is believed that all
got out safely. ;/ .; ':. r
Freshet Causes Fire on p v iver-Front—
How It Was.FougUt.
: A. flre •at the warehouse of :.; Warner
Moore & Co. yesterday afternoon result-.
Ed i n a los 3of about §7,0C0, fully covered
by Insurance. • ...^ : --'•■ : "
The fire, like that; at the Hawes.ware
house a year or two ago, was; occasioned
by the high water ; getting into unslaked;
lime ' The . firm had carefully removed
all their barrels of:- lirao to. the. second
floor'- but the; dust : scattered
about : the floor or the contents ; of some,
broken barrel' :.was ;■ sufficient, ; whenrxne.
water came, to set the;place afire.. ; . /■
The flre -was the most .unique land -pic
turesque ; whjch : Richmond people "-ever
watched,- anrf it: was fought and'eonfined.
to the portion of; the building.; In -which,
it originated : - with great , skill and re- ;
sourcefulnes3 on the -part of the depart
ment. ' . ' ■■-■ >■ * .
The' building was entirely - surrounded
by water ■ fivo or six; feet deep. ; It (was;
impossible to get^ the engines, up ..to good
positions: The lines ..of hose had vto ; vbe
carried over and through the western.:
portion of the building, and, along the
Seaboard viaduct. :The exploit of Cap
tain Wise, of "Engine' Company No.;' 4,,
who launched forth in a' small boat.with
one or two. men of his. company and his
line ' ■of hose; will long ■" be remembered.
They.rowed out to the front of~the build
ing, disembarked on the top of a small
chicken-house; .which had floated
arid fought tho flames from that position. .
The '■■. building ,wh|ch was "burned .was
stored with lime arid excelsior. j ;
There w ere over a thousand barrels of
lime' in the buildinST. '','■ ■■:'"' • ' - ■
Married. iiT Baltimore.
: -LA! well-known "Rlchrhonder/Jyeaterday
captured a. Baltimore^ bride, ■ : the : wedding
occurring at the" home^bf .the. bride, -in
the Monumental: City, at 6. o'clockP. ,M.
The contraoting- parties, were Miss Carno
■Waaserman.innattractivo' young; lady; of
Baltimore,: arid-Mr. : >Meno;.Mittlpdorfer,, of
this city. The wedding was a quiet: home
ceremony", witnessed by the friends of .the
principals. f : Mr." Mit teldorf er lia ■ a ( member
of the firm ; of V. & B. ; Mitteldorfer; of
this city, and; is well-known ; and widely
esteemed. The couple will .be at homo
in this city in a few days.' ; . ■
Resignniion of Collector jpeinan«lea.
-NASHVILLE, TENIS'., ; December 31.—
President '-■ Roosevelt ; has ; [de
manded tho j. resignation-; of X David : A.-
N urm, : - Col le ctor . of : Internal j for
the* FlfUi. District of Tennessee.- Alleged
violationTof civil service, regulations^.iii
the discharge of a 'clerk is »aid, toy.be;
tho -cause. v Colonel .Nunn- has;gona; to
; Washington. '
Part ot Stolen Jewelry, Kecovered.y;
NEW LYORK, j December : 311— It : was
made-known rat r the Detective
this' afternoon'-that - $20,000 worth :of>< the
jewelry stolen from' Paul • G. Thebaud had
been ' recovered.' ' ■ Som e of -it - was : found"
In a pawnshop in" this city andithe rest
ln"a' satchel. Kern;; thef valet;-- had.;left
the.^ jewelry pwlth Sthe pawnbroker^ and
was" to have : received aj loan ; of . $1,600. s .: He
received; $700, ; and • was " to ;; have?" returned
v^sterday : for $SoO ; and the ticket-~He; did
not come^ back. ' : ;-: '•■•■;• "V- ■■'. : -: ; '
■' ';■':■;'■- ■/■ '■ ? PocalibntivSjP»GS»ngeri».;V;;. ', :.■'
Passengers for steamer jPocahontas this
(\\ r ednesday) ttorains..will ; take"9":A."::M.
Carinon-BalL trainiito. Petersburg/where
train ; for 'Cltyij Point; will X be . 'waiting £to;
take > them ' down? ; to '; the steamer J Poca
:hontas^at'i City Point. ■ , ''..."
: v Passengers ; . comine ; up ;..- on ; steamer.;:Po
cahoritas - to-day, .will 'arrive y at" Richmond
6^o P. C M. ;: on ■\Carin6n-Ball jtralriVifrom
Petersburg. ,
.-' *' Majcif ■ iyle
Major i David "A^-Lylt), ; , Ordnancei Depart-;
ment.v has Sbeessrellevedp from: duty s as :
inspeotor ; of r vordnance^atK-Philadelphia;;
and J assigned. - to ? command yof ?i the ,v*Au-1
gusta "•■ Ars»nal,^Gal v 3 relieving. Major, John i
Pitman, "who is ordered :■;; to s Springfield,
Mass. - 1
r, JJm-Crovr- Cu-r.Blll. .
■■■':, &AJJFIWDB.W. MD-TiDecember 21.-HSpe'.
clal.)~OaQr of 3the?first vblllsathat J.wHlf-b9
iuWoduced iii; 4 the y Legislature; 's. which
convenes v ln ? Aiinapolls H to-morrow, ; SwlU'
•be ;r a?i"Jiin-Crowl' ? car,Sblll;ia prepared;: by;
Delegates^ Glle3,"| of | Somerset.-^The §pro
visions I are svoiyS- slra ilar lto s.thbse| incpr^*
poratefiiariJtheKvlrffint.' la-,v.
;v; v Send a"Co»y to Year Fritnds?^^
patch, ylviag" ' a coudenßtd former the.
■history^ .of iiHlchraon-.l for a twelve
month, will brf put up lor mailing^ at'
the "©Dispatch i counter/ / without i" exjtral
charge %Tou ■ order iho paper ancl leav?
Tliey Arc Alleged to Be :Iny'olTed in.
the Reorgnniztttlon— Said; That a
J. Great; Power Plant "Will ße .Erected
oa the Appomattox River— All This
Very Interesting to' Rlclimonders,
V PETERSBURG, VA.i .December - ; 31.— :
(Sptecial.)— -The agrcercent" entered , o£
rscord in = th«; Clerk's:; office: last;' night,:
consolidating .'"■ and ; merging v tho .-; South
side Railway :and Development : ; Com-;
pany. into the Virginia , Internal : and lin-,
provement ,' Company, ; Is an ; important:
move in the . direction of .what it is .be- i
lieved- more - important -developments >in _;
the way of consolidation of. interests soon^ ;
to "* follow. v"; . N ,- ' ' - '/ - : ' : ! !
. .; /.... v"; THE CONSOLIDATION. > ;
C Under'. 1 this - consolidation and merger !
the -new organization i 3 to be called the I
.: -Passenger ; v arid ; Power ;• Com,- !
pany," but riot withstanding, the Vchanso j
of 'name, all the i
franchises, rights. . and privileges, -, etc., of!
the •' ■Virginia ■": lnternal: and Improvement j
Company ; are' to ...continue., ; ; "- ' ]
-There is said to be unlimited capital be-j
hjnd -this ■ scheme, and ; . while the 1 present ;
authorized capital [if] ?3,0p0,000,r divided into i
SO.CiOO '.'shares - : of 5100 ■; each, ; yet the same |
may be increased from .time to time; |
as- may be deemed, necessary ;by the;:af
flrmative : vote; of s the holders of a ; ma- |
iority-of tho ; outstanding capital stock.- j
'■: v THB LOCAL COMPANY. •.;-:: I
Tiio Virginia Internal : arid'. Improve-:
irient company is a local -chartered or--;!
'■gahiaatioh . with ; large ; privileges. ' xts i
stockholders, aye-young: and progressive j
The Southside Railway; and'- Develop- |
ment Company owns, our street etectric ■■
railway; system,, owns all : of ,;the, valuable
property of the old 'Upper -Appomattox (
Company, owns all of the laluable; water j
power ; of the canal and-'of s the" river west j
of -the city, : from iCambeH's ; bridge, ; for
many ' miles. :' The company ;; has •> made
large v Investments of money ■ and erected
costly improvements here. ;
THEIR PURPOSi:.;, '.■;.,; :
Greater .; investments : ; and greater, im-,
provements wilibeTthe^result^of^this
consolidation of Interests, -} in ; whieh, _;it .
is believed,' -I the ■• Richmond ;, and y Peters
burg Electric : Railway Company,: and; the
Richmond- Passenger ■-; and ;•' Power^ Com^
pany, ' with ;j their ., still ; greater = interests,
'Mr ; : Fritz ;; Bitterdinff, of ; Ricnmond.v Is
president of the:new.:;company;Mr.:Fred :
crick G Frese, /of i Richmond, • largely in
terested" In the Richmond and ; Petersburg
:Electrlc:;rbad,r Is -a directory and r Mr.
Louis ' B. Spencer,^ of ; Ne\vj York, lis| a< di T
rector also. .The^ two -local ; directors are
Augustus . "Wrisht? and -a^R,; Bishop/ ; :
A ; great powerplant is to erected,, pror,
bably J at ?the locks^ several miles /west
:of this - city, ; where ;a: tremendous :. water
power^can 'be utilized;. <Thls^plant^will
bb able tb> furnish : : power sufficlentiJ for
all j the needs^of and Am in
dustrial and railway ..-.system, .-;■_ electric
cars between : Richmond and : Petersburg,"
arid-^bave : PowerxstiU 1 tcv^pare-even
Richmond, » if necessary.' ;: ; / •-;,•■■:.-■ ;.'-. -. .;:.- y ;.:-
-of- the -"Virginia
PaEsenger; and Power- Company" will ; be
in Petersburg. '
-iii Eiploftlbn of Gasoline— The iCoofc
*-;::;-:',■::■;■ :' ; Killed. ;
, :Decemoer*s.Sri-Th3
i' steariicr-Banes/f from | Mobile
last yFriday.s for I Bocaa 'del;; Tor?;- caught
fire -Sunday s morning; ,r Dfcccinber J 2Sth; a a.t
s9a^arid J put|into;Havan^|tmrnln?^She
had . a lumber?;:carso; lyaluedvat
$500 ? *iriVgold- ! 'coIn;/andv ; tho^m.iil'rfor I:Colombia^Tha^oiri^wasfor^bejagciit^oi;1 :Co
the ".::•: Camors-XIcC irinoll , -at
BocaaV del Toro. : Tb3 : carg3;^was partly
insured., A .yart >>f;the.,cars£>';wa 3 ;;.a
ffasolenet engine¥and^ several^ drums ? j of
gasolene;: 'and ? it^i3^suppon&l j,the
'■% the « slde^i of &l:e liyetyelra andj
r causedi tfc?are:&Tlw*9 j wanj : seventeen ■ in
tlu- 1 creW All were unhurt, iaye^tio
ccoi? who was wna3.' ? The aama of the
'c^blc^ls uot known H-ra.
%^B^Addlsoiri^J.t: S.:,iWiHlamo, i KW:aldorJf j|
JpjfevV&Danner^ P. i-T. ; f Suttoh?|Flf th^AYe^j j
:; J^M^i
»I*ellJsrlii J ■' aid v wlf aij Nayaxrd ; ■' &. fr IS^^Wa. I~^
ters,' J- D. .Walt*??, lmptjrf ? l: S. ciitch-
-jDead iGfrl "Wsw SSold in Captivity;
o»d Later- Killed, aa« Her. Body
Placed in tbe Rlxei>-i»rellmlnary
& ■ Examinatlo not; - ot ; James Wllcos :To-
X ■}- Day— Scniliaent -^ AKalnjTt "■.; Dim ? Still
:'• ; NEW YORK, -December 31.— (Sp ejclal.)^
Five hundred-. people 'in vthe, quaint ceme-;
I teryiof3Jthe.< C*utch^Reformed s church. :ln
JSrooklyn, ■ wept a3 fth»> last^ spadeful^ of
earth feilt on t the" grave : of ';Ella : Cropsey,"
arid I the gr uesbme | tragedy. ~of | Elisabet|i j
■CltyV^N.^C.,'-: seemed;^ transCerred vtor. ; "thV
"moment... to".- the ; mossy 1* graveyard.; r^The
'scene was sad: and" sorrowful. , Trie ; burial
waa \ made at the Ryder ; plot. Sorrowing
relatives,; thelr.i eyes f fed v with J.'weeplrisr.'
: arid I all wearing "\ the i black \ garb of i grief .;
stood Vln melancholy^; fashion, about .the
grave.* There were ~ : Judged Arid raw, G-
Cropssy, an undo of > Ella Crbpsey's, ; who :
the > body;*; frbmj; Elisabeth
City ; :-■ tho Misses ~i Carrie, Ella; ;; anclj Celiaj
Cropsey ,- aunts of the dead" girl ; ; Samuel;
Ryder; '■ with V his ; Helen v ßyder;;
■Henry. < R>^er,^Q.}::cbusln; -Da vidvWhUer';
head,. r a cousin, ";arid. : Mr 3. 'Southard; andj
family.; A. fsirnple' -and affectirigr'/.barjilj
servico . was read,; arid all was over. ; _ ;
; The r , funeral' - services ,; were ■ con
;ducted by'thb Rcy."tAifred B. Bu>h| pas
:tbr;6f -the Dutch ißcformed chur,c]b,^as-.
sistedby the Rev., W. r Ten -Eyck^ Adams.'
of V;the:' Edgewood. 'Reformed ''church;' :of;
i -W'.- 1 :;-Xi^Da-J
:vison, V of. 'Grace. ;, church. •"•Bxy" Rltlge.'
-'Among .the -mourners : . were -.', about -one
huridredschool'friends.of the dead girl's.;
?and>Mlss Alletfca ; Ryder, ; the; s!sto r ; of :
Mrs. Cropsey,, the mother of the dead
girl.:: - ' ' ;'■ ":" '-'-'■: ■■' '■■-■-'- ' ',
■ ; -X iG. Cropsey.. ;the -uncle of -Ella, sala
this averiing: "After Ella went .: to -the
front 'door . with " Wilcox; , he. ; must " have'
chloroformed her, or put something over,
her /mouth, and' carried her away. ■'■• The
blood-hounds '■ could not trace .any ;. of jhw
(tracks, exceptT on the floor -oC the -ve
randa. There were none of her tracks
on the, steps or tho ground near-by.^ The
"girl had;beenln tho water only "-. 'three or
four 'days; The body was riot decomtj
"posed, }nor '"■ had it been " touched by the
fishc3. " She was lying In the water face
downward, : arid her knee 3 ;wero up ( under
!;her;'chin.- A'.pcrsori ,T7ho;has been dro>vn
| ed irif theVsea- does riot "lie In the water
I . in . that - way. Between the ] time she dls
'appcaredand ithe timeshe 'was evldently
rplaced In the river she "must, liayb been
;a; prisoner/- -I believe'; that ;Wilcox, : or
some ; of his ; accomplices, If ? he" had any,
i were holding . the girl ; in cap tiivity; I•' am
inclined" to . believe that .the stories .that
' tho "girl had | been ] seen . In near-by, parts
hafveiffonie liasls. of "fact When Wilcbx
j discovered\the awful results i of ; his deed
he -killed the girl, and placed. her In : the
river, in order .that it might appear shs
I had comriittted suicide. It ;was to far
1 ther thi3 plan; that;he:'created ! the ! story ;
of her. -impurity,, which is «.i-baseleW
falsehood. 1 1 believe that Wilcox had the
girl - in : captivity, ana slaterikilied - her." T
ELIZABETH CITT,: N. jC.v/' December
31.— JamesiWilcox, who; Is held in ;con
neetion with tha : : dea th'- ■ of ; Miss Ella
.Cropsey, . wUI jbo .given a . preliminary.
;hearlng to-morrow five justices^
.The 1 Citizens' Committee of flve, inves-,
tigatlng i every; possible^ clue" to the cause
of ;Mlss jCropsey'a death., will .present'all
1 tho }'eyidencei it ; ha3. obtained- at the hear
ing tb-mbrrow. . . -,: :A i-: .; ;\; \ ". ':
WUcox is ■ still confined 'within the , Jail
here. Popular sontiment : is very strong
against him, but "time has alleviated^tha
"feeling^-.somewhat;, >;; and: the :■ talk ": of
lynching, has; '.ceased. Wilcox's mother.
I "who ' : , is ; in d elica to - heal th, : :;ls .'said, to :be
I Iri <i serious condition, owing; to' the]sus
picion cast 'upon -her "son. ,' ■": " ' •
I ;/--■ ELIZABETH L :CITY.-N.;; a, ; December
21.— Solicitor G.W.; Ward announced '-to~ :
jnight 1 that at Wllcox's ; own request, his
I preUmlnary,: hearing."-. on 'the chargaVof
killing "Sliss -Crop3ey, will not : take place
1 this week.: He v Is now held; in "custody
\ by. . recommendation, 'of the Coroner'M
jurj', pending presentation by_ the^ -grand"
I Jury for the: March term of tha Superiof
[.Court... „:"' ... . . ; ;■■ : :,,;v;'z - : ■■ ..: .- .v . -:■
xot feom; lyxchbuk d.
Identity. ':o€: iTLoytng'y Voiuoxi Funnd
..-■ 'DrnKßed ou ."Went I^rankllii. ,
The.young woman, giving 1 her name as
May, who was found 'on Monday night
.in: a semi-conscious 'Condition, arid probar
fcly under the : "nfluence" of I some drug.', on.
Dr. ■ E. 1 L." Hobson's' porch,' at Foushee
; and: Franklin : streets; turned out,yester
:day'to be Mrs. May Harris, a daughter
"of Mr. W.J. i Williams, of No. ISI7 Hull.
street/Manchester. ."" ■ ' ; :
It \ appears? that ,iri 1890 she married a
man named Charles : Harris, ' in , Peters
burg, who sent her -.to> Richmond! to rent
a' house : and ; then \ naver showed up.. ; She
lived at her father's! home, .in Manches-_
ter, for aitime/andafter. treatment at
a ; ; hospital, : \ returned '-,; home, iiyrHit& she
remained ...until J August ? She 7 th en wen t
i to; livo v . with an .aunt living-. -'on i "Eleventh';
'street,' in Manchester.' ,-'■ ; Mr. % Williams
says- he Ihasvnotr heard of his daughter
sinee .■ Christrrias-Day. ; . : . :.:... r .
;'jMra/: Harris's; account of .her.." adven-"
;,tures - Monday iwound ,up ; with- the ; st ate-:
■ ment that: towards -evening: she was ;.wi_tK
a man from Peter3l>urgrandidrank'some
thing j^ from '/ a ; bottle he ; carried f-iii-shia
pocket.' She did not; remember any thing
afterwards.; ■'; . _;' ■;■ „'---- -.
■■■■; Transfers of Property.
In Richmond: T "William V, r . "Crump's'iEx-;
ecutor to IX $£ Williams,- 35 6-12 feet east;
Bide of -Fifteenth -street. . between ;Broa«l
and^MarshallJ streets, J250. y, •_>-;,■ __^
B.'- IC sGarrettQ and wife to- John : W:
: Hu'kn'es;'r23 9-12 v *feet- on "; north side-Pop-",
street; .No^l^i,; ?i00. ; ; ; . : '■:> ;■';* . '
' -John%'W.<Kughe9-to,Vr'iniam Giy Smlth.
q;. feet ; on; north side ißaker street, ;:ST;
feet :; from 5-Tyler i street, - subject-.' to " deed
of trust "for $550, $300- " \
-Joseph/: Mabel A-i " Norma ; E., and Lewis
v"W. r - Porter • to B. 'F. VW': " Carter,?3o feet' on ;
west? side > Twenty-sixth .; s^rset,' -i 105 ;.-; feet
north . of N ; street, :?2,4oa^V;^- v v^
>'-Tv* y - H '^and : > Ann -Lcv/is'a^ Trustees to
Guarantee -'ißuUdins;-; Ix)an-- and ; Trust!
Company,-; ■25 feet 'on ■> nor th*; side j-Boyd j
street, between and' Harrison.
s feeta 3300. ",
\S H : 'A- 1 McCv rdy ; and - wife to , Z.. *M. WiK
liam's ■■■'- lot -fronting '37? feet '.on .1 an:: alley,
' between "Fltteenthiandg Sixteenth;' and
-Marshair^and :ci^y,l streets sf2SQ. - • .■-■. ■-■ Z .. £,
Mollie B-i 3IlHs to :Mary;ai.vStratton;*2o.
feet : on '-west sida Reservoir = street,-] SS f eet •;
from -"Wallace '3treet, :51,2C0./ s
s B ! :S - Rose," : sub-trusteo,«to •.Sarah^A:^
Bush -tie tlegalStit!lß;itos2B?feetsonyea3t:
aide" > First ;•' street/" 115 £f ee 141 4 f f om i Federal ;
street,^ shoihsjvingTderlvcdgthej equitable ■
title;' by 'a 1 - former:, conveyance; , ' ~ '
bin s 'He'nrlco : : = A.^ {W.^Ball % and iwif o to.
Matthew^ QHmbur,s 80 ? feet Jon £ north :'ald©
Ivy" street, : \iniplan : : of >Lasbr«rn^sß22.?s. . -
" * Patterson"' andft Hooper [ r .;. Newton^:; spe
"cial^masters;!to D^Dv^Pleasacta; J2 facres;
on '■ tho "> countyi road," : i about ? ;75 ?. rods E north 1
■ of ' tho * Nine^Mlle s road,^ and j: abou t |three !
miles s east 3 of t*Richmond.ri and"? 2^i\, ! acre 3
about; 40 ;rod3v north v= of^'^thd&NinerMUe]
road,^: about? threoimiles ' frornVßichmojod,'
r :' Joseph'C." Schutte a^d jwifalito ? the I,ts
40ifeet ! ion1iiorthtBid9lKensinstott?8tr«etd
Semi a. Copt to Yonr Frie'ria«jgp|
■MThis New-Tear c edition i of 'the slK*
ipatchi; siving in condensed- form,, tha
hl3tory of Richmoud toV.-a. I lyolvr
;month, will bo put up;' for^ mailing? at
? th^Dlspatclv% counter, _, without^fejtljra.'
We Are Ro!!ifig.^|i
-in new • conaigitoaentvof k
Cut Glass and Cb^w&te?
to meet the-demands of: :oar^nr«
creasing trade. Mauy'of. th_em*
' are specials -for^the holiday Sitbivt|
\ wilVmaice 6 urHable3an3; shelves!
I the delight of : tho«se \vho^.want|
I - to get an appropri ate New:; Year *sf
The E, 8, Taylor Co,,
ton E. Main, 1 ■ - ,-'
V 9 £.Broaa. MS
9 aa-Saa, Tu&Fri ,' -s~ :
The; Ksw ■%& Al)|oiintßly)PireprbiJrf
Hotel Earlington.
1 Twenty-se-'BentU' "'street, .;Tn;irt(i!
% riear^BrondiTay, - ~ p
I „ ': ■■ > V.Ne w YorlsColty. V? ■ r^BftJil
fi ■■'■* The most c central ? and • acceaalt)l»|i
S location in the city,'- combined .with- jt
S 'quiet ; and reflned 3 surroiuidinga."M||f
k - .-■yti'VA.niVF.-. OFJiUATBSiggBm
S Single rooms - (bath)^ $i:so;t»i SStK
« i Double rooms (bath), 1 person,-' 43.^
i /Double rooms (bath), 2 persona, sa^;
g.. Sath-rooms adjoining. >" -. -^
% Large' double" rooms/.wlth Iprtv»t»1 prtv»t» i
w , v bath-rooms, I, person,;^?.;'.?^
':.■■• Largo double, room9,:.with private?
jfibath-rooms,"- 2 persons, J4. , ;
[g /Suites lof parlor, vbedroomi 'and?;
1 -bath for.l" person;; 43 " : %4, «s,i VTSggm
g j: Suites -of r parlor. s bedrooncranr and 3
S i bath f or : a persons.- p*s $s," pi, \ J». : ;rs|
B Suites ;otparlor»; 2 -bedrooms,: and }|
I bath, ?7, $10. •'■
% -C E. XI. BARLE Jfe SOS X ' <';
£| Thirty ">j 'years "■; -connected V *.with<j
a' ; . : -'-".' '■" ' Earle's-ltotel. :'- -: : ;,; Vi
ravv: .".. -.■:•■" /- ;(ja, 1-lm)
f au. wsiaar-FOjj woae tbak halp a CENmn i
pi ßviiv-n^nnlilH/J m
n Posses* *s all tbe latlntivj and anodyne qualities of Is
Optnm, bat pro'lnee* no auk — «a of the stooMeii. la ..
aonta nervons disorders it l» an in valuable Bameoyv-^
aecommenilad by best Physicians everywhere. ,^~:f?
Vr'-. ; ' ""■;: ;.(nol3-Wly) SV^P-^^^r
noatb ; ot ■ b>- ,Yottii« '"'Sterehant— staV»M-S
EWWsjwwjSllgaSS-v 1 ' ;■• ■: ■- .■,-'-. •.-.. —.••■■.- ri»-»<-r» ■«•?>?«■
: * ia »e.
GORDOXSyjIjLE, VAj: December JL— '^ 1
(Special.)— Mr. E. B. Wood ''di-d' at .hlsr- -'
home hero Monday" evening about 4^5 ....<•?,
o'clock, in the IHth year of h.i 3 age. .■ =- .
On Sunday, December 22d, Air. "Woob.^'^
was i taken ill ; with - pneumonia; : and ,fdePHf|
spi te^ the^efforts s of? Gbrdpnaville's^moaitgi|
Ekilful physicians and the beat of nuVsins,'.^.;
death- claimed him. &'■ -"*-
■ ; ; Mr; ; Wood-.-was: bora^ahd >reared;gln:||s;
Gbrdonsville, and, at tho time ot hia
father's" death, r succeeded, him in -business, ; "?
which he conducted. withigreatßUCcess. -" ♦
' ? Mr.^Wood;lcave3 a, wife and three 'sinoJt^
children, besides: his mother. -'- "
the bride's parents ito-day,> atihighlnoon, 1 ";
the ' - ofilciatingv mlnlster-'.being Ilev. ' -yi.- ~\
Tui>per7\Vlng^eld,'rot3ths;BapUst a -church;j-:.v?
•^.The'ibrtde^ who'l3lthb?daushter,'b£^Mrg^
and 1 Mr338.-B. /Husbe3; fottGordcrnaylUe;-. . :
; was 'becomingly % gowned lln % o.' haridsoma .
blub 'tailor-made salt,- and ■-, tb 9 ; br Idegroora?^
• was ; ; neat-fitthiff £ '» u *t^ot^g
black. ; ■ ~'^T^4
7 Miss ; E3ther Goodwin; 1 daughterjcf fMr. v ;; •
and -Mrs. Barnes C^odwin;- andlcousiwloS -.^
■ Curtis Adaais; of ; l>scua t ;Gr ove^sra»Jtte|^
best man. *3™^&}s[M
K-ThellparlprVwas^beautlfully jaecorate*^
fwlthlhollyiittndjeyergTeensJ •*.•
;the ■ Chesapeake ■) and JranvlNo^^
f -i -■}. for -Orange,"", where v they? drove ?acro«*.^
tha country, to tho Wdetfroom>.hoiw;jmfj^
Locust Grove. - * «£*&«S
; Those present from^ a disUnc© wew^;
fiirs^H^H: ? Sauaders.-fo; jßichmpnd :
Mildred 1 Saund'Jrs.f of -I^lsa;|Mra?A4»»^i^
r Orbnge; 3 Mr^J Bayer.^bf I Oranar«»t|Mes«wgg
: Cwtls s Adarns: : and;:Jam«i3 : Ad3ans^|^^o^p
cust Grove. •;/ V;. ; ; - :£^@
Addr«« l»y rrot. 3*mU°n£m*xOm
«ers Ke-Electetf.
Professor ;johttVPranJclia Jantfadn/Vhea*
hall of tW Houaaiot rx^t«t^
Profe33or?|Ja23it3on'a|sol>Ject^Traa , l.no „
.enjoyable.- . .„";,,» m "p :
Prior to thf address, esoec
irir'oC'tJia society was h*»iU.
v * Tie ■ present r6fflc«r«! ot>thQ ;«ow«t3^w^*j^
* patchJ#gtvJnyS in !.:? condenift^ fbtta |Htaf |«:?
(hlit6r^«?cfl|Blcl»«oncS- -tor:?i^tw«lv»;
I month, witl .ba put "u^itoriseutUterfav
'•thftT- Dispatch j: coxioter, witiioitt^ftcUT.

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