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» ' • _ ■ '— - ''L ' m ■■ m ■ ' - «-n ■—■— »- ' ■
Ends His Speech Before the
Suffrage Conference.
Mtoffay ...Member BelieVes It Will Solve
the Great Problem.-
[!„■<'(] IVstcrdny AVitli Itcftinnl ot
tlir Convention <o Accept ltc»iK*»m
i.• " ■ .- ■ '
•(ion of the LynehbnrK Senator, nx
n Member of <iic Committee on Kdn.
on.tlon— SutTrnsc l-ast Qupslloii. to
15e n'ecJdcd. y
Mr. IVatson, of Nottbway,' concluded 1
"before the Domocratic conlerenco last
jiicht the speech which he began Thurs
il.iy night in support, of the majority.;
jilan of nutlragc. The fcame. close atten
tion which he received on the first night
lie zpcelved again Jast night, and his ar-;
pamcni last night was fully as .strong as
the one .of. the. night before.
A givaX portion of Mr, ;. "Watson's, time
was devoted to discussion of the details
of his plan, lie argued for his military
clause, and a reasonable property quali
iica.Uon.Jle declared the military clause
would enfranchise £\>: per cent, of the
.white men of Virginia. 7 "
Then he lookup discussion 01" the per
.•iisnent understanding clause. The un
derstanding clause proposed by. the ma
jority, requires a general understanding
of tlie duties of the officers for whom
he desired to vote. The understanding
clause proposed by the minority, requires
ibe intending voter to bo able to read
.any section of the Constitution, or to
understand it when read to him. ilere
irec ecbool training and only n small
«:nount of it would enable' the negro to
inert the test proposed by the minority.
Mr. "\Vnti=on declared he did not believe
an understanding fclau.se would be mal
admlnistcred. Xo law on the statute
books is bad per se. Maladministration
would not be necessary in his section in
union to make the understanding" clause
do its work. The mariner £iay sit down
by his fireside and descant upon naviga
tion as an exact science, T>ut when he is
t>eing tossed upon the sea in a. storm.
Vie guides his actions by the demand of
•.he moment; he calculates the height of
Ihc waves, the strength of the »wind, the
Sirection of the current*;, and trims "his
«nd suljusts his tackle to meet the.
rury of the storm: 3'ersons Jivinffat.^'
•afstance firom the negro might" well theo- •
fize concerning the, negro :• let them rest
assured that men of their " own race
tvbuld administer the law, ain3 administer
"t effectively, and not improperly. Hebe
lieved the simple requirement that' a ne
gro should have to run the gauntlet of
an understanding clause would prevent
his attempting to i - egistcr.
The speaker said frankly lie could not
nive assurance that the understanding
would not be improperly used by whites
against whites. But ho did not believe
it, would be. He' knew that politics was
hard to keep pure. Why, away back
yonder in the forties Edgar Allan Toe
had been worked, to death "repeating"
•m election day in Baltimore.
In the./ 'course of his speech Mr. "Wat
aon remarked that only six counties w«st"
af the Blue Ilidge had voted to have a
;ie\v Constitution and that probably no
greater number -would vote to ratify the
new Constitution, even if it should 'flave ;
the Decalogue in it. -and bear, upon it the
•mprimature of inspiration. The conven
tion would have. to depend upon .Kastern
Virginia for ratification of the new Con-.
vdtution, and the plan of suffrage agreed
upon must be sufficient to relieve them
vntirely of the evils of the negro in
ixrtitics. ._
Mr. .."Watson's peroration x/f's very elo
quent, and he was liberally applauded
when he sat down at 9:40 o'clock.
The conference suspended ; the rule
under which it would have met Monday
and adjourned to meet Tuesday
hlght, at which time Mr. Wise willspeak.
The majority plan oi suffrage will not be
presented more entertainingly -than Mr.
Watson has presented it. He is a speaker
of wonderful command of language,- and
besides haH a most pleasing mannor of
delivery. ]t is very doubtful if any man
in the convention lias" given the subject
of suffrage closer study than he. has.
The feature of theS-ressinn. of the con
vention yesterday was Mr. Glass's resig
nation from the Committee on Kduea- ,
tlon. The convention unanimously re- j
fusod to accept the resignation. Mrl". fSloss j
?aid he took the action which he j
<^d as the result of the colloquy Thurs- I
flay between the chairman of the. com- I
wittee, Tier. Dr. MclHvaine, and himself, ;j
In the course .of which the former had
accused him of attempting to "dominate
ihc convention." - j
Mr. Glass tendered his resignation soon
after the convention assembled. H e said
-i" took the action he did after mature
deliberation.: He felr that in view of the
occurrence of -„ Thursday • he could not J>e
°f further use- on : the e«immiit<-e.
Mr. Wescoit mov*-d the acceptanoe of
the resignation, and Mr.'. Meredith movy-d.
'Nat it be not 7 accepted; Mr. Thornton
ma do a reference to the excellent
work Mr. Q] ass had done on the coiii
niittop. and expressed the hope that the
r-^ifmation would be- withdrawn.
■Ur. Mcllwaine exprecsod his deep' ve
*l'f*t at the occurrence. The expression
used by Mr. Glass, of "positive, aggros-.;
sive. .- hostility" towards the University'
°f Virginia «>n t lie'. part of tlu* denomina-;
'ional colleges «>f the State called for /a
d'.'tiial, as he, occupying' the position of
president of :; Hampden -Sidney College,.;
was regarded as th*> quasi .' represent a|-"
''vc of the denominational colleaes. He
M ni'Ver thought- of questioning the
v< :acity of Mr, Glass. , When "be had.
found that he had misunderstood; the re-,
marks of the Lyncl'.burg , member. ,-.h<; had
a lK>logl z <.<j to the convention and to; him.
Rt-veral other member." in favor
" f having the resignation, rejected. ' The
!I »Qtlon to reject was ariopU-d with only
" ! 'f dihH'jnt ing, vote, .'••**'"" .1 -" ~ :
T hf> convention, wont into : Committee
r-fr -f the. Whole a fey/ rhhijites: after.- Co n-.
Vf -n!ng, and took up the' report ...• <)f.;-:thii^
CfimjultK-e on Education: An unsucees-:?
'ul effort was made /to have/ stricken.:
°'-!t th»* section providiiip that' not? Jess i
than ?50,fKW n year' should' be* appropriated^
'? the support- of ;:tho'^XJnfy«?rsit>Vr:9^
-Virginia,:, nnd $25.000 f t0 -Jh* Virginia 1 Mjlijs
* a! 'V Institute.. Then;' the .report 1 : ;was^
;t ooi>t*.<s an/ a ■ whole; ./ ; ; " ; ~\* '■'• ' ,",-"■■>
T h«vfurther-con?idPratlqn"ofHh«>jreport"
"I the CommittVfi on:Oouhty;iOrfranl2ii-;
■- . « ' .- ' - ■■.-,■ ■■■:.■■ - ..- 'to -.-■■ v-.'; ?■'-'-'<■ -
; »^^7^^^^^3^Ba^gi^^^^^gsas^^S^^@aJißi^^J^^gßP^^^S^llg^ : '-M^
tion w:Vp renewed in v':oonvention,'' and
:nuch progress was made. .
■/ T ?"?* sc onv « l » 'on ;ls' 'tioyr; proceed ijiigTwith;
work as tiisVuk the/man Mri- ihe^bfggest'
hurry /could .wish./ The'r : »peed^has^ ;bee"n •
,v..-ry «iotic>al.lc'/fiince tlie; rcasserribllrig/
: <f'<'r the holidays, or, rather./stnce^Mqn-/;
■day. ■■ '/Heretofore, we have b<-en 'oorisider-
Stitr ; and fnK^Btla t ffv : ;matters t'!:y.:sald^-lIr7;t '!:y. : sald^-lIr7;
iStebbins yesterday; "and; of ; courVc, there
has 'bcen.'-llttle's- apparent: s ."progress? .made/
,We r have cleared • away ; the? rubbish '-now;
and are; petting / down i/to/ the /real;" arid
final work. Prpgress; will I; be rapid -'now;
hence.''. Mr.?Stebbins is brie of -.thc'imem'r, 1
lK.rs who think that the suff rage/qxiea- :
"tion will be/the- last one to/ be- settled;:
and. rightly so/It'sooms to-be the bi)lnibn J
ot the majority _-of the "convention that the
• settlenic-rit of this matter should- be/ tlie
last work of ■ the body, ns many of the
lnembers. would go : to; their homes p«rriia-.
nently/ and /leave/ other -and/extreniely
;important; matters: undisposed of, / if •• the
nnestiori of who is/to be allowed: to vote
,be settled before all the ; business of the
convention be settled,/"" ;/'■;'.-. / . •; ;
, Then-. will; be several '-.bthor; reports be
fore* th<» convention in the course. of ; a. few
days. "The Committee on Taxation, and
Finance" will shortly . rcporf-^that is. -by
the end of next week at latest. The. Com
mittee on Corporations will have its'" re
port ready early next week: / These -are
the most- important .of the reports yet to
come in. excepting that which /wil". ./be
agreed upon, by the .Democratic confer-;
ence. It looks now that there would be
no great delay in this beir.g- reached in
conference. Theen embers are putting in
hard work, five nights a -week,, and it
real !y looks that inHhe'course of a-com
paratively short time there would be an
agrc-f-a grc-f -m ont rea ch ed. ' Of ■ course, no mem
ber of the conference is -to be bound- by
the action of the bo<:jy;: v but there -is no
doubt that the plan . a^r.ed upon .in the
council of the Derriocratie members .will
be the plan whiehwill be finally the one
put into" the Constitution. . / . .. ~
Mr. E. C.:, Glass, superintendent: of
schools of ; the.. cit\%qf ; Ivvnchburg, was
present at -the^-Democratic conference
last nlfcht. accompanied by Professor". .1.
A.- C. <Jhandler, of Richmond College.:
Mr.. Withers, of Danville,- who has br-fiv
kept from his; sorfJt since the recess by
reason., of important legal business fit
fiO7ne, Tvas at his.post yesterday.
The report of the Legislative Commit-,
tee will be taken .-up in the ; convention
Tuesday and. acted on finally. There is
not expected to be serious opposition to
any of. the provisions save the one .which
provides that the liegii-lature shalimeet
once in.fo ur year-;. There will boa .strong
fight' over this- and the chances seem to
be about even. : :"•' „
A sub-committee of the Committee on
Corp'oratioris'is in session "every afternoon
drafting the report. It will be completed
in a -few days. .-.. .. - , :
Aconxeil oT Ansnultins: s«ml Kalally
AVoiuuliiijr n Wnmiiu hi TlPrUlcy.
. (7ity Knglnftor of Xev*-- •■: •
port Xewsi
NEWPORT NEWS; VA.. •Ja-iiuary-lO.—
(Special.)— William Dunn, a 'yoting/wlijte
man, was arrested to-day aboard the tug
Richmond, charged with. felony,^ his crime
being" an aFsault;. it is- alleged;.' upon the
woman ,witli. whom he is .charged with
living in tJerkley. '; /
It is expected .that' the .woman .win
die. It. 1p said that Dunn, after knocking
her down; stamped on her, inflicting ab-'
domirial injuries. He was taken to
Berkley "to-night for. trial..
When the case of ex-Saloon-Keeper J.
E. Turner; charged/with shooting Wal
ter Wood Christmas morning;in the lat
ter' s saloon, was . called in the Police
Court this morning. Wood was not on
hand, and it. was learned that, he ..had
gone to Baltimore several days before.
Later in the day he arrived from Bal
timore, and it is stated that he refuses
to ■ prosecute, the policeman. - About twen
ty-live witnesses "will "be heard at. the
hearing. Turner -was suspended from the
-force,- pending a hearing by the/Police
Commissioner?, but he tendered his re
signation, which was; accepted:
The dairymen, of the. city and sur
rounding counties will, meet here to-mor
row to organize an association, which
will be"; chartered. They ..propose to in
"lluence ' legislation and local laws, which
will help their bushiest! and will work
for. the appointment .of a milk inspec
tor.' ■ ■ \ /■ V . ■ -
/Already ann'-uneoment.s of. eandidac-y
for the. ohieV/of City Engineer, made
vacant by thtr- untim'e/ death of Edward
A. Marye, are- being made, .and . up to
this time there are" four /men j after the
position— J. 1-. 'Marye. Jr., T. E. Pearse'r'
11.-. T. Pierce, Jr., and A.' B. Edmunds,
surveyor for Warwick county. •
The builder's/ trial of the new Morgan
l,inc steamship l^l- Alba will take place a
week from to-morrow.
The new coast. survey steamer Hydro
grapher. which is -now making a -pilot's.,
coast survey of " the Chesapeake Bay and
is heading this way, will,- it is stated, es
tablish winter headquarters at' Newport
News. . ": .' - /
■■■ .-■ . : . _ -«»•■ - .
Alan \Vlio:Snyti-H«> a Son Jlakes Ai»
.;. - ■!-. plientioii for 'i'liein.
.Stale L.ibraiian : ;A\*.";AV.; Scott has re-;
ceived a letter fi-om a/ man in Portland:
Ore., who gives- his. ..name -as -^rfalmon
Brown, and says he is a son of John
}3rown. He a.sW that the State of A'ir
ginia return tlie Brown letters, .recently
discovered, to the family. A sword that
was Ills 'fathers,- lias been . reuirnud- to
the family by: s<ome. society or .organiza
tion and -: from this ,'circumstan.L-e the
writer nrguo.s that/the State is in honor
bound to return- the Brown letters.
-Mr; Scott has replied that ho. is meio : ;
lv tlie custodian of, the letters and that
for the retufn-of thy. .!etters-,an act .of
•thft Assembly would : be -necessary. .The
letters will probably not, be; given up by
thtV- State. ' /"■ '■ ;, '- "-■/■■ ' ,V
The letter is: written on .. two small
«heets: ot paper/consists of three -pages, -
and is addressed to the State librarian;
The written refer^ '.to a .Svnatbr froinOre-:
gbri and'others. vffrom the/pa per., writing,;
and appearance ;of :th-/.1.-tter,: it .would
spom to 1..0^ wi-it.ten.by socne/rather. illit-,
>rate ."-laborer.*: •■'■ //, ? .;, ",
O» « Vl*U to IVvas.
Mi^s- llattie, M. SehcTC-rr.lefr^a.st <.ve
'iMß-Vrtver the r Southern W=rallw:iyi ; - for
WHghtsboro-, : Tex:'.-,. t«>: . vl«t ;. her--sl|rter
M rs: Henry P. üßa!n.ett-,.(neewScherer).
fo^nierlv of ;ihis ? city.^Mjs:s,Scherer,will :
lv- absent seven or ■ «>lght month*.
riieKtfrfleld;Wn|lcr Srheine. v^ :
Chairman •Caskle lias cnlled a^meeting
of the- 'Finance Committee, 'tol consider
the OhebterfleM ? clear-water.** scheme not
Mr lohn-C'Robertson??and;;hiafeasso
<*. a'tes The lneetlng wills be^a
arv i l6tli. at B:?ftJ P. Isg Superintendent
Boli inr; and -avinimberf of i others Interest^
wHI b« present. .
I hey Caose^(Hpiogi
Federal iOfflifffliefl ,
AN ALLEGED /,:f^Rff^ft
One Story Says Democrats Are to. Have
Yirgicia Marshalsliips. •
The Hon*e VoteJ- on •■; the Canal : Bill
Dock : .\ot ■■-'._ Xfces'imrlly/-3lenn '• Thnt
All tbe- Members -Who VotedrAye
Are in Paror'-of the Xicnrngrirt
•Route a«/ Asrulri.st \i<lie Pnniinia
Konte.. V :
WASHTXGTON, Yd.'.C., •..January 10.—
Rbos'eveitian rumors regarding
Federal appointments "In ; Virginia, f were
j llyiiig: about, .'the ;'Capitol;ahd .the John-;
son- Hotel" to-dayVinjta, manner ; that
created the utmost^disquletude. • among
a r umber 6 f incum bents ■ and "applicants
for the ;fat -pi aces'* to 'be .filled for ; the
next four years/ '.One^pf: those who are
i on the anxious : bench; yvpiced; the general
feeling of all by declaring, in. tones' that.
'-■ rather despairirig,\in -reply to the
<iuestion, 'How do :,you stand??. "l'll be
blanked If I know, and I'll be plinkety
planked if . I know where I am: at. 1 ; .This
is .the .'case with all : ,of the pie hunt
ers from Virginia, and ' they await with
the utmost anxiety .-■every 'scintilla ; of; in
telligence: -from tlie; /White House.', /It
■ shows also that ■they" are all -absolutely
atvsr-a. as to whatv-the,. President will
Ido In their respective- cases. _ . ;:
One rumor to-day. 1 was. that . a' surprise
was in store; regarding the;United;Stkte3
marshalships of 'both'i districts; ,_that
neither the ;incumbents; ; nor; the aspirants
named for> the 'placesvwpuld:be appoint
ed, but ■ that , twor .Democrats, of -the
yellow metar. type ..yrere; likely, to* be pre
sented with the plums,' "unasked; and •un
expected. -There may.be -nothing' instils
report, and it is more- than probable
• that., there is -not,": but "it demonstrates
,the" uncertaintj- and feverish anxiety.: pre- 1
vailing' regarding" Mr. Roosevelt's ;proba
,ble action, in all" the- cases. A departing
office-holder -to-day /said, :as he -headed
■ for '-. the V. Pennsylvania : depot.: "Every-
I thing . is. lovely, and '■ everybody in .office
{will: comejout all; right, 1 ' but whether
j he was. whistling to" keep his" courage. up,
|itiis.hardto say. The term "of Marshal^
! S. Brown "Allen- expires February Ist;
that of Marshal: Morgan Treat February,
aflth, arid that of .District Attorney. Edgar
Allan December 20th. next. In fact, .all
of (the -terms \ of. the ' qffice
• holdersjare about.. to expire, and all of
themr share the- general:.urirest.: . ■ - .. .
. Secretai-y-Giige to-daj ; ! submitted . allet-;
,tion :,of4'slTO,(^ i ;to-|i3,e v :expende'dj|ln;;fillin"g
.in; the;; northern" "poVtibr i-{b'f r.th'e'.f military
.reservation; at Fort' Monroe ,and t the'eon-'
-structiori'.-ofv' necessary ■ retairiins:| ; walls;
This; work^ will ' be', the reclamation' of
the fiats near ' Mill" creek, and'the con-"
-version, oft- the grounds into necessary
.drill- grounds. ". "J-
It was reported; at the Capitol :to-day
that •Cruinpacker. of 'lndiana, . would ■ offer
an amendment to the' census bill, having
for its "object the cui % tailrnent--of repre-'
sentation in; the States* South, where ne
groes haye -been" disfranchised. •" .
j. Representative Otey introduced a' num
ber of bills to-day,- including many pri
vate claims. One .was a ..bill- to; -.grant
I The franking privilege to the'' ngricMtural
| departments" of Staits-" and territories. It
j provides' that these departments. • shall
have the privilege -of. franking 'documents
relating . }o: agriculture."'. to -. the farmers
within the borders: of '■ their respective
States and;^territories';'. upon ./-satisfactory
evidence, given to the Postmaster-General
of : the name, of the officers 'duly, authori
zed' to administer "affairs as 'tiro head of
that department.^.' The bill was referred
and ordered •.'. to. be.- printed. ;
. He also introduced a bill'for the erection
of -a public, 'building., at 'South Boston,
Va. .The bill provides, that the" Secretary
of the Treasury be ' : authorized " to. pur
chase, or acquire; ; by .^condemnation,: a
site for. and caitsV^to^b'e^'erected "thereon,
a suitable . buildihgi'-^\wlth fire-proof
vaults, for the accommodation of th'J post
office and other government ;purpbses at
South Boston, Va... for ■.whieh;uhe sum of
?T-0,000 is- appropriated,.and; referred ■. to the
Committee on Public-Grounds' and'.Build-
Ings. '..,;", --.:' '^' ;^Vv ;: -' -■'."'' - Vs ■"> .■.'.;■■
Mr. Otey valso : introduced .a ; bill for
the relic-f of- Captain- H.\.C. Preston;';to
reimburse him -'for.. funds \stolen .in: Manila,'
while .he was acting' . i;/as,. c ; ommissr.ry
theiv. The cliiim.His' fully r-stalllisried.
by a military-, board -'OiV-survey. The. Mil.
\vs.s referred to thelConi'.nittce .nii"Arniy'
Chiinix. --•..'■■■-■. ■ -■ '-':^v^XV,'-; - ..,; .
Representative. -Lam!) hiis'- !ii»eii. notified
that ht-arings. by .. : lhe I Committee on. Agri-"
culture, of .which ho is ; "a ;niember, on
the'olViimargarino;bill will commence next
Monday, and 'will continue until": January,
2-d- -..../; ' ' ':■:/; , '■'.:■ ■' ■ ,■ ■
Representative Maynard will appear .lie-,
fere the River- -'andA'Ha'rbgr -Committee,'
and .■ursc.incroa.F.ed/a'ppvojiriation's for -the
improvement" of . N"iH*rofkX*h*nrbor. and' its
approaches, lie ishopeful'of having the,
amounts previously published largely T add
wd to, and macu; available at. r the earliest.
moment." ' ; v "• . ;'*■ ~.0'~,-j-- l-':'i': •■" : :
. Colonel -'"J iiines 'P.' BrowrieyJ Aot •Pdea
honias. and "Hon.-. Rufus .-Averse- of,". IVg
Stone Gap. are here "in ■•'behalf -oC;«Po.-5i
roastcr Goodloe, of "the j latter- city, whom
they- wish iq '.have i.rreappointvd.^.;. Mr.
Slemp. from "tiie same .couiityx.q_hani]3ions!
the claims of Mr^'lJlbby for .the ;7)iaoe! and
he feels" ■ confident A;that-- he "fought. --J :the".
t'.pht t<> a Minish ' 'arid f .will •jland 'his: man/ .'.;
The contvstpromises'-fo;be a .warm.p'f-r-:
sonal r bnevaiid it will;be'made'..bef6re; tiieJ
•presiJent. ." - "- ■ - 1 '"•■"',
—Representative Jones chaperoned, a larg'^;
delegation "of Tangier 'Islanders ithroughj
tlie; Capitol; and; into Hhe: august- presence:
of -tlie. River anil :'Harbor. : . Committee; : to^
; dny^' vlttiwas^the^firstVrneetlrig^tlysrses
sion;of thy eonimittee, V; and;jMr. "Jones and:
the. Tan ger i aiis'.v the.; latter } h avi ng / nvycr J
been * v "Washlngton^before, ; had {a' pa tienti
hearing. : .^After dthe? presentatioh Vof^tlVi:
isiaiu'ers;: eloquent argumentsfwerejinade;
by .•■'.'the>."delegatiorivfin jbehalf : ;of ■
vrovenVenC<>f the; channels arid ■approaches l
maVi^ Barton^ and promised;
to. ca«vfully: ; consider' what -can best be
done- "for Tangier, . ."
■-! : Senators ' are ';■ enj6ylnFAa|g'obdv> joke i at ;
'the •'expense', of 'thejTPresldeht|tbtnlght.^A^
: apppin tment "i of jDayld^A.ikjen ~kto iibe^ pbst^f
mai=ter>at^Greenwo6d;t : S.:;C?.j CThe^Com-;
imltteeffoniPost-Oflices begaii the uauaa^
ilearhedUhat s^
Tlie^B"eg«s tlon Sy s '^-'?^ d ?2 t °S tn^ l ? r^;«
dent^ thatliWhllaE 'ar*e'nwo6a¥dld^n.cit|gei}
'cup\4a very larpre.placp on.iho map, ii
mig : ht not -he v bad:idpa v to have ; a live
.-...■. .■■■■.'■.-;■ ..*..■:. -:e- .■;.■■*> ':■■. ■ • ■■■ ■■ ■'.-■ »:'.■• i -■■■'.■;■ ■%',"■■■*■•* v~;r ■■:■:. ■■-■ ■-■-, • »•
:man:lri: charge o ( " the mails there. When!
rthe-; President ■ieariietlji'oflth'c /mistake;-'; he;
ten joyed "the: joke as"j.much?as the sena
tors did.
The fact that" ."OS • member.- In«3the|
House oCithe.' 3lo^whofwere' present, voted'
; f or jf the'J>Nieari^ua^^
J Jones'o^S3^S|M
in " favor;,- of • the 1 ' Nicaragua f route "as
'againstithelP^araa./route;' i AsTafmatt?^!
'of •;-factj%there| isfauitelaj'perc'entagelofl
prefer/? Panama ' to :■'.; NicaraguaV/aridS the
f strength |Jof this^'el emen t^.was ;J indicated^
i^wheh ? tHe-.yote'fonli the :atorr[sTarriendmerit|
jwas itakon^lThisV votetiwaslir7o¥for| 103 \
' preferred i.the trPatfanfa. jVbu te'orjwere.?i"de-l ;
choice s of /routes " upon/ the fPreEident^i or/
were/un decided t; yet /as / between : the' ; two
■routes. /But|practfcally--T every: manywho]
Morris /and /the /other'
Amendments Kthat/,-?vere /offered,/ but de-;
.feated;ibellevesViri/the -construction; of a
ijcarial;? and * that ?is ?.why/ the" Hepburn / bilP
was passed ■•■•by ■■ an"; almost /unanimous^
vbte.^ x
'/ It ; is now/up|to/thej Senate/ to- take : ~ ac-:
: tion-i with /respect jto /the/coristructioriiiof
the .isthmian ;canal."//A;/m"aJorityy of J tlie^
'■ members --//of •i.yhe'i-plnterb.ceanlc ...Canals/:
Committee ',: of cf avor .* the /Nlca-";
raguafrbute, 'although : sofnej of the(meni-
bers, notably "•Senator =Haniia,.:of/Ohio,'
have leanings:; toward /Panama/ "The;
'committee .hasgalreadj^' reported > s favor -*'
"ably/a/Nlcaraguaibinl; -and: At^ is;.now/on
.'the;Senate^'caleridaf, r "awaitirigfactiori. ■/ In(
;conse"querice4of|tHenPanarna" Company's j
;latest".bffer/tq sell'out.toithis'goverrimerit'
;for' "540,000,000/^tan^reffbrt//will/; /very:
likely be madestoihaye /the bilir sent !back
to /.the committße, ft in/'order/vthati : it/mayj
make a.'- report:^ f ter ; having i considered
the French: company's proposition. / While*
•the' sentiment- Inj favor.; of Nicaragua/stiir;
seems : ' to -predominate r in '.the/ Senate, : It '
isiriqt at all, certainthat-body/ will finally;:
;vote for, the. Nicaragua. bill/i even" though
the, coriiniittee/again . recommends. its pas- ;
sage.-.- - ' •'-• --4i':H;vi s 1 :, ' . : - ■/;.//>""-//;- r . : -/
"..';■,'..- PERSONAL.- .--'-•■
Tion. ' T./C.:. Pilcher, of . Midland, /Va.,
'political y" prophet; ;~ legislator, ■ granger,';
statesman,', and V humorist; is in the city,:
visiting; friends,/ arid", is: stopping at /the;
rMetropolitan;-;*:' ; / : - : ;/-/ " ! ■. ■ :"■ :-.^r' '1? .:/ ■/ /
■Xii Hon. ".'; Rufus Ayers, : of . Big Stone/ Gap;
Ta., ex-Attorney-General of Virginia,; and
member, of /the>Virginia ■> Constitutional :
; Convention';, is In/ the; city, . in the:interest
;bf /an applicant ;for ;. the postmasferrfhlp
bf~ his home -town.^/ 1 , •: ;'• /;'/;.;./ . f /- ; ;
Mr.- Butler llahohe, : son of the late
; General' William; Mahone, who/was -United 1
S ta tes ; Consul a t Laredo; Mexico,; is in • the
city.'.his official/tefmihavlrig" expired.
; Hon.;, -S.;, Gordons, Cummings;t a 1 .-; member'
,bf •; ! the/:.:Vir'glnia'f. Legislature, /is". ••in • the
city, and to-day; called ' upon ; >Representa
;tive;;Maynard; at_-the: Capitoi. -'- : "■.•'"; .;" /
-Mr. James Frazleiybf ßqckingham couri-'
'•ty.-'.'Va.V". arid ; foriner"; Republican member :
of. the Legislature, ;. : 3s>in ; the. city itq'rday./
and >was /with, a:; number "of- the "Virginia
/office-holders -who /are seeking ; reappolnt-'
/ment. ; ;;;- /■;■■;■ . - -.-■. ••
'./. Mr; r. W. -"• L. Perrick.i of -South-: Boston,
I .Va., is at,the^National. *. ... ■' [' "'
i "Messrs. Frank/Brown, R. E:;Ezzell;/and
! Robert Lacy, . of ■ Burkes, -Vai: ; J.- G. > Mot
i .tey, of Sharpe's, : VaT; \ R. R, : Toung, Rich
r.mond; andvMiss.L.^B. Jones, Winchester,
.are ; at the St. James.- - ■; :'-////:•■ •
I 'Messrs. .C. A: : Carter* Harrisqnburg.
.Va.;: -W; J. \ Morris;/ -Bratidy,. Va., /arid
John /S./Carter and- wife, of Richmond;
are at. the Ho ward{ House. . : . :
■ .; "Jake .Wells," >;of.g-Richmbiid," Is regls
.tered at- the St.- James;/ This; is' ; evidently;
the well-known manager of the VBijou"
'/.Theatre;-, and ;■ former /.base-ball ■.•magnate,;
I of
/.- Messrs. W."- E. ; Tyi-rell; of,Ciilpep"ef./Va; ;
.T.:K.: Harris,: Lynchburg, Va.; C.E.'nbw
ard, s/;.C: -/L/rLivesay; '•'■ /•Richmond';^ "AY
I ; Fletcher; ; Jr. , ! : Warreiiton'; ) Va. ; : Jr RhLup-
I . tqnrßoanbke^.ari'diS'iriiuel D.iPrice./Urii
|-v"ersity-of^ViiVinT'A— Metrop6litai)^" r '" r -"- % ' s
|- <-J ".
I . .Among .the ; ■:foin4h-clasp^po"stmast«rs
l icbmmlssloriedri; to-day /are /{he ,';£o\ lowing':
j Mary,; F. -MeKenney,"- Brookvale! • Vn.' ':": •' Jo"-'
| seph^B/ McCalliim,vAlfirdsvJile./N.: C.;
j Joshua/P. / ;.Tessup.. r Hertford. ; N.. C ". -.
1 1- The; follbwing: order has /been Issued:"
1 .. "Wilmington;- N.; C.-.-to^ Washington, D.
C..;Tlie through registered V:poiicli- from
Wilmington i: for Washington- will here- :
*nf ter ..be • dispatched. \via-." the "Norfolk, and'
Wilmington ;R. P.;O.. at .7 "P:"M., instead
k of,- via same line -at 9:30 :V..~M:. as',a
preseht: Pouch ;will -connect Washington'
and Charles R. V. 0., train "2, 'at Rocky.
■Mount, N. C, for delivery at" destination.
' - :•;. .//'James ,e;/white, :.
. '■•;/•■-/; /-'.'General;- Subeririterident."
lii'SiNlulur*; '11ns Al»i>oin<e»l a : Com
• inltte-o to liivostiy:i<«'. CohlVt. '.- ' ; '■■_<,
: ntul Provide nci'iH'ilie.H. : ;
.'.up. ur.v/ 10.— (Special.)— The adjournment
Ql'.the House of 'Delegates .to-night pre-"
vented Delegate Dryderi from introducing
a -joint resolution,/ providing for the "ap : .
pointment of a joint committee. : -bf .the
House and "Senate ..to co-operate', with' a
similar 'committee," which the Legislature
of Virginia has been requested to "appoint. I
It.wfll be-.introducedion .Tut'sday. : j
• The grows, "out '■ of ■■alleged
depredations '"of . Virginia .oystermeii' aha
nshermen, in / ■ "Maryland-f \\ ater, -•• about
which there, has been much .cpmplaint.' ; ',-; j
The title of the -resolution. provides if or.
a eommitiee to investigated ihe./coiniiiairis
of ■ trespassers ;. and irregularities -alleged
■to be/ com mil ted in the: waters, of-Mary
land-- by, the citizens : of- V'iigjiia; /and
the-remedy for such,-.- if found ;to exist; |
to"; investigate and report- upon -any modi- j
ncations "or 'changes;: that may : be'.desira-.|
ble : -'in .-the /'.boundary . line between, tlie'.
two States, . and upon ;a ny joi n t , legisla
tion; that': may be necessary or j)roper/iri
tlie -Potomac river/ for-; preservation ot j
oysters, v or. -to' increase or. preserve tlie j
supply, of.. : food and other fi.sh.;;in/.the j
Chesapeake-Bay juid its tributaries/: . !
-Theeomniitte -vyill consist, of j
bers, r 'nveon the part "of j
three on; the part of 'the Senate.' /' i , . i
' -' r - -.: — — - — — "■; ' ■■•■;_■;■;"■ ■-, --../ _'■
AJ*vi:vi\<; foh coxvi<; f rsr ' '/ i
\hi hers i ; Cim "t >' AV'n i:t s:'. !!'ivo ut v ■ t o
I "•. ;'■';-■- Wiirk on thtv;l{«i:t«!s. / ' ■•. .
..T^he county of Amherst, on* the/rtcoiri
mendatibn and ; order of Judge "Clarence.
'J: :: . Campbell;; has just .determined to asic
for i twenty , con victs -, to* be.: -,w'orked : on"; Lhe
roads /of < that : county.n ty. /L"he lnt- n ; willibi;.
housed *ahd 'fed;; by ■•the' county.- arid ;\yitlv
the aid • of.- improved ;rball-niaking; 'devicr s
if is 'hoped '"'that' their, labor ■; will; ressilt^in,
great ltimprovementU to . t lie; ; public;?hi!ih
'ways.?-Bedford'county.is already ::eng=;flr(iri
with v very: /gratifying J'°ss.!lts.li ;;; v" .: i/ ; %
.. / liittM ; ys:iiis: It.";' 10. J-t-o:!; Relic. •;;;,
Colonel -' ■ Joliii.-; Murphy./r proprietor'?' of
Murphy's^'Hotel,'' and .- a .; gfea t^admirer Jot
Generalvßobert'E.;/Lefc;;has; recently :been
recipients' of ~ ani autograph % of . l he t Gsn
eraJ;Hheri 'Captain :R.,;E., : 1-e»,>which/h"e
prizes.very highly. .It, isa:r(}(iuisition;On
the * quartermaster ' of -tft*- • army?- f or,? sup^
pliesVmade 1 out ■and.islgnedjbyjthe .young
officer3afterwards*nher famous ;Confedef
rate; Chief taili. i 1" '184-1, -prior ;-. to | the? war.
wi th j in Z which 1 the I young V soldier,
won -/and;; promotion.. WMiss^L.eeJ
while in the city recently, presented the
- Valuable Stone Still '
Jieardl blithe r;sJOO-:
diamond ;■; lost at / M urphy's .;< Hotel r a¥ day
brjtwo ago lbstby-Mrs.Tß.'jE^Frledma'n^of
New with' her-; daughter,? Is \ a 1a 1
guesit'of-? the -hostelry ;^.Tho!st'oneiwas:set
in - a« ring * andfi=Tvas^missed|:,"W;ednesday.
Nothing^has, been jseen;oriheard "of-ir:>- ,
-.To'\i>rt i» Bnltimorc'..
Mr. and Mra.^AjUTuiE^y.^NplKoliandl
have % Issued! invitations s to A the Sinarriagei
honarid,^t6VMr."Waicls»ai.TJ. ifMorrißseyi fMorrißsey, ?i
aryS22d.*?atSll iso'clock,i s o'clock, at Si. f;;natius'
church:- Baltimore. -.: r; -V; .^v^J^^gp^
n ii j I! j 1 kJJ
ndjlluau Iflaglmu^julujuoooo
" n * ' - i- n 1 1 1 ft —
n^a nn aft p- hrnu/prQ
They Are More .Important: Than 'All
Other-Classes Combined.
Utibn.a!» EiisifM ; l>}- the.Destrnctibn of
/ tl/e .Wealcer; by ■tlie' Stronger-rTie
{CoufseHtcd- - ; State"'- ■- of- ' .Trailsiiorta
tion. '
'FARGO/ N. -D., Januarj-; 10.— President "
; James ;J. ' Hili, ; of • : the , Great ; Northern-;
Railway, this afternoon".;. addressed - the j
Tri-State - Associatioh of Grain- and :Cat-:: Cat- :
tie-Growers, which -has "-been in/ session^
here :■ this -"week. -Mr.-; Hill opened witU;
a'-few - words:of praise for; the farmers, .'
saying that "the nation at large has more
to".; expect f rom : those^ 'who /cultivate the
■ soil, than from all others combined." ■;.
/Hejthbught the 'best use fdr.-.the eoodv
lands /as -yet unsettled "aaerioua ques
tion for the consideration of statesmen."
After/speaking of the development of' the
Northwest he stxid he -thought one iwind
of " '.'community of interest" which - really
exlsted'.was thai; between" the producer o£ -
'tonnage and the carrier ; the : land -and its I
products and ;.'. the : ' railroads '. will'- either|
prosper .-together. : or "be.^ poor- together.;
liuch ■ is • being; said .about ■combination i
■between ( ra ilroads and competition.. The •• I
-law :'of "the . survival ; of ; the . 'fittest must >
inevitably. l end such '. -competition" as^ex-: ,
ists by the destruction .'of the weaker by :
the'stronger. .This has;already beeri ■ done
: in^the : EastJ^He''said:;^v-';/ ; ', ! > ' r> ' ' '
■ r ..' 'Twen ty-five ; years "ago, '• i 1-. was supposed^
that -competitipri^wasK necessary.^.to. : .'re-.-_
duce "rates. iUhlnk-that weihave showm
in the Northwest^that'-. without ; c&rnpeti
tl6i\, rates have/been faster than
"anywhere else iii \ the -country. > . .
i ; ' "There has" recently., been"; an at tempt : to
sliow that we /have /no /Interest" in-.the_
! building up of . : tlie -pi-osperity ot -thepeo-..
Iple of your^StateTandrofithe./Northwest.:
flf we' didlr.ot do/everything-. ln ourjpower^
!' to; build /you /we- Ayould' be false to.
our best Interests; Our/ object;incacaulr
irig;the:" Burlington.:-/ jointly with .. the
Northern Pacific rail way. was ;; to ; insure "
an /outlet- to : the/best .markets i for >the
grain", 'live-stock, "and ,lumber- r for.'; the
Northern States. / arid /-to u- increase';.' the.
v6lume oibuVitrafflc/^oUheVendsthat^we;
: migh't7'at^llfttimes/:be:able;ao;. establish
I :ditibn>^irider/which-the/traffic/mighirbe
• '.'Mr. :Hin^coritinued:: /''The
of -the generatv railroad -situation 'in .the
! -United- States' at -the present:;time ; are
I "hardly understood; "For. the year .ending:
i -\i un'el -'io " =1890, : ; tlie : riuriiber ■of . tons . car^
" ried bne mile "/by '■ all/ the railroads :was
' 7G 9 07 GCO 000 tons.;-". In .1900 if was 141,600,-,
' Coo ooo,' as: shown by/ the'^ Interstate. Com
•merce Cornmissibn reports. In 1901 a = safe,
estimate - will bring" this; to "■ 16o,00i),000,000
tons carried "one mile,. an Increase of-. I^o
per cent. 1 in .eleven/years./ During -this,
time " the miileage of tJie; railroads :in. the
United States increased 18.percent,,W r hlle.
the tons -moved shows an increase 0f .120
percent.." the earnings? show; an increase :
'of less .than. 4l>' per. cent.-, ; During ■ thi3,
time the rates /have been reduced "to"-; the ;
extent of that /difference. : Destructive
competition has forced" the weakest lines
into bankru ptcy. and /to-day they 'are
owned by "the , linos that- were able^ to
"iriaintain. their, position/ arid credit, .giving
' the "ability -to acquire/ these; bankrupt:
roads. The Baltimore and, Ohio.and/the' :
-Pennsyivfinia/.fbr; half "a' century have
been rival roads. .- Both 'States; and- cities
actively aided in'/ building \ them ■ up—de
structive competition .between- them tjhas.
finally resulted :in 'the /Pennsylvania^
owning the Baltimore/ and Ohio. Have,
■ the ■ "rates advanced ? ■ ; Have . '■, the ; ' people
'along the ' line 'of ; the : : Baltimore and
.Ohio suffered ? ' On the ■contrary, 'the ■ first;
step "has'beeri to furnish ;riioney_ to 1 : cut"
down ' the grades, ■ double-track*, the -line
rfroni the Ohio-river : to/ Chicago, and to
furnish cars and "facilities ; to. handle the
business to the best advantage, and at:
"such rates as' will enable-' the shippers;
along •/■/ ■ ihe line to openup their, linesand
their business: in/every . branch
o f t rad e n nd : to :. rel y upon a'i solvent corn
pa ny for the facilities-necessary to"trans
act their business.''" v." '' •""> : "~[ _" "
. " / CAR : ;
Aftei; speaking-; of rthV-.fcorige.sted : ' state.
■ of transport a tion through i the^eountry,- he
said : -./"A ''careful exarninatiori*: of ,the rail
/road; problem/; from ]i\ ; national., stand-;
■ point will. I belit;ve. : /show, beyond;,ques
tion-that'the btisinePS of the country has
out.igi-ow'n.'the'/facilitios' on /most trunk
lines.-.and that /new' facilities not /now
apparent-will be necessary :to relieve th«»:
'situation: />' Rares ;in " the -United /States:
are*- much flower .than -in any/ ojher.cbun
try. Wagf-s are; higher— thf> 'cost., of.:much
of ■,thr> material is mnchVhiahiT, than in;
E si rope, ; ye t / I h r- ra t e' ch a rged ii n ': E u r b p e
"is/: fully -twice as high as ; in. "/America/;
The/conditiorifi/ in ; this" coiintr>/ ; change"
v^iy rapidly-V-whJle; rat?? " : ha vi: .been, cut,
in two in ■tvyenty-yehrv.-all. kiridijof -labor ■
:i lid:: materials used^by ithe.ndlways hay»;;
ad vanced , from SO ; to. . ."0 : per J ceri t: Nothing/
bu % - I he - i ri cc r eased - vblum e - of.x t i-a ffs c ;.has \
made it: possible' tn;redu'c<> rates/as they,
have been reduced."/'^ •/ ■•". * ._•.'.. ;
-■-:;../ . ' "'■': pro-hili;:REso.lt:t roNS. /; /; -a
'■".■■ The fearLirf./bf the. .convention was /the/
practically/ iiiiariimous;- adoption of reso-;
.luiioriVcbriimE-iidirigMr.'jHHl for/ Tils \
'ii{-heh {if. 'of ;the" Nqrth'vi ; est./ ? . These. r«aoliir/
tlons, rafter/ dßeiarinV^that^^lTe/'niost;
■natural v Ime; op' trans ijortatiori'/for/the^
;^^prbdiicts; of: 1 the"; NbrthwesterniStatesV/aridj
for : tlie . trade • of^tHel Orient fdestlried^ £ or^
; fs albiig^the "route^ folio wediby/ the! North^
ein^Paeifie rialroad./procGeds fas/ follows:;-
this -meeting, there-]
i fore. /that/ in:fesistini; the •attempts ;of- thel
Union iPacific; railroad nriii A ts < all !es/ -on j
t h c 1 one • hand. /an d tiieXCanadia p ; i Pacific /
railroad aridHtsSfe'e^e^rs^bnlth^e'iother.Hto ]
ceciire" control /;bf/:the/Northern. /Pacific;
;ralir^SH/Ja>nes¥J- 'Hill/has performed §|
? notable¥ piiblio fifseryice, r ■ and / once /; mbfei
displayed .v the/- fafr'sighted ljrahaj.buslneas^i
1 western^ resbur cea sa?.**i the : moafc>.vatch t til |
!gulirdia^ofsN^hwi£3terriSiriterests/V .
The Herald -to-morrow, will <say :^!!TheJ
;New>York Centra' ra!irr.u« win change
Its? motive"" power in the Park-Avenue 1
( tunnel gwithln a year; Electricity, will*
1 bSTsubsti tv ted ;■ for; s team': on fall s the jloca 1 %
; tralns, ' nrid' a^' soon as possible;* t'rimkr'j
"of/"-; theii Grand r; Station y by iv lees :
dangerouaimethods:^ i i'^^M
added to thejlarge force of electricians,
■■'and- these'? haves Iweiifatjworttlwithtostlie
ItuM^l'staci^Wednesda^iaccldent^i l^:
Ine: to ttevLse safety "plans for a^speetiy
Otlicinl.v Make 'Trli* of Insixrction
■ . ami. Test ;-S tennis— Tori»«"«l<»
January 10.— District-At-*j
torney "I Jerome^S tote^RanroadrCbmiriis*] j
the 6 railroad,/ to-daylma(leja';;tripf of ]
spection/throushl|the-/tunnel / in /which]
ithe ifeceritTUisasterj occurred- j.SThe ; partyj ;
motivej;/withv rid /car -^attached/ /A /jthb-;
: rough - ' exainlnatibn/ of j? the / tunnel / owasj
'made, ; mcludirig: the/wbrkJrigs of; I the; block r
signal l //r system-v/%^ Tests >X were// jnade[
also : " 'i of //; ; the/, /distance- 1 at /. which ;
lights could^be. seen /through/ smoke and;
stearia)inSthejttmnel./*The;slsnals; i in; s aJl|
their/workings between Fifty-ninth street!
;and : Fifty-sixth^street^whefe the accident]
occurred,; werej gq'ne o ver, and closely .ex
amined \ and V tested.'-* ; . / :':-. / : r- / : - ,% '-■-■: /
; /At /the ! ", end /of 3 the* / District M ttorney's ;
;had accompanied 'him *said : , they bad'fburid
the/atmosphei-e;'fairly. i clear. : most;rbf .the;
J-vvay^but at Niriety-sixth/a treet theY .were r
; enveloped - in ; a * cloud T of ■ smoke Tand steam ;
so dense /that; riothingrfcbuld^beseen/ ;On ■
the^return -trip the -tunnel :was/ clear. At
Sixty-third ; street fthefgreen flight jshovved:
plain)v.:that :belnj?s the [cautionary^ signal:
: before 'entering? the>. block^; below; antl . j the
observation \engine .slowed up"- until tho
red danger light Was; see a; at Flftyrninth;
street. ; The' bell rang. : but .the torpedo /d ld.
not explode. .The engine was /stopped,^
and;"the^rallroad; bfllclals explained s that ;
| the li ttlemogiil.br, observa tion. engine was
not -heavy 'enough; T :nor. its /wheels large;
enough,. : to sexploderthejtbrpedoj /as ;a-.bisr:
; passenger : : engine ;lwouldr' do. v'Accqrdlng;.;
to 'the Evening; JPqst;/ the/ torpe'db; went'
into /> position V- alongside ■"• ;th'e . i rail auto
{inatlcallyrtthe jmomentr ; the ,red : light j was,
shown /by 'the block:- system, and should^
havebeen^cut? arid; exploded by^the fiange
on . the '^wheels ■■ of /the.; engine./ After •: a
consultation, . it ■vvas; decided to 5 bring^np:
ar : heavier is witch :engirie,,\qf "r,the.<sariie>;
size?aß/theipassenger;' engines./. The,;en- :
•girie came; up^the'Uttletbbseryatloh'. engine
; was - rim "" out <b f ,th c .way, •; arid 5 the; larger,
': engine was- brought .-through Z 1 the-/; blocki.i
Again the. torpedo failed; to explode. Four
fmore^ times .the/big,'locomotivev.was'..run
.through the/ block, ; arid .riot once - did ? the:
: : ;torpedo;explbde;/;The.ranroad qfllcialsex^,
plained /this/by/ saying .that the -mechari-j
; isniTlthro wing;, the torpedo ! into place had ■
-been/pressed; out ;'bf order, so that tho
flange^ of the/ wheels did .not touch the
; torpedo./: _: \, „,*.' , l\
; These resolutions were 'adopted * before '
Mr/ Hill's arrival,, but /later an attempt,
was made ;to prescind Ithem/ "This failed,^
'however,; land* they'; stand as" the expres-*
;3lbn?6f J.the- convention/- / ...'-." •
trust and saving co.
: : makesSan!assignment ;
Its Emlinrrnsfimciit -/Attributeil ;■ In
■'VMVtTofjbiilicultleN of Everett-"-'.
--^foq're Syndicate.
■/ ; CL,EVEI^ANp.;:;O::; January 10.— The.
EuclidjAvenue/- Trust/arid; Savings t,Com
rany,;iit;B4'and>S6iEuclid: avenue, mada
an \ assigiimeri tf to-'dayf t b ' H. - Girini '•
bonO^ wasijfixed
atj. $250,000;: by j Judge;; BWch, t f;of>'tlßs 1 ? ! Ini'ol^.
iye'ncy/Cqurt;"'/ "/ '■'■'■'':^Y^^^;- ■' / : : /' '//■:
-/The.-assignee stated that: the -bank ;has
been'unable 'to^realize up JtsassetsVrapld-;
ly-eriough/to :nieet /the unusual /demands
which have ; been"ifnade"upon:; it L recently.;
The "directors state "that , : no'- dtpoaltor,: and
no /cus:6mer./;bf /the ''bank will -lose -;a
dollar; , ihat . the : bunk is i uolyent, \ and -that
itS:present embarrassment arises from i the'
fact /that/ its:; patrons 'have v been unable
to /mccc \ their. f : obligations to the T cank
with sufficient* tepidity for bank /to
take ' care ■ of : the^tiniisual withdrawals. <\
./According to;! the. last published 'i state-;
merit fof the" bank,"' issuvd October-1, U901?
the capital stock paid in amounted ..to
$500,000. . the" : total '■'-. resources . to $2,964,023,
the individual" depo&'its to $2,197,773, the
su rpl us . f uri ds to 4G5,C00. .-/-■,.■, /-/:•//
It is sta ted that the bank carried about
$120,e00 in;the f securities •of tire Detroit .and
Toledo '■■ line,' /which recently" passed /into
the hands; of /receivers. As" a result i'ol!
;the - ttnaiicialj; embarrassment :of : th*<j»Eve
r^tt-M6ore;^'ndicateA: itiisjundef3tood^the
bank ffoiind/it; impossible to^realize upon
these securities. .- • „<■ -
■• -. ■ ■:: DedtiiH and Births, 1}»O1. '" / // . .
Clerk John: Haley; /of the ;City -Health"
Board, -is his annual -report..
It'iwill show >that ?1,907 persons- died tin ;
this • city ;, during : the ; lust : year, ..-while
there" ' ; were'- only.iTU. births. ; ilore '; colored '
males tJianf females died^;during-_the-year.
"About•/five";hundred "*■ colored / male's- died !
during that T time.- :: ; ■./■".;■■/: . •
: ;births/have -been 'reported .'to the;
Board; of ;Health- office since 'the first «of
thesyear..:.Thejflrst4child : ' : to be
; this/ city jduring ? the friew^ year/ was -. Stuart?
Johnson'? Jardine; ■; soni of I Thomas ■ Jardlne "
and- rilrs. Jsabelle Taylor v Jardine; 7 of Sl4:
north'; ; Sixth . --'.... -/•'-'
■ The Holy ■ Xa me . Socle t >•.■ " / /"
The/Holy Name Society of St."-' Pe terra"
Cathedral ■; .will'i- meets Sunday /evening'jtat
7:15 :;o'clock,. Just '■ before ; the rser
ylcez-.Thei annual,' electfon ; of : oincer3 /will
becur/'and'other -important^business '-will
rbe ? transacted! .' A full attendance ---is
earnestly-requested.;; -'- \ . ' '* ■'-
-. /"A «ate '.TiiMt :/1.-«_,Tolil "
Dear? repetition if ' th^re-i is /merit in"; it./
\Ve can ; repeat, that/ we have ; the-New*
Booksjandi latest Writing, Papers/ -( Seven!
qi ii res pa pel; f I p«u ml) , f or : 25c. //Other.
•Papers and -10c. perjpoiind.'. ' Also the
finer grades. -,_ HUNTER & CO."
;-■ If /you /wish -'the .-'; benefits of the" Hot
; Springs .at " home, get/ one'^ of fhf i Cel&r'
; brated Buckeye - Bat h :. Cabinets. J?Best %oh
earth':. for vapor -ba ths. '■''■ Price's only/, $5; /"at
-;.;.' '.- v ; OWEN'S ?'&); MINOR ■ DRUGiCO.-?^
/ilu ye ■'lluHt.'Kittj-^ltraiieh' [Store's}':'!
■UThe uri'iform?go«d/quality and 'moderate
price of : our- Teas '■'and"- f Con*ees."V,"": v^ v : . : "i
/ :.; / : "LC. p.^KENXY COMPANY//
Broad and Sixth. and Main and Seven
teenth.. ; - _---"•' _
■ Our • firamlmotherN Rcmcilj'. ■ :
BrbnchitlsV^andi/an ; Throat ■•■/and h;.' Lung:
iPirie j Tar, :i Wild " : Cherry //and IHorehotmd^
Price, 25 5 cents for a/: large J bottle /every-/
where. -' < . ■
Dixie Nerve nm! ITonc I>lninir at
/■;•;Best^totirAearth -for// Strains,- Sprains,
. ■■' - - ~"- ; .' t-' -'"" --.'■■'■.'.-■■ •■■'■■ '■■"*-■ -•? i »-. ■'*..-* ,■ ■■ -"-!.■■ ■.'"".■;■■. . ' ■■.:■■"■■■
GoIdJ-3(eUnl: at I'au-Am. KvooMltionl
/■vD_r//Siegert*s'f Import fe«i''An.gi)st ura ;; Eit-i
' I ****'»w*~ : '■*■'•■''■'■ " : '- " lv ■■'^ - w '^ '"'■■•*• J^vi--- :-:'. s ' •'• ■■ -";■ '-' ■ ■ -^■■■.--■:-c-'- --■r.^'J-^
I rilß- aryA 10,-^-PorecajHt for Sa turdax -^
. ■-■- and Sunday:--. ■ •/• , : ,
jlli^^^iVlrginla.— Fair. Saturday ; \ colder.^;
in % southern}) portion : g Sunday J;; tsuriwjUght'i
: [to f fresh?? westerly ' winds. Incrt-a^lng 'jlii«
foree 1 ; Saturday 'night.', ; '" , ' Vi«^l
1 ?3North|Carc»l Jna^FalrJ Saturday r(cotder|
cbast; fr»'»h wt-^t««rJv -.jvvlndsr^onMjtt^l
iun nyyt* 111 1 vii p^c y j n nit^ t ri o- 1
'Public Recsption tlie 'vAftcniboß^of^
;Elsltt /TlionsanU Mcml>«r»Jjot \ :
OrsanlTiktionn \VIII B« Retlenert b>
the Hero of : S»»illasto~Majtnlilc«!i*^
Soavenlr of the • Mnntiuet— Bai»^lielteiEl|
■ Picture, of the Ail(nlrol~buM!X > lx»»^
■ -
iCBICAOO. January f»-^^a^ce^agrW
oC the Hamilton ■ Club to-day," ithe^etails^
,bf / the entertainment of -Admiral ;ScWe>||
26th; s and 1 ] 27th: iwere ; arranged. ■; i: c;- , ;• ;«
Tho «f eaturvs io£ the m programme Mat£,«!
ranged: are a -banquet on :the night v ot|_ttte : ||j.
noon ot the ITTtn. Sunday, tho 28thr_;thdJ»j
Adiriiral will attend church; and fwiit|sFveS
up jthra remainder, of the day to n'at.
A'-';. committee will meet the Admiral cv
. ■■-■■■.--..- ■■-.-. .■r r ' - '■> . . ■ ■ " ; -■' '' J '.-■■^---' ~~i-':-*y-'4
the train': and j escort- him into the ;clty^
At'tne Auditorium annex he will occupy^
what; is known as the presidential suUp^^
On his visits to Chicago;:- this^suit&foiii
rooms ,wa3 always ;bccupivd .by the lat^
President ..McKinley.- -"'
The banquet will be held in ; thc ;im»^;
sixe banquet hall of the Auditorium. ;_untl
it is announced that the number, of -.gueatJ J:
w ill be Hrnl fed Strictly to the seating ca- /;
pacity of the tables.
•Th'j.naines of the speakers, aside from f;
Admiral 1 Schley, follow:. - . , *
: H.;xWy i Price>fpresiderit?qfithe/^rylana i s;
Society '■'•of? Chlca"gb^'-*Mary land." ' < /
: Hon. ' ClairkeiNM Carr^oC(Galesburg;y H.^;
former MirilsfeV; to, Cqpenhagen-^"Acbieve^
ments /of , the^ "American 5 Navy J,; - I. ■ „ -,
/ -Ffe"d A;" ? Barigssf pvmefl president i o Z-, tho »
Hamilton Club^f Our Club and Its vGuest.^
,B. A/;Miiriger;vpresident^bf^the/Haniil-^
tonfCTub^wiu ;beitonstma^ter. iliTte^ro^
fgramme ■)haslbeeii|made) has lbeeii | made /brief ynTorder|t«||
allow fori lmpromptu speeches.
// visit/to rscHx.Err;scHooi::'.v%i :■:.
-. Moridaylmbrhirisr»the. Admiral ,=. : wlH'.Vl|llU|
= the /Wlnfleld/3cott/ Schley - SchooK^anji^
me^t /school /ahd^members^pCi
theßoard i of Education.
ception is 'to toUovr y. tfh is ;^v|st»^
will :' be held in: the parlors of^the^audir^
torium. - . * *..■'•. - -
: A^magnincent^uveriirTofstheylsajMinef|;
be •: a v ;• bas-relief Jshow inarp the /rAdinlra^a |
head Jand i ßhouldcre Jon a/ baekgrot«wl.*ot^
the ;:rrnitedsStates|flag. / /It 'will \**WgM
ficHbetrf VFbUW-Jth^Plaff^l!^^^ \T*£.?l
'// :" ..~;&i. GIiHUIANgHRCXIRAaiJnC.^/ . -
Chlcaso'win give aYdemonstrationiiiS honot».f
of ;| AdmiTal U Schley;^on/itho :\ pCcaaltoi^loil |
;m"s'; visit Hto 2 the on sJanu^g
ar>'' 27th/ /"Over S.OOO ? inembers'lof J(th»
German Ysocietfest I of /the|cityJ-wlll|niirc߻is
atlthat/polrit^by. Admiral Schley. " Tb:^
was decided^upqV^ttt/ai'meetlripiqfitlß^
representatiyes./of I?AV German -< ao"det|*f J
of -the 'clty."" : <„ , „''/' "
Sneh jE»tlm«ila»tiOu«na ,-.;Per«ii*ewf
- : cheerlnar/at : the-Tiie*tre.«» *• "!!
- ■■■-- : ; ; : ;D4-l«y.tl»e;P«rform*nc«» -;:_>; „;;i
SAVANNAH, OA., January 10.-B«ar||
Adrnirai } Schl^accompaniediby; W» vwlf«»^
arrived in thia city this afternoon. ■*■*&*s
'hour.' and a jia.\t ia-ta. .Tha" depot ~\wni^
tiently to ifreet him. A» t ht* iiUghto^ifii^
cheering Vas^deatienlDS. iMayor^J^yr^
and a ' delegrJttion of uldcrsn^n" extcinlet}^
' the ASdm^ral ,:'• a ■ cordial -.. welcbni^;;' -jwaM
asked hh» i consent i forrjaj formal i recesg^
tion Zio-rooi^wAaJ^mpi^iioihA%&tsCM
"Hall-a>Tiie^=^^iral ; sa^6>disfCai^a^^
were • then i i takeaZ t or .. the t resideoce '<< ot gs
'Geheral-£Vr^;wV •; Gordon. 3
■ Gener^t'. * Gbidonf^as ~ a '; memfi«r frt ■ | tb'o *|
PortojpircW?^^C^mmls'slon^fof -.which
'lnir^3cJ»ley^as/a n meraber. £&m
/f 3ii 'tn"eVeveningfAdmJral:and iMrs.i Schley^:^
[occufled ;£a/£box^ at "* th"e|^theatrev|^wher»^
'encelrecogniietl 5 th'cTdlstlngulsbed J»ljlto'r^
'tberaiwasfen^asiasHcJchee^rig^of [aacli^
;volui^ianil':pewlstence! iw'l to^^ftemporatilst^i
delay ithe i pert orrSince^Af ter? sui| imeotf^i
shook i hands .withyAdinirUl 'Sch ley,^wltU^J|
fth^ia^!t«i^?st6<w- v £an^'eJieeret-t4Upoii»|l;
■•thel;Vbnct«siottTbf4thftf«vTOin^^brit f ?i'^pS«i|
I **^!
two hours. " ' ~?.sfA
:. .-. ;„' -. ■ ■ •-.* .-.'"-■ '■-■-■-•■■- *■■■.-.--:■....-/■.:..:- • -.■■-.;. ~~'.\*°A
:,-■:■:.. U'boif, iiai i* Ont. J* I ®^
- - -jf~ r-_ z
j^yAStI^OTONV J^oarj^ l*-~^heft^4ra
Houste Cominttt'-tt uu' N^vai Affatra^met^
5 toQixyftil or^or^j^w^bn^Ke^^e^fltali 1 !"^
: £^^
: ', a ; measures'S reldtiTO'^ttt;^A<SawSktS
j Schley -be considered* by
\ ?^U6e^;i^^'/a^i|\v^l^^|^t«wi^ot^
awjJdrig' eh*? 'cojftsld*ratlo «>f *%*&*s&
; :'comn^telC'-2-The"B9nUmaat'|of^tli»f«^^M
j Sjtteajw&Jagi^ti^T^W^^^^to^^
to t&ke the u^Hial'cowrsa^^j-, 'jlv^^.J^
,: --"Thcrei ai» ten .r«solutlon»j|i(ajif^jg»^
; »«Srlnr * <w? the. =^Werieaift|aod| t*wr.ewU^
: ..be^in'^cl^Sfci^C^the^re^arJ^
: rmitteel'on^ojr'gaHlziaiJo^^r^
iDay ton; | CousJni^-Taylorf| iley w^¥O*wt^S
i pireaarS: "E- N. ' "N-e^rraanfandimSwS
! jSraailwood^?dlatrlctsaup«rintantlfflnitalta*«
the: Massachusetts 3aCutual;Uf«rlnsuran«w^
; 4eompatnyMwnr^l*avefion^ifH«xd» l^ftjtS
• |gpringißeld^{ata33.?s: ta'ib© sprewntfatkOi^
; Vannualfni«eUni:s6f:s'ttJ^plii««at»isOi£#th4?
■■ ; SOea;':.forl;lhp">'»a'w»«*-;ipj»rpoEC, r ■- 1
1...- r y . 1. „, I„,

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