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Cp-Tcwn -OBJcc. hid cast Broad^ftrcct
J <cntc i- pcrj month,TpayaWe ; ; -^^M"|
r^«x-- month.: : * " - ..^- o ■■ - „
#; ! ' Thoi»e wJshlns; the paper- canvordcrrU
T'aytibie In f advance! invariably: ■ ;>_^
ly^six; .;jßbn«i«V::r:-;.; : :«. ! .".i.—r r- r^
ly; -ttorco u 5a0nth8......... ** i-r«
<J*yy 'w«a;iVe«oJvcar.'..«.'v ;: *r-V*t^
;7-;; 7- ; ■' :^ THB WEEKLT DISPATCB. -■■:■■-.
C" THE/ WEBKI>T> DISPATCH is ;i l6 f ue^
o lnltwo; pan» -eacb ..week^-on; Monday s aim
r I raurea*y*^rlO2CE / J>OL,tiAKt per. yfjj^
•^¥piy*We'; lo k advance;; six. months, Fit! x•*
r: u S Remittances^ c'aiti he /made/; by ;/ post
htaci; money order^ <the g sareßt c way).
xhecJcy or registered letter.: Currency
? »tnt7iy mall Atlthe'.ask-ofHhe.sender. ;
• wishing '■ change ot; -address
ttustz give;/ the "old-,asj"wcll?'as\the new
POBt-offlc«.Z.-Z /'.:.. :;/.//;-/- ZvZv......Z v Zv...... '.-. I;/
s Sample.c&plese .c&ples irtre-Z z "Zv. _: -Z. i '■• .":
"^rcrtißingr. rates on application. . _ -
f fAddrpes^ all "communications 7"^".* *r J •
:■. Richmond. Va." .
a%3ectea-: manußcripts will not; b» re
.terneA;/-""-'-"-' /-// : '/'/ : i::-;v .-'::""■■ '■'*"._■."•."• Z- .- ■ /
7,-X*tters ■ recommending • cariflldatcs • ior
Office janfl ''.resolutions 7 ,pf respect /inserted
Vnly '/iaipalfl ? snatter.. .;■ : ;
;." C*untlng-Roornitelcphoiios-r' -
'•>;..-':.'•' < "..'.'''.V- '/:■ Old -'phone 158. . . .'
/'/ "■'.' ' 2Cew.' 'phone 1255. : ' /-." . ,'■•/
Wednesday. % . .... Feb. ■ 12, 1902.
'>"' '■ KVJ2.X '-WITH THE GAS->IAX.
S know ; Judgc J^ank A.^l3ennett,
■of^Mt; 'Vernbn, X. V.; but with all the
uaicartiness and ; sincerity we/ are capable
'^■/we^ay, "Her<- - .« to him; may he live
lions'/ and /prosper." And we are satisfiea
-illuit when the cause, of /thc_ ..ellcitatibn* of
■:<iurs '"sentiment 7 shall -have become g<?"e
rrally known, our Avoids will be fervently
rirehqe'd by thousands upon /thousands of
■householders tliroughout the land. Judge
FifcScrinett has achieved .a^victory greater
;Xhw would be'that of .conversing'; with
/ MgS, "discovering perpelual motion, - solv-/
fiu^t^^roblein; of. a. /universal/ solvent,
fxyoon^ilns'the paradoxes of the. universal
fcth'er theory, or monkeying with' the "pigs
; |n cjoy^r:' game. without discrediting one's
fSundiiy schobi. training. He has gotten
teyeu. with, nay «ahead" of, the gas-man.:
nearly : two -years :Ihe - gas compani
■ of" his town V'ef used to. turn/on the gas at
the Judges. residence because he declinea
■ip'pay a bill of- $\.7f>. which' he claimed
:\vas /'contracted by a previous . tenant 1
-The Judge sued the company for failing
to supply. /-him • with a meter/and • give
%lmi lißht.: Tho -case w«s. tried in four
: iourts;* ihe'.ludg«t won every time, and
Slow the company . has been forced/ to
• throw up its hands and pay over to : the
plaintiff a check for $4.500./-. After ; deduct-;
;Jng his bill for the kerosene ho used while
/liie Titigation. was on, and paying his
'counsel, whose services were largely sym
• pathetic; the Judge-finds: himself, nearly
I?3,(»0.I ?3,(»0. net; aliead / of the' gas-man. ; .:•/- '; '
'Verily, the Judge's . pathway to the end
at ids days should/, be illumined- with mr
i-teuse: satisfaction; and ;he deserves tliat
fihis;;nanie : shall lie emblazoned in.undy
j&ng jiehtjon'the scroll of' the world's/most
illustrious .benefactors. For, - although,
/after: all; only/ the Judge may be berie
lited'/pecuriiarily/ by his , stupendous; arid;
fiuniwVc'edented achievement, '; the mere
thought of that, achievement- will, at
?'istated j>eriods,: in every municipality, set
/cxultarit;,cords to 1 vibrating in ihe hearts
iof - the people, inspire us with more corili
aenee in ourselves in -Vsassin" the gas
frnaiy and eriabie us to bear witli' more
'equanimity, and fortitude the ills the ; arro-
Jsant/maiiipulator of the long--lepged key
arid' 'independent.' distributor. '/.>f_ mulcting
r»)btifica'tions/ ; I ,"metc-r'' out to .us. , Oh.
Ht'he ineffable! joy and: the sublime com
flo'rt of being" üble to fling the" name of
•^udg^/Bennett into the teeth of the/gas
"anan.- We risk nothing oir assuming that.
Jsf. upon being : gathered to his fathers,
f/ffudge^-;BemVett.-^'pf : .;(Mount:^ .is
f^uried/ at liiis'/ present .place; of; residence
i tiier^will be 'two shrines of/American: pil
/Brimage- of the same name.
In order to compete with the trolley
linos for suburban traffic'; all the rail
roads now- having terminals on the Jersey
Bide of the Hudson river at Xew York.
%'city. will be brought into Manhattan, it
is said, through, the great tunnel of the
- Pennsylvania railroad system, which is
i ; to enter New- York af Thirty-third street,
near Seventh avenue. • This probably ex
.-■;■• plains the. meeting, of railroad magnates
•at the recent' dinner given -by. P. A. B.
j^Snaencr"' in : Philadelphia,; on which, oc-.
O caslon^ J.Pierpont Morgan Is stated to
' ; Jiave • had a long- conference, with A. .7.
■'■- Tcassatt, the president of the Pennsyl
vania Railroad Company.- - .
iv. .•.'.■ :C- '- ■. PL'SUIXG^ITS' '.VOKK.- V
■f The- Constitutional Convention, had a
W\ jnornihg and 'an; afternoon session yester
day, when the. proposed article on the
l&~ Corporation Commission was further dis-;
exsb. Ed- *
At. 32 o'clock to-day the, convention—
; that : is, the Committee of the \Whole—
will ■ take t:p. the sections, of that^ article':
seriatim, and will proceed' to - dispose of
ib. ii) as rapidly as. may be consistent;
/-'with proper consideration of them. How
: the resolution adopted is ; not, specific:
■ thai a vote shall, be' taken- as the'debate
:->nn ouch section is do» d. but Me <x
' - Wlitn the Corporation Coimni^ion ques
tion Jk disposed of ih«>u»ij«cxs of fi ivat-
P"^JiniK^ance;whicn^winivin.'iin lo^
-. union viij b- iho.se relating to hvld-over
. : H«'"n.-Uoi-H f lainilbn th- Karbmn-Quarics
and. submission or'
■• proclamation of the new Constitution,
,; riie course adopted wish reference to s!sf
of *>oroe members o» the submission qucs
<W may.be expected -
■-. The article on taxation wilt Elicit Jess
t?;> ..- . , * .
"• jificled h.:d not the 'railroad; companies
rieldofl ~, their," ob3^onsM>itb£referenee 1 i
k . . ;>AUog:etljer,. the convention .is- setting^
PwnfiictV4b< « wcVn ; th^e?|^srjrttfro:Mnd;
fthe Convention.-^ Some problemsj-botwcen i
Ibably. t hi*y will bo' solved" csisllyi andlftatu^j
mmi'< . ■ ■•■-" •
i^sTlibse sHln<3<jb :- twins ttt ; PAris, ■ separated|:
|tha-t< the' sargeori: who i performed Uhe;sen-j j
arating - operation i^ not very hopefulf
i.bf»"tlic.' permanent successor hia^experi-i
- "-!'■'" -,v QlJKSTjbX:;piß|ii : *RIORITV.- -*
i'^TlioSSocicty- for . the vPrcs'ervation of
Ibfrorlglnatirigznie idt l .a^f;'celetirating|the ?
i made the suggestioiiTiandg published a. a ;
/number of -editorials "ori^the; sulijectia/j
-year or more before; thefsociety;gayetthe>
ideaZthe encouragement bfits influence.—
,^he Marichestcr: Trade Journal. "i ....
r ">The ? Journal.; a^ZweeklyV-lwperv favors
;an "exposition," a;id supports /the :^ot--:
folk /V>i*A*i^itherthn.n: the Richmond plain./.
'/.At least live years i ago a letter^was-pub-^
■lished; in the/ Dispatch urging, a/tercen-^
Ucriar^lcelc^atibiv'/Soon/i .'afterwards^;
iandwritirig.without reference, to ■the^ter
penteriary—Senator Daniel suggested that'-
Richmond \ ought to have an • expos!-,
tfon; oV something of; the kind, and ; /sa|d
: that he wall sure, lie could get ariiappfo
priation from Congress. .The .Dispatch
expressed thanks for the Senator's:sug
gestion, but said our: city would better;
' wait until th-i Jamestown; '.tercentenary...
: /so, 'whoever;. /claims ,credit;/fpr origi-;
/iiating the celebration ./in question will:
hiave to go- back "farther; than' -five/years^
And for the past two 'years*; the -. Dispatch -^
has had. scores, of 'articles, -many of ■'
them editorials,^ on the^'eubje/ci'^v^v^
But all that aside. -We' now/ are face
to face with the -question,/ Whether the
• Legislature/ will grant Norfolk the char
ter it asks or will appoint a State com-/
mission to inquire if some other arrange
' merit might not be/ niore advantageous
to Virginia. . ■- . ■* ■
Tlie Rappahannock < river 7 is frozen over
as far/ down as I.ee'dstown. ;a; distance of
forty miles with. iee-Z.three - and ./four
inches' thick. There has -.beeiv.no steamer,
of the Weems Line here. since the Lan
caster left -here. Monday; 1 .February.: 3d.—
The' Fredericlisburg Free l«ance. :/
The 'Potomac river: has been effectually
closed t<> everything save : iron-hulled:
screw steamers' and tugboats, though the
tracks they made/; froze /over; as - soon;, as
they passed uj) or down. The Norfolk
steamers and the ■Estelle. -Randall arc: the
only passenger boats running..- The:thick
ne«s measures alx>ut seven inches, except
in Wgorges./;where;it/wastwo^or three
feet thick/. hiY-.places.-The/ Alexandria
Gazette., ZZ r Z , ; . ■: ;./-^; ./-^- y ,Z ; ;.-; /■// ;
We have, been .more fortunate' here.
The James/river: has. not been c]osed':to
navigation this winter,': we ;>:'
- That -is an interesting decision at St.
! Louis, of tlie "United States Circuit Court
yy 0 i Appeals, to the^ effect that
of the regular army, are pot. competent
to T=it on courts-martial . for the " trial ( of .
officers and soldiers of the.' .volunteer
forces.' . X sustained it will; liberate,^ it
is said, some two hundred former mem-;
bc-rs of tile' volunteer army are con
fined in Federal; prisons on/sentences im-;,
, posed by courts-martial of regular offi
cers', and -will, we suppose, constitute: a
fresh" precedent in military^ jurisprudence.'
.The particular case, in which the St.
Louis decision was rendered .; is that : of
Peter C/ Deming, a former captain' of;
United States Volunteers, -against Robert
W. MeClauglirey, warden, of the' Federal
penitentiary at Fort- Leayemvorth. Dem-;
ing was a captain in the'subsistence^de
.partment : bf the volunteer .army. He,
was commissioned, under the ; act 1599,. ;
providing, for the 'enlistment .of : soldiers,
for- the 'Philippine war. IT he -.charge
against him related: to ,'iiis accounts...The
court-martial, composed of nine- officers
of the regular, army,; dismissed. him from
the service, and sentenced him; to three
years in the penitentiary. : This sentence
was affirmed by the Secretary of j- War /
and approved, by the President: The ; case . j
was first brought in'r the ■ United^ States ■. j
Circuit Court for ' the District of Kan-, j
; sas, and was "d c-cided a gainst Deming; j
who ■'; then appealed to the • Circuit Court j
of Appeals in Stl Loujs. Tlie opinion of this |
court, as was > reported yesterday, . is -.that
the court-martial which" sentenced Dem-,' j
■ ing acted in violation' of Article 77. 0f the |
' Articles of War, which. provides that- of- . :
;.- ficers' of ■the .regular army shall not; be.
competent to sit on courts-martial for
irie' trial of officers and soldiers: of other
forces. The essential question,- according:
to the bpinioiC is w-hethcr .volun- : uthe :
teer . army, is the same :; as the " regular ,:
army, orwhether it is one. of the "other
forces" • mentioned in 'Article -77, and the>
court holds that the- volunteer army; is
at all times distinct from, the regular:
army. .The 'decision • therefore .is that ,
the court-martial. sn> the Deming. - case
was illegally, constituted, and._ that the :
action of that tribunal; is ' consequently
void.. ■ .:"._•;: vi . ." " "
: In June. ISUS, it seems, Judge- Advocate-
General Lieber decided that regular army !
■ officers -I "might ■..trjj volunteers,; under the j
act of IS9S, providing, for; the enlistment:!
of soldiers for. the' Spanish war, and under |
.this, ruling; many cases; have be-en ; tried.i
"and sentences imposed. Deming case
■is the first - ! oiie ■in which y an appeal ■; has
been takon. The result is that Deming;
will probably be ■ released ■; within sixty
; days, ; and. a. number of ..v other. ; soldiers
conniied in penitentiaries under sentences,
imposed by similar . courts_ will probably;
, make . application' for.- release .under tlie
St. Louis decision. ■.;' ■■■■-..
■:'■- I^rcm Missouri comes ttie^stqrjv". of '.] a : .
man. who is -"a bsolutelyi:: without;,; any
moral " sense, " 'wi t hou t any ' conception of
right or 'wrong,, and; who ; until ; recently
was Without v _.knqiriedgeT6f J "the '.; appear-';,
ahce .of; his fellow-man,; or .the: animals; •
. or : ;i the sky. V ■■ ' He:is? abou t - 23 years^of;
[age and was found immuned in • df stone
cell' attacheid to : the farm ■ house of ; one;
■Jacob Deitrich,; 1 lately.:.. diod,*:*-ahd£who;s
-- T''.W;-;T ''.W;-;v J : -C- v._' "-'"-" - «-.i- ?.'.- ;'; -.v. v ■ ;-'.;.-" ; ; i-'^C*v •"' * '*"■" --' ~^' *
; there) is'^every,; reason-Uojbelieve,' \was?liis?
fathvr.v-; He could hardlyi,-walk4would,notv
sit in- a.; chair, both in i mind, and} body, |
"ehbwed : 'far le^s- dt-ve'loinnent thaii' . tlie: |
• ii-.; -:. :: .-■: ■■••'-' --"-''"• '• c ■■- ••--.» -,•:?-■ : -■'■'•■ •' '■—'■■->'■'■'■■ : - '"" '■'"'-•■■ I
ordinary.', domestic animal, and ; even .'his
: physical'. ■ senses r.'*T& tesrsely.^ blunted.ti
ltisi\Ktiite<l that v^pnalißhted candle -I
: was v,shown him I uSSittered-, a, childlsh|cry>!
"of t pleasure;- and: scr/fd %thai ilamo;, ; with'i
- ; .-- ■-%.:.•- -■;-.-■■''---'-."- ■" "'-A ■'■ - •"■!-•■"•.<■■.•'" ;•■<■ '■"'T~'- ■-"'■■'•~ : '■•'»'' '
Ihisthand, ; and-it-wiis sonaetimesb-eforeslie I
.j. .. '■- ..-, -„-■., .■ f "■..-....■■■•■''-*:--■'■ ; ■■*■ *' " .;> , •■ ■ %^- t * F . ■*.-. ■".■■;■■■ \;i ■.!
srepllzed ; 'that'. the ? * member.^ pairie'd^hlnxrij
phHl^pttrcnliw^:; ■ hrou^t^iM
Tils » presence hr- started with- frlcht:.
saSdfciierT«sWbited pleasure at sui-h
- ■ . ■ -"^vjte!
noises as usually please ;l child! |
iTbeV:' 1 oniy words ho - could utter.
wore 'Oh, John: oh; John"; and it is
'Supposed! that'- lie ; caught , them! f romiliear-'
ijjfj Dei»riohuf--« them. Tho disclosure of
Jtlellntprisonrocnt was duv to \hr death
! of v Deltrlch^audJ: the' { no I thbors^ by. , put^ ,
iwvH e/:e3tabl!shcd-!t;that^l:e/man-had
fSjcpggdfin the cell ?tnce .^^g
PbTnS?account of the finding of
Siowth'M- At Tirsthe-orouched In a corner
sSss^^^^ c Deitrich> th^M
had, ever seen.,.
;'cTli ; eZcasb,*"bf^ course.: suggests that of
.'KasparHauser, but owing tothe agefofi
tlie Missouri man, and the evidence that
the/1." tier f is 'even 'nearer to. the .dumb.:
"brute ' than was Kaspar, ; so f ar .;■ as ; mental
and" physical- development is concerned ;
it is likely to prove a ;more .interesting;
study than the Bavarian youth's. ■ The,
: effort -Ttp// develop^ theZZ/f acuities. z of / - the ■
wiU y be /undertaken, ; cannot'; fail ; to com- :
m and :/widesprvad ; arid/earnest;a rnest; attention./ ,: ;
■■/ --v . : Current Comment. - /
"The Hartford -(Corin-yZCpu rant; is/sur
! prised :■ that the old .-: custom ; of ;, requiring,
arid ■ giving personal -'bonds- still; h olds -on.
Tlie^ custom, it?says,^lwuldz have :(been
abandoned -Zas-rEobn/asZ the : up-to-date,
■methods' ' of Z surety. ; companies : were , cte- :
. veloped." ; \ There /is; no : sound reason ;,for^.
•personarbond'- nowadays. It is humiliat
ing to;ask''for;. such Ja : favor,- -and:it is.-try-.,
ing to' have to refuse it , /Z. _
-The-. late " Governor McKinney was. a
warm advocate/of bonding -.Virginia ; offi-
CL-rs through surety " companies, : , and supt/
ported/ his advocacy/ of a./: change -/from:
the /persuiKil-' bonding system ;with strong
arguments.- Z _Z :/. r ;; : Z, .-'■
It: is' proposed in'Ohib Z\to establish a
State agency, or 'commission, to be -under
tlie/ ■■•■watchcare;' of ZthV Executive, -proper-"
haps ' a .: Board of /Managers, which "shall
purchase. all supplies of eyery.'kind.'needed
by State- institutions. .And -the^Newport
>f ews t.Times-Herald Z thinks /the //scheme
might / well Z be; thought over in pother
States./Z: , : . . •/.*- . ;■
; /IfVCrumpacker's /,object . in starting a
.war to reduce, southern representation in,
Congress was to get free/ advertising he
ilias'Jibeen/ successful. / But /whether /the
.comments that, go' along .with soriie of .the
advertisements/would please the majority:
of irien is.' a question. /^ Taken by and
through the papers are not holding Crmn
packer.Zup "as • a, ' marvel Vpf statesmanship
and 'a brilliaritZexample of 'sincerity. .
■■; ' .":/'-./-:,^a^nVur^iu.uiun' ■'■ ni i »'/ : ' ■ \. - Z
■Question as lo /tlie Disposition to JRe
arjide o£ * Const itution When Franied.
To the Editor of the Dispatch: ■■..-. ;■;.
(/ Will ■ the' new . Constitution be. submitted j
to the present . electorate or to the
abridged electorate; for ratification or, re
jection, or. will the" convention proclaim it
as the Constitution;, of ;yirginia- without
submission to the people? -Those 'propo-'.
sitibns v are - being discussed /by \ the- peof: I
pie whenever and -wherever ■ a group -of |
gentlemen are" seen. Many,'- very many, ' j
remember the after ..the: Nor- j
folk convention" in ' May, ISOO,. when : the |
speakers /for. the convention move "told i
the people to vote for a convention, and ;■
the Democratic , party had promised ithat .
no white man: shbnld : be ■ Gisf ranchised.
and the new. Constitution : would; be sub
mitted, to" tlie^ ; pe6ple' T !'for; ratification z or
rejection. ,-:. The . candidates 'for. -the Con- ;
istitutionaV Convention '.told ; the people the.;!
sameHhing." The candidates :: f or the Gen-,- j
< eral .Assembly' last^fall.toldr the -people
the same : thing'. /Now, vit is stated in the
dailies; that the .idea of 'proclaiming "the
? Constitution i is; gaining-: favor among the. ;
menibers : of ; : the "convention,.:- and: it : is ;
i probable -that \ it- .will =be proclaimed. y Is it ;
, -wrong.. f or : us. to look. back. ; thirty-four
! ' years •• this > month, and recall , what Vir- j
I giiiians "said ''h about' . the ''- carpet-baggers, .
; scalawags^' and -. negroes, '■' th en in , session ?
:in": a~ Constitutional' Convention? ;;. We were
■ anxious to;know 6ur"fate; the. fate of old
"Virginia. " TheUnderwood<c"6nyenti6n met
on December 3, ISGTjand. adjourned April :i
Yl, : IS6S. '. The ■ obnoxious • clauses— the .dis- :
franchising .clauses— had been i iricor-,
porated" in the ' Constitution.'; The I . acts of :
'Congress of ;; March 2.. 1567, K March 23,.1567,.
and July" 19, 1567; (all were, vetoed -by .
President -Andrew, j ohnsbh and .' ; passed^- 1
"over his; vetoes) '. provided for. aConstitu- J
tional- Convention : '~:o be .held. ■" in ,. Air- <■
ginia; if: the voters desired. it;. : provided'!
who": should (vote, andjiwho" should be eligi-^;
.ble.tb" seats .' in: the.\'co"nvention, ' and .theVi
Consthution, -when- framed; i to = be"' sent, to; i
Congress >f or examination ''vand-: approval.
:.On 'the 'l7th: of: April;;? lSG7,vthe v Und.er-^!
wood convention, passed: an* election ordi^,
naiice for Hhe election to ]ac ; held* on June j
2,- ISCS.-.for'. the \votersCto 'ratify or "rejects
the; Constitution. ' ..Congress was- slow;. in.
passing: on -the -work of .the-- Virginia'
'haters, and nothing; was : done .until: after I
TKj'esident: Grant was i inaugurated ; : and ;j
"on" 1 April : -7, ISO 9, .hd sent a special. mes- ! :
'sage' to, Congress,; recommending that the/- 1
-.Virginia /.Constitution .be' submitted, for |
■ adoption, to the citizens of the State, "aiidl
if .th)s:"should. seem desirable, .1. would -|
re.conirnend.that a separate vote-be taken- 1
uyon-such ': parts ■ as; iii'ay b"e : thought ex
: pedierit. ">*:*. *'■ An! act of :CohgTess, : ap
5 proved AprillO, ISCfl.^gave,, President Grant.
authority. • to (submit: portions; of i the -Con-;
r stitution to separate vote.-; and on* May-14;
1SG9,.-:he. issued, his proclamation :: f or .■• the .
election: on the Constitution anditheitwo.'
obnoxious clauses to, be. held . on l July/ 6,'
isw. . ' .: ■ . :■ . . \ ■ "- . ./;// >
\ :f ;^ /: V THE, ISG9 "VOTE;/":/.-/;-:.-.:.
gj|The election .was held : - the -Underwood;
i. Constitution, .--.expurgated./ was *adopted-rj
;,the obnoxious : clauses were -voted 'out by.
-about 40.0C0 majority, althoiigh about 84.000;
.Voters voted -to ; retain . them. '../-If; Congress,^
./wh'eni the. .convention . was /ordered, ;had :
•directed',the:.new-.'Constitution tos.be : piro-.j
;Claimed. r =or.- had jthe^TJnderwoodf conven^
ition'.t proclaimed 'that' Constitution j on i-tlie?
•; 17th?of ;• Apri 1f- ISGS/ or. ; : i 9 :President^Gran t?i
, oh ' April.?. .ISG9,* recommended ;to. Congress;
Itotprocl aim '.the^Constitu tion, <oriif:Presi^
;dent^Grant had-inqt 6n;Mayjl.4,ilSG9/exer^i
,-cised[his^discretion -and s'ubmitted\the,two:
1 clauses ; ,to Ia ■. separate; vote, rcaii/anS' /one':
; say ;"\vliatiwould -.have;; been jth'e?cohditipTi-]
of; C; in /Virginia?,/; Congress/could
"\liave f. proclaimed vJtherfConstitutiohrJ^th't'
■) : just:the' : ; same" right;/ ifj had ':to;'calHaYepri'^?
:vention;::tb{;. frame
.Under wood / conyen tion;; could ■"■ have -■ pro-;
;.claim"ed the Constitution.
: /The. convention now. in sessioji- may-have
rnew^'.ConsUtu tion. '}. ';'.■ Should-; this \ power.^he ■
jexercisedvty ,the v onevhundiV:d?;.2ltMs^nbt
saf e u f or .:• represeiitatiy es] to /do Jeyery tliiiigr I
hay e\ then power/ or/ right :ito^do;^r^ r
fdonefibyitHistable>b"ody,*bf ■ Virginians mow;
. in.;: session i/wil Iy. be 3 quo ted / ; and - followed ;
by.;' cornihg;'generations. -• just as ■■Wi '< quote'
and/ follow 4 the ':■: acts ;■> ...of /those! wlib'.iliaye^
since£:p;Vssed p away. ;i;/ The iCwbrk :~[ of ;
it he^'.cony.ehtion-i: will /be/piae'ed - ; alongside;
and ,we;are:hbp]np)and- : believin'g,tliat"fthel
;it;W*as rifiht t«» !i i tlie people yot'j'on the
woik of the fujvntlon. Can we afCoriV
i tojt'ake » r ; , v,- d« ;. irtsir'"? In the face ot
,thl>'s Norfolk /.'on vent ion; in tli^-facO.'-'ot
< ( :»!;.,,;i;i shy Oonmi nttle speakers; from
ti fact th < Hit r« ■ ''"■ nyi siipferne|anTjf
.they want to b.,".-. ;t Say !u deciding on'
thi-* .>?; ;> c:li ];iw ,; Virginia; froip the
fVo! \%i- lovftlu <i ! .j landmarks, it ik'ia
•beVhopod thai Mw C<m«tftutlon u-iij 'be
M>lKnitn-«J ,to ' thy pcopi-- j- Vlrtrlnin for
in less than; five years." If lt> submiUcfl,
-.th'etmajority will be acqulescedSlinfl^
fyearsito|cbme;||if Hthe2?pebpleji rejecp|Jtjg
then we have to bow to the majority and
race-apt the -result. . ;'*#Sl§; '*#Sl§
"Black-nnd-Tan' con
vention di-l only out- thing- for. which
iTKfe|pemocfa^^iiol^e»'tlp'^i^^P r w>^»'t
" •■Resplyedjc'ThatMt: is! ttie/sense|pf.:thisj
fconVention that in framirig|atnew:4j:Cpn-'|
fstituti^Xnp^ffortfsh6uldJ"b>i"madp ; t^dls3
ffranchiseTany^ citizen of - Virginia %h<
|hadttheTrlghlt;'.to vote prior , to; lSGljjnorj
| the I d esceridan t \ of I any/j siiclft' P.ersbn/fe 1 and v
t.th"atcthViexpense's T iiricideritlito"(a^
.to",the'lowest possible' figures."
S?sWith>tWs?resplut;pn /and ':■ allS the|fac^ii
: 'and7circunistance^rsurrou/n^ing|j^i|^^^3
: tionf. of ; submission,-;. I - can"' only see one -
'course for r theTcbnveritibn^to|pu^
; that ; is /frame/ as /-good % a/ilCoriititutiohi
/as fcan ; belf rani ed t an d i then I hari d jiti t ; ;byer \
■jectVat; ; thevp"olh3;:VandJlet/thel:result:sbe'
;a s i tT; ma y, ■■;:.. t h e ZDern bcr acy ?of i^Vi rginia s
r wiilvhave%;carried^orit /itsnprbriiise?/ancl|
cbriventions^letithe;peopleri i ule;ithey>are:
supreme. - * J. N. STUBBS^Si
"/Wood's x;Roads;:Va., February/ lO^lS^iV
vi Short jtcssbn; in: nbolc-Keeplrigr.;"
;/...;/Z/|(Atchison; (Kan.): Globe.).- ;.'•:..
If /you -.want 'a' r certairi> new- book, i: ibuy,/it/
present' fit';; to -your; /neighbor,; ■ borrow.,^ it
of;:hirii,Zfandvkeep2it.Zvlf " ; 3rbu/,buy.^t/;for
yourself, -you ■ can't keep :it:.- ;.;.:-• ■.
■.■.-.- ; .:- ■■■.■../■ (Yonker's Statesman.) ,
/ Mr. Bacori:/:/lZsee; by /this/paper /that
ice .one. 'and, one-half inches s thick; will ;
support a -man.' .
Mrs. Bacon: ; ; I always said -there was
an enormous -profit; in-., ice, John. . ."
-.::.- ; .-..• — -f>- '■ .. ■.*■:■..;■;.!;•.■;
'- . " • Rival Totviw. . ' •
/Z/ (Baltimore Ain'ericari.) .';/.'•;.
/ "Huh!' 1 jeered the^proud /citizens /of ;the/
rivalHown.-j "Prince Heriry/iis'only -going
tb' stop flveViriinutesZat -your '"'
;. "That's ■•■''fight," said the /visitor //from
the other /town,;."but he" isn't' even.goirig
to; hesitate? at, yours." ."•'■,
'.' "'Hod, White, anil Bine. '.
/.';-' Z'/V'; (Chicago Daily ZNews/)V/ / .: /< :
"Thar /must -be a ' .woodpileZ up to ■ col
lege, 'Maria.'-"' -' '"'- :/ . .-/ -;
'-Why,-. Hiram?'.' - v / -•
. "Because r'Crawf oot'sVson/Z writes that
he .'sees our Silas picking ; up/chips" every
night." . ■'; ~? ' ;.; """.-''.. _>■ , ■
Bndl'j.XciTi*. :
: ■ ;. (Life.), ' \■'„ -
. Superintendent '(of /Metropolitan, street,
railway) : /{Here '■' is an articleVsaying -' tho
average. American : is gaining in; weight. Z
/ ; ? President: " That's: 1 too • bad. Z; . We'Z.wori; t
be able to pack ■ so . many of/: themZv in ' a
car. As 'it is,'/,we are only, 'making; about
SOO per -cerit.V on- each; passenger./ Z
•The" Proposed'; Xew Ship-Yard.
NORFOLk, VA.,' February 11.— (Special.)
The : railway -men of ; this.. : section: •; met
here to-day for - what .is known "as the
claims corif erence, of the southern lines.
I The ■ meeting had before it a':large:num
,br;of/:intricate'claims tinvolvirig:the basis"
of; the "present rate/ > - ; ■•; ■'■■,".' :
"The Committee on Rules of/ the; new
association, ./.which ;is ■ 'composed/;' of the
"traffic" men *of the line's interested, con--/
sists/of- J.'- J. Hooper, of Washington;
"D/ J:; Callahan,' v /of -Norfolk,/; aiid/T.v IV
Lipps", .of v ßaltimore.Z v : J ./'•;. /•■....;.;' ?;//:;'
-B. c. Foster,-' of Baltimore,/ was /elect
ed chairman,/ ana
secretary^ and' treasurer./The'. conference
-,will-meet every sixty, days." . . '
At the /adjourned meeting/of the .-Water
Front : Investment : Company ,/.held "■ in ■ the
:Buslness-Meri's''Associatiori rooms to-day,"
af ter :a hard fight;-, the/ offer of the^ prbmo
•te'rs'bf. a ; ship-yard 'and/dry-docking com
pariy: to; purchase the water ;frorit com
pany's property /at. Pinner's Point, was
.accepted...":/ .Z_:--/;./ ' : . •■■•"■ *> . . -.
: The. offer of the'ship-yard peppleZwas to:
. give $130,000 1' iri 5 per i cent, Z second^ mort-:
gage i. gold bonds of the ". corupariy / to' be
'organized^ . ; ' -• • . ;.- _ _
111 a ireetl >/ Caused tlie/ DentU of -tlie
It is a matter of. history/ that, Napoleon:
was ; a Zgormand, an'-inordiriate ; lover ,';; of :
the good things- of the Ztable,';and. history/"
further; records : ; that his ] : l favorite i dish;
was if ried - onions ; .his . death^ from ; cancer -
of stomach, it is" .claimed' also, was proba^
bly/ caused', from ; his T exces'sivelindulgence ;
'"of 'this "Z fondness : f or : the odorous ' ye'gej;''
table. " ; " : " '-'.•-■ /.^'/- '/■■' ""'-."
■;'; 'The onion Vis -undoubtedly': a/wholesome •
- article : of food,' in fact : has > many j mcd ici-';
. nal/ qualities/ of //yalue^h'butV it ; ;AVoUld^
'- be i difficul t • to / find ;; a./ more/ indigestible'- 1
"article than - fried ; onions, /and /.to Umariy;
. ; pebple /they/: are ; simply./ poisbn,*;] but '■. the J
onion', does ; not/ stand/ alone ;:in^thisf re-) I
:^sp"ect.: /Any/Particle '; 0f : .?.-fppd - that- is^inbt;!
'; thoroughly, : digested ■; ibecbmes /a ;- sbiirce" 1
'ibf .r disease and' dfscomfort,f. whether Jit Jbeii
;fried?onions»"or'v beefsteak. '-
I?. Th e; - food •
i is ; -notiproiriptly?:digestfc'i^ is I, because! Sthe'j
f stomach el em_eritv
of ;| digestion."; leorneVstbrnachsflack^pep^;
|stili|others>ia"ckvhydrochloric acid.
;':vThe;;'dne thing-Jnecess'ary/tOj'do^ih^nyij
I elements rbfidigestibn .which J the ; s tbmacti* j
Uac^3 and 'nothing ? does ; this/so\thorough^ j
Dr. / Richardson, in writing .^av! thesis Vonjj
i treatment? of and ; indigestion^
; closes o his : »■.■ remarks :.*: .* ; by ;■• ■' *: saying: .;;. : "For.;
I thbse.3 suff ering' r^f rpmv^ acid'->|<lyspepsias|j
I shown £by L .^ sour, . watery j: risings, : or. ; for
! flatulent|^dy ipepsia^shown by./ gas^pip j
fcult'|breathins, iV .as,well ■'* as- for -all'? other..; l
f forms A of ;: stomach Ov trouble, . the j :? safest^
>-treatmelit is' to take ." one. or ' twos of
|S^art'sSDyspepsia*;^ablets Rafter :^W^h!l 1
meal." I advise -them because ttiey-.'.con-f
|tai^no|haf J"^ ? d^ u S?«t b Vt.f4T®l^9H}?P^fl |
fof^aluabieTdigStiy x ejß^which^ctJp^rdmpJt|il
r Jy^iupo"n?Stheffopd£eaten§fl rever knew]
of indigestion^ or ev< .1 cbTronic j
|not]reach." ''t^M
«:g Cn'eap ([scathaytrc^ medicines | claiming J to.
4Cure*Edyspcp3iix. aiid.' indigestion can have
no effect whatever In actively digesting:
.the food, and to en.ll any cathartic mcdi-
Icini&lafcurejfjqr jiridlgestion' la ' a ■ ndlsnomerS
•rauariji" sells Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets,
and they are not only th*.\ safest and
most stsoeessfu's, but the mo.it scientific
'mp££ - - : - • 3^g
?AM»E»Misjr-';. PJ^O VIDB
111 nl f? 1 uu % H -vlij^p "IVr • ***™ *s sl/JC(iiJa*ijw»?
p^^Ki »^A'i»»^^wStlS^S«^Mi»iri^^^
\ r.pouiidcfi .by'; ZSrr.^S^y^Snm/.'Appro-"
/of Oootl' Ron ciii: Demons ti^tt^
tion— Cnse of --Teitt j.SnovrrClcnnini?
Or«li»!S»i««"w— "*lail«*r«t iti the Couirts—
The meeting of the Board of Aldermen
riast*night ; was^shbrt\a^
jinte'rest- ; ThUtcen . rnembefs^-Messrs|
-Minor, King, MoSbyjS Scty, -Thomasonr
Iwfilttet 'Washer; and pod—were ; pres-
Mr. King presented a joint" resolution
|f f omf- the/Ground.s' :'; andt, Building's JCom-"
isumT oorf r - $300 to pay- for the services
s'bf .^superintendent^ and
tcity^jail^fbr^thejperipd* bfithreevnionths;:
|Mr% King tasked iliiatf the'ye'soUition r be
'sjMr:; Se'aylobjectecl;? and \ asked iWh'y. ithe
inSw/jail3hadj : notVbeen "completed^injthe.
isaidjj the C-work>had' been/; hindered -by.
Itb^secure ?building^inaterials,\: the
strike' of "the \masbns;'<and?cbl.d '/weather..
Cwahtedj to ?know!ifjthe^salary
Tof ■ the! inspector vwas : paid while ;the [work
: was • suspend edl : J> Mr. V King could not give
the information. • ' <
ii Mr.- Seay' was -of- the /opinion that: the
irispectbr/ishould:-;be.-provided:;ifrorn vthe
that /there .was' np; one 'v in/;. the/ Engineer's'
'bfnceTwhbrcbuldbe" /detailed ':f or the work.
:-., -The /resolution i passed, with; Mr./. Seay
f alone .voting"; 'against 1 i t.
Mr. : Beck;presentedva resolution calling
•upon * "the? Street v Committee , to : 'urge /the
rehabilitation^pff the .Chestnut HillJHne
of^therPasseriger' and' Power Company. '
v'A-/resolutionVbfitheiComhipn, Council,
jproviding/ifor^an: appropriation; of h §33o
i toTthe : Good Roads/ Association.// was : con
icurred- in. -"^/ : /:/ ■'^■'■•- '.-''• ■• -.■/■ ::.J;: :.J; /> : ' . • ' --i
• v r Mr;- Gordon^ presented a^ joint: resolution,'
1 which- provided :;for.;'ah f appropriation \of
; |soo?for-:;the:'specialicommittee} appointed
(tbinquire into the: fire Josses/ The^paper
fwas jref erred i! to v the; Financed Committee,;:
; and an: adjournment -was had- for fifteen
(minutes {v in',- order^that^thev .committee
;cpuld- consider it arid make its, report. .'..lt
Jwas finally passed: without -opposition. ;
r&The' following measures .passed by;;the.
I Common'; Council were concurred . in : To
amend and re-enact the- ordinance' pro-.:
- Vidirig ■: for; the : Street .. Cleaning ; Depart
•ment.Vand amend 1 it: solas/ toy: provide :-a.
.. for Superintendent arid ".to
"increase the bbhd'requiredVof .the ;Super
iiritendent from: $1,000 -to -$1,500; /to; refund
'certain taxes; .improperly ..collected; / v to;
rcbrrect": an error? in- the / salary,; account^
'wi th' ;Ellett Hill ??6fii the /Water / Depar t-.
.rnent/and appropriating. s2Js. to payAwhat^
sale- of certain. bonds by the
tßoardxbf/Sinking^Fund v Commissioners;/
•apprbpriatirig: thesum, of ?20 to the. Smith
■deal ■:■ Business -College 1: for. resolutions j
Jdfaft^d ? in^mem]ory>of^re^dent^McKin-/
lev'atithe time of his 'death:'; ' ; / ' . /
• ;■; ■ Mr.-; : Mdsby .presented "■ a" resolution, ,, re-.
questing •::"the ■' Board-, of Fire i Commission-:
'.ersUo place a fire-alarm. /box at the A cor-..
jn'er." of Fourth. and-'Louisiana- streets,-in.
{Fuiton.://""-,":/- ■;/";>;;■■':--.;:. ')''. /-. : ..- ■'■■}■ ,'.
-The -session .adjourned at '9:4o ,0 clock./
-Superintendent ■ Henry/: Cohn" ' of the
Department, ;, has insti
;:tuted^proceedings-in>trie .Police/Court ;to
■test 'the':" legality - of ■ the Vi city / ordinance
providing; for -the cleaning -, of /snow/from s
thej"streets; a nd gutters- by^the-pfpperty-'
/owners of the city. '" . ' -,;."
.; - Mr.VColfri; contends/,' that the, ; ordinance
under which his-: department " works . pro-
t vides" j that ■. ;propert>T;O^-ners :■ or ./tenants '
c 'must ; clean the : -sn'p;w^.fcom.the/front. of •
; their, "premises. "i'He : "also ."thinks :i that the
■• ■: in ust be /cleaned-; in^ the VsameJ
manner. In : order to > test the" law, :-Mr.";
Lawrences Gibbons,, bailiff of i the Police'
; has-been arrested for "riot comply^
; ing ;with : v: the law. as it - is .; linderstobd,: by :
VMr:/Cohri;-and will; be i' given a/hearing
. in ;the Police : Court to-day. / -; / . V
: In the Law and Equity Court yesterday.
'.William D/. Murray obtained a judgment
• f or ■■ $950 against - the imperial Union.
iyThe ; Couhcil; 'Committee: on Finance VwiU:
Tmeet' again .to-night a"t -8 ro'clock'tbfu^:
■■•' ther^ consider vthe: budgets iiThe*Commit
■teefpn:- Health/ will .meet .to-morrowr.eve
';ning at- 7 :UO o'clock. . : - - '. . .
> ; ; In the ; Circuit Court -C.-G. Pettit.prp-,
': cured 'a' judgment against ,M. I>. Gentry
I for the sum of:55().; .'.../,./; ■;/.;• / ;- /:-;/■
I "!,The /proceedings in the, City-Circuit
jlCoiij lCoiir i--- of D. .' Lich tensteiri ;. & ; Co. ; -ys::-. Mrs::
R*Belle<BojTd, :V forfthe,.- possession of house.
:jNb:;i»rsbuth' Fourth street and the- upper
f floor %of ■■: house/. No; ■ ,13, - adjoining,.' was :
vheard: The' judgment /was in^favori of
p'theV plaintiff, , and ■'-' the 'writ of . possession
:^as vordefed/;to::issue/if ;necessary.:-/;Ko
rdainages ;. were : allowed the .; plaintifis. -' ,
for some time with attempting , to wreck
I 1I 1 ay train .on/ the/ James; River Division^ of .
'? the ' - Chesapeake. ~\ arid '■) Ohio,/ "was ; • yes ter
fdayi given ..hisr^thifd .-hearing- before: a
ijuryYarid acquitted.^ : On ;twb: former. trials
i tlie r jury '■ failed : to j agree". /-'LeeTwas repre-'
fseri'ted ; by Mr." L-r O. '-.Wendenb'urg: ;i Judge :
o lngram,; :.- of X the .•Manphester/; ; Hustings
.Court,": presided Toyer' the. court.;/ /•- ,.,-; ■:•' //
/■ Mr. James J. Cox. the newly-elected
;.pbliceman, ; :qualified' before ; City^Clerk^Au
fe^^^e^terday^mornirig./-:.He.nyill -enter
riiponShis (duties ; in /the Second :' ■ District
; this morning. .:• _<■_;.■ •■;..;■ .: -' ..
?S/^P^ cbwardiri"andtiLelia;C, his wife.
;have isold"itb/NatfeFrazer^for.^the']surn:
Vof :^O67.OS?a^bt of :larid|on /Thirty^econd:
lthe'° condition
j-liquors. shall ever be sold iipoivit. r
VJohri', TV; -Niclibl soh/iarid fAlice |SiV;E.ubank/
TCharles: Avi Pillow arid iljlliari! C. il»uffse.y^
Charlie B. Voss and Bessie E. -Terry.
-. The /Council Committee' on /Elections
fdid^ hot ; sehiire ■a? quorum 5 last * riighC|and
frhittee 2 rrieets ;! i ttwill "consider Jthe |rri atter^
'tot :/ "removal |p£/seVe'rai rorri
nis^clairSed^ : accbrnrilodate|iaj
larger. !!Hn-.5.,-r of votr-rs. W§~g%4
Oresu Helj*-»r!««i To-Mali< ami -Pre-"
'I^P^V ; -/mkr;«.. >riaaf.:/ /;^|^^
Sy^Paderewski. ■- who is to appear in .this
fcity.faf: the Academy on ,Thtiffsday;fFebg
ruary 27 1 1 . , ha- just finished his-" pre-4
limlr.ary concert tour, which t has ',beenjj
Imafked'.byl te'^saroeTdegree^ o f fenthusiasmj
f syperin i tending ithejretfea^als]ofjhis7opera| i
""Man'ru," which will be prea-enteajhiext 3
night; There will be st dress r.>
hearsal in Mow York to-night.- amt^lCi
: everything is as satisfactory as; is rx
fpectedfithere wUS hi. ue mure r?hearsaisj
luHtil^Friday night. ' ->^g
Musical peopU everywhere are looking;
with'-' great' interest towards the. produc-.
tion ;"of.\thfs first great. effort of ■ the - cele-" ;
brated pianist, nrd ii<? success wllltbe^a'
mattor.of great": moment in th« musical;
% 'The f> sale "v^bf ;." seats I: f or!i;th"e:'Richniona;
febneeft opened last Monday at the store
,of .Walter D. Moses & Co. AppUcatloni
for sent? has Veen quite phenomenal. -and
•thosi- who wish to secure piaces 7 of ad-.
vantifrr shonSd -lose no time 'ln making!
Uhelr • arraha;eineht»;^ i, ;
'^l'fl v^Rlll-wiß l^^iJl 1 ill 11 Cl ■•- '!'-»S.U y
; The ablest manager -of . professional
"athletes in theworld, -Thomas .O'Rourke, ■
of New York city, writing, to tlieVprbr;
: prietor3v/pf^Painysi{Ceiery
•'January.' llth'; said: /r- /•■ . Z . :/'■;;/'>;■
"One 'of 'the -most 'important features,
in 'the/ training"/of anjathlete is /-tp/irivigorj
rate/his nervous system, and nothing ever
takesthe place of i/Paine's Celery Com
pound vto - accomplish" this! : lt facilitates
getting a man in prime • condition^ In./rny
experience/ iri athletes , Zl/haye
never found anything equal to it.'' , v
'-. •/• This /from /a ; iriari ' of //whom 'the = /.most
wonderful, champion in /the world : said, '
when .one 'of Mr. -"O'Rourke's pupils haa
: won the world's /championship: "The - se
cret of O'Rourke's success I cannot under
stand. Z: Wonderful/, endurance and an /in
exhaustible'- supply of nerve force ' dis tin-,
gulshes the men he coaches from their
bpporierits in -every battle." ; . / . /:/■ -
' For^the past 'eleven': years Mr. i O'Rpurke :
has been recognized as the greatest train-;
er iri tlie world; ; .-he was^oaching;
George Dixon! /that young athlete, was /the
world's champion. / Sharkey, who wasat
first a -^ rough" /and .tumble giant, under;
O'Rourke's training^.; developed -into an
even-tempered, - . hardy, . strong,- rugged
boxer. -." / . . ... - - // //■ - .
iThe above unsolicited /words from. Mr..
6'Rourke. r /who;/ by the .way. has been
the : owner/ of ; the Broadway Athletic Club;
the! Lenox Club, the Coney Island Club,
arid ■ Royals Golf /Club, \ arid .who , is -known/
to be; one of the}: finest .'gentlemen ; among
the^devotees of the T manly art, , tell the.
whole story." He" fdund in Paine's f Celery
Compound ; .nature's "food for ;the nerves. 4
. "/While /this remedy /has effected thou
sands^ of cures among "-those /.who }are
sick.- ■ 'and has ; "restored/ to' : healthy./ life
irinuriierable'.meri and; wb'meri whose rier-;
yoiis ."system's I.'1 .' have /been -'shattered, and
who : were /suffering - : from : .the /.gymptbms :
of >the- beginniriglof a^ deep-rooted iaipair
merit 6f the' nervous "system— it .is -wortn/
noting that even in those exhaiisting cori
■ tests • ,w v here; atfsplu tely.7perf ec t. n erves = are
pre-eminentiy/ needed; /.this • remedy has
also .' been \ f ouridV equally "as I : beneficial - iri;
repairing /the 'exhaustion^ duo t'> the high
training. .-/ ; rj///^/ 1 / ///. ' :';
|*If isueh'meri^whpirequlreVabpvelevery^:
/thing .else— above' muscles*/. (which /cannot
dev«lop;without:good neH-es);aboye;'cou- ;
rageViwhich rio/ririan /with -.weak /nerves
ever" had-7-whp / require: above ■ everything:
else perfect'; nerves^it/^suchT m_eriy have
found it riecessarj- to feed the: nerves ; ancl
• brain •: with the /'food f_ nature : requires-^-i t ,
is-good .proof .thatr this: greatest "of all
remedies.- the /discovery of , one of -Ameri
ca's;';• ablest .-profesaors, ..accomplishes ' all
that is /claimed for" it. ' — / ; / " : y
/Every/ man or woman whose .-."nervous;
: system ; : is not \in ; ;perfect condition .wilt
find , that :=th!s^remedy/.,win-' make it so.
'/No.btner;r"ernedj- in -trie .worm was. ever
so ■ urii versally ;' /acknowledged by. * Physi
cians : arid all j those? whb" have manly - arid
:wpriiarily .developfnentiiri/hand "to be 'So
per^ectly/adaptedv ; to;/case3." of /failing
: health/ arid* Jagging-yitality. ;.! :"■-,.' '-.. :
St.:J6lin'i*-LodKe ofjMiisons/riivclled
- ; '-,:-■ ;-:.-. ;;^/-Pbrtrait-:Xas«t/?fi!J:lit./-:..: ■&./_
Witli: imp?e's"sive/ilas^nlcicere^o^ies/;aj
handsome .:bil^pprtrait;ot-;rte*- late/Cap
tairiiW.fF.'-Drinicard llwas ' unveiledjcluring;
lastrriight*s stated '•communications off St. i
John's Lodge-/ No^ ! 36;[ A." F. arid; A. M: / /
i(Thetpairitlng;/:a v "well-execu
art, riowvgraies^the'/lodge-robmjat'the
Templei;;: the J. tribute/: of f thellbdge ?to -the.
riiemory • of " one :-pf its rnost^distinguisheir
meriibers//-whb has / "gone < before.'*/ -■"/,- £■?!■";
'•■ . Captain '■■ Dririkard .was : if oiv rriany ;years
a. "popular/rn ember- of 4 St.'V John's;- and-"' oneT
of |the/Jmost /widely /kjnowrijandiesfeeme'd]
members inbf ; (t'he.-_fra.ternity,? iri^ ■ J yirginia»",To:
the/public^^lie^ was 'best^ known |as ; : one'/ of;
•the'; editors ' of / the/;Richrriorid
'•'/The- attendance at/ the -V; meeting-, last
night was the largest "in -m any}, months. |*
Slayer of Dayton; H. Miller Found
Guilty in Wiite. ' .
I BRISTOL/ TENN"., Febiruary 11.—(Spe
f cial.)^Ch"arles j-FoyS^the- ? negro -\ w ho :'mur-;
fderedL'Dayton<H.tM|ller^ treasurer; of; the*
Crane's JNest : Coal S Company, -^ at^ Tom's
iCreek,'v^Wise''Cbunty,' Ta., : 7ri on December;
rder|in|th'e'^ -first jde^ee.^nd?J»'under73e*rifii
■ tence to ;be hanged -at v.Wisel on'*irarch!
,14th. ' . *^-
fo'£.^Wyth"eyil%litTheid&fenct- | g .feprer^
i|sehted EbySßohd |"&'ißruce", : who talk goC*
Jseeldngjan; appeal ;^^
Thec:is«i *<£ F(»y waa nrst lizard^te.n^
days ago, j at .which tim^ a mistrial Ire--
Jsasslriated Jack freadway in hl.< home.
|at|Horton's Summit. Scctt ccmnty. Ya...'
■recently; has been captured, and is In
fJailHat; Gate- City. • , ~^/W$
i-hot down immedfatelyj
{aftersh < $¥haa|eaten'ysurpor. -^P^^
;;> -"-'■ "-•/ IyAX V EMrbRjLV| sekri et^Tj^s
. ; iEMPORrA; ! yA;- ; ( Febfuar>-Jl.-\Speclal.)
jl^h^'g^rhiain^lv'eH^liere/ last ?©vt?ninsfa[ti
I Armory / Hall fcjr ,U»© Smporla CqUUoa
\y&^w^kittmi9trOte'*Mishttul\aodiair & t.
!lXd&sfbfJthesaeaspn f sJsayet»e=j^!althougbr
iiwßolMwerejgexpected, tho number :;of
! feThelgermatt I was --;beauti«nlljr.jledlsby^r^
i TJC^Harrlsbn;Tof n 3JN4C.f s one *of
{theTsbclal|favorites;ibf?oar^ sisters State;?
' ithel: dancer? ilwere !';llra.'%T. '« C.
IMesdames^A:* Jt.v Fotter,- ; -/W , : l C. Weaver,
lW^F^Dcai;-"-,W::tT.>. Tillar. f JD.:S/T;SPrince.
: fand}Mlssessßelle?and Willie iPoweli; Nori
fandfMabol :Kunes;-Rathirrnrner.>irattk
? _THler,^Mlnriie7i£ifseyv3 arul?;Hart -BriErs;?,
and • irp'ssr.-*. T. C. Harrison;-.- •-.-.Will if. rr,
iHarrlsbn^Clary;; arid SHardes ter. :of -Wpl
sdon:?John I SebrellZ and t Joseph 3Princ<v o:
I Cburtland rSlianghorne^Barham . f of X^-^r
I'mbre- "i fbfvi Chaseif Cf ty ; : fFlo-y<l ; VWa tkln'3.- of
lHbnamT;^a.T*aridSMPSsr3.'-^. /T." .Tiiiar
fHi|W^Hani I?iSßussejr^pr«!ari;::/iG"org21 ?iSßussejr^pr«!ari;::/iG"org2
/Duiice ".T.'B. >Bnil»y, ;■''': A;'sTj:-^'Lotterwhiler
•Charles Re^d.S/y. iSoi^ha ll. Jr.. P. vf.
Peyton; Turner. -
". - -'-J';.. W-■W -■;-LT; -LT- -■.-.-- -■- ■ ■•-" " ***^ '■-*■ f - ■ -
.A ;'Chil«l Bn irn«Ml: to Denth— r»*r.«ionnl
y '>Feb/raary . -11.—(Spe
cial.)—Early 'this mornlnsr 'Charles H;ir;U
{the^T-y^nr r olrt;-: child :jbf ;^Mr.; and- irrs. r_
'Carringtbn ; Hardj'. Vwas \ burned to death.
?/;;Clad /:iri^;its /full^and^flowintr and in
iflam/mable nigfctrpbe^the ch'W bfnt ovor
•an X open 'grate 2 'trying' 'to reach an appl^
/on T », the?-; ma r? tie. • /'.Th e;:/n itch t robe sajrgei I
arid.'swiirVg into Z'thejfire/- and in an in^tar.t
■the^childZ was 'a'Varne'; from./ head to foot.
i.Twolyi'ours '--later ftleatl^- followed.
///Miss ""Ethel' Si^?bee.:daught«r of C.ip
itairi'sSigsbee;¥br-(thV.';;Malne. .-Is . in toivn^
/theZguest]of;Mtss-Ena'^V*eimar. principal
of/the/ Marylißaldwiri/j-Serninarj-.'
■? : MrT 'John^Afmstrbnsrj! Chanter, of Albe
■ marie.' arrived Z;tb-day/ -to ;■■'. visit.. his friend
arid counsel,; Hon. A. C. Gordon.
ZZ'The/pReyJZ Robert > C.Z Jett i^ sufTcrißff
r'fromVaTspraine'd: .wrist,. "as the result of a
■ fall on ."the ice. -" \ ' -
:■ ■'': Rumors/ are ■ afloat Z all over the Stat--
/that/oil?and;/gas;/are5 to ' be bored for in
.; Angus ta: county. 'v;ltl is T/said that: citizens
i/bf Waynesbbro' will ?oon ! begin": boring In
/that '.locality .arid "'probably .across the
: river-; near /Basic City. 1 The company
.^chartered . some days /ago inV.Rtohinond.
< in: which -iMr."; Thomas Nelson Carter. oC
ißichmbndr- arid -."Ch'mmie i.Fadden." E«I
ward ,Townsend,:of New ,York, arid others
are interested, .is understood ■ to Z have
'secured ; options /or. large tracts - off land
sbetweeri^CrinoraZan'l Basic...Ci ty. anij.
; thence /C southward /between the Norfolk
land Western' railway and the westward
/base ;of the BlueZßidge.
Clilcajco Man ReerretM III* Attempt at
■\ "S/ ; - ;/.:;■/*■' .SnieMe.. :/-•'-.;
;DANTiLL.E,- VA.: February 11.—(Spe
cial.)—Mr/ ZHeriry Webber. • of. Chicago,
■who attempted to.take:his. own. life while
iin. the /lobby/of; Hotel Burton Suntlay
■afternobri; is' rapidly, reebvering-.
" ; He /.expresses; deep regret /over : the un
.fortunate affair. -He will not permit any
oner, to see him. ; and; is confident that
but/vfew - : about/the. r hotel are .ac
quainted\with';/theZ;details of the story.
He 'is not: allowed to read the l news
'William Saver. an - alleged deserter
from the. marine 'barracks, at Washin::
/ton,--was -arrested here to-night, and is
being- held for the authorities at Wash
ington. \;/ ; / :: Z ■'■ : -. //'/;.,
■ Teller, -Wallace'-' Recalled-He in Fol
:. loTi'eil by . Han»lTvritiiir? Expert.
/ " : NEW • YORK. -February" 11.— John H.
the paying -teller In Swenson &
;Sons* Bank.'/_was .recalled ; to-day., in the
trial- of Albert T. Patrick. The Recorder
/.would .-.'riot permit him. to "tell -of a tele
phone -conversation with Charles Jones.
'Rice's .'valet, -the day after Rice's death.
He 'identified lt>l papers :as -having been
signed, by. Jlr. Rice. ■•. ".'
/; Commissioner -L/ederle. jsucceeded«-.Wat
lace on -the witness-stand, aritl -.identiflfci
the photographic exhibits in the ease.
• Albert S/Osborne. -o^ Rochester, a/harul
writing.expert, was the next witness./ Thu
assistuntZ/district ■ attorney, -submitted to
the witness /the two- Swenson checks, the
:lSoo^_wiH: lSoo^_wiH and ,the u general /assignment, an'!
:ilr...Osborne'said ":he had examined thf
signatures to those, papers and had ".com-
pared/them ;',with Rice's admitted sicriui
tures. /.The same." hand, he said, did not
write' -the^disputed"-. and i the. conceded sig
natures. :? At. 'the ; request of. ilr.ZOsbornf,
the ■ expert told with : grea t ''technical tie
itail how ; he had reached* that conclusion.
He/was still, on/the stand when court ac!-
Zjbiirned for theZ day. ' . / -- ;
;.';• Interest .011 (iovernnie iit'KiisiiN.
• .WASHIXGTOX,-, D. C, /February 11.
RepreseritativetJL"ewis.|of;Gebrgial has i
troduced a ; bill .the ■ payment
2 per cent, 'interest on {government iun<
in national, banks. ■/ -Z ' '//.-.
. /.-.-./ Kifteen,- .Illners Injnre«l. f
BOX AIR.-.-TENX/, February 11.-Fif
teen men: were* injured by/; 'a/I dust explo
siontin;thejmairi entry: of vMine/No. 5 tn
day. AH were/rescued and -all will proba
bly .recover. ; i'Five of -the /.miners wert
seriously./ burned. //■//. :- „- .
'•"About (one ■'hundred men" /are employee
in- 'this • mine-; -Wheri'J the //expl bsion occur
red/all -were ;in -the -main: en trance, whicl
rnadeZ their.' rescue possible. .The expl'.v
siori ) resulted^ if rom- shots,- fired; to : <!islod?<
coal":for,-;tb-day*s.: run::; 'The '■; damage tc
■the"jmine.-r.is ■extensive-. / ; ;:■- . / ■'"•
':;"■ Those/ most-: seriously- in jurpd are. Wil
liam *|Barnes.",;Rbscoe / : An tony, v Herbert
Glover;, Ezera/* Colei- and I-liram Xaibur;
.Ccolorcd). •" ■ '■". : -Z Z / ■ ■ -, .
•/ '. FerilHjtt-r Fiietory Cnrneil.
1 . 01i\... February 11.- •
The"; Standard "Guano and Cherriical.Com
pany's factory here was destroyed by tire
early 'to-day. The loss .is -estimated at
$77^0;*; '■/ - ," --'/ " . '
■>- ; vAno(iier : International Match.
•: : i'ITbNDON.'-:|February;':it.^S'r^rerrick' R-
Burrell.; Bart.; £ and -Wilhelmiria./ dans:li
ter."ofjWaUer.hWinans.'/of^.Baltimore.- 2>U\..
:were ;married 1 to-day^' at -.'• St. /.**•■ Georfie'd
church, ;Hanover Square.
•/Yon njj I^ntly.'H ... Ilanil ,; Sma.slieU.
ff While "feeding a press ' ire . the." jolvprin:
ingTdepartmertt "of the/ Everett" Wad.le/
Coriipanyjyesterday^morninjr Miss Lottif
/Coleman'-mashed ;'■ her / right/hand, ■sli*
was'pairifully^'-hurt.t /. . ,; /
Of Oner of jtheFbreninst l.lfp Ihsup
: /- ; ■'' -•: /.ance-Coiupanl*;*. - .
three/million'/dollars' -of /rie.w-i insurance
policies ;!^n:the:tlrst;six. weeks of the year
;is':thei astonishing"] high-water j record a :1 *
fnbunced'by ;one of ;the : foremost life i«
rsurance'cbmpariies. _. /' ■-..-//
S.The? r anriquncemeht is made to-day oa
tithe . 'celebration of th-J
Uenthjanhiversaryy of .-the election pC Koa.
{JohntAlf McCaU Uojthejpresuleitcy of tbe
iNew^yorkT-Life '£■ Insurance/ Company.
i^lnsuranc&.y menvi ami .: financiers adnnt
s that 4 . tliis* is onejof/ithe; strong t'sc Indjca
: tibris ;bf ; :'thV'gen«ral prosperity ot :^«
•; country /that : >huvelbeen presented sinc^
'the:-rtawnV,blv:the. .'Jnw year. PresKser.£
OtcC;tUj;bssbein^]shn\verf!<liwith telegram?
and', letters a>f fcohgriitiilatiohs iroiu oili
(cials^antlVagentsVpf the ; New: Yorli Lite
all over the land. - . ;
In his report made at the b<-si::r.ir.-r
of the year. Mr. AlcCall U'.ve^h.vlov*
the era Xo'f Insurance Taotivity; now urev:t-
wnich " was ■.■alidposvil u >
Iqulbbleioyer.thf, Hettlcinertt of claims J'" l4
iwhlch denial xh<- rijjHt \>t the' InsiirM ''*
llodns-aml surrmder values <«n »i< :: >«<•;
fmust £,ts!' way t.Vjmore liberal, ideas: » n " :
falscTfthat an openTrejpfd oi nU criinsa--:
ttionsTof-Jth^yeiiry^hoiJldibc furnished a:v
tnually ti th insured.
■* It wa.-i hardlj intictpated.ji howevefv
roti{H>n*e ,wou»il :h<* *& -i H '^)' t
InepuSor, of such dsmeiision^./ t l?lf ty-»Wv'
million ilollurs is m«r^ v- v. bvM:u:f* tl»a»;
many- or tho i.T-^-r -"Tini.-! .t*^S
'bJtHertbjbeon jib!e f> writo .;-. tho co"'- -v
ibf twelve month,: : . ._,.
ranee keep up for th, v, .-'/- N r
-,Torj£ fUre -.will 3ocun> «^ *•".'■•;■» '-■} -"*
pald-fcr poHc!e>f; a lUtvr • -■ i^ : lP - f.
vur.ee of anything hitherto acbi. •• - \ '

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