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WHOLE NUMBER; -15,826:
Missing J, P. Lee Located at
1 i South Cherry Street,
He Announces His Purpose 9 to Go In
Business in Richmond. '
t"lninii« That He InfornnMl IIi» Nor-
■ foXVc Concern, of Hlh Pnrpone' to
l.cnvc, nnA Thnt Jle AVa^ Coming- to
lUelimoml to Jle Tronled by, Pliyni
clnnn — H"e Hn« Now About Rccot
Mr. John P. I^ce, for some time secre
tary of the Norfolk Produce Exchange,
'whom'- Norfolk dispatches yesterday
stated had been m issi ng from that city
hince December ? iSth, was found last
niglit bj- a representative of the Dis-'
patch alive and well at No. 11 south
Cherry street.
The following dispatch -\vas received
from Norfolk last night:
"J. P. Leo has been missing, since De
cember ISth. He was tlie secretary of
tho Norfolk Produce Exchange. -Mr. Lee
came here from Riohmond, where his
family still resides, about ,a year, ago*
For. some days before his inexplicable
departure lie had -been: under treatment
for melancholia, it is stated. Efforts
Uavo been made- to ascertain his where
abouts, but without success.
"It ia understood that Mr. Lee was
In arrears for board at his lodgings a.t
$2C Freemason street, where It isnot be
lieved there"-. -has been foul play."
There has been, it appears, much un
tasin<!S6 among Mr. Lee's: acquaintances
in Norfolk.. AnoLher special had it that
"a search of his lodgings showed, that
lio left no effects. '._ Lee had been a vic
tim of acute indigestion, and it is feared
tha.t he • committed suicide."
Still another special Irom Norfolk told
the following story:
"On the morning of .-December ISth he
left his boarding-house and shortly after
entered Ws office, at tlie Produce Ex
change. H« told the office boy lie was
not feeling well, and would go out for
awhile. 'From, that moment hi* vanished
without leaving a traco.
"Dr. Ha.rgra.ve Uiought at one time
that a ..body found, fioa.tiiig off Lam
bert's Point Was tliat of Mr. Lee, sup
jwsing suicide on account' of melan
•'The descriptions- did not tally, how
ever, and the 'disappearance- remains" a 1a 1
fleop mystery.'-'
When seen last night at his home, on
.south Cherry street Mr. Lee stated that
>> went to Norfolk in March and left
there December ISth, because lie was
unwell. He had intended to give up his
IKisltion there and return tt> Richmond
at tho fir»t of the year. He. had gone to
Norfolk: in March and his. family, . con
sisting of a wife and three children, had
"remained ii'ere. Feeling seriously indis
posed tlie week before Christmas, he liad,
decided to return home at once and place
himsolf in the charge of his Richmond
Mr. Lee states that immediately upon
his return Richmond on December
3Stu, ho promptly advised the directors
of the Norfolk Produce Exchange of his
departure and whereabouts, and of tho
occasion of his sudJen journey-home.
He says he left no unpaid debts in Nor
folk, and that persons there owe him
f GO. After an illness of a. fortnight orj
more he Is much better now, although he
.plainly shows the effects of ■recent^slckj"
The reports of- IVIr. Lee's mysterious
disappearance greatly, interested a. large
circle of acquaintances in Richmond, -who
will bo much relieved to learn that he
is alive and well.
Mr. Lee states that he proposes to go
In the general brokerage business here
with IV. D. Roberts, of Norfolk. They
will be located on south Twelfth street,
in Everett Waddey's building. As a
*>]>c*cialty they will handle tlie : weu^s of
\he- United States Biscuit Company, and
will- also represent the New Yt>rk Sa,fe
,und Lock Company.
Before going to Norfolk 2Slr. J^ee w^s
. connected with the R- L. Barnes Safe
■and Lock Company, and later with the
real estate Unn of Charles A. Rose &
■ When the. movement"- to establish a
l-'roduce Kxcluuige was; tstiLrted in Nor
folk, Mr.-' Lee interested himself actively
in it, and when the permanent organiza
tion was effected he : was made secretary.
He was largely instrumental, in the es
tablishment of tho Bureau of Credit,
•which is conducted by the Exchange and
tho "Wholesale Grocers' and Tobacco- . !
Jiists' associations of that city. I
3liss many, friends in Norfolk, as well
•is in Richmond; will be greatly -relieved
to learn that he has been found safe and
v-cll. '; - ■ : ; / . ■ ■.;■ .■'...■; : '. ■
I.l'Rne oJ I.uiklk to Steel Coriioralibn
Coinimiticx, ninlllljj- l'rojiohed
I in l> ro ve m e n < »'. . - ;
NJ2W YORK, January 2.-JudseE. 11.
IS-ary, of the United' States StoelCor
lioiatioii, announceii to-S^" that tHc- pro-
V* rties Jieivtj&forfi secured by the mana
yc-rs of th«_ Pocahontas coai 1 ByiuHcate;
-onslsting of about; SW.Ooo: acres -of fuel
: *nri coking coal, had been sold to the
I'ocahontas Coal and Coke- : Coni'iKuiy,'
ivWcli 5» r coniroJled by the Norfolk: ami
'Western Railway Company^ und : ■ that
acrofi : of thw« : lands-v' hadv been
on a., royalty/ basis to V companies
>hoiit;; capita i Mtosk;ia i owned or controlled
by the Unitfd: Slates Kto^:;Corj>orition:j
J udi;« Gary ■;. said • th«.t ■;. • withiii | the coait
paratively near future there would'be con
structed at east 3.000 of the most modern
coke -ovens, -.with a capacity, of -at ; least
one- and one-half millions tons of coke,
t toother, with "the necessary ; 'rallrqads/
tipples, water- works, ? - el ectrlc ; light * and
power plants, residences, 'stores; ; and
other. lmprovements. ' The companies corir.
trolled,, by ;the . United;: States ; Steel Cor-;
i poration .by this -lease secured .•sufilcient
i- coal to , provide, on ; the present basis" of
consumption, for about thirty ; years.
This, 'with the ' Connellsville coal 'now
owned by the company, should furnish I
the necessary supply of coke for upwards
of sixty years, thus . corresponding ; with
the iron-ore supply. ■•.: -.•■■'-■ .- ;. ■■-■:
Both Yoniiff 3ten of Unumial Capnclty
nnd i'romlne— Their. '"■ .-• ;
■ • Student Dnyi. ;, , ;
Mr. C: Aylett Ashby, ■ the young at
torney, wlio shot Mr.- Edwin A.- Marye
in Newport News a few days ago, is well
known in Richmond, where he received
his collegiate education.
Mr. Ashby is a native of Culpeper
county, and comes 'from a prominent
family of that -section. He-was for
some time employed here "by the Rich
mond Railway and Electric Company,
and subseqeuntly entered Richmond Col
lege,; talcing the law. course at that in
stitution. He was a very hard student,
devoting every moment of his time to his
studios, mid, though quite young, soon
acquired a most excellent standing in
his classes.
Among his associates at college were
men much, older in years, and experience,
and many, too, who had had superior
educational -advantages in early youth.
But it was not many months before Mr.
Ashby had a recognized standing in^his
classes, and he graduated with high
honors, in "the spring" of- IS%. \ '-, ''
Tho.se who 'knew him at /college re-,
call Jiim'as'a. iuaii' or indomitable energy
and boundless cap-Jicity for work. In
addition to his law studies, he joined
one of the literary societies, and though
inexperienced as an orator at that time,
he made rapid progress as. a speaker,
and captured at" least one medal for his
marked improvement. ■ Mr. ; Ashby was
a member of a well-known Greek letter
fraternity, and. chose as his associates
at college the most promising and pro
gressive, of students. In those days he
was a cordial, generous, impulsive
young ; man of genial disposition and
agreeable manners, and was possessed
of the highest sense of honor.
After leaving college his rise in his
profession was unusually rapid^ and at
present .he has -a, high standing at the
Newport News bar. . .
.Mr. Edward A. Marye, who now lies in
a critical condition in a Newport -News
hospital, as a . result of a pistol-shot
wound In the abdomen, inflicted by Mr.;
Ashby,' is the second, son of Colonel
Morton Marye, Auditor of Public Ac
counts of the State of Virginia. , For
many years, he resided at Ashland, the
home of 'his father. Besides being a fine
student and a "man of culture, Mr. Marye
in his earlier youth, was a line athlete,
being an especially "fine" amateur,; base
ball player. ■ He was educated for the pro
fession of the civil-, engineer, and was for
years" connected with? ; the engineering
•corps of the Southern railway. Of sturdy
and stocky .build, he is 'fa! man of unusual
physical as well " as mental- powers, and
his' flue physique" may enable him to
withstand the desperate wound which
now menaces' : his, life/; For/several years
Mr.. Marye^ and- one .of his ..brothers,;
Captain P. Thornton Marye, have resided
at Newport News, and for ayear or more
Mr. Marye has been City. Engineer there,
a position he ha s ■ filled wi th: credit to'him
self and satisfaction :to the town. .
■ - ■ ■-• - '■ • - ■ ■-"•■' '--■..•:
big syndicate
in difficulties;
Everett-Moore Concern, of Cleve
land. 0., Teinpornrily Embnr.
rnHsefl— lts Many Pro
.; pertlen.. ■ _~ t .-■
CLEVEI^AND, -0., January 2. -The
financial affairs of the Everett-Moore
Syndicate, owning or controlling a num
ber of urban and interurban . :: electric
railways, -a«d an extensive system of
local and lc-ng-distance telephone ; lines,v
in Ohio and ;31; 31 ichigan, passed into ; the.
control of a : committee, "composed of
seven prominent bankers /of.' this- city,"-.to
day. This action was taken, it is stated,
iis the result: of ; ttvnj yorary" financial em- 1 '
barrassment on -the part, of - ; the -syndi- ;
cate, which has for some time past been
aftVcted by. the, stringency, in the. money;
market. ■.. . ■ _ . .-: '_ :. ' ■ ■ .:. :
Tlie ■committee cliosen hasibeenat work;
investigating' the y affairs 1 of 'the-, syridlf;
, cute, and . "express : - " : ; the', " linn i ; belief
that the concern', i»}entirelyV solvent,-:; and
that its embarrassment, will-; be ; only item-;,
porary. - ' -* . - ■
.The. -Everett-Moore Syndicate is ac
creOiUHi • with controlling more than i l'.'^H)_
ziifl<vs of urbruv and interurban electric
lines in Ohio and Michigan, with many
icosci.vhkv ox rACEtslir ..
■ ■■- -:~-;-r . .-_■ . -..'. „--■.-;.■■■ ■■---■ ■-■ :.-■'.-/■:" ■ -■ ■ .-•■•_■.:... .-*>: A *.;:>..■.■■■--.-■ ■**- '■ •.■*.-,
His Resignation Placed in Pres
ident Goode's Hands.
Great Pressure Brought itdTßear ; to^ Cause
........ -'■"• - - : ... ~ ;..-..; .-;/- •■; ;■:■.;•;--■;,■"■/.■;.;;■;"
a Reconsideration. ;
The Senator ; Replies to- , Mr.vGlaiis'.
Telegram, Agreeing: to - Hold -the
Matter In. Abeyance Until tlie Per
sonal Willies of Hl* ; Collenßn<#i Are
Made Known— Belay and Co«tof a
: Special Election. .^
Senator Daniel has sent .to President
Goode his resignation as ay" member, of
the Constitutional Convention -from
Campbell county. .; ■
Mr. Gobde Avill not present the resigna-_
tion to the body until .-. Monday at; least.
It.may be tliat Senator Daniel will '.with-;
draw'itl." "".;.. ■'.:/„■.. ,: : ■..• '■", .' ;.'.-" ■•""." -'- N .'.
He has consented ,to allow it ,to : - be;
held until Mr. - Carter Glass, .the mem-,
ber from Lynchburg, has -.seen him Sat
.■'urday;; night..' Mr. -Glass is ' hopeful \ of
inducing: him not to present it at all. {
This Is the general wish^of .. Senator,
Daniel' s colleagu es in the convention. ;
When it became known yesterday, that
the Senator had actually sent his ; re
signation to Mr. Goode, the greatest in
terest "and regret was '.manifested.. ■■
A number of- the most' prominent men",
in- the' convention united .in' requesting
Mr. Glass to wire 'Senator. Daniel, ask-,
ing him to allow the resignation to be
withheld for a, few; daj'-s. ; Mr. Glass sent;
the dispatch: as requested,, and last night
received a telegram from Senator Daniel,
saj'ing he would allow the resignation'
to be withheld, iintil after he had seen'
Mr. Glass Saturday night. ; Mr. Glass is
going, home then. ; ■
The / members are very hopeful „tha:t
Mr. Glass may be able to induce Sena-;
tor Daniel to reconsider his deterrnina-^
tion. Of course, Mr. Glass will use every,
effort -to-do so. I _ ■"■'■ ..V .-.':
The members wish-to have Senator
Daniel >in the convention, -..; in order to:
have the beVelit of his counsel andvoice.;
It is also realized that an election will;
have to be held for the purpose of choos
ing Mr. ..Daniel's successor. ■ Thirty - days' ;
notice will "have's to be given. The merii
ber-elect would not, be in his seat before,
the . middle .of February. -.; -He :- would -have;
little cimiice to accomplish anything for
his .constituents. . .. . • ; • ■
Therimpresion is general that Sena
tor Daniel will not resign. .; His health
is very much, improved. It is believed,,
us well as hoped, that he will be back
in his seat in the ctfCrse of^a week or.
two. There is -nothing urgent claiming
his attention in the Senate. - : *
Went'Hnck to Lny Aside His Overcoat
mid Crxisli Cnxii'e in tlie« Interval. '■; .5
Incident of O. «fc O. 'Wreck.'
An account has been ""printed . of . the
terrible ', railway wreck near: Lynchburg,
in which four of the trainmen lost their
lives, and in 'which others had remark
ably fortunate escapes from death.. The
escape of Mr. AVillard Carter, son of Mr.
John W. Carter, a prominent ; . citizen" of
Danville, and himself a chemist, located
at Holcomb Rock, Va., near, the scene of
the wreck, was by such strange chance
that it will be regarded :by many as
providantial. . : : ' ". •' .
Mr. Carter was among those engaged
in the effort to push the cars back from
the menace of ' the overhanging : ava-r
lanche, and had aided the crew of the
train in removing x the passenger coach
to safety. He was with those .who had
returned to push the baggage coach back,
but being hindered in the: free exercise
of his nhe musculari powers, he had just
run back a few yards to place his over
coat ■ in a dry place when the huge preci
pice fell upon: the faithful band engaged
in saving the property intrusted to v their
care. ' ■ -■-■:.■ '; - „' ■ : ■■ ..■ , -
Only this fortuitous circumstance saved
Mr. Carter from . being among : the number
crushed to death beneath ■ the vtons of
earth and .: stone that fell; from the cliff
above. It was certainly a close call and
a remarkable experience. r -
AH. of tbe " Ci»i»ltal "Sow - Common
.Stock, nml All of: Tills to Be; ".■;.:
- Taken Ovei* /by Xorthern : : -
■ ■■■■■■■ ■■-■':.: -' ; ; ; Securities Com- ■■■'.:■.;■■■■.'..
■ NEW- YORK; v January: 2.— Formal: no-,
tice was issuied to-day that, : in ./the} ex
ercise; of power conferred upon ; it, the
Northern Railways CompaiiyAre
tlred its preferred * stocky in whole yes
terday. ■ Each ~ and. 'every l holder of " a
certificate for preferred "stock not here
tofore surrendered, will,"; upon preaenta-
tion and: surrender* of hi 9 certificaite at
tho ■'■ office of :■■ the company, No. 44 "Wall
Street) receive payment- in i^ca'sh'? at par./;
Except as to this: claim, all. rights ■and'
claims' j'6 f the ; preferred, . stockholders h i ay*"
ceased to exist.
.was also given by the, Northern
PaciflCiißailway. Company. :that: it rfhad'
...,..,...,-.. -?• -;:.*." -■-■■■": ■-■'--. :^\:': '•_. - v \--' ' '■■ '-' :-<: -< ■■:■-. • "■**•».-■ '■;::>• ,i;-^:
elected to require th« holder : of • -i every:
4 i. per ? cent' i convertible certificate^ of 5-the:
company to eonvert-the-sama: Into?.com^}
■ , * ..":•■ • ..' .: ■■.;.: ■■ .;. ■■■■ : ■ ■. ,■■ ■.■■ •.:•■• ••■ .
mon H-tocK of hi* ciwnpany at theXvate
i unpaid 5 principal . of tha /certificate; land
... . ■
iupon?presentation^ and . surrender of such
? certificate ■;, at i the s company's ■; office, ; ; lh;e
■;■ -..i--"---is.:>>-:i--; ";■ ■-.---■--. '■:-.--■■•■ •---•..-.--,.-!.■:•-> ;-«:*-.' •'j.~..-'--'--.,t't- m'--:*:m '--:*:
-holder : -wHl ! .be:entltled; to. receive therefor
V ,'i"-'. -.::-: ;r::.- ■*■-.? ■'-■■!'"■■'',"- - - ■"■.'. •■"■ "• .-'/:J ■•--.!»«.'*
I common' stock of 'the 1 company^ at -the , rate
;' .:•- ■:+•.:,■ ■;•- Z:r/l?'''*i~-';~' : ■:"2T.-"'.;. i .-...'-f-.-V.«- :-.-..;.-- .-.S'./r..,.;.
iaforesaid. TSo intr-rt-«it will accrue or be
'payable upon' any such certificate from
and after January!, 1902. These notices
■showed that from and after - to-day\|the:
icapltal-stbclt" of company i would, con
'• -. . _ -•; ■'■— ,- --- -.■■---■■ .*■"-■ ...... ■, - ■ . ■ . .-.■ •'■■-.-. if'y, :..'-•;- .■■ ■-"' ',■" *
; ; sist ?,of J 5153,000,000. •■;• entirely : in : common
stock, and that -the bond certificates is
• suied ■to • pr ovl de ■ • f or : ■■ th c: ; r etirementxi ojt \
: the ; preferred stock ; would :: be \ retired / im^";
- mediately. ; The, effect of.- this is to , put
rWhia.tVwasßf or merly:. preferred;, stock;: on,
. the santa . basis . as the old) :■ common,
'■f >A1I ; of the -. Northern '■■ Pacific^ stock . isijto
be taken • over by the ' Northern : Securi
ties;Cdmpany, f which v/ill : falso;acquire;all
:of rthe stocks of ;the; Great. Northern:; The
• Northern , Securities -'Compaiiy, LWill ? thus
' hold the 'stock ; certificates i of .two : ; great
companies in the; North* western field,; and
under .-the Vsettlement upon - be
■ tween the 'contending ; interests ~'t otJ.con
trollln'thatlfield^will administer the prb
perties' in ;its.< charge to ; -the-' end that
harmony/may^prevaJi.. ,i ; v:> .■■■'?.-.-
The -■ belief? in^WaU'-. Street was : general'
to-day j that the'; rapid 'retirement of: the
'Northern;,Pacific-preferredfstock,- follow-
Ed by the redemption of the bonds issued
for its retirement, ; had , removed the ► ob
stacles in .'the; way of the. carrying .out
of the plan for the: adjustment 'of the
dimciilties, which grew' out; of the con
test for the control of Northern Pacino,
last May. . It\.was this contest and ; a
sensation rise of "Northern . Pacific, com
mon, ;to $i.000 ; a /share, which brought
about the sensational' decline' in' tlie prices
of other securities on May 9th. . : .
.v. v ' ■'■■■;'."-"■ •-■■' v '^— i — - ; ";, :/ 1
Keyort. Says AVilllJiinnbiirjj Minister
May Tnlic Action Against the
Council of Tlint ToTi-n.
' WIL.LIAMSBURG, A r A.; ; January : 2.—
(Special.)— lt .is rumored about town that
the : and Mary /College
controversy,; is t^o^be; opened_in;.a^jne.w
way. •,_ .;,-' b. ' -• '•
. The. report now" is. that Dr.>Roberts will
take some legal action against the City
Council, of i .Williamsburg, .' that body hav
ing passed' a ; series of resolutions con
demning Mr. Roberta's cause. .
Mr. Roberts called upon the Clerk of
the Council to-day; and asked for an of
ficlal ;copy of the resolutions, as passed
on the night of December 4th and printed
in the Dispatch next morning;^ i..;.
It was;hoped. here that/therg. would be
no further controversy over Mr; -Roberts' s
"open letter," and that the incident had
closed. -..' . '. J ,
-. Mr. ■■ Walter' '-liane,,- whose- death .from
typhoid-fever has been. expected/for more
than a vweek, is thought to be a'; shade
better to-day, although his -;, physicians
have" little or no hopes of his ultimate re
covery.'' ■ • ■■ . . : ' ;. . .... . . • ■ .
Mr. W. : N. ; Morris, who recently sold,
his farm. in James City county, will move
to Newport News, with 'his family.
Mr. : Stamper Bloxton, who lives in the
western partof the State,~ahd his brother,
Mr. Ashby Bloxton, of : Accomac, spent
the holidays here, with their mother, Mrs.
Bettie Bloxton. . ■ - .
Mr. John-- Lucas,, an old : Williamsburg
boy, after an. absence of 'many years,
spent ithe holidays here with ' his sister,
Mrs.- W. G. Graves." >-, „.•,,
".The deposits in the Peninsula :Bank
now amount to nearly $200,000, : the high
est point : ever reached. Thelbank is do
ing'a splendid r' business;- """*'. -,'"'■-' '
iVJne of <lie M1I1« Increase Tlieir'ln
debicdnesiß Dnrlng 10O1— Five: ; V
■■:■.■■"■.'• •liicreaaed ; .? .:' ;
■7 FAL.L. RIVER/ MASS., : January- -2.—
; Figijrea ■ have . been prepared,? based -upon >
the report to ; . the; Secretary of;.Stated
showing . the' profits and losses of Fall
J River .. corporations , during the Vyeax . just
'closed. Eight corporations^have '; not yet
: reported.- Nine .increased; .their -net in
debtedness during- . the ; year and ; five -in-:
, creased-- their : surplus; three'; ■ decreased':
: their ,: indebtedness, '■-} and " six : - decreased
their surplus.
The ■ American Linen-Mill cut downr its
surplus account $17,294 ; the Flint,, $31,522;
the ; King '■ Philip,'l $68,057 ; >;i the": Sagamore,"
$6,3os ;' •■*' '■) the s Narragarisett, ' ■ '■'.'. $3,766 ;' -t the
: Mechanics '/" 538,587.' ■ ? The ; ; Tecumseh f de
■ creased; its ;debt;ss,oo3;Xthe;:Border;;Cityv:
$18,691; the ..Parker, $66,392. .
: The i Union ; increased ' its; surplus $36,534;
the Chace, $3,284; the Cornell, $522; the
Granite; $37,049 ; the , Richard Borden;
is3i[&43:^ The" ' Arkwright \ increasedVits|&^
; $82,719 ; -; thel^Barn ard ; -$39,597 '"; " the^Bour^^
$434j533; -;tlie"'Hargravesi ?; $7,150; -Bthe^Mer--'
■ ' - - . : . . ■ ■ -„-.. \.. -:-• .._:-■ . ■-,: . ■ ..... ....-; „. . - . -x-.v.-- ■..(--. -■ - • --■" ;
: :'ohan.ts','i $96,258; : the - Laurel .' Lake,'-"" $9,763;'
,■•..' •- -: • - -- •
the Zaccohnet, JSS.roi}; the Wnnpanoag,
■.-The Stafford changed a surplus .account;
: joC|«TO.lfiO into a debt of $156,469. Ma3y£of-
Uhe ■■ debt increases > are the direct result" of j
, fpurchasesiof mew machinery ortlie'build^
llngfof, additions, arid others ."*meiout'
I lof *the {curtailment ; of 'production r and^the'
large' pales er print-cloths « last year at
Front Roya! Man Met Him
iiWastiinpnias iundai
Missing Citizen Passed Him at Penn
sylvania R. R. - Depot. "
Thej- Have SenreUea Baltimore Witt
Detective?*, But All In Anin-Xo
Tangible Clue Has 'Been Obtalneil—
'(%• ;]VeTrlioiweymaiXotfplapia^;'HVi'
Moueyißefctre He His Frientl*:
:< FRONT I . ROYAL; i VA:, • ; January^.—
(S'peclal.)--Clarence ~\ E. Ullard, ."of"-;' this
town, reports havingseen Mr. Charles ;H:
Newhouse, : whose has
caused considerable excitement, last Sun
day rnorning:';at the -Pennsylvania"- depot,
in Wiashingtori.D. C. .-*•■''-"' ,
Mr. Liilard knewv nothing ; of the dis
appearance of Mr. Newhouse at th© time,
so did not accost'him; ■Hersayshe knows
Newhouse well and' cannot be mistaken^'; :-.
have obtained/; no clue;
'Relative."i anil; JTriemls ;of Young
Jfewhonse ;: Greatly Distressed. r
CULPeIpePv; VA/, January 2.— ( SpeciaL)
Hon.\ ; S. if. : Ntewhouse, father of young
Charles H. . Newliouse, whose " mysterious
disappearance in the- city of. Baltimore/
has created such wide-spread interest and
general . sympathy, V returned Uo : this coun
ty to-night/ as - have also. Mr. ,. J. M..
■ Lewis, who was at the cattle market with
Newhouse, and Mr. James C. Williams,
representative of Phoenix Lodge of Odd
Fellows, of -this town.
They all. bring back the sad messages
that notwithstanding the. fact Uiatßttiti
rnore city has been most thoroughly
searched by .the police and. detective
forces they have. been unable to reach any
'tangible clew. % r
; Our people" are greatly, distressed over
-this sad occurrence. . . „ '-:. ■■..; ; '- *
The Baltimore Sun of yesterday prints
the following account. of the .s earch for
Mr-Newhouse in the "Monumental City."
: " -After a search lastiiisr all day, a re
porter for;: the Sun -last 'night succeeded
in finding a man who saw Mr/ Charles H.
Newhouse, ; the .' young Virginian; who dis
appeared so . mysteriously : early Christy
mas . morning af ter i Mr.:- Nathan Aft elder
had .parted' ; f rom | him ; at .the corner^ oic,
Howard iand vßaltimore streets. This
man is'_ Bedy-Brady, a waiter in the
saloonl of Mr. Michael J: "VVard, 5 north.
Greene street: '■_' Mr. Brady was shown a
picture of the missing man last night and
immediately recognized- it as -.the portrait
of a' man who visited' the' place"! once in a
while, but *he " did not know his . name.
EjA-fter thinking awhile, Brady said:.
"That man was, .in here on : Christmas
Eve night (which was really early Christ
mas morning) with two gentlemen whom.
I know, to be students, -but whether they
are -medical or -.dental' students I can't
say. Both of the other men have been
here frequently before, but I never heard
their names. The three came' in, sat at
a table by the corner, ■ and the original of
this picture ordered three bottles of Moer
lein beer, one for each in the crowd, and
after drinking that they, left, . about 1 A.
M. The originalof'the picture was with
out an overcoat,' but' had : his coat '.but
toned up. closely." :
. No amount of questioning could elicit
anything further from Brady,; and at this
point; the trial stops. The -picture's/as
recognized by two young ladles who were
in the place as that of la man whom they
■had seen -there at odd ~-j lntervals, but
neither of : them .; remembered seeing"; him
on the. night; he disappeared. .. -t-'.j;
As told exclusively in; the Sun of'yes
terdayi the last time .^lr. Newhouse .was
seen previous to'this was when he alight
ed from a. Madison-avenue car f - at '; the
corner of - Baltimore and -Ho ward streets
at 12:15. : The euuthority for this .state
ment Is Mr. Aff elder, j .who " ( accompanied
him to tlie Monumental' Theatre. The
' great ' mystery.: has been ■ where Mr.■New
house could : have gone completely
to lose" himself in that portion of , the
city; 'especially on a night .r when rthe
streets .were j- crowded." .;■ If Brady is .not
mistaken "it would appear ■ that he
thought .that he ; would : take one - more
drink' before going 'ftojbed at the Howard
;-llb'ua"; which -.".was; only, two ;and:a half
squares distarit; and; started: for'.Ward'^,
; meeting I. the r tw6 .i students o n the way.
'' He : stayed in the saloon \ until somewhere
■ around , 1 A. M., ■ and went out. : ?From
tha^t" point all is a blank." „/
Perhaps • never : in the history of.^Bal
timore has a ; town 'been so : thoroughly
seairqhed for a man \ as : it ; has f been lor
Mr. .Newhouse, but so fair as knonn
the police have met .with absolutely no
success,; ; and r. late - last night ", they > were
not ■ aware of the fact that he ' had
been''seen;^ter r :i^yins\Mr^;'!^eiderHTba
young man • wa3 . well acquainted In the
western part of the city, and <a> number
■"of pedpiel recognized' his "photograph, but
no one remembered seeing him during
■the past eight days. : His business ,as
a cattle buyer was known^ but: he was
not considered a novice, and' fce had. the
reputation of being able to take /cafe -of
himself under, any and all circumstances,
iwhichr makes hia case all the more re
markable. People in every \ place' s.vlslt-'
upon the fact that c. %ma\
"physically so powerful, and accustomed
tOithe noise ami t'Ust:-3 of big- cities,-
Si^fi^ill^tf- " r 3§il
fe|Nowliera was the theory or >uioid^er^
pertained for a moment, especially: suicide'
jby /'drowning;-.- and ■/-: the y universal^ opinloai
was that he had been the victim of knock
fence* with : * this ; class., of j cases • are ' incllnsai
ftoithinkltluxti "6 ?JSi6ltner^he3diundt i '' f ?.•_':
an^cvtrdosp of knockout drops; wljicnt 1
proved : fatal' or, made t him' so All f that ;it !be-3 : i
cametnecessaryito^givelhiiaicarefultatten*- 1
turn In order to prevent th-* affairs from
„y~-.— . l^-. - *\....-, - ■- , :.'v. : . .-••x.---- .:-j'.',-->- ■.— --■:■%■. .:_-,:,-.--:.- ;-:.'". -«^-;''.
assuming,>thesproportinns of a murilcr. .
'.^Mo3l! :• ; of ithe ; places :;=: ;= which \woti!d .--be j
• •■-..,—..; .-■,.■:-■-•-;: .■;■■-:■<■■.■/■■ *--■;■ - - -
?;k-.:y to harbt*r a btC'd of men or women
u«ins knockout dr.ips havn bt-i-n vi-lted
'■-S-.ry-..-:?---."'-..-^....^",^.^..:.-, „i : „-■ ; - : ,;■£. 3- r «.....-:;„ r.. -^M
by,' the : detect! ves; and' others interested .;in_
the case, ' but hot a ; siits!^ civ.: • roulMf&
obtalriedSßut?in?hbpc has not yet^'en
abandoneclSand Hhe ?carrh will continue;
untii:: every- hole and earner of^the . town;
has been llnvcstigatt-d.nColonel S. M.|
Jsewhouso. fatht-r of tho your,.,- man,
"offers a substanti- '. r-w nd to uiy one
who will ; give Him ■Information leading -to-;
tlie discovery of his son. and it is thought
that -this' will, bring- aT'defmite result
within; the next day or so.: \ . \
A remarkable ■ feature, and one :.-.which:
has tended to -upset .many theories -that
would -have", been entertained by- the
police, is .the fact that 'at no time, so'
•'",-.- v ..« -- -^ -■•.-;, .j- r " --,- —■■ -■■• 7- * ■:. ;.'. '::'.t--- '■,".-..•-■
far/as;cari .be.learned^did - the" young mum
displa.v .--the ■ large - -sum of money —
more ' > than .■ $r25-^wh ich j; he I had ' ■on i him.
He . appreciated : tin? danger of such -a
proceeding,:. and distributed \ithe; ; |am6unt
between a number of pockets. When he
wanted' to pay ■ for ; ; refreshments .he would
use either, small : -change, or a 'bill
of a. low. denomination, and those! inyes-.;
tigating the case "'are -wondering how;
anybody (could have learned ■'"» that he had
enough ready money about his clothes to.
make it worth while going; to' the trou
ble-to drug :him, provided " he has been
drugged. ;. .f« ' -,".•_ :. :
Mr. Affelder said yesterday he did not
know; that Mr. Newhouse had. more than
a »few-, dollars with him, and even Mr.
Lewis, who -was rhis business partner
and close confidant, "was not •aware- : that
he was carrying around so much money.
Mr. Lewis and; Colonel ;Newhouse both
declared 'that , discretion In the matter
of displaying ; funds is v a characteristic
of the missing; young man. and •"searching
inquiry atVall; the places he v|sited: : ,be-;
fore dropping. out of sight supports'- this
statement., y, "'..■-. ".■.•" ■''..■■ -. ■'"-. ■'.. : . ;: "
Mr. Nathan Affelder yesterdaylrepeated
the; statement which he made 'to Vthe
Sun ; reporter Tuesday night:
. "Newhouse was unusually careful
about: displaying- any. riioney,= and the
; most that // 1 \ saw/ him ■ show ; at . any time
was a ; $5 bill, . which/ he laid down . when
Cook County Democracy. Will Visit
. Illeiiiiioutl - Xext . Month, . liho ■•-■-
• .;:Stroiijf— .V l''nniouH Or-: . -"
*• ffiiiiixiitibh." ;;■ -■'■■^- : .::^
The Cook County Democracy, the Tam
many Hall of Chicago, will visit Rich-,
mond,- February. 7th, 250 .s trong, and will ■
-spend an afternoon and night ■here;see- -
- ing the. sights : and . haying a. good time.
The club will travel In a special'. train
of ten Pullman" cars. ' . :_: _ V. [■■ . ■■
Every year tlie great club takes a trip :
South. Richmond <:wil! be ' the; first' point "
at which any 'considerable'- stop will be'
made.; The trip; will be made ; by way of
Cincinnati, Huntington, Clifton "Forge,"
CharlottesviHe, through Richmond to Old"
Point. 1 The party •- will "spend- a day : ior; ;
so at Old Point and return to , -Richmond ■
on the 7th of February. -The afternoon"
arid;night .willrbe spent- here. .The next
day the =trip South will Vbe; resumed, over
the ; Southern to • Danville, : Charlotte, ".■'and :
Charleston." Two,; orithree; days^will "be:
spent seeing the' expedition; j arid 'then the
party., will.; go : . into-.' Savannah, ; Atlanta, *
Chattanooga, "":■■ ■Lexington, v.Loulsyill'e, Tn-J
'dianapolls; a)W home. ■ ' ■■■■• ■ ■■■ '. ." :
"1 Mr. C. E.-aiiliar ; came to the cltyyes-^
terdtiy ■; to make arrangements 'for : quar- .
*. ters j f or • the : club while " here. l;The".: mem- S
bers will stop' atTilurphy's and the L*ex-i
ington. ';.; Chairman . Doherty,".- of T the :(Clty»
_ Democratic '^Committee; and -Mr^-.jilHiar-
; had a conference last- night relative to the
reception: to b"e'accorcled- the ;vld£ting7Jeifri
; : fersohlans.ViThere'/Is' iVol.doubt they.^ will
be warmly greeted. '-
i .Mayor/ Carter : Harrison, "of .' Chicago, I Is ;
a member: of ; the : club,- arid 'V/llifmakei
\ the .. trip ■ with ,i t. "It j has - been ' suggested'
that he has iri mind a trip for the Demo- i
cratic nomination for the presidency next"
"tJme,:ahd that this trip is in ;his;, Interest,'
bufithisls stoutly denied by, Mr. Millar.
Mayor Rose.- of Detroit, will •. accompany^
\ t h e cl ub as '■ a - guest. \De i Baugh/s . anil tary "-
Band, of ilfty; pieces, whlch< the iChleagp {
people say Is the itae'sVijnf America after:
Sousa's, will accompany the club, and
for some tirnVihas been rehearalngrrevery]
. old ; and SnewAsouthern ;melodyathat*J«as 1
Vi-.-..- -^-. ,-.-■ j.. —I'^r.f -■•■-.--:.■■ r-r.-j'.'.ti. -■';.■/; -; .- '•. > •■
gotten into the music books. - >
T ff^p&'Coo\ziCou^r^Dmio^^MyjJs^^w^
{organization su far M tSe marcninsr:
■club : is : concerned, , the ■ port ion which > will I
„„..„...... <-/y.,..,.- :■■-.- j_j, "->-:, •«•:■-:■■ ■■:■-,-■■-. ■.-■••-.>-. --•
ivisit ;Richmond.Hi?Every.v memberj- ia Jcom^l
;pelled- to i wear ■n ■ silk ; l»at; ;^ Prince r Albert^l
dark trousers, black 3ho.'f«. ?.v<A .white
;shlrt.KMayor.tHarrison -himself ;wasjoncei
prevented by im- marshal :r u a appear-s
iinffJin-a^parade^becfuise^of h\a havlnsr/ohl
light troiiat'.rs. The marshal ivan J.irt.-rf
' John -Powere,^the I president ;of \ theiCook'
i^.^-—\- » - w ■ .-''■>-■£■'■- r-'Tr*"' 'i ' '"""■ - '"''■ '•" ' ' l ' ■■"■" ■■■■■■■■■■■ .■■■■;■■':.■-.' ■;'
lary; , the Croker/of : Chicago.*' .will ■b« tne
- -
*& CfiXOlWiM*Cw^. Will 1 f^ X %X9iQ t *dQ3 S ft \X CQ XI O JI« '^^
tight Pages *
,' . ■ . - . i -. i .
-> - - - -- -t ,- .-.: '
l ' : \ nil! i MillllwfixH II l%r#iß
p j'l*''- -in" ' 'I 1I 1 ;^ ■-'•'' iL^B
i : nnnitfnnQ^Krpifi}iiinsj : " : -.in^infi I
■linnif n™s k roo "'\ T9TQ 1 1 ipi> r^ I
wuHgU 4rluu _ o laltr UiOglabCJUlil
Rifles Said to Be Issued Top Massafiftl
• ;K^«rn«X^c^.: l^ro^uei.i;c^Jr !^
Cenii«.*<l t*> .Tbrow Dn«t 'iniTliSi'liSy^Vj?
LONDON, January . 2.— C«ptAia^€Sa3T^
Burrows, who has juac retired from th 4«
:employ ;; of ithe"; Congo': Free ; State^Govemit
nsent. after .■-ix years* service, declared lr%
an interview-, to-day, with a representa«s
tive > of the Associated Press,' that jtiv*4
conditions. rrevaiUngr'in ,the .'Congo '.'FtcoH
State are a di3sract»'"to^lyißl»tloinK»nid»
far worse than ever before. He Jp^cturel^
atrocities .of the most horrible chanic- '
: ter, perpetrated on^thelnatiTCs|6y'| ! joifl"9
cials and whites, who • hava4 co^SaionSl
of rubber t land. As a typical ■ inaitanceTatp
the - means; employed ) by :; : the'|sSeel"Steta|
GovernmeiTt, Cuptaln'Burrows corrobor,it
e'd:the statement of an Axnerican!mlsaiw^S
tiry to the effect tbat the- ■ officJalajeni^
pi dyed 300 . cann lbala, .to whom tneytissu^^
rifles to '•massaert; and capture unarmcU !
natives T.ho ; had Uhe^f
brutal methods." " * -
. "I , have; : sworn j tos timony ,'* said . Buir^
rows, "of - the ißelgiahs JnanCSnir over ! nu* *
tives to cannibal tribes for the 'expfeaaiil
purpose of their: being eaten. ForcetKjj
labor prevails everywhere, and ; 'st«otgui»s,
rule 1 Is the truest description of'.tlteipre^^j
ent . The ; ';. companies '^ftfe^S
riving wealth! from the {coliectioiilbfsroft-fj
ber are all more or le3»- staters entoif*?*
prises, as :t third oV half ;of. the :shares'-': shares'-'
In them are invariably, held 'by .'{tlie/ '.sO-v-^
ernmenL Latterly, Klng-iL^opold^andittiefJ
goyernraent : have ;;made some show-*|otTa
action ■ the '■ agents of :some of 3tS»|'
Upper {Congo companies, but; only (mSoe^
'officials -are ever tousled, and the so- 7^
called I reforms • ara • merely ; In tended Jt'wl
throw dust In the eyes of the public, ,
■ whose^indignation has bc*r. arousVd'^bysj
tlie stories of this.relgu of terror. /Whil©^
the present systems * for ?the col lectlonSaC^
rubber and /the coritrol!of ithe "natlv^s^qi^S
tlnue, the' Congo FreeiState|wHrremainjiS
: disgrace to j the .white ; man's .work WtSfl
Koiitine ComipiJte* Work. ;• *^4
The, Council Committees on» Light, ' : Flrißt||
Market, and Grounds [and Buildings. , me i. ;.;
last, night and transacted routine ' busi-"' '
ness: Pay-rolls were audited and orderedi|
to bo . paid, and expense accounts w«r««*
gone v over in slmllar_ fashion. : Th« U
Grounds and Buildisgs Committae adopt- ■/:
ed resolutions upon ■ the death, or ; Flrst»^
Assi?taatiClty_-Enklneer g. .E.;Batcß.?ji?^|^
the: SECtia it v juankS
i A': l'i>i>ulur In.HtKutloo "W'lthi '■Yoniktf'M
!:'■-■•■ ■;■■-';■ " llii^fue.<«M Men. . > \
-There Is no banking-house \wWchj|b*a£p
more Ca ttrac tloiis : for . : : young^sfinahcieTJ^.?!
; ;than : the Security.^ Tha dlfectoratella'ira^l
| with! th© "prevailing "/ciwtoSS^oi^S
! leading.: and I- I^^ successful Vf enterprlse»^S|^
! placing -young and vigoroua att the M
j helm: The year^l3W-;liaa*boen linarkei^
a» ; a * : raost.,3ucces3ful^one,^aiitf|thi|^
I j Security;: has every P ; reason^toJjbeUev6|faC^
I fa": bright fandy vigorous^fuitufe. —' -^ '_{-' "^ %i
1 :"; The j Security" MwHISSO •'was';forgaxi£s««l^
• " under : the State > laws'- of ,>Vlr«lniai^ltjia^^
. of- JoOjOOO; ■ • The 's o^ceti^~are;^Mr^H.^A^
: CatlJh, 'president'^ Major > ;Clay^Pwwry^|
i \y ice-president;;; and 1. George :^VV:VWaSr«rt^
| cashier. ' i; 'TJiesefare^lTP*P™^®s.^*S|itw^
I business 'world \-',ot }Rlchmond; s {andJliav9p
j the respect and confidence r of tho ;com<.iA
t : munlty.O' ';"■■;'■"■"">-;-' Uf|l.?l ■^'■■"^"•■"..V>^^^^^^^
i-"i Below .wiir^be" found"" thel last ;r.eportJnVrg
I the : ' 3 Security^ as submitted Uo^ the ■"AudUp
\i tor of ipubllci Accounts: '-. " ' -. 1
\ :- Capital $200,000. ..-.' - -
-:Dep6sUs.^s4l6,D23. < ». -"•" ;
;" .{Cash"- and -dueifrom4bajAs.|'^.oßtßl3^
"^Dividend -;payabtef January 2, 1502,7ji^W)C§
(for six months). - ' '/ |pg
i;!:TTVe sale oti the. contents' of ..the i&omfcj;
I from '..lo^tO;s.^iT^e'l^rst;Streetj'<ffluSan^
I get off . at drugstore, Baston . Helghta^>||^^
-" ■: bixl c ; NerVr'/t Vi'd j Bon e"; 1.1 n IniieSri©^^
Best on earth for ■ Strains, -SpraJmtfll
Rheumatism^ and ;aH Jpaita,- y - •""".">.*;l
' ~ Onr Cran dmot h«r*» ;, R*mfdr, -. .^ . "^
■ f of> Coughsj'SColds* i^ Croupes ConsumatfonS
: Pfhe^Tar?^HdsCherry|and|Hor«h«aii^
PrlcC •• 25 cents ; f or": a l large|bbttle S "vrvry^
where. ' - : " ---' -> : -'z~j
itMOn* Pound ■of keany'. 'iCo&m* 4 . t?Ss
I will $go further than . S pooad?An<l
lOtpDy other. . f JSiSuSCSap
. Broad -:and • : Sixth :'and .^Matii ":anci9B«vi^
ilfiyou £ wl3h tha benefits Tor ith»^Hot^
;ea r ttt ft drlTancr^ bath^ price ' - onljri Ifctiti
The Weathers
« fs^i &A3KrNGTONit|Janna^pl^
s NftiinV Forecast:"*
HiW^:: Saturtlay fatr and 'colder; ?ttiaiht
f<Say;*coider/iSa.tur.J.iy. it- -- wstertjr*tarj
•"»orth^sterty^jnd«.^^^^ ; ;^^g^^
"'THE i 4WBATHER -IN S RicmtoJ«O|
,JKSTF : .ROAY was rtss|> 3-:sd -clear. -rth*.
ithermomsteri mng»dt|a»|< HSmm^,^s#^%
jf^fx •■ -;\r ~ • »j •
M« ,*■"» \t ' ♦> -
S^Sfti* I !*' •••••««•••♦••»•••••«•■*•••«••♦.«•»• A* ....
,Vi Ai»,..,... ...... ........ „,..„> „ ii> ..
1- '*' it* ' '" ' \A '- ' "

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