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Estimate Includes Bull fl
ings, Stocks, and Pe
rsonal Effects.
Hotel Guests and Others
Were Aroused Just/
" in Time.
Hut n J'ortnnnte Clian^e of Wind
CliccUcd tli^Flniucs' Ct>ar.-sc—Acci
,l«-utfi n«»«l Inciclenls— Miss Ma
jnlc lliiey Itcsciicrt — Tlie
rro;»cr<r Destroyed — Some
Ilrntnl JUcn-
S'OKFOLK, "FA.. January's!.— (Special.)
The loss caused lby the great fire which
began in the Columbia building, Granby
mreet, this morning, taken all in all. will
foot up to nearly, ?l!<»0,000.
The actual loss on buil&jngs amounts
to f.»:i f O-30. Of this $350,000 was insured.
Tlie Atlantic Hotel was insured for
The loss caused by the destruction o€
the furnishings of the Atlantic Hotel, Co
lumbia building:,, Albemarle flats, and
Virginia Club, together .witii personal ef
ffjets. jewelri% and money of the guests
of the hotel ar.d Albemarle flats, will run
{£a figures close to the 51,000,000 mark.
That there were no casualties is re
garfled as a miracle, as the fire started
in the middle of tie; night, when nearly
200' people' were asleep In the Atlantic
Hotel, besides those in the Albemarle
it was lucky that the -wind was from
ihe northeast, else the flames would have
swept Main street south of Plume from
Granby to: the Norfolk and Western De
pot, a distance of nearly; a mile.;
Tho water pressure was miserably
weak, and this, with, a lamentably small
number of firemen, accounts for the de
struction of so much propertj'.
Volunteers came from Portsmouth and
Berkley, and every tug in The harbor was
pressed into 'service, to keep the i flames,
from spreading to the mammoth piers of
the srerchants* and Miners' Transporta
tion Company, .Baltimore Steam-Packet
Company, Chesapeake-Baltimore Line,
and Norfolk and Washington Steamboat
The register at the Atlantic Hotel was
Icrgotton In the confusion that prevail
«-d and was destroyed, so that it is not
known exactly how many guests were in
the house or where each was from, al
i hough they hailed from various parts of
the country. ■
The guests barely liad time to escape'
with their lives, much less save their
uardrobe and trunks. One drummer
< limbed down the fire-escape en desha
lillle. He didr.'t haAX time to get into his
William Brimmer, driver of Truck No.
1 got tanslcd in a live wire, which struck
his teeth and knocked the front ones
vui of his mouth in a flash. .
Brimmer,' to save himself, grabbed the
wire which struck him on the wrist, and
burned a hole in the flesh.
One of the truck horses was struck by
JV.Hng glass and the animal's hip cut to
the bone.
Chaa'les Ciilpeper" Pot his foot caught
In a brckr-n plate=glass i.- ; fuid a piece of
L-iass v;ent well up into the foot.
There were many narrow and thrilling
'.scapes, and one rescue by policeman
Kiiddick, who entered the. burning Albe
m.irlc flats and bodily carried a woman
down tho fire-escape. , •
The fire-escapes on the hotel were in-
Klrusßrntat in savins a number of lives,
as mariy o£ the guests sought refuge by
il>is ireans.
The falling walls of. the Columbia build
: -us torplefl oven on the" Atlantic Hotel
uuti sent thousands of sparks fly ins all
u'lT the down-town section. Providen
tially, the roofs were wet, and rain be
fcan lo fall, which, with the prevailing
Sin dim nf the wind, saved the greater
r>_iri!on nfTTie city from dsstruction. .
The Atuir.tic Hotel, an old structure.
with a m:-r.sard roof, proved easy prey,
K-'Mt torguc's of lire.-, chasing one an
•Ahcr tinth the blazing building present
>>\ v thrilling scene. Some- two hundred
sri'csls were In the hotel, besides; clerk?
b.-l] boys, chambermaids, and other em- •
.jlojeoE.:; -
Proprietor Davidson, with others., ran
from fh -or to floor arousing the slumber'^
i»p inmates, who sleepily appeared, in
'r.i'.riiiK the trouble, but soon realized, that'
'V, building was on lire.
Then ensued a scene of the wildest
description. Men and .women hastily
crabbed their belongings and. made for
elevators, stairways, and fire-escapes.
U Is reported that several men.: names
nnd residences unknown, -_shoved holple-^s
women asidv? and packed themselves into
ih<> r-ievators leaving the women to their
fate ■; ;'.' "., ' ; ■:.
Luckily, evftrj'bod'y, c.Bcaped. but the loss
or personal effects ViH rim well into the
thousands of dollar?. - ' .
Th e Wfestorn ITnion Tek-grnph ofllce.
Jlust opposite the Atlantic Hotel, was at
3M time threatened with: ilestrucUon.^
Th« As:sociatod Prfss operator. ,D. P.
Bycr. stuck it out bravely and .sat at
hip instrument AvhiJe the;, flames -ra^d
around his office. As he; worked g»"" a t
-"<MI tongues of fire, lenped : across :• the
»'ir'-fct and licked the front of the building
in which he labored, cracking the nuge
p«ite-Klasp windows and bidding <lMiar.ce
to man and water. .Dyer, has apartments
in the Albemarle flats, and' lost ; every.-.
tJflngj , .■ _ : ■ . , '- /. : .
The Atlantic Hotel \ prov.nl to be gooii
for the flames; The: fl?y took
pomp]<_tc: possfaislon of ; : tli<? bic^ho^tclry.
t.nd the hotel, bounded by Granby,. Main,;
in<L Randolph streets, ;v,-as ; conKumed Jn ■
*wo hour?. Only smokinjr- and. blackened
w«il ls marked tnv? npqt whore ; once; tiU)
'JU'lding SK>od. : :■ . : - '..;:: '■ : -
Th<? Virginia' Club, on' th«. ■ • cox-nc-r,; or
Illume andr GraribyTi'str^^^.'whlcli'l^wa.s
'h<; home of Norfolk's- leading business- <
'---' : ■""-'---■■ - : --■-'.: : - -_-_.<w..-a-.u^-.;m-0*i.«w.,,» , ""****'*"■"» -* - f?^^"** - . -,4jSsss««Ba!fe^B«n»^Bi vr.a<«»ia»_ißJßa^^m!aß^iai«*<g*^^^^
• - ' - .-.
ir.cn. and which pas. handsomely furriish- :
e«l. was early picked but for destruction. ,;
Tlio club-house proved to leo a tinder-box,
and was" soon "consumed. " '■ .1" ■ '
The heat, from -the; burning "structures
on Granby street was' so great that in an
incredibly short space. ofr flme -thejblock
bounded -by Main, Granby, and Concord
streets was on fire.
In-- this block are/ .several /. apartment:
houses, whose inmates" were., awakened : by.;
the smoke and flames which stared ■them"
i in the faco when they atu-rnptedto ieave
I the houses. ■■ .. ' . .-■■'.', ,
j . A .large number L of _the occupants were
women,; and these; retained ? their presence
of mind and; were assisted "out. ■■_:■_
Policeman Ruddick rushed jinto one of
the buildings uridfound_a womanly near
ly suffocated.. The officer/picked the wo- ;
man up bodily,/ got out of the window,;
and^tookh'er down a fire-escape to safety.
To' the almost :superhuivan efforts of
the firemen was; the block on Main; street
opposite that side of the Atlantic Hotel,
saved.' Streams of water were played
on'theste buildings, .but -the. heat was' so
great that the water dried as it fell. The
firemen, however, stuck it out, notwith
standing their perilous position;
During the height of the fire a detach
ment'of sailors, from the- United States
revenue cutter Onandaga, under command,
of Lieutenant Haynes, came ashore and'
stationed "themselves at the ' Customr
House, ready to ; assist Engint'er Maher,
had it been necessary, to move out gov
ernment.'property.''. . ; -..'-'■-
When ;the fire first started the: wind
was from the' northeast, blowing twenty-.
six miles an-hour. Wioather Official ..Gray
says had the wind been northwest,- the
probabilities, are that Main street, south
of Plume, would, have been ..destroyed
from the Atlantic. Hotel, possibly, to the
Norfolk and Western railway depot.
. Among the guests at the Atlantic Hotel
was Miss Mamie Rixey, a sister of
Surgeon-General of -the Navy Rixey, who
was President McKinley's physician.
She .occupied a, room on' the fourth
floor. . Miss Rixey in attempting'to escape,;
was struck by a trunk and . painfully
hurt.- She -vras found . lying in a hallway
by William Thorogood " (colored), night
watchman at the custom-house, who car
ried 4 her to safety. Later, Thorogood :
went up to the fourth floor, of the hotel ;
and saved Miss Rixey's trunk, which con
tadned jewelry and valuable gowns.
Thorogood was burned about the hands..
Miss Rixey subsequently -went to; the ;
Granby Hotel, v,-hcre many jof t^e l. lre
victims were sheltered. , x ' -,
The firemen di-caded a fire in -the hotel,
knowing that the inflammable ..material ,
therein would "cause ,'a costly conflagra- j
AVhcn R. S. 'Dodson died, an order to
settle -Uie estate, it was .decided to sell;
the property, which was bought br CM.
Randolph, connected with the; Norfolk
Railway and Light Company __
It was said he" represented the Wil
liams Interests, -but the purchaser denied
this J. Hull • Davidson, who had been ;
conducting the. hotel at ' Oceaiv View
leased tho Atlantic, which was refur
nished at great, cost. ?.;
Kleven firms under the, Atlantic Hotel
were burned; out and thirty-one firms In
the Colombia building -lost their .effects. :
The Atlantic Hotel ./will be; rebuilt and
modern structures will take, the place of
the other, buildings destroyed.
7 — — «»*- — ;
List of Slany o£. Those Who AVere
Hum! Out.
-' (By Associated Press.)
NORFOLK, -VA., January 31.— The ori
gin of. the firo is not known. The blaze
was' first discovered in Brown's cale,
which occupies half of- the Columbia
building, -by a policeman, who imme
diately turned in the alarm, ihe whis-
Iv'ev -\vhich ■exploded was in tnis cale.
Ml the Atlantic Hotel guests escaped,
"though J.-O. Ready, of BrooUlyn, N. 1.
had a close call. The Watts, Renew ana
Clay building was saved, . although the
stock was damaged by water. • . -
In the Atlantic Hotel building were the
ticket offices of the Southern, Baltimore
and Ohio, and Norfolk and Westenvrail
wavs, theofllces of Nottinghanv& Wren
and coal dealers; the Equitable
Life Assurance Company, Dodson s dru,,-..
store, Vernullion's liquor-store, and bolo
monsky's tailoring establishment ,
In the Columbia building were the cafes
of C R Brown and Nedds. the office ol
D. iiowenberg, the owner, and of .nume
rous real-estate firms,- '..lawyers.. Physi
cians; architects, and contractors
In the block destroyed; wiUi the. Albe
marle were Johnston's china-store, Can
t Dean tailors; Hatch & Dean, furnish
crs^Sott, DeWitt & Co-brokers; Stephen
% Taylor brokers;. the. Norfolk and -West
ern foreign freight- department^ and the
office of the Virginia, Tennessee and
G^Sie^n"mS cases, valuable/private
papers were saved, a large quantity ot
personal property of unknown value was
l0 The loss lo the owners of the Atlantic
Hotel is about $250,000. covered by msu
" ranee and of the Columbia din -
Son which there was 535,000 insu
rance' The Virginia Club was a fashion
able institution, and its quarters were
handsomely furnished. • - .;
The I-oss ■ Estiinsitert.V
. (By the Associated ; Press.) ; .
XORFOLK, VA.. January 31.— The loss
will ; aporoxirriate $900,000; : possibly half- is
oovered'- by insurance. The, buildings
'"So Hotel, for - which with;
1 ts site Mr. CM. Randolph, wji 0 : Is as
.tScitted with Mr. R. Lancaster Wilhams,
of Richmond, 'in the OccanView railroad,
r.'contlv paid S310.000; , . , " <.
The Columbia building, cost
mOOO; everything: In ..the offices i,v the
building was destroyed; loss 0ver. 5100.000.
The Albemarle apartment house owned
by Mr. George L.Arps; valued at about
Johnston -China.: Company, with a
costly stock, occupied - the ground -floor.' -
valued at $12,000. •' ' . , : ' 0,., i
Mottu -de Witt : & Co..' hankers and
brokers, occupied two; floors of the buiM
hvA. and lost valuable, papers. - ' ■- ;
Tho building owned by Mrs. Sarah .AH
niond, occupied by Stephenson '.& . JavUnr . v
r<>al estate, and. other tenants; loss SIO,GOO.
The buildings occupied by Hatch
Dean, men's f urnishinss; $15,000. _
L P> Carey, merchant tailor; SIO.ODO.
T> G BliCk". fiorist; and; thre- b"ilcl'"trg
on Plume street, In the rear of the \ lr-
Vinia Club; -$20,000.. ■;:::.■... : :: : \\\ : - :\
"— — — f>> ■■ _ ". ,
I ijooal insurance Men Contrast Fncili
'fl'ilcs of the Two Cities. ; .
* i'jocal : insurance men give iriany indica-;
• tlons of a" lively .int'erest w ;in/;/the* $5C0.000j
Norfolk, fire, yesterday /morning;:;. "A study :.;
of aTe'situation is/bf especialinterest.andj
r"vilue r locally: in : the -light":! of. -.the. •■discus-;;
i Kion: of :-. Richmond's fire-fighting: facilities ;
! howsoingon.
: -The Norfolk; fire has lessons of yam?-:
r io"'us "saidru" well-known:: Insuraiic© man-:
vo-t^rclay. "The .Fire "Departfr
; ■J,Vejit i 'is- not- to:be Wariied;S Two- six-story/
; bulldinps: ;wereV separated; by; a-JIG-foot^
"Hoy " Neither was ; protected. byflre/shut-J
>tei : s 'arid there . were many windows in.
;ite;/dqbr.~- i af|thel^
burning fiercely: when :the"departoentfar?|
fire^figh ling"-? to '?■. hold % tHe '* fire .^within *.ttie \
burned/I area. ■ -/irirNoffqikytheyc had^tq]
; mansard roof;> : The Hotel Vaiidi
the' £ building f occupied I by /.Watt, "Rettew/;
-& iClay; were \bbthi mansard /roof j houses, r
.-; ''The" owners }. of .■■• the /Watt,:: Rettew ./&
■ : Clay '■; biiilding; three -.years ;■; ago . pu t v in' ; a ;
'substantial ■: fire wall \ inXthe Vrear/qf /their) l
" property; ;" and ';: t nere / thY/fir c C was : ; s topped/ ;■ |
This ; shows :/ the "jot Ivwhat Us [.
-known .as _barricading^cities'/agaJnst icon-/
fia gratibris : ,wi th / fire ;.; wallsV: (. If :/thi s ' ; fire/
had passed that: wall > the; next';substan-
/tialfflreVwall was'seventeen^storesfaway.:
'.'The ■ waterrmairis ? available - furnish -an"-
J nterestlng- lesson. > Th e ': "Atlajitic 's Hotel/
; had;l2-inch /mains on two sides. "and: 6f lnch?
/mains ; on two •. sides, i; and ; another, 12-iri'chv
;malririn"loo. yards Vqfrit;(:.TherV_were'_teric
i ; fireplugs .within a radius of 100 yards : and:
j nineteen, fire 'plugs ..witWn la"', radius i.of
150 "yard s. ■ . 1 f ;; the Atlant! 6 Ho tel : h ad;' b een »
; in the city of Richmoria^at . any /prqmi-j:
nent corner there iwould- have cbeen not;
; more than six fire plugs' available and not .
-more .than one-half that -nnmbef, on mains'
;lafer than C inches;. The; Norfolk/Fire .De"-
partriient has .five." steamers,:. .with\aHista£;
; tioned / men. With the addition , ;of .tlie •
■: Portsmouth force there were seven steahi-'
ers.»: Six /of- these.; seven_. engines;,, could : ,
have;been placed: Jis close : to" the Atlantic
.Hotel.: a s the three '. rieares t /engines l- we're j
to/ the Jefferson, , arid .tlie : seventh , ! engine
could have 'been; placed- nearer/ than "the;
fourth" engine: at the' Jefferson. "fire ." .This
practically, in . a. . comparison;' ;. means a
handicap of eight lengths of,hose on: each
engirie against Richmond on" half her ..de
.partment. , -J. '
"Furthermore, because : of tbainsuffici-!
erioy /of the/ local: FirerDepartment.'/fire.
-insurance ' companies 'doing' buslness'have
for seven years • inserted a three-fourths
valuation , clause on. all , mercantile., in
surance. . The" owners 1 :'of ,the/A tlantic
Hotel* and other properties /destroyed can
•only recover •' three-fourths of the; .valu-'
• ation. ; , whatever " the Insu rance. In ''■ Rich
mond: a man -'.Gari:' insure for -the" full- value
of : his property. .. .Norfolk has increased
the. size, of its Fire Department in. the
last three years; both inmen and appara
tus. 'Richmond has" made, no in
a much: greater number of years. .The
Inauguration of rthe v three-fourths clause
in Norfolk seven .years -ago was the re
sult of ; a fire- experience similar to/ the
one Richmond, has recently passed
.through." ;
•-Mayor Taylor ..yesterday sent to the
Mayor. of Norfolk the following.telegr.im:
Richmond. Ta:;; January.; '3l, ': .l9o2. ,
Honorable Mayor of Norfolk, Va.: "
. Richmond extends/heartfelt ."..'sympathy
,to Norfolk in her.- sad affliction. ' ."
; _ ' _ r : RICHARD , ; M. - TAYLOR, :
■:"•" ■":.;.; • ."' ■" ■ Mayor. '■
Dej>nty Collector Ileucli, lnjured: Lost
.■Vllis Basgage Also. 1
Revenue-Agent . Ingram has received, a.
report from 'Washirigtbri," ■ which states
■that last-year' l,2Gß'}illicit- stills' were de
stroyed by reveiiue'agents in this country.
Deputy-Collector- William ' Beach .was
painfully, but : riot seriously, injured in
the Atlantic- Hotel' fire in Norfolk yester
day. He lost his 1 baggage' in the hotel. /
Records: in- the case. of Joseph E. -Thorp
vs. : Harper's Ferry' Paper Company were
filed in the United/States, Circuit Court
of -Appeals .'. yesterday. V-.V ;.
Straight . Fitre, . _. ; ,via
Forty Cents— ChtjT, to r . Leave
•Manclieutcr.Every Honr.
The: Richmond and Petersburg electric
line will begin operation, of through cars
between Manchester, arid Petersburg- ter
minal in a fow days.-- . /
. A schedule of a car. every hour, starting
on the hour, will be maintained from 5
o'clock in the morning until . LV 'o'clock
at night. The run will '-.take' forty-five
or fifty minutes. Stops will, bo- made
about -every- mile. .' iy.
• Single fare to ■'. Petersburg will, be 40
cents, round trip,' Cs cents; to Chester 25
and 40 cents, respectively. Other points
proportional. . •
The present rate to Petersburg by way
of the sfoam route: is: Straight fare, CO
cents; round trip", "good for ten days, %\.
Halifax, 3>". C, Has a JLively Feminine'
Gh«st Who Docs Many
Funny Tilings.
WELDONv N..»C.,.: January 3L—(Spe
cial.)—The Suffolk "ghost," or something
on the same order, has been disturbing
the people of Halifax.,. ' :
•' Halifax is the most venerable, town In
the. State, and many of the buildings are
more than- one hundred years . old.
In one of the old dwellings, erected long
before the Revolution, it is . reported "that
the figure of a.woman has been masque
rading,: on dark .nights, all dressed in
the purest of white, and nearly frighten
' .ing the inhabitants of the neighborhood
to; death. ; f .
A '•well-known gentleman, who occupies
a house in the, locality, "• reports' havng
heard strange lioises.'in the house at
night/ ?He is a man who. does not believe
in ghosts, and yet, investigate as he may,
he" has failed to for the. peculiar
noises. ; ; : ■ .'■ .':. '.
...- Some nights it's like the crying of -a
child; at other times soft, rippling laugh
ter is heard^apparently coming from the
wails. • :• - : .': ; .;.-' * '■': - : :
The family, became so frightened that
they .'left, declaring they .would, never en
ter-again; ' */- ~ " : --_.
The stockholders* meeting ■of the Wel
don Cotton' Manufacturing Company was
held in : the office ' of ;' the company here
to-day. : „ A good" showing ■ was made, and
the old officers were'; all : re-elected and
eompl imen ted in their work for the year.
W. T.: Shaw is president; and vv\ r /. A.
'Pierce: is secretary and : -' treasurer. ,
The" coriipar.y- operates ; both :a
and a -knitting-mill. :.:v ': : ■ ]' ': ;
'(: - " '■ % :)iß^sf ORM AT SEA:
i»i«no of the Artist, Who "Was a Piis
. sonser bnitlie Oceaaie, Fell Upon
. . His Fool. ■.•■■■
I NEW YORK,- January 31. '^Although' the
Wlii te ■ . Star, . Liner ?' Oceanic .; ;. encountered
on .-, the trip ended -.; yesterday,; -the ■ worst
; weather, "i since " sheYleftv : .the v ;launching
iways,:in;lfeland;>she;reached her "North
riveripierV.with • scarcely^ a^scratclp.v 7- ■:.
'-;. :She " '; berthed :_•"■ at/ rioon^f^twerity^eignt
hours ; behind; regular ;time;: :.Thei,,weather
: was' so'badilastt Friday^ that the engines
had to be slowed down to twenty-livc
irevolutions,;:and. on .' this . a special \ piano,
which Ignace'"Pdderewski,c who; : ; was^a ;
passengeiv -hadvPlaced^inychis&suite^of
robriis, jNos.: 3 : aridf,7;~'feir;fduring-;orie;'6i;
the "terrifle^lureheslof ; ;the ;ship; L ;;arid3tlie]
celebrated: pianistVh«d::his ;foot)jani.mea^
,but escaped serious, injury. 11,- still
limped whfii ho onmi ilown Us; cl,:--;c 1 ,:--;-
- .j^^p^^^^
}pi v I ilvMll Oil * 1 1 1 1 if I lilHi t* ii\lilllll'
31 $/.juUU: 161 : Annunii i
Hot Enough Money in tne State. to In
dnce Hun to Retire. " .'. -
*- , ■ '-. ,--"■•_?
■ ■ ■"■ ■' '■ -'.'-'- .-■-'-■"->-. ' ■'-■"■" ■ .. '■ . -' -;-■-.
/Mayoralty Cn.nd.id.nte : Opjioscs Proi>o-.
aitlon -to Ulafce Property Orrnersli ip
r a Qnalificn-tion-of 3lemljerfihip (in'
: ■•'■■ the Council— Down on Cli iltl Labor—
Other Featnresit: of Coniiinrntively
Sliort Speech. ;C • ■
"Within .the :. ; last-r.twenty-four ..hours I
have tieen; offered by one . of the
iest" men in : Virginia : ; a position, -with a
salary, three ' times-las" large as . that of
the Mayor of Richmond/ I declined' it
immediately and at , once. . There Ist not
money enough ; in : ;,this; State, to -induce
me to '■ retire from this canvass, and I am
not for sale at any!? price or at any .time,
if it means "moving* out of Richmond.":
; This was one ofithe striking; para
graphs yin Mr. CarltonJ. McCarthy's very
earnest and forcible ': talk of half an hour
last night to the Lee rDemocratic: Club,
at No. -loiO;..west';Broad street. Mr. Mc-
Carthy stated after ; the meeting that he
was not at liberty j'at: this time to .give
the particulars of the offer referred to.. ■.
The speaker ; almost" 'exclusively; con
fined his .attention' to *a-) discussion of the
principles of taxation and their relation
to the responsibility: of 'the , tax-paying
voter in the. matter' of placing, the ad
ministration of government in competent
. ■ . j .- ■ . - •-■■..■: - -..'■ -■' ' S-" - ■■'■"
hands. There were one or two vigorous
digs, at his Honor; the Mayor, but with
out the wealth -of .descriptive: verbiage
which served. to enliven' the- Belyidere-
Hall address. The expediency of a wide
awake,, hustling "desire :on the part of -the
poor: man, in which class Mr. McCarthy
laid : claim to. membership, to get : the
■ right men in .office,' served as the. text
of the la,rger'portion_:of the address. S
' The speaker . was very, cordially ■ re
ceived. There .was- hearty applause at
his entry into ; the hall and at" the con
clusion of ; his speech/, and at .the con
clusion of almost every period and ( para
graph in the address. There was no mis
taking the' fact that it was a speech that
took , well.. The -small hall, was .full; arid
many stood. : ..one vrent out. ■". The
speaker a Teceiv^d^th ? fc""- : c'idse3t 'and^ most I
respectful; attention, with -absolutely no
thing of interruption. The au dience, aJ
though of necessity small, was well rep
resentative of every clas"s. and ..section
of Clay Ward. At the! conclusion there
■ - .*■ ■ . - . ..-.■■.-.-..- ,-■■ ■-....» .
was a general invitation to . any one to
ask any question, but no. one made. bold'
to/ quiz the" strenuous candidate r for
mayoralty honors. ■..
The Council, the . Finance- Committee, '
the' Street: Committee,, the Caskie-Bemiss
correspondence, and the street railways
were not mentioned.. Mr. McCarthy : evi
dently 'Iliad in' mind a short address, the
scopo and range of which .would .leave
for. another, occasion much -that has- fur
nished material : for recent =: discussion.
While more limited as to; subject: matter;
than his previous addresses, ; there -was
nothing lacking in the way ; of ■ earnest
ness and -fire and energy.; : Those, who
heard thevaddress, although a short one,
did not , leave with the impression that
Mr. McCarthy is letting down, -or .will;
hesitate to wrestle: upon another occa
sion '-.with."..: a i number ;of matters upon
which he 'thought-it inopportune -to dwell
at the meeting last' night. ... '■ - ; -
After an introduction; which told ;of
thci sentiments awakened by : , the double
name of .the club. . "Lee", and' "Demo-,
cratic," Mr/ McCarthy . informed his hear
ers that ho did not ask them to vote for,
him, r.lmt for .themselves, for the candi
dates, that. "would, best .serve;- them. : '
The startling -increase ,of child labor
in Illinois, . "the. most damnable-form of
slavery ""■ ever known • ; oh." the 'American
Continent," 39 pijrlcent in the last year, ;
arid: the" increased number 1 : of women-- at^
work in that. State,", was mentioned in
: collection with a reference to the speak-}
. erls' efforts to secure the -.passage throug:h:
the VLeirislature. of an ; act
child labor under a. certain age.; ''They:
sajv slavely* has been .in the
South. . I thank God the child slavery ;of
money-loving, cold-hearted Illinois. has
never begun in .Virginia.". '■ ' .'.
Passing to "the subject of taxation.Mrl-
McCarthy explained how : every ■ man is
his .own assessor. "The man : : who; rents.
a ; house pays the; tax on it,- not ; the'
bwner> The.- large property-owner, goes
to.the.i City. Hall and. pays his large tax
bill, but the ;men who rent his' hocuses:
give; him the money to pay it : , with. •; It's
Ra'm.jor Cfo-patj;
.■ " Jo-Morrow Cloudy.
AV.ASHIXGTO3Y, January- 31.-
AVeatliex- forecast: •- __ -
- Virginia: Rain SiUnrday; Sun
"day, cloudy; ;lig_lit';tb fresli'itortU
easteriy "to' easterly. \vin«ls. • '.-.•.
'.'_■ North ■'''Carolina: Kain -Satui-day;
Sunday -.'pro'bably. fair; light north
erly to easterly Winds. Becoming
YJ2STERDVV;;was(«iuite^olci; vaud
tlie ; streets were in _ba«l , conditioit .';.
owinff to sno«" and rnin. .The
■ -/. ■: . ■ -.-■ : -. : ■-■■- ■■ .^-__ .; * *_; 'A*e
ran g(> ;of tlie ,tl»eriuoiuetcr iWas^ns:'
' O "A.» V -^ • • • • . * •*_.* • • • • • • • • • • •*-:«.£>•,.
>.-;.■::.:;■:-.._;■: :v r '-v:--;?, -'.>'-~J. -■••'. ■:.^;. ■;.-■;,*■ .V. i; -'--". ':~;^^'-i^--i^
'■ ►■ v_*
;good:*policy for tho poor man to ugnv
mentviTho . stupffi management of th !>
|thah;lt does the rich man. Every- man
|mu^|he|^liall|pay^taire3s qn,^ f or| eyery.,
man^ pays.' on^'what^he^usts. consumes,
|a^fge^thelb^neStsTqf I f or : hls'lqwri'fiper£
|by^anqth^, : /arcVpaidvby3th^|bthe^per-
Jsqiil^A^'m^ n |:w6rthfwro,p^,^^h'oJ'^^nds_
i $1,000, ;" pays it half i the/taies / paid sby fa 1 man
! worth I nothing, ltwhoj spends ! 52.000. "
J by.-; the ; Con-/
;;s*tituii<ra^^Cbriventiori"?/tb'{make^assa ! ;
fbf ?real Jestatejwasi given fa Syigbrqus^irapr
Iby ;Mr; ( rMc^axthy;;in^pa^slng3The;;espe-^
• cial : honor." arid/esteem?iri. which): the.; jws-^
I ; session of - real estate is held, "(arid the ' as
i.i '. sbciations ■; ; >i'W'hichl; / surround .^ , the /.J term
. ''landlord,'' Mr. .; McCarthys regards as ; an" ]
;impqrta.tiori/_frbmT England:;; '^."Grocery;:
> dry-goods^ /medi cine; and ;v fuel / bills v are '■
; as . sacred - as : rent . bili s. --Are > houses 1 more .
; sacred? or ;.to '.be/} desired •: tharif bacon or.
* bedclothes ? -This '.whole s contention", is •: an
■ infamous 3He^ : : It-; means /;that:i;you_ /love
; your ~; proper ty ' more ?■". than ~\ you j[ do/- yqur ;
iWjfe:Md^chfldren^^Tha't f s.^*hlit'4a"ridlord^.
: ism'means.OAid^theUhebry. iri\this iState.
/arid^cpuitryv-arid; r city^isithat;larid.i_;;the~
.most f'sacred;; thing. < God 6 deliver : : .us tj from":
■ ..the::'. groundless .^fraud" t ' which : still-- exists
':■ in _. this . land -.'about real^ estate." 0: : ". ; ;- .-';
; ; "What-jriakes : high rent ? -Taxes. -What
■ makes ;' ; high - taxes ?; „ / Bad 31
-.waste, ; ; carelessness;; incompetents. ' Thirty]
: cents? but: of !i./everjr {dollar.- a" Jiri'an; makes:
: goes to support the > city, ; State; ; and \ na^
■tiorial ; governments." .;,.;. ; '.- - '
;.Mr./ McCarthy;. stated;,: that ;he. wanted
no/ one to". vote -for -him, unless "from"; the 1
conviction 7 that ; it "would be for . the city's
■i'gq'od. ." - : :-. . ■ ■.'.-"■ ■;■' - -=■-.--" '-'■'■
," LVALUE /OF iI THE;-insAl).''/^ : ; >
/.Vlnj this great :and" growing; city: -the
A only ..that : can't do; anything .now
.is the head. ";■;'"; ' /.: ;/v"i\-:: : ; .:"' V;"':-;:;
■ .;' 'Since December : 2d ; l i have /exercised .
. more influence 'Mayor.: in ieight
; years, i If ;1 anybody doubt « .that""-let '. him
.- :V-;i ■ . : : : .' ■ (-Vv':-' ;::/:. I'^'/rv -.-:' i ~..~~-'--~
' /'Nobody.:rqse.. -■"."■ '-.v. v ■' * '" ; '■ ':-. ■: \
"Al -. the't charges : I have made are "of
.things:. which had; been. ■.-■"reported » to; the
.Finance Committee and the -Council.';;. : /
.;, "if ■ 1 know '. my." own heart, as ; God\; is
; niy witness,! have- no (personal end or.
object -iris this' canyass,:; other than: the
satisfaction- of doing rmyi duty": in a ; pqsi
= tion in which I will- be able -to serve the
city of Richmond." ;. \ - , '.
Estftblisliinent o£ ProTiacial Govern
'■'■ : nients— Impossible to. Put Fllipi
■ ■ nos Over. Moros. ' .".
: : : Vv'ASHINGTON, January; 31.— The '= in ves-;
tigation into. the conditions in Hhe -Philip-,
pine archipelago, 'apropos of the effort to
secure,- legislation^ forcthe..gbvernirii_ lit of;
.those islands,' was.begun. begun by _'. the ■• -lenate.
Committee on the L'hiiippines to-day. "W; :
H.; Taft, Civil ; Governor, of -:the arcnspel
ago,, was. the first witness called.: -..There;
was a full . atteridarice/of members ; of • thY
thy ", committee, L and 'Senator IJodge, t he
chairman," ;;explairied : that - the "committee
desired not : -only.': full .information concern-,
ing the. islands.'^ but 'any "advice that Gov
ernor ■: Taft: might; offer:^concerning the,
questions at /issue.: Governor : Taft said;
that in all. the Filip;irio/ ; or; Christian, pro-,
vinees there is '*. a ;f orm"-: of :. civil igovern
ment. ■■ There : are' thir ty T f our of ;these pro
vinces/./ /The "v-aioroaV are; aIU friendly
wise "than hostile ; to? tlie Spaniards// Even
these were now being . brought ; over by •
the prospect : of. trade, . of which they are
very 'fond.- -. ' :. : : --^ . ,' v ;' : ;- ':■' \
Governor Taft described at; length the
commission's: tour of the : islands, to ■* es
tablish provincial- :.; governments. / .These
■governments; consist, -he explained,'; of a
Governor, a,a ',' Secretary, a Superintendent,
a ' Treasurer,; arid -a . fiscal,, or •■ prosecuting;
Attorney.,- In all "cases where
could be made without; arousing jealousy,
natives had been chosen.; ./All of these
appointments- are/ temporary, .and- _ next;
"month tho / successors of the appointees'
will be ; selected. 'vW/here'. the factions were
too strong; Americans were placed at the
head of 'each : provincial governriaent. fin
all cases the' 1 Treasurer and ; Superintend
ent are' Americans. \ " .
,- ," .-. ■.-.■-,- '■:■'- THB;'MOROS: -.
■Governor". Tait said.it s had been found
Impossibfe fto /Filipinos/ :over,--.' the
Moros. The latter are - subject to ..their
' datos, ' or) chief s; ; : and refuse to : recognize
the . authority of a : Filipino. . There ;.were,
he ', said, two sultans, one in Mindanoa and
the other in* the Jplo : group; but th\J:sul
tans-do .not always control /their .datos._
The Sultan 'of Mindanao, he» said, is very
poor.'but the' sovereign of.; the Jolps is a
■thrifty man, who is constantly trying to
increase his : income/ . and constantly t
ting into a row about it.: «. -_ , :
• In reply, to Senator. Hale, Governor. Taft
said/that no effort. had b»een made to/ex
; tend" the civil government:, of -.the United
States to : the Moro" provinces, :r: r beyond
i'maSlu.? a few.. suggestions, bearing upon
i the revenue laws. t .' -_■ .
I "Nothing has been, donfe. in that direc
! tion,'.' -he said. '• '■ "Everything is going . on
i just as it was, and' the. islands: are -under
the' control of .the/ War; Department, so
far as the United •States is concerned." ; \
: \ Asked if '/ the . Mor 03 were; : generally,
peaceful, jthe .witness replied that /they
were so, except in individual ; Instances.
, : Governor Taft referred to ,' the ■ F ederal
party : in the/ islands, 'and. said :that "ne
had been given a petition fromthis party,'
to be -presented /"to - ; the American Con-
I gres'sy /'but 1 , had . not- yet ■ 'decided ! how/ to
present it. . ■ . "-. *'".---'
Agreement Signed — Chesapeake ■&
Ohio \Xlne and Virginia Line r ■:
from Norfolk included. ; : ;
NEW -YORK, ; January:^ 31.— The ;Com-:
;mercial Adyertlser said to-day:
;j_VAiv;.' agreement /^.binding: Jthe<.;various(
'transatlantic'.:-.; lines';'.- plying r between: this;
country arid I Erigland) to/ adopt ; a^ uniform ;
minimum; freightvrate on ; grain and :prof=
visions^was: signed: to-day. (by^ the (repre^
seritatives of Uhe (various : steamship } lines;;
interested!. -Free; rates r are ■ increased ion]
all j J grain 1, -and -£ provisions ;.• leaving .ft tri is ;
i e^untry":for/IJver^o6l! ; and^l^ndon^%'rhei
minimum rate -on>grainl is :fixed;at^l 1-2 :
penny i per J of * sixty J pounds,?; arid .
' the - minimum rate on( .provisions • ; at/ 10
:ina"the;;s?rain rate/(S3 l-3;:per'v'cent:;-ia'ndi
the (; provision ' rates :, 10 ■_.. per, cent.",.' No -
maximum rate has been fixed. : •
/: VTheslines^includedj-in^the /agreement \
are the^WTiite'Star^the .Curiard;3the^t;;
laritic ! ; Transport, ithe?lnternationalrNavi-v
'gatiori^the^Leylaiid,- the : DominiontlJne;!
1 the v Philadelphia"lJne, ;^the >tambertf and 5
Holt ; Line^i the i .Wilson i Line, ' the ' Chesa^ :
fpeakefaridtOhio^ljirie^and - :; the; Virginia
Line from Norfolk. *
"At -i the office of the Chesapeaker ; -and;.
Company^; iß^s^fiaid ;
that the^ lines ;tovJlanchester;>Hull,s arid;
other :■ English -?ports . ..were --.also, in' the,
"It was U'amci! ?'" t ts--,- pa^^'n^f-r
in contemplate. a|mmj
|iiSum|6f i.S6& for; winter j travel.T^rhe|same;
.linesi thatihave'isigned ;- the\f reightlagret;^
senger rat? siErrperaent. i Negotiations;
over ih.i pasW-nger rate are in progress;
with the Continental liu<_3 ulaz, which
, '^Vf^i
have been: left out of thelfrelghtlagre^
C. T. O'FERRAL, JR.. '
Organisation :o£-;Coal;Compahjr to
■ ■:': ■■;- .Pnrchase _ Opera tion.t -of ?for- ■ ■
folk & Western Bon'il :
1 Complete.
/KOANOKJB, 'VAV, : January 31.— Charles
T:[ O\Feirall;?'Jr7,l who/ several (weeksTasoj
;• anriburiced< the;f orinatibn|of ■: a :cqal ;Cbra^
pariy ; to purchase "nearly ■.all" .theibpera--;
Itibns r of ittieTNqrfolkVand VVVestern/rqad.l:
_ west" of /the;Tha/cker'flelds,/;to-day: stated;
that^ the -organization s is7 now/^cqarpleteJf
The/ new ; concernlis ii known, as/^ ttfe /Pearl ;
[CqaliCbmpajir^ah'd^Mf.'t6jFerKai7 i 4* s senS
eral : rnanager. "^ ; The r pother officers V-\ are:
r Jbhri.A^ ;ciark;^of ;FUlrmorit.;;(\V": >Va. r
■ president ;'*J.~'£L"i Sands, Tof ; Fairmorit,^ vlcer
president; ■ /C. : : S. '_ Sands;: "of '/Clarksbiirs.
; treasurer, and C; D. Junkins, of Fairmont,
"secretary. - _>';■-;:: .:.■;: "■': . -.V; ;,;/: '■ '■. .'•:■ Viii
'■ (There are.: 'five : - operations:;-, tinder;, (the
(rrianagement of ; : the -Pearl Coal liming 1
/Company.?? They. ■■)■ \ aro" (- the j- ; Pearl; : ' tne
fCamp ; Branch^' the Freepor t ■ the Olympia\'
; an<r^the' Union. ?., - c .; '" ',
■ The offices of ' the company will be at
(blngess, W. Va, (// - -
:■'-.- .■-■.. ;■;■.— — — «~ — —-'■;■■ ■
It Has Been Dispatched: to the Hasne,
land AVIII ProbuWr Ilave Ef
■ " •■• .feet ,:o£ a. Segativc.' :..■-.'.;: ..■-.'.; •
: LONDON, January 3L~— The - British ;
reply : to the Dutch note in regard/to" thej
bringing^ about; of peace -in . South JAfrici;
was yesterday,; to "-.The".^ Hague.
.The ebntentsYof -the '■ riotel are kept "strict^
ly. secret, as ithe /first : publicatiorijbf the
.text is intended" to' be made .in Parlia
ment, Monday. February „3d.; The 'AssOfi
ciatedrPress/has. reason :to : believe;: how-;
ever, ..that : its \' original summary ,; of /the
:Dutch--communieation was correct, ? with
this, addition,-. I . that/ the Dutch .suggested'
that >Wessels,V Wolmarans, ; and ./Fischer,:
' the yßber" ■; delegates .no w -in - .Europe, ; ; be
permitted rto /go . to . Sou th; Africa . in : an
: endeavor to persuade . the burghers 1 in the
field to/ surrender.::, . ; . - : /^:l -. ■■■■■_ .-,.'-. :
. : Great- Britain's ■ reply is not in : tho na
ture of f.a^ direct 'negative,- r th"bugh ! it is
not unlikely that it : will have that effect.
"While Lord : Larisdowne ' probably, -wijl
loophole for further. suggestions,
he - doubts the -ability of ,' the Boer dele
:gates to "~cqn.trol7th"eir.'fellbvv- r countryrhen;
and there seems .little likelihood that ithe.
Dutch, government ; can secure guarantees
in regard to the ; powers . of the Bocf/cleler.
gates, sufficient .toiinduce: Great Britain
to'accede to r the .origirial request. ' ;
It Restores All tlie OI«I" Kates Ex
; ccirt the One on Mixed
:./// .. - -: Flour. • •• , - ; '- ; : ;:
"WASHINGTON, January 31.— The .-bill
reducing, the war revenue taxes $77,000,000
has been completed by Chairman Payne,
"of the .Ways and. Means'Committee. The
committee will meet on Monday and re
port the bill; to: the House,": and it is the
purpose of Mr. ; Payne/ to- besin t^ie con
sideration of the measure in the House
immediately following the anti-oleomar
garine bill. ■ : -
-The reduction bill is rather : lengthy,
as several schedules have to be readjust
: cd. All : rates. " however, ': are brought
back -to those- existing before the. Spanish
war. • The repeal; section is brief, and
restores .the' old rates. In some cases;
as/.in that of cigars, * tobacco, beer, etc.,
changes: have' beeri^ made \ since ; thf orig
inal war taxes were imposed, so/ that a
simple repeal of existing law would. not
restore ;- the ' old rates. Special : sections
cover, these cases... But: the full effect
of the measure, is. to restore all the old
rates; except that^on mixed flour. ' : : "'._
Mr. Paji-ne introduced the bill In the
House during the ;day, and It. was re
ferred- to. the Committee on Ways and
Means. v :- : --'_:: ' "-V-•• ■ .'•'.-' : / ' -" :•* " v'
Satl Death 6l :Mis» Alice Masrtyell in
.■■■"■■ ■'•.".■- Alexandria.' - ■ ... ■.;■'/:■■
• ; AXEXANDRIA; VA-v January 31—(5pe
cial.)—Miss Alice /Maxwell, r aged 's 2,;; was
horribly burned this morning by shooting:
flames from, a coal stove. •' ; ;.
/ Before : they 'were* extinguished : she : was
fatally: injured.". -;"•. The unfortunate woman
died-thls evening.' '
They -Will Sfeet Xext : In. the Fall; at :
SAVANNAH, GAi^; January 31.— The In- :
terstate* Conference of King's Daughters;
was ' concluded ;to-day.;; Officers rwere:
elected as "'follows: >: Chairman, : airs. J.;
Will k Jefferson; •; of Louisville," Ky. ; Seer"
retary, -Mrs.; iiary'Thompsbn rHbwe, of
Jackson,: Miss.; Advisory jßoard-rlliss Jen
nie : M/.Greenwbbd;' of ;St:;Louis; Mrs.- E.
:Tfask -Hill,; of , -.'Boston;- arid Mrs."' J.- ; H.;
Little^' of .Wheeling, W^:V£i. '■'-_ '- : .-'-',■■;. v :
Detroit, Mich.V was as the: next
placeTof meeting. X The .will;: ,be
!held iin' the^fal}." 'briTa cLate :^to-be i select-f'
• ed % later..- The -.invitation"-, was > presented'
by, M¥s. ; B. iof /Detroit.; ;■" : ; :
•During ..the ;day^ a'?consecratfon service
I was -held ;'; after ..which J the ■•, ro ti tine : bu3 U'j
■ness"; was^xlea:red_;.up: ;: In;- ; the evening
•there '". was. a^Yeception ;'bf ?the delegates
?at^the-DeSoto Hotel/ ;.: ; ;"V : _
Xortli : Carol Lua. Base-Bali-I»ea«rßie. . ; :
t • RALEIGH, : N. C.,"; January rsL^The pros-, j
pec ts 'i for the formation {of ' zl~- North i Cax6r ■ ■
liriaf professional J- league ._•; < aro.
bright/ ffA'Vriurnber Jo f towns in tho' Stats
the '■'•- "salary. *llfnltCY?llltbe"=s7MraVmoritli;ijtlie]
'season \to run; four,: month 3; from"! tlie j nild-,
-'Miiy^'.-'A-call^foV : a^ meeting ;:or
S tat e"i\- on : 'i February. ; Oth;": '■ to X organ lz& -;r; r a'
league, : was issued to-day. . ;v; ;■_ ..;■ ■:..-; ■
\st eti _aier?jljucliisnlm"clc;. : .v float.
ffimiiAIXELPHIAri- PA.. ■':,- January 31.--:
i'/rheSf steamer S. V. Luckenbach^frpraj
i Charlestoaf f br^hi Jadelphia; gwith^ lum-.1
| JDelawareSba jv Iwas •.-, floated," and T\ arrived;
PpJ|Eambcr Dsirice Stop* Tr^k^^
i^WASHINGTON; N. C, January; a:^"
I a'rieilumb^rlbar ge| aHnerva^ with "■. a ; cargo :
[bf SoO.OOOjf eet of • lumber^ ha 3 ■ gone ■ aground •
i| attthe abridge] hereitstopplng n-l traffic on'
tttieCriver. ■ ' '^M
Thw \va.« bound from - Eurc-k*
[ Mill fo r\ Ph i la . d . el »Wa?^^^^W|^M
■l \.. '\'\.h:r '..._:_ ... j
'_ ■';S3^S_sßS^»sSßßß«'S!iS3!iSa'!'_*tt"J2«>^ffi^ ".." :
Jonn Diddte Hiunsed TYitn .-. ■■/
-. ■ - V*SII\JI« jflllCl',-. Ill ..:.'•;» t<wCs~
; : '•:'■■'•'. :i lOUSi.^'OllQiUvlil* ~~ -- _ "
•On Seelns the Men of Her Party Full« >■'£ :-.-,
She Fire* iFire:", a Bullet Into Her
. ■ •
: - Own Brpa.«it~Dylns: . Statomcut
of F_il.ni«fiHe*!», In Which the -- 1
De.iperiido Ainertt Innn- _ • - i ; ..
cence of Murder. ,_ .
PITTSBURG. PA., January 31.— Ed- -j,"
ward Biddle in jail, dyins; John BltJaie, - .
riddled with buckshot and in a prey» v
carious condition, .and Mrs. Petor X, : =
Sbffel lying in a hospUal. with. a..self-» ?.,,
Inflicted bullet wound In :: the brena^Ja^
the sequel' of the sensational escape .pd;
the Biddle brothers from the Alleghanjl ,s
county jail, aided by Mrs. SoffeU "thd . _"
;wif c of , the jai 1 ' ward en ,- "oh ; ; Thhrsdasi ;£:,
:morriinff. ; " : _ : - : : -;':'- "'■ " ■"■: ■■'■.--' : -'-'- : '.'.- S - ;. : -*'- : :v t>
The story of the close of the Blddl<»^
tragedy,'' which", came at js:-|s;; this ■ after*^
noon, is a "thrilling one. The scene .wa^ :- ; .
a snow-covered road two mllea east ol_.
Prospect, Butler , county, near .Mount* '
Chestnut, and the exact place was atj
McClure's barn, where two double-team»
sleighs, filled with, eight offlo-rs, thre.v
of t-them N ; Pittsburg: . ■detectives-^Johntg
Rijach, Albert Swinehart. ;.• and Charted . :
McGbvern-rmet the two Bidllesand
Soffei Jin'a, one-horse •sleigh,;? stolen a«J|
Perrysville, and at once opei»"d nre on|,
the trio. \*
The Biddies re turned ' the fire,
jumping out of the sleigh. . Mrs. Softer*
wound Is. through the breast.: _...*■!-*
■Edward Biddloi was 3hotHn;;th*;^CCv|s
arm. in the 'breast, and in one leg- ,■...,:
John : " Biddle' was riddled ;.wUhTibuctoho£.sv
in the breast and head.-- ; . ■ ,- ■--.■ -:,,:-it; v
v - The~ '■'Pittab urg *: otilcers ::i me t v aVt: n
BuUcr, this afternoon, ,'by* Deputy-
Sheriffs Rainey and Hoon, aml-Offlc©t<,
Frank Holliday and /. Aar oa /Thompson, ~
th^^latter' under /.ttV: command
of-Pollce Robert Ray, of Butler. . * -
The officers -were certain that they. werC;.M
on the right trail.' It was only d. ques-:
tion of time .-when they would .catch .u»^
with /the escaping: condemned murderers* ]\
and 'their, ■companions. - , ■ ..
The Biddies and- Mrs. Soffei ate dinneC .
at J. J .Stephens's, at Mount Chestnut^
five /miles /east /of ■Butler./,;. /They 4haJi||;
made a -"detour; at the townoC Butler.] ariajg
alter going several mlle3 east, ! turnct?T_
north and then' west. The ..-Pittabufs |
ofneers, only a few miles In the rear,
took the wrong road for about ZeSghtJ /- 1 "
miles, .when -they /'found : : thi:ir^msstakV^g
ther .made up : for lost time, , by tel*.^.
pnoxuris/aiid/Ltitg.uphing ar.caa tor ireahj -
: horses. ' ". ; .'. "'■'.'- .'.~J~f
They reached Mount. Chestnut ;not raor% >
than^half lan hour after the Biddles-ana^
■'Mr3.^;;SdffeU'.:.;'>:AtV-thl9-s>I»Int»;-:--"^ v '^} a^A
storekeeper, V had ;_ fresh ■-. horses^
awaiting" . themi; and the^ chase V-forji; life S\
began ''■. anew. ;.:. J ;; -■■. :-' : ..-.- •/.■ ■-*■.;■ ; - ; '. A-:i:V
aboard started -westward ; and'jmet :thd _■;
r Biddlea and •: Mrs. ; Sbffel ;: ;at. f;Mc.^
Clure's barn, "'two ; miles from; Mount ti
Prospect. ;Blddles, ;having learned"/
that ' they^were ■ alnaost :> oyertaken^antl gg
taking wha.t they ■ : considered ■> the a only^s
chanced tlisy had, drove eastward and; irietj g?
their sdbbm. ; . ■. -.:>■•-■-
The : Pittsburg.. and -, other ; officers >were 3;
ariried .^jwttlP ii rifles, ; \ and^rc^
■volvera - 1 . large : calibres ;^They^shbtf to/:/
kill, and -their aim was perfect;;, /Tha^
Biddies tried lto'kill, ;tb -the la3t!o£stheir;^
string, 'but/not? one of the eight officers %;
has a .wound ; a3 the ; result of the f bat- n
When the ' detectives «ot within about?;,
sixty yards of iitie ifugitlvea. they/bpenedlg
fire; V The^Blddle3^pr<miptly:Sai>3weredltt
•with shbtsun^ and' revolvers;>;^Whenpa^
Biddle fell, and Mrs. Soffei saw sho ,.:;
To Cttre Urli> lv 'rwo'Dar«;v.--.<;-i'.:-:
Laxativs . Bromo-Quinin-a removes thd \
.'cause. E. /W^ Grove's 'signature on^evor^ j'
vPuro 'Food; Demonstration ■■ to~day. f*Cat» €■•,
; and rgety free Jsairiple. , ' -,"* .
■ . HERMAN.. SCHMIDTVI 6Co|€ast Broad. 'fl ■*■,
VlKorohM Uabblas.
'-'■ with - --' P/Sie ■■ : - Ner vg ,; and .;B6neoLJniinc?nt |p
Pains. Strains, and Sprains Large ;bbt>;^:
Slelc H«ndiicbe Cured. rf
with Dr. Da.vld'3 Ldver Plll3. Best 6a
earth {for. ' Constipation; Bilioastieas^ll:
Dypeps!a,*and'ali ; Stomach ,nn<l Liver i
Troubles, 25 cents a. box everywhere." - .-- ■
Pum Food Demonstration to-day. . ; ?Catt^
' arid z get / ffeewsanjsla/ "■ 'M^S-^A
HBRIIAS SCHMIDT. SH - -ist ißroaVLi^f .
I For Good Groceries anil Table Ldxu*' ."
go to \VILIJAM-BLv TA^UlTS^^^^^
*;,. i-zih? , , Fifty • yearaV-j'exp€rtenc«?i^v^.sS/?;
iwlth" I>r- David's Oou^h S\ rup. Xtestjra&fci'
ItlOD^BrbochittsiJy and ;01l Tbrbat Tand}XiWi«fi
iTrouble^|2scl|anysPheTe£g " r^C''^
l|Ypor/drugsisft|wm t refund lyou?! mexu&M
; tCjPA^OTtnbIEJIT * falls lia fcure j^tes^
\ pteii an4|BHtcklieact3joa Uha "i f ice^"»n*!«ft||
Irtdafdiaoases, 50 c«uti. /^2l?,*:S
gpsgts,' ' . , /■,,.:
. ;--- , x : -'■•?- :
c:j=j^v;;v;ft:: ; ;{--sy*Jsß:w ; !-ys:&si^
„ n . V. . ______ _ •£

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